Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. I. 0 V F AlfliHiU Hc*?. a port, "? '?in* to l?av? rutiqitlR*)) tkr Mine Ides that Jtbnsonexpre*s??d, that |nvc in % wl^ man'4 f?li> ? leld tbat ihare w*p no man that twild Wb !*>*? and b? w!k H"???v? Love It a frvent Are. K!"died des>re, !*h<-ri pleasure. ion* displeasure; flepec.!auce is the hl*e; And pure treasure, without rr.?a^ur? ; Love it a ferren: Are F ee awsvt from the trare. I .earn st me to beware; 11 is a fiia and trouble tiaia Of endless wcv and '?are: Ft?r to refran that danger plain. Flee awavs from the snare. A>?r h?*a Cowley conr-iv-tl love'0 b?bMh"a pleasure and a palu . A mighty pi!n it It, And 'lis a pain tbat pain to ml??. But of ail paii? tbe greatest pais. It la to low, but iovh In vain. ARRIVALS ATTtiE FRINCITAL HOTELS Willarila' Hole;?, ti Bmt,Jr, NY ft. iss Brest, do Mm NorrN. do A A Darbcca, do Hon O Lyoa, do M Bnrhman, ?i W hatch, do W D Hatch do Hon 1 T Hatch. 1 y. dr, do L H Reed, ly, do HonF Segar, d?> K W Prlti, Miu G Carlln, ly. Ky Miss Oerl'n, do vn .1 add, NY W .>1 jadd. do !?<" rlncaing. Fla li i Rich, Aid H hlchjdo T 6 U^.pla, ly. Pa ,?ilv? *>'olpln, d > C J F.rrory, ly, USA J A Bv*no-?, IN J J O Hall, do Alia I.owe, N Y J C Miller, do /. C. * a A W1LLARD J C Maraold, III 9 C Maroold, do H lleith, Aio K Htnlfi, NY W Slpourony, do . H S h et d, Fa H IwiliUn, do M r.ldrlge, Va A Hallt, >io ?en Ferrlne, NJ Ool Raferty, do Oapt Mickie, do Cr Rlggs,do N l?aac'oy, ly, N Y 11 Kl?s, iy ?t> Frof Ch; dbournp d"? C Broclwiv, do J D lgjan, .v, do S S ttunmsl1, N Y W U H?rn, kd J H !?mi h. do C (>'uiijns HI \Y L Ta'ectt, Va J J Larcus, Fa II larcus, (to T, d> (%' n (io>iR I llolel ?OUT A BP.IGGS J Nearv, NY ? P C?ja?e, I 1 V A finitn. NY O J Brockway. do A <1 rtlcks. l ran Airs Di;d-ii, d<> T F Fel. t, I'SN Mite Felot, SO K9 Butt, Ll j B Oorwm, N Y !> Bctchke, dc H O Foweil, Fa W Ord<-n, do C S Fleming, Md \\ A S Baker NO R *? lller, Md J R Blacaltoa, Mass L Blackmston, do Miss tei'lid, d?? A Ber>hi.s. NY A llra;L, I: d J A Orrtel, NY D O Dlgge?, Md J F Smith, Fa W taf?n. Miss Mrs L( \ln do Ml?s Paiten, tfo B F Flilillps. Md B Mairlaiid. do i>r lj tfmltb. Berry. Md J D Brr.wa, NO 1? Kankwel er ,Ni* 0 i* Bti!, ta Col !*te#drt. Mo 1 U Cogglil. NY W Far^odf. li W Fa'son, Fu R Danle!. Me A Lusk, 1'a A E J? s*up, do W si Mitchell, Me F b'raltb, Md Mrs do S Kept?, d"? G (iilmare. Mass A Alexander, Me N Cln'e, A II rcheU. Fa m* II* tel ?r. p am iKoea F W I Ernest Trnr O R Cjrlidge L. t* Roboln* NY I. I? Fa nor* d Ho l>r P^k, .Md K /.immer.uan, Va Hyatt, fam, F-? W ? Rusjwii A fuin, Mirs Harris, do J I.Sn/,hm. >ld W Harppr, ly, Ind Miss Hewe?. dT W Bennett, vid Ml<? rra^ey, do J Ifcrvy. do T H ford, do HA Harris, NY O L A-oii, Cal ?' B Taraer, Fi \y r Jones, Va A I) Rniel. ly NY ti !*mtth. A>a Mrs Baldwin, do O B Nanrey, G i K Mason, do Mi*j Fatter. NO J B Mason, iy. do 1) F Samnry, do J R ?,"arrl?h, Va ? ti Lewis, Me F Taornton ?lo K B Carpenter, 111 C F Kln^. Ark A Lagg, do Imeruntioiial lioirl?Perm avenue K ?evnioar, NY 1> Harry, Md 11 M Wfa.tloek, Md J W Gladden, do A B *vii.ens:ricker. Ml J F Towdl, O L F aasworth ?. ly, NV li H Day, NY O 8 Ml*s Farms for sale?intending rt? rn.tlTd't a larger farm, tbe aubs^rlber will aril the farm In A>ia:idrla county, Virginia, on wbVh h** has resided for tue pest ??*vi*n veals. It vj-Dtaln* 51 arrrs. and la sli.iat*-d near Bails x nilies ffoiri tht: tt^orgetown Aqueduct, and <? nil! s iiuin U?th \\ akhlu^lon .md Aleian tlrla TLtre sic upon a < jm/oruble and wril arran?t-d dwK.ltig hWM, CtiuUloIa:; ?!x rooata, wlra frrnf a. J ca> k covers-d p.^rtlcor,, tbe former ?is by li fe^t; a kitchen ; a comfortable houive for ??ersaats cr feiin beud'.; a large and eoavculc-iU uarn, with btahlln;; for s'.x borse3 and as many rows, and an aiupl*< ?*tern jatta? LHl tolb?f bant;) a ro^t cellar uudt i tue burn, to bold 2,WIU b ubrlt of roots for market or stccii fe? .lln.'; Icehous*-; ?prtn^ ko'ix : smoke bua-ve ; ccrr. butise; a stoue market root UMmt, and a ?ii>re house. Also, a dali { near tb>* uonu?''ail u.?or. from tbe if-tft failing spring of wblch wnt^r Is ootaliud r<?r all tue rt?jul:? rii? nu? of th? cco.paaU. There It also t>i ti e r ia- ? an or'hard of mere tban a tho.isaud toriftv trees of di J'er. iit pl^ntlcgs con sisting o. tne cor.icest varieties of pcafhts, ap ple^. pt-ars. (dvk-arf ard standard,) cherries a;.d qjlntes At present four een acrei arc fended aewn to whe^'. ?nd ryr; In timothy, .yielding an ave ag^ of at le *.st two ton-; per acre,; four in 8 marktt garden; four In clover; twelve ready to be put la rcrn <??d o-it* in me spring, and ? itven In wood, of wfclch thPr? Is an arrive supply for ail the purp<?~* of the I nls f^rni has bren cuit:w. hI wltb care and is tiry productive, no pain, tavlni* l?n up tred 'o rt n.ler It remuner ative, and to niule it complete In s i 1's appoint merits For a dairy man and :noiktt ^nrd?*n farmer, or * nu'-ery iruu., or for the country resi dence cf a person dolnr business In either neigh boring city who prefers a place already in all re* per is fci^bl'* In.provtd !t Is rupeilor to any other now for va e Also. THE BLADEN FAF.X, (CO a< res) situ ated wi*t,*n i??* than a quarter rl a mile cf tee Columbia l.Kesbur^' tin.p:k?*, the {>..riser lesdia^ t" WarUing^oo, .;rd tbe latter U> Al^x a^drla This piarT- \? in tae imvicdl te vlclnlly of Ba!le>'8 y tvoa-ls (In Al^xand*^ er.^niy, Va ,) <tnd Is aoout ?lx m'.li-s fro.:. ; _'.h citir*' uamtd above It h.-isnpon !* ancreiard vfaboctiiCrhol. e pear h btt?, lu -st rf them lately set out, a dur?l llnj<-hou*-e tbat can hr n:^?t^ ? ooit.-Uble for a farmer * ton.Hyat y:nall t.i!. kdk ftaV.!!a?, and oue of the firest springs )u a'l this re,;lon of roantry. The'r is wood enongh upon the trait for Ita aeees?!tle.