Newspaper of Evening Star, February 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 27, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB 14 PUBLISHED EVERY AFTKR^OUl, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILD1N88, . of P***i*itMia oetavi and 11'* ttmt, By W. D WALLACH, and Is served to subecrtbers by carrier* at BIX AND A QUARTER CENT!*, payable weekly to the Agents ; papers served In packagea at Tl% rent* per montn. To mall subscribers the sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FI F? TY CKNTSa year t* strains,TWO DOLLARS or six month*, and OMtl DOLLAR for three months; for leas than three months at the rate of 12 cents a weeh. (r^SlNtfLK COPIES ONE CENT. FOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. G, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1857. NO. 1,284. official. Taaiaoar Dbpibtxbnt, Not. 29, 1850. Notice U hereby fivea to baldera of atock of the loans of the United Staes, this deja.-iment will purchase the ?am s until the 3J of March neit, nniwn the mm o^$l,5oo 000 shall he previously obtained, and will pay in aldition to the Interest accrued from the date of the la?t cm ainual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day's a<lditioaal interest for the meney to reach the ven dor, the Wliwinr rare* of premrim on raid mocks: For the stock of H42, a premium oflO per cent. For the Muck of Id.7 and la4S, a omnium of 10 per eent; a?d lor the stock of 1&VU, commonly cal:?d r*t<i ladana i:ty 9t<iek. a premium of 6 per ceat. Certificates of stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must be assigned to the United S?af?s, by th* parry duly entitled to receive the proceeds It Rent between date hereof and the 1st day of Ja iu*ry next, the current hall' y ar's in terest m ist be ajaigned by the present stockholder, or It wi l be payable a* heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be ma le from the amount pay ab'c fbr the stock. Paym -nt for the stocks an aligned and trai'iRit ted will b* ma I? by d-at'ts on the AssfsiantTfafn rersat Boston, N>*w York, or PhiU Mplna. at the option of the parties entitled to receive the m^ney wnich <"?o'H?l be expressed in the letters accompa nym* the certificates. JAMBS QUTHRIB, Secretary of the Tr> a*ury. dee 1?dt-'M*ar<-hi AHKTIKKJ P rt Y ?IC1A11, WHOSE ?and< of 11'e have nearly run out, discovered while living In the Fast Indies, a cram cure for Consumption, Bron^hMIs. Astbma, Coughs, Colds, and beneral Lability Wishing to do as mrh good as po*?lble he will send to such of hi* affl.cted fe.low beings as request It, this recipe with f iil and eiptlclt directions for mak'ng It up and an ee^sfully usin? it. He r quires each ap plicant to enc.oie hlmone shl llntj; three cents to oe returned as p>*t on the Heclpe, and the re mainder to be applied to the payment of this ad vertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, Jeraey City, N.J. feb 16-lm BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits -deposits rf.ceived and Checks paid w.thout eharze. Draft* on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par, and Eichangeoa said Cities furnished to de positors without charge ISTi&csT on DiroaiTS?Interest will be a' lowed on Deposits at su:h rates as may be agreed upon Deposits in Virsinia and UNcnti.iT Mo kit ? l>epo?us i.i Virglaliand other Uncurrent Money received to b* checked for, payable In same fundi, or is specie, we charging the tegu lar (Exchange. Ducocira ?Notes, Dr ifts, and Bills of Ex change w>ll be discounted, and Loans made on Stock*, Boadt, aad Securities, at the market rate Lkttbks of Cbkdit ? LeUers of Creilt wl'l be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States,on Dep->slt of Money or Collat erals. and interest allowed if Money l?d -posited, and charged if Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon T>triLi5i3 Billi or Eichissi ?Travelers will bfi 'ainlshed with drafts In such sums as miy d *slred negotiable in the different Cities of tbe Unit* Bills hid Lrttbrs or Crrdit on England. 1 kbl ?d amd Ecbopr ?Uihs of Exchange aid Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. fumtsD-d at the market rite tot Exchange, In sums to suit. Bonos, Stocks, k."?Bord*. Stocks, and Se curities paying from 6 t> 12 V" cent , always for m ?, or bought In the d ffere^t Cities at a com mlwloi ofa^f cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the rlgnt to call for a de p *lt of 10 V cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will t>e o'dered bv telegraph Railroad, Cut, a a Stat* Bonds?Rail road, Cltr, and State Bonds can be placed In our hands for negotiation either In this country or Europe fi iilro d Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants ?Land Warrants bought at the ms-aet rate* All Warrants told by us are f luraataed In every respect uani A arrants l'>cated on commission Land Warrant qlocation* regilarly furnished If requested. W?rmnts will b? forwarded to Western Houses on ord-rs, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parries Rial Estatk and Issprancbs -Real Estate bought and Md and Insurances eff ?eted. Claims on tui Unitbd Statbs, Coobt or Claims, Co??hm ?Claims on the United States, t>ef>ro the-Jour t of C alms or Congress, lntrususl to us, will be prosecute 1 by able and prompt attorneys CHJHB BROTHERS, Jan 27 OppMte the Trea-ury GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UliDEli DE ITER'S HOTEL. Aa laaaeaae assortment sf lew Bosks well b* oy<n?-u This Day, AND AN ENTI.tE^Y NEW LIST OF PRESENTS will be distributed to our patrons hereafter. Members of congress, citizens, anl sr*4NSER3 will fl id our stock of Books wo:ia their attention It is the largest aad mo<( valuable assortment ever opened in this elt/, comprising Staidard and Mlsc-Uaneous Works In all the departments of Ancle.