Newspaper of Evening Star, March 6, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 6, 1857 Page 1
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the evening stab M " PC1LIIHU BVKBT AnUNOOff, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT TBK STAR BUILD I.N SB, ftr%?r ?/ M?SM ?U 1L'4 llfMl, By W. 0. WALLACE, sad la serrNI to rahaerfben by earrlera at bix and a QUARTBR CKNTS, papaUe ?MMf U the Agents; paper* served la packages at 37U reats par month. To mail subscribers the lub scrtptlon price la TBRKK DOLLARS amd FIF TV GKNTS a year t?e4rs???,two DOLLARS or six months, an* ON K DOLLAR lor three months; for leas thaa three months tt the rata o( U* aeotia week. SINGLE COP 1KB ONK CBNT. > . VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 1857. NO. 1,290. WKJtK L? 8 IA k. Single eopy, pm aaaum ... TO CLUBS. copies. ss SI !*? aop??e ? as Tw??yooplaa ? CT Cash, tavaaiAaLT i? iPTij.i ..g'W eopifs (|B wrappers) ean he procare* f.m, the Iseoe tt the Paper Pitee?Tiiaaa Cuti . L"i 7h* ^ " H?U wlli ha allowed a commission of twenty percent. DENTAL. A CARD?SINCE IT 19 ALLEGED THAT "Porcelain mounted on geld platela the only reliable substanoe that can be worn la the mouth, as shown by tbe laat American Deatal Conven tion,'* 1 d?a It bat ]aat to myself and tbe eaoae In which I lahor, thai a statement to tbe public khoald be made la Ibis eo inecilon la addition to tbe general lnvltatloa wbleh was given tbe Dental Profession to attend a Conven tion at Hope Chapel, In tbe city or New York, In August Ian, 1 revived a personal written invita tlsn (tea tbe Secretary, requesting me to attend and present my Improvement In Dentistry. 1 did attend, aad sr owed specimens of my style of work, besides these that were the? worn bv per sona wbo were there, and bad worn tbem for tbe post tbrve years. Aad these specimens attracted tbe at eaitonas4 admiration of all wbo saw tbem I gave a succinct account of tbe nature of tbe ma terials used, tbe processof making, tbe compete sn<-e*ee of the practical application of my meih od, aad sboered clearly its merits and superiority ever form?r methods But, let ft be remembered, tbat a majority of tbe members of tbat Convent1o!i deemed It >lun piofteetenal" to patent a dental improvement, Cist the single-tooth manafhciurlng Interest was strongly represented there?and wltb wblcb In terest ray method mo ft decidedly Interferes?that tbe report of tbls Convention was published un der tne superintendence of tbat interest; ai d fur ther, be It remembered, as a sl^nllcant fact, tbat my speech or explanation was ?it publitktd in tkml report, which inelud d *rrrything lit* tk*I vituci. ?' hrtttvtr trivial a nature Therefore, (If It Is true) that It was shown by this Convention what la above stated, the sub stan** thus ??ar.own" may not be free from pre judice Bat, whether It Is or not, and whether my taking ont letters patent be deemed profes sional or otherwise, 1 shall still persist In holding aad d-fradlng my patent, in spite of tbe divers Insinuations and falsehoods of my professional bcetnren, -ad ?hal stl 1 continue to manufacture at my different p1*j, as I have for the past three Cars, my lilml-a?te and absolutely perfect artl lal dentures, and defy any dentist In this or any other co latry, to prcd ice a similar work of art, to equal In pnnty, beamy, < urabi Ity or artistic ex cellence, myatyle of teeth, wnlcb 1 am now wa kins; aad will further offer A EBWAKD OF F1V t? HUNDRED DOLLARS, whlcb shall be promptly paid. In case thev ar * so e*uai'ed. MAHLON LOOMI9, 5TT8, between llth and lith ats., feb 13 Pa ave., Waahlnston, D. C. DENTISTRY. DM. ITIf HID BA1LT, Office Me. 198 Feaaaylvmala Avtant, T4r?s dsers from l\tk itrtti, DR BAILY begs lenve to Inform the public that he can be seen at all hoars, at bis office, located as ab >ve He feels assured that an eipf rieoce of fifteen years' practice, with tbe large number of patients, aad great variety of difficult rises that he has treated successfully, will enable him to surmount any dlAculty, scientific or oth erwl.e, relating to tbe Troth His own experi ence confirming the opinion of miny men emi nent In the profession, and especially Drs Harris and J and E Parmly, has led him, long since, to discard all mercnrlal preparations for filling Teeth. al*o all Enamels, Butta Percha, India Rubber, and Cements for the construction of Con tinuous tium Teeth, and that Porcelain, mounted ou Bold Plate, Is the onlv reliable substance that can be worn In the mouth, as was most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vention. Although he flitters himself that from his long reside nee and practice In Washington, he la fa vorably known to blr numerous friends and pa trons, ne begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. rwf Us Church of Bplphaay of this city. Dr. (mm lint: D?r4lr?I Mn to uprw ay aa f lor |?t paraoaaily. and "T conSdoooo la yoa aa a an MTKX daatlot Tha vparalloaa iikiM fur aa hara b-ao high, j aa:ia:*ctory. I hopa that jus 3i; r*oal?a the palrun ?t* fro* ay frlaodj aad tha paMlc tbat 70ar ?ktll so wall 4*a*rrw. Toara ti aly, Vaakliftaa, Aogaat M, 1S6S. J. W. FHBXCH. fr*m tat af tte oidoat Arms la HaiUxaora, Maaara. Boca Cctm-ia A Cte Harlaf aaptoyad Dr. Stopbaa Bally, 'orjaoa Dontlat, of WaaklBftoa Oily, to aiiriH for at. aa laportaat aa<l !1B call p:o.-a of wars, whlcb ha ltd to ay antra aatiafacttoa. and la ?ia?