Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOM DAT March H.18IT. CTTHI STAB.? Ntruagera H*W Imtc are irauiwded Chat Ike very heat way la which Ihty caa keep cerrectly piaa^lly pweted with refereace ta **? *? aayian ?? Ike Federal Matrepalia aad caacrraingcTeau ?!??? where, mt which carreci iafaiwiatiaa ??actitrato. la Wa?hla?laa, la ta aah aarihafar The Star. T he .ahacripiioa prtaefar the Daily, whaa aeat hy Mil, !? 82.SO ptr anauut ; far the Weekly, ?1.95 per aaauai. SPIRIT OF THE MO H NINO PRESS. The Intelligencer, noticing the recent ele< tion of Senator Thomas J. Ru.-k to be Preri dent pro tempor* of tha Ui ited Stataa Senate, take* ooeasion to say : " It la usual at the cbae to cboo3e a Presi dent pro tempore to a;t in tha absence of the Vlee Prasidaut. The honor of thia position has iuat beau assigned to tha lion Tbomaa J. Host, of Texaa Mr Ru?k ia now in hie third term, and baa all the advantages which expe rience and a courteous manner can give to a presiding officer Of a atraightlorward and manly bearing, his opinions always have weight with bis compears, and the country at iarge readily accords to him the posseasicn of the attribntea of a wise and conservative atatesman " The Union, discuerng the political s gua of the time', tikes <eca>ion t> aay : Notwithstanding the spasmodic efforts of those who live by fanaticism, the general dis position of the eonntry is manifestly one rf confidence in tha principles and intentions of the new adminiatration. Seldom has an ad ministration commenced its career under more encouraging evidences of public opinion And this is the more striking when it is remem bered what a whirlwind of political exeite. ?eat preceded the late presidential elootion. All tha alementa cf party discord had been let loose, and raged over tba Union with almost unprecedented fury. Those who looked at th? caora?s from abroad, without a thorough acquaintance with our political kystem aod our people. may wall bare anticipated moft wild and fearfal consequences, upon which aide soever the victory might incline Yet the moment the contest had ended, the clouds vanished, the sky became serene, and the "tf7 TfTe'.wer? ,liI1?d- As the President well said in his Inaugural, " the voice of the majority, 'Peking in the manner prescribed by the constitution, was heard, and instant aubmisaion followed." The love of our people for their inatituiima, as well as their habitual regard for law ani order, received thus a new and meat welcome illustration." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. A Baoeptien.?A: 1 a. m. to-day, Lord Napier, the new British Minister, had an in terview with the President of the United States, at tba Executive Mansion, and pre sented his credentiala as Iler Britannic Majes ty's Env.-j Extraordinary and Minister Pleni potentiary, making an appropriate speech on her behalf to President Buchanan, which was responded to la dne form. ?n Important Estimation ?We have satisfactory reason to htlieve that the resigna tion of Ge?ernor Geary, of the Gcvernorahip cf Kansas Territory, has been received by the Government at thia point. The Bogus Decline of Virginia.-We are ?at a Utile amused at the avidity with which the anti-slavery press aeiaa on the bug^aboo laaectit'.ons and prognostications of the Rich Bond WAtg, ever the alleged industrial con dition of ihe O.'d Dominion. At hr^e, all ?nch jeremaids are well understood, and are aoeordirgly translated to mean jast what they ere. Vis: clap trap to affect the approach lag spring election. The opposition in Vir ginia having planted thsiaselvea on the policy of obtaining lor tha State what they call her ?hare of the public landa, are setting up the pooTeet possible month to induce voters to be lieve taat unless thu3 relieved directly by the National Government, all pruperty in Vir ginia's borders is soon to depreciate in value some 50 per centum, and all her citiiena are to be ruined by enormously increased taxa tion. Such ia the explanation, in few words, of the policy of the Whig in this connection, and those journals and politicians acting with it. That nobody at home of common sense places any confidence in tbeee evil foreboding" is evidenced by the fact that the value of ??ary description of property within Virginia's borders is rising with far greater rapidity than in any other old State, while her people were never before so clear cf debt, and with so mueh ready money in their pockets. Her obligations up to thia time have been satisfactorily complied with : far more bo than la utual with States engaged ae she is in push ing public works extensively and speedily. Her taxation is light?very light when com pared witb that of other States ao engaged ; nnd, at explained above, her people are at this moment better able to stand it doubled, than they were twenty yeara ago to pay the current rate of taxation, which the Whig pre tends to be growling and grumbling over. We write yretenJe, because the oonductora of that journal are too intelligent not to know that nn der ita alleged grievona taxes and general going to the d I in Virginia as fast as poasible, no other people on the faoe of the globe are, as a eoaaaunity, better eff and more prosperous t nder su?h circumstances, to aee the Whig ,t ln furnishirg the Abolitioniats with political capita), as tbey are doing, is, to ?y the least, provoking. Nothing mettlea us more than to read in Northern journal., spe *?