Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE MAIDEN'S PRAYZB ?T J. ? ? WHITTII*. She ret* {torn her d?!lclou? ilMp ??4 pat sway her soft brown hair, And In a tore is low and deep As Iotss frat whisper, breathed a prayer, Her ?d#w whit* bands together pressed, Her blue eye* sheltered la the lid, The folded linen on her breeat, J ust swell leg with the charms It hid. And from her leng and flawing dress. ' k! scaped a bare and snowy foot Whose steps upon the earth d-d preu a * n.*wtaow'ft^ white and mute; And then from slumbers soft and warm, Like ? young spirit fresh from heaven. She bowed that light and mac bless form dumbly prayed to be forgiven ZJ ?aouls unpolled as these Weed aally mercy firm thy threoe ; If she upon her becd*d knees, Our holiest and purest ene: ?he with a face so clear and bright. We deem her soms stray child of light: if she with those soft eyes In tears, l>ay after day In her yeung years. Must kneel atd pray for grace from Thee, Wnat far, far deeper need have we! ?ow hardly, If she win not Heaven, Will our wild errors be forgiven ! ^ : ~ Miitaxks or thk T^iobaph.? That nu merous, and In many cases, grievous errori are made in the transmlaelon of messages by tslegrspb, esnept be denied. Soma of these blunders by which losses hare been sustained, or parties put to great iaoonvenience, wo find publish s i from time to time and going the ? rounds." We heard of one of those miatakea, ? f?* d*T> a2?> bJ whl?b one of the parties made 12,WO, and yet, strange to say, tb* other wai Satisfied. The parlies were two well known, very keen, and' extensive provision dealers, or rather speculators; one of them does business in New York, and the other in Baltimore. ^ The thing ocaurred in tbii way. The New York man eenk the following dis patch to the Baltimore man : 44 What will you take for one thousand boxes K>ni middles! Answer immediately " - Ta this the Baltimore man replies : M Ten and one fourth cents," (10|a ) In the transmission of this last dispatch, the telegrapher made the price read 10|e, and in this guise the mesiage was delivered to the New York man. The price, however, was to him satisfactorily, and he replied : " I will take ],00?) box^s at your price? 10fj. r When the Baltimore man received this re ply, he supposed it wm ?* blunder of the tel egraph, and had the dispat9h repeated, but found that it was a oorrent copy of the origi nal plaoed in the New York office Still he could not understand it. but being naturally "sharp"?provision dealers mostly are-he rt blied "all right," and started for New York bj the next train, wbere he discovered the mistake, and that the ucoonsciaus telegrapher had been the means of disposing of the bacon , for him at ai: advance of half a cent per pound above the price he asked, and was wilting to iV* w ?welling his profits about S2 000 above his expectations The buyer on the other hand considered he had picked up the seller to the extent of *<?, and thought he had made a ;ood bargain, and was sati?fied, and, we presume, feels so still ?Cm Pn*< Current. ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTEL8 > IIslsl ?but * BBI60S. J F Tamer, Va JC Wood*, N Y ^ W Dernn? Me Vui-?l Kane, Md ^ ** M Hamlltpn, do OelDieum USA Ml? Moore v? J C Mason, Ky Col J Polk M<4 ** ?*lal;icti NY H K Browne, rto JB Roane A diu.NY K ? Honey, do W Frost, Va T H YoonJ M<1 i '* K Kstmaa, NY U A MorTl*on. do, t*Ti w Sj.cs,on>(54 i m a Chapman, Mtss 5rT2k-Ky - A v Llu?*? r 5r F, Pac**r. p<* w Chap.-nin, Mass W w!Sr.' d? J ?McJgan, Md w n m 5 T 8 Ooraett, do M H Morris, Miss I?r fcott, do J K Birch NY U H Tllcoa, Mass 1:10 N P Stanton, N Y ?MMcLsughlln, do N Tift, <ia W Montgomery, Pa k M Megraw. M 1 ?n*n7's r "J C do 3 * * *hanaa, do H Adams. Va J Speacer, do T Botiomby, It froolton, do Hr????a> He lei?T. T ku BXOW*. 7) w ? J Uhwney, Tenn ?a>^?^/TJ>\ V. J w I'run I^a ^C^a?l u> * Howland, NY it ^??iUu *?? * ? TaJms<i^e * Ltviefama, FJa u a Quintan imWJ2Fr$* V* ** ^ ??am?ley, Oa J L Meoown is, IU ? C Cook, *Qta Fe ? ^?rvJrV,' H<1, J vv Wither, poo a * T vvfi,er? do ? ? Caldwell Ala * AulchUsjn, Ky Hon J Tbompiion, Miss * *?* J Marshall, Va Sdi'te Ala A w Mcboaald A McOllesb, Va * T Herry, son J J Lapperd. Ct V ** Y J talker, Tena JKblrsa MJ Atkins, tia , H N Smoot, Md G {J ?iarv? i^ai JT Blair, Miss W AUlson.'va ? F meeertsoa, DO X Berry. Md Dt ' j K K L Rogers, do Or Ulgglns, de L liall, O WilUrde' Ileiel-j. c. a w. a. willaad. w^k ?'lTJ!?,in,iI;a H L Htew;rt, 111 SOSm?jeV?' ? Whitney,NY H F nf.,v' Co1 Spencer', Md F Te?mai' p. I.horp'ljl soa' do n u%?7' Pa n Carter, Va w^i ek??1'; ,Ark K Cart?r- do W D Bhlras. Ala J J Hopple, do ?!R We"?. VV H M?l ' m? J A **arish, V. J C Hill Texas W w vv \ \ <r?r> D S i 7,'4"5v' "? p* ii"" (A faring, d j ti Arrher4o H H Borman, ao W Fevbclt, do WW Jones, Ct H Ro&l?,d^ ? ?Y M Asbburn. Va w i . ? J Towaseni, Iowa W U Solomon, ly, Tffl Kirk weed llssie ? J. * A. a KiBKWOOr. TBWo d.V* L Evans, O S SW? w ? L H Tiffany, Wis f Va ^ Van Htrz" 4 i Md w Leyd, Pi 7' J ?T^5C ..<? 3 M Williams, do ? Topping DO J8 I).a per, wil n avenue K M WMtuiPSe ?LMrKeb>!a?r] V* M 1^1 per, So ' d? . ? i F B tfregcry, u?N Creigb, do n** *?&K!an sraiaeeuons which they have thcmselrM ^5,1 ? ?OODtJ, selected for their special trade ,f>wlai **">? qaT5t^s"of?ArmyPtnd'Srry'tioodi^En!11? ^ bwcrdj, Sashes, Gold Laces, Ac. Paula??t They also Invite attention to their sssr^ssa^f..8?? ?r fl F. LOUDON A CO e.