Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. W A KTi* 9MOffL9 PI LIFT AT TBS OfTld II Twiiti f-aock, V . OTIIIVUI TNT MAT WOT irnui tfTll T?? ?Mt Mt. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE^ A DniADrrL Homicide ?? This morning, D. C. Lee, a Sl,400-elerk in the Pension Bureau, who vu appointed bj the present Administra tion, Iroin Loudon county, Va , killed David Hume. E*q , a merchant, of the linn of D. Hume A Co. in Alexandria, Va. The homi cide took place in the room of the Pension office occupied hy Lee and others. The cir cumstanoes of the affair are as follows: At the President's levee, last night, Lee felt the hand of some one in his pocket, in the erowd, and supposing it to be that of Mr. Hume, who was standing very near him among others, ch arged H. with endeavor ng to pick his pocket, both having ladies on their arms at the time. Lee placed his hand on Hume's breast as he madp the charge. Hume replied, " Sir, I should feel myself dishonored if I should pick the pocket of such a man as you are." Lee repeated the charge, and Hume then told him tha; having ladies on his anas alone prevented him from slapping his face. The ladies clung around them to separate them, and Msj Lilly and ot>er.i. who were near by, interposed and separated them. Thoy then exchanged cards. Immediately afier the opening of the office this mortiing, Mr. Hume accompanied by Mr. Walker, the reading clerk of the House of Representatives, went to the room of Lee, Mr. CMe, the chief clerk, accompanying them. % Here it is proper that we should cbangeukW rcj? unt of tho case to a narrative of what oc curred before the Coroner's inquost. Oa the arrival of Coroner Woodward, at about 11} p. ui , the following jury was em paneled : C. H. Foster, Wm Flinn, David M Bull, Thkddeu* E Sands, Wm B Malcolm,Newell Kemoa, M Crawford, Mason Campbell, AL^il iu 11 Mirkland, Jonas B Keller, Thus. J M tse.V King x. Page testified to being in an ad joining room, and hearing a noise as of scuf fling or striking, and on entering deceased was falling; assisted in laying him back and opening his clothes; Col Lee was walking baok and forward and said " You must not fclaine me, gentlemen, I did it in self de fence;" saw no deadly woapon in tho hands if the deceased jThe Coroner bore stated that no we ?oons were found upon the person of deceased j Mr. Daniel McConk testified that he Was sit ting in room >'o. t>0 ; beard the discharg of a pistol, aLd entering this room, saw deeeated in the act of falling, sapporfed by Dr Miller and Mr Page; the pulse of the deceased wes extinct in a few minutes ; witness bad had possession of the bouy since the death of the deceased, and is certain that no deadly weapon was upon bis person Solomon G. Heaton saw the transaction last nlgLt at the President's levee; was passing towards the East room with a lady and near the doorway of the President's recoptioo room, came up in the rear cf Col. Lse ; noticed that he had one o? two ladies with him ; stood there for a moment, the crowd being so great cculd n< t pass; a gentleman coming from the reception room met them and seemed to be try ing to pass us and go out; deceased was this gentleman; Col. Lee stood rather ceased, and while in that position saw Col. Lee put his hand on his pantaloons pocket; he then spoke to deceased, and at the same moment stepped up to bim and collared him saying, " You have mf pocket book ;" could not eav if deceased had a lady with him or not; Col. Lee remarked further that he should not let him go until he gave up tb? pocket book, and the Colonel then called lor assistance, turning his head towards wit ne?s; deceased did not reply immediately, but looked surprised; his first reply, that witness heard, was: " For what reason do you make this charge Mr Lee did not seem partic alarly excited; Lee said: " Sir, 1 felt your hand in my pocket and saw you take it oat;" deceased replied that he had not taken the pccket-book, and seemed surprised at the charge, and immedioteiy enquired of Col Lee his name. Col Lse gave his name and turning to witness said here is a gentleman who krowa me: Col Leu still retained his hold upon hiscoat during this conversation ; witness said to de ceased that he knew Col. Lee; deceaaed began to get a little excited, manifesting some feeling, aaJ said to Col. Lee. " Come, go with me , witness then pas?ed Col. Lee, and that is all he saw of the occurrence then; came up to the of d:e about V this morning, to room adjoining . soon after came into this room ; found Colonel Lee ; made inquiry how the affair terminated last tight; he was relating the circumstance: the chief clerk, Mr. Cole, cf the Pension Office, opened tiie door, came in, and inquired if Col. Lee wad in , immediately two gentlemen came into the room ; Col Lee was standing by his desk at the lime , two or three other gentle m n were in the room; recognised deceased as one of the gentlemen who entered; Col Lee pa83ed to wards the door from his desk advancing some what towards the gentlemen or in the direc tion of the door ; thinks deceased remarked "you are the gentleman I met last night a: the President's, and accused me of your pocket book," enquiring at the -aiB9 time if he recognized him; Col Lee replied that he did recognize him distinctly; they entered into conversation, and deceased undertook to explain why he should not be accused of Committing an act of that kind; remarked that he had lived an upright tcan for forty five years, and had irobably given away more money than Col L? was worth, and a?k.)d what motive he ,ald have in picking his pocket also if be still reiterated his charge; C?