Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A ?S li 1 N U T U N CITY: ^arch 3, 1S#T. Ptrasgeki A5D CiTifBSS desiring to sub ?crib* for cither edition of the Stab?Daily, Si.50 per annum. Weekly, (1 35 per annum? who may oot bo in the vicinity of the Star offloe, are informed that thej can do so at Siiwimw'i Book Store, where copies of the Daily and Weekly are always on hand. Those dwsirlng single oepies of our Inauguration Weekly number may hate them sent by mail? priee 2 oen te? by leading tbair names at Shil lixatob's, which, by the by, is on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Four*and-a-half street. SPIRIT OP THE MORNING PRESS. The Inttlliggncsr is devoted tJ news to-day. The Union urges an inorease of the ray of the officers of the Nary of the United States. Washington news and gossip. The President Elect reached this city at fire o'clock yesterday afternoon, accompanied by his niece, Miss Lane, and other members of his family, and, also, Qoy. Porter, Wn.B Fondney, Eskridge Lane, (his nephew,) and Wm. Carpenter, Esq , and, also, the Hon. John C. Breckinridge, the Vice-President elect, and wife. Information that thia distin guished party might be looked for in that train having been received by the U. 8. Marshal of the District of Columbh, rather than in the one to arrive two or three hours later, he was met at the Washington depot with an open barouche and four, in which,unaccompanied, except by his immediate family, ho drove to his quarters at the National hotel. We pre sume that this becoming and characteristic simplicity, and unostentatious entrance into Washington was planned by himself Ilia guard of honor, the Lancaster Fencibles, and other friends who flocked round him, booked for Washington, wo take it for granted ware duly esoortod from Baltimore to these diggins by the guards of honor that left Washington at an early hour yestorday morning, especially to bsar Ilis Excellency company over the tedious rente from Baltimero here. P. P. C. Triplett, Esq-?This gentleman writes us the following leltor, which will be found of interest to all who have duly noted the details of the proceedings of the House in which he was involved : Washington, March 2 1857. Sib : I am not indifferent to the opinion of the meanest individual, much loss to that of those composing the rrescnt ilruse, who, with edifying unanimity, have voted themselves to be honorable men." I therefore wish to convince some of them of tbo irjastice done me by their vote on Saturday, excelling mo, a* a reporter, from the floor In the first place, I was not a reporter at all. I bnd hold each a position the last session, which I did not exercise; but this session I neither ap flied for nor received the place. But, grant had been ; what was my offonce 7 There is no rule inhibiting a reporter from attending to his own business before Congress It was not my complicity with the parties arraigned, fer no one has blamed me seriously for my forced compliance with the exactions univer sally known to be made of all who seek the passage cf bills involving a valuable consider ation Was it the exprc?sion of my opinion that extensive corruption prevails in Congress ? Then there is cot an intelligent citisen in W asbington who does not share my offence Of course, no one will understand me as im pugning the integrity of every member, or of a majority of the members, but eimply as asserting that the corruptionuts had the bal mneo of woicer on closely contested cases. As to tne attacks made upon my testimony, It is dignifying them too mnch when I stoop to expose them. More than a month elapsed after it was given, before the committee closed its sittings; yet not a man was found hero, where I have lived so long, or elsewhere, who would, under oath, breathe a suspicion against me. The rule of honesty as well as of law is, that while a witness stands unlm peached he shall be regarded as unimpeach able. No man is safe from reck lets aspersions cast upon him by advocates laboring in a cause which cannot be defended by more legitimate means. But even the basest man is not su?pected of a crime to which" no interest leads him. My interest was clearly against making any reve lation in the case. I coold expect no glory from it, and I knew it would deteat all chance of my success. I could be biased by no per sonal feelings, for it is not pretended there was any unkinuiess between those gentlemen and myself. In August, 1354, my book was de feated in the Bouse. It was defeated in the Senate in March, 1855. Yet no one has heard of my aspersing a single member who voted against it Is it credit-le I would commerce the work of defamation by swearing falsely against those who, in their own defence, de clared they were anxious to vote for it? One gentleman, indeed, urges against me t^at I voluntarily went before the committee a eecond time to attack Dr. Welch. That gen tleman will surely pardon my ignorance for supposing that, if a witness should discover he had misstated or omitted any material fact, it was his duty to correct his error. But I do not in this deserve his censure, ner the praise of those as badly instructed as myself My testimony was taken down in ebort hand ; to be sure that it was correctly done I thought proper