* of rha fact that oaa of th? moat diatlatalaMd a?tst>?ra of Uia Dontel Culla** of Baltlaara, tail ad, afw ra paatad trials, to porfora tha atma work aatlafactorUy, It glvaa a? groat p'.aaaaro to aipraaa my antlra coa&iaeaa an 1 high oatiniatloa of h!a profaaa'onal skill. BaMaora, Jasaary IX 1(ST. ti a EM a NX B0G3S. a attract from s hoia racaivad from tha lata Hon. John M. Clay toa. C. 8. HwtTl, An gnat IS. 1858. Tia taath roa mada for aa srark admirably; aothlac Cuald k? MMr. Vary gratofaUy, JOHN a. CLaTlOM. To thoaa that ??afe raUaf froa tha aaladlas of tha taath, I aao chaarfaUy raaoasaaad Dr. 8. Bally, aa a aaparior Uaa ia*. ha aad a a aatorpore>ia'a taaOi forona of mjr family, ao.l p. agyad aovaral toath for ayaalf. aa l tha work haa all atood wail for sura than toa yaara. BOBKBT T. NIXON. at IM Va. Ouaforaaca of tha M. B. Ofaarch Soath. April IS, MM. Wa, thaaadaraisaad harla* had oecaalnn toa?allaara?l?aa ?' tia pr-foaataaal aklll of Dr. 8. Bally. 8arg?oa DautUt, of thtaally. ar ha?ia( haaa e*(?it*tt of hla oporatlnna oa oar faalttoa ar frtaod<, uta p aaaara lo axar^alof oar adatra tfoa of bla art.atlc aklll. aa wa>l aa af tha ualforaly s?tl*fa? v ry aaaaar la wblca ha parforaa tha aoat dallcata aad d f "?ralt o^raHoaa la Daatol Sarfary; and wa raa?a^tfaliy ra maaaod hta to tha cnldaita aad pauooafa of t ia pabtta; <? t w .>ch wa co<a*dar hta aa.oaatly worthy. rausnr. vtaltbb, jos. b. bbadlbt. Arehttort r * Capitol. of Wasblnctns, D. 0. THUS A* ?ILLBB. M. O . OBOBOB WtLTOS. af Waouingtoo. It. C Kx ?.jrarn r of Florida. B. 8. BOaBBB, ? WALTBH LBMOX, of'iar>r*"town, D. 0. Rx Mayor of WaahiafMn. S R UXCOLS. M D.. BBMBY BALDWIN, Wasb'.actoa, D C. L". S Pliant OSes. O 0. Wltttir. rrtoct^al BUtonb aoa Acadamy MSU DR.. VILLARO, OsstUt, Latb or Cbicaso. WOULD REdPECTKULLY INFORM the cl'!s?as of the District and vicinity, that having located hlm<elf' la Wa?hl^gt*a, he Is bow prrpared le perform all operations, In his profession, in the most approved style U?ce No. aao Pann avenue, adjoining Baa tler's. jaa ao-'v FOH MOD.If VKH1H5I. OUT MONDAY, WEDyXSDAY AND FRI DAY 'HHE STEAMER Tao dAS COLLYKR will 1 mahs three trips each week to _ wlk ' " a. MOUNT VERNON, leaving Wa-blngtoa at 0 a m , and Alezand -i* at . jfy Boat's fare, round trip, from Washlngtea f I?from Alexandria 75 cents Coaches leave the C4pltol at 8J^, and pass up the A venae to ltth street Pare lo cents. Persons wishing the Coaches will leave their residence at ?eo A Thes. Parker A Co 'a Store. ftbM TThAStf OBPIfAL IVHUCUB. P|R. B P. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BB * " tweea Sixth and Seventh streets, attho place formerly oocupled by Dr. J ?an Patten, has Jut received a very large supply of articles pertain 1 >g to dentistry, and respectfully Invites tne public to give him a call. Having devoted his whole time to the pro fession. he Is perfectly safe In declaring that he wtU give entire satisfaction In every sass. Tbe best professional references can be seen at his of tee. aov L?-tMarch*0* DR^HUNSON, AT 336 PENN'A AVENUE, la still making those beautiful oobCbjous BUM TEETH, called 1 Allen's Paieat. for the excellency of * which over all other stylos of teeth, many now wearing them la this elty, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist In this city who has been infringing the patent, and siade a bad Imitation of It, a^aina: wboro 1 hereby caution the public N. Q. Whenever B Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Bum Teeth, when presariy essjirsefsd, It Is because he Is Ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or s ia willing to pay for the patent. Jc 16-tf _ OK. C. I. OOODMAJfa Dsatist, Bad Mannfactarsr of Artlflelml Tseth. WHO ARE BO UNFORTUNATE req ilre Artificial Teeth wlll^ find (without any nonsense or hum bsggery.l Teeth sec upon a metallic base or p.ate Ma'erlals pure aad properly eon ?traced aa being superior to all other modes Ths various operations of Deatlstry faithfully and properlv executed Tender Teeth rendered useful fjr life, ay sow means Teeth extracted careTu'ty. easily, and skillfully lk/~ Ofl* corner of 0th s.rset and Pa. avenue, fab 7-3m HaTo7_APRl?? ITUI 1M7 -We are jaat ia race'pt of Beebe's and other Faeblenable Vpdae atirlea at Bonis' Ureas M \ hats eifoTa s. white a co ,M (WPa,ae^^, T^HOSE a as to n ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner of 11th at and Pa. avenue. MR. F. NICHOLL8 CROUCH, THE COMPOSER AND LECTURER, AND THE MUSICAL EDTTOR OF "GODEY8 LADY'S BOOK," Having established himself as the sinoinq master of this insti tution, respectfully an nous cos to H?ada of Families, School*, and Strangers visiting Washington, that hs has a law leisure houes to dovote to Private Scholars, and that soma vacancies occur In his " iMi4Siiw< Classes," (neceatarlly caiued by changes In the Administration ) To secure admission, early application must be mads, and examinations required aa to capability for joining. His First Class a# Course of Education : Declamation, Dramatic Reading, Recitation, Oratorio, Chnreh Service, English Opera. Ft undid on the Byttem practised in tke JTw rojuan Conservatoire mnd Royal Academy of London, ?ntfkiek 41 was a Profester. And to qaallfy those Pupils studying Music as a Profession, Mr. CROUCH gives Historical, Biographioal SAstehes, and Readings on the SCIENCE AND PROGRESS OF MUSIC AND WORKS OF THE EARLY MASTERS, (copiously illustrated,) every Thursdav Evening, at 8 o'clock, at the hall of the Institute, In which the Pupils themselves toJte yart, thereby acquiring that oonfldenee and self-possession to be gained only under the auspices and direction of thi Praetical Master! Terms snd Circulars to he had at the Acadsmy, where Mr. CROUOH can be seen every morning from 7 till 9 o'clock ; and on Monday, Tuesday, Thuraday and Friday Evenings (devoted to Gen tlemen) from # tiU 9 o'clock. Days for Class Meeting??Monday and Thursday, from t Uli 0 o'clock; Tuesday and Friday, from 10 till M, (mornlsg.) All letters should be addressed to Mr. Ceoccb , 423 13th street, between E and F north, feb 38 GIFTS! GIFTS! ttorik eatk iO Patent Eng. Lever Gold Watches. .9ICO 00 100 Patent An hor Lever (18 Gold Watches 50 00 S00 Silver Leplne Watches, warranted... 