Newspaper of Evening Star, February 24, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 24, 1857 Page 3
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evening star. tr ?? >if>?u Bt lstt at rrn Orrio*?T T>u?? *\mci, M.i 01 mwtii tiet atT pot *rn*? ??TIL Til ?X*T OAT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Rarb Works or Art ?It is seldom that the citiiens of Washington, and the " strangers within our gate*," have an opportunity of see ing inch a collection of statuary and sculp tured works of art as are now exhibited at McGuire's auction rooms Just imported di> rectly from Europe, where they were evidently selected with reined taste. th?*y richly repay the trouble of a visit from all who can appre ciate beauty of design and exquisiteness of finish. Prominent among the many elegant object#," is a miniature copy of the "<ireek Slave," that master piece of American artistic genius It is placed on an elaborately decorated pedes tal, ornamented with fine releivo*, and is pro nounced the most exquisite fae-simile of the original ever Imported. Retaining the purity of outline as well as the graceful contour of Powers's unequaled creation, it invites the admiration of all who see it, telling its own sad story eloquently yet persuasively The statuettes of "Pandora" and of " Psy rhein Parian marble, are beautifully exe cuted, and etch is a perfect type of itsmythc logieal subject Although classical in arrange ment. they are clothed with a veil of the purest ideality, and evince the most delicate appreciation of the beautiful Different in character, vet equally attractive, is the statuette of the 44Circassian Warrior every detail of his mailed attire elaborately worked out A pair of Grecian "BtrcJuuit* Vases," with Fawn handle*, are said to be the only pair in the United States, and the Pompeian Vases, of Bardiglio stone are equally admired. There are several patterns and sizes of vases, Bome of them well calculated for mantle ornaments. Exquisite Caskets can but be attractive to the fair sex. especially oae made of tortoise shell, and ornamented with antique cameos All then, with other works of art, are to be sold by Mr. McGuire, at auction, on Friday morning. Feb 27. at ten o'clock, and at the sace time he will sell a beautiful assortment of chased and vilver-plated ware, consistingof TcatStts, Pitchers, Salvers, (ioblets, Fruit' Stands, &c. It will oe a rare chance for our Congressional friends and others to purchase souvenirs to leave behind them here, and presents to carry home Such exquisite works of art have only to be seen to be admired, and merit a place in every parlor, a* any one will say who will eall and examine them. Liqht Infawtrt Ball ?We expected to find a handsome attendance at Caruri's Sa loon last night but certainly had no expecta tion of seeing su^h a gathering as was pre sented to the eye on entering abont nine o'clock. Six or seven hundred persons at least were present, a deserved oompliment to this fine old o-rps. The full dress parade of tha company was universally admitted, we be lieve, by old military stagers, to have fully equahed, if not surpassed, anything cf the kind ever seen in this city Etch movement was executed with a precision which called forth the heartiest applause. Upon the conclusion of the parade the floor was speedily occupied by an eager host of dancers, who inspired by the strains of With ers s capital band permitted not a moment of good daceing time to be wasted. Not only the young and gay were present but we noticed not a few of our grave old citi tens who albeit unused to the ball-going mood made an exception in favor of the Light In fantry The Infantry have reason to be proud of their guests last night, and the city to te proud of the Infantry. EdcoBT roa, the President Elect ?The *' Lancaster Fencibles'' have tendered their services to the President elect, as an escort of honor on the occasion of the Inauguration, and have written to this ciiy to ascertain if they can obtain quarters in the event of their com ing Our oiui?ns will remember the previous vi-sit of this fine company here, and cf its re ception by Mr. Buchanan, then Secretary of State ?? Circus ?Dan llice again appears to-night with all his trick horses, mules. Ac. Messrs. Murray and Holland, the Roman Brothers, also make their first appearance before a Washington audience. A* this is the laat week of Mr Rice's engagement wa anticipate a rush to see him before it is too late. To morrow afternoon a performance will be given tor the amusement of families and the (> little ones" at 1) o'clock. A Treat ?The proposed concert of the Pyne and Harrison troupe, soon to be given in Alexandria, will prove a great treat to tha in habitants of thateity, thousands of whom have as yet had no opportunity to bear them. We pr*iict tor.them an overflowing house, for the Alexandrians are iamoue for souls for the en joyment cf really good music. Wrviii. chief of magicians, will astonish the native? by bis wonderful feats of dia biere at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night. He is not only at the head <>f his profession, but he is "a gentleman and a scholar," which goes to account for hia uniform success wherever he visits. ?? UaoaoaTowM College Cadets.?The av enue was enlivened this morning by the ap pearanca of the Georgetown College Cadets, who dine this afternoon, by invitation, with Mr Gathrie, the Secretary of the Treasury. The Cadets, as usual, made a fine display. Ihey were accompanied by Withers' band. Visitts* Firemi*.?We learn that Howard Engine Company. No. U4, of New York city, will be the gueaU of tho Northern Liberties Fire Company during their stay in this city The Howard will doubtless bo well taken care of, and be well pleaded with their visit here, as No. 6 never do anything by halves. Festival.?We would call particular at tention to the fine Festival of the Ladies' Mite Society of Union Chapel, now being held at iron liall A fine display of attractive and useful objects is presented, and the object of the Festival is every way deserving Tub Arrx.'VTio'f of those concerned is called to t&e advertisement, in another column, of the meeting to night of the committee to re ceive the Twelfth