Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1857 Page 2
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EVENfNG STAR. WASHING TON CI T Y: March 13,186T? py TUB STAB.? Slraagera mw km are ifwiiW til at the rery bfit way la which ikry caa keep carrectly mmd pr??pily pa*ta4 with refereae* la the 4aiag? and aayiuga at Ike Federal Sletrepelia and eeaeeraiag ? Teats e!?e wkm, mf wkick earreet iafermatiaas caaeaatraSee la Waehlagtea, ia ta eah aarlha far Tke Star. Tke eakarrlptloa pHc? far tke Daily, wkaa eeat ky aiailf la I3.SO per aaaam ; far tke Weekly, 81.5J5 par aaaam. SPIRIT OF JUS MORNING PRESS. The Inttlhgtuetr is to-day devoted to newa. The Union moralises over the shortcomings of Republicanism, aa manifest in the grand, iloqoent promises and threats with ahioh their Majority in the lata iJcuse of Representatives eat to w?rk, when compared with the very ama'! hole cat cf which they crept at ita oloee-ererjthing they promised to do having been left undone, and the only thinga accom plished by them being their own discomfiture, utter defeat, and disgrace as a party ?? Some pork mil boil so." WASHINGTON NEIVS AND GOSSIP. NOLKVE?Ttt.*iu(iT -We leara tliat there w?li aet be a geaeral public recep Uea at th? txeeatlve MaatUa tbte evea. lag, aa aiaar aeeaaed ta aaUcipate. The Treaty. It is generally understood that the Clarendon Dallaa treaty was finally and satisfactorily disposed of by the Senate yesterday jfternocn. That is, that it was so amended as to make it acceptable to a na j 'rity of the body and was returned to the Executive to be tiansmitted to England for the acceptance cf that G^ernmcnt, or to form the basis of new negotiations which can hard come to a happy conclusion, inso much as it is the paramount interest of both countries to carry out the ostensible objeot of tke original instrument, and that only. Via : to assure to all nations the peaceable and equal erjoyment of the right of transit be tween the two ocean?, over the so convenient isthmus of Nicaragua. That was the design of this Government in the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, defeated only by a want cf fairness ia the dealing of England. The action cf the Senate upon this supplemental and explana tory convention?for such it ia-backed aa that will be by xealous care on tbe part of the State Department, will prevent the cnocess of any tricks u diplomacy against us, sa-h aa thoee in the perpetration of which Sir Uenry Hal war distinguished himielf in his negotia tion with Mr. Clajton. As modified, it seems to be understood that this Clarendon-Dallas eonrentica meets the riewa of the new admin istration, and, of course, also obviates the ob jections to features in tbe original which the lata aioiinis(ration entertained. The Deaf, Dumb and Blind Aiylum Cjn. trorersy.?We felt it our duty, for some da;s past, to put a?ide many other matters in order to spread before our District readers all the testimony in the iecent oace of the application to deprive Dr. Piatt S. Skinner ef the custody of the uafortanata children bound to him for the purpoaa of raceiving such education aa under their misfortunes of nature they may be euMoptible of. The sutjeot is of great interest, Indeed, to all who hare hearts to fee!, as well aa of great Importance to the particular clasa ef unfortunates unotg as cf the District All hare now had an opportunity to learn the facta involved in the controversy?Che reasons why the gentlemen who interested themselves In behalf of the poor pitiable children, sought to sever Dr. Skinner's connection with ary aueh inatitution in our midst; their purpose having been very Industriously misrepresented by parties who really conceived that they were aiding the sacred cause of charity in sus taining Dr. S. in Lis erident determination not to regard them, though the guardians of the institution of which he was the principal, aa having tbe right to oontrol hia action in it When we name thein-Amof Kendall, Byron Sunderland, Jas. C. McGuire, Win il Edes, George W. Rtggs, Judson Mitchell, and David A. Hall- all of the District of Columbia will comprehend at a glance that they could have no possible motive for engaging in a contro versy at law upon such a subject, except that of pure philactbrophj; of a sense of duty to tbe afflicud and unfortunate poor, in excellent keeping indted with what all know of them as oioaens renowned for their public utility, good sense and active benevolence, It is now ?o b. h?p?d tb.t ?iu ?<>? b.? ia tbil metropolis such an institution of the kind as they have been striving to secure for its future. Ccaptreller Whittlesey .-This valuable ?od venerated public officer has resigned Throughout the whole of the late administra te be w?s anxious to sever his connection With public affairs, and; indeed, more than <-noe, tendered his resignation to President *ieroe, who prevailed on him, from personal ?