>1. Lee atswered that he did reiterate his caarg?; they st-?od facing each other at that tonne deceashd had a black cane, with a tent handle, in his hand; (a care was identi fied by witness as the one;) deceased struck Lee over ihe head as many as three times; ?-j.- retreated, deceased at same time striiiug h:in with care; henrd report of pistol; ^lerwards saw the pistol in hands of >ntl Lee; deceased fell over and ex claimed he was a dead mam; Colonel Lee st'^d leaning forward at the time he *?th bis hack towards the deceased; limit* he mQ?t have reached his hand around and fire j under bis arm , Col Lee told wit nesi thia morning that after witness left bim ** levee Ja gentleman tcucbed him and said '? } have mistaken your man," telling him who deceaaed was, that he was a Mr. iiuaie of Alexandria. P. S.?21 p. m ?Several other witnesses have been examined, and the Jury have brought in a verdict that deceased came to -!? ieatb from the effect of a pistol ball from * p!:tol in the hands of Doddridge C. Lee, vhich catued his death in less than ten min utes. L*rs s tor row and Berry made an examina tion of th? body, and testified to the effect, that the ball entered the abdomen one inch from the medium line and three inches below t-e umbilicus, parsing inwards and down wards, causing death by hemorrhage, and prtiably by pressure on the spinal oord Lithexah Fair room last night pre sented a perfect galaxy of pretty women, to ?*y nothing of the gcod looking male visitois present ibe tables were loaded with attrac ?e arts les Tbis fair will close to-night. '-? 3* who would enjoy a pleasant evening and enr-.urage ago?,d object, should therefore not Tail to go to-Light with a full purse. The Buchanan cake u yet on exhibtion there. Ccaiosmas at th? Fata.?Among the great number of curiosities to interest visitors at the Mechanics' Fair, is Duncan s celebrated ^*..ery which did such good service in the Mexican war. The following inscription on he guns indicates the commander of the com u*d? *cuons in which the gana were *i Pci,ca??Palo Alto, Kesaca, Monterey, Molino, Cburubusco, Mexico." T>Bj>sicaomsA>s will find much of interest w tbem in the announcements on the fourth P*ge cf today s Star; which see, and prepare x-r ihe " j?y unconfined" there premised. <f-iTiaaSTistt to all is the information con tained in the advertisement* on tbe Star a first and fourth pages to day. 44 You who have the dimes prepare to spend theta now." Tag Lmon Fata continues to be a most at tractive resort, and is receiving merited suc cess in the object for which it is instituted. "%?UC M??o ?pursuance rf a rail 0f the Major, a meeting waa bald in the Alder men a room of the Citj liall last night, to take into consideration the oontinaanea of the Lone Bridge at its present site, and to Uke measures to co-operate with tha oitiiena of Virginia in JooaUon'iBUftn?* ?f ^ bridg* U iu prwnt YOn motion of John L. Smith, Esq., Mayor Ma grader was appointed chairman of the meat ^ecretajy Brent> ?i<? . wai appointed uIhLi!*TOrJ on the chair made a few pertinent remarks explanatory of the purpose of the meeting which had been au thorised by a joint resolution of the Citj Coun -i.i ? W" ?f great' ind??d, almost over whelming importance to the city that the tion1K t?Uld bt reUin#d in if pJe^n! posi * bothfM ? o?.nvenience to travel and as a means of affording an inlet for country pro duce to our markets. Every body was Eow ??0Mi<>ned by the pres communication. infl?lCHe,miea,of.the bridfi? ""a active and to BT^r! h!' i w" inc?mbent on its friends to exert themselves to the utmost A conclu sive argument in favor of retaining the bridge in its present site was, that Government, by taking possession of the bridge, bound itself to keep it in passable condition for all time to Cv>ZZ16, On motion of Mr. S Y. AtLee, a committee anr?tLW<?KapPjlnt-ed t0 draoght resolutions, and the Chair designated Messrs AtLee, Dr. J A. Morgan, John L Smith, John T. Tow ers, and Richard Wallach. A short recess was taken while the Corn ell nV?'?Ut'and 0n it9 retnrn the following resolutions were reported by Mr. AtLee, chairman of the committee, and were unani mously adopted by the meeting : hJlHu1""*' Tb?t the clt,*ens of Washington Wllh the Inhabitants of Al coi.?ioi refor^he cont?nuance of the 5??!"Ion between the Northern andvoathtrn portion, of the Union affordtd by the Lo^ t - ft Vt rf, ?T U ? co nb 1 d ? ihe present site of c uVenUnri nf >daPud {oT the interest and rhitTo? ? Rieatest number, and that to filterfeVwAh ?vg*<'XlsUt,g ,0ute would not onJy , he Str,eral but wnold work nt to th" Tft,Icd r,8tt8 ?' larK<> and enterprising communities. l bBt -very who has lnves ?,f lhe ,n thL' Potomac has n?wi,hfclr existence to the cau>eway con necting Mason s lsittud to the Vlrclnld n? also to natjra1 ea !sos, and not to the causewav uZics,'," 'icn"r."",re *uZlZZ by order n?lh?* . L Klve8' wha hda t^Le whA'P ,l.? ?r^Ury ?' th* interior, survey/d chaniifl of ttip Potomac remarks a* vv!-k. there are flits separating the terdlna*,?"/ 8eo^etoWB channels, ai^d ex endlng as far as the Eastern Branch it ha* their SnTF??n l? aw,ume tb"t Ihesp li ,ts ?.we lt/tl o 8 f ? caus?way constructed to facili Lowev^r" Sm.?Vf the ?"*** This, | *l8 8 ?'n6u'8r confusion of ? muat equally havc dl*apKa-?d2. ? i ^;rtnAcne;f lthe Pf lroan^t conn,K of "a chUJ lAnaostan Island with the Virginia the rftJ V ii' eec?'al accommcdation of S^irL luh#Sin,Ct0I1?"d the Pintle, cf in the ^e^,rt^ country on the opposite shore prop/ute < # L?n* Brl^e's ?vldently most ap Ktsol**d, That a committee of twentv-piti*er? be appointed whokeduty it shall b? n u? f^! above resolution, before ^he Ul.t-ict cimSfttiS ion fffrSf thelr ^r,LLtZ?iiiT beShSlrTi WhlCh ^e Ma)0, .hall I if t^iublisW1!