Ward Democratic Associa lion of Philadelphia Jerusalem awd its Ksvjrobs ?The last of the Interesting course of lectures upon Je rusalem, by Rev. Mr Dunning, will be de livered at Rev. Mr Carothers's church to night RawEMBiH that tie opening lecture before the Washington Art Union Association, will be given to night by Rufus Dawes, Esq , at the Smithsonian Institution. Losdo.v Illustrate^ News, tor Feb 7, doable cumber, with eolored auppleinent. con taining a magnificent two page portrait of the Queen, printed in beautiful colors: also, por trait* of the Lord Chancellor and the Speaker of the House of Commons, all printed in colors For sale at Shillington's great book, newspa per and stationery emporium We would draw attention to the fact that Mr. W U Gilman has started his Soda Foun tain, and during the crowded state of tbe city it is pleasing to know that strangers and oth ers wishing a refreshing drink, whioh does not intoxicate, can procure it at the corner of Pa. avenne and Four and-a-half street. Watch Rutter* ?J. W Knipe, vagrant; dismisaed on promise to leave tbe city. Miles Malleo, drunk ; fine and costs. Peter Doug lass, alias Brooks, disorderly in market; or dered to pay coats. Q^The English law allows a jndga to re tire on half pay after the lafse of fifteen years ty Tfc e highest salary cf a Governor of any State in tbe Lnion is paid in California?ten thousand dollars, and the lowest is in Ver mont?seven hundred and fifty dollars. ty It is a carious f*et that tbe collection* taken in the ckurehea, laat Sunday, were al most entirely composed of tha depreciated Spanish ooin, chanty with UO per cent off.? finton Atlfu. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. G?0BG*T0Wir, Feb. 24, 1857. After we closed our letter of yesterday con siderable rioting occurred at the feurth elec tion precinct, which resulted, however, we are S leased to say, in no serious mischief being one. A large party came over from the Nor thern Liberties, of your city, and conoentratad themselves at the above-mentioned precinct, and continued for some time to ancoy on* party of the voters by all sorts of abuse, be figerent demonstrations, .to The insulted party bore it until forbearance ceased to be a virtue. They then rushed towards them, when the beligerents fled in every direction, firing as they ran some fifty or more pistol shots at their pursuers, none of which took effect, except one, which inflicted a trifling flesh wound in the arm of a young man named Potter. The affair threw the entire town into the most intense state of excitement for several hours; and to add to the excitement and alarm, rome unruly persons, having access to the Vigilant Fire Company's bell, continued to ring it for several hours, doubtless, the os tensible purpose of doing so was, if possible, to create rioting and fighting. It is rumored that certain parties in cur ctty went to Wash ington and solicited the service? of the before mentioned unrulies for the purpose of creating disorder. Tho election resulted in the triumphant suc cess of the Anti Know Nothing ticket, and the total rout, horse, foot, and dragoons, of the Know Nothings-Mr. Crawford, tho Anti Know Nothing candidate for Mayor, being elected by 58 majority, and the entire tioket for Council by about the same vote The suc cessful party krpt up their demonstrations of joy, by firing cannon, Ac., until a late hour of the night. The individual (Grouse) whom it was sup posed was mortally wounded in the fracas on Saturday night, we learn is recovering, and is supposed to be out of danger. We have nothing of moment from the flour and grain markets; but little doing, and no change in prices. S. PERSONAL .... 1 he Hon. S. "W. Inge, a former membei of Congress from Ala., and late U. S. districl attorney for California, is among tbe host oi distinguished strangers now at Willards' ii ?his city. .... The lion C. B. Burkhart is now hers and at Willards'. ....F, A Beelen, Esq., of Ohio, at presenl Secretary of the American Legation t> Chili, is at Willards'. .... Col. Elias Rector, of Ark., aDd Dr. J. Patrick, of Philadelphia, are at the Kirk wood House. ....Of Mr Buchanan's household it is .'aid his nephew is to be his Private Secretary, and that his neice, Misd Lane, is to do tfco honor* of the White House. ....In another eolumn will be found tht melancholy, th' ugh long anticipated intelli gence of the death of Dr Kane. His remain: "ill be taken to Philadelphia for interment, where his father, Julgo Kane, and family re side. .... Mr John E. Reeside, whose name was on the Know Nothing ticket for the George town council in the election yesterday, wan nominated without consultation with him, and is not a member of or sympathiser with the order. .... Gen. James Shield, late of tbe Senate of tbe Lnitad States, and now of Minnesota, is in Washington Sj, also, is the Hon. Mr. Lock hart, a former member of the House from Indiana, and member elect to the next Con gress. He is at the Kirk wood. From Nicaragua. By the steamship Tennessee, at New York, we hive the following Nicaraguan news, copied from the Panama Star, of February 7th : An attack bad been made on General Ca ri?s, at Obraje, on the 28tk ult , by General ?Y alker, under the command of Gen. Het ningsen. which lasted about 21 hours, and in which five of Walker's rangers were killed, ana Capt. Phinney mortally Hounded, and it is said that the allies lost about eighty killed; reports^from tbe best informed quarters state that this number is much exaggerated. Walk er, finding himself overmatched, ordered are treat, ana fell back upon Rivas. On the 28th Hcnniagaaa again, with a force of 400 men, attacked the allies, who had ad vanced to St. George, within ore league of Kivis. After 18 hour? fighting, Walker's forces retreatod afjain, falling back upon Ri vas with a loss of 18 killed and 38 wounded a large part of whom were officers It is re ported that the allies lost 200 killed and wounded, bat other reports state that one third of these figures wouid cover the whole lumber. Oa the 30th Walker arrived at San Jum del Sur with a force of 300 men to guard up the recruits (ou men) and supplies expected from ban Francisco on*the Onaaba. He returned to Rivas on