Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. O, SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 1857. NO. 1,297. THE EVENIHO STAB IS rVBUIMED KTKRY irTIRIIOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THIS STAR BUILDINGS, Cornsr ?/ Ptnntyivania are nut and llta strut, By W. D W ALLACH, sa4 to ?rw4 to ntoeribtn by curlers at hit and A QUARTER CENTS* payable weekly to the Agents; papers served la packages at 37U <*vts per month To anil subscribers tbe sub scrlptfoa prtoeto THREE DOLLAR! AND F1F. TY CENTs a year i* ndnancs, TWO DOLLARS f.r six months, and ONK DOLLAR for three moetba; for lee* than three moaths at the rata of 18 if rents a week. 1 ]tt SINGLE COPIE8 ONE CENT. BEBT1STHY DR. IT I PUB II BAILT, "*? IM '???eylvaaia Ariiae, Three dssrs frvm 14tk leave to laforin the public , }~l he can be seen at all hours, at his office, ;"***?* " He feels assured that an eip? y?e*s' practlee, with tbe large ? . ?fvP*Weata, and great variety of dlfllcult v!^r treated successfully, will enable aim to sar mount aay dlAcuity, scientific or oth. ?rwlse, relating to the Teeth His own expert* anoe confirming the opinion of miny men ernl BMt lntba profession, and especially Drs Harris r*rm^y_i *?* him, loag Since, ? ,,m.*rBa preparations fo" filling taa??i*? Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Cements for the construction of Con tinuesi 8am Teeth, and that Porcelain, mounted om 8old Plate, la the only reliable subslaace that K ,#U B*0alh? u w*? most conclu sively showa by the last American Dental Con veauoa. Although he fi ittars himself that from hto Ion* residence aad practice In Washington, he Is fa vorably known to his numerous friends and pa tro?Ji M begs leave to refer them to the ifoliow': g w testimonials. From tho iiU ftoetor of Uu Charch of Aplphftftj of ihlj eft7. Dr 9rwrnmm Sai'.T: Dwr Slr-1.1 aalra m nprm Mr * Swseaelly, u t jay coaddaaea to jam m a an r^wTI Th* ,?P'""Q" aaaest* tar ma h??e b *n ?L ??Mstefftery. I bapa that yon May rK?r? th? patroo y from ?y frlaoda a*4 tha public ibat yoar aklll ao w?H Mwr'M. Tear* tiry tiBly, wfumsuo. aso?? JS, UM^ j. w. rsnca. Pro* 01# of tha oKaat 9rma la Baltlmora, Kmn. Bocn _ Ootman a Go. ? W *.JL Dr. SaptMa Daily, Sargaon Dantlot, of Mb Cto?) city, to axacata for ma, an Important and dlfll !ji fi#IVr oT?? rn,C W h* 4,4 *? B,, #3,,r* '?"?faction, an1 ta Tl?.?n. tna fact that on* of tha rn.xt dlatlnzaiabrd ?"u?" ?* mtm?~%uz:v?:br? p*rf"r:B "?? ????? wark aac:a.'?etoril?, It F.17J? !-?"*->!TTWr* ????? mr coafldan^ aad wtimattao ?f bta profa?aloaal U1JI aaitlatora, Janaary 11, IbST. UABXAX5 B00G9. Xxtraot front a aots racaivad frja tha lata Hob. Joha 11 Caytoa. _ , _ B. a. Ssitara. Aacaat IS. 1US. v J1*. **ta jn* ?a1a tar ma work adwtrably; nothing c?tjld battar. Tery jralafally, JOHS m. OLATION. T? tbota that a??k raltaf from tha malad'aa of tha taath I tmm .-oaarfally racoanMi Dr. ? B.lly. aa a auparlor Dan "*? ?? ?a ta a aatof ^ore-iiaiB taath forooa of my family and ^ aayiaH and tha work haa all atood wail tar mora th?a ?aa yaara. BORBKT T. NIXOX aprn 'Mm Ooataraaoa of tha *. g. Q?arcn S^ath. .*5 ,h# aadaral?na<t, ha viae had ocoaalaa to avail onraalvaa ^?aa yrwfaaaloaal .ktll of Or 3. Bally. 8 ?r*wn Denll.t, of *r,h*Tl?* w*ala nt of hla operation, on oar boall.aa or rriand*, taka pleaaare la axor??ai n oar a-lmlra Mo. ?/ bta artiaMc akill. aa wall M of tha anlfomly aatiaTae " "rr,r,?* m J,t dallcata aad d f -I. 1 w D<s-U1 3u'C?'r; an 1 wa res .artfully ra Sr wm!S - Jm* ??d patrona?? oft:a public, JbaI eV noollf worthy. TBO*A8C. WALTIB. JOS. H BBADLBT. -?^Arc^k4#ct ^ ? C%pltoL of W fiaiactoa D C TBDlAi MI LLBE, H. O., QMRQE WALT0!f. a a anHaai0^*^0'D" a _ B*-Oo* of Florida. ?. b. aoaaaa, m. d., waltb* lkitox. a S D a _ ** *?r*r of WaihlDftoa. m. b. liucolk *. d., bbxbt Baldwin, n n U D C- C. 8. Fataat Offloa. WIQiir, P.-lacteal aittonhoas* Aeadamy. DR. V{LLARO, Oeatlst, Lats op Chicaoo, XX^OULD RESPECTFULLY' INFORM ?? the cltlzans of the Dl'trirtt and *?> vlolnlty, that having located hlmtelf wJ" "a? lnW ai>hlagton, "ns is now prepared to perform all o^erarlons, la his profession, Ln the most approTM style ' lo. *f0 Penn. avenue, adjoining Gaa Uer * _ Jan'2a-iy DOSH7AL lltthEUN, R B F. COdBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tween SlxUi aad Seventh streets, ? th? P1** formerly occupied by Dr. IbA Van Patten, has Just received a very large supply of articles pertalnl <g to dentistry, ?pectfnl!y Invites the public to give him a S*11: H**lag devoted his wnole time to the pro rassloa. he Is perfectly aafe ln declaring that he give entire satisfaction in every case The jtitl references oaa be sg+ i at bH of ae<- dot Or." *^5;78?N; a"*3* penn'a avenue, ..*? *tl11 making thoa* beautiful ^gma ?oatlauoas SUM TEETH, called Allen a Patent, for the excellency of '-t/rTWy which over all other stylea of toeth, many aow wearing them la this city, will cheerfoliv vonah There to one Dentist ln this city wao has b??a lamagiag the natent, and made a bad lmitatloa # i.1' VtIa,t *??? I hereby caution the nubile N- B. Waeaever a DenUst speaks against AJen s Pa:ent Con'.ln jojs Oum Teeth, whea w**p*rly enstruefd, it Is because he Is ignorant of the proces*, incompetent to make the work, or saawimng to pay for the natent. )e OR. C. S. O'JUUMAI, Deatlst, aad naa>tfactarir of Artificial Teeth. THOiK WHO AKSSO UNFORTUNATE A as to require Artificial i'eeth will fied (without any nonsense or hamv'r?