Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1857 Page 1
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VOL IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MARCH 16. 1857. NO. 1.29S THE ZVSHIBB STAB If PUBLISHED ITIKV AFTRRNOON, (EXCEPT aUXDAY,) AT THB 8TAJL BUILDINSS, C?rMr of fwwiylmw mmm md II(A By W. D. WALLACE, u4 is Mm* to subecrfbers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CKNTtf, payable weekly to the Agen ta; mpara *rwd ia pm^ii at I7U oeats par maatn. To nail subscribers tke aub serlpdonprloe is THB B8 DOLLARS AND FIF TY CBMT8tyMrM(4?<NKi,TWODOLLARB fir all month#, and ON E DOLLAR for tkiee usoaths; for Ion than three moaths at the rate of li# oonta a wmI. \?T SINGLE COPIES ONE CBNT. IENTISTB Y OR. ITIPHIR BAIL Y| Office No. 19S PouiflrtBlt Ama?, Tkrt? d??rt from 14tk ttritf. DR. BAILY bogs loive to inform the public that he can be wea at all bmn at his office, located as ab>ve Be feela aaaured that aa expe rience of fifteea yearn' practice, with tho large ?ambar of paUrat*, and it1**' **riety of difficult oisos tha: h? hts treated luocesefully, will ensbio him to surmount aay difficulty, sjloaills or otb erwl.e, rela'.ljg to the Teeth His own experi ence confirming tbe opinion of many men emi nent In the profMloe, and oapeclally Ora Harris sad J snd K Psrmly, has led him, long since, to discard ail mercurial preparatlona for filling Tee?&. siaJ all Katoii, 8utU Perchs, India Rubber, sad Cements for the construction of Coa tlnu>a? t?um Testh. and that Porcelain, mo unlet (mi old Plate, la the only reliable subatsnce that can bo wern l.i the month* ae waa moat coocln alveiy ahowj by the last American Dental Con vection. Although he fitttere himself thst from his long residence and practice la Washing ton, he is fa vorably known to hli numerous friends and pa troas, ae bega leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. From Us Ute Bactir af Uv> Cnarcb of Bptpkssr of this city. Or. STtrtll Mailt: Daar Sir?I J Mir* to aipraaa m; aa Ims Ibr fm p*raea*ll7, ant 017 coaBUacca Is you u > u Mr-or Tha o par an ma umM hr bar* b-an alfb 7 latfa-aolory. I kof. ibai 7 ?u m?7 raeaire tha patrou .<? frv an; rrlao Ij aad ??>a pafctle that 7<>ar *kiU ao well dawraa Yosra f?;, w??aio;t?v, iuw m, isja j. w. rbbxcx - - t Trom oaa of tba olJaat arm* la BaJUmora, HutrL Boggs, O'laia 0 On. Bavin* a?lo7ad Dr saptiea Baily, SUIT*"!! Df-itl.t, of a??, ?o ?(-??(? for nia, as lwn?rttnl aol dlfl eallpiaaaf arark, wl.loa ha >111 to -07 ? lirj a.vUf action, ?o1 la fi?? lit f?t tb>t ??i of !*>? kmi diatluzuiahaU atatwrt Via* O01UI C> <4|?m( Balllaoro. f?li*.t. ifltr re p?ai*l Irla'a. w pvrfor a lh? ? \m- work aatlafc or'.ly, It #!*?? a?|r?l j?la?.ara VJ oxpra** ray ?ntlrs coaSJso-a aui bl(b aaiirualla 1 of kla profoaaiuaal akill. Saltlmora, Jsaaar7 IS tail. MASMaXN BW91 EitrarA fr-aa a ivlt ra^?'r?1 from tha lat.> Bod. John H. C!ajloa. C. S. risstTB. Ai?a*t 19, :?M. Ti* taoth 70a inaJa form* ?urk alulrably. nothlns coaM ke Satlar. Var7 ?rat?faU7, JOB.N St. CLAYiOX. To tho4? that aa>k riila# frooa tba aaladlea of th? t*?*.h, 1 eaa cnaarfallr r? Dr. 8. B IIjr. aa 1 aopjrior Dan Bit. ?*!< a attn'fr,r*?ltiD iMth fnrona?f bitf*ml!7. ta l pu??l aaTaral ta?U> for nratlf. aa<l tba arork baa all atooj arall for m >ra th?o tan jaata. ROBIKT T. NIX.IX, of In# Ta. Coafaraucs or tba ?. K. Chotcb S>uth. Ap U l?, iaa?. We, thean^ertlgoM. ha?\n< h*1 oreasl^n toara'loaraolT^a ?f Mi# profaa.loaal aklll of Or. 9. Bally, 9ir?a^a Denllat, of tht?cit7; or b?Tlag haaa ensolii .at of hla opa-alioaa on .>ur faallla* or frtan.l?, t*t? p.aaaura la ax^r?*?lnf <>ar atm ra Uoa af bla art.atj ? aklll. as wall 11 of tke aalfo-mlf aatiaf\c ??T7 man oar la ?ht-* ba pfr'nrm. tt# moat anil >) f *t?lt ?parat<ona la D?nUI ?ni(ar7. an! wa raa ?? tfnl.T ra c-o^aiaaad hia tn tha r >nVI?v. an t pitm iar af t a |?ablir ; f aratoh aarouHar btta aaa.n?ail7 <t?rtb7 TBOMA9 r. WaLTBK, JOi. B. BaAiU EY, Are>rtt#?t C 9 Ca}?Mol. nf W>*hln<tna, D. C. TBOSA"? atLLBB. M. t> . OSOROR WALTON. of Waaulagioa, U. til Bs-Oovarenr of Florida. B. A BOlIBSa. Ja. D., W A1.TKH LENOX, of Qatrfatowa, D. 0. Si Mayor of Wa'hlactos. N D.. HKXRT BALOWIX, Waaklsjloa, D c. r. 8 Patant OiBca. O. C. W1UBT, Pr1aci,>al BUtashoiMa AcaJamr. tek?-ir DR. VILL\RD, Ooatiat, Latc ov CHtcaoo, WOULD RK^J'ECTFULL/ INFORM the cl lxena of the District and Tleinlty, that having located him.elf1 la Waahiovtoa, he is now prepared to ' perform all operations, la hla profession, in the moat approval atyle Office No. *50 Perm, avenue, adjoining 6ao tier's. )an <0-iy OSNTAL aVRUEUN. DR B P. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seveath atreets. at tha place formerly occupied by Or J Vaa Patten, has Just received a eery large supply of arti<-lea perulal ip to dentistry, aid respectfully invites tne public to give him a call. Baring devoted hla whole time to the pro fession. he ia perfectly safe In declaring that he will gi?e entire satisfaction In every case. The beet professional refersuces can be aev-n at his of. Moo. i"v ll-tMsrcVO* R MUNBON. AT 338 PENN 'A AVENUE, Is still snaking those beautiful /aas D eoatlaioua ?UM TEETB, called Allen's Patent, for the excellency of t - - which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerful I? vouch. Taere Is one Dentist in this city who ha3 bees infringing th j patent, and made a bad imitation of it, against whom I hereby caatlon the public N. U. Whenever a Dentl*t apeaks against Alloa's Patent Continuous Bum Teeth, when pveparly t?nstrutud, it is becaase he Is Ignorant of theproaoas, incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. |e l?