the eveniog of the 2d instant. It was supposed that Walker would attack the allies at St George about the 4'.h instant. Gen Canas'a force at St George is said to consist of about 1,500 men, strongly posted and barricaded. Walker s force of figntiair men is said to be &00, all told; of which a portion must of course alwayu be left to guard Riva?, so that he can in no case bring over 500 men in the field, out of Rivas It is supposed that toe aiiies have 1,000 more available men who can be landed by the steamers on the lake, and it is reported that about 1,100 Guatemala troops had been landed at Realejo Canas marched a force of 400 m?n into Vir gin Bay on the 1st instant, and after occupy ing the town in a few hours he rejoined his force at St Georgo. Walker ha3 had no communication with the lake or river since the steamers were seized by tne Costa Ricans, nor has ho any means of doing so. MtCHAjllt'lL, ASHll'lLTlRAL, AND SCIENTIFIC BULLETIN, T? J .I??t,*p#1,l*Ii '??tltutUn Fair. HE UNDERSIGNED WILL PUBLISH dally, during the continuance of the Metro politan Institute * air,and In the Fair BulldiEif.a Journal, devoted to general Intelligence, Illustra tions of new Inventions, etc. it offers an unusu , al opportunity for manufacturers, patentees, par ent, and other igents to give a wide spread circulation to their advertls menta, and to Inven tors for explaining the utility, economy, and operation of their productions. '' The latent Important news by telegraph will aiao be foucd in lta columns. r Applications for subscriptions and advertise ments cau be made to , _ HKNKY POLKINIIORN, or feb?)-iw T. BARNARD FIKK INSURANCE. *pHE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COAT I pany of the District of Columbia offers to the property owners mt the District the cheapest and as safe mean* cf Insurance against Loiuibv Fire as any other comjwnp, as wlU appear by a a examination of its principles. The Insured becomes a member at oertaln flxed and uniform rates, for which he gives a depose note. Interest payable annually In advance to form at and for the payment of All pav ments are placed to the credit of the lnsured.ind afrer los*. and expense are deducted, and ?av? ings tha> mny accrue are returnable, agrewablv to tne charter and by-laws, without aWuctl?a, and with Inures: thereon * The a- tual working of this company for the past year shows the a tual cost of insuring first. class pTopeay to be but nine cents on each iioo and on other property In the same proportion ' Ofcee adjoining (north) the Bank of U ashlne ton feb ill eo4t* Ha ui ^bitOKg. ~ G CONCLUDED TO CLOSE OUT BK()^ BOOT:i' SHOES AND^rtj. HniJliANS. and (online myself e<c u-Cul spi&aS ffii Ladles', Mlssea', and CL1 lEwToTTr KKtt ?nil SHOES of every de^rlpUoiT a"? and Voutha' BOOTS and SHOES of ?v?rv kind sad uuaLty A lot of Ladies' Kiark SaT^i al the low price of feo cents, usual price ?l i i^i of Ladles' Slippers and Ties atP??ce!u L J price*) cents. Men's ftood Shoes at h;w H'nd ?, usual price Sland ft I ?&. Lots of old nubfon?Jl of dlfierent kind*, at about haTp^e Purchaser4 will find tbey can save at least ttf teen per cent, by examining my stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere H G. HYATT, No. 249 Seventh street, third door below the Northern Liberties'Market. febti-?oat HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR MARCH, ttodey's, Graham's and Heme Magazine feb91 FERGUSON, seventh st A FEW WORDS MORE. JDE SAULE WOULD RESPECTFULLY ? Inform his friends and stranger* visit lrg this rity, tbat bis pre- cnt location is?5 flW Pennsylvania avenae south side, opposite*?'"" Wllla?ds' Hotel, wbere, In addition to tbeeholc* est WINES and LIQUORS, he has always e* hand an abundant supply of those beautiful "Lit- j tie Rlter" OYSTERS which are well known to be of a quality superior to any Oysters that can be had In tne District of Columbia. Families sup piled with Meals and Oysters,?rash on deilvety. lie has fitted up a comfortable Eating Saloon in which he offers his friends the following BILL OF FARE Beefsteak and Filed potatoes, Chickens, varl ousways, Turkey, Veal Cutlet, Mutton Chops, Ham and Krcs. Venison, all styles, Omelet,Rum Omelet, Fried Oysters, Stewed Oysters, Roasted Oysters, Broiled Oyster*, Soft Crabs, Hard Crabs, Birds, Ac Also, all kinds of Kame In season. P S Wanted a good Oyster Sbucker. Good wages will be paid. feb 23-31 WATCHES, JEWEIRT, AND SILVER WARE. 1AM NOW JUST RECEIVING SOME OF the moat splendid and rich styles of fine Gold Jewelry; also, a very superior assortment of Time Keeping Watches, in eold and silver cases. Gold Spectacles, Gold Chains, Gold Thimbles, Seal. Keys, and every other article usually kept in a first class Jewelry Store. I am also manufacturing some very fine solid silver ware, such as splendid Tea Sets, Pitchers, Urns, Goblets, Caps, Napkin Rings, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Ac , all warranted Standard Sil ver We do not sell Northern made Wares as of our own manufacture. Please call at 333 Pennsylvania avenue, feb 21 H. O. HOOD. DHTISHY. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 19S Pennsylvania Avenue, Thrtt doors from llffr utrtel. DR BAILY begs Uive to Inform the public tbat he can be ?eea at all houis, at Ills ottice, located as above He feels assured tLat an exp: rlence of fifteen years' practice, with the large number of patients, and great variety of difficult cases that ne has treated successfully, will enable blm to surmount any difficulty, scientific or oth erwise, relating to tne Teeth His own experi ence confirming the opinion of many men emi nent In the profession, and especially Drs Harris and J. and E Parody, has led him, long since, to discard all mercurial preparations for iill<ng Teeth, also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Cements for the construction of Con tinuous Gum Teeth, and tbat Porcelain, mountel ou Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the youth) as wi.t most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vention. Although be iletters himself tbat from his long residence and practice in Washington, he Is fa vorably known to hi# numerous friends and pa tronj, ne begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. From the l.?t? Rector of the Church ofJKpiphauy of this city. Dr. 8t*phk* liaur Dt*ar Sir?I deelr* to express my ?