Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1857 Page 1
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THIS IVINIHQ stab ia prBLlSUKO KTBET APTKANOOBV, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THR STAR BUILDINBB, C?rn4t ?/ fmuv^MM Mism and U'A Strut, By W. D WALLACH, tad la wwi i* ?terlbm by eanMn at BIX and A QU ART6&R CEWTB, payable weekly to the Areata ; j*p?i served In packagee at J7U reata per Math. Te a all aabacrlbera the aub nerlpClon price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TV CENTBayearM mdvnet,TWO DOLLARS or ill laontba, u4 UNK DOLLAR for tkvee moat hi; for leee than three moatha at the lata ot li)i cento a week. l^T SINGLE C0PIE3 ONE CENT. ? ? I , ' '? L VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. G, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 1857. NO. 1,258 the vkxxlt stab. tola log a greater variety ef than can be fonaA la aay Saturday morning. Tsmxa 8 la fie oopy, per ana am ....????????St to cmae. Five coptee ....S3 N Ten ooptea ? OB Twenty ooptea 0 ITT Case, T in A?Ta*CB. IL/"" single eoplea (la wrappera) ean be piocureA at tte coanter. Immediately after tbe kaeae ef tbe Paper Prloe-T nana Caava roaTMAai??? who act aaageato will bealloweA a coromlaslon of twenty per eeat. Lost and Found. Lost -on Saturday morning, on t street, from 10A to 7th, or along 7.L to I, a BLACK CRAPE SHAWL. Any ene leaving the unie at thla ofl^ will be 11 bt rally rewarded, mar 3-** Lost?on Monday, 9D instant, in the Ladles' Gallery of the Senate er House, a RING with FIVE DIAMOND? In shape of a cross. The finder wiU receive a handsome re ward, by bringing It to the oRce of the National Hotel. ?ar 3-3 ? Ball tickets lost or stolen ? Persons are notified not to purchase Tlekett to the Inauguration B*U, 4th March, cumbered 1<W, 104,105, 100, 107,108, t0?, 110,179, ar.d 1*9 Tlc<ets hsvlng been lost or stolen, they will t*" stopped at the dcor of the Ball If presented. W P. BAYLY, Treasurer, mar 2-3t (IntelRUnlonSt) L03T-AT THE PRESIDENT'S LEVEE, o? Friday evening 1 ist, a lady's black cloth CLONIC, wtth eape and sleeves. hsvlng a quilt ed black silk limine, and trimmed wits figured si k gsMoon Any person leaving a letter at th* Post (Jffl e, addressed '-Miss A A L stating where It may bs found, will be suitably rew*rd (4. * mar 9-3t Lost ?on priday last, on penn jflnMa avenue, between 10th street and Dei* trr's Hotel, a p ain Wold BRAOElhT. The I nder will be suitably rewsrdrd upon leaving It at the store of Messrs QALT A BKO mar a KEWARD.-&TRAYED or Stolen, O 4 O from the front of Lloyd's t'nlon , Hotel, on the morning of tbe?->th of Feb ruary, near the Peput, a Bright Biy MaI ? yarn old, about 15* hands htgb; whire strip la tbe forehead; black mane and tall. Had sn a black quilted Lecher addle. Russet Bridle with a slnglo crrb bit and martingale, with broad l?a her Halter Strap around h^r neck S'25 will be psid for tbe return of the Mare wl'h Saddle, aad fi .0 lor the coavlctlon of tbe th'ef, If stolen TdADDEUS F. CLARK, mar *-3:* Kendall Preen. |^03T OR STOLEN?THIS MORNING CN ?. Pennsylvania avenue between 8th and Stn streets a Crt EC* on tn? Treasury of th? United S:ates from the Washington Acqued?ct for Si >1, (cents not reclle'trd ) Persons are notified rot to cash such Check, and the finder will receive ? id upon leaving tbe same at this oifice. feb 10 W.S. OFFUTT. For 8ala and Rent. R F R FUKNISHSD OR UNFURNISHED Rooms raiy b; hal at .No 439 13th, between New York avenue and 1 atrcet. mar 3 <f OOMS WITH BOARD,CAN BE HAD AT 4*1 13th street, above 9. feb 28 4f 4 4 ITER NON HALL."?THE SUBSCRIBERS * offer this spacious Hall tor Fairs, Bails. Lectures, or Eshlbltlons. The loom Is 50 by 70 feet; Is la the central por 1 m of the city, being on t?e corner of 9th street. C street, and Louisi ana avenue, aad bat a few feet south of Peana dtenue. Apply to HASLEP A WEEDEN, Or to WAL?., BARNARD A CO , Auctt. mir i-lw OR RENT.?THAT LARGE AND VERY d-sirabie Store Room and Cellar, No 130, on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers A Bro , as a Dry Goods House, tnd recently occupied by Seidner A Co , as a Clothing Store. Possesion given Immediately To a permaaeat tenant t'^e rent will be made low. Inqu're <>f JAMES V U LLALO V E, or to E S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer feb'P-dtf OOMS, LARGE AND HANDSOMELY - _ Furnished, lighted with Gas, for Rent at No 81 Mia?ourl avenue, between 4% and ?th street*, near the National and Browns' Hotel, feb W-tt* CMJR RENT^-THAT VERY COMMODI f ous and convenient (brown s:one front) House, situated on the north "tdc of E, between Oth and 10th streets It Is new, and has been kept in the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, h* being the only oecupant since Its completion Possession will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For tvms apply to toe subscriber, at 599 H, between ?;b and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Oflee febtt-tf THOMAS BEERY. ^TRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON >3 during the Inauguration, can be accommo dated with Board and Pleasant Rooms, at No. 4li M street, near the Navy Yard Gate The Navy Yard Omnibuses run to the door feb ?5-8t? FOR RENT?TWO LARGE WELL FIN lsbed Rooms, on the second floor, over the subscribers Marble