12 00 20o SetsCaroeo-Far Rings and Breastpins.12 Oo *0 Sold Bracelets 1*00 poo Cold Lockets, (large size and double case 1000 700 Gold Lockets,small sice 3 5 > 1,000 Gold Pencils 3 40 1,00) Gold Pens, with Silver Pencils t 5 3,000 Gold Rings 150 800 Gents' Heavy Gold n ings 3 < 0 1,000 Ladles'Gold Breastpins 2 50 3,<H)0 Gents' Gold Bosom Pins 1 50 1,200 Pocket KnWe* 1(0 1,200 Pocket Knives 75 600 Gents' 6old Bosom stuOds, or Sleeve Buttons, (choice) 3 00 1,200 Pairs Ladles' Gold Ear-Drops 2 50 5,000 Gift Books 50 10 ooo Pairs Pocket Scissors 25 1^,000 Miniature Gift Books or Prints 25 ft 350 Pen Knives or Lota of Stationery 25 W ill t>e presented to the purchasers of Books, at PHILBKICK'S GIFT BO< KSTORE, under Dexter's Hotel. See sign of Gift Bookstore. Call and examine the Immense stock of BOOKS and PRESENTS, and get catalogues feb9S-tf SCHOOL FOR TO UNO LADIES. VIRS D. JONES DESIGNS OPENING A ivl School fr>r Young Led'.eswi the9thof March In one rf the buildings formerly occupied by Dr Peck,No 457 12th street, between Sand H, in which will be taught the various branches of Eng lish, with French, Music, Drawing, Papier Machle. Ac For terms appv to the principal at her residence. A department for little Boys will also be formed. f?V. *5 NOTICE. TIME IS MONET. (BLOCKS!-CLOCKS!!?CLOCKS !!!? Call J at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite | Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted for 91.50. Also, all *?* kinds Clock Materials, Oils, Corda, Balls, Keya, Weights, Ac The trade supplted at wholesale prices. Ca-ta or Clocka given in exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches. Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see for yourselves, at J.ROBINSON'S 340 Pa a*., Jan27-2m opposite Browns' Hotel. ff ATSI HATS I CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FWLfc amply of BEEBE'S WEt^rvdUK STYLES. together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The heat black ladrese HATS got np in thelaSestatylefor 93.50, aa good as (hose usually sold ! at H: and a good fashion able Hat at 93, worth 94; and a ftrst-rate Hat, 92 50. ? The bast materials and the beat workmaaahlp la employed to produce a 95 Hat, which la sold for 93.50. We do a cash bualneaa, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for his money. Pelt Hata unusually low. N. B Agent for D rise oil's Balm of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHON Y, 7th street, near Pa.ayenae, Agent tot a New York Hat Company. se Jft-tf GIBBS'9 HAIR. HAHUFAGTORY, Ptnn. at *nu*t 9tk and 10IA itrtttt. WIGS, HALF WIGS. BRAIDS, CURLS, Bandeaus, Friaaed Rollers, Ac., always on hand, and made to order at a few nours notice. Ladies' Hair Dyed, Shamrooned, Ao , in the ?ost complete manner. All sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and Eng Ish booses No 308 Pa avenue, up stairs, over Davla'Music Store. N. B ?Hair work repaired or taken in ex change. feb 11-3 no COAL REFT UNDER COYER. 2.240 Ibt. to tk* Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White A?h, Red Ash aad LefcVgh COAL. Warranted to givt tatUfaetion Delivered free from dirt. Also, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. A W. M. GALT. N W. corner 12th and C streets. No 547, dec 20-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. GRRAT REDUCTION IV THE PEIOI or BOOTS AMD 6AIT1KS 1HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOE A PHIL ad el phi a manu facturer, a Irat rata Sewed or Pegged Calf-8kla BOOT at 93.52, full as good aa those usually sold at 95 or 9ft; aad a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at 93 50, as good as any at95; alrstrateCaU ?alter at 92.5ft, theas are the beet goods that Is (or ever were) sold la the DistrUt for the price; for the . proof, come and see lor yourself. Terns positively cash. No extra proftt charged le ciShet bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT 8T0MM, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. aati-tf ANTHONY, Axeat. ITT The Attention ef the pnblic la re* spsctfally called le the following Notice : VABNELL'6 PAINTING EMPORIUM JUST OPKNED ON A NEW PLAN. NO. 51 Loaiatana avenue, between ftth and 7th sta , north side, algn of the la-a? Kagle. HOUSE, SIGN, and FANCY PAINTING of every description will be executed at reasonable prloev end by competent workmen. 1 am determined to give entire satisfaction to all who will give me a trial. Sign and Pansy Work ten per cent cheaper than old itmmdmrd prtti. The Establishment will be open from 7 a. m , to K past ft o'clock p. m , and all orders will be promptly attended to. feb lft-dlm FRENCH FLOWERS. Hutchinson a munro have this day opened a splendid assortment of_ 'jn Frej^h Flowers, Wreaths, and Hcad-^J^ Also, now receiving a beautiful aseertmentof Spring Bonnets, of the latest Parialan styles. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, m;r 2-ftt 3]0 Pa ave , bet 0th and 10th sts K.O DVE|UVM*,ttT,J b bkl_ Wa..,''SJM7' "LITTLE BELT* FACTORY SE 6 ARS, SEGARS, SEGARS Arguelles Trabocoe Romano* Brevas Litt'e Belt Potomac River Call and see EDW'D C DYKR Ps avo , b-t 12th and 13th' sts Importer of Segars and dealer In 1VIm< and Llqusas. feb 2i-at STRANGERS, OO TO 99. BETWEEN Sth and ftth street to boy your preeents to take home with you. The greatest siook In Waahlng. 