^derations, to continue in the discharge of ? uties of the fir?t coneptrollership of the PdViD* th? retidu# of hia (p'?i<ient nial of th? ? A m?re abidin? testimo ny! of th. va.ue of Mr. Whittlesey', official i,., ' th.n ,0ch p., ?MUM ?oUlulioM from .cb,.f m?li1tI.,Y0f An Imp?rtent Invention.?We uk. f the Sct4ntiJ*Am4r,emn tbe following account ?T an improvement in printing paten ud in this country and Europe, by Mo./. B. Beaab fcq., ,he enterprising editor of the *ew York Sun, which bids fair, (from privr. accounts of it we have from members of tbe eraft who hare witnessed ita operatior) to bring aboat great saving in time and money to the proprietors of newspapers cf considera ble circulation. Ail tuch will watch tbe pro freesirg derelopmenta cf ita capacity with great lnteieat indeed. Itj design is for turn log tbe sbtet aad printing it on the second ?*<le before it leaves the preaa : reverain?" f7*r4ti?? there D0 checking or 212 ld^?TdUt^ movement, of the ihut agaiMt iiil^ir;0 Mt ?f fin?"VhlQh grasp The backl, ? !rV? ^raaged as to h laa*.-. ?fc i ?f th* ,he#l Ufor* Iwt i?Bpr^lnri.ntukeny,TbderkaB<1 fast while the cylinder Ui Udr.? ta ^ H '""I"' and thu. the feedinr th? 1 impfeefclon, Mcood time, o, in' ? >?/ th. now r^airc l U .nfi ' th. labor ?hMt U printed ?? boih pnm. " 0M ^ " for, It aeema to as. doea th#, M4h.r.. rtHim&fZ&'ZZSX In the first placf, by machinery, is not Insur mountable. It can be done by catting them from a roll, if in no other way, and then the feeling woold necessarily be more socurate then it can be by hand. Spoiled sheets from irregular feeding, m well as"paekeiu. Jf0?/? be almost unknown; the ffcll 'P**^ T Jh and press ii capable of could be mei^idned, and uniform "register" and uniform work would be the rnle 8 Thus too, folding and canting machines, which are now comparatively use. less, might be brought teto serrlee. " Unless we are greatly mistaken, this In vention will make a stir among the newspaper folks We regard it as a most Important and valuable improvement, and congratulate onr editorial brother upon its production, while at the same time, we welcome him to the ranks of American Inventors." The Hew Orleans Appointments.?We published yesterday a number of confirma tions to important Federal offices. The gen* t emen composing the list are well nigh as Will known in oonneetion with political affairs over the country as at home, so long have they been among those bearing the brunt of the fierce political oontests which have for years past marked the history of that so evenly divided (politically) State. We find that nearly all Louisianians here are in ecsta lies, as it were, over the selections, and be* lieve that they were advised by both the Lou isiana Senators, and Messrs. Sandidge and Davidson?Louisiana Democratic members of the Bouse. Such at any rate seems to be the understanding among the host of politicians one now meets at every turn in this city. Minnesota ?We have every reason to be lieve that the resignation of the Hon. Willis A. Gorman, Governor of Minnesota, has reaohed the Government her?; sent on, we presume, by way of affording the Administration an op portunity to apply the principle of "rotation" in that far-off region We think, further, from the signs in the political horiscn. that his suc cessor will be that staunch old Democratic wheel-horse, Col Sam Medary, of the Colum bus (Ohio) Statesman, than whom to other has labored longer and more faithfully in the harness The reader mu<st not understand us as speaking in this connection from aay knowl edge of our own with reference to the visws of the Government here upon the subjest; but from certain undescribable signs, such as, when oonsulted and confided in by us for years past, have rarely deceived us. Haval Promotions and Appointments Confirmed?Nominated by the late President: Lewis J. Williams and Marius Duval], to be Surgeons in the Navy. A. C. Gorgas and A. M. Veddsr, to be As sistant Surgeons in the Navy, Charles W. Abbott, to be a Purser in the Navy. W. A. T. Maddoz and William B. Slack, to be Captains in the Marine Corps. Jamas Wiley, Geo K. Graham, and J. II. P Tattnall, to be First Lieutenants in the Ma rine Corps B. A. Whittier and P II W. Fontaine, to be Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps Augustus E. Maxwell, to be Navy Agent at Penssoolv Florida. Henry Wood, to be a Chaplain in the Navy. List of Patents ?The following is the list of Patents issued from the United States Pat ent Office for the week ending Maroh 10,1857; each bearing that date : John T. Ackley, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in stop-motions for steam en gines. John F. Allen, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in cut-offd of steam engines Emanuel Andrews, of Elmira, N. Y.?For improved machine for grinding saws. George G. Bishop, ot Ncrwalk, Conn.?For improvement in the manufacture of felt cloth. Alfred A. Blandy, of Baltimore. Md -aSor improvement in oasting plates for artificial teeth of alloys Ante dated Dec. 11,1856 Jno. F- Brickley, of Winchester, Ind.?For improvement in converting a lifting pump into a suction atd forcing puurp or vie* vtrsa? Biley Burdittand Hatsell P Green, of Brat, tkboro', Vt.?For improvement inmelodeons. Tbos H. Burridge, r.f St. Louis, Mo.?For Improvement in rock drills. Hiram Clark, of Bochester, N. Y.?For im provement in harvesters. Geo. B. Crane, of Caldwell, N. J.?For Im provement in machines for harvesting grain. Joseph Cusbman of Bacine, Wis.?For im provement in machinery for