Newspaper of Evening Star, March 12, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 12, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR.| W il rinim nitiiT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. TjTB UniTABIA* CnUBCB Cojctrotbbst ? It may perhaps be unknown to hbi of tho gtar'l Diatrict readers that daring tho whole room of the ministry of tho Rot. Mr. Con> way in this citj, hia abolition proclivities wore exceedingly repugnant to a majority of hia congregation, and that hia pertinacious deter mination to convert hia pulpit into a place for apoating abolition atamp speeches Anally work ed them ap to the pitch of aonding him off with a flea in hia oar. For doing that ao aen aible and proper act, tho congregation have ever ainco been roundly aboaed by varioua Northern politioo-religloua pabiicationa, that have boon mouthing oyer the charge that they aent him North to obtain help (funda) for their church under tho representation that its pul pit should be "free"' to be converted into a place for the delivery of abolition political tiradea The recent annual report of the Tea try of tho church in question completely dia proves thia allegation, abowing that not a penny ao collected haa ever reached them, and that all tho false pretencea involved in Mr. Conway'a course when thua railing money, were hia own unauthorised acta, Ao. We quote tha financial report of tho veatry as fol low! : THE RBPOBT It appear* by aatatementaubmitted by Mr. Hayea, a member of a former Committee on Repairs, that about tho aum of S1,S67.&0 waa collected by Mr. Conway lor tho benefit of thia Sooiety, and that hia expenaca and charges for collecting the aame were $187.68?leaving tho o?t amount $1,699 90; which aum, ao far aa the committee aro informed, ia still in tho handa of Mr. Conway. Mr. Conway, through Mr. Hayes, aubmittod at the same time aundry lettera addressed to him, purporting to bo anawera to lettera from him propounding oertain queations aa to tho conditiona open which theao collections were made These (that is to aay, the report and the let ters,) by the action of tho Church wero order ed to bo referred to tho present Committee on Repairs, and to bo printed with tho annual report of tho Committee of Management The committee regret that they wero not famished with copies of the lettera of Mr. Conway to which tnese are repliea The answers, how ever, sufficiently indicate the nature of the inquiries made, and at the same time eshibit a state of facts as regards Mr. Conway'a course towarda the congregation here, in the matter, which, to thecommitteo. appears moot extraordinary and inexp icable Some of these letters exhibit a tone of feeling towards thia Society, so urjust and unwarrantable (particular reference is here bad to that of the Rev Dr Weiss, upon whom, it waa hoped, we had eome claim for good feeling,) that we cannot trust oarvelvea to characterise them aa wo think they deaerve. Without paoaing, however, to criticiie, but leaving theao letters to apeak for themselvea, the committee are constrained to make the following statement by way of explanation : It ia evident that Mr. Conway, while at the North, solicited aid in the capacity of paator of tbe First Unitarian Church at Washington city for that church, and thatinauch capseity aid in furtherance of hia deaign of obtaining aid aa mentioned above, made certain prom ises and pledges for the Society (belonging to that church) promising among other thing?, and principally, that the pulpit occupied by him should be used for the adv&ooe of the ?4 Anti slavery cause" and that, upon such promise, funda were contributed Most of theao letters go to show, that, without auch prox ies, no sach aid could have been ob tained; some go to the extent that such aid waa not for the church but for tbe Anti-slavery cause, to the aid of which these funds had been pledged directly by Mr Conway ln some cf these letters the church is accused, in almost ao many words, of being guilty of fraud, of false pretence, (and upon the presumption that the tunds have been converted to its own use ;> of h iving done a baae, mean action; in others orders are given that the funds, if not already disposed of, be placed in other hands through which the end for which they were contributed, (that is, the aid of the Anti aimvory cause,) may be gair ?d But, not to particularise, through the whole of these leu tors it is plain to aeo that especial prominence ia given to the faet that the funda, about which they are written, were to be devoted to a par Ucu'ar object; that they were given for that object upon the faith built upon the promises of Mr. Conway that they ahould be so do thmt th4t obJect primarily the M Anti-slavery cause !" J If there were any doubt aa to whatia meant by the term "Anti-alavery cauae," and the other terma meaning the aame thing that run throughout theae letters, the frequent allu aiona to the politics and politioal parties of the day sufficiently clear up all suoh doubt The committee are at a loss (completely) how to give expression to their surpriso at the oonrse pursued by Mr. Conw?y.F Did the! deem it necessary they might here show how ruinous to all the hopes and interests of the congregation would be the fulfillment of su-h promises aa those given so freely by the pas Id 'thfcl*0 Fl* >? now need ?f'h? *>een placed in an improper attitude before thoss who have ever been its friends, promises have been made for it that were never authorised, it has had a greviois and it claims an iipa,,",! The first time, during his ministry, that Mr Conway over used the pulpit of the Chnr/h '"/'aa- courM met. on all sides, with de cided disapproval, and the committee of mst the^m111' !V^lr/nnaU "Port made about Da-ilu?