Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1857 Page 3
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evening star^ t**? ?"*?*, M., outttui Till mam wart irmi IWVIb ?tl hut DAT. | LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Misoiic Tbibctb -W? have been favored with the proceedings at an assembly of tbe " Wsshington Commandery of Knights Tem plar," (a high order of Free Masonry ) M| vened on the 11th instant. whoa the following tribute of respect wu paid to the memory of the late David Home, of Alexandria, in ac cordance with tbe time-honored eustoms of tbe order: Sir B. B. French, eminent commander, roee and said : Sir Knigktt: It baa become my melan choly dot? to announce to yeu officially tbe deatb of Sir David Hume, en bonorea, re fpe-ted, and beloved member of this comman dery On tbe morning of Saturday, tbe 28th of February, while endeavoring, in a forbearing, patient, and gentlemanly manner, a* I have oeen informed, to disabuae tbe mind of one wbo had accuaed him of committing a crime, from which, aa we all know, his very nature would revolt, and tbe accusation being again and again reiterated by bit accuser, until Sir Knight Hume, deeming bit honeety and honor attacked beyond forbearance, reunted tbe injustice done bim by blows, end was imme diately ;hot dead by the individual wbo had accased him Tbus fell our brother, friend, and compan ion in the very meridian of his manhood and bis usefulness, whilst attempting to defend what every true Knight Templar considerafar mote precious than his life?his honor ! It would be unnecessary for me, even were I sufficiently informed to do ao, to pro nounce here a eulogy upon the high character and noble attributoe of our deceased friecd. Tbe thrill of horror which pervaded our whole community when the news of his violent and untimely death was made public, the imme diate action of tbe citizens of Alexandiia, where be was beet known and appreciated^ tbe "good report" of bim which was upon every tongue, and tbe Bincere and heartfelt grief manifested by all who knew him, com lined to form a eulogy to which any words cf mine would be tame and insipid. That noble and mnnly form will appear no moro amongst us, but it shall live in our memories an 1 cur hearts as long as virtue and integrity and honor shall be regarded as the bright*st and strorgest human panoply in which man can be invested; for they were tbe distinguishing characteristics of bim whose untimely death we lament Would that it had been in my power to as semble this eommandery to psy the last honors due to a worthy Knight Templar! Circum stances beyond my control rendered it impor aible, and I was compelled most relustantly to relinquish what I regarded as almost a duty Bat tbe M*sonis fraternity of a sister juris diction paid to his memory that outwaid re spect in which every knight of this commm d?ry would have gladly participated had it been possible Sir G. C. Whiting then rose and c Co red tlso following resolutiocs, which wera read and UMamwu>utly adopted : besoleei, That Washington Commandery of Kaighta Templar ba? heard vrlth heartfelt sor row of the untimely death (f tbelr h--nrr?d, rt apetted, and beloved brother and coo1 pan Ion, Sir 1'avid Hrxi, ol Alexandria, a member theteof K*flv?d, That. in the ei.rnmstancea attend ing tbe death if ?ir Knight Home, yre see noth ing to disparage the high character f ?r integrity and honor whlcb marked every action in the life of the lamented deceased R-.iolvtd, That, as evldtnseof our apprecia tion of the v nues of our d*?cea?td brother, of eur respect for his memory, and cf our sorrow for his dea'h, the jrwtla of th'a Commacdery be clothed In mourning, and ibat each Kn'ght wtar crape upon t?.e hlit of hh sword f >r thirty d*vs RtsilwtJ. Tbat an engrossed copy of tbe: e tes olu lona, uader the seal of >b** Commandery. be furnished by onr re't r i?r to tb* family of the de ceaaed ; and tbat copita also be furni?btd to the Dcwip-?L?n of Washington and Ai^iandrli, and to the Mxsoaie Mirror of Philadelphia, with a rt qu -at tbat they be published thciein . A truo copy of lee record W*. J. Rusks, Recorder. Ubited States Polics Reports ?Before Justice Donn : Thomas White (colored) was arrested by Officer Kembie on th? cbhrge of attempting to steal a gold watch from John Chec-r ; bonded for further examination Oiberson for dt fsnce M thiasMiliig wa?arre;ted by Officers King anJ Kembie cn the charge of having in h.s possession a quantity of stolen goods Oa searching his premises the folloeiug articles were fjund concealed in various places: Six silk handkerchiefs, lot of dress fringe, a small dagger, bridle, pair of reics, gold pencil. g>ld breastpin, one pair p.tcnt leather and morcc co boots, pair thread gli.ves, pair kid gloves, vest pattern, toilet cover, fine cambric hand kerchief, pillow caae, two small brass-barrel pistols, one Colt's revolver, one Allen's revol ver, five single barrrl pistols, six white hand kerchiefs, a horse-pistol, three silver watches, three galvanised watcbes, two sun shades, seven pair of gaiters, two white skirts, lady's night gown, three diaper towels, twelve small waiters (new,) gtli spectacle^, gold bracelet, pair of ear-nogs, shell pin, gold breastpin, metal box for jewelry, tilk umbrella, seven eotton umbrellas, leather reticule, two pieces of clotber, two pair of drawers, cotton sheet, blanket, black scarf, and odd shoe*. Mauy articles, consisting of clothing, Ac., are on the premises and will be examined to-day. Alil lig was committed to jail for further examina tion and to await the identification cf the goods J. L. Smith for defence. Tas District Rsgimsst.?The meet teg of regiment clhoers at tbe Eldorado llouso, on Saturday ni^ht, was well attended, but was of a conversational rather than a form tl na ture. The