Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1857 Page 1
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thx bvehiho star m rOIUIUBO KTIET AFTZaNOOR, (tic Mr T SUNDAY,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, r*fMf ?/ ftMjylvMM mmm amd 11(4 strut, ?7 W. D. WALLACE, tod If avnrA to tnbeerlbera by ctrrlm ?t AMD A QUARTER CENTS, payaMe to the A feats; paper* aer*ed In peckagte at J7W a To anil subscribers the rab per mont acrlpMon prtoe la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTttayear ?? ?li??,TWO DOLLARS f>r alx Months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; fer leu than three months at the rate of It# cents ? week. ICT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C* TUESDAY, MARCH 24. 1857. NO. 1.305. MTISI1Y. DR' ?**FH*M B1ILT, Office No. 199 rimylftiit Itiim, Tkr?$ doori from 14f A street. D^vB.VLY lwT? t0 ??form tho public that h^eialN seen at all houra at his a/Rei rten^Jf flr?L* H# *r1' a"'Jrwl th4t 40 ?Pe ?*"c* ?'7?r?' practioo, with the la?ge number of pstleats, and great variety of dlMcult k?!?? h* hM lre*tad "oceeeafallf, wtll enable Jim to sarmount any dllBculty, asientific; or oth ?rwl^, relating to the Teeth Hli own expert ly .co#awIri?ln/ "?? opinion of mwy men Emi nent in the profession, and especially Drs Harris ? ? ^Msaiyx ?}?* led him, long since, SJ2T^3L*Su^2i!il P"3^0" fo? filling Teeth, also all Enamels, Gutta Perch* in<t? Rubber, and Cements for the construction of Con 2.'?2VMd.thal K'?cetal", mountol 2f. ill the only reliable substance ihti' . *?rn l-1 the mouth? u ?u most eoncio TMtlon *** Amertc*a Dental Con V fl,tter* "?*t from hU Ions residence and practice In Washington he Is tT jwably known to h|? numerous friends and pi tronj, ne hogs leave to refer them to the following testimonials. r?, U. J?U Bsctir of th. Church of Bplph.?y .f rt Or Nrirsas Bau.t: Dnr Sir-I d?*lrS u. axnra.. o, M ?^?W) 7" *Bl !? m u.? V* ?X*ntKl tor ?? h?Tt> b-Mt ?1^1'y Sftlialactary. | bop* that yon may )-?<-?? r? th. n.,r JT ZXZZ.*7 fri-4*^*4 aMfrre#. loin ??rj ft. aly W""TO ?? "??_ ' i. W. FBIMCH. r?.??' ?; j?-? !!, ?:%??; h* ??? *> ?y mir. mimhuw, li. 7 Wiefast lh*t on? of MMl dlminruiij.d l p*rfarM **? work, it hizr4<'JI?la i?f|0r* ^ 5?Pr"* ,utir* confldaaoo to J TT ?? prof?4Ji;on%i B*11I **t,lnor*> **"113. IUT. Ha KM A.N.N B0UQ9. Estrset from ? moU> mcs!t.^ from U? l*ts Hon. John M. OUytoft. ri? ^ P* ?- AaCssl l?, 19J?. h? 1"^."^ work *'1"lr?b!y. nnthUf roalj h?t>Mt*r. Tory grfttftTuUy, JOHN U. CLATlON. T# I ho *? thftt Msk rslltf fr?rn the ba!m11m of ths tM'h. K ^*TLal" 2T,?- Dr " .np^Tc.',, ' ^ ? . * * ?*tofpwrc<uta t#?th r->ron?<?f myhmTr *n 1 IX te* ^rk IZZl.Zl ??U tor my th?? tea yoara. KOKSKT T. WUOX Ap- a " m Coaf*ra.o# ofU? X. 0 Church a.ath. *fceai?<1ers<p?ai ha^lat ii?d /v<-?alon to a rati anrfolrn 1 "f Dr ' ??nliai, of "p?r,tton. r>nr nr/ 'ir 'P'?*8ar? 1? ?jr?Mln|^nr ?Inilr. 2.^-tl urt mt>r ?? ?? ' ?? or ?h? mlfnrmly ??!,?.!*<? T ? he P^"tor?* ">? BOH dotloat* an1 d f .1 a4*1 s????ry. ?nd W. re*, ertfol y rv ?' .1. * VB e* *"J of? .e pabllc; toa,,<',r eat.n?oi!y worthy. JO?- H- BaADLIT, TBOIii illl t! a111!,1*1- W^himtow, D. 01 THOJIAa MILLBa. M. D., ?SORQB WALTON ? a - ?*-Oo??TK.r of Florida ?. a. lOHKSB, M D.. WALTK4 LSNOX, R S Llv^w?^- "* *A/orof W*<h1nftoo. ? 8. UiCOLS. N D., HBX&T BaLDWIS - /Jiiff'- D C C. 9. Pfttout OSoa. fcb ^ rr!aei.*i BlttMhoaaa Aoad?ay. DR. T1UAKU, Oeatlat, " , _ Lats or ('Bicaooj TT7 00LD RE8PKCTPULLY' INFORM *? the cl^lxens of the District and a^JBa ?lclnlty. that having located kl--"?<f>j lnVV??h:??gtoB, h? Is now prepared to perform alt operations, In hla profeasloc, in the most approved style ' oace.Ne 850 Penn. avenue, adjolalnc 6aw "?'