Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Thi Jfitioiu Hotbl sicknoas seems to be attracting great attention through the conn try. The 5?w York Herald says; " IJ" eddkioa to other victims from the D?i ?00 of KM kind Imbibed in Washington, we learn that George Clifford, Esq , a lawyer of thi. city, fa very ill from the JSm? states that he was taken within a few hours after having drank freely of the watar. ** Among other aufferera la Petar Coopar, Esq., who, however, is gradually recovering from the effects of tha disease. He atataa that there warei over one handrad oocnpanta of tha hotel at tha time ha waa attacked, and that ?Vwfr?Ii6a y/!1, W9n 8>,**d wUh Nlne?? within twenty four hours. Ho noticed that in the main hall an offenaive smell existod, wblcb was the only peculiarity that attracted I attention The attack commenced with distress of the stomach, nausea and vomiting, accompanied with or fallowed by a severe and debilitating diarrhoea. At timea the dis charges were so frequent as to occor several timaa in an hoar, and were frequently attend ed with severe tenesmus. "Mr. Cyras W Field alao suffered severely 'with the disease, and although enfeebled by tha severe purging, hia abdomen retained un usual fulnesa and tension. Mr Coopar stated that some of bis acquaintances had diad from the effects of the disease. As Mr. Field re quired proper raat, his physicians thought a sea voyage would prove advantageoua to him. flense be sailed ia the Persia ?We believe Mr. Wilson G. Hunt, with sev eral other citisens of New York, were saffor era to a greater or less extent. "What was tha nature of the poison which afliatad ao large a number of people in such a brief period of time? We have no idea tint it did or could prooaed from foul air, other wi*' the symptoms would not have been of suoh sodden and uniform development in such a variety of constitutions. It was no doubt a poison of some kind introduced at the hotel either by accident or design. From all the rymptoms of the attacked some respectable physicians of this eity do not hesitate to pr - nouace them to be of an arsenical character, or such as would be likely to be produced by the action of arsenic, taken to a certain ex tent into the system. ?' Let the apothecaries in Washington be ex amined, to know whether they have sold poi son for salts of tarter, or other substanoes to the hotel employ*#, and let confectioners, ba kere, and milkmen be examined Milk may (though not at this season probable) be render ed poisonous by the food of cattle. The aodi ments of tha water tanks should also be ana lysed Such widespread suffering surely de mands at the hands of the Washington au thorities the most thorough investigation." The Newark Daily Advertiser of the 13th instant, rays: 44 Several persons from Newark, while at Washington recently, partook of the water at tho National Hotel whieh had been poisoned by the rats, and were made very sick thereby, one lady so badly that her life has been de spaired of. Cue or two deaths have already occurred, and it is truly providential that all war* not killed from its affect/. The Roe neater Union says it learns from a private source, that Hon. 0. B Mattaaon, is not expected to recover from the attack of the rat epidemic from which he waf suffering when he returned to Utica from Wssiirgton. The editor of the New York Day Book, who was at the National Hotel at the time of the inauguration, rejects the cat theory, and sums up a careful artiole reviewing the whole case, as follows: " Horace F. Day, Esq., ?s now lying very low in this city, lie was a boarder thera, and no doubt is affected precisely as Mrs. Adams A daughter of Senator James is also very sick and under the charge of Dr Marcy. Dr. Leon has several patients, including a chitd of the writer, who ia very low. That we have all bean poisoned by some substance daily ad miniaterad to us in the food, ia beyond a ques tion. What the substance waa, how, or b7 whom administered, remains a mystery. The proprietors of the house, we are satisfied, have used every effort and means in their power to find out tha cause of this widespread infliction, but in vain To them it is as profound a mvi ta rv as to any ia the land a he Daily Jacksonian. of Newark, says: *' Among the individuals suffering from a sojourn at tha National Hotel, Washington, is our fellow-citisoo, Gol Hamilton, editor of the Sussex Herald He came on with us from Trenton on Friday forenoon, on his way horn*. He has loet flesh wonderfully, and is still suf fering from deranged bowels, producing inces sant diarrhoea that it seems impossible to check, and that weakens and emaciates him very much He says of forty that partook of a special banquet at tha National, every one was taken down, and arc still suffering. The New York Express a!ks, "why in al most every oaae sickness results only after, partaking of food? ' and adds : "The mias ma hypothesis infers bad air only,?but it does not appear that tha servants and other employees of tha establishment, who must have been breathing that air constantly, have shared the mysterious sickness which has overtaken the guests at tha public table. Tais is a curious circumstance, and one which the public would be much obliged to the Board of Health?or some learned medical authority?to explain." Very easily explained, Mr Expressthe "circumstance'' may be "curious/' but Is not true In fact, the servants of the hotel were taken dv>wn so rapidly by tha sickness that a guest of the bouse (snd one of the safferets; says that he had six different servants waitiag ujon him in sueceeew* ia as many hours ; one after another being attacked in turn Pockit ricxino?A FsMALa Operator.? Catharine Carthaus, a fashionably dreesed, { good-looking young woman, was yesterday ar rested by OScer