Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1857 Page 4
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K V ENING STAR. AH EXQUISITE LYRIC. *T XA?!T All In out nuir. lage garden Grew. smiling op to bed. A benuier lower than ever Suck d the green warmth ol the sod O beautiful unfa'homably little life unfurled, Life's crown of sweetneeswas cur we?? White Row of all the world. from out a gracious bosom Our bud of beauty grew; It fed on smiles for sunshine, And tears for daintier dew Aye, restllng warm and tenderly, Our leaves cf love were curl'd So close and close about our wee w hlte Rose of all the world. Two flowers of glorious crimson Grew with our Rose of light; Still kept the sweet be&Ten-grafted slip, Her whiteness saintly white 1' the wind of life they dan<ed with glee, And redden'd as they whirl d ; White, white and wondrous grew our wee Whlfe Rose of all the world. With mysticai faint fragrance Our house of life she flll'd? Reveal'd ?ach hour some fdlry tow'r Where winged hopes might build W'e saw?though none Ike us might see Such precious promise peirl'd Upon t>>e petals of ocr we? White Rose cf ail the world. But evermor* the halo Of aogel light Increased, Like the my^t^ry of moonlight That folds some feast Snow-white, snow son, mow silently, Our darln? bud uncurled, And drnpt 1' the /rave?God's lap?our wed Wnlte Rose of all the world Our rose was but in blossom <>ur lifr was but in spring: ?When down the solemn m'dnight We heard the spirits sing 41 Another bud of infancy, With holy dews impearl'd And with the r hands they t>ore our Wee White Rose of all the world. You scarce could think so sm 11 a thing Could leave a loss so iarge, Her lltt'e light such sradow fling ?? rem dawn lo sunset's marge. In other springs our life tnay be In banaered bloom unfur.ed ; But never, never match our wee White Rose of ail :he world AH RIVALS AT THE P R1NC1P AL HOTELS N?li?"isl llotel.? ?OT A BRIfloa. A F Reale, Vd A H oli Id ay. do W C Pratt, Va K D Reynolds, III J Newton, Pa M Applemaa, do W Ager, do H E Leman, do A Sauilger, N V W li hcU on. Pa C \ Homer, NY J s Crallt, va W E Stockdle do C Ale wander, do A S Lee, do S 9 Harris*, do M Phillips, F* E Hubbard. Mjm J G P'nney, Tenn Mr W'oodward, N Y W D Hand. Md O 6 Jones, Ala J Key, do Hon J it Kane, Fa R D Dunning, do W D HendrleksonA ly, Pa W H Finnal!. Va O H* Watts NY J B McLean, Md Miss McLean do ? I'enniman do J Carl, G M H Woodpln, Fla Capt J Hunt A fam Mrs Norton, N R Junes, NY B A Allen, *.ng T Tcberts, ,n Y R 8 Dean. W C Hodges N M Surtoa A ly, Ta F P CarrilT?, N Y Dr R Jonee, Ala T St John, do W L acoit, Ky H A Mlddieton, Md A McKjy A ly, Mo H A Burhughs, Y? A S Sinfer, do W Madis-n, do W 8 Grymc>. do W A Terry, NY S F Osborne, Ga H E Dibble, do J W Bass A ly, MT M A Kunsom, Ga J G W hltherbue, TY ? ' A Tbur?ton. do L B Kendrick, Ind Miss Rehurst, MY J Miculre, Ala S S-aly, do D F Barry, do P W Bmad +f |l, NC A Hughes, i'a B W j ones, N Y H N Gam brill, Md B B Davis, Ala H R Felder, Ga L C Ramsey, N Y J Treanorr, W G Lyons. NY" L H^mbur^er, Ga W D Davis, fnd J G Hunt, Ga J Kvle, do W B?yler, do J B Kdwa'ds, Ala J W Deal, do S Jones, do K Hudson, Va J M Whittle' Mast J H Henry, 8C M Padge.t Ala T iinsley, Va Hrswsi' Hetel ? r r t u beow*. J D?an, fam, SC W Tomlln, NY J H Laiig, Ala W Fustou, NC Dr Patrick, Va J W Gladding, Mies G Ward, do E OatTrr. Tenn P 8 Dr?T*r, do E J Randolph, NY B Ralford. Ala W White,do Mr Lang, Ala ? Stewart, ly, Md Miss Wliklns, NP J B Brlncaley, do R H Brown, NY A B Phillips, do Mlrs Harper, do Miss Harris, do C K Cameron, do J T Sasscer. do W B Beali, do D J Warwick, ly, do Miss .Morford, do Miss Waller, do Capt Sisson Va T o Hinsdale, NY J H Gray, Va Miss Smith, do Miss Hart, do W Harris ly, do E RnOa, do M A Scott, Ga B F Kvelln O M B Campbell, Ca! Wlllards' Hotel?, M Vcrley, Tenn F J Owens, Del F Rlmms, Md Dr J Bell, Iowa Dr Sparks, Md W H Lee, Va G W HHilary, Md M S Pinmaner. do S W Martin, Va N J* Wiley, do G W McKlanty, LI J E Tti/ton, Md M K Lamp, do J W Mariln,Ala A T Mayer, .N Y G W Bau-j. vd G W W lison , C u S A Chew, Va J 8 Hulmb, NJ W A Jarboe, Md W P Brooke do J Smith, do T Harding do J H Black, La s^Green, do L S Bodd, Tenn J Tripp, NC L Seymour, do F S Wes:oro)k, ly, NY )\,L*throp, ly, vVb 1 H Martin, Aia J Sioaan. Tenn A Patterson, do F R w itter, La R W Bond, Tend T-l Clem son J CUbert, Va M J Seaman. Fi Miss fcaman, do H OlcTtt, ly. Mas* H Olcott 1r do K i uee, NC T ?l Howell, do J C Burch, d<> E W Moore, Md 8 Black, Va T R Johnson, ly, Md J Hlliver, N Y O L Aob >tt, Mo G W MaUa?s, Pa W Furgas, ly, Tea Miss Furges, do Hon W V\ a ktr. NY B F Dunning, do Mr Mercer, jj, Po 6 *V Grcawoid, do A K otxrtscn, do A Mclntlre, do J M^Intovfa, USA J. C. A O. A. WILL1ED J B r*f:, ly, Mats Master l aft, do CaptS ew.rt, UJA M Mrayman, S B, y. Fa ?Mrs Kln4tbiryido A j Bieecaer. N Y L C Putt, Va W c Robertson, Co C Spear, Ma-s J s ? arker, ly, NY Mrs Kidder, Mass C J v\ alker, Ml h Mls? Barton, NY E A Pa ker. Pa Mr G- rdon, Md M Prjr, >1 jn M f Pleven-, do Miss Davenport, NY J Dave port, do R Tyler, Pa G l? r.y,ly. Ma?s RitliHtad Hsuie ?J Jk A H KIKKWOOO * H Ra^an, Ga G A .Morris, do L B M^/ J R Broom do W Cranv.,h. Tena H W Mar , Pa I) Barnum. NY 8 i ongfellow, DC 8 B Spiosocao, Pa "*? Texas W C Lucy, Ala T Sewel, Md W J Branch. NC S U Branch, do 8 Alexander. 8C J H Ke iy, DC J N Stewart, Md J Rol>lnson, do J T \V ood, do C R Mcn ayne, do A Pennlson. do J O tickles, Ala W 8 Browning, do i M Convddt, do INTEREST ALLOWED OH DEP08ITE* Y toLOAX on STOCK SEcln1TJl,\ _ . minis Oppoaite the Treasury ' THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BBOTHKRS. Washington Is composed of 6 ' CHA*. Si J CHUBB, JOHN D BARROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BUOTHEk, BABEOW ft CO , DAVk.1i>OBT, low*, is composed of CIUS STJ CUL'BB, , ? . A LI X R H BARROW, Jaa27-tf WM H DOUGAL KRtSU ARRIVAL. WpARK RKCEIV1NG TO DAY, FRESH Ad^0^'^:?' Fr?