Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENINQ 8TAB 18 PUBLISHED EVERY AP 7ERNOOft, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cor?sr of Ptnusilvami* and II.'* itriit, By W. D. W A LLACH, an<l la served to subscribers by carrier* at SIX AND A yUARTKH CENTS, payable weekly to the Aleuts ; papers served in package# at rents per month To mall subscriber* the sub scription price is THREEDOLLARS AND FIF TY CKN TS a year ?? ?Jr<w?,TW O DOLLARS or tlx months', and out, DOLLAR for throe months; for lew than three months at the rate of 1* cents ? week ICT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24. 1857. NO. 1,281. CITY OF KIOIfK (IOWA) BONDI? TH K 9V BSCR1BERS, AGENTS FOE THE ul? of these Bonds, request the attention of persons wishing f> make safe investments, to these ne-arliles. They can be sold so as to pav 10 per cent per aanum Interest. The Coupons are pay able la New York, and also received In payment of Taxes to the city of Keokuk ; and the Bonds are secured by an equal amount of the stock or the Keokuk and Fort Dea Moines Railroad and insy be converted Into said stock at the option of the holder. We regard thein as one of the very best securities In the market PAIRO A NOURSE, feb 5 1 .n 15th street, cppo T ea-ury Dept. STOt'K IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY. H11AWH4 COUNTY, VIRGINIA. BsJfRlFriONS WILL Bfc RECEIVED ^ at the Banklag H-uae of Chubb BrothersJTor the remaining sto^k of the above company, be In^ three buadred share- Th- capital stock Is #tol> ?J? (dollars,) or whlrb 870,001) h?* been , jbsorlb *d The mines are now prepared for active operati >n?, and 6 par c<ent Interest will be outran teel upon the stock now offered for tale, by the original stockaoliers, for the period of tw > years." Particulars In regard to the stock, and Its pro? pe<- ta, will bs made known upon application to CUUBB BROTHERS jan W F F PAN PR 1 PGR, Agent NOTICE. TIME IS MONEY. (1 LOCKS ! ?CLOCKS !! ?CLOCKS Call J at the Breat Clock Emporium, opposite Bro? as' Hotel, nnd see the greatest assort- |c?H meat nf CLOCKS this side of New York. Rf Good Clocks warr?nt?d for SI JO. Also, all "<** kinds Clock Materials, Olu, Cords, Balls, Keys, W eights, Ac The trade suppliel at wholesale prices Ca h or Clocks given In exchange for old Silver or Gold Wa'.chea Also, pood Watches fit sale low. Call and see f*r yeurselves. at J ROBINSON'S, 34? Pa a*., Jaa27-la opposite Hrowns' Hotsl. SUTAliLK r??K CHRIS r .M 4* ANO NEW YEARS' FH EVENTS. JOHN U SMOOf, No. 119 SOUTH 91PE Bridge street. Georgetown. DC. nas received a zreit variety of useful and seasonable GOODS, t > wills a he invites the attention of both ladles and gentlemen who may wish to make a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A ^rent variety (low priced) do Worked Liaea Sets and Linen do Rich worked Musiin Sleeves Black and wa'.te Lac- Sets ail Collars Worked Cambric aad Musilu Bands Embroidered L'n^n Cainv?ric Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, tueked and plain do Black Chant! 11a and French Lace Veils Worked, quilled and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Clanks Doable aai single Broths and other Shawls Rich Fancy and Black Silks French Merinos, plaid Merinos Plain and printM Moos L'delalae* Bast Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Kid and Buck GauuUels Ladies, gent's anl children's Warm Gloves Do Hosiery, of every kind Portmoaaaies, aad ladles' Cabas Beat*. Linen,Cambric and Silk Packet ilndkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Genu Shawls. Merino and Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Talnanaad Hoods Lalles, genu and boys' Comfort*. Ac. With many other d-*sirable goods, which will be sold low to cash or prompt c istom?rs deci3- J H SMOOT II NbSK'l Isiprovad Bowiag Machinoi. Io whi:a w?*j granted the 'digiieit Award of tae Pans Kilriaitics, thereby raeaiving the Wjrli'i Verdict of Superiority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA - chine has simplified them in micy respects, ? sd they sTec:*pib.* -?f executing twice the amount of w>rk they 41d formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable cf sewing every variety of goods perfect; a snlrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be ??*5 by any of thes^ .aachlnes by a simple change ?f needle aad thread In suei a manner that ta? sios-?st scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manu'astarerf, planter* and families will find ike-n me only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong aad duxnb*e, aad aot likely to pet out of order. We have tnachises with ga&ges attached,fsx hiadlv nats. cap Tronts, gaiters, A a Silk, reread. Cotton Needles, Aa )t?*stiklly ? a sand, at the lowest islet. Per*onsdsaiisu? oftarcrinatloa retardiar Stw Itg Machines wlii please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 1C5 Baltimore-treet, Baltimore. N. B.?Weare prepared to exchange these t*& thltes for old machines of any kind * Termtiib f al Persons who have bsen taducedto pnrchast cforlnr machines tader the pretext of belag ? aeap, wllifisd iais a .adecd. snar it? y I'OAL RE??T DNDKR CUVEK. 2. 'ill) Ibt to I At Ton \OW ON HAND. THE BEST 1|UAL1T1F.S aN of Walte Ash, Red Ash &ad Lt'liigh COAL. WiTTintti to givt 3*tts/acitu? Delivered free from dirt. Also, Hickory. Oak and Plae WOOD. T J A W M GAL?, N W corner 1-Jtb and C streets. No W7, dec K)-tf one square south of Pa avenue. BOOK BIND1NM. Ctrnsr K'?r*xt\ jirisi M'i'yissi sttsu, *??r tkt S'liii'oui i* Institution. h^dward lvckt* respectfully in * forms :he subscribers to Browa's Hlf?le and Snakspearf, no? just completed, that he is pre >1*1-d to olnd tao*.