Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1857 Page 3
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evening star. ?V itmTiuann mn? u uirr at m lw n TlllTl A'ChOOK, X.. maTIH TUT UT ??T ifTlU nm TIB WTT OAT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Meckaric's IssntrT* Fat*.?Promt Cot to the eye on entering Is the j^T?lry oin of,G?lt k Bro., and hereabout* we always notice a more or less compact groap of gaaers, * r what mortal man or (especially) woman ean -resist the tea patio?, whatever the sondition cf his or her fioanees, to take at least one lot?? lingering look at that California tea set. (7 piece#,) worth the trifle of ISIO; or the $2S5 California arm, or the *200 diamond and stone cameo pin, or the S350 brooch, or the diamond cross at 9259, or the enameled and diamond bracelet at $110, to say nothing of the other rich and beantifnl articles grouped so tastefully in this case? The ladies find it essential to their peace of mind to have a good front view of the fioe millinery display mado by G. W Cassidy. M-* Harris, Mrs Willian, and Hntchinson A Monro At the case of the latter is a fine show of fancy articles. A. U. Young and George H B. White oater for the sterner sex, in the way of snperb fur nishing*, clothing, Jtc. Todd & Davis, in addition to their excellent show of hats, have a case of fan, comprising a rich display of sables, (now in fashion,) mink, Hudson's Bay, stone martin, do A Hoover A Son have an endless variety <f boots and shoe*, of late and beautiful patterns. Tax National Hotel Sickness.?A cor rcspondsnt calls our attention to the fact that soma time since an advertisement appeared in the papers, of some distinguished rat exter minator. who referred to the keepers of the National Hotel for evidence <>f his success in his business Our correspondent ruggcs s that the atmosphere there may be poisoned by in numerable rat carcasses undergoing decom position behind partition* in between floors in the house, which view ha thinks overcomes the difficulties in the way of other theories. We apprehend that the trouble will be found to proceed from defective sewerage The sub-committce of the Board of Health in their investigations yesterday, found the at mosphere of the cellars almost insupportable, (the w.nd being southerly ) and a candle held to the opening of a drain was extinguished by the dratt inward*! Carriage for Preside*? Bcchaxajt.?A very beautiful carriage for President But h an sa ha? just been finished hy S W Jaoobs. of Philadelphia. It i? a large carriage, trimired with dark silk linings of water pattern, ex ceedingly rich. The outside mounting* are of pearl inlaid with silver It has a novel contrivance in the f?rni of a step upon which to ascend to the carriage, which is moved inward or outward by rueaus of a lever attached to the door, so that. when it is closed, tke step is carried be neath the body of the coach, and is not seen Tbe painting is of rich dark olive. The outside is a full hammercloth soat, and footman s stand behind T wo very handsome 1-mps of an entire new pattern, decorate the front. The whole is chaste and beautiful, ard wrought throughout in the best style ef work. m%u>bip, and reflects credit upon the manu facturer. Washivctos, March 19, 1857. Editor of Star: Yen will confer a favor on a c instant reader of the Star, and the strangers ia Washington, by publishing the law or rates of fare governing hackney coaches in this city, and where or to whom 4 a suffer er can apply for redress I was, this jr .rn i.jg charged a dollar for being conveyed from tbe Kirkwoods' House to Adams's Express office ard back, absent aoout twenty minutes. Yours, Jkc., A Stkaxokr. We hear of too many vueh swindling opsra ti. ns as that noticed above, and (for tha bene fit of the community, and also ot drivers who do not practice these imposition;) hope that in future the guilty parties may be hauled up before tbe neareet magistrate and mad* to suffer the full penalties of the law. We append the sections of the Corporation laws bearing upon the subject: " Sec 12 That from and after the passage of this act, tbe following rates of fare or charges for the conveyance cf persons frcm ona place to another in tha city of Washing* t.;n. ia hackney carriages, cabs, or other v< kieles carrying passengers for pay or hire, between day break and eight o'clock, p. m , shall not be exceeded, that is to say : for each and every passenger, for any distxsce not over one and a half mile, twenty <*ve cents; for for any di-tance over one and a half mile, and rot exceeding three miles, fif y cents: Provi d <i In case arjt hxekney carriage, cab, or otner vehicle shall be detained for a longer period than five minutes, the driver thereof ah*11 be allowed for the whole back, cab, tr other vehicle, tbe sum cf twelve and a half cents for every fifteen minutes so detained; and for all conveyances or other detentions, later than eight o'clock, p. m , tbe owner er driver of hackney carriages, cabs, or other ve hicles. may daiaand and receive at the rate of fify per centum on the foregoing charges, in addition thereto ?' S?o 13. That no owner or driver of a hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle carry iig prffreet gers for diy or hire shall refuse to Curry a p tasenger or passengers at the fore go: eg rates, or demand or receive any greater sum fur the convey ance of any person tnan the r?tes of fare by this act established ; nor shall the driver of any hackney carriage, cab, or o her vehicle carrying passengers for pay or hire, when carrying any number of passengeis mere than two, or when the passengers ,n the vehicle agree to pay for three seats thereir, be allowed to take up any other passenger on the way, without the peimission of the persot s in the same under the penalty of five dollars for e *ch and every offence : Providtd always. That nothing herein contained shall be con strued to prefect any owner or driver of a hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle, from receiving any voluntary compensation for the conveyance of persons, over and above the rates hereby established ; bat it shall never thelcss be the duty of the owner or driver aforesaid to inform the person offering sach extra tfomfensatien of the rates cf fare fixed by this act; otherwise the said owner or driver shall be deemed guilty of having demanded extra compensation. ??aec. 14. 