*h Lobsters, Fresh Hire u^l\vT '^bes. Fresh Tomatoes ln her ^?.??T^?yAprlCOtM ,B J4"' febi t Bl'RCHELL. Cor Vermont av and Uth street. ARIY'S CONKECTIONKRY, y<?. ?i;; i.iStsinu, n. c.t YY'HKHK ALL KINDS OP K N T K K T AIN with toe beit Vc, (UnlonAlutel ) SC1?T?^. ?!?*? ?MUia 4. SONS 8PAKK i HP* Edinburgh Ala. agenulne article. For ?ale by ROBT: W TWEKUY. , , av , tet. Sth and 10th sts , south si del fe*? 1t lweo lUiWLii shawls:: A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK OF Stella and other styles of ? bawls, suitable for the approaching Spring, now on hand, and will be so id at a ver\ low price, by the subscriber, 441 Fean avenue, between mh and 13ch street* feb3 eolm FRANK A. McGEE. iUACNCEY WARRIilER. WA TCH MAKER. NO.M4* STREET, SIGN OF THE LARGE and small Watch with Chain near Shilling ton's Ferlodlcal Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4X street WATCHES. JEWELRY SILVER WAR V WATCH REPAIR INtt, Ac SET"""' Rapeatlae Watches, fuPlex> Mantle Clocks, Jewelry, and Hor zonta! Sliver Ware Musical, and REPAIRED. JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE fr_ ? . made to order. HfSi ffte^K?Vei? ro?n 370 Penn'aavenue. Browns Hotel, to the above location nov 21-eo3ca C WARR1NKR DREW MAKING " IN THE MOST MODERN FRENCH styles, and at the shortest notice. ON HAND FRENCH BONNETS, wltb real Lac* Trimming, which will be ?old very lorn to reduce stock. N W1LLIAN, Market Space, between 7th and 8th jin aT-eolm streets. NEW KITPLIES JL'ST OPENED. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OF TIIIC season's importation? 5-) pieces fine white Brilliants, at whirl are very cheap, and a very superior artleli for ladles and children's wear 50 pieces nnal! flared colored Brilliants antl French Chintz 's 40 pieces line plain and plaid French and Scotcl Ginghams A large lot or small figured Mousselins ft Chal lev d; La Ins 100dozen Ladles' Lioen Pocket Handkerchiefs rang-lag In prices at 81 -0, .to a- d *2 5 per dozen, ail which we know to be exceed ingly cheap 5u plain DeHaiges and Moass lhis, at 12'.c. With a larj:^ assortment of superior Snlrtin Linens ' Table Diapers, Towels, and Napkins, ext a fin t^ medium bieacLei and Br>wnSUrtln Cottons Selling off our entire Stock Fancy Dress Silks n ?ost, to close them out; ar.d all winter go, at irreatly reduced prices 117" 1 he special attention of purchasers is cor d.aLy Invl.ed to examine our stock. COL.LEY A SEARS, .523 Seventh st , 3 doors north Pa. avenup feb 7-e; -.2w Proposal* for Erecting the Cuitem-HouM *c , at Plattsburgh, ICew York. Tsbasurt Dipabtmknt, > Washinoto!*, December 10,l^? \ I>KOPOSALS WILL BE R E a celvpd at this department until the l^h da of February, A D 1.57, at 12 o'clock noon, to the constr iction of 'he cn?tom-bm:se, nost otflre and court-rooms authorized to beerect^dat Platts b.irnh. N V , according to the plans ard "pec'fl cations prepared at this department; said pro->o cats to be either for the whole building, or separ rate for the different kinds of work; bills of par eels must in every ca*e accompany ca^h bid with the amount of earh kind of work, an the total amount carried out; the depart m-nt reserving the right to reje- t or 'ac cept the proposals liereby invited, or 'am parts thereof, when it deems the interest of thi U nltcd States requires It; the department also re serves th-> right to exclude the bids cf any pcrsoi or persons whom there Isjust cause to believe wil not faithfully perform the contracts, or whlcl thev have attempted to obtain by indirection and all bids when there shal 1 be parties In interes who do not Join in the bids, and all bids that upon Investigation, are below a fair price tor thi w or*. Bids willlint be received In gross, and ao coa tract v. Ill be awarded to a bidder unless detail; the department of the price oi the different kinds of work and materials which shall be subject to the revision of th? department, so that it may adopt the whole oi part of tLe bid, as the interest of the l/nlte?) States may require. nHCC Ninetyper cent, of the .mount of work dene and materials delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained bv tbe tsstmate o an asrent of the department, appointed for tba purpose.) will be paid from time to time, as th< work progresses, aud ten percent realned untl the completion of the contract, and acceptance o the work, Ac , bv the agent aforesaid, and b< tract C CVCnt ? non*'ui^lmejit of con' Contracts will ho awarded only to master build' ers and mechanics, t:d the assignment thereof eice?\ btv consent i f the Se? retary of the Treasu ry, wll; fcc a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied bv a writ I ^ni" 4,trfn,teeLslKn'i b>'two sponsible persons fccrt.lied to be so hy the United States dlatrlc* of ?i?,sr.aV r,1eV ?f sald dl8tr,ct > ,n ?*? * of ?5,(uw .for the wiiole work, or ofa proportionate amount. If for any part that the bidder will when required, if his pForo-al be acceptS eit'eMn^ a contract and bond, with proper and sufitclcnl securities for its faithful \ "rforrr.ance. Form of bond and certificate rt quired will b# furnished on application to the department Flans, specification*, and working drawing wady by the 12th of January, when they can be had on application to the department No bid will be considers nniess it ful y com ! """ "" 01 I I plainly ^do,?1 "rrepeal, fcr 'i, Custom-kouu," and will be opened "at one 0 lock, p m , it the las! d;y narr.f^d for rcelv inn the same J A V ES 6 U TH R1E. dec i3 JawtlBFcb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Erectinc the Marine HospitaJ at St. Mari?, Florida. 'I RL'ASl'RY DtPaRTMKNT, ) AsiiiNurojr, Decemi>?T37, lf."^ r pKOl-OSALS WILL HS RECEIVED AT TIMS .r-7?,.o,",T UJ,UI the Februarv, A 11 a I- o cl ck, n oh, tor the coi.?irue:ion <>( ihe .ne Hospital a-jtnonzed to |.? erected at St F!'>Ti la according to i!ic plans andsrecifl" a i .i? at this depa-tme.a; Paid proposa H II b ? e. 1, i for tlie whole building or shl?i j r the .liflirnnt kinds of work; b-!N of parcels inn., I(l evepr ca?? .ocompAny ea.