>? te*m for yon personally, and my confidence ia yon as .1 su perior demist Ihe operations cxwnM for me have high'y satisfactory. 1 hnpe that you may receire the patron age from my frleuda rind (in> pnt>hc that your (skill ao s-ril de?ervea. Tonra very;,uly, Wellington, AUcCntt 36, 13S?. J. W. KliE.NCH Krom one of ths oi^wt Qrma in Baltimore, Messrs. Bog^<. * Co Having employed Or Htephen Bally, Snig?'on Dentist, of Washington City, to exeente for me, ait important ami diffl cnlt plea* of Work, whtrh lie did to uiy entire aausfactua, and in vle>? of ili?t fa^t tliat oue of tlia most distinguished member* of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after re peated trials, to perform tiie aaiue work satisfactorily, It icivse me crest pleasure to express my entire confidence .<11* hUh estimation of bis professional skill. Baltimore, January 12, 18.'.7. HARMANN S0UU3. Kxtra' t from a not? received fr"S? the late Bon. John M Clayton. C. 8. Sr.Kirt, August Id, 1456. The teeth yon made for me work admirably; nothing could be better. Very gratefully, JOHN SI. CLAYlOX. To Hioee that seek relief fiom the maladies of the teeth, I cau cheerfully recommend Dr. S Baiiy, aa a superior Den liit; he made a set o'porcelain teeth for one of luy family, end plugged several teeth for myself, end the Work ha? all stood well for more thsu ten jeaie. -ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Col,foresee of the M. E. Church Squill. Apiil 19, 1S56. We. the nnderaigced, ha*, ing had occasion to evail <nr*elv?? of tt.e profe-akmal ?ktiT of Dr 3. Bally, Sirgeou Dentist, of this city; or ba\ ing been cognizant of his operation* . rs our fami'les or ftiends, tak* pleasure In sxpre??!ng our adrulra tluii of hi* artistic skill, as well of t!<e unifoi mly satisfac tory manner in which be p-rioru." the most delicate and d.f lirnlt ojHiratlfins in Dental rtoigerv; and we re*;ectfuhy re cownend blm to the cjnflosnce aud patronage of tue pui.lic ; of wnich ?e > ?nsider him eminently worthy. muHAsr. WaltKit, jus. h bradiky, Architect 1' S. Capitol. of W-ebin^toD, D. C. THOltA* MILLER. M l?? GKORtiK WALTON. of WaaMntt-n. D. C. srnor of Florida. B. S. BoHRKR, M. D , WALTER LEMIX, of Gsvrgetown, D. 0. Kx Mayor of Washington. N. 9 LINCOLN. M. D , MKKRY BALDWIN, Washington, D C. V. S. Patent OiJiee. O. C WIUHT,,al Bittenhouss Acaiety feb .'u-li l>K K. K. PAINTER, (From ('harleston, Sovtk Carolina,) Surgeon, Chiropodist nnd Practical Uperc t?r oa the Veet, INVITES THE ATTENTION OF Members of Congress, Citizens, and Strang- 1 9 ers to his instantaneous and eti'ectual I 2 cure of CORNS, BUN10N8, Nails / \ Penetrating the Flesh, cured without the sllxblest pain, by a new and pe culiar method, without cutting, by means of an elixir of bis own composition, in five to ten min utes, and the relief is so Instantaneous, that the persons thus treated can Immediately put on their shoes and walk wi hout the least incoi.venlenee. Ltr P has practised in his profession for the last twenty-four years with remarkable success, acd is now well known and vouched for by respectable and prominent persons, some of whose names are annexed l?^Oiders will be attended to if left at Browns' Hotel, or the Kirkwood House, o? at my Office, No 310 north side Pa. aveuuej ever Hutchinson A Monroe's Fancy Stcre. Refers, bv permission, to?Washington: CI. W. Humphreys, Jonas P. Levy Hon. L. M. Keitt, Ex-Gov. Thomas, II. Tucker. Baltimore : W. G Maxwell, Col a Houston, Calvin GTeen, P. H. Sullivan. Charleston: Prof. Dickson, Prof Glttlnzs, Dr. H. V. Tooner, Dr. W. M. Fitch. Dr P. can be consumed from 8 to 12 a. m , and from 1 toOp.m , and will attend families at their residences feb 17 2w# I I LANli WARRANTS LOCATED. TnK SUBSCRIBER, A RESIDENT OF St. I Paul, M T , having an extensive !tnowtedji;e of the Government Lands in Minnesota, H'iscon- . sin, and Iowa, and having great experience in locating the f-ame, is prepared 10 enter Warrants to great c.dvantage to tho?e wishing to Invest. Particular attention given to procuring lands contiguous to Railroads when they become sub ject to entry i Lands and Lots,in and about the cities of Super^ lor, Bayfield, and St Paul, for sale 11. LINDSLEY, Kirkwood House, jan29-lm Washington, D C. ' NOTICE?NO TICK. HAVE A FEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SE'iS on hand, which I wish toCJ^? close out, and will sell at cost. Also. GOB LE'IS and other GLASS WARE, tbat must jfrj be so d preparltory to a change In my bualne?e. All that want to buy cheap, please call at No. 309, between tfth ai d 10th sheets, Penn. avenue, leb 17 6m JOl^N McDEVITT. PEAS, MCSHKOOn. Ac. WE HAVE RECEIVED OF RECENT importation Champignons In Cans of 1 and 2 pounds Petit* Pols in Cans of 1 and i pounds Pate De Fols Gras Pate Falaan aux Trufles Pate De Begasses Pa e L'e Peidre&w Trull'es. For sale by feb 21 KING A BURCHEI.!.. IN OTICE TO THE PI'HLIC' ?1 HKRKBV forwarn all p. ri*ons froiii receiving four Notes, three of M each, and one of #3"), drawn by me in ravor cf David Trundle, of Georgetown, D. C , as 1 will not pay them, not having received value therefore. feb 21-3t? RICHARD H AltR V. OHANiiE A ALEXANDRIA U.K. KOAl*. Great Soathorn Mail Lint f TWODSILY TRAINS (SUNDAY NIGHTS ex tpted) leave Alexandria for Richmond? At 7if a m., and P nt Fare S3 SO. JAMES A. EVANS, feb 14 Agent. D. SMITH, J US TICK Of Till: PEACE. CCONVEYANCING IN ALL ITS BRANCH J es, promptly attended to; and all business pertaining to the oifioe of a Magistrate will be -dispafriied at the earl est moment Office 13ih street, between F and G, west aide f*b 14 1 in NEW DKYUOOU STORE. THESI'B??CR1BKR BAVlNtt PURCHASED the stork of Dry Goods in tbe store, No. J75 7tH street, near 1. formerly occupied by R.O Hy att, and recently by J W Barneclo, will hereaf ter continue the business In said store, wbere he will be pleaded to see his friends and the public in general, and will endeavor to please every cus tomer that favors him with tlielr patronge Having bought theo'd stock at greatly reduced Krlce, he is closing It out at HJ per cent, leas than le original cost la order to make room for a fresh supply of Spring Qoods. * * CUA8 F PEKRIE, feb W-tw No. J75 7th street, near I, AUCTION BALES. By E. P. WRIGHT; (ieor^Hown /iROi'BR IE5, CROCKERY) Jrc., at Anc ** tun-On THURSDAY, the28th Instant, at 10 o'clock, at the store of Mrs O'Donoghue, cor ner of Water and Jefferson streets, I shall sell the entire stock of Groceries, Grockey, and Glassware ft.c ; also, several barrels of Liquors, ftc

