Newspaper of Evening Star, March 4, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 4, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. rr TBI iT4K.? Sir??t?n mw kerr aie irniidrd tkat the very kftl way !? which sh?*y caa hMf c-aasectlr mmd yrtaptlj p?it?d with rrfmacc it the *? Ud Mriift at the Federal Ketr?p*li* tad c*ac?raii| rtfali elw. whrra, mi which eerreet iafaraaatira ceeccatratea la WaiklBgUa, ie te aah ?crihe far The ? ?ar. The eahecrlptlea priee fer the Dally, whea seat hy aaalV, Is |3 M per aaaaaa ; far the Weehly, ? 1.93 per aaaaaa. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. THE IIAUOUBATIOI. All the indication* for the put month or two hare pointed to a remarkable influx of ?ititers at inauguration time, bat wo prerame faw W ashingtonians anticipated such a poor iog in apon nt from all quarters as the Uit twenty-four hoari has exhibited. Probably oar hotel sod boarding-house keepers, as well aa private citiiens, were never before ealled apon to exeroiae each desperate ingenuity in the eoonomical packing of their Bueets for the night as hu happened since [onday. Georgetown and Alexandria have abaorbed a portion of the inauguration Tit* Iters until tcniey, when, apparently, the en tire population of these neighboring cities, aa well aa their guesta, contribute to swell the immense tide of 'human life now pouring through the streets of Washington Fresh arrivals have a warmed in this morn iag by every avenue of approach and be every conveya nee?cars, steamboats,. omnibuss?s, frivate carriagea. on horseback?and numbers ave come from the country no ineonsiderable distance on foot We hear of two enthusiaa tic young Pennsylvanians who have walked sixty mile* to be present at the inauguration of a son of the Keystone 8tate as President of the United States ! Some such spirit seems to have animated numbers of others who are here to see the inauguration at no small de gree of personal sacrifice and inoonvenience, to say nothing of the chances in the crowded condition ot the city of literally " having no place to lay their heads" at night. MOYBMBBTg THIS *0**1*9. The day epened moat auspiciously, with bright skies ltd a deliciously bland atmoc phere, all the more enjtyable ior its contrast to the blustering disagreeable weather of the past two daya, and which threatened, had it continued, VTdetract in no small degree from the enj>yment of the Inauguration ceremon' . Through the night tfte city was alive with the blase ?>f rockets, the movements of ball goers, the bnstle at the Capitol, (Congress be ing in seaaion all night,) the march of military companies, and the weary tramp on the side walk* of thouaands of visitors unable to obtain lodgings, and who managed a< they could to keep themselves warm by walking about the streets. With the rising of the sun the numerons military companies, delegations and associa tions designing to take part in the procession began to move towards their various points of rendeivous, and this movement thongh but a prelude of the great pageant of the day was sufficient to deluge the sidewalks and house fronts with spectators Among the earlier movements was that of the magnifloent Burgess Corps of Albany, New York, on a visit to Senator Seward. SCX.NB AT THD C1TT ? ALL. Patient groups of spectators oocupied the City Hall steps from an early hoar this morn ing. and the windows overlooking Judiciary Square were filled with city belles and hand some country cousins. Not a few country wagons were drawn up by the curb-stones, filled with substantial Montgomery couoty farmers and their families, and uot a few Prince George bucks pranced around upon horseback, exhibiting witching feats of boruc maasbip before the admiring eyes of the lodie? oa the City Hall steps. The military portion of the procession was orgatised at the City Hall under the com mand of Gen Quitman, commanding the Vol unteer Regiment of the district, and shortly after eleven o'oloek a m , took np,its line of march to join the civic portion of the proces sion, by the way of Louisiana avenaa, Penn sylvania avenue, Thirteenth street, G street, and Fourteenth street to New York avenue along which the civio array was extended with its right resting on Fifteenth street The Marshals, Assistant Marshals and Aids in the morning aiaembted at the residenoe of the Marshal in chief, as follows : Marshals Gen Jchn A Quitman, commanding the mil itarv; Capt Daniel Rateliffe, Capt HB Tyler Dr A Y P Garnett, Dr Wm Jones Major A 0 P Nicholson, Major J N Barker. Major Arnold Harris; Charles Dodge Georgetown; Col S B Robinson, (Jen John Tyler; Robt Ould, George town, Henry S Davis, Col S L Lewis, Captain John Rainbow; Henry Dunlap, Philadelphia; Col D M Bull, do; Dr Beuj King, Col Samuel Stain baugh Assistant Mir shots from the District First Ward??lisba Ruigs, Coas Abert, An drew Carroll, Lt H A Wise, Col J W Irwin, Tboe Bartleit, Alex J Atocha, Jas F Soott, A PUpahur Second Ward?Walter Lenox, Nich Bidder, Major G F Lindsay, Capt H L Shielda, Dr C Frailey, Tboa J Fisher, Wm Handy, Hopkins Lightner, F Jefferson. Major Jas MoGuire E Kingman, Col Alex Provost, S Y McNair, W H Selden, Walter T Brooks, Wm Miller Third Ward?John McCullom. Jer'e Digges, John C Bowyer, Z Jones, Dr F B Culver, Alfd Shuckinr, C G Wagner, Dr 8 A Houston, Dr Henry Haw, Meritt Jordan, G W Jones, Col W H Wood ley. Fourth Ward?Jas M Carlisle. Geo Parker, Andrew Coyle, W Maury, J A Kennedy, F A Kunmel, M W Clusky, G H Varnell, John C Rivee, Thoe L Smith. Dr J C Hunter, Thomas ?b?rry, John T Hollohan, Chu S Wallach, P B Key. Dr W J C Dahamel. Fifth Ward?B B Curran, James Ownsr, F M Spencer, J A Mc^iowen, Th Hutchinson, J Pic, J A Hunniout, Tbeo Mosher. J J Mulloy, Francis Riellv W J Wheatly, J Devlin, jr. Sixth Ward?F M Nerhany, Chas Miller, jr, Geo W Talburt. Ph Otterback, Th Champion, Th Altemus, Richard Henderson, J R Queen J B Boisseau, Hugh McCaffrey, V Conner ' Seventh Ward-J Pettibone, G K Kirk, 8 Pumphrey