-t. h?j; the amount uf ea h kind f w ;rk,anu the total amount carried oat; the d? [.inm. nt reFeivinic the riitht m re,ect0f dr, tn? p opoals hereby invited, or a y njiris tii.'r .. t when it 4. em 4 ihe interest of the United Slates'rc' ?ju'rts i.; the d| ,a iin- ni a!?o reserves the ncht to exrlude the h d ot a:iy person or persons who there ?? ju?t , au-e to b !l ve w,:i notlailhfully pJSinU e contract , or wl?c > they l.?v? att^n.pte^o 5" ? by indirection; and all bids when there stall vvil> ties interested v^ho do notjom ,n the t.idf, a?( all lortheVoTn 1LVL-t,"a 10U' bt,OW a Pr'te r.uls will not I*receive,,, |r0lWj aild U() eMtnst will b# a waned to a bidder unless details are tur m-htd ihe department of the prices of the d-flere,,, t VhV W< an'1 m* er,itJ*' which rhall he yuhj.ct to ihn revision ol the tleparunent, ko tha, ,t lrliv ad 'M the whole or pan oi the bid, as the interest of the Lulled Slates may requi e Ninety per cen'.ot :'n? amount cf work done and materia!, del.v-red. according to contract fc* .?a d ain unt to be ascertained b) ?h? estimate ofsn P*? f"'1" ?">?" to iine, as tbe work urll ZT-i es, *.;d t. n p^r cent, retained until the coini>l.? ?? ?. ol Utssoaua-r and acceptance oi the won. u . V ?",?! a: be forteit' d in the "vent of nou-tulfi'm-nt ol conuact. 1 > i, ra t' v. 11! r,e awarded only to master b-mders ? od III cliaau s, and tbe a'sign m nt thereof by coaseat of ths Secretary ol the Tr?a?Uiv, will be a forieifare of the ..anw, ' >-tcn pr^pofai must J?e ac? ompanied by a tvriit. n I a autee, signed by two re?;iwn?ible persons free tilled t. be a by the l uiied Sta'es district ju.'lr. or auora* y oj the ?aid district,)in the sum of|5,0U0for tlie w.i. It- work, or oi a prop rtionate ami ur>t, Jf for tr< no*4?'/ th? VV,n' whH" re,iuir?dtif his p oposal b a'-cepte.!,enter into acon'raftand bind ^r?Jm^and ?scantics for Its faithful nL^'dnCnf 'K>,{'1 afl,i CKrlifl ,l,t required will be fur I ia*!? P' ?, SM,on tw ?'?* deparinienf. be bail on. %"ca-ion'i'o?Kd ,w,)rkm? S'ohji tr it * . 1 tbe department. nil ,'/? detail) u'i(Vthr frfJ .Mn'ru '' /"tfy lOmalie. in tfi iht reV?rem*ntM of th? uJ.rrW al lresH?d 'to^th"'s! rn-arTDf l?? ,J>*Pi?r iii"bf, plainly endor- d ?? /',6, o / r ?, Treasury a id a! St. V,/rt-?. >/? "and w in ' Marine " "? ?- w BLANKETS AND COMPiirVi recelvid and on sale *>RTS._JUST ?2 bales superior heavy and low nri.-.a m. 1 do lar^e and warm ciullted t?oni;ortk 1 Also, In store a superior assortment of |ted n n. CotfonPsU1?WS 2Ud bt>Nter <a- linens and T.,J>Je Damasks In pieces, ar.d Cloths, all s'/e X* I? ^aPh'n?, Overlays and Doylies matebtn" En^llsb snd Frenrh w tne or esscit C.oths OLAOETT, DflDSON A CO .w-i ? No 4 Market Snace. ^rr^nriHc *1 i^RrKTISGs> OIL. DKVOf,en. rv K TA I.\lUASTEKUL.i ooovs" H0t51""*/ww t DK r l w Medicines. riLES?PILE?_PILE8. CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO Y f are uSicted with this dr&vdfui complaint to the following sworn certiorate from one of out most respectable citizens, the father-in-law of the proprietor of the "Courier des Etas Uuls," and formerly gunmaker In Philadelphia: New York, Aug i?th.l658. Dr Durata?Dear SirI hereby certify that 1 have been aflllc ed with the Piles for nearly sixty years, that 1 hare used eighteen bottles of tfarnes' Pile Lotion, and everything else 1 could here of, but all to no effect. for they did me little or no good About two months slncc, 1 commenced using your remedies for the Plies, a d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of age 1 sincere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, ) New York City and County. y I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do heret>y certify thai on the day of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In witness whereof 1 have subscribed my name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New Y?rk, find have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my office, In New York, this 26th day of August, l^ JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of tht State of New York. 67 WaM street, New Ycrk We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to th< above Dr. Duprle's Remedies are tfe only ef fectual cure for external and Internal riles. Onlj 50 r*uts per box Office?76 Nassau street. New York. \Vlllb< sent by mail to any part of the United States For sale by FOKD A HKO , corner of lltt street and Pa ave, Washington* 1). C. oc 23 PERUVIAN SYRUP, For tht tvrt of Dyrp'p***. Cpmplminl Drrji*jr, IVtutalfia, In ipi'nt Disease* of th Lung* and Bronchial Pa'sages, Biles, Oe* iral Debility, fc. This excellent medicine, whici has attained a high reputation end been ex tenslve'y used In Uoston and other cities of tb East, bits been received and Is now offered fo sale by 7. D OILMAN, special a^ent, 350 Penn sylvatila avenue, as al?o cy the general agent, cor ner of L. a'id 3d street*, Navy \ ard. The proofs ?f its efficacy are so numerous, si well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, th?t sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to re celve the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup docs not profess to be i e?ire-all, but Its ranjje is extensive, because man; diseases, nrrartmly unlike, are intimately re lated, and, proceeding from one causc, may b cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup pro vides a cure, is precisely that wblch has so oflei baffled the highest order of medical skill. Tin facts are tang'.Dle. tbe witnesses accessible, anr the safety and etheacy of the Syrup lncontrovert Ibis. ?? 1 have analysed the medical preparation call?