10rear171 S. /. MftLAVSHLIN ft OO. A retired physician, whose sands of life bare nearly ran ont, discovered while living In the Fast Indies, ? certain cure for Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility Wishing to do as much Rood as possible he will send to such of his afflicted fellow beings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it np and successfully using it. He requires each ap plicant to enclose him one shilling ; three cents to ce returned as post*ge on the Recipe, and the re malBder to be applied to the payment of this ad vertisement. Aadre's Dr. H. JAMK8, Jersey i City, N.J. feb tfl-lm rpmSISTO GIVE NOTICE to the public A that the cc-partnership of Joseph Joeepbsand Moses Sigel has this day dissolved, and Joseph Josephs is authorised to receive all claims due the 1 above firm, and, also, to pay the indebtedness of the same. The business will hereafter be conducted by Moses Sigel. JOs-EPH JOSEPHS, mar 3-1* MOSE3 SIGEL. SP HOOTER'S ROOT, SHOE, AMD ? Trank Establishments?I have this day received for the Ball Ladles' White Satin and Kid Heeled Slips and Congress Gaiters. Also, a splendid assortment of Gentlemen's Pat ent Leather Congress Gaiters and Boots My stock of Boots, Shoes, and Trunks 4s the largest in this city, and will be sold cheap for cash. All in want will do well to call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere 8 P. HOOVFR, mar 3 lw Bet 9th and 10th sts , Penn ave GOLD WATCHES, GOLD JEWELRY, GOLD CHAINS Diamonds, coral, stone cam^o, Rich Pearl and Painted Sett Jewelry, pure Silver and Plated Ware, Pebble Spectacle*. Reading Glasses, etc , lor sale at extreme low prices during this week An object for any who wish value received fofthelr money Please call early as several rich articles are on sale for a few days, at 336 Penna avenue mar3 H. O. HOOD. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. 1AM NOW JUST RECEIVING SOME OF the most splendid and rich styles of fine Sold Jewelry; also, a very superior assortment of Time Keeping Watches, in gold and silver cases. Gold Spectacles, Gold Chains, Gold Thimbles, Seal, Kevs, and every other article usually kept in a first class Jewelry Store. I am also manufacturing some very fine solid silver ware, such as splendid Tea Sets, Pitchers, Urns, Goblets, Cups, Napkin Rings, Sp ons, Forks, Ladles, Ae , all warranted Standard Silver. We do not sell Northern made Wares as of our own manufacture. Please ca'l at 338 Pennsylvania avenue. feb*l H. O. .HOOD. WASHINGTON CANES, FROM MOUNT TFRNON. TDK NOBLE TREES OF THE LAWN AND forest upon which the Father of his Country onoe locked, and which shaded and cooied his brow, will, according to the nature of things, soon mingle with the earth; and in a few years those who possess a genuine article from this sa cred spot will esteem it highly and hand it to posterity as above price A large number of these trees have been cut and seasoned, and are being manufactured into Canes, after the model of General Washington's own cane. Persons desirous of po*sesslsg one can do so on application to the aubscriber.who has bee-n appointed agent for their sale in W ashington. A certificate accompanies the sale < f each cane. A liberal deduotion made to the trade mar3-eod?t C. W. BOTELER, Iron Hall 4TH OE MARCH. STRANGERS IN WASAINGTON ARE here ?3 by Informed, that in anticipating their wants on the Inauguration of Hon James**!! Buchanan, President of the United States, Ja and the succeeding festivities in the honor JL of that occasion, we have just received direct from the importers, a large and beautiful assort ment of DESIRABLE GOODS, consisting of all that Is new and desirable in our espsclal line, which will be made up at our uniformly low rates at the shortest notice. To our customers who have so liberally patro nized us. we return cur thanks, and sav that we will be pleased to serve them as heretofore?guar anteelng entire satisfaction in all crses We would call particular attention to our assortment of VEST1NGS. suitable for balls and parties, all of the latest styles. GRUBB A LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, feb as-'iw 498 fHh street, near avenue. D. SMITH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. CONVEYANCING IN ALL ITS BRANCH en, promptly attended to; and all buslnees pertaining to the office of a Magistrate will be dispatched at the earl est moment. iLTOSce 13th street, between F and G, west feb 14-lm ON exhibition AND FOR SALE AT MY NEW STORE, ONE OF THE largest, handsomest, and most varied assort ments of LADIES' FANCY GOODS ever of fered in the District. -X** LADIES' PRBNCH DRESS ~ ^ BHfa BONNETS, ? *Tm Chl'dren's Garments and Hats, y*Qw ? adits' Dress Trimmings in the greatest profu sion, Hibbons, French Flowers and Embroide ries, Straw Goods, Head Dresses, Ac , Ac Strangers and citizens are respectfully invited to call and examine my stock. M.WILLI AN, feb 88-3w Market Space, bet 7th and 8th sts. OIL FOR MACHINERY.?THE 8UB scrlber desires to call the attention of persons using steam or other machinery to his Lubricating OH, which cannot be surpassed for the purpose it is Intended to be used for. J. R, M06RE6OR, feb 18-2awlm 534 7th street. Long established medical of. fire. Every description of curable dlseasei speedily removed. Drs BROTHERS A GRAY German and Indian Botaale Physicians Drs B. A 6 are at all times ready to convlnoe the most skeptical that they can, without asking a ques tion, tell them their symptoms and complaints, and guaranty them an easy and speedy cure. Offlce removed to 417 Penna. ayenue. feb~ ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY, ! No. 84 Bridge Strut, Georgetown, D. C., WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN menu are furnished with the bast Ice