Bos? for picking the pcckct of Mrs. James Bow en, whose store at the cor ner of Sixthstreet and Massachusetts avenue, ahe entered on pretence of examining somo goods. She cave security for her appearance at Court The mcney was reooverea. Cath arine is from Baltimore, and has been opera ting ia this city as an omnibus thief, io com pany with a confederate named Mary Keseler. A Co??isro*D*5T calls attention to the condition of the sewer on the south aide of Pennsylvania avenue, nearly oppoeite the Na tional Hotel, and which is in so Altby a con dition, aa to make it a great nuisance in that neighborhood. The city authorities will doubtless give it an oierhaullng Wacsb a Italia. ?Wo take pleasure in an nouncing that the sucoeas attending this mar itorloaa exhibition has induced the mansger la stay in our aity one week mere Arrange ments have been made with several a-socia tiocs and schools to attend on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons when Big Vivaldi will introdaoe bis L liiputian Family. Exhibition evety night at bj o'clock. A Btjoer.? Gardiner k Place, of Twelfth street, near the canal, exhibit a very beautiful buggy carriage at the Fair, remarkable aot more for the akill of Ita aorkmanahip than for the graoe and convenience of its design. As a light mmmer wagon, it is indeed, in all respects, a model in its way. Policx ? Maxgaret Buike was arrested last night by Oficer Reynolds charged with steal ing a piece of oalioo, the propertv of G F Periie, Seventh street; afae, a pair of shoea from F Magrnder She was committsd to jail by J*etiee Hollingsbead. Aruxstid.? Asa Ricketts, of this eity, was arrested on Ihnrsday night, by one of the Baltimore poltoe, oharged with obtaining goods (liquors) under false pretences. He is now ia jail awaiting the rtquisition of the Gcvernor of Maryland. CiacoiT Coikt.?This Court wlHocmmeace the March term oa Monday morning, at 10 o'clock. 1 Eviit Paasoa having a piano forte io hit house should subscribe to Hifbus' Cheap Mu sical Bcqaet. . . 1 ? Finns.?The alarms last night and this morning were belh false. M **? Polk* Bbfoets?Bsfore J ustlce Dona: . *? ,M dismissed from the chaiwe of obtaining foods know leg the mat to have b*?? ?toIen. The goods mltiMd w?r? of ?Hflinf amount. He proved by one ef bis workmen that the articles (which ha ad mitted he beWeved to ba stolen; war* left near his premises bj a colored man without the knowledge of >aid Mekag, and at x<igkt ware placed in his shop. The articlea identified belonged to the family of Mr S. Par tar, and ware delivered to him after the investigation. J L Smith and Wm. J. Martin, Eoqs., for defence John B fftflliday, John Parry and Joseph Somcrs. were arrested by Officers Kemble and King, U 8. Police Officers Norwood of the auxiliary guard, and Wataon of the city po lice, for fraudulently combining with others to obtain money by batting on a game called " monte, or three -card triok," and with hav inf, in said combination obtained tha sum of tan dollara from a man named Ulrieh Banff It waa proven that the g-?me was conducted in tha open air at or near Page's wharf. Offl oers Kemble and Norwood having been in formed that the game waa in progress, pro ceeded in a carriage to tlaa scene of action, and on their way met four persona, who after wards proved to be the men they were in pur suit of. The officers immediately returned, when a foot race took p!aoe. The fancy men having the start, preceded the pursuers, and made tracks for the oity. A portion of them entered a gambling house on Pennsylvania avenue ; the others took reftige in a house of ill-fame kept by a woman earned Elisabeth Golden in Long Alley, from whose domicil they were routed and took refuge uninvited in the dwelling cf Mr. W. H. Falkner, Penn sylvania avenue, from whiob dwelling they were taken by the officer?, and after hearing all the evidence, the Justice committed them to jail for trial before the Criminal Court. John Perry was soon after bailed out by Denton 8. Porter, who qualified that he waa in possession of sufficient property to justify in the sum of $266. In the train of these gamblers, at the mag istrates offiee, we noticed some youths, the sons of respectable gray haired citizens, who would shudder at the intimation that their children were in familiar aaaociation with i inch characters Washington oity is unfor tunately infested with more than its share of gamblers and genteel swindlers, and parents should oxeroise active vigilance in ascertain ing the character of the persons with whr-m their children associate The National Hotel Siceeess. ? Tbe Mayor and sub committee of tbe Board of ilealth concluded their investigations lrst night, and will report the cause of the sick nesi at the National to be what we original !y suggested?? e , defective sewerage, tbe s'ench-lrap at the corner of Sixth street and the avenue holding the foul air and throwing it back upon the hotel. It was stated before tbe examiners, by a guest of tbe house, that he had stopped at the house at three different times during t'be sickness ; that be recovered from a slight attack on his first visit, and on his next visit took the precaution to eat and drink elsewhere, merely lodging in the house, bat was attacked more violently than before. Ue is now again stopping in the house, in per fect health, but sleeps with his chamber win dow open and with a fire burning in the room. The Natioeal Hotel ?It waa net decided at 2 p m to-day to oloee this establishment at onee, though the anticipation that it will closed this evening is rife. The Criminal Court was not sitting to-day, the jury having been discharged until Tues day next. China Illustrated to-night at Carusi's Saloon. ??? Ureat Faib or tee Metropolitan Me chanic's Institute.?Among tbe various ar ticles on