-it and Modem Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of the Season, Bible*. Prayer Books. New Editions of the Po ets. Ar, Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, ana other rich and superb Bladings, ele gantly illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from 23 Cents to tlOu, win be given (im mediately after the sale) to every pu-ehaser of a Book for which we receive SI or more IfTi per eea~. of all our net receipts will be plwed la the bands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the bene ft i of the Poor of the city At the Old Stand, under Dezter's Hotel, sign of the Red Flag. Jan 9-tf J PHILBR1CK. Ag?nt. Rectifying Establishment. rp H E UNDERSIGNED TAKE* THIS A method of Informing liq 101 d*-a ers that he has titled up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH M EN r in this city, and is now prepared te sup ply au those who mav favor him wlih their ru? lom. Hehuoa hand a large stoca of Biandtes, eta, Wlaos, and Old Whiskeys, which b? can sell at as U?w a figure as they cai be purchased for either la Baltimore or Philadelphia. N B Tne anbecrber has also on hand, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Clears PETER FEGAN. No as Louisiana avenue, near loth st. Jan lt-Sm* Na. Vil Pa ave., appealta National Hotel. JUNAS P. LEVY, imfobtbr a*d DBALBB IV TIMl WI*E3, BSA!fDIK8, HrOCEKIW, AND cigars, Has IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne In quarts and pints, I XL; aad i'resaa de Baasey, ana other deslrab.e Brands, Brandy la cask aad bottles, Vlaia** 1777 to 18V?, Hums of aU kinds', Whiskeys 1^*0 to IcHolland Ula of a 1 klnda j Claret W laes of all brands Bnrguadya do do Situ'av do do Sherry do do Masula do do Port do do (ierm*n do do Mo k do do Italian do do Huaga/Saa do do Eagluh Ale aad Porter of ail brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Crow A Blackwell's Loadon Pickles and Preserves of ail kinds Cost*, Sugar, Teas, Ac , As 307 Pean avenue, opposite National Hotel. jaa?-ly JONAS P. LEVY. DR. VlLLARD, Deatiat, Late of Ciioaoo WOULD RESPECTI-ULL^ INFORM -J'b? cltiiene of the District and vicinity, that having located hlm-elf In Wa?hi> gton, he la now prepared to perform all operations, In hi. profesah?T7h7he most approved style msmiob, in tne tleVfCe^? 280 Peon' avenoe> ^Joining Gan . Jan '20-1 y fad _ dental sik?eui. ~ D^wJLn *i?tk8B^,J>ENN AVENUE, BE At th? ni*? " / aiJ Seventh streets. ^ formerly occupied by Dr! jesfe Van Patten, ha* Just receive a\erv^n5B large supply of articles pertain! ia todentlstrv *all ,nvltes ta? Public to give him a r^iion hi f* deT0t^d bU vrhole time to the pro h P"'*?11/ declaring that he sJLv ? r . Ie ^^""ction in every case. The best profeulocal references can be seen at his of ' nov 12-tM arcfhW* DR, 801^? *'338 PBNN'A A V KIM UK, is still making those beautiful tiu> ?octlnaous GUM TEETH, called %&?& Aliens Patent, for the excellency of <Z7Trtft arbich over all other styles of teeth, many now ?eajr!ng them in this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist In this city who ha* been l^e Pmtfatr>J""1 made a bad Imitation Jf It, against whom I hereby caution the public ?Whenever a Dentist apeaka againat Allen s Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when ?rcr.rJ, construeud, It is because he is Ignorant ]',,wi?tf/i0ce8.*' ^ncoaQPptent to make the work, or ?unwilling to pay for the patent. ? Je l<J-tf _ , *>*? C. 8. GOODMAN, uentist, tad mannfacurir ?f Artificial T Teeth. HOSE WHO ARE SO UNFORTUNATE as 10 nqnire Artificial Teeth will find (without any noiifense or hum buggery.) leeth set upen a metallicvDrrnr base or plate Ma erials pare and properly con stfuc'ed as beirg superior to all e ther modes The various ?<p?rations of Dentistry faithfully and properly execu ed. Tender Teeth rendered u-eful for life, by rew menus. Teeth extracted oarefu .y. easily, and skillfully. feb7-3SC<! C?raer ?f 8;h " reet 8,1(1 P*' avence ** i'OKAD.) HOUSE. Pennsylvania arenut ietueeu 3d n,.d 4% streets Washington, D C, ACARD-TnE SUBSCRIBER BEGS TO inform his fri?nds and visi ere to the . ? dur:"K tiie Inauguration, fF^s In addition to his well .supplied Oyster and-lOL Refreshment Saloon, he will have a table con stantly set f r the accommodation of his patron* rmTH<si?$',akka3f'u,st "????' a.Uwihaye a large numb?r of well-aired and comfortable sleeping apartments .x?. J- CLE.VIENT reynolds, feb2t-5t Proprietor. MECHANICAL^ AGRICULTURAL, AND S' lKHIHC BULLETIN. ef the Metropolitan lassitatiwn Fair. 'phE UNDERSIGNED will PUBLISH ...daHv' durS2K tb? continuance of the Metro politan Institute Fair,and in tha Fair Building a Journal, devoted to general intelligence, illustra tions of new iaven'ion*. etc. it offers an unusu al opportunity for manufacturers, patentees, pat ent, and other tgents to give a wide spread circulation to their advertls menta, and tolnven iora for explaining the u'lllty. economy, and operation of their productions. The latest important news by telegraph wl! also be found in its columns Applications for subscriptions and advertise ments can be made to HENRY polkinhorn, or _febatO-iw T. BARN A R D. SHOES?SHOES?MIOES. Having concluded to close out my stock of BOOTS, SHOES AND-rtrt BROGANS. and cor,fine myself exciu-S5Sl sively to the DRY GOODS business, If will commence this day to sell off my en tire stoca at greatlv reducd prices for cttsk. In my stock will be found a general assortment of an<1 Chl'dren's G A ITER?