Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1857 Page 3
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eventngst ar. (f urnnRWii MrLi ?? un at tii Orrtaa ?r T(llm #'cvck'?, ? ; onnnu tin bat ?? w A?r?Aa PST1L tb? ?HT DAT. "local INTELLIGENT IE. The* ?The following i? ? eontin nation cf the list of person* who hare applied far space at the approaching Fair of the 1 \etpo poli'an Mechanios' Institute - M ss M G. Rawlings, Washington, net apron . . , Mrs. M G Rawlirga, do, paper printed by Benjamin Franklin Kate V Trunnell, do tidy Mary A. Crojcgin do, tidy Mrs M. A Wheeler, do. emb d cap John F. Wheeler, do, worked pants Mrs. A. Knight, Georgetown, quilt Mrs V. Ridgway, do, ouilt Miss M A Plowman, Washington, eanb'd cipe Mm M. E Wilson, do, Odv* Fellow's apron Miss E. Cammark, Georgetow n, box o [ shells Mise Annie Caram&ck, do. sead hag Mrs E. Hammill, Washin-jton, quilts Mis* K. W angh, do, tidy need'.awork John P Forbert, do, drawing C J Bogan, do, lamp mat O R Uough, stereoscopic c wmorama Miss M. Arnold, do. pine ap pie Miss L Arnold, do, fancy sle ores Mrs. M R Lackett, do, conn terpane Mary 0 Pup*, do. crotchet b asket Margaret C Naylor, do wors ad bird Mary A B. Naylor, do, crotel let cap Mary R Butt, do, worsted wo tk J ana a* Maher, do, plan for exte. \sion of Cap 1tol grounds Miss V. Mockabee, do, watch orae Miss Anne Mookabee, do, tidy Mis" Julia M:Kenny, do, worked skirt S C. Mockabee, do, machinery An ishlng and file work Miss J Reilly, do, drawing Miss E Spencer, do, bead work M is3 E Trunnell. do, worsted mat Wm Champion, do, worsted wore W. H. Wheatioy, Georgetown, specimens of djing Mis? Liztie Harrisou, do, shirt Miss S. Hub an. Washington, embroidered fe>t Miss A Scrivener, do, en.broi<ie;.ed dress Miss V Scr-.Tener. do, '1j Miss Adelaide Scrivener, do, worsted work Mrs M King, do, nullt Mrs A C Lynch, ao, do Miss Mary A. Ki?g, do, do Mrs. M A. Hughe*, do, embroidered robe and eover Miss A Gaither, dor pin cushion W. A Henry, do, model 'team engire F P Martin, do. grained panal Charletfe Esselburgge, do, wabch ca?es Mrs J D Latham, do, knit sUwkings Miss V Shaoffer, do. ielly M ps Jane Jones, do. do Mio S Jenkins, do, knit stockings M ss M. Jenkins, do, do Mist Elixa E Williams, do, worsted work C. P. Hunt, do, artificial teeth Miss J Trunnell, Georgetown, braided cloth Miss E. Fox, Washington, quilt Elisabeth Harris, do, do T. Gilbert A Co , Boston, pianos Miss M GiMermeUter, Washington, leather work box and painting Mrs Chas Schott, do, window basket B. F. Brown, Dorchester, Massachusetts, trotting wagon F Vok k, Baltimore, Md-. artificial teeth Martha Jones. Washington, pin cuehion Marian Biddleman. do, tidy Mrs. M. Thomas, Georgetown, drawing Misa M. Thomas, do, do Miss K. Thomas, do, do J M K Davis, Washington, mill Mrs. Mary Garrish, ao, Japanese curiosities Mrs K W Clarke, do, brandy peaches Mrs E J Dove, do, painting Mrs. R M Hooton, do, fancy backet Misa L. V. Brcwn, do, lamp mat Mi*s M. E Clements, do, burr basket George Markland, do, toilet article Samuel Stuart, do, >t <ne letter pross Mary Stuart, do, worsted work UeLry Crcggin. do, drawing Mrs R A Gordon, do, infant's dress S Mount, do, card basket and pen drawing Jno Joyce, do. fancy work in bottle Alfred Reynolds, do, drawing ^arah F Holt, do, quilt W B Todd A B:o , do, embossing on glass and graining Henrietta Evans, do, collar Miss Ellis, do, skirt Miss Mclotyre, do, slippers Miss Tols^n, do, embroidered infant's dress Mil's M E Davidson, do, crotchet collar Miss J E Taylor, do. tidy Mr?. H Prather. do, pickles Mrs S. Burgess, do, balsams J Elgar. Baltimore, improved door hingoa Mr* C B Young, Washington, worsted mat Mrs H W Lithaui do, do ottoman Derj'l Luther, Uo, wooden chain F La Barro, do, silver plated ware W H Dempey, do, card eDgraving; gilt frames Mrs S Lepreux, do, slippers and pin cushion Mrs S. Green, do, embroidery Miss L. Barker, do, crotchet cap Miss A Barker, do, do collar Miss M V. Barker do, do do Mrs L Lambert, Alexandria embroidered chess table Miss J. Altvater. Baltimore, worked slipper: C. Uriella, Washington, alligators Miss V. do, shell basket Jno W Walling, do, tool chest M.-s. L Smith, <io, knit quilt Mrs C D Sandy, do, rug George 0 Stevens A Co , Baltimore, papier mac he goo Is Martna R thwell, Wssbington, embroidery G P Woolston, do, sawiug and planing ma chine J. G Naylor, do, panel door A T Johnson, do. marble monument Amanda F Miller, do, burr baskets Mrs D. B Johnson do, marble vase Miss E Fenwick, do, collar Dr H King, St. Louis, Mo., silvine, t. '. new white paint C Mitnbell, Washington, shell North <% Savage, Mtddletown, Conn., re volving rifles and pistols McCullough A Cj , Wilmington, Del., gal ranised iron Baldwin Tool Manufacturing Co , Middle Ijwa, Conn , plane* and tool chesu Stanislaus Murray,W ashington. Loogworth'a catawba wines Miss M Colclaser, do, quilt Fred Callan, do, penmanship Miss Kate Ferrall, Harrodsburg, Ky , em broidered skirt Dr. A. Van Camp. Washington, curiosities frtm South Pacific Islands E C Diets, do, jelly and preserve# L?wis Mare, do. model of church Miss Ida Duncanson, do, preserves Amelia Wurdeman, do. artificial flowers W H Diets, do, painting Rebeeoa Lycett do. embroidered collar S B. Diets, do, iv.'ry work Nina Van Camp, do wreath Mrs. M Starbuck, do, embroidered dress Mrs J T Kenna. do, embroidered tidy Mrs Mary Suioot, do, embroidered ottoman M ss R. McKenna, do, ottoman and mat Paul Sipcs. do, Turkish barem eigantos Mjs B N. Lear, do, worsted work Miss E J O Neal, do, gaiter boots Miss M E Lear, do, jellies and preserves Mim S. M Lear do, cradle quilt Jno T Pumery, do, Oxford ues Laura Trunnell, Georgetown, pickles Mrs M Clements, do, jelly