Newspaper of Evening Star, March 17, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 17, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ttrr 4T raa om? it TUT lit ?T LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Aldmiii*.?The Board bald its regular meeting last night A communication waa received from the Mayor stating that he bad signed the bill for the erection of lamp poets and lamp* in front of Judiciary Square. Also, tha bill author iaiog tba opening of an additional primary school in the Fourth District. Also, joint rea Oration of respect to tba Prasident of the United States. The Mayor farther annoanoed that the Prasident woald receive the corporate author ities on Wednesday next at two o'clock, p. m A petition was received for grading Seventh street wast; referred to improvements com mittee. Petition of M. T. Parker, asking permission to erect a sign, was referred to police commit tea, and a bill granting the permission was afterwards passed ; also, a bill to grade and gTarel K street north from the oircle to fif teenth street west; passed Tba improvements committee reported a bill for the running of main pipes and the erec tion of lamp poets on certain streets running through the mall; the bill, with amendments, was recommitted A communication was receired from the public schools' committee in regard to the school held in the Northern Liberties engine bouse The two Boards went into joint meeting for the parpoee of electing an Assessor for the Second Ward in place of John B. Williamson Messrs G W Harkness and Henry karron were nominated. Mr Harkness received 14 ?otes, Mr Barron 11, and G W Plant 1 Mr Harkness was therefore declared duly elected The joint meeting then adjourned A bill to gravel M street south, between Fourth and Fifth streets, was referred to the improvements committee The following preamble'and resolutions were adopted: Whereas, a aerera, if not dangerous and fatal, endemic disease haa been prevailing, and it is believed still continues at the Ma tional Hotel, in this oity, to suob an extent as to create alarm and perhaps require the pro prietors to close their establishment; and whereas, it is due to the traveling public and the oitisens generally, as well as the proprie tors themselves, that a careful and proper ex amination and report thereon should be made, therefore? Resolved, That the Mayor, together with the Board of Health, be and they are hereby authorised and directed to make a prompt, diligent, and careful examination into the nature and causes of said disease, to examine thoroughly into the condition of said hotel in all its premises as to cleanliness and whatever might injuriously affect the health of the in mates, and report to the Councils as early as practicable Rtsolved, Thnt the Mayor and the Board of Health be and they are hereby authorised to summon witnesses, if necessary, and to take testimony under oath. The finance committee reported a bill tort fund $3 93 to Ann ? Bryan, for taxes erro neously paid ; also, a bill to refund to Colum bia College S29 83 ; passed. Joint resolution relating to tba Long Bridgo was passed Joint resolution Inviting plans for a new fire proof alms house, and authorising the com mittee on the asylum to pay a sum not ex oeedinz tha sum of three hundred dollars for such plan, was passed. The biU from the Board of Common Council for tha purchase of fuel was referred to com mittee on fiuance Joint resolution appointing a committee to call on the Secretary of the ?avy and request bim to have one of the sloops-of-war built at this Navy Yard, was adopted. A bill for the relief of O. W. Reilly was passed A bill authorising the erection of lamps at the West Market, passed Bills for the relief ot J. Libbay and W. F. Bailey were referred The Council bill to grade Twelfth street west from Maryland avenue to Potomac liver was passed. A bill was introduced to have the poll list as reported by the Assessors published in the pa pers in connection with the proceedings. A long discussion ensued, after which the bill was passed over, and the Bosrd then ad journed. Common Council ?A message was received from the Mayor communicating to the Board of Common Council that, in accordance with the provisions of a joint resolution, he bad waited upon the President of the United States to ascertain at what time it would be conve nient for him to receire the two boards, and that be had the honor to inform them that tta President had named Wednesday next, at 2 o'clock. A resolution was adopted calling for the appointment of a committee of two on the part ot the Board of Aldermen, and of a eommittee of three on the part of the Common Counci', to wait upon the Secretary of the Interior in relation to an appropriation made at the last session of Congress tor the repair of the Long Bridge, and appointing Wednesdsy, the l&th t?lint, at 12 o'clock, for said committee to meet the (Commissioner of Puolic Buildings. Messrs. Lloyd, and Bayne were ap pointed sank committee for the Common Couu A' resolution was adopted authoring the Mayer aid Board of Health to nuke prompt examination into the caude of the sickness at the National Hotel A joint resolution was reported from the ways and mean* committee, with a substitute, authorising the procurement of a faithful like nesa of Jonn W Mauiy, late Mayor of the city, and appropriating for that purpose ; laid over A bill was passed appropriating 5150 for the purpose of erecting four lamps, two of wbioh are to be placed in front of the Northern Lib erties market hcu?e, and two on Eighth street. Also, a bill authorising the Mayor to cause to be erected cn the grounds of the Washing ton Asylum a temporary wooden building for the reception of paupers and vagrants, and appropriating fSOO for the construction of auch building. A resolution was passed requesting tha Mayor to cause the removal of the building for the Mechanic*' Institute Fair, or to inform the Board on what ground this building has been allowed to remain. A joint resolution was adopted for the ap fointment of a committee to wait upon the ecretary of the Navy relative to having one