Newspaper of Evening Star, March 5, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 5, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. [7" TBI NTAB.? Stnii|?r? mw hrre arc immb4<4 that Ike my kf?? way la which th- j emu krep ratmtly Nad prtmpily p?M?4 wilh rrCrrrwr?ia ihr ?ayiigi at the Fr4fral nrirtpali* aad caaerra i ?* t rralt rl?r v?hrre, mf which carrrct iafaraaatiaa (??crairnlr* in Wn?btagl?n, U la tab. ?crihr far The filar. The aahacriptiaa prier far Ihr Daily, whra arat hy mail, ia ^I.JO per aaaaia ; far the Werhly, ? l.'J.I jKr nnaaas. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tub Uraxd Isacodeatioji Ball ?The great inauguration ball of last night a fit tk?Wli 10 * ?enaorab,? da j. On entering 2S T,"w presented from the platform a. the Citj Hall entrance was, as a scenic display one of the most imposing ever presented to the eye The immense room was flooded with rich goiaen light from the large chandeliers, and myriads of aide gaajeta, giving an indescri bable aspect of cheerfulness and brilliancy to the assemblage viewed as a mass. The dec orations of the room were judiciously adapted in tone to add to thia general cheerfulness of affect. At 9} o'clock in the evening President Bu ehanan entered the room, accompanied by Gen Henderson and Commodore Lavalette. On his appearance tho band struck op ?' Hail to the Chief," and the President, having been received by Mayor Magruder, was escorted, aUi.d*! t he waving of handkerchiefs and clap ping of bands, aloag a line formed thn ugh the crowied hall to the seats prepared at the upper eind for the President, Vice-President, and ex-President Pierce. ^e President shortly left his seat, and v 11 th* sapper-room returned to the ball-room, where he remained for some time, and whenever he paaaed. a sort of impromptu levee was instantly gathered aboathim of per sona pressing forward to pay their respeots Mr. Breckinridge entered the room previous to tha arrival of Mr. Buchanan, and was re ceived by Mayor Magruder. and during the evening waa made much of, by his hosts ot ardent admirers. Miss Lane, the nleee of Mr Buchanan, and who ia to do the honora of the White House, was present, and made a moat favorable irn preasion, giving assurance that she will rer fuUy datiei of her n?w station most grace Dancing was entered upon soon af er the advent of Mr Buchanan, to the inspiration of perhaps the fineat Cotillon Band ever gathered in this city, composed of the best available musiaal talent of Washington and Baltimore, "nd,ru" The fact that between five and six thousand persons were present in the room, in the earlier L*rt ?/t tb* n'8ht- ??> however, sufficient to ?now that the music waa more available for promenading than dancing purposes Grad ually, however, the assemblage thinned out, and about one o'oloek the danoing may be aaid U> have been at its most enj >y*ble stage Th? President ^ vice Preaidint left the room at about half-past twelve o'cloek With the thinning of the crowd the eye waa left at 10r u?*1? 006 ,iDgI# ?? the ag !LJ^??nty presented, and to note more personal adornmenta of """ ""b ? d",H?8 Without undertaking the invidious taak of singling out individuals, we may indicate among the ladies distinguished for beauty of face and form, and elegance of dress, the lsdy cfthiiiairly married Senator from Illinois, V^r -?f Ky.; Mrs P-r and daugoter, of C street; Mrs McG-e and daughter, of this city; Mrs. L?d, tem porarily residing in Georgetown ; Miss G?t, of L street; Mrs W-s and the Miss D-a, of Tenth street; Miss D-y, of Ohio, daughter of the late member from that State; Mrs. Daniel v ?**?' n IY ; M"j John U C-?- of N ii }TJ .d,a?Khter. of N T ; R - ^ ?M~f' of N Y ; Mies B-s and Miss C-e. of N Y., Mis* G-l, of Baltimore county, Md ; Misses M-th and W J~? d# ; MUS C~1,} 0f N Y - aod ? Host of etiers Among the male notabilities we notioed Sen ators Douglas, Jones of Tenn., Slidell of La ; Gov. Brown of Tenn ; Mr Speaker Banks and Hon. Howell Cobb; Gen. Jesup, Gen. Henderson, and Com Lavalette ; Mr Sidney i hitt!Un^; Commodore Shu \nd?I)r MaIwe11 of the Navy. aw\f tK V* undoubtedly the most splendid 1 atfair of the description ever witnessed in thia city, and the entire sueoess of an undertaking of su-h magnitude must be a matter of felici-? tatir>n to the managers. We have not noticed the supper, served up ? "*!} u?cx?e.ftlicaaMe style by Gautier, but ?5e!f ia *bI? t0 S^*ak for Large National Piece, surrounded with 32 nags with the niaie of a State on each, and two flags for the President and Vice President surmounted by the National Flag ' Ornament Pieces at each side of the table, pyramids, of fruits, eandiea, and bonbons prlI*?),Cr?*"1 a?d )*ater Ices, 'n l?ncy moulds; Punch, Apple Toddy; Charlottes, decorated ; Jelly, ornamented with fruit; Meringues Bal varoises; PJomblieus; BiscuitGlaee; Preserved Glace; French Kisses; French Bonbons; Fancy Cakes, various kinds Pate Truffe; Boned Turkey; Roast Turkey; Rounds of Beef, spiced and decorated" Filet of Beef; Roast Partridges; Aspic of Partridge Cb.?x ? ?f P.piHdr.., Bon?l PL.^'t ,ro'r; *lr Truff.; Chickco S?l?d; Aipic. of \ olaille; Hams, decorated; Tongues decn r.ud R0t.u= S.W; Ubrt.', SuS. cJX sL 5'Tf' bt?.wed Oyster*; Pickled Oyster ChiTkens Pin: gmll0nS ?f ?^ste?; 8W The ?na masieal biU of fara furnished is also worth chronicling: Iaaoguration March N. . Jldsl". SSSZS::::: sss WJadrllle ^tuaUr ?Weber PolSa, Kadova, Mlnaa'Habs wLU7 'i rndiUV, Wlena Caralvaii *1 udruie, CoDs'ltuilon .** no*! Walrxani Polka, Venus Eleven QuadrMe, PoeUlion...7...7?^ c^aadrllle, Medley folka, Redowa and ttchottlscke alrrr?, ' ttdiir !< MuadrlUe, A oa u ?-olko, Redowa. t^uulrllie, Sarah.... kmm*m Uuadrllle KouUen...'