Newspaper of Evening Star, March 13, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 13, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. V wi? m urr at m Omcm (f 9BTIL r?* *BST DAY. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. * A*?tal Coubbhcbmbwt or thb Medical DiPARTMBirT~Dr Georgetown Collbob ?We found an unexpectedly large gathering on en tering tha Smithsonian Hall last night, the attraction being the annual commencement ceremonies of Georgetown College. After music bv the band stationed io the J tilery, and reading (be commission by Prof . Eliot, dean? A' *?fal*a, president of Georgetown College, addreesed the students and aodtenee briefly, remarking upon tbe pleasant duty be was about to discharge of giving the graduating elan this testimonial of tbeir alma mater, and the pleasure of wbicb was enhanced by the assiduity and correct de portment which had marked tbeir coarse of s'.adr. In the course of his remarks he very oonolusively controverted the somewhat com* man assertion that the study and practice of medicine is adverse to morality and religion. The follewing graduates were then oalled in tarn upon the platform, to receive the broad parchment, rii: J. C Wilcox, of the Dietriet of Columbia; George McCoy, of Ireland ; L M. Lanoaster. of Maryland ; D. B. Clark, of the District of Columbia; J C. W. Kennor, of Ohio; T A, Woodly, of tbe District of Columbia; J S Smith, of the District of Columbia; 8. Loomis, of Connecticut. As they severally returned to their seats they were met with hearty cbaars, and a few lucky ones were the recipients of beautiful bouquets fr?n their fair friends. Prof S. Young then proceeded to address the graduating class, in a manner eminently praotioal and suggestive. He reminded them that they were entering the profeesion al a period of unexampled pro gress ic medieine ; that the age is past when medical men relying only on observation, without the means of investigating the nature and true origin of phenomena presented to them, indulged m the wildest speculation. The most abundant means are now afforded for the study of those laws of natare which aie the foundations of all real medical educa tion, through the advanced condition of clen fetry and of anatomy, aided by that wonder ful instrument, the microscope. They had before them the acquired information of the whole medical world ; the result* of medical enquiry in any quarter coming at once to them through the instrumentality cf tbe press, and thoroughly informed as to what Is known, they are prepared to explore further and to add to the sum of medical knowledge They were admonished that tbe edueation they had received thus far was only elemen tary, and it was for tbem, having been taught how to learn, to proceed to complete tbeir own education At every Ptep they would find new and wondrous truths to investigate With all the knowledge acquired there is yet much un learned. We are for example scarcely on the threshold of knowledge of the nervous system, we are familiar with its phenomena and are acq airing faou in regard to its laws every day, but though the most important of all connect ad with the human machine, the supposed ?eat of the life-giving power, the controlling Influence of the whole economy, we must con feu our comparative ignoranoe. It is cheering, however, to be conscious that the knowledge gained already has been of vast service to oar fellow men; an examina tion of vital statist ice will demonstrate a pro gressive improvement?for example, in 1805 1 in every 7 admitted to the Paris hospitals died, now only 1 in 12, an increase of 71 per cant in 51 years. In tbe 80 000 persons an nually passing through these hospitals thage U a saving of 500 persons as compared with former years. Formerly, the time of treat ment was an average of 39 days, now 24 days. In some diseases 1 formerly died in every 5t> cases, now only 1 in 294 The average of mor tality has changed during the last 71 years from 1 in 20 dying to 1 in 40 in this day. In surgical practice more than 35 per cent, has baen gained since the beginning of tbe present century Tbe average duration of life has been incraaaad during the past 60 years years In obstetrical practice, 150 yearseinoe, 1 In 40 died, now net 1 in 250 ; from the last retires there appears to be a gain of 25 per cent of cure in past 75 years, and the average time cf treatment lessened more than cne-third. The discovery of ether and chloroform, and other medical improvements, has shorn disease of its terrors, bmall pox and cholera were no longer fatal Marsh mi aim a had baen stripped of its deadly power by the discovery of the alkaloid of cinchona. He adjped them to let real merit be tha ob ject of tffeir ambition; to not rely for success upon personal regard or the partiality of in fluential friends; to be careful in regard to their standing with their brother practition ers ; to let inevitable professional rivalries be honorable rivalry, and not a scramble for ad vantage ; to act upon tha cardinal rule (in their relation* to professional brethren and the public) that every man has a right to se lect for himself and family his own medical adviser ; to exercise the greatest prudsnce in thair confidential relations to families ; to ex act the full price for services to tboee able to pay, and to reserve for the poor their gratui tous services. He next spoke to them ef the difficulties they must expect to encounter; they must not look for wealth, as with few exceptions, tbe members of the profession are poor; they were entering upon a life of servitude not one hour of whieh they could eall their own ; they must expect ingratitude and to be sapp!anted by quacks and cha.