John H Simmes, John Martin, Jas ??'W, & Clark, J L Lancaster, G Matiinc I J. jr. ^ Assistant Ma, shots selected from tht Hiate* and Territories Hon John Appleton, Maine; Col John H George, N H; D A Sinalley, Vt; Col Chas G Green, Mass; Capt John b Slocum, R I; Gen Hiram Walbridge, 0 J Rujrer, Byron G Dan iels, N \ ; Hon Ueo Read Riddle, Del: C J M Uwinn Md; Bev y Tucker, Col J Minor, Va; John Hart S C; Col J R Powell. Ala; F A Patterson, Fie; Hon F P Stanton, Tenn; DrS V Hunter, Ky; Col J B Sreedmun, Ohio; Gen M McConnell, 111; Col J J Stirman. J N Car penter, Ark; C S Jones, Iowa; H Madden Wis; A C Bradford, John Thaw, Cal* H H Heatb, R J Warden, Mich; H A Cook,'Miss H.n George Vail, Geo Hackett, N J; Chas H Jones, G A Sohw&riman, Fr S Shulse, Capt J C Kretecbmar, Pa; Jos M Howell, La; L R Rickard Conn; Thos D Rusk, Texas; Wesley Jones, N C; Major A J Dorn, Mo; Hon Smith Miller, Hon T A Hendricks J M Caldwell, la; Thorn;ajn Allen, W K de Graffenried, Ga; Col Yf " lrein, R R Nelson, Minnesota; Hon B B Chapman, Nebraska; Hon J W Whitfield, Kansas; ?iion J P Anderson, Washington; Hon M A Otero, New Mexie?; Hon J M Bernhisel, I Ub. Jutst int Marshals at Largo. Iboe J McCaiinount, Stephen Anderson, C w Carrigan, Hon Wm White. Pa; Col Mon t*gue, Ho. Reps; James R >acbe, Alexandria; w Pwlu- Arh' J Rind> Pickrell, fr ? Taylor, Georgetown. Aids to ths Marshal in Chff. n' Jotn Tyler, Dr A Y P Garnett, Capt ? I r' C,pt W W Dr Thos SwImmiI C"P' J<>bDlUinbow sraaTi5o or ran pbocessio*. tae procecsion, acout noon, took up its line eortVkT'pIlT? Pen,n'J1*?nia avenue, to es frt>? Wiliaxds' Hotel Capitol. Arrived at the hotel, it paused * . Pieroe, who prewwy arroetf iu ai tLriviti ttrriMi, boicg met by tkt flMlMt elect, they took lh?vjOmw ia an ope a barooebe *tatk>aed at the Fourteenth ?t. door of the boiel. amidst the entbusiastio oheers of the multitude which filled every approach to tbe rcene Senator* Bigler of Pennsylvania, and Feot of Vermoat, of the Senate's committee, occupied eeats in the tame carriage with the President and P redden t elect Accompanying the Presi dent's carriage was the Marshal of the District of Columbia and his Aids 1 The proeeraioa, which, for extent and mag ciieeaee, will long be remembered b> tbe ipeetaton. then proceeded to the Capitol in tne following order: Marshal-in Chief and viz Aids. Commanding Oeneral and Aids and Staff First Artillery, Company K, Brevet Major French, Ensign with name of troops on it, red and yellow ground ; 181 rank and file and four brass pieoea. President's Mounted Guards, Capt. Peck. United States Marine Band, 35 pieees. Battalion United States Marines Msjor Ter rett; 136 strong, with oolors of oorps. Washington Light infantry, Capt. Davis; 34 ? men. National Greys, Capt. Towers; 33 men. Montgomery Guards, Capt. Key ; 55 muskets National Guard, Capt Tate; 35 mufkets. Highlanders, Capt Watt. Union Guards, Lieut Donnelly. Staff of the Rifle Regiment from Baltimore. Col. Babb. Washington Yeagers, Capt. Swarxmann; 44 markets Boone Rifles, Capt Bright; 33 rifles. American Rifles, Capt MsKean ; 30 rifles. Dodworth's Band Albany Burgess Corps, Capt B R Spellman; 88 strong This company was on tbe battalion, oonslst ing of that corps, the Willard Guard, 53 strong, and tbe Charleetown City Guard, whioh was on the left. Both these latter oompanies were preceded by the magnificent bonds heretofore described in the Star. The Toung Guard, of Riohmond, Ta. Lancaster Fenoibles and band Alexandria (Va ) Battalion, Col Corse; con* sistiagof tne Mount Vernon Guards. Capt. Deraughn, and the Alexandria Rifle men, Capt Herbert Both these companies made an admira ble appearance Riohmond Montgomery Guards, Capt. Moore; 47 men ; led by the Richmond Armory Band. Law Greys, of Baltimore. Saxonian Band, with Alleghony Guards Capt Schley, 52 men, and Cumberland Continentals, Captain ThursUyi. Soldiers and Sailors of the War of 1811, with venerable banner. Liberty Pole snd goddess The President and President elect. Marsha! and aids. The magnificent ship from tbe Navy Yard. Jackson Democratic Association with banner. Georgetown Democratic Association. South Carolina Club. Next came the Louisiana Democratic Club of Washington, composed of gentlemen few in number but most effective in works, with a banner wrought with great artistic skill, made of silk, on tbe obverse of which is repre sented a field cf waving cane, with other em blems of the Sugar State, encircled by the motto " The first born of Jefferson Democra cy " The reverse has a capital portrait of Mr. Buchanan, with the words 41 Maroh 4th. 1857." The pole is surmounted by a carven Sa,cnn feediug her young?the arms of the tate of Louisiana. We learn that this mag mficent standard is to be presented by the Club to the banner parish of the State. Twelfth Ward Democratic Association of Phil adelphia, with banner and cornet band. Eighth Ward Democratic Association of Balti more, with Leinbart's band California Delegation, Independent Blues band of Baltimore, with a beautiful ban ner, presented by (he voung ladies of Sac Francisco to tbe YouLg Men's Democratic Club of that city Northern Liberty Fire Company Howard Fire Coupany No. 34, of New York eity, with a beautiful engine, covered with wreaths of flowers, and acOcmj~an^ed by Shelton's American Brass Band Western Hose Company of Washingon city. TBI SIDEWALKS The sidewalks presented now a most pictu resque and animated moving panorama, the figures in which were composed, not only of representatives of every diversified stripe of national character, but which was not un rparsely sprinkled with the people of almost every nation upon the face of tbe earth. The American element was of cour?e largely in the predominant and in its many sided character afforded a sight quite as well worth seeing as tbe brilliant procession. It was not diifiault to pick out the prim Bos tonian in his milk and molasses colored cloth gaiters, and bis clean pale face, with