1 hat when any owner or driver of a hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle, is applied to, to transport any passenger or pas sengera within this city, and shall refuse to do so, under the plea that he is already engaged, he shall ti At the name and place of residence ot Loo person by whom he is engaged ; and if tne owner or driver shall refuse to state such name and residence, and refuse to carry the person or persons making the application, the owner or driver of such vehicle shall foifrlt and pay a sum n?t exceeding five dollars ; and it, on giving the name and of any person, it shall appear that the informatiou was false, and that there was not an actual boni fidt engagement, the owner or driver of Sdid vehicle snail le liable to the samecenal ty as above stated. " Sec. 15 That when any owner or driver cf a hackney carriage, ceo, or other vehicle carrying pat .augers for pay or hire, shall de mand or receive any gre ite* sum (or the con veyance of persons who shall have cot resided twelve mouths within the city of Washington tnan is established in tbe rates of fare estab lished by this act, or shall refuse to earry such persona at the said rates, he snail forfeit and {.ay double the penalty prescribed by tbe thir teenth section of this aot." Ckiuimal Cocar ?Tbe grand jury yester day fcund a true bill against Col Lee, ku clerk in the Pension Office, for murder in tb< first degree in the killing of Mr Hume, of Alexandria. Immediately upon the finding o! the bill, Deputy Marshals Phillips and Waugt repeired to the residence of Col. Lee in tb< First Ward, and took him to the couuty Jsil where he is now lodged to await his trial which ia expeoied to tase p!_ce next week. j *inis 1 Dompaon, found guilty ot petty lar ceny was sentenced yesterday to fo*r monthi in the eoanty J si!. John Moran, aggravated assaalt; dx monthi in the ccun'j jail. John Kje, a New York "sharp,'' plead gamy to oharge ?f larteny upon tk? premisei of the ftav. Byron ionde/iaod. T?* Frrantis ?A fishing imtek from Mr. Carson i landing (Arkendale) on the Poto mae, brought op yesterday some three those* end herring, and forty or fifty shed; end one from Marsh Hell leading, fished by Mew. bhinn A Arnold, brought op ? boat five thous end ire hundred herring In the ?mell seines near the mouth of Hooting Orwk e few herring ere eeoght every dey. The fi?h are therefore on their way op the river, end "the work" will now commence Price* ere not now eny criterion of what they will be, when fish be come abundant?a? we hope will shortly be the eese The Fish Wherf, et this place, the greet Depot of the Potomie Fisheries, is all ready for the setson, and will soon be a place of bustle end business. ?Alexandria Gazette of yesterday Wacoh's Italia ?This excellent painting is now oo the full tide of sucoess Our citisens should not lose the opportunity to see e reelly besntiful panorama On Saturday afternoon et I* o'clock, Italia will be exhibited for the benefit of families and schools. Japan Illcstratbd ?Prof. Woroester pro poses to make up e party and penetrete the inmost reoesses of the hitherto impenetrable country of Japan, Trips will be msde this afternoon end evening : tickets 25 cents. Place of starting, Carusi's Saloon. Luctubb Postponbd.?Ia consequenoe of the inolemenoy of the weather last night, the locture of Mr Lander b<fjre the Art Associa* tion, was postponed until to-morrow night. Ocb nbiqbbor Ellis has received a llallet A Davis Grand Piano, being the first of this cltos ever brought to this city from this manu iactory. It is indeed a superb instrument. [Fob thb Em. Editor of Star: The following was pioked up on the street a day or so ago. Please in sert it for the benefit of the ladies. A Hardsbbll Baptist, Esq. " To-day, white on the street, A lady wbote bearing Was more gay than discreet, Knchanted a stronger . That abe happened to meet; Was ?? indignant'' at the manner Her freedom Invited, And with vlrtuoua scorn Hie advances requited. ,l Good ladv," he anavrerrd, Moat humble and meek, (While a genuine blash Stole all over his cheek.) " Of my cbTious fault I've tne palnfuleat sense, And deeply regret that I hare given offence; But then, far your own, And for rentlempn*' sal.???, To prevent In future Such awkward mlstakee, This little advli e, prajr, Do not Impudent deem, Always tttm tekat you art. Or titt bt what you sttm " Tax and Frbcki b?.?One of the beat pre parations in this country for removing the?e imperfections incident to the season, is ton tame'3 Cream of Wild Flowers, prepared from the recipe of an old French chemist. Sold by W, H. Oilman and all druggist;. t Nbvbr has ab Abticlb gained so great a reputation in so short a time as Dr Roily's Pastilles Dd Soille. The reason for this is, parsons who use them once not only us"? them again when necessary, but recommend them t> their friends. The proprietor informs us tbet thousands of boxes nave been sold in our city during the past season. Persons suffering with coughs or sore throat, will do well by giving them a trial Bold by druggists gen erally. * Thb Washington Mbdallion Pes. noticed ia oar columns a few weeks since as the great J American prize pen, and the best pen in the world, bids f*ir te supercede all other pens made in Europe or in this country To all who have tried the Medallion Pen it has given great satisfaction, and so great has been the demand for it that the agent, Mr. J. Shilling ton. disposed of 100 jrross in a very short time, but be has now received from tno manufac turers 500 gross more, so that be will be able to supply all who desire it. The agency is at ffhillirgton's bookstore, corner iuur-aad-a half street end Pennsylvania avenue. f Watch Rspobt.?Ed Macomb, drunk, fine andoost; Francis Wilson, (07 yeers of age,) drunk, reprimanded, and dismissed on prom ise to leave the city forthwith ; Betj. Water, (colored,) drunk and abueiug his wife, repri manded. Six lodgers were accommodated Oamblbbs mads to Disgorge ?When the s'eamer Robert J Ward, from New Orleans, touched at Helena Arkansas, on Tuesday last, a young Mississippian who had been on a vis* it to bis plantation in Arkansas, went aboard to c?