Newspaper of Evening Star, March 10, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 10, 1857 Page 2
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* VISING ST A ft. WASHING CON CITY: TCriDAY March 10, 1M7. jy XI1W STAR.? Rlraager* l?w here air ifriin-ffd th<l the rrrf brtl war im which ih-y caa heep cwrrertly mm4 prenaptly p?*ted with rrferaaee te lk? 4* *(* aariap ?? the Federal Metropolis and e?acfraia|rTeati alse whfra, af which correct iafanaaliaa reoceairate* la WaahiagUa, is la aah> M'ihefar The liar. Thatahacrlpliaa price far the Daily, when seat by mail, la 13 JO pf r anaaia ; far tha Weekly, 01.93 per annum. SPIRIT OP THE MORNING PRESS The Union publishes an interesting acoount of a complimentary visit from tha Missouri Den oct at a now in Washington to ex President Pierce; and eztraeta from the press of the eountry upon the inaugural, showing that it baa beaa graolously received tbrougboul the land. The Intelli?ineer is to-day devoted to news. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSJI' _ t Foaming at the Mouth!?Ibe tone of the Inaugural with reference to the slavery isnues Involved in the state of things la Kansas haa terribly ahocked the nervea of the Republican press. The Evtning Post especially, "takes on" OTer the President's frank doclaration that be regards tae si. v.h lder ooequal, as to I i0 rights iu the Territories, with the ncn-slave bolder. The truth is, the great labor <-f the Republican party has been to satUfy the Northern public mind that, under the Consti* tution. the bocth haa no guaranteed rights of ooe quality. Or, in other words, that there is an elasticity in the Constitution of the United States through which any purpose of the ma jority for the nonce, may be lawfully worked oat Tha P</st, under this view of the power of the General Government nnder the Consti tution, aims at present only to tiboo Southern men hereafter in all the Torritorias In Wit oonsin, the Republican party, under a similar style of reasoning, insists that it is constitu tional and legal to resist the effisers of the Geaeral Government in the execution of the Fugitive blave Law. In a portion of Penn sylvania thty go a step further, and cla m, practically, '.hrtugh their aot?, that it is legal aad consti' at onal to shoot dowa men engaged Ii reclaiming tfceir runaway slave prope:ty? ?i in the Gorsuch ease. In Massachusetts, aad, indeed, throughout all New England, western New York and the western reserve cf Ohio, under their new theory of the elasticity of law and constitution, it is held by the same party that it is right, jast and proper for the ?lava stealthily to murder his master and his family. When such things occur?and the ' practice has of late been fearfully increasicg under the itfluenee of such stimulation?all Republican abolition-dom works itself into a f?rcre of patriotic excitciuent, such as was wont to be exhibited throughout the land | thirty years ago only on the recurrence of the 4th of July. With such ideas of right and wrong, and law and cotstitution, so widely pervading tha northern popular mind, it is not wonderful that the Evening Post, the leading exponent of the party entertaining such views, foams at the month on realising that the Govern ment Is for f"ur years longer sarely to be in (he hands of a Chief Magijtrate who, instead of bowing to the supremacy of that sort of public opinion, has firmly planted himself on the policy of administering the government so far as slavery questions are concerned, np<>n principles disputed by none when the Consti tution waa formed, and handed down through every generation cf American stateamea, to be eavilled at only by men who seek to obtain power by playing upon popular prejudices aad tiyir>g the dargerous txperiment of con ducting our natioaal public affairs upon the principle that might makes right While we held to the soundness of the strict construction doc*Tine that the Supreme Court cf the United States, the creature of the agency of the sovereign partners in tbia confederacy, has no warrant in the Constipation to decide political questions between its creator and the creators of of its creator,?between the author of its own beiBg and the authors of that,?a dectrine which, if aniyraally admitted, would in a quarter of a cn'nry wipe out all the d:s tfneiive feature ?f the General Government as made by (ur fathers as matters are now tending, ws certainly entertain deep respect f r the opinions ef the pure, learned and pat riae functionaries composing that tribunal We realise bow difficult would bavo been the task to have stemmed the current of popular | opinio among the conservative ef the North, which would have followed that judgment in Ibe ea-o recently decided bad it been the re verse of what it :s ; though then it would have been directly in tLe teeth cf the views of the lramers cf tbe Constitution, (that is, with rcf eres-e to the General Government's rights, duties snd powers,) as expounded by nearly every political writer who participated in the work of its construction. But as happi!y, tha weight of the judgment to which we refer, announced only after mora Intense investigation and rtflacticn than waa ever before aee< rded by that august tribunal in eoming to an opinion, is with the right, it tmul be otherwise but that the entire coiB' eidenee between its views and three of PresL dent Buchanan's Inaugural in tfciaconnection even to the point that it is the duty of the General Government to protect the citiien