-tf OB. C. S. OOODJRAN, Deatlst, aaJ Haaafactarer of Artificial Tooth. TBOSE WBO ARE SO UNFORTUNATE as 10 require Artificial re eta will find (without aay nonsense or hum-1 boggsry.) feeth sot upoa a metallic base or plate Ma erlala pure snd properly con etractod as being superior to all other modes The various npTattons of DentUtry f tlthfully aad properly execiied. Tender Teeth rendered useful for lifb, by new meias. Teeth extracted oarefu ty, easily, snd ?klllfully CT Offi it corner of 8th street and Pd avenue. fab 7-3m P?K l\LK. ? A PAIR OF FINE MULE*, four years old, snd very kind ln^, harness Apply to ARNY A 8B1NN, No. S7 Green street,! _ffeb**-t/ (ieofgetown BIBBS'S HAIR MANUFACTORY, Pm? acMii, bttWitn ViA aad 10ik ttrttts. WIOS, HALF W|K9 BRAIDS, CURLS, Bandeaus, Frixxid Rollers, Ac., alway*on haad, aad made to order at a few hours aoiice. Ladles' Hair Dyed, 8kam< ooned, Ac ?In the ??ost cosaplete manner. All sorts of Toilet Artlolc from the best Preach sad Eng tsh houses. No 306 Pa a venue, up stalra, over Davis'Music Store. N. B ?Hair work repaired cr taken 1b ex change feb t l-3m OAS FIXTURE*. RH MILLER, SON * CO., ALEXAN ? dris, Va , kosp constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDAN TS. BRACKETS. Ae , from the celebrated factory of Cornelius A Baker, whlcii they will guarantee to sell at the aams prices charged to private par chasers at the salerooms oa Chestnut street, Phil adelphia. Also, Drop-lights, Cut Blase and decorated Paper Shades, In great variety. Call aad examine for yourseive* dee 1 WASIIINOTON INSURANCE COMPANY. Subscriptions to capital ttoek authfiztd. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVlg loas of the id section of the " act to incorpo rate aa lasu auce Company in the city of Wash ington, approved February IS, 1^57," the subscri bers, being the persona utmed tn the lat Aectlaa uf said act, do hereby authorli- a ?ubeerl ptloa to bo opena?d for tbe capital s'ock of said company at taa Stationery w W*. v. Bavlt on Peoasyivaaia averfie, betwern llth snd l?h streets, oa Monday, the ?th of March next be tween tbe hours of 14 sad 1 o'clock p m ' The provisions of the said id *ectjjn are aa fol lows, snd must be strlstly compiled with . " dad Ss it fartktr tnacled, The tbe persona named in the f>regolng section, or a mijority of them, are he eby authorized to open a subscription lathe city of Washlngtoa for raising a capital stosk of two husdrtd thousand dollars la shares of tweaty dollars each, snd thst etch person on sabacrlbiag shall pay to tbe persona above-men Uoood four dollars on each share subscribed for; aad that tbe remainder of tbe said tweaty dollars ahali bo secured by segotlable no es, signed and endorsed to the satisfaction of said persons or a majority of them, and payment thereof maybe domaaded at such times snd ia such proportions as the President snd Directors htrea Ur mention ed shall Judge advlsab e giving six week's do* tleo la three of the gazette* printed la the OUtrict of Columbia.'* SILAS H HILL, J. C. McBUIRE, BENJAMIN liKALL, HAMUAL HACON, JOSEPH BRYAN, AUGUSTUS E. PERBY, C MILLER. WM T. DOVE, WALTER LENOX, M. W GALT, WALTER HARPER, W. WALL, WM F. BAYLY. WaaHtnoToa, February O, IM7. fsh 44 riANOI FOR IA LI Alio TO RENT. PIANOS WHICH RECEIVED THIS FIRST premium* In Wuhln^ on. Balll-ti53H| more, u4 New York, from the factoryn I f F' of Stelnwav A Bon*. New York, and from other factories, always on hand, at moderate prices and convenient terms, at No 490 llth street, above Peaa avenue Second-hand Piano* taken In i exchange for new one* Toning attended to. mar 10 eolm* Pfac Uul directions for 1 Pr?fuctl*?w Vegetables usually cultivated for table use ; by JohnT C. Clark . ?jeliable hand-book of reference, and embrae ng efery requisite detail for the success ful cultivation of the Flower and Vegetable Gar n" The work oontalns 160 octavo pages P?'',?ledJn the beit style, and}bound In muslin orders from the trade respectfully loliclled. Price mSSfJ' * Taylor a maurt. J~~ TO THE PUBLIC. OHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on Qtk^MfcA street, between Louisiana avenue and w5S C street, long conducted by Mr. Jor n MYoJSg. Utiow prepared to manufacture and repsir all ^ascription* of COACUES, BUGGIES, VVAG uns, Ac , on the most reasonable <.erms, In the very best manner, and at the shortest notice. He respectfully invite* his fellow citizens to give him ' trlal marfl-lm THE WHEAT TRAGEDY ?THE NEW A American Tragedy, Cortez tbe Cocqnerer. Tnls splendid pcern 1* pronoanc.'d by Critics unri railed. J as. from press, and for sale by the publisher. FERGUS-ON, m*r 14 4SC 7th street. SPERM CANDLES ? 50 boxes Sperm Candles, 4?s and S'g 50 boxes Adamantine da C'.* and 12 s 100 doz jn Essences 100 dozen Tie?tn de Bausey Champagne &> bcrts Mould Candles, 6mi and P s 50 bores Verina-elll and Mancaronl JONAS P LEVY, Wine, Liquor, and Grocery Store, mar lO-lw 30? Penn avenne. I CGTCRIS ON THE BRITISH POETS L* by Henry Keed, 8 vols The Sisters of Soleure, a tale of the Sixteenth CentOTy, by C 8. W by Ma, and other 1'cems, by Thomas Buchan an Read Claremont; or The Undivided Household i Histor/ of King Richard the First, by Jacob Abbott ' ' Docharty's Elements of Plane and Sjlld Ge ometry. Arti t's B ile; or Pawnbroker's Heir, by Em eiron Bennett De Bow's Review f>r March. " ___ FRANCE TAYLOR. NOTICE. TIME IS MONEY. /BLOCKS!