Lewu ll.pklns, Washington, flag S' phia Hopkins, do. tidy Wm Cruikfhank, Georgetown, cil painting M H(ff?r A Co , Washington, clocks and j jwelry Wa*hirgton Broom Factory, Washington, brooms Mr* S tJordon, Mi??is?ippi, worsted flowers T J Magruder, Washington, school desk froiu \V G dbattuck, B >eton D Hou^h'on, do, cu-hiou and collsr Mary Houghton, d<?, worsted work ^ ^ Richards, do, needlework Miss H Stone, do, doll bonnet Miss M VVia#, do, worsted Wjrk M i. Sar?h Bureb. do, do Mi-s A Burch, d j, quilt Mi-s A C? gswell, do. embroidered cape Jno C Mack, Watertown. N. Y , rotary gr*in Mpiratur L t. Barker, Washington, marble menu* mm Xrs. ft. P. Walker, Georgetown, tidy B Leversoa, Washington, model of bridge and csr wheal Mrs. 6 P Evans, do, pickles Mia X C McJilten, oo, toflet cmshien Miss P Hopkins, do, crotchet collar Miss f. Evans, do, embroidered cap V- S Evans, do, glass cane Hazy M Linton, do, bed valance Amanda J Linton, do, collar Martha M. Lamsdon, do, ohild's dress Mary A. Lumvdon, do, tidy 4. X. Lums^on, do, tortoise shell and coooa; iswt work Xrs. W. W Moore, do, fancy bend bag George Wbitely, New York, perfumed crys i tals " Duncan France, Washington, Japanese work box Mrs. M. Brackenbrougb, do, cnrrant wine Mrs. Mary Stewart, do, embroidered dress and skirt Mrs. Fanny Skirving, do, quilt D Qiambaetiani, do, fireman's patent lad der Mi.J. MoDevitt, do, worsted work Miss Mary Love, do, do Miss V. Towner, do, moss counterpane Miss Mary V. Ott, do, bread and rolls Miss Maria E. Ott, do, domestic seap and cordial Charlotte Fisher. Washington, bead basket Mrs G C, embroidered bird Mrs E Humphreys, do, d'? doe Mrs E. H. Martin, Baltimore, infant's skirt and shawl Mrs M. E. Clarke, Washington, needlework Miss M E. Fortney, do, worsted work J. F Mullowney, do, hammers used by the old miners of Lake Superior, and specimens of copper and silver Miss M V. White, Georgetown, fan basket Miss K E. Wingerd, do, needlework G U. Varnell, Washington, graining Mrs. A. Favier, do, wax flowers anl em broidery G H. Swain, do, printed and engraved musio G. W. Hilbus, do, inlaid sign J. P Lear, do, Mexican articles A. W. Denham, do, figures of Laisaroni C. R. Iliff, Falmouth, Ky., improved plot ting instrument J. Thomas A Son, Baltimore, specimens of steam turning and sawing Miss V. Dale, Washington, tapestry work Mim Anna R^se, do, tidy and lamp mats Miss E. A Prentiss, do, worked cape Mi^s M A Strick, do, do collar Mrs S. A Prentiss, do, lace mantle M S. Aeree. Virginia, quilt Miss Julia Ranterberg, Washington, hair flowers The committee will commence the reception of articles tc-morrow morning, at ten o'clock. The Gbas'j Isai'GCRAtioh Bai.l ?Tfce Philadelphia Argus says of the grand Inaugu ration Ball in this city . " Cornelius A Baker, of this city, have kind ly consented to furnish for the oocasion. ten of their magnificentchandeliers, valued at 55,000. These chandeliers are of the most beautiful de scription, and when lighted up will add greatly to the grandeur of the scene Other arrange ments are being made to decorate the room in the mmt splendid style "We have just seen one of the ladies tickets of invitation, which was engraved by Toppan, Carpenter 4 Co , of this city. This ticket is a most beautiful specimen of engraving, in fact it is the handsomest thing of the kind wo ever saw It is quite large and gotten up at considerable expense The designs on this ticket, represent two columns of stone with a most beautifully designed arch, on each block of stone is engraved the names of the different States of the Union At the base of the col umns are the following mottoes: "Constitu tion of the United States," and " The Union Must be Preeervsd." The columns and arch enclose a most perfect likeness of the Presi dent elect, and the names of the managers of the ball. It is admirably adapted for framing. " Wm H Thomas, Esq , one of the man agers, is now in this city making arrangements for the Ball. This gentleman's well known energy and taste, as well as that of his asso ciates is a sure guarantee of the admirable ar rangements that are being made " Prices ?The following list of retail prices ie.obtained from various merchants, and show what it costs to live at this season of the year: Sugar?brown, per lb, llal2* cents; crushed, lft; clarified, 14; loaf, 1ft. Coffee?Rid, per lb, 12il4 cents; Java 17; Maracaibo, 14; Mocha, 18. Tea?black, per lb, 50a75 cents; green, 50 cents a 51. Rice per lb Koonts. Molasses, per gallon, 62?75 cents; syrup. 87. Herring, per disen, 15 cents. Mackerel, each, 3al0 cents." Salmon, per lb, 14 cents. Bacon? hams, per lb, 14 cents; sides, IS; shoulders, 10J. Flour? family, per bbl, S9aS10; super, 57 50 Clover seed, per bushel, 59; timothy, SI.50. Wood, at the yards?oak, per cord, 56.50*7; pine, 54 50#5. Coal?red asb, per ton, 57a7.50; white ash, 57. Th? Fairs.?The Harmoteon Club of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company has volunteered to sing at the Fair of the Sixth Presbyterian church, in Schneider's Building, on to morrow evening. The managers of this Fair have concluded to close with this week, and those who have not yet attended will doubtless improve the opportunity between this and Saturday night The Trinity Church Fair opens to-night at the Washington Assembly Rioms on Louisi ana avenue, and, as usual with the fairs held by this church, is certain to have a large mea sure of success. Those most deserving Fairs at Metropolitan Hall and Iron Hall (the Lutheran Church Fair and the Orphans1 Fair) continue open. Th* Dibit or Dam Rick ? Last evening one of the gayest assemblages that ever crowded the walls of an amphitheatre filled the interior of the Washington