* and SHOES of every description Also, Gents' Boys' and Youths' BOO TS and SHOES of every kind and quality. A lot or Ladles' Black Gaiters at the low prise of H> cents, usual price 81. A lot of Ladles' Sllppeiaand Ties at 3. cents, u?ual price50 cents. Men's good Shoes at8~K and *1, u-ual price 81 and 81 25. Lots of old lashloned shoes of different kinds, at about half price. Purchaser* will And tuey can save at least fif teen per cent, by exiiulning my stock aril pilces before purchasing elsewhere. R ?. HYATT, No .49 Seventh street, third door below the Nor heru Liberties' Market. feb il-eo3t T1 T kike in%ck a*i:e M1E MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COM pan y of the District of Columbia off-is u? the pri>per:y owners of the district the cheapest aad as safe means of Insurance against Los* by Fire as any other company, as will appear by an examination of Its principles Tne injured becomes a member at certain flx^d and uniform rates, for whlcn he gives adrpo^Le n ?te. interest ptyable annually in advance, to form a find for tiie payment of losses All pay ments are pliced 'o thecreditof the Insured,and, ater losses and expenses are deducted, and sav ings tha may accrue are returnable, agreeably to t?.e charter and by-laws, without deduction, and with luteres-- theieon. Tli" actual woraing of this company for the past year shows the a t'Jal cost of insuring flrst ciass prope ty to be but nine c ntsoncacb $IU0, and on other property in the proportion Office adjoining (north) tiie Bank of \\ aahlng ton feb 21 eolt* HARPERS' Ti AOAZ I NX FOR SI AH Hi, received tula morning, and for *?le by the Ateat, j shillington, Odeon Building corner 4^ st and Penn. ave. J Shllllngton has al*o just received another large lo'. of me Police Gazette for February 14 nd vist, conuinlag a full account of the Burde J Trdgedy, with many illustrations feb 25-3t !VOTIl E?ALL PERSONS INDEBTED TO the late firm of C K L GOOD & CO., of Heorgetown, aie hereby notified that tne Books have been piared in my hands for settlement I hose w salng 10 avoid expense had better call at an eany day and settle ? , a* <? R p JACKSON, feb tf-3t No. !S> Hr'due street. NEW DKY MOOD STOKE. HE SUBSCRIBER HAVINO PURCH ASED the stock of Dry Goods in the store, No 375 7ta Btr?et, near I. formerly occupied bvK.G Hy att, and recently by J W. Barneclo, will hereaf ter continue the business in said store, where he will be plea-ed to see his friends and the public in general, and will endeavor to please every cus tomer Uiat favors him with their patronge Having bought the old su-ca at greatly reduced prlc?, be is rlo?lag it out at *? per cent leas than the original cost in order to make room for a fresh supply of Spring Mooda * ^ CHAS F. PERHIE, _ * 7th street, near I. D. SMITH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. CONVEYANCING IN all IIS BRANCH J e^, promptly atu-nded to; and a l buslnex* pert lining to the effl^e of a Magistrate wlli be dispatched at 'he earl -est moment. ll^Offlce ?3th street, between F and G, west feb 14-1m BEAUTIFUL NEW CHINA Ornamenr* jast opening at Mclaughlin a co's, frb 16 SW, bet 8th and Wih sta. AT PRIVATE SALE. A PAIR OP FIRST RAi'E BLOOD BAY CARRIAGE HORSES, upwards cf 15 hands high?young, sound, and per- JW? fect:y gentle in harness. AI?o, a New York buKit Carriage, iirarly new, a^d a Lair of very excel lent harness. .'E??."J??T^Pr0f*TtT 610 be ,een on application at SMI TH'S Livery Stables, corner 19'.h street aud Pecn avenue feb IS-2 <wiw* \fC.HBER? AND STKANUKHS LEAV ivi. Ing our cl y for home should not fall to take wl h tbem something from our establishment In the Music or Mtuleal Instrument line Ours la the arrest and most extensive Piano and Mualc Emporium la the District. Mo Pa avenu* betwfen ? h anl l'Jth st'. ' feb 18 JNO F. ELLIS. ONLY ONE SEL'ONIl. ?ANU riANO ie I at W G. Mualc Depot, corner lltn ftreet nndf7 f fT" Penn avenue Will be sold very cheap, to rnaae room fjr six of Muzxore'a Iron PIjum, which are In the Cooatom Houae now. feb 20 inn rouI BALLS, ALL SIZES AND lu" all prlcoa, at our great Fancy Store h. j. Mclaughlin a co., feb LI 80, bet. 9th and 9th sta. C DENTAL. A CARD.?SINCE IT IS ALLEGED THAT "Porcelain mounted on gold plate Is tkecnly reliable substance that can be worn In the mouth, as shown by the last American Dental Conven tion," I deem It but Just to myself and the cause In which I labor, thai a statement to the public should be made in this connection. in addition to the general Invitation which was given the Dental Profession to attend a Conven tion at Hope Chapel, in the city of New York, in August last, I revived a personal written lnvlta ?l?n from the Secretary, requesting me to attend and present my improvement in Dentistry. I did attend, and a< owed specimens of my style of work, besides those that were then worn by per sons who were there, and had worn them for the past three years. And these specimens attracted the at entlon and admiration of all who saw them I gave a succinct account of the nature of the ma terials used, the process of making, the complete success of the practical application of my meth od, and showed clearly its merits and superiority over former methods. But, let it be remembered, ?h?t a majority of the members of that Convention deemed it "un Firofessional" to patent a dental improvement, '?at the tingle-tooth manufacturing Interest was strongty represented there?and with which in terest my method most decidedly interferes?that the report of this Convention was published un der the superintendence of that interest; and fur ther, be It remembered, as a significant fact, that my speech or explanatien was mt published in that report, to'iieh includ d everything eUe ihat was said, or however trivial a nature Th-rtfore, (if It Is true) that It was shown by this Convention what is abov* stated, the sub stance thus l,?tinwn" may not be free from pre judice But, whether it is or not, and whether my taking out letttrs patent be deemed profes sional or otherwise, I shall still persist In holding and defending my pe tent, in spite of the divers lnslnuatlors and falsehoods of my professional brethren, snd fhall stl.l continue to manufacture at my different offices, as 1 have for the past three years, my inimitable and absolutely perfect arti ficial dentures, atd defy any dentist in this or any other country, to pre duce a similar work of art* to equal In pcrlty, beauty, ? urabiiity