< There ii -o better ^ol! within thirty mi lee of Wa.sht.ig '?*n 'hin laat rf this Bla den Blare; r.or a?y s.:ch place lLatc?abc rvn dered remanrmt! ve tt less cost by f rc{>er a'Ua tlcn ; th? land l>elng in tine heart at tbi < t'.iiw. I" or Wrr.i Inr eli ne r cr ooth the*e farm?, which will be made to ?uil the, apply to dec -.>9 W. U WALLA OH, oUf Oflce. Mt.y1HERS A.^U 6THA1?EKS LLAV lng r or cl y for honie sLouid not fail to take wlihtteoi scmetiilng from our establishment In tbe Musk f-r Musical ln?tr .ni*:.t line Ours Is the larvest and most e*tea*lve Fiano and Music Emporium In tbe District. No f aseaue, between ? h knd 1'jth ??r. '?bis J NO F. ELUI. I ll/OULLK.I AT A HAtKIIH'C. ft h.j Mclaughlin a I _Jan ?i-tf LHwefnHh and ?th sts. Tinted vtkitino rar^R.b;au.n*rj of all kinds, flr.e Bold, ani r.?rforatcl Fa per, ar FhRttUSdM'i frb li 7th street. 1MPOKTA1T to UllTAK A^ID ii A >0 1'fCrtFOK vifeK*. This w*Ek recfived a '.aw^ksfp. ply of new and fa~talouab!e JVIU^IO for tiie Guitar Hanc, F1 ile, Ac . at our gr? at Fiauo Ku tabiisbment, :i?H Fe..u?yiranU avenue, between ?Hk and lOtii streets JOHN F. ELI.IS. lanJU" JUKI F. MMh. J o FeaasyIvaala ave. nie, t^twetn V?h ard lotfc, foerdoers from the corner cf 10;b ?tro.*t, the most extensive whole ale and retail Piano hoite, M uslc, and Musical Instrument Kst&b.l?hmc?t In Washington city. fea ii L. J. .ntDDLKTOn, H i L E K IN I C I, Of tt ?- d/>???!_3??tuwext eoraer of K a ad f??iftiiiirvii r?b '/7-tf 100 ro?T h*LLV all ftl/.KS AND I Ws w an 4 our ure?! I i:icv ^tore II J MH.Al t,H LIN * on , ?*" ?- l et *-iu and Vth sts. IV. HO * A M r S.-i ANAKY, MO. KINO ? ' Blud, and Brctdiag Ca/es Bird s'eed, Fish ?one. Ac , at . t KANCIB'H, ?- 4jo 7th afreet. B. ?ju fin street. MAOAZINES IUK atAHCll, 1'aten.ons Ballcru's, Ac. FEK 015SON 'S, feb .to 4S6 seventh at. New vohk levokk,the people's *?era,forXTu Frbniary. Buy 1 at feb In FF.KOFSON'S, 49* ^Ttatb *t [No 571 J Nourr in r elation to the ke THE LAND OFFICE FROM BENICIA TO MN FRANCISCO, |N CAM ri)RMA lu accmdntfe with the provisions of the *r? <>f CoDiitn entitled *? An act authorizing change* )? the location of laud offices," approved Msrrh-J, l^rV", It is hereby declared And made known that the land office for the >a'e of public ubm ?l Binicia, in the State of California, will be re moved to the city of S*N F kancisco, ?m? tar.y 1 ytriort is prartirabie. Further notice of the preclfe time or removal will be issued by the ipglsl^r and wcchPr 01 top Benlcii Land Office Given nnddj my hand, at the city of \\ a?hing ton, this l?th day of January, A. D. 125?. By order of the President: J THOS. A HENDRICKS, Commissioner of t!ie General Land Office, jan 17-Ivm9w ^ raiHlVIS TO OIVK NOTlC|?TltAT The I snbscrlber hath obtained from the Orphm's Cor.rt of Washington County, In the District of Columbia, Ir'tprs of ndminlstr ticn oo the per sonal r*;ae of Reutcn Br?wn, later f Washington Con?ty, deceased Ail |*rsons Laving claitrs against the *s!d decea?ei. are hereby warned to exhibit the sa*:;e. with the vou-.hers thereof, to the subscriber, on or t-cfore tie IMb day of Feb ru&rv r*\i; th?y may ntherwls- by law be ex cluded from a!i benefit cf paid estate Givea under my hand this 18th day of February, 1657: CHAS. BROWN, Administrator, feb 18 1aw3w R MUNSON. AT333 PENN'A AVENUE, Is still making thoee beautiful D testinco?is ei'M TKETH, called I Allen's Patent, for the excellency of'^-. ? which ovrr all other styles of te*th. mr.ny now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There la one Dentist la this city who has been Infringing the rctent, and made a bad imitation of It, against whom I hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Fater.t Continuous Gum Teeth, when proj-itiy construct* f, It is because he is ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to ray for the patent. Je 16-tf INVASION A?l? CAPTURE OF WASH In^ton, by J S Ui iiams. Price #1 Tempest and Sunshine, or Life In Keniucky. Nick ISax for March. Van ee No'.lon-j f>r March. New Vork Ledger for February 21st. Harpers'Weekly do do 11th. A set of Swcdenbjrg works at h^If p^lce. For sate by K. K LUNDY, ftb 11- No 1?S Bridge St , Seorgftown. British ahv.y list for 1*57? Pamphlet.?The Annual British Army I 1st, corrected to ?y;h December, 1*5??, elvlogthe coin nilssioi s, war st-rvices, anrt wounds of officrsof ihe Army. Ordtance and Marines; 1 volume oc tavo?Lndon. 1*57 Wto's Who. for 1^57?A directory to the Rat.k, Title, ? j <1 Officials cf the British Em; ire, ore pocket vo'ume. I ettersfrcm Headquarters in thu Crimea, byjan Officer of the <?tcft; i volumns. Kiddie's Kesearche* In Mari time Law; 2 volumes lmp<rt?d per steamer Persia, by ? febi; FRANCE TAYLOR. nfiqiUTTE AT WA9UIEI6TO!!, and compete through the Metropolis and Its en virons, with tine illmtrations. I'ap r Covers, 25 cents Cloth. 50 cen s Just published by TAYLOR A MAURY, feb 19 Book*tore, near Oth at. DR. VILLARD. Dentist, Latz of Chicago, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM th? citizens cf the District and . vlcialty. that having located hlimelf' in Wa*h!"gton, h? is now prepared to ?