Circus Ex pectation was rife to see Dan Rice, and when he appeared in the circle three hearty cheers made the " welkin ring " Dan was as ho always is, and has ever been, giving vent to volleys of wit and sorties of sarcasm that fair ly convulsed his auditors. His local hits were quite apropos. Mr Robinson's riding amazed all; whilst the new troupe of performers both individually and combined, made a most de cided improssion. Another triumph may be anticipated to-night. Visitiks Mii.itary ?The sub committees of the volunteer regiment appointed to arrange for the reception of corps from other cities on the fourth of March have been busily engaged in performing the duties assigned them. Though a great many military companies are expected to participate in the inaugural cere monies, it ii certain that all who report to the officers of the District regiment will be prop erly received and entertained. A special meeting of the officers is to be held at the Light Infantry s armory on Friday evening next, to receive the reports of the sub-com mitteea ? ?? Fiqgtijg Mex ?On Tuesday night, about eleven o'clock, a small crowd was assembled near Stone's wood-yard, on Seventh street, to witness an exhibition of pugilism The per formance was kept up near fifteen minutes, when a little boy in the crowd rung out, "Here comes Captain Mills and Joe Norwood !" A general scamper ensued, and it was a race in which all engaged, each trying to reach Four and-s-Lalf street bridge first. The alarm, however, was a false one, otherwise they might not have effected their escape so easily. The " Sluho Shot" Case ?We published in Saturday's paper an account of an alleged assault upon Mr Joseph C. Bond, in Wash iugton. Yesterday we received a letter from a young gentleman in Washington, in whio he asserts that the assault upon Mr Bond \v as not made with a slung shot, but with a fist, and grew out of the fact cf Mr Bond haring insulted two young ladies. We make this statement at the request of the accused par ties.? Baltimore Clipper. Taif Postponed ?'Ihe Pioneer Hook and Laddercomp ?ny of Richmond, have postponed their contemplated vi?it to this city, Baltimore and Philadelphia, until the month of May next, in consequence of the inability of the Richmond and Potomac railroad oompany to carry their apparatus until that time, the tide of travel at the prceent time requiring the en tire accommodation of the road, it is said. A Delegation from the Young Men's Dem ocratic (a*n Francisco) Club have arrived at New York, to be present at the inauguration Washington T'f ajrwiti?ga*t Ball of raa Washino TOK Lmj?t imfamr ?On Monday evening next, this time-honored company, which has come to be recognised u one of the institu tions of the city, gives its twentieth annual ball in oelebration of the one hundred and twent.v-fifth anniversary of the birth-day of th? "nmortal Washington. The Jong and brilliant aeries of carefully conducted balls given by thia company has earned for the Infantry a great reputation in these affairs, and they invariably draw out hosts of citiiens who do not usually attend public balls. k**cutivo Committee, headed by Capt. J. Y. Davis, is composed of energetio gentle men, who are bound to sustain the reputation ofTInfantry on the present occasion. The company evolutions with which the ball is to be opened, may be oounted on as presenting something really superb in that line Withers' fall cornet and cotillon band is en gaged for the occasion. Thr Weather.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Feb 12. to this morning : Morning. Noon. Nlsbt. Thursday ? 26" 32* Friday AT* h2 Saturday 2h 86 42 Sunday 40 60 50 Monday 4* 54 52 Tuesday 50 58 54 Wednesday 42 54 5(*? Thursday ???????*????? 50 average height of tho thermometer in the mornings from Feb. 13th to 19th, inclusive 41? 01'. New moon Tuesday, feb 24, between 6 and 7am Remarks?Snow and hail 13th ; rain 16th ; heavy fogs, with calm air, have prevailed all this week, and this morning air much warmer, with a great deal of floating ice passing dewn the river. a 3 Georgetown, Feb. 19, 1357. Centre Market ?Thismorning, the supply in all the branches of the Centre Market was of good quality In the fish market a few shad brought from Savannah were offered at 52 per pair; large rock fish selling at SI 6<)?s2 each; bunch rock 374 cts ; perch, per bunch, 37* cents Many of the fish dealers have gone down to the landings to make arrangements for re ceiving supplies of fresh fish regularly during the season, nnd it is probable that all the stands in the fish market will be supplied next week Classical Academical Readivos ? The third of the course of theso popular lectures takes place this evening at the room of the Academy. Mr. Crouch, the lecturer, not only shows himself master of his subject, but enters into the spirit of bis theme con amore, singing twelve snag? from the writers, independent of introductory bio graphical sketches of each composer, thereby giving additional interest to the illustrations, which are full of character and replete with originality The Ptne and Harpison Trocpk.?To night Miss Louisa Pjdo will 6ing, among other exquisite pieces, R<?de ?? celebrated Air, with tariitiodi, also, 1 The Last Rose of Summer '1 mr. Harrison will siDg some charming selec tions, and Mr. Hornoastle will give some capi tal b-.ffo sonz*. All musical tastes must be gratified by the delicicusly excellent character of the entertainment offered to-night. Housebreaking arp Assault ?This morn ing, a man named Patrick Carroll was arrest dd by officer Watson for breaking into the house of George ii Walters add assaulting Mr. w alters wife and brother. The prisoner was taken befure