_ buggery,) Teeth set upon a metallic <-U_tX base or plate Ma eriala pure and properly con st/acted. as belag superior to all other modes The various operations of Dentlatry ftlthfully and pmperly exec red. Tender Teeth rendered useful for lire, by sew means. Teeth extracted oarefntiy. easfty, and skillfully. IC7" OM ye corner of 8th s reet and Pa. avenue fob 7-3m OAS rilTUHU. R ^-*LLLI1A' 8?N CU ? ALKXAN li? ?rta, Vakeep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHAN DELI ERS, PENDANTS BRACKE TS. Ao , from the oelebvated factory oi Cornell aj A Baker, whlah they will guarantee to eell at the cam* prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia. Also, Drop-lights, Cut blass aad decorated Paper Shades, ln great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dee 1 WAIHINQTOft 1NSURANCK COMPART, 8a?i?n?(??*i i? tmmifl tfck eutktixtd. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROViP A lona of the 2d section of the " act to lncorjK - rate aa lasu-ance Company In (he city of Wash Ingtoe, approved February 19, U*7,? thesubscrl bers, being the persons named in the 1st sectlan of said act, do hereby authorize a subscription to be opened for tbe capital st?ck of said company at tee Stationery Store ofW*. F. BATLrfon Peansyivaala avenue, between 11th and l?th ?treeta ea .Monday, the ?th of March next, be tween tbe hours of 12 and 3 o'clock p m The provisions of the said *d section are u Ibl sad must be strictly compiled with : " And fr? tr furiktr tnmetid, The the persons aimed lathe f >regeleg section, or ? majority of them, are hereby authorized to open a subscription iathecltyof Washington for raising aeapital stock of two huadr-d thousand doUars in ?baree ^dollars each, and tnat etch person on subscribing .ban pay to the persons abbve-men tioned four dollars en each share subscribed for ? and that tbe remainder of the said twentv dollar! shall be secured by negotiable no.ea and endorsed to the satisfaction of aal4 persons or s demanded at such times and ln such proportions M the President and Directors herea'ttr mention ed shall Judge advisable. glTing^^JTK1*^ liTcrti^?'^ fm,ette* ******lB D^rlet SILAS H HILL. J. C MC6U1RB, BENJAMIN BEALL. BiMUAL BACON. JOSEPH BRYAN, AUUUSTUS E. PtRRY C MILLER. ' WM T. DOVE, WALTER LENOX, M. W UALT. Walter harper, W. WALL, WM. F BAYLY. WasansTaa, February 13, 1967. feb H-3uwrmar9kd 117* Ths Attsatlsa of the pahlle le re Bpeetfally called to the fsllewlag Notice i VAUf PT 1 ff PAINTING EMPORIUM JUST OPENED ON A NEW PLAN. NO. SI (^oatslanaavenue, between 8th aad 7th sts north side, ?lgn of the large Eagle HOUSE, SIGN, and FANCY PAINTING of every devrrlptlon win be ex-cated at reasonable price*, and by competent workmen. I am determined to glwe entire satlsfbetloa to all wao will give me a trial. Slga and Paa;y Work ten per cento tea per than lh? $td standard prtct The EAUb'tohm<mt will be open from 7 a m ?? H past 8 o'clock p m , aad aU orders will be Pfompuj attoaded to feb lfi-dlm N1W GOOD! OPENING AT w* u Mclaughlin * oo*% 1 BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. r\EPOSIT8 ? DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND A-'Checki paid without charge. Drafts on the on Deposit at 0JJ D**osits._Interest will be al lowed on Deposit* at each rates as may be agreed OpM. Deposits in ViaoiNiA add Uncvbbbnt Mo net ?Deposits In Virginia and other Uncurrent L *5^ . u "** ?hecked for, payable In ?^~0-nTVrrf0te"' Drafu> tnd Bills of Ex ^U1 ** discounted, and Loans made on *oclB, Bosds, and Securities, at themarke? . ******** ?* CaaarT.?Letters of Credit will Ig-fyn?fable In the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit ef Money or Collat erals, and Interest allowed if Money is deposited, j^^kjirjjed if Collaterals, on such terms as may TiathiUs Bills or Exchanan.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts In such sums as dMlred aegotlableln the different Cities of iM union BlLLSAND LSTTBBSOF CBXDITON ENOLA.ND ?0?.Eumora ?Will*Of Exchangeavd Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange In sums to suit. Bonds.Stocxs, Ac ? Bonds, 8tocks, and Se ciyl ties paying from # to 12 y cent , always for sa e or bought in the different Cities at a com missi on*of a * V cent. Where blocks are bought ?, ,enr"^we re8erv* the right to call for acU L^. J? 12 V ^nt on th9 cost- Bond* or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph. R.AIi*0AD? Citt, a d Statb Bonds-Rail Clt*, and State Bonds can b* placed In our hands for negotiation either In this country or ,Railroad Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Laud Wa?east?.-Land Warrants bought at the market rau-s All Warrants told by us are guttranttid in every respect Land warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished i* rwjueitc4. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Rial Estate aid Inbubancps.?Real Estate bought and sold- and Insurances effected. Claims on tui United Ptath, Court of Claims, C o * e a a s s?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress. Intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jaa 17 Opposite the Treasury. S. P. HOOVER'S Iron Hall Boot, Shot, and Trunk Ettahluh merit | HAVE ON HAND A LARGE A880RT a meat of La dles', Misses,and Cblldrens' white Satin and Kid heeled and with out heels, Baiters and 811poers;l a i dies black,bronze/ and celored cloth button, heeled Gaiters, Morocco ? er^Onn^fmi1?' D?,JW? ?ole, Water Proof Gait Sratw?!^ n ' A1Pln?> Boots and Gaiters. For pIten^T^r\~?V,'^d,Y?Uths> French Imported latent Leather and Calf Long and Short, Double and single sole Boots and Congress Gaiters. Tr?