its Great Britainous side whispers; or the New Yorker in his light colored overcoat, aad with his un disguised look of di^arage.ent of aa inau gural procession, as compared with a Broad* way display ; or tha Pbiladelphian in bis gold rimmed spectacles, and with his carefully brushed teeth, fairly glistening in tha sun shine ; or the Baltyuorean, distinguished by tbe more than brotherly love with whioh he promenaded arm in arm with some Washing ton chum ; or the gallant Virginian, devoting his attention exclusively to the pretty ladei a: the windows and balconies and equally re gardless of the procession, or the oounter d?ning which the inoommoded crowd show ered upon him for damming up the current of motion by bis up gasing halts ; or the South* Western in his yellow bat, unable to enjoy tbe oceaeion thoroughly through the constantly recurring necessity of finding some opening amongst the conglomeration of legs where to deposite the fl *>d of tobacco juice, with which his cheeks were distended Our Washington notability, Beau Hlokman, was, of course, circulating aoout in the crowd, "ringing" his way gracefully through and ef fecting small loet'S from his lieges The great original ? Boquet Man" was on hand, and moreover a host of bogus imitators, including even a colored boquet man. There were boys running about thrusting into every body's hands invitations to " take meals at all hours," or to ?? visit the wild men of Borneo," or the 14 sheep with nine legs," or 44 the Buch anan ox," or *4 the fat woman 22 years'of age and weighing 540 pounds," or to buy 44 Frank Leslie's Pictorial/' THB LIBEBTT POLS AND MINIATUBB SHIP. The indomitable Democracy of tbe Sixth Ward turned out in full strength They bore with them their renowned old banner, display ing tha working men's emblems and the date of their organisation The stately Liberty Pol., draws by six beautiful horses furnished by Vanderwerken, and tbe fiae miniature ship, attracted the myriad eyes of the vast multi tude, and won general admiration. The car on which the pole was borne was decorated with various emblems and devices. Peace, War. Commerce, Art, Agriculture. Mecbaa iim, the Fine Arts, and the Aborigine, were all portrayed on the several panels of the car in graceful, artistic style, a living representa tive of the Genius of America surmounting the whole On the rear panel of tbe car waa imprinted the noble sentiment of the President elect, that *4 Labor is tbe foundation of the wealth of every country " A gorgeous liberty cap crowned the summit of the pole, from which was gaily floating in the breete a bril liant American flag, thirty feet in length, at a height of seventy feet This beautiful orna ment was constructed by the mechanics of the Navy Yard, under the direction of the ener getio Rainbow The handsome miniature ship ?* Constitution/' drawn also by six richly ca parisoned horses, and constructed by our Navy 1 ard friends, was likewise the 44 observed of all observers " She was full rigged and equipped, bearing a formidable-loosing bat aianned by several youth* dressed in sailor costume, and bore the Union Jack and two American ensigns. Hor atern and quarter boats ware beautiful liuie models, and ner anchors and chains arranged in recular man-of-war style TBB SCXBB AT TBB CAPITOL There were perhaps 50,000 persoas la the Capitol and around tbe grounds The orowd was almost rnureiy composed of well-dressed people, male and female?substantial and in telligent oitiaena, all of them. Great interest was depicted oajtheir countenances, Indeed As James Buchanan appeared upon tbe inaugu ral platform, iwk a ?hoat mi tkt triumph of 6nr system oi OonnMst, Its principles results. ss went ?p Mil their hearts through their throaSs, Ul never before hoard in any coon try. Booh, indeed, it woo, oil differenoee in polities end personal feelicgs being evident ,y ignored, oo it wore. The appearaace of tho Sapromo Coort, to their robes, ood oil tbo dignitaries of this Government, with nearly oil the foreign Mtn is tors ood their legations upon tho platfonu, a sight goodly to bo aeon, indeed. It embodied more of the tmo apirit of our oona Hry ud ita growing institutions than wo oon express The venerable Chief Justice Toney ?dmin ute red to James Bach on en the oath of offioo, amid the shy-rending shouts of thp mnltitode. After the administration of the oath, and the delivery of the inaugural commenced, re markable silences reigned thronghont the root aaoomhloge, though not one person in flro hand red of those assembled could hear its de livery. Good order prevailed everywhere there, so far as we could peroeivo. The appearanoe of the military, ranged ss they were, in the most pioturesque positions of the soene,|gave on oir of brilliancy to tho whole oeremony tbot was never before per alleled in this oonntry. " Tni Albiht Burgess Conrs."?This popular military company, although delayed upon the rood, arrived safely in our city yes terday, end were received by the National Guard, Copt. Toit. Tbeir quarters is at the Pavillion Hotel. They are accompanied by a portion of Dodsworth celebrated band of the oity of New York, oompriaing some eighteen performers, aud led by T. Kingsland. Last evening, by invitation of the National Guard, their Albany friends visited the Metropolitan Fair, ond also the oircua, Dan Rico doing the agreeable The following is a list cf the officers and members of the corps : B R SrcufAii?C aptain. Lieutenants. 1. Hale Rinjpley, - 3 T R Cutler. - i. L H McCnesney, ' Staff. E Corning, Jr. Paym'r. %J Van Vechten. Ass't do ' W tt Weed, AmibuuU duSHH Par*oni,'Engineer, J McMicbael, U'rmaattr, J I Johnson, Surgeon. ? Sergeants. 