or artistic ex cellence, myftyle of teeth, which I am now ma king ; and will further offer A RKWAltl) OF PI VIS HUNDRED DO LLA RS, which shall be promptly paid, In case they are so eiual'ed. MAHLON LOO MIS, 278, between 11th and 12th sta., feb 23 Pa ave., Washington, D C. DEfTlSTRT DR. STEPHEN BA1LY. Office N?. 19$ Pennsylvania Avinue, Three doors from lit* street. DR HA! LY b-?gs leive to Inform the public that he can be; seen at all hours, at his office, located as above He feels assured that an expe rience of flfteei yeirs' practice, with the large number cf patients, and great variety of dlflicuU c jscs tha". he has treated successfully, will enable him to scrmount any difficulty, scientific or oth erwl?e, relating to ths T?eth His own experi ence confirming the opinion of many men emi nent in the profession, and especially Drs Harris and J and IS P .irmly, has led him, long since, to discard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth, also all Ename s, Sntta Pereha, India Rubber, and Cements for theconstruatl< n of Con tinuous Gum leeth, and that Porcelain, mcuatel on Gold Plate, Is the only reliable si b.?tance that can be worn in the mouth, as was most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vention. Although he flitters himself that from his long residence and practice In Washington, he is fa vorably known to bis numerous friends and pa trons, ne begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. From the Ute Hector of the Cuurch of J?pipb?i>y of this city. Dr. Stifhii* Bailt D?*r Sir?1 desire to express my ee teein for you personally, and my ronddetce iu yon u a ?n berior dentist Tit* uiiTillu'i executed for me Ii?t? b to hf;h r satls.actory. I h"j>? that you may receive the patrf.u sje from my friend* a',d the f ubli<- that your skill n well de?ervc?. Yonrs very t.uly, WuIi!d(Vju, W, hM. J. W. FRKNCH. From one of tUs oldest Arm* In Baltimore, Messrs. Bog<?, Cvtui.u a Co Having employed Dr. Stephen Bally, Snrjreon DentVt, >>f Washington Cite, to execute for me, an Important and diffi cult piece of work, which he did to tny entire satisfaction, and In vle\? of the f?ct that one of tl?? moat distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after re posted trial*, to perform tb? *am? work satisfactorily, it F|TI? m- xreat p ea?nre to iixpres* iny entire confidence an J b!<h estimation of Ills professional skill. Baltimore, January 12, 1S&7. HARMtSN BCOG9. Extract from a Dots received from the late Oou. John M. Clayton. IT. S. Skhatb, August 1j, 1556. The teeth yon made forme work admirably; nothing ronld be better. Tory gratefnlly, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To tlioae that seek relief from tfc? maladies of the teeth, 1 can cheerfully recou.raend Dr. 3 B,lly, ae a mi).:iior Den tist; be male a seto p >rc-l?.ti teeth t'jroneof my family. ?ad plu?ed several teeth to uiyaelf. and the work kin all stood well fvr more thnti ten year*. BOBKKT T. NIXON, of I! * Va. Conference of t-ie M. &. Church S.ntli. April 19, 1*16. We, the nui!er*i?u?l, b ?vl hi h?d occasion to avail onrsel ve* of the profession*! skill of Dr S. Bally, Sur?.e >ii Dm! at, of tula city; or having been cognix ntof hi* operst'ons on onr families or friend*. f?lre pleasure In express! g ,,u" adutlra tleii of his art ?tic skill, a* <?eil a* of the unli-.inily sstisf&c tory mauner In w hicu he performs the most delicate an 1 d f fl<-olt op-rations lu Dental SuiKe.y. *ud wf restrctfuliy re coamrnd him to the c jnBden< e and patronage of t-e pnblle , 0 which we consider him eminently worthy THOMAS I' WAl.TKK, JOS. H BKADI.EY, Architect li S Capitol. of W-siilnxtoii, D. C. TUOJtAS MILLSK, M D.. OKORGK WALTON, of Washington, D. C. Kx-Oovernor o:' Florid*. B. H. BOHKEK, M D., WAl.TKtt I.KNOX, of Ueorgetown, D. C. Kx Mavor of VVaei:lng!ou. X 8. LINCOLN, M D., HKNUY BALDWIN, WseUngtou, D C. V. ?. Pateiit Offlce. 0. C. WIOUT, Ptlncl. el Elttechouu Academy, ftb 10 tf ' UK. N. K. PAlNTIil, From Charleston. South Caxohna,) Sargean, Chiropedist and Practical Opera tor on the Feet, INVITES THK ATTfcNTIUN OF Members of Congress, Citizens, and Strang- 1 ers to his instantaneous and effectual I cure of CORNS, BUNIONS, Nails Penetrating the Flesh, cured without< the slightest pain, by a new and pe cullar method, without cutting, by means of an tlliir of his cwn composition, in five to ten min ute*, and the relief is so instantaneous, that the persons thus treated can Immediately put on their shoes and walk wl hout the least inconvenience Ur P ha? pra~tl*ed in his profession for the last twenty-four years with remarkable success, and Is now well known and vouched for by respectable and prominent persons, some of whose names are an|nrOrders will be attended to if left at Browns' Hotel, or the Kirkwood House, or at my Offlce, No 3i0 north side Pa avenue, over Hutchinson A Monroe's Fancy Store. Refers, by permission, to?Washington: **. W Humphreys, Jonas P. Levy Hon. L. M Keitt tx Gov Thomas, B Tucker. Baltimore: W G Maiwell, Col a Houston, Calvin 6reen, P. H. Sullivan. Charleston: Prof. Dickson, Prof Glttlngs, Dr. H. V. Tooner, Dr. W. M. Dr^P can be consu ted from 8 to 12 a. m , aud from I to f> p. m , and will attend families at their residences feb 17 2w ir^ The Attention ot the public la re spectfully called te the fallowing Wetlce : VARNELL'S PAINTING EMPORIUM JUST OPKNED ON A NEW PLAN NO. 51 Louisiana avenue, between 5th and 7th sts , north side, Mgn of the large Eagle. . HOUSE, SIGN, and FANCY PAINTING of every description will be extcuted at leaaoaable price*, and by competent workmen. I am determined to give entire satisfaction to all who will give me a trial. Sljrn and Fancy Work ten per cent cheaper than the old standard prire. The Establishment will b? open from 7 a.m., to V4 past ? o'clock p. m , and all orders will be promptly attended to CITY l?F KEOKUK (IOWA) BOWD*. The subscribers, agents for the sale of these Bond', rtq'ie^t the attention of D?r?on8 wishing ti makessMnve?>tment8, to these securl'les They can be sold so as to pay 10 per cen' per annum interest. The Coupons are pay