exhibition we notice the rich per fumes, Ac , culled from the thousands of exotic as well as native flowers, forming the 4< McClain Pyramid of Sweets," always attracts the la dies* who invariably go away stcMter than when they came. f Gcnxv's Lady's Booe for April just re ceived. For sale at Adainson's, Seventh st., ' opposite to the Post Office. * Otstbbs and Ale ?If you want gooi Oys ters and superior Ale, call at Hammock s, Liberty Hall, No 306 Pennsylvania avenue, under Willards' Hotel. * Madams Swett ?Strangers and others in Washington should not omit consulting this lady, who, during the past month, has been visited by many of the first ladies and gentle men of standing. ? Extract from the report of the judges of the Fair of the Washington Metropolitan Me chanic's Institute: " The perfumery, fancy soaps, dentifrices, Ao , made and deposited by E M'Claia, of Philadelphia, the committee recommend to the highest oommendation. The extracts are equal in e^ery particular, if not superior to many of tbe best imported His soaps, hair oils, tonics, Ao , are certainly eqaal to any that hare fallen under cur notice anywhere. Dr F Howard, Dr R. B. Ironsides." t [ADVBRTISEMEET. Inaugural Humbuo?Some of oar fossil old fogies grumble terribly about the energy dis played by Shillington, the great bookseller and news agent in this city, in selling views of the Capitol and Pennsylvania avenue, as | they appeared on inauguration day, whioh were engraved a few hours in advance, and published in Leslie's Illustrated Paper. We admit that in these few houra, tbe Capitol mifht have been burned and Pennsylvania avenue might have been rendered impassable for tbe President elect by the croud of country subscribers who preferred making an invest ment in Leslie's magnifioent Illustrated Pa per, rather than call upon the Editor of tbe Weekly Grumbler to pay up for stale report* of medical proceedings a week old, or disin terred relies from the past But for tbe infor mation of the publio, we would state that Mr. Shillington has received the third number of ] Leslie's paper ocntaining numerous illustra tions of the inauguration. This completes tbe series and oan be obtained at Bbillington's Book, Newspaper and Stationery Establish ment * ? t Watch Retort ?light persons were in tbe watch house last night?four of them lodger* and the others in for various Corporation of fences They were all dismissed by Captain Mills, at 9 o cloek this morning, there being no police magistrate to try the several cases. 7KB89HAL .... Ex-Secretary Mercy has deelined tbe public dinner tendered bim by the merchants of Baltimore .... Thackeray, the novelist, first saw this1 world, at Calcutta, in the year 1841, whieh places him, at the present time, in his 53d year. .... Rev Calvin Cotton, well known aa tbe writer of tbe Junius Traets?a series of politi cal papers of great popularity in tbe oam paign of 1S40, and also editor of the Speeches j and Correspondence of Henry Clav, died few days since at Savannah, Oe., whither he^ had gone in pursuit of health The National Agricultural Exhibition will be held et Louisville, Ky , on the 5th of | September next. (17* A. Kansas correspondent of the Cine in- ? caii Gazette says that Governor Geary has be come very unpopular among tbe Free State men of that Territory ia consequence of bis sisniag all the obnoxious nets passed by the Legislature. Ob tke l?th Insteat. by the Re*. F. A. Clamp 1, Col JOHN WILLIAMS, of this elty, to Mrs. LfcONOftA M C0OLID8U eldest daqghtef of yommcder? Stephen Casein, U.Utevf. , On the eoth instant, of consumption la the fe fear if his age, WlL<Ll AM BIGlW Hla frienda and acquaintances a e Invited to attend hla funeral frem hla lair residence onVh street weet, between P and Q ttieeta, on Suadav the S94, at J p ne. Hartal t? be at Olenwood * Oa the fist Instant, LZRA BTiLKS, Infant eon cf Pro#. J. IS and Sarah K L. Hubbard ued II weeks aad 4 daya * I he funeral will take place on Sunday, the ltd, at 3p. m , from the re-leenoe of hie parents, No. 1931 etswt,*rheso tMi fdsnts are se^nested ie ? 1 Lo*t and Found. Lost?a sold stone mosaic brace LET, between 4* street ui Mrs Fltxger aU's Boaidtig.UooM. A reward wUt bspaid for It if left with Mr. J. h. HEATH, at\irs Cudlip's, no 4*7 Penn avenue, opposite the In ternationa1 Hotel lt? Lost.?a note dated isth oe mth March, 1857, payable four Months after date, to James J. Fowler, andbyhimendo??edfor S<0. with Interest,drawn by Aloaxi E. Fowler All persona are forewarned from receiving said note, as it will not be paid It* ALONZA r FOWLER Lost.?on Wednesday afternoon, March 18tb,on Pein ? venae, between 9th street and the Capitol Hill, two PASS-BOOKS, of no value to any one bat the owner. One of them contained two letters, and some receipts. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at stall No. 57, Centre Market, or at W m. up HERMAN'S Grocery, Penn. avenue, between 4^ and 3d streeta. mar 20 3t* ao REWARD?LOST?ABOUT THE l'th f ^ of Jamiirv last, a plain GOLD RING, with green blood ttone set engraving of an Uni corn Head on top The above reward and 'banks of the owner will be given If left at tbis office.j mar 19 3t? For Bale and Rant. [Sm first fa ?e for other " For Salt and Rent" Adiertiumentt] Roomsfor rent ? koomssuitable for a family, can be had at No 394 4th street, between Indiana avenue and E street Apply to JONAS GL1CK, 422 Peaa avenue, between and 0th streets mar 81-tf For rent -a very pleasant loca Men on l*th street, east of the Capitol, be tween B and C streets n?r'b, centM^lng flvs Rooms, with Pa-sagennd Kitchen : also, a Gar den Apply to Mrs. REED BRADLY, rn the pr< mtses mar 2 -1w* F OR RENT ?A VERY DESIRABLE PAR a1 lor and Chamber, lately occupied by the Hon. T. I-. Cllngm&n, and three single Hooms, all well famished are for