to read it after it was rcducod to wri ting. I had misapprehended a question, and I so stated In making the necessary correc tion I w is so unfortunate gs to incur the charge of malice on the cne hand, and on the other ot stating a vague impression not amounting to anything positive. If this bo the way in which vindictive witnesses accom plish their work I had mistaken the modus. Mr Uilbart, in his sworn defenco, admitted the truth of every word I had uttered as of my own knowledge. It appears, therefore, that he was in the conspiracy against himself. .J *?y be left in doubt, the rttuw of thia trial has shown that any olo ud fortunate en-, ugh to know of Congressional corruption mu? go to jail for contumacy, en ter a ??? mt rtcordo for safety, or suffer in character for the truth. Very respectfully, Ac., P. W. C. TaiPLETT. P. S -Sinoe writing the above I have seen the proceedings I eomplaia of. The assertion of my vicUtirg my word as a reporter is en tirely untrue I agreed to press no claims for others, this was neither a claim for my s?lf, nor for any one else There is a law for bidding M C s and all Oovernment employes from attendirg to claims: yet the members voted for their increased compensation, and elerks are annually electioneering for ad ditional pay. As your printer waits for this copy I cannot further pursue the snbject Disappointed ?Our fellow-citizens appoint ed by the City Councils, the Jackson Associa tion and the District Military authorities to reoeiva the President elect, met with a great disappoint cent yesterday. The two former journeyed all the way to Baltimore to do the thing in first rate style. That is, to escort him thence into Washington, lie, however, man aged his matters so as to pass through Balti more "on the wing," aa it were, a few houre earlier than was expected. But three of the members Councils' ocmu.ittee and two of the Association, managed to obtain an inkling of be unexpected celerity tf the movements, and thus to enj y the honor of a ride home on the tain bearing him. We can well '?"?g'nt the "pkatiaka" of tfce peel en learning whea they repaired to the depot shortly before 5pm, that the gam* had flown southward just two hoart before ! The City Authorities and President Pierce. It compliance with the resolution of the mu nicipal authorities of thi* city, the Mayor, accompanied by the Board of Aldermen, the Common Council, and a large coaoouree of eitisens, waited upon the President at 12 o'clock. The Major addreaeed him in an ap propriate apeeob, to which the President re plied with the moat felicitous remarks such an ccoasion ever oalled forth His manner oonfiraed the purport of his words, and his rcice attested the sinoeritj of the emotion with which he took official leave of authorities and oitisens by whoa he has been so much beloved, honored and respected, and whose in terests he has done so mneh to promote. No retiriog President ever elicited more re .gret from the oommunitj of Washington; no one of bis predeoeseors has been easier of ac oesa, more kind in courtesy, more attentive to the bereaved and suffering among us, more devoted to all the interests of the city. The deep feeling, so evident and general, with which his parting words were listened to, re flected most faithfully the emotions of regret which agitated the hearts of his audience, whose best wishes for his health and happi. noss will follow his footsteps whithersoever they tend. When the President entered th j Kast room, where the visitors and audience assembled, the Mayor of the oity addressed him as follows : Mr. Pr$*id*nt: I have tbe honor of Intrc duoiog to you tbe Boards of Aldermen and Common Council, and other members of our city government, together with many of my fellow eitisens who have no official oonnectioo with me. We come to acknowledge our grate ful appreciation of the official kindness you have evinced towards our city in the many reeommendations you have made to the Na tional Legislature in our behalf?recommen dations wiiicb fully show that you rccocnise, to a just extent, the obligation of the nation to foster the capital by aiding its people to make it what its founders designed it to be,? a great and a beautiful metropolis, worthy of a great and a powerful nation. And, sir, we have not only to express onr high sen-e of our obligations to you officially, but wo have also to acknowledge the kindness which has marked your social intercourse with u* and our constituents, and to assuro you that the community with whom you havo sojourn ed for tho last four year*, feel that in your de parture they will rather loso one of tneir own most choiished citiians, than ono who has hid only official residence amongst them. We need not then say that we grieve at the sepa ration, and that our farewell is not only full of official respect but also of personal esteem | and bflection, and we sincerely hopo that in your retirement you may enjoy tbe harvest of peaceful happiness, which must proceed from tho consciousness of a faithful discharge tf your public duties. In reply, the President spoke substantially as follows : Mr Mayor: I receive with unaffected gratification thio demonstration of sentiments of good will toward myself on the part of the city authorities and