-CLOCKS !!?CLOCKS !!!?Call at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite Browns' Retel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted for ft ?0 Also, all *=a? kinds Clock Materials. Oils, Cords, Bails, Krys, Weights, Ac The bade suppllel at wholesale prices. Ca-h or Clocks given in exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see frtr yfursetves, at J ROBINSON'S. 349 Pa av., Jan ?7-jm oopositp Hotel. NEW DKLU STORE? WlUards' Hotel. JP M1LBURN kCO.WtPENNSYLVA ? nia a venae, respectfully call the atten- n tlon ef their fiiends and the public to ihel><flSKf new Drns Store, which they have filled nniT in the most complete manner, with a full LA supply of pare Cnemicals, Drugs. Fancy Articles. Perfumery, TciLet Articles, and Paten! Medi cines. A select assortment of Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes. A very large stock of Bavana Cigars, which are of fino quality and received from first hands. Together with all of the articles asually found In a first class drug store Phvsiclass' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all honrs (as the store Is not closed at nlaht) by a competent dispenser. A call at their establishment Is respect/ally so licited. marS-lm* ? _____ ARMY'S CONFECTIONERY, No 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, D. C.t WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN* menu are furnished with the best ice Creams, Cakes, Water Ices, Confect, Ac , at tbe shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms . Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro polltan Mechanics' Institute. |an31-tf fUnlAnfefntel.) ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON BOAT. THE STEAMER GEORGE WASHINGTON will depart at the following _ -II ?? w hours: Leave Alexandria 1%, 9, 11.1 *. Leave Washington 8#, 10, 12, 2K 4,5k fcb 18-d JUB COKSON. Captain. MLLKS! MOLES II OA HEAD OP SUPERIOR MULES JUST arrived from Kentucky, and wlu^^ be sold on accommodating terms by ap-V^^A pling to HENRY his Livery Stable, corner of D a?d llth streets, Washlngton, D C. mar S-lm* 4 SECOND-HAND PIANOS, AT GREAT bargains, at oar great Piano and Music Empo rinm, between 9Ui and 10th streets mar 10 JOHN F ELLIi. PEAS, MUSHROOM, fie. WE HAVE RECEIVED OF RECENT Importation? Champignons In Cans of 1 and 2 pounds Petit* Pols in Cans of 1 and 2 pounds Pate De Pols Gras Pate Fal*an avx Truffas Pate De Begasees Pa e De Perdreaw Traffbe. For sale by fob** KING A BURCHELL. S. P. HOOVER'S Iron U*'t tioot, Skoe, and TrunJi h'stabluh ment I HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ASSORT ment of La dies', Mlsses.and Ohlldrens' white Satin and K id heeled and with out hte's, Gaiters and Slipper?, La dies black,brooa and celored cloth button, heeled Gaiters. Morocco Boots Buckakin, Douhle-aole, Water PioofGait ers, Quilted Silk, Alpine, Boots and Gaiters. For Genuem-n, Boys, and Youths, French Imported Lea-her and CaJf Long and Short, Double and sin;;.e sole Hoots and Congress Gaiters Also, a splendid aasortment No 1 so.e letther Trunks, Vallce , Vallce Carpet Ba*s, L<dlej Hat Cases and Trunks; being a laiber stock at this seasoa than usuil. 'will sell my heavy goods cheap for the cash, and cash only. Call early at S P HOOVER'S, mar 2 2w Pa ave , bet ? h and 10th nts. ON EXHIBITION AND FOR SALE At my new store, one of the largest, handsome*, and m*t varied assort ment of LADIES' FANCY GOODS ever of fered la the District. fHa LADIES' FRENCH D HESS 1B| BONNETS, Tl Cbl'dren's Garments aad Hats, i adi<s' l)rwj Tiimmlncs In the greatest profu sion, Hlbbons, French Flowers aid Embrolde* rle?, Straw Goods, Head Dresses, Ac , Ao Strangers and citizens are respectfully invited to call aad exaalae my stock. ,uK?r, w w M WILLIAN, feb ST.-3m Market gpace, bet 7th aad 8th sta. P?R BOSTON.?THE SUPKKIOR FAST sailing Schooner Clara, Capt. Cm well. XV* his arrived, and will have quick dl?patchSE& for the above P"rt For freuht spplv to HakT LKY A BRO , 101 Water street, (Wgetowa. frfe*H B EAUTI1-UL CHINA GOODS OPENING this week, at oar great Variety Store, betweea 8th and ?th street*. marl* H. J. MeLAUGHUN A CQ. "a bk OCTAVE PIANO ALMOST WW, uihat Si4*a.avt ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner of 11th st and Pa. avenue. * MR. F. NICHOLL8 CROUCH, THE COMPOSER AND LECTURER, AND THE MUSICAL EDITOR Of ??GODETS LADY'S BOOK," HAVINO FSTABLISHRD HIMSELF AS THE SIXQIXQ MASTER OF THIS INSTI TUTION, respectfully announces to Head* of Families, Schools, and Strangers ilsltlng Washington, that be baa a few leisure houss to devote to Private Scholars, and that some vacancies occur In tola " Academical Classes(oecestarllv caused by changes in the AdmiftTstratlon ) To ?ecnre adrnUsion, tarly application must be made, and examinations required aa to capability for joining. His First Classes Course of Education : Declamation, Dramailo Reading, Recitation. Oratorio. Church Service, English Opera. Founded on the System prftctiied in the European Conservatoirt and Royal Academy of London, t.n which ht ipas a Professor. And to qualify those Pupils studying Music &? a Profession, Mr. CROUCH gives Historical, biographical