.'.*.' 5. *' alt* and Polka.... Strauss Quadrille, Medley.....7.7.7" w.s., C^:r?=r Rows.?Last eight several fights came eff partiw?werearU ?iJh? ?'t7' *n Which ,ar?? I en8??^ About nine o'clock a Ld an a?g * t I DOrthern of the eity Ward Cl^L i * P?TtioD ?f Eighth ward Clab of Baltimore. Which came cut best, we cannot say; we only know that firing of pistols and yells of the two parties created great confusion among the guests at !?"il Hyt6i',n fr"Dt of which th? Anath tb? f'arti#8 w?r? arrested, a ??? fi5hiwoccurT?J *t Swampoouie, and man named Tbcmae Mason waa struck with recover "Vl"'17 Uut h*j18 Dot ?P?ted to il \ , Wer5 arre8ted aDd beld to bail ia I MO each for * further bearing. to and fL?fK#nlh W4rd' crowd< passing to^and fro the entire night, flghUng and yell erJnv^MIRCr> ,Mt nifbt' crowdad, and Ri-J. il^ * Weul tff.'n th0 best style? Dan ter Vhp,Dg r ?udience in a roar of laugh-' 2*-, T, P*rf 'rmancas of tha Whitby famfiy, i *"1" iio,UDd MuJraTt^ the Mexiean** xcel*ior? the d?ocin? msres, toda!d ^ ?OD2r' th# muTes?all 4"ik U folio win* KnTlt^rtlf members ef Hovwf ?< M, of S.w York ?itj, now on a visit here : n m ii d OJherf. V Jr"tfr?.Foriln L J Parker, Secretary, ? ack, Aaatetaat do. 8 A Saydam, Twafurer. i r ? Private* i \J cy.?. J A MePharwm, W B Dwialil, >?? P Hock, Tho* Leary, P Ma?*raon, r?er Bnnta, Jan M^nrrnoa, Geo W Cook, P Smjor, p UMterron, C K Oahaas, f Keareeke, Wm Uillb>, Wn J Linden, * M Thompson, R D Doafle a, 8 B Gasle, Thoa McCIintic, R T EntwiMle. 8iml Tatea, W A J inning*, Pranci* BfcCsbe, ? H 8eniar, I L Lent, Chaa Alfeertaon, W P McCormick, 8 M Th mpaoo, 8 A Podge, Job Yea ant, R C Brawn, J McGaeJfle, A A PbiNipa, B Sprinpcel, John Brawn, J S Austin, John Britton, Wm V Adam*, M Murphy, W 8 Duke, Wm Hart, John Veebitt, Wm B Drake, Thoa Laurence, John Campbell, John O Toole, J P 8'aner, G P Biatley, ff iram Corwin, DaniH Voimf, T C O Connor, Jna Hamilton, J D Fnshay, A W Lock wood Jas Tiddera. AMC 8mitb, Jaa T Horan. Thb Weatbbb.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, Feb 26, to thii morning : Mornlag. Nocq. Night. Thursday ? 40* 40* Friday 34? 39 40 Saturday 38 4? 40 Sunday 32 48 3? Monday..... 22 22 18 Tuesday 10 28 30 Wednesday 20 33 18 Thursday ????????????? 30 Ave rage height of the thermometer in thi ?0rn,?n^"/r?m *?b> 2711110 M?ch 5th, inclu sive, 26? 04'. Full moon, Tuesday 10th, about Hi, a. m. Remark-?9b J7th, hail and rain fell. March 1st, gentle rime frost. Maroh 2d, slight 1 j iC0WJ * ?a'? day and very eold March 3J, ice made freely. B Gboboetown, Maroh 5,1857. Thk Exhibition Room of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute was crowded to excess, last night; an great was the throng, indeed, that all idea of a promenade around the room was abandoned, and the good folks made the best of it and stood up in a dense mass, listen ingto the delightful music of Withers's Band, which is employed by the Institute to furnish 2??,IC ?lghtl7 for the entertainment of visitors. Blrd ** performed by this band, i? a great feature in the exhibition, and well worth the price of admission The louug Guxrd of Richmond, during the even ing, paid the exhibition a flying visit, and afterwards the Charlestown City Ouards, ac companied by the Salem Band, whioh, during their short stay, enlivened the scene with sev eral operatic airs, executed in a masterly stjle. Thi Lancaster Fbncibles, last evening, ? IS our wortby follow tiwnsmar, K. W. Middletoa, partook of a handsome col lation at his residence. The Fencibles, about . 0 clock, paid their respects to the new Pres ident, James Buchanan, and was most favors |J" received bv him ; also the Law Gravr, of Baltimore. No doubt the impressive re marks of the President were most sensibly felt by those present. The Fencibles left this morning for home. During their stay the im pression made by-them upon the public was most favorable. Dr Lirp*TT made oath this morning before Justice Donn that there was danger that Thom as Muon would die from the effects of the wounds received in the riot near Brown's gar den The woman who wae hurt is not in dac ger John McM ihon and James Bennett, the two men accused, were taken again this morn ing. and committed to jail in default of 52 000 bail. The Montgomery Gcard, Capt Moore, of Richmond, paraded to-iay, with their tins Band belonging to the Virginia State Armory. Tney. in company with a detachment of the Montgomery Guard of this city, visited the ?j ? Oflice and other public buildings; after which the Richmond Company partook of u handsome collation; gotten up at the instance of their friends the " Montgomeries" of this Arrest Last night, Watchman Short ar rested a colored man with a wagon, mule team ana a load of wheat. The colored man ad mitted that the goods were stolen, and be longed to W B^wie, Esq , of Maryland. Un fortunately the prisoner escaped, but the stolen mules, wagon and wheat were secured. Lecvcmo* " Woman "-The Rev. Leroy M. Lee, D D , will delivor a lecture this even ing at toe Methodist Episcopal Church South. Ihe pub'10 have an opportunity of heatiaff him upon a pleasing and interesting theme? woman : her history and character." The opportunity should not be missed. Lodgers.?From the 2d to this morning every place that would accommodate a lodzer has been made available. The benches at the guard-house have all been occupied, and many respectable and wealthy persons were glad to obtain quarters thore Academy or Mcsic.?The lecture on the History of Music, given every Thursday even ing at the Academy, is postponed till the fol lowing Thursday in consequence of the indis position of Mr. Crouch. Haxdsome. Lieut. Donnelly, of the Uoion Umrd, I?st evening entertained, in a most sumptuous manner, the Law Greys, of Balti more After many good sentiment!, the com piny separated. Thr Military Inacocbation Ball, under the auspices of the Washington Highlander* was fully attended. Amoog the military present was the full corps of Willard Guards, ot Auourn, New York. The Visiting Firemen.?The Howard Fire Company, of New York, visited the Fairof the Mechanics Institute, in company with the Northern Liberties Fire Company, this morn in*. _____ V ?r?AIfwdrMW* f faH hous? nightly at Odd Fellows Hall. As a matter of course, his ex hibitions give universal satisfaction. To be sausfiej of this, reader, go to-night! Y?