Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1857 Page 3
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evening stab. (prn'"?"r? ??o-i.B *? i?rT ?t tub ?Wrin*?T ia?t ?? nor *i r?i? iwwmi? ?*?"' local intelligence. jat Fain ?The following is a continuation of the list of persons who have applied for ;~ere at the approaching Fair of the Metro politan Mechanics' Institute. f Mrs Wm P Lee, Washington, banting matt Miss M. Abbott, Georgetown, quilt Miss J. Abbott, do, pickles Misa A. Abbott, do, tidy Miss Virginia Lee. Washington, card of prioe p Miss ? Abbott, Georgetown, quilt Mrs E. Slye, Washington, reticule and purse Miss Slye. do, pin cushion Waite 1 Sorrer, Fredericksburg. Va., pat ent coffee rot Henry Braby, Baltimore, specimens grain ing and marbling Miss Braby, do. model Sophia 1 >xley, Washington, needlewcrk Wm. McKinstry, do, drawing Mrs. A. McKinstry. do, preserve! George 3. Bishop, Fairfax oounty, Va, car c >anllng ^ Mrs Jane CunniDgham, Waihin^tjn, Chi nese cariosities and preserves James U. Stimpson, Baltimojp, ice pitchers and batter coolers Eliza Jewel), Georgetown, pctechomania vase and preserves Mr*. Gibson. Washington, album {Uilt Geo. S. Wxtkins, (Georgetown, model boat K T. C tmpbeil for K if. Chandler, Virginia, patent shirt and wristbands I. Br<?wn, Baltimore, patent ateam engine saw mill S. T. Shuman, Washington, case of drugs Harriet J. Howison. do. worsted work Amelia Ford, do, crocket cartains Samuel K H uffman do, wqjk box A M llufftr, do, drawings Mrs Jane J>. Beck, do, reticule and collar Helena A. Ktub, do, worsted work George T. Kaub, do, candled, glue and hair for curling Miss Francos Qingell, Montgomery county. Mi . quilt Martha E. Moreland, Washington, collar E. C Stirling, do, shanks, jaws, back-bone, and other curiosities Beniah Lucket, do, drawing John Lucket, do, do Laura Collins, do, worked suspenders L O Cook, do, two work-boxes Miss Spotswood, do, tidy Mrs Spcuwood, do. pickles Miss S Harrover, do, worsted work Hoi Kate J Powell, do, collar and sleeves K. J. Powell, do, specimen of quartz W. O. Berry, do, coffee urn Sarah L Barnard, do, pin cushion Lewis Heitb, North Brtdgewator, Mas?, spring bed bottom and curtain fixture* H i! Maoomb, Washington, worsted work Mrs. Daniel Ratclilie, do, pickles and pre serves M.s-s Mania D. Ilurllc, do, crochet work A. R Walaer, do, oil painting Sally Jordan, do, qailt A E Beal!, do, stitched toilet cover Mrs. ? W .Morsel!, do, quilt Miss Maria L. Morsell, do, needlework Ueo. W. Linkins, Washington, carved wood work 8 Hyatt, do, brooms Mrs. Ltnhau, do, pickles Mrs Daffy, do, painting on iyory J no. W Clarke, do, dentifrice Mrs. Clarke, do, lemon cheese Bessie Clarke, do, bread susy Clarke, do, silk mat Geo Sinclair, do, grained panals A L. Edwards, do, painting Miss J E. Edwards, do, quilt Gen 3 M. Edwards, do, monochrom&tlo painting Miss M- 9 Edwards, do, painting Miss M. A. Washington, Louduun county, Va., do J P Saunders, do, landscape Margaret Mjkeldea, Washington, sampler Catherine M.'Keldcn, do, painting \ ictoria MoKelden, do. embroidery on satin Miss Jennie Engiisb, Georgetown, embroid ered fire screen Mia* Fanny Woodland, do, work box M. \ lrginta i ales, W ashington, embroidered skirt Mrs Emma Hygsett. do ca^e of birds Sarah J. HysMtt, do, tidy Benj. Berry, Prince George's county, Md., embroidery Misa Polk, Washington, tidy Mi" S. Foy. do, braided drojs F. W. Bailey, do, painting G C llenshaw, d<>, Chinese mandarin hat Miss Ella Xubbs, do pur?e Kemp Sengstack, do, Japanese idols Miss B. Seogstack. do, embroidery Mrs Essex, d >, quiii Mrs Gardner, do, do Miss Elbertino Gardner, do needlework Miss May C Sbaw, do, book mark J as H bhaw, do, worsted mat F H. Sage, do, printing Miss Jeuie Oppenheimer, do, crotchet collar and sleeves Miss Delia Burch, do, ihawl Miss Isabella Furse, do, embroidered in fant's dress Miss Liura Craigman, do, needlework Miss Pnebe Crag wan, do, do; painting J *ef a Baker, d<>, machine for stoning fruit H. Parry, do, marble monument r.nd font Mrs. M Gibbs, do, stockings and socks Mrs S. E. Pollock, do, lace work Miss S C Pol Ice k, do, far \ wrrk J P. Police k, do, fancy ooj (reor^e N Hopkins, do, psir.ting Miis Jetaio C>iuptoc, do. il and water col ors Miss Susan Doughty, do, pencil sketch Misa Georgie Dasbiell, d i, preserves '-'scar K 11 >ogh, do, water colors Emily Lairbngnt, au, baby socks Miss Ka y Polkinh^m, do, wor?ted work T J. Quinter, do, neat's foot til Miss M Essex, Georgetown, preserves Miss M. Miller, athitgton, worsted work Mrs V Philips, do, fancy basket Jessie M Powell, do, worsted work Mary Ann O Letry, do, worsted mat P. McDevitt, do, hair dye Owen Beator, do, geometrical figures Misa Carrie E Kay, do, crotchet dress Miss LAC Hughes, do, embr'd stools Mrs 3 M Whitney, do, qailt Miss M A Handy, do, pincashion Laura V. Thomas, do, needlework W m. I'ettibone, do, paging machine Charles G. Lorcb, do, picture Eugene G either, do, water colors Hannah Woods, do, tidy and mat Mrs H. Barroa, Georgetown, embr'd talma Mrs. Dr Fechtig, do. embroidered slippers Elvans A Thompson, Washington, carnage bands Daniel McCook, Illinois, Santa Anna's leg Mrs Chas. Kobiusou, Washington, pickles Mrs James H lioss, do, pickles James G. Boss, do, ancient Bible Ellen M Boss, do, wor-'.ed mat Mrs C arter, do, lamp mat ausan P. Ely, do, needlework .hlisabeth Posey, do, Counterpano Hannah Triplet*, do, <411111 Mary 1 riplett, do mats Sarah Triplett. do, shirt and inat Mis- Virginia 3moot, dv, worsted work MissMsryJ Tu:ker, do, do Sarah Tucker, do, card basket Misa Mary Nater, do, burr basket J as Wo?d, do, looking glass Miss C Cbanneey, do, painting on oloth Miss J Far^uhar, do, Cordial and preserves Ordnance Bureau, ^per Col. Craig) do, 20 stand of arms Miis Julia Thompson, do, painting Mrs. Turner, do, embroidered sacic Cather no Donovan. do, do collar Josephine Thompson, do, Turkish slippers Miss V. Burnell, do, Turkish slippers M;js Jessie Kiley, do, card case Mrs K:ley, do, needlework ki T. Kiley, do, paiuiing Mahal a Lie w, do, drawing Blanche Gray, do, drawing i'lajes fcr the nv-re itr.portant article are new being afs^gned, &nd wo advise ail who des>re a good location to give the Saperintend ?nt an early call. - r* AlP^ ~'^0"n'7ot> the most deserving Fair of st. Paul s Lutneran Church commences at Metropolitan Ha. I with a moa tempting 4iv play of articles ana a great variety of Ttrmc tioM The Orphan s at Iron Hall, and tlie Presbyterian Fair at Schneider s, continue open and have great claims upon the pvedio f>iZh?t?r*m A!rD. HAR*Ii0* Tbocpk.