feb24-gt WW. ?. WRIGHT, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD ft CO , Aucts. CAME TRESPASSING ON MY PREM lse?, on the sth December, 1856, one red Bull and one red Cow. and the same having be*n ad veriiaed by the undersigned three several times, ?nd no owner baring claimed the said property, this is to give notice that I shall offer the said Bull and Cow at public sale, onjthe 29th day of February, 1857, at two o'clock p m , to the hlgh es* bidder, for cash, to satisfy the expenses at test lng the keeping, advertising, and nppraLe raent, unless the owner or owners shall, before that time, come forward, prove property and pay tD6 Cip^QMI, Sale to take place at my premises, corner of 2d street west and H street south. JOHN E NILLS. WALL> BARNARD ft CO., feb J4 3t Auctioneers. By C. R. L. CROWN ft CO., Auctioneers. WE WILL SELL. ON TUESDAY AF TERNOON, the 3d of March, at 3 o'clock, without reserve, four Frame Houses, containing six rooms each, situated on Seventh, between G and H streets Island, with right ofallev back Title indisputable! x Sale poslilve Each house now under rent of eight and nine dollars per month. Terms: One-third, cash ; balance injl'2 and 18 months, with notes satisfactory endorsed, bearinjr interest from the day of sale C R . L. CROWN ft CO , febtl [ Hell ] Au'tioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer fJOOD TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE V A?cti?n?On MONDAY, the 21 day of A! arch, 1 sha-1 sell, In front of the prem ise*, at half past four o'clock p in , h If lot No. 24, in gquaie No. 734, with the Improvements, which are a good Frame Hoiia? This property is located next to the corner of 2d street east and D st south. The owner being about to leave the city, the property will be sold for cash to tbe highest bid der. All conveyance at cost of the purchaser. _febJ4 A. GREEN, Auct. By J. C. McGUIRE Auctioneer. iTOUS?HOLD EFFECTS AND FUHN1. a A tiire at Auction?On SATURDAY MOWNING, February 28th, at 10 o'clock. I shall sell, at the residence of a gen declining housekeeping, on north H strest, between ISth and 19th streets, all the Furniture and Etocta, eomprislng? ' Wali ut-covered Sofa, Arm and Par:or Chairs Warble-top Centre Table, Rout Tables Ladies' \\ ainut Secretary and Whatnot Fancy Chairs, Lc.jnge, Coiner Stand Mantel Ornaments, Vases, Girandoles Brussels and other Cai nets Oilcloth, Rugs, Wir.dow Curtains Shades ai d Fixtures Walnut Extension Dining Table Sideboard, Dining Chairs. Bronze Hat Tiee China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Hatdfome biack 8'id gold enamelled marble-ton Cottage Set Bedsteads, bureaus, Washstards Mattresses Bolster*. Pillows, ar.d Blankets Looking Glasses, Toilet Sets, Comforts Cooking and other Stoves j Together with an assortment of Kitchen Requi sites Terms: $25 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 80 and 93 days, for satisfactorily endorsed i notes, bearing interest -- - .? feb 21-d JaS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ....... McGUIRE, Auctioneer 'IMtlSTKE'S SALE OF FURNITURE I aud Household Effects.?On THURS DAY MORNING, February 26th, at 10 o'clock, I shall bell, by virtue of a deed cf trust duly re corded among the land ie. ords for Washington county, the Furniture and Effects contained In house No on north A street, between Delaware avenue and First street east, opposite the Capitol park, consisting of? Mahogany and Walnut Hair Spring Sofas, Parlor Chair*, and Rocker? Marble-top Center TaMe, Card Tables Damask aud Lace Curtair.s, Shades Mahogany Dinlng-Tables, Sideboards Twvnty four Ann Dining Chairs China, Glass, ard Crccltery Ware, Table Cutlery ( ane and 'A ood-seat Chairs, Lounge Brussels, Three-ily, and ingrain Carpets Large quantity of oilc otb, Matting. Rug* Gas Chand-llers, Pendants and Fixtures"^ Eight Feather Bedi, bolster* and Pillows Hatrarid tfuxk Mattresses, Dlankets, Comforts, Spreads, Sheets, Ac , Bedsteads. Bureaus, Washstsnds. Looking Classes, Toilet Sets Cicck, CaJtsge S^et, Chamber Tah'es, ftc Cooking a, i other stoves' Together with a general assortaent of House keepi:iir articles Terms P23 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of Co and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed note*, bearing interest THOS J. FISHER, Trustee, feb 19 eoftds JAS. C. McGUlKE, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. UNKKS.ERVFD SALE OF small Brick Dwelling Huusc and Let on 7th str??t, bttween north K and O streets.?On FRI DAY' AFTERNOON, February 27th, at 4U o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell, without re serve. the north partcf Lot No. 10, in square No 4-23; fronting 16 feet 8 inches on 7th street, bet. north N and O .streets, running back 100 feet, with the Improvements, consisting of a neat two-story Brick Dwelling House, containing four rooms and a kit-hen. Terms: One-half cash; the residue in sit months, with interest, satisfactorily secured. Title Indisputable feb 23-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct. For Bale and Rent. Rooms, large and handsomely Furnished, lighted with Gas, for Rent at No. 21 Mlsfouri avenue, between 4% aud 6th street , near the Natlcnal and Browns' Hotel, feb 2l?6t# FOR RENT.?A BRICK HOUSE. 