Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THVRRDAY March 13,18*7. tW T11B fcere u? ireiia'rd Chat the very beat way ia which thry hcep (?rmtlr praaaptly p*il?4 with r?fertM? to the ?t the Federal Metre pelia end cencrraiaji ? vesta else where, ef which eerreet iaferaaatiea ceeeeatratee ia Waahiagten, la te aah* aerihefer The Star. The eahecriptiea priee far the Daily, when aeat by mail, la tS.SO j?er aaaaaa ; fer the Weehly, *1.9* per aaaaa. SPIRIT OF TUB .MORNING PRESS The Intelligence mji : "We have observed with some solioitude, tha following brief paragraph, from ??nB* acknowledged source, oopied into the R cn? mond Enquirer: , ? ?' ? The Dallas Clarendon treatv is generally believed in reliable quarters to be dead. Mr. Buchanan, it is known, i? oppofed to it In its present shape, and it is semi-officially whis pered will discountenance any treaty that may be proposed with referenoe to Central America ' ?? The paragraph derives importance from being admitted into the columns of that influ ential Administration journal, and somewhat dampens our hopes as to the fate of the treaty; for, although we have no authentic copy of tha instrument, we have understood that it adjusted conclusively all material questions of difference between our country and Eng land, and that though there were possibly minor points on which the Senate might pause and desire some modification, there would probably be no difficulty about them, and they were not such as to jeopard the ultimate safety of the treaty. We should hoie. more over that the fentiments of tha President are not faithfully represented in tha paragraph. The treaty is yet before the Senate, not hav ing been disposed of." Our respected friends of the Intelligencer appear to ui needlessly alarmed. The para* graph they quote from tha Richmond Enquir er is f unded evidently on some of the thous and Washington letters makiQg ''revelations" which am uut to nothing more than the spre ulations of the writers, in most instances in fluenced too by their personal views and syn ? patbies. Oar opioion ha! been, and continues to be, that the recommitment of the treaty by the Senate is with the view to divest it of fea tares ?hioh were disapproved by the late ad ministration; and, we take it for granted, by the present cne, as they are antagonistic to the settled policy of the democratic party from Mr. Monroe's time to this hour; none .of which ffeatu xe?, by the by, are essential to the main objects sought to be accomplished by the in. strument We anticipate its return to Eng. land after the adjournment of the session, and new negotiations upon it under the auspices of the present administration, which would clear* ly have been the policy of the Pierce admin istration with reference to it had the treaty reached Washingtm a year ago in the shape la whioh it came here. The Cnion, continuing its comments on the Dred decision, says: 44 We refer to the judgment of the court in this ease in no spirit of triumph. We would not subject it to the mere uses of party. Many men supported the Nebraska-Kansas act who believed Congress had the light to exclude slavery frcm the Territories, but who deemed it inexpedient to have the right exercised They wished to keep the subject out of Con gresa. They thought as Mr. Webster did when he favored the organisation of New Mexico without the application of tha Wilmot proviso. Thc?e men may be unprepared for this decision. We know that in tha non-slave holding States there are many who sincerely deprecated the repeal of the Missouri Com promise. There are many who have been orought up in the faith of the Wilmot proviso. Thev, perhaps, have not examined both sides of the question, and will feel a regret at this decision as deep as the pleasure of our South ern friends is ardent- We would appeal to such men in a spirit of candor and patriotism; and, without censuring them for sentiments which they have long honestly cherished, only invite them to review their opinions, and to conform their aotion to the adjudication of the higheet tribunal in the land. PEBSO HAL .... Miss Emma Stanley is performing in Baltimore. .... Mayor Vaux, of Philadelphia, is at Willsrds' Hotel. .... The Hon. Daniel E. Sickles, M. C. elecs and wife, are at this time guests of Jonah D. Ho ver, Esq , at his residence on G street. .... It appears by a report of the court martial beld on the French sentinel who shot Mr. Morey, the American, in the prison of tha Rue de Cliity, Paris that be plead obedience to order' aad was acquitted. .... On the 6:h ins', the remains of William T. suerrard, the young man who unfortuna-' tely lott his lif<j during the recent affray in Kansas, were brought to Wirehester, Va , his former place of residence, for interment. .... Geo. W. Haskins, one of the editors of the Buffalo (N. Y ) Express died suddenly last Saturday. During Mr. Fillmore's ad miniftration the deceased was a clerk in the pott-office department, and was sent as a spe cial mail agent to California. .... Tfce New York correspondent of the London Times, who appears to have mada a great many calls on Fifth avenue on New Year's day, thinks the palaces of Europe wou'd cem plain and unadorned after looking ? t the clegsnt apartments of the houses of New York. .... Horace Oreely of the Tribune, has had another domestic bereavement. He his ju?t buried bis only remaining ion, a