poople of Washington. About one-half of the years of my m in hood have been passed here and the experience of each year has only served to enhance my ap preciation of the admirable qualities which characterise the permanent population of the Distriot. No man can notice the quiet of a Sabbath in this city, and the evidences on all hands of its sacred observance, without boing impressed by the conviction that he is among a people remarkable for their intelligence, order, probity, and high moral worth. Here 1 have shared largely in a generous hospital ity, have made many valued acquaintances, and formed friendships which I trust may be as lasting ss my life. Under the ciroumstances it would be strange indeed if I could regard with anything but lively interest whatever is calculated to pro mote your happiness, and advance your sub stantial prosperity. Here among your resident citisens, every section of our common country is represented; and they are fortunately ha bitually free from the influences of discord or alienation. Hero, the love of this blessed Union and th* spirit of toleration, which ever animated the founder of the city, and the Father of his Country have never grown cold As th* seat of Government and centre of the Federal political power, you wiil al ways enjoy great and peculiar advantage* Added to these, a genial, salubrious climate, and scenery of rare beauty, mast make the District of Columbia, at no distant day, the seat of a great city, pre-eminently distin guished for arts, taste, science, and reficc ?*pt. I enjoy in anticipation tbo carcer which I see before you There are certain great improvements, the completion of which I earnestly desired to witness dur:ng my offic;al term. I trust they are delayed?not abandoned. Should a wise Providence pormit me to visit you here after, I hope to find gushing fountains from the <*reat Falls of the Potomac, ererywhere in your city springing up and sparkliug in the sunlight, and representing, in their native pc r.ty and abundance, your moral health aid social prosperity. I desire to express, for Mrs Pier-e and my. e*lf, the assurance of our regret at parting wi:h friends who have established claims for our grateful remembrance, which we shall never osas* to remember. The Throng.?Gracious goodness ! how the ^good folks are pouring into Washington just now. At this rate, Dan Rice will havo to let out accommodations for sleepers in the stalls of bis four "comic mules," as well as on the benches of th* capacious amphitheatro, as advertised. There were at least eight hun dred guests cn the books of Willards' last night and nearly as many at Browns'. Of course many of them are billetted without the portals of these establishments The Wil lards dined quite seven hundred yesterday without the slightest rush, crash, or inconve nience to any one. The way in which their several dinners were served made it apparent that they can comfortably accommodate per haps twice as many on such an occasion. Tho Kirk wood, too, is overflowing after a similar fashion. Yet everything goes on there like clock work as usual; th*lr dinners being as recherche as thouzh tbe Ifoufe contained only the usual number of guests. Ths Tezans aod President Pierce ?The 2d of March being the anniversary of tbo De claration of the Independence of Texas, the citisens cf that State who happened to be in Wonhington, some thirty or forty in number, *"sembled at Kirkwood's Hotel, and proceeded in a body to the Executive mansion, wher* J were most cordially reeeived by the resident. fn behalf of the Texans, Msj. W. a but felicitous address, ?lMtr^fili n aract*me i by eloquenoe which th Pr"?"' ^ .n4 com ' rcipl" "><? "tich Q.n.rri 1 lerce went into power inri , . ? . toe measures And " 7r," b" "*d ""?<?>?? 1? their vindication. Th. .dir.,, 0{ ^ touching ud truly ,ho ? dent replied with eriduil .motion, reclproo. ting the sentiments of kindness, and avowing his oontinued devotion to th* principles which had governed his administration, and so strong ly commended by the people of Texas. The interview is described as on* of unusual inter and mutually pleasing to th* President and his visitors. The Great Ball on tbe night of the fourth, will evidently b* aUend*d by perhsps thre* or foai tim*s a* many persons as *v*r befor* attended the usual inauguration festival. As She magnificent preparation* made are for pei| hips tea time* as many, all who attend may rely upon comfort. The sapper table extendi the whole length of the building, and u so ar ranged as that the guest* will be amply sup plied with all they ean desire without the p^uibility of greasing or otherwise soiling a coat or dress. There will be in attendance at lea^t five hundrod fresh, rosy and artless country lasses, coming by rail and steamer from within a circle of 100 miles of Washing ton, who will reach here in the course of the ?f the 4th. A sight of their lustrous eyes and joyous oountenanoes alone, will be worth the priee of the ticket?f 10, to the man of ine taste. ?? The Hostilities in Oregon and Washing ton Territories, Ac.?The following interest* ing letter, from a distinguished Army officer, has just reaohed us : Bexicia Barracks, Cal , ) Peb. 4, 1857. f Editor of Star: Please publish the en oloaed, as it may