Sketches, and Reading* on the 8C1ENCE AND PROGRESS OP MUSIC AND WORKS OP THE EARLY MASTERS, (copiously illustrated,) every Thursday Evening, a* 8 o'clock, at the hall of the Institute, in which the Pupils themselves take part, thereby acquiring that ronfldeace atd self-possession to be gained only nnder the auspices acd direction of the Practical Ma>ter ! Terms ard Circulars to be had at the Ace dejay, where Mr CROUCH can be seen every morning from 7 till ? ?'clock; ami ou Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday Evealngs (devoted to Gen tlemen ) from A till 9 o'clock. Days for Class M,eti*gs-Monday and Thursday, from 2 till 6 o'clock ; Tuesday and Friday, from 10 till 12, (mornlag ) All letters should be addressed to Mr. ClotcH, 453 13th street, between E and F north, feb 28 BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits -deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Draft* on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par. and Exchange on said Cities famished to de positors without charge Interest on Deposits ?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Diposits is Virsinia a ift> Uncurrrnt Mo nxt.?Deposits In Vlrgini* and other Uncurrent Moaey received to b* checked for, payable la same funds, or In specie, we charging the legu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notes, Drafts, end Bills of Ex change will )?e discounted, aud Loans made oa stocks, tto.'dj, and SeeurUle*, at the market rate. l.ittxrs 0? Crxd it.?Letters of Credit will be foinlnhed, negotiable In the different Cities of the United States, oa Deposit of Money or CollaU erals, and Interest allowed If Money is deposited, and charged If Collaterals, on such ternu> as may be agreed; upon. Travkli*g Bills or Exchange ?Travelers will he furnished with drafts In siich sums as m^y be desired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Dills and Letters or Crbdi t on En a land. Irsland and Europe ?IJILs of Exchange a*d Letters of Credit on Englaad, Ireland ana Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, In sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 6 ti 12 \v cent , always for saie, or bought la the differest Cities at a com mission cf a % V cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the rlg&t to call for a de posit of 10 V cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered bv telegraph. Railroad, City, a d State Bonds ?Rail 1 rof<L Cltr, and State Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation either In this country or ! Europe. Railrocd Iron purchased for cash or I with Bonds. Land Wabrants?Lnnd Wa'rants bought at the market rates All Warrants sold by us are guarmntted In every respect Land Warrants located on coram lesion. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if requested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties. Real Estate a*d Insurances.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on tub United Statics, Court of Claims, C o n a r b s s?Claims on t'je United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, J*a 'J7 Opposite the Treasury. flATS! HATS I (CONSTANTLY ON HAND K F VLL J supply of BEEBE'S mil H ? |hi NEW YORK STYLES. together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dress HATS got up In the latest style for S3 50, as good as those usually sold at S5: and a good fashion able Hat at 93, worth S4; and a ttrst-rate Hat, S3 SO. The best materials and the best workmanship is employed to produce a S5 Hat, which Is sold for S3.?0. We ao a cash business, meet with no los ses, but rive each customer fall value for his napney. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY. 7th street, near Pa.ayeEEe, Agest fora New York Hat Company- se 26-tf Ne. 367 Pa ave., eppsslts National Hstsl. JONAS P. LEVY, IMPOBTSE AMD DEALER IN FINE WINES, BRANDIFS, GROCERIES. AND CIGARS, Has in store a very choice as. sort men t of Champagne In quarts and pints, I XL; and fresan de Bausey, aua other desirable Brands; Brandy In cask and bottles. Vintage 1777 to 1310: Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys 1810 to 1858 ; Holland Oln of a'l kinds; Claret Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderia 'do do Port do do German do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross * Blank well's London Pickles and Preserves of all kinds Coffee. Bngar, Teas, Ac., An 367 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel. Jan? Vy JONAH P. LEVY. POTATOES?1000 BUSHELS PRIME white MERCER POTATOES, la store,and for sale in lots to suit parcha?ers. PETER BERRY, fan 27 tf W Water street, (iaorse'owa. pLINTOA'S PATENT ALCMUHOL