?? Jan <0 iy DR. HfUNBON. AT.?38 I'KNN'A AVKNOE, L> still aukinfir these beautiful aoatlaaous 6U.H ?t?Til, called Allen s P?tent, for the excellency of which over all other styles of toeth, man? now weeing than: u this city, will cheeifollv vouch There Is cae Dentist In this city who has been lafrlaglng the patent, and made a bad imitation fi' whom I hereby caution the publlo , WhMiim a Dentist speaks against Alloa's Patent Coatlaaous Sum Teeth, whea *l*.Ztrl9 e*m'tr+<u4, It is becaase he la igMraal .f,r,0C?M' lBcompetent to make the work, or a aaWilliag to pay for the patent. je IC-tf oa. C. I. UUODMA1, Dentist, sad naanfactarer of Artificial Teeth. TflOiB WHO AKfc SO DNFORTUNATK as to require Artificial Teeth will find (without any nonsense or hum-; buggery,) Teeth set upon a metallic bis?: or plate Ma'erlals pure and properly coa struc^d, a? being superior to all other modes Th-various operations Dentl -try fdlthfully aad properlv executed. Tender T^th rendered iwefal f?r llfo, hy new metoa. t eeth extracted carefully, easily, and skillfully. t?T u*3? corner of dth street and Pa. avenue, fsb 7-am rHOfECTlV.I AND INUBM.IilT VKOBl LOSS HI FlttE! riRA, MARIN&, AN'D INLAND LS3URAVCB. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL 91,9?<l,000 FASMS&8 AUD MICHAHICS' IHIUK ACO , or PHILADELPHIA. OtfUs norUwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17(4 ttrut, Washington City, D. C. dimctom! - Boa. Thos. B. Florence, Charles Dingee. H Armstrong, Taomas Ma-idtrfield, Charles A Bubicam, Bdsrard R. Helmboli George Helmbold, F. Carroll Brewster, James B. Neail, Isaac Leech, Jr. THOMA8 B. FLORENCB, President. BD WARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SUtVEiORB. CfcHm Waltes, No. JSI D street, opposite City Jao. M. Thorn ton, ccrn^r Firs; streotand Vlrtlnla tv?i*f, Island. ? Junes Wulianu, No.83 Ponr-and-a-halfstreet. John Bizilos, No. ?91 Thirteenth vtroet, below Prsasyivaaia aveane. MARINB BCBVBTOR. Capt. J. P. Levy, No. 317 Peaasylvaaia avente. eppowu! Natioaai Hotel. ' 6BNERAL BUPIftlNTENDJOVT. John TTiomason. At*\ori*ed CapUalanA ..f 1,473,097 07. . A6?K P8 f?aj,0i7 07. Inverted in Bonds, Mortgage*, aadG.x.d Secuiities. The baslnees of Uiie Company will compare fh vorably with the m m sQcoesafnl of similar injtita* t"">s m ths Uaited States. From the 1st nay of August, 1855, la five months, ? p t > 1st January, 135*5, the premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and sight thoa?nd, one hundred aad fifty-one dollars, with Mnin~|?i ^ an<* six doila/s lomes With IDM evidences of success and rood man agemeat, me directors feci junia^i 10 saar. of poMie patronage, b^iievT^ iTaTc^lScV *? ""P1? that all fair claims will bs mo,eacoor4ui?u> ^BUT thaa Isgai techai Tne company is prepared to issas sol ieies uauit Joes or damage by fire on D WILLI Nog riJRVl TURt, MILLS, MANUFACTORIES,' wf?E nOCSBS, all deserlptions of^os and their gnm*nts, or all kinds of MRRCHANI^Me traaspurted by VB8S2LS. STEAMBOATS CA NAL SMTS, RAILROADS, aad ih^ n.nal cc. veraacea to or from any portion of EUROpn am AMERICA, and oa the halls of STEAMBOAT? ??TjOting the western wassrs The rates of premium will be aslowas uhei companies, and In fixing them every impr-.vrm.m in coascructioa and arraagement wDl be taken inu con.^iti^niioo. AM looses speedily adjusted aad promptly paid. OMce north westerner Pennsylvania avenae ant Seventeenth streot, Waahinrtnn cirv, D. C. Insurance >nay aim be effected id tke Home Office Northwest comer H'ainut and Second Streets. PkUm dotfhim. and in other principal clues of the Unitod States by aathorliod officers of the comMsr -*-'l?-tr CHBAF FIANUS?POR SALE OR KbN ? vary low. Some of them but Mwle^? uaod, aad aia great bargains A1m,#TP| twesrty now aad beantlful Pianos tr in * ' Ballot, Davis A Co , Maanfactors, Boston A Suporo Grand Piano just opened for laspoo tloa JOHN F KLLIS, Kxtoaslve Doa er In Pianos, mar 17 ?)? Pa av , bet 9 h aad iftth sts. A Ro?ewo4d Case, Iraa PUto, wlllbeirC~aa* s Id for StM Mast be sold this weekfT Jf fn the owjot leaving the rity A l?o on# fw a^u to be -oea at W. G METIEROTT^ ' ? Moeto Depot, oor. mfcataad fa. ar. GOLD medal PRKMllJm FIAIVO rOKTlli , WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner In the late inn of CiJTlPiiffiT"yAM*'l?OFA'cltu?B AND i E<?sg?ai smsss ^ssmm Nornf ???? *! th? old Stln*i Noa 1? J,5*and 7 SSulii ' ?PPO*lle the EattW ?t N^jJfTT !