Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. G, FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1857. NO. 1,302. THE EVEltllfQ STAB If fftUBHIO ITUT iVTUIlOOR. (MICMPT BUND AT,) AT TBB STAR BUILDINGS, Comsr ?/ inwm mU 11 (A rfrssl, By W. D- W ALL 4CH, Sa???8SRsr sec ??* p2^*tf*PT* 22?* 1wTck^9" ff-iVb.**S1'il^*!!i-".g " "O"-** 0" tkr4 S*oSLTJSSk. ?oottj uititugi t^9iN6LB COPIES ORB CBNT DIUISTil D*. ITIPHIN IAILT, Office Ha, 196 r?wiriraita Atih*, Tkr? dser* frtn 14(4 itrtK. DV^I ^ *?**? to la*or? tk? public can be ?fx>a at ail hour* at his office ' T??' prsotleo, with tho large ?u?** of paUeoto, and *reet variety of dlRsuit w?!2lPa h? kM trea'-?d sa:c**afullv, wiU enable surmount any dlRculty. sjleatlfl- m oth. ?rwlte, ndatlag to the Teeth HI* own expert ence coatrmng the oplnloa of muiy men VmV Beat la tne profoMlin, and e.poclaUy Ore Hairls and J and Ii P irmly, has led htm Ion* si ice 5?-?l an mercurial fnpM&fff fl&S Teeth, alo all hnaras.*, Qatta Parens indra Rubber, and CemeaU for tne constructive of Uon tlnu us *3um Teeth, and that Porcelain, nonn'a I eaa6?M wori'f' W*? ??'T re:1*bl* s'Jbstan-e that . . 7?*" 1 Vth' ?oethf aa wan moat conclu watlon lh* *** Amerlc*a Dental Con Altaoa^h be flute* himself that from hi* Ions SnTifanVSf, 1?^" lB be la f? ? if Baf????s mend* and pa iron*, ne hag* leave to refer theaa to the fohowinc TESTIMONIALS Prsas >k? l*U Baetor of lb* Chuck of Bplphaay af elty Pr lwaai *au.t: D~r s-r?I 4Mn to txprmm m, ?f?r^t!oa? uinM for a? fcAve b an 1 ^P* lh*1 'oa ?**y raeaiTa the patron 7 frt**<U?'? "?? ?k*t roar .kill io w."i w \ ^ T#?r? ?MJ l, uly, ajjhi M. iaM_ j. w. raavoa. From oMortt oU?t grm. |a Balttasoro, Maaara. Bo??. _ . Ootnaan too. .sssrsss ,'^s.rsnii' TTj* ?*??.* .*!*/_*: >??? to ?T ? .Ur. MWNita^ ? f* ? T ??? 9f Ui KB<M( 4UtiMBl4i.fl ?r **>"??>'?. r-Kl^S- vt ?rin, t? perform the work ?*t.jfic orllr It aua of au profMataaal skill ?alMmori, Jaaauj U, 18S7. HaEMaNN BOO?9. ?strict from a vHi r?c?4rs<1 Trom tha lata Boa. John kt Clayto*. th. . . D- 8 3A??aat 1?, tu?. k.?7. ? W0rk ?^?1'akly; DothUf rould b? b?Mar. Tarj grataTaily, JO?S( U. CLATIUK. T" r#"*' ?? of tb? taatb I ? 7 ra?y?*?a94 Dr. 8. B .lly, aa a anparior Don I ' ?? ??'??s?to'p?>rc?laio ta?Kh firon* of my f4mtly aad planwl sav^ral ta^tk tor myaoif. aoi tha work ku *11 ^ wall for aira th?a ton yaara. BOBEKT T. XIXOX A* 11 lS^lUaT* ?*at*t*ae* ot ** * * Charek B >aih. Wa, tkaaa^ar*l(Tia-1. haTlng h?4 oceaai?a to ?v?fl onr?-lre? ??ZSrntm:"^* ?wn ?* Dr *?' ?'r?a->a D.nM.t, of ,?'y; or.h*TloS ??*nl?.nt of bU oparftMnni on oar Mallto* or frtoods ia? p Miara !? aipraaaiuf oar t.lralra Woo of tala ortiatle aklll. u wail ?* of tba aallOrmly attlahe aory m.naor la wht?a ha p?rf*rM tbo i?oat dollcota ao ! d f ^?U ftatgary; ?nd wa raapoctfW.y ro 10'l1* *70?<*??<?? ?ad p?tronM? of t?a pablic ; ? co?ft4v h!m ^oi'neotlf wortbr. THOMAS tJ. WaLTBB, JOS. H. BBADLKT, Arckttoet p a CWpCol. of W>aMn{ton. D. C. r 90*as, m. 0., oeoboe waltom. ? a mnrnZil"? fc _ Bx Oorarnor of Ftorida. ' ^ ?0???B. M. D.. WALTBB LBNOX, ?i a i n?r^??lJe^"?? D' *?ror of Wa?kla?to*. ?. 8. LIMCULB. M. O.. HENSY BALDWIN, ? ^ 9 C r Offlca. 2* C. WISHr. Principal BJttaohoaaa Araiasay. W-tf DR. V1LLAAU, UaBUit. Late or Chicago, WOULD RKUPKCTFULL'/ INFORM the oi^lxena of the District and Tlelalty. that havlni( located hlmtelf Ln Wa?hl <gton, he la aew prepared to perform all operations, In hi* profeaalon. in the most approved style " ORoeNo. 230 Penn. arenoe, adjoining Gaa tlw'? Janft-iy DR. MUMSON. AT J3B PKNN'A AVbfMUK, la Btlll irukiax lhase beaatlfal eoeUaaons SUM TEETH, called Alleo'a Patent, for the exoeliency of CTrWf which ever all ether style* of teeth, many now wearing them la this city, will cheerfully roach. There la one Dentist la this city wholes been in/rtaglag the patent, aad made a bed Imitation V*~?5 whom I hereby canttoa the public henerer a Dentist speak* agalnat Alien b Patent Continuous Ram Teeth, when enitrs(ttd, It 1* because he 1* ignorant of the process, incompetent to make the work, or ?B^a will lag to pay for the pateat. je l?-tf DR. C. S. GDOOflAN, Vaatlst, aad Slaaofactarsr ef Artificial ?U Taeth. flBOSK WHO AKt SO DNFORTUNATK as to require ArtlAcUi Teeth will /gnk ^?ay (without aay nonaense or ham b?g{err,) Teeth set apon a metallic -uTTiff base or plate Ma erials pate and properly coa structed as being superior to all other mode* Tbd varloaa op^rauoas of Dentistry faithfully and prnp^riy execa ed Tender Teeth rendered useful fjr life, by aew metoa. Teeth extracted oarefu ?y, easily, and skillfully 1ZT OR* corner of 8ih s.reet and Pa. avenue, fsb 7-3 m Re. 367 Pa ave., eppeslte ilatieaal Metal. JOlAS P. LE T, IHFOBTCB AND DBALBB IB FIBS WUSS, BEARD I *8, tiEOCEaiM, AHD C I 8 A R 8 , 1LJAS lR STORE A VERY CHOICE AS MM sort meat of Champagne ln qa*rt* and pin s, IXL; and Tretan de Bau*ey, ana other desiraole Brands; Braady la cask and bottiM, Vintage Rams of all Eludi; Whlsifys lt#l# to 105a; Hollaed Ola of a 1 kladlki a mm Claret Wlaee of all brands Barguadye do do Saturn* do do Sherry do Ao Maderla do do Port do do Oermaa do do fl?-B do de Italian do do H ungariaa do do Kagllsh Ale aad Porter of all braads Cigar* do do Cordial* do do C?ea* A Blaekweil's Loadoa Pickle* and Preserve* ef all kind* CoRee. Sugv, Tea*, Ac , Ae *7 Peaa avenue, opposite National Hotel. MaO-ly JONAS P. LBVV. GIFTS! GIFTS! ??? worth sa*A ? Patent Eng Lever Sold W?tche*..?loo 0u 1<N Patent An hor Lever (18 k case) Sold Watches 30 00 MR SU*er Leplne Watches, warranted... 12 00 *9 fc**x Blags and breastpins u 0-? *<0 Gold Bracelets 10 00 fA>0 Cold Lockets, (large slxe and double' CBse 1000 1 ?!^ 20li ??*? 