Newspaper of Evening Star, March 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 9, 1857 Page 1
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the evening stab moon, PUBLISMKD ITIRY AFTBJ (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THK STAR BUILDIff?S, CtrfUf ?/ ?M?M Mi 11' A Itrilt, Br w. D. WALLACH, u4 is *wd to subscribers by carriers at BIX and A QUARTER CBNTS, payable weekly to ttu Agents; papers served la paehagee at 91% t eats per oMotk Te mail subscribers the sub ?crlptioa pries laTHRBKDOLLARS AND PIP TT CKNWamrwarffaaM.TWO DOLLARS or alx montha, and OfilK DOLLAR for three months; for leea than tAree months at the rate of 10* cenu a week. (j^SLNOLB COPIES ONK CENT. NO. 1,292. fHB WIIKLt ST A&. This excellent Pasnlty and New* J< taiMng a greater ewlety of lr " thaa can be fbaai la aay ?hei Saturday morning. T?? Slagle oopy, per aantun TO OC.OM. Plan copies. W H Ten copies ? ? Twenty oopies * 117" Cask, tiTsaiABLT m imiM. lL/~ Slagle ecplee (ta wrappers) caa at t&e conntrr, liroi?dlately after the I Paper Price?Taaaa Cbits. PoaTMAaiaao who act as agents will be allowed a commission of twenty per cent. ? ??????IS 0 of the DENTAL. A0ARD?SINCE IT IS ALLEGED THAT ??Porcelain mounted oa gold plate Is tbeonly reliable substanoe that can be worn In tbe month, is shewn by tbe last Americas Dental Conven tion," I deem It bnt just to myseli and the cause la whlob 1 lawr, thai a statement to tbe public ?ton!d he made la tbla connection la addition to tba general invitation wbteh was ?\nm tbe Dental Profession to attend a Conven laa at Hope Chapel, in tbe city of New York, in aspstlast, 1 received a person11 written inrlta risa from tbe Secretary, requesting me to attend and present my Improvement in Dentistry. 1 did attaad, and sr.owed apeclmens of my atyle of work, besides those that were then worn by per sons who were there, and bad worn them for tbe Kl tbiee years. And these specimens attracted at ention aad admiration of ail who saw them I gave a succinct account of ths nature of the ma teriala used, the process of maklag, tbe complete success of tas practical application of my meth od, and showed clearly Its merits aad superiority over former methods 1 Bit, I-t It be remembered that a majority of tbe un*m*isaf that OooTeaUou deemed it <un D?*?.l<mal? to potest a dental Improvement, t >at the single-tooth manufacturing Interest was strongly refftraented there?and with wblcb In terest my method most decidedly Interferes?that ths report of this Convention was published un der the superintendence of that Interest; and fur ther, be It remembered, as a significant fact, that my speech or explanation vsi ?t published i* that riptrtf Wkick intltsd d tverytking tlit that ?sj ?s?d, ? 'knwsvir trivial a naturt Thrrsfsea, (if it la true) that It was ahown by this Convention what is above stated, the sub stance thus '?soewn" may not be free from pre judice Bat, whether It is or not, and whether ?T tailing out letters patent be deemed profes sional or otherwise, I stall still persist In holding and d?f??ndlng my patent, in apite of the dlvera Insinuations and faleehoods of my professional brethren, ad *haL sti 1 c mtlnue to manufacture at my dllf-rent otfi-?s, as I have for tbe pajt three Ear?, my i ilml ao;<* and absolutely perfect artl lal d-ntnres, and defy anvdentlst in this or any other co intry, to prod ice a work of art, to eq lal In pir.ty, bsamv, urabidty or artlitn ei eeUstice, myetvle of teeth, waicn I am now ma kisz; and will farther offer A REWARD OF FlvK HUNDRED DOLLARS, which shall be promptly paid, In oase the? ar^ so e^uat'ed. MAHLON LOOM 18, *78, between lltb and 12th ats., ftb? Pa ave., Washington, D. C. I1IT15T1T. DR. 8TEFHKH BAILY, Offles Ms. 199 Psnnsylvasls Avsnue, Thru doom from 14(4 strut. DR HAILV b*gs lerve to Inform tbs public that h9 can be seen at all hours, at bis office lo-atel as ab>re He feels assured that an eipe rienca of llfteei yaara' pnctloe, with the large sunaber of pitHnts, and great variety of difficult sues that h? has treated successfully, will enab'e kina ts surmount any dlifi-Milty, s?leatlfl2 or oth erwi>s, relating to the Teeth Hla own experi ence contrmln^ ths opinion of mtiy men emi nent in the profusion, and especially Drs Harris and J and t? Pdrmly, has led him, long since, to discard all mercurial preparations for fl'llng Tseth, alio aU Enam?.?, Sutta Percha, India Robber, and Cements for the constru2tion of Con tlnaouj Qnm Te?th, and that Porcelain, mounted oi Soli Plate, Is the onl7 reliable substance that can be worn l.i th? mouth, as was most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vsation. Although he flitters himself that from his lone residence and practice in Washington, he is fa vorably known to hi? numerous friend* and pa trons, ne begs leave to refer them to tbe following TESTIMONIALS. t- *c rtt lots Sector of tba Churcb of Rplphoay of this city. Sr Iririn B*ilt Daar Sir-I doslro to axpreM my oa *???? m porao joiiy. aol mj cooS1o..eo la Ton aa a a? Ct*r The nKSIMl f>r ISO MM brOO ?SW eouofectory. I bops thai yoa a ay rocsivo ibo patroo a*a mj fr loads a. i tbo pa o lie tU?t yosr eklli so well Yosra rary iisly, w-aimjws. A 04 SSI M, ISSS. J. W. FaSUCS. Tnm MtofUii oldsst arm. is Bslttaors, Msssr*. Boul Ootsts a Co I Dr Sispnoa S?l!f, Sart?a Osntttt of Wwoim?tua air, to uoesto tor a?, la^rtoal sod dlffl ^ f* ^ ?srs. whlsh ttsdli to mj iallr. setiefoctloa, ?sd IS Tlow ?f IM f*et Ut?l oas of lb . ia dl?Uoioi?j?d * ?' *** t>Mt?l Ovlioc* of BiJUisnrs, f?ll?d. ?.1?r ro ***** ?n?ls. to p*rfor? ib? i.ib. work soUsftsiortlf, tt I P s*?3rs to *sprM? u; ootlrs eooAdsacs sad ?P ""'"'llw ?' uie prufseelossl skill. aalUis^rs, Jsaa*ry U, 1SS7. BltXlXN BOa08. ??rsc: U*m s sots rssslTsd f.