Cook, now on exhibition at the Fair, for sale at (mar 12 8t) LAMMOND'S IL FOR MACHINERY.-THE SUB scrlber d ?wires b call the attention of persona | using steam or other machinery to his Lubricating Oil, which cannot be surpassed for the purpose ft la Intended to be used far. J. R, McGRESOR, feb 18-2dWlm S34 7th street HOIS' PONY, COLTS, AND TOUNtt cows r< u vale A FAST OOiNfl THO-i roughly gentle TORONTO] itV ?4 years old nut May; a lot of, COLTS, Morgan,Toronto,and others; a Lurauer of COWS, with first Calves, of mixed Devon and Durham blood.?for sale at Word Co Farm, 8 i mixes over the Navy Yard Bridge. I squire at No 304 Penn. avenue, or of the Manager on the Farm mar tt-tf O I M v? A " 9 NOTrCK?NOTICE. HAVE A FEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SHTS oa hand, which I wish tO| close out, and wlil at 11 at cost. Also, GOB-1 LETS aad other GLASS WARE, that must) be sold preparltory to a change In my bu>ln?ts. All that want to buy cheap, please call at No. 300, between 0th aad 10th stieet*, Penn. avenue, feb l7-6m JOHN McDEVlTT. MONEY TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER W ATOH ES , JEWELRY, GUN13, PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, fob 4-ilm Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. COAL KEPT UNDER COVEK. 2.240 lbs to tko Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIE8 of White A*h, Red Ash aad Lehigh COAL. Warrantod to gtvo ttUisfnotion. Dellvsred free froan dirt. Also, Hickory, Oak and Pine WOOD. T.JAW.M.8AL1, N. W.eornerlKh aad C streets. No 847, dec tt-tf one square sooth of Pa. aveaoe. For Bala and Rent. CHJR RENT?FOUR MODERN BUILT JT Cot age Houseefon Massachusetts avenue, between l4:h and 15th streets, each containing six Rooms They comm&rd a view of tbe whoie city, and Lave all tbe necessary Wood-Sheds and Out-Buildings. ard the best Water In the yard For particulars inquire on the premises, or at my Stands In the Centre and Northern Markets mar 11-Of JA3. E. DUNAW1N. FOR RENT?THAT DESIRABLE Busi ness stand on 3th street west, tblrd door from fennsvlvanla avenus, with cr without tbe upper part 01 the building To a good and prompt tenant the rent will be made Teas rable For terms a ply to JAMES TOWLES, Property Agent,on H K'reet north, between Hth ard ?.h street*, No 4tO mir 12-tf FOR RENT.-THE LARGE FOUR-STORY Brick Dwelling, with all the modern im provements, situated cn E street, north side, t>e twe?n 9th and lOtn streets To a good end per manent tenant the rent will be moderite I cqnlri at No 384 E street rear 7-tf FOR BALK ?A FARM LYING IN MONT gomery county, Md , 9 miles from Wtshlnp loa, near the Betbesda Church, on the Rookvill# Turnpike The Farm contain* 90 asres cf tirst rate laud. The improvements are a new Frai?e Dwelling House, containing ? room?, and a stable for four torses Alro for sale?A first-rate Horre Power and Scroll Saw. For terms apDly to CH 4 R LES F WOOD, 448 #th street, beiween E and F , or toC. T. WOOD, adj fining farm. mar 7-lw Three houskh and lots for sale Houses Nos. 4rt, 48, and SO Louisiana are nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low and on easy terms Will be sold separate or to gether Title good. One Js a four-storv Brick, with finished Weinmt, nearly new, ard In com plete order, with witer and gas throughout Ap ply to E K. LUNDY, at No 40 Louisiana avt - nrie, Washington, or No. Hi Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 6 i ClOTTAGE FOR RENT--LAN I) FOR SALE / For rent, for a term of two to four yeats, a >asteful Cottape, of three basement, fl*ettrst Hw, three ?ecctd ti >or, and fjur attic Rooms, with mo?e n conveniences for heating the house and ?applying it with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be leduced to any quantity igrted on; eight miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, hlgb, fcealtby and romantic. If reattd immediately nervants and furniture can co with house to end of the cunent ye-r Also, a Farm of SCO acres with Improve ments, within three miles above, for s*le or Uase Enquire of S W ELN Y, R1TTENHOUSE FANT A. CO . Bankers, aid Col IRWIN, Land OiUce. mar 0 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of 17W? acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500u*ed for pasture* and about 700 acres well timbered, ard along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to CharlotUvllle will run Attached ttereto Is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which Is a part of the boundary line, and on which are also 40 acres of low ground soil good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, Ac Buildings very superior and very ample, and In good order l(K> bushels cf Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before tte last frost, for Oats and Corn due progrets Is made. With the estate, tbe slaves and Improvements, fetock, etc , inay ?lso be hid, and further Infor mation given by the Editor o( the Evening Star, Washlr.jton city) tnar 5 IjJOR RENT OR SALE.?The Lirgeatd Con ?enient Brick House, No. 163 West *treet, fteorgrtown. It is in excellent condition. There are '*3 Itooms In the Hou>e, nearly all of which are furnished with Gas Fixtures There l?agcod Garden a'tactfd to the property, and a Pump of as good Water as can be Lad In the District, a few feet from tbe houfe Possession glvi-n on the 1st of May, or sooner If necessary. For terms apply to T. W. SIMPSON. mur 9-gw For rentor lease?forrest hall, Georgetown, will be rented by the m?ht, or leased by the year, to any responsible association. This is the only Hall in the District with scenery Terms moderate Anply to B FORREST, 1st street, Cox's Row, Georgetown, mar 4-2w* A CARD-FOR RENT, A F1RST CLASB House in Franklin Row, now occupied bv Pon. C. Cushlng, Attorney General. It has all the modern lmprovemeuts, hot and cold wattr bath rooms, chandeliers, ar.d gas flxtsres This Is one of the most elegant and desirable locations In the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1 in freot of one of the most beautiful public squares in this city, with a delightful and con stsnt supply of good-water, it is entirely free from du*t and