Creams, Cakes* Water Ices, Coefeet, Ae , at the | shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the la?t exhibition of Metro > poll tan Mechanics' Institute. UnSI-tf (UnionAIntel ) P?R SALE.?A PAIR OF FINE MULES, four years old, and very kind | harness. Apply to . ARNY A SBINN, Ne. S7 Green street,iU feb Sg-tf Oeergetewn. i perforation stocks fer sale kr V t*\9+ O&lHttf BKOTHKM. AUCTION By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. S4.1" FCKIITDRI, ^ Large Mirrors, Fine Fair ?( Carriage Horses, Ae., at Aactlsn.?un TUESDAY MORNING, March ltth, commencing at 10K o clock, I shall sell at the residence of the fcou. Janes Guthrie, on F, between l3:h and Hth sti an extensive and valuable collection of household lr urnltura, consisting, In part, of Two fine solid rosewood Parlor suites, covered with sllh flush .Handsome Rosewood oval Centre fable, with marble top Fow very large French-plate Pier Mirrors, frames elaborately ornamented, with heavy silt Tables, with marble slabs Large gilt-frame French Plate Mantel Mirrors Rosewood, walnut and mahogany Arm Chair*. covered with Plush and lirocatel Fine Broca'el Window Curtains, with ellt Cor nices Tapestry, Brussels, Parlor, Chamber, and Step Carpetlngs r One pair of massive Oak Extension Dining Ta bles Handsome Oak Sideboard, with marble top Freach China, Glass and Crockery, ana table furniture generally Elegant rosewood Sideboard, with marble top Fine walnut Extension Dining Table Mahogany Sofas Mahogany Chairs Spring seat Lounge', covered with silk and bro catel Heivy ine gilt Candelabras Mahogany Hairack, with mirror back Seven massive six-li-ht gilt Chandeliers, hall Pendants, Brackets, Ac HaU Oil-cloth Mahogany Wardrobes, Walnut RoutTablea wi'h marble-top ' Elegant set of solid rosewood carved Chamber Furature | Mahogany, French, and o her Bedsteads I Supe/ior t either B ds and curled hair Matreases Mahogany and marble-top Dressing Bureaus French, China, and other Toilet S ts Mahogany and Walnut marble top Washstands Cane and wo >d seat Chairs Shovels and Tongs, Fire Standards Refrigerators, PooMngand other Stoves Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Furniture With a large collection of useful and valuable ar tides not necessary to mectlon, altogether forming a very attractive sale, worthy the attention of housekeepers and those furn ishing. At 3 o clock, in front of the house, will be sold a very superior pair of Bay Carriage Horses. The Horses and large Mirrors may be purchas ed at privateaale en application at my store, Iron Hall. Terms : S50 and under, cash ; ovar f 50 and not exceeding SIGO, sixty days ; over Silo, sixty and ninety days1 credit, for approved endorsed no'es, bearing interest. feb 27-eotd C W. BOTELER, Auet. FAKM AT AUCTION.?ON THE 30TH day of Mareh, (MONDAY,) on the premises, I will sell at public auction, my Farm, in Fairfax county, on the Little Klver Turnpike, 3k miles from Alexandria, and near Mr Cloud's mill It contains about oae hundred and fifty-three acres from 55 to 60 acres in cultivatioa, the ba'ance in wood, principally Oak and Hickory; 50 or 6o acres heavlty wooded-from 25 to 30 acres are well set in timothy and clover; and If the weath er is favorable, I calculate to haveteeded the corn land of last >ear in Oat*, and a good portion of land broken up for this year's corn crop by the time of the * ale. There is a neat and substantial Frame Dwelling, containing four good sited rooms, passage, and two porches, all necessary out bul'dlngs, good fencing, Ac., on the farm, all of whicn have been put up since lir5a. Churches, Schools, and Mills convenient, good society, Ac. The land Is really rich, lies prettily for cultivaiion, has water in each field, and a nev er falling spring a few steps from the door It Is ?he best small farm otf^rlng in the vicinity of Alexandria, and would make a gocd market farm. Considering its proximity to the Alexan dria and Washington markets, easy terma, Ac , it presents a chance rarely met with, ard those wishing to purchase, would do well to call and view lt.aa I lntendc hanging my business,and the salewill be positive. My PostOflcela Mt Pierce Fairfax county. ' Terms of Sale ?Five hundred dollars to be paid on the day of sale, and the residua in two equal annual instalments of one and two years the deferred payments to bear Interest from date, and be secured by a deed of trust upon the prem ises. Poaaesslon given 1st of May. F. A. C. TERRETT. 6lin Mart, Fairfax co. feb26-eots I S. P. HOOVER'S Tron Hall Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Establish ment HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ASSORT ment of La dles'. Misses.and ChlMrens' white Satin and Kid heeled and with out heels, Gaiters and Slippers;La i dies black,bronze" and celored cloth button, heeled Gaiters, Morocco V* Boots, Buckskin, Double sole, Water Proof Gait era, CJnlltedSllk, Alpine, Boots and Gaiters For Gentlemen, Boys,and Youths, French Imported I atent Leather and Calf Long and Short, Double and single sole Boots and Congress Gaiters Also, a splendid assortment No. 1 sole leather Trunks, Villce*. Valice Carpet Bags, Ladles Hat Cases and Trunks; being a larger stock at this season than usual. 