making wire rope. Dennis E Fenn, of Tallmadge, 0.?For im proved devises for raising or lowering farm &ates, to allow them to open over obstacles. Edmund Field, of Greenwich, Conn.?For Improved escutcheon for key holes. Perry G. Gardiner, of New York, N Y.? For improved machine for coiling steel springs. Perry G Gardiner, of New York, N\ Y .? For improved machine for shearingsteel platee. Geo. W. Hearn, of Princess Ann, Md ?For improved method of operating saw mill dogs. John Henwood, of New York, N Y.?hot improvement in lubricators for steam engine cylmdera Wm. Cleveland Hicka, of New Haven, Conn. For improved nipples for discharging or witt drawing cartridges from breech-loaaing fire arm/. George W. Ho! ley, of Niagara, N. Y.?For improvement in enameling cast iron. Ibos. Hodgson, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For fire proof stone. Edwin Eilburn, Artemas K;'barn, aid Cheney Kilburn, of Burlington, Vt ?For in proved machine for lorming the curved surface of solid wooden chair seats. George Lindsay, of New York, N. Y.?For improved hydraulic jack. Charles A. McElroy, of Delaware, Ohio.? For improved arrangement of oarriage spring >. Thompson Newbury, of Taunton, Mass.? For improved machine for cutting screws. Dan'l Newton, of Southington, Conn ?For improved roller for bending shtet metal. Oldin Nichols, of Lowell, Mass ?For im proved carpenters' plane. Philip M. Pjfer, of Baltimore, Md.?For improved method of preventing dust, eto., from entering the windows of railroad oars. George Morton Bamsay, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in steam spades. James M. Boss of Springfield, Mass.?For guard for breast pins. James P. Bow, of Lenisbnrgb, Pa.?For improvement in valve gear of direct-action steam engines. Jared W. Smith, cf Hartford, Cosn.?F?r improved duid gates or lancets. W. Stephens, of Bicbmond, Ind ?For in proved chuck for watchmaker's laths. M. B. Tidey, of Ithaca, N. Y.?For im proved uble gauge for circular sawing ma chines. ZtlmonB. Wakeman, of Belo't, Wis.?For improved mode of supporting the Ungues of oo aches. C. J*. S. Ward well, of Lake Village, N. H. For improved circular sawing machine. S*m i D. Warren, of Lebanon, Ala.?For ? unrovement in grain cradles. Carver Washburn, of Bridgewater, Masj.? ror improved method of operating the splitting knife to hoop poi# maohinee. iietuan Whipple, of Shaftsbury, Vt.-For improvement in machines for stamping figures in carpenter#' squarta. Abner P. Wilson, of Salem, 111 For im prvTt w'?d wheel. Nathan Scholfield and Wm W. Wrigh', of Norwich, Conn., assignors to Nathan Sjhol field, aforesaid.?For improved bomb fo: kill ing whales. Chas. H. Johnson, of Boetec, Mass , assignor to himself and James G. Hamblin, of same place.?For improved deviee bj which the spigot of gas oooks may be lubricated in their seats. Geo. Gilman, of Chelsea, Mass , assignor to himself and Henry B. Clinkard, of same pi tee. For second anchor shackle. Re-tstuu.?K. D. Shattuck, of Grafton, Maer.?For improvement in carding engines. Painted September 13, 1850 Wm. P. Wood and Samuel De Vaughan, nf Waemngton, D C., assignees of George W. Hedge, ef Brooklyn, N. x , assignee of Lemuel Hedge, of New York, N. Y.?For Inproft* ment io saw mills. Patented May 8th| 1849. Din*ns ?-Allen Comstock, of Qoinoy, III. For design for cooking stoves. M C. Burleigh, of Great Falls, N. H.?For design for More doors. J*?? L.nsingburgh, N. Y., ?Ml??or to Jonathan E. Whipple and Stephen fcJSKL" ?? The Nominations?Shortly before 2 pm. to-day, a large namber of nominations were sent in to the Senate. They immediately went into Executive session, and eon firmed ????ml of them, it la understood without refer enoe to a committee. The short time lea them ere the session terminates leads us to conolade that by nightfall all of them will hare been finally disposed of. Our impression is that among those already confirmed is the nomination of Phillip Clay ton, Esq., for eight years past Second Auditor of the Treasury, to be Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, vioe Peter G Washington, Esq. Mr. Clayton is from Georgia, and from his youth up has been the immediatf personal friend of the present Secretary. Mr. Wash* ington, who was selected by Mr. Guthrie for the position, had previously had very close business and personal relations with that dis tinguished gentleman, thwoffice being one re quiring the most oonfidential personal asso ciations between ita Incumbent and the Chief of the Department. Mr Washington won in the position most enviable fame for himself, while as long as the Government lasts the public will snrely be ben efited by the many reforms and improvements In the transaction of the Department's affairs of which he was the author. No more efficient and competent functionary than Mr. W. ever served the Government of the United States Our old.friend, John S. Cunningham, Esq., late a clerk in the Navy Department, is in luck, thousands will be glad to hear in all see* tions of the Union; for he is as widely known to the publio men of the country, as he is poj - ular with them, of all parties. He was to d nominated and confirmed to be a Purser in the Navy. We always did bet on the gallant Col onel. and