< . , perform ail orations, lu his profession, in the most approved style Office iNo. 25o i'enn. avenue, adjoining Gao t'.er's. Jnn20-1y 1IE1TAL SI KOEOn. DR.H F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE. Be tween Slath and Seventh streets, at the place formerly occupied byDr.j Van Patten, has just received a verv large supply of artl< ies pertaini ig to dentistry, and respectfully invites the public to give hlrna call. Having devoted his whole time to the pro fession, he is perfectly safe In declaring that he will give entire satisfaction in every case The best professional references can be t-een at his of fice. nov 12-tMarchvt)* THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. OR LOOM IS, THK INVENTOR AND patentee of ' Loomls' Mineral Plate Teetii.'' having succeisfully introduced,' his lmproven?ent in various cities, has now permanently established himself In Wash ington. Th.3 Improvement for Sets of Teeth ccnsist* rbieliy la making a set of l?ut one piece of mate rial, and that indestructible mineral. No metal h us? d in their construction, aad they are there fore free f*oki galvanic action end metallc taste. There are no joints to become filled with mol*ture or pa/tlclc-s of food, hence they aie pur* and They are lighter, stronger, Ifcss clumsy, and, In short, the ptr/?ctiou or Artificial Tttik; not with>un?t!ng c:-r'jtin Bentlsts>pcakagainst iheni, but tLey h?ve right to reake th' in, do not know Low if they had, and therefore do not ap preciate thrill. Office on Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th strerU. two doors below the Klrkwood House dec 24-ll UK. f. 9. (iOOUHAN, Dentist, aad Mnnnfacturtr ef Artificial Teeth. THOSK WHO ARK SO UNFORTUNATE as 10 r? .j-ilre Aiiifif la' i'eetb will find (wULout any non&ense or hum-i Teeth set upjn a metallic' , , , - bjse or piate Ma'erlaii pure and properiv con stiuoted. a-s bel?ig superior t ail?ther modes The various i pemtion.s ? f Dentistry faithfully and pr?'p^riv execa'ed. Ti.ider Teeth rendered u-efjl f.;r i:fe, new means. Teeth extracted carefiiiiy, easily, and fklilfuiiy. Office corner of sch s*reet and i'a. avenue. f? b 7-Jm O J MONET TO LOAN N GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, yj JEWELRY, OUiNS. PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN If OBINSON, Fawn Broker, feb 1--1H : 1? Pd ev ,ofp Browns' Hotel. FKEtill VENISON. UST RECEIVED FROM THE WEST, larye lot cf s.iperlor VENISON Families and others can be suppiiedX^V by the -a-ldles. cr quantity to suit^a purchasers Ai^o wwl?>A a fre?h ^ ? supply of superior OYSTERS. Families ar.d others supplied at the lowest price, corner of Penn avenue and .At stieet, Union Kefeetorv JcbC-ioi B SCHAD. OIBBVS 11 A! 11 MAN IT ACTOR V, r'*n. ni"'**', hi tirt'H Otk nHil HUh ttrttl*. XT r I' ? -, HALF WPiS, BRAIDS, CURIA, W Band?Mux, Fr zz d Hnllrrn, Ac., always on hand, and in^tln tii or4cr tl a few liours notice, i.adb'a' 11 air D\ed, Stiam ooned, Ac , iati.e most complete manner. AJi sorts of Toilet Articles from the l*?t French and Engfltih houre ; No jto i'a avoitue, up?talis, ov?.r Da?is'Music SUw. N. B.?Hair woik upalrcd cr taken in ex change. ft b U-^iu ? NIATTKEfeSEK of e v i: j: i a e s c /: i ? r / o a, ftlantXL&tlnrrd at the Fctr?w \\ Steam Mill, Alxxahdhia, V* 7E IN VITE THE ATTENTION OF THE I trade of Washiof'ton rr.d vicinity to tfce large assortment of MATTRESSES now on band, comprising Patent-Spring, Hair, and several hundred Ha*k aad i^otton. of varlouj sizes, to meet the df p.:and of the coming seaso.i Orders ?<T m '1! or oth? rvvlse promptly attended to, and good* delivered ?t Baltimore rat-s Address feb V liit FIT/PATRICK A BURNS OAS FiATUH.ES Rfl MILLER, SON A CO., ALEXAN ? drla, Va., keep corusUmtly on hand a hand some vnrlety of CHANDELIERS, PEN DAN IS. BRACKETS, Ac , from th?* celebrated factory of Ccmellus A Baker, which they will guarantee to sell at the same prices charged to private pur chdhers at the ealerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia A:^o( Drop-lights, Cut Blass and decorated Pap?r Shades, in great variety. Call and examine for yourselves i w dec 1 lOt'EET ntPD, J AT TAYLOR A MAURY'S. De Cordova s M?p of Texas; Coiton's Town ship Map of lowa, Chapman's Sectional Map of \\ lscon?ln C*lt<>n's Map of Europe; Kansas A 1th m.r. 1,.*^ ? ' - - -- S. DOKLOIiOT KEIMS CHA-HPAOIVK "TRKSOR HE 11 d V/. V'?? A NO ?jXL '? * I^UE UNDERSIGNED IS SOLE AGENT for thin city of Dorlodot'H '-'irasor ? Bjuzy," a champagne celebrated throughout M K.irupe, asd esteemed by eonculssenrs as <>rfi tfce hlght-nt grade, a id unsurpassed by any S other product of the champagne country, which has obtained a high position la the aristocratic circles of Europe a?d America. Also, a large stock of other WIimm, Liquors ard Cigars. JONAS P. LEVY. Jan S-tf No M7 Pa ave .opp. National Hotel. POTATOES.?HMJ0 BUSHELS PRIME white MERCER POTATOES, in store,and for sale in lota to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY. Jan 86 Wat?r stmt, (jeorgatowa, Medicines. riilVATE MF. JUL'A I, TREATWK ON TJIIt PHYSIOLOGICAL VllWOF MARR'AUE (tr 1*1. B. I.A rBOH.M. U., Albany, N. Y. 2.0 |??pe? and !C*> lino Plain and Col< red l.illiojrtif li and riate*. JTr PRICE ONLY 2". CENTS "?* free of /?o>fa,e lo nilpmt* of the. L'n.jn DP, M K I.A CROIX'S PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. A now and rcvi?ei edition of i'f>0 ptigesandl^O plates. Price 25 cents a rof y, A popitlir an I comprehensive ueati.-e on t!:?*|dulies and ca-iMlne* ??t" single and nurrie.d life lisp l y and fruitful alliance*,mode of securing tiu m? iitWh iff ?n< and infer ?!e ones - th?*ir ?>b Viation and riiiiov*l?n?i v mi: debility, it* caa'fja-id^ cure, by a iwocess at once so - simple,' safc, ard eflrtut.l, that 'ailure is iiiipo.?>ib'e?rules for daily manage ment?an ?v>ay on Sjn-nna <rrhoea, with practical observation* ph a snfer a-nt more siicrcurftil m>d<: of iroauii 'nt?pfreautionarj hints on (lie ? vil results I'mni empirical practicc: to which in added coin - m tniatus on the di*? ?<e-? uf females?from infancy to old a*."?each <a,e ^rapim ai'v illustrated by b*>auufol plates It points on* the nmediesfor tbo** pelf inflict* d mi eties and dtsarpolnted hopes so unfortunately pnvalist in tin: ynunp. It is a Ira I:ful adviser to the married an I ihose contain' plating marriage. Its perusal is particularly r*ccm ine.nded io perK?ns entertaining secret doi bts of their physical eondi'ion, and who are ccnsc i ui of having liaaarcfrd the li? Tlth,h<ippir.ossniid privileges to whtch every I l?. i ig is entitled to. 25 cents per copy, or fir,: copies for $'1, milled tree ot postage t.