>me to this city. Being inexperienced in the ways?particularly the bad ones?of the w^rld, and bonestto a fault, he was very soon inveigled into a little game of pjker by * e uple of nice looking Mlows on toard. In less time than we have been writing this they managed, by their (kill in shuffling, to nwii. die him to the tuooof two or tbree hundred d >llars. During the progress of the geme sev eral persons were standing by end endeavored t > indicate to the Mississippi n that he was in the hands if swindlers, but all to no purpose In the mean time, C.<pt Miller came up, and seeing bow things were going on, broke up the g*me by blapping one of the fellows in the tace. raking down the stakes and making them disgorge the young man's m ney 1 hat was not all; he made tnem go below, and at the next wood yard put thein tff.?Memphis Ea gle, 12:A Spibitcalism in Ellbworth, Mb.?It has been reserved for Ellsworth to illustrate the 44 immaculate conception" of Spiritualism In a neighborhood of this town, afflicted with ths mania, a widow received e communication from her husband in the spirit land that be j desired e spiritual heir by her through a spiritual medium, which solemn requisition we understand has been successfully complied with. The widow end all her spiritual neigh bors not only believe that the product of this arrangement is the is*ue of the spiritual father, but the event has served to strengthen their faith and to goad their enthusiasm in the matchless perfection of the system by which reel converse cen be held with the de parted What the medium thinks of the ar rangement we are not informed ?Bangor Journal., March 13. ?The Ljnn (Mass ,) Be;orter says tb.iton Tuesday last, Mr. Cornelias Ken dall, an express driver in that oity, eh ped with the wife of Henry Skid more, a private watchman Kendall left his wife and family in almost destitute oircumstances. Mrs fckid more was young and pretty. She took what money sho could find, end both perties left for parts unknown. The lorn hufcband has 4one to seek his fair and faithless wife, and Irs Kendall s father has taken her and her family to his home, in Danvers. l^A teller in the Lang Island Bank ia Brooklyn, has committed (what is termed in these days of sharp financiers and fast y<>ung men) en act of " moral insanity"?that i?, he is an alleged defaulter for $15,000 De has served in the bank for Xi years, ani is re spectably connected E7lils|?r Lexeugea and Ksseace Jansal* ct uianr, tr?ptr?4 by f red Brown, Phlladalpbl*, for ?t OILMAN'* New Drag Store, SM Pann tftaai. Altha* Palte, ? la'lghtrul nrtlcl* lor OOBgka aad cold* Alao, Pat* Cd Ll**r Oil, prapajad by Mtiaill Sli.ia*, *f PfclladalphlA, for aala u abora. H>r J?-l w K7*f?ir Flowers are Fndiag la the ear rf life ?rotu| oa, ted drooping, oar daugtitara fell by ta the early dawn of exlatance; theCMMt-mpu u baa. ona fcy ooa^ aod aagleetad ayvpto?a warn oa in *al*. Whan iha alight tickling la the throat, lag oongfc, adisoauhea, go aad bay lira. Oardner'n jadjna Salaam of LWarwert a ad Hoar .mood, U caraa a'l ilrt ?yMpUMua a?.d av*rl* the dreaded dlaaaee Whl* el<l?a ,l" ytailnta tar'<ufh tliatr own nag loct. ? ?aa-ra. a PoUar, No. iM Wa?htagU>n atraat, Boa u>a. uaaaral Ag-ata. tor aala by W. M. 6ii?aa, Charlae BSoi"^ Nairn a Palmar, X. O. Ollmaa, and By Drwgglata gaa HUy. mar 10?lw. [TT Important te tbe L>adlee!?Or. Da rOHOO'e VkUALg Pinna.?raa oamMnat'.oa of log radi ant* In Uha Pill* ara partacUr harilaaa. TMi afllcacy and aaarlta ara taa?l npoa aa n;>aiwa practioa of over thirty ..... - and, wktra tha dlraetlcoa tava baan atrlrtly fol Lowad Umt ha?a navar (aHad to oarract all Irragnlarlttaa. raita?? p^afal na4 dl?cnlt aaanatnation, (partlcnUrlyj al tha chlnT* oI Ula. ihay wUi eara tha Whiw>a, and ramoTi ratal! by OBAS. STOTI, DruggUt, PLan*yl<rao1* aaanaa 9A*rrl B. WAITS, SSS ^reatt rtraat. WMhlaeloa, D. O aad B. S. T. OIBSBL, <Seer?atoWB| ta wboa all or4ara ana ?nt, aw4 tBe PUIa wtU Be aWH saeOSMtiniy. By amU.% Mm who aaflott thank < I I a lea who awioaa ma oaa dollar. J ?. S.-SW alcaasve ea Ike kn| teeeaalerfettltu M 0^e i Pilb.-tl? WMk, Dm OoneompUTe. Bhe?eM^ ?vary oiju if tbelr >U? Ik* Woo4 ?arsr. Tb? serree comMac* Is tbe srtoriee ?sd termlsste la UM Ttln. T>?m pills, m ? flrrt eff*-t, xst wp? Mrt*l Wood, ltcr?M(i(tlM eircalattoB. by which lnr?rlM? ?re depoelte* in the reins, and they throw off ?ncb eolM?^ tlon? Into tb? bowels, which orgao, by tba energy dsrtrse from Braadrath'a Fills, axpala thaai from the ?y? am. whan ?rat aaad. tba ptlla may ?roartM griping, aad erao maka tba ptttnt feel wor?a; thlt mmt ba bom# with fbr tha i?k<4 ?o eoma aflarwarda Ka great trod la oftao achieved without aomc triable In tta attalnuiant. and tbta rule appllaa to the raco*ary of health. Theee eyaptoma oalyoccnr where the body baa long straggled under a loa<1 of tmpara, tene?1o?B ham ore. A 'vmsa'TitlTe aaa for a few daye will satisfy tbe moat anbellertog of tl.e gi aal food the pllle are doing. The directions ebonld be carefnlly etadled. If oa??ere*eoa and followed, health and rtgnr will. In a majority of caaaa, be sh eared by the nee of BBANDRBTH'H Pllle. Sold al U caota par box at 41 Oanat street, Braadreth Balldlng, New York; by T. W. Uyott * Bona, 1?1 north Second Mraat, Ph!:eU.-.Hbi?, and by medietas dealere gener ally. DO* Lost and Found. Lost-on Wednesday afternoon, March 18tb, on Pe?n avenue, between 9.b street and tbe Cajitol Hill, two PASS-BOOK!*, of no value to any one but tbe owner. One cf th? m contained two le'.ters, and tome receipts. Tte finder will be ault&bty rewarded by leaving It at ^tail No. 57, C ent:e Market, or at VVM. UP PER MAN'S Grocery, Penn. avenue, between 4jf and 3d streets. mar 20 3l? REWARD-LOST-ABOUT THE l"th _ of Jirurr last, a plain GOLD RING, with preen b'ooa iton* set engraving cf an Uni co n Head on top The above reward and thank* of the owner will be given If left at tbls offlce mar ? 