of the Southern State in the enjoyment of bis slave property in the Territories of the United S-.ates, (for such is the legitimate oorollary cf the points of law laid dewn ^y the court,) will have dee weight on the minds of those in the North not directed towards violent revolu tion, whieh in its effects must work tenfold more disastrously throughout the North than at the South. Ihe North to a very consider* able extent lives and prospers by and through the workings cf the General Government, while the 8oatb receives not one dollar in five or perkape in ten, of the revenues ool leettd, Bti makes up perhaps ter fold its dae proportion <f the revenue of the "protected" interests -o keg as revolution proceeds silently and sarely for the benefit of the North, thet man must kaow little of h?tory who fan eies that ? p?r?y esn be permanently in the ascendant there devoted to the work of stem ning its pio&rers. The moral effect, 1 o?ev?r, of this opinion of tHa Supreme Com! will be instantly to' unite ?'I men ef all paities at the South in defence ?f all (heir rights under tfca Constitution, no loafer to be qaestioaad; tha few in that see I tion who had misgivings concerning them I being believers in the supreme jurisdiction of I that Court over suoh questions. Hereafter, I backed by this opinion, the front whiok the S inth will present ia Congrees and ever j where ?lie niuit, in turn, se counsel to the oonserva I five of the North that the silent rerolation re* I ferred to above moat be stopped if tha Union I ia to be preserved, aa that there ia now atrong I grounds to hope that the Democratic party of I the Conatitution will apeedilj resume its for I mer aacendenoj throughout the non-slave hoiding StatM. Those who really value the I Union hare no leu reaaon to thank President Buchanan for the boldness with which, on Wednesday last, he proclaimed in the face of all comers end goere true constitutional doc trines in the main, upon the subject of sla very, than the Supreme Court for giving so 1 emphatic an opinion that his constitutional views in this connection are sound. Gone!?Tha thousands on thousands whoeame to Washington last week only to witness the I Inauguration have departed, and with them I most of the opposition members of the Houso J and the large number of persons who spent I the winter in Washington engaged in looking I after their interests as involved in the legis latioa of Congress. Nevertheless, the hotels J and boarding-houses of the Federal metropolis I continue to be crowded, while eonsiderable I accessions to our floating population continue I to arrive by each succeeding public convey anos. Th?y are, of oourse, for the most part, j gentlemen who are absorbed with the solution of the spoils question?some seeking to hold on to their present places, and the reet, who out number them, perhaps tea to one, to oust I them. As the Administration is hardly warm I in its seat, of course it has not yet had time even to begin to take cognisance of the claims of either party to this very pretty controversy I as it now stands. Though the newspapers are I teeming with rumors from Washington on this I sabjec', we know enongh from experience I with such matters to pla:e no confl lenoe in any of them. Nor do we believe that when tho new Government comes to look over the field, and to rea!ii? that in making every ap pjintment it iray make, it will purely disap point at least one hundred, it will be in any vary considerable hurry to make tho clean sweep of all the office-holders so confidently predioted by the outs-treating the good, bad and ind ff -rent all alike. Having no interest whatever in this struggle, we sha'.l watch its prcgresi with care, so that as noteworthy fea tures in it may bo developed we shall be able promptly ta bring them to the notice of tha I Star's readers. In the meanwhile we adviae I *11?cffiie-holders and office-seekers?to watch and pray, and also to be sure to work like beaver?, or rather like moles ; for experience teaches that the most successful labors in this J connection are those performed in the dark. Blessed are they who expect little, for they I shall not ha disappointed! I Nebraska ?The following interesting letter tells the story of the legislative sweat through which the substantial interests of the inhabit I ants of newly settled regions in this country are eo sure to be put, ere their affairs settle djwn through the sifting of the men who as I p ro to influence and prominenoa among them I ??re ' Tom" can learn to know "Hick"from ? Harry." It convoys a pregnant lesson, 1 which, however, will hardly ever be profiled I by, if the experience of the past is to be relied I on : I .... ?