3 A. I*2i! 202 pPenc^ * *0 1,0$J Sold Pens, with Silver Pencils t 5 ?J2 201f :: IS? Rests* Heavy Oold Kln? 2.0 1,000 Ladles' Ooli Breaatpta? i ?! 3,000 Bents' Bold Bosom Pins ... Ti 1,*? Pocket Knive* I fx 1,300 Pocket Knives ..7.7.7." S 80j tient*' Bold Bosom staAds, or Sleeve"* Buttons, (cholee) , ^ 1.200 Pair* Laite*' Bold Ear Drop* .] vn 3,000 61ft Books... bo 10,000 Pairs Pocket Sc issors IT 10,000 Mlnlatar* Rift Books or Prints. . m 2,350 Pen Knives or Lots of Stationery! 2 Will be presented to the purchasers of Books at PBILBAICK'3 GIFT BOOKSTORE, utd^r Dezter's Hotel. See alga of Gift Bookatore Call stock of BOOKS and PRESENTS, aad get catalogues lebtH-tf CHBAP PIANOS-FOR SALE OR REN I very low. Some of them but little nsod, and are greet bargains. Also,^^^^W twenty n?w and benotlful Piano* fr m Ballet, Davis A Co . Msaufactors, Boston. A 8 a per h Graad Piano lust opened for In spec tloa JOHN F ELLIS, Extensive Dea er la Plana*, mar 17 303 Pa av , bet 9:h and 10th sts PRAS, MUSHROOM, Ac. WB HAVB RECEIVED OP RBCENT Importation? Caamplgaoas la Caas of 1 aad 2 pound* Petits Pois la Caa* of 1 aad 2 poind* Pate De Pols Ores Pate Fal'aaaex TruDas Pate De Begnaoee Pa e De Perdreaw TraAa. For sale by lebtt KINO A BUBCHELL. /U!I'T RRRPTMRn OV*R._Co aiHcde, Vv Coal Sifters, PU? Standards, Shovel aad . Tonga, Andirons, Re. A* the seaaea I* nearly e*oraay wis RiaoiR Um R.PRANOTS, ' jpHV v s^tfa n .^yf4 Mwimm^ + ? w ? OOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO fORTEl, WILLI AM KNABE, (Senior partner In tb? late firm of Khabb. Gabblb * Co ,) P?ONT?NUESTHK MANUFACTURE AND v> sa e of grand and square PIANO<<<SSUM FURTLS, under the name of WlIUamjT WTf1 Knabe A Co , at the old stand, Not 1,3, 5 and 7 North fcuuw ? treat, opposite the Entaw House, Baltimore They have alio juU opened a new Sales Room at No 907 Baltimore str?et. between Charles and Light stre ta, on the premises partly o cupled by Mr. Henry McCaffe y as a muslcf toro, where th**y will keep constantly on band a large assort* meat of plain and highly finished grand and -quire Piano Fortes; also. Melodeons, from the be?t makers from 4 to 6-octave, some with doable key-b-ards, doable reeds, and stops to salt small churches Being extensively engaged in the manufacture of Pla 'Os, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Plsnos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of the Maryland Insti tute t o suec?*slve fesrs-October. 1PM, and 854 -i i opposition to fourteen and eighteen pi aaos from s?me of the best makers from New York Bost->n, and B iltimore we were also ? warded the first premium at the Industrial Ex hibition held In Richmond, Virginia, 1855 and 1856. ? In addition to thla we are in possession of tes timonial fnm the most distinguished professors ard amateurs in the < ountry. which can be seen at our wirerooms, speaking for themselves end others of the high appreciation in which our In* stratftents are every were held ' All instruments are guaranteed fr five years, and a prlva ege cf ex hange is granted wit tin the first six month* from the day of sale If the in struments do not give entire satisfaction. W holesale defers will find It '.o their advantage to give us a call b fore purchasing 1'laoos exchanged, hired, and tuned. WM KN ARE A CO. IP" Three of thes? superior Pianos, two square 7-ictaves and ont- gr -nd 7-oct?v s, are now on exhibition at the" vietropiUtan Mechanics'In* ?titue Pair" In this city. The public Is re?pect fally invited to call and judge for themselves mar 10 BANKING^ HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits?deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard clt'es received oa Deposit st par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to de positors without charge iNiaaisT on Darosits ?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Dxposits in Viaeim* and Uncurrrn t Mo nrt.?Deposits In Virginia and other Uncurrent Money received to be checked for, parable In same funds, or in specie, we charging the regu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Note*, Drafts, and Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made on vtoclrs, Bonds, and Securities at the market rate. Lamas of Crrdit ?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable In the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and interest allowed if Money 1* deposited, and charged If Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon. Travblino Bills ox Excha.<si.?'Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be desired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union Bills and Lrttsrs or Crrdit os England, 1rrl*.nd and Ecaora ? Bilis of Exchange ard Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to salt. Bonos, Stocks, Ae.?Bonds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 0 to 1H cent , always for sale, or bought In the different Cities at a coin mission of a ]f V cent. W here Stocksare bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 cent on the east. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph. Railroad, Citt, a d Statb Bonds ?Rail road- Cltv, and State Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation either In this country or Europe Ra\lr?*d Iron purchased for oaah or with Bonds. Lard Warrabts.