^ Proceeding! of this meet ig oe pao.ished In the papers of this city. ?^Vwen0X Urged in f?rcible terms the ne ccssuy lor prompt and earnest action on the part of the committee to be a; pointed. It was not to be disguised that the Long Bridge was n great danger. The Senate Commit^ Up0n r ? r c' Columbia ex; re?ied very strong iDaw,0a t0 refa,rinS l^e structure in itf original character, and there was great doubt D* m?r8 than a ttTrj coald bo ob tained as a compromise. The 56 U00 voted for repairs would be wholly insufficient, and indeed ot that amount only about ?4 000 I would be applicable to the purpose designated. Tnis Congress was the turning point of the ertiJ'hid1^9 ?f briJe?- Il? salvation hith erto had depended on tbe temporary appro propnations voted it from time to time, puuing Sphere HZd . V locating the bridge els<? * . ' and an adjournment of Congress with out an appropriation sufficient for its recon ?V^?\W0UJd b? faUI 10 continuance lhe spirit and activity shown by the Alexan dnans in this matter was held up by the WOrthj ?f Praisa and example. if Washmgtonians were animated by the same ?pint they might succeed in saving the struc ht'th. Ur totheBito of the bridge y the plighted faith of Congress, and should I rer* 6'fore ihit Mr J L Smith expressed the hope that no oae *0Q,d be appointed on the committee who I SSlLrV'S"^ di20harKe bis duty. The citiiena of Washington have not been suCi ciontly aiive to the importance of this uuestion, *n,d W*,are ?ow feeling the disadvantages rS ?hore m 4 uc'Jnnection with the Virginia ??^K*Maj?r wWur8expresaed bi^gratification at the ground taken by Mr. Lenox as to the ft'"'0" ,t0 b.? turned by the citizens of Washington in approaching Congress; i. e. not as supplicants, but as asking what we have a right to demand Tho Long Bridge question was the most important one to us tnat has been before Congress sinco the loca tion of the seat of government here The Po I tomao navigation waa not the soleebject aimed at by the enemies of the bridge in h? destruc Uon ; the, design was to make Georgetown the thoroughfare to get into Washington and get out of When the United States too? {he bridge they bought a perpetual chartcr from the company and assumed tbe responsibility of maintaining the bridgo immovable for all I uiue to come. lie alluded to the exertions of Hinry Addison and Judson Mitchell of George town in opposition to the bridge, and thou At Mr, Add-on deserved well of his constituents tKlV'.V .Mor?:*n expressed the opinion that, taking into consideration the ice-bound condition of the river in winter, tbe idea of a , greatest humbug ever started I lie thought the merchants of Washington strangely unmindful of their interest*, that they were not moving in this matter; as, if the bn.lge is removed, their customers will not oons?nt to haul their goods two or three miles further, but will buy in Georgetown, whero tue merchants can afford to sell cheat, their retts being low. On motion of Col. Alexander, the committee was increased to twenty-six, and the Chair announced tho following gentlemen as com posing it; Mayor of Wajhington, ex-Mayor W. W. Seaton, ex-Mayor Peter Force, ex-Mayor W. Lenox, ex-Mayor John T. Towers. Philip It Kendall, John P. Ingle, B B. French, b. Yorke AtLee, James M Carlisle, William A. Bradley Geo W Kiggs, Chas A Alexander, George Parker, Richard Wallach, James C McGuire Samuel Bacon, bilas 1J Hill, Jos. Bryan, Wm T Dove, Theodore Wheeler, l?r J L Morg-in, J. Carroll Brent, Augustus K Perry, Dr VV m Gnnton, Wiliari Drake On motion of Mr. Lenox, it was Vesolved that the said oommittee meet this morning at the City Dall. at half past y o'clock, thence to repair to the Capitol and meet the District Committees of Congress Tho meeting then adjourned. Th? Opehisg or the Pair ?The arrange ments have been made for opening tbe Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanios Institute on Mon day. The ceremonies will oommenee at 7 J o'clock, and the following order will be ob served : 1 Call to order by the President. 2. Prayer by a clergyman. 3 Mus.c. 4. Address by lion. F. P. Stanton, of Ten nessee 5 Musio. 0 Benediction The committees have devoted their time and labor to the arrangement of the Fair room, and everthing indicates that tbe exhibition will be profitable to tbe Institute and credit able to all engaged. Paov. Crouch's Classical Ksadino on Thursday night, was an admirable musical entertainment indeed. Gas Meters.?An interesting controverfj i? going on in New York city between the Manhattan Gaa Light Company and the Cor poration relative to the quality of gas furn ished, <%o. The inve?tigation has taken a wide range, and, among other things, the cor rectness of the registration of the private me ters is involved On this point '? Samuel Down, manufacturer of gaa meter?, was sworn, and explained at some length the construction of meters, their measuring power, "e stated that there was but one way in whioh the company could possibly defraud their consumers through their meters?that was to incline them 45 or 50 degrees to tbe left. The consumer could defraud the com pany in four tpays without discovery ; but at tbe suggestion ox counsel tbe witness did not s\j what those ways were. It is, he said, not possible for the consumer to be charged with more gas than has gone through bis meter, lnis is a mathematical certainty." IIaxds for the Fishi5g Shores ?Tbe reg ular fishing season commencing on the 10th of March, tbe agents are busily employed in ob taining hands Tbe workhouse supplies many bands. The agents by applying at the guard