of the steam skops-of-war for which an appro priation was made by the last session of Con Ireas built at the Washington Nary-Yard, lessrs. Gordon, Towles, and Orme were ap pointed ?aid ccmmittee. | The Comui(>n Council then assembled in joint meeting with the Board of Aldermen, and elected an Assessor for tba Second Ward Shortly after re assembling the Board ad journed. Tax Washington and Alexandria Rsilroad Company gave notice that a petition will be presented to the oorporate authorities of Alex andria to the effect that '-the Alexandria aud Washington Kailroad Company are d-sirous of extending their road to some point near the "range and Alexandria railroad depot, and wish to do so because it would be a great pub lic convenience and would bring to the Orange road a great deal of travel which now passes by other lines ; and because it would enable the Alexandria and Washington Kailroad Company to put their road in good condition, and would coooentrate many in'erests and in lluences in faror of a direct oonnexion with Washington city, at tha sita of the Lang Bridge, whieh do not now exist " And tba petition adds : " It is proposed on tbo part of the railroad compsny to leare to the City Council of Alexandria the entiia control over the transfer of freight on this road from Alex andria to Washington " Tab Ricm (Va > Moxtgomebt (Joabds . This fine corpe on their return home, after their inauguration visit to Washington, passed resolutions of thank* to those who bad bean eourteous and kind to them here, especially to the Montgomery Guards of this eity. Persons desirous of buying or ranting bouses should read tha oolumn on tar first page, beaded " For Sale or Ka&t." the**!^1*!-61011 waewdinf rial! to OMn nrSm Institute Fair newbeauties t&? tk^ ?F, **" W* m,,ad# t0 th? be?u. uralthingi being exhibited; not to the crowd of beeuUei admiring them. Our fellow citi fk ^k,n hM ? owe of article* in bii line . *?? Joet, for good taste and rich new. will vie with any similar goods at the North It contains diamond pint, watohee of different descriptions, gold ornaments, gold and ailrer tableware, bronse ornaments, and hairwork, end, as a whole, shows that the basiness men of Washington are not outdone anywhere in the exquisite skill and iiehness with whioh their jewelry and fanoy goods are got up J Robinson's display of eloeks attracts de served attention, for it seems to embrace a specimen of everything manufactured by the eternal Yankee nation in the way of station ery time-keeper?; seme in cases rich enough to gratifv the taste of the family of wealth, while other*, equally good time-keepers are sold for prices as low as a dollar and a half. The ptanoe from the celebrated manufactory of knabe A Co , of Baltimore, art being greatly admired by the musical visitors of the F&ir? who constantly crowd around them and linger in inch throngs as to block up the pat ways next them. They are tbree in num her?a j?rani and two rquare pianos. They are really remarkable tor delicacy of touch and sweetness,and volume and richness of tone We do not wonder that this house have cai ried off the first prise at the two last annual exhibitions of the Maryland Institute, if they exhibited such instruments there. McGregor A Co., dealers in house furnish ing artisies, exhibit a beautiful and novel chamber arrangement flfr a bachelor, in the shape of what appeared to be a very rich wri ting desk and book case combined. Unfolded, and the whole work is done in half a minute by a single person, and it turns out to be a fine mahogany French double bedstead, with canopy (curtains,) mattress, bed. bolster and pillows, and a mahogany washstand contain ing all necessary chamber china ware, with towels, brush and eoap drawers, and apart ments for boots and shoes When folded up it embraces a convenient writing desk. We have before seen articles of the kind, but note so complete or so conveniently arranged. It should bo inspected by all who desire to note tho progress of the times in the really useful application of new methods and modes to man'a oonvenicnce and oomfort> Going ir Strong.?Willard'a was mctamor phised into Tammany Hall last night, as will be perceived from the proceedings of the so Tammany-ish meeting published below We do not know which of the apartments of this celebrated Washington hotel played "coal hole" for the occasion : JVew 1 'ork Appointment*?The Democratic citisens of New York now in Washington mst at W illards Hotel on Monday evening, pur suant to previous notice. On motion of Gen. Hiram WaJbridge, Ray Tompkins, Esq , was called to the Ch*ir, and James H Sherrill and R. B. Connolly ap pointed Secretaries Th* Hon Daniel B Taylor moved that the meeting now proceed to designate, by ballot, their preference for candidates to be presented to the President for appointment to the prin cipal federal ofiaes in the city of New York, which motion was carried; and Messrs. W. D. Kennedy and Michael Toumey were appointed tellers. Candidates were not permitted to t*ke any part in the proceedings. The tellers reported the whole number of votes 131. Tha follow ing named gentlemen having received the hJghest number of votes for the cffices desig nated, the programme was adopted as follows : Collector?Jacob A Westervelt. Postmaster?Isaac V. Fowler. Ludlow. Surveyor?Anson Herrick. Marshal?Isaiah Kytders, (unanimous.) Navy A?ent?Emanuel B Hart. Naval Storekeeper?W J Brisley. Superintendent of Aesay Offioe?Adam P Penti District Attorney? Joaiah Sutherland. On motion of Coroner Gamble, the officers weie directed to present a copy of the pro ceedings of this meeting to the President, and cause the same to be published in the Wash ington Evening Star, tho New York Herald, and the Ne* York Daily News. Captain Rynders being the only candidate who received the unanimous vote of tho meet ing, was called out, and made a very eloquent and a most appropriate speech; after which the company adjourned to the refreshment room, in the confident expectation that the reault of their proceedings will be adopted bv the President. ??? Tub Death or Asa M. McCormick ?A re port having gained