* ee *,# A?*lJ a" 1 Nav7 Tello'rs, fct Tf-dtt Sounder Brewn?' Hc4i. 0? wowrr to loan N ?OLD AND BILVER WATOUKB ^JKWELRY, GUN?, P1BTOLB, Md all ?JmOH!>L5?BIN80N' ?">**, _ **i-tm Pa tv . opp. Browns' Betel. J*"*0**B?mOQ(JKTa I G^nZ^y^UET UKPO r, OF ALL kinds VASBn aid -fS, FANCY BASKETS,^i FLOWKRB^Cfc always oe hand, and at the lowest prices.'iff!BP teb7?~m rklUl "*?*> "?? Cepitil HO OOO PltCM T? ?ttrm ATJ.'S MS 99m 11 JOWHMA PKlEnit w. w. narv^sv. w B ?... tAiCKlimr * DAY Tow, ftMl Estate t?4 Oeseral Lu< i.lM PROPOSALS !OR AKMT SUPrLHS. 0?r;ci o? Army Cloth'no ahs Eqvipa?b,{ Tkiladslpbia, F?b. M, 18?7. J QEALKP PROPOSALS ARE INVITED, ^ and will be resolved at this olte until 10 o'clock a m , of the loth day ?f March next.for furnishing by eoatsact the following ARMY SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS, deliverable at the Doited State* Clothing and Equipage De pot, (Schuylkill Arsenal) la quantities required, viz: 8,000 vs*ds 0-4 dark bine (iadlgo wwl dyed) doth, for oape aad bands, weighing about 14 ouncee per yard JO,000 yard* 0-4 dark blue (indigo wool dyed) twilled oloth, weighing *1 ouncee per yard % 94,000 yard* 0-4 sky blue (Indigo wool dyed) twilled cloth, weighing 9i oonoes per yard 10,000 yardi % dark bine (lnd'godyed)oottonand - wool flannel, weighing ouneee per yard ' 07,000 yards \ white flannel, (cotton and wool,) to wti^h ounces per yard I0,0t<0 yds 33 iuch black alpaca * Canton flannel, to weigh 7 oi. pr yd yti* * inblfached drilling, do 0* ox pr yd 81,0W yds % do do * do 73 oz pr yd it,too yd* 30 inch cotton dusk do k oa pr vd Inch do de id v oi pr yd 05,00> yds inch do do 14 k oz pr yd *? do 10 rxpryd 8,580 yds W inch do do 11 otpryd 3,000yds ?3 Inch do do 9 oa pr yd W,?ittjrds8llach do dn ltK u pr yd 18,500 yds 3i Inch do do c? pr yd 11,7-0 do Russia Sheeting 12,600 srmy blankets, wool, gray, (with the kt ? ten U S. in black, 4 Inches In length, In tLe centre,) to be / feet long, and 5 feetfl Inches wide; each banket to welsh 5 pounds 4 ,509 dozen pairs half stoc'x Ings, 3 sites, properly made of good sound fleeoe wool, aad with double and twisted yarn, to wtlgh 3 pounds per dozen 1)1,000 pomp >ona for engineers, ordnanoe.dragoons rifles, artillery, and Infantry. 83,000 oap bodies 7,*j0 yards glazed silk. &>r cover* -100 N. 0.3 brass scales, pairs 040 sergeants' do do 11 400 corporals and privates' brass scakrs 4 N O 8. bronze do do 30 sergeants' do- do do 0co corporals and privates' bronze do do *><> castles, brass 10,*)O letters, do 10 000 numbers, br&si 13 TMi eagles and rings 700 shell and flan es 3,30# yds ft-inch wjrsted lace, 1 Yellow, aearlet, *y1' K-'"eh do J JlX^IeSo?"1* 40,000 do %-Inch cotton tape 13,400 do X-lnch do do 10,-00 shev.M cotton wadding 0.700 ya ds red bunting 0.0<w do white do 2,1*'0 do blue do 150 garrison flag haly.rds 35 recruting do 10 color belts 3,1' 0 gross coat buttons a.50u do vest do o'i!!0! ,"l,P?ode>r buttons. white matal 3,10) do shirt do d? # Jl,4o) unt buttons, wood, small 17,4?0 do slips, do do 5-,'>0.) do bdttons, do larae 3,401 do slips, ' do ff l??o hospital lent-poles, s?ts MO wall do do ?00 common do do 4 109 hospital ten-pin*, lara* 4,700 do do small c-oOiw*! do large 34 W)ft common do 5t,7(?o galvanized Iron wire rods, for tents \ d0 do #t?ples do 3,iwo mf?s? pans, iron campltetUflt (3 six**) * Inn p^ p5nt9> w?'Sbt 11 % oz) 3,500 Collins^or duar9 feill n?' axe?, (genuine,) 5,000 axe handles 1,800 pick axes, 2 sixes 3.000 do handles 3,ioo camp hatchets 5,000 do handles 1,bOo spader, 3 sizes 07 bugles, with extra moath pieces 07 do cord 4 and tassels 75 trumpets Z? . d:> cords scd tassels ??drums, artillery 47 do infantry b0> do heads, batter ,' ' ?? do nuutri 195 do strings do cords *7? do snares, sets !il *Jo ?ticks, pairs *fl?% 50 do O. Mliv. MISCELLANBOU8 mill?'* ' wh,t'''- yeen, and bine, for reel .T? th^S "2 EU'don.; ??? ,w?, twin* i buckles, braes and iron: flu for fl i? ^ k?UnKrope,bra<s gaUom t0l ,n? ro^s > ?!*?? and lirrule* ft>i ?wtlc^ 1rib!? be of do _?".and most eonfoim, Id all *\to 1standard patterns sealed In this y 088 be examined. win be sent by mail, with SBV ?mv S dJi5lBBKtlOB Upon Ue *?*?>??? which o^rpV^r y wishing to cmoint ef each deilverv s ^ K?u?tiS: About one half of tLes^saD pl!ei will be required In equal usonthlv Dronor V"">?' '0?Vo^?!yn?.!2d months irom that da *, also In eanal ^ y Pro -ordons, will be paid for on datlvLrv r^erved c/lnVr^lngby^in c^?---Th Tto'oi'iKK: from .an^u^T^u^^^^ tides proposed to be furnished, and none will be ?7rl' 'Mi: ?" HJT" ?ld"" Of the parons W doli2? /""PO"]" 'kould be rn u y'opo^' febflH)odt:oMar. Brev'tMaJ and4.q' m. HORkKS, CAKRIAUK,, HARNBSS, fcC. 'N-n >OH sale. Harm** jjs .'K^i - [?j-gjf die, without fault or blemish, and believed in ha*e no equals In the District to . An extra HORSE, closely matlnir and used al. tarnataly with the above; bay, of trustee stnek LJE2 ?JLdrtl^lanr? "B,d o*dTa'fidSSi barrw??, particularly valuable as a single family SS^aSSfiSS^',nd remar^*bly^lneas a ^Astyllsh FAMILY COACH,nearly n^, cost net -ni?,Kve .PAMILY CARRIAGE, nearly T'lKATH J?R,X?w.erua.'?d W5ilU,r. S06O A LbA I nLR-TO!' BUGGY of htn<i?Ama ?lyle, a^rlrnew, eo.i ?J? ' b?.*?.^uejS*?^Vi^?LE UARNt:98 S,NGLE Only such as are willing to pav fair nrlo? *PP^y* Enquire at this cffl;e. feb i0-3awtf VIRRITURK STORK TO HE SOLO OUT Til CLOSE. rii?Bu!J"3<;y,l?,I2R' desioniw? to dis. wm J,?11? i^e Furniture llu^lness, ^an COMMON FIJBi-ri' Md ln part, of-. ?con*',^?C)' BM SS"sV, pS??