question of disbanding tbe regi ment was fre?ly discussed, and opinions were expressed in regard to the disadvantages tbe companies labor under at preaent upon occa sion cf regimental parades, tbe smallness of the turn-outs, As No definite action was taken by the officers as a body, as they con ceived they had not the right to take such a decisive step as the disbanding of the regi ment, but tbey expressed themselves individ ually as willing to take the responsibility of refusing to parade in tho regiment under its present organisation. At tbe meeting were tbe cfficers ot the four remaining companies of the six who originally met five years ago and organised the regiment and seltet?d the officers Tiia CaisirtiKi aau Ohio Cabal fur tbe last week passed eight loaded boats down to the Collector's office at Georgetown, contaia ing wheat, flour, corn, limestone, and wood, but no coal Departures upwards were sev enteen. From Lam No & we learn that tbe repairs there are vigorously going on under the staady personal inspection of the President of the eanal, and that In * f?w days a cew additional forco will be put on, ensuiic-*, to all human probability, tbe speedy restoration of navigation throughout tbe lino There is some talk even now of passing coal bjaia with lightened loads along the c?nal near bum No b It remains to be seen if the plan is praeti ^able and will pay. Quotation a ot wheat and corn at OeQ/getown on Saturday last: red wheat SI.42, while 31 47. Corn, white and yellow 60 cents ?Lit Tbe Hollasd Testimonial.?One cf the last cfficial acts of President Pie roe, was to approve a recommendation of Secretary Mc C;?lland, that tbe eitisens of Washington be authorised to erect, on the triangul:# reserva tion before tbe Union office, au appiopriate testimonial to the memory of the gallant Stew art Holland, a native ef this cny, who was lost in tbe ill-fated steamer Arctic. This de airable site having been secured, and tbe de signs for tbe proposed monument having be< n complete 1, it Is to be hoped that all wbo sub scnb?d to the fund will pay without delay or further eolicits^ioo Kvery oitisen and vidtor should take pride in aiding to honor the mem ory of ibis brave young man, wbo ao fearleas ly discharged his duty in the hour of peril ? letox. ? Paasons desirous of buying or renting bo?Ms should read tbe eolumn on our first l**ge, beaded " For bale or Rent." To biubt, tbe lecture of Dr. Abraham upon modern Jewish oeremoniala Edito* nJ tP0TB*'? 14. 1857. \ ^jgDXTOa or rum Stab: The following was' the m.m thU HoU1? udiii Mm pi a of # w' ?Ltk* National Hotel. At the k #.r Klfbr, I Mod yo? three bottles of his ? Muit Cholera Drop.." He WMtaM yoi to jiw w a fair trial, and report lt<^ffoou to him. Respectfully, March 18, 1867. Chablbs Stott. At a boarder of the house, I would say for the benefit of misinformed persons, that I be tters there ia no guest here that has symptoms of cholera, or anything tending to oholera There is a disease, however, to say the Jeast that is tery peculiar, now prevailing to an alarming extent. The symptom are rarioaa and aingular, indeed. Many gentlemen .re troabled with a running first to the Capitol, and then to the White Honst. But I believe i k *19 not 000any particu lar Bat no one thus afflictedcan be prevailed upon to try Dr K 'a medicine; they sssasr --?--?Jrc?r 3?,^?!? *rnd '0xat of theul po'itivelv if dicnjon?, as for instance, tbe rat-poiaoning 1 hi cannot be denied that sickne * hat and doea prevail there. Messrs Guy A ,?**'*** enJ?av(>riog. by o?ery means in their power, to ferret out the cause of the it ?h?t h ? riaD rth#ir,vOI>inion is' "? bel"?. inatit epnngg from the stenob-Lraaa placed tome time since at the corner of Sixth street and Pcnniylvania avenue, and which, instead of a.lowing the effluvia to jau off, throw it back upon the botel. The report that the National was to be closed to-day, was incorrect; and va learn that no decision to close it has bean arrived at as yet by the proprietors. Crimibal Cocbt?Id our report of tbe youth, Noma, in Saturday'a Star, we load yertentlyttatedthat he had been found guilty; it should havfe been not guilty. J A Simmons, before reputed as indicted wasr,.wf'o^i?rkUf* ja" renj"?j ? Robert Evant, on a charge of larceny, was diss barged on a premise to ship for sea. He ie quite a youth. *1fine?1*67, lafc#EJ ' ,ix montba jail atd J H Morgan, assault and ba'tery; two months and one week in jail and SI Gee. J McDowell, do ; do. Dump Jordan and Reily Taylor, riot ; and Dump Jordan, for assault and ba tjry, v.e:e on t ial as we left the court. Fuxsrals YasTaRDAT-Washington Lodge No 6 I. 0. 0 J? , and Federal Lodge, of the Masonic fraternity, turned oul yesterd y with E? t0T att^ th? fQn?al of their late brother, Jacob Honaherger. A largo concourse of friends, including < ffi cers of both the Army and Navy, attended tbe fur.eral of James Smoat, U. S. N., from his late res.dence. Fire ?The alarm of last night, abmt 8 0 clock, was caused by the burning of a cbiui n*J- The runners with the fire apparatus showed a disposition to have a fi^ht, but were thwarted by the Urge force of police and watch. ?