-> any tart of the United S-ates, by addressing Or. I.A < R01X, (postpaid,) A bany, New York, ecil >sinif ?ff> rents. N. B?Those who prefer may oonmlt Pr. I.A CROIX upoti any of ta,f diseasi * upo n which lim b 'OktseatH, mht r personally orl.y mtiil. His med iciii' 6 often cu.-e in eh*1 ?ho. tspace of si* days, and completely and entirely ralicaerll tin es of those disorders which e??j a v.i ;;nd crb In have so Inn* b -en thom-ht an antidote, tothe mm ot the health t f the p iticiit. Hi "Trench S-rn t'1 is the j?reat con tin ntal leim-'y ;".>r tht.t c^^nl'dwi/di is which nnfortunat*'y, |<l y-ii1:11.s tr? a' wish mer urv,tothe irretrievable ? c uuctio otthn patieiil'sconsiifution, a.;d which all the fcsar^::i anSla tn the wvild cannct c-ire. (p~*- Office No. 31 Mai 2< ti i.ane, Aib ?ny, N. Y. fi i> 11 cfcwlvt riJLtB?PlLIS-FiLKS. WC CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO die allilcted with this dreadful complaint to the following swo?n cert!*cate from one of our most respectable citizens, (be father-in-law of the J>roprl??tor of the ' Courier d<* Lus Unls," and hrmerly ^untiiaker In I'Lfladelph'.a: Ne\v York, An? 2fitb,lSM. Da Dcphtr?Dear Sir1 hereby certify tbat i have been atilic ed with tLe Piles for nearly sltty yeare. that 1 hive used eighteen bottles of Barne*1 Pile Lotion, and everyth'.iiR else 1 could here of, but all to no ettW-.t, for they did me little or no good About two months since, 1 corrmencrd uslni/ your remedies for the Pil.'a, s. d have Cce happiness to say tlat they have had tus desired effect, having cured me 1 con?!dei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of acre I sincere ly recoitmend them to all afflicted with ?h?? uoove complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Friukiln st State of New York, ) New York City and County. J I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do herel-y certify that on the dav of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Valine, to me we!! known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents ef the foregoing certificate hl^ced by him are true. la witness whereof I have subscribed rny rzine, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State ot Nev York, aod tave af Uied my Notarial Seal at my offlce,la New York, this&kh day of August, 1<?58 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of tap Slate of New York.i>7 Wall street, New Yor* We challenge the Medlcai Faculty of the Uni ted States to product a certificate equal to the above Dr. Duprie's Remedies pre tbe oniy ef fectual cure for external ar.d internal Piles. Only 50 cents per bo* Olaoe?7fi Nassau street. New York. Will be sent by mall to any part cf the United States For sale by FORI) fe L?'RU.. corner of 11th street and Pa ave. Washington. 1). C. oc '23 PERUVIAN SVKI P, F<>r t\i run of i.-vtr Complaint, l)r j'if. Neuralgia, I* tpunt l>Heists of tKt Lunifi and Cronckiiil fassagta, BtiiS, tj$n tral Dtbiliiy, ((c. 'nwiS EXCELLENT MEDICINE. WHICH X has attained a high reputation and been ex tentiive'y u;:ed in Boston and other cities of the East, has been received a'id Is now offered for sale by 7. 11 OILMAN, special agent,35? Penn sylvania avenue, as also fey the general agent, t or ner of L and 3d utrects, Navy \ ard. The proofs of i's efficacy are so uumerou3, so well authenticated, and of such tiecullar charac ter, that safferers cannot reasonably Lot 1 tale to re ceive the proJered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does rot profess to be a ettre-ail, but its range is extensive, because many dlj?cas'jj?, appurtntly unlike, are intimateiy re lated, and, proceeding from one cau?e, may be cured by one remedy. The class of diseases tor which tte Syrrtp pro vides a cure, is precisely that which has ko often baffled the highest order of m.'dical skill The fact* are tangible, the ?wiiness-es accessible, and th?; safety and efflcacy of the Syrup lncontrovert lok. i have analyied the medical preparatloa callcd 'he Peruvian Syrup, w tti reference to the number and kind of active siibstanccscotitalned In it, and the durability of the compound zr, a pharinaceuti cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, Hutiniony, lueruiry and /Inc are not proseiit, nor 13 it possible t<nlctcct in it the e'l"htest indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison Its or ganic constituent* do not lncind.* opium, or any of the drtiesyielding polsonou: principles *1 he constituent, when separated, are not even acrid totbetaste It is a preparation scientilicaily a:id skilfully compounded, possessing all the durabll. lty of h spiritnovs tincture, without its objection able qualities and the activity of iUi leading con r.tituent is pret/ rvnl throu^t tne Judicious adap tation cf its so'.vci:*. The p<>l.:t heicatLilned has bren frequently t.:d uasuccensfuliy tvou^ht after by phaniiaceJli^ts Kespectfully, A A I1AYE8, M. D. Asaiyer to State of Massachusetts, no. 1< Uoylstoa stiu,;, Hoatcn,Ud Nov , 1H55. ntv 22-3/n Dr.. DI PKIE'S RZCMKlliES sre the only effectual cure for or Internal Piles, Saitrheum, Rlng-Woim, A.C. They ?./e unrival led for ptirifylng tt3 blood. 51) cents i?er box ofilcs 76 Nitsau street, New k. Will be w* " York Foi _ aad Perm, avenue. sent by mall. For sa.e by FOKD & DKO., ooracr of 11th st. oa ?t vr. o. iwktzkrott" (Sttccassoa to tiaoR^.* Hilbv*,) Agent ?! Kavtn k Bacon's and Willin Miller's CELEBRATED PIANOS.