1. WJ Thorn a*, 3 W D Mabonfv, a. Wm H Tajlor, , 3. D W Wcraple. , Privates J W R!anehard H?i?y Harris Wm U Gregory D \\ C Be&rdtiJc, H C iiitkcll K Gnldwait J C Cuyler CBJ -nkina JPS Gifford C H Corning ' AC Jtidson John Hasting* C T Dollar A La.unp i, k Hvrrick ' J D mpjtry Cha< G Latham L (J Hoyt M ii Docavau T B Green Wm Eilu JaniKS Alckowu W L Vandtrlip L U Kog?ra Heiwy McKown J D Vuchtr Abiam Sickles Ja< toc?r<?.sen F Vine 1! M Strong t Henry WilkiueonK L Vandenl>urgbE*ir. mona N II Moore B W?mple ' O Steele, Jr J Page S G Wood C I'm Evck l'eit-r Putncm IIO U innc J .Im J en Lyck l? Pattertou ? Wa'son > N Van Ant It H Pi man G B Wadleigh wcrp 1' Fadcw T RoeMelle F Page Joeeph Coughtry?Aimortr. The President's Reception or Chablei town Citt Guards.?We bod no room yester day for a detailed account of the viait of the Charlestown (Mass ) City Guard to President Pierce, which was full of interest. We there fore toke from the Union its brief and well arranged aynopsis of what then and there took place. ?'The ' Charlestown City Guard.' Captain W. W. Pierce, paraded to visit the President, and elicited warm encomiums as they marched down Pennsylvania avenue, their fine band ied by P S Gilmore?playing ?Rogera' Quick Step' and other popular airs Arriving in front of the White House, the company stacked arms, and marched into the Eart Room, where they formed in line. Soon the President (at tended by Col Green, ol Boston ; Dr Loring, of Salem ; Hon. Albert Currier, of Newbury port; and other Massachusetts gentlemen) en tered the room, and was introduced by Dr. C F. McDonald, of this city, to Capt Pierce, who said : Mr President : I thank you for myself, and for the i ffi jers and members of the corps under my command, for the opportunity you have been pleased to afford us to pay our res pects to you on this occasion. "We represent a portion of the citiien sol diery of the republic?an organisation the history of whose glorious past inspires its members with a patriotic aevotion to their oountry, aud an unalterable attachment to the Union of the States it is our good for tuno to reside in the place where the first great baitle of the revolution was fought Its hal lowed battle ground constantly reminds us of the sacrifices and oost of this Union, and we adjoin the metropolis of New England, the commercial emporium of a community thriv ing and prosperous under the advantages of this good government in such a manner as to daily imprets us with the knowledge of its prioeleas value 4'We have eome this long distance from our homes, most of us treading for the firft time this common territory of our Union, to join iu the honors to be paid on the occasion of the Inanguratlon of tae President who is to sue ceed you We hope, by an interchange of sen timent with our brother soldiers, and our fel low-citiiens from all parts of the country, to impress them, and more strongly oonfirm our own judgment und opinion, that the bond of this Union is so firmly cemented in the patri otic hearts of our oountrymen, that it cbb never be broken. Again, sir, I thank you for the pleasure af forded us by this occasion ; and permit me, in behalf of my oomrades, to express to you their earnest desire that, as you are about to resign the high trust you have honorably sustained and to soon retire to private life in your own New England home, you and your estimable laly may enjoy long-continued years of health, prosperity, aud happiness. President Pierce made a brief yet felicitous reply, expressing his gratification ot wel ooming to the Metropolis a company of citizen soldiers coming from New England, and com manded by one bearing hi? own name. They oame from Banker Hill?a home that must inspire them with patriotism, and with cour age, and with discipline. He regretted that a pressure of official business deprived him of an opportunity to pass more time with them, but mus?, content himself with taking each member of the corps by the hand. t ? j The President then passed down the linel ( shaking hands as he passed along; aud on his return to the right, he introduced General Shields to the corps, and then retired. Soon aiterwarda the line was re-formed before the bite House, and the company, opening ranka, paid a salute, the bond playing "Home, oweet Hone." ??? Thi Yodxq Guard, of Richmond, arrived yesterday afternoon, hoving been detained at Atjuia Creek since Monday on account of the low water iu the Potomac; (through the high wind of Monday,) and where they were in rather an unpleasant fix, without eatables drinkables or sleepables. This fine company is composed as follows : . ?' Yovng Guard," of Rich mo a J, Va. i H Rr< hirlson?Captain. Lieutenants 1. II \V Fay, 3 J W Barlow, YV L Sjikrwhite, 4. Ja Suao. F W Ha-tcock, Sjrg. N Norton, Cnsign. N B Dickaon? Uuarterma <ter. Sergeants. 1. C P Radge, 4 G J Austin. W W U'ood, Corporals. 2 J*?T Vaughn, 5 N Ham on, I JVwSSi. 6 A J . Privates. G W Hiff ? ? !,oW',r, J R w a 5r? KL 1 a y J r \V A Muon J Faret J a Pratnr R D Puckett G Brtm j e Phi'iai A J W.x,d*>n J ,J Hofthy ? Sett. * J? Atkinson F Button A Si,eii J Farted i 'iavtcr g Due-b rrv J F Wi wn R Mathis T Hd-xhiv, r T J Minor Tbb UionLAHDEB's Ball To-Night is des tined to be, from all prognostioa, the most dashing, crowded, and ogreeable military ball ever given in this city Delegotions from all tho visiting corps now in the citv will, of course, be present, with probably the mag nifioent bonds of more or less of them. The preparations of the Highlanders are on a prop er soale for so imposing an ooeaeion All strangers who ore fond of military balls