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants toId by us are gNaraistMi in every respect Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if requested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Rial Estatk abd Insubancbs.?Real Estate ?u&at and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on thi Unitrd Statrs, Court of Claims, C o it e n a s s?Claims on the United State*, before the Court of Claims or Congress Intrusted to as, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan *7 Opp^ite the Treasary. TO THE PCBLIC. sOHN P DENNIS HAVING TAJENTHJ J well known Coach Factory, on 6 h^ggg# street, net ween Louisiana avenue and Cstreet, long condacted by Mr. Jo n M^oung, Ubow prepared to manufacture and repair ail descriptions*of COACHES, BUGGIES, WAG ONS, Ae , on the most reasonable erms, in the very best manner, and at the shoitest notice He respectfully Invites hisfeLow citizens to give him a trial. mar 6-^m T NEW FOREIH* SPRING GOODS UK 8U BSC x 1BERS RESPECTFULLY In vite their patrons and the public generally to call and examine their very Urge ai-d select aasortmeut of KOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special care, selected for their special trade. They also keep constantly on hand the best qualities of Army and Navy Goods?Epaulettes, swords, Sashes G?ld Lacee. Ae They also invite attention to tfeelr Foreign and Domestic Famishing Goods, of the best manu facture and la let t style H F LOUDON A CO., Army an I Navy Tailors, feb t7-dtf 302, under Browns' Hotel. NEW DRDfl STOKE Wtllnrds' Hotel. JP M1LBURN A CO , WO PKNN8YLVA ? nla avenue, respectfully oall the atten- n tlon of their friends and the public to thelrCM new Drug Store, which they have filled up IM in the most complete manner, with a full supply of pure Chemicals, Drugs, Fancy Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and Patent ftledl W1 A select assortment of Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes A very large stock of Havana Cigars, whlrh are of fine quality and received from first hands Together with all of the articles usually found In a first class drug store Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all hours (as the store is not closed at night) by a competent dispenser A ca l at their establishment is respectfully so 11 cited ? mar 5-lm* ARMY'I CONFECTIONERY, No 84 Bridge Street, Georgetown, D.C., ~ HERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN menu are furnished with the best Ice Creams, Cakes, Water leea, Confect, Ae , at the shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro poll tan Mechanics' Institute. JanSl-tf (U aloe A Intel.) pOK SALE.?A PAIR OF FINE MULES, r four years old, and very kind harness. Apply to ARNY A SH1NN, No. ?7 Green meet,1mmmmm feb g-tf OetMgetuwn. GIBBS? HAIR. MANU FACTORY, Ptss. se?ssi, b*tio*en 9(4 and IQlk ttreets. WIGS, HALF WIGS, BRAIDS, CURLS, Uandsaos, Frlxxed A oil ess, Ac., always oa ha?a, and made to order at a few hours notloe. Lndles Hair Dyed, Bhamrooned, Ac , In the Most complete runner. All sons of Toilet Articles fro? Pr?*ch and English houses. No 3Vo Pa avenue, upstairs, over Davis' Musks o lore. N. B ?Hair work repaired sr takes in ex thMnge. fsb ll-3m ?AS rillD IJ H. MILLER, SON b CO A( RTam BRACKETS. Ac , from the celebrated factory oi Cornelius A Baker, which they will guarantee to sail at the sams prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphla Aiao, Drop-llghta, * Cut mass and decorated Paper Shades, In great variety. Call and examine for yourselves dee 1. AUCTION SALES. Br JAB C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. UANDSOMI VllRNlTURE AR0 Hease a A keeping Effects at Pabiic Aactlea ?On FRIDAV MORNING, Maichv7th,at 10o'clock, nt the residence of the Hon Jefferson Davis, cor ner of 18th and G streets,! shall sell his Furniture and Effects? Suite of han4some Rosewood Parlor Furniture, richly carved and finished In crimson Broo atelle, consisting of lar^e French Soft, two Arm, and four Parlor Chairs Suite of Blue and (Jold Brocatelle covered Furn iture- consisting of two Tete-a-Tete and four Parlor Chairs Rosewood Marble-top Centre Tables 6othic, Rush, and Cane-seat Fancy Chairs Hands" me Brccatelle atd Lace Curtains, with cornice and fixtures complete Suite of Walnut Carved Parlor Furniture, fin ished in blue damask Gilt frame Pier olass, slab, and bracket Walnut Secretary, Et-geres 8ulte cf Mahogany crimson plush covered Parlor Furniture Leather covered Arm and Reclining Chairs Solid Oak Hull set, consisting of Settee, Table, ar.d four Gothic Chairs Hand"me Velvet* Brussels, and Three-ply Car* pets Brasse s Stair Carpets, Oilcloth, Matting Damask and Chlatx Curtains, Cornice, io. Handsome Mahogany Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Mattresses Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows White Marble op, Drab, aad imitation of Oak Cottage Seta China, Granite, and Japannei Toilet Sets Walnut Exttntlon Dining Table Marble-top Sideboard Cant -st at Cbalrs Chinese Extension Cbalr, Teapoys French China Dinner, Dessert, and Tea Service Glassware, Table Cutlery, Castors French China, Granite, and Painted Toilet Sets Hat-tree, oilclota. Matting, Ac Together witi an excellent assortment of Kitchen Requisites, ALSO? At 3 o'clock, In front of tne residence, a large and hat dfomo Caleshe Carriage, built to order, and in first rats condition. Also, a pair of handsome Bay Carriage Horses, well broke, and fine travellers Also, a set of heavy sllve.'-p'ated Carriage Har ness. Terms: $ro and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and SO days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. mar l?