* the Peruvinn Syrup, w th reference to the numbe and kind of active substances contained in It. ant the durability of the compound as a pharmaceutl cal article. I'he metallic compounds of arseulc an*5n?ony. mercury and zinc are not present, no: is it possible to detect In It the slightest Indira tlon cf any metallic ar.d mineral prison Its or ganlc constituents do not Include opium, or an} of tne drugf yielding pol nous principles Th? constituents, when sepirated, are not even acrlt to the taste It Is a preparation scientifically anc skilfully compounded, possessing all the durabll. Itv of a splrltuors tincture, without its objection able qualities and the activity of its leading con stltuent is preserved through the judicious adap tatlon of its solvent. The point here attained hat been frequently and unsuccessfully sought aftei by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A A HAYES, M D. Assayer to State of Massachusetts No lf? Hoylston street, Boston,3d No* , lb55 nrv 22-3m DR. DLPKIE'* RKMflt IKS are the only effectual cure for External or Internal fllw Saltrheum. Ring-Worm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood 50 cents p? i box ? J??ce 76 Nassau street, New York Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD ? DRO., corner of 11th st aid Penn. avenne. oc 23 XT. (j. lUETZEHOTt, (SnctBssoa t? (.so rob Hilbus.) Agent of Karon k bacon's nnd William Miller's CELEBRATED r I A N f) s f I AS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGOS! 4 i stock of PIANOS from 8175 up to !?1 MELODEO.NH from *45 to GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. HANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house smi'h of New Yon . . Music published arid received every day Pianos for rent nov 1 tr PHUTLt-TlUN A N I) INDEMNITY fKO>l L'JSI H Y F1KT.: FIRE; M %R1NE, AND INLAND INSURANCE Ai>th*>riicJ Cap-talund Sur/)/m...? left's.Ml 13 FARMERS AVD MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO ,0F PHILADELPHIA Olflce -.orthirrt* cotwt Penntyivcma '-.venue and nth sirre', lVathingiti City, D. C. DIRECTORS. Charles Dingce, Thomas Manderfield, Edwanl E. He In; bold P. Carroll Brewster, Laac Leecb.Jr. FLOEENCE, President Hon.Thos. B. rior?;nco, Oe?>rgr U. Armstrong, Charier A Rubicaiu, Getjrjf Helmbold, Jamta E. Nea!!, THOMAS H . ID WARD 11 HELM BOLD. Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. (Jharltfc Walter, No. W7 D street, opposite Ciff naii. Jno. M. Thornton,corner FiraUtreetand Virginia avenue, Island. Jam s WilLaiC;., No. 22 Pour-and-a-halfstreet. John Riseles, No 501 Thirteenth street, b<4uw Pennsylvania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt. J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thom&eon. TSie busiii'-. s of this Company will com; are la vurably with the .nost succe^lulof Similar institu tions In the United Stales

From the 1st iiay ui August, i?55, in five months up to lit January, 185G, the premiums received amauntfd to the laree t>um of one hundred and eight thousand, or:> hundred end fifty-one dollars, mil. only forty bix hundred and six*y ux dollais loatet resorted Willi these evidences of success and good man Sem^nt, the directors feci justified in soliciting 8 3re of publtt! painriage, bclievnn that the secu rity offered i-; am[?le. and that all fair claim-* will b? adjlifted more according to equity than legal techni CRlrties. The company isprepared to is?ue policies Strains! loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURN1 TURK, MILLS, MANUFACTORIES. WAKE SOUSES, all ds^ariptions of RUILDINGS. an<5 elr contents, or a!l kinds cf MERCHANDISE, transported by VF>SKLS STEAMBOATS, OA NAL BOATS, RAILKOADS, and the usual con vevances to or from any portion of RUROPtf an/ AMERICA, and on the bulls of 8TEAMR0ATS navigating ilie western waiers The rates of prt miurn will be s.i low ti othei companies, and in flxin* th^m ?*Tery -mprov men in construction an?l arrangement will be taken intf consideration. All losses :rpe: .lily adjusted and promptly paid Office north wot c< rner Pennsylvania aveaue an.' Seventeenth street, Washington city, D.O. fn-titranee may nlio he effected at the Home Northwett corner Walnut itvi Second Streets, Pfiilz 'slphia, and in n<h< r prift*ipsl cities of rh^ Unite. Stut'? by authorlr-d office, j cif the comaauy. |e 14-ly| A nKKll'Al ALWAJIAC-Complete fran Its commencement In 1830, down to 1853, In eluding 'ii years A single set of the above, rare ly to l?s met with, Is for ?ale by tbe uaderslgsed. in new uniform, ta? calf binding Price *36. JMSW FRANck TAYLOR, Medicine*. STOP THAT COUGH ! The great remedy for coughs, Colds, Cbov? and WHoofino Cottb* DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cure* Coughs of the worst kind It also cures hoarseness, sore throat, weakness of the cheat, pain In the breast and lung affecti >ns Where ever there Is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 , drops of haln curer, and you wlilfind immediate relief Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cou^h, and fortl les the system against further attack*. ITT" in bottles at 50 cents and SI TO CUtiE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children have been saved, by using Dr KOSfci'S C*oup Syrup, it gives Instant relief 25 cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Dr ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup is the only certain cure for whooping Cough. It cures In a short time, and allays all irritation of the I Lungs 50 cents a bottle ? The above valuable medicines are recommend cd by Physicians who have tried them la their practice To be had of all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria dec 10-4m HOW TO CURE ALL PAIPI. PAIS IP THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?enre the Pain and check the disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains In the Limbs, rtldes or Back, Sprains and Uralses, Eai and Tooth Ache, Pain or ('ramp In the Stomach or Howe's, Sore Throat, Burn*, Scalds, Ague oi Lumps ia the Breast, Chills, Spinal Affections, . and Pains In the feet Indeed, It cures all Pain. IC7~ an<1 50 cents a bottle. if you are Milieus and have a bad Cold, take DR ROSE'S RAILROAD OR ANTI-B1L IOUS PILLS. They cany off all bile and re move a o<-ld These Pills go ahaed of all othei Pills in thei' good effects Boxes \'2% end 25 cents. Sold by all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec10-4m C0U0HS?COLDS ?HOARSEN ?88 OH. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Care for Whooping ough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption. Enttrtd nrecrding to Act of Con^nns, A D IH37, IN AUA1N PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology is needed Vast numbers in all sections of the Union are obliged to have recourse to other sources of relief thin the immediate pre script oa of their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use less, and many decidedly dangerous, it b^comei as much a matter of du'tv as interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least obje tionsof any otnei In use, :o mike It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such is Its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively j us:-d the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess ; that its reputation has continued to spread and its sale Increase, with little aid from adver tlsing or published lists of certificates, (which I all know can as easily be had for a worthies* preparation as for a meritorious one,) that by ltj ' own intr.nslc merit, with the recommendation ol f persons benefitted bv its use, it has gained it? present popularity; it is not trumpeted to tht wo'ld as a sprclfl'- or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, read) > at hand, and one that has been generally fount) ? to afford relief where most others have been tried ? without material ?>eneflt As such, it is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, whe t know Its composition, and have been eye wit ' nesses of its superior efhra v, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citizens, to most ol ' whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 25 cents, or three bottles In one, 50 cts., by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS STOTT i Washington; CIS8EL, Georgetown, and PEEL ' ft STEVENS, Alexandria. Also. " TYLER'S GUM ARAB 1C COUGH CANDY DROPS,'1 the same composition In t portable form, much patronised by public, speak ers. singers, frequenter* of public assemblies, ftc as they remove all husklness from the throat ana 1 voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Price 12# and 25cents a box. decO-ly CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Care of COUGHS, COLDS, H04RSEXES3, BRONCHITIS,WH00P1NG-C0CGII, CBOCF, iSTHfli, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numrr us discoveries Science ha* made in tuls generation to facilitate the business of life its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human ?xlstence. nonecan be named <>f more real value to mankind than thi* contribution of Ch mlstr. to the Healing \rt A vast trial of its vlrtaes throughout this broad country, Las oroven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from our mlastiho-nandsandthcusandseverv year Indeed there Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, tu cur^ the most dangerous affections of flie lungs. Our ppace here will not permit us to pub Hsu any proportion of the cures effected by Its use but we would present the following and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which tn* agent below named, will always be p eased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and indlspui^ijic prooi of these statements Opfic* of Transportation, j Laurens. K R . S C.,Aug 4,1^53$ Dr J.C. step DearSlr.?Vy little son, four years old has just re- cv<'T"d from a severe attack of magllgn-nt ^cir! ?! Fever, bis throat was rot ten, and every perso, that visited biin, pronounc ed him a dead chi:d Having usedyo itChirrt Pectoral, in California, In the winter cf 1S5?i, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire su - ctss, I was induced to try it on my little boy. 1 gavehima l?ipons-Mtnrv:hreehours,com mencing in the morning, and by ten o'clock st night, 1 found a decided change for the better, ?nd after three days use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. Its use in the above nam^d dls 'ase wi:l save many a child from .i rrematirre R^ve, and re!l?ve the anxiety cf many a fond parent For all af fections of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe it the best medlcl e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, prompts ine in addresssing you th*?se nes,?but for your important discovery, my little boy would now have been in another world, i am yours with great respect, J. D POWELL, Sopt. Trans , L. R. R. Rocit Hill, Somerset Co , N. J , > July 21, 1852. f Dr J C. Atkr,?Since your medicine has be come known here it his a greater demand than any other coti?h remedy we'have ever .'-old It is spoken of in terms of unmeasured praise by those who have used it, and I know ef some cases where the best they can say of It is not too much for the good it has done. 1 take pleasure in selling It. became I know that I am^lvln,' my customers the vVcrth of their money, and I fei'l gratified In seeing the benetit it confers. Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with re>;pect, JOHN C WIHTLOCK. P. S A'most any number of certificates can be sent if you wish it. WiMBfoa, C W.. Jnne?>>, 1H52 Da. J . C. Athr Sir,?This may certify that 1 have used your Chhsrt Pbctoral for upwards of one year; and it is my sincere belief that I should have been la my g ive eie this time if 1 had not It has cured me of a dangerous affec tion of the lusgs, and I do not overstate my eon ?lctlons when 1 tell you It is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully. D. A.McCLURE, Attorney at Law. Wilksbarrk. Pa , September 29, 1850 Dr .J.C Atrr. My dear Sir?Your medicine , is much approved of by those who have used it here, and its composition Is such as to Insure and maintain Its reputation 1 invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affections, as do many of our principal physicians I am your friend, CHAS STREATER, M. D. Prepared by DR J. C AYbR, Chemist, Low ell, Mass cold bv Z I). G1LMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. de^ 8-4m VKWlfrOI. A FEW SADLES VKitY H ANDSOME VEN ISON just from the mountains. KINli ft BURCHKLL, dec 20 corner Vermont avenue and 15th st. L. J* niOOLKTUN, DEALER IN 10 I, Ojkt**ndD*ft?Seithwtrt seraer of F 114 