Justice Donn, whocommittod him to the county jail in default of security for court. The Attention of persons suffering with with corns, bunious. nails penetrating tho flesh. <tc , is directed to tho advertisement <>f br N. R Painter, in another column The certificates in the possession of the Doctor aro sufficient guarantees that he fully understands bis profession nnd is eminently successful in the removal of these troublesome excrescences. Wilp Ducks ?The breaking up of the ice on the Potomac hai enabled the duckers to commence their operations again. A consid erable number of mallards, red necks, and other wild fowl have been killed within the last day or two. The ducks, however, are net vet in very good condition. District Matters ?In the Senate, yester day, mr Brown asked and obtained lenve to introduce a bill granting certain additional p >wers to the Corporation r>f Washington ; which was read twice and referred to the Com mittee on the District of Columbia. Soiree Dansaxte.?Another of those pop ular Soirees of Carusi takes place on Saturday night. - ? ? Bi/rdell Mi-rijer ?Just received .m extra supply of 1,000 copie? of the Police Gazette, containing the portraits of all the person* im plicated in the horrible mur ler. Aieo. UoJev'a Book for March For sale at Adamson s, Seventh street, opposite the Post Ofiice Godet's Lakt's Book kor March, contain ing the latest fashions for ladies and children 8 dresses. Ladies who contemplate atten lirtg the great Inauguration Ball should send im mediately to Shillington's, corner Four-and-o half street and Pennsylvania avenue, and procure a copy. f Watch Returns.?John Brown vagrant; dismissed Lewis Haslip, aged 10 ye:trs, f! Howard Harrod, aged 6 years, Win. Butter balled, aged 10 years, disorderly at the Cir cus; reprimanded and dismissed. Edward St. John, disorderly dismissed John Newland, drunk and disorderly; fine and costs MARRIED. On the 17th instant, by the Rev. Mr. O'Tnole Mr JAMES l BARBOUR to Miss ANNIE e! MOORE, bith of this city. On the 18th instant, by the Rev. Air. Byrne, 6 B.BRISCOE to ml as bettie A. 3as8 OER, bofh of 1'rlnce tieorge'a co , Md. (m arlbcro' Gazette copy) * villi, On the 19:h Instant, at half past 'j o'clock a. m., of consumption, after a long and painful Illness. Mrs lucin9a L. SMITH, in the Slat year of her age The friends of the family are requested to at- - tend her funeral on Saturday, the wist Instant, at 2 o'clock p m , from her late residence, south west corner of 8th and K i-treets, without further no'l-e. ? } At IndUnola, Kansas, January '.'6, 1657, after a brief lllce s, ANDREW JOHNSON, formerly . of thia city, In the 33d year of his age. On the 11th Instant, In the 36th year of her ace, ' Mrs ELIZ ABETH trail, consort of Richard Trail, formerly of Montgomery co , Md. , LADIES' CABAS, kktit'klks, WORK. Boies, Hair, Tooth, and Mall Brushes, India Rubber, and Buffalo Dressing Combs, at feb 17-3t LAMMOND'8. CARD. ISAAC HERZBER0, LICENSED PAWNBROKER, Will loan 910,000 In sums to suit, on any articles of value No 129 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and street*. Jan 7 to?m* dr n. R. PAINTER, l From Charleston, South Carol na,) , sur^eea, Chiropodist and Practical Opera* ter ou the t eel, INVITES THE ATTENTION OF Membera of Congress, Citizens, and Strang- i f ers to his instantaneous and effectual ' j cure of CORNS. BUNIONS, Nails / \ 1 Penetrating the Flesh, cured withcut^^^^^j the slightest pain, by a new and pe culiar method, without cutting, by means of an elixir of his own composition, in Ave to ten min utes, and the relief is so instantaneous, that the persona thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and walk wl hout the least Inconvenience. , l>r P. ha- practised In his profession for the last t arentv-four years wltb rt markable success, and la now well known and vouchcd for by respectable and prominent persons, coiuv of whose names are annexed ?7" Orders will te attended to if left at Browns' Hotel, or the Klrkwood House, or at my Oflce, No 110 north side i'a avenue, over Hutchinson a Monroe's Fancy Store Refers, by permission, to?Washington : q. W. Humphreys, Jonas p Levy Hon. l M. Keltt, Ex liov Thomas, B Tucker. Baltimore: W u. Maxwell, Col S Houston. Calvin 6ret-n, P H. Sullivan. Charleston: Prof. Llckson, Prof til'.tings, Dr. H. V. Tooner, Dr W. M. Fitch. _ ...? Dr P can be oomu ted from * to is i. m , lod from 1 to 0 p. m , and Will attend famlllea at their residences. feb 17 ?w* | AUCTION BALES. By JA8 C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMFTOKT S4LEOF INVOICE UF Aaivesaad Forks, Carrin aad Ferka, Caa^lMttcki, Waiters, Hau. Ac.?On BAT. URDAY MORNING, February 31st, at 10 o'elk, In front of tki auction rooms, 1 shall fell without reserve? 13 gross Knives and Forks 3){ dozen pain Carters and Forks 2 'ross Candlesticks 3 dozen Pquare and Gothic Walters 3 dozen Hammers, \% dozen Spring Balances Lot Oilcloth, Table Mats, Seup Ladles. Ac. Terms cash JAS. C. McGUIRE, febl9-d Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. tUfllLLKAT Ft KNITt RK. VERY St. A perisr Wold Watch, Engravings, Ac., at Aactlsn.?On SATL RDA V, the '21st in-taut. 1 shall sell, In front of my Auction Store, No 336