-latans. Oae of their severest trials would be to find the whole community indisposed te recognise the superior merits of regularly educated physicians and a philosophic practice based upon scientific acquirements; and when Pes tilence is abroad in tbe land, they must re main at thair poets, even to the sacrifice of their lives. But there was another side to this glorious picture: Theirs was a noble profession, and 1U study the most captivating of all pursuits ; aad there was to the Christian physician the added feeling of gratification which follows the honest discharge of daty Dr Y , in closing, adverted to the rise of Georgetown College, which in sixty five years has advanced from a modest academy to the position of a world renowned Institution ; al luding next to the fact that it was now not quite seven years since the medical depart ment was organised, as a chili of tbe pareat institution, and the baptismal ceremony of which bad been performed within the walls of the same building where they were now met. During these years they had struggled, un aided. against difficulties, embarrassments and opposition of foes, was only known and only to be appreciated by themselves. Their success, so far, stimulated tbem to renewed exertion to deserve confidence and prove wor thy of tha truat reposed in them by their ven arable alma mater. Tat WasnisGTos (?w) Fma laacaasca Company ?The stock books for this company, recently chartered by Congress, were opened on tbe Vth inst, and by the close of business hours on the day after, every dollar of tbe stock was taken by substantial parties here, we understand. This is as it should be Tbum1 and4 cl our fellow-oitiaens prefer, very naturally, to insure with a company whose affairs are conducted under their ejres. and whose managers and stockholders arc known to the whole commanity That risks made by them must be perfectly secure, is guaranteed by the clause in the charter making all con oerned in this company liable in all their property for the legsd fulfillment of all iU en gagements. ?? Relieving tbb Puoa ? A correspondent writes us : 411 cannot forbear bringing to your notice tbe fact that during the severe spell of cold weather, in whloh there was so much need for help for the poor, members of Con gress acre kindly engaged in privately reliev ing the neeesiities of the needy." India* Delegation ?A large number of Indians this morning paid their respect* to Commissioner Manypenny, and were after wards received by the President of tbe United States. The asaal salutations were passed, end they appeared much gratified by their reception They are a fine-lcokisg body ef men 8o,M munic.tmn f*nt . befor* th? Board ft com Ss&fiM g?$, * r**ol?Uon <* thij Board of Q?*brUW7' tha Major to Surveyor a attention mora particalar ??iw ? ?*??? ?* overflow of tha foot ^ *? ?th# lnt^*o^on of Sixteenth atraat wart and L atraat north; rafarrad to iaprova manta committee Also, a oommunioation from tha Mayor, in forming the Board that *9 had received from MrRaftdolph Cojla ft fclat, togathar with 7 ^lf ,J*eBB of grade? for tha Saves th Ward ; rafarrad to improve manta oommittaa. Varioua petitiona wara praaantad and refer red. Mr. Walker, from improvamanta oommittaa. reported a bill authorising tha erection of lamp-posta at tha aaat and weat ends of the Weatern market; paaaad. AUo, from the aame committee, a bill an horning tha erection of lamp poata. Ao , and n^nJ*th * ?lg.f plp*? on oerUin streets run Dl?f through tha mall; paaaed rmnnr Jj km' fTom committaa, S PA lKbiff"l7tr"tiDI <*?>???? ?? Mr. Turton moved to amend tha bill by ad ding the worda "until otherwiae ordered by Sin pi?T." ,"*4<1,0' "d U". bill ... fnm '"PWMwnti ooaunitue, reported a bill to grade and gravel tha foot walk on the north front of M street south, be tween Four-and-a-half and Sixth atreeta weat weat, paaaed Mr. Abort, from aaylnm oommittee, mada a written report in relation to tha horning of tha ^*7, >m,on tha 2d '* wb*oh waa 1 Aid on the table informally, and temporarily withdrawn forthepnrnoM of sendingit to the Aldermen. l.1".-.' "om olaima committee, reported Kiii r r#Uef of Wm L Bail*7.? ftftd a were passed r*',# ?f J?MPb Libb*7 ; whioh Mr T also introduced a bill making an ad f Vk Dn *PProHriatlon 'or the contingent fund ^ Fieharintroduoed a joint resolution for holding a joint meeting of the two Boarda on Monday evening next for the purpoee of going into an election for an Asaeaaor of the Second w*rd; pasted. The bill from the Aldermen changing the Northern Libertiea engine-house into a public achoul house, and alao making an appropria tion to purchase a lot and build an engino bouae for the said company, waa next taken up for conaideration. Mr. Lloyd moved to refer the bill to the public achools committee, with instruction to inveetigate the aubject more fully; agreed to ine bill making an appropriation to pay the city Assessors for the performance of certain iutiea wsa taken up and paaaed. The bill from the Aldermen authorising the opening of an additional primary aohool in the fourth diatrict was passed; also, the joint rcso lation of respect to tha Preaident of the United yt&teS Mr f nher offered the following reaolution, which waa adopted: Resolttd, Tnat the Columbia Typographical ^ ? I1 13 hareby authoilied to haug a portrait of Franklin In thla chamber. i ^.o bill from the Aldermen for the purpose or erecting lampa in front of the Northern market was taken up, but no definite action wis baa thereon, Mr. Lloyd introducing a resolution, whioh waa adopted, requeating the Aldermen to return the bill which had paaaed tDi? Board for a similar purpoee. The bill from the same board to aupply a deficiency in the appropriation for the erec tion of a shed at the west end of the Western j^^?t*houae, for other purpoaea, was The Board then adjourned. bOMKTMiMa Faia to look cvon is, really, the fiiteen-horse (power) steam engine by which the machine^ in the Mech'anica' Insti tute Fair is being propelled. It is from tha establishment of Ellis, Brother A Co , in this city. In finish, no ateam engine was ever made in thia country superior to it, while it doea the great amount of work required of it with ao little noise, that, atanding within two feet of it and one'a back turned to it, it does not make one aware of ita