*? Ju,t ?Pened * n?w Sales Room f i w. ? Baltimore street, between Charles and Vn ? premises partly occupied by ?k - ??n^[ ?oCalTa.jr as a music | toro. where they will keep constantly on hand a large assort ment of plain and highly flnlshel grand and ?qaue Piano Fortes; aW Meiodeons, from the nest maters. from 4 to 3-octave, some with double churches ie reed,? and atops to suit small Being extensively engaged in the manufacture ?f Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most liberal terms. / llanos wera awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of the Maryland Insti tute t o *uccesslve years-October. 1855, and I8SS?la opposition to fourteen and eighteen pi 'r0? some of the best makers from New * 0r^? Boiton, and Baltimore. We were alio thf ?,rB,?Prenilom at the Industrial Ei f-558 Richmond, Virginia, 1855 and In addition to this we are in possession of tea tlmonlais from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which ean be*een BP?aking for themselves sad others of the high appreciation in which our in struments are every were held ..A11 instruments are guaranteed for fire years, and a prlvaiege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the in. strainents do not give entire satisfaction. I n holesato dealers will find It to their advantage to give us a call txfore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. WM KNABE k CO. \LT Three of these superior PHnos, two square 7"^i*.Tes and one 6'?nd 7-oct?vrs, are now on exhibition at the 44 Metropolitan Mechanics' In stltue Fair" In this city. The public is re*pect fully invited to call and judge for themselves mar 10 BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. r|EPOSITS -DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Checks paid without charge. Draft* on the northern seaboard elt'es received on Deposit at par and Exchange on said Cities furnished to de positors without charge Iktxrsst on Deposits ?Interest will b* al lowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. DarosiTS m VineiniA and UncuanaNT Mo ***-?Deposits in Virginia and otoer Uncurrent Money received to be checked for, payable in sa>iie funds, or in specie, we charging the leeu lar Exchange. Discounts?Notes, Drafts, end Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made on MoeJu, Bo*ds, and Securities at the market rate. LaTTXas or C*bdit ? Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and interest allowed If Money isd-posltod. and charged if Collaterals, on such terms as mav be agreed upon. BlLLt ?? Excnanen?Travelers wilt be furnished with drafts In such sums as majr be desired negotiable In the different Cities oflihe Union Bills akd Kkttsbs or Cskdit on Ensland, UitiSDiBB Eubopx ?Bills of Exchange ard Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange. In sums to suit. Bonds, Stocis, Re.?Bonds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from 6 to 12 V cent , always for sale, or bought In the different Cltlee at a com mission of a X V cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 V" cent on the cost. Bonds or Stooks will be ordered bv telegraph. R ailxoad, Citt, a d Stati Bonds ?Rail rqfiL Citv, and SUte Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation either in this .country or WlSflSoodM1*1*0"* Ir** purclulawl t0T or .. kann Wakka>ts.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants raid by us are gnaranttti in every respect Land Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished II requested. *\ a/rants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Rbal Est a ts and Insveabccs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and insurances effected. CIaims on thi Unit id Statxs, Covkt o? ?os.a>>" ?Claims on the United ?State*. before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to ns, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. 