3t? $3 flCA REWARD WILL BE PAID, AND tyOU no questions asked, for the return cf try WATCH and CHAIN that was tsken from mv pocket, at the Capitol, on the 4th Instant It Is n lirge Gold Hunting Wat h, white dial, made by Robert Rosklll, Llvfrpool, No. 7917. A small Gold Chain with vest hook. S D CASTLEMAN, mar 16-erlw (tnt) oppo. National Hotel. For Sale and Rent. [See firtt fage for other "For Sale and Rent" Advertisements.] For sale?a new first-class Dwei. ling House t<iovld*'d w th all modern con veniences. No 2(S8 F street, ore of Ihe most de sirable locations in tte city Apply on the prerr lsfa or of J Art. C McGU IRE. Auction and Ccm mission Merchant. mar ?? -ti FUKNISHtD ROOMS FOR BENT ?A well fjrnbbed Pirlor and Chamber, situated In a healthy end desirable neighborhood. The roomj will be rented together or separate The parlor can be used at a bed-ioom If d*sl el. Also, a few unfurnished rooms for rent Inquire at No 381 13tb stieet, belween New \ ork avenue and 1 streets. marSO-tf FOR 8ALE ?THE RESTAURANT FORM eriy known as the Green f ree Hcus^, No 52f< Peun avenue. The house is In good repute, ai d fca? b respectable run of custom Will b-* sold low for cash. Inquire on the premise*, mar S0-5t? HOU?E AND LOT FOR SALE.?THE Sit ae rlber offers for sate, on easy terms a Hou>e and Lot on M street north, rear 13th street. The bouse is a frame, two-stories ht?h. and contains 6 Room J RUSSELL BARF, mar20-<o3t* corner 11th end M stress FOR ItENT? A SMALL FARM, CON talnlr.g 17)f acres of highly Improved Land, s t'JB'ed on New Road from Georgetown, and ad Joining I)rovera* Rest It has on it a fine Dwel ling House, Birn, Stables, and other out build ings; besides an Orchard of choice Peach, Ap ple, Cherry, Apilcot, and P urn Trees, and tor gardening purposes Is unsurpassed It alto has on it a good Slaughter House, and would suit a person carrying on the butcher business. Inquire ofTHOS E SHOEMAKERfNorthorn Liberty or Centre Market. m*r 19 lw? Fu F For rent?the well known fine three-story Brick Dwelling with two-atoiy Back Buildings on Pth street, opposite the Gene ral Post Offlos, lately occupied by Col. J.ihn W Forney The house Is large and coram dlons, with all the modern conveniences, Gas, Water Batb-Room. and fleatert, and has a large Garden attached. There I* connec'ed with the property a new Brick table, with sleeping rooms for Ver vants. The hou<e is sltnatfd upon an elevated, airv position, In a quiet nelghborhord. Will b? rant d Furnished or unfurnished, on a leas*,If de sired Inquire of Col. JOHN W FORNEY, at Marshal Hoover's, on G street, between 14th and 15th. where he will remain for a few days. mar 19-2 ? A delightful hummer residence on tbe Hel/h's of Georgetown for Rent.? The subscriber offers for rent bis House and Furniture for six months from the 1st of May. A valuable Cook will be hire' to the tenant, mar IP-tf "fa<HJ13 MACKALL. JR SALE OR RENT?A MODERN Built ? Dwelling House, of 10 Rooms, very pleasant y Htua'ed, In a healthy and good neighborhood. Will be *oTd en reasonable rerms, or rented to a good tenant Apply to J. C. McGUIRE. mar l7-d5t&eo3t* OR RENT?THE RESIDENCE AT PKKS _ ent occupied by Hon. Jas. Thorlngton, No 4-rt Eieventa street, between E and'F. Th^ ? remises has all the modern improvements The louse Is well furnished and can be had with or without the Furniture For terms Bppiy on the premises. Pouession given 1st April. marV eotf (Intel) FOR RENT ?THE FINE I ARGE DWEL ling Bouse at the corner of Penn. avenue and A:h street east, being tbe hou?e formerly occupied bv tbe late Wm. Easby Pj session given lm medlVely. Irqu'.re of th-s subsrrlber thiwgk the Post Offlce, or at their Lumber Yard, corner Sftth and D streets. mar 18 eoiw H N A Jr W. EASBY. OR 8ALE, EXCHANGE FOR CITY _ PROPERTY, OR RENT ?Possession given first of April next, tkat delightful situaMon situated neir Mr. I. Gales, oontalnlng 1\' acres of Land, with all its improvements. Title good. In a good state of cultivation For further p*r tloulars app.y to tbe subscriber *t the Dead L* tter Ofllre, or at No 439 8th street, between E and F. febill-towtf GERQKM KENDALL FOR SALE?TH e I^U BSCRl bf R OFFERS for sale bis Farm of 00 a^res, situated on th? Washington and 1 altlmore Rallioad, half a ml e f on b sw tch. and 1 mile from Belt>ville Ho t Otilee, 13 miles from Wesblngton, and 25 from Haltlmcre The Improvement oon>lst of a new Frame Dwelling, (tw > stories,) a large new B?rn, and all the necessary outbuildings, Ice-'lou e, {full of Ice.) a young and thrifty Orchard of select rult There is about 40 bu<bels of whrat sown with guir.o If not sold before (?f which notlee will bis given) the above will be offered to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, tee 23th dtv of Msrch, if fair, If not tbe next fair day. Srale to take place on the premises, at 12 o't look Terms made known the day of tale Po- se?slon given 1st of April. If the Farm Is sold, the Btock and all the Household ard Kitchen Furniture will also be sold at tbe same time and place. EDWARD HERBERT, Be'tsvllle, Md. Also?From three to four hundred Acres of Land adjoining, mostly in wood, and nearer the Railroad, on which Is a small two-story Brick House, will te < ffer? d at tbe same time and pla"e, rrd so d In lots to suit puichaseis. mar 1- -6t* 'OR RENT. ?A M EDI UM -SI/ED DWEL ? ling House, on Maryland a*enue, between 0th and 7th streets, containing 9 Rooms. For particulars irquire of WALL. BARNARD A CO , corner Penn avenue and S/th streets mar 17 eo3t* F F B- ,--JL . J! I1 y SPRING HOODS. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SPLENDID assortment of BON NETS. RIBBONS, m, tud FLOW ERS, all of the very la est lm-jfill portatlons and best styles. Al*o, a large /T^ lot of half wire Bonnet Frames, which 1 will sell low to milliners I have Bl*o on hand a lar^e stock ft F^mbroldetles, comprising, In part, hand some twlss and Cambric Setts, Swiss Collars from 50 ceata to f 15. Swiss and Cambric H >r fllng, Swiss and Cambric Edgings, all of which 1 promise to sell very cheap for cash MRS. R. G. FVTCHISON, No. 12 Market Space N. B ? I would respectfully inform icy cus tomers who have not clctel their January ac counts thxt an early settlement is desirable, as 1 would like all January bills settled before cew ones are opened mar 14-iw MRS. R. G. ETCHISON. VARNELL'S PAINTING IMPOHIUn, So 51 Louitiana avenue, north tide, betto. fith and 7th street*. Respectfully solicits orders for all kinds of HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNA MENTAL PAINTING. Jobbing promptly attended to nt the bhortest notice The establishment will be open from a in. to ft# p m , and all calls will Le readily attended to Sign Work ten per cent, cheaper than the old standard price mar 17-8w Sign of the Large Eagle. A GOOD CHAyOt WOOD ANU COAL YAHO FOR SALE. The subscriber Msg about to leave thedty will sell out his Woo<4t#d Coal Yard on the most reasonable terms I will tell stock and every*