*aha Cirr, N. T , Feb. 14, 1S57. I Editor Star : In accordance with a resolu tion adoptrd. the Legislature of Nebraska ad j >uraed tine di? at 10 o'clock laet evening, amid great confusion; forty days?tha time allotel them?having passed away. ? The session haa been an exeiting one on all aiiea. Little however of real intereat and good baa been effected. The programme aa arranged by the members south of the Platte, (who tor s;me reason, have become to all ap pearance, quite Jealous of Omaha.) was the re I moval of me oapital, division of tha county, I and consequent removal of tha county seat I The subject of banks likewise oocupied a large I portion of their minds, more especially, aa many of them were pecuniarily interested in I them For the accomplisment of these objects, | as was at first supposed, and afterwards open I ly acknowledged, a combination was formed, I consisting of the above mentioned members, a I majority of whom pledged themselves to vote tor ail the measures, with the assurance that I they should each be supported in bis pet mea I sures In this manner, the bill for the remo? val of the capital was parsed, it went to the governor, bv whom it was returned, aooompa nied by an able and powerfal statement of his objections They lacked but one of a two thirds vote A desperate sttempt was made to win over a member for Dakotah oouaty money in large sums were offered, but he was honorable, be would not swerve for what he considered his course of duty So the bill was laid ( aide Tho bill for tiie division of the county likewise came up snd passed. The bill was signed by Gov. Iiard, be understanding that it was the wish of the peopfe of tha new connty, and the county was named Sarpy, af ter the g eat western trapper Butthc county seat was not removed from Omaha Next came the sul ject of b*nk? Six bills Ware passed, I IT. . *ere v?to?d by the governor. And of the six, two wera passed over him and be already six banks, and with this addition we should have twelve, in j a population of not more than 20 000 The governor in bis message warned tbem of tha evils which must necessarily result in their fioo-j leg the Territory with paper, which had such poor credit far support. By some unfor tunate mistake our whole criminal code of | laws wss blotted out, and we are now without I any means of tunishing offences, exoept by j recurrence to the old oommon law, in which hanging is the penalty cf btrse stealing, Ac. These tur.jects alone mark the last session of the Nebraska Legislature, for besidesthls, lit tie was done Al< ut seventy new towns wera incorporated, somewhat in advance of settlement. Ferry charters In abundance were granted, and ter ri orial roads in every direction over the Ter ritory About a dosen universities were in corporated, one at almoat every town on the Missvurl river An act waa passed appointing [ the second Tuesday in December the day lor meeting hereafter. Several members of our Legislature, and also a large number of our cltisens, are leav ing for Washington, to be present at the inau guration of Hon. James Buchanan. Owing to their departure our city to-day, presents a very quiet appearance?a calm that will con tinue till the apring immigration pours in upon The weather has been quite severe up to within a day or two; but yesterday we nad the first rain since last fall, and to day the dark soil is visible in many places. Tbe city of Omaha has been incorporated by the Legislature, and the election for officers takes place on the first Monda/ in March. There are many rival candidates for Mayor. A grand concert and ball are to be given here n^xt week for the benefit of the Yonng Men s Library Association?an institution that is in a very flourishing condition and doing % great deal of good The entertainment prom ises to be tbe grandest affair of th?j season W. D D. ? Bemarkably Small Hale ?It is very ou. rlous to see hew small a hole a great man may get into when he is hard pushed. M Disraeli stated, in a speech in the lioase of Commons, that Prance bad made a treaty with Austria to sustain the latter in Jtalj. Lord Palmer, ?ton solemnly denied this, -eerting In the , anqaaliied and oteaaiva terms, that the i lUani ?u false, and a mm fabrication of Diirttli'i. Thereupon, pitt fun and was railed in the House of Commons gen ?rally, and all over England. Mr. DlsflmU stioks to hi a text, produoea the proofs, drives Lord Palmeraton to a tight place, util,nt length, the latter la compelled to admit that France haa made a convention with Austria, but not a treaty. Oh, no! not a treaty! Ii1nt that a beautiful apeoimenof a needle's eye for such a camel as Lord Palmerston to under* take to oreep through, in or^er to escape the thrusts of Mr. Disraeli? Tha Pending Trea iee ?It la understood that Mr. Forsyth's treaty with Mexico has not yet been submitted to tha Senate. The Dallas Clarendon Treaty has been again taken up and referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee, in executive session. If we are not greatly mistaken, all the signs assure us that, era the close of the p; asaat called session, that trea'y and tha Sandw :h Islands' Treaty will bo thoroughly cocsidired and disposed of. That is, unless there is truth in the rumor that President Buohanan has signified his desire that they should terminate the session on Sat? urday next, not having, at this time, nomina tions to send them saffioient to keep them to gather longer, and having no particular wish, we presume, that the treaties referred to above should be finally disposed of ere the Adminis tration may have time to mature Us policy with reference to them Tha Hon. Jefferson Davit ?The compli ment involved in the notion of the Senate yes terday, in selecting this distinguished gentle man to be the Chairman of their Military Af fairs Committee, immediately upen his re-en trance into the body, is the first act of its kind in the history of tho Senate of the United State*, and speaks volumes, indeed, with ref erence to the hold he has upon the respect and confidence of the living fathers of the Confed eracy, and as to their appreciation of tha ability and propriety with which he discharged all the duties devolved upon him as Secretary of War in the Pierce Administration. No more fitting rebuke to the disgusting and dis graceful