mosquitoes, inquire of wM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, Penrswlva nla avenue mar 4-lia For rent?tuat very commodi ous and convenient (browu stone front) House, situated on the north side of E, between tfth and 10th streets It Is new, atd has been kept In the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, bp bting the only occupant since its completion Poshes?ion will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For terms apply to tne subscriber, a'- 5U9 H, between 6th and <tb streets, or at the works at the Patent Office [febift-tf] THOMAS BERRY. For rent?that large and very desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130 on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly osenpkd by Myers A Bro ,as a Dry Goods House, aud recently occupied by Seldser A Co , as a Clothing Store Possesion given Immediately To a permanent tenant tiie rent will be made low. Inqu're of JAMES F U LLALOVE, or to E S. WR1HHT, Auctioneer febti8-dtf Farm for balk.?i offer for sale my farm and country seat. situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residence* of Mrs Barber. Mrs. Barnard, Mrs Morton, Mi?. Bolce, Messrs Llnthlcum. Adler and Eliason, containing aboct4 J acres of land. Improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and horte stables, etc. The very short distance from Georgetown and Washington makes It very well adapted for a dairy farm and market garden. The high elevation commands a beautiful ana picturt sque v lew of the M e.ropolls and ?urrourid Ing country, and is In thin, as well asla iregan" to cealth, unsurpassed. It will be sold en ire or i ^gagya^siUMsw. 1 pon ?BN:r ?.K suou "J smiiuu'j Houm >i. Inlture. I rq aire of jinu. 'maiil^aOi* 1 avenue a^nR SALE OR RENT.?THAT DE81RA F ble residence on F stm?t, betweai JWth and flat for the Ust eight years occupied by the late I J *T Chnb*, Esq. Possession given immedl itely iSqal^offalGQa^tiO an l*-eotf a GREAT ROOK.-INQUIRE WITHIN \ f0T say 6Rag you Want to Know Publish raAient, FERGUSON, w?S' vnxW' evening stab Last Words of tli? Great. Tete de Tartuee ?Napoleon. d God? liberty.?/?* "" K"'' of la this jour fidelity ?-A?r0. I must sleep now _Byron. Kiss me, Hardy.?IS'eJsov Dou't give up the ship ?Inters met ?ri"w if 1 belu" rm fai** mJ b*Dd' my dear ffien,? 1 die ?il/. God preset re the emperor.?Haydn. fhe ?rteiy ceases to beat - IhilLer. Let the h^ht enter ?Goethe. Eiizlkak?**<S 'C n # f?r * ttcme&t of t5?? ? " ther* 00 bribin* d**th.?Beau Monks, moak?, monksHenry VltT. serious ?Grotxus. Sror?ClMif 1 {'j* ?Wathtngton. Independence forever -Adams. lin. g ma? CAD d? nothin? Pranl i>on't let p?or Netty starve?Charlttt II r?*le end'*V?r?d 10 do m* dutJ-Taylor. I'rJdlnrtV * P ?f bl??d 0D mj hfcnd' jjjZZ? Uod' n'y d",?bur" aj wiuwi1,0f earth V Adam*. gr.^-L?,?, *WkWard ">"d ?" ??"* Lord, make haste -H. Hammond. Precious salvatioa.-S/r./ .Stonthovse. how *achr?r (Lord W*rw?ck) to st* r ? ~,h"st,*n can d,? ?Addi*on b* huaPpy -Arehbishov S/urpe. God s will be done.?Bishop lien Amen .?Bishop Bull 1 have ptace ?Parihurst Come, Lird Jesus ?Burliit. ?f\rha.Dk j 04 ?w*s brou?hl op in the Church, of Lngland.?Bishop Gun ? in p. omi^-vXV a? WJ ,iM "f.") ao^;:TiLTiLrri'-hWT'r- c?~"'' Tby will bo done.?Donne. This day let me see the Lord J?*s.- Jtwell And is this death y. ?George IV w?Krd; I*}9 "firit -Edward VI. h.pPf r"? "n'd> ! T"?? I *? /eW**" J?U' ?J d6ar (Mi" Morri')"Dr r V caDn?t uttor with my mouth, acceD Lord, from my heart and soul ?Quart*? ' Then I am safe.-CVowsw//. Let the earth be filled with His glory Tames Earl of Derby, Bishop BroSkun I go to my God and Saviour ? P Htvivn "* ""d<", th" '?"?? ?arrildnn^V?* PrinciP,es government ,a. ned out, I ask no mere ?Harrison Jbor my coming dowr, let me shift for mjielf on the scaffold )~iStr T. More ' 7 In me behold the end of this world with all its vanities. ???> P. Sydnty. Gen Jack ion and John Q. Adams. The following account of the meeting be tween I.en. Jacks*,n and John Q Adams at President Monroe's levee, the night after Wv\ lection over Jackson for ibe Preei Jency ly the House of ller.rMtntative3 is from ? Goodrich s Recollections I shall pass over other individuals present ^nly noting an incident which respicts tae ,wo persons in the assembly, ?ho, most of all )thers, engrossed the thoughts of visitor#?Mr. Adams the elect, Uen. Jackson the defeated t chanced, in the course of the evening, that these two persons, involved in the throng, ap proached each other from opposite direction?, ?et without knowing it Suddenly, as they were almost together, the persons around, seeing what was to happen, by a sort of in stinct stepped aside and left them face to face Mr. Adams was by himself; Uen Jackson Th ^ '"go, handsome lady on his arm. They looked at each other for a moment, and tnen <ien Jackson moved forward, and reach ing out his long arm, said : "How do >ou do. Mr. Adams? I giTe you my left hand, for ttie right, as you see, is devoted to the fair; 1 hope you are very well, sir." All this was gallantly and heartily said and done Mr. Adams took the General's hand and said, with chilling coldness. ?? Very well, sir; I hope Gen. Jackson is well!" It was curious to see the Western planter, the Indian fighter, the stem soldier whohad written his country's giory h the blood of the enemy at New Or* leans, gonial and gracious in the midst of a court, while