serve to put matters right as to the absolute necessity of fighting or feed, ing the Indians of Washington and Oregon Territories they are rendered desperate; and the United States interests there are too para mount to neglect them. Intense oold and deep snows prevail'tn Ore gon and northern California; earthquakes and murders in southern California. In the latter region but little rain, less than usual. Cattle will perish in numbers this summer. The Mexicans and discontented natives are taking to the road in organised bands, and, being more numerous than c.11 other people, arej *2country very unsafe. Arms and $5,000 have been sent to Los Angeles by the Legislature, and the Un.ted States troops are in the field after the robber bands Large emigrations of miners and land hun ters are crossing the Colorado for the Gadsden purchase, and some of the parties are ooca eionslly murdered by the Mexicans and Apa ches. * Thank you for trying to help us offioers. ? * * [From the San Francisco Town Talk, Jan 30 ] OemgiiNkws-The pack train, consisting or 137 mules and horses, which took out sup plies to U 6. troops in the Bimcoe Valley, TS* ,n.tho snows in the canon, ooast side, while on its return to the Dalles The packers lived on mulo meat twelve days, and succeeded in reaching the Dalles on snow shoes. The Walla train lost 27 animals on command * 8UPP,J tr??p8 ?f CoL StepK?'? ?J?h? S^L00?"0 ^andard, of January 1st, fh f r javo ,oarned?from rrivato adviccs, that the Iadian Agency for Washington Ter ritory have received peremptory orders from tae Indian Department at Washington Citv to cease, forthwith feeding the Indians on the Ueforvos. If this be true in the caso of the Indians of Washington, we presume it is, or will be, also true in the case of the Oregon Indians If these orders arc obeyod now, while some seven or eight thousand Indians are hemmed in on Reserves, without winter supplies, and wilh several feet of snow upon tho ground, starvation must follow, and the Indian war rc-opened with terrible conse quences. The Beception ? At eight last night, the President elect received calls at his quarters at the National, and an immense orowd took occasion to shako him by the hand With tho exception of the public men who called on him, hi* visitors wero those prompted by cariosity or solicitude. On such an occnsion suffering as he must bo from the fatigue of his journey to-day all the way from Lancaster, fow others would trespass upon him ; the pub lic men only going to his apartments because thoy had legitimate business with him. The Students.?Among the 20,000 strangers who are now horo, are at least one hundred students of tho six hundred and fifty now at tending the Virginia University at Charlottes ville. A finer body of youth is rarely, in deed, to be seen, than this same one hundred students of the Virginia University. Missourians.?Tbere are a large number of stalwart Missourians now here. Among these gentlemen are Governor Trusten Polk, who is to take his seat as an United States Senator after the 4th inst., and Major Craige, Democratic member elect to the next United States Uouse of Representatives. Tko Hon. John B. Floyd.?See our first page to-day for an editorial article; being a sketch of the previous history of tho Hor. John B Floyd, of Virginia, which possesses especial interest now, that for tho first time he is to be connected with national public affairs. __ Tho Managers' Notice.?See an advertise ment from the managers of tho Grand Inau. guraticn Ball of to morrow night, tho 4th inst. All intending to be at the ball should read it. The Vice President Elect?The Hon John C Breckinridge, of Kentucky?paid President Pierce a long visit this morning He locks very well, indeed. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Friday, 27th February, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stooks... ? $2 805 00 For the Treacnry Department... 97,888 65 For the Interior Department ? e e e-e 4,911 07 For Customs 6 228 w war warrants received and en _ teied.... 2,660 00 On aocount of the Navy 27,910 00 From miscellaneous sources 567 05 Saturday, February 28 For the redemption of Stocks.... $77,386 30 For the Treasury Department.. 10 328 75 For Customs. 4 055 02 War warrants received and entered 186 966 55 On account of the Navr 449 29 Mowpay, March 2 For the Treasury Department.. $91,887 73 For the Interior Department.... 12,422 75 For Customs. , 054 00 War warrants received and en tered. 84,127 29 From miscellaneous sources..... '749 73 From Custom 3995 C7 On aocount of the Navy 38,656 04 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS I* mi Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the report from the Judioiary Com mittee in the Indiana case?Mr. Fitch's?was discussed by Mr. Trumbull against it and Mr. * itch for it, ere it was laid on the table. Mr. Seward offered a joint resolution making the pay of the Chaplains of Congress $750 per annum, each; passed. Reports were mado from Conference Com mittees by Mr Sebastian on the Indian Ap propriation bill, and Mr. Gwin on th?r Post Office Appropriation bill; which were agreed to. The Civil and J'ldicial Appropriation bill was then taken up and oonsfaered; and was finally passed. Tho Army Appropriation bill being taken up, various amendments thereto were oonsid. ered and disposed of. _ In the course of these prooeedings, Mr. Jones, of Tfcnn., moved an amendment, direct ing the acceptance from the State of Tennessee of the Hermitage estate for another U. 8. Military Academy on the plan of West Point, which was debated by the mover and many others, ere it was adopted?yeas 22, nays 20. m follows: leaara. Bell of Tenn , Biggs, Brown, ^??ttenden. Douglas, Evans, Fitzpatrlok,^ Johnaon, Jones of Tean , Mali .J!'