*? Lbdqeb, for March 14th, alio the Flag, and Ballou and Leslie's Pictorials, !??.V\w aDA?^"on,'> 6"*nth street, op po&ite to the Post Oflice. t Mabcb !?For the prevention and cure of rough skins, tanned and freckled complexions, so prevalent at this inclement season, Fon taine's Cream of Wild Flowers is the m<?t certain article ever used. Sold by Wm H Gilman, and druggists generally. ' + wZ.Mm?M?T P*!ZB P? -The Washington Medallion Pen, the only steel pen made in America, and the best pen in the world Shillington, Bookseller and Stationer, corner Four and a-half-street and Penn. avenue is the agent for the sale of it in this city, eo Clairvovaht.?Madame Swett, the clair voyant lady, is attracting large numbers to her rooms on Seventh street, by her astonish ing powers in revealing past, present and fu t?re events of life She is certainly a marvel in her profession, and merits the attention of the scientific and curious. Strangebb; Stealers!' Stbangeu*'" We desire to say to all strangers in our eitv ? hat by calling upon Philbrick (at the Gi^ Bookstore, under Dexter's Hotel, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh street ) they can buy books cheap, and rccelve with every dollar Invested a present worth from 25 cents to 9100. Gold ana silver watches, gold lookets and braoelets, in short, all kinds of jewelry, are given away to purchasers of books in such profusion as to astonish our eitisens. Tbebb was pbobably a labgeb bdmbeb or stbanoebs here to witness the inaugural oere monies than was ever before congregated on f^ *?K?CC-a,10Q'- Som* idea be formed ,?!ni Kni?^M1crofd Msembled in and affS-S?"*-1? bookstore Shillington | sold yesterday over twenty-sUthoaaand nfws papeis - mostly Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, containing veryaocurau sketches /nt0g?lral e?r??onie? We believe, Shillington will aoon outstrip Barnuin in en terpnse, except in the matter of failure He has now a large aupply of these beautiful pa pers, and those who wish them to send their friends, can obtain them by applying early this evening at tthilliogton'a newspaper estab lishment, Odeon building, oorner4i and Penn sylvania avenue. f i the Philadelpkia police to assist in detecting 1 the sharps who came from thai lection ? The regular poli?e and the guards, with the ex tra*. were yesterday on dutj during the en tire dsy and night, and deserve credit for the Banner in whioh thej performed their dnties. The following is a list of the arrest* mede since the 3d instant: John Shata, attempt to pick pookets; jatl. J. A. Cunningham, do; do. Thomas Pearce, do; dismiaed. Samuel Geesby, stealing; dismissed- Andrew Bleak man, fugitive from justice; jail. James Ben nett, assault; security for Court Martin Shuts, do; dismissed John McMahon. do; seenrity for Conrt. Ann Shady, do; dismissed Bridgett McMahon, do; do. J. Warwick, as sault on his wife Mary Coombs, drunk and Kofanity; fined S3 and costs. Jno. Cobb, do; ed S3 and costs. Lucius Calvert, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Chas. Jones, col ored, assault. Lawrence O'Moore. drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Robt. B Claiborn, do. at the ball; paid costs. ty We have received a communication?a visit to President Pierce?which we cannot publish to-day, because it is written on both sides of the paper, a practice which none should follow who writes for the daily press, as we have so often heretofore explained Tub Burskll Mdrdxb ? The Surrogate's Court of New York city was the scene of con siderable interest on Monday morning, on the renewal of the application for pipers of ad ministration in the matter of the estate of the late Dr. iiarvcy Burdell. The Court-room was crowded. Mr Clinton opened his case for his client, Mrs. Cunningham, recapitulat ing the evidence he promised to exhibit, in order to prove her marriage with the deceased. Rev. Dr. Marvine, the clergyman, who is al legcd to have officiated at tho wedding, was then called to the stand, and tcstiGed to sub substantiallv the same circumstances he re lated on oath to the Coroner. Mr. Marvin*, however, made one very imfortnnt statement, and as such I give it to you in bis own words: "In my own mind I know that Mr. Eckel was not the man tho moment I left the Tombs, :if ter having visited him. I think I did tell the inquest iu so many words, that Mr. Eckel wa? not the man I married. From ike moment 1 'iaw EcJctly I was as confident that 1 hail married Burdell as that 1 had existence, and am confident of it now " The examination of Marvine occupicd several hours No other person was called to testify The court stands adjourned till Thursday morning next, whon it n *aid other important witnesses will be called. PEBBOHAL. .... Sidney Webster, Ecq , is now tho guest of our fellow-citiien, Elisha Riggs, E.