presence?tha best poaaibla evidence of the akill and perfection with which it ia built. We are proud of it as an aehievement of Washington city mechan ica ; aubatantiating, as it doea, our repeated assertion that no mechanics caji be found in the Union better qualified to execute orders in their respeotive linea than our own. Omsibus Fabb ?Several subscribers com p.ain that in making chaDge for quarterf, halves, Ac., omnibus drivers manage to get aeven cents f*re inatead ofaix-the proprie tore' rata. Very likely; aa they do that thing overv where an omnibua line runa. The remedy ia for the passenger who atands on a cent, quietly to demand It. Bua will then hand it over, though in ao doing, he may lose a fraction of a peuny. The number of ahort fipa and levies put upon the drivera is, of] oourse, very great, and we presume their aim u simply to take due care that in the long run, in the matter of making change thev shall get even with the publio. Chimihal Cocbt.?In the case of J. O'Con nell, charged with larceny, the jiry returned a verdict of guilty. n W i?IhMOD' *uilt7 on th* charge, ti. W. otnea, for not, was found not guilty. (1 Funk and C. Bartlett, upon the aame charge, not guilty. As we-left the room to-day, the jury had jaat retired to make up their verdiot in the case of the Lnited States r*. John Robertson, alias John Roberts, charged with stealing sev eral brass cocks, the property of the George town Gas Company. Robertson is a youth about 15 years of age. Fifts ?Thia morning, about 4 o'clock, fire waa diaeovered in a frame house in " Brere ton1*1on I atreat, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth atreeta Before the fire could be aubdued, four of the tenements were con rr ? ot the houaea waa ooeupied by Mra. 0 Keefe aa a xrocery and liquor shop, the'othersi by colored persona It Is auppesed to be be the aot of an inoendiary. The houaes were partially insured. Th? R?v B. F. Bittixqik was installed paator of the 8eventh Preabyterian church, Washington, on laat evening, (the 12th inat.) by the Presbytery of Baltimore. The Rev. Dr. Bocoek preached the inatallation sermon ; the Rev. Dr. Tustin, Moderator of the Prea hjt?ry, preaided and proposed the constitu tional questions ; the Rev Dr. Ourley deliv ered the charge to the pastor, and the Rev. Mr Eckard tha charge to the people. Thi Fbabk Riley whose name appeared in our police report yesterday, aa being in cna tody for an aasault and battery, is not Mr. Francis Riley, late an employee in the Clerk's offico of the Huuae of Representatives, and now a guard at the jail; but some other of the city'" ?r Ptr,0QS of ?*?*>? name in this BanJ* aws fob tbb Bors ?In oonacqnence of the Chineae war fire oraokera have adranoed in pncea The laat aalaa were at $2 50 per box, but the article cannot be had at that fig ure now. Thla ia bad for the boy?, but we abou't it * gT0Wn folka won t la mourning Am Ibpbovbmbbt -Wa notice that work men under the auparviaion of Captain John U received from Wil - A{ Eighth and Ninth) were dtliciout indeed WhAM Wil liama gata such lu^ioua bivalves In thU time of aeftraity, ia a mystery to Ul. WasnuroToa, D. C , Maroh 13, 1867 hditor of tktSiar: The efl^ient ?td gen tlemanly Sergeant Major now at JUaadquar t?ra U. S. M. Corps, Waahington, D. Q.t ia " John Robinson,,J not " Hamilton," and he i? considered one of the very beat drill nen commissioned officers in tha corpa. I mention this fact in order to eorraot ao error in tha let ter of 14 Mercury," ia tha Baltimore Sun of this morning. Q?l or rug Coapa. K Rbvovals ?Wotkmw krt bully employed removing the building occupied for tho Inau g* ration ball; also tha wooden building lately ooeupled as tha ciroa?. Ntw York Ledger for March 21, Harpers' Weekly, and Frank Leslie's, with correct views of the Inauguration. For sale bj the agent?Adanason ?Seventh street, opposite the Post Offioe. t Dr Popr, Homeopathic Physician and 8ur eon. has removed hii office and residence to >e Menou, or chain building*?formerly occu pied by Gov. Pennington?-No. 376 H street,* north side, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets } A Book of Univrrsal Khowl*do*.~Just published, the most useful and extraordinary volume ever yet issued front the press, as it comprises all the information conta<%fed in a dozen of any other books of information that have hitherto been printed. The title of this wonderful book is as follows : "Icquire With in for Anything you want to Know ; or, Over 3,700 Facts for the People." , A large volume of 500 pages?cloth, gilt?price SI. For sale by A. Adamson, Bookseller, Seventh St., op posite the Post Office, Washington City, tf Books, as Dryden has aptly termed them, are spectacles to read nature. Shakspeare and Baoon, Kscbylus and Aristotle, are priests who expound the mysteries of man and the universe. A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treas ured up on purpose, to a life beyond. Phil brick has an immense variety of books, which he is anxious to sell, and he will scatter his presents broadcast amongst his patrons for a few days longer. Call toon at the Gift Book store, under Dexter's Hotel. f Harper#' Weekly, for March 14, with the continuation of Mr Wilkie Collins's admirable story, " The Dead Secret." This number con tains an illustration of the Inauguration of Qeorge Washington, the first President of the United States ; also cf the late Inaugural scenes in this city. It is for sale at Shilling ton's bookstore. All tho back numbers can be supplied, on application to J. Shillington, the Agent for this city. t Watch Report ?No inmates save a few poor persons who were lodged last night. Medicinal Ltqnora.? Old Henaeaeey Braudy, eery rupert- r. Old Port Wine, pure Julcc, Imported lor Invalids. Old Sherry Win*. Old Rye Whiskey, warranted over ten jeers old. Per eel* la demljehus and bottles at OILMAN'S new Store, mar U-lw sio avenue. U7* When ail else falls, the dying resert to Mil. M N. Gardner'* Indian Balsslu of Liverwort and H>>arb<und and