- w jrt* in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, ai.d upo.i much more rvasoaable terms tnan can be done in Baiti more, Phi'adelpala, or N-wr York. A letter ad dressed to aim (per post) will enable him to ex hlo.t to th" subscriik rs specimens of his style of blniiag. tvery of Book Binding neatlv ex erut*d sei7-dm VEW PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TMK J' UnitM States, for rchoois and families, by liaison J. Lossiag, aathor of Peclorltl Flstd Boot of the R?votutlon. Illustrated wlih over *A)0 fine Ea/ravings Price PO ceuts. Just pub lished. and for ?.J? at TAYLOR A MAURY'S _____ Bookstore, near Stk at. WOOO PK4CH TKKLS. A T TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nursery, ne*r Washington The above tree* are <ui of las growth, aadwl of the best seiert fruit. 1 Also, a general assortment of ORNAMENTAL, EVKRtf KEEN, SHADE, aad KR01T TREES. ^ ** lf itMHUA PKIROE I^TIQCETTE AT WASHINGTON, TO *-* getnsr with the customs adopted by polite so c.ety la other c tits i bis is a very us-fiil little oook It is fertile at SHILLINGTON'S Book store. Gode>'t Lily's Book for March Graham's Magditne for Marca Raukin's Abstract of Madtcal Science Isyaslon aad Capture of Washlngtoa city Ivors, by th? author of Amy Herbert Lo/e after Marriage, a Storyof the Heart, bv Mrt Caroline Lee HenU ' 1 The Two Lovers, or a Sister's Devotion, by the author of Twin Sitters Agent for the tale of Harper's weekly paper the **ry bi*st and cheapest piper published frice Ave ceau per copy, or fC 50 p?r annum Everytuln^ In the magazine and cheap publi catloo .lae for ?a'a at SH1LL1N6 I ON'S Bookstore, . . Od.-on Building,corner of 4^ tt and feb fi-at Pe .n. avenue. UKMBtK* ANO STKA.1UERI LEAV. .w* our cl v 'OT bome thou id not fall to i?ki? withjthen something from our esUbliahmeat In tu? Music or M iticai Instrument line Ourt it the largest *ad most extensive Piano and Music Esaporlam la the District .No HA Pa uveau oe-wes?n?.h aai 1 jth sU. -ivenu , _JNO F ELLIS w. W.nacSIEY. W. S. SAitoa."" m. HACKNEY a DAYT9N, Real 1.state and General Land Agency. OWAH4 Citt, NT. feb 14-TukKtm ' " 8fclf^> Df>wi?rt Gloves, Hosiery, *c , for ?irea? aad school wear " ' fm\ m ????, WALL * 8TEPHRN8, Tmy ,i p< av , bet Vth and 10th ?reeU C??r??4Tl?" ?*OCE? 1st tnls by v febU-d CHUBB BROTHERS w TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to HI that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from Sfe2rSLllyilJdI^Joa8,y ^Mted. to his superior -.PECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the use opKn Optometer; and the practice of ruany years enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolately required will be furnUhed with precision and satisfaction JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that hive not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send lag the glasses in use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their tight. Innumer*blv> testimonials to be ?eea ; and tef erences given to many who have derived the <TPat?*t eamt and comfort from bis glances. Circulars to be had gratis, at nls office No n?AfJEN;*2 Odd Fello*t' Hall, 9T stAias. __ NoavoLt. September 7, 1HM. ?The Spectacles you madt* for me suit very well, and seem to have Improved iny sight more than any other 1 have lately tried UTT. W. TAZEWELfc. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from ?ut. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to nay sight, and corresponding with hisdesr-lptioa of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful on HENRY A. WISE. . be,'a 1 adncedby a friend to vtsitthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, I was furnished by him with a pair slightiy colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have tvertrlsd. My sight, originally very good, was Injured by writing and resding at night, fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these passes I can study almost as late as ever, ind that too without the pafn I have previously ?uttered. JOHN WILSON, Late CoaaUiloBer Gffi'l Laad OSae. Dscejnberll, 1355. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fer threa ?r four months, and take gTeat pleasure la say lag that I am much pleased with them 1 havs been much benefitted by them. May 5th, 1851. GEOR. P. BCARBtaf 2. womaeaded to Mr. Joha Tobias as a ?Wilful cpLclan : and as I have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 was gxatlSed to find that Mr seemed to comprehend them t>y inspec tion and some slight measurement, nr.d he has made me d pair of Spectacles that suits m* ad " _ *? F .. , Wilm:h?tor. N. C., Jan. 27, ISM .? ..i. a L4?.: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the which 1 obt&lnedfrom voulast week are entirely satisfactory. From an Inequal ity In the visual range of my eyes, 1 liave hereto found great difficulty In getting glasses of the * 11 affords me pleasure tc state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi calty has been happily ooviatedso that theglasses yoa furnishvd me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever vet used. Very respectfully, yours, R. B DRANE, Rector of St Jarnea' Parish. DirtnTMiiT o? Iatisior. May7, 1355. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glass** for several years. I have trW different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to mv eyes. Four month* since M r Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to theev? I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all' having occasion to use glasses and bear my tes'l mony as to his skill as na optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Scc'y to sign Land Warrants. P- 8-?OPERA GLASSES of preat va?Wv TlAKERUG,^K?Mi^?SCOPf:4' WATC^ iw. .* WLAS8E9, many other articles in . ii1?.* Tery low Prlc<>s constantly on hand |y 13-lv rliO i El TION AJiD LIDOl NIT T FitOM bOM BT FIRE I FIRE, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. vnred CsjrtaianJ 8tfrp/us...Sl,359tl?l 13. ?AEKKR3 AiTD MKCHAI?IC8' INSUB A*,CS C0 ?0r PHILADELPHIA. L'~? ?*nkireit correr Pn. >u?,.'rania nvetue and 171A tfreet, Washington City, D. C. _ DIRCCTOR8. n .tj.Tho?. 0. Florence, Charles Dmgce, f-tZTJl- Arm-trong, Tbom^ MaWrfleld, cl m?' Edwar,l R. Helnribold i. d ? F- t'arrt'" Brewster. Jarnus E. NeaJ:, ltW Jr'ltr? FHOMA8 D. FLORENCE PrHiU?u EDWABD R HELMBOLD "reUxy al* . 1?LOCAL SURVEYORS. Can!"'' ? ai"*r> *?* ^ D "trect, opposite City Firat8Uttttand Virginia jafUnelW,;l lIE3' N6'92 'wr-aad^-haifstreet. r<n?, nl MAKINE StlSVtYOn. ?hSu.' 5tei,i3'AS?i.i?7 C2NLRAL Sf'PERINTGNDENT. . John Thomaaoo. The heiress of this Company will comnar^fs !MS!M.SSJSiS upidsf'jisis ?\ ^guKt'i855) ,n fiTe amtM-nted ' lbe Prem,u'n? received thf iiU?* "uni ofoar bundr.-d and e,Bht thousand, one hondred and firty-one dollan wul. '!%??>?*' ? A *SSK io'LS e<TMenc?# 01 "accessand food man IhaS rf irSeCl0r" feel j,wlided 10 soliciting a * P pauonage, believing that the secu rity ittcrni u itnp:e a.fd tnat all Mr ciaimn wiM bo J'aiiols.1 Bttorehccord.ngto equity than isgt.) techai Fh-com par.y is prepared to issrue policies against Tna?? <!???<? by fire on DWKLLINOS, FDRNI /' MANUFACTORIES. WARE ' de*r.|>uons of UUILDINUS. and . J11!' ?,r iii h,,,<la Of MKKCHA.N'iiiriB, NAL ^m!?u *LS? STltAMBOATS, CA _tvli J-.TS, RAILRJJAOS, and the usual coa* AM^RIt*: ** ?m "?y P'irUon EUROPE and " ?teamboat? companies and in'flTin "h^m 'eJTry^mpToVemf a AUl??-.;. speedily adjusted and promptly Mld .Jtfice northwest c rner I'ennsylVanla Seventeenth street, Wa*hin*mn eltv D C fntursnc* -nay aU? bt at the How (MTU* N*rck*t*t corner Walnut and Second Streets, Phi' '"other principal ciuesof the United jllV-^ytilU ottieers of the company. HAT>: HATSl CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL supply of BEEBE'S - NEW VORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'8 HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black drew HATS got up la tae latest style for S3 50, as good as those usually sold at S5: and a good fashion able Hat at f^, worth S4; and a flrst-rate Hat, S'2 50. - The best materials and the best workmaaship la employed to Droduce a So Hat, which 1s sold for S3 50 We do a cash business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for hla money. Felt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Drlacoll's Balm of a Thousand F lowers. Price S5 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa.ayeaae, Ageat f ji a New York HatCompmy. se Jft-tf 3SEI OND HAND MKLOUKUNS, BUT la use a short time, for aale or rent, very low, at our great Piano Store, between 9th and 10th street* janW JOHN F. ELLIS. SOAPSTONK URIOULKSt?THE CAKES ean be browned handsomely on these briddles without grease aad smoke }aa?>- ? FRANCIS, 4t*7t* at. urrivuL. i)1 TREASURY DlPAETfciNT, Nov. 29, 1b56. Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of the loans of the United States, that this department will purchase the nm; until the 3d of March next, unless the sum ot $1,500 000 shall be previously obtained, and will pay in addition to the interest accrued from the date of the last semi annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day s additional interest for the money to reach the ven dor, the following rates of premium on iqiid stocks; For the stock of 1842, a premium of 10 per cent? For tho stock of 18i7 and 1S48, a prrinium of 16 per cent ; and for the stock of 18."?0, commonly called Texas Indemnity Stock, a pr< miurn ofC pei cent. Certificateso( stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must assigned to the United State*, by the parly duly entitled to rcceivr the proceeds. It sent between date hereof and the 1st day of January next, the current half ytar's in terest must b? assigned by the present stockholder, or it will be payable as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be inaJe trona the amount pay able for the stock. Payment for the stocks so assigned and transmit ted will be mad-; by drafts on the Assistant Treasu rers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the money, which should b* expressed In the letter* accompa nying the certificate. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Tr? asury. doe 1?dt3dMarch? B A N KING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. (EPOSITS?DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Checks naid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par, ar.d Exchange on said Cities furnished to de positors without cl ar^e. Interest on Deposits ?