8UITA bie for a Boardlig House, containing 8 Rooms aid Basement, with a large Garden, situ ated on East Capitol street, north side, between 1st and 2d streets east Terms moderate. Apply to WM H. LANG LEY, vv atch man at the North Gate of the Capitol. feb24-3t* FOR RENT Oil SALE ?THE NEW TWO story Frame House corner of 22d and H streets, Firet Ward. InqulreatJ B MOORE'S Drug Store, Ptnn. avenue, opposite Seven Build ings. feb2J-3t For rent ?a pleasant and agree able t ummer Residence, with a Flower and Vegetaole tiarden attached, situated on the North Capitol Road, about 5 minutes walk from th/e Corporation limits, and adjoining Glenwood Cemetery inquire of YVlLLiA.M EMMERT, Mount Pleasant feb"23-2w*? For rent?two large well fin Uhed Rooms, on the second door, over the subscribers Marble Show-Room, opposite the site of the National Theatre. Tbe room* are sep arated by folding doors; has marble mantels and gat hxtures. inquire on the premises feb2'-2W ALEXANDER RUTHERFORD. I^OR RENT.?TWO FURNISHED Rooms can be had by applying at No 400 New Y'ork avenue, between l4ta and 15ih 6ts. feb23-lw* For rent.?a small farm, con taining 17,'* acres of highly improved Land, situated on New Road from Georgetown, and ad Joining Drovers' Rest It has on it a line Dwel ling House. Barn, Stable*, and other nut-build logs: besides an Orchard of choice Ptath, Ap ple, Cherry, Apricot, and Piuin Trees, and lor gardening purposes is unsurpassed. ltal-o has on it a good Slaughter-House, and would sulta person carrying on the bii'.chenbuslness. Inquire of THOS. tj SHOEMAKER, Northern Liberty or Centre Market. febl9-lw* For sale.?a large convenient Frame House, with 11 Rooms and Passage, situated on L street, between 9cb and 10th, No. A(>4 Also, a iarge Stable and Carriage Houee at teched. Also, a good Pump of Water in the yard Inquire of GEO. P. LANGLEY, on 11th street, near K street, to: further Information. feb 18-1 w BDWLINU 8ALOON FOR SALE.?THE Bowling Saloon on D street, be-j, i , tween bth and 9th, will be sold at aVj'7H largatn. This is a good chance to v' ? make money.Apply at once. feb lo-eo4t FOR SALE, EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, OR RENT ?Possession given hrst of April next, that delightful situation situated near Mr. J. Sales, oontalning 1 \ acres of Land, with all iu improvements. Title good. In a good state of cultivation. For further par ticulars apply to the subscriber at the Dead Letter Om< e, or at No 43V 6th street, between E and F. feb 2l-2awtf GKOKGE &1 KENDALL. For sale-a lot of ground on tkecornor of 22d and G streets, containing six thousand square feet, with the Improvements, which consist of a large and well built Frame Dwelling, containing six large and conveniently arranged rooms with eel'er CAn excellent pump of water at the door This property has every advantage, and will make a first rate business staad. The Lot ia well fence* a nd laid out as a Flower Garden, and contains some choice Fruit and valuable Shrubs. For particulars enquire on the premises. feb l?-9aw3w AUOTIOH BALBB. this Arnwroo* and tomorrow. By JAS O. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Peremptory salr or two oksi. rablr Uwrllini H?t? ?n 4th street bitWMi ft and H itrrrti, at AarlUa.-Oi TUESDAY AFTERNOON, February -Mth, at < o'clock, cn the premises, 1 shall sell subdivlstor No t, of the eastern hnl of Lot No. f?, In squan 518, commencing for the same at the distance o 10 feet north from the southeast corner of said lot and running then~e north 40 feet with the line o: 4th street; thence west 98 feet 3Inches to aa al ley ; thence south 40 feet; thence east 88 feet: Inches to the place of beginning. togother wltt the Improvements, consisting of a nearly r ea two story Brick Dwelling Hons?. containing feu food rooms and a kitchen; also, a two-ston rame Dwelling House, containing four rooms which will be scld separate If desired. Thla property will be sold without reserve t? the highest bidder, as the ovrner is about to re move from the city. Terms: One-fourth,cash ; the residue In fi, 18 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deeei of trust on the premises. feb21 d JAS. C. MegUIRE, Auct. By A. 6REEN, Auctioneer. Groceries, household and Hitch en Fan,Itare, fee., at Aactlsn. ? Or WEDNESDAY, the25th Instant. I shall sell, a the gTOceTy store and residence of Mr. T.Shsnnor on 2uth street, No. 2f2, Uetween L and M streets at l? o'clock a. m .all the Groceries Jn the stort and the Furniture in the hou^e, viz : Tea, Sugar, and Coffee Soap, Candles, and Brooms, Tobacco and Cigars, Crockery and Glass Ware Ni< lis Store Fixtures, Tea Caddies, Scales, Ac With a large assortment of other Groceries, sucl as are usually kept In a retail grocery ate re Also, 6 barrels Liquor, Brandy, Gin, Whiskey Ac. And the Household Furniture, such as Mahogany Sofas. Bureaus Maple and otfcer Bedsteads Wardrobes. Wash stands, Mattresse a and Bedd nf Looking Glasses, Tables, Chairs, Cupboards and Safe Fine Cooking an?l other Stoves Witha gocd lot of Kitchen requisites. Tet ins cash. A. GREEN, feb li*-d Auctioneer By E.S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. oc nnn FRUIT TREES AT A?rti?? On WEDNESDAY, the Stth In ?t int, at 12 o'clock m., I shall sell, without re serve, th"entire stock cf the N ursery of the lat John H King, near Georgetown, consisting of 15,(100 choice Apple Trees 5 000 do Peach do 5,000 Apple Stocks, for grafting 500 dwarf Pear Trees, very choice The entire Slock being very aeolrable. To b< sold In lots to suit purchasers We deem it unnecessary to say anything furthe as the reputation of Mr. King, as a fruit grower is so well known. Sale to take place on the premises.! Catalogues can lie obtained at the office of W Albert King, cr of tbe Auctioneer EDWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 20-4t* Auctioneer. C G1 By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. lATALOGTE SALE OF A VALt'ABLJ J Collection of Books?On TUESDAY an< WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, February 240 and 25th, commf r.clng at 7 o'clo k. at the Auc tlon Rooms., I shall sell a valuable invoice c Book , comprising the principal standard work of the day, many of them London edlt.ons Cata ogues may be obtained at tbe Auctlo; Rooms, JAS. C. McGUIRE, feb2l?