lind the tree "Balra In Gllaad," which Is ever the snfferer's friend It wa? originally discovered by Nshmeonitrb, whose eventful life I* before ue. and forms the matter of a pamphlet which the world should read, and It was her bequeet to a lace to whum she became a.lled by marriage. It Is a wonderful medicine anJ should be In every home In New England Messrs. Weeks A Potter, No. 1M Washington street, Bos ton, Geuaral Agents. For aala liy W. H. Oilman, Charles Stott, Nairn A Palmar, X. D. Utlouin, and by Drng^lsts (en rally. mar 10? le. fO" Important te the readies!? Dr. Do PONCO'S PKMALR PILLS.?The combination of Ingredi ents In the Pills are perfectly harmleaa. Their efficacy and merit* are baaed npor> au eateuslre practice ofov?r Uiirty years; aud, where the directions have been atrlcttv fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve palatal and difficult menstruation, fpartli olarly,) at the chaster of life. They will care the Wbltoa, and remove all obstructions arising frum cold, exposnre or any causes; sad maybe aaed successfully as a Preventive. Call apon the ageut, and ret a Circular for partlcalars free. Price tl per box, with full directions. Hold wholesale and retail by OH AS. 8TOTT, Druggist, Peansylvanla avenue, SAIlt'KL E. WAITK, Sis Seventh street, Waahington, D. G.; aad R. 8. T. CISelKL, Georgetown , to whom all orders asust be sent, and the Pills will be sent coufldebMally, bj mail, to ladles who enclose them one dollar. H. B.?See s'.gaatare on the boa; tocesotsrfsltlt Is for ery. le ?-t? H7Brssdr?U'i Pills.?The Weak, tha Oonsnmptlvs. Rheumatic, Costive, Bilious aud Delicate, after some day's use will Bud renewed strength and life pervade every organ cf their frames. kvery dose makes the blood parer. The aervae commence in the artertee and terminate la the velcs. These pills, as a first effect, act upon the ar terial blood. Increasing the circulation, by which Imparities sre deposited In the veins, and they throw off such collec tions Into the bowels, which organ, by the energy derived from Braadrsth's Pills, sxpels them from the sys em. When first aaed, tha pills may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel worae ; Lb la mast be borne with for the good to come afterwards. Mo great good is often achieved withoat some trouble In its attainment, and this rote applies to the recovery of health. Tlieee symptoms only occur where the body baa long struggled nnder a load of impnra, tenacious humors. A oousecutive sse for a few days will satisfy the most unbelieving of the great good the pills are doing. The directions should be carefully studied. If understood and followed, health and vigor will. In a majority of caees, be sh eared by the use of RRANDRJtTH'8 Pills. tteld at M cents per bos at ?S C*aal street, Draadreth Building, New Tors; by T. W. uyott A dons, HI north Second street, Philadelphia, aud by medicine dealers gener ally. novM?tf MARRIED, On the 12th Instant, by the Fev R K. Rich ards, of this city, Mr JOHN L LAYTONto Ml?s KI.M1RA 1). HARDER both of Layton vllle, Md. ' ? ?t Rock Creek Church, en the lO.h Instant, by the Rev Mr. Buck. A LBKRT J DEZKYKlo ELIZABETH M WHITTLESEY, of this cltv. F For Bale and Rent. OR SALE.?A PEW IN TRINITY Church, desirably located Inquire of WM. WALL, Wall * Stephens, 322, between 9th and 10th sts., Avenue. mar 13 3t For rent?the very' durable Stcre, No 3S4, below the National. Imme diate possession given Rent reasonable to a Sood and permanent t nant. Inquire of WALL ; STfc-PH ENS, 322,between 9th aad 10th streets, Avenue; also 370 drowns' Hctel. mar l3-3t For rent ?that large and hand some House now occupied by the Hon Mr Aiken, on the corner of 19:h and I streets, lthss every convenience for comfort Po session given 1st of April. Inquire of A. HOOVER, renn. avenue, between 19ih atd 'ioth stieeta. mar 13-eotf FOR RENT-A THREE STORY BRICK Home, No 491 17th street, between H and I streets, now occupltd by Llsut Ives, U.S. Army. Possession given 1 mined 1 tely. The Furniture and Household fcff-cu are for sale Applvat No. 40, Winder's building mar 12 -3t? For rent?tbe second-story of Warehouse No 357, known as. Washing ton Hall, comer of <kh stree and Penn. aven'ie over our Auction Rcoms, formerly used as a Billiard Room. To good tenant rent moderate. Apply toC. R L.CROWN 4. CO , Auctioneers, mil li-lw F1 lOR RENT OR SALE?TWO NEAT AND comfortable Dwelling Houses for rent or sale, situated on K, between 2otb and 27thstreets, First W&rd, two squares the Circle, and one from Venn, avenue. Each hoase containing seven Rooms, with abundance of air and light. For tetms apply to JAMES H. REED, at Mr*. Klrk wood's corner 12th and F streets msr 12-3t* F OR SALE OR RENT ?AN EXCELLENT Garden Spot of three acres, all well lenctd, with a comfortable Cottage of four rooms, with a fine large Portico, and a well of excellent water in the yard SltuUed at Ball's Croes Roads, about two-ani-a-haif miles from Georgetown and three?and-a-half from the city market, will be exchanged for city property or sold on accommo dating tsrms by calling on W. H BIRCH, at Birch's Livery Stables on 14th street mar0-1W* Farm for sale?i will sell my Farm, adjoining the Washington Railroad, one mile from Beluvllle, and fourteen from Washington, containing 102acres It Is Improved with a comfortable dwelling containing 5 rooms. The soil Is of good quality and easily fmprovrd; neighborhood healtny] and society good. The convenience of this Farm to Market Is an object of particular lmpor.ance to the farmer or garden er. The sale will take place on Monday, March 30, 1357 For particulars inquire of Mr. Whalen, Belts vllle, or to me, on the premises mar ll-3t J. L SAUTER. FOR RENT?THE HOUSE NO 1S4, IN the Seven Buildings, formerly occupied by tbe Brazilian and Mexican Minister*. A Brick Stabl* attached. Possession given Immediately, mar# eo?t* FOR RENT?THE RESIDENCEAT PRRK ent occupied by Hon. Jas. Thorirgton, No. 493 L'eventa street, between E and F. The premises has all the modern improvements The House is well furnished and can be had with or without the Furniture For terms apply on the premise. Possession given 1st April. mar 9 to If (Intel) For rent-thatnkw three-story Brick Store near the l*th street Bridge. In quire of WM WARDER, 549 12th street, mar 9 eolw* Boarding. Boarding?one large parlor,with a large chamber attaohed handsomely fur nished and lighted with gas. being Just vacated by a member, ?111 be rented Immediately by the day, week or month. Price S30 per month. Also, two good slx?d Rooms, suitable for single per. sons. Good Me Is furnished, private tf desired, at S3 50 par week. Situation Central and near the Avenue. Enquire at 44ti Tenth street, between D sad E. mar 5 7t* AUCTION SALB8. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer! TWO HORSES AT AUCTION.?Om SAT URDAY (to-morrow) MORNING, 14th in stant, at 10 o'clock, wo will a* 11 la front of oar ?tor*, om ine Sorrel Mare 6 yean old, souad,ai.d works well la harness or under saddle. also? 1 Dapple Grey Mare,8 years old. Is a Aae work mars, suitable for furaltare wagons, or otker steady work Terns cask. WALL, BARNARD A CO , It Auctioneers. By A. GKhKN, Auctioneer. Household and eitchen furni tare, Brandy, Ac., at Aactloa Uo SATURDAY, the 14tk Instant, 1 shall sell ia front of my store, at 10 a m.. an excaUent assortment

of Furnltun, by order of the Orphans' Court.the furnltnn belonglxg to the estate of the late John B Floyd, Tlx: 1 fine cherry Bookcase, 1 fine cherry Wardrobe t cane Chairs, 1 flue cherry dressing Bureau 1 fine curled maple Bebstrad 1 fine leather covered revolving Office Chair 1 W alnut Table Also, on account of whom It nay concern, con* slstlrg of? Feather Beds, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Tables Chain, Washstands, Cooking,RadUtor, and oth er Stoves Also, 3 quarter casks and 10 casts Cognac Bnndy. And a large lot of othe: articles which we deem unnecessary to enumente. Terms cash. A GRiEN, It Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. j fLOIWO OCT SALE OK FINE OIL Palatlegsand Bagravtats.?On SATUR DAY , Match 14th, at 14 o'clock m , I shall sell, at ray Auction-Room. Iron Hall, without reserve? the balance of those Fine Oil Paintings remain ing unsold, which embraces many valuable sub jects by ancient and modern mrsters. Also a large collection of Fine Engnvlngs A rare opportunity Is now offered to ootaln valuable picture* at very low prices as the sele Is peremptory Terms: S50and under, cash; over S50, CO and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bear ing Interest- C. W. BOTELER, mar 13-lt Auctioneer. By WALL. BA RNARD A CO ? Auctioneers. HOUSKHoLD FURNITURE, VA"CY Hoods, Store Fixtures, See , at Auction. On MONDAY MORNING, 16th Instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at No. 240 F street, north side, between 13th and 14th streets, the entire HcuAehold Furniture, Stoje Hoods, Ac , as? Bureaus. Bedsteads, Beds, Mattrc&ses Chairs, Lounge, Carpets, Stove Tables, Glass and Crockery, Ac Also, a lot of Fancy Go< ds In the Store Glass Case, Fixtures, Ac. Carary Bird Cages, Pots of Flowers 1 fli.e Parrot ana Cage, Ac. Terms cash WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 13- Auctioneers S By BARNARD k BUCKEY, Georgetown. ITOIK OF A FfJR'TtKE Ware Kotai > ntPoblic Sale.-On TUESDAY MORN ING, 17th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at Woodward's Furniture Ware Roorr s, on Hi^h street, near Prospect, the entire stock In tnde, as Wardrobe*, Dressing and Plain Bureaus Mahogany Cane and W ocd-seat Chain Loupge*,'Rocking Chairs Washstands, Dressing Tables Fine, Cherry, and Walnut Tables Bedsteads, Cots, Looking Glasses Mattresses, Clock*, Ac , Ac , With rranv other goods not here mentioned. Hale positive. Terms: All sums of and under S 25, cash; over that amount, CO and SO days credit for notes en dorsed bearing interest BARNARD A BUCKEY, mar 13-3t Auctioneers F By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. URNITUKK AND HOUSEHOLD EF feets at Aactien On MONDAY MORN ING, March 18th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Mr J. W. Alien, No. 60 J I street, near 4 th st , I shall sell his Furniture and Household Effects, rix: Two mabo :ary hair spring-seat Sofas Rockers and parlor Chairs Handsome walnut Secretary a nd Bookcase Marblt -top Centre and fofa Tables Uane seat Chairs and Rockers Thiec-ply an I ingrain Carpets, Ru?s Window Curtains, Shades, Looking Glatses Mantel Ornaments, Vases. Ac Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Clock Toilet Sets, Cooking sud otliei StorM Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites Terms : 825 and under, rash ; over that sum a :redit of 30 and r.o days, for satisfactorily endorsed lotes, bearing interest. mar 13-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By C. W BOTELER, Auctioneer. ?ALE OF SUPERIOR BOt'BEHilLD 3 Furaiture at Aactloa.? On WEDNES DAY MORNING, March 19, at 10* o'clock, 1 ihall sell at the residence of the Hon Israel Washburne, Jr ,in Blagden's Row, nearly oppo ?lte the City Hall, between 3d and 4# streets, a superior collection of Household Furu.ture, coa iistlng in part of? line eiegaat Rosewood Parlor Suit, covered with crimson brocatel K jeewocd Centre Table, marble top Large French-plate Mantel Minor, Walnut Eu oere Fine Walnut Parlor Commode. Whatnot Walnut Extension Dining Table, Walnut Side board French China, Crockery, and Glass-wan Plated Cas'or, Table Cutlery Blcck-tln Chafing Dishes, Coffee Biggin Fine Silver plated Covered Dishes Lounge, L'braiy Table Cane and wood-seat Chairs fetof Cottage and Chamber Furniture Walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaus Wardiobes, Washstands. Toilet Sets Superior curled hair and other Mattresses Fine Feather Bolsters and Plllowa French and Cottage Bedstead* Cane-sett and mahogany Rockers Btdilng. Carpeting. Oilcloth Kitchen Furniture, Cooking Requisites, Ac The especial attention of Housekeepers is called to this sale, as the Furniture is of