-To oi,. t ?T?r-wel<,otue Pyne and Harrison .^fXw.'TT0* * bri" en?'s'ment . W0'? ??r readers will join heartily in tbe following words of welcome, addressed by a contributor to Miss Louisa Pyne : To the Engluh Nijfhtingali, Kits Louisa Pyne bt h clay pKiris. Thou art roonefrom a stranger clime, sweet bird! Thou art come from a sfanger clime; And thy Joyous ?t;r.ln Brings back again Bright dreams of tbe summer time ! Thou has left tbv dear old Island-home Wltb tlie proudest of triumphs won - And tn?u almest bright, For a heavenller flight In the land of the setting sun " A wond'rons charm Is thine, sweet bl d ! A wond rous cbarm is thine; To warm this clod With the Are of God By harmony all divine! ??TViled Iong i? ^ Sorgeom strain, *111 we've dreampi of the happier sphere ; And we joyed to feel That Heaven'? bright seal Hath still left its impress here. Now (he cold win'er time hasccme, sweet bl'd ' And thou'It M7 to thy native clime : But thy thrilling strain Shall yet remain With drenns of the olden time ? Washington D. C. Toi Plank Road ?Mr Editor The peti tion presented by Mr. Pearce. of Maryland, in the Senate, last week, from citizens of Mont gomery county, asking that Congress might purchase tbe interests of the stockholders in the plank road and make it a free avenue from the district line to tbe centre or the city of Washington, is one of those measures that ap peal directly to the interests of every one re siding here. It is well known that the toll on this road is exorbitantly high, and yet not too much so to give its stockholders more than 6 per cent, upon their investments, so that it a~ts as a tariff upon the necessaries of life brought by the fanners of Montgomery to our markets, and makes living double a? hi^'h as it would he it no toll was collected. It seems to me that all the leading roads from the ad jacent counties, within the limits cf the Dis trict, should bo as free from all obstructions to trade as the streets or avenues of the city ; for, in fact, when we look at the city and county of Washington they are no more nor less than a community identical in interests, and living under the fostering care of the General Gov ernment The purchase of this road will in volve an outlay of not more than $20,000, if so much ; whilo the benefits to trade, and the consequent reduction on the price of market provisions will more than compensate for its expenditure a hundredfold annuallv. A Farvir. Vitriol Throwirs.?Mr. Editor: Please inform the public that these shameless mis craants are at their malevolent work in this city. Whether the criminals are from abroad, or the crime has found a class of scoundrels here who are pleased with its r.oveltv, it is difficult to say. But my purpose is fulfilled in calling attention to the fact, for the knowl edge of which I a in indebted to an honorable member of the House frcm North Carolina, who told me that a lady, who wag an inm .te cf the samo boarding hr.use with himself had her dress ruined Friday night by this damn able practice. U We can add to the above, that on Saturday night a lady, in passing from Seveuth to Tentb street, on the avenue, had a valuable cloak and dress destroyed in this manner. Duel at Silver Spring.?Messrs. Stodwell and Lee, lawyers of Lunenburg County, Va., on Friday afternoon last proceeded to'Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Md., accompa niedby ilons. Messrs Bocock, Keitt, Gocde, and Cap?. Carrie, of South Carolina, to settle a personal difficulty according to the so-called code of honor After settling the prelimina ries the principals exchanged three shots, all faiLng to take effect upon the persons of the antagonists. At this point of tbe proceedings Messrs Bocock. Keitt, Qoede, and Carrie stepped forw lrd and induced the parties to return to the cify, stating their conviction th at the matter could bo "honorably adjusted with out a farther meeting. i A89AGE Thieves,?During last week the Aaxniay Guards were on the look out for the thieves who h ive arrived in this city to oper ate among the crowd expected to le here during the week of the inauguration. They succeeded in several in preventing robberies in various parts of the city, though in some instances the thieves were successful. We mentioned that Major C. S. Wailach's residence hud been entered and robbed. In less than a week after that announcement two attempts were made at the same place, but the thieves escaped. At tbe hotel* great caie is taken by the propiietors to prevent the sue cestui operatioLa of thieves. Ihe GaruTing StoRV.?It was reported to the Auxiliary Guard on Saturday night that a gentleman had been garoted ai d robbed on C, Between Fonr-and a half and Sixth streets The statement was. a party of young men rushed upon the person, threw a rope around his neck, and straok him on the head with a sand bag, which stunned him, and then they robbed him. The report is doubtless a hoax, as, on striot inquiry, the Guards are unable to ascertain that any such occurrence took place. It is true that many persons are now in Washington who would do such an aof, but they have kept remarkably still during the la?t week. ?? Disokderlt ?Friday night, the auxiliary guard were called to a hou^e in an alley be tween Tnirdand Foui-and-a-hal:' streets, near Maryland avenue, where there was u, disor derly gathering of colored persons. It ap peareu that a child had died soiae davs sin^o in that h<>u?e. and the mother has beon drunk all the time ^inee; and the party was gather ed to watch by the child, which hi.s not yet been buried All hands had been drunk and diAyrlely The guards ltf; persons to take charge of the corpse and the drunken mother during the night. The Wrong Box.?1 uesday night, a wan dering harpist was sent by some mischievous scamp to the central guard bouse as a place where he would be likely to make money. Ho walked into the trial room where a number of the guard were waiting roll call, and congrat ulating himself upon so large an audience struck up in fine style Happening to cast his eyes npon the rack he saw tbe threatening display of handcuffs, spontons, Ac., and with out to stopping to ask for pay he shouldered his instrument and traveled, never onoe look ing behind until he had gained the street. Washington Athenecm ?The following gentlemen have been elected officers of this at SDciation for the ensuing teim: President, Jno. T. Williams; \ ice do , John N. Oliveij Re cording Secretary, A Beckwith; Assistant do , Theo. F Anders)n; Financial do , James 11 lie*J; Treasurer, L. B Dixon. In tbe discus sions which occur at the regular weekly meet ings much spirit and ability is displayed. On Thursday night, as wo left the room, the policy of the acquisition of Cuba was being discussed in a manner to highly interest the large company present. Gooi'S Recovered.?About the 7th init. a gentleman named Laurow was robbed of a double barreled gun and other articles of valu*. He made his complaint to watohman Nirwood, who obtained the assistance of oiiioer Kimball, and they Eueceeded in recovering the gun. A man named Richards had pawned it with a pawnbroker named Hetburg Rich ards was arrested and held for trial on Wednes day next at 4 p. in , before Justice Donn. F0ITP0.sehe.NT OF THE DtBCT of Dan Ru E Owing to the condition of the river at Havre de Grace, this gentleman found it impossible to get his stock of imported horses, mules and pertormers on iu time to cpen this evening in eonsequenee the performance will be post poned until Wednesday next, when this popu lar Jester will positively appear Mr. Rice's agent arrived this morning and Mr R will oomo on to night. Fighting and Rior ?Alfred Lomax and Henrietta Ingham were arrested yesterday by watchmau Norwood for fighting and riot in the Second Ward. They were taken befure Justice Donn, who held them to security to keep the peace. Schwarz* <k Drcrv will accept the thank? of tho Star's corps typographique for the ex cellent oysters in tha shell sent this mo?niDg. Tbo bivalves were duly discussed, and voted A No 1. Should any of our readers desire oysters that aro really good and fresh, they havo but to leave their or iera at 489 Eleventh ?t!?3t Crowds were assembled yesterday in the vicinity of the Long Bridge and at the Little Falls'bridge, many of whom were strangers taking their first look at our stately but ob streperous river. The remainder of the Long Bridge yet holda it own. Rkvembkr the Concert for tbe benefit of the Poor at Carusi's Saloon to-night. Fiai Gold Jewelry and Splendid Eancy Ar ticles are still being distributed at Philbrick's Gift Book Store, under Dexter's Hotel. Call and purchase a book and he will give you a gold watch, ptrlor time piece, or something else of value. Bdv it for your Children.?Vanderveer's patent arithmetical tables. It is one of the most novel as well as useful articles you could purchase for them. By this article, in the form of a toy, the young student is pleased until he has accomplished the mn?t difficult pirt of his arithmetical stadief. Foil direc tions accompany each table. Shillington, book seller and stationer, corncr of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue has them for sale. Price 25 cents. math Taulks Turned.?In tho police reports of last week, published in the Star, it should have appeared that Mrs. Halo, on the same day ohanged her boarding bouse ; after which Mrs Chetein, having missed a gold pencil, shawl, and sundry other articles, also a smail aura of money, and from the circumstances of her having seen her pencil in the trunk of said II?*le, she procured fn>m Justice Donu a search warrant to examine her roir.i and truuks in her new boarding boa?e Officer* King and IMggott perf -rmed said service, and found a portion of the goods wLich were lost. Mrs. Hale made a proposal to Mrs. Chetein for a compromise of the matter, whioh wjs partially effected, and promised to make a statement in the Star for tbe purposes of coun teracting the former publication. A stop wa9 ?ut to the compromise by the officers taking Irs. Hale and the stolen articles before Jus tice Donn, when an investigation took place on the night of the 12th inst . after which she was held to appear at the next Criminal Court in the turn of S300 From all the matter as brought to light before the Justice, there is no doubt that Mrs Chetein is entirely exonerated from the charge, as made, of stealing the S170, and that strong doubts exist that Mrs If ale met with the lo-:s as detailed by her, more particularly as on the recent ch.irge consider able amount of gold was found iu her trucks # Watch Returns ?Ramb'e Williams, firing pistol in tho street; fined 55 ar.d cost. Wm. Robev. drunk; reprimanded and dimissed. Wm. Finley. vagrant; do. Edward Jlaneor, suspicion of larceny, dismissed. Jehu But ler, do ; do Thomas Roberts, asleep in the market; do. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Feb 16,1S57. Mr Editor: I see your correspondent "S," persists in stating that the Railroad has noth ing to do with the coming election for Mavor. Atthe Anti Know Nothing Nominating Con vention, Charles Slcmmer, Esq., one of the delegates f nrn the fourth product, submitted the following : P.