should be sure to attend, aod thus to get a near view of the youth, beauty aod nanUuees of Waahinftou, MKlUtt A i AlJiyil ttW-fco 1 r or *** Timrr* Ward w Pk^amlpka. thi "iT*? ? Carats laat night, 8s? isstsr^ a^b*?Aidto ss .h?j ^pl^ i!Sith WMd?? "** Mtr They brought with them a superb banner for presentation to the J?ok?onT)emoJJSiI Awooiation of thic oity, and the ceremony of presentation was a brilliant episode in th/en SfSrr?"0'"" b*n- TbVuliVuto. A^ilt w :t0 lh? Jl*ck,on Democratic Association of Washington by the ljth Ward , Association ef Philadelphia, March 4tb, 1857 And on the reverse is a finely executed portrait of Andrew Jackson, with the immortal anunoiation : ?? The Union must and shall be preserved " The presentation address was made bj ex Gov. B'gler of Pa , and was beautifully con ceived indeed, though necessarily brief in consequence of the necessity for his return to tne senate chamber, tie concluded with a graceful compliment to the ladies present, and said that m the course of his travels in the late political canvass be foued the ladies in favor of the Union "to a man " The President of the Jackson Democratic Association, Daniel Ratcliffe, Esq , responded on the part of the Association, oommenoing by saying that to him had been assigned the agreeable duty of receiving the beautiful ban ner which, as the organ of the Twelfth Ward Democratic Club of Philadelphia, had been so gracefully presented by Senator Biglcr, for he acceptance of the Jackson Democratic As* soaiation of this city, and whose exquisite flnish and adornments so happily attest and illustrate the taste, ingenuity and skill, no less than patriotism, of the artisans of Phila delphia. ?Adverting to the hard fought political uic toif gained by the Democracy over those who counsel the overthrow of this glorious Union, Mr Ratcliffe went on to say : " But that contest for tho present at least is happily over, and the sense of the dreadful danger which it impended no longer disturbs and oppress us, as it lately did. By the bles sing of Providence, we as a people again breathe freely and healthfully and look al ready hopefully to our country 's future And to be remembered at a time like this by the very humblest of our brethren and comrades, and to be told by them that our Association, bearing as it does the honored name of Jack son, and adopting for its motto his patriotic sentiment that 1 the Union must and ahall be preserved,' was true and faithful to its duty in the trying times through which we have so lately passed, would be joyfully accepted a* more than an equivalent for the little aid ii rendered, in producing the result which this day sends a thrill of delight throughout the length and breadth of ouf land, and rtjoioes every patriotic heart, whether Demociai or ? n>g But to be so remembered and told by you < f Philadelphia, by you, the worthy de scendants of that gallant race ot men in whose very midiit the Declaration of Independence was, planned and published to an adorning world , by you who, without disparagement to any, may be justly said to have done the best and hardest service in our late contest, and to receive from such as you the beautiful token you have this day presented, in recog nition and appreciation of the humble efforts of our Association, is, indeed, an honor and distinction far, very far, beyond its poor de serving; still it gratefully accepts this evi denae of your regard, and begs l?ave to assure you that, however little it has yet deserved the high honor you have conferred, it will strive bird to prove worthy of it in timo to come. Henceforth, I trust, i s rallying cry will, in the language of the illustrious Web ster, be 1 Union and Liberty, now and forever one and inseparable,' and should danger again menace that Union, and summon ail patriots to do buttle for its defence and pre servation, the remembrance of this day and this scene will nerve the heart and strengthen the arm of thoso for whom I now speak, and 1 hesitate not to assure you that the Jackson Democratic Association w< 11 carry tho banner you have entrusted to its keeping !n triumph I through tho thickest of tho fight, or perish iii the attempt " The supper provided by Potentini, partaken of soon after the presentation ceremonies, was superbly -et out indeed, and won for that ex perienced caterer the warmest approbation. Ulf PARALLELED IUPUDEXCB ! ? OUTRAGED Justice ! !? Ma Justice Dunn dome rok *!! | Last evening, at about 9 o'clock, while our well known fellow-citixen, Justice Donn, was 1 engaged in conversation in the great hall of the National Hotel, a skrimmage occurred among half a dozen young gentlemen, who were " carrying on" with a leetle too much inauguration in their heads, in the bar room nard by Mr Justice Donn, as in duty bound, of course, rushed promptly to the scene of the disturbance to command and enforce the , Whi,e thul "gaged iu the discharge of his duty, ho felt the hand of a scoundrel in his pocket, and of course seised him An ac complice, standing ready for such emergen cies, immediately tipped Mr Justice Donn a "single touch of science' between his "wink ers," which, makii g the fire flash from them, caused him to relax hi* grip on the villain who, not having the fear ot the law before his eyes, had ventured to rob our usually so effi cient functionary thereof. Though there was no lack of policemen around, both the rasoals managed to escape in the melee, ere Mr. Jus tice Denn had sufficiently recovered from tho surprise occasioned by tho adroit way in which the thing was done, to identify them The pocket book thus lost by Mr. Justice Donn contained a trifle of $20 Aloral.?Officer.? of the law on the lay for pickpockets should be as careful asotherfolks not to carry arouad with them, into such crowds as are in overy public place in Wash iegton just now, more money than will buy a segar. Thi Charlrstowx City Guard* left Charleatown on Saturday the 23th ult at 1 0 clock, p in , on their way to Washington, marching through the principal streets of Bos ton and receiving the commendations and cheers of large numbers of their fellow citi zens and friends en route. They proceeded to New York via Lowell, where they were en tertained by the Watson Light Guard of that placa. They arrived at New York at 10 o'c'ock a m , on Sunday, and left at ? p m. lor Baltimore. On their arrival there, they were met by a delegation of the officers of the several military companies of that place Mid escorted to their quarters at the Gilmore House. In the afternoon they were invited to .jin in the esoort for the President elect, and under escort