warfare upon him by the opposition press throughout the last four years, could posaibly have been administered. The Committees.?We question whether the 8snate's committees were ever before so strong, intellectually, and so far as their legislative experience and oapacity are concerned A glance at the list, as published in the Star lo-day, will satisfy those well informed with reference to publio (legislative) affairs of this fact. The Democrats, according to custom, selected their own members thereof, and the Repnblicans?really the only other party in the chamber so far as numbers are concerned theirs. We are sure that, as made, these se lections all around will increase tha confi dence of the country in the Senate of the Unitod States, though of late years all well balanced minds have come to the conclusion that it is the main stay of the Constitution and Union. The Kaval Court of Inquiry weru delib erating until near noon to day, upon the tes timony in the cass of Lt Pennington, the first on their calendar When their doors were again opened, their decision was dispatched to the Department by the hands of the Judge Advocate, J. M. Carlisle, Esq , and the Court took a recess to await his return, ere taking up the next case?that of Lt R. W. Meade. The attendance of naval officers and others interested in their proceedings was larger to day than at any previous period sinoe the Court organised. > ? Appointment ?The Secretary of the Trear. ury has appointed Albert R. Hatch, of Portamouth. N. H., the disbursing agent, and John M. Weare, of the same place, superin. tendent of construction, for the new custom house, post office, and court-house, to bo erected in the city of Portsmouth, N. H. The Senate Printing ?It seems to be un derstood that the Senate will not at its present brief session eleot its printer for the new (this) Congress From sll we learn this now appears to be a fixed fact, beyond peradventuro. * Court of Claims ?Yesterday, the case of Stephen C. Hayden was argued by Mr Law renoe for the clafmant, and by the Solicitor for tha Government, and submitted. The court oalled the oases standing upon the general or law dooket, for argument on ques tions of law, as far as 190. The parties not being ready, these cases will not be called again this month. Adjourned. Tho Current Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 9th of March there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of tho Department? For the Treasury Department... 928,607 87 For the Interior Department. ???? 350 00 For Customs 19,846 56 War warrants reoeivod and on* tend ?????? 7,080 90 From miscellaneous sources 251 43 CONOR FSSIOIfAL PROCEEDINGS I* rn Sikatb, yesterday, Mr. ?eward submitted the following resolution, aad asked its immediate consideration: Resolved, That the following he the stand ing committees of the Senate : On Foreign Relations?Mr. Mason, chair man ; Messrs Douglas, Siidell, Polk, Critten den. Seward and Foot. OnFinanoe?Mr Hunter, chairman; Messrs Pearce, Gwin, Bright, Biggs, Fessoaden and Caaaeroa. Oa Commerce?Mr. Olay, chairman; Messrs. Benjamin, Bigler, Toombs, Bold, Bnght, and Hamlin On Military Affairs?Mr. Dsvls, chairman ; Messrs Fitapatrick, Johnson, Iferson, Broder iok, Wilton and King. On Naval Affairs?Mr Mai lory, chairman : Messrs Thomson of N J , Siidell, Alleu. Bell of Tenn , Green and Hale. On Public Landa?Mr. Stuart, chairman ; Messrs Johnson. Pugh, Mallory, Broderick, Foster and Harlan On Private Land Claims?Mr. Benjamin, chairman ; Messrs Biggs, Thompson cf Ken tucky, Kennedy and Darken. On Indian Affairs?Mr. Sebastian, chair man ; Messrs Brown, Reid, Fitch, Bell of Tenn-, Houston, and Doolittle. Of Claims?Mr Ivarson, chairman; Messrs. Tulee, Polk, Bell of N. H , and Simmons. On Revolutionary Claims?Mr Evans, chair man ; Messrs. Bates, Crittenden, Wilson, hnd Durkee.| On the Judiciary?Mr. Butler, ohairmaq; Messrs. Bayard, Toombs, Pugh, Benjamin, Coliamer, and Trumbull. On the Post Office aad Post Roads.?Mr. Rusk, chairman; Messrs Ynlee, Bigler, Gwin, Fitch. Coliamer, aad Dixon On Pensions? Mr. Jones, of Iowa, chairman; Metsra Clay, Bates, Thompson of Ky., Thom son of N. J , King, aad Foster On tha District of Colombia?Mr. Brown, ohairman ; Messrs Mason, Allen. Rusk, Ken nedy, Hamlin, and Chandler. On Patents and the Patent Office?Mr. Raid, chairman; Messrs. Erans, Davis, Simmons, and Trumbull. On Territories?Mr Douglas, cba'rman ; Messrs Jones of Iowa^Sebasuan, Fit^atrioh, Green, Samner, and,Wade To Audit and Control the Contingent Ex feoaesef the Senate Mr. Evans, ah airmail. K Wright awl DUon. ? On Public Btlldingi?Mr. fitjtrd, chair man; Mews. Hooter, Thornton of N. J , Donglas, nod Halo Ob Printing?Mr. Johnson, chairman: Moor* tit .patrick and Mil of N. H On Engrossed Bills?Mr. Wright, eh airmen; Mown Biglor and Harlnn On Enrolled Bilk?Mr. Joneeof Iowa, nhair* man; Meesrs Brown and Doolittle. On t&* Library?Mr. Pearce, chairman; Metxrf. Bayard and Batter. After a brief diaoussion, the resolution was adopted?yeaa 29, nays 18?as follows: Yeas?Meun Allen, Benjamin, Biggs, Big ler, Bright, Broderlck, Brown. Butler Clav, Davla, Done las, fcvnns, Fitch. Fit* pet rick, Green, Owln, Hnn?er, Iversen, Johnson, J one* of Iowa, Mason, Held. Rusk, Sebestlan. Reward, gildeU, Thornton of New Jersey, Toombs, aad Ynlee?