* it retolrr ly That the candidate nominated by this Convention be eonsldeed as pledged. In tb* event of their e e.-tl^n , by their acceptance of said nomination, to refrain from any edlcial act In reference to any sut?"nif. .n, n. id? cr to be matfe bv the CorroraMon of Georgetown. to the stock of any Ka):ro>d Company, oi lli? guarantee of any bends of such eoinpaiiy, or any other matter which would materially Increase tt? In debtedness of the town; unless It be to submit the propriety of such action to a vote of the pec pie, and thereafter to be governed la their actl ti therejn by the will oi the people as expressed at Btich eiec'ioa. ?whbh was rejected ; and Mr Slemmer with drew from tbe Convention and published tn address to the Anti Know-Nothing voters of the fourth precinct, which can be found in tho Georgetown Herald cf Saturday lust The Anti Railroad candidate for Mayor says in bis veto message, in true democratic lan guage, be will sign the $23,000 coupon bonds of the Corporation, to pay its second instal ment, whenever directed to do so by a vo'e of the people Said bonds are already author iied oy law, and only aflr.iit t!jo siguaturo < f the Mayor to be paid over to the Treasurer of the Metropolitan Railroad Company At the last election the issue was proclaimed by t!ie Antie? to be Anti tvrw/t Know Nothing. Tho Antics succe'-dud : aad, by one of those t remarkable ooinoideu-es, there was found to i bo elected a unanimous Railroai B->ard in ; both branches of the Corporation. Anti-S. I9 - Bt>, On tbe 14th Isstant, Nr* FRANCES 6 , wife : of Thcm?-j ?! MmHh, K-q , chief cierk in the ! bureau of the Fifth Auditor cf tne Treasury. On the 13th instant, SARAH MIU *N1)A, In- 1 fant daughter of Crorby S. and EUxibeth S. ? Noyes In tuls city early In the morning of ?hB 10th Instant. RICH A Rl) G HOLMES late ef Minne sota, a/fd 4 I ye rs. Though aw ty from I li fam ily a>id friends, Le received" the kindest and te*t attention from those among whom be temporarily ; ?rjournrd ; and nothing wm left undone to sof the hi? sifljrlngs. and smooth hi* t aso^gf to the grave He wan universally belovi d and esteemed, and was a man of extraordinary b"*l'!ess and j scientific abilities. He leaves a w'dow and one son. Ills rcrr.alr.8 are temporarily deposl ed In ' the vaalt pf the Congret.slonal Cemetery, to ba : hereift^r remov -d fn New Vork and buried A- ' naliy in Greenwood Cemetery (Cbautauque county, New Yoik, Chicago, and 1 Minnesota papers plea*** copy ) * In Georgetown, D. C , o:i .Monday mtrnlnjr. i the it'.th February I'.stant, BR'KIE, inlaat daughter of L>r. F. S and Rebecca M. Barbarin. i For end Rent. i f^OR IIENY -'IHK NEAT DWELLING No. :i66 ?ttb street, second dcor north cl K. Also, for saie a number of articles of Household Ffnl'ore Inquire at the hoase lmmtdlaieiy. > feb 16-St* _ l FHJK KENT ?A liOUSK. CONTAINING 1? Kcorn*. with Parlor ei d l>loiug-Kuom, and KHcheu on ntst fl >or, between lith and 13th at#., : on New York avenue Inquire of A]r GtiKtN, ' corner of. 13.h and L streets. feb 11-3;* FOR RENT?TWO NKATLY FURNISH- ' td Kcorns. For farther particular* apply on the premiss, No. <52 north i) street, between t-'d and 3d streets. feb HMt* rr.O LFT ?A NF.Wi/Y FINISHKU CO'l - X tage Frame House, containing tlx exce'laut Rooms, situuted ou N street north, between 11th and 15th streets west Rent S10 per month, in qulleof JNO P. HIIilON, ?iear the corner of 14fh s'reet ^nd J'enn avenie, feb 1-2-1 w J NO. IV HILTON .'Oil KKNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE. 1/ situated on Fenn between loth and Flthstr. ets The advertiser t?e5nsr about to lenve , the city fi?r several inoath*, la desirous of renting J their house, wMc.h Is comfortabiy fum'shed, ana lultable fi.r af.imlly. To a ^ocd aiid r< sjionslble tenant the r?-nt will be iiiod? rate Possession lwenen the lstcf Aprllnext. fe?>5-*2w til! RN1SH t:D It O>JM 31 <>R !i EN f ?M K8. li. ANUKRSON has for rent three or four Rooms, whb h are comfortably furnished, and :an be convened Into parlors or chambers, a.s may benqulrJ. Fenn avttiue, 2d door e.?st of the IllkwuJ House. feb 5-'2W I^OR It F.NT.?A PARLOR AND CHAMBER handsomely furalshed, In one of the most desirable locations In the city, being In the v1- ' clnltv of the National, Browns', and Dexier's Hotel The house Is new, wlib all the modern Improvements, water, g s, Ac. Also,several very pleasant Chambers. Apply at No 46 Louisiana avenue, soiith side, near street. feb '2 For rent.?near the new gov-j emra-nt Frlntli g Otflw, a convenient bwel ? ! Itag House, containing six Roori * and Kitchen. The Hoe-:e Is situated on Fetrce street, between 1st and North Capitol streets To a good tenant tue low iej.tof<i?? Will be ch ir?ea Apply to tbe und^rtlened, opposite the pitir.lst*, ct ai n.y ifail at tt.t Centre Market. jan Jo-tf tyllARl.EH THOMA Alt A KE CHAN A 18 OF F F. R EU TO A N Y person wishing to purchasw a comfortable, convenlei.t, and w-11 built Brick Dweliia?, con taining 8 jjood sired Rooms, sltuab d In * pltsasant md Improving part of the city, convenient to the Crntre Market, the principal Hc.tels, a*d the Uaptml, witUa good supply of excellent Water in lbs yard Terms: Half cash, and bAUnceln4 Df 5 years. Address Box No 'Alb, City Post UtSce, j lebG-ecrtw* i AXJCTIOIf SAU29. AlCTlOfl NOTICE. ALL PERSONS HAVIN6 HORSES1, CAR r!*ges, or any other Goods for sale at Auction will find the undersigned on tbe Centre Market Square, adjoining the Fair Building, every mar ket morning, at 10 o'clock,or can see him by cali In? at his store, 3C5 south side Pennsylvania ave nue, between 6th and 7th streets at anytime. J. F CROWN, feb 16-.\I,WAF ,1m Auctioreer By WALL, BARNARD * CO., AuctT Trade bale or china, trociery, and Olass Ware.?On TUESDAY, the 24th February, w? shall sell, at our Ware Rooms,