7th atreet, at 10 o'clock a ni , a veiy superior as sortment of Furalture, via : 3 handsome rosewood velvet-covered Castor Arm chairs Mahogany aad curled maple Bedsteads Do Bureaus, Tables, Wash and Work Stand* Fine Hair aud Shuck Mattresses a:il Bedding Walnut Extension Table, Cane and other Chairs Cooking. Air-tit ht, and other Stoves Kitchen Requisites. Ac. 1 superior Gold Watch 8 copies of the Life of W illiam i'lnknt-y 6 fine large French Engravings in gilt Fiatnes, Scenes o: Louis XV, with ker? febl'J-d A GREEN, Auet By WALL, BANRARD A CO , Aietloneers. EVYTENMVE SALE OF t'KOCERIES, A Liquors, t igars, Ac., at Anction.?(in SATURDAY MORNING, Febr :arv 21st. at 10 o'clock, we will sell, In front of our Auction Rooms a large assortn ent of Giocerles, Liquors, Cigars, Ac , without reserve, lu part ? Ten \ cisks Superior Cognao B andy Twelve \ oash superior Cognac b ready 10 bbls Ikiagnolla Whiskey 8 bbls vary line old Whiskey 5 \ cas"t8 Brandy 10 barrels W h'.sk< y Imperial, Gunpowder and Blaca Teas 30 ooxes Family and Olive Soaps Maccaronl, Stare h and Indigo Blue 4 boxes Tobacco, iarge and small Blacking Adamacfn-j and Mould Candles It bags Buskwteit, Saleratus 10 000 Rpsorti d Cigars, Ac a ,000 lbs of Pure White L'sd 1 o.eiher with rundry other articles In the Gro eery line not enumerated, tbe clt .cts of a grocer declining bualres, which will positively be sold wPhout reserve Te.s: 931 and under, cash ; over that amount a credit of CO and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO , feb 11-d Auctioneers By A. GREEN, Auctionerr C1 ROC EK I K* HOl'SEHULD AKD Kitcli T en Furniture, Ac., at Auction. ?- On WEDNESDAY . the 2Sth lnstanr, 1 shall sell, at the grocery utore and r. aidence of Mr. i .^hannor, on atutn street, No. 2C2. between L and M street!-, at lu o'clock a. m , all the Groceries In th* p'ore and the Furnl'urc :n the hou e, viz Tea, Sugar, and Coff e Soap, Canaies, ar.d Brooms, Tobacco and Cigars, Crockery and Gla?s Ware, Nails Store Fixtures, Tea Caddies, Scales, Ac With a large assortment of fthcr Groceries, nir.h as are usually kept in a retail groce'v store Also,? barrel? Liquor, Brandy, bin, whiskey, Ac. And the Household Furniture, ?'"*h ?? Mahogany Sofas, Bureaus Maple and otter Bedsteads Wardrobes. W'ashstands, Mattresses and Bedd ng Loakltg Glasses, Tables, Cfcalrs, Cupboard?, ana Safe Fine Cooking and other ?tove? Witha gocd lot of Kitchen requires i s ins cash A GREEN, feb 19 d Auctioneer By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. GRAND SALK OF MARKLil MATIi t. ry aad Parian Statuettes, FuucyArti. cles.Ac.?Sig Vito Vlti X Son's grand u e of classical o? jiefs of Art, tbe pre ducts of the s>ud i^s of Italy. will take place oti FK1DAY MOR> I vG, Fe'jruary 27, at 10 o'c.ock, on the secord floor of our Auction Rooms, where thetse beauti ful works cf art will be arranged f< r exhibition, and may b<- examined the d<y previous to tbe sale, lu the ;i scrtment w!!l be found ? Supsrb G:ej;an trn?, of sieaua irnrble Eirivian Vases, with relievos, for mantels Richly carved Pompeii Urns, o! elaborate design Ba^cante Tazzas, for cuids, Ac 1 Mijvrb miniature copy of l'ower's Greek Slave, tbe first pkee of the size ever imported) and the product of the chlt>el of Pltani Psyche and Pandora, two beautiful Parian figures Abo, the Circassian, Charity and Prudence, Innocence, Minna and Brenda, Helen of Troy, Gentle Shepherd, Ac Superb Tete-a-Tetf and Hanging Vases The abov* assortment is well worthy of tbe a' tentlon of all lovers of the fine arts [and comprises far more meritorious goods than have heretofore bsen ciertd to tbe public. It is Doped that, owing to the Intended depar ture for Italy of Messrs. Vito Yitl A Sens, au.a t urs will not let slip this opportunity of purchas ing srticles of a classical character. Yerms cash JAS. C. McGUIRE. teb 19 d Auctioneer. Fcr SalQ and Rent. F'OK RENT ?A GOOD AND SPACIOUS Furnl?bed Bedroom. Apply at No 415 8:h street betwrn G and 11 streets. feb l'J-3t* IfURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT?A number of very desirable and neatly furnished Romns, (two of them l nriors) all pleasantly sl! nated, and w'.Jl !*? rented on reasonable term^. Apply at Mrs sUlIVAN'S, *73 F street. 1t* F>OR SALE OR RKNT ?A SMALL TWO >t>ry Brick and whole Squire No 3r,3.fronting on 11th and 12h streets west, and V and vV strec s north, suitable for a Market Garden or D'lryman For particulars inquire of E. COWLING. No 3fc9 G street, be: we in 13th ^nd 14th. feb l<?-4 ? I^OR RENT?ON M STREET, BETWEEN 12ih and i:lth sireets. a de.ilrabie three-ttory Brick House, with a g> od Pump of Water, and Stabiiog for Carriage and Horses. Tbe locat'on most healthy and desirable. feb D ? ? FOR RENT.?A SMALL FARM, CON talning l?Jt acres of highly improvtd Land, s tu> ted on Ne# Road from Georgetown, and ad Joining Drovers'Rest It has on it a fine Dwel ling House. Bdru, Stables, aud other out-build l igs; besides an Orchard of choice Pta h. Ap ple, Cherry, Aprl: ot, aud Plum Trees, and for gardening purposes is unsurpassed, it also has on it a good f laughter-H< use, and would suit a p rson carrying on the bti'chtrlbusiness Inquire of THUS. L SHOEMAKER, NortLern Liberty or Centre Market. feb IV lw* Rooms, large and handsomely furnished, laghted with Gas, for Rent at No 21 Missouri avenue, between 4)$ and 6th streeis, near the National ard Browns' Hotel. febl8-3t* For sale?a large convenient Frame House, with 11 Rooms and Passage, situated on L street, between 9:h and 10th, No. 50t Also, a large Stable and Carriage House at teched. Also, a good Pump of W ater in the yard. Inquire of GEO P. LANGI.KY, on 11th street, near K streetj fo; further information. feb!8-lw For sale ?an old and well estab llshed Book and Stationery Store, now doing a good business. For address apply at this ofilce. feb 17-3t* NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER HAS FIT ttd up two large Lodging Rooms in Schnei der's new Building, on renn. avenue, between 10th and ll'h stree s, capable of lodging 150 per sons e*ch, suitable for military or club rooms. Also, Rooms for private parties of ten or twelve gentlemen, all of which can be rented by early application to Wm S SIMPSON,Simpson House, southwest corner oi 10th street and Penn. avenue, feb 17-3t FOR RENT.?NEAR THE NEW Gov ernment Printing Office, a convenient Dwel ling House, containing six Rooms and Kitchen. The House Is situated on Peirce street, betwern 1st and North Capitol streets. To a good tenant the low rent of S'O will be charged. Apply to the undersigned, opposite the premises, or at my stall at tbe Centie Market. Jan 30-tf CHARLES THOMA. Furnished rooms for rent -mrs G.ANDERSON has for rent three or four Rooms, which are comfortably furnished, and can be converted into pallors or chambers, as may be required Peun. avenue, 2d door east of the Klrkwood House. feb5-2w I.