*"> AWiticn).m, baMd l* " k't ' "count, ?f it, u d.pto.u, VlrgloU. tcere?tk, Tntmn,, PMt, "d "?*""j <? ""'-p Uw,MO?i(.tlo. ?r.d .v??bing ,l? we. ! T"'"?ri? '* 'U United But* frem ^g ,Et" lhe condition, in which the Rich mond Wktg inshta, Virginia is at this ?o Apropot of this land; diatributien idea We ?*ad President Buchanan a wise and >t'C policy of devoting the means of the G| n ?r*! Gcvernaent-lande, and surplus moi?y J* 7* tn?'"y-to paying itr debts and buUd ?*?P aNavy cosMaensurate with the ran id of doTnii tk?r f0r*i?n coul?*rc*- weans bj ln4imi,tiiu?n^Uh1' '* ln b"d "0W- U kfUnticn, ?r lt , aT#*nnt or ??. E,nj. ;rr:uL'Vr ai"i'on mast b..t the necessary taxaUoa ^ " 00 '?ports, the South and the"a??M!i 2 *? ">?? "Ml, tb. .hoi. bri, *',,'""1"1 4oJJnr of tbe fnrplut and evnr* dQ?, ^ P?b,i. Innda Virginia .o. J ^ t.twt Inr.ntiva cf anadnltornud Ftdtrnlku ?? for bfffb proloetion, k> JJ? ??pb) bor pooplo ^vold hiT. to ftj u b,^k fourfold Onoe, at least, in paying their share of the fotare taxation to make it np to the General Government, when thai comes tc psy off its debt Lnd increase its Navy, as mas* fooner or later be dune ; and three times, in " protection" to the industrial Interests of the North whose profits grow out of the fact that the duties exacted on foreign goods like theirs enable them to demand and secure from Soutb. ern and Western oonsumers prices, higher than those at which ruch goods manufactured abroad would sell for, but for the duty upon them. For every pound of iron the Virginia farmer uses, he pays one quarter of its priee to the Pennsylvania iron master?one quarter more than he would be required to pay for it were it duty free. Tbat is, if be uses Amerioan iron. If foreign iron, then the extra twenty* five per cent paid by him goes directly inte the United State* Treasury. Otherwise into the fctrcog box of tho Pennsylvania iron mas ter. Three-fourths, at least, of all such goods a^ pay duties when imported, that Virginia consumes, are manufactured at the North So she pays, as protection, to increase the profits of Northern manufacturing capital three times as much as she pays into the Na tional Treasury for the support of the General Government. Tho iVhig, and all other sap porters of the scheme of distributing the (Gen eral Government's present means at oommar d, whether in lands or money, are for perpetu ating this infamcuj system of plundering the sgriculturing portion of the comtnuaity for the benefit cf manufacturing capital. Tho Indian War in Oregon?Seme time ago we published an interesting letter from O.egon, criticising the conduct of the Regulars in the oonduot of their sharo^f this war with no little severity. Below will be fjund a re ply to that criticism upon it from the pen of a gentleman of the Army who, as will bo j*r ceived, contends that t ur Oregon i orrespondent has done the service, and Col. Buchanan espe cially, much injustice. Wasfijcston City, March 11, 1867. LUitor of Star: My attention bta recently been attracted to a communication published in the Weekly Star of February 7th, dated Salem, Oregon Territory. December 2J, 1856 beaded " War in Oregon," and signed with the initials J R L. The author comments by stating tbat his object in writing the said letter is " to do jus. uce to the people cf Oragcn, and to those who reside in different portions of the United States who entertain misconceived views in relation to the war in Southern Oregon, and for the purpose of givirg a plain, unvarnished state ment of tomr of the tacts connected with the wsr as they exist." In his desire 41 to do justice to the people of Oregon, and to those wn? reside elsewhere," he has done su?h manifest injustice to others directly engaged in iLe war alludrd to, that I feel constrained to contradict certain state ments made by him. atd eepocially the one prejudicial to the character and conduct of a SSmPW <^poer ?f tbs Army, (Brt. Lieut J VB"e4,*n*n? 4 h Inlautry.) who com manded the L . S. troops serving in Northern 4 and Southern Oregon from March, J85fi, till the final close of tho war in July, 1800 " I do not propose to enter into any discussion concerning the merits or origin of the late Indian war in Soathern Oregon. I desire simJ ly to State certain farts, conccrning which * have a lull and porsonal knowledge, in cor tradiotion to the statements cf J K L and to the authority which he has introduced to sustain bis assertions After detailing the services and exploits of the volunteers, be says : " Before we (tho vol unteerv) left tue field, Oid John and his baad had promised to come iu and fuirender them selves on tho same terms as the other hostile Indians, but as soon as our fjrees had with drawn, they refused to accede to the terms that Cul Bc?banan then made another acree meLt w;tb Old JoLu atd his band, assuring them that if they would comc in and deliver up their arms, they should bo allowed to re nin the plunder which had been taken from j tea, and tbat they should not be put on sria! or punished for any of tho murders or outrages committed by them." This state ment is unqualified untrue, notwisbstandlnir the authority of Mr Nathan OIney, at that time Indian Agent at Port Oxford. O. T , but who shortly afterwards resigned bis position. No such agreement was ever made by Col Buehanan with Old John and his b^nd They delivered themselves up on precisely the same terms that all the other hostile Indian) did v.i: sspnsoterscf war; which arrangement I ;5eJr.W,tre mad? to