Has always on hand the largest stock of PIANOS from *175 up to SI,?W?. M ELODEONS from *45 to *25 ), eUITARS, VIOLINS, liKASS INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper ttaii in any house south of New Yor*. ftlnvic published and received every day. Pianos for rent ^oy 4 tr d i v. 'i V IK .Y1 ??; n' 5 I'UfcSKNT I'LOTIUNU " * made to order at much cheaper rates than tic usual oity prices. Our assortment of Cloths,Ca*i meres, ?n<l Vestlngs bring l^rge and complete, we Invite particular attention of purcbisers WALL A. STEPHENS. febia JU2Pa av , b?t Oth and l"th strtets. AMKKItAl ALMANAC?Complete freui 1U commencement in 1S30, down to 1W53, In eluding 24 years. A single set of the above, rare ly to b? met with, Is for sale by the undersli/acd, In new uutform, line calf binding Prlne *3*. JWW PRANck TAYLOR, Medicines. STOP THAT COl'Oll : f|tIIE 6 RE AT REMEDY FOR COUGHS, J C-o'.p*, Canpr and Wnnnrir?<? Cnvnn PH. KOtlR'S COUGH SYRUP Cnre* Coughs of the worst Kin*. It also cnrr* hoarseness, sore tbroat. weakness of the cheat, pain In the breast and lung flection* Where ever there is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 1U drops of Pain Curer, and you wiilfindimmcdiate relief. Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieve* and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and forti fies the system sgahist farther attacks. \rr In bottles at 50 cents and f 1. to cure rnovp. Tbe live* of thousand of children have been saved, by nting Dr. ltOSE'8 Croup Syrup. it rives instant relief 25 cents a bottle. TO CURS WHOOPING COUGH Dr. RUSK'S Whooplrffe Ccugh Syrup is the only certain cure for \\ hooping Congh. It cures in a short time, and allays all irritation of the Lungs 50 cents a bottle Fhe above Trainable rwdii'lnw are rerommer.d ed by Physicians who have tried them in their practice To be bad of all Druggists in Wp.shln.7t0n, Georgetown and Alexandria. dec 10-4 ra HOW TO t'UKK ALL PAIN. PA1H iS Til E FORERUNNER OF MOST disease*?cure the Pain and check the disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURRK will ^ure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains in the Limbs. iMdes or itack, Sprains and Hruises, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or t'ramp in the Stomach or Dowels, Sore Throat. Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps iu the Brea?t, Chills, Srinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, it cures ail Pain. JUT* 12#, 23, and 50 cents a bottle. If you are Billons and have a bad C?!d. take DR ROS K'S RAILROAD OR AXT1-B1L IOUS PILLS. Ttey cany eff all blie and ro move a ccld These Pills go ahaed of all other PUN in their ;ood cii'ac.ts fjy Boxes 12* 45 cents. Sold by all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec lti-4m COOOHS- COLDS-HOAKSEKLSS. OK. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cure f?r Whooping tough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption Entered according to Act of Congress, AD 1837. IN AGAIN PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology is needed Vast numbers in all sections of iLe Union areoblt^edto have recourse to other sources of relief ih*n the immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as each return of the w'.nttr season brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use less, and many decidedly dangerous, It becomes as much a matter of duty as interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with tbe least objections or any other In use, to maxe It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such is Us chi?acter, Is abundantly proved by tie fact, that it lias been extensively used tbe l*st twenty years with unparalleled suc cess; that its reputation ha* continued to spread and its sal?* increase, with little aid from adver tising or published list" of certificates, (which dll know can as easily be had for a worthless prejaratlon as for a meritorious one,) that bv Us own intrinsic merit, with the recommendat on of persons benefitted bv iis use, it has gained Its present popularity; It is not trumpeted to the wo-Id as a speciil - or cure ali, bat as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, ready at band, and one that bas been generally found to afford relief where most others have been tried without material benefit As such, it is recog nised bv numbers of our lending physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of its superior efflra' y, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citixens. to most of whom reference Is cheeifully permi tted. Sola at 25 cents, or three bottles in one, 50 cts., by NAIRN A PALM LH . and CI1A3. STOTT, Washington; C1SSEL, Georgetown, ind PFEL ASfliVENS, Alexandria Also, " TYLER'S HUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS," the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, Ac , as they remove all husklness from the throat ana voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome oough. Price 12^ and 25 cents a box. dec?-ly m CHERRY PECTORAL, For tbe rapid Care of ( 0CGHS, ?0LDS, H0ARSEXESS, BR0SCBITIS,W IIOOPING-iOCfcH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND COSSUHPTIOS. Among tbe numerous discoveries Science has nude In tills generation to facilitate the business of life ?Increase Its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, nonecan be named of more real value to mankind than this contribution of Cfarniistrv to th? Healing Art A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine cr com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from our mi(istthoi:saiidsandthoust>ndeeveryyear Ind-ed there is now abundant reason to believe a Kenne dy has at length been found whicb can be reeled on, to cur* the most dangerous jifi'ections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of tbe cures effected by its use but we would present the following acd refer limber enquiiy to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and indisputable proof of the*-e statements. Or?lC* OF TaANSPOUTATlON. J I.aureus, It R.,8 C., Aug 4, 