-q .... Alfred Hyde, the banker of American Exchange Bank, Georgetown, D U , notoriety, whs yesterday found guilty on a charge of is suing notes of a fraudulent bank The time of his imprisonment was set at four year3 ? Chicago Journal, 21th. ....The Wilming;on (N. C.) Journal of Monday says : " L ?st evening we noticed a large, rather good-looking gentleman, turned of middle lif*, fitting at a table in the Caro lina Hotel, quietly leading The gentleman, we were informed, was Mr. Teabody, the great London American banker A man of mark is Mr Peabody, not moro distinguished by hid munificence than by his modesty and good sense. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Tuosday, 3i of March, there wore of Treasury warrants entered ;n the books of the Department? for the redemption of Stocks.... $8,294 98 For the Treasury Department... 4ti(J,053 48 For the Interior Department...?? 25,174 f>3 For Customs * 2,460 00 War warrants received and en* tered ?????? 3 408 91 From Lauds 1 4 7 From miscellaneous sources 468 12 Frcm Customs 5,431 33 GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, March 5, 1857. One of the most revolting cases of brutal cruelty that ever came under our observation we witnessed yesterday in a house in what is known as Simmes's row, on Monroe street, and o:oupied by a free oolored woman named Har riet Cleggett, her two daughters, and several small children, the offspring of the daughters. An examination of witnesses was had during the inquest on the body of one of these small children, en the premises, and from the testi mony of all the neighbors, both white and colored, it appeared that, notwithstanding the grown portion of these parties are able bodied women and generally hired out at good wages, the children are left, during both warm and cold weather, in nearly a stato of nudity, and almost destitute of fuel to keep them warm or food to satisfy the gnawings of hunger The child upon which tho inquest was held, and which was about a year old, had been aban doned by the mother, also named Harriet, and left to perish with cold and hunger. The mother, when last at the house some ten days ago, had her attention called by a sick sister, who had been left in charge of the house to the condition of the ohild, when she replied that " if she (the sick sister) could not take care of it, the dunghill could hold it " A more revolting spectacle human eyes rever beheld than was this child, virtually murdered by piecemeal by the more than bru tish mother, and grand mother. We wishbd in our inmost soul for some of the Northern fanatics to be present to witness the soene, and hear the testimony before the inquest, we think it would have cured them entirely of this mania. Coroner Woodward held an in quest over the body, and the following verdict was rendered: "The said child same to its death, in conse quence of the wilful abandonment by ita mother, Harriett Cleggett, a free woman of color, said Harriet being fully capable of tak ing proper oare of said ohild; and the jury further find that the aaid Harriet wilfully abandoned said child in the bouse of her mother; Harriet Cleggett, who had it in heT power to give the child needful care, and also to obtain it from the neighborhood, but who wilfully neglected that duty herself, and by her quarrelsome and vicious disposition, pre vented the neighbors from doing eo." Thomaa Woodward, Esq., had his pocket Eicked yesterday morning at the stage stvid y one of the light-fingered gentry, of a purse containing some twenty odd dollars. He had just started to your city to see the aighta, and meeting with the elephant, it is needless to say that he turned himself about and returned home. We never aaw our city so completely de serted as it was moat of the day yesterday. Almost every plaee of business, morcantile and mechanic, was closed at an early hour, and the occupants gone to witness the inaugu ration. The entire day presented the appear ance of a national holiday. Spectator. ty The Watervliet Shakers, last year, cold (2 000 worth of garden seeda. fy A horse, named the " Albany dray borse," lately won $1;000 for its owner, in San Francisco, in a ten mile race. It made the distance in 30 minutes and 30 seconds, drawing a four wheeled 44 cart." ty The high prioe of cotton has enhanced the value of negroes in all parta of Texas The True Issue reports a sale recently made in La Grange, where one field hand waa sold for $1,720, and another negro man for Si,850. ty It appears that there are only fivs real bona fide millionaires in New York, at tbo head of whom stands William B. Astor, worth S3,955,000 ; Peter Lorillard stands next, with SI 620,500; then Stephen Whiting, with SI,* 409,000; then James Lsnox, with $1,338 875; and laatly, A T Stewart, with $1,089,006. |y Roue Bonheur, the French cattle pain, ter, ia patting on the eanvas, in Eogland, the fruiMP of some months' study in Scotland. This lady, only 34 years old, ia alao a sculptor, and eoaroely surpassed by Landseer himself as an animal painter One of her pictures has been placed in the Gallery of the Luxem Ibourg in Paris?the highest French honor to a living artist. Her" Horse Fair" waa the of the Parii Exhibition of 1855 . ? i. H ' . I / i ^SStSfiS UaMUitt if ,ulu. wr/TV"***' "** ?o It* sraillcailoa of au ??- ' 7?,?* r?? ***r ?W?ker? udmnetachlo*. Ooo wl;h h.^whTn ? *?4** ln*? ??* Ml irwri*CM)i><>ni finable cJlTr. ^*'.m?nd ?yebrowa of kit laa atr*?t having t> na anil f ?,^uut^ tL*' **" M>P**r ?* **>? by a* b 1 ack ^Jll!lirt i^22 folk Herald. ' r ?*<n* Oilman'* Dye.?Nor Ur'^l.u pTtr*y *?U prnPrieUr ro1E^!T.VSV,!: If. mm iow^; tbj srrir: ir? *>> rollove palnfnl and ??cart aaMt^LL^l ? u. eta*, of i,fc. TWrUu??? X? *JC**?**>* *11 obstruction* arltln* fr?*? eoltt d rum<>v* all ?b?trnctlon? arltlng n^In ool<L expoeare?* *"d and iMiteDMd aBetaaaJuIirarapI^r^.0"0' r??**i th?*"<1 r?t a CIrralar tor part** ^ ??* SSS^ri: ^U. >.-8m alKBatara en tba box; Ucoaaterfelllt 1* for la t-tf ar.^Zi'1 ** bare Kyei and see act ?i T*a tb? virtue* of Mr*. M N Oardaer'n iUa'rhl v? th?.? h,T^TW?? "<l Ho*rh0?^. 1, now da^almVtou? ut^r Vi* jT.W< "J *'"1 *?*lh <?'? rr?? ..V ? J "? C?lii*, ton*h?, AcilimA, French It in Prcxip, aud even CoDsmnption, la it* ?tr!r "Ucn yieM u\ ??nt? 1 h,,r* b"n ln ? ?|D*'? u...s w by nnnmi ?i ??!b fr'iin'J " '**" ?f **S' c*n8Lt ? "?? OMd, ?? r L iT"*' ,hro"' **-??? m-.cli IuerL,Z? J! . *?"' d,mcn'*' ?>a eonld he ht-ard vole*, fii.^o '^7, ' , ' ? *? ne*r'/ <lo?troy<d wv. his Inc In thia rnnriiti "fvf ^on *** daugeroo*ao<lala: m !,r ?J?i .'condition of bl? aofferlniTR I prdtnred a bottl# t?*"rX\rJr,;'\?'rn';wh,rh ??? ??* ifisssrt?<?? cLt" rid hirhli?|,irt uT*' " ,b? "ud ?' which Mm<- h*