understand by the Colonel before they did surrender them ? V?r pJ?nder' the* none, being in a destitute condition ; but they did give uo a I they possessed of worth and value to them, T . their rifles, revolvers, bovs and arrows, i "thing'**'' beJ,oad tte'r weapons they hal The other statements concerning Col. Bu chanan s couise of action and expressions, are equally untrue and unfounded I will not discuss the question of doubt raised by the author of this letters to whe ther or not if the volunteers had not fallen on tho enemy', "rear," "Col Buchanan or any of bis men would have escaped from the mountains before the Indiana would have bad heir scalps." but will state that on no occa sion during the entire war did United States troops feel the necessity or emergency of hav ing the volunteers placed in the " formidable position alluded to, nor in any other, for the tionP?*e ,4Tln? tbe?r scalps or their reputa fact is sufficient TLo war laS V-*^ 0re8?n finally clojed in July, 'bJ.tho removal of upwards of 1.300 hos foMh.m'hiM0 ^ D<>W reaervation provided lor them by the Government; which removal was carried into efTect by the United States roops serving under the command of Col Uuchansn. Peace was then restorod, which now continues in that section of country One word of advice to persons lato of the bouthern Oregon volunteers In your future publications attempt, if possible, less self glorification ot yoursulves and depreciation of others but under all circumstances " tell the truth. Yours, very respectfully, C 11. C. Ihe lfew York City Po?t Offica ? As ?trange as it may seem, there appears to be no contest for this t ffice. That is, none amount ing to any serious opposition to the retention of the present postmaster. Members of all the different New York city Democratic cliques , or interests are here?their loaders and most active and effective men in such matters?and they aro pulling and hauling, breaking down aid building or patohing up the claims of rivaj aspirants for every office in New York city with the tingle exoeption of the post cflier. All of them, as far as we can learn, unite iu urging the retention of the present postmas ter?the strangest thing we ever knew iu cor nejtien with New York city polit'cs-tfcat cauldron of so uncert?in boiling, and to sure to be fi'led with antagonistic c ements bard to be mtde to fuss even when boiling at three hundred degreei (political) of Fahrenheit. I Mr. Fowler, the lucky man, whose retention all of them seem so anxious to secure, if trm hlbited in a glass case, as a postmaster desired by all interests in "the party" in the city, would make Barnum's fortune ! Tha U. 8. ITaval Court cf Inquiry.?On Saturday last, after we went to press, there wore examined before this tribunal?Captains Boutwell, Chatard and Stringham; the last mentioned being a member or the Court, and, ?lst>, Mr. Charles Gray. This morning Capt. Net rail was examined. AU the above were wit aeeees summoned by Lt. It. W. Meade. whe ^e case la uudsr consideration. Lt. ?ai? nett vu under examination at noon to day, being the firtt offioer testifying in the ease who h?d been sammoned on behalf of the De partment. ? C?nilrated ?The following con?rmations ware made bj the Senate on Saturdsy last in addition la the long list published in the Star of that da j: Henrj B Andrews, to be deputy postmaster at Qalveston, Texas, in plaoe of John B. Root, removed. Seeood Lieutenant Andrew W. Evans, pro* moted to be First Lieutenant in Seventh Regiment of Infantry, September 20, 1856, ?ice Stevenson, dismissed. Appointment ?The Secretary of the Trear. ury has appointed J. J. R. Randall, Esq , Superintendent of Construction for the new Court House and Post Office to be erected at Rutland, Vermont. The Indianapolis Custom House and 17. 8 Court Rocms ?The bids for this new Gov ernment structure were opened at the Treasury Department to-day The Cabinet mat at 9 a.m. this morning, and hal a long session. Wo have not beard of their adjournment as wo go to press. Tho Current Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On Saturday, 14lb of Manh there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For tba Treasury Department... i6 0H6 13 For the Interior i-epartireot.,... 14 806 89 For Customs..*... 24,216 12 War warrants received and en tered 182 306 24 From urscellanecui sources ..... 943 59 PERSONAL .... Jr. Jefferson, the Comedian, is playing in Baltimore r ' h .... Hon. N. Clifford, of Maine, has arrived in this oity, and taken roomj at Willards' Ho tel. .... Wm D. Kennedy, Esq., "Father of tie Council" of Tammany Hall society, is at Wil lards*. .... The New York Herald publishes tbo following "pirsanal" advertisement: 11 Board wanted?by a gentleman, where the comforts of a home can be enjoyed, a la Morm >n Ad dress box 22, Herald (>ffi>e, lor thioe days." x. "em *ion Mark Tiafton, late M C. from the Springfisld district, Mass., is to return to the pulpit, according to the Worcester Tran ssript, find will beome pastor of the Tyncbon street Methodist church of Springfield, over which he was stationed some years ago. .... M Boileau.Ia'e of the French Ip; ation at Washington. and his wife (danghtor of Col. Benton) are sojourning a few days with Mr and Mrs. Fremont, in New York city, prepar atory to their departure for Calcutta, wh t ?r M. Boileau goes in a few dajs, on adipbmit 10 mission. .?