-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer FURNITUHE AND HOUSEHOLD EF fects st Anctisn .?On THURSDAY i MORNING, March 19th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Lieut Ives, U S A,, No 491 Sev enteenth street, between H and I streets north. I shall sell all his Furniture and Effects, compris ing? Walnut carved hair spring Sofa Rockers and Parlor Cnalrs Walnut Secretary aad Whatnot Centre, sofa and rout Tables Walnut leather-covered reclining Chair Gas Chandeliers and Fixtures throughout the house A few fine Oil Palnt'.nzs Velvet, Brussels and otcer Carpets, Rugs Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, Cornl<e, Ac. Walnut ext-nslon dining Table, Sideboard China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Cane and wood seat Chairs. Clock Walnut Dressing Bureas, Washstands Looking #lasses, Chintz CurUins Kedstezds Wardrobe*, Crib Hair and Husk Bolsters and Pillows Superior Refrigerator, Chamber Stoves Cocking Stove and Fixtures, Oilcloth. Arc Together with a general assortment cf household and Kitchen Requisites stragt, bet wee a M and N streets north, an exael lent assortment cf Furniture, vlx: Mahogany Sofa, Parlor Chairs, and Rocker Do Dre*slng Bureau Do marble-top Centre and other Tables Painted Cottage Set Maple aad other Beds eads and Stands Wardrobs, cane and wood-seat Chairs Lounge, fine hair and other Mattresses Looking Glasses 3-piy, ingrain, and stair Csrpets and Rods Cooaing, Radiator, and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: ?45 and und r, cash; over that sum. a credit of 80 and V) days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. J. C. McGUIRE mar 17 Auctioneer. Lr The absve Sale is Psstpsaed antil MONDAY MOP.MNG, March 21, earn- hour. mar It J C^McGUIRE, Auc'r. By A GREEN, Auctineer. Household and kitchen purih. tare at Anctisn?Oa WEDNESDAY, tbe 25<h instant i shall sell at the residence of a family declining housekeeping, No 238 F street, next to the corner of 14th street, at :0 o'clock a. m , a cood assortment of Furniture, vlx: Mahogany St fas, Chairs, Bookcases, and Ward robes Mahogany Centre Tables, Bureaus, and Wash stands Painted Wardrobes, Cane-seat Chairs Cottage Bedsteads, Feather Beds atd Bedding Hair and Shuck Mattresse* 3 ply, Ingrain, and other Carpets, Oilcloth, and Matting Cooking, Air-tight, and other Stoves With a lot of Kitchen Requisites, and many oth er articles which ws deem unnecessary to enumerate Terms: All sums under S13, cash; over 825 a credit of 80 and to days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bsarlng Interest. mar 9 d A GREEN. Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Handsome and eligible build 1*1 Let aear the ( apitol, at A actios. On MONDAY, the 234 Instant, 1 shall tell, at 5 o'clock p m.. In f.-ont of the premlaes, a very handsome Building Lot, being part of Lot No 2, In square No. 7ftl, having a front of 31 feet ten inches on south B street, between Pennsylvania avenue and 3d street esst. with a depth of one hundred and thirty tlx feet one Inch, to a thirty feet alley This handsome property Is near the resldenoe of R Beall, Ejq., and near the Capitol. Terms: One-fouith cash; balance In 8,12 and 16 months, the purchaser to give notea for the de ferred payments, bearing intere t. A deed given, and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser mar 17-d A. GREEN, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ?RICK AND STONE OF THE Natieaal ?Theatre at Pabiic Aactisa On FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th, at 4 o'clock on the premises. I shall sell tbe entire lot of Brick and stone standing In tbe walls and stacked op In front of the National Theatre comprising about 800,000 brick aad large quantity of blue rock in the foundation. Offers for the above at prl?ate sale will be en tertained. the brick sold by measur. ment la the walls and taken down by the purchaser. A credit of two and four months will be gives, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar 17-d J AS C. McGUiRE, Auct. ' By A GREEN, Auctioneer Handsome building lot on 4u street. Bear Marylaad aveaae, at Auc. tlea.?On MONDAY, the 23d instant, I shall sell, at 4 o'clock p m .In front of the premises, Lot No. 13, in square No 814, having a front on 4X street, of 48 feet, between Maryland avenue and south C street, running back 145 feet to a M f et alley Terms : One-third cash; balance in 8, 12 and

18 months; the purchaser to give notes frrthe d*feri?d payments, bearing Interest from tLe d y of sale. * A deed riven and a deed of trust takes. m" 17-1 A. GREKN, Auct. A FARM FOR BALE BY AUCTION.? On MONDAY, the *th of April proximo, at 11 a m., the undersigned will sell, on the preml see. to the highest bidder, his BLADEN FARM of 80 acres of choice garden firming Land, situ' a ted in Alexandria county, Va . a fourth of a mile from the Leesburg Turnpike, and three fourths of a mile from tbe Junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington ?Ity. For fall partienlors concerning this farm, sea an advertisement In another column of the Star. Persons desiring to view the premises can reach them by inquiring at Bailey's x Roads, at the Junction of tbe Turnpikes mentioned above, or at Bsll'sM Roads, on the road leading from George town Ferry, from which Ferry the Bladen Farm 1? * miles distant. Terms of sa e : One-third cash, oa the delivery of the deed, and the balance In equal lnatalmaats on 1 ard i years time, withtnterssr. A warranted dred gi ven aad a dead of trust ?cure the " j . y W.P. i JJ + '? > ,-Ut - A 1 B For Salt and Rent. Ft11 SALE ?ONE OF THE FINEST . county, V* , containing ntkH i!MS 0u th? LltUe R lver TurE pike Road. 8# miles from Alexandria, about 11 .25^2' and 1 ?lle ,ro? ? proposed SKIS. ha *?nM8M 0*pR. it , now BP CO?pletlon BuY?* will be?h?wn *y persons living there The pro ?^Ly ii recommend Itself on Inspection For ISS"ft fif"* 016 ?"'"C'lber by mall at Dranes ' ^2 I*" Ca? V*' JAMES 8. PURDY. mar lb-ot C?OR RENT?THAT DESIRABLE BUSI ,ta.nd on8th 8treet we#|, third door from ?7.lania?T.Bue' with or without the upper part o. the building To a good and prompt tenant the rent will be made reas nable For ?npjy to JAMES TOWLES, Property ??25i' ? -ST6* BorUl> between 8th and 8th streets. No 490 ro? F?