bouse and police offices learn the amount of money to be paid for their release, and if they agreo to work for the proprietors during the season tbe agents pay the costs and remove the prisoners to tbe landings. Jb'or the present the city will be rid of many notorious rowdies and vagrants who have been employed and removed from the workhouse. I mo* Hotel It will be perceived by an advertisement in another column, that this Hotel, situated in Georgetown, is prepared to receive transient boarders As the omnibcs fare to Georgetown ii but six cents, no doubt numbers will stop at tbe Union. Irqcxst --Coroner Woodward hold an in quest over the body of a male infant found on the river bank between 0 and P streets south, by a man who was engaged in digging sand. ^Fo"A7V ,crica* of Wild Flowkr*. rhe effect of this celebrated article upon the skin, in removiog freckle?, beautifying the ^omplexion, and imparting to it a delightful fragrance, is said to bo wonderful. Its un precedented sale is its best vouohcr. Fresh Otstres, Suad, Ac.?Just received at llammack s Kostaurant, No 206 Pennsyl vania avenue, under Willards' Hotel, a /up ply of fresh Oysters, Shad, and the best Ale el"!1**Iie>ci"of ,b? !eo7: Mr Bucdaman from Wheatland to Wash iNQToif and thojGreat Inaugural Precession to be illustrated -Leslie's illustrated news paper for March Utb will be the inort intcr e? i:;g number rf a newspaper ever issued in us country. It will contain illustrations of Mr. Buchanan s progress, from the time he eaves home until he arrives in this city ; aho illustrations of the Great Procession on the 4th of March, from the time it ionves the hotel until it arrives at tho Presidential Mansion ? a,so illustrations of the Great Ball in the even ing on Judiciary Square. As this paper will i "great demand, citiiens and strangers ^1^??, ,n EeadiD? ll? their orders to bhilliogton s Great Literary Emporium, leon Building, corner Feur and a-Iialf street Mr RMmVaE,,a aven"? We l^rn thst Mr Shillir.gton h?s purchased the entire edi tion from Mr Leslie. I Every Persoj* Visiting Tnis City should have a copy of a little book entitled " Eti quette at Washington," to which ii added an appendix containing a complete guide through the Metropolis, with an accurate deicription of the public buildings embellished with fine illustrations Price only 25 cents. Fine edi j tion, gilt, and noatly bound, 50 cents For sale at Shillington's, book, newspaper and stationery establishment, Odeon Building corner of Four and a-half street and PennsyU vania avenue. The Great Priik Paw-Tho Washington Medallion Pen, the only steel pen made in America, and tho best pen in the world, bhillington, Bookseller and Stationer, corner rour and-a-half-street and Penn. avenue, is tae agent for the sale of it in thi; city. eo .Watch Reiibjis ? Anna Evans and Vir ginia Evans, colored, disorderly ; workhoute 30 days. DUO, SH^Alh,t 27^ MAKRIE SEYMOUR " Henry Her funeral w!:l take place tbU Saturday after n^n, at 3 o clock, from the residence of her pa fbi'trtlnA # ?trc#et> ^tween E and F >treets. to attend family are respectfully invited At his late residence, corner of Nr-w Jersey ave ?rut.?an<l. str?eet' cn tce 'nornlng of tbe iWth ln tEUll ane[,a which be bore with pa WAT'n1? ,Cv !^n SAM UEl. WAT FS, In the 32d year f f hi* ave He died In .lip m ,?fa bIr*,Nl immortality bey or d the grave He left a wife and two small rhll dien to mourn his loss. his funeral will take place at his residence, at2 tinfM iU."^ay* Wends r.nd acquain tances are Invited to attend * ^MUTUAL LIFE INSU R ANCE CO W - CANY, HARTFORD. CONN Secured Capital. 1st January......$?<! 271 OM Dividend on Policies..... Wper'ewt MICil'L NOURSE, AgeM, 481 Thirteenth s reet west, u " u ~Is.u not {be moral du?v of ev? ry man who h?sa dei*ndeai family to insure h's life. l^rontMy S, S, feb<M>-Iw MACHINE SEWING ?ROOmTON L? S f R EET, north bide, two doo>a from corner cf Ninth street. Sewing neatly ar.d accu rately done at the follow!ug rales : SLirts, (ready cat aid oasted,) 50 toe*2Vc Nightshirts, do. dj. 2>to;**c Drawers, Ui. do. 1? v to '25c Collars 3c each; Wristbands 3c per pair, Shirt Bosoms '2c a p!ea(; Plain Sewing 3c per yaid The attention of families lit leipectfully Invited 1Terms Cask. feb25-lw Sf^^NATIONAL INAUGURATION BALL. COM MITTEE OF INVITATION. Hon J R Thompson, Major Wm W Russell. Hon George E Pugh, It J Nevin," Hon J Glancy Jones, D W Mahon, Hon C J Faulkner, A U ?tou*hton. Hon J no S Phelps Cbus W Welsh. The subfcrlbem to the National Inauguration . !.,are r?la??ted to lcavo. at the stationery store of Wm F.Bayly, No 27V Pennsylvania a venue, the name* and places of r< sldence of the ladies of their families for whom cards of invitation arede ?irM, or tranRrn't them through the pout offlcs to Major Wm. W. Rbssill, Chairman of the Com ml: tee. A snbecrlpUon book msy be found at the store . WM W. RUSSELL, JaaaO-dtf Chairman. for thk national MATiCM i^7 ? KAiiLON HALL' KOURTH march ,lc57 ?Subscribers to the National lr anguratloa Ball are r-quested to call at tlie store of toe undesigned and get their tickets ?Efi?l,?W,.U -be ior "le at WlHwds*. Kirk ' V"161"' Brown?', and the National Hotels, also at tbe stores of Shillington, M. H. btfven.j A Co., and Tayl>r A Maury'?. ILz rte Ladit**' lovitHtions are now ready. WM. F BAY LV, Treasurer , f-K 10 "th and ltta s,?. fub ltf-dtMar4th (UnlonA.|ntel) FOK THE INAUGURATION. A NTICIPAT1NM A LAR?e INCKE^SEIN ?T*- our sales, we have enaploved an> extra foroo of Shuckers, and ?re now\ prepartd to flu tho largest orders for our celebrated HERRING BAY OY8TERS 1 L*te 2rVPfewfll>e TERRA PINS. (SCHWaRZE a drury feb US-3?3# E1?V*nth ,tiet5t' 24 door above K. WYMAVI HAND book. OF MA611' v T Hrit and aeetond, for sale at f?b?8 PKReUSON'a,48t7th street. ?U*?.RKY-TUE PLACE to buy U Cutu;ry? Larvers, Heef Sllcers, alw Pocket Knives, Razors, Scissors, Ac 'sat feb 28 t RANCI8'. 