. *ild, Bebastian, Blidell, tttuart^ YeSS? ?f KentttC*y, Toombe, WeLer, and 1 ijsrsisrpsaji Harlan, Houston, Hunter, Mason. Nonrse, Se ward, Thomson of N. J , Trumbull, Wade, Wil son, and Wright?*>. Mr. Toomba offered no amendment by ad ding the House joint resolution in relation to the pay of Qen. Scott, which was not disposed of when the Senate took a recess. After they re-aaeembled, moat of their night's teniae was devoted to the considera tion of amendment! propeeed to the navul ap propriation bill; the amendment to the army bill proposed by Mr. Toomba, m explained, above, having previously been agreed to? yoas 27, naya 22. In tbk House, the bill to deporite the sur plus in tbe treasury of the United States with (distribute it among) the several States vas passed-yeas 119, nays 79 Mr Howard repotted from the Conference Committee on the Indian Appropriation bill; report agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Ketnett, the rates wen suspended for the consideration of the bill ap propriating for the removal of the obstructions fn the Misaiaaippi river by oontract; which waa paased. Mr. Campbell of Ohio, reported in favor of ncn-oonourrenee in the report of the Confer | ence Committee on the Denolency bill. Mr. Letoher aaked a separate vote on the Senate's amendment to the said bill striking out the appropriation of $182,000 for books for members, ana inserting in lieu therefor one of $50,000 to iidemnify the clerk for what ho had already paid out on that aocount^ under the resolution of the first session of this Con gress; Senate amendment not agreed to?yeas 90, nays 93 Another oonferenoe committee on the same bill was then voted A number of bills were then tak?n up and disposed of until they took a recess. On reassembling, the report from the Con ference Committee on tbe Tariff bill was made by Mr Campbell, of Ohio ; and after debate, in which Mr Campbell, of Ohio, advocated it, and Messrs. Campbell of Penn., Purvisnce. Robinson, and Todd, opposed it, it was agreed to?yeas 124, nays 71. A resolution granting extra compensation to the elerks and other employees of the House was then passed. Proceedings of Is-Day. In run Sxmatb, to-day, Mr. Geyer pre sented the credentials of Trusten Polk ss a Senator elect from Missouri. They passed the Naval and Fortification bills and bills for the construction of peniten tiaries !n Nebraaka and Kansas Territories ere the Star went to press. In rnn House, tbe following bills, Ac. were considered and pasted, vis : Bills to settle certain accounts between the United States, the State of Mississippi and other States; For the relief of John Reilly ; To amend tbe tariff act of 1856 ; To amend the act granting public lands to the State of Alabama in aid of the construc tion of certain railroads; The Poat Office appropriation bill, amend ed in both bouses. Kre the Star went to press, several ineffect ual efforts for the passage of other bills were made. NATIONAL INAUGURATION BALL, March 4th, 1837 ?The Mana gers announce to the publlc,that, with a view to tne comfortable accommodation of the patrons of the ball, to affr-rd ample ppace for dancing, and to avoid the Inconveniences of a too crowded room, they have adopted the following regula tions : The number of admission tickets to be sold sb?tl not exceed ilftvea hundred. Gentlemen, excepting Invited guests, will be admitted to the Ball only upon the presentation of admission cards at the door. No Children will be permitted to enter the Ball room. The Managers further announce that the most itinple arrangements have been made for the proper care of wearing apparel. mar 3-St ,THE JACKSON DKVEOCRAT'C As sociation will meet at their room, on Pennsylvania av,?nue, between 9th and 10th sts , to-morrow, the 4th lnst.;at e# a m , in order to join In the Inaugural Procession. Every member Is expectcd to be present on that Important occa sion, and aid in rendering adequate honors to the newly el?ctcd President and vice-President By order of the President. mar 3-11* P. RATCLIFFE. tLECTURE AT THK SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION-On TUESDAY EVENING, March 3d, Hon. Gso. Taylor, of New York, will de lver a Lecture before tbe Washington Art Association, on the subject of '? The Fine Arts and Sciences and their relations with civil Government " The Lecture will com raence at half-past 7 o'clock. It .METROPOLIS BUILDING AS80 'CI ATI ON.?The regular monthly meet ing of this Association will be held at tbe OAce of the Secretary, No SIS 7th street, on TUESDAY EVENING, the 3d lnst , at 7 o'clock, Instead of cf Wednesday, tbe umal evening of meeting. By orcer of the Board of Jwectors _lt T M HANSON, gee ,THK INAUGURATION ?The Grand Inauguration day of the I resident of the United States, on tbe 