_ The Panorama or China this afternoon ard evening, at Carusi'a Saloon Prof. Worces ter a descriptive lecture :s an admirab'e a; companiment to the pictoral department. Ar thb International Hotel, workmen are buBily employed in ercctir.g scaffold ins preparatory to raising that building one ttiry and inserting a new front therein. Swett. the clairvoyant, ia still at No. 50j ^.eventh street, where she continues u TV* scores cf those anxious to learn of absent friends, and the papi, present and fu ture generally The satUfjcMon she gives is a euaranteo of her superior clairvoyant r~w? ert. ? ? A Sing!.b application to the finger naila of Fontaine sCream of Wild Flowers ia worth the price of the articlc. It iraparta to them a lustre, bnlliancy and beauty deairable by every well bred person. Sold bv W. H. Gil man and all druggists. ' f Excblsior ?Tbe lover3 of a delightful beverage upon calling upon Arny <t Shinn, of Georgetown, will find the genuine crab apple and champagne Cider ; alao, Burton's and the old Londfcn XX Porter These artialea are highly recommended by all %bHt have ever tried them, and to those that have not, a taste is only required to convince them of the fict that they are superior to anything of tho kind to be found in this community. ? A Book of Universal Knowlepab ? Ju<t published, tbe moat useful and extraordinary volume ever yet isaued from the pres*, r.s ft comprises all the information conta ned in a dozen of any other book* of information that have hitherto been printed. The title of this wonderful book is aa follows: "Irquire With in for Anything you want to Know ; or, Orer 3 <00 FacH for tbe People." A Urge volume of 500 pages cloth, gilt-price *1. For taio by A. Adam.son. Bookseller, Seventh st., op posite the Post Office, Washington City, tf ?uM5 ?DIT? Thia bei?g my fir8t visit to the National Metropolis, I deUrmined ti visit all the places of amusement, and participate iq every enjoyment Washington nfforded. Having a great taste for mechanical injjenui y as well aa a uesire to view tbe irivdntions made and brought to tbia city from every section of the country by tbe ingonious and talented men of our land, I have been a freqaont vie ror to the Fair of the Mechanics'institute. My first Vint* were nmdo during tbe dny, aLd were spent in witneaaing the grand display of articses of mechanical and artistic beauty Ui'e and getius Ilowcver, at the earueat Bjlieitation of a fnond, who. like myself, beicg an ardent admirer and pa&uonate lover of mu sic, I w*a induced to attend the eveninc ex hibitions. ? 1 accompanied him, and I assuro you that I have not regretted it, for, like hundreds of ether visitors who could be beard on all sides expresring their admiration, I confess frankly and with (he greatest pleasure, that I have keen more than sufficiently repaid, and I do most sincerely congratulate the managers for the taste displayed in selecting an orcheatra composed of gentlemen whose extraordinaiy musical talent, together with their ucoemmo dating dispositions, have earned for them selves a reputation which, [ am told, is higher tban baa erer been attained by any other band of tbia city within the recollection of the o dest citiiens I never before saw such en thusiasm, and such a continuation of un bounded applatue, as was manifested on each every evening of their performance. The selections of music for each ovening are, aa we were informed by Prof. Withers, (to whom we had the extreme pleasure of an introduction by a member of the institute ) almost entiroly his own compositions, and cer tainly reflect great credit on the youne com poser, as is acknowledged by all who have had the good fortune to hear them. The " Canary Bird Walts," together with the sweet notes ot the canary, the "Sleiuhride Polka " "Josephine Polka," " Virginia Schot tiscb, and '? Mechanics' Institute Walti " need only to be heard i nee nover to be forgot ten, and would tequire a better pen than mlue to Rife ihem one naif the praiae they really and truly dojeive Nor had ho been forgot ltki t,lher' b* lbe crowds of beautiful ladies walca attend, as has been proven by the nu iin^Ur,fb0qUe^ Whi<!h h# h" b?en the reoiP* f\k. IT lk#,r hand? ?fler lb? Performance or the above named pieces W th." nt!? "?P<,?*t?y suggest to Prof sioB J? th?^7 ?f giTiB?' UP?" b? conclu I a fT*Ed promenade ooncert, at tome convcuUnt hall In thiaeity If be should cogent I am aure he would meet with unbounded surest And wuhing him all rac cess, we remain, your humble salrv.nt, A Vibqiniab. Waicb Rbtcrns -Jm. DIggs, colored mi licioua mischief; jail for Court John Mo'rant assault and battery ; jail for Court. J. disorderly; security U> keep the peace. Aun Cthoe and Susan Mattinglv, drunk; diamiaed on a nromiae to leava the city. Mary Johnton and Sosan Mattingly, drunk ; jail 60 days aj vagrants. The latter had promised a few Bights previous to leave the eity. Tobias S>saaMHi, colored, drunk; I*af 1.44. Jerome Taylor and (ieo. A. Millar, colored miners, riot JPlfee alarm of fir*; fined. Rallistox ? Ualreml pralio U accorded \o this elegant preparation for the toilet. It afford* ipeedy relief fro? the hnrning senra tion censed by ran ud wind. When the skin i? perched and dry, the application of Kallis ton gives it a healthy action, and thai not only beautifies but preserves the oomplexion Prepared by Joseph C. Burnett A Co.jTre mont street, Boston, and sold in this eity by Nairn A Palmer, Selby Parker, and dealers generally. Wlira Team, Perfumed Bbbath a*d Beautiful Complexion can be ncqnired by using the " Balm of a Thousand Floorers " What lady or gentleman would remain under the curse of a disagreeable breath, when, by using the " Balm of a Thousand Flowere ' as a dentifrice, would not only render it sweet, but leave the teeth white as alabaster ? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Beware of counterfeit*. Be enre eeoh bottle is Signed 11 Fetndge ? Co . N Y." For sale by all Druggists, and J Shlllington. t?^J*sr<B'i Inedereas Preparation, f#r to.Uutly cJaanluf *<? olovm, without tba all(lit?rt amall or Injury to tba flova. Ona bottle will ct.-an Sty palra. M r#i t? per bx.ttl*. Korailaly CMARLIW STOTT. tuar 16-iawlw Sol* A (act lu WaahlsgtiD. |?TT? Icithern Dealer* la r?rls*?ry. Uaia- ou a Balm tr 1 000FLOWKiu,rorHiaroiapi?xlon,tettk>, breath, A o Prlrc UmdU. Liki?. ull'8 Iai>Rov>t> Ku?k?