thing, just as It is, or the good will of the Yard offlce, wharf, Ac , Just as the purchaser may de Islre There Is no better stand In the Second Ward and under ve^y cheap rent. Apply to P. T. Wilson, next to the Foundry Charrh, on 14th wet, between 0 and N?w York f oar lt-lw auction bales. n?but9 0 Mc9UI?E. Aoettoneer. MDR8UAY AFTKBNiwSj if V?.??b S bidde? l? rrj'iS'i '**" ?a feet 7 Inches on north F?"eH?0n 9?.', streets wes\'uanlng back *48 feet 8U i^L talnlng ? ,183 rqu afeft*? lnch?8? <?n. P. rf^f*?'I* TJy.the above? ,r: &s assusya israsg sphk5^? ttwtfjylkjm"?ss!5r slating of two small frame Dwelling H(,a^ ?_ f : ?ne-tblrdca?h; the residue in six ard twelve month*, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premises ? i mar 16-d JA8.C McQUIRK.Auct ICTThe abeve ?aie Is Pestpcaed. in c?n TKIHNCor?0? m ra["' unt:1 SATURDAY AF ' M"cb ai,l? at a* o clcck? 0n the -mar20 at J- C McGUIRE, Auc'r. ?y A. GREEN, Auctioneer. j SVi- ORDBB or THKOKFHAFin> I t-riV/i* .V**teb',d *"d ***????? Kurnl - IfVnr . .K*MlU,f,VT?n TUESDAY, the ?th In !? wi ?L? i by order ot the Orphans' Court H nn?h? ? m ? 8t (toe l ite residence of J acoh | W*f?d??!tted? No f<!8 >las?achuf<ett8 av t nue. between Gth ard 7th streets an excellent I assortment of nearly new furMture. vis ; eJieni h Jne Walnut French Sofa and Chairs and What- I cot Fine mahogany ca-tor Arm Chair and Ottoman I I lne marble-top Sofa Table, Walnut Extentlon I able ; Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair aad shuck Mat trowes Fine painted Cottage Sets, and Cottage B<d- J dressing Bureaus, Wasfaitands A lot of Hooks, b&g Fixtures China, Glass and Crockery Ware "ni4-^j*,.?DSra*n? atalr, and other C'3i pets, Oil- J Cooking, airtight and otter Stoves 1 With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites Ard many ether attic es which we deem unne- I cep-wrv to enumerate. Terms cash. ?mi.r ai-<1 A GREEN, Auct. j By JAB C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. I TRVKTtE'l HALE OF 11 O 17 S E AND 1 . a ^ J*r"? ?By virtue tf i a debd In trust bearing date on the 89th day cf I s*7n' ^a.rd rero,d*'* ?n I Ib"r J A 8 , No i MON iVa ?5Zr&\!h; subscriber will sell, on ?7 i L ? be ,;)tb dav of April, 1957, at 4 w I o clock p m , on therrtmlses, part of Lot Noll In square No 5 ?. beginning for tte rarre on New i Jersey avetue, 1'rt feet fi iocbesfrorn Lst;eet,ard i in>f^np,K CVt H"ht frorr' tV- ?!rrV*r,tUe W?tHfeet'thrnc* d?* north 5 inw,h -of,?;'tbence^ ea?t 9 feet, the need ne r?V,v!! c,?,h*nre due east to said avenge 28 I feet, thei oe along said avecae southerly 11 feet 8 t rnoJpmlV.^T K b!?,nn,nff w the !m- I Hons? wblctl e<msUt of a two-story Frame [ Tbe above property is situated on New Jersey I avenue, between north L street and New York ! avenue,in a rapidly improving part cf tiecltv. I ' and ? J <rs a favorable opportunity to obtain a res- I 1 idence or Invest I : The terms of sale will b one third cash; and the I ' ba.ance in 6 and 12 months, for notesbeanno Inter- f 1 est mm day of rale, secured by a deed fn trust I * upon the property; and if not complied with in f ' Ave days after the s.le, the pfoperty will fce reso'd -1 upon one week's nctice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. AU conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser CHA8. 8. WALLACB, Trustee, j mar 20-3 taw Ads j c McGUIRE, Auct. < By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ~~ i t TPRLSTEK'8 SALE OF SUPERIOR A Rosewood le ven-Octave Piano Forte f ' Extensive Assortment of Handsome Far! I n I tare and Effect* at Public Auction ?on I WEDNESDAY MORNING, March 85 h. at 10 o clock, and continuing on the succeeding div at I the same hour, 1 thail sell, by virtue of a deed ur trust duly made and recorded, the entire Fur- I nltureand hff^gts of the " Murray House," situ- I ited on Pean. avenue, between 3d and t V streets :omprialog? ' I Superior teven-octave rr sewood Piano Forte, by I Halt, Boston, nearly n*w and ia perfect I order r I duite of elagant walnut catved Parlor Furniture | flalsbed In rich green and crimson broca- I telle, with Chintz Covers Hands me Walnut-curved Etegere, Rout?, Ta-I b!es I 1 Large and handsome oval French-plate Mirror, I In richly carved frame Bllt frjme Mantel and Pier Glat'es K osewocd marble-1op Centre Tables ! I'alrcf Mahogany carved da mask-< overed Sofas I ttahogany hair spring seat fcofas, Rockers, and Parlor Chairs Handsome damask and lace Curtains, with Fix- I * tar s complete French Chintz and Mnslln Curtains ] r Ornamented and plain Wlrdow Shades t Uamisk and leather covered Lounges, Reception s Chairs | r 5as Chandeliers and Fixtures throughout the i house j Excellent velvet, Brussels and three-nlv Carpe's j [)ii Cloths, Stair Carpet, Drugget, atd Matting ? Superior rosewood marble-top Dressing Bureaus, S Wardrobes, Bedsteads and Wrslistands | f Mahogany and walnut Jenny Llnd, French, and e Cott:ge Bedsteads \ Walnut and mahi gany dressing and pla'n Bu- i reaus, Wardrobes, and Wnshst%r.ds t Twelv. doz?n excellent cane-seat Chairs i Iinauiel:ed CottaseSet', Toilet W?ra Spring Matt rest es, painted \% ardrcbes Twenty (-ufe.lor curled hair Mattresses, husk do. Thirty sets prime qu :llly Feather Bolsters and Pillows Fine Marseilles (4 j1 Is, Bed Spreads Fxcel eat Blankets and Comforts Lirge q jantltr of Bed and Table 1 lnen Maioli-top Sid-board. Extension Tables Large quantity of China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Silve -plated Cas ora, Ppoons, and Forks TabieLu'lery, Chafing Dishes, Fire Irons Vahog ny Hat-Tre?P, Card Tables, Hail Tab'rs Cooking atov# and Fixtures, KitcLen Furcifure Radla'cr, Air-Tight, CoJ, Grate, and other 8toves Ofllre and bar-room Furniture, &e. The above Furniture Is all of excellent quality and In get d order T< rms : SJ" ard under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and P'J days, for sitlsfactorily en lors d co:es, bearing interest THOMAS J FI3HER, , Trustee. mar 20-d JA8. C McGUIRE, Auct. ?n Ifome Insarance Compaay of New York, OFFICE NO. 4 WALL STREET. Cask C 'pital $300,000 00 Amount of A*s*t.i 1st Jan . 