Show-Room, opposite the site of the National Theatre Tbe rooms are sep arated by folding doors; has marble mantel sand gas fi (tares Inquire on tbe premises feb9 -9w ALEXANDER RUTHKRFORJ. For sale or rent?that desira ble residence on F street, between SOth and list, for the last e!ght veurs occupied by the late J M Chubb, Esq. Possession given Immedi ately. Inqilre of RIGGS A CO an 13-eotf FOR RENT A PLEASANT ANDAGREE able iuvivr Re ldence, with a f lower and Vegetable Uardeu attached, situated on tbe North Capl'ol He?d, about 5 minutes walk from the Corporation limits, ard adjolnlsg Glen wood OmeServ Inquire of WILLIAM EMMKRT, Mount Pleasant feb i3-'lw? FOr'sALE, EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPER TV, OR R E N T ?Possession given first of April next, that delightful situation situated aeu Mr. 1. Sales, oontaluiog 1)( icres of Land, with all its Improvements Tlue good Ins good state of cultivation f- or farther par tlcu ars appiy to the subscriber at the Dead Letter OS -e. or at No 439 0th street, between E and F. febfil-ftawtf GE RGE M KENDALL. For 8ale ?a lot of ground on theeorsor of aid and G streets, containing six thousand squire feet, with the Improvements, which consist of a large and well built Frame Dwelling, containing six large and conveniently arranged rooms with celler An excellent pump of water at the door This property has every advantage, and will make a first rate business stand The Lot is well fenced and laid out as a Fi wer Garden, and contains some choice Fruit and valuable Shrubs. For part! ulars enquire on tae premises fleb W-hw3w Fiiin for salr-i offerforsale my htm and country seat, situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber. Mrs. Barnard, Mrs Morton, Mrs. Boies, Messrs Llnthleum. Adler and Eliason, containing about 49 acres of land, improved with a frame dsrelllng, gardener's house, cow and horse stab es, etc The very short dlstancs from Georgetown aad Washington makes it very well * da peed for a dairy farm and market rardea. The high elevation com nands a beautiful and pl&liuesque slew of tbe Metropolis and surround - l ig country, and is in this, as well an in regard to nealth, uniurpaseed 11 will be sold eft ire er in lofs to suit purchasers feb*-eolm? HENRY GILDEME1STER. Re. 367 Pa ?ve., opposite National Hotel. JONAS F. LEVY, IMPOSTSa AND DK1Lia IS FISB WISES BKARDIK8, O&OCZ&IIS, A YD CIOiBS. , HAS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sort neat of Champagne in quarts aad pints, IXL, and Tresaa de Bausey, aaa other desirable Braidi: Brandy in cask aad bottles. Vlataae 1777 tn 16U); Rums of all kinds; WhUkeya 1910 to IF51; Ho:Land Gin of a'l kinds; Ciar* Wines of all brands Burguadys do de Satu rn? do do; Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do do Germ&n do do H> k do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do . Cordials do do Cnns A Bia^kweil's London Pickles and Preserves of ail kinds rV'ff-* Saga', Teas, Ae , Ae 347 P??a avenue, opposite National HsCel. )?u 1 y JONAS P LEW. StR ANUCKft. IF YOU AUK HUtlMU articles f>r t*Msents, remember that LAM s Ani Seventh street, la the place to se them cheap. mat 3-1t B1BSS FORK. AA BBL3. MESS PORK FOR SALE BY JOHN MOORE, Lo is',aaa aveftae, bet. 9th and 19th Streets, " No. VI, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner of 11th ?t and Pa. avenue. MR. F. NICHOLLS CROUCH, THE COMPOSER AND LECTURER, AND THE MUSICAL EDITOR OF "bODErS LADY S BOOK," Haying established himself as the singing master of this insti tution, respectfully announces to Heads of Families, Schools, and Stranger* *l>ltiog Washington, that be baa a few leisure bouea to devote to Private Scholars, and that some vacancies occur In bis 14 Academical Classes," (cecesfailiy caused by changes In the Administration.) Yo ?ecure admission, early application must be made, and examinations required as to capability for Joialag. His First Classes Count of Education: Declamation, Dramatic Reading, Recitation, Oratorio, Cburch Service, English Opeia. Founded cm tht System practised in tks European Constrvitoiri amd Royal Acadtmy of London, ?n tokith hi xcit a Professor. And to qualify these Pupils studying Music as a Profession, Mr. CROUCH gives Historical, Biographical Sietekts, and Readings on the SCIENCE AND PROGRESS OF MU8IC AND WORKS OF THE EARLY MASTERS, (copiously Illustrated,Veverr Thursday Evening, at 8 o'clock, at the ball of the Institute, in which tk>. Pupils tkemsrlves take pari, thereby acquiring that confidence and self-possession to be gained only ueder the auspices and direction s/ th? Practical Mat tor Terms and Circulars to he had at the Academy, where Mr. CROUCH can be seen every morning from 7 till 9 o'clock; and oa Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evenlnga (devoted to Gen tlemen i from fl till 9 o'clock. Days far Class M?s'<af??Monday and Thurndav, from 2 till 0 o'clock: Tuesday and Friday, from 10 till 13, (morning ) All letters should be addressed to Mr. Cbouch, 463 13th street, between E and F north, feb 88 Amusements. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7th Street. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK OF WYMAN, THE W1Z&&1) ANi> YfaiillLOQUIlT, In hlsastonl&hlng Transmigrations, Transforma tions, Miracles, and Marvellous Feats of Magic. He vrld remain DURING ALL THIS WEEK ONLY. Prcm Monday, March 2,1357, to Saturday* 7thi eveiy evening, and Saturday after noon with celebrated FEATS OF SORCERY AND MYSTERY, More Inexplicable and surprising than have ever been attemped btfore, VENTRILOQUISM and the LiffMivijig and Spei/ciug Automatons. Admission 25 cents. Children ha f-price l>oors open at 7 o'clock. Performance com mence at 8 l?^"For particulars see small bills mar 2-61 Washington Circus and Ampitheatre. Coraer ef Ktrath Street and the Areiai, DAN RICE. Re engagement of MURRAY ard HOLLAND. Mr. Rice will Introduce his Talking Horse Licel?!or, Lancing Steed Eureka, and !? our Comic Mules, Besides the Dancing Mares Pau'lnesnd Coquette, wbo will be introduced by M'LLE MAR6UE RETTK, In a Tandem Menage Act. Pmrtlralar Jl tice.? Seats can be secure* du ilng Mr Rioe's Engagement each day. from 10 a. m until 3 p. m. Boxts 50 cent>; Pit 25 cents At the lamtis* Balldlng erected fer the lBBS|aratUa Ball ea City Hall Sqaaie A Monster Promenade Concert will be given la the above superb building on THURSDAY EVENING, March ?. In order to render the Concert in every way rorthy of the grrat national occasion, the man agement has determined to spare no expense in .presenting to the e.itiiens of the United States now assembled at Washington The Grandest and Most Brilliant Musie% executed and performed by the KOST TALENTED ARTISTES, that can be engaged from any part of the Union An Enormous Orchestra of nearly Oils Hundred Performs*, conducted by C. LENSCHOW, Esq., the popular and original conducter of the Renowned Oernmia Band, la already secured. ] The management will also endeavor to effect an arrangement with DOD WOR TH'S BAND, from New York, and, If possible, also with the CELEBRATED SALEM BAND. The programme embraces some of the inos* popu ax a-d tffecilve Overtures, Walttes, Polka*, and Operatic Arrangements, which, with the Ya*t Pover of the Orchestra, will produce the most thrilling and tremendous - effe t ] In addition to the great attraction offered by the mnslcal ielection, the coneert will afford the great mass of people unable to obtain admission 1 to the ball the only opportunity thev will have of viewing the Interior of the but ding, snd cer I talnly uo one who Is in the city shnu'd leave again without seeing the greatest night Washing ton can boast, which is undoubtedly the Immense building erected for the great ball of the lnaugu ration, with Its Beautiful Decorations und Brilliant Illumina Being lighted by ONE THOUSAND JETS OF OAS. It i? confidently expected lhat the President sod Vice President will be preeent, and upon their arrival the bands will cff*r A GRAND SALUTE, The drums and military Instruments resembllne THE ROAR OF CANNON. AU delegations, elvll,mllltsry, and naval vlsl ters. fire companies, and the citizens of the Uni ted States generall , are cordially ivlted to attend. T*e management hss decided to put tbe prloe &t admlsslaa with la the easy reach of all classes, via: TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Noticb ?A few seats will be offered to ladles and gent'emen requiring them, which must be secured before the concert at MsTzzaoTT's Music Store, Penn avenu*. for which One Dollar each will be charged These seats will enable occu pants to view the entire ha 1, with the assemk ? pecial Notice.?No bills we be received at the doors, nor change made for gold AIlper*oas are respectfully requested to pay their admission la twjnty-flve-cent pieces. W.H PALMER, war * M anager and Director subscription concert,. O E R H AR D ' S SALOON, No. Maryland Avenue A SERIES OF SIX CONCERTS AR ranged from the best musical compositions, and given by the fnest musical talents of this city, will commence at the above Saloon on MONDAY NIGHT, March *d. TheseeonlCon eert will be given on 'Tuesday Afternoon?the se rles to be continued oa Thu'tdsy Evening of each week. Subscription price?six concerts for gentleman, SI; with oneltdv, SI 10; a gentleman with two or more ladles, S? Coneert com Tien ce at 8 o'clock. After eoncert dancing until It o'clock. feb S7-lw I CLAIRVOYANCE. MADAME BWETT, THE CELEBRATED CLAIRVOYANT, B as arrived In this City, and taken rocmsat No.SOS 7th st , (opposite Odd Fellows' I Hall ) where she is ready te receive consultations respec ting the PAST! PRESENT FUTURE and DISEASES inr During a year's tour in t e Pouth and Mad?meSWETT has bern consulted by uowaidaof Ten Thousand Fersont, aad Is pto nCunced a superior Clairvoyant and the Wouder ttPLTM?" "SSSK MANAGERS OF TUB NATIONAL INAO SITUATION BALL, Jadlciary Sqaare, march 4, 1947? Hod n C Burnett. K jr. Bod J M II lott, Ky, Hod J C Jones, Tenn. Uou 8 A Smith, T?dd. Hou J we !