1853. $ ? Dit j.C.AYin Dear Sir,?Mylittleson.four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of magllgnant Scarlet Fever, bis throat was rot ten. and every person that vl?ited him, pronounc ed him a dtvd child Having used yourCH2RUT Pkctorat,,"la California, in the winter of l4**!, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, wish entire suc cess, 1 was Induced to try it on my little boy. 1 gave blma tea-spoon-full L*v?iy three hours, com mencing in the morning, and by'en o'clock at night, 1 found a decidcd change for tbe better, and after three days use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. ltsn;.e in the alcove named dl--fa?e will save many a child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety of many a fond parent For all af fections of the Thr?it and I.uugs, 1 believe it the beiit uwdlci c extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, pruirpts mo in addtesaj?ing you these line';,?but for your import ;ut discovery, my Utile boy would now have b?en in ancther world. 1 am vours with groat resprct, J. i). POWELL, Supt. Traa*., L. R. It. 1'ocxy ntLi., Someisei Co., N. J., > July 21, le62. < Da. J . C. Ayes,?Since your medicine has be come known here it has a greater demand than any other coa?h remedy we have ever sold It is spoken of in terms of unmeasured praise by tho^e who have used it, and! know cf some eases where the test they can *e.v of it Is not too much for the {rood It has done. I take pleasure In selling it, xjevase 1 knowthst I amgivlug my customers tl.e worth of their monev, and 1 gratified in teeing tue benefit it confers. Please send tne a farther supply, aud believe ine Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WHITLOCK. P. 8. Almost any number of certificates can be seat if you wish it. Wikdsou, C W., JuneVW, IH6S. Db. J. C. Atkk. Sir,?This maycertlty that 1 have used your Chh?xt PacroaaL for upwards of one year; and it is my sincere belief that 1 should have been in my g ave ere this time If 1 had not It bas cured me of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and 1 do not overstate my con victions when 1 tell vou It is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully, D. A. McCLURE, Attorney at Law. W'ilx?B4Hrk. Pa , September 29, IS50 Da. J. C Ayk?. My dear Sir?Your medicine is much approved of by those who have used it here, and its composition Is such as to insure and maintain its reputation 1 invariably recom mend it for pulmonary affections, as do many of our prmclj-ul physicians I am your fdead, CHAS 8TREATER,M.D. Prepared by DR. J. C. AY ER, Chemist, Low ell, M ass Sold by Z I). U1LM AN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. doc 8-4m. AKtfY'S CONrECTIOPIERY, No. S4 liridge Street, Georgetown, D* C., WIIEKE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN ments are furnished with the best Ice Creams, Cakes, Water Ices, Confect, Ac , at the ?hottest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the last rihibltlon of Metro politan M? hail'-?' lnstUu:e jaa'Jl if (Vnti>B4lntei) Information for TrtT?l?rs. THE HEW YORK AND LIYBRPOOL ' SITED STATE* StBSi MAIL ftTtAMEAS. 7>? Shtpt rompristnf tkti Lift nr? The ATI.AN TIC Capt Oliver Eldrldge The OAl/nc Cept Joseph Comstnck. The ADRIATIC Capt James West. These ships having been b>ilit by contract e* Cp*sly for Woven, nient service, everv care has en taken In their construction, as also la heir engines, to insure strength and speed; aad tbelr accommodation* for passengers are aneqtialied for el- garre and comf >rt. Price ot passage fri>m New York to Liverpool, In fir*t cabin. ?13"; In second do , S"j; rxciiulv* I use of extra stste 1 ooms, *375. From L vsr pool to New York, 3) and *0 guineas An expe rienced Surgeon attached totar.h si.l^. No brrths can be secured until paid for Theshl. s of this line have improve l water-light bulk h<-ids, snd to avoid danger from lee win not erom the banks north of 42 decrees, until alter the 1st of Ang'<ut. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING FRO* XKW Y'?KK. . FHi'M LIVKMPOOL. ??'.urJiy, J?i,a?iy 3, l*T.tI Weilu??-l?y, January 7, l?i7 8a;ar<lay, January 17, 1*5T 1 Wr.lii?Say, Jnurf tl, 1*67 Halurtay, January 31, 1^T,W,I rt,l.y, Whruaiv ?, 1<J7 Sal'ir-iay, fVhruary 1I, 1<C.71 WeJuea la*. PVt r*ary IS, l&iT S.?iar.Uy. Mar.-h 11, K.I Mar-I. t, 1?*T Satur lay, 11, IMT WMotxInv, April I, 1?S7 ?i?t:ir.fciy. May t, la.7 ?V?ttd*?<U>. April l?i7 ? Wf,ln?Hl?y. May **. 1?7 Weil evla>, June 10, 1*?7 Walna.'tloy.JanOI, Mfr7 WeJncwUy, Jnly S. 1Sj7 Wnluiii lay, July li. Is* For freight or past* e apply to EDVV*#) K COLLINS, No Wall-at , N. Y. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , Llv.-ip.ol. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No *7/.us tln Frlas. London B G VVAINWRIGHT A CO , Pail*. The owners of there ships will not b.-? accoun table for gold, - liver, bulllen, specie, l??welijr, precious mom* or metals, unless bit s cf lading are signed therefor aul tt? value the <o?sxpr**^ ed therein. fet>3 W 1SH1NGTON BRANCH KAILKOAD. Halxrrtay, Ma/ ?, 1?7 Saiu rday, Jnue h, 1 ?7 Satur Jav, Jnr.e 2<), la;7 SuturUiy, July ?, Isj 3atur<1ay, Ju'y 18, las DRAINS LEAVE washington FOR I BALTIMORE at 6 and u% m , and 3 and 4^ P 'n On hun.-av at\% p.m. I>eave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4 X and tt]K a m , and 3 and 5X P- ?? On SunOav at 4 a m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York wLl take Trains at ?