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and Unctrrrnt Mo ney.?Deposits In Virginiiand other Uncurrent Money received to be coecked for, payable In same funds, or In specie, we charging tiie lepu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notcr, Dr ifts, and Bill* of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made oa Stocks, lio?dj, and Securities ?t the market rnte. Litteks of Credit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United State*,on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and interest allowed If Money isd-poslted, and charged If Collaterals, oa such terms as may be agreed upon. Travklin# Bills of Exchangb ?Travelers will be furnished with drafts In such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of tue Union. Bills and Lkttrrs of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe ?Bil>s of Exchange acd Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac ? Bond*, Stocks, and Se curities paying from C to 18 cent , always for saie. or bought In the different Cities at a com mission cf a % t-*1 cent. Where stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 %?* cent, on the cost.' Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph. Railroad, City, a d State Bonds?Rail road, City, and State Bonds can be placed in our tia:.ds for ne^o;latlon either in this country or Europe. Raiiro^d Iron purchased for cash or with Bords. Land \V arrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants sold l>y us are guaranteed in every respect. Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnUhed if requested. \% arrant* will be forwarded to Western House* on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties. Real Estate and Instances.?Real Estate bought and suld, and Insurances effected. Claims on the United States, Court of Claims, Congress ?Claims on the United states, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosec uted by ab'e and prompt attorneys. CiJUBB BROTHERS, Ja!l '4-7 Opposite the Treasury. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UND EH DEXTER'a HOTE L. An Immense assortment of New Books will be opened Tkis Dai/, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF FREBENT8 will be distributed to our patrons hereafter. ^EMBERS OF CONGRESS, CITIZENS, i"I and STRANGERS will find our stock of Books worth their attention. It Is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened in this city, comprising Standard and Miscellaneous Works in all the departments of Ancient and .Modern Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of the Season, Bibles, Prayer Books, New Editions of the Po ets, Ac., 4c , in Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich and superb Bindings, ele gantly illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from 'i5 Cents to 8100, will be given (1m mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we recelfe SI or more. per cent of all our net receipts will be placed In the hands of ills Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the bent fit of the Poor of the city. At the Old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, sVn of the Red Flag. 6 Jan 8-tf J. PHILBRICK, Agmt. Rectifying Establishment. The undersigned . takes this method of Informing liquor dealers that be has fitted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT In this city, and Is now prepared to sup ply all those who may favor him with their cus tom. He has on hand a large stock of Brandies, Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he can sell at as low a figure as they can be purchased for either ia Baltimore or Philadelphia N B. The subscriber has also on hand, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars PETER FEGAN, No. 85 Louisiana avenue, near 10th st. Jan 14-#m? 1VKW HOOKS?MAGDAI.EN HEPBURN, Is by Mrs Olyphant; Henry Lvle, by Miss E. Maryat, daughter of Capt. M.; the Two Lovvrs, or a Sisters Devotion, by author of Twin Sisters^ Don Bernardo's Daughter, by W. H Ainswcrth. FERGUSON, feb i'i 486 7th street AL>1ANALH DKL'ILLUSTKATt-lN for 1S37?Irophetlque do; Comique do ; Pour RIre do; De France ao; de la Mere Gliiognedo; du.Ma.rin; Astrologiguedo; du Maglcien des Sa lonado; da Magaxin Plitoresque do Numerously illustrated. Price 15 cents eacii Imported from Paris by feb 13 FRANCK TAYLOR. No. 307 Pa. are., opposite National Hotel. JONAS P. LEVY, IMPORTER AND SZALER IN FIN? WINES, BBANDikS, GBOCEBIES, AND CIGARS, AS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne in quarts and pints, 1X L; and Trepan de Bausey, ana other desirable Brands; Brandy in cask and bottles, Vintage 1777 1940: Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys ltwO to 1658 ; Holland Gin of all kinds; Claret Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do du German do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do EngUsh Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross A Black well's London Pickles and Preserves of all kinds

. Coj1"0* Bug**, Teas, Ac , A? ?6< Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel. Jan?-ly JONAS P. LEVY. WOOLLEN HOODS AT A NACKiriCK. ?? h. j. Mclaughlin aco., Jan 30-tf between 8th Mid 9th ate. H IF YOU WANT TO 1IUY CHEAP DRY GOODS C A 1> It AT R. G. HYATT'S, N?. 349 Seventh Street, Third door below the Northern Liberties' Market, WHERE WILL BE FOUND A RICH AS SORTMENT OF? Plaid Silks from 53 cents, up Gtodfa*t colored Ginghams at Sand lOcts .usual price 10 and 12 cents Fine Irish Linens at 25 cents, richly w< rth T7e. 50 dozen Ladies' Fine Linen Handkerchiefs at fljtf cents 50doie.i Linen Shirt Bosoms at 12 W, usual price 25 cents 20 yards good Calico for $ 1 Yard wide unbleached Cottons at 6 V cents Boo J black Alpaca at 12^ cents All kinds of Winter Goods at prime cost A lot of I,awns. Cballles, Bnrege de Lalnes and Bareges left over from last season, which will oe sold extra cheap A large lot of Cloaks and Mantillas at less than co?t. Just opened, a