490 Seventh st. U1 (.LINO THRSAO. A GOOD ASSORTMENT O F G1LLING THREAD. A first rate article just received and for sale low. by e. K. LUNDY. feb'-8 No? 128 Bridge st , Georgetown. SPKINOSTYLE. 1HAVE JU9T INTRODUCED MY NEW spring style of HATS, which Is as usual the most beautiful and finest of the kind offered Its beauty and lightness la ualversally admired. It stamps with an unmistakeable air of >/entlllty all who wear them, st HOPKINS' BAZAAR, Corner of 0th street and Penn. avenue, between Browns and National Hotels. (ibX) dlw (Intel) Amusements. Washington Circa* and Ampitbcatre. Coraer ef Itveitl Street *?d the itnn. Last Day and Evening of the engagement of DAN RICE. He engagement of MURRAY aid HOLLAND. Mr Rice will Introduce hi* Talking Horse Excelsior, Dancing Steed Eureka. and h our Comic Mules, Besides the Dancing Mares Pauilnesnd Coquette, who will be Introduced bv M'LLE MARGUE RETTF, li a Tandem Mer.age Act. | TO MORROW (Sa*u;diy) AFTERNOON, at

2# o'clock, there will be a GRAM) ENTER j TAINMENT given for Families a: d Children ! On this occasion only Schools wlvh their Twich era will be cdmitted In a body for Half Price, when Mr RICE will appear m the Children's Clown 1 supported by the entire company. Particular PI'tire.?Seats can be secureJ dn j ilng M r. Rice's Engagement each day, from 10 n. i m. until 3 p.m. Boxes 30 centf; Fit ^5 cents ONLY O^E NldllT Of the celebrated SPIRIT DRUM! Which will petform the Solo in JULLIEN'8 DRUM POLKA, Accompanied with a SPLENDID OKCHEITRA. The Brum will be placed in the centre cf the Rocm and, without any person ntar it, will perfi rm Its own part. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT AT CARVSI'S SALOON, ON SATURDAY, February 2S*. 1S37, To Le given by Mr. W. H. Palmer, At the icqueat of his uuinerocs friends and patrons PROGRAMME?URT 1.7 1. Overture?"ltallana In Alglerl" Kotlnl Full Orchestra. 2. Dublin Waltz Lahl'.zky t ull Orclithtra. 3 Cavalier aong?"Dowa among the dead iu;n" Mr. E. N Crouch 4. Piano Fcrte Selection* W. ?1. Palmer 5. Sea Song?"Stand i.oyour gunk" Car'er Mr. F. N. Croucn. 6. Rcrdo in B minor, Plana Forte and Or chestra Mendtlbschn W H. l'almer. PART II. 1. O verture?M assanie'.lo Auber F ull Orchestra 2. Irish Song?"The b'rth cf St. Patrick". Lover Mr F.N. C.ouch. 3. Improvisation on' Home, sweet Home" for Flauo Forte W. H. Faliner. 4. Ilium Polk4 Jullien (The sulo for Drum to te played by Mr Palmer's wonderful Spirit Drum.) 5 Wtddlrg March Memiclgsohu FuU Orchestra. Tickets?FIFTY CKNT.3?to bs chained at the principal Book erd Music Stores on Penna avenue Doors of en at 7 o'clock?Conccrt to commer ce at 9 o'clock. feb 27 BALLOON ASCENSION! MR. OKU. ELLIOTT, THE RENOWNED X RON AIT, /CONTEMPLATES MAKlVft HlSl3Td BAL Vv LOON ASCENSION on TUESDAY, March 3-1. IS67, In Wai hlngt'.'n City, at 2 o'clock p m , from the eligible 1 ot, on 4^ street and Maryland avenue The Gates will be opened at 1 o'clock for the reception cf visitors A variegated Balloon, with a car and a mlnla ture JErotau t. will be sett < ff to announce the opening of the gates Tickets only 25 cents?to be had at the gate feb 27-FSfcM* H PRINCE, Agent. SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT. G E li H A A' 1) ' 6' SALOON, No. 3te Maryland Avenue. A SERIES OF SIX CONCERTS AR rarged from the best mu?lca! compositions, and given by the finest musical talents of thl* city, will commence at the above Saloon on MONDAY NIGHT, March iid. TheseccndCor cert will be given on Tuesday Afternoon?the se ries to be continued on Thursday Evening of each week. Subscription price?six concerts for gentleman, SI; with on-ltdy, ?l 50; a gentleman witn two or more ladles, 9>. Concert commence at 8 o'clock. After concert dancing until IX o'clock feb 2*-lw ODD EE L LP IV S 'HALL, 7 th Stree:. MONDAY EVENING, Feoruary 23d, 1957, And Every Evening during the Week. WYMAN, THE WIZSRD AND VENTRILOQUIST OF W O ft LB-W1BE FAME Will introduce a variety of new Magical Experi ments unriva led for WONDER AND AMAZEMENT. Ijiuphabie Scents In Ventriloquism, and the LIFE MOVING AND SPEAKING AUTOMA TONS which alwavs ellct uncontrollable Laughter. GRAND PERFORMANCE BY DAYLIGHT, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock. Admission 25 cents. Children ha f-prlce. IXji"Fcr particulars soe small bills feb 20-6t CLAIRVOYANCE. MADAME SWETT, THE CELEBRATED CLAIRVOYANT, Has arrivedlnthlsCity and taken rooms at No fOS 7ih St., (opposite Odd Fellow*' IHall ) where she Is ready to receive consultations respec ting the PAST! PRESENT!' EUTUKE !!! and D1SEASES "'! During a year's tour in t e South and W est, Madame SWETT has been consulted by upwards of T<n Thousand Ptrsons, and Is pro nounced a superior Clairvoyant and the Wonder of the Age. Ttrms of Consultation?Lalles, SI ; Gentle rren, S?2 feb24-lm* SHRtJIQ GOODS. g OWEN A SON, MILITARY AND NAVAL il Merchant l'allor', No. 212 Pennt>yl-% vanU avenue, have just opcn^l thiir fi st Invoice of SPRING GOODS, comprising ? choice assortment or Casslineres and. Vesting*, to which they invite ths attention of their friends and customers feb 23-dlw Goshen butter?60 kegs prime Goshen Putter, for sale low by feb 26-eo6t MURRAY A SEMMES. INAUGURATION NOTICE. TO CHIEF MARSHALS AND ASSIST ANTS ?Marshals' Sashes, Rose'tes and ; batons, Silk and Bunting Flags, Eagle with Buck Horns, Banner Trlmm'ngs, Ac , made at , the shortest notice, at the Fringe and Trlinajlna ? Manufactory, between