>, au<l ? For Ai<napollj* wlJl take trains at ard4){. For Norfolk will take Trains at 8^ and 3 For the West wll take Trains at 6 and\% \ con necting at the W ashlngtoa Junction irn 16-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. "forjli. parts of the west. BAlTlKOHfi AND Ulllu'tiAlLHOAD. JVeio and Improvetl Arra/i&enu/it*. Three trains daily from balti more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, and all pirts of the We$t l*t The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave, (except Sunday) at (i 15 a m , connecting velth trains from Philadelphia, t'-ft tram Washlngtoo (at Junction) wll' stop at way s'a tlon* and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o'. lor a p. m. 2d The MAIL TKAIN leaves ?;amd^n Sta tion dally (except Sundav) at 8 3j a. m , and reaches Wbeel^g by 4 a. in , connecting at Ber. wocd with tralae for Coiumbus, Cincinnati, Day ton Indianapolis, Louleiille. Cleveland. Toledo, Di-'roif, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and Interme diate points. 3d. 1 Lr EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 7 p. id., connecting with express trains for Cln clsratl, St. Louis, Cflro, Chicago, and tntt^riii#' dlate places. Tftedistacoe to Clnclnra'.i and otherct-alrdl and southern plic?s in the West, Is nearly UMi i^iles &hoiter than by anv other toute. The time to these places Is kImj uneq'ialUd. IT7" B? cneck-:d through .o Co umbus, Clavlnnati, Indianapolis, a"d M Louis 117- PaH^engera and B^gg^e transferred a', all poTV t* free Til ROUGH TICKETS will be sold to all the large town:. In ike \\ eot. at the lowest possible rate*, at the Ticket Olflce, Camden Station, aiid at Washington cliy. *!? A secocd-cl^ss car U attached to the Mall Train. Passengers from'Baltlmoreor Washington may view the entire road by Jayl %Kt, by taking Ac commodation or Mall ^ruin. and lylsg over at,d or Oakland Thry resume next morrjlnu by the Express Train, wtilch 'eavt* Cumberland at gwOa.m.; and reaches Wheel ing at 2 p ro Pissei gers from Washington Lave empletiine for meals at Washington Junction. This is the only route bv which Thrcugh Tick ets and Baggage Checks can be obtained In Washington hOR WAY P ASS K XftFRS The Accommodation Train at 0 43, will atop at all flatiuns eut of Cumberland, and the Express at sta Ions between Piedmont, gol- g west r.a^t wardiy the Mall Tra'n laves Whaling at ? IS a m , and Aecorrmi.vl*!ion leaves Cn.nbcrlaad at 8 20, i^e^'ulng BalUmore at s li p in. The FREDERICK IK AIM ktarts at 4 p. in , (except Sunday) stopping at way stations Lrav*t> Frederick ?t H a rr. , arriving at Baltimore at IJ. :{U uoon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves <'am--le:i Sration at t; a m andno p ra. Leav**e Elllcott's Mills at 7 JO a m, and 7 30 p m , ra rept Sundays. W.s WoODSIDE, j to lti tf Master of Transpoitatlun. ? ? ? j??? ??*> UUKIT KKUUttiUN IS PE1CK OF BOOTS AND 0 AITSH5 1H AVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adetphia manu facturer, a Crst rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at S'J.M, fc!! as good a* those us.:axly sold at US or SB; and a French Calf Patent LeatnertiAITER at S3.50, as good as any nt?!i; aflr^tiateCalf 6 aiter&t fe'i ftii, these 'are the best goods that ls(ore?er were) sold In the District for the price; fcr the DToof, come and see - ? for yourself. Terms positively oash. No extra profit charged to ofket bad debti. Call at the XSfT TOKK HAT STORE, Seventh atreet, near Pennsylvania avenue. m 34-tf ANTHONY, Agent. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONE Y to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES. .mini Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BBOTHBRS, Washington, is composed of CHAS. St.I CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OP CHUBB BKOTHEti, BAB&OW & CO., Davsnport, Iowa, Is composed of CilAS StJ CHUBB, ALEX R II BARROW, Jan27-tf VVM. H. DOUUAL. MANTELS. NhW AMD BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Bfanafactcred (rem Slate SteB*? by the West Castletea Slate Cenpany, Vi. These mantels are enamelled in Imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AO ATE, SPANISH UALW'A Y , and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so pcrfcct that they chalengethe closest rcrutlay. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and ean be sold much cheaper than any others la market. Frlee ranging from Sl'<tf to tl'i. Architects, Builders and other* are Invited to call and examine samples at No. 314 Seventh street, 3 doors below (Jdd Fellows' HulL up stalrr. T. M HANSON, se U-\j Agent. ANTHONY BVCRLTi UNDERTAKER, ?hep and Beeide&ce No. 803 Pe&a'a avenue, south side, between 9th and 10th st?. Having provided himself with an E LEU ANT HEARSE, , , pnWle that he Is rully prepared to Sll all orders entrusted to hla, tt the shortest notles, and la tL? best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS if ail alaes. always oa hand, which will Me fur alshed on the moatreasoaaMe terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared te glvt intlresatlafaetlon oa all oeoaslons. N. B.?Residing on the premises, srdsrs will ?e promptly attealed to at all hears. teh 7-fv ALCHOUUL, t-AMPHINS, BTHKI1IAL Oil, Lamps, Ao. Also, Artists' Materials and Brushes. The trade supplied at lowest market prices >y HOWELL A MOR8ELL, JM 11 No. 3U 0 it.b't. 6th 'ad 7th, I N THK MOIT M O D K K N IRkNOfl _ sty In, mad at the shortest notice ?,, w4.ff/>".FRKftCH BONNETH, wttk real Lace Trimming, whirh will b? sold vi*y\<rw U> reduce stock M WILLIAN Market Space, between 7lh ?nd Hth Jan 17-eelm atwws. rKoPoiiLi ruK akmt iiffLiir" Of f;ci ?? Akkv Cloth'bo a>d K<*cirAai > PiuLAbiiraiA, Feb 2d, 13*7 j CF.AI.KD PROPOSALS ARE lNVlTfc.ii , will be received at this ?Re* until lu ? 5J,1 m ? ?f the ruth day of March neat, tor ?iV?2.. ?&-by tr?? following ARMY ft t?fii'LSL -ND MAfKKlAW. deliverable ^ "at*ClMklif and Equipage l>e pot. (Schuylkill Arsenal) In quantities require. 