-wl*uPi?n<lld **sort??nt No 1 sole leather Valloe Carpet Bags, L-.dles 3^*' ^^8 a larger stock at tnis season than JrftlHr11,?/ h**v7 goods cheap for the cash, and cash only. Call early at _ _ S. P HOOVER'S, | mar 7 Tw Pa ?te , bet ?th and 10th sts. W PEAI, nUSHROON, *c. E HAVE RECEIVED OF RECENT Importation? Champignons In Cans of 1 and 8 pounds PetlU Pols In Cans of 1 and 2 pounds Pate De Pols eras Pate Fal?an aox Truffas Pate De Beg&soes Pa e Ue Perdreaw Trofltes. F or sale by fcb jl KING A BURCHELL. ?JAf?l HATSJ ^ONBTANILY ON HAND ply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALT I MORE. The best black dre^s HATS pot up la the latek style for S3.50, as good as those usually sold at S5 ? and a good fashion able Hat at S3, worth SI: and a first-rate Hat, S3 30. The best materials and the best workmanship Is ?raj^oy<* to oroducoa S5 "at, which Is sold for vve do a cash business, meet with no loo ses, but gi?e each customer full value tot his RtoJ&J. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for DrlscoU's Balm of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle. vj7ih 8treeti near Pa. ayeaae, Ageat fer a New York Hat Company. sa Kktf Hp. 36T Pa *Te., opposite Natieaal Hotel. JONAS P. LEVY, t**OaT?a AND DKALXa I!f FINB WINES, BRANDIES, GROCERIES, AHD HC I G A R 8 , AS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE AS sortment of Champagne In quirts and pints. IAL; and Tresan de Bausey, and other desirable Brands: Brandy In cask and bottles, Vintage 1777 to 1810: Rums of all kinds: Whiskeys IfiHo to 19U ?, Holland Gin of aH klndi; 1W Claret Wines of all brands Burgundy* do do FIU Satume Sherry Maderla Port German Hock Italian Hungarian do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cro-s A Black well's London Pickles and Preserves of all kinds Coffee, Sugar, Teas, Ac , Ac 987 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel. )an a-Iy JONAS P. LEVY. MUNIT TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. JEWELRY, 6UNS, PISTOL8, tad all valuables. feb 4-tm JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, :4?Paav,opp. ' Browns' Hotel. ?RIAT REDUCTION IIV THE PRICE 0? BOOTS AMD GAITERS | HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PR I A a a del phi a manu facturer, a Srst rate Sewed or i'etnd Calf-Skin BOOT at S3.?*, full as good as those usually sold at tf or |fl: asd a F reach Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 80, as good as any atSS; alrstrateCali Salterat S2 90, thee* are the best goods that is (or ever were) ?old in the District for the price; lor the proof, come and see fcr yeuraelf. Terms positively cash. No extra ?refit??barfed to oflket bad tfebts. CaU at the iefrPeJ^,* "/???>**> B#TWlU Uwt RUBBERS for gentlemen SI m ANTHONY. Ageat. S > BBS'S Hlln PI AN (J F AC TORT, Pt?? bttu>t,n9th and Wtk ttr;ts. WIu5,,>?HAL,I^^V|08' b*AIDB, CURLS, Baiideaus, Filxzed Rollers Ac , always on Tud lm*dLU5a?Jder at ' hours doUm Ladles' Hair Dyod, Sbamt ooned, Ac , In the ?osi complete manner AU sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and English bon??? No 306 Pa avenue, up stairs, over Davis'MuaIa Store. N. B ?Hair work repaired or taken la ex change. feb 11-3m P?R SALE.-A PAIR OF FINE MULES, foar ? ' years old, and very kind In Apply to ARNY A SHINN, ? " 3a ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner of Uth st and Pa. avenue. MR. F. NICHOLLS CROUCH, THE COMPOSER AND LECTURER, AND THE MUSICAL EDITOR OF "GODErS LADTS BOOK Having established himself as the sinoino master of this insti tution, respectfully announce! to Heads of Families, Schools, and Strangers visiting Washington, that he has a few leisure houos to devote to Private Scholars, and that some vacancies occur In bis 11 Atadswucal Classes," (necessarily caused by changes In the Administration.) To secure admission, early application must be made, and examinations acquired as to capability for joining. His First Class** Course of Education: Declamation, Dramatic Rnadlng, Recitation, Oratorio, Church Service, English Opera. Founded oh the System practised in the European Conservatoire mad. Royal Acadtmy of London, tn which h* was a Proftssor. And to qualify those Pupils studying Music as a Profession, Mr. CROUCH gives Historical, Biographical Sketches, and Readings on the SCIENCE AND PROGRESS OF MUSIC AND WORKS OF THE EARLY MA8TGRS, ("copiously Illustrated,) every Thursday Evening, at 8 o'clock, at the hall of the Institute, In which tkt Pupils thtmetlves. takt part, thereby acquiring thst confidence and self-possession to be gained only under the auspices and direotlon of the Practical Matter ! Terms and Circulars to be had at the Academy, where Mr. CROUCH can be seen every morning from 7 till 9 o'clock; and on Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday Evenlags (devoted to Gen tlemen* from ? till ? o'clock. B Days for Close Met tin gs-Monday and Thursday, from 2 till 8 o'clock: Tuesday and Friday, from 10 till M, (morning ) 7 All letters should be addressed to Mr. CxorcH, 453 13th street, between E and F north, feb 28 runoi roR ialk anu to kcnt. PIANOS WHICH RECEIVED THE FIRST premiums ln^ Washington, Baltic i nio.e, and New York, from tie factory' of Stelnwav A 8ons, New York, and'trim other factories, always on band, at moderate prices and convenient terms, at No 4(H llth street, above Penn avenue Second-band Planes taken In exchange for new ones Tuning attended to mar 10 eolm* (^ARDKNINN MADE EASY.