superior qual ity and in ? xcellent condition, having been in use but a few months Terms: 825 and under, cash; over S25 sixty and nlnetv days credit, for approved endorsed notes, hearing interest mar 13-d C W BOTELER, Aurt. H' ByJAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer OlisEHOLl) IIRNITIKK AT PUB lic Auction.?On WEDNESDAY mcm lng, March l?lli, at 10 o'clock, 1 shall se:l, by virtue of a desd cf trust, duly recorded, Ao , the furniture and effects in the double brick h<<u?e on the west side of L2th St., between F and G sts. north, viz: Walnut and mahogany hair sprlrg Sofas, Rock en Rosewood marble top Table, gilt fratce Mirror Oak cane ?eat Chairs, rout Tables Window Curtains, Shades Mantel Ornaments l hree-p y and ingrain Carpets, Rags Bronze list Tre-, oilcloth In hall aud on Stain Mahogany Sideboard Dialog and Side Tables tiraniie lea and dinner Ware, Table Cutlery Castors, Sliver plated Spoons and Forks, Glass ware Single and double cottage Bedsteads Bureaus. Wardrobes, Washstands Hair and bu?k Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows B ankets, quilts, Spreads, Sheeting Cbamber Carpets, Looking Glasses Clocks, Toilet Sets, Stove* Cooking Stove and Fixtures Together with a genenl assortment of household and kitchen Furniture Terms: #25 and j under, cash: over that sum a credit cf x, 3, and 4 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. P. S.?The House Is for rent. Inquire of the undersigned THUS J. FISHER, Trustee. mar 13-d J. C. McGUIRE, Aoct. By JA1. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer SMALL AND NEAT FRAME HOUSE and Let en North I, betweea 13th aad 13th streets at Aactloa?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, March 18th, ht5o'clock, on the Kremises I shall sell subdivision A, in square lo 285 fronting 18 feet on north I, between 12th and 13:h streets, running back. 43 feet 6 Inches, with ihe Improvements, consisting of a two-story Fnme Dwelling House, containing seven rooms. Title Indisputable. Terms: One half, cash; the residue in six snd twelve months, for notes satisfactorily secured, bearing Interest. J. O. McGUIRE mar 13 Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. ALE AT THE MARIWE EAREACES by order ef the Quartermaster. On THURSDAY, the l?:h Instant, 1 shall, at it o'clock m , at the Marine Barracks, in W aahlsg ton, DC, at public auction? Lot of Carpet, lot of Oilcloth Cast-iron Plate# snd Grates 1 Cooking Stove and Sxturee 40 Woollen Pants, 31 Woollen Jackets 5 Uniform Coats t Fatigue Caps, 18 Linea Pants Terms cash. A, mar 13-d Auctioneer. ?R BOSTON.?THE SUPERIOR VAST r sailing clipper sshooner Pearl? Brown, >??? Master, has arrived and will have qutcksftfib dispatch for the above port For freight or pas eageapply to HARTLEY A BRO , 101 Wtfer street, Georgetown. mar 11 ^t S AUCTION BtO R L.CIOWNico anmt7~ WE WILL PELL, ON Mortif/Kr^FTE. NOON. the vth of March, at3 o'ci?k aaarve, four Frame Houses. eoatainin. .7. oat reaarve, rour t nme Houses. contalaW.Tx rooms each, situated on 7th. between Oa?dH streets Maud, wtth right of tiler back Title indisputable. S*le positive. Each house new under rent of eight and alas do'Iars per month Term*: Oaf-third, cash ; balasce In If ard 18 months, with notes satisfactory endorsed, bearing interest from the day of sate C. K L CIOWN * CO , ar flntel] Auctioneers iuihmiTtw.J^T# ,*1? h,t P*?*P*?td and Jw ^tk? 14th March, aame hour m?lS% ? R L CROWN A Co , mtr 10-d Auctioneers. . B? ACc*lO? NOTICE. A^ficr^f ^r?N8 "AVING HOR8S9, CAR Will find the united*' L00*" fbr "le at Auction Square, adjolslng the^F^fr Market j ket morning, at ID oViorw dlnRleYn7 """? log at his store, H*?%?b,'m bJ ?1] "" "-M.W*F,l.n '? '? By A. GREEN, Auctioneer! TWO MEW TWO-STOAT Frame ll..... mad Lata lathe rirat Ward at iarti?2 On MONDAY, the 16lh instant,! shall sell in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m ,iS handsome new two-story Frame Houres a front each of 15 feet, with a *% feet^e^!!8 them, and 28'feet dipTaio the 7j?re No front lot "?- 1S> ln i-afssw? atras north G and H street., In the Terms: One-half cash; balance In 9 and 18 months, for notes bearing latere -t. A deed given, a deed of trust taken mar 10 d A. GREEN, Auot. H. _ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer AND SOME FURNITURE, PIANO. *c-i ** Aactiea.? On MONDAY ice 18th instant, I shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m ' ^V^^ce ?* A Bennett, E?q , No. 3do' north D, between 8th and 10th streets west, an ex cellent assortment of Furniture, viz * A very tne rosewood owe Piano forte, *even oc taves, nearly new, of tne tone aad touch Piano Mool and Cover u Mahogany. Sofas, French Chairs, Divans, Otta """vrrsss? c'?"'"??uia t?"?. F1?e flzeW ? frame French-plate Mirror,large "Hswsrsu? kiu' Cu'c",*?m,rbi" FreMh B<d "'"ISwSSSSb^1' "?4 '?wpo" Flne l^Sd^nrgBed', halr #Rd 0th" M?, Glrandow s. mantle Ornaments, ard Window Curtains whlf^ ulaM> fD<l Crcckery Ware, Table Cutlery Mahogany centre, card, and dining Tables Y I stair Carpets, passage and other CooklnK> Ridlator and o'her Stoves ?Jt^R f ?wortment of Kitchen Requisites, eerm*: All sums ender S50. eaah ? ?>??? . ondoVs^i K^nid9?idBy''' f0r noles "tisfactorily endorsed,bearing interest. A. GREEN raaM0 d Auctioneer^ ITAi iMr2L*,RE- Auctioneer yALUABLK I fit PRO V ED PHOFCRTV * at the corner ef Flftb street weft aad H mSSi rZh .TiZ0 f",1d1.ay afternoon March 13th, at o'oleek, rn the cremise* 50 XLtS 5fhUi^ V1 80 1 ? ,(3l,are <S6- frontlne h ? . L W?* ? "l tue wn^r of North HI Crce*,| ua lng back 85 feet to a ldfeet, 9 in< hcs alley. ?uh the improvemeaU, eonslstlrg of a Pnum*fi?!n ?eU built two story and attic Houjse> brick basement, containing 10 rooms ?Jit6.1?1*1 ??f*'ourth cash; the reaidue in S, 12, and 18 months, with Interest, satisfactorily se cured on the property. ~?e??uy ae . ?? J- KING, Fxeeutrl* mar9-d JA8 Q. McGUIKE. Anet. By JAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ~ f ?RR EnR SALE ?ON WEDNEf ?V.