*9 _ Nays?Measrs Bell of New Hampshire, Cam eron, Otoardter, Collam^r. Dixon, Doolittle, Dur ic ee, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Hamlin, Harlan. Klnr, Simmons, Stuart, Trumbull, Wade, aid Wilson -18. Mr Cameron submitted the following ro/e tion; which was considered by nnanimoue consent, and agreed to : Resolved, That the Secretary of the Treas ury be directed to fantish to the Senate a statement, at the next session, showing the cost of the printing, binding, and paper or dered by Congress for each year, beginning with Deeember, 1845, and ending with the late session. Mr Trumbull moved to refer the protest of members of the Indiana Legislature against the election of Mr Fitch to be an United States Senator from that State to the Judioisry Committee, with the aocompanying papers ; hich motion was debated by the mover. and Mesar*. Bright, Fitch, SewanT, and Butler, era being agreed to On motion of Mr. Bigler, the protest of member* of the Pennsylvania 'Legislature against the election of Mr. Cameron as an United States Senator from that State was similarly referred Mr. Crittenden submitted a aerie* of resolu tions (deolaratory) on the subject of priva* teering, which (he gave notiee) he designed calling np at some future time. Proceedings of To-D&y. In tds Sxsatb, to-day, after a short dls{ oussion upon a resolution to terminate the present called sesjion on Saturday next, they went into Executive session, wherein they were engaged when the Star went to press.

PXB80MAL. .... Among the many Californians now in Washington we notice the names of Messrs. Chas. P. Duano, Wm. Mulligan, John Crow and J. R Mulloney. ....The Alexandria Gazette says that an eloquent and impressive tribute to the mem ory of the late David Humes was paid by the Rav J. T Johnston, roetor of St. Paul's Church, of that city, in his sermon on Sunday morning last. .... Lord Elleamere, a distinguished En glish peer, who ia known in New York, having * been Commissioner to our Crystal Palace, died on the 18th ult He bad considerable preton aiona to authorship, poetry included He in herited immenae estates from the Duke of Bridgewater, and was known auoce'sively as Lord Francis Leveson Gower, Lord Franois Kgerton, and Earl of Ellesmere. Two sons snd two daughters and his wife came with him, when he paid us a visit, and made many friends. .... New York upper-tendom is again in a hubbub; the current of Fifth avenue ii vio lently agitated; the old story ii again to be told ; the daughter of the great man has mar ried her father's favorite ooaebman. Mr. J. G. B. is a prominent importer of wines, and has a fine villa out of town, where he spends his fine weather months. Mr. J. G. B ha? an only daughter?" my charming Mary Ann"? just two-and-twenty Mr. J G. B. has also a coachman, red-faced, round-headed, and with the sweeteat brogue alive. He was very modest, too, for a Milesian ; hut "oh, wasn't he the divil for the girls V' Well, the sequel is soon told. " John" and " my Mary Ann" got married- Old gentleman very naturally gets in a towering rage when he hears it. Wants 44 John" to go to California, and shnta *? Mary Ann" up at home, although she wm a wedded wife and twenty two at that. ' John1' appliea to Juatio Speneer for redreca on Satur day. "John" waa aasured that his wife ahould be restored to him Mr Spenoer at once drew up a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, aad before to morrow's sun the ro mantic bride will doubtless be restored to her sturdy husband .... The New York Herald says of the newly arrived "lion," Lord Napier, the Brit ish Minister to the United States : " He ia about five feet nine inchea in height, and drea?ea with democrat^ pta:nness His hair ia blaok, atrongly intermixed with grey, though he doea not appear to be over thirty-five years of age. Hia large, aearcbing dark eyea form a very oonapicuous portion of hia featurea The expression of the face ia somewhat that of a thorough business man, and hia manner, though slightly tinged with hauteur, ia, never theless, quite oordial He is, in fact, a very democratic lord. He dines at the table d hot* as a matter of preference, remarking that be wishes to beoome acquainted with the people of this oountry. " In conversation he is peculiar. Like good diplomatist, as be has the reputation of being, he listens more than he apeaka, and al waye has queations to aek. He haa a sort of 1 hesitancy in speeoh. seemingly c*ured by a desire to make a careful seleotion of language. His mind seems to have a practical turn, for he spoke of securing a house at Washington as soon as possible, aad mentioned a desire to know the most pleasant reeidenee in enmmer. He expressed his desire to present his eredec* tials to the President as soon as possible." iy From Taylor A Maury we have Black wood's Edinburgh Magasine for February, containing the conclusion of the striking story entitled, "The Ssd Fortunes of the Reverend Amoe Barton " The leading artkle is upon the War (Persian) with Asia. ? _>.TIir REGULAR MONTHLY Meet ^ ? lng of the Hlberala Club will be held at Tempersno* Hall on THIS (Tuesday) EVEN IN 0, at 7 o'clock. R.TALBOT, If President. fc^-^MAflONlC -THE MEMBERS O Ssfi Hiram Lodge, No 10. are hereby noti fed. that a railed-off meeting will be held at their Hall on lWh street, between H and t streets. TUI8 (Tuesday) EVENING, March l<Hb, at 7 o'oloek. Members are requested to be punctual la their attendance. Master Mesons are very cor dially invited. Bv order of the W M : 1> WILLIAM B. PlKTl.Bec. ,MONTGOMERY GUARD?, ATTEN TION.?You are hereby notlted to at tend a speelal meeting of ibe Company on THURSDAY EVENING the 18th Inst. Punc tual attendance