circulation that this young man who died at (J o'clock last evening, came to bis end by his own hand, we deem it proper to give the following particulars : Mr McCormick was from Alexandria, Va , and has been for some time in the employ of Howell & Morse] 1 at their oil and lamp store, en C street, acting in the capacity of book keeper On yesterday week he was then ill, and has sinee been confined to his lodgings at Mrs. Stettinus's, on Louisiana avenue Yesterday, be was so much worse that Mr. Morsell thought it advisable to telegraph to McCormick s brother to come up, but before he reached here, young McCoruiiok, about 10 o clock a in , in a fit of temporary insanity, attempted to cut his throat with a rator, in flicting, however, but a slight wound. He was taken to the Infirmary, where he died about 6 o'clock in the evening, not through the wound upon bis throat, which was easily L dressed; but in tbe opinion of the attending ?)bysicians from effusion upon the brain. His "mains were taken to Alexandria this morn ag. A Mischief Maker.?To prevent imposi tion, we require marriage and death notices brought to us to be published to be endorsed by those offering them Nevertheless we are at times imposed on, as in the o*se mentioned below cf the fa>e notice of the carriage of a young lady of Fairfax county, as published in yesterday's Star: Washington, March 17th, 1S57. h htor of Star : I thoughtlestly sent you the marriage notice which appeared in your paper yesterday as a "joke " upon a young friend of mine without thinking for a moment of the impropriety of it. No one now more deeply regrets the act than myself. Please do me. and those concerned in the matter, the favor to announce in your paper to-day 'that no such marriage ever took plae#, and be as sured I shall never again be guilty of to cen surable an act Very respectfully yours, Ac , Z. Hunt. The Mechanics' Institute Fair continues to prosper handsomely, a success speaking well for the managers, and especially for the able Secretary, C F. Stansbury, E?q. Ou Wednesday there will be lively times at the i air, with the yUitatios of the nume* rvus children of the Public Schoels. The offi cers of the Maryland.Institute will visit it one dav this week. Objects of interests continue to arrive, and among the latest is the superb engine, from the manufactory ?f Corliss A Nirhtineale Providence, Rhode Island, which hSSffS long on its way , also of interest to tbe ladies is a tbree storied "self inflating Victoria skirt" manufactured in New York city, and deposi bel;eT? hJ th? celebrated Chevalier Wikoff. ??? United States Police Reports.?Before Justice Donn : Mathias Melick, who was committed to jail ?k S*turd*y tor farther examination under tbe charge of purchasing gcods, knowing the r?me to have been stolen, gave security loap pear before the Justioe on a subsequent day , investigation A further lot of fh.ATJ'v "b; r" "*for " ham arrMt?<l *>7 Officer Par an assault anH k Ct r8e of baring committed dismissed battei7 on Mr. Williams. Case h* sTAMAwThL' wel1 known work of art, by s B. Waugh, of Philadelphia, opens tonight at Odd Fellows' Hall li comas to us with the highest recommendations from the principal cities, and from the man ner in which it has been received throughout the country no doubt it will be well appre ciated and patronised by our citisens. SffFBRB Carriages.?See tbe advertisement in another oolumn of rockaways, buggies and light wagons, new and cheap, for sale by Gardner A Place, 643 Twelfth street, Ciimhial CotniT.?Jno A Simmoni. for mi liclons mischief, ?u sentenced to a;x montha' imprisonment in the coanty jell and fined fl. Thei ptnela of tlae Grand and Petit Juries were then called, when the death of Alexan* ?r. ^??rence, a most respectable member oi the *ar, was announced in a feeling Man ner by Judgs Crawford, and npon motion, in respect to the memory of the dceeaaed, the Court adjourned. .vSt' ***?*??? Dat.-The 17th of Maroh, the natal day of Ireland"! patron saint, has oome, but, Tmrmbxl* dictu, brings no tempeat in its train, but ia accompanied by the bright est of skiet and the blandest of atmospheres. The observances of the day in thia city are, we believe, mainly of a religious character. First Jolkp or tsb Ssajoh reached the btar Office this morning from the Kirk I wood House, surmounted bj a straw a? ii i ?tr*w?? California straw that would make a good pipe stem, if not a bean pole. The medi WM cot very hard to take, for it was cap A number of personal friends of Senator Douglas from the State of Maine, called upon that gentleman at his residence this morning, to pay their respects The interview was a very pleasant one to all conoerned. Almost a Firu ?A chamber In the Ebbett House caught fire this morning, and caused a terrible flutter among the many boarders in that extensive establishment. It was speedi ly extinguished with slight damage. Falsi Alarm of fire called out the en gines this morning. 0*s of th* peculiarieties of Fontaines Cream of Wild blower* is, that while it is so elegant for toilet purposes, such as washing, shaving, beautifying the complexion, ? j , it may be substituted for and saves the expense of perfumes and extraots. Sild by W !? tiilman. ' * A Voics of Warning ?At a meeting of the Jackjon Demooratic Association of the Sixth Ward, held on Saturday eveuing, the 14th instant, the following preamble and resolution woro unanimously adopted, and ordered to be published : VVhereas, lhe fact bas come to the knowl edge of thia Association, that petitions asking for the removal of competent and effioient Democratic public offiaers, and for the appoint ment in their stead of men professing to be Democrats, are now being actively circulattd by, and have received a large r umber of the signatures of, members of tha Know Nothing organization; and whereas we regard such tne*nsof bolst.ring up the applies:ions of pre tended Democrats for Executive favor as con ducing to a false expression of Democratic sentiment, as disreputable to the parties con cerned, as insulting to the appointing power, and as meriting tho strongest condemnation : Therefore? Kesolvrd, unanimously, That the membera of the Jackson Democratic Association of the Sixth Ward deem this a fit occasion, and a proper time, for the expression pf the senti ment that they are opposed to the removal of such faithful officers aa have, in every trial and emergency, proved true to the Democratic party; but they are earnestly in favor of, and think the urgency of the timis require' the prompt dismissal of those men wbo, fold ing positions of patronage under a Democratic administratien, have pro-tituted their trusts fc> promote the ends of Know Nothingism and .Black Republicanism. Attest: Thomas Aiktrmcs, Prea't. Leu. Gaddis, Sec'ry. U ICT Fair l- lowers are Fading la the ttar <tfu of il'e aronnd us, and drooping, our ?inighters fall by the roadside In the early .lawn of ax istence; the Consumption tntm, by one, And u**glect?d pvmphin* warn u? tu vain. When the alight tickling Id the t'nrjat, the dry ha<-k lng cough, admonlsbee, go and bay Mr*. Waiduer's In.l'in KaKam of Liverwort and Hoarh?n=(!; it enres ail sccb symptoms eLd averts the dre?de.1 disease whl:h claims its victims tbrugh their owu ntgle t. Messrs. Weeks * Potter, No. iM Washington street, Eoe ton, General Agents. ror sals by W. H. Oiiaiee C^ariea Nairn * Palmar, 2. I). Oilman, and by DrnggUta gan inarlO-lw. IU~Medicinal Liqnors.? Old Hennessey Brandy, vary snpsrl'r. ?!!! ul,rt W!?e' P?r? Imported for Invalids. Old cherry Wine. Old Kya Whiskey, warranted over ten yeara old For a*le lu ?Ieni'joLua and bottles, at OILMAN'S new Store, B"rl,-lw MO Pa. aT?l:u.. (17 Iwpertaat t? the Ladles!?Br. Da VONOO'8 F KM A Li. PILI.8.?Tfce combination of Isgredl ?nu in ths P11U are perfectly barmle^. Their effcae* aid merits are lased opos an extensive practice of over thirty 7*mr\* "i, wbw# the direction* Lsve been ? trlctlr fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irrerniaritlaa. relieve painful and difficult menatraation, i particularly lai tu? change of life, lhey will care the Whltoe, aud remove ^ 1 ' erlaiiig from cold, eiposnre or any senses; * may be used saccessfnily ?a ? Preventive. Oall upon tlie a^ant, and eat a Circular for pprtlcnlan free. Price |1 per boi, with full dlractlona. Sold whole?al? and 8Alirx[. B^Wt'lTSiUt Vra'i[^ 7lvantwv:n"^ a a a ? * ??-l< ^?T,!nth street, Waahlngtom O C : and R 8. T. OT99KI^ O^?rjou>wn; to wiom all order* meat be eent, and the Pllla will b? lent < onfldeuUally, by mall to la^la* wbo enclose them one dollar. "? ilgnata re on the box; tocounlarfei'.ll la for *rT' la s-tf ^ICTBrandreth'a Filla.-The Weak, the Ooueumptlve. Rheumatic, Oottira, Billon, and Oallcati after ?ome day's u?? will flnj renewed atreuj-.h and 111* po'rvade every orjan of their framee. Kvery wkll Vie blood f Tw'" ^ oommence In the artarlee and terminate !DJi D^'. m a 11 rat effect, act upon the ar terial blood lncre?.ii,c the circulation, by which impurities are depoelted In the velaa, and they throw off aurh collec tions Into the bowels, which orgoo, by the energy derived P,1U> then, from th. ay. ,? Vh? Brat used, the pills may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel worse ; this must be borne with for the rn-d to come afterwards No gr??t good Is often achieved wlthoct trouble lu lu attainment, and this rnle appllea to the recovery of health. Tlie.e eympuims only ocmr where the body has long struggled under a lo?d of Impure, tensions humor. A consecutive nse for a few days will aatlsfj the must uul-elievlijg of iue great good the pills are doing. The dlrectUiuj should be carefally stndtcd. If understood and follow*), health and rigir will, In a majority of cases, be se ccre l by the u?e of RiiANOUKTH'S Pliis " < ?"?' l??r box al 42 street, Brandreth Building New Tork; by T. W. Dy.,u A Hons, 1U north Second street. Philadelphia, and bj niedttlne dealers gener y*_ uovlj?tf MAKKtEU At Jack.on, Tenn , on the 25th ult , bv Kev J A. Hani-oil, Mr. JAMES M. COBUKN to Miss IKKiNE TUHLEY, daughtercf the lat"> Hon Wra B.Turley. * DUD, R ?m i?f ,lhV?ub lD8tant? DE.NMS K MI iLH KlL, la the 5 Kb y? ar of els te His funeral will taie place from his lafe resi dence', on 21 street emst, bHwt-a Ka?t Capitol street and A street north on Wedaeadav, the IBth Instant, at 8* o'clock a m. His friends and ac quiintanc?s are respectfully invited May he rtst In peacr. ' OntheUin inatant, JOHN SUITON.IntLe 63d year of hia a^e. On the 18th Instant, ROBERT, aon of Jarr.ei and M?ttle E. Stee.e, aged 7 monthsand ? days On the JS'.h Inttant, after a lonir and nalninl Illness WILKINSOfJ G. WlL^IAMS^r , n the 'ivd year of his age ' ?,' Lbe ^anQ,l7 J<re requested to tt tend the funeral from his farher'a residence on ?'VVbetween ?th and 7th streeta, To Mo row, (Wednesday) the lfeth, at 3 o'clock p m # oaitii? ]^Ji^?t\#t/0'clocka m - mar dau'h,er Joba ^,15*. frlfnd" relatives of the family are In ,i m L r erat Tc-Morrow evenlp? at4o clock. Lost and Pound. |t OUND ?ON THE liiTH INSTANT, A I small HAY HOK8E, In good order, and without bridle. The owner wilt call on J P. HKNN1S, coach-Maker, ftth etrett, pay chai-'ea! and take him away. ' TEH DOLLARS REWARD " ^JTRAY HORSE.-A SMALL BAY HORSE ^5 well co dillobvd, escajw d on the night f7v < t the Wth Instant, with saddle. wbr-yJ>5^ t-ver will return said Horte, or give inforuMtjou wi.ere be may be fonnd, shall receive the above re ward R. O. FOX, Columbian College. DC., Mth atreet. mar 17-3t* I ^T??N SATURDAY AKTKKNOON, A ^ Calf ^kin FOCKKT BOOK, containing ac Cfpuinren and note<, al*o mein irandums, Ac., of person but the owner. Aa the pay hV1^'a ?t?PPe<*? the finder will juit m a by r<:Virn,n2 ttieiame to Mr. Jl)'. ham, Capl'Ql Hill mar L?i7?r HU. WA0KR*N'iS.-One No. *8,. ??";?i"djQ" *-18S6' >? ?'o, of .i? 'k*i!?i??IAt"10" '? all persons are warned against purchasing these, as application will be made t?the Fensloa cfflce for duptIrate* K F. C. TRIPLETT mar ll-la?0we ??? MULES ! *1 !! Of) HEAD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST arrived from Kentucky, and wiiiva. be sold on accommo^atln< terms by ap. pllng to HENRV Bi RCil, at hla Lively Stable, corner of 1) and 14th strwtvfiUa& Washing ion, D C. JOHN UAVlaON Mas ?WK S'aXK~X prime let of seaaonod PIN E WOOD at S3 31 00 w^arf. adjoining the Flah Whaif, Georgetown, D. C. mvU-Sf APOTOMf BAIM. A !U1 ?