\ a?c<lC^ ??"non, (a thing without parallel.) and expressed their regret at and <4'-approval of the course taken. This renort was received and adopted by a mabritT^f coJy^eJT "on* tion, rcMQtiof diaapproaa] of huH'*8*" tion, and his determination to follow hull /, 'du.iTobr" mainod the larger number berrarf ? ? Tb?j confidently assert ttat Mr Co.... at 7 known that the majority of * 0. tbu, a, ..II u 0? . fnrn^ ' ^1"* iK?d' eooclutivelj tAat At had no ron"???',"0Je" t. ...Id b. tuciaioed In tb. b. bad ptodpd lb. Soci.l" ?Se/.^od "> a' ?opposed th. taemb.ra ootid b. bought It tb! P'r * ? .V *> "J for tb.i nxaa toUbm; bit U.t ar. ' T E/rv'.r.'1? ,p'ik "?? selves In the face of these facta Mr Con way promised the aapport of thia Society to ? c?.k Antf-,U'tr7 cauee< ' and this as palt r LD?i!Zr L ? I? nich capacity, tT.' Sf.L -8ed our PU,PU b# ? rtrnnm (or nol ? SS J4UOw 01 cerUin that can litu.V 1 y* b* MP*?t?d from their po litical character, and which were tbe Drooertv t. u.. ?l.d*. .uV"? ' " "" tl" isijsr and are confluent 8 ,7 * fair ? ??., b.. fb. Cba,ch "Anti-alavery" 0r the "1? f? U*,f 10 U# ble?atng of (iod. nregerw. A ? V ,l? It asksfor aid aa a ChriHiiJJ U?VeCdeDce c??ty, and ean regard only aa m un*n overtures to pledge itself t/ili, ? ik D* Jjticai I. or that ?>>. mo funds reported to have bm ooUeeied, they War* never com# into the bands of the oommittoa, bat are, ma tb?j are informed, depoeited with a gentle Dan in the Church (the preeent treasurer) ?object to Mr Con way's order. Wn refer the donora to Mr. Con war. and in eooeladoa, beg leave to say to them that tbe 14 Firs* Unita rian Society at Washington" never gave or authoriaed the promises and pledgee upon whieh tboee foods were given, and nerer bare and nerer will reeeire one fartbing of them, eon pled with any saeh conditions. Signed by tbe oommHtee?N. Wood hull, James Adams and John Purdy. The following Is tbe letUr of that " perfect brick," in his way?the Rev. Mr. Weiss?al luded to abore: ? . . ,Q(L Naw Bedford, Oot. 4 1856 Mr Dbab Con wat : Tbe papers inform me of something which I should be glad to know more aboet, and I hope you will find time to write me a line I cannot express what 1 think of a parish that will send its pastor North to collect funds to shore up its walls, knowing that an important element in his success must be his anti-slavery proclivities, and so pocketing the money furnished by Anti-Slavery Societies here, having all the time coonted upon the crisis and tbe existing sympathy to swell those contributions, then to naietly dismiss tbe pastor, but to retain the funds " Nor can I trust myself to express what I think of any parish that will vote its pastor out of its pulpit for believing in the immacu late justice of Ood ! and for applying it to a case that is the liveliest illustration of absolute and unmitigated injustice, and all in tbe name of law and order?m the name of the Qoepel, in tbe name of the influence of that pulpit, which, when it does not depend upon tbe best thing that it knows concerning God, beoomes rotten to its very timbers and must fall. It is too lamentably ridiculous. Bat I hope next Norember will frost their noses for them. In the meantime it is all well with you, and the very idea of sympathy is mistimed. Leave them, do not trust to any adjustments or ar rangements, to a fresh vote or reconsidera tion. No, the thing is done. Leave them now to reap the fruit of their self stultification and to wait forever for a preacher, or to take, after next 4th of March, a free one ? ? m * * I remain indignantly, but none the less hopefully, and ludicrously affected, yours ever, Wbibb. Thb Reportrr or the Ikvestigatior, un der the habeas corpus for the mutes in custo dy of Piatt H Skinner, wishes to correot two or three leading points wherein be fiods he misapprehended the answers of Mr. 0 Olds The $2 000 per annum offered to Mr. 0. was not in Washington, but occurred more than ten years ago. At first going to Dr. Skinner'?, Mr. 0 had not his carpet-bag with him, wti h was at his boarding-nouse. It was not till three or four days after that, by Skinner's persevering entreaty, the carpet-bag was takon, and Mr 0. went to Skinner's house. The reason why Mr. O did not expostulate with Dr. S. on his treatment of the children was on account of a mental hallucination in S , which impels bim on regardless of conse quences. It was useless to expostulate; it would only produce a quarrel, and Mr. O. was determined to avoid that. Mr. 0 has never applied for a place in the new institu tion, nor has any application been made to him. He has no idea that more than SI 600 fer annum could be paid to a principal, and e could not engage for less than $3,000, be sides tbe other conditions as before stated The only interest he had in the schools is merely a general interest, growing out of his views of the philosophy of education. Lastly, Mr. O. wishes not to be understood as aaying positively that Dr. S. struck the child, Ann Stymanoski, with bia double fist; tbe move ment, indeed, appeared to be such, but it may have been with the open hand. Jahes Hkkdsrsox, alias Pat Darnell, who, it is alleged, picked the pocket of Thomas C. Donn, at tbe National, ou tbe evening of tbe 