very large lot of Bleached and Brown Sheeting and Shirting Cottons cf the very best make?, at wry low prices. A lot of BLANKETS aad BED COMFORTS very cheap. Be particular, and remember the name acd number feb2l eo3l rOTTS, MATTHKSUB*, UfiHS, Ac Anticipating a large demand i have had male up a heavy stoc* of superior and inferior curled hair, shuck, and cotton top MAT'IRESSES; hair and feather PILLOWS and BOLSTERS: feather BEDS: double and slng'e COTTS, Ac. 1 have aiso in st^re. fifteen setts of COTTAGE CHAMBER FURNITURE, from the cheapest to the most expensive patterns, together with a general assortment of parlor, dining-room, and chamber F U RN ITUR E, Ac., all of which I will sell at unusually low prices C. W. BOTELER, feb21-eoCt Iron Hall. HOUSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, Ac., for sale. \ A gentleman, soon to leave the^ city, offers at private sale?" An elegant pair of bayC ARK 1 AGE HORSFS, half brothers, of Ecllral.stock Sand 7yearsold, over IS hands high, fust travellers, of splendid style and action, suited to all harness and the sad dle, without fault or blemish, and believed to have no equals la the District. Ar. extra HORSE, closely mating and used al ternately with 'te above ; bay, of Trustee stock 7 years old, scuud and kind, and suited to ail harness, particular!) valuable as a *ingie family horse A beautiful BAY MARK, of Messenger *tock, 1 years old, 15 hands high, of great *pr*d and bottom, bound and kind, and remarkably line as a ladles' raddle horse. A stylUh FAMILY COACH, nearly new. cost ?f)jQ A hard-om^ FAMILY CARRIAGE, neatly new, suitable for summer and winter, cost S*R?0 A LEATHER-TOP BUGGY, of handsome style, ne?rly new, cost 8250. A set of elegant DOUBLE HARNESS, used but a few times, cost $150 Lot of DOUBLE and SINGLE HARNESS, Saddles, Bridles, Ac Only sich as are willing to pay fair price nerd apply, linquire at this office. ' feb i6-2awtf CHINA, OLASS AND QCBENS WARE. K. 11. MILLER, SON A CO.. Importers direct from Liverpool to < Alexandria, beg leave to csll the at-' tentios of dealers, hotel-keepers aod ethers of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will corx.part favorably v? lib any establishment In the Eaetert cities. The conneron of their senior partner with the manufacture?! of Europe and the United States for upwards of 30 yeers, has given him advan tages In the pjrebate of goods, equal, If not cupc rior, to any ec-use In the trade. An lr.sp?}ctlon of goods and pr^es wii! satisfy all parties that pur chases can btimude cf theu: upon the most favor able terms. French China Dinner Set*;, gilt and decorated Fr'.neb Coil * Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French Chtaa Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Seta, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Tea were And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets,and separate articles al wayi on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, In sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Prirjed or Liverpool W are, the same Comoro!: Kdged, White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Pretsed, I'laln and Moulded Glats Ware from the beet establishments In the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise. Experienced packers employed. Goods put up bv us can be transported by any mode without breakage. tare ov the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12cents each way A quarter cf a dollar thus spent may save many dollars. dec 1 825 REWARD THE ABOVE REWARD WILL BE PAID by the subscriber for the apprehension of NEGRO MAN TOM, who ran away from George A. Mitchell. K&q , to whom he Is hired for the year lfc'57. , Tom Is about 28 years old, of medium size &..d height, quite black, with a full suit of bushy hair. He is no doubt lurking about Georgetown or Washington, as he has a number of acquaintances In the DUtrlct. If taken beyond the limits of the State s reward of 150 will be paid He must be brought home to the subscriber or secured in jail so that I get him again SHELBY CLARK, feb le-eotf UpperMarlboro', Mil. AT PRIVATE SALF. A PAIR OF FIRST RATE BLOOD BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, upward* of lo hands high?young, sound, and per-^j?j\ fectly gectle In harness Also, a New York built Carriage, uearlv new, and a pair of very excel lent hari.tfts. Tbe above property can be seen on application at SMITH'S Livery Stables, corner ISf'.h street and Penn. avenue feb 18-2.tw2w* O'lVERNOlS HOTEL. Mr. g dmvernois begs to inform his friends and tbe public In general, that he has now opened nls new Hotel on Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and le th street. This Establish ment Is newly and elegantly furn ished on the most modern and Improved principle with SalODis and Private Apartments The Bar is implied wlaj the choicest Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Ac. Game and other delicacies In season Private Dinner and Supper Parties promptly supplied and attended to In any part of the city. * able d'hote at 3# o'clock, on Sundays at 2. nov 25-eoom L'UA( !tCEY WARRINER. WATCH MAKER. N 0.314* street,sign ofthe large and ?mall Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue an< 4% street WATCHES, JEWELRY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING, dtc Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Ciocks, Lever, Jewelry, and Horixoatal, Silver Ware Musical, and REPAIRED. JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE made to order. |jy Removed from 370 