* Aoctio?. 11 ? m ^ !l>e ,lth 01 April proximo, at JJL k. ?u ?w!55fd wU1 wH,? on ?*?e preml o?AO ? # w . ' hU B LA DEN F \K M, 5H?aSaS??'? Citv Colombia Turnpike to Washington For foil partleulors concerning this farm im an advertisement la another column of the star desiring to Tiew the premises can reach them by Inquiring at Bailey's X Roads at the junction of {be Turnpike? mentioned above, or at ? >< Hoada, on the road leading from 6eoree town Ferry from which Ferry the Bladen Farm la * miles distant. Terms of aa e: One-third rash, on thedellvery of the deed, and tha balance iaeqnal Instalments on 1 atd x years time, with Interest. A warranted dfed given and a deed of trust takeu to secure the defared paym-nts. mar '? \V D. WALLACH By JAS. C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer.

Blue* and STONE of THE Natleaal Theatre at Fablic Aactlsn On FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th. at 4 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell tb# entire lot of Brick and stone standing in toe walls and stacked up In front of the National Theatre comprising about 600 Ouu brick atd large quantity of blue rock In the foundation. Offsra for the above at pri?ate sale will be en tertain* d, the brick sold bv roeasur- ment In the walls and taken down by the purchaser A credit of two and foiir months will be given, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar 17-d JA8 C. McGUIRE, Auct By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome building lot on 4u street, near Maryland avene. at Auc. Hen.?t>n MONDAY, the 2:<d Instant, 1 shall sell, at 4 o'clock p m . in front of the premises, Lot No. 13, in square No Jt4, having a front on 4^ street, of 4tt ieet, between Maryland avenue and south C street, tunning back 115 feet to a ao f et alley Terms : One-third ca*h ; balance In 6, 12 and IS months; the uurohascr to give notes fortae deferred payments, beating interest from tie d .v of aale. A detd given and a deed of trust taken. mar 17-d A. GREbN, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome and eligible build. lag Lat near the 1'apitsl, at Aactlea. On MONDAY, the 231 instant, 1 shall rell, at 5 o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, a very handsome Buildlog Lot, being pjrt of Lot No 2, in sq jare No. 7?1, having a front of 31 feet ten inches on sojth B street, between Pennsylvania avenue and yd street east, with a depth cf one hundred and thirty ?ix feet one inch, to a thirty feet alley ' This handsome property Is near the residence or K Beall, Etq., and near the Capitol Tetms : On^ cash; balance in 6, 12 and IS months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing Intere t A deed given, and a dfed of tiust taken. All conveyance ?.t the cctt of the purchaser mar 17-d A. OREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome a n d bearvy^kw Honsebald aud Kitchen Furniture at Auction.?Oa FRIDAV, the 20th inMar.t, I shal< sell, at the residence of Mrs Gage, at the Webster Hcus?, r.eit to the Unitarian Church cn Louisiana avenue, at 10 o'clock a. in., an ex cellent assortment cf Furniture, viz: Mahogany spring seat Sofas and Chairs Do Centre, Sofa, and other Tab es Do French and Cottage Bedtteads Do Dressing and ether Bureaus, aid Wasl.stands Mahogany marble-top Wash Cloaets and Stands Cherrv Kxteution Dining Table Iron Hat R' ck, Wn.rdrooes and Closets Cane seat Oak Dlaing Chairs Brocatelle Window Curtains atd Shades Fe th?r Beds, Hair and other Mattresses, Bed ding China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Castors, Girandoles, Looking Gl-sses Large lot cf Stone China Toilet Sets Brussels, Tnree-ply, and other Carpets OUe'otB, Matting, Hearth Rugs,and Mats Coikipg Range, Radiotor, Air-tl?tt and other Stoves Stair Hods, Shovel and Tongs Also, a gool lot of Kltchtn Requisites. Terms cash. A. GnEEN. mar l7-3t Auctioneer. By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer Peremptory silk of valuable Property in the First Ward.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, March 18, at 5 o'c'ock. on the premises, 1 shall sell to the high est bidder, Lot No. 4, in Square No 80, fronting 63 feet 7 Inches on north F, between 91st and -^2d streets w*#?,;uinlog back*58 feet SU inches, con taining 8,!8J square feet. Also, Immediately after the above ? Part of Lot No. 11, in Square r?o *0. fronting 34 f<* ,6 Inches on north F, between 85th and 2fii? streets, running back 76 feet, containing 2,5e0 square fee', and all of Lot No W, ume square, fronting 54 feet# Inches on same street, running back 115 feet to a thirty feet alley, containing 4.9b7squ>re feet, with the lmprovemmts, ccu slating of two smill frame DweUing Houses. Terms: One-third ca*li; the resiauein six and twelve month*, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. mar 16-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct By ?. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni. ture at Aactian.?On WEDNESDAY, the 1? h instant 1 shall sell at the residence of a gentleman declining r.ousekeeping. No. S3?j 6th street, belwte.i M and N streets north, an excel lent assortment ef fr umlture, v'z : Mahogany Sofa, Parlor Cheirs,and Rocker Do Dre?slrg Bureau Do marble-top Centre and other Tablet Painted Cottage Set Maple and other Beds eadsind Stands Wardrobe, care end wood-seat Chairs Lounge, flee hair and other Mattresses Looking Glasses 3-piy, ingrain, and atalr Carpets and Rods Cooslng, Radiator, ana other Stoves With a good a?sortment of Kitchen Requisites. Ternis: Under #25, cash ; over ?25, a credit of tfO and 90 day?, for notes satisfactorily erdors?td bearing interest. A. GREEN, Jtir l4-'JtT}TAW Auctloiietr. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE AT THE MA KINK 15 ARK ACES by order af the Oaartermaster. ? - On THURSDAY', the )9fh instant, 1 >hall, at 14 o'clock m , at the Marine Barracks, in nasniiis ton, D. C , at public auction? Lot of Carpet, lot of Oilcloth Cast-iron Platos and Grates 1 Cooking Stove and fixtures 4 i Woollen Pants, 31 Woollen Jackets 5 Uniform Coats ?J Fatigue Caps, 16 Linen Pants. Terms cash. A GREEN, roar 13-d Auctioneer. GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late Arm of Knaiik Gakhlk A Co ,) (CONTINUES THE MANUFACTURE AND J sale of grand and square PIANOg FORTES, under the name of Wiiiiaml j Knabe A Co , at the old stand, Nos 1,3,5 and 7 ! North Eutaw street, opposite the Eutaw House, ' Baltimore I They have also just opeoed a new Sales Roam | at No 207 Baltimore street, between Charles and j Light stre ts, on the premises partly occupied by i Mr. Henry McCatt'e y aa a music| toro, where i they will keep constantly on hand a larga assort j ment of plain and highly flnishel grand and I rquare Piano Fortes; flso. Melodecns, from the best makers from 4 to 5-octive, some with double key-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches j Being extensively engaged in the manufacture : of PUuos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (pold medal) at the Fairs of the Maryland Instl ? tut? t o successive years-October. l!?3, and j 1856?la opposl'lon to fourteen and eighteen pi | anos from some of the best makers Lorn New i York. Boston, and Baltimore We were also , awarded the first premium at the Industrial Ex hibition held in Richmond, Virginia, 1855 and I ISM. I In addition to this we are in possession rf tes tinionlals from the most distinguished professors atd amateurs In the < ountry, which can be seen , at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and j others of the high appreciation in which our In struments are every were held i All Instruments are guaranteed fcr five years, and a prlvaiege of exchange Is granted within the flnt six months from the day of sale If the in struments do not give entire satisfaction. W holesale dealers will find It to their advantage to give us a call b: fore purchasing. I Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. I * ' WM KNABE A CO. \rr Three of these superior Pianos, two square 7-octaves and one grind 7-oct*vt s, sre now on exhibition at the" Metropolitan Me hanics' In stitue Fair'' In this city. The public Is respect fully Invited to call and Judge for themselves mar 16 j NOTICE?NOTICE. I HAVE A FEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET 8HT8 on hand, wl.ich I wish to?Jfn close out, and wl<l sell at cost. Also, OOB-HUf LETS and other G LASS WARE, that mnstSg? be so d praparitory to a change In my business All that want to buy cheap, please call at No 900, between fch wd 10th ?teeu, Penn. avenue feb l7-?m JOHN MoDEVlTT. AUCTION1 BiLBB. By CR L. C* OWN * CO., Auctioneers WK WILL SELL, ON MONDAY AFTER NOON, the vth of March, at3 o'clock, with out reserve, four Frame H-uses, containing s * rooms each, situated on */th. between O and H streets 1 aland, with right of allay back TKle Indisputable. Sale positive. Each house now under rent of eight aad nine do) lain per month Terms: One-third, caah , balance In IS and 16 months, with note* satisfactory endorsed, bearing interest from the day of tale C. R L CROWN * CO , mar 3- [Intel] Auctioneers. U^Tbe above sale has been pe?*M?*?l until SATURDAY, the 14th March, same hour and place. C. R. L. CROWN A Co , nur 10-d Auctioneers. U/" The above sals is postponed ac count of the weather until TUESDAY AFTER NOON. March 17th, at 3 o'clock. jaar 14 C R L. CROWN * CO., Auct*._ By BARNARD A BUCKKY. Auctioneers. Horses, milm, cows.corh, Fa m *?**??*?? Wagsns, Ac., at Auction? On WtDNKgDAYjbthlMt , at 1** o'clock a m , at the Farm of Mr.Tbrogmorton, In Montgomery county, about six miles from Georgetown, be tween the Old Kockville snd River Roads, t ear the farms of A. Naylor, Esq , and Ttoa McCub bln, Esq , he will sell the intlra stock on tbe Farm. ?Ve name in part? 1 pair first rate Mules, 4 good Horses 1 yoke young well broke Devon Oxen Devoa Co*s. about 70 barrels of Corn Wheat and Rye Straw, Potatoes, Poultry Buggy and Harnesa Wagons, Carts, Ploughs, and other Tools Wheat Fan, Cutting Box, Cradles. Fcythes Axes, Wedges, Chains, Bearing, Ac., Ac. ALSO? 40 ccrds of Wocd. 2toO Ralls 5 id oak aud cedar Pests, Wheat in the ground W 1th a large lot cf oth'-r implements and articles not here mentioned Term* liberal, and made known at sale, mer 16 2t BARNARD A BUCKKY, Aucts. By J AS. C. McGUl RE, Auctioneer HOUSEHOLD VVRNITIRK AT PUB lie Auction.?On WEDNESDAY morn ing. March lbth, at 10 o'clock, 1 shall sell, by virtue of a deed cf trust, duly recorded, Ac , tl?e furniture and eflVc's in the double brick h< use on the we?t side of 1.2th at., between F and G sts. north, vlx: Walnut and mahogany hair spring Sofas, Rock era Rosewood rrarHe top Table, gilt frame Mlrmr Oak cane ?eat Chairs, rcut Tables Wirdnw Curtains, Shades M antel Ornaments Three-p?yand lograln Carpets, Rug* Bronze H'ai Tree, Oilcloth In hall aud on Stairs Mahogany Sideboard Dining and Side Tables Granite tea and dinner Ware, Table CuUery Castors, Silver plated Spoons and Forks, Glass ware Single and double cottage Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, WksbMands Hair and fcn?k Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Bankets, Quilts, Spreads, Sheeting Ct amber Carpets, Looking Glasee* Clocks, Toilet Sets. Stove* Cooking Stove aud Flx:ur?s Together with a general assortment of household and kitchen PurnLure Terms: S'<d5 and nr.der, cash: over that sum a credit cf 2, 3, and 4 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing inteiest. P. ft ?The House is for rent, inquire of the undersigned. THOB J. FISHER, Trustee, mar 13-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OF SUPERIOR BOLSEIIOLD Fnrmture at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY MOKNING, March 18, at 10* o'clock,! shill sell at the residence cf the Hon Israel Washburite Jr ,in Blagden's Row, nearly oppo site tbe City Hall, between 3d and 4% streets, a superior collection cf Household Furniture, con sisting in pa" cf? One e;egaat Rosewcod Parlor Suit, covered with crimson brocatel Roseword Centre Table, marble top Large French-plats Mantel Minor, Walnut Eta & 0T0 Fine Walnut Parlor