3d, (whilst endeavoring to quell a disturb ance ) and for which he is under indictment, was released from iiil on $500 bail, taken by Jndge Crawford, of the Criminal Court. This case may be classed among the remark able ones. A magistrate from Baltimore came on here expressly to procure bail for the crim inal, and was active in bringing security to the committing magistrate for his release. Failing therein, he made application to Judge Crawford with more success; and while his release was being made out, his confederates, to the number of four or five, including the notorious English Jim, were waiting near the court room to glory of his success, and to carry the aocused in triumph back to the Monu mental city. Amongst tbe statements as made by the magistrate aforeaaid, be asserts that he knows that Henderson is not the person who committed tbe robbery, and that he knows who committed the act. If his assertions are correct, be should give tbe name of the thief; jaatfoe demanda it; the oity of Baltimore, for whom be acts as a judicial officer, demands it at his hand. Heretofore when officers from Baltimore have taken criminals out of oar jail under bail, they have never been pro duced here for trial. Will it be any better when magistrates interfere. We shall see what we shall see. Thb Wbathhr?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, March 5, to thii morn ing : Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday ? 339 36" Friday... 32? 34 30 Saturday 24 30 24 Sunday.... 16 32 28 Monday... 22 34 32 Taesday 20 32 30 Wednesday 26 34 34 Thursday 22 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from March 6th to 12th, inclusive, 23- 01'. Moon's last quarter Wednesday, March 18, about 32 p. m. Kemaris?March 5th, rain; 6th, ice made, with cold wind; 7tb, snow fell, wind blowing fresh; 8th, rime frost; 9th, river covered witn ice, and snow and rain fell; Uth, snow fell, and to-day ioe and snow still with us. Grorgbtowh, March 12, 1857. B. Uritbd States Policb Rbfortb.?Before Justice Donn. James Norria waa arrested by Offioer King, and eommitted to jail, upon the charge of stealiag a norte monaie, containing *3.02, from ETisa Peregoy. James Turnburke wss arrested by Officer Kemble, upon the charge of having drawn a pistol on Wm 8. Martin; security for peace. ? James Burdine was arrested by Officer Kem ble, for fighting, and threats against Thomas Crown; security for peace. Frank Riley was arrested by Offioer Kemble, for committing an assault and battery on Mr. Diffenderfer; security for peace. James Bennett and John McMahon were released on SI,000 bail, each?they having been retained in jail awaiting a certificate from l>rs Lippitt and , who have certi fied that Thos. Mason was out of danger fropi the wounds received at their hands on the 4th instant. The Board or Maragers of the Washington Protestant Orphan Asylum gratefully ac knowledge the following donatfona and collec tions, to aid in relieving their preaent debt: From Rev. Mr. Cummins, of Trinity church, $350; from Rer. Mr Hall, Church of the Epiphany, $137; from Rev Mr Sunderland, i of the Four-and a-half st Presbyterian church, $150; Mrs Col Freeman, $25; Mrs. Ann W. Smith, $20 ; a friend, $5 ; a friend, $1; Mrs. Weir, $2 50 ; Mra S. H Hill. $5 ; a friend, $2; Mra. Bridge, $3; Mies Virginia Tayloe, flO; Mr McH&agh, $1; Mr. B V Reed, L10 ' ?ri?HoU? Mrr w s- Carroll, $15; Mte. W. F. Carroll, $10; Mrs. Saunders, $1; Mrs 's children, S3. Mobic ? p'?f. Crouch gives Tu u- ? bis popular course of lectures upon the History of Musio to night. Mr Crouch is an able illustrator, and handles bis subieot finely We learn that he is engaged to de liver the same course as those previously given at the Academy of Muaic before the lovers of music in Alexandria, commencing next Wed nesday. - Public Schools ?There will be a public presentation of cards of merit on Friday next, ?t 3i o'clock, at the school-house, Qeorgel town, where tbe presence of tbe parents of t&e children, aad other friends of popular educa tion, would be agraphia. Cbiitiiu Cootf?Ms morning, the jury in tha oase of Strong vt Bmew, under in ? . - ? -- ???"? v#. uwwir, auuir ??? s tractions from the Court, u prayed for by the defendant's oounsel, returned a verdict of not guilty. ^ Henry F. Koss, charged with stealing from the stores of Meura Taylor A Maury, R. Farnham, and J. Shillington, waa found guilty of the three charges. As we close our report J. O'Connell if under trial for larceny. Visitino Carps.?Stranger! now in Wash ?hoold not negleet obtaining a pack of Visiting Casds They are beautifully teritttn yr our friend Richardson, at the Kirkwood House. Examine his specimens, and you will certainly order a pack. W icon's Italia, a fine piotorial exhibition, and which we ^ee has received most compli mentary notices elsewhere, will be opened at Odd Fellow's Hall in a few days. Thr Fix* Panoramas or China anp Japan will not be open to night in conseqaence of the soiree at Caruai'a Saloon, but will be un rolled to morrow afternoon and evening. Dr. Popb, Homeopathic Physician and Sur S?on. has removed his office and residence to e Menou, or chain buildings?formerly occu pied by Got. Pennington?No. 37? fl street, north side, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. ?? Should ant of thr rradcrs or thr Star be suffering with ooughs or bronohial affec tions, we urge them to give Dr Reily's cele brated Pastilles de 8cille, or Squill Loaengcs, a trial They are highly recommended by the medioal profeaaion, as a safe, speedy and ef fectual remedy. Sold by Druggists generally. Thr Art ox Brixo Hanpsorr.?Ri?e early, lire temperately, and practice honesty. To put on the fine touches, the bloom, delicacy and fragrance, go to Oilman's, and get a pack age of Jontam^, Cream of Wild Flows, a substitute for soap and perfume, and an ar ticle for every lady's and gentleman's dress ing room. Agent in Georgetown, R. S T. Llssel. f A Book or Univrrsal KNOWLRPOR.