lad of near ly seven years of sge It was only a few I cars ago that Mr. Greeley lest bis first born, earing h*a own name; the same one that Margaret Fuller, the Countess D Ossoli, wrote about so tenderly. .... The Natehes Courier announces the death of General Felix Houston, a few days a jo. at W ashington, Miss , in the 57th year of his age. The Courier says a funeral salute of thirteen guns (the appropriate number due to the rank of the deceased, who received from the Congress of Texas, in 1837, for his distin guished services to the4 Lone Star Republic,'' tha rank of Brigadier Generaliwas fired from Natehes Bluff .... Henry C Jarrett, late manager of the Baltimore and Washington theatres, returned in the Persia on Friday last, after an abeenee of only five weeks, during whfeb time he suo. reeded in leasing the Royal Lyceum theatre, London, fcr a summer season, commencing May next, when he will present to that pub lie a series of plays performed entirely by American actors. Mr. J. also negotiated for the appearance of his company in the cities of Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and for a single representation in Paris. .... Among the personsges of note now at Browns' Hotel are the following : Hon Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior; Hon A. V. Brown, Poet master General; Gov Polk, U. 8 Senator, Miiaouri; J N Craig, M C., Mo ; J L Seott, M. C., Cal ; Mr Hall, Ohio; J. MeCorkle, Cal.; ex Gov. T A. Prioe, Mo ; ex-Gov F. The mas Md; B P Rankin, Mar shal for Nebraska; lion A. P Willard, Gov ernor of Indiana: Hod. J L. Robinson, Ind.; Hon. P. M Kent, do; Hon W L Sherrod, do; Hon A Humphries, do; Col. B. Reynolds, do; Chief Justice Williams, Iowa; Judge Starr, author of the celebrated 4tM;:rcy Letter" (hoax) upon Kan?as affairs; Hon R W. Thompson, Ind , Hon W. Thorn peon, Iowa; Capt Isaiah Ryudert,N. Y ; ex-Gov. Magoffin, JCeataoky. WASHING TON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Ita Effect.?The deoision of the Supreme Court in the Dred Soott out oontinue? to grip* the Republican party awfully They suffer worte under the infliction, evidently, then they did under the defeat of Fremont. Thet left them oonacioni of great strength, end in the hope thet with another such tre mendous effort as they mede in the late Prea idential canvass, they hed a reasonable chance to clutoh tbe Government. Exultation over this far off proepect, rather than ohegrin and despair because they had not already suoceeded, characterised their publiehed re flections on tbe result of thai contest. In this oise, however, their tune is wonderfully changed ; tbey snap and snarl, ahfrave oyer What tbey realiae as likely to be tbe effect of tbe decision on tbe Northern conservative popular mind, and boldly call for revolution, proclaiming their faith in the power of " tbe people" above all oourts, all law, and all gov ernment. They stand now where all true patriots de sire to have them?no longer pretending to seek the accomplishment of their ends by law ful meant, as of late, but precisely upon the platform in that respect occupied by Qarrison, Abbey Kelly A Co. Their main strength in the lete Presidential canvass was in their pro testation* of the purpose of working out their ends only lawfully ; as hollow as the well in formed knew those protestations to be. Shorn of that subterfuge, and calling on their fol lowers to put down tbe Government, the Con stitution, and the Courts, as barriers that must be swept away in tbe fulfillment of tbeir " mission," tbey now stand before the world confessed naked and unadulterated abolition ists, as we have always contended that they are. Keeping their Handa la.?The New York Evening Post and Tribune, in their comments on the personnel of the new Administration, have evidently merely revamped tbeir old editorials of four years concerning the gentle men, individually, who oomposed the admin istration cf President Pierce. It is really amusing to note the entire identity between the articles to which we recur, euro posed, as tbey are, of tbe same old epithets, slurs and blackguardism. They made nothing what ever (as the result of the Presidential election proved) by that urgentlemanly course: nor is it possible, with tbe experience which the public have in their system, that tbey will be able to persuade any man for whose respect either member of the present Cabinet should reasonably care, that their disparagement of them is more true than of the Pierce Cabinet. From Jefferson's day down to present times, according to tbe earnest protestations of just such journals, every Democratic Chief Magis trate and every member of every Democratic Cabinet has been a scoundrel and a fool. Yet strange to say, the obstinate people will con tinue to elevate them to power; and, even more strange, tbe country will continue to prosper in all respects far more satisfactorily under tbeir guidanoe than under that of any whom the opposition by occasional streaks of luck once in a long time manage to instal in the Government. For our part, were the Post, Tribune, et at, to fail to blackguard tbe present Cabinet without stint from the start, we should dread least, after all, the peo pie had not secured in the present administra tion another old-fashioned Jeffersonian-Jack ton one. How to get the Deaired Belief?The Legislatures of New York and Massachusetts are tearing