3 CHUBB BROTHERS, jan ?7 Opposite the Treasury. TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on 6th/^EBhJ?y atreet, between Louisiana avenue and Lstreet, long eoaductad by Mr. Jo*n M Vo"?, Is now prepared to manuxactn/e and repair ail descriptions of COACHES, BUGGIES, WAG ONS, Ac , on the most reasonable terms, in the very best manner, and at the shortest notice. He respectfully Invites his fellow citizens to give him a trial. mar G-'?m NEW FOREIHN SPAING GOODS. HPHE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY in -R vlte their patrons and the public generally to call and examine their very large and select assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special care, selected for their special trade. They also keep conxtantly on hand the best Suallties of Army and Navy Goods-Epaulettes, words, Sashes, Gold Laees. Re. They also Invite attention to their Foreign and Domestic Furnishing Goods, of the best manu facture and latest style. H. F. LOUDON * CO., ?, Army an 1 Navy Tailors, feb 27-dtf 3W, under Browns' Hotel. NEW DRUG STORE?Wlllards' Hotel. ? P. MILBURN A CO , 220 PENN8YLVA sF? nla avenue, respectfully call the atten- o tlon of tnelr friends and the public to their^S! new Drug Store, whieh they have Hied nn\W In the most complete manner, with a fuilZX supply of pure Chemicals. Drugs, Fancy Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and Patent Medl A select assortment of Wines and Liquors for medicinal purposes. A very large stock of Havana Cigars, which are of tne quality and received from Irst hands Together with all of the articles usually found in a first class drug store * Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all hours (as the store la not closed at night) by a competent dispenser. ? al Uxelr establishment is respectfully so llclted mar 5-1 m* CONFECTIONERY, no 84 liruige Street, Georgetown, D. C WHERE ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN ments are furnished with the best ice Creams, Cakes, Water ices, Conduct, Ac , at the shortest notice, and on the mont moderate terms. Medal awarded at the last exhibition of Metro polltaa Mechaaica' Instltu'e. Jaa ai-tf I Union A Intel.) PMi SALE.?A PAIR OF FINE MULES, four years old, and vary kind ln^. harness. Apply to *w-nta ARNY R SBINN, TtI . No. ?7 Green street,Mhm* feb a3- tf beo'gttown GIBBS'S HAIR MANUffACTORY, remn ??<??<, bttwttn 9tk and 10tk itrtett. yff12?^.?alp? braids, curls, hiTj "!!' Frlsaed Rollers, Ac., always on wmplete ta.nnJf' . In the wost ^ A'?r?AruciM Store. tTen??, up stairs, over Davis' Music ekjuige W?rk rep,lllM ? taken in ex ? feb U-3m ?AS rtivtiBs. RH. MILLER, SON fe CO ALKTam ? dria, V. keen constantly on hfnd^tnd: soma variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS BRACKETS, *c , (torn the celeb^ittl ict^ ^ Cornelius R Baker, which they will guarantee to Mil at the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut st?? p\ii. adelphla. Also, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decorated Paper Shades, la great variety. Call and examine for vourselve* dec 1 PilRATION STOCKS far sale by IS-tf OIVM MIOVSSBa, AUCTION BALES. By A. 0REEN, Auctioneer. TTOUIIHOLD AND KITCMIIV FUJINI. U? tile ?' * Rsstnnraat at AactlM..tin THUR8BAY, the ?tk Instant, I shall sell, at 10 2.5 00m ? #t the "Pearl" (formerly Green J?) near Adams A Co's Express Oflce, No 538 Penn avenue. between 3d and 3d streets. ? good assortment of Furniture, Ac , viz: 8,deboard> ,r*ble*> >nd Looking Maple Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bedding, and Hair Mattresses Cane and other Chalri, Waahstands. Clock* China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Toilet Set Brussels and other Carpets, floor and other Oil cloth 8aloen Tables, Pictures, Cooking and other otOVCS ?ALSO ? The Gas Burners, Bar and Bar-fixtures, and the Good will of the House. Terms cash. A. GRERN, mar M d Auctioneer. By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. v IJANDSOMB FURNITURE ANA Hease ?? PnbUc Adctlea ?on FRIDAY MORNING, March ?7t&, at 194'alock at 5 the ^?a Jefferson Davis, cor 3fd?Eire3ti^ Greets,I shall seU his Furniture Suite of handsome Rosewood Parlor Furniture, richly carved and finished In crimson Broc atelle, consisting of large French Sofa, two Arm, and four Parlor Chalra Suite of Blue and OoJd DrooateUe covered Furn Iture. consisting of two Teto-a-Tete and four Parlor Chairs Rosewood Marble-top Centre Tables