able in New York, and also received in payment of Taxes to the city of Keokuk ; and the Bonds ?re fwcured by an equal amouut of the stock of the Keok ik and Fort Dea Molncs Railroad and may be converted Into said stock at the option of the holder We regard them as one of the very best securities in tue mark^ ^ ^|0u rse, feb S-lm ISth street, oppo T ea?ury Dept. POTATOES.?1000 BUSHELS PRIME white MERCER POTATOES, in store,and fo, sale in lots to .nit P-^?f?R BERR Y, 1 Jan 87-tI 0# Water street, Georgetown. 1 IF YOU WANT TO BUY CHEAP dry goods CALL AT K. e. HYATT'S, 349 Seventh Mreet, Third door bilow the Northern' Market, Where will be found a rich as sortment OF? Plaid 811*8 from 5ft cents, up ?col fast colored Ginghams at Bard It) cts , usual price 10 and 12 cents Fine Irish Linens at 25 cents, richly wrrth 37c. SOdoxen Lsdl's' Fine Linen Hendkerchlefs at 6 cents 50 doze i Lines Shirt Bosoms at 12K, usual price 25 cents 20 yards good Calico for 81 Yard wide unblea:bed Cottons at Bk' cents Good black Alpaca at 12^ cents All kinds of WInter ?>oods at prime cost A lot of Lawns, Chaliles, Barege de Lalnes and Bareges left over from last season, wblch will oe so'd extra cheap A large lot of Cloaks and Mantillas at less tban cot Just opened, a very large lot of Bleached and Brown Sheeting and Shirting Cottons < f the verv best make?. at very low prlr es A lot of BLANKETS and BED COMFORTS very cheap. Be particular, ar.d remember the name snd nu_mb<'r feb 21-to3t HORSES, CAR KIAUhS. HARNESS. fcc7, FOR SALE. , /vH A gentleman soon to leave the' city, offers at private sale?" An elegant pilr of bay CAR RI A(iK HORSES half brothers, of Erllps! stock 6 and 7 yearso:d over 16 hand* lilgh, hist travellers, of splendid' style and action, suited to all harness ard the sad dle, without fault or blemish, and believed to have no equals in the Dl>trlct. An extra HORSE, closely mating and used al ternately with the above ; bay, cf Trustee stork 7 years old, sound and kind, and suited to all harnef s, particular!) valuable as a single faml'v horse ? 7 A beau Iful BAY MARK, of Messenger ?to< k, r> yesrs old. 15 hands high, of great fpeed ai d bottom, sound and kind, and remarkably fine as a ladles' saddle horse. A stylish FAMILY COACH, nrar!y new, cost c" 4). A handsome FAMILY CARRIAGE, nearly new, suitab e for summer and winter, cost ??;o A LEAiHER-lOP BUGGY, of hanasome style, n?orlv new, cost 8259 A ?et of elegant DOUULE HARNESS, med but a few times, cost *150 a ^of SyHBJL,IS enl single harness, Saddles, Bridles, Stc Only such as are wiiline to pay fair price need apply. Enquire at this effloe. ftb ift-2awtf WASHINGTON INSURANT COMPANY. Subscriptions to capital stock authorized. N ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROV1S ions of tue 2d section of the l- act to incorpo rate an lcsu ance Company In the city of Wa^h ington, approved February 1?, 1?57," the subscri bers, belrg the persons named In the 1st ?ection of said m, do hereby authorize a subscription to be opened for the capital stock cf said eon nanv at the Stationery Store of W*. y. Bayly, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, on Monday, the9th of March next, le tween the hour3 of 12 aLdl o'clock p m. The provisions of the said - d section are as fol lows, and must be strictly complied with : And be it further enactedt 'X he the fersons named In the f-jregolng section, or a msjorlty of them are heeby authorized to open a subscription in the city of \\ aatlogton for raiwln^ a cipl'ai stock of t*-0 hundred tkousard dollars in snare* of twenty dollars each, and tLat esch person on subscribing shall pay to the persons above-men tion^ci four dollars on each share subscribed for : and that the remainder of the said twenty dollar* shall be secured by negotiible noie*, signed ai d endorsed to the satisfaction of said persons cr a majority of them, and payment thereof may be demanded at s"ch times and in such proportions as tit* President and Directors htrea ttr mention ed stall Judge ad?isttb;e. giving six week's do tire In three of the gazettes printed In the district of Columbia." SILAS H HILL, J. C. McGUIRE, BENJAMIN BEALL, SAMUALBACON, JOSEPH BRVAN, AUGUSTUS E. PERRY, C MILLER. WM. T. DOVE, WALTER LENOX, M. W GALT, WALTER HARPKR, W. WALL, WM. F BAYLY. Washington, February 23, 13i7. feb 24-3tawtmarV&d 825 REWARD. The above reward will be patd by the subscriber for the apprehension of NEGRO MAN TOM. who ran away from George A Ml'chell. Esq , to whom he Is hired for the year 1857. . _ Tom Is about 28 years old, of medium size a..d height, quite black, with a full suit cf bushy hair. He is no doubt lurking about Georgetown or Washington, as he las a number of acquaintances in the Dis'.rict. If taken beyond the limits of the Rate a reward of |5J will be paid He must be brought heme to the subscriber or secured in jail so that I >'et h!m again SHELLY CLARK, feb 16-eotf Upper Marlboro', Md TO OUR CUSTOMERS. WE DECLINED DOINO BUSINESS TH1 second time and forever for a certain com pany; mere than paid all indeU-dness. Afer whi; h tbey published that the agency was dis continued. The object was so apparent thatthe ettVct has been to increase rur buMneis We have wi hin a few months erased to act for two others, for which we have done some little, and paid them in full. We hope they will not publish It until we have had time to find a gcod additional oleik, for w e have cow our hands quite full, the premiums for life and lire lmu;<ince having exceeded one thousand dollars the present wrek You wisely infer that companies that would quarrel with us wou d be more likely to quarrel with you, as you have long known we were peace ably inclined.having paid to