1857..872 823 31 Amount of Liabilities 42,460 98 This company continues to in ?ure Buildings, Merchandise. Ship* In l'ort, and their Cargoes. Household Furniture and Per sonal Property generally, against Loss or Dam age by Fire, on fivorable terms. Losses equitably adjusted and promp ly paid DTBKCTOnst Charles J Martin; A F Wlllmarth; William G Lambert, ttrm of A A A Lawrence A Co ; Geo C Collins, tlrm of Sherman A Collins Danford N Barney, firm of Wells, Fargo ft Co ; Lucius Hopkins, President Importers' A Traders' Bank; ; Thomas Messenger, Arm of T AH. Messenger: W lllUui H Mell'.'U, hrm of Clatilu. Mellen A CA.: | Charles B Hatch, I'm of C B Hatch A Co : B ! Watson Bull, tlrm of Haskell. Merrick A Bull; L Atterbury, Jr , firm of L Aterbury, jr , A Co ; Lu clen D Cc man, llrm of Comau, Lothrop ft Co ; Homer Morgan; Levi P Stone, Arm of Stone, Starr A Co ; James Humphrey, tlrm of Barney, Humphrey A Butler; George Pe^rce llrm of Geo PearceA Co; Ward A Work, tlrm of Ward A Work A Son; James Low, nrm of James I ow A Co ; 'saac H Frothlngham, tlrm of 1 H Frothing haui A Co ; Charles a Bulkley, firm of Buikley A Co: Cephas H Norton, firm of Norton, Jewett, A Huzby; George D Morgan, firm of E O Morgan A Co ; TheodoreMcNantee. firm of Bowen, Mc? NaineeACo.; Richard Hlyeicw firm of Doan, King A Co ; Oliver E Wiod. fi m of Wlllard, Wood A Co ; Amos R Ltio, fi m of Eno, Rob erts A Co ; Alfred 8 Barnes, firm of A 8 Barnes A Co.; George Bliss, of the firm of George Bliss A Co ; Roe Lock wood, of the firm cf R Lockwood A Son; John G Nelson, firm of Nelson A Co ; Lyman Cooke, firm cf Cooke, Dowd A Baker; Levi P Morton, firm of Morton A Grin neil; Cuitis Noble, firm of Condit ft Noble; John B Hutchinson, firm of J C Howe A Co ; Stephen Paul, firm of Stephen Paul A Co ; Cbas P Bald win, firm of Baldwin, Starr A Co ; H Gilbert Ely, firm of Ely, Bowen A MeConnell; Amos i' Dwlght, fi m of Trowbridge, Dwight A Lo ; Henry A Murlbut, firm of Swift, H irlbut A-Co ; Jesse Hoyt, firm of Jesae Hoyt A Co^ Wmtftur glss,Jr.; firm of Sturgls. SLaw A C?> * , Ford, firm of Ford Rubber Co ; Sidnev Mason, firm of Mar on A Thompson; George T btedman, ?""SaKIsV! SiSTIN, Pr?:.. A. F. W1LLMARTH, Vice Pres. J.MILTON SMITH, Secretary. irp AoPlcatlons received and policies insured 1LT-??'f,f0|V1A8 c WHEELER, Agent, ' No 3*6 Pa. avenne, botw. 6th and 7th sta. marf-lm IVKW YORkTeDGER, IN ADVANCE, i^l for Msrah 8tot - Mrs. lngraham's new story, the ?' Abdnoted Heiress," ooatinned. Cobb's ? Rarvoel th*Beeut,>>continued. ?> mailt r KRGU80N,486 7th j APOTIOH a a r.Bft [Af ?tktr Auction Smlit im First FBf BARNARD * BUCK KY .Georgetown IIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE at Pablte Sale.? On FRIDAY, 20th Instant, at 6 o'elk p.m., we will sell, in front of tbe premises, at public role, tbat superior an* commodious Owe], llrg lstely occupied by Prof Ruel Keith. Tbe bouse 1* built In 'be best manner with rasrd to comfort and convenience There la a batt-rocm and green-house, cistern In tbe yard, Ac Tbe Let fron's #i feet on Beall street, near Congress, ar.d rur.s back '21 feet. There are beautiful horse cbe*nut tr> es on the front cf tbe lot. Tb? locality lsg o4, th" nelgborhood is qilet snd pleasant AltcgetL* r It Is or.e cf tbe most desir able habitations In Georg?*town. The terms of sale, which are rxtrema'y liberal, will be mide kr.o^n on tie day of sale. tale positive BARNARD A RUCKfiY, AOC's. Persons wishing to purchase can laspect the pren^es on application to B. A B. mer IS Hv A. 6REKN, Auctioneer HAN DSOIK TWO-SI OK YANP ATTIC Brn k hoesf and Let ?t beetles On FRIDAY, the vOth Instant, 1 shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m , In front of the premises, a band some twc-?tory srdatt e Bilck House, containl g nine go d and conveniently arranged Rooms ana Passate, with Stable and Carrlsge-hoose attaen ed, and the lot on which It stand-, being w< st partof LotlVo !?, In tquaie No. 3?4. having a frc.nt on North C ?-tref t of twenty-nine feet cne Inch, between 11th and 12th streets vest running back to a wide alley. Terrre: One-ha'i ea?h; balance In si* and twelve months, for no-es bearing interest fr? m day of sale A de d given and ad:ed of trust taken. Title Indisputable, crd sel? peremptory, at the owner Is going to leav? the city. mar 11-d * A. CRKEN? Auctioneer V by J AS. C. McGU IKE, Auctioneer. ALIABLK Bl'ILPIIIU I.OT AT Pakllr A net ion.?Or SATURDAY AF f !? R NOON , March 21. at 5 o'clcck. on the premises, 1 shall sell Lot numbered il, of Davidson's sub dlvlflon of ^qnare No M*. frcn?lng *1 feet. 5 ljche* ?n Hth s'reet. writ K ard L streets ??rth. running back 120fe-t to an a'tley. This lot Is beautifully situa'ed In a healthy and rapidly lmpiovlng part of the city, aud Is very deslraole for a private residence Terms: One-fourth, cash ; the residue In 8, 12, and It* m? nths, tor satisfactorily seeund note*, bearln? Interest. J. C. Me.GCIKE, mar 19 Auctioneer By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers Household and ritcuev fi rm. ture?On THURSDAY, the 19h Instant, we shall sell, without re*ervp, at store No 419 Fenr.. avenue, between o'd and 4^ streets, south j side, commends!! at 1" o'clock a.m., a large aid bar.diprr.e assortment of llcure Furnishing 4roods, consisting