-oss tbs lsU Hon. John X. OUytos. . .. . C. s. aocost It. 1U1 . vT J01 torsso work admirably; ootuU? coold Mtotlsr V,rj g.-stofsll/, JOUN *. CLaYION. ** ?Hs?s ?h?t M4fe rsllsf from tbo asslvllss of ths tooth, I rooou.iBSa'l Dr. S. B.lly, as a ssperlor Osn S??alss (Mo'pore^lsls tsoi.i f,.ronoof my f*?il?,sod ??'?'??I tostU tor my.olf. ?u l fia work baa all atood *r ??T* "??o too 7??ra. SUttiaT T. NIXON. . T* Coa/4.-sa?s oftso St.. S Cliarcb S^utb. Apru i|( 1AM. Ws, thoST>lorst?uo?l harlnc h .d woslon tosvail sdmoItm *k,;i of Dr s Sirsoon Donllat, of ?r *aT|m boon o?*o!i.s; of his oporattona no our itn . _*?'1 '? p^tearo In ozproaslas our a t or Ma arttatic skltl, ?? wsll a* of tb? saltormly aitl.Nc ?"7 ssaaasr la wniob bo pertorms tbs moat dollcoto ?ad d t _l_^*.r*>lQJ* la Usot*! 9or*orjr; an t wo roajectfaliy ro o-??.!^ ? 10 'I1* ???fl,1*ics an1 p?troat?< of t.o pablle; rsTT^. .V*22**" him om nootlj worthy. T?0S*9C WSLTXR. JOS. H BSaDLBT, IlQa7?^n y. f. c?^,0,- ?' W.ablo<ton, D. C. ?sOSAS MiLLKK, M. O., QX0R9R WALTON k I .atr? U a - Kl ?"r*raor <>f Florid*. ??s. SOKRIB, M D., WALTBR LXNOX. ? a D- ?* w^woctoo. ' ' "*0OLN, M D.. BRNRT BALDWIN. A O C. v. 9. Pato'jt Uffloo. S T* Sltloabouao Aralsmy. 1>R. VILLiKU, OtlUsI, W__ ^ LaTR or H1CASO. WOULD RE^PfebCTK U LLv INFORM ? y n-scl ts*ns at tbe Dl t >t and ?Jlutt bsvlng located him-elf jajvvhl-'gton, bs Is now prc*>ared to *11 operations, In bis profession, in tbe approved atyle om& Pens, avesue, adjoining Gau _ *? J?fi>-ly ?OC?r VtK^N, ov*O.VDdr, WBDSRSDAY AND FRI TDAY. HE 8TEIMER TdO iA8 COLLYER will m ? ?*lel^r??trlnse?h week to _ ? -"2 V B R N o N, leaving ?^lagtos at 9 a m , and AlezaadrU at . ? i , B??t'?fare, round trip,from Wasblnaton V" Alexandrls 75 cenU Laches Isive tbs Capitol at 8K, and pass up ?ke Avenue to lith atre? Pars l? cento P rers as wishing ths Coaches will leave their TtR?TTw5if* ThM Fuket * Co 8tor? l)K!VTAL SVROEOR. J)* B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE <w?en Sixth and Seventh streets, ?th? plscs formerly occupied by Dr. Via Patten, has just receive . \ery ''OTW supply of articles pertatal ig to dentistry, tad respectfullv Invites the public to give him a csu. Having devoted his whole time to the pro "J?on. h9 1s perfectly safe in declaring that he *iu entire satisfaction In every case. The Professional references can be seen at his of _ snv 12-tMareh?0* DEi.*mI?80n; AT33y "nn'a avenvk. ,lil1 making those beautiful TE2?"n TEETH, called wm, ' ltaaIj f<>' the excellency of w>Jt" ?7^ other styles of teeth, many now Sew .V? wlU ebeerfilly wuch. iJrZZJL'.V* D#ntut 10 thl? cUT who has bees ?^t^afnl!l-^teaVvad mtde* bad Imitation N* ? ?.L. m 1 cautlos the pubUe All?*'a *P??ks against **teat Continuous Sum Teeth, whea of the !t.1* be Is igsorsst ? os-wiiiin^T' ln??mi>*taBt to make the work, or twilling to p^y for thf patent )c Dssti.a Da* c- ?? > u< ?asafsctsrsr sf Artificial 'paosE WHO Altfc's'ti DNPORTUNATK Aoetb WlU, <*l"iout any nonseass or hum-i forth set ns^n a metallic strjr'li(')^1V., pure and properly con -od as belag superior to all other modes **4 Dentistry f*itkfniiT 1538m L"8Cxed Teader T^h rendered ?arefa w iL .'. 1 mmw Teeth exUaoted ir ?? ** ', and nkkilfully cornei ot dLk r9et ^ * venue. AUCTION BALES. tTOUBTKE'S BALK.?BY VIRTUE OP A A decree of the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, setting as a Court of Equity, passed In tae case of John T. Holtzman ana wife *?. Mary E Holtzman snd o'.hers, the undersigned, u Trustee, will expose to public sale st Beltsville, near the premises, on THURSDAY, 19th March, st IS o'clock m , If fair, If not, the next fair day thersaf er, part of a tract or pareel of LAND call ed "Edmonston's Range," late the residence of Mr JohnT Hoilzman, containing forty acres. This property Is iltuated about half a mile from BeltsTliie, In s healthy and elevated region ; Is susceptible of the highest state of Improvement, admlribty adapted to a fruit and market farm, sad there la a young Peach and Apple Orchard thereon The Improvements consist cf a large com modious PrameDwelllng, with brick basement recently built, and every necessary bvil'.dlng, all of whl:h are Incomplete repairs. There Is pump of Ine water In the yard attached to the msin dwelling. The society in the neighborhood is excellent snd the situation presenu msny ladu cements for s most pleasant country residence/or a gentleman residing In Baltimore or Washington cities Terms of Ssle as prescribed by tae decree are One half of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the dsy or ssle or on 'he ratlflcatlon there of by the Court, and the residae In 8, IS. and 18 months thereafter In equal Instalments, to be se ured by the not-s of tne purchaser with security to be approved by the Trustee, bradng Interest "rom the day of sale On the payment of the whole purchase money with Interest the Trustee Is authorized by the de cree to convey the property to the purchaser In fee sirapl*- ii. C. STEPHEN, feb ifci Sawts Trustee. ByC. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. O ALE OF KLBUANT FURNITURE, 3 Large Mirrsrs, Fine Pair si Carriage Hsrses, Ac., at Aaciioa.? On TUESDAY MORNING. March lbih, commencing at 10j{ o'clock. I shall sell at the residence of the Hon. Janes Guthrie, on F, between 13 h snd 14th st*., an extensive and valuable collection of household Furniture, consisting, In part, of Two fine solid rosewood Parlor suites, covered with silk Plush Handsome R otewood oval Centre Table, with marble top Four very large French-plate Pier Mirrors,frames elaborately ornamented, with heavy gilt Tables, with marole slabs Large gllt-f>ame French Plate Mantel Mirrors Roiewood, walnut and mahogany Arm Chairs, covered with Plush and Brocatel Fine B'oratel Window Curtains, with gilt Cor nlces Tipes-ry, Brussels, Parlor, Chamber, and Step Carpet] ngs One pair of m?aslve Oak Extension Dining Ta bles Handsome Oak Sideboard, with marble top French China, Glass and Crockery, ana table furniture generally Elegant ro-ewcod Sideooa:d, with marble top Fine walnut Extension Dining Table Mahogany Sofas Mahogany Chairs Spring seat Loungej, covered with silk and bro catel He*vy fine gilt Candelabras Mthogany Hatrack, with mirror back Seven massive six-light gilt Chandeliers, hall Pendants, Brackets, Ac. Hall OU-doth Mahogany Wardrobes, Walnut RoutTablee, with marble-top Elegant set or solid rosewood carved Chamber Fu.m ture Mahogany, French, and o her Bedsteads Superior f eather Beds and curled hair Matresses viahoganv and marble-top Dressing Bureaus French. China, and other Toilet S. ts Mahogany and Walnut marble top Washstands Cane and wom! seat Chair* Shovels and Tongs, Fire Standards Refrigerators, Cooking and other Stoves Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Furniture With a large collsetion of useful and valuable ar tlcles not necessary to mention, altogether forming a very attractive sale, worthy the attention of housekeepers and those fam ishing. At 3 e'cleck, in front of the house, will be sold a very superior pair of Bay Carriage Horace. The Horses and large Mirrors may be purchas ed st private sale en application at my store* Iron Hall. Terms : 960 and under, cash ; over 950 snd not exeeeding ?100, sixty days ; over S1C0. sixty and ninety days' credit, for approved endorsed no'es, bearing interest. feb*7-eotd C W. BOTELER, Auct. NOTICE TO WKITEK.1 TRAVELERS! Passengers gslag u St. Leals, Lairs, and New Orleans, WILL TAKE NOTICE THAT TBI OHIO and Mississippi Broad Guage Railroad Is not as rep relented by agents of opposition routes, but ih? contrary, is in perfect order The Express Train of this road arrives In St. Louis twj hours and thirty minutes In advance of all other routes Through Tickets can bs obta ned at the Depot in this city. Baggage check* d through and handled free. For fu'ther Information spplv to the Tickst Agent, st the Depot. J. B. WATERS, mar 3-lw* Agent BANKING^ HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. r|EPOSITS.?DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Checks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to de positors without charge iNTsatsT ox Deposits ?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Dxfomits in ViaomiA and Unccbbbnt Mo kkt ?Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money received to be checked for, payable in same funds, or In specie, we charging the tegu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made on ?tocks, Bosdi, and Securities at the market rate. LaTTias or Cbbdit ?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable In the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and Interest allowed if Money 1* deposited, and charged If Collaterals, on such terras as miy be agreed upon Tbavbliso Bills o? Exchahob?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be desired negotiable In the different Cities of the Union Bills abd Lbttbbs of Cbbdit oa Enslixd. Ibkland abd Ecaora ? BILsof Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Boaos, Stocbs, Ac.?Boeds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 0 to IS V cent , always for sale, or bought In the different Cities at a com mission of a % V cent. Where Stocksare bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 V cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph. Railboad, City, a d Statb Bobds ?Rail road, City, and State Bonds can be placed In our hinds for negotiation either in this country or Europe. Railroad Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Labd Wabbabts.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants told by us are gnarant$ti in every respect Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished If requested. W ar rants will be forwarded to Western Booses oa etdera, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Rbal Estatb aid Insvbancbs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and insurances effected. Claims oa tbb Ubitbd Statbs, Goubt of Claims, Co aa a ass?Claims oa the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan S7 Opposite the Treasury. MONET TO LOAN N 60LD AND SILVER W A TO H E8 , JEWELRY, GUNS, P1BTOL8, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, feb t-2m :<49 Pa ?v , opp. Browns' Hotel. w W.BACISBT W a.DATTOH. HACK.NBY A DAI TON. Real Estate and Seasral Land Ageaoy, Owaba Oitt, N. T. fcb H-TaAFim ' WP'?l?n caper, gloves, nif|, Children's Hosiery, fco., at eostat Mclaughlin a co.. MlK 90. between 8th and 9th staaan. O ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner of 11th st and Pa. avenue. MR. F. NICHOLLS CROUCH, THE COMPOSER AND LECTURER, AND THE MUSICAL EDITOR OF "QODEYS LADYS BOOK," Having established himself as tub singing master of this insti tution, respectfully announces to Heads of Families, Schools, and Strangers visiting Washington, that ha has a few leisure houss to devele to Private Scholar*, and that some vacancies occur in his 11 Atadomieal Classes(necessarily caused by changes in the Administration.) To secure admission, early application must be made, and examinations required as to capability for jolniag. His First Classos Course of Education: Declamation, Dramatis Reading, Recitation, Oratorio, Church Herrl^e, English Opera. Founded on tkt System practised in the European Conservatoire and Royal Academy of London in tokiok ke was a Professor. And to qualify those Puplla studying Music as a Profession, Mr. CROUCH gives Historical, Biograpkioal Sletckes, and Readings on the SCIENCE AND PROGRESS OF M^SIC AND WORKS OF THE EARLY MASTERS, (copiously Illustrated,) every Thursday Evening, at 8 o'clock, at the hall of the Institute, In which the Pupils themselves take part, thereby acquiring that confidence ard self-possession to be gained only under the auspices and direction of the Praetital Matter Terms and Circulars to be had at the Academy, where Mr. CROUCH can be seen every morning from 7 till 9 o'clock: and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evenings (devoted to <ien tlemea) from * tin 0 o'clock. Days for Class Meetings?Monday and Thursday, from t Mil 0 o'clock: Tuesday and Friday, from 10 till 1*,(morning ) ' " All lettera should be addreesed to Mr. Csovch, 453 13th street, between E and F north. feb 26 GIFTS! GIFTS! wcrthfZt\ fO Patent Eng. Lever Gold Watches. .8100 00 100 Patent An bor Lever (18 k.cane) Gold Watche* 50 00 200 Silver Lepine Watches, warianted...l2 (0 200 Set* Cameo Kar Rln^sand Breastpins.12 00 JiO Gold Braoeleta. 12 00 1200 Cold Locket*, (large site and double ewe .1000 700 Gold Lockets .small al 35) 1,000 Gold Pencils 2 40 1 00) Gold Pens. with Silver Pencils 2 5 3,000 Gold King* 1 50 8>)0 Gents' Heavy Gold Kings 3<0 1,000 LadW Gold Breastpins 2 50 3,000 6enta' Gold Bosom Pins 1 50 1,200 Pocket Knives 1 (JO 1,200 Pocket Knlvas 75 800 Gents' Gold Bosom studds, or Sleeve Buttons, (choice) 3 03 1,200 Pairs Ladies' Gold Ear Drops 2 50 5,000 Gift Br>oks 50 10,000 Pairs Pocket Scissors 25 10,000 Miniature Gift Books or Prints 25 9 350 Pen Knives or Lots of Stationery 25 Will be presented to the purchasers of Books, at PHILBKICK'S GIFT BO?'KSTORE, under Dexter's Hotel. See sign of Gift Bookstore. Call and examine the immense stock of BOOKS and PRESENTS, and get catalogues leb 28-tf SCHOOL FOR TOURe LADIES. MR8 D. JONES DKSIGN8 OPENING A School for Young l.adleson the 9thof March in one of the buildings formerly occupied by Dr Feck, No. 451 12th street, betwren G and H, in which will be taught the various branches of Eng lish, with French, Music, Drawing, Machle. Ac For terms app'jr to the principal at ber residence. A department for little Boys will also be formed. feb 28 2w? NOTICE. TIME I ft M O N K Y . (BLOCKS ! ? CLOCKS !! ? CLOCKS !!!?Call J at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted fori! 50. Also all kinds Clock Materials. Oils, Cords, Balls, Keys. Weights, Ac The trade supplied at wholesale prices. Oa->h or Clocks given in exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches. Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see for yourselves, at J. ROBINSON'S, Mfl Pa *?., Jan27-Jm opposite Browns' Hotel. JdATS! HATS I CONSTANTLY ON HAND A F VLL supply of BEEBE'S ^ NJiW YORK BTYLE8, K&l together with TAY LO R '8 19|lASHf HATS, of BALTI- LiMlWB MORE. The beat black dress HATS got up la the latest style for S3.50, as good as those usually sold < at 85; and a good fashion* M able Hat at S3, worth Si; and a first-rate Hat, S2 50. The best materials asd the best workmanship if employed to produce a S5 Hat, which is sold foi 83 .50. We do a cash business, meet with no los sea, but give each customer full value for his money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Drlseoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 coats per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa.ayeaie,Ages' far a New York Hat Company. se Jt~tf GIBUS'S HAIR MANUFACTORY, Ptnn ar?*?<?, baticen 9?\ and lOtA streits. WIGS, HALF WittS BRAIDS, CURLS, Bandeaus, Frlzztd Rollers, Ac., always on hand, and mside to order at a few hours notice. Ladles' Hair Dyed, Sbamrooned, Ac , In the nost complete manner. All sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and English homes. No 308 Pa avenue, upstairs,over Davis'Music Store. N. B ? Hair work repaired or taken in ex change. febll-3m COAL KEfT (JNDKK COYER. 2.240 lbs to tkt Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White Ath, Red Ash asd Lehigh COAL. Warranted to girt satisfaction Delivered free from dlit. Also, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. A W. M. GALT, N. W. corncr 12th and C streets. No 547, dec 20-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. HRB&T REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND 0AITSR2 I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOB. A PHIL adelphla manu facturer, a Srst rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skia BOOT at S3.02, fall as good as those usually sold at 85 or 86; aid a French Calf Pateat Leather GAITER at S3.50, as good assay