Commode. Whatnot Walnut t xtension Dining Table, Walnut Side board French China, Crockery, and Glass wars Plated Cas or, Table Cutlery Block-tin Chcflrg Dishes, Coffee Biggin Fine Silver plate-4 Covered Dishes Lounge, L:bra;y Table Cane and wood-seat t hairs Set of Cottage and Chamber Furniture Walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaus Wardiobes, Waskstands. Tolto Sets Superior curled hair and other Mattresses Fine Feather bolsters and Pillows French and Cottage Bedheads Cane-seat and mahogany Rockers Bidding, Carpeting. Oilcloth Kitchen Furniture, Cooking Requisites, Ac The esptclalattei ticnof Housekeepers Iscalled to this sale, as tbe Furniture is of superior qual ity nnd in < xcellent condition, having been in use but a few months Terms: and under, cash; over 825 sixty and nlnetv days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar 13-d C. W. BOTELER, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers Household and kitchen fur si. lure. ? On THURSDAY, the ifi.h instant, we shall sell, without reserve, at store No 41? Pern, avenue, between 3d and street*, south side, commenclne at 10 o'clock a. m , a large and handsome assortment of Hoiue Furnishing Goods, consisting In part of? Mahogany Sofas, Tete s-Tete, and Lounges Do Chairs, arm and nurse Rocker* Do Tables, W ashstanes. Bedsteads Cane and wood-seat Chair*. Clocks flocking Classes, Racks. Mats Toilet Sets, Knives and Forks. Carvers P'&ted T^a-tafcle and desert Spoons and Forks Castors, lluid, oil, and other Lamps W alters, Trays, Vases Solar Lamps, Cut s and Saucers China Tea Sets, Dec>tuter* Siop and Foot Jars, Dusting Brushes Tumbiers, Goblets, Pitcher* Cjearn and Sugar Dishes, Tureens Comprteet", coppcr and ether Saucepans French Griddles, Gas Cooklnr Stoves Also, a large assortment of House Furnishing Goods, which will be soid without reserve Terms < f sale: AII sums under $30,cash ; over 830 a credit of uo 60 anu 5*J days, for notes en dorsed, bearing interest WALL, BARNARD A CO , inar 13-dts Auctioneers. By JAS C. McGUiRE. Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef. fActs at Auction .?On THURSDAY MORNING, March 19th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Lieut Ives, U 8 A., No 4t?I Sev enteenth street, between H and I streets north I shall sell all his Furniture and Efl'.ct*, compris ing \\ alnut carved hair spring Sofa Rockers and Parlor Clialrs Walnut Seer* tary and Whatnot Centre, sof<t and rout Tables Walnut lestlier-covt-red reclining Chair Gas Chandeliers and Fixture* throughout tie house A few fine Oil Pelntiars Velvet, Brussels and other Carpe's, Rugs Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Walnut extension dining Table, Sideboard China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Can? and wood seat Chairs. Clock Walnut Dressing Bureas, Washttands Looking Glsese*, Chintz Curttlns Hedstead* Wardrobes, Crib Hair aud Husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Superior Refrigerator, Chamber Stoves Cocking Stove and Fixtures, Ollclrth. tcc Together wl'.h a general anwoTtment rf household and Kitchen Requisites Terms: *25 and under. < ash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and VO days, forsstlsfactorll) endorsed notes, bearing interest. mar 16-d i. C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome two-sfoky and attic Brit k House aid Lot M Auction.?On FRIDAY, the vOth instant, I shall sell, at 5 o'clock p m , in frost of the premises, a hand some two-story and attic Brick House, containing nine go ^d and conveniently arranged Room* and Passage, with Stable and Carrl^ge-house attach ed, and the lot on which it stands, being west part of Lot No ?, In Square No. 324. ha vine a from on North C street of twenty-nine feet one Inch, between 11th and 12th streets west, running back to a wide alley. Terms: One-hair cash; balance In aix and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale A de-.d given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable, and sale peremptory, as the owner is going to leave the city. mar 14-d A. * KEEN, Auctioneer^ By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CiUALL ARM NEAT FRAME H??USK ?5 aad Lot on North I, between 12th nnd 13th streets nt Auction?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, March 18th, st & o'clock, on the Remises. 1 shall sell subdivision A, In square o 2S5 fronting 13 feet on north I. betw.en 12th and 13:h streets, running back 43 feet 6 laches, with the Improvements, consisting of a two-story Frame Dwelling House, containing seven rooms. Title indisputable. Terms: One half, cash ; the residue la six snd twelve months, for notes satisfactorily secured, healing interest. J. C. McGUIRE. mar 13 Auctioneer. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRBSS. ?order in Boston Beirow, March 14.?Mr Waldo Wooda waa Ciund mortally woanded at the south part of the city this morning, and after btlof taken to the station boat* died Tha amrdera U un known _____ A Church Burned at ProvUeeee Provijhircb, R l., March 15th -Graoe Church, (B.ehop'g Clark'a,) la this etty, took tire on Saturday afternoon from tha air box of ona of the furnaoes, and waa damaged to tha amount of S5 000 Tha damage la fully ??? ered by insurance. Western Emigration Kt. Loria, March 16.?la consequence of tba Hicreased travel west two passenger trains were put on tba Pacific railroad to-day, eoa necticg Jefferson with the lightning lino steamers for Kansas Tha Kanaaa emigration, thus far for thia saaaon. equals anything known in tbia country before. Gov. Oaary nod hia aecretary, Dr. Qwina. arrived here yesterday an route for tha Kaat Tha Newfoundland Fisheries St. John's, Newfoprdlaiid, March 14 ? The advices brought by tha English mail that the Englith government had antared into a convention with Franca to transfer to that power the Newfoundland fiaberiaa created an intense excitement bare, and a general meet ing of all classes waa oallad. Tha stores and ?hops and other places of business ware elosed durirg the meeting, and tha British flag was everywhere placed at half-mast, union down. In some places a black flag waa hoisted. Tba resultof the meeting waa a determination that the wrong shall not be perpetrated. The leg islature and the commercial classes are send ing petitions to the tjueen. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Maroh 17.?Flour is dull and drooping; Howard street (5 75**5 87. Wheat is dull and unchanged; white tl 55a SI. 80; red Sl.38afl.42. There is a brisk har ness in corn, and prices ara somewhat better, but unsettled. Whisky is steady at JGJa27e. Hew York Markets. New York, March 17 ?Flour is Arm; sales of 10,000 bbls ; State So 8~aS6.06; Southern S-> 50a$? 80. Wheat ia very dull; sales are nominal Corn ia heavy; sales of 10,000 bofhals; mixed 71<*. Pork is a trifle lowar; mer? 524 10. Beef is unchanged; repacked Chioago $16. Lard is buoyant; sales in bbls. at 141c. Whisky itflrm; Ohio 26ia27o. Financial. Now York, March 17 ?Stocks firmer' Chi c ICO and Rock Island 105; Illinois Ceutral shares 137; Do. bonds 102; Michigan Southern 73$; New York Central 89$; Pennsylvania Coal Co . 96; Reading 80|; Missouri 6's 84. Sterling exchange firm at 108 a 10di. MONET TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCIKS, JKWELKY, GUNS, PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, feb 14a Pa av , opp Browns' Motel. NO TICK. All taxkb for the ykar lose re. malnlrg unpaid, must be settled by the 1st of Acrll. After that date 1 wlllproreed to dls raln without respect to persons Delinquents wrou d do well to attend to this, to save tn able ai d ex pense. C F. BUEKFLL. Tax Collector. Gxorsstown, D. C , March 3d, 1867. mar 4-1 me JUST ARRIVED AND FOR BALE?.30 head of Weatern Virginia HORShB, some vtry fine stdd'e ana harness Hnrsee A*-> among them, superior to any ever In this market. Purchasers will plese five me a call, as the above will be disposed of at fair prices and on accom modating terms. W C. HaZKL, Beali street, between High and Congress Also, one thorough bred SfALLION, wbich can be br ught very low m?r 11-lw NO WASHINGTON MANUFACTURED silver WARE ON exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Fair, but every description o/flee Ml %er Ware can be seen la process of mar.ufuctur log, st H. O. HOOD'S, mar 13 333 Penti. ave. near Pth st POK BALK. BK1N8 ABOUT TO RhNOVK FROM Nor folk. I sin desirous of selling the "MtWI," together with the JOB OFFICE F^r Information in regard to the condition of :he establishment, address Mr. Cha>les J.Ost, Dally News Office, and for term** etc , BAKER P. LbE Jr , mar 7-8aw4w Richmond. Va FOR MOUNT VERNON, ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRI DAY. THE STEAMER THOMAS COLLYF.R wltt make three trios each week to v MOUNT VERNON, '-rffiifclHfY Washington at 9 a m , ana Aleianan* at . J ZT" Boat's fare, round trip, from Wash teflon ?1? from Alexandria 75 cents Coaches leave the Capitol at 8#, and pass cp :he Avenue to 12th street Fare lu cents Persons wishing the Coaches will leave their resMer-e nt ?*eo A Thos. Parker A Co 's Store, feb 24-TThfcStf SPRING GOODS. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A BPI ENDID assortment of BONNETS, RIBBONS,, nl FLOWERS, all of the very la est lm-j Crtatlons and best styles. Also, i of half wire Bonnet Frames, which l*wUTaeU low tn ml liners I have also on hind a large itockof Embroideries, comprising, In part, hanc - inrne Swiss and Cambric Setis, ?wl?s Collars rrnm 50 cents to 915. Swiss and Cambric Kuf fling, Swiss and Csnibrie Edgings, all of which I promise to sell verv cheap for rash MRS. R G. ETCfc ISON, No 14 Market Sparc N. 1> ? I would respectfully lnfcrm it v cus tomers who have not clcaed thtir January ac counts that an early settlement Is desirable, as 1 would llkn all January bills settled before ntw ones are opened mar 14-lw MRS. R. 6 ETCHISON. BONS.-jt est im.ytl! a large n w I'ARRIAHtS, CARRIAGES,CARRIAGES 11 H E SUBSCRIBERS HAVE NOW ON . hand, for sa! eat low prices, a good rjSSjL, suvortmeat of new KOCKAWAVS, BUGGIES, LIGHT WAGONS, Ac , Ac , to which thev respectfully invite the attention of those wishing tn purchase good and durable Ve hlcl* s. They also have on band several second hand Kockaways, Ac , which they offer very low for cash. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing GaKD.NER A PLACE, nrar 14-?t 553 ltk street CARD. ISAAC HERZBER6, I LICENSED PAWNBROKER, Will loan In sums to suit, on any articles r?f value No 449 Pennsylvania aveaae. between Id and J# streets. jan 7-eo3m* THE SERV1CK V F T H K UNITED States.?Register of ottcers and agents, 2lvil. mi liary, and naval, in the service of the United States: together with all the salaries and emoluments derivable from rverv office In the gift of the President. Price S3 to. Mailed fre? on receipt of S4 The Uniud States Consular System; a manual for consuls, and also for merchants shipowners, and maatrrs In their consular transactions; com prising the inntractions of the Deparlmtnt of State in regard to consular emoium*rU, du:'?s, privileges, and liabilities Price S4 50 In rioth; naif bound morocco S3. Mailed free oa receipt of ^5 rents tn addition to ths price of the book Published by TAYLO# a MAURY, mar 13 Bookstore near ?ihstreet. AC A R D.?ATTENTION IS RESPECT fully called to the extensive sale oi valuable Cl?y Lota, Farm, and goarrv Lots belonging U? tbe estate of the late Wm E?sbv, commencing on MONDAY AFTERNOON, March lfh. at 3 o'clock, at the Auction Kooms, and continuing each succeeding day, at that hour, until the whole is disposed of. mar 14-di13ih J C Mc6L'lKE,Auct A GOOD CHANCE. WOOD AND COAL TAHD FOR SALE The subscriber being abrnt to leave the city will sell out his Wood and Coal Verd en the mo*t reasonab.e terms I will sell stock and erery tfclng. Inst a* it is, or the good will ef the Yard oflc?, wharf, Ac , just as the purchaser mayd^ aire There ii no better stasd la tke ?eooo<i Ward and under ve*v cheap rent AWMf ? * ? T. Wl'son, next to the Fouadry Church oo l?ta sueet, between G and New Ye?k avesue. sueet, bet mar 16-lw t^AN'T RKIP THIN OTKR ?Ce aJHods, ' Coal Sifters, Firs Standards, Shovel aed Toags, Andlroes, Ac. As the swea ts nearly over they w4ll be soid low. ? FRANCie, am 8 ** Seventh atf