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SPLENDID LOT OF 51 LVKR-PL AT K1 War* at Audio a ? On.FRIDAY morning February 27th, at 10 o'clock, on the second ttoo of the Auction tiooms, I shall sell, in connexlot with dig Vlto Vl'.i A Sons' safe, a large involci of beautiful ^Sllver-plited Ware, Just received from Philadelphia, comprising elegant caa.?ed and plain Tea Sets, Salvers, Pitchers. Goblets Cake Baskets, Fruit Stac<l?, Butter Dishes, Cupi and Saucers, Ac , the whole to be sold wlthou reserve. Terms cash. JAS. C. .McGUIRE, feb 23-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. HAND SALE OF MARBLE STATU A. ry and Parian Statuettes, Fancy Arti. cles, Ac.?Slg Vlto VitiASon's grsnd sale ol classical olj 'cts of Art, tae products of the s*ud I.ts of Italy, will take place on FRIDAY MORN I nG, February 27, at 10 o'clock, on the second floor of our Auction Rooms, where these beautl. ful works cf art will be arranged for exhibition ar.d may be examined the <iay previous to the *alc. 1 n the asse rtiuent will be found? Superb Grecian Urrs, of Sienna marble Ktruvlan Vases, with relievos, for mantels Klchlycarved Pom {.el i Urns, of elaborate design liaccante Ta7ias, for caids, Ac 1 superb miniature copy of Power's Greek Slave, the tirst piece of the size ever imported, and the product of the chisel of Pisanl Psyche and Pandora, two beautiful Parian Ugurrs Al?o, the Circassian. Charity at.d Prudence, 1 nnocence, Minna and Brenda, Helen of Troy, Gentle Shepherd, Ac Superb Tete-a-Tete and Hanging Va*e* The above assortment Is well worthy of the at tention of all lovers of the tine arts.[and comprises far more meritorious poods than have heretofore been offered to the public. It !s hoped that, owing to the intended depar ture for Italy of Messrs. Vlto Vltl A Sons, ama t urs will not let slip this opportunity of purchas ing articles of a classical character. Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRE, feb 19-d Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. A good opportunity for capitalists! The own er, intending to move to Kmsns, will offer at public sale, for cash, kis entire Keal Estate, on WEDNESDAY, 1"ebruary 25th. at 4 o'clock p m , In front cf the premises This property fronts 9th street wast, between New Yorkaveuue t-nd K street immediately opposite the Northern Liber, ties Market and Improved with nine buildings, yielding yearly over S6?D '1 here is not a more conspicuous, handsome, and heaithy location in the city,and must shortly command a large price. Title Indisputable. It will bo told without reserve fcbl*-d A. GREEN, Auct By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Hands'>>ie two-story frame liense and Lot at Auction?On THURS DAY . the 2?tb inst , 1 shall sell, In front of tte f remises, at 4^ o'clock p m , part < f Lot No 8, ii square No 49?>, with the improvements, which are a good twa-story Frame House, Ac. The above property is handsomely located on South G, between 4)? ans* streets west. Terms: Oi:e-fouitb,cash ; balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest f'oiu day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. I1 tie Indisputable. A.GREEN, feb20-d Auctioneer. I By A GREEN. Auctioneer. 1R USTE&'S SALE?Cn SATUR DA \\*-th L February, 1857, at 4# o'clock p. lu , in front of the premises, by virtue oe a deed cf trust to me, dAted Mav 12th, l-.W, and recorded in Liber J A. S , No 77, folios 485, Ac , one of the land records of Washington county. District of Colum bia, Lot No l,tquareNo 3.19, having a fronton Third street we*st of 45 feet 9 inches, and 75 feet on G street south. Terms cash. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser J. H. GODDARU, Trustee leb I*- A GREEN, Auct'r. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of tteri facias, issued from the Clerk's < )fly of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Washington, ar.d to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale for cash, In front of the Court House door of ssld county, or. THL' RS DAY, the 12th dav of March. 1857. a> 4 o'clock p m , all defendant's lights, title, claim and lnt-r est in and to tbe sot'th half of Lit No 27, la .Square No 517, containing 973 square feet, more or less, together with, all and eingu'ar, the im provements thtreon, In the City of Washington, D. C., ?e zed and levied upon as the property of George Rhodes. Jr., and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 63, to March term, 1857, Thomas Hughes, vs. George Rhodes, Jr J. D. HOOVER, Marshal for the District of Columbia feb 17-dts MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of flerl facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court for the county of Washington, In the District of Columbia, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for cssh, on FRI DAY, the 27th day of February, 1*57, commenc ing at 10 o'clock a m., at the store room of Fran cl? Y. Naylor, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4)( streets, south side, the following goods and chattels, in part, to wit: One Servant Wo man, a "slave for life," 2 Bedsteads, Bed and Bedding; 1 Wardrobe; 4 Tables; 1 Washstand; 1 Clock: Bureau aad L *klng Glass; C Pitchers; 2 Maps; 1 Oil Carpet; 12 Chairs; I Settee: lot of Books: 1 lot of Crockervw&re; Kitchen Utensils; a lot of Rag Inters; Ventilator*; Copper Tea Ket tles; Saucepans; Furnace; New and Old Stoves; Iron rots; Boilers: Sifter*; Coel Hcds; Shovels; Casting*; Ccfflee Roasters, Dripping Pans: Chaf ing Dishes; Ice Crcain Moulds; Japan Boxes; Patent Balance; Iron Chest; Water Closets; Washstand Basins ; Shower Baths ; Cocks for Bath Tubs, and ? lot of Counters. Shelves, Ac., seized ai d levied upon as the Good* and Chattels of Francis Y ? Naylor, a?d will be sold to sntlsfy Judicial No 1, to October term, 18S J. D HOOVER, Marshal for the Dfctrlct ot Columbia fob 17-dU TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASZOCIJ TED PKESS. {BEES DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival 9f n,r |i?uii|iy ladiia. Portl^d, Feb 24?The Canadian Com on iL'na" 'Uanaer Indian, from Liverpool Tk1 ? hM ?t thi? port. including 2o oto on IM-,,i T 'T ????