>it Castob On , for the jr?wlli au<1 pr??r ullon ?.f tlia hair. Price K ctuw. Oaia> oll > CiK AMiAM HtiK Dts. luatautauaess.) Fries $1. Dki? 0LL't Ha IB Coi.oBt.N? Fli ib, for cIiad^I'jj (ray balr lu lt? origin aI color aithntt attlnlbg t' Pi Ire 10 oata. DitiaooLL'a PoauAix Ph'LO< oak.. Priia J5 cabla. Can be ba<1 at all jubbiug hoimes and drnx|lata in Baltl m<ra, an-l ol tlic Proprietor, l>. C. UKISCOl.i., ?T ?lI rl( Baltimore atreel, Baltiiuore, MS. mar IS-*>jI ui nuaiKU On Ibe IStb Instant, bv the Rev. Mr. Omy, Or. CH AKLKM P HUNT to Miss ANNIE M COCKRELL, of Fahfax county. Va. ? 0111), On Monday, U*th Instant, at 1 o'clock, Mrs. HARR1KT P FONTAINK, youngtbt daughter of John and Christian L'ndtrwood. The f/Ieids of the family tie lr.vlt? d to attend tbe funeral from her father's residence, Capitol Hill, on Tuesday, at 11 o'clock a m. * At IJtf o'clock a m , on the !5th Instant, JER KM1 AH DAN F, aged GO yra'S and IS days At Dexter's Hotel, on the 14th Instant, of preu. mmla, Hon. DAVID T. DISNEY, of Ohio, forn>erly a prominent member of Congress from that State. On the l'.th Instant, Mn MARY A NALI.Y, In the 41st yeir of her age. On the Iftth ultimo, JAMES FLETCHER, (Ool-red.) aeed ab ?ut 3") ye?r<*, leaving a wife and twocbildren to mourn hi?early death. Deep and heart/e t will be the regrets at thli sad an nouncement, of a lrrge circ'e of frle-ds, without dl-ttii tlon of color or class. Horn a s'.aVe be j ur chafed his freedom at ar. early tge, and proved hlmielf worthp of It by his honesty, sr.brieiy.ard scrupulous performance of the obligation.-, of duty, accomp'nted w thai by a kindness of heart which ?eeir<>d to expand with a warmer glow the more i-everelp It was tried tils funeral will take place from his late resi dence, on Tuesday, the 17th, at o'tlck. * L. Lost and Found. Lost -on saturdav, the i4.h last^nt a pilr of SLKtVE BUTTONS, set with gold stone. Th?' ti ider will be rewarded by leav ing them at the Ktrkwood House It LOST-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A Calf Skin POCKET HOOK, containing ac ceptances and r.otei, also memorandums. Ac.,of no use to anv person but the owner. As the pay ment of which have been stopped, the finder will besulttbiv rewarded by returalng tneiaaieto r r. JOS. HAMLIN, Capitol Hill. mar lf-Ste L OST ? ON SUNDAY, TUK 15 TH Instar', > going from St. Dcmlnlck's Church alorrg F t j 11th street, ?r from lttb ?tr?et to Maryland ave nue, a pair of red Cortl PRAYER BEADS, with t-llT*r Chain. The flader will recelvc a liberal reward and tbe thank* of the owner by leaving them at Mr .GREEN'S, No ?9i 13th St., Inland f r at the Parsona?* ednlnlng St DomlnlckN Church, corner cf F and Sth vtrept*. I-t'-n-i i * OCA R KWAIf WILL BE P.*1D, AND noqueftlofis aaked, for the return of n*y WATCH and CHAIN that was taken from my pocket, atthe Capitol, on the 4tb lns'ant It Is a ltrge Hold Hunting Wat h, white dlil, made by Robert Rozklll. Llvtrpoo:, Ko. 78I7.- A rma-l tio'd Chain with veat hook. S. D CAS TLEMAN, marl6-eolw (Int) oppo. National Hotel IK F T THE RESIDENCE OF MRS. AN i DERHON.on F street, between 19 hand on Monday morning the6 b Instant,a Y KLLOW BOY named Frank, about'2 feet and 7 Inches high W hen be left he had on a wtlte hat and pray pants. Was last seen on the 'opof an Un nibas. mar 14 2t* For Bala and Raut. A FURNISHED HOUSE FOR KKNT ON A stieet n rtb, No 19, opposite the Capitol Harden Povaeulon given on the lit of April, mar l#-3t? I^OR RENT?ABOVE TiiE HEIGHTS OF Georghtow?'J'heMt Aiban place, adjoining fct Albin E Church The b' use Is now under ^olnj; complete ren&lr, and will ba f jrnlshcd and ready for occupancy by the 1st Ju*ie. For salu brity rnd leautyof posl-.lon this pHce Is ua>ui pa?*etl. Apply to Mr. WM. J. ?TOMK. Jr., Washington. mar 16-3t* f(>0 LET?THE WELL KNOWN VEGKT " able Garden o^Ulnally owned by c-ne Mr. Clarke, anl under a high state of cu't'.vation, lo cated ou East street three quarters of a mile from the Capitol Terma oflease?one year with the rrivlige of vwo Immediate possession given. Vor particulars apply to Mr. J F. GREENE, Franklin House, corner of D and Sth streets mar 16 Ut* FJk RENT ?A TWO STORY BRICK House, on tbe corner of Duabartochrd Wash lagto.i strtets, at per month Also, a two stcry Brick, on Duubarton street, v 1th a large lot nttarhed thereto, with a number of fruit trees, at $12 6* per month Apply to JOHN DAVID SON , Georgetown mar 14-3t* FUKNISllED ROOMS FOR RENT? ONE very fine suit of Koorns, on the seconl floor, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, ard Bathroom attached, lately cceupled bv Hon J S Million, or aeveralother Rooms, suitable f<>rslngle {tentie men, can be bad oa reasonable terms by early application to GEO. W1LLNEK, Uphnlstrrer, 40) 9th street. mar li-lw FCill SALE OR RENT ?A CONVENIENT t'.ree^tory Brick House, oa Green street, a few doors from Hrldg" street. Possession ijlven the 11 st of April. Apply to WM. il EDES, Georgetown, D C, mar H-3t FOR SALE.?a PEW IN TRINITY Church, desirably located Inqulrenf WM. WALL, Wall & Stephens, 312, b?tv/cen 9ch and loth sta., Ave;iue mar 13 3t For rent?the house no 134, in the Seveu Buildings, formerly occupied by ttoe Braxlllan and Mexican Mlnlsteri. A Brick Stabl* attached. Possession given Immediately, mar 0 ec6t* FWRRKNT?THE RESIDENCE AT PRES ent occupied by Hon Jas. Thorlngton, No. 48J E.eventa street, between li and F. The premises Las all the modern Improvements The tlouse is well furnished and c?n be had with or without the Furniture For terms apply on the premise* Possession given 1st April. mar0 eotf (Intel) 1jH>R RENT?THAT NEW THREE-STORY Brick Store ntar the Uth street Bridge. In qolie of WM WARDER, 519 12th atreet. mar u tolw* For rent ?tuat lar<je and hand some House now occupied by the Hon. Mr Aiken, oj the corner of lOih and I streets. It has every convenience for comfort Po- session given l?t if *prll Inq>ilre of A. HOOVER, I'enn. avenue, between ll>ii atd '<0.h streets, mar 13 eotf For rent?the very dfbiraIile Store, No 3*.4, below the National, imme diate powesalon glv<n. Kent reabonabl* to a good and permanfMt t-nant. ltqulrecf WALL A *TKPHENS 322,betweenOth aud 10th str-eU. Avenue; also 370 browns' 11 ? tel. mar 13-31 rV)R RENT.?THE SECOND-STOKY OF F Warehouse No 357, known as,Washington If ail, corner of #;h stree and Henn. avenoe over our Aactlon Kronis, formerly used as a Billiard Room. To goaS tenant rant moderate. Apply to C. It L. CROWN A CO , Auctioneers. . mar 12-lw Boarding. MRS. HATES. AT HER BOARDINO Honse, on tne southwest comer of Penn. aveane and Sch street, ha* made arraagemeuta to accommodate a large number of strangers with Meals at nay Ume throughout the day,and Lodg ings. mar V AVOTIOI SAW, ?kU? ? ftjjlj *?ZZ?