1 will sell my heavy goods cheap for the cash, and oa?h only. Call early at S P HOOVER'S, mar 2-2w pa ave , bet flth and 10th sts W1 H NOTICE TO WESTERN TRAVELERS; Passengers galag te St. Leals, ( aire, aad New Orleaas, rILL TAKE NOTICE THAT THE OHIO and Mississippi Hroadmm Guage Railroad ia not as rep-^E^^P^WBg resented by agents of opposition routeaTEuuhe contrary, is in perfect order The Express Train of this road arrives in St Louis two houra and thirty minutes in advance of all other routea Through Tickets can be obta ned at the Depot In thla city. ^ B?jrg*K? check, d through and handled free. For further Information apply to the Ticket Agent, at the Depot. J. a. WATERS, mar3-lw Agent SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER AVINC COMPLETED ALL MY AR 1 a rangements in regard to making Shirts and Drawer-., l am now fully prepared to take and execute all orders promptly. All measures taken on the new principle of measuring Also, always on haad the largeat assortment of white and fancy Marseilles Unen and Fancy Shirts of the latest French patterns. * All Shirts warranted to fit or no sale, at HOPKINS' BAZAAR, corner of 6th street and Peso, avenue, en BrownR' and National Hotels. feb y-2w (Intel) OAS FIXTURES. RH. MILLER, SON * CO., ALBXAN ? drla, Va., keep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS, BRACKETS. Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cornelius & Baker, which they will guarantee to tell at the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chastnut street, Phil adelphia. Alao, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and deoorated Paper Shades, la great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dee 1 NOT1CE. MY WIFE, ELIZABETH DABNEY, AND myself having separated, and now living separate and apait from each other nnder such circumstances as exempt me ftom liability for any debt whioh she may contract, I deem It proper to give notice to the public at large, as I hereby do, that she Is not authorized to contract any debt on my account, or credit, and that t will net be responsible for, or pay any debt which ahe may contract either In her own name or mine. CHISWELL DABNEY. LYNCHBtrae, Va., February 14, 1867. feb 25 dim SPRING STYLE. [HAVE JUST INTRODUCED MY NEW spring style of HATS, which is as usual the most beautiful and fioest of the kind offered Its beauty and lightness is universally admired. It stamps with an unmlstaksable air of gentility all who wear them, at HOPKIN8' BAZAAR, Corner of 6th street and Peon, avenue, between Brownsymd National Hotels. EVENING STAR. THE FATAL K 18 S . ?V B. F. &BILLA11FR. Serena Lovewell wu ou of the prettiest sUters that attended the 8ud?j class meeting of our church, as We called it at the boarding house, and was an object of admiration fnrai the devout and those who were not so hopeful pious among the outsiders Her antw waB the sweetest, and her singicg of the hymn was the divinest that could be conceived, and I always believed that her living charms did more towards keeping our church alive than all the material the preacher threw into hie aermons. It was a silent admiration, how ever, as the loudest never dared approach her shrined sanctity, deeming that she might van ish if ever spoken to by profane humanity. And so the summer wore away. Along toward the fall of the year it was observed that a young, thick headed member of the class, coarse and nncoath, was peculiarly and aggravatinglv sweet upon her?fixing her cricket for her to kneel upon, finding her place in her hymn-book, responding when she did, and going home with her at the cloee of meeting?which latter was considered by our side as being a direct interference with their rights. No one knew where she lived, though she had been seen in the vicinity of Summer street, and it was conjectured that her home was somewhere in that vicinity. About this time I wan in company with a party of young female friends, one of the best looking of whom?it was strange how my young farcy took to good>looking females ; I never could account for it on any other ground than that they were good looking?I went home with. We went on the rule that the farthest way round was the nearest way home, for she led me through streets that seemed to double upon each other in a most labyrinthine manner. Onoe we thought we had got lost, and went away back, and then we found wo had been right all the while, atd walked the street again. There were shadows on the path, and 1 must confess to the weakness of indulging in certain labial sacrifice* as we froui weariness rested beneath shadows that were thickest At the turn of every corner I found that the tendency of oar steps wa? toward Summer street, and pacing down a place that led fr?m that aristocratic thorough fare, as it then was, we arrived at a large stone building, and my fair companion in formed me that this was our destination, back ing tie remark by a vigorous jerk of the bel'. The summons was answered speedily, and, standing in the door with her hand shading the light that revealed her own features while it concealed those on the outside, was Serena Lovewell, the object of the dreams of our cir cle of worshippers 1 speedily accepted an invitation to call, and the next evening found me at the stone bouse, where I was most cordially received and introduced to the fair Serena, whom I fuund as sensible and kind as her appearance had indicated. She was a charming girl, with the most delightful fund of fun, and sparkled with refined and brilliant fancies, but she was only nursery maid! Our ac quaintance grew to a pleasant intimacy?a brotherly and Msteriy sentiment, such as boys and girls may indulge in with innocence ai.d delight, which no one but a person of impure fancy could imagine wrong?and without the least shadow of sin in our intercourse, the communion was intensely agreeable and pure ly Platonic. The lover made his weekly visit on Sunday night, which I magnanimously gave up to him, contenting myself with a majority of the other six. On one of these evenings I was making my call, and was seated in a little back slttl"g room enjoying a delightful tetc-a tete with my sweet sister, as I