Tent at No 2(5 Penn ave nne, opposite WUUard'a Hotel. Price mode'ate. Apply on tbe premises. mar 31-Jt* FOR SALE?ANEW FIRST-CLASS Dwel ling House provided with all modern con veniences, No 2c0 F street, one of the most de sirable locations In tbe city Apply on tbe prem ises or of J AS. C McGU IRE, Auction andCcm mission Merchant. mar $ -tf FUHNISHhD ROOMS for RENT?a well furnished Perior and Gbamber, situated In a healthy and desirable neighborhood. The n>o:nj will be rented together or separate The parlor can be used m a bed-room if dtiiel. Also, a few unfurnished rooms for rent Inquire %t No 381 13tb street, between New \ ork evenoe and I streets. raar 20-tf For sale ?the restaurant form erly known as the Green Tree Heme, No. 528 Penn avenue. The house Is in good repute, a: d has a respectable run of custom. Will be sold low for <>arh. Inquire on the premises, mar *0-5t? For RENT?a SMALL FARM, con taining 17# acres of highly Improved Land, s tua ed on new Road from Georgetown, and ad joining Drovers' Rest It ha- on it a fine Dwel ling House, Barn, Stables, and other out build ings; besides an Orchard of choice Peach, Ap ple, Cherry, Apricot, and P um Trees, end for gardr?ilng purposes is unsurpassed It also has on It a good slaughter House, and would suit a person carrying on the butcher business. 1 nqulre of THOS e shoemaker, Northern Liberty ci Centre Market. m?r 19 lw? A DELIGHTFUL SUMMFR RESIDENCE on the Hetsh's of Georgetown for Rent.? The subscriber offers for rent his House and Furniture for six months from the 1st of May. A valuable Cook will be hire! to the tenant, mar 15-tf LOUIS MACKALL. Ha N D 80M e FOUR-BTORY brick HOUSE A n u LOT AT PRIVATE SALE. The subscribe* wM sell, at private sale, the hand some four-story Biicfc ricu*e and Lot situated on north G, between 4 h and 5h streets west; tbe lot being paitcf lot No. 2. in Square No. 518, and contains 2 200 square fett of ground. The house, being No 514, opposite Judiciary square, contains nine good and convenient rooms ar.d wide passyge^and a large cistern In the yard. It will be sold on reasonable terms For further pa.tlculars inquire of the subscriber, on the premiss, or at mr. A Lee's office, Penna. av enue, between 4# and 6thstreets. mar 19 eotf d. C. REED. FOR SALE.?thb subscriber OFFERS for sale his Karm of iou acres, s!touted on the Washington and Baltimore Railroad, half a mile from a switch, and 4 mile from beltsvllle Post Otfiee, 13 miles froaa Washington, and 25 from Haiti more The Improvements consist of a new Frame Dwelling, (tw t stories.) a large new Barn, and all the necessary cut-buildings, Ice-Hou e, Jfull of Ice,) a young ar.d thrifty Orchard of select ruit There Is about 40 bu?hels of wheat sown with guano. If not sold before (of which notice will be given) the above will be cfiered to the highest bidder, on wednesday, tae 25th day of Msrch, if fair, if not. the next fair day. Bale to take place on the premises, at 12 o'clock. Terms made known the dayof sa e Po>sesalon given 1st of April. If the Farm is sold, tbe Stock ard all the Household ard Kitchen Furniture will also be sold at tbe same time and place. EDWARD HERBERT, Beltsvllle, Md. Also?From three to four hundred Acres of Land adjoining, mostly in word, and nearer the Railroad, on which Is a small two story Brick House, will ye < ffjrtdat tie same time and pla-e, acd sold In lots to suit puich&seis. mar l:-0t* PIANOS run SALE ANO TO RENT. PIANOS WHICH RECEIVED THE first premiums In Washing on. baltl-twggy^am more, and New York, from the factoryrt rtt' cf Stelnwav a Sons, New York, and from other factories, always on hand, at moderate prices and convenient terms, at No 4% llth street, above Penn avenue Second-hand Pianos taken In exchange for new ones Tuning attended to. mar 10 eolm* CARD. ISAAC HERZBERG, LICENSED PAWNBROKER, Will lean s10,00(t In sums to rult, on any articles of value no. 429 Pennsylvanlaavenue. between 3d and 4% street*. Jan 7-eo3m* r??k MOUNT VERNMN, ON MONDAY. WEDNESDAY AND FRI DAY. . THE STEAMER THOMAS COLL YE R wfr( make throe trips each week to _ mount V ernon.leavlngSSSSBs Washington at 9 a m , ana Alexandria at 9>f. ict Boat's fare, ronnd trip, from Washington ?1?from Alexandria 75 cents Coaches leew the Capitol at 8){? and pass up the Avenue to 12th street Fare to cents Persons wishing the Coaches will leave their residence at ?eo. a Thos. Parker a Ce *s Store. feb 94-TThAStf BlcQREOOR a CO.'S Extensive house-kurnishing WAREEOOMS, Nos 530, U8, and 521 Sev enth street. BOLL SXTTS 01 PARLOR, DINING ROOM, hall, and CHAMBER FURNITURE, In MAHOGANY, WALNUT, ROSEWOOD, and OAK A nd a general assortment of all HOUSEKEEP ING GOODS always on hand, at lowest prices. Every attention given our customers'. MBp Houses furnished entire, at abort notice. mar 17-eolm YARN ILL'S PAINTING emporium No 51 Lonxtiina arsnwi, north tide, kotw. 0(4 and 7tk streets. Respectfully solicits orders for all kinds of HOUSE, SIGN and orna mrntal painting. * Jobbing promptly attended te at tbe shortest notice The establishment will be open from 6>f * m to 6x p m , and all calls will be readily attended' te Sign Work tea per cent, cheaper than the old standard price. mar >7-2w Sign of the Large Eagle. Sraeux Obdbbs I . D?*abtmbIt, . n0 3i ( Adjutant General's Ojjite, . 1; . > w ashing ton, March ?T A MEDICAL B O A R D, TO CONSIST OF /*. Burgee a C A Fiblbt. Surgeon E. 8. Sat tbblbb, and Surgeon g. McDougill, will aa seuble la tbe city of New York. an tbe first day of may, 1857, or as soon thereafter as practlaable, for the examination ct Assistant Surgeons for firomotlon, and ofeandldalea for adw.iaaloa Into be Medical Staff of tte Army The junior mem ber of the Board will act as Recorder.. By eider Of the Sec retary of War: ' S. COOPER, Atfjutaat General N. B ? Appllcaau for admission Into the Med* leal Staff of tbs Army must make their applica tions through th? Secretary of War. INQUIRE WITHIN FOR AN YTHINS YOU 1. want to Know t or, t 700 Facts for the People. Bny this wonderful book at mar 18 FERGUSON'S, 480 7th at If CHILDREN'S CAEEIASES, CABS, PRO. peilers, Hoops, sraeas, Hobbyhorses, Peath st Domwa, CklMLraa'a Gamea, Ae , Ac , at .* mis E.J.MeLAU^HLlN A co.*.