as he has certainly oome out the very first in the current so interesting contest for capital things, wo shall dream of hiui here after as the personification of good luck?no, managoment. Three cheers for, and long life to the popular Colonel ! Confirmed.?In order to avoid losing a mail yesterday we were forced to go to press with out publishing the following confirmations, which took plaoe aftor those anoounoed by us Via: Wm M. Lowrey, to be United State* Mar shal for the eastern district of Teaneeaee. J C Ramsey, to be United States Attorney for the eastern district of Tennessaa. Jesse B Clements, to be United 8.ate* Mar shal for i he middle dlstriot of Tennessee. Josaph S. Smith, to be United States Attoi ney for Washington Territory. The Naval Court of Inquiry.?The follow iog additional witnesses on behalf of Lieut R. W. Meade (his case being on trial) wene examined after we went to press, yesterday : Com Wm. F. Lynch, Com. Isaao 8 Sterrett, Com. D. B. Ridgely, Lieut. Jaa. D Johnson, and Liaut. Jaa. H. Moore. Lieut Thomas M. Braahear was under examination to day. Dr. Folta, U. S. N., the President's friend and physician, who accompanied him to Wasfc. ington, is about returnirg to hit poet at Phil adelphia, Mr Buchanan having quite recov ered his health Dr. F. leaves Washington this afternoon or to-morrow morning. The Adjournment ?The Clarendon Dallas treaty having been disposed of muoh more speedily than waa anticipated, the Senate, last evening, voted to terminate its ealled ses sion to-morrow at 1 p. m., by a vote of?yeas 25, nays 12 Dead ? Capt. Joseph Smoot, U. S. N., vonc of the furloughed offioen) died at his residence in this city this morning. Oe had beon in bad health for some time. Resigned ?Lieut Francis S. Conover, of ? the U. S. Navy, hae resigned. The Current Operationa of tha Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 12th of March there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... f2 044 02 For the Treasury Department... 83 144 27 For the Interior Departmeat..?^? 22,202 10 For Customs 21,575 36 War warrants reoeived and en tered.......... 151,670 23 On account of the Navy 20,000 00 From miscellaneous sources 4,542 71) CONOR HSSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In thjc SsxiTB, ye sterday, after we went to press, at the conclusion of their Exocutive session, they proceeded to the consideration of the resolution fixing Saturday next as the day of final adjournment. Mr. Slideil stated that he felt authorised to say that the Preaident would not have any communications to make which would render it necessary to prolong the ssesion beyond the time specified in the resolution The question being taken the resolution waa agreed to?yeas 25, nays 12 -as follows: Yeas?Meesre Allen, Benjamin. Biggs, Blg ler, Broderick, Brown, Chai'dJer, Clay, Crltteu ' MOU*la1i H?mll?, Houston, Hunter, Jokn L?*'. ilqgk.' Husk, fell dell, ud Y'JJSS"1 ' Toorab'' Wright Nays?Messrs Bell of New Hampshire, Bell of 5? 1 Dooi,tU?\_Foot' Harlan. Kin-, Reward, ttlmmona, Trumoull, Wade, and Wil son?IS. Mr Bright, when his name waa oalled, de clined voting, being indifferent in regard to the matter. Oa motion, the Senate adjourned. Proceedings of Te-Day I? tub Sewatb, to-day, the Indiana Con tested Senatorial Election case waa again taken up, and waa discussed by Mr Trumbull against the righ* of Mr. Senator Fitch to hia seat as a member of this body, and Mr. Fitch in replv. Mr. Bright then took the floor and was ar guing with great force in favor of the legality of the election of Mr. Fitoh and himself aa the Star went to press. i - m Fbisbtvul Railroad Accidbjit.?Io our telegraphic column will be found an account of the frightful aocident which occurred on the Great Western Railroad, near Toronto, Canada West, yesterday afternoon, by whioh between sixty and eighty persona are report ed to have been killed. PBBSlDBnTPlBBCB IB FBBDBaiCKSBCao.?? Ex-President Pierce arrived in this oity on Tuesday night, en route for the reeidenoe of Wm P Taylor, esq , in Caroline Learning that Mr. Taylor wee absent from home, he returned to W ash ington early on Wedneeday, before our oitiaena had time to give him that reception whioh would indicate the high esti mation in which he Is held here. The ttener m WiP Virginia, in the oourse of a week or two, when we doubt not that all par M? VL ?.Br 00???*nity will unite in paying Suite' "d atUBtlo?. "bleb hia dX eUcit from A unexampled services should p "ppreolauve and liberal oom munity R^rdsr. PIXIOHAL ? .... Hon. Fernando Wood. Mavor of Naw York .1*. ?? .mong the Ut. 'JESS 3 wtlT lards' Hotel. ' of *?? Boston Coarier ^ Mrs. Bnokiaridfi wi the hsadsoaest ooaple at the loaifaraUen^ ....D* B. B. Bradford deniea that he w ????*?