their hair and beating their breasts over the "wrongs" of the negrcei involved in tbe Dred Scott case, and in the intensity of their grief over the condition of those parties, put aside for the time being all real business before them, to devise means of affording them sjme relief from the effeetof what their organs characterise as the base conspiracy between the Supreme Court, the Executive, and the United States Senate, to compass tbeir en slavement. Now this is all a farce of the broadest kind, besides a shameful waste of legislative time only for political effect. We will furnish them gratuitously with a few facts through which, if properly acted on, tbey can in a week cure all the terrible disa bilities of these negroes over which they are whining. Via : Their owner, according to tbe pleadings, is no other than Mr. Sandford, a wealthy New York city merchant, who pur chased them from the estate of the late Dr. Emerson for the use of Dr. E.'s widow?his (Sandford'?) sister. Mrs. Emerson subsequent ly married a gentleman?a clergymao, we be lievo? of Springfield, Mass., where the now resides. If the members of tbe Legislatures aforesaid pity Dred and the rest cf these ne groes to tbe extent of say, ten dollars apiece, and if Mr. Sandford and Mrs. Emerson or her Massachusetts clerical husband share the ago* nised *'phelinks" of all Republican abolition* dom, the thing may be accomplished in a trice. But the truth is, the milk in this particular cocoa nut is not the fact that Dred A Co. are to continue in slavery; but that the law, as sfflrmed by the highest judicial tribunal in tbe land, .forever puts an estoppel on tbe plea that tbe principles of the Republican party are in accordance with constitution and law. The Rumors.?We advise the distant pub lic to place no confidence whatever in the thousand and one rumors from this city?of which most of the Washington (newspaper) correspondence of the hour is made up. That is, concerning the views and purposes of the new Administration. Tho writers, for lack of facts to write on, are simply playing their o'.d game of manufacturing surmises for the amusement of distant wonder mongers. Though the Administration is not yet fairly installed ?has hardly had an opportunity of gUncing at half a dozen points involved in ahe dis charge of its manifold dutiec?each of these wite-acres announces ita determination fairly and folly settled upon almost all matters and quettions of publio interest! We have wit nessed such expositions on the advent of each succeeding administration for the last quarter of a century, and rarely knew one of them to prove worth the paper on which it was written. The closeness with which the new admlnistra t?on is already devoting itself to consultation in Cabinet council, is a guarantee to the coun try that its members are by no means the hap bssard men tbey are reallj represented to be by writers, who insist that they have already matured tbeir plans and poliey for the conduct of the Government for the next four years. The Boston Cuatom-House is evidently destined not to go a begging for some patriotic gentleman to accept it on the termination of General Peaslee's term as Collector. There are already said to be quite a number who have signified that they won't play the ooy | paaiden UJ pr eased to ooaawt?Mr. J. B. Moore of Maine, Capt. Howl and of New Bod ford, Mr. Griswold, a lawyer, of Greenfield, Mass., and Mr. Austin, a Boston lawyer, (all of whoa are in Washiagton,) a brother of the lata Darid Heaahaw, a Boston merchant, (who is n it here,) and the Lord knows how many mora. Confirmed?We feel satisfied that the Sea ate to day ooafirmed the foil owing nomina tions of President Boohanan : Jamea U. Nesmitb, Superintendent of Indian Affain for the Territories of Washington and Oregon. Henry C Lowell, Register of the Land Of fice at Freibault, Minn. Richard R. Crawford, Jastioe of the Peaoe in and for the District of Colombia. Flavins J. Lorejoy, U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Mississippi. Wm. E. Murphy, Indian Agent for the Pot towatamie Indians. Felix Livingston, Collector for the District of Fernandina, Fla. Joseph Genois, Naval Offloer for New Or leans, Li Wm. P. Reybnrn, Additional Appraiser General, under act <& Marsh 3d, 1857. J. J. McCormick, Assistant Appraiser of Merchandise, New Orleans, La. F H Hatch, Colleotor, Ac , for thedistriot of New Orleans, La. Jamea L. Collins, Indian Superintendent in New Mexico. . John Walker, Indian Agent in New Mexico Elias S. Dennis, U. 8. Marshal for the Ter ritory of Kansaa. * Harnden MoClanahan, Marshal for the wea tern district of Tennesaee. The Diplomatic Reception ?At noon to day, according to time-honored custom, the various Foreign Ministers accredited to this Government, called, in a body, on Preai dont Buchanan, and were, in form and in turn. preaanted to him by Mr Secretary-of* State Cass M. Sartigea, the French Minis ter, now the senior member of the oorps, ad dressed the President in their behalf, in a congratulatory and exceedingly satisfactory speech, to whieh President Buchanan repliod, in a manner which was the theme of muoh praise from the distinguished gentlemen 'o whom it wa# addressed. Roorbacks by Wholeaale. ? Eea'ly, the New York Tribune seems ambitious to earn a more distinguished reputation in the Roar backing line than ita neighbor, the Herald, so