Gothic, Rush, and Cane-seat Fancy Chalra Handsome Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, with cornice and fixtures complete Suite of Walnut Carved Parlor Furniture, fin. lshed In blue damask Gilt frame Pier Maw, slab, and bracket Walnut Secretary, Kt'geres Suite of Mahogany crimson plush covered Parlor Furniture Leather covered Arm and Reclining Chairs Solid Oak Hall set, consisting of Settee, Table and four Gothic Chairs ' Handsome Velvet, Brussels, and Thies ply Car pets Brussels Stair Carpels, Olloloth, Matting Damask and Chintz Curtains, CornlceVao. Handtome Mahogany Hedsttads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wasbstands Feather Beds, Holsters, and Pillows Whits .darbJe op, Drab, and Imitation of Oak Cottage Sets China, Cranite, and Japanned Toilet Sets Walnut Extension Dining Table Marble-top Sideboard Cane-seat Chairs Chinese Extension Cfeair, Tenpcys French China Dinner. Dessert, and Tea Eervice bias*ware, Table Cutlery, Castors French China, Granite, and Painted Toilet Sets Hat-tree, Oilcloth, Matting, Ac Together with an excellent assortment cf Kitchen Requisites. ALSO? At 3 o'clock, in ft^nt of tt?e residence, a large and handsome Caleshe Carriage, buiit to order and la first rata condition. ' Also, a pair of handsome Hay Carriage Horses well broke, and fine travellers ' Also, a set of L??avy siWe;-p'atcd Carriage Har ness. Terms: ?M>and under, rash; over that bum a credit of 60 and to days, forsatlsfactoillyendorted notes, bearing interest. mar l?-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PXTKRSIVK SALE OF VERY SUFERI. ^ ?r Furnttare, Piano Ksrte, Milliard Ta ble, oil Paintings, Wines and Brand?, a,,,, Uar*e??at A?ct???. On MONDAY, the 30th Instant, 1 shall sell, cJTI?ev C,SK at 10 ?'clrck a m , at the residence of Ellsba Klggs, Esq , on North G, No 821, be tween 17th and )8ta streets west, a very superlcr a^sortrr ent of Furniture, Ac , viz: Fine Rosewood case Grand Piano Forte, made by Erard, of France, a superior instrument Two full suites of Rosewood and Walnut Parlor Furniture, covercd with flgired and crim son damask Handsome Rosewood Sofa Centre, card and side Tables Two gilt gothic-frame French plate side Minors, 81 by 28 Inches, with marble pier Brackets complete ' Two gilt gothic-frame Mantel Mirrors, 68 by 49 inches ' One floe Convex Mirror, one large Psyche Glass Very superiordamask, brocatelle and lace Win dow Curtains, with Cornice and Ornaments Gothic, fancy and arm Ca-tor Chairs Superior bro. zed Mantel Clocks, with Candela bras to match Bu-scuit and bronzed Statuary and Mantel Orna ments A large assortment of Oil Palrftlngs Fine gilt and bronzed Gas aad Candle Chande liers Marble-top walnut Sideboard, with Deck and Mirrors Rosewood marble top Commode Walnut Extension Table A large assortment? f Cut Glass a"d China A complete set of heavily plated Shefileld Sliver Ware?vegetable and meat Dishes, with ?overs, fro up Tureen Walnut Morocco-covered Dining Chairs Walnut carving Table Bandsom; flowered Table Etegere, Es retolre, or Lady's Cabinet Fine Rosewood velvst covered recumbent, and morocco covered Castor Chairs Very superior rosewood and Inlaid Billiard Ta ble, with Cues and Fixture*' complete, a premium article Fine marble top mahogany and walnut dressing Bureaus, Wash Closet* and Stands Walnut and mahogany Wardrobes and Beds'e ds Feather Beds, Bedd'ng, Hair and other Mattresses Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels and ether Carpets and Rop Painted oottage Chamber Sets, Kitchen Requi sites, Ac n A'so, a line lot of old Wines and Brandy ^sdaesday, the 1st of April. sball sell, at 12 o'clock m.? Two excellent Family Carriage Horses Two very superior riding Horses, which work well in double or single harness One good Milch Cow, now giving milk One Family Carriage, with shifting top One Coupee, made by Watson, of Philadelphia One two-seat light Family Carriage, for four per sons One open Pbcston and one Buggy, and a luge lot of excellent Harness Terms: All sums under *30, cish ; over #50 a crwiit of 60and ?0 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. A.GREEN Auctioneer. r* B _ f he sale will commence lnthedlnlne ^ .'