ttth and lOtii ?trte!?, 2?7 south side Penn. avenue. feb 26-WFS3t? MRS. LOWE. MATTRESSES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, Mann factored at the Falrvlew Meant Mill, ALK XANbRlA . Va. WE INVITE THE ATTENTION OF THE trade of Washington and vicinity to tie large assortment of MATTRESSES now on hand, comprising Patent-Spring, Hair, and several hundred Husk and Cotton, of various | sizes, to meet the demand of the coming season Orders by msll or otherwise promptly attended'to, and goods delivered ?t Baltimore rates Address feb 7-19t F1TZPATRICK A BURNS. W ADAME FERRERO, NO. 249 FIRS. avenue, has Just received a very hindsome assortment of SPRING BON. ' NETS. feh 27-2 r THE INAUGURATION. ]\fARSHAL"*, AIDo, AND ASSISTANT 1" Marsha's who have not ordered their 8addle Housings for the 4th of March, are notified that we are making alt the different styles. Those wishing Housings made In ? rop-r s yle and to fit the saddle, will please leave 'heir orders Imme diately, If'they wish to secure one at low price. LUTZ A BEALL, feb S7-3t next to National hotel.'" BOQCETS?BO<|UETS ! Great boquet depot, of all kind* of BOtiUEi'S, FANCY BASKETS. VASES, aud the choicest FLOWERS' always on hand, and at the lowest prices,* GEORGE HANFT, Union Refectory, Southwest corner Pennryl nla avenue and Tnlrd street, near the Capitol, feb <7-71* .L kinds '# anrylva ATJCTIOIf 8 A LEE ByC. W BOTELER, AucMoaeer. SALE OF SPLENDID FANCY OOODI at AnctUi.-Un MONDAY. March ? It o'clock a m , 1 ahall *#11, at my a"**; !?"> Ball, a beautiful collection of Fancy Gooda, such aa? Elegant Inlaid Rotewood Lequler Caste Work Boiea and pcruble Writing Deeka Large Pastel Paintings In groops. representing "the FlowerGlrl and Mav Clueen" Fine French Statuette* Large Vises Perfume Bottles, Ac. With other Useful ard Farcy Grods. which are now arrc pged for exhibition Terms rash. O. W BOTH I KR. f.b28-lt Aa tli l Bv BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneers E^XTKNIIVK kale OF HOllltllOlD J Fnrmtnre, Ac ?On SATURDAY, tbe-.r- h lnstsnt. at 0^ o'clock a m . we shall tell, at the Hou*? Furnishing More, No 504 SRh street, two doors north of Pennsylvania avenue, a la?ge *nd e^neraiaraortmem of new and second hand House Furnishing Goods, such aa Softs, Chairs, Bureaus, Tables Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Bed*. Pillows and Bol rters Cotton and Shuck Matt-esses, and Bedding Looking Glasses, Crockery and Wooden Ware China, Glass and Crockery Ware Together with many articles too numerous to mention Terms : All sums of ?nd under 125. cash ; over ttat amount, a credit of 30 and 60 days, for notes satihfactorliy endorsed, bearing interest. feb 45-3t BON1Z A COOMBS, Aucts Tlie abeve Sale is Paatpensd ??til MoNDAY, March 2, ?nv hour and place It BONlZ A COMBS, Aucj. By A GREEN, Auctioneer TRISYEt'S SALE.?Cn SATURDAY.28th February, 1857. at<^ o'clock p. m , In front of the premises, by virtue o' a deed cf trust to me, d?ted Mav ilth, 1K>4. ar.d recorded In l.lber J A S , No 77, folios 4?5, Ac , one of the land records cf Washington county. District of Colum bia, Lot No 1, square No 5w, having a frost on Third street west of 45 feet 9 Inches, <ind 75 feet on G street south. Term> cash. Ail conveyances at the cost of the purchaser J H. GODDARD, Iru-tee feb 18- A GREEN, Auct'r Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CONTINUATION OF 3 G. V ?TO VITI A J Sans <trnnil Sale of !?la*l?le Statuary, Parian Mamettes Ant qie Ac. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Feb 3^ o'clock, on >Le stcoid tl or cf our Au ti? n Rooms, we shall make a tiaal sale of Sip VP? Vitl A Mora invoice of Mt-.ble Statuary. P.n!an Statuetee, Antique Vase a, Urns Card Receivers, ai d ilth fancy articles, to which weiuvl;e atten lion, as it will be the last opportunity of socurltg these beautiful triicles P. S ? Mr F A Vlti will furnish persons un able to attend the sale, at private salt, with any irtl' les they may want. feb27-2t JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. SALE OF ORUt EH IKS. LIQL'UF.S, Ac., at Auction ?On MONDAY, the'id day of March, 1 shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m , at the Grocery Store at tie corner cf 7ih and X streets, the remainder of the roods ia said store, vlr : Gunpowder, imperial, \ oun-j liy?ou, add LlacV. Teas Sugar, Rice, ar.d ground Cc.fl e Ctera, Ctiorolate, InCigo, Pepper Starch. Brooms, rnd Buckets Sirup, Molasses, Vinegar Brandy, \% inc. Nail*, ard Shot With ar me Store Fixtures. Term* cash A. GREEN, feb27-d Au tloncer. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SET ??F O&STAL INSTKIMK^TS AT Public Auctisn??ln MONDAY AFTER NOON , March 2d, at 4 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, 1 shall sella set cf Dental Instruments. Bv order of ihe administrator. feb JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct Bv A. G KEEN, Auctioneer CATALOGUE SALE O^ VALUABLE Baaka?On MONDAY, th"id of March. 