long unanimously voted the prince of wonder mongering newapapera. It ia the author of the ?? whopper" that Horace Vernet ia to re ceive $200,000 for the S10,000 picture he is about to paint for the Government It ia also entitled to the paternity of the demagogue falsehood with reference to the liveried equip age of Gen Cass, now being extensively pub lished at the North. The Naval Court of Inquiry are atill upon the case of Lt. R. W. Meade. Since our lait issue Commo. Salter, Com. Berser and Com. Mercer have been examined The examina tion of the last mentioned had not been con cluded at noon to-day. They wero all wit ncsfes summoned by Lt M. Lord Napier reached this city yesterdsy evening, and proceeded to the residence if his Secretary of Legation, Mr. Manley, in Georgetown, where he remains for the present. His suite continue at Willard's, where he en gaged fine apartments for his household. Exequatur Issued.-The Preaident haa caused an exequatur to be iasued to H Hant mann, as the Conaul from Prusaia at San Frat< ciaco, Cal. The Current Operations of tha Treaanry Department.?On yeaterday, 11th of March, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of 8tocka.... $3 0fl? 03 For the Treasury Department... 31.297 30 For the Interior department....? 3,762 83 War warrants reoeived and en tare J..99 295 27 War repay warrants reoeived and *' entered 2,241 06 Interior repay warrants reoeived and entered 3 752 83 On account of the Navy 68*,089 85 from miscellaneous souroea ....? 1,342 78 CONGRF.SSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Sbkatb, yosterday, after we went to prees, the debate upon the reports from the Jodioiary Committee upon the proteat of metr bera of the Pennsylvania Legislature against the right of Mr Cameron to a seat in the Senate of the Uuited States, was continued by Messrs Pugh, Cameron, and Bigler. Mr. Foot then offered the following resolu tion : Metoived .That Simon Cameron is entitled to a seat upon this floor, as a legally chosen Senator from tne State cf Pennsylvania. After the conaideration of Executive busi ness, the Senate adjourned. Proceedings of Ta.Day. Thr Sbbatb, while in open session this morning did no business of public interest, t: a Pennsylvania Senatorial contest oase (Mr. Cameron's) not having been taken np A number of nominations were oonfirmed and. it seems to be understood, they next pro^ ceeded to the consideration of the Dallas-Cla rendon treaty. Laving ran Tsleoraphic Cablb. ? We learn that the Secretary of the Navy has or dered the steamships "Niagara" and 41 Mis sissippi," now at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, to be equipped with diapatch to aaaist in layin* down the Atlantle telegraph cable between Newfoundland and Ireland. The Niagara is the largest ahip of war in our Wavy, and her manner of oonatruction W!?1u*dvpti1h?^ * th? P?cal?? aervioe for which ahe is designated, having a lam '?flush" deck with ahlgh ceiling, n'pi whffi the oable may be stowed through the entire length of the ship, and from whenoe it oan be run off through the hatchway, by the aid of suitable steam apparatus. The Mississippi will act simply as an escort, to provide against aocident Another pair of steamers, detailed by the tngliah Government, will be similarly equipped ; and the whole proceeding to a point in the Atlantic, midway between the continents, the two ateamera having the oable on board will connect the halvea carried by them respectively, and ateam away at a mod erate apeed, in opposite directions, for the snore. The two factories at whieh the oable ia being manufactured are located at Liverpool and London. The Niagara will aail for one of these ports as soon as ahe oan be made ready ?Qd of the present month?an Eoglish ateamer loading aimultaneously at the other factory. Meanwhile, the Niagara will be fitted up with apparatus to pay ont the wire, oorreaponding with that whieh was used by the James Adger in laying the Newfound land cable, but of a less ponderous kind, as the oable soon to be laid is muoh more pliant and manageable than the former. The new oable is making at the rate of fif teen miles per day at each factory, and is ex pected to be oompleted. and laid down before the end of June. It will not be necessary that the Mississippi should leave the United States until a short time nrevious to the laying of the oable.?N Y. Journal of Commerc*. ] Dbstkdcctiob or tbb Woblo.?A German astronomer has recently predicted the rapid i?PKTi^?*awards the earth, which, destruction^ ***' ^ oomPMa^ta ?*Ore GSdftaWOWH <ttfcfctsK)in>KNCi. Qaoaaarow*, March 1J, 1867. The wsrk of planting the lamp posts for lifhiisg oar streets with Ku will be aea. meoced m eoon as the weather admits of its being done property, perhaps earl7 in April. The lighting of our city with ni will inauca r?U a new era among u?, an JTawe general rejoicing with thoee who do not love darkness rawer than light, and who are not so wedded to old fogyism as to be willing to grope their way through Egyptian darkness when busi ness or anything else may eall them into the streets at night We beliere, however, that as soon as the work is commenced, and a few squares lighted, its great utility will be seen and it will be unanimously approved. The law providing for the improvement levies a front-foot tsz of four cents on all the streets where the gas mains are now or may