Is cslled for, ae businessmt 1m rwtance will be transacted. Bv order of Capt. kt: THOMAS McKNIKY, mu 10-3t Becr^ary. MEDICAL ELECTRICITY. ? MR. VCSk EaiT' a: Ple?segive the following aa Inrertlon in your psper, and oblige youra : For the wonderful and astounding remedial developments of Medical Electricity, the people of this count iv sre pretty much indtbted to the mental and physical labors of th? distinguished and accomplished Dr. Massey, of Baltlm<re; at present a sojourner In this city, who is prepared, with his singular app^ratoa, to {relieve with this BaTmofGllead the afflicted from sufferings of the most torturing and prostrated and ohetlnate nervous dlseasee incidental to the system. Any unbiased mind of flee grains of common sense who wl'l peruke Dr M's book of aaes of cures drawn up oy the once maimed, halt and blind, It must All his bosom with bright bopse and joys of a restoration to health from the most distressing nervous complaint', of from | to no years standing, which never conrd be nllcfved toy all the drugging systems applied toy scientific hands No pertoa ean form any correct conception of of the meaner of Inducting Into the system this restorative means until be sees Dr M. operating upon a subject with his beautiful and complex apparatus The electrical matter is pn*stdlnto the system la a mild wsv, reaching all dtsessed fibres and tWsues, waking up the nan If zed nerves, Imparting to tbem new life sad nrirlL# vigor, thereby eauatcg the palsied limb* to re sume their wasted motion, and the i oaibod, aad to Joyous rapture to look oi upon the beautiful works of the Alir*-^' ?lapsated vie ts to^~* *? ??T. PATRICK'S CHURCH ?A Ift ? ? ? riaeaf Pcrt Lectures will be eommeaeed THIS EVENING, at St Patrick'a, corner ef P and 10th st a>ta, to ha ooatiaoed ?ek evetlng during the week a til Tlnrti?f lee win. Subject: Tempera nee end Intemperance Benr T; ? . mtr 9-4t . ,ATTINTION, WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS ?Yeu are herabv ne. tiled to attend a sp dal myelin* of ?be Comp*ay to be held at yoar Armory on TUESDAY EVEN IN6 next, the tOtb 1n?tint, at 7# o'clock Every member is requested to b* present as business M Importarce will hire to be transacted. By aider of Jno Watt, Captain : ?nw0____ eWFLOOD.fae f^^MACHINE SEWINO ? BOOMS ON KB "D sTREE1', north aide, two daora (torn corner ot 0th street. Hewing neatly and accn ratefy ?ne at the ?1sa?t rates: bh'r^a. (readycutand baaUd,) 50 toMjfe NightShirts, do da MfoiTke Drawers, do do IE \ to?) Colars 3c each; Wrl-tbands 3 ? per pair ; tfhl.t RosemaSe a pleat; Plain Rawingio par yard. Shiny, Shirt Hosoms, Collars and Wristbands constantly ei hand aad for ante at prices low? r man they can na made by hand T* e attention of families la respectfully 1st!ted Ttrms cask mar 0 3t* INAUGURATION B A L L -A L L persons having bills against tbe lata la. auguratlon Wall, arc rrq jested to sead them ta In m^dlatelv Subscribers who have not paid their subscriptions are earnestly requested te eall at once and pay W F BAYLY, Treasurer, Pans, are , between lltto aad mar 7-3t ltth atrteta ^PHILADELPHIA CARKATPHILA ?vA delp- la prices, at tbe Philadelphia lea Cream Depot, corner ltth and P streets 1CB CKKAM at 91.80 par galtoa. febttlmo 4 SECOND-HAND PIANOS, AT GREAT bargains, at oar great Piano aad Music Empo rium, between 0th and 10th atretta mar 10 JOHN P BLLH. MADAniC FBRRIKO, Na. Ml Ml' a Venn*, la selling off her haaaeoaies*"f\ atwk?Including SPRING BONN ET8, jSl) previous to closing en the ISth Inst. Tw mat 10-?f _ Beautiful china goods opening this week, at our great Variety Store, betweea 1 8th and OUi atreeta. max 10 h j. Mclaughlin a co. Bird cages, perfumery, brushes, Combs. Engmvlne*, Poot Halls, Toys, Books, Umbrellas. Games, Woolen Geeds, Va ses, ard a thousand No t<-ns. for rale low, at mar 10 H J. McLAUGBUN ACQ'S. INQUIRE WIT HI PI?ONE VOLUME OP 1 434 clos'ly printed pages, 1057, eonUlnlng 3.700 Receipts and fhcts of uaeful Information. The whole Indexed for lnatant reference. Price one dollar. mar 10 FRANCE TAYLOR. CPERH CANDLES ? O so boxes Sperm Candles, 4's aad i's M hox?Adamantine do 0'aandlS'a lOt) dozen Essences 100 dozen Tie*->r de Bausey Champagne 60 boxes Mould Candles, 4'a and 8's 53 boxes Vermacelll and Maccaroal JONAS P LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Grocery Store, mar 10-lw 347 Peon avenue. PIANOS FOR SALE AND TO RINtT PIANOS WHICH RECEIVED THE FIRST premiums in Washington. Bal!l-*<SaR| more, and New York, from the fnctoryn V fl' of ftelnway A Sons, New York, and from other factories, always on hand, at moderate prices aad convenient terms, at No 406 11th street, above Penn avenue Second-hand Planes taken In exchange for n<*w ones Tuning attended to. mar 10 colaa* BtAEETS?BASSETS.?A lar/e variety, at low prloaa. G PRANCIS, mar 9 400 Seventh at. CAN T BEEP THKM OVER _Co alHoda, Coal Btftera, Fire Standards, Shovel and Tongs, Andirons, Ac. Aa the seteon !? nearly over they will be aold low. 6 F RAN CI 8, mar 0 400 Seventh st Ae\ OCTAYB PIA!*Q ALMOST NEW, Rosewood Case, Iron Plate, wlllbe| sold for 81*5 M ust be sold this week) i a v v ? the owner leaving the city Al?o one for 830, to beseenat W. 6. METZEROTT'S mar t Musi* Depot,cor llthst and Pas v. PINE WO'JD 84 00 PER CORD DELI V . ERED. PERSONS WANTING A CORD AND UP wards of good PIN E WOOD can be supplied at the above low price, by calling at i. W. MYERS A CO. JET Terma cash. ufflce and Yard corner of G and V3d streets, 1st Ward pORTIZ THB tO.1QCERBR.