* in a duel with Tho?aa J Mundv In Washiagton, on Sanday last. bat admitsthat he th an avoidably In to 1 rod la an affray with Mr. M. on Sstarday last. * jl,xwldria ????tte denies the re port, started in a northern paper, that the la'a D.?M Hum. of Al.x.adrl*, Sii wS .h.? bl Col. Lea,, wss the man who went to Boston to reelaim Anthony fisrw, the fagitive slave .. Z S Judson, known as " Ned Bant "a*;" *>wn converted and reformed by spiritaalism! A spiritual paper, giving an aeeoant of the conversion, aaya, "Ha w?? broaght to bis knees, and melted like a child " Ned will make an excellent apostle of the new filth. .... Hons. J. Lockhart and Jat B. Foley of Ind., and J Miller, of Ohio, M. C 's eleor are at Browne' Hotel; also Dr. 8. M Smith'. L C. Batter. E. B Longdoo, T. Loagh J 5??n#7' J Neal, Dr M MoBf alien, and b! Jr. K?iuhart, the eommittee who brought the remains of the late Dr Kane from Ciaoinnati to Baltimore. ....The Hon. Mr. Venable, formerly a Demoeratio member of the D 8 House of Kepresentatiyes from North Carolina, it among the large number of Democratic ex members of Concrete now in Washington. Hie many personal friends in this region will li!h8t i[V lQd##d by him, judging from his appearance. hn?or?us Varmont 1fat'. J ,6cto"ng ia Baltimore Ha is de ?tbl4eti0- ,fcnndlng over six 5* l? h" ?bookings. A man of the world be

Is frank .nrf"" * ?f 4ila address U>w?. InA V' h* h#i *reat CODT*rsational powers and tells a story inimitably. He la just such a man as Christopher North would tk. mT!??v t(L his h#4rt of hearts?just Si EMckSblpb'^."4 "" *"t" ??" fUDC*rtam ag?' is axaonK the distin gaished strangers now in Washington. Really n seeing him we fancied our eyes were dUv of beiD? th. dJwX b.odlt looking follow, with ao .,. lib. a b.?f ?t one moment and like Sbylock's at another as folks are apt to piotare him, he appears as ibovf .M ",KfQl?"" ? hi? b.?t8U above all others, and in dress and air is as quiet and modest a gentleman as one wou'd expect to meet in a oountry clergyman .... The story republiihed by os, and in a thousand papers recently, saying that a youn* Udy of Elisabethtown, NJ, hKa pQ h,0,p,tal.,,t ^?rtfcrd, Conn ., ai der mysterious v suspicions circumstances in volving great cruelty, Ac , Ac/pro? to Hnlh r? manufactured almost out of whole cloth It turns out th%t three cf the first SEX?' !Dl,."w y?'k h.r tro.tmoot ,n,tltut,on> ?nd after thorough ex mmation pronounced her insane. We gather these fac e from subsequent publications on the subject, and publish them as due to tba ? know??" wl10" uuut ??<? f"?"7 _ the of Bringham Young, the dfHnJM?rmon i?*der, equal his gospel than u;a l . a" denounces a man named ?roa.?tlc ;kh,d ?? "dr"7 "? q.olUon hi> ? Z'. lm???srr"?onFij?a! h???<i MJ aeti (ape in St. Louis, and now he is here i ^L?!d and t0 destroy the hoase ?rael. And what should ye, ohildren of Oat wnr^h d?t ilr?JDrn fdr this evil work' vat with the bowie knifes ye wore like bre&*t pins at Nauroo, and in the name of God and his prophet, give him h 1" Md th;,ib-?Jwh-eJ5MrrlD?Pub!ia men now at |he kirkwood house in this eity via - iirt? of X:fBC<>TC0Ck ?f 8 C' e*-President Mira boi^. Tex*e> Maj R S. Neigh i'^'an Agent of Texas* M w r.? ? (* M 0. from Indiana, and now) Chief In 2udE O"nWebbtE^#P.Vtn,r0,lt ?f CaI,forni*^ of the'l'on^lvanfa?.' # tb,e ed,tor White Tecth, Psbfcmki> Bbbath ajtd BaauTiruL Comflexioji can be acqalred by asiog the K Balm of a Thoutand Flo*?r? " What lady or gentleman would remain nnder the curse of a disagreeable breath, when, by using the " Balm of a Thousand Flowers'"** a dentifrice, would not only render it sweet, bat leave the teeth white ui alabaster ? Many persons do not know thoir breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Beware of counterfeits Be sure eaoh bottla is signed " Fatridge <L Co., N. Y." For sale by all Druggists, and J. bhillington. ? A CARD ?THE ACTIVE ASSOCIA IICS tlon of the Columbia Engine Company, No 1, return their thanks to Gao. w Hie?a. K?q , for the liberal suppiy of Hot Ccffae, Ac , at the lire this morning on 1 streat, near 15th street. P. i. ENNIS, If Secretary of C. A. A. MILITARY NOTICE ?A MEET 909k Ins of the commlaaloned officers of com pantf-a attached to the 1st Regiment, 3d Brigade, will be held at the fcl-Dorade Hoace, oa TO MOHROW EVEN IN U, at 7* o'clock A fa 1 representation from each comoaay la earnestly re. quested, aa business of importance will be brought before the meeting. By reqaeat of tbe officers of mir l3-2t* BEV&W COMPANIE8. ?fc???^CARD.?MY GRATEFUL THANKS are hereby given to the FARMERS' A MECHANICS' INSURANCE COMPANY, (orrici coenee PaxHSYLvaiiia avirceakd 17th steket,) for the prompt and immeJimn palm,nt of my loaa, suatalned by the Ire la I it , betw en 14th and lftth streets, tku morning, March 13th, 1857. I am thus enabled, by toe klndneesof tbe officers, to resume my buslnee* at once. Their con duct merlta approbation, akd tie company well deserves tabllo pstroaage marli-St ELLEN O'KEEFB. ,EASTER BALL ?TBE COLUMBIA Fire Company would respectfully la form their friends and the pnbllc generally that they intend giving their Ann aal Ballon EASTER MONDAY, April 13th. mar l?