***/ A dispatch from New Oileans, dated March 14tb, says : ' Mr. and Mrs. Florence are playing tie greatest engagement of the season in this city lhey hare created the greatest excitement among our play-goers Tbe benefit of Mrs F lorence last night netted the handsome sum of ow thousand dollars.11 .... Mr. Bissell, the engineer appointed to devise plans and estimate the cost of a rail road suspension bridge at St Louis has pre sented his report. The plan is considered perfectly feas-Me?tbe cost estimated at $1, ?>o0,?00, and tbe nett revenue to be derived from it is estimated at *384,000 per annum, or per cent, on the cost. .... Willis, cf tho Home Journal, alluding to the common custom, at dinners, and on otber public occasions, of calling out the pren to fpe.k, says: " Accustomed only to exprcs, bimseif at the points of bis fiagers, an editor s called on to sp*ak, at jublio meeting*; (?a lr it were tbe same thin? to u tump to give out its water from nose or handle ") .... Hood's Sorg of the Shirt, in the original manuscript, is said to be in tbe possession of a gant.cuian of New York. It is wholly in HoodIs holograph, and has in the centre the round mark caused by its being on tbe file as "copy," in the printing offise where Punch emanated. It o&me to the present posae*n>r cirectly from Mark Lemon, editor of Punoh * ive guineas was tbe sum paid for this contri bution of the late Thomas Hood. .... The histrionic lady who, takingcffonce at something tba stage manager did or said to or about her, a Bhort time since, at Alexan dria on the Red River, horsewhipped fcim, and threatened something more condign, oil ed herself, ?n the bills, ?? Ura-e Greenwcod." 1 his ooming to the ears and ejes of tbe New Wk and Philadelphia editors, was set down "????lB*Mba8arah J. Clarke, the editor of I he Little Pilgrim " tbo lady who frst assumed tint novi de plume And the result is a forma1 and indignat denial on the part of her friends, of " an imputation so entirely false and so grossly derogatory to one of?tha best and purest cf her sex." wi*V MtMTc ?Foflt?r Hr'rJi L?Cl8l NeJ "," 4o. Mr. Foster resides near Pittsburg, where he occupies a moderate clerkship, npon which, and a nerceutage onthe sale of his songs, l,o depends for a living He writes tbe poetry as well as the music of his songs These are Ming, wherever the English language is spo ken, while the music is beard wherever men sing In the eutton fields of the South, among the mines of California and Australia in the sea coast cities of China, in Paris, in the Lon don pilson-every where, in fact, his melodies are beardI ? Uncle Ned" was the first. This was published in 1845, and roacbed a sale un known till then in tbe music publishing 1-usi ness. Oi 14 The Old Folks at Home" 100 0(0 copies have been sold in this country, and as many more in E gland " My Kentucky Home and ?? Old Dog Tray" each had a sale of about 70,000 All his other songs had a hr!\VrUD' Ail tla comP?aitions are simple, but they are natural, and find their way to the nopuUr heart, and link themselves iidis s. lubly with its best associations. Greav Rivalry Bbtwh* Steau and Sail. Tne famous clipper ship Dreadnought sailed thll forenoon, at 9 o'clock, and th$ steamer Ericsson, at 12 o clock, for Liverpool The clipper ship Typhoon will leave to-morrow and the steamer Persia on Wednesday, both for the same port. Much rivalry exists between these veosels to reach their port of destination first, anJ much interest is manifested by the thinning world as to the result. The Persia will, prob ably, best, though the Dreadnought, on her last trip out, made almost as good time as did the Persia.?N. Y. Express, \Uk. Hbavv Newspaper Failure ?In tbe list tL'^w Y w r*Vhloi we haTe ??Pi#d fr?m wu?h<TrJ[?<J?pendenta day or two since, l?t J? *? ^hi,tBa8 A Lathrops, propriel Kelr Hahi?i??? Advertiser. ABelr liabilities are said to reach th?>nnr asastttfjfaa news of government and other printing Dr FtotaT one of its editors and proprietors, rejoiced in a foreign mission, aud one or two of it* other S"#Dj? lucrative Lafayette J* BUXTn "~Th# ,at* Joib? Seats prided himself upon never having paid moi> ey to lawyers during his life The lawyeri are congratulating tlenselves, hewerer, w th the hop# of realiafng something by his dea.h, ! j. w 10 ,OOM,y drawn as to lurnfch endless questions for the oourta ?.,ff?ent versions of it are already soggaAed. On* lawyer suggests that Mr Soars baa left the profession a vested estate years?of^ [fth* be fifty From lllearegua Bj way of Havana we have on* week's later intelligence from Qreytown, forwarded by the British Welt India mail-iteamer Trent. The front neknowledgee partial noeenei gained by Colt. Tttns and Lockridfe over the CoeU Rican forcea italioned at villous points along the San Jnaa river up to Ike lake. The Aa pinwall Courier, in ita extra of 31 of Mareb, mentions that ilWalker' party hare forced their way up the San Juan river to the lake with but tr'.fiing loss, and the eapture of very considerable accounts of arms and provisions. Col. McDonald, of the Nioaraguan army, has published a report of the late operations on the San Juan river by Cole Loekridge and Anderson, cf which report the New York Timeawryi: " From the confused report we infer that tbe fort at Serapique and the lower fort at Ci?tillo had been taken f#m the Costa Ricans The Colonel speaks of landing on the island of San Carlos but this must not be mistaken for the port of the same nsme a long distance up. lie evidently maans the island of Provi dence. A large quantity