Penn'a avenue. Browns Hotel, to tbe above location nov 2-1 -eo3m C. WARR1NER. JOHN H. BUTHMANN, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, A3. Ptnn. a it nney south sidi, bet. 4* anddtk sts., Has in store a very choice as sortmeit of Champagne, In quarts and pints, of tht most desirable brands. Also, spending St Peray, white and pink j Maderia, Sherry, Port, Tenerlffe, Sicily, Rhine Winw, Moselle: French Wines, red ana white; Cognac, So beldam Gin, Jamacia Rum, Sootch W hlskey, Amerloan Whiskey, Curacoa, Anisette; and of his own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Bit ters. Also, get nine Absinthe, Klrschwasser, and Havana Cigars dec 10-3tAw4m. I . and I DRESS 91AKINU N THE MOST MODERN FRENCH styles, and at the shortest notice. ON HAAfD-FHENCH BONNETS, with real Lace Tnmmiog, which will be sold very low to reduce stock. M. WILLI AN. Market Space, between 7th and 6th Jan27eolm street!. EVENING STAR. JOHTT PH(ElfIX IH B08T0J. The Knickerbocker for February oontain8 a letter from John Phoenix, written in Beaton* which is, in a very extensive sense of the word, rich : LBTTKR TO THE EDITOR FRoM JOHH rH(El?r*. It is Sunday in Boston I hare been fitting in my room, No. 7S Tremont House, by the window, which commands a cheerful view of a grave yard, musing on various matters and thiDgs in a solemn state of mind well befitting the place and the occasion. Seventeen inches of snow fell last night, and Boston looks white like the Island of lohabod. to the full as des olato. Through the hollow and reverberating passages of this ancient building; around the corners of the sinuous streets ; from each door and window in every private and public building, and from the bouses of God, re sounds the peculiar sharp hacking cough of the population of Boston iivery soul of ih?m has it it is the disease of the country \S hen I meet an acquaintance in the street, I abstain from the usual greeting, and invari> - bly say, " How is your cough 7'" and the re ply invariably is ?' about the same." Cuugt ing, and the ancient pastime of hawking, (fol lowed by expeotoration,) are the principal amusements in this cold city. In the grave yard beneath my window, on a slate tomb stone, may be found, I am informed, the fol lowing toucbiiig inscription : " Here I !!*? bereft cf breath, Because a tough carritd me cfl" In,'' which, I doubt not, describes the case of the majority of the silent ineumbents of that place of rest The Tremont House is in many respects a good institution ; it is perfectly clean a?d well arranged, the attendance is good, and the fodder excellent; but there is an indescriba ble air of gloom and solemnity pervading th?< entire establishment well suited to Boston, but chilling to a stranger to the last degree. The waiters, dressed in black with white neck cloths, move silently and sadly about the ta bles, looking liko so many ministers with thir teen children, four hundred a year and two donation partie?; the man in the '?(lice never smiles?ia any point of view ; a large Bible, with the name of the house stamped upon it in gilt letters, (to prevent religious strangers from bottling if,) lies on every table, and the chambermaids attend family prayer in the basement All is "grand, gloomy," and, it iuu.-*t be conferred, exceedingly peculiar. I have attempted but two jjkes in this solemn place, and they fell like'the Cakes of snow, silent and unnoticed An unfortunate indi vidaal in the readiug-room, last evening, was seized with an unusually violent ?tot cough ing, which, if a m;?n could by any possibility have been turned inside out would have done it ; and as a partial cessation of it occurred, with hi? hair standing on enl, (he had coughed his hat ctl,) his face glowing with exertion, and tho tears standing in his unhappy eyes, he very naturally gave vent to a profane exe cration livery bo-iy looked shocked! I re marked in an audible tune to my companion, that the exclamation was a cofferdam; an admirable contrivance for raising obstruction# from the bottom of streams, and probably adopted by the gentleman to clear his throat": but no one lauglied, and I incontinently wer.t to bed. This morning on arising I discovered that My boots, left outside the door to be embellished with blacking, had. like those of Bcnibfete?,: ?: been displaced; so I said to the porter, amm.f rave and solemn aspect: ?' You have a very onest set of people about this house." ?' Why? ' said tho porter, with a Pvinewhat startled expression " Because,' 1 rejoined, " I left my boots outside my door last night, and find this morning no one has touched them." That man walked off slow and stately, and never knew that I had been humorous Disappoint ments have been my lot in life. I remember in early childhood going to tho theatre to see Mrs. W. H. Smith appear in two pieces ; the bills said she would do it, and she came upon the stage perfectly whole and entire, litee any other lady. Upon the whole, it is my impres sion that Boston is a dull, gloomy, precise and solemn city, which I take to be owing entirely to the intense cold that prevails there in the winter, which chills and freezes up the warmer nature of the inhabitant*, who don't have time to get thawed out before the oold comes back again. I have met many Bostoniaas in more genial climates, who appeared to bo very hearty and agreeable fellows. I took a short rida yesterday in the Metropolitan railroad cars, which are dragged by horse power from the Tremont iiouso to lloxbury. The only other occupant of my car was a yound and lovely female in deep mourning. &ne wore a heavy black veil, and her thick and beautiful auburn hair was gathered up on each side of her face, beneath a spotless cap, a widow s cap of snowy muslin. 