> Br ght, Ind. Hod W H English, Ind. Hen 8 A Dougla*, III. Hou T L Harris, 111. Hon J 8 Green, Ho. Hon J M Phelps, Mo. Hon W K Sebaallan, Irk. Hon Albeit Rust, Ark. lion Lewis C*<i, Mich. Hon Geo W p?ek, Mich. Hon h R Mallory, Fie. Hod A ? Maxwell, Fie. Hou T J Bunk Texas. Hon P H Bell, Texas. Hon Geo W Jones, Iowa. Hon Augustus Hall. lows. Bon Heury Dixl|e, Wis. Hon Daniel Weils. Wis. Hon J B Weller, Ca'. Hon J W Denver, Cal. Hod Juliu Slidell, La. Hon J M 8and'dge, Ls. Hon G K Pugb, Ohio. Hod C L Valiaudlngham, Bod H M k c?, Minn. Bon Joa I aue. Oregon Bon M A Otero, Xew Me*. Bon J P Anderson, W ff. Bon J W Whitfield, Kansas Hou B B Chapman, Neb. Hon J C Dobbin, Bon Jam<-s Campbell, Hou Caleb Cushlrg. Stales Army. Caf t John I'ope, Cagt M C Me'.ffs, Capt P Calhoan. Bon T J D Fuller. Me. Hon JnhD Apf'vton, Me. 0 >l Joha B George, M. B. Sidney Webster, N B. Bon D A Smatley, Vt. Hod Rufus Cho?te, Mass. Hon B Y Ballett, Maes. Bon Philip Alien, R. I. Hon C T Jaroee, R. I Hon Iaaae Tuuc y, Conn. Hon C M Ingersoli Conn. Hon John Krlly, Jf. Y. Hon John WUIUnis, N. T Hon John Wheeler, N. Y. Hon J R Thomson, N. J. Hon George Vail, N. J. Hon Wm tticler. Pa. Hoi J Glancy Jones, Pa. Hon J A Bayard, Del. H n M W bites, Del. Hon J A Pearee, Md. Hon J A Stewart, Md. B >n KMT Hunter, Va. Bod C J Faulkner, V*. Hon l> 8 Reid, N. C. Hon LO B Braucb, N. a Hou A P Batler, 3. O. Hon W Aiken, 8. 0. Hon R Toombs, Ga. ?on Howell Cobb, Ga. Hon B Fitxpttrick, Ala. Son 8 W Harris, Ala. 8on A G Brown, Miss. Hon J A Quitman, Mies. ?on W L Marey, Hon James Guthrie, Hon Robert MeClelUnd, Hon Jeff Darts, United Gen George Gibson, Gen T 8 Jea^up, Col W H Kra ry. Major A H Bowman, United States Nary. 0>m Wm B Shnbrirk, Lieut M F Maury, Oom K A F Lavalette, Li?nt R U Parrott, Cept Duncau N Ingraham, Burgeon C D Maxwell. Lieut Jnftlos J Boyle, United States Gen Archiba:d Heudersou, Capl B B Tyler, Major W W RuamII, New Hon John Ctchrane, Bod W B Maclay, Bon Daniel K Sickles, Marine Corps. Majo- GeoF Lludaay, Lleat J Greene. York. Hod K R Bart, Isaac V Fowler, John H Chambers. Bon. Wm. Wllklns, Hod Joalah Randall, Hod Charles Brown, Hon John Robblns, Col Joha W Forney, 0 W Carrlgan, Hon Wm 0 Whlteley, Pennsylvania. Col C MrRibbon, Henry 8. Mac raw, Kakridge Lane, Wm H Welsh, Geu Wm H Miller. Delaware. Bon Geo B Riddle. Maryland. A G Allen, Esq Col Geo P Kane, Col Wm D Bowie, ? 1 Col JaB Leonard, Bon Beverdy J ihua^n, TUomaa E Counolly. Georgetown, D. C. Wm A Gordon, Brooke B Williams, Dr B Bohrer, Dr Grafton Tyler. Hon B M HcLane, Hon P F Thomas, Hoe H?nry May, Hon Joehua Vausant, Robert Onld, Hugh Caper ion, Francis Dod^e, John 8 Barbour, K 8 Hongh, W Arthur Taylor, Gov Heary A WUe, Roger A Pryur, Wm B Magrader, W W rteetcn, Peter Force, Welter Leu., r, Wm Seld'D, W W Corcoran, A O P Nicholson, Thos L Smith, John C Rives, Geo Waller Joues, Bon Amos Kendall, Prof J Henry, CjI W G Freeman, C Wendell, Dr Wm Jooee, John T Snlll- an, Col. Wm Hlrkey, Geo W Rigga, Bon T R Crawford, hou W M Merri k, Dr A Y P Garuett, Dr J C Hall, Danlol R.tcllffe, J. A. Tiionsas, Col P G Washington A H Lawrence, J M Carlisle, A D Bach*, A O Day t?n, Jamee 6 lierret, Dr C BotIo, Thos J, A Srhuckinr, j*nsi8 W.tb Alexandria, Va. I Louis Kinier, A Q Newton, Heury Dalugerileld, David Knueteo. Richmond, FV?. Janies Lyoba, A. D. Btuki. Washington. F McNe.-liauyl A B Stosgbton, OiarWs A beit, Wm F Bayly, B I. Jaeeeon, Br 8 A U?u4i n, Geo C Whiting, Jsrob Gideon, Charles H Winder, Geo Parker, Dr Thos Miller, J IJ Hoover, Arnold Harris,' R H Weigh linen, 1 human Green, Wm T Dove, D W Mahon, W B B Croa?, DtWU Palmer, Hndfoo Teylor, Hou T H Benton, Dr J B Blake, r B Key. H Loughborough, A G 8?aman, John F Coyle, R 8 Spronle, W u Wailacb, ' lias T Jones, Jobn A Hunnleott, Henry S D*vi*, Thoaaa Berry, B W McBeury, H G Faut, B H Waltack, Th< s J r,*} er, Wui F Waliace, Jas N t .rk-r. Col. J. It. Powell, Chae W WeUh, J C M cOh I re, Marshall Brown, A b H White, Johnson Bellen, C B Gr^habi, A W Kaesell, 8 C bteaibeugh, Ed war it CI ? rk, Beiij*m!n Brail, A R Potts, R J Kevin, John F Knuls, B D Cotte,

Luden PerV?n, M W Clnskey, B J La< key, Wm H Ward, Beverly Tucker, Jas W Irwin, J V Pltzpatrlck, Andrew Coyle, Jr. 8 H Lemborn, R H Henderson, W m H Thomas, Henry Queen. CHINA, OLASS AND QUEENS WARE. i ?sp lW ? R. H. MILLER, SON A CO., Importers direct from Liverpool to Aiextndrli, beg leave to call the at tention of dealers, hotel keepers and other* of Washington and Georgetown to their ?tock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety will compare favorably with any establishment In the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards of 30 years, has gWen him advan tages In the purchase of goods, equal, If not sspe nor. to any house In the trade. An Inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can he made of them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white Preneh China Vasee, Pitchers, Toilet Seta, Ao. French China Tea Sets, Cups and 8aucers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets,and separate articles al ways on hand White Granite Ware In every variety, In sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware In full supply. ' Cut, Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware i from the best establishments In the Eastern and | Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise. experienced packers employed. Good* put ap by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12K cents each way d Stars'6* ?f * dollar t*>UJ> "P*01 may save many AMMiD phywciam, whose sands of life have nearly run out, discovered while living la the East indies, a certain caiefor Consumption, Bronchitis. Asthma, Coushs Colds, and Genera! Debility Wishing to do as much good as possible he will send to such of bis 1 afflicted fellow beings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up ? and successfully uslnK It. He requires ?ch ap plicant to enclose him one shilling; three cents