on the corner of 9tb street and Louisiana avenue, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m , a large assort ment of China, Glass, and Crockery Ware: *5 doz?n Niagara Granite Tea Cups TO do do Coffee do 45 sets do Tea and Coffee Sets i'25 dozen Niagara Dinner, Desert, ard Soup P.ates 1-2 dozen Tea and Ccffee Pots 2S do shallow and deep Dishes 49 do do Bakers rt do Toilet Sets, consisting of fen" pieces to tL ? set 4 d< zen covered Granite and C C Chambers 5(1 do plain pressed and cut Tumblers 50 do do do Goblets Also, a large assortment of covered D'.shes Sauce Bowls Pickle Dishes, Soup Tureers Sugar and Cream Jugs, Soupj, and Trays Foot Baths, Ac. All of which will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: All sums of and]under $10, cash; over that amount a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO., feb 16-d Auctioneers. By J AS. C. Mr G I) IKK, Auctioneer. TWO DESIRABLE DWELLI5M' Menses Oil 4th street, between OcnrJ H streets, at Aurtien.?On F H ID \ Y APTKINOON. February i;t*h. at 4 o'clock, en tfc? premlfe*, I shall *eli suhdivif.lon No 2, of the eastern half of Lot No. 8, In rquire 518, commencing fc-r t*e same at the distance of 40 fe?t north from the southeast corner of said lot, and running thence north 40 feet with the line of 4th street; tfcence west &S feet 3 inches to an alley ; thence south 10 feet: thence ea*t 88 feet 3 Inches to the place of beginning; together with the Improvements, consisting of a nearly new two-story Brick Dwel ling House, containing four good rooms and a kitchen ; also, a twr-gtcry Frame Dwelling lloure containing four rooms, which will be sold sepa rate if desired Terms : One-fourth cash ; the residue In 6.1*2, aad 18 mirths,with interest, scoured by a deed of trust on the premises. febll-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct IJjT The above Sale is Pos:paned in can sei|UTce of the rain, until MONDAY AFTER NOON, Feb. 16, same hour and place. ftt> 14-2c JAS C. AicGUIRE, Auc'r_ By JAS C. McGUIRE,Auctioneer VALUABLE COLLECT I (>n OF BCOKS, Prints, Fbilaiopbicai Instruments Ac. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVfcN 1NGS, February l?;h and 19tb. commencing at o'cUck, I shall sell a portion of the library of the Rev W. J. Clark, comprising a vainab e collection of Historical, Theological, PoetiCi:l, Pictorial and Mlscellaneeus Works. Also, a superior ''Claxton" Air Pump, lot of Chemical Apparatus, Ac Also, a lar^e collection cf Prints, Engiavings, iic. Catalogues may be obtained at tte Auction Rooms. Termsea?h. JAS. C. McSUIRE, feb l'2-d Auctioneer. 1>H. C. 8. (-OOD.tUN, Dentist, and Manufacturer ot Artificial Teeth. Those who are so unfortunate as to require Artltlclai Teetb will And (without any or bum buggery.) Teeth set upon a metallic , base or plate Ma'eriais pure and properly con strue'ed as being superior to all ether modes The various operations of Dentistry faithfully and properly executed. Tender Teeth rendered useful for life, by new means. Teeth extracted carefu ly. easily, and skillfully. trr otllce corner of Sib s'reet and Pa. avenue, reb ?-3ro PKIVA TK MKDIC'A J. Tlx HA TVSH ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL ViEW OF MANAGE I!Y M. B. LA CROIX, M. U-, Albany, N. Y. -5) pag?and 13o tine Plain and Colored I.itLojraf lis and Platen. * J??PRICR ONLY 2.'> CENTS Mjjf^Fent tree of ynig'e to alt pail> of the Luion DK. M H LA CBOIX'S FUYSIOI.t?CIC41. VILW OF >1 Al.Ri AGE. A new and revi-.eJ tdi-i n andHj plates. Pri? e cents a copy, A an I cuiii;>r*;b< imive t*?.lti>e on th^duiir's ami casualties of singlemn.t married lite-hap py atiJimi iul allianee?,tnotie oi **curiug '.lit in -ii.feii. i'tu.4 and infer.lie ones - th^-ir o'? Viatum and uu< d?*'>liiiv, Us ratlin atul ' cure, by a nioce-M at once s.? *? simple, safe, and eff-<tu I, thai :a; ur- h i.ii,>o-?;b> rules fortlailymuas^ meat?an riiiy uj Spviiua.uriboea, with practi d ?itHcrvation< <>n a safei a id more -uooi-s f it rn kIj of it< luu.-nt?pr? < auttonurv hints on tin. < v.l ri-sults Irutri empirical practice; lo which is aided com - rn n:aii?? on ihe die a<es vt fcinab s- tiom infam y m old age?each ca.e graphically illustrated l.y b- 'Utitiil plates. It points out tue n m? d'es tor those sclf-uitli< t?d mi-erit.- aed disarroiut?'d hop? F bo unfortunately prevalent hi Uit> y>'Utig It is a trn nful adviser to the mar i? d and those content' plating iuarri.:se. Its p^u*:.! is particularly ro-.? in mended to persoin? enlert:.inin^ secret dot l> ? of their physical oondiiioii. tiiJw it arc cons* i u$ f?f havim; hazarc*d their alth,haupines.:and pttv.legeg to winch ev-jry liiui;iu beii>( id rritnlvd lo. I'.ice *25 et uis per copy, or live copies lor <1, mailed irett ot postage i > any part ol the United Si.i'e , by adilit>Jing lir. LA ?'iit)lX, (pos tpaid,) A iiany, N? vv York, earl ?s<iiii{2.> cents. N. H?Those who prefer nioy conduit Ur. I. A CROIX upon asv of the diseases tiron wlirhhis h'idli tiea s, ritli.'r personally or l>y inlil. His m d icin> s often cine in the sboit space ? r six days, and cmp'etely rnd entirety < radica e all Maces of tbo."e dis?>rdeis sl)>ch copa va and ceb.b- have so long 1? *en though'an antidote, to til* ruin ol tbe health of the p itieiit. Ilis " I'reiieh S.-cret'' is the great continental >' ?ii'- y f>?r that cht<nnf disorders wnich unfortunateiy, ihy.iciaus tr- at with tbe irn irii v.*h|e , e ? rn ;tio:: ofthe p itietit'scon-ti'iuion, a.-d which all the ^sarsafanila in tha world cannot cure. (Xf- Ollioe No. 31 Maiden L:uie, Aii> my, N. Y. feb li r.fiivvlyj ^ EKESSt VtMSOit. TUST RECEIVED FROM TIIE WEST, A i" large lot of superior VENISON./^gs Families and ou,eis can be snppllect^^.