-Just published, the most useful and extraordinary volume ever yet issued from the press, as it comprises all the information contained in a doaen of any other books of information tha, have hitherto been printed. The title of this wonderful book is as follows : "Inquire Wlth rJUFfVl yoa w*nt 10 Kno" ! ?r? Over ?<?n 8 i ?*KPe^>l6 " A lap8? ?olume of 500 pages?cloth, gilt?price $1. For sale by A. Adamson, Bookseller, Seventh st., op posite the Post Office, Washington City, tf Watch Report.?A few lodgers were re oaived last night. Biddy Corbin, a woman some 40 years of age, was fined for drunken ness in the street. Inqcirr Within roR Anything You Want to Know, or over three thousand seven hun dred facts worth knowiog. This is the odd title of a book published in New York by D. Garret A Co , and sold in this city by B. W. Ferguson, 486 Seventh street. We opened it with the idoa that it was some catch>penny humbug, but in turning over its leaves, were really astonished by the amount of useful matter crowded into its 434 pages. It truly abounds in "facts worth knowing" for family reference on all subjects oonnected with domestic economy, and we shall be sur prised if it does not have a great sale. "Woodland Crea*.?_A pomade for bear, tifying the hair? highly perfumed, superior to any French article imported, and for half the price. For dressing ladies' hair it has no equal, giTing it a bright glossy appearance. It causes gentlemen's hair to curl in the most natural manner It removes dandruff, always giving the hair the appearance of being fresh shampooed. Price fifty cents. None genuine unless signed ?< Fetridge A Co., proprietors of the Balm of a Thousand Flowers." For sale by all Druggists and J. Shillington. Kalliston. ?'The season now upon us is the most trying of any in the whole year to the complexion and to the skin. * The rough winds and warm sun irritate and inflame its delicate mechanism, and tan, roughness, discoloration, and even freckles, are the consequence. All these, however, may be prevented by the free uae of Kalliaton. Prepared by Joseph C. Burnett A Co., Tre mont street, Boston, and sold i? this city by Nairn A Palmer, Selby Parker, and dealers generally. Fror CHiNA.-The Hong Kong Register, of December 30, says: "Some time ago there was a report that the Eastern King had been slain. We have now an account in the fol lowing extract, of the death of the Northern lung. It seems a second edition of the Kil ?^ta : T?e de.ath of both th? Extern and Northern Kings is now very generally re ported and believed by those who come into Shanghai from Nanking. One of these re ports runs, that the Asaiatant King, Shih Tab kai, returning from Kiangsi with an army K?nl 8lr?D?' 6eiled the Northern King, Wei Changhwui, and put him to death 20rth"n K5n* had PQt t0 death the Lastern King, \ang Sintsing *' MAKK1EO, ? On the llth Instant, by the Rev John r Smith, Mr SAMUEL L/ DAVIS of VlTrftJ? ? ' t0 M1bi 8ARAt* E. DRADY cf Montgomery county, Md. \11 For Bala and Rant. f^OR RENT?A THREE-STORY BRICK House, No 491 17th street between H >n<? i streets, new occupied by Lieut'lves U 8 Arrav F?* RENT.?THE SECOND-STORY OK Room Tn formerly used aa a Billiard aEissssi. situated on K, between iicth and 27th streets F i ml ??? oSc?-STSS torn terms apply to JAMES H. REED, at Mri Kirk wood'a corner l?th and F atreets mar 12-3ti F??!L RfENT?THAT DESIRABLE BUSL ?a h 8treet we>t<thl,d d?or from "tt? ta*ld!Ig ? To'V'^'d0" ?PP" tenant the rent wlli be m.df re..iMblJ fS! terms apply to JAMES TOWLES. Property at&rt!1 ?5 n0ltll, betw??tt 8th an<f #th '^a^JVoJOO mM 1?.tpD |]R WADSWORTH INTENDS SOON TO The'oa^th^ lMae 10 hlldw? C atn-et. CoV uft ??w occupies, o*er Todd A wiS atZ^r?ila tbC '"y rt Can b^obUlnrt F?ClL?.ai5MT~FOUR MODERN BUILT IMrll-6t* JAS. E. DUNAW1N. F(BrtckED?mI",EJ;ttiRSi"the nSiein0^ 8'LB OR RENT ?AN EXCEl I knt Garden Spot of three acre.^ali wellSenr^d wun a comfortable Cottage of four room* ?i.v ' ??e large Pofttco, and PUn to the yard BltuUed at Ball>. c%? gTS? SSSXis&Ers vgrZ ? Unry Stabiaa on 14th *i^. nlurSi^ ,*Atk?> WILL SILL MY ~~ the Washington Railroad, Washington0?3 fourteen from Washington, containing 102acres It la lmoTored S?aoll<i?5,JSSSd itHf* cont*,nlnK 5 rooms, convenience of this Farm to Market ^Y? ? ? uJr?K"p,3E ?, TO * wUl "* P>? ? "MLr. ?.?* .f.OT Particulars Inquire of Mr. Whalen Heir. 1 viile, or to me, on the premises Belts ? ataTll-3t. J.l.bautkr. P>R RENT?TWO WELL FURNISH Kn frf*?* Sm1?* fl00r' * Parlorand Cbam *.?treet? T* Ue Dopartmeat of Apply ?n the premises. mar 10-3t POR BALK ?A FARM LY1N<TTnMONT. A gomery county, Md 9 miles from Washing. Ion, near the Bethesda Church, on the RockvlUe Turnpike. The Farm contains 9(1 acres of first ?? * improvements are a new Frame Dwelling House, containing 6 rooms, asd a stable for four horses "" BcroUSaw *nt'nte Hor,e Power and to CHARLES F WOOD, 448 ?!i - *1^ ' K and F., or toC. T WOOD, adjoining farm. mar7-3w THE m?nth or year, located and commodious three-story Pu H *'reet' now occupied by Mr. **anks. The house Is completely fur nV?i.i?J.?qulre 11 238 G ,treet> near tbe War Department. mnr 6-gf I^HREE houses and lots for sale. nni? "tT'S ?*' *8' and 50 Louisiana ave WMblngton, are offered at private sale, low e"*|r?terrru- WUl be sold separate or to Srtth ?ne Is a four-stcry Brick, S>f? ^ .{^ment' nwlv new- ?d ?n com pleteorder, with wster andjnu throughout. Ap ?!>? w ^i^,NDY',t *? 46 Louisiana ave (JOTTAGE FOR RENT?LAND FOR SALE