* #Dd ChtlfB Marble-top Pariur ?.^i? ,Md Loungea Cas?? Tables, Library Tables aad Mirrors, wilt fram# ..j Marble-topan(|C0TO'c"mmon, ^ variety Mahogany and walnat WaJ?1?*114 WMlurta^da and Secretaries w"drobss, Book Ca?es, Mattresses of ua??H?8? ?a variety Patent Spring Reds CriL . JCot^?a Cane-seat and common Chairs and'B1*" Extension Dining Tables relhUE? Ror*?? Offlce Deahs, Tables, and Chalu 7 *nd w*laat Clocks, Safes, Baskets,pain.ed Tin War? > Also, ?n assortment of? "Ware, Ac. rapidly a. possible, acdatgaeatly rMuced p" 0e*- ?v yA ROTH WELL, lab ad-faJiw8^' ?d4 FeUow*' H^ _ _ ngsi PORK, 60 BBL8 MESS PORK FOR BALK BY Louaiaas a*an?, bet i^?id St?b?iSfti, Mo, tl. URUIl'l Improved Sowing Machines. Id which ?h igranted the Highest Award of tha Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World'i Verdict of Superiority. rflHB IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA A chine has si mollted thus la many respects, and they are c ap ible of exeauting twice the unoiui of wort they did formerly la any. flMKP They are without question the only Mnahlniei ca pable of sewing every variety of good* perfect; a ahirt bosom or heavy trace for narneu can be ?ewn by any of these machines by aslmplachaage edle and thread in such a manner that the ef ne< closest scrutiny eannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will lad them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We bnve mnehlies with gurges attached, f?r bindlnghats,cap-fronts. gaiters, Ac. 6 Ilk .Thread, Cotton, N eedles, * o., constantly en hand, at the lowest rates. Personrdeelreus of Information regarding Sew lag Machines will please address I. M. SINGER * CO., ICS Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma ehlnesfor old machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Persons who have been induced to purohase nferlor machines under the pretext of being aheap, wlllfindthls n benefit indeed. salrlO?ly BOOK. BINOINO. 0?nwr E'trenth ttrett and Maryland ?????*, martin Smithsonian Institvti Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subsorlbers to Brown's Bible and 9hakspeare, now Just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works fn a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoa much more reasonable terms than can be done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of bis style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted. sei7-on> TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT \Y ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to ail that suffer with defective sight, canned by age. sickness, and particularly from 8 lasses Iniudlcloosty selected. to his superior PECTACLKS and (J LASSEScarefully ground by hlinsdf to a true spherloal aoenracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benel olally to the wearer aoeording to the concavity or oonvexlty of the eye. Very numerous are the ill e7ects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optcmtttr; and the practice of many vears enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are abeolately requlri-d will be furnished with precision and satisfaction JOHN TOB1 AW acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that tavo not yet availed themselves of uls aid Persons that rannot conveniently call, by send- ? lngthc glasses in use, and state how many inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their eight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and oomfort from his glasses. Circulars to be h?*d gratis, at nls office, No. ?1* SEVENTH STREET, tkrt% d,orx /rem Odd Fellowi' Hall, ?r stains. Norpolx, September7, 1*54. Sir?The Spectacles you made for mo suit very well, and seefn to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of creat assistance to my sight, and corresponding with hlsdeccrlptlOn of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by n friend to vlsltthe es tabliehment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try* lag bis glasses, I was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, which nave afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried. My sight, orlglnaily very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hear; but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late as evtt, and that too without the pain I have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON. Late Commissioner Sea'l Land Offiar. December 11,1865. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fcr threa or four months, and take prcat pleasure in e?y lng that I am maoh pleased with them, i have been much benefitted by ;heu. MayMh,l&oe. - GEOR. P. SCAKE0R?a. I was recommended to Mr. Jobs Tcbias ts > skillful optician: aid as 1 have eye* of remark able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias setmed to comprehend tiitio by insj oc tloo and some slight measurement, uud ho h;ts made me a pulr of Spectacles that sulis roe ad mlrably. A. P. BVTLLK. July 11,1850. WiLMlHSTOit, N. C., Jan. 27, 1951 Mr. J. Tubus: Dear air?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity In the visual ranee of ray eye*, 1 tiave hereto found great difficulty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance, it uifords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happllyobvlatedsothattheplase n you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted io my eyes of anv 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, youra, K. B. DKANE, Rector of St James' Parish. DnranvxaNT o? Inrnmon, May 7, 1865. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyse, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have found to serve me perfectly. By the nee of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Classes minutely to the eye. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY fe. BALDWIN, Assist. Seo:y to sign Land Warrants. P. 8?OPERA GLASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES A microscopes, WATCH MAAER GLASSES, and many ether articles io this Ihie^at very low prices constantly on haad. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOKS BY F1&U! FIRM, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Authorised Capital and Sur^i..81,36?,ltl IS. 7ABKS&8 AMD MECHAHICS' IE8UB AYCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. OfUt noiih-rest corner Pminm/lMnut avsmne a$ul 17?A atrasf, Washington City, D. C. DIRECTOE8. Hon. Tboo. B. Floience, Charles Dinger, Georse H. Armstrong, Thomas Mamierfleld, Charles A. Rubieam, Edward R. Uelmboid George llaHabold, F. Carroll Browner, James E. Neall, haac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. PLORGNCB, Proaidout. RD WARD R. HELM BOLD. Secretary. LOCAL EURVEYORU. _ Charles Walter, Mo. Mil D street, opposite City ImII ? Jno. M. Thorn tou .corner Fhstsiree tend Vtralnla avenue, Island. James Williams, Ne.2'2 Four and-a-haJI street. John Riffles, No. 501 Thirteenth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. MARINE 8UP.VSYOR. Capt.J.P. Levy, No. 3fi7 Pennsylvania trezu*. opposite National Iloicl. ' GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomanou. The business of this Company will conriuiisfa vorably with the m<Mt suc^rtiefal of similar insiitu. tions in the United States. From the 1st day of August,1?:3, in Ave mouths, up to 1st January, 1838, the premiums rr*elved amounted to the Imse sum of one hundred tiidolshl thousand, one hundred and hfty-one dollurs, with only forty-six huudred and sixty Bix doi ars losset ?enortod. With these evidence* of success and good man Mem*ni, the directors feel justified in solicltin* a ?hare of public patro'iagn, b?lievtng that the a -cu nty offered u aaiple. ar.d that all fhir claims will W adjusted moreaccordingto eouity thau lest) trchul entities. The company Is prepared to issue policies againsi loss or damage by fire on 1?TV 8f.LINGS, FURNI TUC1, MILLS, MANUPACTORISS, WARE SOUSBSj all descriptions of HUILniNCS, auj isucontents, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by V1S8EL8. STEAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, RAlL&OAIiS, and the usual con veyances to or from any portion of EUROph anrl AMKRICA, anii on the hulls of STEAMBOAT? navigating the western waters. The rates of premium will be a* low as otbei companies, and in fixing theiu every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into ?onsiduation. All losses speedily a<i]ua.ed r.nd promptly pnld. Otflce northwest corner Pennsylvania avewue and S?-v<;Bteeath street, Washlncuin city, D. C. tofuranc, may cd*? b tfteled ai lU Horn$ OffL-t, C9m*r Walnut and Second Streets, PkiUx and In other principal cJtii s of the United ^authorised officers of the company. 3 miCtODRONi,-BUT nt^urgmnt Finn. WuJ ? JOjtN f. ELLIS. Medicine*. ?Tor THAT COUGH ! The great remedy for couens. Colds, Caosr and Wioonsa Coras DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Caret Oongfcs of th* worst kind. It alto euro hoarMMH, sore throat, weakaees of the chart, tain Id the breast tad lung affectloas. Where aver there is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pala Curer, and you wlllflnd Immediate relief. Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cure* a consumptive cough, and fortl fies tbt srstem against farther attacks. ITT la bottlee at 60 cents and *1. TO CURE CROUP. The Uvea of thouaand of children have been saved, by using Dr. ROSE'S Croup. Syrup, it gives instant relief. 35 oent* a bottle. TO CURE WHOOP 1N? COVQH Dr. ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrtp Is the

only certain cure for Whooping cough, it cures in a abort tine, and allays all Irritation of the Lungs 80 centa a bottle. The above valuable medicines are recommend ed by Physicians who have tried them in their practice To be bad of all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4in " HOW TO Ct'RE ALL PAIN. PALI IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOST disease*?cure the Pain and cheok the disease J)R ROSE'S PAIN-CURER Will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Palna In the Limbs, tildes or Back, Sprains and Bruises, Kar and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cretop in the Stomach or Boweis, Sore Throat. Burns, Scalds. Ague or Lumps lu the Brea-.t, Chills, Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, Jt cures all Pain. 1ET 12*?'-'5. and 30 centa a botQe. If you are Bilious and have a bad 1'old. take DR ROSS'S RAILROAD OK ANTI-BIL IOUS PILLS. TLev cany off all bile and re move a cold. These Pills go akaed cf all other Pills in their good iff?wU. JCT" Boxes 12 k 89 cr.ts. Sold by ell Druggists In Wa&hlngton, Georgetown, ard Alexandria. dec J0-4ra COO0H8?COL DC?noA SS EN ? SB Dil. T ?LKK'? COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safs and Speedy Care for Whooping Cough. Orotrp, Asthma, Diaoaaed Lungs, and Consumption Enttrtd according to Att o/C?