5 ,00 lya ds 0- 4 darii b ue (indigo wool dved> cloth,for caps and bands, w, i^hlnv about 1? ounces per yard ??,000 yards (i-4 dark blue ('.ndigo wool dvedi twlluil cioth, w? l^bin^ 21 ounces per yard MUWyird.6 t sky blue (lrd'K'o wool dyed) twilled clclh, weighing 92 ounces per vard 16,000 >aid< \ dark blue (ladgo dyed) cotton and wor.i rtinnel, weighing 6 ounces per yard 07,010 yards \ white Sinne!, (cotton and wool ) t > w? i/h 6% ounce* pfir yard 10.000 yd? H Inch biack alpaca G4yds \ Canton flannei. to weljh ? ex. pr yd tfl.OOo vds \ unblfached drilling, do 6K < r pr yd 21,00(1 vds \ do do do 7 ? or pr yd *? (00 vd* Inch cotton duuk do 22 >, c* pr yd 11,5 0 yds "Ml Inch do do ISu oi pr yd 65.001 yds luch do do 14 K ox pr yd 15.fittlVdiW^ inch do do 10 < r pr yd 2,500 yds 2a inch do do II ot pr yd 3 WW yds IK Inch do do w oa pr yd I*.?*> yds '21 Inch du do 10 K ca pr yd 18 500 yds 31 Inch do do cr pr yd 11,7 0 do Ru-sia Sheeting 15,5Ui arm? blankets, wool, gray, (with the let ter? U *4. In black, 4 Inches In length In tte centre,) to be 7 feet loa*, and 5 f et? Iwh^ wide; each blanket to we <h 5 poord< 4,'ilia. lea pairs Lah'.-tocHlntf 3 sites, properly made ofgo-d sound ilreoe wool, and with double and twl.-t.-d yarn, to Wcl^b 3 pouLds per dcz^n 18*000poirp on* for engineer*, ordnance dragoons r'tt*s, artillery, and infantry. 23,(<00 cap bodies 7,2 0 yards gl-itd siik, for cover* ll'O N.C.8 bra?a s? ales, pairs ?10 st rata its' do do 11 4 J<? corporal* ; nd private:.'l>r&?s acile* IN (' S b?or.ze do do 50 sergeants' do do do 6. o corj or <1* a> d (Nitrates' brenxe do do #"? cas-t (?, bras, '6,7?0 letters, do 1:> o.M numbers, brass H SO eagles end rings 700 ?hell and A aires 3,3j0 yds \-lnch worsted lace, ) Veiiow, ?.irlet, J s?y blue,orange j,3M yd.** l* Inch do ) *nd green. 40.U0do \'-iach cotton tipe 13.400 do \-lnch do do 16,-00 sheeis cotton wtddlng 6.7O0 ya ds red bunting 8.0? do white do 2,0 0 do blue do 150 garrVon flag halyards 35 recruting do In color belts 2 1 (i gro*? c<-at buttons 2 500 do yett do 2,100 do sa?.pcnder button?, while inetal 2,JOO do shfrt do do 51,40} ttnt bu tons. ttMd. small 17 4 0 dosiipn, ' do do 5',(<o i d<> bdttons, do laree 3,1'HI doallpH. do d?> l?o hosj ltal tent-pcie?, set? 10 wall <(o do ?'jj ccmraon do do 4 'MM LosrMtal ten-nlna, larce 4,700 do do small b^ojwa'l do large 34 * oo common do 2,700 gxivauized Iron wire rods, for tetls 4 j50 do do do Naples do 3,1??0 mcKK pans, ijon 47J camp k( ttles (3 s!rea) 2,000 t oHlns cr Hunt's felling a*e>:, t -?nuine.) 5,i'Wi fjte hicd'.ec 1,s*0 pick aies, 2 sir** 3 OK) do handles 2. ( 0 camphr.tchets 5,0^ do handle* 1,W;0 spadej,3Mzes t-7bi^?:e*, wlthtxtra mouth pleci-a o7 co coid? and tassels 75 trumpets 75 d> cords ar.d taaae.'s .'0 d ?ms, artlllety 47 do lufan'rv 80J do heads, baiter 4'?> Ho do n.aie 1jS do 8trlcg9 34C do cords -70 do snare*, icti fcUffc*' **,,s i-ia do do cairlai><-s H UiV?, fl 5o do C. viiw . M18CLhLANKOU53 ? las. rei, wait", irecD, acd blu<? lot re?l aill ihrffi?.a*f E?ldo"a; *'?k twut. e.v-;,.r . ? l'irea?ds; birll(g, br^s d Iron: 11'* f^r1^i'l^*0<bo0^l^^,Ie, kai,l*roP?Ar?-s htiab ea ' u?dons.' 8Pfi's and feriules lor Aii of which It Is d<+lrafele ?Lculd be of do niesUc msaufae ore, at d mjst, in ail '?? l"-??'ke standard pattern, ?e*lta ia th . m e, where tney c*a b. eiamlocd Vut ?'tbe amount rf eich d lleer/ Tlrted6 S&W1l^V?itriCt ku,U com ? 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H Coatracis w'.ll be based upon accepud prorw sala, for the f.illliment of which two or more ^e ? ii miUlr* Blds de?irert only from manufacturers ? r re^uiar dealer* la the ar t cles proposeo to b<- furt isoed. and r.oae will Ue *"P?te(l or coasluered Irom ^ny one who Is noi , ?Tn,asJl *^anufactur?r or regular dealtr lu m?Jlir^8?PPies; whlctfact, or the rev,r?e, must be dl* ln tly s atrd ln the bid* < ffertd. as well as the iisu.e* and address of the pereoc? In con ffri ? P'?r<f^ as securlilei, la c.scs con ract Is obtair.ed. Letters oontalnlcg propcf-ais should be en ? dorsed : " Proposals for Army Snrplien,'' cd dressed to K. u 'B ABB1 i ?, fgM-eodt w^ar. Bre*'tMa) and \ (J M. U*l V KK301S HOVEL. MR 6 D'lVI RNOIS BK?8 TO INFORM his friends and the public lnzeneral, that be lias now opeiud nls new Hotel <?ti Pennsylvania aveaue, between 17th aad ?a* Ibth atreetF. This Establishment !s newlv and elegant'y furn ished on the most modern and Improved principle with Balooia aad Private Apartments The Bar Is supplied wltn the choicest Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Ac. Game and other delicacies In sevoa Private Dinner and Snpper Parties promptly supplied and attended to In aay part of the city. Table d'hote at Jjf o'olock, on Sundays at 2. nov 25-eo3ra IHAl'IICEY WARRINBR, WATCH MAKER. NO. 314* ?TKKKT,blGN OK THK LARGK and small Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4 % street WATCHES. JEWELRY SILYER WARS. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac. Chroncmeters, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, l.ever, jewelry, and Hor xontal, Silver Ware Musical, and REPAIRED. JKWKbKY AND 8ILVKR WARK made to order. \?JTRemoved from 370 Penn'a avenue, Browns Hotel, to tne above location "nO nov21-e.Jia C. WARRINER.^ A Lin AM AC K DKL'lLLt'STK AT1U N fsr I V.I 7 ? Iropbetlque do; Comlquedo; Pour K Ire do; De Franee oo; de la *1 ere QlKogue do; du Marin: AstrolojjlRuedo; du Mag1cl*ndes Sa Ions do; da Mugazin Plitoresqu^ do.Numerously lllu*trate<l. Price 13 cents earn Imported from Ptrls by feb 13 FRANCK TAYLOR New books.?m as da i. en hepburn, by Mrs. Olyphant; Henry Lyle, by Miss K Maryat, dauehter of Capt. M ; the Two I/Overt, or a Sifters Devotion, by author of Twin tttater*. Don Bernardo's Daughter, oy W H Ainsworth. FERGUSON, feb 12 4*> 7th str?et DOls JAi KITS COATS. rANfl.Tnti, D Shirts, Drawers, Gloves, Hosiery, Ac , for Ireaa and tchool wear. WALL A STEPHENS, feb 12 312 Pa av , bet othand 10th treats. _ mora at fab 1$ H. 4. Me LA US H LIN 4 CO 8.