to ce returned as postage on the Recipe, and the re mainder to be applied to the payment of this ad vertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, Jersev i Ottjr, N.J. feb 161m T~ H'S IS TO OIVJS NOTICE to the powTc that the co-partnership nf Joseph Josephs and i Moses SI gel has this day dissolved, and Joseph Josephs is authorised to receive all claims due the above firm, and, also, to uay the indebtedness of th*ssme. I The bust?t will hereafter bececdu ted by ttisel. JOJ-EPH JO* EPJiS. MUSES SIGHL. W- _ ,N A T I O N A L INAUGURATION BALL, March 4th, 1S37?The Msna gers announce fo the public that, with ? view to tns comfortable accommodation of the patrons of the ball, to afford ample space for dancing, and to avoid the lnooaven iences ef a too crowded JJJJJ. they have adopted the following regula The number of admission tickets to be sold shall not exceed fifteen hundred. Gentlemen, excepting Invited guests, ?will be admitted to the Ball onfy upon the preseatatlon of admission cards at the door. No Children will be permitted to eater the Ball room. The Managers further announce that the most ample arrangements have been made for the proper care of wearing spparel. mar 3 St ?"3^N OTICK .?PERSONS VISITING Washington on the 4th, will find at HAMMACK'H Liberty Hall Restaurant. Meals at all hours during the day and night. Call at No. 806, under Willards' Hotel. * mar 3 jREV LEROY M. LEE, D. D ,EDl tor r.f the Richmond Christian Advo cate. will deliver a Lecture before the 1 adl a' Aid Society of the Methodist Kplsopal Church Sauth.on next THURSDAY EVENING, at 7* o'clock. Subject?"Woman: Her history and character." Church on S.h street, between H an* I street", immediately tn the rear of the Patent Oflice Lecture free. mar 3-3ta ^2^430-FOR LADIES ONLY-450 ?sJSa Hrocm st, between Broadway and Mei cer, New York. * _ . ^ SICCARDE, Hair-Dresser of the Courts of Spain and Sardinia. Newly-Invented Hair-Braid and Crimps Puff, distinguished in France, Spain and I sly Orders to be left with M me WIS? E A, Penn sylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th, No 501. Washington mar 2-3t* ^SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.?Prof , , L G. Blows, of Dartmouth College, will deliver two Lectures, on MONDAY ard FRIDAY KVENFN6S, Mar^h 2d and Ith, oa the 11 Ottomans In Europe." This will be the last course of Lectures this season. feb 2S-*tS,M, W&F fc-^S^NATIONAL WESTERN TELEGRAPH. Office 330 Peaasylvaaln Avenue, Over Oilman's Drug Stort, near 7th ttrtei. THIS LINE HAVING BEEN REBUILT during the past season, is now working with out interruption, and offers the cheapest and roost direct telegraphic communication to the Weat, Northwest, and Southwest. feb 9-eolm* flf~&MUTUALLIFE INSURANCE COM HAMY, HARTFORD, CONN Secured Capital, 1st January f2,271,000 Dlviderd on Li e Policies 40 per cent. MICH'L NOU USE, Agent, 451 Thirteenth street west. N. B?Is it not the moral dutv of eviryman who has a dependent family to insure h's life. 1st Timothy 5, ti. feb26-lw ,NATIONAL IN AUG UK ATI ON ? HALL. COMMITTEE OF INVITATION. Hon J R Thompson, Major Wm VV Russell, Hon George E Pugh, R J Nevin, Hon J Glancy Jones, DWMahon, Hon C J Faulkner, A B Stoughton, Hon Jno S Phelps. Chas W Welsh. The subfcribers to the National Inanguretlcn Ball are requested to leave, at the Stationery store of Wm F. Bayly, No ?7? Pennsylvania avenue, the names and places of rrrtdence of the ladl<-s of their families fur whom cards of invitation are de sired, or transmit them through the post oflice to Major Wm. W. Russell, Chairman of the Com mittee. A subscription book may be fonnd at the store ofMrBayiy. WM W. RUSSELL, Chairman. fc-^^TICKETS FOR THE NATIONAL INAUGURATION BALL, FOURTH MakCH,16S7 ?Subscribers to tho National In auguration Bdll are requested to call at the store of the undersigned and get their tickets Tickets will be for sale at Wlllards'. Kirk woods', Dexter's, Browne', and the National Hotels; also at the stores cf ShiUington, M. H. A Co., and Taylor A Maury's. iL/- The Ladies' invitations are now ready. WM. F BAV LY, Treasurer , Penn. avenue, between 11 th and 14th sta. f*b l?)-<HMar4th (Unlon&lntel) t PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHI LA - delp^la prices, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner 12th and F streets ICE CREAM at $1 50 per gallon, feb 25-lm* ARCADE BOWLING SALOON. The undersigned having pur chased the Bowling Saloon onDj.i . street, between bth and 9th streets,VPiTT and having thoroughly efltted it for XI1 o the arccminodatirn of visitors, would resuecilul ly announce to gentlemen wishing to enfage in this mart healthful recreation that he wilt use every end?avor to render this th* best regulated pstablihhment of the kind in the clt7, and they inay ret assured that It will be conducted upon an entirely new principle, the stric est decorum being enforced, and every attention together vlth coiofo-t tbat will render satUfactlon to the play ers. The proprietor will rt asouably expect gf ntle manly deportment from those who extend him tceir patronage. ID" To avoid dissatisfaction, boys will not be admitted under any pretence whatever. 1?7" Persons wishing to engage Alleys for any length of time car< do so by applying to m3 3t? WILEY, Proprietor. 