* T.?THE LARGE FOUR -STORY k.Dw.el,ln*: w,tto 111 the modern lm on E ,treet. ?ide, be twe?n 9th and iota streets To a good and per the rent wlil moderate Inquire at No 3MK street. mar 7-if C<OR SALE ?A FARM LYING IN MONT i. gomerv county, Md , 9 mile# from Washing, ton, near the Bethesda Church, on the Rockviiie Turnpike The Parm contains 90 acres cf iirst rate land. The improvements are a new Frame dwelling House, cotainlng 6 rooms, ard a stable for four torses Aleo for sale?A first-rate Horve Power and Scroll Saw. For terms apnly to CHaRLES F WOOD 448 9th street, between E and F , or to C . T W ODD. adjoining farm. mar 7-3w TH?RKE HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE Ho"*es Ntw 4# 4B and ^ I/0nl9lana ave nue, v\ asblngton, are offered at private sale, low and on easy terms Will be sold separate or to ??*?? Title cood One Is a four-PtcTv Brick, with finished basement, nearly new. and in com plete order, with w^ter and gas throughout Ad. p.y to E K. LUNDY,at No 46 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, or No. 1*8 Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 6 I" COTTAGE FOR RENT?LAND FOR SALE. .2L?,r rent' for * tPrm of two to four years, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, fl?e first fl >or, three feccnd fi jor, and four attic Rooms, with motfe-n conveniences for heating the hcuse and supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity egreed on; eight miles frcm Washing ton-three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented Immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current ys r Also, a Farm of 200 acres with Improve ments, within three miles above, for sale or lease Enquire of 8 WEENY, R1TTENHOUSE FANT mMGBaDk<r,,andCo1 IRWIN, Land Office. VAoF,A5LE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR cL.u . ~lt c0?tains upwards of :7W? acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500 wed for pastures, and about* 0 acres well timbered. a^d along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to Char!ottsville will inn Attached thereto is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which is a part of the boundary lire and on which are also 40 acres of low ground ' Soil good, with plenty producing good Tobae co. Wheat, Corn, Ac Buildings very superior and very ample, and in good order. MHJ bushels of Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co riant Beds were burnt and seeded before the iLi?'' ^?ts and Corn due progrers is made. With the estate, the slaves and improvements, >~tock, etc , may also he h-td, and further infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. ^ar5 ' C*OR RENT?THAT VERY COMMODI *? ous and convenient (brown stone front) House, situated on the north side of is, between 9th anci 10th streets It Is new, and has been kept in the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion. Possession will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For terras apply to the subscriber, at 529 H, between 6th and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Office [feb'26-tf] THOMAS BERRY. A CARD ?FOR RENT, A F1R8T-CLA88 ? House in Franklin How, now occupied by Hon. C. Cushlng, Attorney Geneial. It has all the modern improvements, hot and sold water bath rooms, chandeliers, and gas flxtares This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations in the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1? in freat of one of the most beautiful publlo squares in this city, with a delightful and con stant supply of good water. It is entirely free from du*t and mosquitoes Inquire of Wfci WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 Pen syiva nla avenue mar 4-lm J^OR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY ? desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 13o on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers A Bro ,as a Dry Goods Bouse, and recently occupUd by 8e'dner A Co , as a Clothing Store. Poise-sfon given immediately To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low Inquire of JAMES FULLALOVE, or to E 8. WklBHT, Auctioneer. feb-;8-dtf Farm fok ^ale.-i offer for sale my farm and country seat, situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber. Mrs Harnard. Mrs Morten, Mrs Bolce, Messrs Unthicum. Adler &ad tliascn, containing about40 acres of land, improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and hcr*e stables, etc '1 he very short distance" from Georgetown and Washington makes it very well adapttd for a dairy farm and market garden. The high elevation commands a beautiful and plcturt sque view of the Me-ropolis and surround ing country, and Is in this, as well as in ie?ard to health, unsurpassed It will be sold en ire or in lots to suit purchasers feb28-eolm* HENRY GILDEMEISTER. P)R SALE OR RENT.?THAT DE8IRA ble residence on F street, between 30th and Slst. for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given immedi ately. Inquire of R16GS A CO au 12-eotf Farms for sale?intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the form in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the put seven years. It contains 51 acres, and is situated near Balls x Roads, 3# miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 miks from both Washington and Alexan dria. There are upon it a comfortable and well arranged duelling house, containing six rooms, with front and back covered porticos, the former 38 by 12 feet; a kitchen; a comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient bam, with stabling for six horses and as many cows, and an ample cistern (attached to the barn:) a root cellar under the barn, to