^ (^ by the saddles, or quantity t;> sf:it purchasers AUo recelTtd, a fresh supply cf supetlcr OYS'lEKS. Families and others supplied at the lowest price, corner of Penn ' venue and -kt stre.-t, Union Refectory feb 61m B_ SC H AI) DR. VILLAKil, Dentist, i . * or Cuicaeo. \I7 0ULD RESPECT h ULLY INFORM VY the citizens of tbe District and vicinity, that baviag located Llmnelf in Wa"bl</gtoa, hv Is now prepared to perforin all operations, In his profession, in the most approved style Ofilce No. >250 Penn. avenue, adjoining Gau tler's. Jan'20-ly miNTED WKITINH PAPER. Stationery A of all kinds, lir.e Oo'.d, and perforated I'a per, at r ERfaUSON'S, feb lii 48C7th slreiet. ? GIBHS'H 11AIK WA?IUFACTORY, Ptnn. at'f??<, It tWrtn 9<A ami llUA streets. WIGS, HALF WIGS, BItAIDS, CUR LS, liandeaus, Frizzed Uollers.Ac., always on band, and nude to order at a few hours totlce. ladles' Hair Dyed, Sfcaiarooned, Ac ?inther/ost complete manner. All sorts of To'.itt Articles from the best French and English bouses No 30t> Pa avenue, upstairs, over Davis'Music Store. N. B.?Hair work repaired cr taken In ex change. feb 11-3iii ( lOftPOKATION STOCKS lor sale by J feb 13-d CHUBB BROTHERS. rpABLE All) POCKET CL'TLKHY, I Albcta Fork:i and Spoons, Razors, Sclswrs, Ac.?be t quaillty Prices low. O. FRANCIS, feb 1'2 ^ 4Ho Seventh street MATTKKNMKS Of S I' K HY DESCRIPTION, i>luuu/acturt-U at the Fatrvtew St. kiu Mill, Ai.KXiMjRU. Va WE INVITE THE ATTENTION OF THE trade rf Washington ei?u vicinity lo ft* larg.'> ustjni.ient of MATTRESSES now on band, comprising Patent-Spiln?, Hair, ana several hu.idf?<t Husk ard Cotuin. of various sires, to mee: the demand of the coming season Orders by nnll or otherwise promptly attended to and goods d^iiverud rt Ualtlmore rates. Addre*? feb 7-lgt FlTIf.PATRlCli A BURNS. MONEY TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SII.VER WATCHES JEWELRY, GUNS, PISTOLS, and all valuablaa (jP1N8UN> Pawi? Broker, f?b l-i? Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIA TED riiESS. ADDITIONAL FOEEIGN INTELLIGENCE VY THE EUROPA. A despatch from Constantinople, dated Jan utry 19th, announces that the British steam er? had evacuated the Isle of Serpenta. European affairs generally were in a slate of quietude, and the main interest was cen tered in the Persian question. THE PtRSIAH OirncnLTT. With regard to the reported Persian subinis sion, Lord Stafford telegraphs that Per'ia sub mit? on general ground?, and not because of the capture of Bushire. The detail? of the capture of the latter place had been received at Bombay. Th? British ships arrived cff Bushire <n the 2tfth of November, and after some corres pondence sent ashore a copy of the declara tion of war. The next day. December 4'h, they took possession of the Island of Karrack, unopposed On the Rth of December the Brit ish troops landed near Bushire; the next morn ing they advanced twu brigades along the coast toward the town The shipa in the meantime were shelling the fort, tho garitson of which were soon dislodged, eight hundred of whom took up a new position to oppose the British advance. After some preliminary skirmishing the British drove the enemy back upon the fjrt, whence they attempted to escape, but the re treat was prevented by tho British rifles sea ward, and the cavairy landward. The enemy were not Persian, but Arabe. TLey lort throe chiefs and a large number of men. The Britiah loss was 3S Bnshiro was then summoned to surrender, hut the summons was refused. Finally, after a bombardment of four hours they yielded. The governor, commander and (.ffi:er, re ported to be ministers of war, were made pris oner? Bushire has been proclaimed to bo British territory and a free port. The city was quiet, but there are ugly rumors of the abominable conduct of the British after the capitulation. THE (.UIKKIX WAR The details of China news confirm the tele graphic acoonnts The f;vctories were burnt by ihe Chinese, the tliincs bursting out sim ultaneously in kll directions AM attempts if the seamen and marines to stop the fire were fruitless It ra^ed all ight *Dd t > the steam er's sailing. Messrs. A Co's premises were first to go, then followed by the whole of Piiushurg heng Tho Iinj. erial and indeed all tho hong.-' were de-troyed The only houses untouched when the steamer left were those of the British consulate, Au gustine Heard and II. Jardine, Matheson ?fc Co., Turner ?& Co , one or two in the New English lion?, Kusatl ?fc Co , in the Swedish hong, and^Vetmore ?t Co, in the Imperial hong. But it wa* dcubtful whether they would ultimately escape. The Agra, Oriental and Mercantile banks wero on tiro, and there was no h^pesof savii g them. Admiral Seymour withdrew his men into the garden, the only refugo 1 aft for for f doners. The Admiral's future steps were un known. There wa* litt'.o doubt, hTwevcr, thd Canton would no longer be spared The d:.-oharg? of shells and rockets had al ready commenced. The L'.i;d? n Times Ilong Kong correspond ence dated December 1j, says: ,?On the loth November, Captain i'ote, of the I* S. si p Portsmouth, was on the way from Wnainpoa to Canton in tho ship's pinnace for the pu: p se of withdrawing the American marines stationed in the foreign factories, when, in passing the Barrier Forts, the boat was fired at hy the Chinese and was obliged to put back to Whampoa, notwithstanding that the Amer ican flie was flying at the time and was also waved from the boat, so that there mu?t be no mistake The American men-of-war, Porti rnouth find Levant, moved up the river and bombarded the fort?, which the Chinese de fended bravely, replying with a well-directed Cre, killing two men and wounding others, tnd doini: some damage to the vessels. Comwt dore Armstrong then wrote to the Viceroy demanding an apology within twenty-feur h>ur?. The reply bein^ unsatisfactory, the Americans at once proceeded to take the forts whtf h they have ?iuce destroyed. In this service