*!!? Cul J61aM' and ?lL*er rials. The ladles and gentlemen of Alexandria. Georgetown, aad w^hington, and the public In general are respectfully invited to this sale as fW will find 11 to be worthy their attention ' A GREEN. A FARM FOR SALE BY AUCTION. ?On MONDAY, the 'th of April proximo, at 11 a. m., the undersigned will sell, on the premi ses, to the highest bidder, his BLADEN FARM, of 60 acres of choice garden farming Lard, situ ated in Alexandria county, Va . a fourth of a mile from the Leesborg Turnpike, and three fourths of a mile from the Junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington For full partlculors concerning this farm, see an advertisement In another eo uiun of the Star. Persons desiring to view the premises can reach there by Inquiring at Bailey's x Roads, at the q'Vii ?' Turnpikes mentioned above, or at Ball s x Roads, on the road leading from George uTUS'Ji/iFOTJ BU"1M F"m ** V "n'-th,rd c??b, on the delivery of the deed, and the balance In equal instalments

on 1'and* years time, with Interest. A warranted B.d*?d of tru,t ^ken to secure the deferred payments. gar 17 W. D. WALLACH. Spioial Obhirs ( . . No 31. ( x^ Jut Ge*trai'? Offict, ) Washington, March ?, 1957. A MEDICAL B O A R D, TO CONSIST OF Surgeon C A Fit*lit, Surgeon R. 8. Sat TiaLis, and Burgeon 0. McDooqall, will as semble la the city of New York, on the first day of Msy, 1837, or as soon thereafter as practicable for the examination of Assistant Surgeons for promotion, and of candidates for admission Into Che Medical Staff of tte Army The Junior mem ber of the Board will act as Recorder. By crder of the Secretary of War : 8. COOPER, A4jjtant General N. B ? Applicants for admission Into the Med ??? toe Army mn?t make tkftU-applica. ?irfiEpt* Secretary of War. pp For Bale and Rent. FOE 8 A L K ? ONE OF the finesi Farm* In Fairfax county, Va , containing nearly 318 acres, situated on the Little River Turn C":e hold, 8 if miles from Alexandria, about 1 m Washington, and 1 mile from apropos* station on the Manassas Gap R. K , now ap !notching completion Buyers will beshnwi be premlWs by persons living there The pro perty will recommend itself on inspection Foi terms address the subscriber by mall at Drones ?ille, Fairfax co., Va. JAMES S. PURDY. mar 18-0t "CMJR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY ?a Brick Dwelling, with all the modern im provements, situated on E street, north side, be tween 9th and 10th streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate I nquin at No. 39-1 E street. mar 7-tf FOR 8ALE ?A FARM LYING IN MONT gomerr county, Md , 8 miles from Washing, ton, near the Bethesda Church, on the RockvllW Turnpike The Farm contains 90 acres of first rate land. The 1 mprovements are a new Fram* Dwelling House, containing 6 room*, and a stable for four horses. Also for sale?A first-rate Hor>< Power and Scroll Saw. For terms apply to CHAR LBS F WOOD,44S 9th street, between E and F., or toC.T WOOD, adjoining farm. mar 7-3w Three houses and lots for sale Houses Nos. 46, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low and on easy terms Will be sold separate or to gether Title good. One Is a four-storv Brick, with finished basement, nearly new, and In com plete order, with witer and gas throughout. Ap ply to E K. LUNDY,at No 46 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, or No. lit Bridge street, Georgetown. mar 6 (lOTTAGE FOR RENT -LAND FOR SALE. t For rent, for a term of two to four years, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three ?eccnd floor, and four attic Rooms, with moie n conveniences for beating the house and supplying It with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity agreed on; eight mile." from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current ye*r Also, a Farm of 3(0 acres, with Improve ments, within three miles above, for s%le or lease Erqulrecf SWEENY, KITTEN HOUSE F ANT A CO., Bankers, ard Col IK WIN, Land Office, mar 6 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of ) 700 acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500 med for pas'ures, snd about7U0 acres well timbered, ard along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to Charlotteville will run Attached thereto Is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which Is a part of the boundary line, and on which are also 40 acres of low ground Soil good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, Ac Buildings very superior and very ample* and in good order. 