%SZ2.'" *? ?* ?5SS B--?Aif?' lmu*dl*te'T ?Iter the above -M ftT ? N? 11,111 89??w *? >0 fronting 34 fae ,? Inches on north F. between ?ath an? ?!? street. running back 7? WTSlBlIrfli square feet, and ell of Lot No W.Mme 5fl?? Jk I(5MJm ? *"???" ?n ??"?? street, reining 4OT7?!>^ ? fJ? ???.*,I *2 i"?' containing ^ ' w,th ,fce iimroTrmenta, con ? * of l!f0 ,lni11 f'**ne Dwedlrg Moused tJLV110* '' c?"h; therestaueln slxacd twelve month*, with Interest, secured be a deed of trust on the premises. mtr 1<d J AS. C. McSUIRF, Auct By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers

UOCIIMOLD aid kitchen furni. "i:ri^,rHvk8wAY'^ 'o*?5?Jfc we shall sell, without reserve at store No 41? a;i5ssMs?3 Mahogany Sofas, Tcte c-Tete,and Lourgea u2 ? V.? B,,d nur?? Rockers .. Do . Tables, WasLstancs, Bedsteads Cane nnd wood-seat Chain, Clocks Looking-Classee, Racks, Mats p ill Tftl' Knives and fcorks, Careers P.f ed J>a-table and deaert Spoons and Torki Castor?, fluid, ell, and other Lamps W alters, I rays. Vases 5S? ^ Cuf a and Saucers China l ea Sets, Decanters >?op and Foot Jars, Dusting Brushes 1 umbiers, Goblet*, Flickers Cieam and Sugar Dishes, Tureens 1.-^n^t^r^5?rpPr aDd <ther Saucepans French G.lddles, Gas Cooking Stoves ' ? '"ge assortment of Hoofe Furnishing niar Ig-dti HBy BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auctioneers. M|^^5S,.'n%aCS, WWl,toim, Fn m. On VVM)NFinAV*f W.' *C<? at ' ?. S K9D AY.lStt loit , at 1? o'clock a m count* "tl!1 ?,f Th,'ng'norton. In Montgomery county, about six miles from Geornetown b. *7 the V ? K<X'*?'ileend Hirer Hoads! re*r bta ??* a* ' aad n?8 McCub K.rm qw w1,11^11 **?e ? ntlre stock on the rarm We neme In part 1 pair first rate Mule*, 4 good JTorse* 1 young well broke Devon Oxen De*on Co.s abotit7obi relsof Corn Wheat and Rye Mraw, Potatees, Poultry **??? T?," W'g??*' C*""' Pl0?gt', ltd J?,"Sv C1E!"* r'"> Cni'c,, Scythes Axes, Wedges, Chains Gearing, 4c , Ac -n , AL?0 ? 10 cordi- cf V\ ocd Woo Kails 5i^i^k ?ad <*;dar p0,t,> Wbe3t'? the gro-ini aniJ ""clM ?""? u u^'"k" ??''! ,... w- *^SU!Rli Auctioneer. !??. . ? UOUstlliu.i) Kr. iecta st Auction tin 'I H ITR J I) a v MOKMNO, March ltfth, at 10 o'clock, at the resl?_cnce of L'eut Ivis, u 8 a No 4<*i s<-? Zu?STL\^W<? H ^ x'treets north 1 sbaU sell all his h urnlturiai.d Lff^ct-, comprL Walnut carvcd hair spring Scfa Kockersand fader Ch?lrs Walnut Seer Ury acd WhaUiot l-entre. ?ofa and rout Tables Walnut leather-covered reclining Chair Vouse Md F,xtu,e8 throughout the A few fl. e Oil Paintings Velvet, Brussels and ether Carre's Unon ,?d Larp CuVhT' K *=1 ? 'ko r-hV..' '"'""'"'"'"K T.ble. tide toward China. Glass, and Crockery Ware ? l-an - and wood ecat CLalrs Clock Uurta". V?. a8t,u,ndi Lookirg (fishes, Chin:/ TurUlcs 'm dsCeads. VVaritrobe", Crib Hair and Uusk Mattieaiea Bolsters and Pillow* r:i>^i?r/lefr Kerator- Chamber Moves t(;v^ aa<1 fr"l*turee, 01?clf th. Ac Together wl ^?Reneral a^rtment tf household atid Kl^hen lleau'isltes cedTt'of i ^ltcn J1 , ' a*h ? 0VM that ?nm ? umrirf-d j. c A^cCUlRK, Auct. H( > v tiiC?i ^ J R R. A uctloneer i tSKHOLO HKNITlBt: Ar FUB. i 1! ?0,1 WKDNE8DAY m^ro log. March lfajj, at io o'clock, 1 sba;l seil bv virtue of a deed tf tru^t, duly recordtsd, Ac Vie fu/nltureand ear cts in tie doable brick house north* vlT? ?f m>J 8t ' betwet*a F ? sis. VVU'nersttUd m4Lo^any Lalr spring Sofe*, Kock 2,?k7^ ?? mle ,top Ttb!e' Mirror Uck cane fe :t Chairs, rout Tables Window Curtains, Shidta Mantel Ornameuts l uiee-p.y and Ingrain Carpets. Rugi Oilcloth lu hall aud on Stairs Mahogany Sideboard Dining aad Side Tables Oranlie tea and dlnuer Ware, Table Cutierv Caatora^Uvtr pmndtjpoonaatd Forks, Gia-s Single and double cottage Bedsteads bureaus \?'ardrofces, W^Hh-tands B* ukets wv1' eri Bnd pll-ow? H.anKets, tiullts, Spreads, t>heetln'? CtaoiUr Carpeta, booking biassed Clocks, I oilet SeU. Stove Cooking SJoveand Flx;u.-fs 1 with a general a?sortn;ent of household and kitchen ?? urcLure a crfliFtVf *i5.a,'<1^uj;d<>r? tafch: over that ?nm a cfcalt cf x, jt and 4 months, for saiisfactorllv i?0rS* notes, bearing luteient. undersigned6 ^ tot teuU ln<?ulre of lhe mur 12-ri TH08,J- FI?li?a. TiMtee. mar 10-d J. C. .McGUIRE, Aact. p* ^ 11 ,^T, AUCTION?ON THE 3>TH i (>IO'NUAV.) cn the premise, 1 will sell at public; auc ion, my Farm, in Fairfax county, on Lie Little Rl^r Turnpike, 3lf miles fr>m Alexandria, and ntarSlr. Cloud's mill It contains about o:.e hundred and flfty-three i > lea fr? k5 to ttf acr'B In cultivation, thf ba'enre In wood, prl.v-lpal.y Oak and Bickory; 60 or <k> ncres heavl y wooded-from 25 to 30 acre? are well seMa tlmotoy and c'over; ard If theweath er Is favorable, I calcula-eto Laveleededthe corn lard ef l?st\nr In Oats, and a goM portion of lai d broken up fcr this year's corn crop by the time tf the ?ale. There is a neat and substantial brame Dwelling, containing frur good sized room?, passage, and two porches, all necessary out buldlngj good fenclcg Ac., on the farm, all of whlcn lave been put np