hereaf ter be laid, for the purpose of erecting the lamp posts and furnishing the lamps, and a general tax for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the light* And here we would remark that there are qhite a number of cross streets and pieces cf streets, thiokly settled, where the corporation ought to compel the company to run the mains On many of these streets many of the dwellers are anxious to obtain the gas for private use, and are willing to bear their portion of the taxation so as to secure the immediate benefits of the publio improvement when it shall be com leted W. T. Duvall has the contract for furnishing the posts, and Qeorge Neil tbe lamps. For the benefit of thoee of our eitisens who may have business with our Corporation and the members of the Council themselves, we insert the following appointment of oommiU tees, which was made by the president of the Counoil, Mr. English, at its last mteting: Ways and Means-Esau Pickrell. J. N. year son and Samuel Cropley ; Claims?Jenkin Thomss, W. P. Seymour and D W Oyster; Streets?R. White, R. Jones and Henry Bsr ron; Market House?Cropley, White and Thomas; Poor and Workhouse?Oyster, Bar ron and Thomas; Police?Brook B Williams, Fearson and Seymour; Commerce?Fearson, Pickrell and Cropley; Harbor and Channel? Cropley, White and Pickrell; Grievances Seymour, Oyster and Jones; Pumps?Cropley, White and Jones; Revised and Unfinished Business?Barron, Pickrell and Thomas, Fire

Engines? Jones, Oyster and Thomas; Elec tions? ba.ron, Seymour and Jones; Enrolled bills?Seymour, Barron and Thomas; Joint Committee on Appointments?Williams, Sey mour and Barron ; Do. on Change?White and Pickrell; Public Schools?Williams. Barron ard Oyster. Tbe Councils meet every Friday night at 7i o'clock. The flour market is firm at S6 12|aS6 25 with sales of several hundred barrels yester^ da7 at the latter price, for good brands The market is bare of wheat and corn ; red wheat is held at 51.-10. and white at $1 45 for good qualities. Corn 58a60 cents, and a prime article of yellow would soil a shade higher. Spectator. _??CARUBP8 SALOON ?L CARUSl'8 Soiree will take place THIS KVEN IN 6 in the large Saloon, aa tbe Exhibition of tbe Pan U?Md?f JaPan China will not take place un ,ACADEMY OF MUSIC, CORNER llthitreet tod Pi.iTeooe Mr P N CaorcB's, Historical,Blogapblcal 8ket-h?,'and -.lng??n ibe ?clenc? and Progress of Marie, SS2T 72ft ttfBBSMKS M c,"?"??-*???? JfqjSsEASTER BALL?THE COLUMBIA r if Company would respectfully in form tbelr friends and tire public generally that ^T,nK t*>eir Annual Ball on EASTER MONDAY, April 13th. 12-8t* ?TO THE PUBLIC.?WHILST AC cording to Dr. J. M. Gibson all due credit for bis well meant publication in the Star of Tuesday, be must pardon ms for thua st'ting, that I greatly prefer that my professional reputa tion should depend alone on my success as aphy sician, a* best promulgated orally by my pat<enls themselves. ,WAf. n. masseV, M D 3V7 Penn.aveaue. In justice to Dr. Massey, I state, that be bad no agency in the writing or publication of mv communication of Tneaday. My interest in the cause ?f suffering humanl y inciting me thereto : ?J?.?* c*rt*!"v 1 Pub nothing that I did not believe srrictiv true and Just, both to Dr M and many afflicted. J. M GIBSON, M D. It# corner of 12th and D sU , Washington. BSfi^1!2IIC,C'""TO ?E SCIBNTIHC ?Ps? OTHMRS ?As yet tbe principle of the Metroscope remains veiled in mystery as regards its mrtlon or cau?e of motion Mr Gaonea Elliott, tbe JSronaut, baa b en called upon by several scientific gentlemen of this and other cities to test the question re*peeing tbe induction of its motion bv viectric forces, and Mr E will, therefore, on To-morrow Afternoon, at Ms ascension af er li fluting bis Balloon, test the Rotroscopical motion in a state of perfect Insula tion. by placing the Rotroscope in his car, it be ing in a rapid state of motion, while the Balloon It are disconnected with tbe earth. The Ascension takes place at 4 o'clock, from the Ampltheatre, come: of 7th street acd the Av ?r?u*>Tth?, u?ed as the Circus. The place is well fitted up with seats for all who may feel disposed to favor tbe .Eronaut with their presence A flue Band of Muxic will be In at tendance to enliven tbe occasion. Tickets only 39 cents. mar 12 H PRINCE, Agent. ? MEDICAL DEPARTMENT O P GKOR6ETOWN COLLEGE.?Tbe annual commencement of this Institution for coc the degree of Doctor in Medicine, will be ReJ? 1 the Smithsonian institution,on THURS DAY, the 12th Inst. at 7# o'clock p m. The val edictory will be delivered by ProfT Young, M D. The medical profession and tbe public ate invited toattend. JOHNSON ELIOT, M D. ?-?t r?ii. NTION. WASHINGTON mo a ,x. HIGHLANDERS ?Youare hereby no tified that the regulsr monthly mtetlng of tbe f,mpinv will held at vour Armorv on THURSDAY EVENING, the lith instant, at7u o clock. A full and punctual attendance la re questel. By order of )no. Watt, Captain : mar ll-tt G. W FLOOD, Sec. ?TJSaaM ONTGOM ER Y GCARDS, ATTEN TION.?You are hereby notified toat tend a special meeting of tbe Comranv on THURSDAY EVENING the 12th inst Pun<J tual attendance la called for, as business ef im portance will be transacted By order of Capt THOMAS McENIRY, m"10-* Secretary. ?-^^PHILADELPiAa CAKE AT PBILA delpiia prices, at the Philadelphia loe Cream Depot, corner 19tn and F streets ICE CREAM at 91.50 per gallon, febtfi-lm* 1I/-HALEBOIIB.