1 shall sell, at my Auction Store, No 526 7th street, commencing at 7 o'c'.ock p m , by order of the Orphans' Court, the private library of the i*?e J ohn B Floyd, comprising an assortment of ab< ut three hundred volume* of Miscellaneous bocks, a select library. Also, a large let cf piano, violin, flute, tact other Music. Terms cash. Catalogues ready for delivery at the atore any time previous to the sale. A. ?REfc'N, feb 27-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. POOD TWO.STORY FhAME HOUSE vl and Lot at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 2d day of March, 1 sha'i sell. In front of the prem b??, at half past four o'clock p m , h -If lot No. 24,lnrquare No 734, with tte improvements, which are a good Frame Bouse This p;operty is located next to the corner of sd street east and D at south. The owrer being about to leave the city, the property will be sold for cash to the highe?t bid der. All conveyance at cost of the purchaser, feb 24 A. GREEN, Auct. By C. K. L. CROWN A CO , Auctioneers. X1TE WILL SELL. ON TUESDAY AF W TERNOON, the 3d of March,at 3o'clock, without reserve, four Frame Houses, containing six rooms each, situated on Seventh, Letween G and H streets island, with right of alley back Title inaisputable. Sale pcslilve Each house now under rent of eight and nine dollars per mouth. Terms: One-third,cash ; balance in 12 and 19 months, with notes satisfactory endorsed, bearing in'.erest from the day of sale C. R. L CROWN A CO , feb'21 [Irieli] Autloneera. TRLSTKE'S SALE. ?BY VIRTUE OF A decree of tl.e Circuit Court for Prince George's county, setting a* a Court of 1 quity, passed in tue case of John T. Holtzoian ana wife *s Mary E Hoitzman and others, the undersigned, as j Trustee, will ex pose to public sale at Beltsviile, j near the THURSDAY, 12th March, i at 12 o'clock ni , if fair, if not. the next fat. day ! thereafter, part of a tract or parcel of LAND call- j ed "Edmonston's Range," "late the residence of j Mr John T Hoitzman. containing forty acres. This property is ?ltu?ted about half a milefrcm ; Beitsvltie, In a healthy and elevated region ; is j susceptible of the highest state o! improvement, j admirably adapted to a fruit and market fa*m. j and there is a young Peach and Apple Orchard ' thereon The improvements consist cf a large com modious ErameDweiling, with brick basement recently bu'.lt, ar.d every ,iece?sary building, all of wti'h are la complete repairs. There is pump of fine water in the yard attached to *he main dwelling. The society in the nelghborhoe d is excellent and the situation presents many inducements for a most pleasant country residencef??r a gentleman residing in Baltimore or Washington <Htics Terms of Sale as prescribed by the decree are One half cf the purchase money to be paid In cash cn the day of sale or on 'he iati?caticn there of by the Court, ard the resid le In 6,12, ard 18 months thereafter in equal instalments, to be se cured by the notes of me purchaser with security ; to be approved bv the Trustee, bearing interest | from the day of sale On the payment of the whole purchase money ! with interest the Trustee is cuthorized by the de I cree to convey the property to the purchaser in fee simple. si. C. STEPHEN, feb 28-2awta Trustee. MARSHAL'S SALE In virtue of a writ of fieri facias, issued from the Clerk'a Ollice of . the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for j the County of Washington, and to me directed, ! 1 shall expose to public sa'e for cash, in front of the Crurt House door of stil county, on THU RS DAY, the 12th day of Mircb. 1657. a- 4 o'cock p. m , ill defendant's rights, tide, claim and int? r est in and to the south half of Let No 27, in Square No 5i7, containing 973 square feet, more orlesa, together with, all and s:ngu ar, the im provements thrreon, in the City of Washington. D C., se zed and levied upoa as the property of George Rhodes. Jr., ard will be sold to satisfy Judicial No CI, to March term, 1?57, Ihomas hughes, vs George- Rhodes, Jr. J. D. HOOVEK, Marihal for the Dlatrlct of Coliacbla. feb 17 dta 4TH MARCH WE ARK PREPARED TO P1LLORDKR8 for several hundred more MATTR ESSES, to be deiWered before 4th March next. We have now on h >nd? 250 double Husk Mattresses 100 do Cottcn-topdo 176 Sing e do do do 2.tO do Husk do 3.oSm.^ll Cot do The trade supplied at Baltimore prices. Ad dress F1TZPATRICK a burns. feb24 lw Falrvlew Steam Mills, Alexandria, Va. INAUGURATION HALL. T 18 WISER TO USE A FAN THAN TO sit It in the draught when he?ted at the Ball. Attention to this hint and to the kind of Perfumes and Coametiques used by the Ladies or America, would arrest cor sumption, prevent fading ocK plexion, and premature decay ef beauty so lament ably preva<ent in this country Aa extensive and elegant assortment of F ANS, with Bracelets and without, from CI to S76ea b. just received at "THE LAKES " Perfumes the sweetest odor and not only Innoxl us but actu ally coametiqae. feb 27-dtMarcb? I TELEGRAPH news. ntOJH THEjiSSOCUTED PRESS. THBtl DAYS LATEE FROX EUftOfX Arrival ef tj* Esssflsst ?^*S onltnSy^riir A)Unij< ?>? in*, loth, and the Canard steamship Persia ?u the morning of tbe 14 th iast pJsi! th,|* ?"?' r? Atlantic and market ?r< Tt* Liverpool ccttt n market, and, with an unsettled market t>ncs? were considerably higher. Tba sales of th. Fth., ?, m Ci. export* 0B ,pccmItt,on an<1 4 5?? balei fcr Tba Liverpool breadsfuffs and provision market? were dull and with>at much cbanre Money wat dee ded!y aatiar ' Consols for mom j closed at 9S>aV4 an il*. *Hj!,ticaI 'Dew? b7 ^a Niagara is not of nn important character THE LATEST FROM CALIFORNIA Arrival of the Uliaeis. ??aK* Kth 27 "Tha steamship lUi nou arrived at 7 o'clock this evening from As ms** t WUl1 th* C*liforDia tba itk She connected at tba Isthmus with tba ?i -Ta ,l^ B0r4' which br?Ofht down about -1 ,00 0M in treasure, the bulk of which was transferred to the Illinois, but tha exact amount is not statad Tha Sonora spoke on the Vth February tba i Sa ! \ Stephen#, and on the 19th o bound for S*n ^ranciaeo. ine California news it unimportant ,i t ,ot tt# Legislature reported !J there ?ad been $124 OOu taken from tha treasury Tha Treasurer accounted for ita disappearance by tha exhibition of a bond of tne Facifio Express Company engaging to W ,.j*xt July interest on tba Stata dabt. ^ tbo **s questioned, a* it did not