wldowsai;dorphans, and frr fl e losses, wltuout any lawsuits, over 8140,000 since we have been in business. Annual statements of rur Life Company are ready for delivery, and show that it is?qual to any, if not supe;lor to all, affording 835 dividend for every hundred paid in. We have also a Fire Insurance Company, among others, with a very large capital, that di stributes among Its customers three-fourths of all its profits We shall continue to watch your interest with ceaseless vigilance J C.LEWIS, Superintendent Office492 Seventh street, below the General Post Office. P 8 All losses that have become due have been promptly paid, either by ourselves or the companies. feb23eolm OK ESS MAKING IN THE MOST MODERN FRENCH styles, and at the shortest notice. OiV HAND ?FRENCH BONNETS, wl h real Lace Trimming, which will be sold very low to reduce stock. M. WILLI AN, Market Space, between 7th and fth jan 27-eolm streets. W W HACKNEY. W.BDAYTOS. HACKNEY A DAYTON, Real Estate and General Land Agency, Owaha C:tt, N. T. feb 14-TuAF4m SHAWLS! SHAWLS: ! A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK OF Stella and other styles of Shawls, suitable for the approaching Spring, now on hand, and will be so.d at a verv low price, by the subscriber, 244 Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. feb 3-eolm FRANK A. McGEE. CARD. ISAAC HERZBERG, LICENSED PAWNBROKER, Will loan 910,000 in sums to suit, on any articles of value No. 420 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and streets. Jan 7-eotfm* ( OTT8, MATTRESSES, BEDS, Ac ntic1pating A LARGE DEMAND I have had male up a heavy stock of superior and Inferior curled hair, shuck, and cotton top M ATI RESSES ; hair and feather PILLOWS and BOLSTERS; feather BEDS; double and tinge COTTS, Ac. 1 have also In store, fifteen setts of COTTAGE CHAMBER FURNIIURE, from the cheapest to the most expensive patterns, together with a general assortment of parlor, dining-room, and chamber FURNITU KB, *o., all of which fwlll sell at unusuaUy low prices C. W. BOTELER, feb 2l-eo?t 1 ron Hall. A' EVENING STAR. Doesticks Determines to ba Garoted [From the New York Picayune ] Wonderfully popular has tbo fashionable amusement of garoting lately become. It seems to b? one of the delightful recreations of high life to be choked and robbed?the hern vhtirns of thegarote are as Much lionised in Iiolite circles nt present, as Polish nobles and lungarian refugees once were Instead of star?, rihbons and orderf, damaged faces and broken bends are now the rage in Fifth Ave cuo A smashed nose is a surer passport to social distinction than the Orderof the uarter, and a black eye is better capital for soiree and party free passes than a doien crosses of the Legion of lienor Uaroting is exceedingly useful, too, in matrimonial speculations A fast friend of mine, yourg Denoots, ow?d old Bootjack, the oil merchant, $300, for money advanced to pay college expenses?young D? boots's guardian sent him the dimes to settle the account. That evening young Deboots sat d.iwn to a friendly game of poker" with a few frionds, much faster than himsalf. and after five deals his " pilo" wasn't north ? Spani.-h quarter Young Deboots cogitated, and next morning got up an artistic black eye with some India ink and a little gamboge, put a couple of strips o( court plaister on his fore head, and, with his arm iu a sling, presented himself to o d Bootjack, lie told a doleful story of having been garoted, and he sLowed the marks Booij ick believed the yarn, and wrote a lorg letter to young Deboots's guard ian for more money for that your g gentleman. Buotjack's fine daughter saw young Deboots iu her father's tfS;o?pitied the interesting young man, and atked pap - to introduce hiu ; in three days young Deboots was invited to a Urge party at old Bootjack's, where he was the lien of the evening, und where he recount ed his adventure with his garoters more than twenty times, with additions and variations ; Matilda Jane was captivated with the brave young man?the brave young m<?n improved his opportunities, and four days ei ped with Matilda Jane, who has a hundred thou and in her own right from her grand auut Young Deboots recovered from his black eye the first time be washed his face; he to? k his arm out of the black handkerchief and pulled the court plaister off his face the night he was married, uLd his been a well man ever since Pigford, my esteemed frier.d and fellow boarder at Mrs Snagley's, has been garoted? and it really teems as it' the robbers must have intimately known his private ufiairs, be cause the event occurred on the night of the very day that fco received a remittance from England to pay Mrs. S. his five months' board?he appeared at the Oreakf&st tublw next morning wiih a countenance so much damaged, and was so cast down on Mrs. b.'e account, that she couid not find it in her heart to refuse him three months' longer credit, until he can get another remittance from Eng land. Jenks. another of cur boarders, was garoted twice in one week?it has a bewildering effoct I unou Jenks?it makes hita unsteady in the legs and causes his breath to mmII ef rum punch?on the first occasion of the robbing and choking outrage he rung tho area bell of the h.-u^e on the other side of the street until a policeman interfered and brought him home?then Jenks inveigled the policeman I into tho house and delivered him over to ine with many formalities, assuring me that he was a garoter whom ho had overpowered and captured by mam strength, and he showed the star on the M. P.'s breast as the place where the invincible ti.