sires 1&52 Churches, Schools, and Mills convenient, good S^L?Xi?r. \he lRnd ls rea11' r,ch? l,e? PnMlv for cultlva ion, has water In each flcld, and a nev er falling spring a few steps from tbe doer It is ne best ^mali fi-rm til -ring in the vicinity of Alexandria, and w-uld make a gocd market farm Contiderfng Its proximity to the Alexan dria and Watshlngton markets, easy terms, *c It r resents a ckance rartly met with, a- d those wishing to purchase, would do well to call and view It a* I lntendc hanging my buslnesi.and the salewlll be positive. MyPou Office is Mt Pierce. Fairfax county. ? ' I erms of Sale ?Five hnndred dollars t-5 be paid on the day of sale, and the residue in two equal annual Instalments of one and two years? tht? deferred payments to bear Interest from date, ?nd be aecured by a deed cf trust cpon the prtm loCtj ? Possession given 1st of May F A. C. TERRETT. Gl*n Mart, Fairfax co. feb 26 eots S By C. W. BOTELER, Auctlooee* ALK UK StPKK'.OK kOL'SEIlOLD O Koraiture at A action.?On WEDNES DAY MORNING, March 18, at 10>< o'clock,! sh ill eell at the cf the lion Israel Wasbburne Jr ,in Blagdea's Uow2 nearly oppo site tbe City llt.ll, between 3d and 4^ streets, a snpe-rlor cellectlon cf Household Furniture, con futing In part of? One eie^iat Rosewood Parlor Suit, covered with crimson broeatel Knewocd Centre Table, marble top L>*rgo French-plate Mantel Mirror, Walnut Eta ?e:e Walnut Parlor Commode Whatnot Walnut txienslon Dining Table, Walnut Side board French China, Crockery, and Glass ware Flat'd Caa cr, Table Cutlery iSlock-tin Chafing Dishes, Ccff>e Biggla Fine Silver plated Covered Dishes Lounge, L.bra<y Table Cane and wood-seat Chairs Set of Cottage and Chamber Furniture Walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaua Wardrobes, WaaWstacds. TollM *<*? Superior curled balr and other Mattreaaaa FlaeFa<ther Bolatera and FlUowa French and Co)tire Bedsteads Cane-seat and mahogany Rockers B?dling. Carpeting. Oilcloth Kltohen Furalture, Cooking Requlaltea, Ac The especial attention of Housekeepers la called to this snie, as the Furniture la of superior qual ity and In t xrellent condition, having been in use but a few months Terms: 9*5 and under, cash; over S2S alxti and ninety days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing Interest mar 13-d 0. W. BOTELER, Auct ; AUOTIOir SALES. By A. GREBN, ABcttOBM. ^ ~ mWO NEW TWO-STOUT mm Bmmi 1 Mi litt li ?r*? War* as Aariut. On MONDAY, tbe IC'h lTstant.l shall *ell, in front of the premises, at S o'clock p m , two fcand*omenewtwo-*tory Fran* Home*. havi?g ? front each of 15 fort, with a 2* fort ahey be twren them, and 20 feet deep; also the lot on which tbev^atand, being front lot No. 15, In rqnsre No 31 . . . . . The above described property Is harsdsomdy located, fr.-mtlcg on 24 tb street writ, betw^a north 9 and H street*, In the First W*rd. Terms: One-hnlf cnah; balance In 8 nnd 12 month*, for note* besrlnglntere t. A deed given, a deed or treat takrn marlo-d A. GREEN, Anct. By BARNARD A BUCKBY, Georjntjwn. STOCK OF A FUR1 TURK War* ?e*i. atP.blic hale. ? On TUESDAY MORN ING, 17th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at Woodward * Furniture Ware Rooira, on High fttreet, near Prospect, the entire stock la ifade, a W ardrobes, Dressing and Plain Birrs us Mahogany Can# and W ocd-scat Chalra Lounges, Rocking CLairs Wasbstands, Dre?-?lng Tables Pine, Cherry, and Walnut Table* Bedsteads, Cots. Looking Glasses Mattresses, Clock?, Ac , Ac , W 1th many ether goods not here mentioned. Sale positive. Ta.-ms: All ?unw of and under 2iS, cash; over that amount, 30 and 50 days credit lor notaa en dorsed bearing lntera t BARNARD A BUCK EY, mar 13-3t ji u ctl oneer*. By J AS. O. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR FUKNtTURK AND Hobs* htld Kf'cta, Family Carriage, Baggy, Hnrnni, Horse, Ac., at Public Auction.? On TUESDA Y" MORNING, March )7ih, at Id o'clock, at the residence of Gov. Fish, on H ?tree , between IT.h an dloth stne'.a, 1 sha.l ?>eH all his exce''ent Furulttre and Household Ef fect*. comprising? Suite of rosewood Parlor Furniture, finished ,? with purple plu-h Elegaut Frenh-plate mantel Mirrr.r Uand'Omi? brocateUe and laco Curtains and Fix turt-s Superior Voltiire and Turkish ettay Chalra, fin ished in rich brocateiie Handsome rosewood and marble top Sofa, centre. and fancy Tables Rosewood Etagere, fancy Chalra bplendld French mantel Timepieces, Cand;la bras. Vcww. ard Ore*meats Excellent Tapestiy and Biussel* parlor, dining room, clamber. and stair Carpet* Bronxs Hr.t Tree, curved Hall T:ib!e, Oil Cloth Mahogany extension Dlnlrg-Tab'e Harble-tap Sid.btArd, rcahogaty dining Chalra It unges, Divans, and Footstools 'Jlit <'hntidellerd and Gas-Fixtures throughout the house Gold-band and decorated Tea ai d Cc?e; Service Chlra Dinner w are Sliver-plat d Castors, Table Cutlery Gut glass Dv'CJtnters, Gobieia, Tumbler*, Cham pagnes, Wines, Finger L'owls, Ac. MeJhoeany, French, and blizabtthlau Bedsteads 'A aror bes, marble- top Dressing Bureaus Marble.t p Wasrstardi, French, China, end granite Toilet Seta Large eud elegant Psycha Glare >larble-:op tmmelled Cotage Set Walnut Ward'obe, dreading Bureaus Cottage Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstards superior Feather Bed.