at 85; afirst rate Calf ?alterat 82.50, these are the best goods that is (or ever were) sold la the Distriot for the prloe; for the {?roof, come and see or yourself. Terms positively cash. No extra profit chsrged to onet bad debts. Call at the XRW YOKK HAT STORE, Seventh street, aear Pennsylvania avenue, m24-tf ANTHONY, Arent. M (JSIC AT HALF PRICK?A LARGE lot of new and old second-hand and darn ed music for sale at half price at our great ano Forte and Music Emporium mar 3- JOHN F. ELLIS. POTATOKS.?1000 BUSHELS PRIME white MERCER POTATOES, In store,and for sale La lots to suit purchasers. PETER BERRY, jsn 27-tf 85 Wster street, Georgetowa. NOTICE. MY WIFE, ELIZABETH DABNEY, AND myself having separated, and now living separate and apart from each other under surh circumstances as exempt me from liability for any debt which she may oontract, I deem it proper to give notice to the publlo at large, as I hereby do, tbst she is not authorized to contract any debt on my account, or credit, and that I will not be responsible for, or pay any debt vfhlch she mav contract either in her own name or mine 3 CHISWELL DABNEY. Lti*cHBrae, Va , February 14, 1857. |eb *5 dim I irr The Atteatlea ef the patolte Is re- j seectfally called te the following Netice t VABNELL'8 PAINTING EMPORIUM JUST OPENED ON A NEW PLAN. NO. 51 Louisiana avenue, between 8th and 7th sts , north side, ?lgn of the lsrge Eagle. i HOUSE, SIGN, and FANCY PAINTING of . every description will be executed at reasonable prices, and oy competent workmen. I am determined to give entire satisfaction to all who will give me a trial. Sign and Fancy Work ten per cent cheaper than tkt old standard pries. The Establishment will be open from 7 a. m , I to V4 past 6 o'clock p. m , and all orders will be promptly attended to feb 18-dlm ' CTRAIteiRB, 00 TO 9?( BETWKKN 9U *3 aad 0th streets to bay your presents to take home with you. The greatest stockia Washing- : km City. mv B.J. MaLAVeilLlN * 90. (MILD WATVHKN, SOLD JEWELRY, GOLD CHAINS Diamonds, coral, stonIs camko, Rich Pearl and Painted Sett Jewelry, pure Silver and Plated Ware, Pebble Spectacles, Reading Glares, etc., for sale at extreme lew pr'ce* during this week. An object for any who wls^i value received for tfcelr money. Please call eariy as several rich articles are on sale for a few days, at 338 Penna avenue. mu3 H. O. HOOD. 1 Arktirzd physician, whose nands of life have nearly run out, discovered while living la the East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coughs. Colds, and General Debility Wishing to do as much good as possible he will send to such of hi* afflicted fellow beings as request It, this reolpe. with full and explicit directions for mnk'ng it up and successfully using it. He requires each ap plicant to enclose him one shilling ; three cents to be returned as post ge on the Recipe, and the re mainder to be appllf d to the payment of this ad vertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES, Jersey City, N.J. feb 16-lm TH'S IS TO GIVE NOTICE to the public that tbe co-partnership of Joseph Josephs and Moses Slgel has this day dissolved, and Joseph Josephs is authorised to ret eive all cialiiisdue tbe above firm, and, also, to nay the Indebtedness of the game. The business will hereafter be conducted by Moses ttlgel. JOSEPH JOSEPHS, mar 3-1* MOSE^SIGEL. SP HOOVER'S BOOT, SHOE, AND ? Trunk Establishment.?I have this dav rfcelvf d for the Ball Ladies' white Satin and Kid Heeled Slips and Congress Gaiters. Also, a splendid assortment of Gt ntlemen's Pat ent l eather Congress Gaiters and Boots. My stock of Boot*, Shoes, and Trunks Is the largest in this city, and will be sold cheap for cash. All in wjnt will do well to call and examine my stcck before purchasing elsewhere 1 V P HOWVFR, mar 3 lw ' Bet 9th and l?th sts , Penn ave WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. AM NOW JUST RECEIVING SOMB OF tbe most splendid and rich styles of fine Gold Jewelry; also, a very superior assortment of Time Keeping Watches, in gold and sliver cases. ?old Sp^ctsrles. Gold Chains, Gold Thimbles, Seal, Keys, and every other article usually kept in a first class Jewelry Store. I am also manufacturing some very fine solid silver ware, such as splendid Tea Sets, Pitchers. Urns, Goblets, Cups. Napkin Rings^ Sp? ons, Forks, Ladles, Ac , all warranted Standard Silver. We do not sell Northern made Wares as of our own manufacture. Please ca'l at 333 Pennsylvania avenue. feb '21 H. O. HOOD. 4TH OF MARCH. STRANGERS IN WASAINGTON ARE here by informed, that in anticipating tfcelr, warns on the Inauguration of Hon James Buchanan, President of the United States, and the succeeding festivities In the honor. of that occasion, we have Just received direct from the importers, a large and beautiful as: ort irent of DESIRABLE GOuDS, consisting of all that Is new ?ad desirable In our especial line, which will be made up at our uniformly low rates at the shortest nctice. To our customers who have so liberally patro nized us. we return our thanks, and sav that we will be pleaded to se. ve them as heretofore?guar anteeing entire satisfaction in all crses We would call particular attention to our assortment of VESTI.NGS, suitable for balls and parties, all of the latest styles. GRUBB A LOSANO, Merchant Tailors, feb 25-2w 403 9th street, near avenue. D. SMITH, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. ON VEYANCING IN ALL ITS BRANCH ? e-?, promptly attended to; and all business pertaining to the office of a Magistrate will be dispatched at 'he earl est moment. if?"Office 13th street, between F and G, west Blde feb 14-lm ON EXHIBITION AND FOR SALE AT MY NEW STORE, ONE OF THE largest, handsomest, and most varied assort" men's of LADIES' FANCY GOODS ever of fered In the District LADIES' FRENCH DRESS ^ BONNETS, >Zr\ Children's Garments and Hats, .