8. P. HOOVER'S Iron Ilall Bjot, &/ioe, and Trunk Establish ment I HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ASBORT ment of La dles'. Misses.and Chlldrens' White Satin and Kid heeled and with out heels, Gaiters and Slipperr;La | dies black,bror.zM1 and eelored cloth button, heeled Gaiters, Morocco ^ Boots, Buckskin, Double sole. Water Proof Gait ers, ^silted Silk, Alpine, Boots and Gaiters. For flentiemen, Boys, and Youths, French Imported Patent Leather and Calf Long and Short, Double and single sole Boots and Congress Gaiters Also, a spleadld assortment No. 1 so e leather Trunks, Valicej Valtce Carpet Bags, Ladles Hat Cases and Trunks ; being a la:ger stock at this season than usuil. 1 will sell my heavy goods cheap for the cash, and cath only. Call early at 8. P HOOVER'8, "*** 3-'Jw Pa. ave , bet 9th and 10th sts. NOTICE TO WESTERN TRAVELERS; Passengers gilrg te St. Lsuls, l aire, and New Orleans, WILL TAKE NOTICE THAT THE OHIO and Mlssifsippl UroadnnwKM. Guage Railroad Is not as iep-#^^3PHHpB resented by agents of opposition routes, buuhe contrary, Ls in perfect order The Express Train of this road arrives in St. Louis two hours ard thirty minutes In advance of all other routes Through Tickets can be obta aed at the Depot in this city. Baggage chcek. d through and handled free. For further information applv to th? Ticket Agent, at the Depot. J. B. WATFR3, mar 3 1 w * Agent E. PLUR1BLS UNIM. THE STEERS OF THE UNION !-A chal lenge to the World and the of Mankind ?The MASTODON flKi&Sfli STEERS of the Union, raided by Robert Wley, Esq, of Falrfleld H " Connty, Ohio, will be exhibited at the corner of Second street and Pennsylvania avenue, Wash ington City, during WKDN E8DAY and Thursday of Inauguration week. Will open oa Wednesday night, March 4th Citizens and strangers are invited to e^lland examine these Monsters of the Brute Creation. Admission 23 cents F A J BICE, JACKSON SHEIRY, and mar3-3t* GEO. D. STEIN. OAS FIXTURES. RH. MILLER, SON * CO., ALBXAN e dria, Vs., keep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS, BRACKETS, Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cornelias A Baker, which they will guarantee te ?ell at the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the saleroom* oa Chestnut street, Phil adelphia. Aleo, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and PROMENADE CONCERT. INAUGCRATION BALL ROOM, City Halt Hquart. THURSDAY EVENING, march 5, 1991. PROGRAMME?fait l. t Oveiture?Full Bandt-Nozzede Flzaro Mcxirt *. Natallen Waltz-as performed by Gn iraala Band Labltzky 3. Solo?Clarlonette?Herr Wagner ? 4 Romance?Robert le Dlable-arranged byC. Leachow Meyerbeer 5. The Vagabond Polka Gmzl 8. Wedding March?Full Bands...fifendebschn PART II. 1. Overture?Garza l.adia Roaslnl 2. Pot Pcurl?Due Foacart?a brilliant ope ratic selection?for orchestia..... Verdi S. Solo?by tbe celebrate d Contra Bassist, Rerr Christie n 4. Faekeltanx-torchlight dance Meyerbeer 5. Drum P? Ika (ex:ra drum*) Ju lien ?. Railroad Gallop-with imitations by tke cr^hestra. of a train in motion, Ac ....Gutzl Doors orei at (J?Ommence at 8 Tickets TWENTY-FiVE CENTS, mar ?-3t u i ii?* 3 PI A KOk AT BARGAINS-One second hand frr SI5J. One new for S3 i'5 wrrth S'CO One for SI 25, worth S) 00 One fine Melodeon for S50. JOHN F t I.LI?*, mir 3 3(8 betw 9th and loth sts STRANGERS, tiO TO 2U, BETWEEN 9th and 9th stree s. to buy your presents to take home with ycu. The greate t stock in Wasblre ton City. R mar 3 H. J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. PROMENADE COSCERT, THURSDAY, MARCH *. 1 he excellent Contra Bassist, HERR CHRISTIEN, will perform a Solo on the Double Basf. Kewrs M*HR, 1IEDE, aid o'her celebrated Performtrs will perform In the Ear.d. mir S-Tt AMERICAN EAGLE RESTAURANT. CHARLES KLOT? A CO., Corner of 9 h and D streets GENTLEMEN AND PARTIES CAN BE accommodated at this establishment with Meals, eveiy hour or minute la tne^lay. Breskf^t 50 cents. Dinner 75 *? Scpper... 53 *' Tea 50 " mar 3 3t* CODE A SIMMONS, GIFT8EOAESTOKE, NO 51CX PA AVENUE, BETWEEN 2i and 3a streets (Old Depot) where. every pe son ouichasing Se arstj thef amount of Fifty Cents "will receive 8? handsome present valued at from 25 reuts t > S70 l>e list of Gifts embraces a gieit variety of Jew elry, Fancy Articles, Books, Ac , which will be given away In order to induce rapid sales and t>ma:l pr< fi!s mir 3-5 ? WAVERLY HOUSE, North A Street, between lit and 2J Krilll, Capitol Hill. TBE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY 1N fcrms his friends and visitors to Wasfc-i inpton, tfcat daring the Inauguration, in ad dition to his well supplied Oy<ter and He. fresh ant falooi, be will have a tabic set for the accommodation of his patrons, where they can Breakfast, Dine, and Supper He will also have a number of well aired and comfortable Sleeping Apartments. THOMAS ENGLISH, mar 3.2t* Proprietor. SP HOOVER'S BOOT, SHOE, ANO ? Trunk Establish meat. ? I have this day received for the Ball Ladies' White Satin and hid Heeled Slips and Congress Gaiters. Also, ? splendid assortment of Gentlemen's Pat ent Leather Congress Gaiters and Boots. My stock of Boots, Shoe), and Trunks Is tbe largest iu this city, and will be sold cheap for ca*h. All In wan t ** 111 do well to call and examine my stcck before purchasing elsewhere S P. HOOV1 R, mar 3-lv/ Bet 9th and 10th sts . Penn ave. RESERVED SEATS OR CHAIRS elevated so as to command a vltw of the en tire Ball Room Floor, at tbe PROMENADE CONCERT, ON THURSDAY NEXT, Mev be secured at Metxerott's Music Store, Pa. avenus . mar 3 3t BOLD WATCHES. GOLD JEWELRY. GOLD CHAINS Diamonds, c^al, stone camlo, Rich Pearl aclr Painted Sett Jrwelry, p-jre Sllv?r and Plated Ware, Pebble Spectacles, Reading Glatses, etc . lor sale at extreme low price? during this week. An object for any * ho wish value received for tbeir money Please callear>y as several rich ?r ticks are on i ale for a few days at 333 Penna avenue car3 | II. O. HOOD. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER \t ARE. 1AM NOW JUriT RECEIVING SOME OF the most splendid and rich styles of fine Gold Jewelry; also, a Very super'or assortment of Time Keeping Watches, in void and silver case's. Gold Spectacles, Gold Chains, Gold Thimbles, Seal, Kevs, and every other article usually kept in a first cla*s Jewelry Store. 1 am alsa manufacturing some very Cce solid silver ware, such as splendid 1 ea Sets, Pitchers, Urns, Goblets, Cups, Napkin Rings, Spous, Forks, Ladies, Ac , all warranted Star dard silver. ? We do not seil Northern made Wares as oif our own manufacture Please ca'l at 333 Pennevlvanla aver.u*. feb 21 H. O. HOOD. WASHINGTON CANES, FROM MOUNT VERNON. THE NOBLE TREES OF THE LAWN AND forest upon whicn ihe Father of his Country onoe looked, and which shaded end cooied his brow, will, accord'ng to the nature of things, soon mingle with the earth ; and in a few years those who possess a genuine article from th's sa cred spot will esteem It highly and hand it to posterity as above price. A large number of ihess trees have been cut and seasoned, and are bel ng manufactured Into Canes, after the model cf General Was'ulngtoa's own cane. Person* desirous of possesslsg one can do soXn application to the subbcrlber, who has be.n appointed agent for their sale in \\ ashing ton. A certificate accompanies the sale< f each cane. A llbe si deduction made to the trade mar3-eodt?t C. W. BOTELEtt, Iron Hzll ORANGE A ALEXANDRIA R. R. ROAD. Great Southern Mail Lin* f TWO DULY TRAINS (SUNDAY NIGHTS excepted) leave Alexandria for Richmond? At 7M a m.,and 8* p m Fare S5 50. JAMES A. EVANS, feb 14 Agent. ON EXHIBITION AND FOR SALE AT MY NEW 8TORE, ONE OF THE .'argest, handsomest, and most varied assort ments of LADIES' FANCY GOODS ever of fered in the District LADIES' FRENCH DRESS ~ ~ BONNETS, Children's Garments acd Hau, JNQ* Ladles' Dress Trimmings in the greatest profu sion, hibbons, French Flowers atd Embroide ries, Straw Goods, Head Dresses, Ac , Ao Strangers and citizens are respectfully Invited to call and examine my stock. .. M. WILLIAN, feb 26-Jw Market Space, bet 7th and 9th sf. OIL FOR MACHINERY.?THE SUB scrlber detlrea to call the attention of persons using steam or other machinery to his Lubricating Oil, which cannot be surpassed for the purpese ft is Intended to be used for. J. R. MoSRESOR,, ' feb 18-2awlm * s?4 7th street* HATS:-SPRING STYLE 1B5T ?We are just in receipt of Beebe's and other Fasblcnable Spilnc style* of 6<?ts'Dreas ?ATS. GEO. H- B. WHITE A CO ,^ Fashionable Hat Store, 33* Pa, avenre, fsb ifi-eoM between fth and 10th sts. rrUNTSO WRITING PAPER. Stall*aery X of all kinds, floe Gold, sod perforated Pa per, at FERGUSON'S, Sb IS B ' evening star. PIR80HAL .... Charles Levi Woodbury, Esq , now of Boston, Mui , is in thit city, at the residence of bit brother in-law, Judge Montgomery Blair. ....Horace Greeley, hat published a Utter denying that he ever acted at the agent of any railroad company or other corporation while in the city of Watbingtoa or elsewhere, and explaining hie teeming connection with the Dec Moines Company. .... Mrs McMaboa, whose appearance on the stage has led to divert columns of not very cnurteoua criticism In tome of the Buf falo and New York papers, appeared at the Boston theatre on Monday ereiyng at Ju'ia, in the Hunchback, and according to the pre ft made a decided failure. .... The arm chair upon which Mr. Sysse, formerly of the Petersburg Intelligencer, ir dites his editorials is an " old arm chair * indeed?his father having uaed it when teach ing school for forty years whilat Syiae him self occupied it editorially for nineteen years; so that it only lacks a year of being sixty, and ia in each an excellent state of preeerva tion that it may last aixty years longer. .... Wm Prescott Smith, ? q , of Balti more, one of the original Trustees of Peabody Fund, named l>y Mr P , has respecifally de clined the appointment on account of patting business engagements. A thorough business man, of liter try attain men ta of no mean order, of indomitable energy atd perseverance, with a inind wtll schcolea in th? practical under takings of the day, the Board will lote an ?bla ooaJjuior in the declension of Mr. Smith. .... The Albany Kui?kerbocker telle a rich 'tory growing out of a correspondence between Senator Uptam. of the New York State Legis ture, and H irding, the celebrated portrait painter. Hording, it soema, had been paint ing in Mr Upham's family, iie wrote to the . Senator, and addressed him thus : " Hon A. S. Upham, Senate Chamber, Albany." For | tome reason, the Senator did not return aa answer. In due time, he reoaived another from the same artist, with a much