^OR RENT ?A PARLOR AND CHAMBER handsomely furnished, in one of the most desirable locations in the city, being in the v - cinlty of the National, Browns', and Dexter's Hotel Tbe house is r ew, with all the modern Improvements, water, grs, Ac. Also,several very pleasant Chambers. Apply at No 46 Louisiana avenue, south side, near oth street. feb 2 ORANOE A ALEXANDRIA R. R. ROAU. T great southern mail line. WO D'lLY TRAINS (SUNDAY NIGHTS ex epted) leave Alexandria for Richinocd? AtTMa m ,and p m Fare *5 W. JAMES A. EVANS, ffb 14 . t Ag?At. APCTIOir BALBg. this Amnurooir aits to-voskow. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer I^LOSINO SALE or BOOKS and Prists. Vy On THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Febr:?rv 19th, at 7 o'clock, at the Au tlon Rooms, we sha 1 clone out the Invoice of Book* and Prints, many valuable work* remain to be sold, together with a large lot of beautiful P Ints, Etehlijz', *c It JAS C. McGUIRB, Auct'r By A GREEN, Auctioneer. Bricks, lumber, ??., at ArcTion. On THURSDAY, the mh ln?tant, I shall sell, at o'e'och p m . at the corner of 5lh and O streets north, at the place ?where four boa?es w-re burnt, bttwe?n ten and twenty thousand good Bricks and a large number ct'Doors, Wind ows.Sheds. Ac The above artlc!?a to be removed In 9u days from day of sale Term* c ash. A. tiKEKN, feb 17-d Auctioneer. By JAS C McGUIKK, Auctioneer 'pRLSTEES SALE OK FL'KNITIHE 1- and Itsnsehold Effects.?On THURS DAY MORN ING, February '?6th. at 1U o'clock, I shall wll, by virtue of a deed cf trust duly re corded amoufc tlie land records for Washington counly, the Furniture and Effect* contained In house No 6, on north A street, between Delaware avenue and First street east, opposite the Capitol Sark, conflating of? lahopany and Walnut Hair Spring Sofa*. l'arlor Chairs, ar.<l Rocker-" Marb'.e-top Center Table, Card T?bl? ? Damask and Lice Curtains, Shades Mahogany Dlntng-Tables, Slltboards Twtnty four Arm Dining Chalia China. Glass, ard Crockery Ware, Table Cutlery Cine and Wood se^t Chairs, lounge Brus?els, Three-fly, and Ingrain Carpet* Large quantity of Olie oth, Matting Rugs Gas Chard Hers, Pewdants and Fixtures Eight Feather Bed*, Bolster* ar.d Pillows Hair and Husk Mattresses Blankets, Comforts, fcpreads. Sheets, Ac , Btds eads. Hurt a is, Washstands, Looking Glares, Toilet Sets Clock, Cottage Set, Chamber Tables, Ac. ? 'coking ar.d other Stoves Tcgnther with a genera! assortment of House keeping articles Terms : 62} and under, cash ; over that sum a c.-edit of 60 and 90 days, for tat sfactorlly en dorsed notes, bearing Interest THOs* J. FISHER. Trustee. _febl9 eoAds JAS. C. McGUI S E, Auct By A GREEN, Auctioneer. TRISTEE'S SALE?Cn SATL'FDAY 29th February, lr57. at 4 X o'clock p. ni . In front of the prem'ses, h/ virtue 0" a deed of trust to me, dated Mav :2*h, 1*64, and recorded In Liber J A. S , No 77, folios 185, Ac , one of the land records of Washington county. District of Colum bia, Lot No l,tq>meNo 5id, having a front< n Third street west of iB feet 9 inches, and 75 feet on G street roulh. Terms, cash. Ail conveyances at ;he co?t of the purchaser J. H. GODDARD, Iru tfe leblr- A. GREEN ^Auct'r Bv A fiKEEN,Auctioneer InPKOVEO PROPERTY AT AUCTION. A good opportunity for capitals s ' The owi - er, iiitending to move to Ktneas, wl'l cfi'-r at public saie. for cash, kls entlic l.'eal Estate, on WEDNESDAY, !? ebruarv 25th, at I o' leek p m , In f.ontof the premises Tfcls property fronts 9th street west, between New York avenue ^nd K street, immediately opposite the Northern LHie - tles Market end improved with nine bn'ld ngs, yielding yearly over SCO') There Is not a more conspicuous, bar.d'Otne, and hea thy location In the city,and must shortlv command <i large price Title IndUputable. It will b? sold without reserve. ftbl^d A jtj F E ?.N . A ucj MARSHAL'S BALE. ?In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, Issued from the Clerk's I fflce of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale for cash, In front of the Ccurt House door of said county, on THURS DAY, the 12th day of March, 1S57. a' I o'c ork p m , ill defendant's ilghts, title, claim #nd Int. r e>t in and to the south half of L< t No 27, In t'quare No 5 7, containing U73 tanrc feet, more or less, togtthcr with, all and *lngu ar. the Im provement* thereon, in the Cl'.y of Washington, D C., se x -d and levied upon as the property of George Rhodes. Jr., ard will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 63, to March term, 1-57, 1 homas H ughes, ?s Otorge Rhodes, J r. J D HOOVER. Marshal for the District of Columbia feb 17 dts If A RMIAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a w it of i?I fieri facias, issued from the Cleras Oitise of the Circuit Court for ths county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and to me dire ted. I shall expo-e to public sa e, for c<sh,on FRI DAY, the 27th day of Feoruary, >57, commenc ing at 10 o'clock a m , at the store room of Fran ci- Y Nay! or, on Fennsy'vinla avenue, between Jd and 1)$ streets, roo'h side, the following goods and battels, In part, to wit One Servant Wo man, a "siave fit life,'' 2 Hed.