-JUST RECEIVED. A large Invoice of extra quality sKIKT WHALEBONE, boiled in oil. Por sale low ? JOHN M1CHEY, >2-3* 492 7th street. S" CB*TB * E W A R D .-RANAWAY from the subscriber, RANDOLPH STEW ART, an indentured apprentloe to the Butcher business. Any one Is forbid harboring or trust lag him W. M. PRESTON, mar 12 3t* LADIES' CABAS. LIATHKR RETI cules, Porte Monales, Purses, Cembs, Hair Pins, Nerdles, Stlllettoef, Crotchet, Noedes. Tlda Cotton, Ac , at ' mar **-3t ___ LAMMOND'B CLINTON'S PATENT ALCNOHOL Cook, now on exhibition at the Pair, for sale ?t (mar 12 3t) LAMMOND'B The great tragedy?the new American Tragedy, Cortes the Ceaquerer. Thla splendid poem Is pronouneed by Critics unrivalled. Jusifrom press, and foraalebytbe publisher. FERGUfON. m" ia 4t? 7th street. Notice ? all persons desiring the seivioea of the Georgetown Night Scav enger, will be promptly attended to by dropping a note la tbe bo* at tbe efflee of the Clerk of tbe Maiket or my house,naming atreet and number of house, as well as their own name. mar 12-3t JOHN IIF.SS. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES,CARRIAGES TH B SUBSCRIBERS HAVE NOW ON hand, foraaleatlowprices,a toodrJCBW. assortment ef new ROCKAWAYS.e0Q85 BUGGIKS, LIGHT WAtiONS. Ac , Ac . to which they respectfully invite the attention of those wishing to purchaae good and durable Ve hicles. Tbey also have on band several second hand Rockaways, Ac., which they offer very low for cash. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACE, mar la-et m Ifitb street DR BOSTON?THE SUPERIOR FAST sailing clipper schooner Pearl? Brown, >,?> Maater, has arrived aid will have qu'ekttSfe dispatch for the above port For freight SnSH ? BsoTloi WS; ftAtM MiLUHULY AND MtSl TRinnmei. JUST RECEIVED A FULL ASSORTMENT or Shaker*, all alsee. Straw Bonne**, Plats, Cap*, u4 Straw Trtmmtaga.Frenrh ??!] Flowers, choice ratratlra. Ribbons, Rlb-TpP boa Kurhes, aad Lac**, Crapes, Silks, Tarleton, FrlUa lllaelons, Dreaa THmmlngs, new style., aad Fancy ?*o4i of all kl? wm7f. sbbdo's, mar H-lt (lata!) Wllttmra. f ECTURBS ON THK BRITISH POETS by Henry lard, t t?!i The Sisters of Soleors, a tala of the Sixteenth Ceatury, by C 8. W Salvia, and other Poems, by Thomaa Saehan Claremont: or The Undivided Reaaehald Hl?t?r/ of King Richard the First, by Jacob Abbott _ ? Uocharty'a ElemenU of Plaae and Solid Ge ometry. Artiit'a Bride; or Pawabrakar'a Hair, by Km eraon Bennett De Bow's Review for March. mar It FRANCE TATPLOR. WASHINGTON COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, OVER SWEENY, RITTfcNHOUSE PANT A Co 'a Banking Houae, No 388, near Browns' Bote1, Penn'a avenue Prof P Bhb> aaooas. Principal. The Coarse will embrace Practical Per man - ship, Book-tropins by Sing e and Double Entry, an4 Arithmetic In abort, all the branches ap pertaining to a complete Mercantile Education Practical and experienced Teachers engaged Honrs for Ladles or Gentlemen to autt their eon Ten lenoe. For partleutara apply to the P;laeipel. mar 19-3f *_* SELLING OFF AT COST SBEPBERD, 799 BROADWAY. NEW York, now at PARKER'S Fancy Store, und'r Na tional Hotel, will foramenr? aelllng of the rs rsalader of their atock of Caps, Bond Dream, Rlbbona, Flowers, Ac , Ae. PARKER'S Fancy aed Perfumery Stars, mar 11-St* trader National Hotel. A CAR V.?ATTENTION IS RESPECT fully called to the extensive rale of valuable City Lota, Farm, aad Quarry Lota belonging to the estate of the late Wm Eaabv, commcnclrg on MONDAY AFTERNOON, March lfth, at 3 o'clock, at the Auction Rooma, and contlanlag each auccerdlng day, at that boor, until the whole la dlapoecd of. mar 11 -d J. C. McGUIRE, Anct JUST ARRIVED~AND~FOR SALE?SO head of Western Virginia HORSES, some very fine raddle and harness Horwes among them, superior tn any ever In this market. Purchasers will pleae five mea call, aa the above will be disposed of at fair prices and on accom modating terms. W C. HaZEL, Brail street. between High and Congreae Also, one thorough bred STALLION. which can be bought very low. mir 11-1 w rEM C&NDLKI? s 80 boxes Sperm Caadles, 4*s and C's SO boxes-Adamantine do 6'sandlt's 100 dczen Kssences 100 dozen Treson de Bausey Champagne 90 bores Mould Candlea, 6's sad ?'s SO boxes Vermacelll and Maecaronl JONAS P LETY, Wine, Llqnor, end firocery Store, mar 10-lw 357 Penn. avenue. FINE WOOD S4 SO PER CORE DELIV. KRED. PERSONS WANTING A CORD AND UP wards of good PINE WOOD cam be supplied at toe above low price, by calling at J. W. MYERS A CO. U7" Term* ca*h. Office and Yard corner of G and ?Sd streets, 1st Ward- mar 9-6t SHOW BEBF! SHOW REEF !I 4C nil ECK," THE CELEBRATED SHOW 13 Beef, will be served up at ?tall gS^.. W No 39 Centre Marker, on SATUR-R^y* DAY next, the 14:h instant, in cuta to/' " ault purchasers. This Beef weighs 3,000 lbs , and was brought from the Old Dominion. A corps of attendants will be In readiness to execute all orders with promptness and despatch. All baakeU will be delivered correctly and aafely. To the lovers of the name ol Breckinridge and good Beef, and especially one reared on the soil of Old Virginia, we invite yon all to come, with your big baskets and your pockets full of d:mea. No more at present. mar9-St* J. T. YARNELL NOTICE?NOTICE. I HAVE A FEW OP THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SH'iS on band, which 1 wlah to?Bb close out, and wM sell at cost. Also, GOB-raif