Twelfth streets. Infomatlra foi Timlm THS HEW YORK 4*0 LIVERPOOL UNITED BTAtES MAIL feTEANIEI. The Slips ftnprisinc tkit Lin* mrt: The ATLANTIC... Capt Oliver Kidfldp The BALTIC Capt Joseph Comst?ck The ADRIATIC Capt James Weat. Theae ?hlp? having been built by contnct e?? Cssly for Sown merit ??vl<-e, every care haa d taken In their conduction, aa also In hel engines. to lneure strength and speed: and their accommodations for passengen are unequalled for el. gance and corn! >rt. Price o? rasssg Ir-m New York to Liverpool, in flr-t cabin. ?l5 ; In second do , f?5; *ac!u?ive use of extn sire state-oom*. S3?5 From L ver pool to New York. 30 and 10 guineas An expe rienced Surgeon attachfil toeacnabln No berth! can be secured until paid for The shU* of thli line have Improve! water-tight bulk head*, and to avoid danger from Ice will not cross the Bankj north of 42 degrees, until after the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OF S AIL I SO FROM KKW YORK. . FROM UVESPOOL. S?turt?v, J*na*rT *. I?"*I J?uB?ry 7, 1?." Saturday, Jmiutry IT, !?;?' WHn*frl>T, Jtncirr 11, Hi" Saturlny, J&ou*ry 21, HiT We ttie? l?y, P>?>rn*ijr ?. SatnMay, K>-I>r<i?ry It, l?r.: W?Jn??>tar, l?>ruary IS, 1?41 M>r''li H, I<3* Man h I, 1*41 SainpUy. AprllM, l?i7 W?Mti.m4iiy. April 1. t*?l s*rur.fcy. M?y l?j* W?^n.?'Uy. April 8"\ Saturday, Mn SI. la' S*'Urr1?y, Jin ? i, )M7 Saturday, Jul* 2a. lilT SutnnUy. Jal ? I, I?;"! Saturday, Jul./ 1*, 1, it, l*;: W> li r?tt*y, Jnno 10, l?il * J no* ti, l*i" WnliiM'Ur, lulf I, Uil W>4n?-?l?y, July ti. i>. For freight or pai^a e apply to EDW'D K COLi INS. No 60 Wall-Si ,N. Y. BROW N, SHIPl.EY A CO , Llvetp ol. STEPHEN KENNARl) A CO , No 27 Aa*. tin Friars, Ix>ndon B 0 WAINWR1GHT A CO , Patl?. The owner* of tke?e ship* will not be accoun tab'e for gfld, 'liver, bullion, smcle, Jewelry, precious *ton?*s or metals, nnloss bit s rf lading are signed therefor ard tL?? value then of expres. ed therein fso'U WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILKOAU. Trains leave Washington for it ALTI.MOKE at 6 and a m , and 3 and 4tf p at. On Sunjav at 4 ^ p. m Leave BALTIMORE fn* WASHINGTON at 4jtf and VJf a rn .and 'J and p. m. On Suncny at 4 if a m Passengers for Philadelphia and New York will take rrnlr.n at fi, and . For Annapolis will take I rains at P# and 4J{. For Norfolk will take Trains at ?)$ and 3 For ihe West wll take Trains at C and 4 con necting at the Washington Junction * iin lfi-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. 1SALT! MOKE AND OHIO KAILKOAO. Neic and Improved Artangrmrnts. Three trains daily from balti more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, ard all p^rts of th** Wpst 1st The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave, (except at fi 15 a rn , connecting with trains from Philadelphia, first train from Washington (at Junction) -wll' top at way sta tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 oMoc* p. m. 'id The MAIL TRAIN leav.-s Camden Sta tion dally (except Sunday) at 8 30 a. m , and reaches Wheellrg by 1 a. in , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus, Cincinnati, Day ton Indianapolis, Louisville, Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and Interme diate points. Ud 1 he EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dally al 7 p. m , connecting with express trains for Cln clanatl, St. Louis, Cairo, Chicago, and lnterme dlate p'acos The distance to Cincinnati and other central and southern places In the West, li nearly 100 miles shorter than by ativ other route The time to ti.ese places Is also unequalled. lET Baggaye chocked through ia Caumbua, Cl i' lnnatt, Indianapolis, a d ft Louia irr Pisscngcrj and Baggage transferred at al] point* free THROUGH TICKETS wll! be so:d to all th? large towns In the w est, at the lowest possible rates, at the Ticket Oflce, Camden Station, and at Washington city 49" A second-class car is attached to the Mall Train. Passengers fromJBaJtlmore or Washington mav rieie Cke entire road by dnyl-gkI. by taxing Ac commodatton or Mall ^ruln and lying over at Cumbe-land or Oakland They resume next morning by the Express Train, which 'eaves Cumtxrland at 'J 50 a. m., and reaches Wheel ing at *2 p m P ?M*e< gers from Washington have ample lime for meals at Washir^ton Junction. This Is the only route bv which Through Tick ets and Baggage Checks can be obtained In W ashlngton FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at G 45, will stop at all stations e<.-t of Cun?t>erlaod, and the Express at sta ions between Piedmont, gol g west East wardly ihe .Mail Train leaves Wheeling at 7 15 a m . and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 8 2*1, reaching Baltimore at 5 45 p m The FREDERICK TRAIN start* at 4 p m , (except Sucd iy) stopping at way stations Leaves ??"rederick at 0 a m , arriving at Baltimore at 12. 30 noon. The ELLICOTT'B MILLS TRAIN leave* Camden Siatlon at fi a m and 3 80 p m. Leaves r.lllcott's .Mills at 7 U0 a m, and 7.30 p m , ex cept Sundays, W ? WOODSIDE, j in 10 tf Master of Transportation. 0BAIT0B ft ALEXANDRIA^BAILB0AD gaagpig m gr?at Bonthern Mail Lint I ?r T W I C K DAILY H ISWNDAT NI&HTS EXCEPTED) Beiweeo Washinfton City and the Sooth! VIA: ALSXANDRIA, fORDONSVILLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE 6REENSBOROU6H,N. C. Leave WaHhln.^ton at .ft o'clock, A M. Leave W7uhln^ton at............7 " P.M. t^eave Alrxendrla at 7 " A M. Leave Alexandria at S 44 P M. OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASS! NGSRS and BAGGAGE, J&?s ?/ ff4?rj?,toS'f::AMi:R GEORGE - VT-i PAGE. for ALEXANDRIA,a dU-JfatpfilH? aaee of six miles, allowing ample time for Melts Fare from Washington to Richmond S5 50 Fare '? " Danville 1100 Fare " 41 Greensboro ugh... 12 00 ?a i _ ? * ? ? ? ? ? Tickets procured on the boat, ltloa Expedltfoa and Comfort are secured by this Route.asltlsa lisxof ?:as* class KAiLteaB VIOK ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE tarried without eoet tothe Depot of the Pelentan Railroad. JAMES A EVANS, se 1 Agent, Alexandria, va. I ? I m 6RKAT KBHCCTION III THS FRI0K 0#B00T8 AITD 6AITIRI (HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A Phil adelphia man u- - facturer, n irst rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOlPf at <3.