hold 2,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; ice house; spring house: smoke house; corn house; a stone market root house, and a tuore house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water is obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. Tnere is also cn the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantings con sistlsg of the choteezt varieties cf peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and aulnees. At present fourteen acres are seeded own to wheaCand rye; six in timothy, (yielding an aveiage of at least two tons per acre,) four in a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and oats In the spring, and eleven In wood, of which there Is an ample supply for all the purposes of the plaee. This ftrai has been cultivated with care and is very productive, no pains havlag been spared to render it remuner ative, and to make It complete in all Its appoint ments. For a dairy man and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person do! ng business in either neigh boring city who prefers a place already In all respects highly improved it Is superior to any other now for sale. Also, THE BLADEN FARM, (60acres) situ atad within less than a quarter of a mile of the Columbia and Leesburg turnpikes, the fortser leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex andria. This place is in the immedl ? te vicinity of Bailey's X Roads (In Alexandria ccunty, Va .) and is about six miles from both cities named above. It has upon it an orchard of about 350 choice peach trees, must of them lately set out, a dwel ling-house that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small cost, some stabling, and one of the finest springs in ail this region of country. There is wood enough upon the tract for its neoessltles. There is no better soil within thirty miles of Washington than that of this Bla den plaee j nor any s?ch place that can be ren dared remunerative at less eost by proper atten. mmsisfcr EVENING STAB. Education of Amencen School Girls?A Horrible Discovery. W? hire been suspicious far A long while that we hed failed to disoover the great cense of the miserable bodily condition of ao manj young women in what is oalled fashionable society. We had observed that a very large proportion of thein, notwithstanding their wretchedly chosen diet, and other drawbacks, retained a very comely appearance of health and rotundity when at school, which they loet as aoon as they were allowed to commence the midnight dissipations of the ball room. This with our knowledge of the legitimate result was rufflcient, and we oonsidered the matter settled. LatoSy, however, we hare had the opportn nity of conversing with an intelligent young lady who has had the usual opportunities of a fashionable education, and sh? anures us that there is an almost universal horror of boing fat, that causes great numbers cf thein to drink vinegar and eat chalk and s'.ate pencil dust to avoid gHining ilesu ! She tells up that nearly all who desire to be ''elegant" in their fijare adopt these horrid practices as the readiest means of averting the conse quei;ces they dread. This we call a horrible discovery indeed ; that it was practiced, we were aware, among many unfortunate youcg peopleewho had not the advantages of caretal domestic instruc tion ; but when informed of its general pr?va lence, it strikes us with peculiar horror. Thitt in the very bloom and outburst ct' her wo minhood, at that period when the Creator designed to impress her with the crownirj. g;ory of her true nature and Ilia power, when He has made the countenance speak love ao i maternity, she should defy Him and cut c? the lite current?this is hojribU indeed ; and the consciousness that the frightful practicc obtains general currency, is a sad thought for the parent and the life-tearher. Very few persons imagiue the extent to which this suicidal perversion of the natural instincts will go, in young women who are under the influence of their imaginary supe riors in what they consider graceful thinner ; much has been said about tight-lacing, and because the corset has partially gone into dis use, people imagine that the compression of the lungt has ceased; it is far otherwise; hooks and eyes and whalebone have taken their place and the insane devotee willingly starves herself by the year ! One designing woman, evicus of tbe beauty of an as&ociate to whom nature has given a figure of beautiful rotundity and health, will set two-thirds of her acquaintances half crazy to emulate her bony proportions. A h* art less and vicious school girl hu only to blow up her chceks and say " fatty," to the weak minded girl to whem nature and a happy home have given perhaps great personal beauty, and who erj->ys the degree of vegeta tive life which can alone give her a constitu tion that will fit her for the duties of a wife and mother?and she has been stung by a viper that renders her miserable for life. Soon the roses fade from her checks, the beautiful rotundity of her person decreases and fades; tbe parent's heart bleeds, and be consults his physician He, either ignorant, indifferent, or selfish, gives some absurd pre scription, and leaves her to her fate. Chlorosis (the result of imperfect nutrition,) senes her; she loses her spirits and refuses to mingle in society, which, bad and enervating as it is is now her enly hope, and her only ehance for life is marriage aid maternity?about an eren one between life and death. Compare all this, which is so common in America, with the results of the diaciplia*] and education of young girls in England There we find the daughters of their aristccracy often leading natural and healthful lives, wearing