4th lnst , Is at hand, ar.d we respectfully Invite our friends and ac quaintances to our Store on Penn. avenue, be twicn 10th and 11th streets, to take a view of the grand sight that pas?ea In front of our store to the Capitol. Respectfully, It C WOODWARD ,ATTENTION, WASHINGTON YA GERS ? You are hereby commanded to be at the Armory oa WEDNESDAY MuKNING, March 4tb, atPjf o'clock, In full uniform Every member of the company Is positively exported to be present. By order cf Catt. Schwarzmas : It M. HUPFEL, O^S ,THE HON. GEO. TAYLOR. OF New York, will deliver a lecture before the Washington Art Association, at the Lecture Room of tbe Smithsonian Institution THIS EVE MN(?, March 3d, at half pwt 7 o'c or\ Sub oct: ?? The Fine Arts and Sciences, and th?ir relations with Civil Government." It .ALL PER80NS RESIDING OR living in Georgetown and its vicinity, who intend to join In the ceremonies of the In auguration, are respectfully requested to meet at Forrest CI alt, at 83^ o'clock, on WEDNESDAY MOKMNU. tbe 4 h lnst , for tbe purpose of pro ceeding to Washington City In a body it ROBERT OULD, Marshal. .THE PUBLIC Id IN FORMED THAT a Dramatic enterta nmeat will be given at Forrest H<ill, Georgetown, on WED NESDAY EVEN IN CI, March 4, to consist of the Drams of The Denouncer, Dancing. Slnglrg, and the Musical Burletta of the 8wlsa Cottage It* .ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD You will assemble at the Armo yfor Pa-1 jade in full winter uniform, with pompon and overcoat, at 8 o'clock a m, on WEDNESDAY, the 4th instant By order of CarT. Tait : lt? J. E. JOHNSON,Q 8. I v., ft PRESIDENTS' MOUNTED GUARD. |9L ATTENTION?Yon are hereby ordered to meet at your Armory, in full uniform, " with arms and accoutrements in com ?lete order, on WEDNESDAY MORNING, larch 4th, 1337, at7K o'clock. By order of Capt. Jot Pica: W. H. HAYWARD, It# First Sergeant. ,N OTIC E.?PERSONS VISITING . Washington on the 4th, will ind at HAMMACK'S Liberty Hall Restaurant, Mea s st all hours during the day and sight. Call at No. SOS, under Wlliaida> Hotel. tnar3 .REV LEROY M. LEE, D. D., EDI tor of the Richmond Christian Advo cate, will deliver a Lecture before the I adi s' Aid Society of the Methodist Eplaopal Church South, on next THURSDAY EVENING, at 7* o'clock. Subject?"Woman: Her hlstoty and character." Church on 8?h street, between H and I atreett, immediately in the rear of the Patent OAce. Lecture free. mar 3-Sf .THE LOUISIANA DEMOCRATIC _ CLUB of Washington, will meet at the Roomsef the Hon. T.6. Davidson.'No *74k street, on the 4th instant, at ? o'clock a. m , in order to Join the Inaugural procession. Lonlslanians present in Washington are cor dlally Invited to unite with the CIud on this oc casion. ? ALEX'R DIMITRY, JOHN W. NIXON, 8. F. GLENN, mar i-9t+ Assistant Marshals. , ATTENTION, MONTGOMERY GUARD8 ?You are hereby ordered to meet at yourArmorv,on WEDNESDAY MORN* ING, the 4th lnst /ate# o'clock, In fttll Uniterm, for Parade. By order of Capt Kbt: mar 8-at THOMAS McENERY, O. 8. GRAND INAUGURATION BALL 'to be given by the Twelfth Ward Dem kporatlc Association of Philadelphia, on the KVK TMING of March 3d, 1857. Tleaeta for sale atthe National, Browna\ Poster's, and United States Hotel. Also, at Carusl't Assembly Room on MMda^Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 19 to S. THE WONDERS 07 THE INAUGURATION! look out for THE STAR'S ACCOUNTS OF THE BCBLIHB, W0ND1RFUL, INTERESTING, AGREEABLE AND FUNNY THINGS TO Bl SAID AND DONK IN WASHINGTON CUT IK fai OOU^BE OP THE PRESENT WIRE*!!! ITS EDITORIAL* REPOR TORIAL AND TTPE^SETTINO CORPS WILL BE DOUBLED FOR THE OCCASION!!! FROM TI1E MOST IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS IN MATTERS OP STATE TO THt PRESSING SOLICITATIONS OP THE BOQUET MAN AND THE GABBLE OP TBI HOT ABLE BEAU HICKMAH IN HIS HUNT AFPER THAT IT"VITABLB *? QUAE TER," EVERYTHING SAID AND DONE IN TOE FEDERAL METROPOLIS WILL BE FAITHFULLY SHOWN UP IN " THE STAR"?DAILY. THE WEEKLY-8TAR FOR THIS WEEK WILL BE DEVOTED TO JNAV DURATION-AFFAIRS OCCURRENCES, A8 ABOVE EXPLAINED. IT WILL BE A BICH AND R All Fif II, IIDEED! i STRANGERS AND CITIZENS DESIRING TO OBTAIV COPIES TO BE 8ENT ABROAD BY MAIL, ARE NOTIFIED TO BE SURE TO CALL AS SOON A8 POSSIBLE AT THE STAB OFFICE AND LEAVE THE ADDRESS TO WHICH THEY WISH IT MAILED ? THE PRICE FOR THE INAUGURATION NUMBER OF THE WEEKLY, SENT BT MAIL, WILL BE BUT THREE CENTS, dS USUAL. RESULTED IB ATI OK CHAIRS elevated so at to oonmaad a vi* w of the en tire Ball loom Floor, at ita riOMENADE CONCERT, ON THURSDAY NEXT, May be secured at Metaerott's Mmlc Store, Pa. amm. mar 3 at 3 PIANOS AT BARGAIN I?One second hand for 116). One new tot S3 M, worth StfO One for $1 85. worth |3 00 One fine Me'odeoa for S'O. JOHN F ELL1M, mar 3 303 betw 3th and 10th sta CTRAFISIRS, OO TO S9, BBTWKK1 9th O and 9th streets, to bay your presents to take home with ycu. The greatest stock In Washlrg ton CitT. mar 3 H. J. MeLAUGHLIN A CO. PROMENADE CONCERT, THURSDAY, MARCH 3. The excellent Contra Bassist, HERR CHR18T1EN, will perform a Solo on the Doable B Mewers MAHR, TIEDE, and other celebrated Performers will perform in the Band. mar ? AMERICAN EAOL K RESTAURANT. C'HARLBI RLOTZ A CO., Corner of 9.h and I> streets GENTLKMEN AND PARTIES CAN OK accommodated