^2, full as good ti those'leually sold at S5 or S0; aid a French Calf Patent Lent her G AITE R at S3 60, as g ood as an y at *5; iflrntrateCdlf Gaiteru.t t'J 50, these are the test goods that Is (or ever were) sold In the L .strict Tor the prlcc; lor the Jiroof, come and see or yourself. Terms positively oash. No extra proAt charged to oflhet bad debta. Call at the NEW YOKE HAT STORE, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. m J4-tf ANTHONY, Agent. MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. ?utkctirtd frens Slate Stone, I* the West Cnatletea Slnte Vsapaij, fl. rpHESK MANTELS ARE ENAMKLLED IN X imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON. VERD ANTlUUK, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chalenge the closest scrutiny They are so highly polished thai they retain tfc<Ar beauty much longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, cool gas, or acids, and ean be sold muoh cheaper than any othen la market. Price ranging from S125 to S12. Architects, Builders and othera are Invited tc call and examine samples at No 312 Seventh <treet, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Ball, up ?t*i" 1. M HANSON, 12-ly Ageal PL'KB SILVER WARI. SOLID SILVER TEA SETS. SILtER FORES AND 8P00NS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS. GOBLETS, f CUPS ALSO. FANCY SILVER WARE sultnblefbr WEDDING PRESENTS The above are all of our own manuiactun, and WABnaninD rvni. M W. GALT * BKO., 10* 19*t( 9H Peak's avaat *??!? ior Er*ett?f tk# Peat Offiaa MX) Court-home at Eutland, Vermont. Tiuku bir4iTM?}| i ismiK}Tt)5, Drcf mber 1671856. i PROPOSALS WILL BE RECKIVHl AT T HIn depart inrnt until tbe I6lb ??? of Kebr?s~e* D. 1857. at V oclok. a n. . for the coiSn,t J. J the I'ot Orti t?<4 Court Loom Agtltwitr^ (ri v. erect*- at KuUsod, Vrimo?i, according t?the r,tn# anl specific a tons p??|sred a' this de ? ttiie?t ta?d proi i*a s t? be eiu.e for tl-.? w boi? buiUfcaz L? s? pa ate for clflereal kiiale ?*f work ; hill* o< uaioei. must in every ca e accompany c?cti bid, with th# ?m om of eicli k*od ot work,anl the to a' emoun< oarrledout; the department reserving the rtabt in reject or accept the proposal* hereby Inv.fd or asy part-* thereof, *h< n u de?m? th* interest oi to? United Mad requires it; the depar meat aisn re serves the right to eiclude the bids of any parson or persons who there is just cause to bli*Ve win D<r laithfolly perform the contract*, or which they hav. at'.ropi-d to obtain by indireotion; and art bid* when there shall b- parties in latereet who do net join in the bids, and ail bids that, upon Inriviui U?n, are b-low a f*i price fo. the work. Bids will not be received in gross, and no con tract will be awa-ded to a bidder unlets details are fiirnished the depar ment of the prices of ihe differ ent kinds of work and mat- rials, which ?LiH b subject to the revision of the department, an tb?t it may ?d pt 'he whole or part ot the h;a, a* tbe inter e*t of the United states may requ re. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done, arl ma*. <Wals delivered. uocording to contract prtce, <>>aid tiiimnt to b asrertaln-d by tbe esuma'e of ?u agent of the department appointed for that purpose,) will be j aid from time to time as the work pr*> fese-s; and ten per cent, retained nr.Iil the c triple lion of the contract snd a ceptance of the work, ac , by the agent atoreraid. and b* forfeited in tbe event o. Bra-fulfilment of contract Contracts wili be aw a d d only to master builders an in-chanica, ami the a-"ign?<eni thereof, slept by eons -nt of the Secretary of the Treasury, will 1* a forfeitu e of the ram ? Each propo- al mus' be accompanied hy a writun guarantee, signed i>y twore-pon ible per oim,(cer tified to h* so by the United Hia'es district juff ? r attorney of the raid district,) in the s-um of i5,(.i>0 for the ?shole work, or of a proportionate amount, if lor any part, that the bidder will, when require*!, if ht-? p:op sal l?? accept-d. entrr lit a b nd, with proper and tuttiient s?n unties, for its ftdthul p^ fiinaace. t-orm ofb^nd and ecrtifl ate required, wJI b fur nislied on app': aiio i to the department. Plans, j eciflcat on*. and worktne drawings wiil be rea<ly a t< r thirty art, when thsf > ai> be Tad 03 iipplfr-stio to the <)r par ment. So hiA iriii be oo?uid red un/ett il fullv ttompl)** tn all Ui detail* irllh the re<fu remenli vj thia adrrrtnt. Mid, The pro^o als ina?t l?c sent f> this d?j a'tmea', addres??dto the JlrcrHfy of the Tr<a?u'y, an<1 plainly endorsed " Prot>o\ali for t\r Rutland r --f Oficr ntiA Court houxc, and will be op red at 10 o'clock, a m , of th-la?t day nam*d h>r recoting t ie same. JAMEl* OUTHKI1, Beereiary of the Tn a?uiy. dec l9?5aw;F? b'.6; Fropotalifor Erecting the uitom-Hoate, &c., at Portsmouth, Hew Hampshire. Tii*rit Dir>iTMr?t. > Wasimr?toii, Decmb -r 16,)^j6 \ ? JBOPOSALS WII.I. BE RECEIVED AT Tills I derailment until the 16th daycl' Ptbrua y, A. II., lfc.%7 a* y o'clock, a in , for tiie constructioii of the C.'ustf in house, Post Office, aid Court rooin< auth <rizedto b? en:cted at Porbni ?uth. New H^mp (dure, a cordiog to ihe plani- a d speciftf a'lons pn fared a thi? d?-parlin?ni; ta d propo a'-tob*enh?r for the whole b jiidn-g or sepa ate lor dilfrreot kind* of work ; bill* of (arcels must in tvrryra?e d*. company ? a< h bid, with the amount of ? ?ch kit <l ot work, and the t<ca annunt iarrted out; ibe d* pminent rew-vin^ the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby d.or any | ats thereof, when it*de*ni?the interest ol the Unitrd ?? ai^sn quires it, the depar ment also reserves the rtcht to eiciud*- tir bids oi any p^r on or persons who there is just caw to beli< v.; will not a thfully perfotm the cnnitart*. or which th< y I avt- attempted to ob ain by indirec lion ; and a i bids when there sh>ll b ? (? ties in in terest who do not join in the bids, and all bids tha', upon investiga ion, are below a latr price for ibe work H: is will not be rec-ived in ftoee and no contract will be awarded to a b.dder unless detail- are fur nished the depaMin-m of the prices of tbe dtfferen' kinds ot work and materials, which *taM b? sub,ect to the revision of the department, so tkat It may adopt the whole or pan of th? bid. a* the Interest ui the United titates may require Ninety per cent of the amount of work done ar<d inateraM delivered, according to cont.