M attar a W?t. A ' *C * ? W" H- ^Afco. ton Uan oral A^!utai i' l?4 ^"?,,ln?c?on Mr art, H.? 8WIS, H- ?llman, Cl.arlf. r?Ji?' Palmer, Z. D. Qtlmaa, acd by DmciclaD. 7* - fab 17-1 w. lC7"?P*??lretb'? Fills.?Tlie Weak, the ^rae^av" M??* i'C*00,0T?- B?lo<)?aad Delicti. ?u?, f^orrl^ fT rooawad .Irancth aud life p^rv tde S Thenlr^i^-?"*- '""T '"** ,n?ke" "-?blood Tn the velu* ThZn nr1?3*nC* IT theirt^r1^ terminate h'fwui in nmo piii^ m a first effort, act upou the %r iTrc^^da^id^nrT '*1 c,"?"*tlo*. by wlUcb lirpnrll'et, r^p'S 'So^r.w.^' srs: nrM a?|BI|"i*Pn, ST '1P*'? ,>lero fr?m l!l" "T" *re- Wb'n pIllMt faj"???' TiT n, C,:lnn 5r!r'?"lt. ?1 ?voi. tt.fcf ibe r^ V worae; thla matt be bnrutt with for the ro,xl to iome r^nh!. !^*i..N? V**4 KOO<t ofl9" ?ohi?v?l w;th,.ot reo>very of hilii. "ttalnment, nnd thla rnle rrrl,eft lo the K^ir K r Theee ayraptoma only orcnr where tbr ^molr nn'1" ? lo?" ?* "npn" TeBJ3o? V X" are doitif*''the ^?It'h aii'J trt|fr>rfwlH,Vn* a'lnajorlty of caji?^^eR^ J^!.b7 ,b" n#c nf nK AND Kuril's Plli, ? **? Bn.M?n?f New Yo. b-rbybT. W V,^'* "s^ ?,r;ndr?*b Second atreet, Philadelphia, and'by medicine dw>ra tov is?tf OIIO, On the 4th Instant, OYVKH BESTOR In the 48.h year of his ace, efier a short illness ' His funeral will take plare To Morrow fFrl i'irtura e rt"sldpnre on G, between litfc a^rf i n , U' 31 3 ?'clock P "? His frier.d? * nd CrS "e Invited to a' I -Aa tnhlIio,ayH?T"'ei0n 82Jd Fcbrcary, CEC1 fpr ^ i ?, ??" a naonthe, youngestdartfc ter of John and Barbara filler C)n the 5th instant, at 1? o'clock * m m? j ^T'i CBOS8FI r,l,D, relict of thVlate ui # ?SV?t d',n tbe?W year (f herngc Her funeral will take rl^^al 3,^ o'clo-Or p m n d F?fril?'f IiN? 9 a streef> b.'twet n I) II ? tend an acflluUnt?1ces are lavtcd Wants. W^J^u1 ^M^rATtl.Y ZTA RK?PKC. i>i?'n 1 ? omBn? to Chitmberwork and 1 ^ h-??W Apply at No. 24 LonWana ave n ic, between i)f and 8th stree s j;# WAth7AD~TW (? g'RL8, ONE A3 Nurse, the Oiher as eooa, washer and ironer ft'rst ^t laaKri^f faltHUl- APPlv Immedlateiy at lid H street, corner of 11th street. mar5-4f WANTED?A MAN, OR MAN AND Wife rirl t?wofk?fti manaee a email Faim near the b < ,y^ ,^P y fro,n to 1 o'clock, at J a \\ IL w .7S leara tbR Dlack-Sntl?hlng business 1J? No l^Vr,8^11 feeomnaended. Add.-ess oox mo Z% Lt this f Iflce. mar 5 2 * ANTED -A COOK FOR A SMALL ? T ramiV Aiso, a Girl or young Woman, as Nurse or Chambermaid. Good wages and a good . 8^en- APrly*tNo 3lu ??h sueft, between L and K, south side. roar 5-3t? WANTED?AN EX PERI KNCED OYSTER bhucker. ApplyatD'I VERNOIS'8 French itestaurant, i'enn avenue, between 17th and 19th " r#i. mar 5-3t Milliners wanted-WANTEP.Thre? good Milliners which understand the busi ness perfect Apply at Mm HUFF'S,273 Penn avenue, between 10 h and 11th streets. mar 5-3t* WANTED ?BY A FIRST CLA?S COOK, a situation. Has cooked for the two last seasons in Washington Understands Fre ch and English cooking of Soups and Game, and serving ap Dinners in tbe first sty'e Call or ad drew? a note to K L.," correr of Indianaavear# and 2J streets, to the 10th of March. tt? POOK WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A whit? Woman who is a goorl Cook, Washer, and Ironer. who can come well recommended Apply at 345 I street, opposite Franklin Square mar 5-3t* Wanted.?thkee or four 6oon Milliners, who understand (heir busings* I quire imm-dlateiy at CAJ?8iD V >i, 311 Fenn avenue, between 10 hard 11th streets mar 5-3t* WA N T E D -A WHITE WOMAN A? Cliamfcermaid. and to assist with WashlLg Apply at 2J4 Penn, Layfaveltc Squire fcmar 5-3t* n A SITUATION WANTED.-A LADY Who ^ J* thoroughly competenf, deslrrs a .situation In a hotel or pub'le house, as a lit usekeeper or Huoerintendent. She has had a long experience in that capacity, and can furnish excel ent r*f-r ences if desired Address Ml-s K. C., through the City Pest Ogee. mar 2-4t? REUECCA norris. OF CLANMEL TIP p^rary, daughter of the late Jeremiah Nor rlsand Margaret Ann Halley, landed at Phila delphia on tne 17th of April, 18J6, expecting to . J1" brothera. Henry and Robert Norris, Bricklayers Any information of her brothers would be most thankfully received. Address Capitol Hill, north U street, No 326. feb 2S ?>3t? WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST FRIGES paid Jn cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactory, 338 Fenn. avenue, ne8x #th atreet. dec 30 For Bala and Rant. yALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR v SALE?It contains upwards of: 700 acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500u?edfor pastures, and about71*0 acres well timbered, and along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to CharJottsville will run Attached thereto is a Grist Saw Mill, fsd from the South Anna River,which is a part of the boundary line and on which are al*o 40 acres of low ground ' Soil good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, Ac Buildings very superior and very ample, and ln good order 160 bnshcls cf Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before (he tot Oats and Corn due progreis U made** With the estate, the slaves and Improvements, Stock, etc , may also be hid, and further Infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. ?u 5 ' l^OR KENTOR LEASE?FORREST HALL, . "??rKetown, will be rented by the ni?ht, or .u ?