*gr*it, .1 I). I"i37. IN AUA1N PRESENTLY H TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology is needed. Vast numbers In all sections of the Union are obliged to have racoarse to other sources of relief thm the immediate pre script on of their family physiclaa* and as each return of the winter seaaon bringa out a hovt of professedly new specifics, some good, others upe leM, and many decidedly dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of duty a? in! tv a? interest. believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of auy cturr in use, to make It as extensively known as prac ticable. That m^h Is Its character, is abundantly proved by the fact, that it t-as been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess: that its reputation ta* continued to spread and its sain Increase, with little aid from adver tising or published lists of cerilficates, (which all know can as casliy be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that by It* own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendat on of | persons benefitted bv its use, it has gained Its pretest popularity; it Is not trumpeted to the wo ld as a spec*?" or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, ready at hand, ard one that has been generally found to afford relief whefe most others have been tried without material oenrfit As such, it Is recog nised by numbers of ocr leading phyaiclaos, who know lt?* composition, and have been eye wit nesses of Its superior efflr-u v, as well as by thou sands of our most respectablo citizens, to most of whom reference Is cheerfully permitted. bold at =5 cents, or tbr?e bottles in one. 50 eta , by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. BTOTT, Washington; CI8SEL, Georgetown, and PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, ?? TYLER'S UUM ARABIC COUGH CAND Y DROPS." the same composition in a portable form, mucn patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, Ac . as they remove all husklness from the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Prloe 1SX and ?5cents a box. decti-ly TIER'S .CHERRY PECTORAL, For th? rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has madu in tills generation to facilitate the business of life - Increase its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human txistobce.nonecan be named of more real value to mankind than this contribution of Ch'-inlstrv to the Healing Art. A vast trial of its virtue throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bin#ion of medudne* yet known, can so surely control and cure the numeroua varieties of palran nary disease which have hitherto swept ftwi fur tnldstthcu^auds and thousand, every jear. Indeed there la now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, to cur* the moet dangerous affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by Its use but we would present the followingand refer further enquiry toiny American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and Indisputable proof of these statements. OfPTCB OF TUX!*8P0UTaT!0lf, 1 Laurens, R. R., S. C., Aug 4,186^ J Da J. C. A yb*. Dear Sir.?My little son. four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of magllgnant Scarlet Fever, bis throat was rot ten, and every person that visited him, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used yoarCHiaay Pictobal, in California, in the winter of 1650, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, I was lndnoed to trv it ea my little bey. 1 gave him a tea-spoon-fullev?rv three hours, com " h and * ehang after three days use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. It* est in ths above named disease will save many a child from a premature grave, ami relieve the anxiety of many a fond parent For all af fociions of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe It the bant medielr.e extant. A feeling of the deepest 8latitude, prompts me In oddreacslng yon these nea,?but for your Important discovery, my little boy would now have b?en In ancther world, i am yours with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trans., L. R . R. Rocky Hill, Somerset Co., N. J., > July 81, 180*. ( Da. J O. At be,?Since your medicine has be come known here it has a greater demand than any other coiurh remedy we have ever sold it is spoken of In terms of unmeasured praise by those who have used it, and I know of some cases Where the best they can say of it is not too much for the 1 take pleasure 1 am giving my the worth cf their money, and I feel gratided in seeing the benefit it confers. Please send me a further supply, and believe e Yours, with respect. JOHN C. WH1TLOCK. P.S. Almost any number of certificate*oan bo t If you wish U. mencing in the morning, and by ?en o'clock at night, I found a decided ehange for the better, and after three davs use, he was able to eat or good It hsadone. 