suitable clothing, and shoes with ?oles thick enough to keep tbe electric force of youth in the body, taking free exercise on foot in all weather, miles and miles every day, blooming with health and happiness and laughing and playiDg at blind man's buff with 'heir fathers and mothers. Here, conceited, ignorant of all useful knowledge, coid, calculating and impudent, the young girl is taught to look out for a rich husband from tbe moment she enters 4< socie ty "?a horde of over dressed and ignorant people who eschew all intellectual pursuits and live on vulgar emulation of their superiors io extravagant expenditure and ridiculous pretension Such is tbe result of our American system of education; such will be the mothers of the next generation Oh for a society of educa tional missionaries in this city ?Scalped Preparation for the Passover.?From M >rdiy of the present week the P?ssover of tbe Hebrews being only three weeks off, the Jewish population of the world are already making preparation for its celebration The preliminary requisite is to obtain tbe nnleav ened bread " Of this the Louisville Journal lays: This Matiot cake is baked almost exclusive ly in tbe city of New York, and thence sent to all portions of the country It is made solely of tbe beet wheat flour and pure water. A certain quantity of water is added to a certain weight of flour It is mixed up?not kneeded as the housewife or ordinary baker does com mon dough, with the hands; nor yet as the pi lot bread maker does, "with his feet;" but broken with a sort of a lever, one end of which acts upon a hinge and the other end i> raised up and down by a boy, who sits upon it and springs himself up and down very much as boys do who play "see-saw." The dough after being broken undergoes n. rolling process between two sets of rollers It is then placed upon tbe feed board of an ap paratus similar to a cracker machine, an.l it is then subjected to another rolling, after which it falls upon a linen duck apron, which carries it alofig under the cuttter Here it is by one operation cut into round cakes, and at the sime time perforated with small boles at equal distances. After the cake is baked it is packed and sent off in basket" The Matzot is very good and pleasant to the taste, but modem Christians could hardly rec oncile themselves to eating it almost exclu sively for the eight days tue 11 Feast of the Passover" continues. Tuacivo rio.uRE* on marble ?A novel and unique method has been discovered for tra cing figures in relief upon marble with great facility. In the performanceof this operation, desired fieures are first traced upon the mar ble with chalk; they are then covered with varnish made ?f common Spanish sealing wax, dissolved in spirits of wiue, after which a mix ture of equal parts of ac:d of salt and distill ed vinegar is poured upou the marble, which corrodes the ground while the figure* remain in relief, as if engraved, saving tbe cost of time and expense. The Railway- Accident in Canada ?The Toronto Globe of Saturday publiahes a list of ifiy six dead bodies that have been recovered, the names of eight persons severely injured, and of fifteen who escaped only slightly hurt or entirely unharmed, making a total of sev enty nine persons on the train aooounted for Tbe number on the train is supposed to be larger. Met* Racing in Georgia.?A mule raee came off a few days ago over the Lafayette Course, Augusta, Us , which must have been a great affair, according to a long report in the Constitutionalist Tbe entries were? "Sal," " Jenny Lind," and M Bob Tall," ??d they took Urns in trotting, galloping, kfekiat up, and bolting - ?'Sal1' won the raoe in 1:59. rwf The English papers think thf stories tlSSt Pr. Birwr# muim f rtxj ?W?c* ^ J If tV?M I ^ '?*" J ?Ingle ??PT) P? USD annum.. To etna. R-wKT" a m Twctyooptee .....II to C4,,? IM iBTAXOI. at tzI ?!!*?* oa^m <?? he tutmiA p.? TKLTSSrgS ?? ?*?1? i ? L? T!l??? ???* wn ?? UfewM FASHIOIf A.BLB TBIlIUfi The question, what style, of trimming are to be worn the ensuing eeaeon. is a momentens ?to in the estimation of multitudes, and causes cot a little flutter among thoee who profess to minister to the prer?l ing taste Velvet and plush mast soon resign their eov e reign ty for several month*. It la safe to pre ? diet that rich lacee of various sty lee will be more in favor than erer. Point d'Aiguille and Point d'Alen?on are universally recog nised by the fashionable world as pre-eminent in beauty; lloniton, Valenciennes and Meek-' lin retaining their standard place in favor without pretension* to any conventional dis tinction Guipure lace, black and white, will probably decline a little; its fabric is too tab* stantial for light articles of summer dress. Fringe, except of the most delicate detorip* tion, must be suspended, also, till the return ot weather suitable for mantillas and oloaks. The " button trimmirg" lately introduced, and made into so many beautiful varieties, has still the cbarm of novelty ind may last during the spring months French laces, worked with bugles, h?veavery pretty affect, and many if the designs are both delicate *nd striking; the black has been considera bly worn during the past winter, and the white, made of fine bogles, for evening deco rations The latter may come more iaU> favor for head-dresses. Drop buttons and tasfels will be worn during the spring Blonde laces are expeoted to be in great demand for bon n;ts throughout the season, and are much im proved by delicate white bugles. Lace barques, capes. As., will no doubt be worn extensively this summer, as they have Ween nil winter in the evenings The plan black lacs, striped with velvet ribbon, is a v ry becoming style, particularly