several lives were lost. Since this took place, "Yeh*' has written to the American authorities to say that their flag shall be respected, and that it was entirely a mistake that led to the misunderstand! ag There arc jet one <-rtwo small points at issue, but wo understand that the Americans will accept this apology, and withdraw from Can ton. . ? The plenipotentiaries and naval command ers in-cbief of Great Britain and America huve held a conference on Canton, but thero have been no results of importance arrived at. The China Mail of tho 11th snys that the Amoricans met with a latal accident ia com pletii f* the destruction of the barrier lorts? oce of the mines exploded, through the care lessness of a seaman, killicg him and two of his comrades, nnd wour.diug six other*. The Portsmouth and Levant had returned to Whampoa. A despatch says t'ae French had destroyed dome forts. GREAT BRITAIM The London Morning Herald persis s in its statements of an attempted reconstruction the Cabinet by an infusion of the Aberdeen party. The London Post, the government organ, as serts that tho statements of the Herald are unfounded", and that it has gme hopelessly mad. It was, however, generally believed that some such reconstruction was being negotiated among the party. The principal merchants of Liverpool have presented an address to Sir John McNeil and Sir Tulloeh, being the only acknowledgment yet given for their report upon the Crime* mismanagement. The firtt meeting of the Mercantile Law Re firm Conference to k place in London L >rd lire ugh am presided, ar,d duieg'.tes from the principal cities attended A deputation was appointed to call upon Lord Palmerston re_ specting the Bankrupt Laws. The subject of a Tribunal of Commerce was referred to a committee. The working men of London have formed ereigra'ing companies on a lar*e scaie t-j Can ada und Australia. The ticket-of-leave convicts had held a pub lic meeting in London, on the cnll of Henry Mayhew The meeting was favorable to tick ets of leave being gO'.id only in the colonies. All the prisoners in tho case of the recent mutiny < n board the ship Bogert had been liberated except Campbell, the second mate, who is held on the charge ol' sh<M)ting ITALT. From Naples accounts are deplorable Ter ror reigus throughout the capital and king dom. Arrests continue iuces^untly. A prie?t has attempted to assassinate tne Archbishon &f Mitera whiie he was giving his benedic tion to the people. The Archbishop was wounded, and a canon, who attempted to pro tect him, was shot dead by the assassin. IliC LATEST BY IKL^uHAPU TO LIV ERPOOL Paris, Friday.?The Court tf Cessation having rejected Verger's appeal yesterdav, tho assassin was executed this morning He was yreatly distre sel, and it was fvuod neces sary to carry him to the scaffold. The Court of Cessation has pronounced judg ment to-day upon the appeal frum the decision of the Imperial Court ot Lyons, with reference 10 tho illegality of distributing electoral bul letin or voting tickets without a spccial per mission frcm tho authorities The judgment of the Court of Cetsation is against tho liberty t?f distributing doctoral bulletins. Nahlks, Jauuary 2y ?A period has been fixed within which political prisoners must decide whether they will implore the Royal plemency, or euffer transportation A decree has been issued effecting certain reforms in the postal system, other decrees Df reform are expected Tim** City Article?Friday evening ?The English luLds opened with a tendency to jteaiines? this morning, but the market soon relapsed nnd ultimately exhibited great aess. There was no political news aud tne market was influenced solely by pre32ur? money, which was increased by the arrange meats in" uonwtlon w,.h foreign and bv tne India House having withdrawn a ? ? they bed len< .P?? Hook. The rate for loans on good was six and a half por cent., and advances M?re obtained from the Bank on tbo^ter.^' Ln the discount market there was undimimsh ed Application* at the Bank were namem* The amount of gold taken from the Bank V> lay for exportation was only about tlO.OOn It ia estimated that tbo amount to be takeo out by the h'*< amer Elpon to India and China on the 4th of February will be between ?700,. 000 and ?300,#00, nearly all in ailver. Tha closing quotation* of Frenoh thraa per oents this evening waa 67fi 30 centimes for money and account, showing a renewed decline of nearly 1 per ccnt. Letters frrm F*rls to-day mention a current report that M Minna, finding hia Spanish loan of three mil lion pounds sterling proceeding exceedingly heavy, intended to visit London next week to offer terms to holders on certifi cated coupons. The Daily News city articlc of Friday eras ing *ays: '?The luads show a fresh fail of about one quarter per cant , owing to tha incraaaad lightness of the money market, which ia grad ually breaking down outstanding speculations tor higher prices. Kogliah railway share* ware especially well supported in laca of tha con tinued downward movement of the fands The demand for money to day was extraordinarily active in tbe discount market, at the Back, and in all other quarter*, and conaiderable tightness was experienced. LATEST SEWS The inquiry instituted by the Board of Trade in regard to the loss of the We4 India mail iteamcr Tync, has resulted in the find ing of a report, strongly censuring the cap tain of the vessel for not constantly using the lead on rpproachicg lard and for tbe total absence of other precautiocs necessary to In sure the safety of the ship. From Havana Charleston, Feb. 13 ?Tbe steamer Isabel, from key West, with Havana dates to tbe 10m, baa arrived. Among tbe passenger^^ Max Maretzek and hia opera troupe Tbe Havana new.