1 take pleasure in selling It, because I know that 1 am giving my customers WiNosoa, C. W., June20, IB58 Da. J. C. Attn. Sir,?This may certi'y that 1 have used your CuikT PscToaaL for upwards of one year; and it Is my slnoere belief that 1 should nave been in my g ave ere this time If 1 had not It has cured me of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and 1 do not overstate my con victions when T tell you it Is a prloe leas remedy. Years very respectfully, D. A. McOLURE, Attorney at Law. Wilesbabbb. Pa , September 18, ISSO Db.J.C.Aykb. My dear Sir ?Your medicine is much approved of by those who have used it here, and its composition is such as to Insure and maintain Its reputation 1 invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affections, as do many of our principal physicians I sm your friend, CHAS. STREATER, M. D. Prepared by DR. J. C AYER,Chemist, Low ell. Mass Sold by*. D. OILMAN, Washington, and aU respectable druggists. dec ft-4m 3 PIANOS AT BARGAINS?One second hand for flJO. One new for S3 30, worth One for 9ft. werth *3 00 One Ine Melodtou for fiO JOHN P. ELLIS, mar I 300 betw *th and loth ?ta. Gobhkn buttkr.-oo sues prime tioahen flutter, for sale low by ?* W oo0t MURRAY k PBMMSS. Madicini PERUVIAN6 SYRUP, Having surceasfnlly parsed theord?al to which new discoveries in the Materia toedlca ere but jaded, must now b? received u an e*tabll?]|ed medicine ITS EFFICACY, IN CURING DrSPBP8lA% Affections of the Liver, Drojtsy, Nemralgtm, Bronehxtit and Vtitnmntive Tendencies, Ditor-tered state of the Blood, lioxlt, Ge*f eral Debility, and ait Diteasee which te uirt a Tome and Alterative medium is eyond question. The proof? of Its cffleaey are so Liimeious, so well anther-Heated, and of such ttcullir charac ter. that sufii rers cacnut rtasoaably hesitate to re ceive tfce proffered aid. The Peruvian by;up does not profess to be a turt all, bat its rarijje is eiteuMve, because man jr diseases, mppertmlf uullke, are Intimately re lated, and, proceeding front om cause. may be cured by one remedy. ? class of dl I The elaM of diseases for wblok the Syrup pro ?Idea a cure, is precisely tbat wbicb has so often baffled tbe highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and the safety and efflcaoy of the Syrup Incontrovert ible. Those who rmv wish for an opinion from dis interested p.*r*on* leepeellng the character sf the Syrup, cai not fall to ce saiiailttd with tbe follow ing. among numerous ta>tlir.cnUl*, In tee hand* of the Agent*. The signatures are those < f gen tlemen well known In the comaQUclty, and of the highest respectability CARD. ? The undersigned having experienced the bene ficial tlT-cta t,f tfce "Feruvlari Syrup," do not hesitate to recommend It to the attention of the pobl'c From our own< xperlcncr as well as from the testimony of others, whose Int* llgenee and In tegrity aro alfo^eher unquestionable, we hare no doubt of Us effloscy la cases of Incipient ill of the Langs and tlronchial Passages,by:-pepvia. Liver Complaint, Dropsy. Neuslgia. Ac. Indeed Its effects wou:d te Incredible, but from the h'gb character of tboM* who have witnessed them, and have volume* red th ir testimony, es we do ours, to Its restorative power. JOHN PIERPONT. THOMAS A DFXTtR, S. 11 KENDALL, M D. SAMUEL MAY. THOM A3 C. AMORV. Per sale bv Z D. SILMAN 360 Pennsylvania avenue /, ccrnrr of L and ' streets, Navy Yard. Agency, c fib *S Special Agent, erd at the Gtueril DR. DUPIUE'S REMEDIES are the only effectual ourefor External or Internal 1*1 lew, Saltrheum. Ring- Worm, Ac. They aro unrival led for purifying the blcod. 60 cents per box. Offlce 78 Nassau street, New York. will be tent by mail Kor rale by PORO A UKO , oornei of 11th at aad Penn. avenue. - oc *5 PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OM THB PHYSIOLOGICAL VIIW OF MARR'AGE BY W. B. LA CROIX, M. D., Albany, N. Y. 250 pages aod 130 fine Ptain and Gelorod Lithographs and Mate*. ?PRICli OM.V *i5 CENTS -%% ffjfSei.t tree of pottage lo ail part* oj ike Union B DR M n LA CROIX'S PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE. A new and revise J edition u VfiOpu^e* and isolates. Fried 26 cent* a copy, A |?opuln?' and ronipM hew?ive L'UiirC on thedu'ies and r-a-n*IM?*s of single ?ind ftttrried linj-h.ip IV an lit muni a'han>-evtfn(vie Oiitecarttigllum ? iiifelict < u?< and iuiet tie ouej ih.-ir oh viauco and nuiavai ?neiv uuj debility, iu f au-s- i.;d cure, by h i?ore?s at oner- i?n simple, safe, ard eff'TtHiJ, thai ailure i* Iwijw^iblr?rvti-i for daily manage nmut??h eway oa ip?irai irrl,vt?, witii practical ?h^tTvarioud ?u a taiei a .<i more su^eescful mode of treatin-iul?pr> cautionary hu;tb ou tbe evil r.Tiilts from t-iupirlt al p>aciice; to which is a'd??d eora niri tatU- ?>n the dif> a-e? ?f fVtnales? from infancy to ultl agf ?each ra.e ^raphiraiiy illustrated bv beautiful pls'es. It points out the nm-df^for ibo-eself lutiicted mi eties and disarpoiiiUd hopes so uuloriunat^ly pitvali-nt in the ycung. Itua tin hfui adviser to the ma-iied and those cont? in' plating It- perusal is particularly r?vc m mended to persons enter'aininf; secret dot bis of their physical condition, and who are const i u? of having bazarc* d the health,happiness and privdr^ea to which every t.uman h-iug u ^ulttUd lo. Prife Ui oenis p^r copy, or five copies for . miiled I'tee of postage in a ay rart of the UnitvJ States, Albany, N l? ?Those who prefer may ooneult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon wLicb hta book ueais, either personally er by mill. Hi* m>>d icin1 s often cure in the Uioit space of six days, and completely and entirely ? iaJica:e all traces of UiotH! disorders which copa va and cttnbs have so leng b"en thought an antidote, to the ru n of the health of the puit-nt. His "French Secret" is the great