-Amateur's v* euhle and Flower Garden, Directory every essential detail for thesuccessfulcu.tlvatlon of the h lower Warden, to which Is added the Vegetable Garden Manna',containing practicaldirection*for thesuccewfui production of all Vegetable* u,uallv cultivated for table use ; by John T C. Clark Forming a ?ellable hand-book of refererce.and embracing every requisite detail for the suceess nil cultivation of the Flower and Vegetable Gar dens. The work contains 160 octavo pares printed In the be?t style, and J bound In muslin' Orders from the trade respectfully solicited. Price * per??PT- TAVLOK A MAURY, mar 13 J TO THE PUBLIC. OHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on 6th ( street, between Louisiana avenue and ?? Cstreet, long conducted by Mr. Jotn M^oung: Is now prepared to manufacture and repair j31 ascriptiona of COACHES, BUGGIES,WAG ONS, Ac , on the mo*t reasonable term*, In the very beet manner, and at the shortest notice He respectfully Invitee his fellow citizens to give him a 0141 mar 6-3m LADIES' CABAS. LEATHKR RETi. cules, Porte Monales, Purses, Combs, Hair Pins, Needles, 8tlllettoef, Ciotchet, Need es, Tlda Cotton, Ac., at ' mar lt-3t LAM MONO'S. 'pHE GREAT TKAHEItY ?THE~NEW A American Tragedy, Cortez the Conquer, rbis spiendld pcem Is pronounced by Critics unrivalled. Just from press, and for sale by the Publisher. FERGUSON, | mar 12 4-*i 7th street. SPERM CANDLRS* ? #o bores Sperm Candles, 4's and 6's 00 boxes-Adamantine do 6'dandl2's 100 dozen Essences 100 dozen Treson de Bausey Champagne 60 boxes Mould Candles, 6's and 8'a 50 boxes Vermacelli and Maccaroni JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Grocery Store, marlO-lw 367 Penn. avenue. T ECTURES ON THE BRITISH POETS L* by Henry Reed, 9 vols The Sisters of Soleure, a tale of the Sixteenth Century, byCS.W fylvia, and other Poems, by Thomas Buchan an Read. Claremont; or The Undivided Household History of King Richard the First, by Jacob Abbott Docharty'e Elements of Plane and Solid Ge ometry. Artm's BrHs; or Pawnbroker's Heir, br Em erson Bennett De Bow's Review for March, mar 12 FRANCK TAYLOR. NOTICE. T191E IS MONEY. /BLOCKS! ?CLOCKS !!?CLOCKS !!!?Call at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS tbl? side of New York Good Clocks warranted for #1.50. Also,sllK=ai ^'"ds Clock Materials. Oils, Cords. Balls, Keys. Weights. Ac The trade supplied at wholesale prices. Ca b or Clocks in eifhanijc for Old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see for yourselves, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa av., Jan 27-2m opposite Browns' Hotel. HEW DRUG STORE ? Wlllards' HetelT J P. MILBURN A CO , 230 PENNSYLVA ? nla avenue, respectfully call the atten- n 1 tlon of their friends and the public to thelrCV new Drug Store, which they have filled un IT in the most complete manner, with a full Am supply of pure Chemical*, Drugs. Fancy Articles. Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and Patent Medi cines. A select assortment of Wlnea and Liquors for medicinal purposes. A very large stock of Havana Cigars, which are of fine quality and received from first hands Together with all of the articles usually found in a first class drug store Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all hours (as the store la not closed at nlcht) by a competent dispenser. ,4 ^ 5?U at tkelr establishment is respectfully ?o Uolled- mar 5-1 in* ARJIY'I CONFECTIONERY^ No. 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, D, C., WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN menu are furnished with the best Ice Creams, Cakes, Water Ices, Confect, Ac , at the shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro polltan Mechanics' Institute. jaa31-tf (Unlonfclntel.) ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON TBOAT. HE STEAMER GEOK8E WASHINGTON will depart at the following hours : L?a*e Alexandria 7*, B, 11,1 k, ZmtT* Leave Washington?*. 10, 12, 2K, 4, & febJ8-d Jo? CORSoN, Captain^ MILES! MULES1!

Of| HEAD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST arrived from Kentucky, and wlU^i be sold on accommodating terms by ap-^^ pllng to HENRY BlKCH.athla Livery Stable, corner of D and 14th streets, Washington, D. C. mar mar i-lm? 4 SECOND-HAND PIANOS, AT GREAT bargains, at our great Piano and Music Empo rium, between Btfc and 10th streets mar 10 JOHN F ELLIS. ON EXHIBITION AND FOR SALE AT MY NEW STORE, ONE OF THE *? I*tgest, handsomest, ami most varied assort ments of LADIES' FANCY GOODS ever of fered in the District. mifr LADIES' FRENCH DRESS Wfc BONNETS, Qar,n<(nt? and Hats, i iPjr** Trlmmlnss In the greatest profu sion, Hibbons, French Flowers ar.d Embroide ries, Straw Goods, Head Dresses, Ac , ^oromc Strangeta and eltlzens are respectfully invited to call and exaalne my stock. feb 36-3 sr Market Space, beV7th and Sthata. LTOR BOSTON.?THE SUPERIOR PAST r sailing Schooner Clara, Capt. Crowell, hts arrived, and will have quick dispatch*?