1 had always a feeling for widows ; young and pret ty widows particularly, always excite my deopest interest and sympathy. I gazed with moistened eye cn tho sweet specimen before me. so young, so beautiful, I thought, and alas ' what suffering she has experienced. 1 pictured to myself her devotion to her hus band during his last illness, the untiring witchfuinees with which she hung over his pillow, the unwearying and self-sacrificing spirit with which she hoped on, hoped ever, till in despite of her care, her love, he sank forever, and her agonized shriek rang in my ear, as with hands clasped and upturned eye, she felt that he was dead?her dream of life was over?her strength was gone?her heart w?s broken. The youmr widow had been regarding me earnestly during this time, and probably im agined waatj was passing in my mind, for throwing her veil over her hat, she turned partly around towards me, and looking stead- I fastly in my face- she winked her eye ! Yes, sir, she winked her eye at m*?the moral Phoenix, and I rose from iny ashes and left tae Metropolitan car and returned to the Tre mont House. And is it possible, thought I, as I gaxed from my window up Tremont street and observed a sanctimonious gentleman, in a long, black overcoat, looking hastily up and down the street, and then dodge up a small alley in great haste; is it possible that this little widow in the car is at all typical of the great city to which she belong* 7 A most respectable staid, and solemn out- ( ward appearance?covering a very strong dis position to that deviltry which is defined by the Bible as " the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye. and the pride of life." But Boston, clothed in its robe of snow, looked too pure, too bride-like, and I dismissed the supposition from my mind. They don't have theatrical performances in Boston on Saturday evenings; the theatre opens at 3 o'clock, p m , and the performance is over at 6 Thalberg was allowed to give a c <ncert here last evening, however. He wac practicing a littlo this morning also on the piano, when a message came from a serious family in the next room becging him not to play dancing tunes. He did'et I had intended to have written to you more at length, but am off to New Orleans directly, and must pack my trunk. Boston is a great place. 1 am sorry T hadn't time to go and see the Monastery prodded over by Abbott Lawrence, that was burned by the Orangemen Yours truly and respectfully, JoB X PHCEJI1X ly There are seventy-eight WesKyan preachers in France. (yMadame Oceanao, the largest limbed woman in the world, i? in the muteurn at New Orleans She weighs 615 pounds, is feet 2 .inches in circumference, measures 2tf inches around tho arm and 3$ around the calf of her I?*' aud wears No. !i shoes, tiht hails frum Kentuoky. FES WEEKLY STAB. Tkla excellent Family and Newt Journal?ton taln'.ng a greater variety of IntsrertlAg fillip than cm be found in any other?published ot Saturday rooming. _. , TERM*. Blng.e copy, per annum ..81 P. to rtw. I^Ca?e, ikvaaiAai.T m apvancs. lJJ"81igl( cop In (la wrappers! m? be procured p.Kr"r?rSllrS!J,8t5IS"tb* *?<"?">>< . Sggggg <?*?** The Way to Prevent Rising of 1ft Tbe raising of rents in Paria, at preeent, U quite equal to tbe cholera, aa a scourge to tb* economical classes of "gentlemen in lodging ?? A etory is told of one of these sufferers, an ar tist, who was celled upon by his landlord witb the usual warning that his rent wenld be raised at a certain time. It bed already been advanced from one hundred dollars to two hundred and twenty dollars per aonum, and the poor lodger was, of oonrae, bard pushed. He stammered, at first, with an attetapt at re monstrance, but Mons. X was peremp tory, and turned to go. But witb the fact look backwards, for the polite "good morning." there was a new expression on the lodger's oountenanee. With an intense gaie oa bis vis its, his eyes were enlarged and hi* lipe part ed with tender earnestness of anxiety Not quite comprehending what this could mean, but conjecturing that tbe distress ef poverty was at the bottom of it, Mons \ proffer el a consolatory word or two. ex; retting hie regret?, but insisting still on the necessity. ?'Ah," said the ^rtiat, " how little you under* stand my present emotion* ! It is but a tri fling inconvenience to me to cbangc my lodg ings 1 am a bachelor, ani am anywhere equally at home But it is your impending destiny that 1 now contemplate with terror." ?? Eh ! what!?mine? Explain ycureelfl" said Mons X . " May 1 ask your age?" said the lodger. " Fifty years " " And your health'" "Perfect." "Alas! both these happy promises will not prevent your being a dead man in three months!" " How !?a threat?" asked the landlord amesed. "Lie ten! Two years ago I occupied an apartment ia the Faubourg St. Germain. My landlord gave me a warning that the rent would be raised at the end of the quarter, and before , the period came round, he was dead I moved to the Marias, and was warned in the same way again ; and again the landlord was dead before tbe date of bis new rent A third time, the same thing happened, at my last lodgings before this?the proprietor young and strong like yourself. And now!" " Dies* me ' What can you mean !" asked the now anxious look ing Mon3. X . " Simply, that there is a fatality attendant on my leaving a house. I am not usually -uperstitious. but I know that it i3 certain doath to my landlord, when 1 go! To-morrow I leave you! And ah! Mom. X ! if ycu have any testamentary ar rangement to make, do not, I beg of you, de lay!" "My dear sir'?really?was it to morrow you thought of leaving my boas* ?'