called her. She looked charmingly. It was in the warmest part of summer, and her low-necked dress revealed a roundness of beautiful shoulders that might have awakened the admiration of an anchor or an anchorite, and her bright eyes sparkled with excitement and pleasure. '? We ve had visitors this afternoon,"' said she, " a whole family of them from New York; and such a kissing time they made of it when they met with ours ! Twas enough to sicken one to see it. I don't see any propriety in women's kissing when they meet, do you!" I assured her that it seemed to me decidedly wrong; and deemed that kissing was a per formance that should be religiously observed by sexes jointly, and suggested experiments illustrating this, enforcing the suggestion with a practical demonstration One such prompt ed another, until a very pleasant pantomime had been gone through with, of the most harmless character, decidedly proving, to our own satisfaction, the soundness of cur opin ions How sweetly she did look as she sat there with the " blush on her cheek and the smile in her eye!" She was the most bewitching piece of Methodism I thought I had ever seen, and fu'ly understood Tom Moore where he sings? Had 1 fruch a tweet little saint oi my own, Ac., deemed by those not versed in Platonics as I slightly frcelovical in ita scope. Fate owed us a particular spite, and that evening determined on liquidating the debt. We sat sipping the nectar cf enjoyment from a loving cup, more appropriately named than Mr. Peabody's, ignorant of the storm that was culminating and ready to break up ?n our heads. Why was that lover of Serena's walking the streets at that particular moment? What spirit of love or mischief prompted him to pass by the house in which she lived? Why had villainous scavengers allowed the pile of rub bish to accumulate by th* wall over against the window ? How could he, so dull usually, have thought by getting upon that rubbish he could command a view of the room in which Serena sat ? These questions are easier asked than answered. The fact is all I have to do with, without going into argument. Thus we sat, Serena and I, and parted at ten o'clock, with a kiss for friendship's sake, and hearts as innocent of any thing harmoni ous, as Mrs Partington would say, (* as the babe unborn " I slept that night dreaming of a flower gar den of tulips, that took strangely the form of Serena's lips, and I was transformed into a big bee, and whiized around among them with a delighted wiDg, while the lover of Se rena, changed into an immense owl, sat upon the limb of an adjacent tree and looked stu pidly on the scene. What business had he thero at such a time ? The next evening, for the third time during the week, I called upon Serena. I found her in tears, and it immediately suggested itself to me, that in all the love tales I had read tears were kissed from the cheek, and I ap plied this remedy with a success that soon re stored my fair sister to a condition to make an explanation of her grief, whioh lay in offend ed pride She reoovered too soon, I thought, and hoped she would cry again, but she didn't In fact, she laughed as the placed in my hands the following epistle, which I have faithfully preserved : ?? Farthtess Ciurl?jviTt conduct is Inspeek able bad in doin what you did on Wensday nite Qod nose I did luv you but yure piaty must be week ef you can sett still and let a i yung feller with red hare kist you as I see , last nite I must ask you to giv me back my \ hart and pensel case that 1 giv you and to forgett that I ever maid enny moshun to go alongst jou Faults gurl agew. , ThomasW. Labrabxb ; "False girl agew," said.I, "what does that mean?" Serena told me that it was Thomas' way of < spelling adieu, and he was no great shakes at i spelling. She leaned her head on my shoulder, and I thought she was going to cry again, but ( when she looted ?Pi kfr wwe beaming i with ton. || , -Ai-oe Cii Vs a J " lied hair," said she, running her fingers through my lockfr - Tney in auburn," mM I, ? Hban; u4 though 1 fay it that shouldn't aey it, perhaps they are very pretty auburn, too" "They're red," abe said again. " They're auburn." ?aid l, waxing wura ; end before she had a ehasee to rapMt the red, I stopped her mouth ao effectually tha% she couldn't speak it . Thomas had come round that evening, and thought he would take a la* look at Serene, from the top of the pile of dirt, expecting to find her plunged in sorrow. He arrived at precisely the stage when the last " red' was suppressed, and a fearful oath, from a Metho dist, tumbled on his tongue, wkieh ba was prevented from uttering by a treacherous brick that gave way under his feet and brought him, with a loud noiee, to the ground. IwAi led to the detection, and as he saw u> looking at him through the wiodow, be came in, hit face aa white as a sheet. I 'Look here." said he to me, "you inter loafer, you, aint you ashamed of youreelf. you rile seducer aud catamount, to come into a family like a boa-constructor, and take away my girl ? And ain't you ashamed of youreelf, sister Serena, to let him kiss you, when I neve dared to in my life ?" " Hence, bad man !a" cried I. with a semi frantic flourish, " leave the abode of inno cence, or. by St. Paul, I'll strike thee to my feet, and spnrn upon you, beggar, for thy boldness. Away, nor let thy greasy form of fend our ohastened gate sgain '" " Really, I," said he, backing toward! the door. '? Henoe. direful eobbler!" cried I, " and to infuriate winds bellow the story of thy lore. Bah!" lie disappeared through the door, and 1 saw Dim not again. as John Bunyan writes. Serena laughed prodigiously. As soon aa he was gone, my first impulse