*, for the above port. For freight apply to Hak^P 1 LEY A BRO , 101 Water street, Georgetown l feb 26 Beautiful china goods opening this week, at oar great Variety Store, between 8th and BJi streets. mar 10 H. J. McLAUGlILIN A CO. A6\ OCTAVE PIANO ALMOST NEW. Rosewood Case, Iron Plate, wlllbe^CSahH void for S 1*6 Mast be sold this week^^P^TC the ewner leaving the elty. A l*o one for S30. to *?????? W. 6. MBTZESOTT'S ' n?B Ifceic Depot,oor. Uih st and Ps av. I For Bala and Rent. OUR RENT?FOUR MODERN BUILT J? Cottage Houses, on Massachusetts avenue, between l4:h and 15tn streets, each containing six I Rooms They command a view of the whole city, and have all the necassary Wood-Shed# and Out-Buildings, ard the best Water in ths yard. ? For particulars inquire on the premises, or at my I Stands in the Centre and Northern Markets marll-gf JAS. E. PUNA WIN. FOR RENT?THAT DESIRABLE Busi ness stand on 8th street west, third door from ' Pennsylvania avenue, with or without the upper part of the building To a good and prompt j tenant the rent will be made reas nabie For terms apply to JAME3 TOWLF.S, Property Agent, on H street north, between 8th ana 9th streets, No 4&0 mar 12-tf For rent?thelarge four-story Brick Dwelling, with all the modern im | provem*nts, situated on E street, north side, be. I tween 9.h and 10th streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate Inquir* 'at No 391 E street. mar7-tf For sale ?a farm lying in mont gomery county, Md , 9 miles from Washing. . ton, near the Bethesda Church, on the Rockvlfie ' Turnpike The Farm contains 90 acres of first rate land. The improvements are a new Frame . Dwelling House, containing 6 rooms, acd a stable for four horses Also for sale?A first-rate Hore Power and Scroll Saw. For terms apply to CHARLES F WOOD,44S 9ih street, between E and For toC. T WOOD, , adjoining farm. mar 7-3w IIO LET?BY THE MONTH OR YEAR, the well located and commodious three-story ; Dwelling, on H street, now occupied by Mr. I Speaker Banks. The house is completely fur 1 nished. Inquire at 238 6 street, near tte War Department. anar0-8t* Three houses and lots for sale. Houses Nos. 40, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave n!,e, Washington, arc offered at private sale, low and on easy terms W 111 b? sold separate or to gethcr Title good. One Is a four-story Brick, with flcirhtd b**ement, nearly new. and In com plete order, with witerand^as throughout. Ap ply to E K. LUNDY, at No 48 Louisiana avt nue, Washington, or No. 1&8 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 0 CCOTTAGE FOR RENT -LAND FOR SALE. t For rent, for a term of two to four years, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, ! three >eccnd flwr, and four attle Rooms, with moJe-n conveniences for heating the house and I supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of ? two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity agreed cm; eight miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented Immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current year. Also, a Farm of 300 acres, with Improve ments, within three miles above, for sale or lease Enqulreof SWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE FANT & CO , Bankers, and Col IRWIN, Land Ofllce. mar ft VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR v SALE?It contains upwards of 170? acres 590 thereof under cultivation, about 500u?ed for pastures, and about 7<:0 acres well timbered, ai d along which the oontempiated straight line Kallroad to Charlottsville will run Attached thereto is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which Is a part of the boundary line, and os which are also 40 acres of low ground Soil good, with plenty producing good Tofcae co. Wheat, Corn, sc Buildings very superior end very ample, and In good order ISO bushels of Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Bed< were buiat and seeded before tfce last frost, for Oats and Com due progress is made. W 1th the estate, the slaves and improvements, Stock, etc , may also b? hid, and further infor mation glveu by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. mar 5 OR RENT OR SALE.?The Large and Con venient Brick House, No. 163 West street, Georgetown. It is in excellent condition. There are 13 Rooms in the Hou*e, nearly all of which are furnished with Gas Fixtures There is a good Garden attached to the property, and a Pump of as good Water as can be had in the District, a few feet from the house Possession given on the 1st of May, or sooner If neces-ary. For terms apply to T. W. SIMPSON. mar 9-2w For rentor lease? forrest hall, beorgetowu, will be rented by the night, or leased by the year, to any rrsponslDleassoclatlon. This is the only Hall in the District with scenery Terms moderate. Apply to B FORREST, 1st street, Cox's Row, Georgetown, mar 4-2 w* A CARD?FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS House in Franklin Row, now occupied by Hon C. Cushing, Attorney Geneial. It has all - - - ? ? a ? j F the modern improvements, hot and cold water bath rooois, chandeliers, and gas fixtures This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations in the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1* In frent of one of the most beautiful public squares in this city, with a delightful and con stant supply of good water. It Is entirely free from dust and mosquitoes. Inquire of WM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 Pennsylva nla avenue. mar 4-lm POR RENT?THAT VERY COMMOD1 r ous and convenient (brown stone front) House, situated on the north side of E, between 9th and 10th streets It Is new, and has been kept In the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion Possesion will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. Kor terms apply to the subscriber, a* 529 H, between ftth and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Offlce [feb 2ft-tf ] THOMAS BERRY. FOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130, on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers & Bro , as a Dry Goods