~For rent, for a term of two to four yeais, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three seccud floor, and four attic Rooms, with mod en conveniences for heating the house and water- A F*nn attached, of red a5rM' whlch ?" be reduced to any ?L? H. I "^?ed on: eight miles from Washing ton-three from Alexandria, high, healthy and fu^Tnii*' rented immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current men.. ?ftK.a H"m ?f 300 acreg wllh Improve, ments, within three miles above, for sale or lease EnqulreofSWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE FANT ma* 6 aoker"' acd ?cl IRW1N, ?Land Office. VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR Ja.? . , contains upwards of 5700 acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500ufed for pastures, and about 700 acres well timbered, and along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to ChsrlottevilJe will run Attached An^1,8*GriVv8.awM111? fed 'rom the South Anna River,which is a part rf the boundary line and o? which arc also 40 ecres of low ground ' p,0<"lc,Ds ?ood Tob?c good orde?" 9uperlor and amPl*i *n,J In 16o bushels rf Wheat have been seeded, Tobic J . Beds were burnt and seeded before the wuv .'v Cats and Corn due progre* s is made. With }be estate, the slaves and improvements, ? ? m*y a**? he hid, and further Infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington clfy. mu " PoFrentorTale^rhT^^dc^*. M. venient Brick House, No. 163 West street, ff ?OWB* 111# ln excellent condition. There are 13 Rooms in the House, nearly all of which rTr^iiT ^ i^i11 Ga* F11 tnres There is a good ^52 ^i^bed to the property, and a Pump of as good Water as can be had in the District, a the hour?t Possession given on the 1st of May, or sooner If necestary. For terms apply to T. W. SIMPSON. mar 9-*w^ 17?* RENT OR LEA8E?FORREST HALL W,H be rented by the n?ht, or' by the year, to any rfsponslbleassociatlon. This is the only Hall in tbe District with scenery Apply to B FORRKST, 1st street, Cox s Row, Georgetown, mar 4-2wo ?R ?^HAT large and very u.1^ * .a^5 Slore Room Cellar, No 130, on ^nnt Ji ^f?|Dear ]?1Sh' eeorRetown, formerly occupied bv Myers ft Bro , as a Dry Goods House and recently occupied by Se!dner & Co <i Clothing Store^ Possession given immediately To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low FULLALOVE, or to E 8. W KIQH r, Auctioneer . fe^ j A CARD ?-FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS Hnn p"r JrlD ? Row? now occupied by Hon. C. Cashing, Attorney Geneial. It ha all the modern lmprovemenu, hot and cold water b**b rooms, chandeliers, and gas fixtares This Is one of the most elegant and desirable nf ".K .V1* cljy> commanding a beanUful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1s In ftont of one of the most beautiful pnbllc squares in this city, with a delightful and con "^PP, y SJ good wat" " !? entirely free w?i . ? f5d?mo,l34,"??* Inquire of Wm WALL, of Wall and Stephens, ??t Pennrylva nia avenue. K ma74Tm pOR RENT-THAT VERY COMMODI x otu and convenient (brown stone front) House, u ??rth "Wc 2'E? between dth and luth >treet" It la new, and has been kept ln tbe beat order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion Possession will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For terms apply to the subscriber, at 929 H, between 6.h and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent feb 26-tf THOMAS BERRY. For sale, exchange for city PROPERTY, OR RENT ?Possession given first of April next, that delightfnl situation situated near Mr. J. Sales, oontalnlng 1^ acres of Land, with all its improvements. Title good ln a good state of cultivation. For further par ticulars apply to the subscriber st the Dead Letter Office, or at No 439 6th street, between E and F. feb 21-2awtf GEORGE M KENDALL. AUCTION BALBB. By A. OREEN, Auctioneer. Hand sonb furniture, piano. Forte, fcc., at Aaction.?On MONDAY, the 16th instant, I shall sell, at 10 o'clock a. m at tie of A Bennett, Etq , No. 360 north D, between 9th and lOtli streets west, an ex cellent assortment of Furniture, vli: A v?.ry fine rosewood case I'iano forte, re?en oc taves, nearly new, of fine tone and touch Piano ?tool and Cover Mahogany Sofas, French Chairs, Divans, Olio mans Mahogany marble-top centre and tide Tables, Rocking Chairs Fine gilt Gothic frame French-plate Mirror,large size Mahogany dressing and other Bureaus, marble top Wash Closets Mahogany Hat-rack, Sideboard, French Bed stead, and Wardrobe Cherry and maple high and low-post Bedsteads and Wardrobes Fine Feather Beds, hair and other M?ttresse?, Bedding ' Girandoles, mantle Ornaments, and Window Curtains China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Table Cutlery Mahogany centre, card, and dining Tabias Three-ply and stair Carpets, passage and other Oilcloths Refrigerator, Cooking, Rldlator and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums under S50, cash ; over #50 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed .bearing interest. A.GREEN, mar 10 d Auctioneer. Br C R L CROWN A CO., Auctioneers WE WILL CELL, ON MONDAY AFTER NOON , the i?th of March, at 3 o'clflfck, with out reserve, four Frame Houses, containing six rooms each, situated on 7th, between O and H stjeet* island, with right of alley back Title indisputable. Hale positive. Eich house now under rent of eight and nine dollars per month. Terms : One-third, cash ; balaace ln 12 and 18 months, with notes satisfactory endorsed, bearing interest from the day of sale C. R L CROWN A CO . mar 3- [Intel] Auctioneers. ICTThe above aale has keen psstpsnsd until SATURDAY, the l4th March, same hour and place. C. R. L. CROWN A Co , mir 10-d Auctioneers. _ By J. C. McGU I RE, Auctioneer 1TALUABLK IMPROVED PKOPERTY v at the earner of Fifth street wott and u street north.