of the Independent Dreys of that place, they took their place in the line fbr that purpose The ceremonies having been completed, in company with the Lancaster 1 encibles and the Independent Qreys. of Bal timore, they were escorted to the armory of the Baltimore City Guard, where the several companies were received and entertained in a most sumptuous manner. After an hour or twy spent at the Guard s quarters very pleasantly, they were escorted to the depot en route for Washington, where they were received by companies of the Distriot volunteers and es corted to their quarters on Capitol Hill. "The Cry is Still Ther Come "?The 5 o clock train of last evening brought us 250 of the bone and sinew of the Eighth Ward De mocraoy of Baltimore, chief marshal, W. H. H. Turner, the band was excellent, and under the leadership of Prof. P. Leinhard, ditoours e1 i most excellent music Their quarters we understand is at Benter'a A Dubant. The saaae train brought the Twelfth Ward Democratic Club of Philadelphia, marshal, J. C Per*e, they are accompanied by the United Stote* Cornet Band, Captain Morris, number* ing seventeen instruments. This Association looked remarkably well. The Howard Firr Compast of the City of New York arrived in our city this morning at 6 o'clock. They number sixty-three mem bers, and are accompanied by Shelton's mag. nidoentoornet band, (twenty-twoinstruments.) The Howard is in the hands of the Northern Liberty, and they could Dot have got into bat ter. The President of No *6, J. T Halleck, welcomed them in one of his spicy off-hand speeches, and he waa most handsomely an swered by the foreman of the Howard, Chas Millar,' The Northern Liberty gIT? them a handsome set out at the house of Gen DeUi, corner of Seventh street and New York QMNifc How ft bo. Tirun'i Limii r I ?! ja^jasaaaSSS ?tion of the Smithsewian Institute. l ?h9 manner in which they crowd *J lMUre room of that institution to bear the Hon Geo Taylor, member elect of the ttth Coogreas from the seoond or Brooklyn district in the State of New York, lecture. The Wachlnfffem Art Association invited the leetorar. Soienoe and Art, in relation to civil govern ment, were in aaoh wise discnseed hy Mr T. m to present in clear end logical connection the philosophy of ell history, from the eurtiest ewrorded developments of gentas?saying that; Our people should have the opportunity of reeling on the public edifices, and on lofty ana imperishable monuments, the noble no tions of our warriors end statesmen. The *nf tb# greet, who eoatribated to the dependence ?>f our country end the defence i jUr fre^ institutions, deeerre some other ?* * natIo,|,? gratitude than a cher ora'of'jn^?017 and a.ne8,cct?d fra^e. The orator s voioe cannot be perpetuated but the f#t'Ure8 End manIJ tow of our C" I* tra?rfer^1 to ??rble and csn , ' fff^iplag thoee who acted torather In the critical periods of our history in risible ^ position, we oan per. petuate their Influence on the national he?rt infinitely better it would be for the country to ornament the wells and ceiling, of the Capitol with true national paintings. d-awn from our political history, onr industrial arts and our sciences, than to sink the national character by imperfect copies of confused and unintelligible figures borrowed from heathen mythology The extension of the Capitol of fered a glorious opportunity for perfecting our national art Something has been done, but not a tithe of what might hare been accomp lished in elevating the tastes and stimulating effort*!"' t0 worthJ patriotic He urges that the wisdom and patriotism of our ancestors gave us a political union, the proudest and the best that the world ever ?aw, which we have thus far maintained ; but the future depends more upon the sympa thetic unity of brotherhood, upon common tastes and tendencies, upon those social ties which reach the hearts of the people and unite them in one common hope and destiny, than upon laws and compacts, upon ordi nances or constitutions. To perpetuate onr institutions and Union we must check the cen trifugal tendencies of .the outward parts bv l??f ?u?BntoractiDg iDflucnoe, and draw and Hold them to the centre by a great social force A national literature in which the common efforts and sscrifices and suffering* of n glo rious ancestry are recorded; and a national art, illnstratirp their patriotic live*, and im mortalising their horoic deeds, will do much towards checking the spirit of section.ilism. and possibly renew that old affection for the 1 nion and tho constitution, which had its birth in t'uc heart of the immortal Washing f~n, and should be cherished as the tacred fire of liberty. ?? The Grand Inauguration Ball To-Night. A sit g.o glance at theaba'l room in Judiciary square ae completed serves to show what may be anticipated when it is brilliantly lit ?P filled with the thousands who purpose visiting it to night. The floor, which is of course always an im port ant feature of a ball-room, is a creditable job to the contractor and to the Superintend ent, Mr. Job Angus. The superb chandeliers, VT?? V1? manafrctory of Cornelius and Baker. Philadelphia, will diffuse a flood of softened light through the spacious hall One of these is probably the finest chandelier in the United states. \Y hen these are lit up in cor janc'.ion 7 h the mvriads of gas jets, the eflect may be expected to he almost magical. The gas arrange men is are by Miller and Cunningham of this city. The decorations by Messrs Jo seph Kecso, Handy andllavis, present a beau 'lful appearance even by daylight, and their heightened brilliancy by gas light, can well be imagined. The ceiling is of a pure white ground, stud ded with golden Btars, and the wall decora tions are of the national red, white and blue Ihe adjoining rooms in the City llall have been fitted up to sff.ord the amplest f acilities | f?r ladies as dressing rooms, and a covered carriage way will enable ladies to alight and enter protected from the