House, and recently occupied by Seldner Jfc Co , as a Clothing Store. Possession given Immediately. To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low. Inquire of JAMES FULLALOVE, or to E S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer. febS8-dtf FARM FOR SALK ?I OFFER FOR SALE my farm and country seat, situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber, Mrs. Barnard, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Bolce, Messrs Llnthlcum, Adler and Ellason, containing about 40 acres of land, improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and horse stables, etc. The very short distance from Georgetown and Washington makes It very well adapted for a dairy farm and market garden. The high elevation commands a beautiful and picturesque view of the Metropolis and surround ing countrv, and is In this, as well as in regard to health, unsurpassed It will be sold en ire or In lots to suit purchasers feb3b-eolm* HENRY GILDEMEISTER. For rent or sale?that l,aA?? commodious (brown-stone basement front) House, with brick Stable and Servant's House at tacbed, situated on Indiana aveane, between 1st and Sd streets. The bouse is new and built to order. It can be rented wither without the Fur niture Inquire of JNO. PURD\ , No 550 Penn. avenne. mar H-eo3t* P)R BALK OR RENT.?THAT DE8IRA bLs residence on F street* between 90th and tlat, far the last eight years oocupied by the late i4: . I ijf^i .fc-1. , .a | ? EVENING STAK. Home, Sweet Home. Though the trite old song, " Home, Sweet Home,*' hu been sang within the home circle of almost every household, yet how few per son! of nil who have heard its tweet strain*, know who was the author of those beautiful words? "Mid pleasure* and palaces, though we may roam, Be it ever Fobamble, there's no place like heme " It perhaps has neTer occurred to the mind of any one unacquainted wi h the circum stances, that the writer of a soog which ha* found an esho in so many hearts, could be other than one who had ezperienoed ail tbe pleasures of a happy home ; but sad as is the refleotion, it is nevertheless true, that John Howard Payne, the author of " Home, sweet Home," though he has oontributed to the bap iness of many homes, never had a home oi is own. We olip the article below, suggesting that a monument be erected to the memorvof Payne, from the Boston Olive Branch, and givo it a place in our oolumns, believing that it will find a response in the hearts of our readers : Th* Author or "Sw**t Ho**."?A? I sit sit In my garret herein Washington, watching the course of great men, and the destiny of party, I meet often with strange contradic tions in this eventful life. The most remark able was that of John Howard Payne, anther of " Sweet Home." I knew him personally He occupied the rooms under me for some time, and his conversation was so captivating that I often spent whole days in hu epart mcnts He was an applicant fcr office at the time?coutul at Tunis?from which he had been removed. What a sad thing it ws to see tbe poet subjected to all the humiliati' n of t Sice seeking ! Of an evening we would walk along tbe street. Once in a while wt would see some family circle so happy, and forming to .beautiful a group, that we would stop, and then pass silently on. On such occasions be would give a historj of hid wandering, bis trials, and all his caret incident to his sensitive nature and poverty " How often," said he orce, " have I been in the heart of Paris, Berlin, and London, or some otber city, and heard persons singing, cr tbe hand-organ playing " fcweet Homo," with out a shilling to buy the next meal, or a place to lay my head. Ibe world literally sung my song, until every heart is familiar with its melody. Yet I have been a wanderer from my boyhood. My country has turned me ruthless from office ; and in old age I have to submit to humiliation for bread." Thus he would complain of his hapless lot. His only wish was to die in a foreign land, to be buried by ttrangers, and sleep in obscurity. I met birn one day looking unusually sad. " Have you got your consulate ?" said I "Yes, and leave in a week for Tunis; I shall never return " The last expression was not a political faith Far from it Poor Payne! bis wish was real ised ; he died at Tunis. Whether his re mains have been brought to thU country, I know cot They should be; and if none others would do it, let the homeless through out tbe world give a penny for a monument to Payne I knew him, and will give my penny for an inscription like the following : BSKR LIES J. HOWARD PAYNE, The Author of ' Sweet HonuV A wanderer in life; he whose songs were sung in every tongue and found an echo in every heart, NEVER HAD A HOME. hi Dixn In a Foreign Land. Idl6Wild, the Residence of N P. Willis. Mr Vaux, in his book on "Villages and Cottages," gives a description of Idlewild, from which we extract the following : " The position selected, while it command; a full view of Newburg bay, is on the edge of a wood, and on the verge of a plateau that almost overhangs a deep ravine. The rockj sides of this gorge are clothed with sturdy pines and hemlocks, and thua often shut out from the eye, but never from the ear. a tur bulent mountain stream that roars through the long, narrow pass, and falls some two hun dred feet in a scries of rapid, successive leaps, within a short distance of the house. There is also a quieter brook that winds its whj through the property, and yet another smaller rivulet, both of which, after fraternising with their more