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. March UJth, at 4# o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lots 19 and 20, ln square 48?, fronting 50 feet on 5th street west, at toe corner of North H s.ree',| un log back 85 feet to a 16feet, 9 inchea alley, ?ith tbe Improve-ments, consisting of a commcdlous and well built two story and attic Frame Dwelling House, with brhk basement, containing 10 rooms Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6, 12, and 18 months, with Interest, satisfactorily se cured on the property. E. J. KING, Executrix mar 9-d J AS C. McGUlkE, Auet. MULES! MULES I! OA HEAD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST OU arrived from Kentucky, and wlil^ be sold on accommodating terms by BD-'nm I pling to HENRY BIRCH, at his LI very W I stable, corner of D aad 14th streets, I Washinj*?, D.V. mw ?.lmo TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. FOTO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival ef the ?toaaaefctp Kuivh. New Yoek, Maroh 1J ?The sorew steam ship Kangaroo from Liverpool on the 25th alt, arrived this forenoon The Caaard steamship Arabia arrived at Liverpool on the 13d. There is again a prospeet of an araieable settlement of the difficulty between England and Persia. Disraeli's amendment to the budget pro proposed by tbe Chancellor of the Exchequer had been negatived in the Hoato of Commons. The bndget, as reported, is consequently vir tually passed In the Liverpool cotton market holders de mand an advanoe and buyers ask a reduction; the market closing du'l, with a downward tendency at the quotations of the previous Saturday. Sales of three doys, 17.000 bales. The advices from Manchester are favorable, that market being dull with a declining tend ency. Consols, for money, closad at 93j. In the Liverpool breadstuff* market flour had declined; Ohio, 3ls6d a 32<6d.; Baltimore and Philadelphia, SOsfld a 31s6j.; Western Canal, 29*81s. The Liverpool provision market was un changed. [SICORD DISPATCH J The London Times contains a leader on the virtual rejection by the American Senate of the Dallas-Clarendon treaty. The Times dep recates a renewal of negotiations on the Cen tral American question The Madrid papers still discuss the outrages inflicted on Spanish citiiens in Mexico, and it is annoaDced that 8,000 troops will be sent immediately to Cuba, to replace those which are to be sent to Mexieo. Fears are entertained at Madrid of another insurrection. Large quantities of arms and ammunition have been found bidden in the city, and it was kelieved that the Demo crats and Progressistas had conspired together against tbe government. Tbe Paris Pays states that the fact that the convention for the cession of territory by Per sia to Russia is inccntestible?that tnere is an existing treaty in which Russia engages to de fend Persia from invasion, and that at the commen^ment of tbe present difficulty with England Persia claimed from Russia the ben efit of that treaty, and Russia hastened to re deem her pledges by sending an army to Araxes. It is said that the scheme of the Neapolitan government to transport political prisoners to the Argentine Republic has miscarried, tbe latter government refusing to receive any but free colonists, and the prisoners utterly re fusing the proposed commutation. A diplomatic circular from tbe Spanish minister at Paris explains the ongin of the dispute with Mexico, and the intention of the Spanish government. An imposing force is to be despatched to Mexico, ann the moat encrgetie measures em ployed to obtain redress. Orders have been sent to the squadron lying at Mahon to pre ceed to Cadis, to join the expeditiod. A lice of battle ship and three war steamers are also detailed to tbe same destination. LATEST. Paris, Tuesday.?A settlement has taken place between England and Persia. The con ditions were agreed upon on Friday. It is rumored that Russian troops have die embarked at Balfruck, on the Caspian Sea, and that the Russians have forwarded muni tions of war to Teheran Lordow, Tuesday, Evening ?The Earl of Derby has brought up in Parliament the reso lution condemning the Chinese war, support ing it with a speech, in which he maintained that the Chinese outrages, and infractions of the treaty, do not justify the hostile opera tions that have taken place. The money market U firm; nothing has been done under 6 per cent. Large arrivals from Australia have influenced the market, and the drain upon the Bank stopped. Consols for account, 94. Naw York, March 12.?The Kangaroo's news went direct to New Orleans at a single writing, over the National line. Reception of the Remain* of Dr. Kane. Philadelphia, March 11 ?The remains of Dr. Kane