1C> bushels of Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before the last frost, for Oats and Corn due progress Is made. With the estate, the slaves and Improvements, Stock, etc , miy also be hid, and furth* r infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. mar 5 For rent?that very commodi ous and convenient (brown stone front) House, situated on the north side of K, between 9th and 10th streets It is new, and has been kept in the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion Possession will be given within a few days after th? 10th of March. For terms apply to the subscriber, at 5*29 H, between 6th and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Office [feb26-tf] THOMAS BERRY. A CARD-FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS Houm? In Franklin Kow, now occnplfd by Hon C Cushlng, Attorney General. It has all the modern Improvements, hot and cold water bath rooms, chandeliers, and gas fixtures This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations In the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river it i? in front of one of the most beautiful public squares in this city, with a delightful and con slant supply of good water. It Is entirely free from dust and mosquitoes. Inquire of VVM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 Pen.sylva nla avenue mar 4-lm FOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 13u. on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupicd by Myers A Bro ,as a Dry Goods House, and recently occupicd by Seldter A Co , as a Clothing Store. Possession given immediately. To a permanent tenant tt e rent will be mndelow. Inquire of JAMES F ULLALOVE, or to E S. WRlfcHIT, Auctioneer feb 18-dtf FAHM FOR *ALE.-l OFFER FOR SALE my farm and coantrv seaf. situated on the Helgnts of Georgetown, adjoining the residence* of Mrs Barber. Mrs Barnard, Mrs Morton, Mrm Bolce, Mersrs Llnthlcum, Adler and bllasen,. containing about 40 acres of land. Improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's bouse, cow and horse stables, etc. The very short distance froro Georgetown and Washington makes It very well adapted for a dalrv farm and market garden. The high elevation commands a beautiful and plcturtsque view of the Metropolis and surround ing country, and is In this, as well as In regard to health, unsurpassed. It will be sold en Ire or in lots to sit It purchasers feb s^-eolm* HENRY 6ILDEMEISTER. For sale or rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and 21st, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given immedi ately. Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 12-eotf For sale, exchange for city PROPERTY, OR RENT ? Possession given first of April next, that delightful situation situated near Mr. J. Sales, oontalning IX ?cres of Land, with all Its Improvements. Tiue good. In a good state of cultivation. For further par ticulars apply to the subscriber at the Dead Letter Office, or at No 439 6th street, between E and F. feb21-2awtf GEORGE M KENDALL. F~~ARMS FOR SALE-INTENDING TO cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm In Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the pest seven years. 