-8t* - ^PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHILA ivjT delpbla prlcea. at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner ISth and F streeU ICE CREAM at f 1.80 per galloa. febSS lm* COFFEE CHEAP, IUOAE VHKAF1R, aad Tea cheapest ?Good Brown Sugar 11 cents; choice Rio Coffee ISw. and best Java onlv 10; Teas 50 to 75. JOB. W. DAVIS, If Corner ?th and E streets, NSW YORK LEDGER, IN ADVANCE, for March flat ?Mrs. Ingrahsm'a new story, the ?' Abducted Heiress," continued Cobb's " Karrnal the Bcout,"continued. imr 13 FERGUSON,*80 7th street A GREAT BOOK -INQUIRE WITHIN for any thing you Want to Know Publish* era Agent, FERGUSON, mar 13 i86 7th street. A HARE CHANCE FOK PERSONS Baildiag, ar la Waataf Laaker, te get Great Margalas ?I will sall.ln lots to suit par chasers, the eatlie lot of LUMBER at which the Inanguratloa Ball Raom was bu It, oa JaAkclary Squ*re. Inquire of mar 13-3V E F. KELt. NO WASH1NOTOR \f ANUFACTURED SILVER WARE ON ?i*A exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechaoloa* Institute Fair, bet every deeeriptloa of fne sil ver Ware can be a sen la process of mannfuctar lag,st H. O. HOOD'S, mtr 13 333 Pena. aw. near tth at ANOTHEE scarcity. OYSTERS ARE AGAIN VERY RCRRCB, but we have always oa head /^\ tfCHWARZtt A DRURY, 490 Eleventh street, M door above B. mar 13-3* e?i i ornciAL. TllilVIT PaPAftTMBKT, Marc* II, 181?. Notion Is herefcf f.T?* hoy*-* of stock o4 the lout of the (JbM Stem*, u r this deper wJl the mom ??til the 1st day of Jase next, unieaethescm of ?1,500,000 stall be previously obtained, end will pay, In addition to tha litMt accrued from thaiate of tho la* t sentf - annual dlvld -nd of intereetthoreon, together whh one day's additional Interact for the money to reach tbe vender, the following rates of premium on said stocks: For the stock of It IS, a premium of 10 per cent. For the stock-cf 1947 and IStf, ? pieia as 1 1* per cent; and for the atock'ef 1M#, commonly called Texas Indsmr lty Stock. a premium of < per cent. tort]a ates of stock transmitted tbe depart* ment, under this notloe, mutt b s assigned to the United States, by the party dnly eat'.tied to re ceive the proceeds. Payment for the stocks eo assigned ami trans, mltted will be made by drafts on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New York, cr Philadel phia, at tLc option cf the parties eatilled to re e ve the moaey, wbloh should be expressed la the let. ten accompanying tbe certllcntes. HOWELL COBB, mar 13-dt latin do Secretary of tbe Trensu y. WHALEBONI.-J UST RECEIVED. A large involo* cf extra quaJi'v s R 1 ft T WHALEBONE, boiled In oil. For sale low by JOHN XICHEY, mar 12-31 498 7th street. SIX CBNTI REWARD RiNAWAY from the subscriber, RANDOLPH STEW ART, an indentured apprentice to the Butcher business. Any one Is forold harboring or treat ing him W. M. PRESTON, maris 3to Notice ?all persons desiring the setvtaee of the Georgetown Night Scav enger, will be promptly at tended to by dropping a note In tbe box at the elfiee of the Clerk or tbe Market or my bouse,naming street and number of hOTwe, as well as their own name mar ?-3t JOHN HESS CARRIAGES, CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES IyU E SUBSCRIBERS HAVE NOW ON hand, for saleatlow prices, a coodcJDKjv^ assortment of new HOCEAWAY8,^^^r BUGUlfcS, LIGHT WAttONS, Ac , Ac , to which they respectfully Invite the attention of those wishing to purchase good and darable Ve hicles. They also have on hand several second hand Rockaways, Ac , which they offer very lew for ca?h. N. B. Particular attention raid to Repairing. Gardner a place, mar i?-f t ?3 itth *creet__ SPR1NO MtL( INERY ANU DRESS TRIMMINGS. JUST RECEIVED A FULL ASSORTMENT of Shaker*, all sizes. Straw Bonnets, Flats, Caps, and Straw Trimmings,Frenchh2il Flaw^rs, choice selection. Ribbons. Slb-TPw boa Kuches, and Lac?s, Crapes, Silks. Tarleton, Frllle IlluKlons, Drees Trimming?, new styles, and Fancy tieods of all kinds, at WM. P. SHEDD'S, mar 12-3t (Intel) *i211th street. GARDENING MADE EASY Amateur's ?*ulde and Flower Garden, Dlre-toey every es tatlal det ill fot the successful cultivation of the Flower Gard-n. to which Is added tho Vegetable Garden Maaua , containing pra<- leal din ctlonsfrr thesioiessfal p.oductlcn or all Vegetable* usually cultivated for table use ; byJohnT C. Clark Forming n i citable hand-book of reference .nod embracing every requisite detail for the success fill cultivation of the Flower and Vegetable Gar dens. The work contslns 160 octavo paeee, prlnt'd In the ee*t stylo, and bound In mualln. Orders from the trade respectfully solicited. Price ? 1 per copy. TAYLOft A MAUftV. 13 Agar p.?attention is respect fully called to the extensive ssle of valuable Cl'y Lots. Perm, and Quarry Lots belonging to the *stete of the late Wm Eaebv, commencing on MONDAY AFTERNOON, March 16th, st3 o'clock, at tbe Auction Rooms, and contlsulng each succeeding dny, at that hour, until the whole Is disposed of. mar 11-d J.C McGUlRE, A net JUST AHRIYED AND FOR SALE? 30 head of Western Virginia HORSES, 4(V_ some very Mne saddle and harBcns Horses among them, superior to any ever la this market. Purchasers will pleae give me a call, as the above will be disposed of at fair prices and ot accom modating terms. w c. hazel, Beali street, between High sad Congress Also, one thorough bred STALLION, which can be bcught very low. mar 11-lw PINK WOOD 14 M PER CORD DELIV ERED. PERSONS WANTING A CORD AND Up wards of good PINE WOOD can be supplied at tbe above low ptice, by celling at J. W. MYERS A CO. lO" Terms cash. Office and Yard corner of G and ?ld streets. 1st Ward. mar?