^AY EVENING, at 5 o'clock, will be "d In the Botanic Garden, a quantity of good Lura M?n' r 7a? ",fd at !be In prepare tlon for the Inauguration. Terms Cash. \V P MOHUN, ^'^crioto.aciii lor tbe Commissioner maT93t* Public Buildings. nJSZJZt nmb.'V? M,e ia cense. l?a V t Miio M,Dt weather until ?AT|! K - . EVENING, Marcti 14th, same hour acd P^e;,o^ ... JA?. C. McGURlE, mar l>-d (Unloc) Auctioneer. By JAS. C. MC6U1RE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR FURNITURE AND Hense S hsld Effects, Family Carriage, bIJJJ Harness Herse. dec . at Pabllc /lactle"? On TUESDAY MORNIN6, March l?th, at l<t o'clock, at the residence of Gov Fi?h. on H street, between I7:h an dl8th streets, I shall sell all his excellent Furniture and Household Ef fects, comprising? Suite of sotld rosewood Parlor Furniture, finished with purple plush Elegant French-plate rr.antel Mirror Handscme brocatelle and lace Curtains and Fix turw Superior Voltaire and Turkish easy Chairs, fla. lshed In rich brocateiie Handsome rosewood and marble top Sofa, centre. and fancy Tables Rosewood Etagere, fancy Chairs Splendid French msntel Timepieces, Candela bra*, Vases, and Ornaments Excellent Tapeatty and Brateel* parlor, dining room, chamber, and stair Carpets Bronze Hat-Tree, carved Hall Tabie, Oil Cloth Mahogany extension Dlning-Table Marble-top S!d:board, mahogany dining Chairs Lounges, Divans, and Footstools Gilt chandeliers and Gas-Fixtures throuahout the house * Gold-band and decoratcd Tea and Ccffee Service French China Dinner Ware Silver-plat d Castors, Table Cutlery Gut glass Decanters, Goblets, Tumblers, Cham pagnes, Wines, Finger bowla, Ac Mahogany, French, and Eilzabtthlan Bedsteads Wardrobes, marble-top Dressing Bureaus Marble.t .p Waststards, French, China, and granite Toilet Sets ' Large and elegant Psyche Glass Marble-top enamelled Co tage Set Walnut Wardrobe, dresalng Bureaus Cottage Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waihstands Superior Featber Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows Curled tair and husk Mattresse* Bedspreads, Blankets. Comforts. Ac Wlrdiw Curtains, Shades, Rugs, Fire Irons Large and superior mahogany Bookczde Matoginy Wrlting-Desk, Udlce Chairs C?ne neat Chairs, Child's Ciib, Ac Together with a general assortment of household and kitchen Furniture. also? At 3 o'clock, in front of the premises, a superior family Carriage, built to order by Gou.d, Albany, New Vork A light ton Buggy-W'agon, of superior make and finish One set of Buggy Harness Also, a very superior bay Horse, an excellent traveller In single harness, and perfectly kind and gentle Terms: 850 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing lnteiest mar 12-d JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct. Farm at auction.?on the soth day rf Msrch, (MONDAY,) on tbe premises, I will sell at public auc'lon, mv Farm, In Fairfax county, on the Little River Turnpike, 3% miles from Alexandria, and near Mr. Cloud's u.111. It contains about one hundred and fifty-three acres, from 55 to 00 acres In cultlvatioi, tne balance in wood, principally Oak and Hickory; 50 or 00 acres heavily wooded - fr ^m 25 to 3u acres are well set In timothy and clover; and if the weath er Is favorable, 1 calculate to haveieeded tbe corn land of last tear in Oats, and a gocd portion of land broken up for this year's corn crop hy the time of the rale. There is a nest and substantial Frame Dwelling, containing four good sited rooms, passage, and two porches, all necessary out but dings, good fencing, Ac., on the farm, all of whicn have been put up since 106.1 Churches, Schools, and Mills convenient, good society, Ac. The land Is really rich, lies Drett'lv for cultlvaiion, has water in each field, anda Bev er failing spring a few steps from the door It Is ihe best small farm offering in the vicinity of Alexandria, and would make a good .Wket farm. Considering Its proximity to the Alexan dria and Washington markets, easy terms, Ac , It presents a chance rarely met with, and those? iW.|?!ESre* wo.uld do wel1 to nl1 a?d 1 lnlf?dc hanging my businest,and the SSSimm" ' ???'??'Pie*., Terms of Sale?Five hundred dollars t"> be paid on the day of aale, and the residue la two equal annual instalments of one and two yfrars? tbe deferred payments to bear Interest from date, loos. ,ecar?* "V1 deed ot truat uP?n ^ prem Pnssesslon given ist of May F. A. C. TERRETT. Glkn Mart, Fabfax CO. febSOeots svLLine orr at cost SBEPHKRU, 789 BROADWAY. NEW York, now at PARK ICR'S Fancy Store, und-r Na tional Hotel, will commence selling of tbe re mainder of their stock of Caps, Head Dresses, Ribbons, Flowers, Ac., Ac. PAKKtR'8 Fancy aad Perfumery store, mat ll-3t* under National Hotel. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. THREE DATS LATER FROM EUROPE Arrival if tl* Aaertrt. Halimt. Mtnh 12 ?The iUta?r Amirlei arrived be re this afternoon, at 4 o'eloek, with Liverpool date* to th? 2Sth a it. ?i, , .*n,*ricaPMM*1 tb* ?teemer Africa m 1,r1,t*nt^ ? milt wo ft of kineale. Oo twl * "w ? ?hip on Are, bat SJSJTw ?D% ?? Tfc* ,b,P W" wu'nnSZS!?"' p*nlu diffi ?Uy , ifl ^h.yk .* I ? ooevonUon spaoifies thit k.ngl.nd .hill .aj0T <K>-. mereial pr.vilega#, with the ??? fa*>red aa tioos, but Persia forbid, sending Enaliah 000 suls to p^t. on the CupUn Sea ; Inasmuch u treaties with Russia forbid it M"uen u Eiaun-PkrUiMtt proceed in*, were it terestfcg. The debate oo Lord Derby*, ac tion of censure on the Chinese w.r retailed in a d vision, which itood 101 for the action aid 14ft against it. Mr. Cobden brought forward a similar mo tion in the Commons, vis : That this Hobo* has heard with concern the oonfliets which have occurred between the British and Chi. "e? at Canton, and withoat expra?aing any opinion a. to tha extent to which the Chinese maj hare offended England, this Hoaae con siders that the papcra laid upon (be table fail to e.t.bliah satisfactory grounds for tke vio lent measure, recently reeortad to at Canton . and that a .elect committee ba appointed to inquire into our oomaereial relations with China debate lasted daring two nighta and was farther adjourned. Lrf>rd Palmeraton. in reply to Mr. Layard, said he was authorised by the Kasdan minis ter for foreign affairs to aay that there was no treaty in existence between Persia and Rus sia as that referred to reoenUj by Mr Lay ard, and that tha negotistions at Paris with regard to the Persian difficulty was not vet ended. ' The trade and navigation returns for Janu ary show a progressive increase Mr Dallas attended the Queen's levee on the 2oth ult. Francb ?Paris letters state that the Coun cil of State had rrjectad the credit of five millions demanded by the War Department. ePAiif.