to fall fig ure? We s<?w a beautiful one of white ap plication point lice, manufactured to fit the figure, which was rich and becoming The point Vet i?e is a rare importation, and a col lar wii! cu?t 530 A fine set of point d'alen jon will bo S100 ; Brussels point net quite so much. A new pattern in nrdersleercs has been very lately introduced, with deep puffs and a round cuff ? Jewelry is now worn extensively and in pro fusion, but only in full dress No lady of taste will put it on for a promenade: and there is no more certain mark of pretentious vulgarity than to seo a woman in a oar or stage adorned with necklaces and bracelets. A great deal of 44 French jewelry" has been imported, and the demand has increased bl' late Taere is very little gold in the_compo sition (f theae ornaments, but the ^ViHlanoy of the imitation gems, the ename* leaves and artistic workmanship will oftcr rcnder it diffi cult to distinguish them Cr^m real atones in gold setting The prevailing fash*on of coral sets, exqui sitely wrought in fru'.t and flowers, is too new to be laid aside; Mid the delicate color of the article renders the ornaments particularly becoming ti f'air and youthful bells, with white or lir ht-colored dresses?jY. Y. Bz press. Tuu Isacucbatios Ball at Washikgto*. Tha editor of the Cleveland Plaindealer thus notices the great Inauguration Ball given here on the 4th : The dancing here was semewhat Cl peeoo "liar." It was mainly quadrilles, so called, ranged crcssways of the hall, with head sets only in contra-dance style. The changes were few and simple, such as right and left,forward nnd back, ladies change, and then repeated. There were no side sets?no regular cotillons at all. The want of variety in this metropol itan dancing was, however, fully made up by the fancy flings, such as the waits and polka. These were absolutely barbarous. The old fashioned waits, the morality of which even Byron called in question, is here ignored as altogether too cold and distant. The lady here lays her head on the gentleman's bosom, puts one hand in his and the other in his coa'. tail pocket, then resigns herself to hia em braces, and goea to sleep, all but her feet, which, when not carried by him clear off the floor, go patting around on the tips of her toes The gentleman, thus entwined, throws his head back and hi* eyes up, like a dying calf; his body bent in the shape of a figure 4, he whirls, backs up, swings around, swoons, to all appearances pushes forward, and leaves the ring to tho great delight of all deoent people. The belle of the ball was the great object of inquiry all the evening So many fine ladies, fine dresses, pretty eyes, pretty moutbs, Gre cian noses, graceful forms and good looking people, never were assembled in Washington or any where else before So many orders of beauty, as many different tastes in dress; and such costly displays of the ornamental, pua zle intensely all lovers of the beautiful. But we at last made the grand discovery We found the belle, and luckily, too. from the grea* State of Ohio. She was a native Back eye Venus de Medicis! Wasn't ahe a beau* ty ? She is the second daughter of the Hon David T Disney, late member of Congress from Cincinnati. She is tall, straight, grace ful in her carriage ; haa blaek eyes and hair, a brunette, we should 6ay, with fine rosy lips and red cheeks Her skirt was of rose pink, covered with a double skirt cf lace em broidered ; her head dress was crimson velvet leaves, with gold clusters of grapes, and en opera cane of scarlet cashmarett, embroidered with gold and silver Although many there were who were lovely, she was the lovelieet of them all- It m-ty be proper to say, in thia connection, that Mra. Pugh, the lady of our worthy young Senator, was not present. A correspondent of the New York Jour nal of Commerce, writing from Florenoa, aayt 44 Every American, as well aa every one with a taste for high art, viaita the atndio of Mr. Powers, the sculptor I found him in his working dress, with cap and apron, standing among his breathing marbles. He is a plain, gentlemanly, and remarkably ULaaanmirg man. The statue of 'America,' just oom pie ted, is packed for shipment, and I saw only the model It is a spirited figure, trampling on chains, with onahand raised aloft and point ing upwards. Penseroro' is a recently fin i.-hed work, about to be sent to New York I hope it mty teach our belles that hoops and tight lacing are not essential t? beauty of furm Mr. Powers is at praaant engaged upon a statue of 4 California,' I believe for Mr Astor, of New York. The model is only sa yet completed. It represents a beautiful fe male figure with a divining rod in one hand, the other conoealing behind her a bunch cf thorv\ The original modela of all the cele brated w ork a which hive issued from this a udio are preserved here ; the Greek Slave, Eve, Fisher Buy, dc., as well as the busts of m%ny eminent men who have set to his cbi?el. Among the idealities in this interesting work shop, is the admired Proserpine, and a sweet little Psyche, one of the lorelieat faces that ever smiled in marble." Is it not disgraceful to us as a nation that while we give commissions in profusion to fcith rate American sculptors, for the embellish* ment of the National Capitol, our great artlat, Powers, in whom every American feels a just pride, is passed by in utter negleet ? Puts antatiun ?Mrs Partington wai pre eented this evening with the freedom of C^urt street in an elegant anuff box lined with gold, by a distinguished individual in that vicinity Tne speeches were brief, but vigorous^ The donor held the box in his riff^t hand, a with much amotion said?" 7W' ?< old ladv extended her rlfhthand and MfM**