noisy and energetic companion, dow into Moodna Creek, which, almost at th. same point, empties itself into tho Hudson The site for the house is therefore very pic turesque, and is peculiar in many respects overlooking, as it does, tha Hudson and three or four of its tributaries. These latter, with the ravine and inland scenery, lie far down on one side. Beautiful views of the bay and Highlands are gained from the south and ea:t fronts and a thick pine wood encircles and protects the remainder. "When tbe building had been entirely erected on paper, and before the foundations were laid, all the lines of the plan were set out under the special direction of Mr Willia, who seemed to take more interest in accom modating tho house to the fancies of tbe ge nius of tbe place than in any other part of the arrangement And tbe whole de ign was to fitted among the evergreens, and adopted to every peculiarity of the site, that it appeals to be almost surrounded by tall, flourishing trees ; although broad stretches of distance in every direction, and extensive views of the river and mountain scenery, are gained from the various window?, each view being a *ef a rate picture set in a frame of unfading foliage. The advantageous result arrived at by this careful study of the exact position for such a house, although more negative than positive, is incalculable. The new house T7as made to look not new, points of view were not sacri ficed, and time was not lost in waiting for young trees to grow in place of old ones that would have had to be removed for the sake of a prospect, if less foresight bad been exer cised at starting. In suob cases it is the foot or two one way or the other thkt makes or mars, and when onoe tbe contractor is fairly at work, alteration is next to impossible. "Mr. Willis's house looked like an old fa miliar settler almost before tbe roof was on, and it can easily be understood that, under such circumstances, every subsequent stroke in the way of improvement will yield its full est value. " From the upper approach road on the level of the plateau and principal entrance the house appears to be, what in actual fact it is, a plain, roomy cottage residence, comfort, ably sheltered among the trees ; but from the lower road along tbe river bank, at the mouth of the gorge, its situation gives it a less ordi nary effect. High up among the trees, and apparently on the very edge of a precipitous ascent, it seems to peer over the topmost branches of the dark pines, and to oommand the whole valley below. The position is ex actly such a one as a medieval knight would have selected for his stronghold, and a little imagination may eisily transmute the simple domestio cottage into the turreted and battle mented castle tdf The fastest time on record is said to have been made by the mare Lady Kate, in a trotting match on the ice at Chicago, 111., the other day, she having completed the last mHein2 20. ty A young man was killed in Roehester, K. Y., Saturday morning, in the most shock ing manner. He had just accompanied a lady for the purpose of seeing her off in the ears, when, as the train started, he attempted to step off, his foot slipped and he fell with his head on the rail- The wheels passed direet> ly across his skull, severing it at Ike eye browr 4* 4a. Ill i*. V . - T L. - J I K.M THB VK1ILT IT AS tFamllyaadl variety at _ _ thaa ?*a be found la uj cXkss?U pubiiafcadoa Saturday morning. 81agl* *?P7> P? aaaa"" 18 eoplee .T? CtPM- ? M ??? oovlm ?* 2 Tw??y oopi?. .v;:/";;;?? \\\\\\ |" JJ ,BT**IA.?LT IH AlTiNH. at 5T ?in^rCCfi miilrnl? PPTJ1) *" W Paper *?***? ? . f ""i."?" 7^%' "" * lie Police Outdone by a Da?*aT [From the Boston Journal, March I J A few days since, tome unknown n*r??M entered a fashionable boardln* hoaJT^lS Summer street, kept by Mrs M., t>a*<^<i lakin* a one boarder's room to another, makior w*? ments of seek articles at they liked the best and left the place anseen and aahamad. ~ ' Among the boarders whose goods and chat tels were thus unceremoniously taken ewav was Miss H , a fair daughter of the Sanoy South, who happened to be spending the wtn ter in the Citj of Motioei. Her loes consisted of a beautiful velvet hat As roon as the theft was discovered the po lice were consulted, and everything done to remove the mystery, but all to no purpose. Ae Miss H. was walking Wathingteu street one of the pleasantest days last week, imagine ber suprise in pawing a large and masculine 1 oking woman, dressed in the height of fW?h ion, with hoops and crinoline, and bavin upon ker head the very identical velvet hat Whit^XA^ J0*", V1" WM to * <*??? ? What ooald be done* Every step was takin* ? he bonnet further from its owner, who was alone and a stranger in the city. It did sot take her long to decide. She started in the same direction, and was soon alongside of the velvet hat " Where do you retide, madam?" " In Court," was the reply. " Are you going home ?" S " I am" " Go on, and don t let me hinder you " And onward they walked, now to tba right aD'i dow to the left. At leftgth they entered a dark alley, and after passing several dismal abodes they hslted at a door. " Do you live here ?" 