*r't0 any rf8P?o?lt>leassociation, l his is the only Hall la tbe District with scenery Terms moderate Apply to B FORREST, 1st street, Co* s Row, Georgetown, mar 4-2w* A u^RI).-?OI1 RKNT, A FIRST-CLASS *a. House In Franklin Row, now oocupltd by Hon. C. Cushlng, Attorney General. It has all the modern Improvements, hot and cold water bath rooms, chandeliers and gat fixture* This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations in the cllv, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river it Is in front of one of the most beautiful public Suares ln this city, with a delightful and coa ant supply of good water. It Is entirely free from dust and mosquitoes. Inquire of Wll WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 Pennsylva nia avenue. mar 4-im WAIHIIISTON BRANCH RAILROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE TleketOAce will be opened taiHHHn * from 8# a. m , till 6pm. vSfc Tuesday and Wednesday for the accommodattun of all who may wish to pureha'e tickets in ad vance of the starting of trains mar4 ?t T. H. PARSONS, Agent. Toys an? fancy nation*?the greatest variety In the cltr, and prices low ?t LAMMOND'S, m**-* 6W 7th street. p.",' By WALL, BARNARD A CO . Aucts. INK BADDLK AND 1ARNIM BORIS ?t AictUa -Oa TUK8UAY, tte 10th In stant. at 1* c'rlo.k a m , we will aell, la froat of our room*, one very handwiw dapple Iron gray Hon*, of very flae sty e a> d actio*, warranted to work well either under saddle or la harass, ts kind and taitafclafor a family hone Sold for no fault. Tormscash. WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 5 tx Auotloi By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers Stock o r boots and imoii at A???iea.? On TUESDAY MORNING,10th inst , at 10 o'clock, w? will aeU, at our Aacti a Store, coiner 9th ?tite( and Penn avenue, a etock of Boots and Sheee, Sir* Flndlags. Ac ; as 110 pairs of first-rate Peg Boots. BOd oe*TT Light oow Congrawand Lasting Galten Bronzed Jenny I.lnd Shoes Black and Colored Morocco do Kid Slippers, Cloth do Embroidered and White Slippers ChUdrens' Bla*k and Fancy Slippera Shoe Findings, Lace*, Ribbons, Ac. All of wbtch will be sold wlthrut reserve Terma : S3) and ur d?*r, cash: over tha amount a credit cf 30, M, and 90 days, for eailsft etorlly endorsed notes, bearing Interest WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 5-ts Auctioneers By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Aucta. PBKE1PTORT SALE OF GOLD Watch er, Jewelry, Ac., at Aactlen ?On SAT URDAY MORNING, March 7th, commencing at 10 o'clock, at our Auction Rooms, we shall sell, without retexw. to cover tdvances, a large asxortment of Cold Hunting and open-face Watch*;, Jeweliy, Ac , In pait - Uv> Gold Kngih-h tuullup-caae Watches 10 do Lepine open fac* do 16 silver hunting and open face do Fine 8o2d Guard ard Fob Chains Do Kings, studd* and Earrings Ladies1 Gold Pepstnd Pencils Gold Fob and Guard Chftlns Do Rings, Stud* and barrings Do Lockets, Cameo and Mosaic Earring* With many other articles, all of which must be sold without reserve Terms : AH turns of snd und*r S3), cash ; over that amount, a credit of 00 and mj days, for r.ctes satisfactorily endorr-ed, tesriny interest WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 5-ts Ane'.lmtere. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioacers. |?OSITlYE SALE OF CARRIAGES, Bug 1 gys.and Hsckaways en accountef whom it may concern.? On l't> ESDAY, 10th instant, at 12 o'clock m., we will tell, without reserve at auction, in front of our wareraoaM, corner of 9th a~ d Lcuis ma avenue, (Hai.up A We* den's Build ing )? I New Carriage, ie its for four, made in the very beat atyie 1 Pfceafnn, bulit to order, and suitable for a phj ilclaa - 1 Rocawty, ne?r!y new. light and pr*t*y 1 no top buggy, but little used, ar.d lately put in complete order With one or two otlierarticles not l.ert describ ed Terms: One third cash; the b.:Un~e in two equal payments of 60 ard 90 days fcr sa ltfaclo 1 iy er.dorsid note*, hearing ln'erest WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 5-ts Auctlox:e;n? By C R L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers W? W ILL FELL, ON MONDAY AFT1.R NOON, tbevthof March, atOe'c'ewkjWlth outrci-erve, four Frame Houses. contalnlBg tlx rooms each, situated on 7th. between G ard H stieeu Inland, with ri^htof alley back Title indispH'abic. Sale positive. E tch house uow under rent of eight u.nd nine dollars per month TVrxna: Oie-thlrd, ca-h ; balaace In 12 and IS months, with notes satisfactory endorsed, bearing interest from the day of tale C. R L CROW N A CO , mar 3- [Intel] Auctioneers. MARSHAL'S SALE. ? In virtue of awr'tof fieri facias, Issued from the Clerk's Oflise of the Circuit Court of the Dlstii:t cf Coluir.bla, f <r th? County of Washington, and to m? directed. I shall expoge to public sale for cash, in front of the Ceurt H cure do;?r of sail county,on THURS DAY, the 12ih day of March, 1F57. a' 4 o'clock p. m , ell defendant's rights, title, claim *nd int^r ej<t in and to the south half of Let No 27, In Square No 5 7, containing 973 eq tare feet, more orle?s, together with, all and ungu ar, the im provements thereon, in the City of Washington, D C., se ted and levied upon as the pro petty of George Rhodes. Jr., ar.d will be sold to satisfy Judicial No 63, to