-* is unimportant A tele graph company has been formed to lay a ca ble to Key YVest. Cartbageua correspondence saya that the British will nut carry into efiect 'be blockade of that port until after the action of Congress. Dr. kaaiea health wsa much improved^ The steamer Empire City arrived on the$lh. Sug'tr* were lest active. Molasses was lull, with small receipts. Irish Railroad Riot. New York. Feb. 16 ? A riot occurred, on Saturday, among the laborer* on the tunnel at Bergen, N. J., between the Fardowners and Corkonians Two were killed and many badly injured. The military and firemen as. sembled and suppressed tbe riot. Seventy arrests were made. Arrival of the Europa at Boston, Ac. Boston, Feb 18 ?The Europe arrived here hbout 10 o'clock last night. Her mails went South this morning. Bullion in the Bank of England had slightly increased, instead of decreased, as first stated Arrival of the Empire City. New Yobk, F?sb. 16 ?The steamer Empire City, from Havana, on the 10th ittet , arrived here last night. She brings nothing import ant. New York Market*. New Youk, Feb. 16 ?Flouris steady; tales of 6.000 bbls.; State $6 45*56 50 ; Southern ?6 yoa*7.15. Wheat is quiet; white fel 77a$1.79 red $1 61. Corn is dull; sales of 16,000 bushels; mixed 73c. Pork ia buoyant; mess i 21 50. Baef la steady, repacked Chicago $15 50. Whisky ia heavy; Ohio 2S#c. Financial New Yoke, Feb 14 ? Stooks are generally l -wer and dull; Chicago and Hock Island 9S, Cumberland Coal Co 17; Michigan Southern 74i; New York Central Heading Tbf. Virginia ti's 911; Missouri 6's 83 Sterling exchange ia dull at 108#. H EkHIHIT?<rsof THE ?. M. Fa r. 1- A quantity of GLASS CASES and SASHEb for sale cheap at Perm avenue, over Mr. Rl. denour's Confectionary. te* 13-tf PIANOS FOR hals. TWO SECOND-HAND PIANOS FOK ?ale very cheap at MET '/EROTT'SWJSgtam Vualc Depot. One for ?5l>, and one forWg^^ 81S0. 1 * Also, onesecond-kucd MEl.ODEON. Lb 14-tf THE KXi'erok OK RUSSIA. The electric magazine for janu arv, 1-57, <a euibe lished with a splendid I ortrait of the Emperor < f K imlti, with a graphic de*crip:ion of the coronation ceremonies at Mob cow, another of Dr. Chalmers. In addition to a rich tsble of contents served up from the Foreign Periodicals, and ready forita friends and patron? ltstonld be in every library?on every c en err table Tfet? el?*trtc has lit number* of 144 page-, ear b ; 1*2 or more Ha* Portraits of Celebratee Men. or bcaatuful Engravings by Sartnln?eheap a 9u cens each?leaving less than *1 for each of the tLree large volume*, with titles atd Indexes, ana ueirly 1:Th) paees per year of choice reading and permanent value. Price ?5 Cheap enough Hease order It ot once, by Postmaster Postage l cents on each number rent to any part of the country The January No. begins the VKh vol ume. Now is a good lime to subscribe Add rem W. H BID WELL, No. 5 Beck man street. J . SHLL1NGTQN, Agent. feb 14 3t? A CARD.?HAVING MADE A CHANGE In my business, it become* imperative upon me lo close previous transactions with the utmo: dW patch Therefore, al persons Indebted on opt-n ;tc aunt or by note lying over are requested to mike Immediate settlement by cash or aetep table paper. febx-'2# N. M McGRE6QH. valentines: valentine*:: WHOI SSaI.E AVI retail From One Peany ts Twenty-Five Oallari, at the Great Fancy Store of h j. Mclaughlin * co'8, no ?, ftb 11 between 8th and #th streets. FIRST CLASS TAUB AHT. THE AMEHICAN EAULK CHAK.LES KLOTit Ir CO., Corner of S'.nik and D struts, AVING TAKEN THIS LARGE AND 1* ir.a^nlBcent stand, near Perm avenue, th?* senior partner in this art lr takes this occasion to return his tbank* to the WendsJKJL who sustained and suppcrted him while ooeupy lng his Restaurant on the corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street. The bouse which he and Ma partner now occupy is decidedly one of the best, if not the very best in Washington city, being central and conven'ent, near the Centre Market, a'jd w'thin a few doors of :he main Avenue It it 18 a r.ew building and furnished In the most e.egant style, having everv convenience, with large Vaults ard Cellars, deep, airy, and cool, and wellcalcolated keep their Ales. Portea, Ac , Ac,, In the best condition during the summer Their Bar will always be supplied with the most cbolest and best brands of wines and Llqocrs, ?r..t their table with the beat that the markets can afford. The best Ovaters, Crabs, Lobster*, 4c., 4c., will always be on hand. Well furnished and pleasant Roc ma for parties of gentlemen always ready. Persons desiring meals during any hour of the day or night, can be accommodated, as their table is always set. Having supplied themselves with one of the best Freuch Cooks, obliging Bar Tenders, and Servants, and devoting their entwe personal atten ter.tlon to their business, they respectfully ask a shar^ of the public patronage I'he friends ai d patrona of the senior part ner are respectfully lnvlttd to call at tbls new es ablishment. feb 13-lw LAND WARRANTS located. rPHK SUBSCRIBER, A RESIDENT OF St. 1 Paul, M T , having an extensive knowledge of the Government Lands in Minnesota, vviaeon sln, and Iowa, and having great uperienoe In locnMng the same, Is prepared to enter arrants to great advantage to tnose wishing to invest. Particular attention given to "f1 contiguous to Railroads when they become sub J MndTand Lots.inand about the cities of Super j lor. 1! a yield. and St Paul, fo* Ml* H L1NDSLEV , Klrkwood House, jan ? lm Washlagton, P C M t . ,aiid for eate in lots to suit purchasers. 1 PETER BERRY, janST tf SS W ater street, Georgetown. lET BOURBON WHISKEY. HAVE just received ten bameis Old Kentucky and Bum Whiskey, part of which Is very old and superior. R W. TWEEDV. feb 11-lweo Pa av.,near 10th st , south side THALBERO'S portraits AND ALL his Compositions for sale at M8TZ KEOTT 'd Mualc Depot J*8 3J Bird c am k?7 doormTtI, B h ti ? Nil Books, Cabas. Purses, MtTTMSn * I\OTATOE8.-10U0 BUSHELS P R 1 * J white MERGER POTATOES, In stoie,i ? i ?a ?ii(f nnrfihaaars O