* now expo tulated Mons. X . "Could I not,, by a'lowicg your rent to remain the same, induce you to stay 1 I should take it, 1 a'fure you a* a very great favor " " For how long ?" thoughtfully inquired the ertlst. c'Oh, forever'" eagerly exclaimed the land lord. 4 I will give you a written contract? rent unchangeable?is it so understood, my dear tenant ?" " Certainly, if you so wish,' said '.be now happy artist, and stepping to his desk, he drew up tbe written obligation, and with consolatory words to the relieved mind of Mons. X . exchanged with him a cor dial good morning. He well understood hit man ! _ A Stubborn Stripling. " Cymon" of the Boston Post tells this stor} : ?? Once upon a time'" a big, strapping, awk ward youth, fresh from Vermont, entered the L'cmmer Acadcay at lJyfield, Massachusetts, for a little share of erudition, which is doled out at this Temple of Minerva at economical prices. At that time ?we know not how it is at present?the boys and girls were kept in one apartment, only the middle aisle separa ting tncm. One day this Vermont stripling, who had ju?t been helping one of the tlrla through a hard sum?he was cut* on cypher ing? thought it not more than fair that be should take toil for his valuable services ; ac cordingly be threw bi? stalwart arm around the ro?y damsel and gave her a sly but rous ing ."mack, which startled tbe whole assembly. 44 Je lediah Tower, come up here!" roared the preceptor Itio delinquent appeared, his fa:e glowirg wi b blusbeu like a red-hot warming pan, aid looking as silly as a ninr.y. " Hold out your hand, sir!" said the peda gogue. " i ll teach you not to act thua in this institution.'1 The huge paw was extended in a horizontal line toward the instructor, who surveyed its broai surtace with a mathematical eye, calcu lating how many strikes of his small ferule would take to cover the large number of square inches which it contained. **Jedediah,' at length he said, " this is the first time that you have been called up for a delinquency; now, sir, if you will eav that you are s^rry for what you have done, I will let you < fi this time w.thout punishment" 41 Sorry." cxclaimed the youngster, striking nr. attitude of pride and indignation ; " scrrj! No, sir ! 1 am not; and 1 will do jest to agin ef 1 Lev a chance. So put on, old feller, jest a* hard as you like By the jurnpin' Je-hosi 1>bat! I'd stand here and let you lick me till [ingdem kum, afore I'd be sorry, at <Aar?by thunder, I would'" Toe Egyptians ?The Gipsy question he* long been a puztle to European?, and volumes without number have been written upon it. The controversy, however, has been a very profitless one for no jury competent to decide has been appealed to. It does seem strange that the Gipsies themselves who surely must know better than any other people who they are and whence they have come, th >uld not have been asked to give their opinion. Had this been done, the Egyptian origin of the race would hardiy have been debated, for that to which the Gipsies cling more than all things else, that which they assert most earn estly of all, is the fact that they are, in very truth, the sons of Egypt. This is the great secret which they speak of in their own fore ign tongae, so that the Gentiles of the nations may not hear it. This, too, is whet they teach their children Aud it would be a marvelous thing if a nation so widely scatter ed as theirs should be wholly mistaken. They have bad no motive for saying they are Egyptians?no motive whatever?unlets it were true, if it be false, it ia a falsehood, tbe telling of which has profited them nothing. Bat more than this, it may be asserted that if it had not been for the pride they take in keeping the blocd and race of Egypt pare, they would long ago have amalgamated with the rest of the human family, and have ceas ed to appear as a distinct people on the face of the earth Make cf it what one will, there they are at this hour scattered everywhere, from here to Hindocs^an, from unny Spain t.? frc e?n Siberia, nursing the pride of the race and training their offspring to do the same. How they would curl the lip in soorn?how they would sneer the simpleton down who would venture to enter their tents in order to teach them that they are anything but whit they profess to be, even tbe representatives of the great nation of antiquity, whose land was watered by the Nile and governed by the Pharoabs ? .lewish Chronicle. SiTTiKtt IS CHCRt B -An American writes from London, that in the churches he has at tended there, whoever comes first, whether gentleman or ladv, takes the farther wet ra the siip, and those that follow fill up the re; maining seats, preventing the awkward dis turbance which occurs in onr churches at home is the pr?*esa of filing in and out by the males, in order to isolate the woman at the further end of the pew. The habitto uni versal au'ong us originated with the early settlers, who set near the doors of the pews, so that in case of an attack from Indians, they mi$ht be ready for action. The custom is one which might be advantageously changed. No less than ten bridges are already built, projected, or in progress of oonstruotion across the Mississippi r?f?r at venom polu'4 above St. LouU.