arrived at the Baltimore depot this afternoon shortly after four o'clock, and were escorted by the First City Troop of Cavarly? the Washington Ureys acting as a guard of honor?to Independence Hall, where the body remains until to-morrow. Tbe interior of the hall and all the entrances have been draped in mourning, and the coffin has been taste fully decorated with cameliar, the voluntary offering of Peter Mackemie, Esq., the inti mate lriead of the deceased The flags throughout the city are at half mast and draped with black. There were large crowds gathered at all the points on the route to view the escort and remains. Funeral of Dr. Kane. Philadelphia, March 12 ?The processitn is funning for tbe Kane obsequies, acoording to programme The flags of the public build ings and shipping in port are at half mast and draped with crape. Stores along the route are olosed, and tbe pavements thronged with orderly spectators. Tho weather is clear but cold, and favorable to the comfort of the pro cession. The military display is large and imposing. [SECORD DISPATCH j The prooession started from Independence Hall at noon. The body was borne by the crew of the Advance, ^xrrounnded by the pall bearers previously selected The civic portion of the procession included delegations from civis bodies, tbe faculty and students of tbe colleges, the fire department, Odd Fellows, St. George's, St Andrew's, and the Scotch Thistle Societies, the Sco'.t Legion in citizen's dress, bearing the fla? of the Pennsylvania regiment in the Mexican wir. The civic portion ot the procession was 40 minutes passing a given point; the State House bell, church and fire bells tolled during the passage of the procession. The religious services take place in the Sec ond Presbyterian church. Dred Scott in Maasachoaetts Boston, March 10.?Dred Scott, who has just come out of the Supreme Courst, has get into our legislative halls In the House, to day, an order was adopted instructing the oommittee on Federal relations to consider the expediency of instructing our Senators and requesting our Representatives in CoDgress to propose an amendment of the constitution of the United States electing judges of the su preme and inferior courts by the people for a term of years The House also appointed a oommttee to consider and report what measures should be be taken in view of the decision of the Su preme Court in the Dred Scott case.. Fost-Cffice Robberry. Philadelphia, March 11 ?A final hearing took place to-day before the United States commissioner, in the case of James M.-Fei ridge charged with robbing tbe mails while a clerk in the Cincinnati post-office. The post master cf that city testified to the faot that $10,000 were stolen, part belonging to the post office. The prisoner was remanded to oustody and will be conveyed to Ohio for trial. Hew Hampshire Election Corcord, March 11?p. m ?Additional re turns confirm the success of the Republicans. H&ile's majority for Governor exceeds three thousand. Fremont's mijority last fall was 5,700. They also elect their three Congress men, ar.d have a majority of the Council and Senate, and from thirty to forty majority in the House. Arre?t of a Murderer. Bloomsbcrq, Pa., March 12.?MoKinn, the murderer of Norcross, was arreted yesterday at Long Pond, on the north mountain, Luzerne county, and placed in jail here at midnight. The arrest was made by Aaron Wolff. The prisoner acknowledged being the man travel, ing with Norcross Election of a New York State Senator. Alrart, March 10 ? Mr. Blooming Usher, Republican candidate for St. Lawrence dis trict was to-day elected to All the vacaacy oansed by the resignation of Mr Clark, by three thousand majority.' - Arrival of tki Black Warriar. Naw Oblbajis, March 11 ?Tbe ? Black Warrior hu arrived with dates from Havana to the 8th There is nothing of tate*. est from that oity, which continues healthy By way of Havana wa have papari fraai Atpinwall containing interacting aoooaatc of Walker's movements, and Is tar news froaa New Grenada. According to the Ispinwall Courier of tha 3d instant. it was reported there that Oen Walker's forees had foroed their way aa the ban Joan river, with only a slight loaa. They ?neceeded in oeptariag considerable quanti t!^L?r ^???nit?on and provieiea^jaad ? ?u? (Mtmooki j n . aeon The revolutionary party in Para has been auccessful. lion Mr Morse, A aerie an commissioner, hal a flittering personal reception at Bogota, but the Granadian Government is not inclined to negotiate favorably in regard to his mission, aa it alleges that the Americana ware at fhult at Panama when the disgraceful riotsooeurrod there The U. S sloop of war Saratoga sailed from A?pinwall on the 2d inst. for Qreytown It i* believed that no aatisfaction can bs ob tained of the Uranadian Government, unices forcible meaaurea be resorted to. Commie sioner Morto made a clear statement of the interview, which is forwarded to Waahington It is reported that the revolutionists in rem are in possession of Lima, and that Castillo's overthrow is certain. Trade at Valparaiso was dull. ? Several foreign war vessels were at Havana. Sugar steady Exchange quiet at S] on New York ard Philadelphia. Tbe Black Warrior brings nothing later from California. . Charter Election in tyracuss Syuaccss, N Y , March 10 ?At the char ter election held here to day a demoeratio mayjr and the entire eounoil wee elected by a large majority Eight of nine demo cratic candidates for aldermen were elected , Embesxlement. Bosto*. March 11.?George K Voce, con fidential clerk of Messrs Charles Lane A Co , produce dealers, has absconded, having em Deziled $10,000 from his employers. Canadian Banks and Currency Mortrbal, March 11.?The government era making every effjrt to abolish th* free bank ing system, and also pounds, shillings and pence, and substituting dollars and oenta. Convicted for Murder. Portland, Me., March 10 ?After a trial tfhicb has lasted twenty days, George Knight wa.