of arms and ammu nition had, according to his account, fallen into the hands of tbe victors, who were full ol hope that ccromunieVion would soon be re opened with Gen Walker- In t..eir retreat the Costa Ricans bad burnt the steamers, with the ?xcoptioo of one, the J N wuicb was rescued from destruction by a party ol LrokriJgi's men, ufter hiving suff-red lrom the fl tines so much that It could not be nfeJ. Qominenting in general terms on the above Intelligence the Times says : " It goes just fir enough to stimulate the hopes of Walker's fiiends, without changing the opinions of those who consider bis condi tion desperate Col Lockridge is making dssperate efforts to reopen his line of reinforce ments, and so far as he ha^gone has been suc cessful Bat his progriss is small, and th? difficulties ot the attempt are but iust com mencing Very little warrant can be found In this news f ir any decisive or positive opin ion as to Walker s eventual success If Lock ridge should force bis way to the lake, and then succeed in procuring boats Walker maj

ba relieved; and, having maintained h'.msell against the superior numbers of the alliet through January and February, without aid or the immediate prospect of any, there is nc re tson why ho should not hold out to eventual triumph The climate is always against him B it thit perhaps is more than compensated b f the character of the enemy he contendi with, who are wholly destitute of a warlikt spirit, and whose rapid e?oapades from the battlefield are owing to the ill-judged exag gerations of Walker's ferocity by which tht Central American Governments have sough! to excite the hatred of the people " A PuPFLAB LOUNGE TO BE BROKEN DP ?To day, we under**t-?nd, will be the laat day ol t e Astor House "Exchange" the lirge bai r om so well known to down town frequenteri o* first-clafs drinking saloons. It is the in t- ntion of Mr. Stetson to turn it into a restau rant, and a magnificent one it will mako. Oi Monday the publio c in get their chops and CofTie there. Tbe "ardent drinks'' will b? dispensed at a new bar, the entrance ?o wh'ct will ba on Earclsy street The "Europoir p'an," as it is termed, la becoming very pop ular, and the Astor is going to try it,?th? regular meals for those boarders who dosir? them being continued as heretofore.?Net' York Timet. 1th jy The Fifth Ward of Nbw York city, on Tuesd*y, was startled by another horribU murder. A wretched and degraded Irish wom*n, named Ann Hopkins, was found will bar throat cut, in an alley leading fee a vile den, inhabited by negroes A Jamaica negro, named Dorsey, was arrested, with every ?p p'.artnce of having committed the act Tbe blocd was traced to his room, he was found washing blood from his person, and a bloody rasor belonging to him was found The coro ner's jury therefore, in their verdict, accuscd him of the deed. miW The New York Mirror, which wa? a Fremont paper last fall, announces ita inten tion to support tbe administration of Buchan an. It says: "The platform of the new administration, s? laid down in the President's Inaugural Ad dreos, is mainly in aooordanco with"|be pric ciples and seutiments of tbe Mirror; and ro 1 >ng as this conservative and pacifio policy is alhered to by our new Chief Magistrate, tie Mirror will give him iu cordial support?n< t as a blind and servile partisan, bat as an it dependent and friendly critic " New Music ?John F Kllis has sent ni "Church Hill Walts," by Francis A. New biser; "Wheatland Polka and Schottisch, 1 by Miss Ellen Murar.t, and dedica'ed to Hon. James BuchanaD. Ellis's store Is No. 306 Pent sylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets Novkl Election ?Tbe Democrats of An napolis. Md , are to open a poll to-morrow tc deieruiiue who shall fill tbe federal offices in that city under the new administration [y A Vigilance Committee has, it is sal J, been formed in Nebraska to protect the squat ter s in their right* against speculator!*, several of whom have already been compelled to yield up claims to original settlers. iar The locks in the vaults of the new cos t >w. house at Cincinnati, four of which cost SI.000. are said to be a ftilure Sometime! thay won't lock, and sometimes they won't un 1- ck ; the collector having occasion to um SI02 000, in the vaults was nearly barred out * A MEETING OF THK YOUNG Men's Christian Association will bt held at tbe Kooma, corner of IVnn avenue and loth Mree'.*. TlllS (Monday EVENING, at o'clock. Members are urgently requested to at tend, a* business cf great Importance will b< brought before the Association By order : CHA8 H. HOLM HAD, It Act. Keeordlng Secretary. ?K^yTUE MKMUKR8 OF THK MONT tiOMKRY GUAKOS are requested t< meet at tbe Armory, on THIS (Monday) EVUN I NO, at half-naat seven o'clock, to make arrant tnenta to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. By order o 7 ' If THK COMMITTER ,DON'T FORGET THK MEETINC TO-NIBHT, at Temperance Hall, at"), o'clock, for adopting Anew tbe Constitution u tbe United States, without reference to classes o P*rty' It* SPIRITUAL RETREAT ? IN ST Matbew's Church, on 8UNBA V,Marc] 22d, will te commenced a "Hh*itt?al Ri tbut." to continue tor eight day*. 