LETS andothrr GLASS WARE, that must be sold preparltory to s change In my business. All ihat want to bay cheep, please call at No. 309, between 9th and 10th et.eets. Penn. avenue. feb 17 Bm JOHN HcDEVlTT. PIANOS FOR SALE ANO TO RE NT. PIANOS WHICH RECE1YED TBE FIRST premiums in Waahlngton. Balti more. and New Yorkvfrom the factory ff?W from other of Stelnwav A Sons, Slew York, aad'from other factories, alwajs on hand, at moderate prices and convenient terms, at No. 408 11th street, above Penn avenue Seoond-band Plaaes taken in exchange for new ones Tuning attended to. mar 10 oolmo NOTICR. All taxes for tbe year isse re mainlng unpaid* must be settled by the 1st of April. After that date 1 will proceed to dls'taln without respect to persons. Dsllnquents would do well to attend to this, to rave trouble and ex C F. SHEKELL. Tax Collector. Gboroxtowh, D. 0 . Marsh 3d, 1087. mar 4-1 ma NOTICE. MY WIFE, elizabeth DABNEY, AND myself having separated, and now living separate and apart from each otber under aurb clrcumatancea as exempt me Arm liability for m . m a ? . ? ? - - ? ? - any debt which sbe may contract, I deem it Eroper to give notice to the public at large, as I ereby do, tbat she Is not authorized to contract any debt on my account, or credit, and that 1 will not be responsible for, or pay any debt which she may contract either In her own name or mine CHI8WELL QkBNEY. Lthchbuxs, Va., February 14, laoT feb XS dim SCHOOL FOR TOUNO LAOIES. MRS D. JONES DESIGNS OPENING A School for Young Ladles on the 9th of March In one of the buildings for-Derly occupied by Dr Peck, No. 451 12th street, between G and H, la which will be taught the vailoaa branches of Eng lish, with French, Music, Drawing, Papier Macble. Ac For terms app'v to the prlnolpel at her residence. A department for little Boys will also be formed feb 28 *wa Lost and Fonnd, LOST?THIS MORNING, IN THE CENTRE Market, a Green Morocco PURSE, contain ing about $60 or S?0 In notes ard gold The In. der will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at tbla office mar 13-2t* S1A REWARD ?R A N A WA Y FROM %V lU the subscriber on Sunday, tbe 1st day of March. 1847, negro boy HENRY BbWKLL, alias Crege? about 18 yeara cf age, 5 fert 8 or? laches high, chestnut col-/ or. Had on when be left dark clothing, ne la no donbt lurking about the city, or It la supposed he has gone down the river fishing. The sdovs reward will be paid to any person that will bring said boy to me. PRESLEY W DORSEY, mar It 3t Dorsev's Hotel, cor. 7th and I sts Found-on the steps of the Presi dent's Mansion last Prlday evening, March 6th. A BRACELET, which the owner may re c iver by proving property and paving for this idrertlMment Apply to D. O. HARE, Enzrav* er, 984 Penn. avenue. mar 11 3t* Notice?stolen from my keh dence, No. 371 Third atreet on Wednesday, the 4th Instant. FOUR CERTIFICATES OF WASHINGTON CORPORATION STOCK, as follows: One, No 274. dated September 10'h, 1880, for ore hundred dollars, Interest payable a.mi-annually, one, No 'J91*,daudOct.M, 1858, r ^ * A?a * ?? ?-? ? ? ? for fbur hnndred dollars, interest payable quar terly; one, No *907, dated September 10,183a, for one hundrrd dellsrs, Interestpayablsquarterly, and one, No S6B7, In favor of gam'l L 'Phillips, datad July 94th, 1656, for three hundred dollars, Interest payable quarterly This la to forwara all p raons from fradlng or in aay manner receiving ?aid aertlfloatee. as f shall apply to the Mayor aad Register of aald Corporation for a renewal of t aid oatllficates. Also. stol*n at the same time, a GOLD WATCH with ellver face, for the return of which 1 will give a reward of Ten Dollars mar ll-3t GEORGE W. PHILLIPS. Boarding. BOARDING-ONE LARGE PARLOR,with a large chamber attached handsomely far alahed and lighted with gas. being Just vacated by a member, *111 ba rented Immediately bv the day, week or month. Price S30 per month- Ai*o, two good sized Rooms, aultable for single per sons Good Me la furnlahed, private If dealred, at S3 SO per week, situation cntral and near tbe Avtnua. Enquire at 480 Tenth atreet, betwi_ea o andE. H mutftP Mrs. bates, a t h e r House, on the southwest cornerjJIJ" avenue and 9th atreet, has made amngerrenu to ODD FELLOWS' haiT WAUGH'8 ITALIA AND TIB Lilliputian Family Will (HI N TUESDAY, MARCH IT, IMT, Exhibiting m*mj Bight* at k before 8, aad en WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS, M o'eleek AdaMta Children far sale la the Hall *?'? lst7v'2r WAUGH'8 [TALIA, WILL OPEN AT ODD FE L LOWS' HALL IN A FEW DATE. D?? ?**?? *? t?~? of u. irnm mar ll-*t? ntOMIQW TO CM1HA ABj JAPAN. CARUBTS SALOOK WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY. PE1DAT Mi SATURDAY. Afternoon and Kvniaa at 3* aad 7*, will be exhibited CHINA AID JAPAN, Painted a poo cannn from original sketchea V* Geo. R Wert, at Tea yean la the Celestial En. Sltfon"4 Wl m Hela*> Artl,t of Japan Kipe Admlsslon 13 eenta Bar 10-St* loitu dahsantb. EOF. B. W. MUNDER TARES (TREAT plsesure la aaaouaelag to his Mteda *t and the public generally that hU lith Adi Soiree ?lUUka plaoe at hla Ball, comer Jtt of Bth and D streets, on W?DN fcHUAY MlJw EVENING, March 11th, 1837 ThereOm will he a Soiree every Wednesday even-?1^? lag (the weather permitting) thooghoat the tea eon Oa Wednesday evening, March 18th, there will be a Fancy Drew Soiree given bv Prof N It will be entirely private, and strictly select All those who deal re to anbocrlbe ru do so by applying at th? Hall on Tuesday aad Thursday e^enlags from 9 till 10 o'deek. war7-f CLAIRVOYANCE. MADAME SWETT. THE CELEB RATS if CLAIRVOYANT, Baa arrived la this City aad taken rocnuat No SoS 7th at., (opposite Odd Fellows' . Hsll ) where she is rsedy to | receive oonsaltatlons rssper ' ting the PAST! - PRESENT" FUTUR E and DISEAS ES n~r Durln? a year's tour la the Pouth and West, MadameJWETT has been cotauKed by upwards of T<% Thousand Ptrtomt, aad la pie nounoed a superior Clairvoyant aad the W< of the Age Tirna oj Conrultatton?Ladlea, SI; seats fhhMlB* Wants. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A sit atlon to do Hoosework or Naming. Has good recommendation*. Address Sex Ne. 10, this otRce. it* OITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEC O table ytung Wca?, ss S esmstms Baa aa objxetlcna to light Chamberwerk. or to travel a family. Apply at No 236 Penn averoe. mar If. If WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOR, IRON, and do the kitchen worh of a email family. Satisfactory reference reqaired. Apply tt SSI I street, comer of 13th atreet. ite WANTED ?A WOMAN TO COOR, Wash, and Iron for a smalfamtlv. laquireatNe. 439 ltth street, brtween G and B. m<r 111 ? SHIRT MAKERS WANTED ?Good ptals Sewera wanted immediately, to whom good wages will be given, on sppiicaV.oa at the Sewing Rooms, on D stree:, two doors from coiner ef tta street. None bat good tewers need apply. mar H-Bf WANTED TO PURCBASE.?A MODERN styla Brick House, containing absat elcht r?oms Addreaa Box No. S StaroRoe, glviag lo e tlon and price. mar ll-4(* WANTED ?S3000 CORPORATION Stock, for which a good price will be veld mar IS >t CHUBB BBOTBBBS. WANTED ?A GOOD BOUSR-REEPER who caa come well recommended Also, a Chambermaid, either white or colored, caa ob tain perm a neat aitnatlons by applying at Ne 8 Lonlalaaa a venae, bstwesn 4# mar l*-3te WANTED-A WOMAN A COOR, Waah, and I re a for a family realding three miles in the country To one with satisfactory referee oes, good wages will be glvea App'y for three daya at No 939 B street, between a h and 7th mat It-* TWO OR THREE SALESWOMEN WAN TED ?Inquire of Mr M WILLI AN, Mar ket Space. No 32, between 7th and 8th atreeta. mar lJ-3t TEACHER WANTED ?APPLICATION In the handwriting of the applicant wl 1 be re ceived by the undersigned until the 18:h inet., fit the situation of assistant Teaeber in the male department of the Georgetown bchools. Salary (430 per annum. marU-3t ANTBONY BYDE, Sre WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD Wheelrlght, to take charge ef a Shop oa kia own responsibility, or work piece work. As tfcere is plenty of work n?w on hand, aay good aad steady workmaa will find this chsnce to his ova advantage For further particulars Inquire of K L. J KN R INS, Union tow a, D. .C, near the Navy Yard Bridge mar 18-Sf SITUATION WANTED?DY A *Es?PfcC table Woman, aa Wet Nurse Apply at Mrs F\R KKLL'tf, No 6 Missouri avenu?. corner of 0th atreet. mar ll-4f WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman aa Nurse and to do Chamber work One well qualified will find a permanent place Apply to Mrs A E. BKR R Y. P street, betwefs 8ti> and 7th streets, adjoining Union Row. mar 11 3t A YOUNG WOMAN W ISHING A SITUA tlon as Ladies' Maid or Nurse, e'.tber totm el, or go a short distance lo the country Tke best of reference* can be given Inquire st t?2I s'reet, between SOth aad list. mar 11-1 * WANTED ?A WOMAN TO TARE Charge of a child 14 months old. Also, a Woman to Cook, Waak, aad Iron for a small Ap ply immediately at SS* C atreet, between Sd and and ?#. roar 11 St* Situation wanted?by a bespat *3 able Woman, who kaa had fifteen years prsr t'ce in the business, aa Ncrae In a private farei T Would perfer to take charge of a child from it birth. Has no objection to traveling Addreas Bex No B Star Oflce. m&r ll-St* WANTED-ONE OB T W O MEN TO Tilm a large Pearh and Apple Oiekard mar 10-At D- CLAGRTT WANTED ?A WBITE WOMAN AS (V?*; Washer, sad lroner She must ftunlah lb* beet testimonials aa to capability, hooeaty. a?>? Integrity Ncae need apply that is not well ree ommended. A paly at aortheast ooraer of rr??i' Un Square and 13th street ?*r K-*. WANTED ?A GOOD HOUSE. BR ICR, AT a low rent, between Sd and Idth Missouri avenue and E street. Good yard ar? good water. _ . 1.00 to 5,ron dollars wanted en Real ?s?te Address Box 313, Poet OMoe *** 1 HOUSE WANTED lMMR^TbLY-OR on the 1st April or Msy, a Hoese with Ijeen toll Room*, within linntta o'T"11 L streets, and Si aad seih tlaer Is In a tctUrd bualr^a la th*. 6aceb1/ WSK I***"?". Ao. mar 10-3t anrANTED -BOTB LADIES AND GEN W tlemen, more especially theee eat of employ ?tent to learn one of tke meet profttable Arts new 5 S world. It is alae. a verv light aad a|?M business Frcm S3 lo S3 pes day eaa be mndeaj it without any labor. Bousekeopers aad Hotel keepers wlU save mock expeose bj learniag B greatest of disooverlca. Can be learned U *w minutes Sale aa peraaanent as butter. Per P" Ucu^ara add res a, with stamp eaclowd, to TB08. miUUlVe awew w w* ? ? ? ? tlcu'ars address, with stamp eecloerd, to TBO0. B. SYLVEBTEE, Box BBS Poet Oftee, Wssk lngton city, P. O. ? marBiW WANTED.-TBE B1GBBST PRICtf paid In eMh for Old SUver,at BOOD* SU ver Ware Manutactorv, BBS Penn. av?aae, aeai 9th street. rpWENTY PI YE PIANOS IN ?TORI, oa mm