#5* ? edits' Dresi Trimmlns-s in the greatest profu sion, Hlbbons, French Flowers acd Embroide ries, Straw Goods, Head Dresses, Ac , Ac. Strangers and cltlxens are respectfully Invited to call and examine my stock. M.WILLIAN, feb 98-3*r Market Space, bet 7th and 8th sts. 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Every description of curable diseases speedily removed Drs BROTHERB A GRA Y German and Indian Botanic Physicians Drs B. A G. are at all times ready to convince the most skeptical that they can, without asking a ques tion, tell them their symptoms and complaints, tnd guaranty them an easy and speedy cur*. Office removed to 417 Penna. avenue. feb -ig-gw* AH*Y'S CONFECTIONERY, No. 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, D. C.j WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN raents are furnished with the best Ice Creams, Cake*, Water Ices, Confect, Ac , at the shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro polltan Mechanics' Institute. janai-tf (Union* Intel) For sale.?a pair of fine mules, four years old, and very kind APP" l.NY * 6HINN, 25, No. 17 Green street,m?** R)b?-tf Georgetown. C"SK&AT,?" EVENING STAR. THE DISGUISED LOVER. BT KI5T. My friend Tom has a natural affection for dirt, or rather dirt has a natural affection for Tom It is (o him what gold was to Midas? whatever he touches turns to dirt No matter how white the cravat?no matter bow immae ulate the reft the moment it comes within the sphere of Tom's influence, its whiteness is gone; it is immaculate no longer. Dogs, sweeps, and lamplighter never pass him, with out leaving upon his dress unequivocal mark* of their presence Once, and only once, I saw him oross the street without encountering the wheels of a carriage I opened my mouth to congratulate him, and before I could utter one word, it was filled with mud. The care less blockhead lay at my feet, full length in the gutter. At my earnest solicitation, he once purchased a suit of precisely mud color It was a oapital idea He crossed the street three times; he walked half a mile, and re turned, in appearance, at least, unscathed The thing was unprecedented. True, he was welcomed by the affoctiona'e caresses of a dog that had been enjoying the coolness of a neigh boring horsepond ; true, he received a shower bath from the wheels of an omnibus. But to plaster mud on Tom's new coat was " to gild refined gold?to paint the lily." " Tom will be a neat man jet " I said as I witnessed the success of my plan. In about half an hour it was my fate to meet a gentteman with seven stripes of green paint on bis back?it was my friend Tom ; he had been leaning against some newly painted win dow blinds. His uian Caesar declares that he *? can't see de use ob brak a boot when lie nebsr s'ay bracked and his washerwoman, with a very proper regard f r fcer own reputation, has beer, compelled to discard him, not from any ill will, bat, as she declared, with uplifted hands, ?4 if any one should ask me if I washed Mr Smith's clothes, what could I tell them ?" Eat there were very f<sw things in this world with which Turn could have more easily dispensed than the services of his washerwoman. Having no other amusement, one morning, I strolled over to Tom's rcom. I ascended the s'Mirs, and heard his voice in a very decided tone: *4 But it must be done, and so there is an end to it." 44 Really," was the reply, "anything within the limits of possibility; out to make a coat in ten boors ?I will promise anything in the world ; but I really fear I shall be unable to perform " " If double your price would be any ob ject" 41 Certainly, sir, if you insi t upon it?cer tainly. I will put every man in my shop upon it?it shall be done in time. Good morn ing, sir."^ The door opened, and a fellow with shears and measures passed out. What could Tom be deing with a tailor7 4> Just the mnn I wanted to see," exclaimed Tom. 441 require your advise upun a very important nfftir?which of theee cravats do you think most beaming?" And he spread before me some half dozen, of every hue and fashion. 44 Now, what in the name of all that is *owm derful does this mean, Tom? A fancy ba^P is it? You have chosen an excellent dis guise ; your nearest friends will never know you. But you cannot support the character ; if you hud taken that of a chimney sweep, now?but that woul.l have been too natural Tell me, Tom, what ?' es all this mean?" 44 Why, the fact is, Frank," passing a hand through his huir, redolent of macassar, 44 I have concluded?I think I shall be a little more neat in future. You doubtless remember the good advice you gave me some time since; it has had an excellent effect) 1 assure you " Now it so happened that of all tha good ad vice I had given Tcm, this was the very first instance in which he had seen fit to follow it. So I could not attribute the metamorphosis of my friend to my eloquence. Who but a wo man ever changed a sloven to a fop. 44 Pray, where are you going this evening." I oontinued,44 that you must have a new coat so suddenly ?" "Going f Nowhere in particular. I had, indeed, some idea of calling on ray old friend, Mr Murray. No harm in that I hope " Conviction began to flash upon me. 44 Your old friend Mr Murray. And his young niece, Miss Julia, has no share in the visit, I suppose? I heard that she arrived in town last night." 