-at M1 SCHOOL FOR TOURO LADIES. ftS D. JONES DESIGNS OPENING A School for Young Ladles on theSfhof March In one of the buildings formerly occupied by Dr Peck.No.451 12th street, between G and H, In which will be taught the various breaches of Eng lleta, with French, Music, Drawing, Papier Machle. Ac For terms app'v to the principal at her residence. A department for little Boys will also be formed. feb28-Sw? M NOTICE. Y WIFE, ELIZABETH DABNEY, AND myself having separated, and new living separate and apart from each other under such clrcurrstances as exempt me from liability for any debt which she may contract, I dsem It proper to give notloe to the publle at large, as 1 hereby do, that ahe Is not authorised to contract any debt on my account, or credit, end that 1 will not be responsible for, or pay any debt which ahe may contract either In her own name or mine CBISWELL DABNEY. LmcHstrae, Va , February 14, 1857 SebSS-dlna Lost and Found. STRAY HORSE?A SMALL BAY HORSF, well conditioned, without bridle, but with his raddle, escspod from No 465 6th street, between D and E streets, last eveainp. The ftnder will be suitcby rewarded by call" __ on Rev G W SAMSON, cr E. O. POX, Co lumbian College, D. C. It* Lost?on Pennsylvania avenue, betwet n 7th and 12th streets, a SOMAN MOSAIC BRACELET The finder will he lib erally rewarded by leaving It at Mr SAMUEL LEWIS'S Jewelry Store, 860 Penn avenue. mar l-t-3t* Lost?this morning, in the centre Market, a Green Morrcco PURSE, contain lig about ?*0 or 8*0 in notes aed gold Tbe fin der will be aultably rewarded by leavlag it at this ofice mar l8-*?t* A1A REWARD ?R A N A WAY FEOM sP 1U the aubecrlber on Sunday, tbe 1st day of March, lt57, negro boy HENRY SEWELL, alias Cregg? about 18 years of age, 6 feet 5 or 6 Inches high, chestnut col- ^W _ or. Had on when he left dark clothing tie Is no doubt lurking about the city, or It Is supposed he has gone down the river fishing. The above reward will be paid to any person that will bring eald boy to mo. PRE8LEY W. DORSEY, mar 1S-3I Dower's Hotel, cor. 7th and 1 its. FOUND-ON THK STEPS OF THE Presi dent's Mansion last Friday evening, March 6th. A BRACELET, which the owner may re cover by proving property and paying for thly advertisement Apply to D. O. HARE, Engrav* er? SS4 Penn. avenue. mar 11 3ta LOST LAND WARRANTS.?One No. 18, 176, dated Jane 8, 18*6, In fhvor of Charles St Antolnc One No 38.448, dated August St, 1806, in favor of James H. Lock wood All persoas are warned against purchasing these, as appUcaftloa will be made to the Pension oAce fordupileetes. P. P. C. TRIPLETT ?11-lar? Notice ?stolen prom my resi deoco, No. 371 Third street on Wednesday, tbe 4?h lestsnt. POUR CERTIFICATES OF WASHINGTON COR POftATION STOCK, aa follows: One, No ST4. dated September 10th, 1856. for oae hundred dollars. Interest peysbls semi-annually; one, No 4916.datedOct.Sd, 1856, for four hundred dollars, interest peysbte quar terly; ooe, No 1907, dated September 10,1854, far oae hundred dollars, Interest peyable quarterly, and ooe, No 86B7, In favor of Sem'l L Phillips, dsted July S4th, 1616, for three hundred dollars. Interest payable Quarterly Thu Is to fsrwarn all p rsons from trading or in say manner receiving mid oertificates, asTshall apply to the Meyer and Register of said Corporation far a renewal of laid Also, stolen at them me time, a GOLD WATCH with allver face, for the return of which 1 will give a reward of Ton Dollars . , t? mar ll-3t GEORGE W. PHILLIPS, pLINffOfl'8 PATXR T ALCMOMOL ^ Cook, new oa eshlbttlon at tbo Pair, for ea 8! (?arU SO LAMMOND'B ODD FELLOWS HALL WAUGH'S ITALIA AND THE Lilliputian Family Will epea on TUESDAY, MARCH IT, 19*7, Exhlbltlag ?'WT night, at * before I,u4n WSONtlOAT AND SATURDAY Ariel. NOONS, o< odoch AdvMoa It vim Children ?v I?J| ? Deoerlptlvo Pamphlets for eal* la the Ball. C7> ITALIA has urn befora boos exhibited la Washlngtoa. maritime MIKU oamihtk. PBOF. B. W. MUNDER TAKES GRE4T pUoeiiie la anBoondag to hto frier da ?% and tbe pahllo geaemily that hi* 14th fii Soiree will toko ptooe at hia Mall, corner jM of Mb aad D etraeta, oo WEDNESDAY lOTrB EVENING, March IStb, 1847 ThereWUlk will bo a Sotrao ??ranr Wednesday eeea-^"^ m "** * * ing (the wcatbcr permlttlag) tboughoot tbo aee ?on Oa WedBoeday evenIn*, Match teth, there will bo a Faac? Drooa Soiree given bv ricrf M. It will bo eotftraiy private. u4 strictly select All tbooo Who desire to Mabooilbo r? do ac by applvlag at lb* Hall oo Tooedoy aad Theraday tsenlags fro? ? till lOe'eloek. ni7.?k C LA1ETOYANCI, MADAME 8WITT, THK CBLBBBATBU CLAIRVOYANT Bas arrived la'htoCltv aad take* rocmsat No ?m Ttk at . icppoeite Odd Follcw. Hail ) where akc to rooty ?? | reoal ve oooou ltatioas ' tins tbo PAST! PRESEIfTf? FUTUK E 'mmd DIS EAS BS PT During a year's toor la tbe Poutk are WMt, Madim? fWKTT boa boao oomiM by upward* of Ten Perseee, aad to prt Boeaeed a an pert or Clairvoyant oad tbo Wandas of the Afro Ttrms of Ctorw???Ladloa, tl ; Gentla vea .** lebtt lm* Wants. WANTED ?A tiOUD SERVANT TO Do tbo Housework la geaeral of a a mail fern) ly. I'quire *t the cttce of PAUC UTbVtN E*Q .lllb atroot. lonh ?f tfc# avMia it*' - ^ ?