*, Bolster*, ard Pillows r urled Lair tnd hufk Mattresses Be*is?ve?ds. Blankets. Comforts Ac Wit d iw Cur'alns, Shades. Rtit-s, Fire Irons Largr and superior mahogany B.iokrsde Mabogtuy Writing-Desk, Ofllcc Chalra C*i.e ?eat Chairs, Child's Crib, Ac Together with a general assortment of hcuaekold and kitcnea Furniture. ? _also? \t 3 o'clock, in front of the premises, a superior family Carriage, built to order by Gould, Albany. New York A light too Buggy-Wagon, of super!oa mike and finish One set or Brg^y Harness Also, a vcy superior Lay Horse, an excellent traveller in s'ngle harness, and perfectly klnl and gentle Terms: 850 a?d under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 9t) days, for appro\ed endorsed notes, bearing lntere ft mir 12-d JAS. C McGUIRE, Auet. AUCTION NOT1CR. All per-ons having horses, car ringes. or aav other Goods for sale at Auctton will And tbe undersigned on the Centre .Maj ket Square, ad jolting the Fair Bui diog, every mar ket morning, at 1" o'clock,or can see him by call ing at bis st re, 3C5 sauth side Pennsylvania ave nue, between Glh and 7th stieels at any time. J. F CROWN, f?A> H*M,WAF,lm Auctiocter. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer, n**KNStVK MI.K OF EXtRLlEUT L^Kurniture ct Auc?loB.--OnTUS[>KAY,the 17th instant. I shall sell at 10 o'clock a m,, at th?reHderce of a gentleman declining heOse keepln^, at No. 6 on4)< street, opposite l)r Hun deriand's Church cu excellent asscrttxen: of cearjy ntw Fcinlture- v'z : .Mafcouany Sofas, Sar'or ar.d Rocking Chairs Do D;cbsifg Matble-top ai:d oiter Bu reau* Fine Walnut Dressing Bureaus, Hatrack, nnd Tables Fine Walnut Wardrobes, Wathstands, and Utsl steatfs Fine Fea?her Uels, Hair and Shuck Msttifsses, Bedding Mabo.^ny Marble top Sofa Tab e Gilt Frain:' plei and other Glxssts China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Brotiit d and gilt gsa ChaBdellers, Toilet Se<s Cane-fceat ar.d other Chain, Parlor, Stair, and oiher Carpets WIdfl Pai-figc and other Oilcloths, Hearth Rugs Cooking, Airtight, a-id other Stoves A good asfoitment t f Kitcben Krq jisltes With many other arileks which we deem un nece>. ary to et.uaierale Terms cash. A. GREEN, n;ar 14-d Auctioneer. NOTfCB.?BY VIKTUL OF AN ORDER rf distrain from C. R. L Crown A Co,, t gents of Hugh Gclston, and to me directed, I f<hall tffjr at public tale, *t Washington Hall, corner ef Penn. avenue ar d 8th streets, up stalre, on TU LSD AY, March 17, at 10 o'clock a m , for cash, the following g;.cds srd chst'els, to wit: Lot Ga? Fixtures, one Counter srd SLelves, four Billiard SlgRP, lotiia -Pins, lot MaHi ig,Ac D. WESTERF1KLD. mir H-3t* Bailiff l?y A. GREFN, Auctioneer. Hakdso ?e Tvro.ttroRY ano attic Bruk House and Lat nt Auciisn.?On FRIDAY, the '-0th infant, i shall sell, at 5 o'clock p m , in frott of the premises, a hand some taro-stcry ar.d attic Bilck House, contalnli g nine go.-Ml and cftnveciently arnngM Rrotns ar.d Passage, with Stable and Canlsco-house attacL id, and the lot on which it stands, being w?^t partof Lf.tNo ?, in Square No. 3?4, havina a front on North C street of twenty-nine feet one Inch, between Uth and 12th streets wett,running back to a wide alley. Terms: One-hiir cash; balance In six and twelve months, for notes beat leg 'ntrrrM from day or sile A de.d given and adaed of truat taken. Titie indlrpntable. end sale peremptory, as the owner is going to letva the city. mar 14 d A. ?REENt Auctioneer^ By C R L. CROWN A CO^, Auctioneers WE W1LLSELL, ON MONDAY AFTER NOON, the vth of Mtrch, at3o'clock, with out reserve, four Frama ii^umps, containing six rooms each, situated on 7th. between G and M stieets Island, with right of alley back Title indisputable. Sale positive. K?ch house new under rent of eight and nine dotiats per month. Terms: Oae-thlrd, carh ; balance In 12 and 18 mouths, w<0b notes satlsfacu. ryendor^od, bearing intertat from tbe day of sa?? C R L CROWN A CO , mar 3- [lntelj Auctioneer*, fry Tbe above *al? has heeu psstp*n*d until SATURDAY, tbe 14th March, same houi and plaCe. C. R- L. CROWN A Co , miri0-d Auctioneer*. ITT" The nb*ve sale 1* psstp*s?d *n ac count of tbe weather until TU ESDAY AFTER NOON, March 17th, at 3 o'clock. mar 14 C R L. CROWN A CO., Aucti. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer " SMALL A*? NEAT FRAUK HOUSE and Let *a !t*rth I, hetwean 12ih and ISth streets at Anctloa._On WEDNESDAY AFTKK NOON, March 18th, ?t 5 o'clock, on tht Kremises I shall sell subdlvUioa a, la tquan io 265 Looting la feet on north I, betwe?a 12tk and 13.h strrets, running back 4J feet 5 Inches with 'he improvements, consisting of a two-stor^ Frame Dwelling House, containing; seven rooms Tltte Indisputable. Teimj: One half, cash ; theroaidno Io six snci twe've months, f?r note* satisfactorily secured bearing Interest J. C. McGUIRE mar 13 Auctioi By A GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE AT Ttsis MtttlNK UAKKAOKt by order *f the QaartarsuwUr. Oi THURSDAY, the 1? h laataat, I shall, ai b o'clonk m , at tbe Marine Barracks, In Washing ton, D. O , at public auetlen? Lot of Carpet, lot of Oilcloth Cast-iron Plate* and Grates 1 Cooking Stove and fixture* 40 WoolMM Pants, 31 Woollen Jackets S Uniform Ooat* J * t Fatigue Cap*, M Linen Pant*. Terms oash, A GREEN, our 13-d Anctiontar^ TELEGRAPH -NEWS. rxQM TBS ASSOklJTKD PMB88. New Youx, March 10 ?The steamerGeorge ?ikW- . A,P'nw*lI on the tTuiai of the 6tb ir.Unt, arrived k*n >t M *Ztj botr w,th fr%meimo datei or the *5V?fS*S3. "*""*? ? the Uoldea (iate with th. m._ p?*eed Sj. of ih. iu * tt. ?tnw OrftMda for Ao.iJJ.ii rL. r' S frig.t. Ii.Jop.od.oo. ?2 ,VIS ?f iii ma. Amorg the puNH|?n ie^Jen w^i* Col. Cmcj ud Lietenant UiutU of the U S* Armj. *. * The steamer Sierra Nevada left bac Fran ciaco tn the SO A Febrne ry, with several hun dred recruit* for Gen. Walter The general aewa from California it enim important Miring report! from the interior ? re rather favorable There had been heavy rains in varioa* parte of the State, cauaing utuch damage Tho market* were extremely del!. Floar waa quoted at $11, with eeveral arrival* *rcm 3<^ll?nVe P0*** daring the fortnight. ,? n ? tforo1* Legisletare had impeached u v ? ' Suu Treaaarer, and Q. W. n niteman, Comptroller, (or mi?approprietirg v..ate fundi to the amonnt of $2^0,000. Bate* ifcugLed, and Jamea English, of Sacramento, su'co^-d-d him. ?wal^tDi 0f ^hers, *bo reoently in ordered Shetiti Barton, have been hang bj tbo people of ?