March term, lr-37, Thomas Hughes, vs. George Rhodes. Jr J. D. HOOVER, Marshal for the District ol Colombia, feb 17-dta AUCTION NOTICE. ALL PERSONS HAVING HORSES, CAR riages, or any other Goods for rale at Auctlbn will find the undersigned on the Centre Market Square, adjoining the Fair Building, every mar ket morning, at 10 o'clock,or can see him by call ing at his st-jre, 3*5 south side Pennsylvania ave nue, between Gth and 7th streets, at anytime. J. F CROWN, feb 16-M,WAF,lm Auctioneer Boarding. Boarding?one large parlor,with a Urge chamber attached Landsomeiy fur nished ar.d lighted with gas. being just vacated by a member, ?ill be rented Immediately by the day, week or month. Price 830 per mouth. Also, two good sized Rooms, suitable for single per sons Good Me Is furnished, private if desired, at ? J CO per week Mtuatlon central and near the AVt nue. Enquire at 46b Tenth street, between D an! E mar 5 31* f ODG1NG.?AT NO. 3I9B STREET North, Li Capitol Hill, a respectable puty can be ac commodated for one or two nights. mar 3 * INAUGURATION NOTICE?A PARLOR aid Chamber for Rent ?A few gentlemen can be accommodated during the time, a t Mrs. LOWE'S Trimming Store, 297 Pean. avenue, south ?lde. mar 3 11RS BATES. AT HER BOARDING iTl Hou?e. on the southwest corner of Penn. avenue and 9th etreet, has made arrangements to accommodate a lar^e number of strangers with Meals at any time througtout the day, and Lodg ings mar a P ROMEXADB COSCXRT, THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1,1^1 Ut A* atten- n o thelr?P& led up \M a fu:i?m The excellent Contra Bassist, HERR CHRISTIAN, will perform a Solo on the Diuble Bass. Meisera MAHR, 'I IEDE, and o.her celebrated Performers will perform in the Band, mar 3-3t NEW DRUG STORE-Willards' Hotel J P. MILBURN A CO . 220 I o nil avenue, respsctfully call the atten tion of their friends and the publl< to tbelr< new Drug Store, which they have filled up in the most complete manner, with a fufl< supply of pure Chemicals, Drugs, Fancy Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and Patent Medi cines. A select assortment of Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes. A very large stock of Havana Cigars, vfh. h are of fine quality and received from first hend* Tcjjetber with all of the articles usually fou d in a fir*i class drug store Physician*' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all hours (as the store is not closed at night) by a competent dispenser A rail at their e*tabilshment is respectfully so licited rear5-lm* (IHILDRKNV GAMES, BUILDING J Blocks. Dissected Maps and Picturee, Toy Tea S*?tts, Furniture, Ac , at LAMMOND'B, mar4-3t 4S1 Seventh stteet. MUSIC AT HALF PRICE ?A LARGE lot of new aud old second-hand end dam age! music for sale at half price at our great Piano Forte and Music Emporium mar 3- JOHN F.ELLIS ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON BOAT. THE STEAMER GEORGE WASHINGTON will depart at the following hours: I Laave Alexandria 7%, 0, 11, Uf. ^*74 vT Leave Wathlngton 8*, 10. 19, 2* 4,5 W feb 18-d JOB CORSON, Captain NOTICE. ALL TAXES FOR THE YEAR RE mainir.g unpaid, must be settled by the Istol April.. After that date 1 will proceed todls rain without respect to persons. Dellnqueits would do well to attend to this' to save tr*. uble atd ex pense. C F. 8HEKELL, Tax Collector. GxonwBTOwa, D. O , Marea3d, 1847. mar 4-1 m# Horse,Carriages,and harneos Far Sale ?An elegant English Drag, built by Peter Dubois, New York, all new, with a spl?ndld set of double quilled Barnes a One single Wagon, new, built by Wafaon, ol Philadelphia, with Sit ot i.ew Single Harney One fine HaraHorse, for single or double harness, and a fine stepper. ? Apply to F. FLEMING, Llwy Baited States Hotel. , m*r4 W* TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATMD PRESS, ?easel Wracked Niw Yona, March 5 ?Thaeehr Triumph from Norfolk for Warabam, M??eb*setts. wu wrecked oo FridiJ, mm Mottitk light. The crew were itr?d, but U* veasal and cargo *re a total Iota TTe Wasters livara FirrsacRo, March 3.?The navigation of the riven here is good. Boat* are loading at the lowest rate* for all the Waster* porta, in cluding Nashville, Memphis, St. Paal, the Il linois river, Louieville, Keoknk. St Lo?is, Ztnesville, Cincinnati. Ae , ?fording eaoei lent opportunities of itipping goods direct Merchandise for points in the Northwest be yond Chicago, after son* delays on the rail way*, cccasioncd by the floods in tha Northern Illinois, are now moving regularly. Baltimore Market*. B.vltimcrk, Match 5.?Floor la dall at *? for Howard street and Ohio; holders gener ally a-k Sfl.12i, which buyers are an*tlling te giro. Sales of Wheat at $1,404*1 ii for fair to g?od reds, and $1 Ms SI 60 fi r fair to prime white* Com is in good demand; white, sew and old, 67a0Oc., and yellow 5ita00c. Maw Tark Markets New York, March 5 ?Flonr has advaaeed 5 cents, and is bnoyant; sales of 10 000 bbla ; State f0 S0r*0 50; Southern SO 75a?7 Wheat is ^uiet and nominal. Corn is firm; sales of 27 0C0 bnihels; mixed 72io Pork ik a'oadj; mess $23.50a$23 00. Beaf is firm: repacked Chicago 515 50. Lard is steady at l4*o Whisky is steady 28 Jc for Ohio. VrEAR HOuraT?BrltiihVrmy List of Jan uary, J&57. British Naiy Liat, of January, Itr57 D.wld's Parliamentary Companion, for 19T7 Uiitish \ ear licok of Facta In Srlenoe aad Art, forl?i7 L'illish Koyal Kalerdar, for 1-57 Wbo'a WU. for Ib47 British Nautical Almanac, for 1?S<1 British Almanac and Companion, for 1S37, and also, a full aet cf the same from Its com rr.encrment in IPVS American Almanac for 1^47, also one complete set from Its commencement in littO American Army and Navy Llrts, for January, 1857 American re*r Bock of