the old courtier and diplomat was stiff, ligid, cold as a statue! It was all the more remarkable from the faot, four hours be fore, the former had been defeated, and the latter was a viotor in a struggle for one of the highest oljects of human ambition. The personal character of these two indi viduals was in fact well expressed in that chance meeting ; the gallantry, the frankness and the heartiness of the one, which capti vated all ; the coldness, the distance, ihe self-concentration of the other, which repelled all. A somewhat severe but still acute an alyjt of Mr. Adsm's character, sajs : '? Un doubtedly the reason of his unpopularity, was Lis cold, antipathetic manner, and the suspicion of selfishness it sufcgeeted, or, at least aided grcaMy to confirm. None ap proached Mr. Adams but to recede H* never ?ucceeded?ho never tried to conciliate.' I recollect ap^ anecdoto somewbat illustra tive of this. When he was a candidate for the Presidency, his political friends thought it advisable that ho should attend a cattle show at Worcester, Massachusetts, so as to conciliate the numbers of influential men who might be present Accordingly he went, and there many Dersons were introduced to him, and amoDK tne rest a farmer of the vicinity? a man of subftance and great respectability. On being presented, he said : "Mr. Adams, i am very glad to see you. My wife, when she was a gal, lived in your fa ther's family ; you were theu a little boy, and she has told me a great deal about you. She has vory often combed your head." " Well," said Mr. Adams, in his harsh way, " I suppose she c?ml>s jours uow !" The p?x?r farmer slunk back like a 1 ashed hound, feel ing the smart, but utterly unoonscioua of the provocation. Thi Spectrk Fire San? ? Many, macy years ago, a ship named the Palestine, sailed from Holland, with a large number of passen gers, bound to a new home in North America &oon after leaving port, it became generally h*a,?y i?f th? "??e wealthy, and had a large amount ot gold and ' J6r '/L P ^eesion Three weeks elapsed, Captain and his crew concuivedthe Ln!!Un8 themselves by phmdering and murdering the inoffensive and *asuspi bious persons in their power. They fir-t fe pjrtea their provisions spoiled, but mana?M t > sel. hard buiscuita for a guinea es^ch. This preoess was at length suspended, and then disease and famine had full sway. l?he wind* were favorable, all were not yet dead, and lo! the (hip was floating off Bkok Iilaud. The few passengers who still survived might still live to tell their tale of woe, and so the ship muet be destroyed, with all her living freight. The captaia aad crew piled their i U-gotten wealth in their two yawls, and havLog scut tled and set fire to the ship, they eurJbarked for the neighboring island, they landed iust ae the great mass of ftaas saak bias lag into th* dmp, The pirates told the isle ^deri ? XMM fimi It A Ji. TUi excellent FMBUytttWwwJwnal turn talnlng a greater variety ?f UimUag reettac tban can be fount la any other?to pubttobe* ?? Saturday i . rum. single eopy, per annum ,,fl u to nra. "f"? toMi -"w Tea coptea ?* Twenty coptea co CT" Caen, iiTtiuiLT in aavawcn. ICTttnffleeenaeo (tew*uprean>?ni at lae coma it r, immediately af tei the 1 Paper Price?Taata Can tc. FosTMAetaa* whoactaaageetawrlllbe of Ua p suslble it ry> and fee many Mentha they lived ia a houae which ia at?U pet a bad eat to the curious stranfer-but it ia a mere ruin The pirates quarrelled. separated, and left for pirta unknown. For maay years there after. the bowse wm deaerud be alt pereonaof fleah and blood, bat thickly peopled with ghosts,?with pale woman in white, old men reduced to skeletons, and children with bloody faoea, and whenever they made their appear ance at the witching time of night, there were heard the moot eries ot anguish In procesj of time, however, the spectres all dis appeared; but of late years, w bene re r a great ttorre to about to lash the ooean into fary, the Fir? Skip to distinctly aean in the effing ; her hull a maaa of cinders, and her sail*, aheeta of pure flame. Many old men hare looked upon thia phantom many time.', and tome of them tllege that they hare seen the sufferer* im ploring Heaven for succor, and beard their shrieks of despair ? lawman s Adrenturtt iu the Wifds oj th* Unitii Stair* * The case of Jaa. Summons, of Ohio, whose execution there has recently been fixed, ta a singular one. Ten years a?>, fire persons were poisoned In the family cf which bum - mans was a member, including both his par ent#. James was committed on entirely cir cumstantial evidence, given by a servant Sirl. On appeal a new trial was ordered, and ummons was released, visiting the watering places, la. So sure of acqaittal was he, that be stood his trial. The servant girl had in the meanwhile died, and the notes of her evi dence offered, admitted,?he eocvieted there on, scd sentenced to be hung, lie appeal* d a second time upon the ground that the Con stitution guaranteed to every person eharged with crime, the privilege of confronting hto w.tnef??.j. The Supreme Court stood for a long time two for the appeal, two agaiast it, and ene jecice refusing to give an opinion. Fically the Court decided the testimony ad missible, and bare ordered the prisoner a ax eaution. S? confident we? Summons ol a de cision in his faw, WhM though he haa had repeated opportunities of eetepe. he baa refu