411 do?upon the second floor." ^ Go up then fori have business with you." They entered. After gnng up two flights >f stairs tkey reached a room in which tt>?y found five women They entered the room, and^bere our heroine made known her busi ness Porting henelf by the door, with a calm but defiaot look, she demanded of the woman to kpow where she obtained the velret hat *hc ?bawl, and the La* que upon her person I bought them." was the reply, " No, you did not; they were stolea, and now take them off immediately." Had a bombshell exploded in the room, the confusion could not Lave been greater. But *reat as it was, it did not in'imidata the owner of the velvet hat in the least degree. It only changed the happy and faacinating look of a most beautiful face to the unconquered look cf a Cromwell. "Now be quiet and own up, and bring for ward the stolen goods, for it wil> be better >r you Now I have found the goods, aud thief, no doubt, 1 am going for an officer Sea that none of you leave the room or disturb an article while I am gone " While descending the stairs our heroine es pied a doctor on his way to visit the sick, and tsked his assistance. *' I have," said she, '? found fome stoleu property, and have it ee' care in this house ; will you call an effioer to .mist main removing it?" The doctor readily ?assented, and while he sought for policemen, ?he still guarded her trust. At lengtb the doctor, with four policemen, arrived, when ??ur her,me transferred the custody of both oersons and property to the officers of the law. The remainder of thestolen property wassooa found, and the lady relieved of her borrowed plumage was provided with rooms at the Cam bridge street jail, where she still remains, waiting the sentence of the law. Dueling In Albany?An Xxciting Tragedy The Albany Times gives the following ac count of a tragic affair which came off in that eity on Friday. Of course there was a "woman in it " It appears that J. T. was smitten with a young lady, and feeling that J. J ?a young man much "on his good looks"?was trasdirg ?m his corns, and surreptitiously endeavoring to cut him out, bitterness ensued, and ar rangements for a duel was the result. Wea pons pistols; place, Buttermilk Falls; dis tance, ten paces. An unheard of arrangement was made, to the effect that if "J T " on the first fire did not succeed in bitting MJ J ," he was to retire, and T Ji , his saoond, assu ming his place, was to pop away at J J , and thus tbo latter was to be alternate'" popped at. Powder, however, smelt to bim I ke ecu de cologne, and he was eager for the fray. At 10 a m. the parties were on the ground ?T. J and T. L on the one side, J. J?, with J. J , Jr , his second, on the other, and Sur {eon ? W. The preliminaries were speadily arrsuged, and the principals took their posi tion to ?? do or die " The seconds received the '? last dying words and declarations," and retired, leaving the two fiercely face to face, and awaiting the fatal word ''One !" '?two!" "three !" were given, at the word "three" the pistol* beirg discharged simultaneously By standers at onoe saw that neither of the twain were hurt, but several minutes were consumed ere the principals were satisfied to this effect, each involuntarily spplying his hands to dif ferent portions of his person, in search of tba wound. Being satisfied on this point, they resolutely repelled all attempts by the sec onds to reconcile matters, and insisted on an * other sUet. Accordingly, and in keeping with the strange conditions, T L took the position of J. T as principal, and J. J again faced the music, to a fresh chsrge, with ?* nary a quail." Toe spectators awaited the result with anx iety Both gentlemen, it was known, had hit bam doors at a further distance, and hence the danger. The word was given, the report was heard, &nd J J staggered, reeled aiid fell into the arms of his second, who "in a second." was beside him. Surgeon ?. W at once attended to the wound, and, on taking tff his coat, blood in spots revealed itself " T L." the "shooter," hastened to bis side, but "J T ," the " first principal," seeing the blood, and realiring what had been dec*, straightway took to his heels, and fled with rapidity toward the city Soon after, tha rest of the party followed with "J. J " Hi? wound is not serious owing mainly to the fact that no balls were in the pistols, and as for the blood which created so much consterca* tion, it had been procured at a butcher's sev eral hours before! Thus ended the trage dy, in which one of the parties was awfally hoaxed. The Glasgow (Ky.) Journal says that the peach crop in that region has been entire ly destroyed by the last frost. 17" A Seuthern Episcopal University is about to be established, xhe location will probably be in Cleveland, Tenn. IJT The last Legislature of Connecticut gave three thousand dollars, from the public treasury, towards a momument which is pro posed to be erected at Plymouth Rock. iy At North Danvers, Monday night, as a party of Irishmen were having a 44 waki" over ? comrade, the bouse in which they ? ere congregated caught fire and was orn sumed, together with the dead body. |y A gentleman named Berry, of Illinois, has preferred a claim to scmethit>g like tw< thirds of the land on which the town ? f Dover, Delaware, is built. It appears that the property was originally leased for W9 years, which term expired some 50 years ago The gentleman is a collateral heir, and he cot coives that his elaim is not cat off by the lapse of time. |y A to ache r in one of the Cincinnati Puuiic Schools having chastised a male pupil, the boy's mother, a large robust woman, ac companied by two men to assist har, to the school and attempted to aow-hiie tne pedagogue, who was a small delioate y???K man. She was arrested and ***?*,, the watchhonea. The teaeher was badly cut L * ?? . a ?>*?? .?-? i C i M A.- { -