1 wilt b< under tbe direction of the Fatbera of tbe BocleM of Je*us. Printed conlea of tbe order of exercises will b< dlatrlbutad through the chu'ch,and supplied ct application to the Pastor. mar 14 4t (Intel A Glebe) ,THK JEWISH CKRKMONIES, Ac J>r j. J. Abraham will deliver a Lec ture, on THIS EVENING, March l?th, a 1% o'clock, In the Aasembly Room adtolnln* Star Bulldlnirs 8uH*ct-" The Hebrew ceremo Star Buildings ?utj*ct nles of the present nay, tbe Doctrinal and trad) tlonal points of ronnec'lon be ween Judal m ant Christianity, pwltb a few observations or Why i Jew abould embrace tbe Christian faith " Ticket' v? cents?which may be had at tbedooi and uaual places, mar 14.2t? ,CARD? MV GRATEFUL THANKr are hereby given to the FARMERS' * MECHANICS' INSURANCE COMPANY, (OrvieE-coaNKR Pennsylvania avbkcb and 17lH *TVkET,? for the prompt adjustment and immn'iau paj ? mmt of mv lose, sustained by the Are In I it betw ea 14th and 15:h atretts, tKit mor^irg, March 13th, 1827. I am thua enabled, by tM kindness of the oifli.ets, to resume my buainesi at once. Their conduct merlta rpprobat-on, acd the company well deaervea mbltc paUouave war li-at* ELLEN O'KfctFK. fc-^^l'HILADELPHlA CAKE AT PHI LA ?Oa drlptla prices, at the Philadelphia loc Cream Depot, corner 12th and F streets ICE CREAM at S1.6U par gallon, feb S5-lm? A GOOD CHANCE. W?OD AND COAL YARD PGR IALK. "f The subeerlber being about te leave the city will sell out h'a Wood ana Coal Vstd on the moil reasonable terms I will sell stock and every thing. Jnat ai It Is, or tbe good will of the Yard oflce, wharf, Ac., Just at the purchaser may de sire. There Is no better Rand la the Second Ward, and under very cheap rent. Apply to P. T. Wilson, next to the Foundry Church, o* 14th ?treeC, between ? nod New York aveaue. mar lt-lw GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM ri&RU ro&Tiii WILLIAM RNABE, (Senior paitaet 4a U? late Ira of RRiU.GitBUkCo ,) te the En taw House, They hive also Ja*t opened a sew Sales Ream at No 80' Baltimore str-et, between Charles and LUrht sire U, on tb" premises tartly o^cuphd by Mr. Hoary MeCaffa jrua musl* | tore, where they will keep constantly on baad ? largv aasort meat of plain and highly fiilsbei grand ard squire Plaao Fortes; alio. Melodeons, fioan tbe W mazers from 4 to S-xtare, s?me with doable key-boards, dc uble reeds, aad stops to suit small churches Being extensively engaged la tbe manufacture of Piaoos. we will sell wholesale and retail, on tbe moat liberal terans. Cur Pianos ware awarded '.be highest premium (gold medal) at the Faint of the Maryland laatl tute to roeoaeelve years?October. 18(9, aad 185S?la opposition to fourteen mad eighteen pi anos from some of tbe bast leakers from New York, Boston, and Baltimore vv? were also awarded the first premium at (be ladustrlsl Ei blbl'ton held In Richmond, Virginia, 1858 aad 18:6 In addition to this we are In possesion rf tes timonials from the most distlagu'thed prcfessors ard amateurs la the country, which can be seen at our warercoms, speaking for themselves snd others of tbe high sppreelttloa In which our In struments are every were held All lnvrur.ents are guaranteed fer five years, and airlTa:r^ if ex h-n?e Is granted within the first tlx month* fum tleda' <t :<de If tbe ia sirununta d > rot glee a* t sf ?? M< n. \V bolesnle de rer* wilt find It to their auvsntcge to give us a call b fore purchasing 1 lar.os exchanged, bir^d and tuned. WM KNABE ft CO. Three Ct these supeilor l Unut, two rquaie 7-octavea and one gr?nd 7-Od- v s, are now on exhibition at tbe 11 Metropolitan Me Lauks' la htitue Fblr" In this city. Tbe pjbllc Is resp ct fallf lnvl.ed to call and Jadg*' for tbemselte* mar If JOI.N DAVISON HAS POK SALE A prime lot cf w asoned PINK WOOD at S3 5? per co d, on LI* wharf. aljolniL; the Fish Wharf, Georgetown, 1) C. mar ll-3f AC A R D.?ATTENTION IS K F.? PEC T fully edited to the extensive sale of valuable Cl'y Lots. Farm, and Quarry Lots Le'ongiag to the estate of the late Wm Essbv, romineaclair on MONDAY AFIERNOON, March 10 h, at 3 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, and contlenlag each succeeding day, at that hour, until tkc whole Is disposed of. mar 14-d 18;h J.C McGUlRB, Anct. BPKINO GOODS. HAVK JUST KECEIVED A SPl ENDID a?*or:nier.t of BON N ETS. RIBBONS, ^w-fs i nl F LOWERS, all of the very la est lm-jftA) portalons and be?t styles. Also, a largeTfw lot of half wire Bonnet Frame*. wbl:h I will sell low to mldiners I have also on hind a large stock of Embrolder'.e*, compils'ng, In part, hand some Swiss and Cambric Setts, swUs Collars from 50 cen's to S15. Swiss and Cambrle N uf tilng, ?wln and r&mb-lc Edginga. all of whleh I promise to sell very ct.eap forensk. MRS. R. G. ETC HI SON, No It Market Spare N. B ? I would respectfully Inform my cus tomers who have not cltted thilr January ae c unts that an early settlement is desirable, aa I would like all January bills sett'ed before new one* are opened tuar 14-lw MRS R G ETCBISON. F The servick o y t h ? united States. ? Begi.ter of officers and asents, civil, military, and naval. In tbe servlee of the United States: together with all the salaries and emoluments derlvaVe from every oilce in tbe elft of the President Price S J ?0 Mailed free on reielpt of C4 The linked Statea Consular System ; a manual for consuls, and aleo for merchants ?nlpowner?, anl masters in their consular transactions; rom prl-ln^ the instructions of the Department ?f s?tate in regard to consular emoluments, dut'es, privileges, and liabilities. Price W 50 In cloh; naif bound morocco SJ MsL'ed fire on receipt of M5 <en's In addition to the price of tbe book. Published by TAYLOR & MAURY, mar 13 Bockttore near 9th street. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY PROM LOSS BY F1RKI FIRE, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCB AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $1,84 ?,000 PARKERS ARD MRCHANIC8' 1HSUE ANOE CO.. OF PHILADELPHIA. OffUt nOilktoeti corner Penmylrania uvr,tu* and 1 Ilk Ur&et, Washington City, D. C. DIRECTORS. non.Tlice. R. Florence, Charles Dinger, George II. Armstrong, Tboma* Mandtrfield, Charles A ttubinim, Edward R. Ilelmbold George Ileimbuld, P. Carroll Urewsler, James E. recall, I vase f??*ecb. Jr. VIIOMAS H. PLOUEIfCB, PreeUent. BLV.'AUb tt UKLIJBOLD.Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYOR?. C^&flcs Walter, No. JV7 D tuoet, oproeite City Bail. Jao. M.TLornu>a,ccraer7ir?(atr?ctaad Virginia avenue, Island. Jtmes Williams, Nc.9S Pour-aaJ^-balfstraat. John Riffles, No S01 Thirteenth street, below Pennsylvania arcnte. XdARINB 8URVBYCB. Capt.J.P. Levy. No. JB7 Pennsylvania avsuae, eppoMite National uuiel. OBNERAL BUPBR1NTENDBNT. J oh a Tliomason. JiuUtOTXXtd CmiKiai and ^9iit(j...sil03,0i7 07. A^9^:Trt RS'23,057 0T. Inverted iu Bouds, Mortgage:, aaUGo^a The business of thin Company will compare fa vorably with the mn?t successful of similar insula* lions in the United States. From the 1st day of Augu?t,ld55, in five months, u;j 11 1st January, 1856, tbo premiums received ainouMed to Ike large sum of one hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and fifty-one doUars, with oaly forty six hundred and sixty six dollars losses enoitcd With these evidences of succc*?and gond man agem nt, the directors feel justified in soliciting a !>hare of public r*tronage, believing that th-; secu <ity offered is ample and that all fan <:Uums will be adjust* I moreaccoiding to equity lLauisgal techni eali ties. The company Is prepared to iasae policies a^airtft loss or daMage by nru on DWB1.LINCS, FURNI TURK, MILLS, MANUFACTORIES, WARE SOUSES, all descriplionii of U0ILDINGS. and eireoutents, or tM Itiiida of MkRCIlANDISE, iranrp<;rt<d by VRrtSKLB. STEAMBOATS, CA NAL liJATS, RAILHOAiiS, aad the ccn veyances to or flora at:y po;ti.?n of EUCOPE and AMERICA, ai<d on the bulla of STEAMBOATS navigating iht- western waters. The rates of pi erbium will be an low aa other companies, and in them every inipr?>v?-meni in consirueiion and arrangement will be taken into oonsider&tion. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid Ofliee northwest c< rwer Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Ws-<hia^ioit city, R.C. Insurance m j>j a.vo be etf.Ued ui the I Id uu OIL-e SejIhictU cr.-ntr Wulnut and Second &Ireeit, l'Xiia lelpUra, and in other principal cities of the United States oy authorlxed odic-ers of the cott^xjiy. mar li-tr HEW PORRIUN SPRINO GOODS. THE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY In vltetbqlr patrons and the public generally to call and examine their very large ard aeleet assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOOUe, which they have themselves, with special care, selected for their special trade.* They also keep constantly on hand the beet qualities of Army and Navy Goods- Epaulettes, sworda. Sashes, Gold Laces, Ac. Tbev aL?o lnrite attention to tfcelr Foreign and Domestic Furnishing Goods, of the best manu facture and latest style. 11. F. LOUDON h CO., Army an t Navy Tailors, feb 27-dtf 36:4, under Brown*' Hotel A NOTICE* LL TAXES FOR THE YFAlt 1t*5? Re maining unpaid, roust be set lied by the 1st of April. After that date 1 will protend to dl? rain without respect to persons. DaUi queita would do well to attend to mis, to save triable ard ex panse. C P. BI1KKFLL, Tax rvitoetav GxonaiTOWN, D. C , March 3d, 1837 mar 4-1 m* NOTICE. MY WIPE, ELIZABETH DAUNBY, AND inyseif bavlua separated, aad now living separate&nd ap<ut from each o<h(r under ptten clrcuavtances as exempt me Lam liability for aay debt which soe may oontract, I dwis it proper to give notice to tbe pubilo at large, as I nereby do, that tbe la not autboilacd to contract any debt on my account, or credit, and that I will ; not be responsible for, or pay any debt which she may eoatraei?liber In her own name or anlne C BIS WELL DABNEY. LYHCHavsa. Va , February 14, 1857 feb '^5 dim ? JUST ARRIVRD AND FOB SAtl-M ' head of Wmtern Virginia HORSES, some rery fine paddle and harness Horvee^KTPH among them, A per lor to avy ever In thU^marhet. Purehaaera will plase five mea tbe abore will be-disposed of at fair plicae \ madatlag terms. w O. RaKBL, | Baaft street, between Hlab a* ONagraee Alaa. one tbcooib bred STALLION, wkiefc OSS b?V>ught very ToW. ?** ?-?W OFFICIAL. TttiiflT Dipaitmiit, March It, NT to k?U?n cf stock *j the 1MM cf the Uilu* States, that this depar. Mt W U f arehaae the seme aatil ths 1st day ?r Jane uArt, anle?