44 Now, upon my word, Frank, you mistake me entirely. 1 did not know that she was in town last night?when I?that is, when I?I did not know anything about it." 44And so you were there last night, too! Really, this is getting along bravely." 44 Why the fact is, Frank, you must know everything. I called last evening to see Mur ray on some business about the real estate you know I had no more idea of meeting a wc man than a boa-constrictor My beard was three days old, my collar ditto, and the rest of my dress in excellent keeping I became engaged in conversation, and some how or other I forgot all about the real estate." 4* And so you are going again to-night?and that is the secret of jour new coat 7" 44 By no means ; I wanted a new coat, and tailors arc so long, you know. Do you think blue will become me ?' Blue is her favorite? that is?I mean blue*'? 44 Oh, go on?don't stammer?blue is her favorite color, isn't it?" 44 The fact is, Frank?take another glass of this wine?the fact is?good wine, isn't it ? been two vovages to the Indies?the fact is, I suppose?I rather fancy?I am a little in love. Try some of that sherry What are the symptoms, Frank-a queer feeling about the heart, and something which drives the blood through one like lightning!" "Exaatly !" I believe I have seen Julia ; short and chubby, isn't she?with red hair, and a little squint eyed ?" 44 Frank, 1 never did knock you down, though I have been tempted to do so a great many times; but, if you don't stop that non sense, I will " I 44 Quite valiant in defence of your lady love. Well, Tom, I will confeas that the is a lovely girl, and to-morrow I will call and learn your success. So, good morning." " Well, Tom, what success ?" 44 Would you believe it? Ehe did not recog nise me." 44 Not reoogniie you?" 41 No. You know what a quia that Murray is. As soon aa he saw me enter, dressed in such style, he came up shook hands with me, and without giving me a chance to say ore word; introduced me to Julia as Mr. Fredtr ick Somebody. And would you believe it, the little witoh did not know me. I think I should not forget her so easily Nor was that all. Murray said something about the fellow who callod there the previous evening?a oountry cousin, he said clear enough, but an incorrigble slovtfn And Julia said ne dressed like a barbarian?just think of that, Frank, a barbarian. She shall pay for that yet. Such eye#?and *be steps like a queen Well, Frank, a clean collar does make a vast dif ference in a man's appearance. Lovely as Uehe herself*. Terrible difference clean lim n make*." ?? The last time I saw Tom he wit scolding his eldest sen for coming into the drawing room with muddy boots * ??etfng of the Scottish Cura- | ?ve Mesmeric Association, held in Edinburg, tinLz '11 annoupced to tha audience ?k ' wWied-to avoid aM?0eaa nights. , they should lie wife their beads to the west. J Stoht or a Leo ?There lived in Pittsburg aouie years ago, an old fellow who served ia the war of 1812, in which he had lost a leg. Before he enlisted, he courted a young lady of this plsoe, and. knowing that ah? would take a whole man or none, he kept kishaviag lost a leg a secret, and replaced it by a wood** one In his absence, the lady had met with another admirer, so that, on the return of Timberleg. he and his rival were on teriae of deadly enmity One Sunday night, Timberleg went to see his love rather early, with the in tention of popping the question, and, that he might not shirk, had imbibed not a little to Kive him courage. The lady, not being ready to receive him, he eat down in the parlor to await her coning But the liqaor proved too strong for him, end he had scarcely eat down when he fell asleep His rival coming in at the moment, thought this an opportunity to satisfy his cariosity regarding Timber's right leg, which he had always regarded with sus picion So, slipping up, he quietly slit tha right leg of Timber's pantaloons, as far as the knee, when, at a glance he saw all To run for a saw was the work of moment, and in a few minutes, the leg was calmly reposing on the centre table, its owner slumbering nneoa jci us of the amputation. Meanwhile, tha whilom surgeon had sloped When the lady entered the room, Timbering was promenad ing the room, after the manner of a turkey during the few moments of life succeeding de capitation The writer is very sorry, that, being opposed to profanation, he cannot favor the render with Timberleg's remarks. Suffice it to say, that the lady's remark, on entering 'he room was, Good Heaven s! thatofTimber leg quite the reverse. Timber got a new leg, but ne didn't marry that gal.?Yank* No~ tioa. How We Grow.? Have the most sarguine any adequate appreciation of the wonderful strides which our American civilisation is aixkipg Westward7 It is within the power of human ken to compute the development of culture and enterprise going on in the Wes tern wiide! How forests are laid low?how the desert is made to blossom?bow the puUe of life is made to beat in the dead corps*- < f nature?how mighty