at this establishment w:th Meals, eveiy hour or minute in the dsy. Breakfast 50 cents. Dinner 75 " Hunper... mm 50 '< Tea 60 " mar 3-at* tOOk A S131MONS, GIFT 8EUAR STORE, NO PA AVENUE, BETWKSN^d a " ' ' ~ every _ amount of Plfty Cents "will receive and 3a streets (Old Depot) whcr*JT\ iT; every pe son purchasing Her irs to *k<|^ T? handsome prewnt valued at from 35 rents tt 3TO Tbe ll*t of Gifts embrace* a great variety of Jew elry, Finer Articles, Books, Ac , which will b? given away in order to lndoce rapid sales and small prefits mar 3-6 .? WAVKRLY HDCIB, North A strctt, betwetn 1st mud 2d streitt, Capitol Hill. IBE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY 1N fnrms his friends and vlMtors to Wut-PM lncton, that during the Inauguration, in ad-PjB ditlon to his well supplied Oy i f and R r-MSM. fresbm?nt Saloon, he will have a table set for tha accommodation of his patrons, where they can Breakfast, Dine, and Supper He will also have a number of well aired and comfortable Sleeping Apartments. THOMAS ENGLISH, mar 3-?t* Proprietor. SP HOOVER'S BOOT, IHOB, AND ? Trunk Establishment.?I have this dsvj reoelved for the Ball Ladlaa' white Satin and Sid Reeled Slips and Congress Gaiters. Also, a spier,did assortment of Gt ntlemen's Pa ant Leather Congress Gaiters and Boots My stoek of Boots, Shoes, and Trunks Is tha largest In thla ally, and will be sold cheep for cash All In wint will do well to call and examine my stcck before purchasing elsewhere t? P HOOV. R, mar 31 w Bet nth and 10th sts , Penn are GOLD WATCHJEN GOLD JEWELRY, GOLD CHAINS Diamonds, coral, stone cameo, Rich Pearl and Painted Sett Jrwelry, pure Silver and Plated Ware, Pebble Spectacles, Reading Glasses, etc . for aale at extreme low prices during this week. An object for any who wish value received for their ironey Please call early as several rich ertioles are on sale for a few days, at 338 Penna avenue mar3 H. u. HOOD. THIS II TO eiYR NOTICR to thopahlle that the co-partnership of Joseph Josepbsaad voses glgel has this day dissolved, and Joseph Joseph* Is authorised to receive all claims due us above firm, and, also, to oay tha Indebtedness of th" ssme. The business will hereafter be conducted by Moses SJgel. JOSEPH JOSEPUS. mar 3-t? MOSES bIGEL. NOTICE TO WKSTERN TRAVELER!: Naw Orleans, WILL TAKE NOTICE THAT THE OHIO and Mississippi Broad Guage Railroad is not aa rap resented by agents of opposition routes, but contrary, is in perfect order The Express Train of this road arrives In St. Louis two hours and thirty minutes in advance of all other routes Through Tickets can be obta aed at the Depot in this city. Baggage check'd through and handled free For fu.-ther information apply to the Ticket Agent, at the Depot. J. B WATKRH, mar 3-1 w* Agent E. PLUR1BUI UIVUM. TEERS OF THE UNI' lenge to the World and the reai 'I^HE STEERS OF THE UNION ! ?A ehal I- lenge of Mankind ?The MASTODON STEERS of the Union, ral?ed by Robert W1 ey, Esq , of Fairfield County, Ohio, will be exhibited at tbe corner of Second street end Pennsylvania avenue, Wash ington City, daring WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY of Inauguration week. Wlllopen on Wednesday night, March 4th ClUxen* and strangers s^invlted to ell and examine these Monsters of ilrBrute Crtation. Admission 36 cents F. A J RICE, JACKSON SHEIRY, and mar3-3l* GEO. P. 8TE1N. ARCADE BOWLING SALOON. HE UNDKRBI8NBD HAVING PUK chasad the Bowling Saloon on D T street, between 8th and #th streets 1 and having thoroughly refitted It for v ? the accommodation or visitors, would respectful ly announce to gentlemen wishing to engage in this most healthful recreation that he will use every endeavor to render thla the best regulaU d establishment of the kind In the city, and they may rest assured that It will be conducted upon an entirely new principle, the strlc.est decorum being enforced, and every attention together with comfort that will render satisfaction to the play ers. The proprietor will reasonably expect gentle* manly deportment from those who extend him ttelr patronage (j y To avoid dissatisfaction, boys will not he admitted under sny pretence whatever i wishing to to engage Alleys for an i by applying to 1 WILEY, Proprietor. |fT Persons wishing to engage Alleys for any length of time can do ae r ? mar 3 3t* JOHN I. r. HOOVER*! Iron Hall Boot, Shoe, and Trunk hsi+Uuk* msnt HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ASSORT ment of La- m dies'. Miesee.and Children!' white Satin and Eld heeled and with out hee'.a, Gaiters and Slippers; La I dies black .brooxs' and celored cloth button, heeled Gaiters, Morooco Boots, Bnekskla, Doable-sole, Water Proof Gait ers, Quilted Silk, Alpine, Boots and 6altera_F or GenUemflft, Boys, and Youths, Frtjehl^PJ**,^ Patent Leather and Calf Long aad Short, Double and single sole Boots aad Congress Baiters SViC OUUW BilU VVH^ISI 7? . ? Also, a splendid sasortment No I sole leather Trunks, Vali<-e*. Vallce Carpet Ba*e, Ladles Hat Caseaand Tiunks; being a larger s.ock a. this season than usunl. . . 1 will sell ay heavy geeda cheap for the i ?*?*??' C*U~Hi."p ?00*E?