>aa Diego. An affray had taken plaoe at 8an Francisco between r A Cohen, the banker, and Thar. KW editor or the Bulletin, and brother ot the late Jamea King Cohen waa the egrrea ?*, and rceived hU desert* by through the jaws Beth were aM^ Ut King wac d if charged Several companlee of fillibostera are being organised in the interior, in aid of Walker A bill to legalise the State debt had been introduced into the Senate, and will andiabt cdlj pa;a. Two ahecka of an eartbqaake occurred at ?San Francisco on the evening of the ilk Greet consternation prevailed, but no damage wu done. ? The Indiana bad made an a*teek ujon the Pitt Elver valley settlements, in Shasta coun ty, and murdered all the iohabitant* remain ing there. besides burning all the booses, and killing al! the horse*, cattle, Ac The large?t r art of the inhabitants had pravioualy left the valley, with the intention of retarticg in the enring J M Khcdes. baikir, of Sacramento, one of the bond?mcn of Bates, the State treasurer, has suspend? I. A large b:dj of fillibuatera had g?e ta So nora to join Oandara from La Par, on the Mexieaa oo< it, state that Gen. Rlanc?rte had seised all the vessels in the harbar. putting them under em barge and he was to leave in a few days, w:tn 70$ m"n, for the capital Advices from the Great Salt Lake of the 7th of January inform us that Heber Kimball ha i been eleued President of the Coaoeil. Oregon dates of (he 12th of February fate that an Indian outbreak bad ocearred near Fort Sinoe Four white men aud a large number of cattle were carried off There bad been great mortality aaaorg the cattle in the neighborhood of the Dalles ; one fourth of which had perished. By advices from Washington Territory we iearn that the State Legislature adjourned on the 29th of January, after having e?a*arad Gov Stevens for his oonrse in the Indian war and the martial law affair. Datea from Australia cf Deeember 2d say t??t the mines are yielding immensely. A fire had occurred at Adelaide, destroying prop erty to the am.untor half a million of dollars Pire at Wectport, Vast. New Bsuroao. M irch 14 ?The tala fac tory of Anthony tliJorl, a'. V eetport, w ?* hurn?d last ni^ht. Loss $12 (CO. Ineared f)T $>,000. Baltimore Marketi. BALViaoaa, March 10.?Flour ia dull and nominal Wheat ia dull, with a decline of 3 a 4 aeats Red, $I.S8a$H2; white $1 M)a$l 60 Corn te steady at 60 a 00 cents for white, and 64 a 64 cents for yellow. Whisjcef 261 a 27 eaate. Hew Tork Marketr. Nitr i osk, March 16 ? Flcar is Arm; sat** of 7 600 bbla ; State %j 90a$6 10; Soathern SO 60i$6 89. Wheat is finr; aulea of4000 bothe'.r; Soutl ern white SI 7b; red $1 00. Corn is firm, sales of 10,000 bushels; mixed 71c. Pork is liim: sale* uf l.doObbls ; mora $24: prime tneu *2!> Beef is firm. Lerd has de clined }c; sales in bbls. at 144c. Whisky if a trifle lower; Ohio 27c. Financial. Nxw Yoax, March 16 -Stooka are geeer, ally lower Chlcaro and Rock Island IC4J; Cumberland Coal 18|, Illinois Central shares 137; Micbl ?arS uthern 73; New York Central HOf; Reading 79i; Virginia 6's 92; Missouri C's 83} Sterling exchange is dull. FOR MOUNT VKKNHN, ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRI DAY. rpHB STKAMKR THOMAS COLLYKR will i make three frlr-e each week to _ Jt ??? ^ H O U N T V E R N ON, leering *') inxton at U a m , an J Ale randrla at LZ7" Boat'* tare, ronnd trip, from Waehtn^toa $1?from A:exand;lu 75 cents Coaches leave the Cipttol at 8K, and peae up the Avenue to 12th street Fare 1m cents Fernons wishing the Coaehes will leave thtlr i?4dencr at ?eo ft Thoe. Farkcr ft Co 'a Store. teii *4-TThfcEtf Heme inMiranfe Ccmjany of Xcw Vcrk, OFfltg BO. 4 WALLirAKIT. Cask Cental .777. $600,000 00 Amount of Atstts 1?< J. n , 1867..871 823 21 Amount of Liabilities 42,400 98 This company continues to in eure bulldinps. MerebsBdlee. Ships in Tort, and their Cargoes. Household Furniture and Pei tonal Property generally, against Loss or Dam age by Flr<?, on f?*orab;e trrms Loi?es eq jftablv adjusted ard promp ly paid. niaacToxst Charles J Martin; A F WiLmarth; William O l^mbert. firm of A ft A Lawrence ft Co ; Geo C Collins, firm of Skymen ft Collin?: UaattM N Harney, ilrm of Wells, Fargo ft Co ; Lucius Hopkins, President Importers' ft Traders' Bank, Thomas Messenger, firm of T ft H MeseeBrcf, William H Meilen. firm of Claftla.Mallenft Cf.; Charles B Hatch, fi m of C B Hatch ft Co ; B Wutson Bull, firm of Haskell. Merrick ft Bull: L Atter'oury, jr , arm of L Aterbury, Jr . ft Co.; Lu c!en U-Coman, firm of Comae, Lothrop ft Ce ; Homer Idorgan; Levi F Stone, firm of Stone, Htarr ft Co ; /amen Humphrey, Ann cf Barney, Humphrey ft ifcttier, beorge Pearce. firm of tie* Pearce ft Co ; Ward A Wcrk firrr ef Ward A Work ft Son; James Lew, Irfa af Jaiaes # Co ; Isaac H Frotalngham, Hrmof 1 H Fi^fLing xun ft Co ; Chsrle* a Bulbley. firm of Bmklay * Co; Cepbss H Nortr.n, firm of Norton, Jeweti, ?ft ttzzby; George D Morgan, firm of K 0 llonran ft Co.; ThJOdoreMcNamre. firm tf Bowen, Me Nnme?.*Co.; Richard * King ft Co; Oliver K Weod. fiimofW liter*, Wood ft ta ; Amos H Kno. flw cf Kao, Rob em ft Co ; AJ/rcd S Barnw, ^ ^ A ? jWs A Co * Heorge l^llss, of the firm or Veorge 5,i; i v.;Ksi: Lockwood ft boo; /<rwa ? N el so^Jlr ss - L.vmaB Cooke, V? ^ 2^*- ^?rl n John SiepLen PsulTfirro of Supben Paul ft Co ; caas P Bale win, firm of Baldwin, Stanr Co |H irm of K'V- Bow?n ft McCon??ell , i ? H-JToot ? ]srxvi?s2s:. ? f^i iVof Port K.bbw Co i ?' Arm of Ma*on ft Thompson; ?. orge T w arm of btedmaa. Msynardft OUAJtLhB i A. F. WILL*a*T?, vtee Pros J. MILTON BMITM .B.ars Na J?P? ?'"?e.l<,* ,u b> .So ?art-la NEW for MarehWet^-Mjra Cobb's XiJZJSlE ?coul "oc'tla oei . IN ADVANCE, mbv - ?' ? ? MintiB " "'PIj1 ^ VK*?OfOH,fiH7?h ,