rivers are spanned and mighty wastes pierced by iron roads?how the prairie is dotted with hamlets, and the silence of eternity broken by the voice cf tha husbandman?bow Enterprise, hand in hand with Capital, g<es forth oonquering and tooon quer, and Industry and Culture pitch their tents where the savage sang the war song but yesterdaj! Six years ago Minnesota was a myth. The Falls of the St. Anthony were known only as the scence of a wild Indian tale The Valley of the St Peter's was invested with a ?ag^e and mysterious interest derived frrra the fanciful chronicles of an English adventurer Only fcince the great excursion to 6t. Paul, two years ago list summer, has the name become even familiar to Eastern ears Behold the miracle of the age ! St Antho ny's Falls are roaring at our very doors; the Valley of the St. Peter's is gemmed with farms; bt. P?ul assumes the air of a Metropolis Min nesota stands knocking at the door of the lln??n. and Congress says "Come in!"? (7fs 02 Gatelte. TarrKLEB.?It is thought that a discovery |has at last been made, which, if it really turns, out what is supposed, may be the cause of a trade of absolutely unlimited extension being opened to France A man of the name of llosseau, in the department of Vaucluse, would appear to have found out the means for the propagation of truffles, a secret which has hiiherto escaped all the researches of science. This man has been following out his plan, as the department I journals say, for the last seven years, and his first essay has been en tirely crowned with success His notion has been, that the precious excrescence was depen dent upon a peculiar kind of oak, which he calls tbe truffle oak (ehevt trufUr), and ha has accordingly made plantations of such. A few days back a certain number of persons were invited to witness tbe first hunt, and two pigs were turned into an oak plantation of five years standing The experiment succeed ed so entirely that in a few hours, and on a plantation of not more than three hectare*, twenty two pounds of very fine truffles were turned up, and Mr Kosseau says a simihsr hunt may take place every twenty-days dur ing four mouths of the year. Wtas Mrs Cc-hxingham MARRixn??Wj presume, says tbe New York Herald, that tt?i Kev Uriah Mirvine has settled this problem by the evidence he gave on Tuesday before the Surrogate. It seems now established be yond reasonable question that Mra. Cunning ham was tbe wife 'of Dr Burdell, who mar ried her in Dr Marvina's house in tha pres ence of Miss Cunningham, as stated by that lady and her mother on the inquest. This seems to clear the way tor the prosecu tion to a very marked extent. Had it devol ved upon the Stato prosecutor to prove that E;kel bad personated Dr Burdell at the mar riage ceremony, he would hava bean met by difficulties of a very seriius character, which might perhaps have involved the ruin of the whole prosecution. This quicksand happily indicated at this early stage of the proceed ings, the State officer will apply himself whol ly to the narrower and less complicated ques tion?Did Mrs Cuuningham, being the wife of Dr. Burdell, compass or cause his death? The motive for the deed is now established. Black Mailikg ih Losdox ?The London courts have recently bad befwre them asingu* lar case of attempted extortion of money from wealthy persegg through fear of ex posing their private vices. A man, named Harrison, who had been convicted and served his time out for procuring young girls, in Belgium, to sup ply the fashionable houses of ill fame in Lon don, after he had obtained his liberty, sent bills for wine to various noblemen, frequen ters of the bouse where he had previously been employed. Some of these were sent to persons wh o had never been in the bouse?as the Duke of Cambridge; others to persons who made it a rule to 44 pay as you go ?as the Marquis of Bath. The tear of exposure did not, however, produce its effect upon these persons ' Rely ing upon their rank, probably, as much as upon their virtue, they related the claims, and suffered suits to be brought, in which tbe 1 conspiracy to extort money was marie manifest. Tbe oonsequenee was, that Harrison was turn ed out of oourt with derision, and will proba bly be brought back under an indictment. Pbrxahext Photographs.?A most inter esting and useful discovery is reported, in the London journals, to have recently been made iu the photographic art. by Mr. P Delamotte. a member of the Londfn Photographic Asso ciation. It is a well known fact tnat photi graphio impressions, taken by the ordinary process, are not lastiag; the colors change, and the more delicate lints disappear, thus destroying the finish and aocuracy of the im pression By this discovery of Professor Del amotte, the difficulty referred to has been sur mounted, and photographic prints will, by this newly invented prooess, henceforth have the permanence of line engravings. Am other Swihple* or Finals*.-?The New York polioe have arrested one Alex. Phrfe for taking letters from the post office under the assumed name of Wm J Melville, and imposing on unsophisticated girls, many of whom belong to respectable families He has been aocustomed to write veiy tender epis tles to young ladies, expreaaing his devoced attachment and requesting a meeting. Maty have bean foolish anoagh to answer theee epu tlas, and he is said to have engaged bns?e.lo peroral, tboarh a marked mm,?* apparent IjW;