sed to embrace them. While still a prisoner, be actcd as sort of deputy jailor, and was al lowed great fredum and many privilege*. He has often been permitted to go oat of J'" alone, to visit theatres and pieces of amuse cient. and has always returned to his psisoi.. The dsy of execution it fixed for April 14th, und Executive clemency can alone prevent it. Muttom vs Pop.k ?Physicians recommend ma.ttcn a? the most wholet>oine meat, the easi est <1 <gested, and best suited to Invalids, while pork a "everybody knows, is the most unwhole some A *'h eaten In Kugland, mutton to afa v rite d.:*h. and we aoprenend it is this, rath er than ?to roast beef, that tbe Englishman ownea hia robust health and rosy complexion. Oar people eat too much pork and too little mutton A* ^ Jet? M * cotemporary well re marks. " inn >ton can be P"xloced pound for pound at less than balf tbo P"** of P?rk yields more n ^wWusent wb**> eaten, ard keeping sheep d< ^not ???aus?.a farm to the extent of feeding bo?8 do"' 8h!*p Cf? be kept during the wL on h,7 ,cd ??J"?!?' or mangel wurttel, or bcel' whH? fc?? will not do withont a* **Mt *?"? c0">- W* would like to seo in Iftt P?P?ra fewer neeounta r-f big pigs and more t> 1 *hcep Portl&rd Trautcnpt. Oregon now semis to orpt* consid erable quantities of butter, bas> n? egg,,< and smoked meats, which latter ara t *?ch fresher than th se cured in the Atlantic 8k xttB- They Bjmmand the highest prices ty On Thursday r.ifht, two servant g'r't in the employ cf E U Mien, residing on 'he Hudson Kiver, N Y., made a charcoal fir* in their bedroom, and went to sleep They ner sr awoke. It was a painful Bight, that of the :wo dead girls lacked in each other's embrace. fy The Edgartown (Mass. > Gaiette records tbe death of Mrs Nancy Michael, in that town, at tbe age of about one bundered years She was gtrerally know as '* Black Nance." She was looked upon by some as a witch, and bai acquired considerable influence over a certain class of people. DuTURUivan to havu the sews first ? Tho New York Times reeails the story of the country editors, who, finding the body of a man banging to a lamp-post one night after bis own paper had gone to press, cut it down and carried it home, to prevent hia rival from publishing the newr, and was himself indtote-i for the murder. . Passing through the quiet little village of daline, in Indiana, a fellow passenger point ed out a weather beaten hou*e of worship, aa the place where he once heard, on a rainy oc casion, the following prayer from the staid preacher: "We thank thee, Lord, for the goodly number here to-night, and that Thou art hert also, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather." tjT* A crasy man cstued some consterna tion a few days since, by entering a passenger car on the Central Raifrond, near Rochester, clothed in a hat. cloak and a pair of boots only. A sudden flush of heat caused him to attempt to bang up hit cloak and " cool off,' which caused s : me screaming, a little faieting, the stoppage of the train, and tbe .,f the lunatio to the Asylum where he belonged. |y '? Madam/' said a doctor one day to the mother of a ewect, healthy babe, " the la> dies have deputed me to inquire whs* rcu do to have such a lovely, ksppy. aniformiy &>? i child?" Tbe mother mused for a moment over tbe strangeness of the question and then replied, simply and besutifuily. ?? Why. Hon hss given me a healthy child, and 1 let it alone." tiOK Hkadachb ?I have known the se verest headache to be helped aud the nervous headache oured by some sympathising per** n rabbing with the hands from the top of the besd down, and tff tbe shoulders, after tbe mesmeric manner. The most intense pain can be soothed in a few minutes by this sim ple remedy, remembering to carry the hands further away from tbe head when the down ward psss it made. This will also help the t^othaohe nine oases out of ten ?OJtio Cult. Rocttawar Tragedy ?The village of Rock away h in mourning A schooner employed by the Insurance Companies, for the relief of vessels with about thirty men on board, all married excepting three, has been missing ever since the late Janusry storm. From cir cumstances which have tranrplred, there ia but little doubt tbnt she was run down by a steamer off Cape Uatieraa Tae maata ard some of the wreck were seen, and it to feared that not a soul aurvired. iy Mr*. Patten, who savad the insurance companies ??f New York a large sum ofmeuey, by navigating the ship Neptune s car tv b?ii Fianchco, after her husband bad beN> disa bled by diseate, defeating the efforts o. the mate to procure a revolt, and aeouring t. ? good will and co-operation of tbe second t>fc - oer and erew by her intelligence and eoura*^, received a complimentary letter from the ln surance companies interested, with a remit tance d a thousand dollars, a short tine ago. and her answer, thanking the Compauiea i* published, in the papers It is simply ai.d modestly written, and short, too. Drowsed Beei' ?There has been qnfte an excitement in Albany, N. Y., arising irom the fact of the proprietora of one of the slaagbt*r houses in that city having cut up. stdted and packed down the ear-asses of the drowneJ in the Ute flood ^!_rvo--0in health of Albany visited tbe question, and describe the-e-a ** witnessed as disgusUng in the "We t, 'SiiSSS declared tbe meat a nniw^- -? to th# poNia bMltb. " *** ^ lk? ahoald daatroy it