*, PROMBNADB COKCEHT MUOIIHMII I1U KUUH, City Hall Squart Til (J BSD AY BTBRIIie, March ft, INT. PROGRAMME-raav t. I Oveitare?Full Bud*?Nciud* Flaare t. Natallen Wkltx ?M parformad by 9er ?EUli Band UMUkf a. Solo?ClarloDetto?Herr Wagner - 4 Romance? Robert t? Dla t>te-arrayed by C. Lenchow - .Meyerbeer ft. The Vagabond Polk* Cacti ft. Weddlag March?Fall Bands...Meadelseoha FAIT II. 1. Overture?Gazza Ledre lossltl t. Pet Pourl?Due Foecart?a brllUeat ope ratic selection?fer orchestra Verdi 9. tolo-by the celebrated Ceatia Baalit, Herr Chrlatlen 4. Faekeltaaz-torchlight daeee Meyerbeer 5. Drnra Polka (extra arums) Jul Ilea ft. Railroad Gallop?with Imitations by the orchestra, at a train la motion, fee ....Quasi Doors opea at ??Commence at 8. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Washington Circat tnd Ampitheitre. Coraer el Scveath Street aad lis iresat. DAN RICE. Re engagement of MURRAY at d HOLLAND. Mr Rice will Introduce his Talking Horse Excelsior, Dancing Meed Eareka, and Four Comie Mules, Bt*M?a the Dancing Mares PanHoe Bad Coquette, who will be Introduced by M'LLE MA* 61' E RETTE, In a Tandem Mecage Act Particular II dice.?Seatseaa be eeeurelda ting Mr. Rloe's Engagement each day. from 10a. m until 3 p. m Boxes SO casts; Pit 26 centa Lost and Found OST.-AT THE PRESIDENT'S LF.VRB, l a geaUemaa's Grav SHaWL, aad a ladles' L< Browa CLOTH CLOAK, of two circles of cloth, trim red vtth black plush, and lined with black Igured silk, with an laslde pocket, containing a purple aad white kalt worsted point for tbe head. All the above was In one bundle Taethaakaof tbe owner will be glvea if left at 3M C street, be iweea . ? If Lost ?on Saturday morning, on f ttreet, from 10th to 7th, or along 7ih to I, a BLACK CRAPE SHAWL. Aav one leaving the same at this office will be liberally rewarded, mar 3 3te Lost?on Monday, *d instant, in the Ladles' Gallery of the Penate or House, e RING with FIVE DIAMOND? la shape of a cross The ftnder will receive a handsome re ward by bringing it to the office af the National Betel. mar 3 3ta Wants. WANTED ?A CHILD'S NURSE ?A Gfr K maa or Colored girl preferred. Apply at the Episcopal Scsoel, oa E street, south slee, be tween 8th aad 0th streets. It* A SITUATION WANTED ?A LADY Who Is thoroughly competent, dealres a situation la a hotel or publie house, as a Housekeeper or Superlntendeat. She has had a long experience la that capacity, and oan furnish exceLeat refer ences If desired Address Mine 1. C.,tkrongh the City Post Office. mar i ?t* W *fi ANTED-A WHITE WOMAN AS Chambermaid, and to assist with Wasfa Apply at 2S4 Pcnn avenue, before IS o'cl'k. reblB*t* WANTED immediately.?A WOMAN to Cook, aad a Boy ss Dining-Room Ser osal. Apply at CROPLEY A CO ?S Grocery, Georgetown, D. C. fob IP 3t* RERECCA NORRIS OFCLANMKL TIP perary, daughter of the late Jeremiah Nor rlsand Mtgeret Ann Halley, landed at Phila delphia on tbe 17th of April, IMA, expecting is Una her brothers, Henry and Kobert Norris, Bricklayers Any Information of her brothers would be most thnnhful'.y received. Address Capitol Hill, north B street, No 3S6. feb 36 oo3t* WANTED-A MAN AND WOMAN TO go 10 miles la the country. She to Co*k and Wash A permanent home and good weg" to patties well recommended English crfeer man preferred Apply at Room NoDi, Treasury Department. feb?* It* WANTED. ?TBE HIGHEST PRICES paid la cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S sil ver Ware Manufactory, 338 Pec a. avenue, near ?th street. dec 30 For Bala and Rant. Furnished or unfurnished Rooms may be had at No 498 13th, between New Yerk avenue and I street mar 3 4t* Boarding. LODGING.-AT NO. 310 B STREET Nertb, Capitol Hill, a respectable party eaa he ac commodated for tne or two nights. mar 3 e Mrs. gassaway, sm d street, be tween 7 h and 8th stiee'e, south side. has reveral very good Rooms vaaaat, with or wlthcut Board mar 3-Tte Inauguration NOTICE?A PARLOR aad Chamber for Rent.?A few geatlemen can be accommodated during the time, at Mr* LOWE'S Trimming Store, W7 Peia avenoe, aonth vide. mar 3 M1 RS. BATES. AT her BOARDING ??. Hoase, on the southwest corntr of Peas, avenue aad 0th street, has made anaagements to r ccommadate a large number of strangers with Meals at any time t; rougkout the day, and Lodg ings * mm* Notice?persons desirous, can be accommodated with Lodgln/es et the Auction Rooms of C. R. L. CROWN A CO., No. 367. corner of Penn avenue' ?dMk streets. mar8-lt C R L CROWN A CO Boarding?at no. 3?? west of ltih street, 4 gcatlemea commodate* with Lodging- aiar l-*ia mHE subscriber BEING PREPARED T'tSS I?T?A H SALS !-???; three wishing them, takes this method upon those who may wish tbe sauna at bar resi WASHINGTON CANES, FROM MOI JIT VARNON. The noble treea of tbe lawn and forest upon which tbe Father of his Coaatry ansa looked, and which shaded and eooled his brow, will, accord tag te the aature of things, sooa mingle with the earth; aad la a few years those who posaaas a genuine article from th s sa - ?? - ? ? ? -a k- .(? la ?r?f *R?< estcem^lVTlzhrrand haad it te posterity aa above price ? oi thaaa trees have been eat aad ?nlVeb*ln*in,u,,,'*ctnredia?eCaae8. efterthe modal of Geaaral Washlngtoa'a own cane Persoa* desirous of peeeensl ?g oae eaa do * 'PPitotDa to the subscriber. who has beta * egaat for their sale la VV ashlagtoa . ^ aocompaales the sale ?>f each caae A Ubatai dodaotioa made te the trade ?M mm 0. W. BOTELEM, Um HalL