< to-day convicted of the murder of his wife. ? Arrival cf the Fjith American. Portland, March 12.?The steemship North American, at this port from Liverpool, brings the same dates as the Kangaroo. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, March 12 ?Flour is steady at $6 for Howard street and Ohio Wheat is better; white at Sl.60eSl.6ft, rod SI.48. Sales of white and yellow corn et 60a 64c. Whisky is unchanged, salee at 26ia27e New York Karkete New Yoar, March 12 ?Flour Is lower. sales of 4 000 bbls ; State S610aS6 30; South ern S6 60a$6 90 Wbeat is nominal, with a declining tenden cy. Corn has declined; sales of 30,000 bu?h els; mixed 72c ; yellow 74a78c. Pork is excited, and haa advanced 4fla60e . sales of 1,200 hbls. ; mees $24 26aS24 50 Beef is buoyant, et $16. Lard is firm et 14ic. Whisky is steady; Ohio 27}o. ? Financial. Nbw Yobe, March 12 -Stocks are firmer; Chicago and Rock Islscd 105}; Cumberland Coal 18|, Illinois Central bonds 101; Michigan Southern 75}; New York Centra' 90}; Penn svlvatiia Coal Co. 9*i; Reading 82; Miaaoeri 6's 84 Storling exchange is dull at 1071al08^. AUCTIOH BAJLBB. By JAS C McGUIRE. Auctl Lumber run balk ?on wednet. DAY EVENING, at S o'clock, will be sold In the Botanic Garden, a quantity of good Lum ber, that wis used at the Capliol In tbe prepara tion for tbe Inauguration. Terms Cash W P MOB UN, General Superintendent for the Commisstoaer mar 9 3t* Public Buildings. 117" The above sale is psstpened in esaee* quence of th* Inclement weather until SATUR DAY EVENING, March 14th, same hour aad place. JAS. C. McGURlE, mir 1'2-d (Union) Auctlc By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer SUPERIOR VCRNITCRg AND Hes tisld Effects, Family Carriage, Baggy, Harness, Ueree, flic . at Pabitc Aactlea.? On TUESDAY MORNING, March 17th, at 10 o'clock, at tbe residence of 9ov. Fish, on B s reel, between 17th an dl8th streets, I shall sell all his excellent Pumlture and Household Ef fects, comprlring? Suite of solid ros#srood Parlor F ornlture, finished with purple pluth Elegant French-piste ir.antel Mirror Handsome brrcdtelle and lace Curtains and Fix tures Superior Voltaire and Turkish easy Chairs, fin ished in rich br oca telle Handsome rosewood and marble top Sofa, centre, and fancy Tables Rosewood Etagere, fancy Chairs Splendid French mantel rime pieces, Candela bra*. Vases, and Ornaments Excellent Tapestry and Brussels parlor, dining room, chamber, and stair Carpets Bronx; Hat-Tree, c*rv-*d Hall Table, Oil Cloth Mahogany extensior Dinlng-Table Marble-top Sideboard, mahogany dining Chairs Lounges, Divans, anu FooUtools Gilt Chandelier* and Gas-Fixtures throughout the house Gold-bard and decorated Tea and CoFee Service French China Dinner Ware SUve -plat d Castors, Table Cu l?ry Gut glass Decanters, Goblets, T im biers, Cham pagnes, Wines, Finger Bowls, 4c Mahogany, French, and Ellzibtblan Bedsteads \\ ard robes, marble-top Dressing Bureaua Marble-t p Waststands, French, Chlaa, and granite Toilet Sets 1-arge and elegant Psychs Glass Marble-top emmelled Co tage Set Walm t Vv art ob?. dressing Bureaus Cottage Bedsteids, Bureau*, Washstands Superior Featuer Bed*. Bolsters, and Pillows Curled fcalr and husk Msttresse* B^dumeids. Blankets. Comforts Ac Wi d -w Curtain*, e hades. Rugs. Fir# Irons Large and superior mahogany B sokesde Mauogmy writing-Desk, omce Chairs C?ne ?eat Chairs, Child's Crib, Jtc Togeth? r with a general aasortment of household and kltenen Furniture ALao? At 3 o'clock, In front of the premises, a superior family Carriage, built to order by ?ould, Albany, New \ ork A light top Buggy-Wagon, of superior taikt and finish One set of Buggy Harneaa Also, a very superior bay Horse, an exaelieat traveller In single harness, and perfectly ' klnl and geatle Terms: SS0 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing lnte<e?t mar 12-d JAS. C McGUIRE, Aoct By C. W. BOTELtR, Auetlc Fine akti .?on Thursday eve ning, March ISth. at 0? o'clock, 1 shall sell, at my Sales Room, Iron Hall, by eatalaroe. a rare and valuable collection of fine origlaalOll Paintings, by ancient and modern masters, of re markable beapty and value. The public are Invited to call and Inspect this extensive and beautiful collection of Paintings, which will be srrsnged for eihlMtlon oa aad altfr 9 a m. to 8 p. m. Term#: and. nnder, cash ; over S50, 60 and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bear ing Interest. C. W. BOTELER, mar 7-d Auctioneer. P By WALL BARNARD* CO.,, KRF.HPTORY StLE OP BfiANBiBI, _ w hlskey.Jtc.. at Public Aactien te close teacigaaasst.?On FRIDAY MORNING. March 13, at 10 o'clrek, we will sell at our Ane Hon dooms without reserve, a choloe lot of Brandies and Whiskeys We name in part Ten quarter casks superior Bmndy Tweive one-eight casks Cognac ' Brandy Twelve keg* Cognac aid Henessey Brandy Thirty barrels 11 ie Wblskey Five do superior Old Rye 2,000 lbs fine White Lead Sale positive Terms: All sums of and under S90. cash ; that sum a credit of f0 and 90 days, far r in xr 11-ta Aaa?>c??ai