-t'?ds, lied and Heddinir; I Wardrobe, i Tables; I VVashstand; 1 Clock: Bureau and Evoking Giass; t> Pitcher* ; 2 Maps; 1 Oil ( arpet; 12 Chilrk: 1 Settee, lot of Hooks; I lot of Crock*ryware; Kitchen Utensils; a lot of Registers: Ventilator?; Copper Tea Ket tlts; Saucepans Furnace; New and Old Sioves; Iron Pets; Boilers; Sifter?; Coal Hrd* ; Sbo/els: Casting*, CcdVe Headers, Diipf Iik Fan?; Chaf ing Dishes; Ice Cream Moulds; Japan Boxes; i'atent Balance; lion Chest; Water Onsets; Wash stand Basins Shcwer Baths ; Cocks for Bath Tubs, 2nd a lot of Counters Sheivts Ac., fe'?<?d ar d evled upon as the Gords and Chattels of Francis Y. Naylur, ar.d will be soid to salisly Judicial .No 1, to Ut.obe.* term, 16j?; J D HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia ' ?tl 17 uU T By WALL, BARNARD A CO , AucLs TRADE SALE OP CHINA. CRO? K MR Y , . ai-.d Glass Ware.?On TUKSDAY, tLe 21th February, we shall sell,at our \'? are Rooms. on the corner of 9th *U>et and Louisiana avenue, commencing at 1? o'clock a m , a lar^e assort ment of C Llr.a, Gist's, and Crockery Ware : ?5dczen Niagara Granite Tea Cup* TO do do Crff'eedo 25 sets do Tea and Cott'ee t?ets 125 dozen Niagara Dinner, Desert, and Soap Fates 12 doz?n Ten ai.d Cc fi'^e Pots 25 do shallow and deep I Male* 49 do do Bikers 6 do Toilet Sets, consisting of ttn pieces to the fet 4 dc/.-n covered Granite and C C Chambers 50 do plain ptessed and cut Tumblers 20 do do do Goblets Alfco, u hir^e assortment of covered Dishes t^auce Bovus Pi kie 1-lshes, Soup T.ireens Mi^ar and Cream jug*. Soups, and Trays Foe t Baths, Ac. All of which will positively be ?old to the highest btdder. Terms : All sums of ar.d]under ca>h ; over that amount a credit of Go and t>0 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO., feb Iff d Auctioneers I NOTICE? NOTICE. HAVE A TEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SElS on hand, which I wish toC_7i close out, and will stll at cost. Also, GOU J LETS andothsr GLASS V, ARE, that must ? be so d preparltory to a change in my bu?inei-s. All that want to buy cheap, please call at No 109, between 0th ar d 10th sheet", Fenn. avenue. Jeb 176m JOHN McDEVJTT MRS. OEOROE. Late from England, wishes to lnfcrm the ladles and gentlemen of Wash ington and Georgetown that she can be seen ar.d consulted with such as r?ast, prestnt, and f nure; also, Love, Marriage, Losses, Absent Fr'end*, Law Sclts, and many other particulars She can beseenon2'2d and B streets, near the Obterva tory. Ladles 25 cents, and gentlemen 50 cents. Hours?From y a. m until 0 p m. feb 17*2w* The Attrnliou of tlie public Is re spectfuliy called to the following Plstlca : VARNELL'S PA INTIXU EM roil 1 CM JUST OPENED ON A NEW PLAN. NO. 51 Louisiana avenue, between 6th ard 7th sts , north side, -Ign of the large Eagle. HOUSE, SIGN, and FANCY FAINTING of every description will be executed at reasonable price-, and by competeut workmen. I am determined to give entire satisfaction 'o ali who will give me a trial. Sign and Fancy Work ten per cent cheaper than tk'. old standard pritt. The Establishment will be open fiom 7 a. m., to V* past 6 o'clock p m , and ali orders will be promptly attended to. feb 16-dlm A RETIRED PHYSICIAN, WHOSE sands of life have nearly run on'., discovered while living in the East indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Hrnnchiti*. Asthma, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility Wishing to do as much good as possible he will ?end to such of his btJltcted fellow beings as reqLest It, this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making It up and successfully using it. He requires each ap EUcant to enclose him one shilling ; three cents to ereturned as post-ge on the Recipe, and the re mainder to be applltd to the payment of this ad vertisement. Addre?s Dr. H. JAMES, Jersey City, N.J. feb lt-lm TELEGRAPH NEWS, FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. Kew Jersey U 8. Senator r?peri*i dlspatrh for the Evening ptar j Tubttu!.. Feb I8.-Th? Hod J. R Tbo?. ? thl* morning, in caucus, BBasuBoutly ? for the I'nitad SUUi Senate on the vniUri *?d P>?* ff '? "~l Uk" P'~ "cm.nation for C#SfroM< dispatch forth* Kmla^ 8tor I Clirk"7r"h^.Cl^I" ' *'b 18 -H"? Eir? ?.L.u'4 U"i r""ml"">l f? Co.fre? Frcm Biearagua N*H OakBABB, Feb. lb ?Cot R.dUr ra turned on the Texas fr m Nicaragit Ldf* won relet I He confirms the new. .iSIi. transmitted. ? *iraady Fatal Euol at Savannah Ai ot 8TA, Jeh is.?A duel oecurred at Ss vaunah on Monday between Daniel Elliot end Thomas Daniel The latter *ai killed at the first fire. - Baltimore Markets. B\ltiuore. Feb 19 -Flour in firmer, with s?le? of City Mills and Howard ?tr?et $ W ht at is without particular change, sales.f reij at SI 40*il 42. and whttea SI 55a|l SO bale* of yellow com at SOc, and prime white *t 0'?5 Whisky if selling at J7ia2?io How York Markets. N,w *?*E' F?b 18 ?Flour has declined . a* 7 10 Ht 5?a?6 45; S<mth?r,l ** 7i Wheat id buoyant; white Sl.7jaSl.80. Corn has advanced; ?a'es of 7,000 bushels at 74e 'or mixed I'ork is firm; new mess ?21.5<i B??f j? steady; repacked Chicago $15aS15 75 Lard is buoyant; sales at 14.le. in bbls I Whisky is firm; Ohio 29o Financial t Naw Yorb, Feb 19 ? btock* are firmer; Chicago and Rock Island 98i; Illinois Central b>nd? 97J; Michigan Southern 75; New York Central 88*; Pei n Coal Co 94, Reading 79* oterhng exchange is dull m?j,KWAHE WF bau otstfhiiT T^E BALTIMORE PAPERS ARE CAU R X ti-nlng the public against the us' of Oyster* brought to that city.1 b ive b in frozen and thavod ? 