In part of? Maba *any Softs. Tete s-Tete. ard Lourges Do Cbs'rs, arm ard nurr-e Rocker-* Do Tables, WeshstanOs, Bedsteads Cane and wood-seat Chsiri, Clocks !.ocklnj Classes, Racks, Mats Toilet Sets, Knives and Forks. Carvers Ptatert Ten-tab!e and desr-rt Spoons and Forks Castors, fl jfd, ell, and other Lamp* Walter*, Trays, Vises Botar Lamps, Co; s and Saucers China Tea Sets. Decanters Slop and Foot Jars. Dusting Brashes Tumblers,6oblcts, Pitchers Cream end Sugar Dishes, Tureens Compoteeis, copper and ether Saucepans French Griddles, Gas Cooklnr Stoves Alto, a large assortment cf H:>Ufe Furnishing Goods, which will be sold without reserve WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 10-dts Auctioneers. JI^The absvs Sale is Postponed, en ac? joint of the rain, until MONDAY MORNING, March 23, same hour, when It will positively lake place mar 19 WALL, BARNARD A. CO , Aucs I rO HOl'SKKEEPEH#._TO THOSE SO ln? to House*-eejplpg this Spring we weed ffer the be?t and la -st Improved COOKING JTOV ES to be fourd In this market. The a? lortment Is very large and compete, consisting f all tie d ITerent s'xes, stvles, and pat.erns Uso receive! from the Nortfc, the latest ltnprovtd Pcriable Summer Cooking Ranges, varying In >;lce from USSrto ff Together with anas ortmen? f ?hawe's Boston 6as Summer Cooking i eves, A e Please give us a call before buying, 'or we a-e corfldent that we can and wl.l sell :heaperthan any other house In this city You ?hl also find In atcre a g eat many useful articles n the Housekeeping line All gtods delivered o ary part of tbe Dls-trlct, ar.d onr Ccoklng Stoves >ut up jn tbe very best manner f;e? of charge! Sl^n cf Stoves Grates, and H^usefurnlsh'ng Jrods, Brown Ston? Front. No 318 Terms cash on delivery C WOODWARD, mar 19-tAprl Pa. ave , bet 10:h and 11 h sts. NOTICE. TIME IS MONEY. BLOCKS ! ? CLOCKS !!? CLOCKS !!J? Csll at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite Jrowns' Hotel, and see th" greatest a-sort nent of CLOCK* this side of New York }r>od Clocks warranted for SI 50. AI?o all linds Clock .\laie-lals. til.s, Cords, Balls, K ys, Weights, Ac The trade suppllel at wholesale trices. Ca h or Clocks given la exchange for >ld Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches 'or sale lew. Call and see foT yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S,349 Pa av., Jvi27-?m opposite Browns'Hotel. BUI V P INY, COLTS, AND YOL'NO COWS r- K SALE. a A FAST GOING THO roughly genUe TORONTO FuV> ?4 years oid next May; a lot of JOLTS, Morgan, Torjnto,and others; a Burner jf COWS, with first Calves, of mixed Devon and Durham blood,?for salest Wood Co r?im 8 miles over the Navy Yard Bridge I (.quire at No. 104 Penn. avenue, or of the Manager on the Farm, mar 6-tf NO WASHINGTON Manufactured silver warp on exhibition at tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' institute Fair, but every description of flne sil ver Ware can be seen In process of manuf ictur lng. at H. O. HOOD'S, mir 13 33-1 Penn. ave, near 9th st 5 K W I NO MAl'HINfcS ? ANY PERSON huvirg a tewing Machine of the Wheeler A W1 .son patent, In good order. Ivlng idle, can rent the sanv on fair ternrs, by applying to the Sewing Rooms, on D street, two doors from the corno* or 9th, or by sending address Privilege of purchase Is oejlred It wlil be work?4 by an experienced hand, and good care taken of It mar It) 8t* SPRING MILLINEKY WE HAVE RECE VED OUR STOC i OF Sprit g Siraw Gaods, conaUtlsg Crt of Fine Enellsii straw, Neapolitan. ?ghorn, Chip Tuscan, and other Hats for.^^ ladies and misses Also, a line assortment of trench I-lowers, Wreaths, Ribbons, Blonds. Ac. Ladles are iavlted to call and examine at our Fancy Store on the Avenue, beween Ninth and TmJr8-fltU HUTCHINSON A MUNRO " oak WOOl> AT w.74. TWO OR THREE HUNDRED CORDS l*MtOAK WOOD will be delivered at the '""""lxtsrd ? 7J Half do 2 90 Quarter do 1 3* \ry A cargo of Red At-h STOVE COAL, nut site. Just received. \?T For sale at tbe COAL AND WOOD YAKD southweui comer 9th and H streets, mar l?-3t NOTICE. ALL TAXES FOR THE YEAR ISM Re maining unpaid, roust be settled by the 1st of Arril. After that date 1 will proceed to distrain without respect to persons. Delinquents would do well to attend to this, to save trouble at.d ex pense. C F. BHEKKLL.Tax Collector. Gboruktown, D. C , March 3d, 1847. trar 4-lm? Til ALB ERG'S HOME 1WEET HOME and Souvenir D'AmeMqns. Just published, aud for sale at METZEROTT'S Music Dep t, corner of l'th street at.d P>nn avenue, msr 17 A 6k OCTAVE PIA^O ALMOST NEW Roaewood Case, Iron Plate, wlUbeg?=gb9 sold for S125 Must be sold this w?klf I J t1 JglSSff 1"*^w??.,6?ras?0o5n?8 " mar 9 Music Depot, oor. 11 ih ? aad Ps. ?v. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKB33. fotjb days urn fie* xxnors Arr?ral ef lit ItiaaiUf Alp*. Naw Yob*, March 5? ?The itouoir Alp#, fmm Lirerr >>1 om the 4th inst , arrived this Burning The general news is unimportant _ Brituh Government war* dsfeafcad on **>bd?n a ??tfon in regard to the war with Lhir.a, bat it ??? not supposed that Palm^ ton would rest,m or dissolve Partiameat The vitai on Cobden's notion ?u 283 against 147. 1 bo Alps brought out no mailt. The Pr*ea uewapapera were dupatohed South bj tho m-v^nng tr??n. The Afcfea arrived oat on tho 11, and tbo City cf Baltimore on th? 21. Mr. Crampton. laU MiniateY at Waafcintton. bad ? re a appointed MinUtor to Hanovar Advice* fr.>m China of tbo 15th December bad been received They say that tbo Em peror had prohibited hia tubjeet* from trading with the Englfab, ?i^der penalty of death. The Pi<rts com ipondent of tbo London Times says that the treaty between Portia and England bad not been aigned, bat that hostil. itica bad boon au?pended, although bo regular armistice was declared I'oig Kong date* of Jannary lftth Bay thara bad oeen no farther operation* again* Can toa Official despatche* five details of at ?empte by the Cbineae to retake the Toetotam f>rt,. and an attack ott tba Bri'.iA *hipa by a vast number rf Chinese japks Thfr act w?ll concerted and yiL^e at low water, when the Iarg**h\p?ooald not manoeuvre; bat it wr.s brilliantly repelled. Admiral Seymour had abandoned the Dotch J oily fort and the Factory garden* and strengthened the position* lower down tha rirer ecraita were expected from Singa pore All the western nhatbt of Centra were burnt ob the 12ih of J.