-t of Jenks had " fma.ihed his jaw." Jenks was garoted agiin two days alter. jvnd brought home by a gentlemanly individual, who picked bis pack ets at the door, took his overcoat, changed hats with him. and then rang the bell for the j girl to come and let Jenks into 'he house j Iho girl came and found this individual try ing to whittle cfl one ef the pickets of the iron fence with his peuknife, and meanwhile ' making a furious attempt to siug the words of the Evening llymn to the Virgin to the classic air of Koot Dog or Die. The mania has extended even to the Litct en, and the servants are now following the } example of their betters, and getting garoted J on every favorable opportunity?if the bi.y goes to tbc butcher'?, he i3 invariably, ac cording to bis own account, attackei by a band of ruffians and robbed cf th* mnn?y before ho gets home?thi.? hrs happened four successive days iu broad daylight, and has cost Mrs. Snarly about four anl sixpence a time. I sent Saily,tbe little errand gi;l, with a dime for some beor, and she returned in tears, with the news that she tc-o had been ?4 groted." and had lost the charge. She brd her fist full of lemon candy, and had two I ig apples in her pocket, which I suppo.-e the robbers had given her. 1 am positively frightened-things are truly I in a dreadful state in my neighborhood?1 dare not travel on the sidewalk, and hav? I ruined my best pintaloons walking through the slush in the middle of the road. I imagine I there is a garoter ui der every p .ving stone, or hidirg behind every lam^-post. Daylight I sometimes shows me the strange mistake.- I 1 had made in the night. 1 find that 1 have I been two blocks out of my way to avoid a I broken wheelbarrow which I took for a con I cealed ruffian; and have run half a mile to I get away from a pump, which I imagined wa? I a fierce garotrr with a club raided ; and have I on nine occasions crossed the street through a knoc-deep puddle, to escape a molasses hogs- I head, which I supposed to ben rotund robber, lying in wait for the subscriber This state of things was unendurable, and I acc rdirgly armed myself for the want I got a revolver, I a bowie knife, a dagger, a slung-shot, asw~rd cane, a ,k billy," a policeman's club, a pair of I braes knuckles, and six good, large paving stones, which I carried in a convenient place I 1 in tny over-coat pocket?tbere wasn't an inch I of me that wa-n t guarded by something that I would shoot, strike or stab. I had, to be sure, some little trouble in managing the en- I tiro armory?I fired away four boxes of per- I eufsion caps practising how to draw and fire J :uy revolver in tho lea'?t space of time?then I I .bought I'd load it, which I did, putting co I much powder into each barrel, that 1 had to I drive the ball in at tho end with a tack ham- I mer?then I tried to fire it, and not a barrel I would go ctf?then at dinner I accidentally J dropped it, and it all went off at once, lodging three of the balls in a boiled ham on the ta ble, while the rest brought up in a large bowl of mince meat in the kitchen, and were after wards discovered in the pies by the board> ers?then I sat down on my bowie-knife, and cut my leg half off?then I dropped my dag ger out of the sheath, and it went through the top of my boot and stuck into my foot-three times have 1 smashed my toes with my slung shot; and I have broken two entire sets of cham^r crockery, four mirrors, and all my window glass, practising with my club and sword cane. My pockats are so full of instruments of death, that they are in the way of my busi ness?if I want my memorandum book, out comcs my revolver; if I have occasion for "my portmannaie I find a " billy" in its place; instead of my penknife, I put my hand on a s on^- botj'when 1 am in a hurry for mj lat?l ? key, I can't find anything but a pair of brass knuckles; and I have, on four different occa sions attempted to pay my board with pav ing-stones, simply because I couldn tfind any thing elae in my pocket. But I am fast becoming expert?I can and fire my revolver in two minutes and a half, if the lock doesn't catch in the lining of my pocket-1 can get brass knuckles ready for action in four minutes?I can draw my bowie-knife as quick as I can unbutton my over coat to get at the handle; and I oan strike another man with my rlung-ahot as or ten as I hit myself, which is uuoh moro than THE WEEKLY STAE Thla excellent Family ud Newa Jeoraal?eon talnlng a greater variety of lataraattng readiaj than cut be found la any otl??f?Is published 01 Saturday morning. Taitca. Blnelf cory? Pct annum TO CLUM. Five copies U U Ten roplm # N Twenty ooptoe JL- li C K7" Ca?h, ikviauaLT ia abvabcb. B~j-Singlecopies (tn wrrappeta) can beproe'" < a* toe coB[ t?r, In m~41atf>ly afia the Issue of far* Price?Thub Cu*ts. PoiTMAiia??vbo art bs agents will be allow* c B conn mission of twenty per ccnt I could do at first. Qaroters beware?Doe iticki if prepared Courageously, Q K Peilahdbr Dobsticxs, p B. P. S. I've been thinking the mater over ? on examining my prirata acoouats, I flat ] owe money in divers sod sundry place*, u follows: Tailor I?3 00 Bootmaker..... 17 50 Board... 21 11 Chop House. 3 87 Borrowed money W Beer 14 26 I dare not add it up?the total amourn would overpower me?they bare all heard that I intended to leave town to morrow, and they are all here. $93 is in the ball?$17.M is talking with $21 11 in the front parlor? SJ 87 sit* on the door step, while $14 26 baa two b>;ys on the corner, to see that 1 don t run tw&y before he geta back from dinner There i# but one resource?I II "make paper."?I'll Huntington a check, make it payable to-mor row. chow it to these harpies, m?ke them all believe they'll get their money soon, and then, to-night, in spite of my multitudinoua ?eapons I II be garoted and robbed of all I bare? Jones says he'll do i? for me?he'll give me a scientific black eye ior nothing, and peel my nose without any charge. I consign myself to the tender mercies of, whioh must satisfy my creditors for another threa week.