was to propose to take ibe place of the departed, as a lover; my see* iw<i impulse was to do no such thing , and I didn't ibe lover was a revengeful man He report ed Serena's conduct at church meeting, whieh was discussed, and a committee, eompoeed of the elder members of the eburoh, appointed to wait upon her and talk with her, which they did She protected that she was guilty of nothing; for which she was suspended for a year. berena never married, and whenever we meet we talk over the events of that tima, though they lost ber a stupid husband She lives in single blessedness and laughs as heart ily as ever. She has very fine teeth. Wbalth or tu* British AniBTOCkacT ? Emerson, in his recent publication, 44 English Traits," siya : 44 in evidence of the wealth amassed by ancient families, the traveler is shown the places in Picoadilly, Burlington Hou^e. Devonshire, Lansdowne licuse in Berk shire Square, and lower down the street a few noble houses which still withstand, in all tbeir amplitude, the encroachments of streets. The Duke of Bedford includes, or included a mile square in the heart of London, where the Biitish Museum, once Montague Uoese. now stands, and the land occupied by Woodburn Square, Bedford Square, Russe I Square The Marquis of Westminster buili within a few years the series of squares called BeU gravia. Stafford House is tne noblest palace tn London. Northumberland House holds its plaoe by Charrii g Cross. Chestei field House remains in Audley street. Sion House and Holland house are in the suburbs. But naoet of the historical bouses are masked or lost in the modern uses to which trade or ebarity has converted them. A multitude of town pal aces contain inestimable galleries of art. In the country, the site of private estates is impressive. From Bernard Castle, I rode on the highway twenty three miles from the High Force, a fall of the Tees, toward Burlingtoo, Bast Kaby Csstle, through the estate of tha uke of Cleveland. The Marquis of Breadal bane riJes out of his own house a hundred miles in a straight line to the sea, on his own property. The Duke of Sutherland owns the oounty of Sutherland, stretching across from sea to sea. The Duke of Devonshire, besides bis other estates, owns V6 000 acres in the county of Derby. The Duke of Richmond has 40,000 acres at Goodwood and 300 000 at Gor don Castle The Duke of Norfolk's park in Sussex is fifteen miles in circuit. An agricul turalist bought lately the island of Lewis, in Hebrides, containing iOO 000 acres. The pos sessions of the Barl of Lonsdale gave him eight teats in Parliament. This is the Hep tarchy again, and before the reform of 1832, one hundred and fifty-four persons sent three hundred and seven members to Parliament. The borough mongers govern England. The Wrong Legs A gentleman of this city, who has the bad fortune to be troubled with rheumatism in the legs, and the good fortune to have an excel lent wife, who ia ever prompt in applying the usual remedies to arrest the vexatious pains of this treacherous complaint, went home one evening last week, suffering greatly from his old "misery." H;s sealous wife immediately rushed to the sideboard, and taking out the bottle of what she supposed to be Dalley'a Pain Extractor, proceeded to rub the afflicted husband's legs eni feet with the magical elixir. With a grateful smile the affectionate husband signified bis great relief remarking, also, that a good wife was really an inestima ble blessing. "And, by the by, my dear continued the affectionate spouse. 441 see you have been varnishing the legs of this old fur niture ; they have needed it for a long time 14 What put that into your bead," asked tha good wife. , . . ?4 Why can't I smell; I must certainly have ? bad oold if I could escape that rather atrong odor of copal varnish which pervades tha ?? You are mistaken; I have'nt opened tha varnish bottle to-day " At this the husband, happening to cast bia eyes down to his kneeling wife, who was atill rubbing his caural extermitios, was astonished and horrified at the spoctaole they presented They were of a beautiful mahogany color, so brightly polished that he could see his own start'ed countenance as distinctly in them as in a looking glass. Seising the bottle of mag ical elixir, what was his horror to discover that it was labled 4' copal varnish !" This explained the odor, and established an important fact in medical practice, that :h* best cure for rheumatism ia a thick coating of oopal varnish We had heard the same rem edy employed in cases of oholera, to arrest pespiration, but this is the first case we have eve*- known of its being found as restoring the damaged legs of men as those oi tables and sideboards ?Cin- Enq**rtr. Ax E.NTSRPRiSi.HQ Jrnou.?Judge Wright, of Longansport, Ind., did a little extra judi cial service to the State the other day, in a manner unknown to the statute The prop rietor of a low groggery had given liquor te a little son of the Judge and aaother Jed, end got them both drunk The Jadge was justly indignant, and on Sunday morning armed himself with an axe, stove in the door of the grocery and smashed all the barrels and boUles, spilling a great amount of miserable liquor. The Judgis then put on his Sunday slothes and went to churoh as coolly as if noth ing had happened. The New York Trade 8al? begins this fear on the 31st of March, several weeks later than usual. jy Girard College, at Philadelphia, now rapports and edoo tt< ar sgul-rly three hundred and fifteen boys, all indigent orphans. Cp* Tha Providence Transcript aays teat iuch large qu an ties of tauto* have been drives uhore on Bloek Island, within a law days, khftttto famen are using tkm fw