-A New V Tragedy. Publisher aad aold by mar9 FERGUSON, Witt street. A WORD OP EXPLANATION. During tbe past season our or ders hive been ao numerous, end^^. / \ the weather so sev-re, that we hirtA\\ [sJ not paid that attention to amall or dera from prlva e families which we desired, but now that we have a llttl* more time we hope to give entire antlafhctlon, aad to aupply all who favor ua with a cal with the very BEST OY8TBR8, ever add In Washington ICRWARZK A DBUBY, 460 Eleventh at, iccond do* above B. mar 7 4t HORSES FOB SALE. THE UNDERSIGNED HAS POB SALE one dozen well broke HORSES, m driven from h valla*of Virginia cow. pitting thed ffertntgrsdee They may MNI he re?n at tbe stable of George Putnam, comer of l&th and E street. ?outh side of Penn aven re, nearly ooroslte Wlllards' Hotel Among tbe lot wehaveooeaplardid Bay Horse, nearly tboiough bred ; la equally good In saadle or harness : full 10 hnada high; and Ine carriage. Refer ti Means, Kirk woods. T. W. MASON, mar 7-31* JACOB MILLER. Dome Iisnranet Company of New York, OPtlOE NO. 4 WALL STB BET. Cask C oital 8600 000 00 Amount of Assets ltt Jan ? 1857..872 823 31 Amount of Liabilities 42,400 98 TfllS COMPANY "CONTINUES TO IN sure Buildings, Merchandise. Shlpe In Port, and their Car^ces. Household Furniture and Per gonal Property generally, against Loss or Dam age by Fire, on ftvorable terma. Losses equitably adjusted and promply paid DiaacToaat Charlea J Martin; A P WlLmarth; William G Lambert, firm ef A A A Lawreaoe A Co.; Geo O Collins, Arm of Sheramn A Collinr: Danferd N Barney, firm of Wells, Fargo A Co ; Luclos Hopkins, President Importers' A Traders' Bank; Thomas Meesengef, Arm of T. A B. Messenger; W 1111am H Mellt-n, trm of C latin, Mallea AC j Charlea B Batch, Am of C B Batch A Co | B Wataoa Bull, grm of Uaakell. Merrick A Bull: L At tar bury, Jr , trm of L Aterbuiy. j* , A Co.; Lu? den D Coman, Arm of Cemna, Lothrop A Co ; ? Homer Morgan; Lovi P Stone, trm of Stone, Starr A Co ; James Humphrey, Arm of Barney, Humphrey A Butler; George Pearee trmafGaa PearseACo; Ward A Walk. Arm of Ward A Work A Soa: Jamas Law, Arm ef James Cow A Co ; laaae H Frothing ham, Arm of I B Frothing ham A Co : Charles a Bulkley, Arm af Bu kiey A Co; Cephas H Norton, Arm of Norton, Jewett, A Buzbys George D Morgan, Arm af B O Monu A Co Theodore MeNamee. firm of Bowea. Ne NameeACo.; Richard Blgelow, Arm of l>oan, Ming A Co.; Ollvar B Wood A m of Wlllard, Wood A Co ; Amoa B Eao, 11 m of Eno, Rob , eria A Co ; Aifr<d S Barnea, tirm of A 8 Samea A Co ; Genrge Bllaa, of the fl;m of George B.las A Co ; Roe Lockwood, of tha Arm (fit t>ckwood A Son; John ? Nelson, Arm of Nelson Co ; Lyman Cooke, Arm cf Cooke, Dewd A Baker; Levi P Morton, Arm of Mortaa A Gria nail; Otatla Nab'e, Arm of Coadlt A Noble: John B b utchlnaan. Arm of J C Howe A Co j Stephea Paul. Ana of Stephen Paul A Co ; Chaa P Bald win, Arm of Baldwin, Starr A Co ; B Gilbert Ely, Arm of Ely, Bawen A MoConaell; Amoa V Dwlght, fi m ef Trowbridge. Dwlght A Co: Henry A Burlbut, Arm of Swift, H irlbul A Co ; Jesse Hoyt, Arm of Joasa Hoyt A Co; Wm fctur glas, Jr.; Arm of Sturgls, Shaw A Co : John R Ford, Arm of Pord Rubber Co ; Sldae/ Maaoa, Arm of Muon A Thompson; B?orge T Stedmaa, Arm of S ted man, Mayaard A Co 0BABLB8 J. MARTIN, Pres't. A. F. WlLLMABTH, Viae Pree. J. MILTON B^UTB, Bsasstaiy 0T A pp! teat Ions received and palteloe lnaaai by THOMAS C. WHEELER, Agent, No ? Pa. aeaaaa?-betw. ?h andTtk Ba. CVOB A SURMORS, OIPT 8E0AB 810 B 1, NO. 530* PA. AVENUE, BET WE AN 3a streets. (Old Depot) where otwy person purchasing hegara to tte amouatof Fifty Cents will receive * ThO l elry. Fancy Artld a, Hooka* Ac., wltlea wl 1 be gl\atawny In ardar to Induce rapid sales ard ~ freAte. Amusements K1C VBIIVIV *?? CMIR& AH D UraT ejRPsrs saloon, WEDNESDAY, thursday FRIDAY, t?j SATURDAY. Afternoon ul at 3* ud 7Jt, will be exhibited CHINA AND JAPAH, rtlal*4ap??unu fro? e Igtosi sketebe, t, ?m E Weet. aevea peera la tbaOrkstui e^ pire, ui WilUui Heiae. ArUet of Japaa Li^ AdmtariMlliMh. Mr lAJts ftOIRftR RARRtRTR. Prop, h w mundbb tabes great pleasure In ihnkIk to hR frlenda ??A Dm pahUe g???rally that kit Utk U Soiree vlll take place -? ?*?-??-" of MR and D et A VI na intt V lltMB, ? KVKMNR, March 1 will fe?t ??lrwwnr "rvn?Miy mh- ? lag (tbe weather permitting) thetgbout Ur m ?on AMk Wednesday even lug, March tfcth, theia will be a Fancy Dress Hotrec given by Href u It will Re entirely private. aad ?trtetiy ae*m All Iboee w?o desire to ?nboriibe ru do as bv applying at th* Hall on Tuesday aad TUr*4i evenlaga from R till 10 o'clock. mar?-f CLAlRTUTARiB. MADAME SWETT, THE CMLtBKATWD CLAIRTOYAHT, B as arrived la this City eat takea rwmi at Mo fOI ttr st (c ppoelte OR4 PeUcwi Hall ) where ake Is reedy ?? UWWNRMBMRR rssaaa. M rv MHranc tfcr PAST? PRESENT?? FUTURE and DISEASES "V lET Daring a year's toer la tee Peeth i?4 Weet. Madame CVVKTT has been ceeeulted kj apwards of TVs Thousand Paesesa.asd Is pra aonaoed a so perl or Clairvoyant mmA ike R so4? of the Age IVrmi ?/ Ceiwelieris*?Ladles, St; R?0?. ?oa St f L ? Lost and Found f OST?ON THE ?? INSTANT, BET WEE* Lj the Northers Market, and the corner ef ttk and L streets, a mouse colored FUR CAFE.antfc large whits st'lpea, and rmf of the etUi brnkea et A liberal reward wttl be pa d If leflst tbs Batter Stand of W C Johaeoa. In either mvke\ or at the Grocery Store eoraer of R:h aaa Ls'r et?. _lt MRS C E JOHNSON. Lost ?on Friday, last at tbe President's Levee a lerge (gent'emtns) far SHAWL. The person Rnd'ng it mav know whs It belonga to as It was kaoted and tied to a bar at the window to the left of the malt entrance If left at corner of l*th and C atreets. No M7. they will receive the thanks of the owner marts Lost?at the president'* recap. tlon last night, a b'n?