*. Despairingly, Q. K. P. D. P. B. A Hat Stout ?Not long since, in an intel ligent family residing in Hampshire county, * t-irigutar c'.rcaxstauce < oeurred. About ten o'clock every evening, just before the famtlj retire I, a ?tr*nge and unaccountatle acutd would le heard At first, it was not tboagtt much of, it being attributed to the snoring of tome member i f the lamily who had retired earlier tban th?se who heard the noise. But on investigation this did not account for the di.'turbmce Corjectures of spirit rappiugs ??n i ether unearthly causes were rife, and the greatest alarm and fear was freduced on the younger and female member- of the family, as night after night they heard this bussing, roaring sound Tne father and eldest son determined that they would know the causa of this strange noise Accordingly, on the next night they await ed the repetition of the phenomenon; when near witching time of night, the ominous sound was again beard. With great care and caution they ascended the btair-case, the ??- und growing louder as they advanoed. Parsing up the second flight and looking into the garret, they beheld the great spinning wheel which was stored there whirling with great velocity. Watching the wheel olotely, they observed on the inside of tba rim a larg? fit, performing a la squirrel. But ratty'? sport was of short duration; for pussy being introduced, soon apnropria'.ed master rat to her own use.?Mi'ford Journal. Expabdixo tbk Luxes.?An exchange gives the following suggestion for increasing the capacity of the lungs ; Step out into the purest air you can find, sland perfectly erect, with the shoulders back, and then, fixiLg the lips as though you were going to whittle, draw the air. not through your nostrils, but through the lips, into the lungs When the chest is about half fait, gradually raise the arms, keeping them ex I tended, with the palms ot the bands down, aa you suck in the air. so as to brirg them crar the head just ><s the lungs are quite full. Then drop the thumb inward and atterg?ntly forcing the arms backward and the chest open, reverse; the process should be repeated three or four times, immediately after bathing, i ':d also several times during the day. It is im possible to describe to one who never triod it the gloriou" senae of rigor which follows this exercise It is the best expectorant in tha world Wo know a gentleman, the measure of tvl'0?e chest his been increased by this means some three or four inches, during a? many months. Hew to Dye Ivort a Ran Cocoa.?We flrd the following in the Scuntxtic Amtrtcan, as t" the method of coloring ivory billiard balls. *' First wash the balls in strong cold soapsuds, to remove all grease from their surface, then rinsa them in cold water. Then place on the fire a tin or copper ladle containing ground coshineal, a little cream of tartar, and about a thimble loll of the muriate of tin to foar quarts of water in the ladle, and boil the bulla in this for ab ut five minutes; tlien take them out. dip them in cold water, and boil them in the coloring l'qaer f >r about fire minutes longer, and they w,U be colored Now take them out, wash them in cold water, and they are finished. Half an ounee of good cochin eal boiled in three quarts of soft water, with o^e fourth of an cnnce of cream of tartar, aad a small thimblcfull of the inariate of tin, or, as a substitute, alum, will color six ivory b tils a good lull red This method of color ing irory was giren in ocr columns about four year*? ago, but tho now subcribsr who has requested ithij information, cannot refer to the previous receipt." A Discrbs.t Clergy max.?A Boston corref pondent of the Silem Gaictte relates the fol lowing anecdote "At the house of an eminent thcugh not aged D D. in Boston, tbere was visiting a lady of brilliancy and accomplishment A carriage drive before dinner was propesed for the cler gyman, hi? wife, and the lady guest. Tha wife of the clergyman was presented from being one of the party, aud a chaise ride for the clergyman and the strange l?dy was con cluded on ; whereupon, by direction of the clergyman, two chaises drove up at the ap p-tinted hour, into tha hinder one of whioh the clergyman seated the lady, and handed her the reins, and then took his seat in the for ward on e; and thus in grara procession tba two chaises proceeded, each with iU single occupant, through the streets of this and a neighboring city, till they reached the open country, and after a short and rery refresh ing drive, returned to the clergyman's house in the same demure and unimpeachable order. Suffice it, that such a careful minister in a long pastorate does not incur reproach of a certain kind." A Mas Attacked bt Wbasbls ?On Wed nesday last a laborer named Hogarth, while proceeding along the turnpike near the ril i&ge of Smallholm, was set upon by twelve of these creatures At first he observed them emerge out of a dry stone dyke, and when be was within fifty yards they made towards him in a body He armed himself with a "griev ous crab tree cudgel," and awaited the ap proach of the assailants They came leisure ly on, and when cloee to him, despite the menacing attitude he assumed, nine of their number attacked him ia front, and made two or three ineffectual attempt* to fasten their teeth in his trousers, but by the active use of bis weapon five of tba nine were killed ; the other four escaped. By this time three of them had got behind, and clung tenaciously to bis legs, aotually suffering themselves t> be killed rather than release their hold Of the attacking force he succeeded in destroy |]g eight -?Jiflfo Mail Habd to Bblibve?Malton B Butler a timber eutter of Scriven county, Georgia, went to Savannah since Christmas to sell tim ber, was taken sick, and, it was thought, died There being a boat about to leave, bis remains were deposited in a coffin and tent home. On opening the coffin after its arrival, he was discovered to smile Medical assist ance was immediately called, and it is laid that he is fast recovering He was in the oof fin nearly two days and ty There are *fty-*x banka In Mew York city.