weather. The management has, in fact, made extra ordinary exertions to secure each guest every possible enjoyment and convenienoe. The hall is spacious, cheerful, and every way adapted to its purpose ; the music engaged is to be the best cotillon music procurable in this city and in Baltimore, and the supper to be supplied by Gautier will be amplo in uuan tiU and excellent in quality. Not often in a life time either will the visitors have an op portunity of seeing so many distinguished personages collected as on to night This ball will indeed be the crowning feature of the In auguration . lux Metropolitan Mechanics' Ixsti tct* ?The exhibition of the Mechanics In stitute was atteuded last night by an immense throng of people, mostly strangers The quiet I and attention which characterized the sjene evidenced the gratification and pleasure which the exhibition afforded thoae preeent. Ihe pleasure of the sccne was enhanced about 10 o'clock by a Tigit of the Burgess Guard of Albany, N Y., accompanied by Dodsworth's celebrated brass cornet band, and escorted by 'he Greys cf our city, Capt Lem Towers While they were partaking of the hospitalitHs of the attending escort the band gave a rich little concert ia such stjle as Dodsworth's band is so justly celebrated for, and the en cores of the audience testified their gratifica tion in a high degree To night the exhibition will be visi-ed by the \oung Guard of Richmond, accompanied by a band from that city. ! The SriRiT-DRc* Concert ?Mr Wm F. Palmer's Grand Prominade Coucert, af er tho style of those of the celebrated Jul lien in London, which isxo come off to-morrow night in the grand ball recently erected in Ju iieiary Square, will bo a great entertainment. Mr. Palmer's spirit-drum, which, being suspended from the ceiling in sight of all, plays iu own part in concert pieces without human intei vention, is to be a wonderful feature The tickets are but 25 cent*. Only think of that! . The Invitation (ladies' ticket) of the Grand Inauguration Ball is a beautiful speci. men of engraving indeed. Embellished with a fine portrait of Mr. Bnobanan. and with an elegantly turned arch, upon the oolumns of which are inscribed the names of the Sta'es and the Territories; the whole presents a pio tare worth of preservation. Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Cox pant. This fine body of firemen were sorely disap pointed yesterday by the non arrival of some their expected friends. A most bountiful en- I tertainment ba>l been prepared and every ar rangement made that couid conduce ti the pleasure of t'uoir friends, but from tomo cir cumstance unforeseen their viiiting brother firemen did not arrive. An Object or Interest.?We would say to those visiting our city at this time that Phil briok's Gift Book Store under Heater's Hotel, is a plan that will interest every intelligent mind, besides the gratification of knowing that you receive nearly double for wbat you invest in beautiful and choice presents. Arsault ? Last night, about 11 o'clock! a young man named Peck was knocked in the bead by a stone thrown by tome one, to our intormer unknown. Mr of this city. kindly picked up Mr Peck and gave him all the attention in his power. We learn that Peck is not dangerously Irjured. briciAL^ Notices, Houses and Rooms far ?cent, Auction Sales, and a number of ether advertisements of interest, will be found on the first and fourth pages cf to-day's Star. Watch Returns -Geo. Herald,disorderly, dismissed; J no. Sheets, attempt to pick pocket, jail for a hearing ; John A Cunningham. do. do ; Thos Pearce, do . dismissed ; J no. Hen derson, do., jail; Sam 1 Gessby. stealing, dis missed ; Andrew Bieakman, fugitive from jus tice, jail; Thomas Seceomb, assault, security for a hearing ; A. McGinn, drunk and pro fanity, paid costr; F A. Kerny profanity; Charles Lofton, James Herner, dismissed ty A Quaker, in business in Philadelphia, disliking the ''Esq." to his name, advUed a Southern correspondent to direct his letters to him without any tail, and received a reply I superscribed^Amos Smith without any tail, I Philadelphia^ #. a * t v. ? ^ ^ J ^ i *4 *"?* * | . Itw Turk HartoU . - New Yobk. March 4 ?Floer is fl of 11,500 bbls ; btat* U J0a*4 10; $6 70a*? 9b Wheat U h*evy; sal*s at l<0t# - ?? n*mi. *1 Corn u heavy; J.000 bash*)*; nixtd 7J*e Pork it Mtrro, mess S23 MatSS M. BmTIi *f?: Chicago re peeked *16 M. Lard to Am at 14(* ,. WhiAy U stetdy l>iio for Ohio. ? ? Yiaaaotel Naw Yobb, March 4 Btoeks M Imw and .ctiTei Chit.g, ^ R*ck Island 1M|; Cumberland Con I 1?| Illi?oi? Oantral fTWii 134|: do. bonds 99f; Michigan 8- uU*ra TM* New York Central bSf; Reading Bl|; Cantoo Company 23;; Virginia ft ? ?|J. Sterling exchange 108* Kallisto* speedily removes Tea, Sanber" Freckle*, Rednev, and Roughs** of the Skto. It is scientifically prepared, is perfect)j kara< loss, and has real merit, it being the moat elegant rcqaifite for the toilet ever offered t* the pahlio. Its cooling, cleansing and re freahing properties tend poumfuUy to m/img irritation upon the rurfaeo. and this qaailty renders it a desirable wash for gentlemen after slaving It softens the beard, and leaves the skin smooth, healthy and elastio. Prepared by Joseph C. Burnett A Co , Tr* m^nt street Boston, and sold in thiaeUy by Nairn A Palmer, Seiby Parker, and tbo deal ers generally. UT" Prom J. Phillington we hare the Knlok* erbooker Magaaine for March, overflowing with good things ir^-ttliinaB's Hair it ye kai ??<? tie ap pearaaca In our city, ?rj rec-h to the ml k.u|?a or rar ' mug b??ui who ??4r red whlekere u4 u:nele<>e. Gen I!?ihi ir* now earn going Icto nor hair drMt'staaknone al.h hair, whlekere. meatacMoe, and epebrnwe ol a'l twa glt.ab'.e cola:a, and la fire II. 1 utile" tbey will eppaar on tte etreet liavlt g them ea?1 rely rhaage I a>4 d??-tde<1!y Improved by a liretroua black, obtained by aalng G.imao'e Dye. -Bot Uik Herald. Z I>. tiii-aa*. Waahlagtoa, Sola propn?Mr. For aaia by Draggtata everywhere fab J?