G&iat triune sals or el Cabiait take place on WED NESDAY ul thursday, ?Sth and96th ef March, at the extensive war* rooms, 31 Notth Gay sweet, Baltimore. Bale to commenoe each day at 10 o'clock a. m. la the collecUoa will be SftwIfflX Ckwnber Pulta, A? 1*5 Freach Tetes and Sofa*.of the lsiMt ele?anUy carved and flolahed uSeTS't French Upholstery In BracateUe Satin Da??av Plaand Hair Cloth ***aak, 140 "ZftTOSK. iffs7iftsw? toSXtatr"''*"" ?*we"rmna?? n.anBed ?**gant Parlor Furniture Is 2 ?ul*<* various styles to mateh. m?^|e top Parlor and Library Tables, in "hic1' 55 r^iril JlectPtl<,n Chairs, in Broca <a m* and Plush ?5?, iif eJ0Mt? w,th ^ tops end 30 PilSsJoJf. ^ BeW P*11?'0' fxfrn*lTe collection of elf-act Chamber Furniture, consisting, in part, 200 high and French post Bedsteads, Candry do . Jenny Lir.d and EllzabethUn do with -n ? m,ny otter styles ' fiODr^Hg cabkca. with marble tops, oval .. "'?f'ngini? mirrors h' S2 ^,rdro^, elaborately carved 50 fumble-0p enclosed Wasktands, togeth 5'ov YarJet^ of othCT " Iclss of ofS2i,3f iinCamber Fnrnlture. the whole nftt o l? ** cata ?tfcpd add with ou% rpserTC FJtnlfu^CinHeS8,1Dd 8tra"K?T8 wanting superior Furniture, and beine unable to wait until the dav r??*v <8FecJ*51J" Invited to this 1 Saten?hlf r!rtt?r.e,?ilbe larHe5t eTer ?fl"ed for sa!8 n this cl.y,) a* tbe proprietor will sell at re dncfcdpr,cos to make room for r'fce: Furniture fSs tb"la2?&ftorF? the largest lu tbe United -, tbe Warerocms extending the whol ?? ?*. SSSi?'*" ",I""ed e!d"r,<d P- ] mar 51 ?. CANNON * MATTHEWS, 'I Auctioneers. By A. GREKN, Auctioneer. (J ALE BY ORDER OF THKOI-FHUI!!) ?"d Kitchen Furni I tm^T?a TUh;81>A Y, ice '-4th in !i .a kf ! i1 seU* by ord'r of the Orpbaiii' Court H^ C !, 111 ' lLtije late r?5den. e of Jaco.. Hunhberger, dtcea'od, No 428 Maswchu^tUiav enue, betv??*Bttth ard 7th M,erfs, en ?xiu?t a??itmai.t of necrly new furi-iiure, vi* : lot each 30/4 aiid and What Fjne mahogany castor Arm Ciu ir and Ottomi n TaWe *t?P 1 abie* Walaut txtentlon Feather lirds, Bedd.'ng, Hair and shuck Mat ?6SI 68 *iDC steads* Cott*s? tcts? Cottage Bt d Mahoganv dressing Bureaus, Wa*hitar.ds A lot of Books, Gas Fixtures Ctina, Glass and Crockery Ware Brussels, lngr^fti, stair, and oiher Carp?t?, OU CIOD ' Cooking, airtight ar.d otter Stoves With a good lot of Kitchen Kequbites Ard many ether artic es wlilci wedcemume cessarv to enumente. Terms easb. mar 20-d A. GREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. HANDSOME BUf^DlNO LOT Olf 4 H?&p ^lurylatid miA ?ii a it r I llnnTi0? }^tlyDAY' the 274 instant, 1 bbal'l sell, at 4 o'clock p m , in front of the premised Lot No. 13, in square No 5*14, having a front cc' 4% street, of4iieet, between Maryland avenne and sou'h 0 street, running back 145 feet to a wj r ft alrey : One-third cash; balance Ln 6, 12and 18 months j the rurcbarer to give notes frr the of ?de Payments, beating interest from the d?y A de-d plven and a deed of trust taken. mar 17-d A GREEN, Auct. By J AS C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Trisieps sale or scferiok Roseweod Seven-Octave i taaa Forte Kxteasive Assortment of Uasdstme Furl nitnre and Effects at Public Auction ?On WKDNES1JAY MORNING, March 25 h at 10 o clock, and continuing on the succeeding dav at the Mme hour, I bhail tell, by virtue of a deed of trust duly made and recorded, tbe entire Fur liiture and Effects of the " Murray House,?? eitu avenue> betweea 3d ?d ^ streets, Superior seven-octave rmewood Piano Forte, by tUjUj Boston, nearly new and In perfect Suite of elegant wslnut carved Parlor Furniture, finished in rich green and crimson broca telle, with Chintz Covers Handsome Walcuf-carved Etegeie, Route, Ta bles ' Large and handsome oval French-plate Mirror. in richly carved frame Gilt frame Mantel and Pier Glat es Hosewocd -narble-iop Centre Tables Fair of Adahogany carve-d damask-covered Sofa^ Hahogany hair spring teat Sofas, Rockers, and Parlor Chairs Handsome damask and laca Curtains, with Fix. tur- s complete French Chintz and Muslin Curtains Ornamented and plain Window Shades Damu>k and leather covercd Lounges, Riceptlon Chtirs GRS fj^.^eIlere and Fixtures throughout the SnCrwnv.t.V?tVtt',?ra,scl^and toee-plv Carpets SILP i ^ a r 5a,Pet' DruKt?et. *'d Matting superior rosewood rnnrl>l6-topliicsslni/ Hureaus Wardrobes, Btdsteads and Washstands ' Mahogany and walnut Jenny Lind, French, and Cottage lied stead s Walnut and mahrgany dressing and plain Bu reaus, Wardrobes, and W?shstands Twelve dozen excellent cane-seat Chairs Enamelled CoUaaeSett, Toilet Ware Spring Mattresses, painted Wardrobes Twenty supeilor curled hair Matue^ses, husk do Thirty sets prime quility Feather Boaters and Pillows Fine Marseilles qui ts, Bed Spread* Excellent Blankets and Comforts Large quantity of Bed e.nd Table l lnen Aiarble-top Sideboard, Extension Tables ^go^jantity of China, Glass, and Crockery Sllve -plated Castors, Spoons, and Fcrka Table Cu lery, Chafing biabes, Fire Irons Mahogany Hat-Tre:s, Card Tables, Hall Tables Cooking Stovr and Fixtures, Kitchen Furniture Radiator, Air-Tight, Coal, Grate, and other 8toves ORreand bar-room Furniture, Ac. The above Fnrnlture la all of excellent quality and in gocd oider. ? Tt rms : S3o and under, cash; over that sum a credit ef 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorr d notes, bearing interest THOMAS J FISHER, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct. YOCAL