-a* pricr. (?a d amounts to be a-*ceriaiued by the cnt<m*te of M>ia;ciit<-f he deia-unem ap(>ointed for pur pose.) will 1m pa il from t:me to time a* the work pro?r? and ten per cent retained until the c< in pletton ol the contiact and acceptance cf the work, fcc , hy the agent aforeta'd. and he forfeit* d in th' tv^nt oi non fulfi m-nt of c<?ntr.iet. Contracts wi I be awarded only to master builder* aud uiecfcauick, and the asMfi in-nt ihervot, ricrpt by ? on-?m of tbe t?ecre ary of Uie Tr? a uiy, will b<* a torleiture of the taine Pneti propo^ must be a;comj anicd by a written (na a;itee, signed hy -wo r?-sp?t?ible persons, (cer tified to be ki by Ui? Cnit'd Sia'es di.trict judae or attorney of the said letrict,) m the sum of %5,W0 lor the M hole work, or of a po{?or a?<> nt,ii for any (art, that the bidder will, wv en u juired it his pr^po al b* accepted, enter inio a coi.tract nnd bond, with proper and sufficient securities, t\.t it# faithful perfo mance. of bond and certificate required will be fur rushed on application to the department. Plans, specifications, and working drawiogs wi 1 b?? ready after thirty day#, when th> y < an be lad on appli'ation to the depar meat. So I'ul will Lt lOnruirre^ un'at it full>- comjUir% t? all *4 JetaiU rrith tKt requirement* of ihu aJiertne m*rU. The proposal? Tuti^t be sent to this de^ar m?n", aldrewcd to the tfecre ary of the Tr<a u>y. and fda'jily endorsed " ProvotaU far the Portsmouth Custom Aou?e," and will b-- opened at 10 o'clock, a. m., ol tbe last day named for receiving ih?- tame. JAMES GUTHRIE dac 1'J-SawtlCFcliJ Secretary of the Tnataiy. Proposals for Erectine the Poet Office and Court-house at Windsor, Vermont. TttASi-ai I?EP*aT*r.\r. > WasaiVGTCM, l>ecember 16, 1Kj6 { FROPOSAL8 WILL B* RBCEIVKIi AT THI* department until the 16ih dav of February, A D. 1H57, at 9 o'ciock am, for the construction <>t tbe Post office and Court house authorised to l>e erected at Windsor, Vermont, according to the pl.uis and *peciGiaiions prepared a- tins de, ar m- nt; -aid proposals to be either for the whole building or ae l-arate for different kinds of work ; bills of ? a eel? mu?t in evervca?e a;cvm[aoy taeh b:d, witli the amount of each kind cf work, and tlieto'al amount earned eut; the department ie?ervmg the tight to reject or accept the proposals hereby invited, ornny Eirta thereof, when it de?m.-? tbe internet of the iiited Matex requires it ; the derailment UeO ie serves the right to exe4ude the bids ot ar V p? rsan oi Grson* who there is Just cause to b--ii? ve w;:l not thfully perform the contacts, or vv liich they ^av^? at. inmej to oh am by ladirtxnou ; and a I bus w lien there sha I be par'ie? in intvre?t wi.o do not j?.m in the biis, and a I bids mat. upon invrt-ufauon. ar? b l'*w a fair price for the work. Bi-Js will not b? received in gros^ and no con tract will bf awarded to a bidder un'ess details ar? furtu-hed the di panmpnt ot the (.nccs of the-ifffei ent kinds ot work and ma enals. w Inch stall b? subject to the revision ot the drj aiment. so that it m.y adopt th?- whole or pa't ofiiit bid, as tbe In tereet of the United Sutes may require. Ninety per cent, ot tne am unt of work dorr and ma terra !? del Ivrred, accordioetocontact ptic?. ?aid am'*)ni to be ascertained by tbe estimate cf an agent of th? department appointed for thai pin pose,) will be raid from tun- to urn-* a* the wot* progresses, and ten p* r cent, retained uiiulth-com pletion of the entract and accep ance of the work, dc , by the ag^nt alorehaid. and be lotleited in tbs event o! non tu'ri'm*nt of ronfa'n Con'racts will be awarded only to master-huil lets anl inecliatrc, a'id ill* a* ignment thereof, eic?pt by consent of the Secretary ol ibe Treasury, will b a furfietiire ot ihe rani-. Each propo?a! must be acrom; ani?*d by a wruten guarantee, signed by two respondb!e frr- ns,(cet tifted to be so by the Unite?1 Htatv? district iud*e or attorney of he?aij distticj.) in the eum of|5 WK> for the \vli<4e work, or oi a pr.tportioi ate amount, n for any part, tha' the bidder will when r? quired, il his propo>al be accepted, enter mto a contract and b-*nd, with proper and sutfirient securities, for its faithful pertormance. Form of bond and certificate required will be turn ishod on appli a'ion to the department Pmns, specifications, and working drawings will be r*idy after thiity days, when they can be ha J on ap^li ation to the department. A'o It '? inil be ctntidered wniesn it fully i-ompHe* ?a oil it* Jg ui/? mtK tke reifttiremtnU of thU srfi-erti t ment. Theprop<eals m'ist be sent to this de|a*tmsi>r. a1dr< ssed to the Secretary of the TnaMiiy, and p aln'y and ?rs?d ?' lYo/to*,:l* for tke If ind*or Po*t Opi-* ond Cna t koiise." and will b- opened ai 10 oV|<h k a. m , ot tbe last day ram *d tor r#?elviu( the s me JA.MKrt GUTHRIF, dec JO 2awtlbFebl Secretary of Tr*a oiy AHTUONT BCCHLT, UVDBRT1XBI, ?hep and Beaidente Vo. SOS Pann'a avaaas, ?oath tido, betWMA 9th aid 10th sU HAVIN9 PROVIDED HIMSELF WIV1 aa ELMVANT US ARSE, aad all aecenarv conveniences for properly oonductlnv hi; baa in en. would reapectfoDyinform tbe pobDo tkat ha la folly prepared to 111 all criers entrusted to hla, tttheshorte*' notice, and la tbe beat ?inaat ? largesupply of READY-MADE COFFINS ?fall sixes, always on haad, which will be f?r aUbed on (be most reasonable terms As heretofore, no palas will he spared ta ftva cattre satisfaction oa all ooeasloas. N. B?ft^aldtac aa the prwises, siiw wtll lystliTlH to at aU h?sN.