* Beaver Cloth DR ? !*? OVERCOAT, with s Key. m.r rd "No 83 ' la the breast rocket, and a Cloth Cap la ano?b*r pocket Tne per?- n who too* It bv oi'*take w;u plemae send it to No 83 Wllierda' Hotel, mar 7-3t *1A RKWAKR.-BROKE AWAY FROM W lo the* ubecrlber, eu T need a* an^ru lng. the 34 Instant, a blood BA Y M ARB, with bob tall about <7 hruds high, n?wljr Mice, and her right ear a little tore Tne above r< vnrd will be paid on her return to LEVI Pl'?|. FHRBY'S Ll*er; Stable, C street, between 4jf aid 6tb streets. mar A *? ZACH. BEBB Y, of $ C B B W A R D ? STOLEN FFOM TBE stable of Wm HomtUer, on Pun, cv da? night, a SORREL HORSE R year* ,Ar>V old, a boat 14 to 16 hands high, white s'ar in tia f rfh-fd ( ery dim) white nose, sad ha* a an a on the left aide of his head nibbed by the bridle Very small nee*, bat little mane, and s*rn4ar body. The above reward wilt be paid en hla de livery at Stall No. 37 Centre Market mar A-lW CON RAP SOKL. Lost?at the president's,on fm day evening last, a large Black Cloth TALMA with four pockets, b aek alpaca lining and vel vet collar A liberal reward will be glvea If at the Banking House of M. Sayder ? Boa mar 4 Wants. WANTkD.?AT COLUMBIAN COLLEGE 14th street, an active Boy from 14 to 1? jeara of age, aa Waiter. A refereaee requited. It* "ITT ANTED -ONE OR TWO MEN TO VY Trim a large Fee-h aad Apple ore'.ard. mv 10 ?t D. CLAB*TT._ WANTED ?A WHITE WOMAN AS Cook. Washer, snd Ironer Fhe must furnish the beet testimonials aa to capability, honesty, and Ictrg'lty None aeed spply that la a?t wel rec ommended a poly at aortheast earner efFr?ak* lla Square and 13th etr?-et mar 1- -St WANTED ?A 600d HOUSE. BRICK, AT a low reat, between Rd and IRth atreets. Missouri avenue aad E street Hoed yard as4 good water. 5?,oru to S/0^) do lara wax ted ea Baal B?t It. Addreea Box 31k, Poet OAoe aai 10-lw WANTED?A 8KBVANT (COLORED preferred) to Cook, Wash, aid Iron a rmallfaml y Acp'y immediately at No *C9 h street, beiweea K aad L atreets, mar It 9.-* WANTED ?A WOMAN TO COOB, Wirt, ard Iron for a sms 11 family, inquire at AiA jtth atreet, btterara 8 aad H. mar 10 ft* W ANTED ?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE will Rrd a good attnatlon by appUIng at No IS1, feven Buiidtnga mar 10 tr* HOUSE wanted immediately or oa the 1st April or May, a Hoare with fmn> ? to IV Room*, within limits of Pesa aveaoe and L recta, and Si and teth atreeta Theadver User is in a aeUird boslneas In the e!ty, and will Srobably be a r ermanent tenaw t Addreae at Star iAce. A 8 C , atatlag location, terms, Ac. mar 10-Rt T<^ WANTED-A situation AS WETNnrsa, . by a young Olrl App y at the Star OBoc for J. w Heat of city references can be glvss ma-t 9f WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Whi* Woman, a gord family Wa?h Al*e. a a young girl aana's a aituat oo as Chambe-maM " Apply at 78 Q atreet ab^veiild. mar C ??* WANTED ?AN EXPER1ENCEDOVSTlR Shucker Apply at D'l VERNOIs'S French , ' B^eUnnutt, Peaa aveaae, between l?ih aa' l6tfc ^ a'rieta mar >-3: PRINTERS WANTED -TWOOR THRKS goed Compositors can Snd emgloymen'.. st fair wagee, in a pleaaant vl lage. ten mile< fr< ?n tbe VIrginl* White Sulphur Spriaga, by addre?* ^rglacmtdlalely WM. P.PARISH, Lew'ub^rr. WANTED immediately?A 600D Wheelrlght, to take charge of a Shopes kH ewa responsibility, or work niece work A? t* ?? la pleaty of work now on hand, any good s>4 steady workman will fiad this ckanee to his ova advantaee For farther partlculara inquire of I L. JENKINS, Cnloatown, D. .C, nearthsNsvy Yard Bridge mar ?-*? ?NFORMATION WANTED OP A tOUN* 1 man by the name of t'saaava Jancas fro* Woosocket, R 1 .wholefttAe Intersatlonal Ba tel. February 17^ for more quiet lodglaga, beisi oat of healtn?where It la net known Abv in formation concerning him or where he msy ?sand, will be gratefully received and llbfisllj ?awarded If left with H. M Pierce, at the Natlcne Hotel, or at tke police oBce mart 3t? H. M. PIERCE. 1B7ANTE6? Bb^B LAi)IER AND ?EN YY tlemen, more espeelaUv thore out of empin Meet, to learn one of the iro?t proAuble Ana sow la the world It !? ala*-. a very light ard eleaa bualaees Frem SI ?o S5 per day can te made st It without any lebcr. Houaekeepera aad Hoi* kespers will save moch expense by leeralag tbs . greatest of eiacoverlee. Caa Re Jeatned In lv?? ?Bootes Rale aa rer?sae?t as bstw. For par , tkalara addrwS, with stamp eoeloe<d, te Til Of B. SYLVESTER, Boa RRt FesA OAoe, U ash lagton dty, D C. ?r ? r\KU? CLEKK WAl^TlD-TlfONE NEST U .pnir unless he can give goed refereaee s* to ehsi.cter and capacity Addrvaa Fkllo,*' through the Poet Oflce, la the hand wrlt'agd the applicant . | mar 7 * ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?A STEAin Msa to take eere of a horse and do rtf __ To a competent person a permanent ho* ud good wagee will be given. Call at POTES- ? TINi?8 Confectionery, Peaa. iweaoe betwet 10th and 11th streets mar 7^ WANTED ?A WHIT* MAN AS COACi man Me Mat tborougkly asdoastand b? > bu'laesaas OroeasandCsaehm?a,aad bewlllipf H "???? - '? ? about tbe house when n? Ta cue who e*? {*?; , lendatioas WlU * Prmrh 'la ' employ meat at the BqMNABdUthM WANTED?TBB HI OH EST PRICK* BY paid in cash for Old 8UvertatBOOD'R9r SSZ ""JtS"/ - ^ FBANCir,