continental remedy for that cla-*sof di*ordtr* which uufortunately, physicians trra; with mer- the lrntnsviible ile-uucuoj of the patient's confutation, and which all ihe ktar<aj.arula In tbe woild cannot cure. C0J- Office No 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. Mj 14 .lAwlyt F1LKB? PILES-PILES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are alhlcted with this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our moat reepectable citizens, the father-ta-law of the proprietor of the "Courier des Etaa Unls," and fermerly ganmaker tn Philadelphia: Nkw Yoax, Aug. :46th, 1B36. Da Dvnti?Dear Sir:?ijieveby certify f" "?rtearfy ? ?? Wl'lfl VII u vc LUpitB IOl ?d fiee of poftige to a ay rart of ihe United j, bv addressing l?r. LA CROIX, (poetpaidj tjr, New York, encl ?ing25 rents. have been afflicted with the Piles for i that 1 riy sixty Pwrs. that 1 have used eighteen bottles of Barnes' lie Lotion, and everything elae I could here of, tout all to no effect, for they did me little or no good. About two months since, I coamenoed using your remedies for the Piles, avd have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect, having cured me 1 oonsldei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty yeara of age. 1 alncere ly recommend them to all afflicted with tbe above complaint. P. YALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, New York City and Coun O. Lawrence, do hereby !f*, I bounty.) certify that I, Joseph C _ on the day ot the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be lug by me duly sworn, did di-poae and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In witness whereof I have subscribed my same, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary PnbUcof the State of New York, and have tr illed my Notarial Seal at my offlce,ln New York, this 26th day of August, 19w JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Pnbllc of the State of New York. 67 Wall street, New York. We challenge the Medical Paenltv of the (lil ted States to produoe a certificate equal to above. Dr. Duprle's Remedies are the only ef fectual cure for external and Internal Piles. Onl r SO cents per box Offlce?7? Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mail to anypirt of the UnRed Males For sale by FORD A KKO , corner ? VI oaiu WJ a VS?V w a#R v/-. CVIU street and Pa ave. Washington, 1). C. of 11th or ?3 W. O. MET2EROTT, (SuccaseoK To Obobsb Hii^swa,) A|iil af Itavsa A Bacta's miller's W1111am CELEBRATED PIA NO B , HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LAROEST atook of PIANOS from ?175 ?l??*l>wwi MELODEONS from 945 to f*0. 8U1TARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, KtuTBS. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, ind SHEET MUSIC, cheaper la any house south of New Y ork. Masiepublls Plaaes for iw bed and received every day. bob t-b Ibformation for ORAtieCfcALI awpula a. a. mm km. OrMt Sonthern Mall Llns? TWO DULY TRAINS (SUNDAY MWM r? -1- (ifMtA) Im?<" Alexandria for Rlchmoad At7Ma m,aad9*p a Fare S3 SO. iAMU A IVANb, fob 14 WtSMIRHTWN URAflCH DRAINS LKAYE WASRINeTON FUA 1 BALTIMORE at ? and f j( a. m , and 3 and 4 p m Ob Sm.aay at 4X p m. Lesvs JALTIMORB for WASH IN 0 TON at 4 X and 9# a ro .and 3 and 8j{ p. m On Sunday at 4g a m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York wiu take Trains tt 6, 9K. and 4#. For Annapoila will take I rata* at and 4 k Far Norfolk Will take Train* at fck ud S For the Wt?t wll ukc Tra1aant6and4Ki con tctlng at the Washington J -action lis 18-tf T. fl. PARSONS, Agemt "forjll parts of the west. BALTlnUHl AND OHIO AA1LHUAU. Piew and Improve*! Artanfemmtt. 4MHRKE 1RA1NS DAILY FMOM BALTl 1 more, for Cumberland, Wheeling. and all parts of the West. Ut Tte ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave, (except Suad&v) at 6 45 a m , ecaneraa* with trslas from Philadelphia, first train from Wa>hlQKton (at Junction) - will stop at wajr ota tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 oVlork p. m. *d. The MAIL THAIM leave* Cauiden Sta tion dally (except Sunday) at 8 30 a. m , an] reaches Whsellrfc byla.m , connecting at Bm wood with train* for Columbus. Cincinnati, bat ton Indianapolis, Louisville. Cleveland, loleds, Detroit. Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and iBianoa dkate putata. *Jd 1 he EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dallvat 7 f>. m., connecting with tx press trains for Cin cinnati, 8t. Louis. Cairo, 1 hlr*?0, and latennr rtlsV p'are? The distance to Cincinnati sad etherretitral and no rthern plane*. in the West, is nearly HW lullea shorter tban by anr other route The time to U-e-? places Is alao unequalled. UjT Hagssi-e checked through to Co.un?hus, Cl-K-iunatl, IndUnaprrlta, at d M Louis irr Passenger* and Baggage transferred at ill points free THROUGH TICKETS will be oo'.dtoallthe large towea In the W eat, at the iowast Jinaafch rate*, at the 1 Ichet Oflce, Camdea StatLs, aad at Washington cltv. JV A second-class car la a: lac bed to the Mall Trala. Piiaaengers from;HaK!moreer Washington may ei>u the entire t oa t by daylight, by taking Ac ooinmodatlon or Mall " rain, and lying over at Cumberland or Oakland They resume next morning by the Kxpreaa Train, which leaves Cumberland at AO am, and reechse Wheel ing at * p. an Pat>ae:>gers from Washington have ampli time for meals at Washington Junction. This Is the only mute