Facts in Scienoe and Art, for 1857. marl FRANCK TAYLOR I WO. IK* VAPRI) OLOTES, WIT*, Children's Hosiery, Ac., at co*t at McLAUUH LIN A CO.. rnir .1- 20, between 8th and wth streets WASHINGTON 1NSURAN< E COUFANl'. &ub*ciiyttem to capital utock nlhor\z*d. N ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROV1S loos of the *2d section of the <? act to laoorpr rate an Insu.anc- Company In the city of Wash ington, approved February 16, 1667," the subscri bers, bfrttg the persons named In the 1st secti on of Mid ac t, do hereby author lie a subscription to b>: oj ened for tbe capital stock of said company %t the Stationery More of W*. F. Baylt. on PeDm-ylvania aver.ue, b?tSMl 11th and 12th s'rects, cn Monday, thr ?th of March twecn thv: ho::rs cf 12 a* d t o'clock p.m. Thr provisions of the said 3d ?ecllon are as fol lows, and must be eti Icily complied with : " And *?t it further ruacttd, The the person* nimtd In the foregoing vet ton, or a majority of them, areheiebyauthorized to open a subscription Inthecitiof ashington for raising a capital siook of two hundr d thousand dollars In shaire* of twenty dollar* each, and that each person on ftiibtx.rib'.ng >hail pay to the persons above-men tioned four dollars on each sliare subscribed for; ar.d tliat the remainder of the said twenty dollars shall be secured by negotiable notes, sigaed and endorsed to the satisfaction of said persons or a majority of them, and payment thereof mar be deu*auded at such times and In such proportions as the President and Director* hereafter mention ed shall Judge adtlssble giving six week's no tice in three of the g&zettes print* d in the District of Columbia." S1LA8 H HILL, J. C. McGUIRE, BENJAMIN BKALL, MDAL BACON, JOSEPH BRYAN, AUGUSTUS E. PERRY, C MILLER. WM. T. DOVE, WALTER LENOX, M W 6ALT, WALTER HARPER, W. WALL, WM F BAYLY. Washtnctok, February 2S, 1857. feb i4-3tawtmar9ftd TO OUR CUSTOXEKt. WE DECLINED DOING BUSINESS THE second time and forever for a certain com pany ; more than paid all Indebtedness. After vrhi' h they published that the agency was dis continued. The object was so apparent that the effect bas been to increase our business We have within a few months ceased to act for two others, for which we have done some little, snd paid them In full. We hope they will not publish K until we have had time to find a good additional clerk, for we have now our hands quite full, the premiums for life and fire inaurance having exceeded one thousand dollars the present week Von wisely infer that companies that would quarrel with us wouid be more likely to quarrel with you, as you have long known we were peace ably inclined, having paid to widows and orphans, ana f^r fl e losses, without any lawaults, over ?140,WW since we have been in buslners Annual statements of our Life Company are ready for delivery, and show that It Isiqual to any, If not superior to all, affording SC5 dividend for every hundred paid lu. We have also a Fire Insurance Company, among others, with a very large capital, that di stribute* among its customers thre -fourths of all Its profits. We shall continue to watch your interest with ceaseless vigilance. J C. LEW IS, Superintendent OAce492 Seventh street, below the General Post Ottice. P 8. All losses that have become due have been promptly paid, either by ourselves or the companies. feb X3 eel m IZ7~ REAL ESTATE OFFICE. -fe? A FULL DESCRIPTION OF ALL PROP erty left with me for sale, will be entered on my Sales Book, and receive mv personal atten tion, and If a sale la effected, a reasonable com mission will be charg d on the amount of sale I will also g ve personal attention to the Rent ing of Dwellings and other Property, for reason able fees The public may be assured that all business left in my charge, will be attended to with promptness and fidelity ; and that It Is my Inten tion to m:kv my cilice a place of great value to all interested in Real Estate. i?i sir.e*s respectfully solicited. OfltoeatNo. 512 ( d story) 7th street, opposite National lntel ~~ zencer Offi:e. jari 42?eoUm POLLARD WEBB. "i: NATIONAL EATINO HOUf Corner of 9th Hre't and Ptnmylraniu >HE PROPRIETORS OF T H 1 SOLD, T. well known, ana popular eviaoina ment beg leave to remind the eltlteaa g?n orally, and strangers vMttng the metropolis, ? that their larder 1< well supplied daily with every variety ami delicacy of the season, sack as OVS TERS, terrapins, DUCKS, BIRDS, and GAME OF ALL KINDS, together with all the substantial*. Our bar is well storked with the choicest W lnes and Liquors of all kinds. Dinner ;and Sapper Parties served as usual in the most approved style and at short aotloe. Meals furnished at all houra, day or night, and Board at moderate rates We have also Famished Roomsaad accommo dations for lodgings, and Parlors for the accom - modatlon of guests and parties Families supplied as umiai with Soap, Oysters, Ac. WM. COKE A CHAS. MALORD, feb 11-eol m Proprietors _ New good* jus* receive?.?we have completed opening the ?'J * r?J Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, the New York Markets can afford, such ss Shirts, Draw? s Cravats Scarfs, Ties Stocks, Suspenders Hosiery, Gloves, PoekstHdkR A? kCo"g Shirts, or evert style, color, and QUALITY?We have now in steak tbe most compete assortment sf Drsns SE1RTS we have ever bad the pleasure of efferlag to our customers and tbep :t>.ic. SenUemea desiring good fitting Shirts, wlthost any risk to run, will do well to give us a call Shirts mads to order and warranted lo At Call at GEO. H . B WHITE 4k CO'R, S3I Pa. avenue, between ath aad lath eta. feb 25-eo*t W. W.BACanST. W.B.hATTOn. HACENEY A DAYTON, Re*l Est*ts and Gsasral Land Amcy, Owaba Citt, N. T. 1 feb 14-TuftFim