* the et m of t',*0,(-et stall b? previous! y obtained, u4 will pay, la addltk a u tbelateeert aaaraedltoaihe date o? the last semi - auul4Md?4?flataM(ttef?w, ti(?tter?ith oae dar*t addltlocal Interest for ite moaey t* reach the mU, the foUowla* rates vi psoMlua N said stocks : For the itock of lilt, a premium of it ceat. r at the stock cf 1&47 ud lbl8, a p.?en un of w per cent; aad for the stock of lfdO, commcaiy called Texas lademr ity Stock, e premium cf t percent. Certlfl etes of stock transmitted to the depart, meat, eater thi> aotloe, most h> aaslgaed to as Ualted State*, by the party dulr eat.t.ed to n edt: the proceeds. Payment for the etocks so aeslgai d and trans mire I will b? trade bv drafts (a th* Asalstau Treasurers at Bo.ten, New York, or Ph'.UAH phia, at ti a of tioa cf the j arOes entitled to receive the money, which shcu'.d he rxp e aed fa the let ten ee .oiupaaylng the eertlfcaiee. HOWELL COMU, m lr 13 dtlttJuae Bee:etrry of the Trvasu y Amnsemeoti. KXfUHalON TO CISII CARVSI'E SALOON, FOUR DAYS MOBS! * CHINA EXHIBITED MONDAY AND WkD NESDAY JAPAN EXHIBITED TUESDAY ASD THURSDAY. / fterncors and Fvenlrga at 3)f and 8. Doors open oif honr previous This magnlB^ent rerl-s o' *lew? from tle'chi tsk? n upon tie ?p^t, by tieo K Weit and W m Melne Adm'sslon 1 ?c>ets %Z cats mar 14-Jt* ODD FELLOWS1 HALL WAUGH'S ITALIA AND THE Lilliputian Family Will open on TCJIIDAY, MARCH 17, 1941, Exhibiting e e-f night, at bafo;e*,end oa WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY Af I tl ? NOONS, st o'clock idml^loa 2j (vnu Chlid tn ? Descriptive Pamphlets for ?n'e In the Hall. |CT ITALIA ha* never b?fore hern exhibit,d la Washington. mrrlt-imd 61F.1T 'A IJIRkS DANKANTB. PROF. H W MUKOKR TAKES GRF.AT pleasure In ancoaiiclag to his friends and the public generally 'bet LU 14tta Sol ret? will take place at bl? Hall, career of 0 h and D s'?eet3) on W KI)N ESJIA Y . EVP.NINO, Marrh 18th, 18:7 There] will b^a Solrre every WedLasdny e*ea Idc (the weather permitting) tbo? ghout the sea son t?n Wednesday evening, Match v-Sb, there will be a Fancy Dress Boliee given by Prof *. It will be entirely private, and tuicily eefcet AH those who de?tre to subocilbe ran do so by applying at th? Hall ou Tuesday and Thar* day eve lngs from 8 till 10o'clock. m*r7-tS5.b ILAIRVOYAIIlt. MADAMK SWETT, THE CELEBRATED CLAIRVOYANT, Has arrived lathlsCltv asd tahm rocmsat No ivi ??h St., (cppostteOdd Feilowa' llall ) wher** she la teady to I receive conrultatlons respec ting the PAST' PRESENT" FUTUR E and DIS EASES "" l?7*Durlu? a year's t.?ur In tte fouth aid W est MidtmesWUTT ba< been cotsalted by upwards of Tin Tkzutnnd Piri??i, aid Is p?o nounrad a superlar GUImyant and the v\ onder of the Age Ttr?*i ?/ Co.i??>(a/t^n ? Italics, ti ; 6entie ceo 11 rebrt lui* Wants. WANTIsD- TWO Gl'.KM AN OR PPOTKS ant Girls One as Cook aad Washer woman; the o'her as Child's Nunc Inquire at No 443 C street kxtwecn !-? and v t It* WANTED-A WOMAN TO DO WASU1NW, lrr.clng,and Hou-ewo?k Also, a Girl a* Wafer, Ac. App'.y at 3<C '2l?t itnet. between M and I. mm id-3t WANTtD ? BY A H1S U l,Y RKSPIiJTA ble young Lady, a a taatlcn as wale?Wciiii? In a Confictlonery or Fancy More Wil es agw d hand, and la a smart accountant 11. a had*nei pe-laure In rbe buaK evs Can furnlafe ni^tua exen tlonable city re erances wou d have au objeni- a to go to th<* country cr aaoibtr el:y In quire for M E M , ?Ur auar 16-3t WANTKD.-A MTRADY <iKK?AN MAM to drive a llorre. and do other work 1 ?> a sober nun constant work aad good wrgrs will be rvea. Apply to J FUSbfcLL, corner l*tb aid s reeta. msr '4 It* WANTED-A YOUNG AND ACTIV I. ?V hlte bf y, about 14 or or 16 years of age, to attend la an IreCrtam Saloon boot S?coai meidaUon rcqulnd Uqulre at thla edkee. mar H-tiQ vVA^TK-l,?A good COOK AIPLY AT tf W H UlHCH'd Lltery S able mar 13 tf WANTKD ?A MAN TO WORK A^U manage a small Farm a en Kltrhnn o jdt-u ?ar the city Apply at L Ml'RPH Y'S Htruew Makl'ig Ketabllfnmect, lTth ktnet. oue door north or ti>e avenue, irotn 5 to d o'clock p ni. mar 13 3t* WANTKD?A GARDENER ? A SINOl.K Man. Apply at the Cemiler/, ?Jeor<? town. mar 13-1* ? WANTED.?A R EXPECT ABLE YOt'NU Wcioau aa Nurse and todo Cbamhetw. rk One well qoaliMod will ti^d a neiluaneat place ApplytoMrs A. E P^KKY. F straet, between dth aad 7th, adjoining b nlau Row mar 13 3t WANTED ?A FIRST.RATE COOK -TO one i-atl-f lC'.orlly reeoncmended and capablc of Coohlns for a large family, the hlebewt wa^e< will be paid at the northwest corner of F and l?ib streets. msr 13-eo3t* WANTED TO PUKCHAWE.-A MODERN styl- Brick Hruae, Ccnulnlng about en It rooms. Addross Box No. a StarcKce, gl?lag lo cation ar.d pi lee. mar 12- 4'* WANTKD-ONE OR T W O MEN TO Trim a lar^e Fee' h aad Apple Orchard mvlO-?t D. CLAGKTT Wanted ?a good house, br tea, at a lew rent, betwera 2d and ltth streeu Mlsscurl evtu.ut at.d E sueet. Good yard a&d good w*"er t.O 0 to 5,(01 do'Iars wanUd on Real Eat te Add-ms Box 313, Post Oflee mar 10-1 w WANTED.~THE highest phizes paid la oaah fOr Old Kllvor, at HOOD'S Stl vet Ware Manuihctorv, Xte Penn aveaue. ura 0th strest. dec V A HARE I II A FOR PBRIO.H Falldliu or lu Waal of Lemb*-r. ta get Great Bargains ?I will fell In lota to suit pur chasers, the eetl-e lot of Lt MBER of wklcathe Inviguratlotr Rai: l(3omwaibu it, on Judlclaty Squ re. ltqulreof ?? mar 1T3> E F ZELL. NO WA*H?NOTOM MANUFACTfRKD SILVER WARE ON eihlbiilon at tbe Metropolitan Mect aalca* Institute f sir. t>ut?v^ry doscr ptl'oa oflnet>ll *er War.'can bes?en la proreas of maiafactur lug, at H. O. HOOD'S, mar ll XH Penn ave. near tth st ANOTKIN aCAHVITV. ^VYSTERS ARE AGAIN VfcgVtCIIl'K, O bat we have alwaya oa hand a^ U bat we have alwaya oa hand a^^. SCHWARZK A DRURY, KM Eleaeath atreet, td door above E. mar 13-3t C'AJUklAUES, tAHKlAtikk,CAMHIAbL> rpHK BUHSCttlSERS HAVE NOW ON A hand, tor sale atkiw prices, a foodo*3jyty aas^rimaut ef aaw BOCKAWAVa.WMr' BUGGIES, LIGHT WAtaONS, Ac , Ac , u< which they rsapei-tfally lnalte i^e attesUon of those wlahlag to purchaar good and durable Ye I hides. Thev also have en band several secoad ^haad Rockaways, Ac , which they offer very low N. B. PartMttlar aiteatloe paid to Repair lag. GARDNER A PLACE, mar it4t 653 ltth stnet.