-lt is etaicd in the minisurffl organ that ihe number of vessels to be sent against Mexico, including transports for about ten thousand men is thirty Austria.?Vienna letters says that the min isterial council are deliberating the expe diency of withdrawing the Austrian troops fro*n the Papal dominions. China.?Telegraphic dates frem Hong Eon* are to January 2(Jth, which states that affairs at Canton were unchanged. Private letters stat* that a large Chinas* fleet had attacked the English squadron, sub sequently retiring in good order under eorer of forts at Canton Admiral Seymour had burnt the greater part of the suburbs of Canton. The Chinese rebel fleet had formed a junc tion with the Imperialists at Whampoa. A Paris dispatch asys that letters from Ma* cao state that the Emperor hai placed in a state of siege five of the European port, of the Empire All the European* on board the steamer Thistle had been treacherously murdere J by native passengers and the steamer dismantled acd abandoned The Qovernor of Uong Kong had increased the polioe force and taken precautionary measures against inoen iiarisna. The total exports of tea to England is Mt lown at ?41,000,000 against 54,000,000 last rear. Faon India.?Dates had reached Bombay fr> m Lu-hue to the 17th of January. The British remained unmolested. Reinforcements ircre being sent from Bombay. Denmark ?The question of the Sound Dues a finally settled Denmark receives 4& 000,000 ;halers in forty separate payments, eaoh bear eg interest Tub Markets ?In the Liverpool eotlon uaiket all qualities were lower; fair and mid id , and lower qualities l-lfi. The breadstuff market was dull. Flour was lower, but quotations were nominal Wheat aad declined 2d. Corn was 6d. lower. The provision market was steady. Dreadful Accident on tha Great Were n Railroad?60 or 60 Lives Lout Toronto, C.W., March 12.?The train which eft Toronto this afternoon for Hamilton, on be Great Western Riilroad, ran off a bridge it or near that city. The locomotive and bag ;age car passed over the bridge in safety, but he two rear cars, oontainisg 120 passengers, ell through into the water?a distance of 4U eet. Sixty or eighty persons are supposed to lave been killed on the spot; among whom were Samuel Zimmerman, the banker and ?ontraotor, and Mr Street the millionaire, of Niagara Falls, togetner with his sister and aotber-in-law. Thomas C. Macklin it also reported killed. Many bodies have not yet been taken frca the water, and the names of but few have been ascertained. The passengers who es ;ape death, are all more or less mangled, and ire, many of them, beyond reoovery Doc tors are leaving Toronto and Hamilton yet for the scene of the catastrophe. There wera ?ereral Americans among the killed. *^ha l>ridge was partially broken down, and the ;ars tell one on top a[ the other a Astanoe of forty feet. The excitement caused by this terrible ca tastrophe is beyond precedent. Parliament adjourned the moment it heard of the aoci lent. Nothing has heretofore occurred in t jis rioinity that has created such profound grief. Reception of Eon. James Guthrie. Locisvillb, March 12 ?Ex Secretary Gutl ? rie arrived this evening. His arrival was wel comed by the firing of cannon and music, acd be was escorted to Mosart Hail, where Chan cellor Pertle made an eloquent speech, and Mr. Guthrie an appropriate reply. Cotton Receipts, 4e. New Orleans, March 12.?Tha total de crease in the cotton receipts to data is 150,000 biles The Kangaroos news depressed the market. Exohange on Northern cities has declined ; sixty days' bills now quoted at 2 per oent. Sale of the Brick Cioroh Property. Ntw Yore March 12 ?Tha property known as the brick church property, which was ta cently offered to the government on whiok to erect a post tffiee, was sold to-lay for 000, the owner reserving the oorner let. Failure. N*w York, March 12 ?A letter from Man chester, England, reports tha failure of seve ral Greek houses engaged principally in the cotton trade Business in the manufacturing districts was exceedingly dull. Hew York Markets Nxw York, March 13?Flour Is heavy; sales of 10 000 bbls ; State $0.O5a*9.2X, Southern $6 fiOaSS 90. Wheat is very dnll, and nominal. Corn is firm; sales of 30,000 bu-heli; mixed 70c. Pork has declined 25o ; mess 924iS24 U Beef is firm; Chicago repacked $10. Laid is steady at 14ic. Whisky is firm; Ohio 27;c. V Financial. New Yore March 12.?Stocks are active , Chicago and Hock Island luit Cumberland Coal IS]; Illinois Central 133; do bonds 1014. Michigan Southern 75;; Pennsylvania Com V6i; Reading bli; Virginia fi's fill; Miasouu ti's 64. Sterling exchange is dull. TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P DKNNIS HAVINti TAIKNTHK well known Coach Factory, on ttthgjnMp street, between Louisiana avenue and Cstreet, long conducted by Mr. Jot>n M wuu*, Is now prepared to manufacture and repair description, at COACHKt*, BUtfU iks, >*AU ON9, Ac , on the moat reaaoaable lenas. la the very beat manner, and at the shortest notioe ?? respectfully Invitee h? fellow cltlseas u> give aim a trial. L ___ _ wzAjb-im OIL R machinkry.-thk ?ub ^ eeriber dealree to call the attaadoe at pereoas using steam or other machlaery to his LuOr:cam* OH, which oaanot be .urp**eed lor the pnrpow ft Is intended to be used for. J R. MC6RR60R, feb lS-tswlm S34 Tth stseet.