more lacon ic superscription. It read : " A. S Upham, wagon makor, Aibany." Thia putthegalf to the Senator, who replied without further da lay. addressing his correspondent as follows : " (Jen Harding, Sign and Chair Painter, Buf falo." The joke being mutual between tbem, we have a right to infer that honorable men love the reminiscences of youth. ? ...The Independence Beige, of the 2d inst., says: "The departure of Horace Yer net for New York ia announced. Several pie turea have been taken of him, and ;h?a en itflgement will probably detain him in the United States aoout aix months We do not know if Horace Vernet baa accepted the en gagement, but a story is circulated in the dif ferent ateliers of eminent artists that he will not resist the tempting offer of $200,000. If Yercet should execute several pictures in the United States, he would undoubtedly realise an immense fortune." We see that some of our contemporaries take exception to the engagement of Veraet to paint a picture for the Capitol, and claim that all ita worka of art should be executed by American artists Why not, with the tame propriety, demand that all the booka in the Cengremonal Libray be written by American authora ? The Humbug of Spiritualism. Four years ago a young boy, aged 12 years, hung himself at Nassau, near Iroy. it was thought that he had committed suicide, and no inquest waa held. Recently?we condense from * two-columned stbtement in tbs Troy Times?at a spiritual cirole at Nassau, soma person, who folt a curiosity to teat tbe matter, inquired if the spirit of the boy Phillips could be made to appear? An xffirmative response wad immediately given. It was then asked if he Lad committed suicide, as waa generally supposed ? The answer was in the negative. Upon being asked how he came to his death, the spirit replied that he had been murdered, and gave the f-cts, substantially as follows : He was acquainted with a woman who lived in the same neighborhood as himsalf,who had always been friendly towarda him. Oa one unlucky day, however, be became cognisant of the fact that she waa holding illicit inter, course witn a man, whose name was given. Tbe guilty party learned of this discovery, and fearing the exposure by him of one crime, averted it by adding another- While he tlept, a was driven into his head, in a portion whence no blood flowed, and he awoke in the spirit world. Hia body was then taken to the ia:m, and bung by the neck to one of the raf teia, in the manner in which it waa when found. An immense turmoil thereupon ensaed in Nassau. The remains were disinterred ia the presence of a large concourse of spectators; an icque$t was held; but the skull was unbroken and there was no evidence of death by fcul means. It appeared from the evidence that on ihe.dsy preceding hia death the boy Levi had attended a circus, and was considerably excited by the daring feats performed there. There was to be a busking at the barn that evening, and from the cir'umstancea it would appear that he had attached the rope to the rafters, and was practicing gymnastic exercises npon it, detigning to astonish his friends with souio daring feats. While practising thus, he was probably caught by the neck, and, there being no assistance at hand, hanged until he was aead. Ihe coroner a jury, of coarse, re turned a verdict of accidental death The worst remains to be told. The woman accused of the murder was the b^y'a mother, a lady of excellent character, and devotedly attached to her sen She ia now seriously ill from the effects of tbe painful rumors which have been in circulation. The *'medium ' waa a Mr Reynolds, formerly of Nassau, and cogniunt of the boy't death, bat who subse quently removed to Illinois, and became a first-class spiritualiit ?N. Y. Mirror. HP* An "enterprising" church member, full of good deeda, and abounding in go< d words, but aa apt aa other folka to apeak hit his mind 44 let out" a little a fow days since, his disappointment at finding hia aupp>er table not eo well provided at hit huagry ttomach desired:?44 Nothing fit to eat; might at well give it up without sitting down," Ac , Ao. All this did n0t interfere with tbe usual preli minaries. A few intimate frienda were pres ent, and all were coca seated, heads boabed dowa, and grace commenced. 41 We thank thee, 0 Lord, for this boantiful provision." That was enough for the friends The loud laugh came forth unrestrained; the *4 head of the table" even joined in, declaring, how ever, that it was too bad to laugh, but guess in - he should take care in future how he found fault with hia good wife's proviaioat. ry While the citiiena of New York are beiog "garoted," and those of Baltimore are nightly ia danger of being shot la the street, gangs of rowdies are disgracing Albany by assaultirg and outraging females whoventara out after nightfall. Tbe New Orleans Picayane tsyt thst the guns used in that oity on the 23d of He eember last, in the national salute, at neon, were distinctly heard in Marionoonaty, Miss., a distance ia an air line of not lest thaa 80 or 90 miles. Opposition to tkb " iffrsnaaaa."?The London Atlat says that the Natioaal News Cpaper Laague Company, whose objeet Is the alioatioaofa first clast daily joaraal, to oaliad the Dimi, has already disposed of shares to the amoaat of hetwaaa 420.000 and *40,000.