music. CL. IRVING HAS THE PLEASURE OF ? anrounclng that his Vocal Musle Classes | for the next term will be organized at his music room in l>mperan e Hall, on E street, between 9:h and 10th, on TUESDAY EVENING, March 24th, at7V{ o'clock. Those wishing to urite, for | either elementary or advanced course, (to be giv en at day or nlgtit,) are requested to be present. Nothing will be omitted in the ecurse necessary to make every membt rthorooghly acquainted with those principles which will enable them to read music undeistandingly and sing without the aid of an instrument. Terms : Ttwenty two lessons, Si. Private Instruction (vocal or lnstrumsatal)*g!ven at tbe Hall or at the pupil's residence. Applloa I cation ean be made to Mr. Irving through the post otllce. mar 17-dt* 4 A GOOD CHANCE WOOD AVID COAL TABS FOR SALS. '1 he subscriber being about to leave theclty I will sell out h's Wood and Coal V aid on the most 1 reasonable terms I will rell stock and every thing, just a? It Is, or the good will of the Yard eflee, wtiarf, fce., Just as the purchaser may de sire There is no better stand in the Second Ward, and under ve?y cheap rent. Apply to F. T. Wilson, next to tbe Foundry Church, on 14th street, tatween G and New York avenue, mar 16. lw UUDD JVC* Will)W ,>p-vhB S7 ?El mllrs: MULRSII on HEAD OF superior MULES JUST arrived fmm Kentucky, and witli be sold en aerommorfatln* terms by ap-1 MlnstoHENRV BlROH, at his Livery Stable, corner cf D and 14th streets/ Washington, P. C mar Ha* flU WASHINGTON Manufactured silver ware on exhibition at tbe Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Fair, but every description at Abe Sti ve* Ware eaa ha seen la ptacess of manfuctur ing, at H. O. HOOD'S, mar 13 338 Penn. ava. near 8th at ? SR n. Y. B. BOO AN, D ESPECTFULLY INFORMS HIS Friends It and tbe public, that be has removed hla OR -e and Resideaee to No 491 Massachusetts avenue, south side, between flth and 7th streets, where he will be happy to receive the calls of his friends wt?o may require his profoasloaal servi [ihr ?tkar lutliwi StUtt w first Fagi.} Bf JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer VUOABLB BUILDMa LOT AT NMIe T A?e 11?a.?Oa SATURDAY APT KM NOON, March 21, at 5 o'clock, oa the premises, I -V-" Mil Lot numbered S3, of i)?Tldm>i nk division of Square No M8, fronting ?3 fest, S Inches on 14th street, between R and L itmti north, running back ISO feet to an alloy. this lot is beautifully situated In a healthy a?d rapidly improving part of the city, and is vary deMranle for a private residence Terms: One-fourth, cash; the residue In t, it, and 18 atcnths, for satisfactorily secured note*, hearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE, mar 10 Auctioneer By JAB. C. MeOUIKE, Auction**. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALI'AILE i Property In the First Ward.?On THUHtDAY AFTliUNOON, March 19, at 9 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell to the high est bidder, Lot No. 4, In Square No M, fronting 63 feet 7 inches on north F, between 81st and ?d streets west, uanlnghaek;C8 feet 8U Inches, con taining 9,183 square feet Also, immediately after the abave? Part of Lot No 11, In Square No 'JO, fronting 31 f* ,6 Inches on north F. between S5th and Xth stnets. running bach 78 feet, containing 2,5H> square feet, and nil of Lot No 12, seme square, fronting 54 feet 6 Inches on r?me stieet, running back T?5 feet to a thirty feet a'ley, containing 4,987 squ re feet, with the Improvement*, or a slotln^ of two small frame Deeding Houses. Terms : One-ttlrd c*?li; the residue in six and twelve month*, with Interest, secured by a deed o! trust on the premises. mar 16-d JAS. C. McGUlRti, Aact UJ" T he ahavs Rale Is PMtp??d, la csa wquenre of tbe rain, until SATURDAY AF TERNOON, March 2lst, at S# o'clock, on the premises mar20 2t J^C. McGUIRE, Auc'r. Bv JAME3 C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Fl'UStTUPK AND liUl'SbUULl) EF. fects fct Auction.?Un THURSDAY MORNING, March 19th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of L'.eut Ives, U 8 A., No 491 Sev enteenth street, bfrw<en U and I streets north I shall sell ail his Furniture ?;nd kffect*, compris ing? \V ainut carved hair spring Sofa Rockers and Parlor Chair* Walnut Secretary and Whatnot Centre, sofa and rout Tables Walnut le*ther-cor??red reclining Chair Gas Chandeliers and 1- Ixtiues throughout the liouse A few flue Oil Paintings Velvet, Brussels ai.d other Carpets. Ruga Krocatelle and Lace Curtain*, Co?nl e,AO. IVuinut extension dining Table, bldeboard Chlca, Glas acd Crocs try Ware Cauo ai.d ww d leal CLaira Clock Walnul Dre>!-lcg ilurias, Washfctanda Looking fcl"?.se~, Ct'.i:'z Curtains "?ds<e?dH. Wtidrobe*, Crib Hair and Husk Mattresses Bolsters ar.d PllU vvs Superior Refrigerator, Chamber Stoves Cocking Stove ar<d Fixtures, Olid th. Ac Together wl'.b a general r-wortment cf household * asd Kitchen Requisites street, betw<e.: M and IN ureeis north, an excel lent cesor'me^t cf Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofa, Parlor CLclrs, and Rocker Do Dre-sirg Bufan Do reerble-u p Centre and other Tables Tainted Cotta; yv*t Maple nnd otreTOfds ead?and Stands Wardrnb*, car.ernd w..od-i?atCfcairs Lounge, fi-c bar acd other Mattresass Looking Glasses 3-p y, Jegrair. and s^elr Carpets and Rods Cooling, Ha-lat'r, an-t othrr Stoves With a good a.'Fonmertt of Kitchen Requisites. Term?: ti5 and und r, ccsb; ever teat sum. a ; credit of 00 acd 9D days, for satisfactorily endorsed , notes, bearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE. mar 17 Auctioceer.. ITT" f he ?b?ve Sale Is rcsiponed uatrl MONDAY MORNING, Siarch 23. fame hocr. mar 19 J C McGUIRE, Auc'r._ By WALL, B/.RNARD A CO., Auctioneers Household and kitciie* firm. tare?On THURSDAY, the 19 h