acknowledge tba receipt of tba intney. The Treasurer had been called on to give additional security for tha money in h-,e keeping, and a proposition to impeach him was before the Legislature. Kalman 4t Co., dry g. eds' dealers had tailed Liabilities $200,000 Dates from Puget's Sound are to tha 16th of !??Kar^i .? be threaten ing hostilities Iowa Uill Placer county, California, has been near.y destroyed by fire; loss SIM),000. Mexican oaLdits were devastation the tooth em counties and murdering the inhabitants. The sheriff cf Los Angeles and three oonsta, who went to protect tha people, were ?U^n?re<*' Legislature had appropriated *jj1100 to assist in exterminating the robbers ike recent earthquake caused the gnund to open ten feet wide for many miles in leng'.h in the southern part of the State. ' 'fle hundred men esiled from San Fratieisco on t!.e _'l?t ult., for San Diego, intending to g? thence overland to Sonora Du&ibesi at San Francisoo was dull, acd mere Whs no improvement in pi ices. Toe mine* were yielding laigely, except those in the Northern part of tha State, which wi re blockaded wiib snow 1 be receipts cf gold at San Francisco were twenty per cent greater than on the prevoius fortnight. A meeting of cititens of Mariposa had re solved to resist Col Fremont's claim to the Mariposa tract. A bill before tba Senate, pro viding for the working of the mines on the grants made before the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, will, if pasacd, enable the Maripoaa settlers to defeat Fremont's claim. Dates from Oregon are to the 24th January. The Columbia river was again open. There bad been great suffering from cold, and many cattle had died from starvation The soldiers at Fort Walla Walla were roduoed to half rations. The Isthmus newa is unimportant, and tha:e 'a nothing later from Nicaragua The steamer Co'.unbus arrived at Panama 10th inat., with Costa It can dates to the ith February. She hroqgbt twelve deserters from Walker's army. 1 "e captain of the Colutnous reports that a vessel of the allied squadron had captured a schooner belonging to Cbria Lilly, whilst conveyicg supplies lor Walker The schooner was taken to La Union, where Lilly and hi* partner, 'i ates were detained as prisoners ot' war The farmer was to ba sent to Guatemala for trial. Point 1 rinidad. on tba San Juan river, wn rccuf :ed by 400 Coata Uicans well armed and provisioned, and a rumor was current that 180 filibusters, with a small steamer and eigiiteeu bia's, were about to attack it Tha latest accounts state that on January 2y the steamer came up to Trinidad, and after a few sbota were exchanged, she retired Forcea were getting ready to go down the river in search of her. In the actions of tha 27th and 2inh January the Costa Ricans lost ?0, killed and wcundea Ihere is nothing later from South America. The Late Kansas Affray. Locisvicle, Feb 27 -We have further ad - vices from Kansas in relation to the attaek upon Gov. Geary It appears that Sherrod a candidate for sherifl cf Dmu^Ius coun ty. but that the adroitness of Gov. Geary's private secretary prevented him frcm securing the office. Sherrod wa*. in consequence, much excited, and the next time he met the aecre tsry he dealt him several ssvere blows, felling him to the ground. No steps being taken to reset* this insult. Shei rcd soon after approach ed the Governor himself, and shook his fist in bis face, and denounced him with oatha There is no confirmation of the rumor of Sherrod hstvine been shot, but the settlers were about to take immediate measures to ia? H:et punishment. Should the Legislature take side# with Sherrod, it is feared there will be a renewal of hostilities between pro-slavery and free-State parties [BECOSn PISPATCH ] New York, Feb. 27 ?A Kansas dispatch say? that hberrod is not dead, but has three bullet wounds. Young Jones had been ar rested by the bogus sheriff. Governor Geary called out the troops to prevent Jones from being lynched, and had air > organised a com pany for his <?wn defence The Legislature had passed a territorial election law. Adjournment cf Pennsylvania Legislature. Harrisbcrq, Feb 27.?The Legislature has adjourned until the Vth of March, to afford an opportucity to the members to attend the in auguration of Mr Duchanan, President elect. Senator Hamlin Portlakp, Ma , Feb. 27.?Gov. Hamlin has resigned tbe governorship of Maine. He goes in a few days to Washington, to resume his Senatorial duties Vermont State Capitol Moxtpelier, Feb 26 ?An informal ball, t in the House to-day, indicates that the Cap> t A building will be rebuilt here. Baltimore Markets. Daltivorb, Feb 28?Flour is uncianged and steady, but dull at $4. Wheat?red $1 40iSl 41 white SI ^**1 64 for fair to good Corn 68ao9.>. Whisky 27ia2Sc. PHKPARB FOR THK ?TH MARCH. Those that have not supplied themaelvra with Blankets, Comfort*, Qullta, Sheeting Linens and Cottons. Pillow Caae Lin eu and Cottons, Tove log, Ttb e Cloths, Linen and Cotton Diapers. Carpfilng. OH Cloths,Ruga Ac , will tlod a large assortment at low prloea at the store of aubscribera W. EGAN 4 SON, feb <?-*t 1*3 Penn. avenue, eouth aide MRU. QIOROB, Late from England, wishes to lnfrrm tbe ladles and gentlemen of Wash ington and Georgetown that she can be wen and consulted with each as peat, present, and fatnrs, also, Love, Marriage. Lee^es, Abasnt Fries As, Law its, and many other particular*. Skeoaa be aeen on ?2d and u streets, near tbe Ot tory Ladles *5 eeata and gentle men SO aenta Hours?From V a. m. until Vp ?a feb 17 ~ r P>K SALK.?A FAIR OF FINE MULRS, four years old, and very kind ln)^ harness. Apply to ARNY A SHINN, No. ?7 Green street. feb titf Georgetown, LM, '4a