-lw KJT Important te tae Lad lea!?Dr. Da rncco's IKMALB HLLfl.?Tt.e <->aMnet1?a ml Iarrv" eiili 1c tb? r:;!? are (erfactly bertslwe. Their efflcaey ard erlts are >?*.??! ap?-a aa exte-.alve j raciloe of cm thirty year*; aa<l, where iha ilrantau have kwn atrlctiy te!' Iuw?d, t:>av have rarer (hlled to correct all Irregelaj-Uiee, .eileve palnfrt aad diOcelt meni.raatloa, Iparticularly, i at the (bange ot U/v They will care tl.e Whlua, and remove all obaUuciton* arlstng from cold, expoaure or aay caaeaai and may be naed ear~ee*fnl!y at a Preventive. OaJI apow the agei.:, and g I a Circular for parttcaiare free. Piloa|l|*?r boa, with fall direction*. do'idwsolwahaid ? atall ' y C(H8. HTuTT, i'lagrtat, PeaBeylvanla avecna, ?aMCI.Tj B. WAiTK, f 2? Sev?at6 aireet, Waahiacton. D. a; ^ad B. 8. T. utHKSU 0*"rk.fu)wa ; te whna a.i erdere a oat ue eeat, ac.1 tbe rilla will be aect ooafldeotlally, by aaall, te ladlee who enrioee i i?ai cat dollar. S. a.?See (Isaatare oa the host teoaaatacfel :li U rm: try. te Ml Kyaa and e*e tl y*a a'eptlr'al la regard to the vlrtc?* of Mre M R. *ardo?-:a ludUa Balaam of Llwrwort and Hoarhoond, whleh le n w enatrblcg t' o^aaada from thv Jawa of aad death ralelag the de?gairlog to new life Colda, Coorha, i<tk?a, Braat Itta I'ronp, aiid even Oopaainptiji,. In Ite early atagaa, yield to ita na<|r Inflaeera, and It la la'allthle la lt< Mc.d*n?r. Ower ooehoadreJ tfeooaand bottlea beaa a?id In a (Ingle rouiity. a-id fr m the ehnract r cf errh r rt'Satee aa 0m M loaltg. It eetiae to a? the Muiiclua of t e Aga. Paii.t Baa Ornra. a etoa. Jn'y SI, 1W* lliou. WeiiiA Pottkb G-atlareiao-Home watt ip my eon, a yruag man SI y*art nf age. caaght a eevere cold, by n:inen<l lab r and expotnre. Hie thiuat be ame aari awollen, aad It waa with great dtfl a'ty he ennlS be beard when be att<>nipt?d t"> epeef, an nearly deetroyed waa hie V.iiee. Ill' coudit'on I weurt y >a w?t dangeri-kaand aiatc Ir.C. In thl* coCltloa nf Me ealTerlage I prorared a tenia | of Mrt Gardner's Syrap. ha eeed artftrdlcg to direr tlona f r two or three <leyt, at the end of which tluta he rv J covered bla health. By thla er?ellent roatpoand, applied In ?>Mtd time. I have ue donbt that a l <og. aad it aay K ? tickaeee was prevea't-d. 1 feel that t. U aidi la Cne to oaa af tbe very beet medlclaaa now befora tbepabila. Tor.ia, *c , Wi. R. LtM Meexra Tn? k Patter, No. IM Waahlagi -n atreea. Moa Iid, General Ageaia. Tor (?!?> by W. V. ?il?n?o. Caarlaa st it, Nalra * Palicr, L O. Ollaaa, aad by Drroriete gea rally. S* l^T^Brandreia'e Fills.?The Weak, lb* Oonsnmptlve, Bbenmatlc,, flllloae and Deit"?le, after eoiseday'a aee will Qad renewed at.engtt aa J life pervade ?very orrae tf their framea. Bvery d .ee makee the bkcoi parer. Tha nervee <?>mcie:ice la the arterlaa aad term'neta In the velr.a. Tbeee pllla, aa a Bret effect, act npon the ar terial blood, increaelng the circulation by which laparttlaa are dep^elted In tte ve na, aad they throw off each ooilaa tloaa Into the bowela, wbtcu organ, by the energy 4mlewd from BraadreUi'a Pllla, eapelt tbeta from the eye Whan flret need, the pflla may ivraelon giiplag. aad area make tha patient feel wo rat, tola mnat be bnr&e with *>r tha good to comr kflervin*. feat good it oftaa ach'wewd wlthort loir.e iroable t: Ita attainment, aad thlt rale apfltaa to tfca recovety wt health TLea* ayaptuiaa only oarer wtere th# body Lea long atracgled onder a load af latpara, taaereoca haaaora. A etaaataMva aaa fbr a Saw daya will aaUafy tha moat nnbellevli g of tha great good the pllia are 4ela|. rha dlractloaa abaald be carefaily (tailed It fallowed, health and vlg-.r will In a majority of 1 be aa. cured by tbe nee of BBANDBKTH'S Pllla. S"ld at W caute per bos at ?J Caaal all eat. Braa^~ak Building. New Tork; by T. W. t-yoti * Haaa. in Seeoad atreet, PLliada^.Ma, a&d by medlciae dea era aUy. w. e. metzkaottT (Svccbssob TtJ Gaoaea Hilbts,) Agent ef Raven A fJaeen'a and Wllllaas Hlllar*a CELEBRATED PIANOS. HAS< ALWAYS UN HAND THE LAKOESBT etoct cf PI ANOi from 9173 up to |1M, .MELODKONS from ?45 to t?o, 6UITAR8. VIOLINS. BRASS INSfKV MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACOORD EONS, ard SHEET MUSIC, cheaper tku la anv hooae south of New York. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-lr 6RBAT HKUCCTION IH TEX FXICI 07 BOOTS AWD 04IT1U I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOE A Pllh adclpnla miaa factarer. a flrst mte Sewed o; Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at SU.62, full as good as those usually sold at tS or ffl: a d a French Caif Pateat Leather 6 AITER at S3.50, as good as any at?5; alrst rate Calf ?al^-ratfti.90, the*e are the best goods that is(oreverwere) sold la the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Terms positively cask. No extra Srofit charged to oflhet bad debt*. Call at tha JEW YORK HAT 9T0ME, Seventh jar Pennsylvania avenue. rail tf ANTHONY, Agent. INTEREST A1 LOWED 0* DKPOSITEfl. MONEY to LOAN o* STOCK 8SCURITIMB. ilFinis, Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OP CHUBB B EOT HK El. Waahtnf^n, Is composed or CHA9. 8tJ. CHUBB, JOHN D. BAIIOW. HENRY MOJ It ? ?0 . H. DO&OAL. ' NEW AND BEAVTIWL STYLE. Lslncutred frees Rlate suae, y Me Wast Castleten ela?e Ccapanji vte reiHKSH MAN'fKLB ARE ENAMHIal.RB IN I imitation of the richest aad moat inail *r KeYPTlAN, LISBON, VERU AMtlUVB, PORPHYR^, PYRENEES. BROCATELLA, agate, SPANISH WALWAY, and ether rare and desirable MARBLES. The lmltetloa*BJ* no perfect that they ehaiergethe cloeest ecruUav. They are ao blehly {xillahed that tkey retain :t?r beauty much lonror than mar hie ; art not la^cr.'d by aniohe, coal gas, or acids, and caa he sold much cheaper than any others la market. Price ranging from SISS to 912. Aichlteets, Builders and others eie laviied t* eall and examine aaaplee at Ne. <tt asisaR street, 1 doors below Odd Fellewra' Han ap stairs. T. M fl ANTON, | aa 11-ly MM ?? a?." ewta tjZ oH? ?>??*?ie