instant, we shall fell, without re erve, at store No 419 Penn. tveeue, between 3d end streets, south side, cou menc.'nr at lo o'clock a. m., a large aad handsome asscrtmeut of Houte Furnishing Goodt, consisting in part of? Mabo /.any Sofas, Tete e-Tete, acd Lounges Do Chairs, arm ar.d nurse Rocker* Do Tables, Washsiands, Bedsteads Cane and wood-seat Chair*. Clocks looking Cias*es, Rachs, Mats Toilet Seta, Knives and Forks. Carvers Plated Tea- able and desert Spocns and Forks Castors, fluid, ell, and other Lamps W alters, Trays, Vases Solar Lamps, Cops and Saucers China 'l>a Sets, Decanters Slop and Foot Jars, Dusting Brushes Tumblers, Goblets, Pitchers Cream and Sugar DUhes, Tureens Compcteers, copper and ether f eucepans French Griddles, Gas Cookire Stoves Also, a large assortment of Houae Furnishing Goods, which will be sold without reserve WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 16-dts Auctioneers. (T^The absvs Sale Is Postpom?d, ae ro nt of the rain, until MONDAY MORNING, Ms.rch 23, hour, when It will positively take place msr 19 WALL, BARNARD A CO , Aucs By JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Brick, ard stone of the Natieaai Theatre at I-abllc Auctloa.?On FRI DAY AFTLRNOON, April lUth, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the entire lot of Brick and stone standing In the walls and stacked up in frrntof the Na'tlonsl Theatre comprising about 6')0 ov brick ar.d large quantity cf blue rock in the foundation. Offers for the above ct private sale will he ec tertalntd the brick sold bv mea?ur ment In the walls and taken down by th" purchaser. A credit of two and four months will be gives, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar 17-d JAS C. McGUlKK, Auct. FTrM AT AUCTION.-ON THE 30TH day of March, (MONDAY,) on the premises, 1 I will sell at public auc'lon, my Farm, in county, cn the Little River Turnpike, o# miles i from Alexandria, and mar Mr. Cloud's mill. It j oontilLS aboui.otie hundud and flfty-throe seres, i from f5 to P0 acres In cuilivatloi, the baiance In I wood, principally Oak and Hickory; 50 or ?<? acres lieavl y wci>ded-frnm 25 to 30 acres are well set in timctby and clover; ar.d 1/ theweath- I er Is favorable, I ralcalaieto have iccdcd the corn laud cf last ?ear In Oats, and a good ptfrtim of land broken up for this year's corn crop by the . time cf the faie. There is a nest and subftantlal I F'rame Dwelling, con'slning fcur good sited rooms, passage, ar.d two porthes, all necessary ' out bul dings, good fencirg, Ac , onthefarm, all of whicn tave been put up since 1^52 Churches, Schools, and MIlls convenient g^od nociety, Ac. The land Is reallv rich, lies prettily ? for cultlva lon, has water In each Held, ar:d a nev er falling spring a few steps from the door It Is the best small farm c ff-rlng in the vicinity of Alexandria, and would make a good market farm Considering Its proximity to the Alexan dria and Washington markets, easy terms, Ao , it presents a ohanee rarely met with, a^d those wishing to purchase, wonld do well to call and view it,as I lntendchanglngmybns n?f,and the salewill be positive. My PoitOiflcelsMt Pleroe, FIwins*5'of"Sale ?Five hundred dollars t> be paid on the day of sale, and the residue In two equal annual instalments of one and two years? the deferred payments to hoar intere?t from date, snd he secured by a deed of trust upon the prem- j w .f M.TC tkkrktt. Gl*w Mart, Fairfax CO. feb2?-eots \ T! ?0 TBOBE GO crJ ^>1o HoM^oeping this Spring ws woo d est Improved COOKING i found U this market. The as 'alS* and complete, consisting ef all the different s ies, styles, and patterns amo ITpelvea from the Nortb,'thelstest Improved Portable Summer Cooking Ranges, varying in price from 95 50 to ?? Together with an as ?ortmeaeXdhawe'sBostoe Gas Summer Cooking SovesvJu:. please give us a call befose hay in*, for we are confident That we caa and will sell cheaper than any other house la this city. Yon will alio find in store s great many useful articles In the Housekeeping line. All goods delivered to any part of the District, aad oar Cooklag Bunas Ait up In the very host nuaa Sign off ttttms. Grates, aad -~--i? Ocods, Brown-Stone Front, No 318. . Terns cash oa ddMawy marlfl-tAprl Pa. ave fb^fot^a^nih its. TELERRAPH HEW 8. FROM THM ASSOCIATED PKES8. Addition A by the Alfa N?w Ton, MarohV ? Farther advioaa by the Alpe atate that the Cbiaeee at Oaaton, had captured an American Cetter, and that greet uneatineea vat fait caacerning tha fate of 4# American sailor*, who waat ap the rirw for supplies, hot had act tatamed Flood ob the Eiuu Bivf Sr Lows, Mareh 30 ?Tha Memphis Balle * inD? hi'i^nk1riv*r was overflow* ? j ,tl *.an k*d carried away tha Iitim, inundating tha country and destroiw stock and other property to tha tH,. The levoci at tha bead of Cyras bayou had b.*en swept away and whole pltatattotfa wara rtbmerged Tha rirer is higher than durinx tha great rise of 1844. La tar froas Vi carina. Naw York, March 10 ?The steamer Tea nessec arrived here this afternoon with datoe from Greytown to tba 7th and from A;plnwall to the 10th Walker's porltioa was urrbiEged. He atUI bold* Rives, and tha ellies remain at ' Pmi Gorge Walker had attaaked tha latter j r'aco twice unrucccssfully Tha fhilnre of Cr.l Lockbridge's attack en Castillo is attrib. otcd to the cowardice of Col Titase, who sub e;fluently left, going orer to Rivas The allies made two attaeks on Walker's position Much 4th, hut were repulsed. The British steamer Clyde arrived at Aa vinwn'l on the ?th, bring-:g thirty daaartara from WrJker The United States sloop of-wsr Daeatar ar rived at Punama on the 9:b, with data* frost C\4''ao to tse 6 h of Febrnery. Several vcsoels were loading at Chinees ?n (^t a contract with the isaargeut UTattoo The revolutionary party were u-akiag bat liuie progress owing to a counter revolution at Para. Uvaeco waa planning an attack on Trux?llo. Major Dashiell, United States army, eaae peesenger in the Tenneesoe from Key Wast. SKCORD DISPATCI. Naw Yokk, March 21 ?Tba report prevail r 1 at Panama that Minister Bowlia and Com missioner Morse hid demended their pa sports ii consequence of the Qorernnaeot of flew Gran&da having rejected the overtures made t >r h settlement of the question of tba Paea in* massacre. Tew Orleans Markets. New OxLRAaa. March 20 ?Cotton Sales t > day 5,'0u bales; the market^cl?ecd firmer S.