-ftqiry by the Kcgliah A large fire also occurred inside of the city. The Maciiriis in the TB'iou* district* had issued the E'st blood thirsty edict* agaicat t'le I.ngl Ya, and ofiV-red reward f>>r aaafiisa ti?>ns acd incendiariam at Hong Kong THE MARKETS Liratrooi. ?C tton waa steady; i?!m of two days 11.500 balea?to apecolatora 3 000 aiid exporter* 3 000 bale*. Breadstuff* closed doll. Flour bad a de clining terdency; Western Canal 29a30i ; Southern 2H.31*; Ohio 31a32a. Wheat i* uncharged; white 9..9|a , red 8a8?a. C >rn wv- ten ling downward, white 35*3**, yelli'W 33i?3ls; mixed 33i 3i *33*. 9d Pre. ?is ons iq+re steidy Bacon **? firm, bat bjjers demand a redaction Lard cloned buoyant, with a large speculative inquiry ; e les at 71a72* B?!d?rs however demand an advance Tall >w was dull, and the sale* were r/tnripally ocnflned <o - peculation. C?>? ?o>a for money 93?: for account 93}. Tha uioney market wa* easier Pari* ?The funds closed at 70f. 9i>c. Murder a* Trey. Trot, N. T., March 18 ?An affray occurred at Eldy Foundery. in this city, this morning, between John Allen and Hugh Donnelly. The former struck the latter with a hammer, injuring him so that be died at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Allen has oacaped. The Stoughton PoiaoBing Case. Bostob, March 18.?In the btoaghtoa poi soning ease the coroner's jury rendered a ver dict of "Death by poison, administered by Ho sea Briggs " Briges waa placed in enstody, and Mis* Amanda Drake wa* discharged Hew Orleans Markets. NkvOrlba<?8 March 19?Cottoa 1* firm. Sales to day, 8,500 bales. Prices has advanc ed t<j. Su?*r has advanced to ; Orleans, 10+ Kluic Breadstuff's are quiet and unchanged P-rk is firm Lard haa advanced Jo ; in kegs, 14?. Freight* on cotton to Liverpool, fd., to llavre. ] 1. Exchange ob New York, i piam. Baltimore Market*. Balttwop.b. March 20?Flour la doll?mall sales of Howard street at f 5 87$. Wheat is steady at the dceliae of yeetnrdsy. R'd' at S1.:J6*S1 38. white* SI 40afl 58 Cm w rather heavy, and nominally at 02afi5c. for white ard yellow. Wbiaky is dul'; City and Pennsylvania at^o ; Ofaio itc Tbb Wbitbbb Sours.?Tha Savasaah R(? publican of Saturday says. u The aeasoa i* unusually backward and aeed time ha* al ready been postponed for several week*." The Wheeling (Va.) Times aaya: "A ?hurt time since, a gentleman who keeps a grocery in the vicinity of Fairview, some dis :?rce out on the National road wast, came to Wheeling and bouzht a barrel of molsasea. tie took it home and commenced retailing it. in small quantities, to Lis ???ua?n, all of ahem, after using it, were attacked wi'h a itrango sickness, from which, however, they speedily recovered. No one could account for tbis singular fact until the molaaaea barrel waa P'etty well drained and the head knocked out >t" it, when the whole community wa* ta'on ishep at the discovery of a negro child about sight days old inside the barrel. The child ras lying in the bottom of the barrel in a slate jf partial putrefaction " The Bigots or tbb Prbss ?Some time since Dr Gibbes, the editor of the South Ca rolinian, was forcibly ejected by the Mayer and Chief of Police from the Council Cham ber. at a public meeting < f the City Counc.l [>f Columbia. S. in consequence of his re fusal to submit to an inquisition, whether be designed or not to report their proceedings Dr G. subsequently brought an action against the parties for damages, and a few day* ago the case wao tried, resulting in the Mayor be ing mulcted in $25 damages, and the Chief of P.ilice in 6i cents, with cost* sgairval each, thus fully vindicating the plaintifTa poaiticn, that as a corporator and a proprietor of a pub lic press be hid a perfect right, without chal lenge or queation. to attend the publio meet ing* of the City Council of Columbiv and at will to report their proceedings, and bi* forci ble ejection therefrom wa* a trespass on hi* person on his rights as a corporator, and on too frcedi m of the press VOCAL MUSIC. L IRVING HAS TbK Fl.EAH'RE OP J* anrounMng that his Vocal Mu*lc Clave* t< r the nrcr term wlU be organts-d at bla music room In Trmperan e Hall, on t? strret, between 9'h and 10ii, on TUESDAY tVK.MIN?, March *4tb, at 7'J o'clock. Those wtsbiag to unite, for cither eitmemary or advanced courae, (to be giv en at day or nljjnt ) are nquesUd to be present Nothing will be omitted In the cturw rew*aaty to makeev<-ry membrrthoroogbly acquainted wl;h tho?e prlnclplf* which will enable them to reed music nude standingly and alng without the aid of an instrnmen-. Terms : Ttweatv two lew ons, ff Instruction (vocal orlDCtruaflatal)fc1v*n at the Hall or at the pupil's residence. Applioe cation can be made to Mr. Irvleg tareuih the P?*t office. mar 17 ?ta ?1. V. B. BOO AM, DKSPECTFULLY INFORMS HIS Frlenda aad tb? public, that he has removed his Oth e and Residence to No 451 Maaeacb??etta avenue, south tide, between *th and 7th sUaets, where he will be happy to reoeive the *'alls cf bla friends who may require his professional servi ces! mar lg-f NEW ftPRINO WOODS WK IIAVE JUST RECEIVED AN ELE gtot assortment of NEW UPI1N9 GOODS. roasUtlug of? ml Ladles and Children's Straw Boaaats ^ Ribbons, French Floeers Blondes, Florence Ruche*. Crapes Tsrletona, B ?bblnetts (ail colon) IUuMoqs Bonnet KrwDM ml CroWM ?ad Mllllnerv Goods of aU de^rlprions Also, Dress Trimmings to ma?ch any oalor; Rich Embroidered C .llaraand Sleevea; Thread. Valencia and Biu'sel* Laeea; Ladles a?d Cbll dren's Kid Glov-a, allce ore; Hosiery; Battons; and stnsli VVaies genefallv, and as low price as can be bought in ut* elty, at * G H CAS8IDY A CO . 3:4 Pa. avenue, between 10th aad lltt sta rear i7-lw* - I SI (J LEI 1 HBLMIt Qf\ HEAD OK SUPERIOR MULES *3" arrived froaa Kentuchy. and will be cold on arcommo^atloc teraas Eling toHENRv BIRCH,at blaLJwerv table, * aO?t..4 pume, co.-Dtw WaahlagtQB, P w. w. saciBBV. . BACKBBV MACB**?*?tU?lA?e??r, ?Ta4T?B