by which Through Tick et* and Baggage Checks can be obtained la Washington FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at 6 44, will stop at all atatloDs east of Cumberland, and the Express at ata lona between Piedmont, geLgwest East wardly the Mall Train leaves Wheeling at ? II a m , and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 8 to, reaching Baltimore at fi 43 p m The FREDERICK TRAIN start. at 4 p ia , (except Sunday) stopping at way statlona Ltaves Frederick at 0 a m , arriving at Baltimore at it 30 noon. lite ELLICOTT 8 MILLS TRAIN leaves Camden Station at 6 a m and 3 30 p m. Leavt* Elllcott'a Mllla at 7 30 a m, and 7.30 p m , ex cept Sundays. W. S WOODS1DE, Jan 10-tf Master of Traassortatioe. THE HEW Y0BE A*D LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES _ftt> SeflHL mail iTi tniim. sUBL Tkt Skipi t?mfr?fia( lAts List art : ThO ATLANTIC Capt Olivet Eldrtdge The BALTIC Capt Joseph Comst<?k Ahe ADRIATIC Capt Jamaa West These ahlca Laving been built by contract ea preaaly fur woverrmrnt rervlce, every care has been taken in their construction, aa also la UtaW eng'.nw, to Insure strength and speed: and th?tr accommodations for pthsen^ers are ucequalled for elf ganee and comf rt. Price of rnssajr- from New York to Liverpool, in fir^t cabin. 813,; in second dot, 97% tar eslv? use of extra site sute loorua, (3:A. Frc-m Lw pool to New York. 90 and 26 guineas. An expe rienced Surgeon uttaLtd toeatc ship. Ne b?rtfc* can be !?epiir?d until peld for The ahl. s of tkx line Lave Improve! water-tight bulk h?d?, ar^ to avoid danger from ice will net cro*a the basks north of 44 dej ree?>, until after the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. KKUM NKW YORK. i KKOU LJVKarouU SalcrJmy, J-uuary J, 1*J? (??turilay, J t*. 1s6t N*lQrd?r, JuDitrj SI, 1 sS7 S?tur.1?y, K*fcrn?ry U, I^ST snlsrilny, Mairl, l*t l?s? Juwrj t?i" w?itBwd<r. si, ??:: r?i,r??i j ? la?T S?0iiM4tr, FdHitr; IS, im' W?4t>?*tfay, ??rr-b j, 1^: Ssrcrdsy, April U, Ins?I iprll ?. la* B.larday, M.y S, 1S97 W>?i,M<Uy. A??ll *S, lit? Halurdav, May SS, 1st. Ss'ardsy, Juoa S, la}' Saturday, Juki M, Is; 6*turd?y. July ?. let flatwriaj, Jn'y la, 1st: W.dua?l??, May ST, W?<1 ?a0ay. Jati* is, ' 1??; W*Ja>-<lay , J uut M, l*i~ Wa.1br*day Jvily S. 1SI' Wadoaada. , Jaly St, xcsi For freight or passa e aprly to KDW'D K COLLINS. No 5b Wall-St , N. V. BROW N, SRI PLE\ A CO . Liverpool STEPHEN KENNARU A CO , No V7 Aus tin FrU.-s, London B U. WA1NW RltiUT A CO , Paris The owners of these ships will not be accoun table for ^old, -liver, bullion, specie, )^we ry, precious stones or ineials. unlesa nil's <f ladls^ are signed therefor and the value thereof sxpr?sa ed therein feb - ? a STfH R IN THE OLO OONlNIOlt COAL COMPART, >A<4AWIU (Ol'RTY, VIRGINIA. Subscriptions will be rkceivlo at the Banklag House of Chubb Brothers for the remaining stock of the above company, be ing three hundred aharea Th* capital stock U 8100,000 (dollars.) of which fTO Out haa ba?i fcrfbfcrlbpd. The rrlnea are now prepared f? active operations, and 6 per cent Interest will as guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sue by the original stockholders, for the period of tw* years ^ Particulars In regard to the stock, and lta proa pec ts, will be made known upon application ? CHUBB BROTHFRS Jan_27 P_P DANDR4PCK, NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. RuataclarsA frsaa Slate Stena, by tk? West Caatlstsa Slate tsa^tay, ft. maESB MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED 1* A Imitation of the richest and most expeasive EGYPTIAN. LISBON. YERD ANTlWUb. PORPHYKY, PYRENEES, BROCATBLLA. AOATE, SPANISH BALWAY . and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The lmitatioa* are so perfect that they chaleage the closest acrutisr They are so highly pcllahM that the)- retain ibeir beauty much iouger than marble; are not Injun* by smoke, coal gas, or aclda, and can be *<* much cheaper than any others in market. PiM ranging from <125 to #12 Architects, Builders and others are Invited call and examine samples at N?. MS Seveatk street, 3 doors below odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. 1. M HANSON, se H-ly Atest INTEREST ALLOWED OH DEPOSIT!* MONEY te LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES. SIHIU Opposite the Tressury. THE UOUSE OF CHUBB B&0THIB8, Wsahlngtis, la comi-osed ui CHAt, SrJ. CHUBU, JOHN D. BARROW, HKNRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHTJBB BRDTHER??BABB0W 4 CO, DaviJTFoaT, Iowa. I of CHAS St/ CHUBB. ALFX'R M. BARROW, WM. H. UUUbAL Rectifying Establishment. TH E UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS method of informing liquor dealers that k? has fitted ap a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT la thia city, sad ia sow prepared u sap ply all those who may favor him with their cus tom. He has on hand a large stock of BisadM*. Gin, Wlnee, and Old Whiskeys, which !<?? oae sell at as low a Spare as they can be pm< tiw? for either la Baltimore or Philadelphia __ N B The subscriber lias also oa hand, a larf lot of Foielga and Domestic Clears PETER FEGAN, No. 96 Louisiana avenue, near lota *? JsaM-Sra* Tinted writing paper, swuesen sf all kinds, lis Gold, sad perforated Pa per, at . iBRtJuSON'S. fcb IS 4?7thstr><< _ LTARPKR'S MAGAXINK?a fresh ll for March Al-e. Mm. Mepheas, with sas tlaoaU<Hi sf the Lost Jewels Guv Hal fcbtt FERGUSON, US Ssew.tkA