1 be rame will be true of ovstera brought un the Po'omac fo: weeks to com- ?-:hev a>-e n-U fit for u?e ** ' v s< HtVAKZK * DRt'R V will not buy the Oysttrs uo this ilver, for row tfcey have a rei manent establishment at Hering B*y, on the Chesiprake, wuere the beat Oyster* in the world we taken fresh out of tfc-waters. and expressed to tils city the same day. This arrangement will last throughout the year HO YOU EAT AT A REfTAVRAXT * Mr- sur* to call for SCHWAKZK A UHUKVS thmnTl^lL?' K* *"1 g00d ho,J**? I* l^*l* he it through this channel. Orders left at Eleventh street, 2d door above _ fob iS-? WOODKJi wax k. 'PRE SUBSCRIBER HAS NOW IN STORE * a mos: complete assortment of the bes? WOODEN W'aRE ever before offered for aa'e In this market It corslets of? i'5 d. ren Large Tubs 20 ?? horse Bucks's, 1? " Iron bound B "kets. ? '* Brass bcucd do , ?? " Iron-bound do , with tops, ?*> " Brass-bound do , do 2 ?? ?4r Peck Measnrra * Half Bushel Measure*. '? " Staff Churns, brass and Iron bound, I " Barrel di. Our arrar.gemenU art; such that our stock will alvays b" found fuli, and prices (either wholesal* or retail) a? low as the Eastern cltlta. A call from the Is respectfuiiy solicited JOS L SAVAGE, Slfin of the ?Mt hlw' . febL - 't between 10ih and 11th *ta. St PKRB PI A SO. EC LIVED ON THE7TB INSTANT, from Messr* Chlckerlng A Sons,**e=a^H Hoston. another full Orand Plsno ?e-f^yPCT h<Ud expressly to the order of M TkBiaerr for t ls farewell concerts In this city, and a perfect duplicate to the two Grands used by him at hl? former concerts, and since sold Ti ls mperb instrument is for sale at the factory price, to be de.lvered after the Concerts of M Thalbery In store, ai usual, the larjje*' and most eleeant ?i^sortmen: of Pianos in this city, comprising Par. lor f*rand, Louis XIV, Central and Square Pi. anus, of every scale and pattern, from the cektbra t?-d factory of ( bickering A Sons, and other ar pr"V?d factories r I'he subscriber's evperlencr, tie ?*tent of hia b !*!n. ss, and his money facllltl*>a enab e him to ?"tt.*r Instruments of the beat quality at the lowest prices. Also, on hand a number of pood second hand Pianr*s ^ gwat bargains. An :is?oitn.ent c.f superior Melodeouaof vaiioua styles and pr'.fes. Guitars, f lutes. Violins, A?* .. 1Jt RICHARD DAf IS, Peon avenue FIRST CLASS REST A Ut AIT. * ? wmTHE AMERICAN EAULR CIlAKEKH K L O T /. A DO., Comer of Nnlh and D street*. HAVING TAKEN THIS LARGE AND magnificent stard. near Pf-nn avenue, the senior partner in tLls a? ir takes this ivcd-lcn to return bis thanks to the *-*- ?-* who <usta!ned and scpporUd him while occupy, ing his Restaurant on tbe corner of Penn aveaue and I lib strert. The house which he and partner new occupy 1< decidedly one of the best, if not tbe very best in Washington city, being central srd convenient, near ibe Centre Marktt, and within a few doors of the main Avenue It It Is a rew building and furnished in the most e.e^ant stvle, having every convenience, with ierg- Viui's ard Cellars, deep, airy, acdrool. a:iO well calculated to ke?p tbelr Alea. Portes, Ar , fcf., In the btst condition during the summer fheir Bar will always be supplied with tie most sholestand b"?t brands of Wines and Liquors ?nd tl elr table with the best that the market* cat iSord. The l?est Oyrters, Crabs, Lobsters, te , Ac , will a ways been hand Weil furnished and pleasant Rorms for pertle* ?f tentlemen always ready Persona desiring mea's during any boar of tbe day or night, can be accommodated, as their table Is always set. Having supplied themselves wl?b one of ?fcs t>t*st fr* rench Cooks, rbliging Bar Tenders, an?1 Servants, and demoting their ent re personal atten tention to their business, they respectfully ask a sbarv of the public patronage 1E7" The friends ai d patrons of the senior p*r? uer are respectfully invited to call at this new es abliftbment feb 12-lw D. SMITH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. CtON VKVANC1NG IN ALL ITS BRANCH f es, promptly attended to; and ail buslnet* per it lr^ to the cf&ce of a Magistrate will be iispa'cbed at 'he carl est moment itTOfflre 13th street, between F and G, west feb H-lni FRESH VENISON. IUST RECEIVED FROM THE WEST. A ^ large lot of superior VENISON h amllies and others can be supplied\SLj\ (m-' t?y tbe saddles, or quantity to suit^%nJHT purchasers Also received, a fresh supply of superior OYSTERS. Families and Jthers supplied at the lowest price, cornet of Penn avenue and :id street, Union Refectory feb6-lm B. SCHAD. B'JWLINO SALOON for SALIC.?the Bowling Saloon on D street, be- i. j . Iween tth and 9ih, u 111 be sold at a Vl.'fll bargain 'I bis is a good chance make money. Apply at once. febio-t?4t Madame uklakik has jpat re. ceived a new case of FRENCH EM BROID* FRIES and LACES of tbe beat; also, a choice assoitment a real Parisian confection, such as Caps Skirts, Rob s de Chambre, Handker chiefs, Under linen, etc The opening of this last invoice will take place To-M( rrow (Thursday,) I* h instant. The attention of ladies la reape tfully solicited to the ab<-ve srticle?, as they wrlll be sold at very low prices ttfej'enusylvanlaavenue, feb lg.3t* HAMS for BAK1NO, Arc. WE HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE lot OF HAMS, cured for baking, with the receipt attacked Also, a prime lot of D R I E D and 3MOKKD BKEF. andBKEPTONGUES KING A BURCHEL. geb 17 Cor. Vt ave and Itn at POTATOES.?1(100 BUSHELS PRIM? white MERCER POTATOES, la etore.and for sale in lots to suit purchasers PETER BEBK^, Jan Otf b4 Water street . tieorg*0wu _ Refined s t1 o a b?;- ^ ? Crushed, Powdered, snd Clarified Sugars 1^ itore, and tor sale by . HLywrs feb 14-Meo 'BAEBOUR * ShMMES