*. port 'Peculation and for as* Ricbar 1 son. Specoa8???11 JJ'wheaulae t:ve. and quotations barely maintai^ST Pk?r inactive, and nominally Mala l0Ver ^ quiet; red wheat Sa?s, whit# do W? ?da#J^P western canal flour 30* 6da31a 8d R.ihJ^Ll and Philadelphia do Slaa32s, Ohio do .UmI 34s. mixed corn 33s 9d%34s. yellow do 54. ftd white 35sa35s ftd. ' Provisions were unchanged. Consols for money closed at 93a93i, and fo' account 93i?93$. The Parliamentary return of the income and expenditures for the year ending Septem b?r 3<?th shows a total income of upwards of 171,0o0,000, and expenditures of upwards of ?89,000,000. loe Chancellor of the Exchequer had an nounced that the financial statement would be rendered on Friday. In the House of Lords, referring to an artic lc in the Moniteur intimating the probable union of the Danubian principalities, Lord Lyndhurst wishes to know if the Divan about to assemble Wjuld take into consideration the question of this union, and whether it would be decided by the representatives of the great powers. Lord Clarendon replied that he had read the article of the Moniteur with surprise, but at present should abstoin from exnressine anv opinion on the subject 3 Mr Layard, in the House of Commons, in quired whether the Persian Ambassador at Paris was negotiating with Lord Cowley ander the same full powers which he possessed at Constantinople? Mr. V. Smith (in the absence of Lord Pel merston) said be believed the powers were precisely the same, and that be had every reason to hope that the negotiations would re sult satisfactorily Mr. D'lsraeli again repeated, in the most positive terms, that a treaty bad been made by France, guaranteeing Austria her Italian possessions. Lord Palmers ton denied that any treaty ex isted. but admitted that France, during the Russian war, agreed to assist Austria in case of insurrections in I taly There was an increased activity in the mo ney marke% owing to a temporary demand for money to pay for go!d exported to France. Co. siderable go'.d had arrived from Austra lia Business throughout Feance was dull, and there was aj?eneral state of uneasiness among cotton manufacturers, owing to the depression of trade The Pari* Presse says that unexpected dif ficulties htve arisen between Prussia and Swi'terland, respecting the Neufchatel affair. The Empe:or of Austria has decided on granting to amnesty to all political offenders. It was rumored that the Lmperor of Russia would do the same to the exiled Poles. The relations between Austria and Russia and Austria and Franoe are unpromisicg. Turkey is about to take fcrmal possession of the Delta cf the Danube. Austria has officially notified the Porle that the evacution of the Principalities will a* completed by the 24th March The Indian mail had arrived at Suex There is nothing important from the Persian Gulf A China letter of the 16th December, pub lished in the Paris Moniteur, states that the damage sustained by the foreign merchants was not so great as at first stated. Of the thir teen Europeans at Chy San Hang five were destroyed; and of the eighty foreign factories at CaLton, twenty-one were burnt. ' At toon as the English ships commenced firing, the floating population of vagabonds of Caak>n rushed into Chy San ling, pillaged, and then fired the European stores. The in cendiaries were soon dispersed by shells from the English ships, when the French seamen extinguished the fires. The Chinese town ?ufi>red terribly, as welt by fire from the English ships as by native robbers Of the twelve great factories be longing to the Hong merchants nine were de stroyed at the first attack. A great number of merchants had fled to Shanghai Ifae Larl of Clarecden has fully approved all the acts of Admiral Seymour and Bow ring. LATRiT. Liverpool, Wednesday morning ?The standing orders were complied with on the yth. before Parliament, in the case of the At lantic Telegraph Company. A dispatch from Marseilles, 10th, states that Liuhler has been sent by the Persian govern ment to the seat of War in the Persian Galf I he news of a revolt at Maregbeh is con firmee Tbe revolters pilleged the town. Fiftden English vessels were anchored eff Bundtr Abbas. Death cf Dr. Kane. Nrw Oeleans, Feb. 23 ?The steamer Ca? liawba ha* arrived here with dates from Ha vana to the 2(Hh. Dr. Kane, the Arctic nav igator, died there on the 16th. He expired peacefully and gently as a little child The greatest sympathy was shown by the officials of the island, all of whom attended the funeral obsequies, including the Captain General, and an immense ooncourse of residents and others. The corpso was brought here on the Cahawba, and will be forwarded by river to Philadel phia. I SECOND DISPATCH ] New Ori.kaxs, Feb. 23.?The bodv of Dr Kane now liee in state at the City Hall, and will be escorted to morrow evening by the military on board a steamboat boundto Louis* vllle, thenco to proceed to Philadelphia. Western Items Chicago, Fab. 23?The Governor of Ne braska has vetoed all the bills passed by the Legislature chartering new banks. 'I he Minnesota Legislature is oocupied with the plans for a State organisation. The Wisconsin Legislature has passed a bill ?riving Mr. Booth, the editor of the Milwaokte Free Democrat, power to replenish his press, seized by the U S. Marshal. This is another step in the progress of the Garland slave case. From Nicaragua. Nr.w York, Feh 2t ?A commercial letter from San Juan, Feb. 12, states that Walker s forces have suffered two important defeats since the arrival of the New Orleans recruits Col. Lockridge's expedition is abandoned, and his troops are ooming down the river on logs, rafts, Ac. The Preaident Elect. Philadelphia, Feb. 23?Mr Bachana*. the Presidentelect, will arrive here to-morrow to meet Mr Breckinridge, who is already here, and will proceed next day to Washing ton in company with Senator Bigler. Steamboat collisior. New Orleans, Feb. 23?The steamboats Belfast and Humboldt came in collision on the Mississippi, on Friday last. The Humboldt was bound to Nashville, and is a total loss, with twenty negroes. Senator Sumner. Boston, Feb 23 ?Senator Sumner started for Washington to-day, to resume his seat In the Senate of the United States. He will pro ceed to Europe in the steamvr Fulton on the 7th of March. The New York Academy of Music New Yoee, Feb 24 ?Messrs Tbelber* and I liman have leased the Academy of Music for one jear from September next. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Feb. 24 ?Flour oontinaes dull at K5.12! for Howard street. Wheat is unchanged ; fsir ?? ? *1 40a$l 46e, fair to prime whites fl W.fltt, tod prim. whlw. SI i?-?l clined 2a3e; seise of white at Waiec, am yelj low at i7a00c. . Whisky is uuehsaged; sales at fciaJWc, and on time at 90c.