<le8 of tb* week 41 000 bales Receipts for the week 23.50(1 bales?less than last year I 0G0 l-ales Receipts at all Southern porta lest than Iwet year 163 000 bales Sag*r closed firm at previous quotations. F1 ur ia steady. P.?rk closed -uoyantat $23,50 Lard aleaed with an upward tendency. Coffee is steady at lUallie. Sale* of tba week 15,600 hags Stock in pert 70,000 bags, eg linst 42 500 last year. Freights on oottoa to Liverpool frd., to Ha* \rt 1c. Exchange on I<nndoB 108} press Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, March 21? Flour is steady; Howard street at $5 87i City Mills ball at S5 75. Ohio >5 87* Wheat is unchanged; red at $1.33a$l S8, whites SI 50a$l 61 Corn-yellow 02a04c , white scarce and nominal Whiskv is fi:m; City and Pennsylvania at 26, Ohio 27c. Hew Tork Markets New York, March 21.?Flour Is heavy; sales of 7 000 bbls ; State $5 85*16 OS; Ohio is 5c. lower; Soathern is firm at SO S5a$6 70 Wh-jat is heavy; sales of 1,750 boshel*, white SI 60; red SI 55. Corn is dull; sales of 21 000 bushel*; yellow and mixed have de clined lo Pork U firm; mess $24 Beef is steady; re packed Chicago SIO^SIO 25. Lard is inactive and nominal. Whisky is a trifle lower; Ohio 25}e. Financial. Naw York, March 21.?Stocks firmer' Chi e i&o and Rock leiatd 1054; Cumberland Ooal Co 281; Illinois Central shares 1314; Michigan Southern 73d; New York Central 89i; Read tug 79i; Cantons 23$. ' Sterling exchange firm. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDXNCB. Georgetown, March 21, 1857. Our City Councils had before them last night quite a budget of business of whioh tha following is the most important: A n:e>?age was received from the Mayor covering a communication from Mr. Vender werken in relation to an omnibus stand ; from I>r Mann and other citisens living on Prospect street; aud sundry aocounta against the Cor poration ; which was appropriately referred. A communication was received from the Trustees of the Poor and Workhouse, cover ing an estimate of the receipts and expendit ures fcr 1857 : Estimated expenditures for the year $3,7S0, receipts frena garien $500, leav ing a balance of $2 280 to be met out of the general fund ; referred. A communication was rooeivei from the Clerk covering a statement showing tha amount due by Tbos. Jewell, late Tax Collea* tor, for uncollected taxes, to be $7,022; re ferred. A bill from the Potomac Herald for priattng was read and referred. The bill of Jos Libbey A Son for lumber was taken from the files and referred. The committee to whom was referred the pe tition of J II. Tmcker asked to be discharged from its further consideration ; granted. Ihe same ommittoe reported a resolution in favor of Mr Rune <n a simlltr petition; which, together with the petition, was recommitted The committee on police, to whom was re ferred tbo petition of Mr Va^nesson and others, asking the retail of the law prohibit ing them from keeping taeir bars opan on the Sabbath, made an adverse rarort, and ware discharged from the further consideration the same; report adopted and request granted. A majority and minority report waa sub mitted by the eommtttee on pabl:e schools upon the memorial of the gnr.rdinna. aaking an appropriation for repair if house, furni ture, Ac ; lsid on the table temporarily The committee on pumps reported a bill ap proprlatiog $413 71 for the benefit of J. B Greenwell; recommitted A resolution od tbi wbje** f th? &ct of Congress for erecting lamp pasta on Bridge and High street?, And lighting tba aaaa with gas, passed both Boards. The resolution laid over in Coaneil at last meeting, appropriating $200 for replacing tha incline plane at Little Falls bridge, waa taken up and passed both Boards. A resolution was reported from the < tee of ways and means, appointing committee for oertain purposes Messr. rail and Pearson ware appointed on the part of the Oonnoil, and Messrs. Beall aad Mix on the part of the Aldermen. A resolution passed both Boards appropriat iog $150 for the benefit of tba Mayor's con tingent fund, and tha same amount fer the olana . Considerable business continues to bedono on the lower portions of our caaal. vanag the week, twenty-seven boats have laden with flour, grain, liaestoae, sod wo?T By the latter part of "SZ'url'p Si or i!,???"? p?"u frvSSi ? merchants obtain their sapply of , march ants oduib VUWS4 r?|rr.. ^ m*Y anticipate aaite an active busiaaasiatho article towards the close of tbu month. The President of the Canal Oompasiy, Mr. Maalsby, is almost constantly scttvefy aa> gaged exAmining the line, and the manner la which the progressing repairs are carried on often super;trending tha work bhnaalf is per son He is now in our eity enracad wiftP A Dodge, Esq , and Mr. Matthews, tha Col lector, examining the basin, for tha pmrpoee MCe?riai?ing t,h* 1^7 ??d pKOoT ble method for olaaningeut the ease to aj u permit loaded beau to paas on to Washington ?stsir,h* All those indebted for taxas had bettsv aeaae up to tba oaptaia'e offioe and rattle. Tbo Collector notifies all hands that anieee they do ! ao before tba lit of April he la leads to ahat the brakea dowa on them. Floar is held at $S^ U7^^! Wheat $140 fbr white ajd fLW m red Corn, 00c fcr white askd yoUaw. ??