- vn W? a <a V V ?! bT L.l? rq , 1Mb atroot, aorth of tbo avxao. I to 1K7ANTED-A GOOD COUK. APPLY AT TV W H BIMCU'd Livery 8 able mar 13 tf WANTED?A MAN TO WORK AND v V manage a bid ail Farm an* Kltcbea Garden B<ar the city Apply at L MURPHY'S Haraoaa Making Establishment, 15th atreet. one door D>rth of ti*e avenue, xrora 5 to A o'clock p. m mar 13-St* WANTED ? A GARDEN KK ? A SINOLV Maa. Apply at the Cemsterr, Soorp ? town. mar 13-lw* WANTED ?A SITUATION. BY A PER. fob who la qaallR d 'o perform almoot oav kind of buslae*a, and will endeavor to mako Mb ? aelf useful in Bar reapoctab e employmort Ref. ereace, Editor of fie keening Vtar A ay com munlcattcB add reared " and left at tbl* office will bo prcmptly attended to. mar 13-tawlm* \UANTED.?A FIRST-RATE COOK~TO " one aetHfaetorlly recommended and capable of Cooking for a large family, the hleheat wajei will bo paid at tbe north won corner of K and lP.b street* mar 13-eo3to WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG "" Wrman aa Nuree and to do Chamberwtrk #1.. ?_-at ?? - ?" - - One well qualified will Hod a permanent plaoe Apply to Mra A. E Pi?RRY. F atroot, between 6fi and 7th, adjotaiag Galea Row mar 13 3t WANTED ?A WOMAN TO COOK, Waab. and Iron for a ama'lfamllr. InqulreatNo. liO lith strict, between G aad H . m .r Li ? o SHIRT MAKERS WANTED -Good plain ?owera waaud Immediately, to whom good wage* will be given, on applicatloa at theSowlag Rooms, on D atree. , two doera from coiner cf 6.k atreet. Noao bat good acwora aocd apply, mar li-3t* WANTED TO PURCHASE.?A MODERN atyl? Brick Hroae. containing ab?at eU tit rx>m?. Addrora Box No. S StaroBoo, glviag lo BBtloa aad pi Ice. mar l?-4t* WANTED-S5U00 CORFCRATION ftock for which a good p*lee will be paid mar H 3t CHUBB BROTBKRS. WANTED ?A GOOD BOUBK-KBKPKR who can come woll recommended A too. a Cbacnberwald. either white cr colored, can ob talo permanent altnarlona by applying at No <t Lonlatoaa avenue, between aad tch atreota. mar lt-St* WANTED W O MA^TOCOOK, Waab, aad Iron for a family mldlnr three mile* la tbo country To oae with aatlxf?otory refbrea sea, good wagea will bo given Appylbrthreo laya at No. S39 H atreet, between o a aad "ta rtroeta mar 1*-St B ? TWO OR THREE SALESWOMEN WAN TED ? Inqolwof Mr M WILL1AN, Ma: ket Ppeee No Jt, between ?th aad 6th atroeta. mar 11>% _ TEACHER WANTED ?APPLICATION in the handorrttlag of tbe api<Uraat wi 1 be re delved by tho naAeraigaed until tho l?'h Inat., U r th- altnatloa of aaalatant Teocber In the mala ien*rtment of the Georgetown Sehooto Salay ?450 per annum. marH-Tt ANTHONY HYDE S<0 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD W boelrtgbt, to take charge of a Shop on hi* VWB reeponaibillty, or work piore work As tl are is plenty of work now on hand, aay good aad Moody workman will Rod thla chance to fcla ova idvaataco For further particular* inquire of R L. JENKINS, UaloatowB, D. C, near tho >avy Vard Br .dgp, mar lk-3t* SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPI-C ^ table Womaa. as Wet Nnroe Apply at Mra PARRELL'd, No ? Mtosoutl avosoe oora?rof ith street mar 11-4:* WANTED ?A WOMAN TO TAKE Charge of a_chl)d M montha old Also, a Woman to Co>k, Wash, and Iroa fbr a small family Ap ply Immediately at *8 C street, between 3d and mdtfc. mar UK' WANTED?ONE OR T W O MEN TO i rtm a largo Peath aad Apple Orchard mar 10 gt D CLAGRTT WANTED ?A GOOD HOUSE. BR1CR, AT a low reat, between *d aad lith strsets. M lasouri avenue aad E street. Good yard aad good water. ?,0U to f.fOA dollara wanted ob Real Kn.ta Address Boa 313, Poet Office mar l?-lw WANTED.?BOTH LADIES AND GK!* I tlemea. more eepeclally thooe out of employ* moot, to learn ooe of tbe meat profitable Arte now In tbe world. It to also, a very light atd clean business From Si to S3 per day caa be made at It without any labor. Housekeepers and Botol keepers will aave much expense by learning tii? Kreatnat of dtocoveriea. Caa be learned lr |ve minutes Sale as peraaaneat aa butter For par ticulars adders, with stamp enclosed, to THUS. B.SYLVEvTER, Boa <tt Poet OBce. ? ask lag ton city. D C. mar 9 Is* WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST PRICKS Bald la cash for Old Silver, at H OOD?S Sll wr Ware MaaufBctorv, 338 Peon araaos, near Mb street. dec % teaSfSl-asw: tb? esUbllrhm^ ^ foT terrna. Jr Dally News O?eo,? P^^/va mar 7-?ao<w SHUW BEKFS ?MOW REEF!! 4?I>RECK." 1HB CELEBRATED SHOV% 1> Beef, will be nerved up at Plalli No 3e Centre Market, on 8ATUR-] DAY next, the U.h inataat, la cota to] suit pure baser*. This Beef weighs 3.uOO tbe , aad waa broegLt CTom the Old Dominica. A oorpe of attendanta will be to read I Bees to ixecute all orders with promptB?Ma aad deaba'cb All baak?t? Will be dellvrrod correctly aad safely. To the lover* of the name of BreehlBrtdge and pood Beef, and eepeeiall? one reart d ob the eoll it old Vlrelnla, we lavlto you a U to coaae, with roar big boakets sad your pockets full of dimes No more at preeeet. J. T VARNFLL washiroton r^viMMjrvRCML academr, i ^ ^kknYj tlTT||,NH<,WtE ***1 aL. J ?. Hoooo, No. 36< asar "L?!0 ? F Sbb aaooia, Principal Tbo Coarae will embrace Piactlcal Per man ???k-keoplBg by Sing e aad Ekuble Entry, MM Arithmetic fa short, al - ...allibe braacaaaap Mrtalalng to a complete Mercantile fcdaeattoa Piactlcal and experienced Teachers oo gaged lours for Ladles or Goatlesaoa to ault their coo - For partlculara apply to tho Prteolpai.