11 contains ?1 acres, and is situated near Balls x Roads, 3# miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 milts from both Washington and Alexan dria. There are upon it a comfbrtable and well arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, with front and beck covered porticos, the former 38 by 12 feet j a kitchen; a comfortable house for eer*ants or farm hands; a large and convenient barn, with stabling for six horses and as manv cows, and an ample cistern (attached to the barn:) a root cellar under the barn, to hold 2,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; Ice house; spring house: smoke house; corn house; a stone market root house, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water is obtained for all the requirements of the occunants. Inere is also on the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantings con sisting of the choicest varieties cf peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and Iulnces. At present fourteen acres are needed own to wheat and rye; six in tlmcthy, (yielding an average of at least two tons pc: acre,) four in a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and oats In the spring, and eleven in wood, of which there la an ample supply for all the purposes of the place. 1 his turn has been cultivated with care and la vciy productive, no pains having been spared to render it remuner ative, and to make it complete in all lis ?PP0}lI't* menu. For a dairy man and market farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person doing husln^ m elther ne^h boring city who prefers a pl*ce already in a i respects highly improved it i* superior to a y 0liulo0THE HLADEN FARM, (#0 acres) situ Columbia and Leesburg Alex I? Hufiw'i x foods (in Alexandria county, Va ,j of Bailey s X kooos i?? ? ?o<h cities named 5-?7ht?L* most of them lately set out. a dwel ho^'that can be made c omfortable for a farmer's family at small cost, some sibling, and of the finest springs In aU this region of ??nntrr There Is wood enough upon the tract f?r ?u.TecessiU?s. There la no better soil within tSrt? miles of Washington than that of this Bla den place; nor any such place that can be ren remunerative at less cost by proper atten tion ? the land being in fine heart at this time. For terms, for either or both these farms, which 8' EVENING STAR Servant Girl* ?? Hair Oil. We dip the following rich yarn from th local columns of the Buffalo Republic It par takes (lightly of the Silver Lake seu strpen smell: At the boarding house where Dave and hi friends " put up, ' are a number of serva? girls, and it is an idiosyneracy of servant glrli to take their share of toilet articles, such ai hair oils, perfumes, Ac , while they are reju venating the apartments of the boaders. D*v< and his friend Robert were very careful o their respective toilets, and being in a court ing way, had been paying extra attention t< personal adornment, for a long time. The] were in the habit of getting a pint of hair oi made up at the druggist, at ouo time; anc finally they were in the habit of finding the1 a pint of their costly hair oil wouldn't last i week, and that all the servant girls in th< bouse emitted the same perfume they did. it was not long before they came to a conclusior in the matter. So one evening, finding thai the hair oil oruise was empty, they took th< bottle which had contained itfand straight' way went to Mathews' drug store There wai a whispered conversation with a laughin; clerk, a mixing of various articles in a pini bottle, and the following wns marked on th< inscription book as the contents : f Lac' Asafrrdita (milk of asafmtida, which, fcr the information of ourread era we will state, is a highly concet trated extract of that delicious drug ) of this 1 ounce, Of Liquor Potasse?a fluid slightly cele brated for its corroeive power, having the property of taking the hair off a dog in ten feconds i ounce Balsam of Fir?the stickiest and gum miest articles known. 1 ounce Honey ounce Ale.hoi, ? to make these ingredients fluid i pint Tbis was well ?* shuck '* and deposited in the Q8U&1 place occupied by the hair oil The next morning, (Sunday,M>av? and Bob dreee ed themselves tor ohurch, and after finishing travelled down stairs. But they came up ano ther stairway in a few seconds, and secreted themselves in a room adjoining theirs, where, from a couple of panes of glass over the door, they could see everything that went on Af ter the people of the house had gone, two or three servant girls came into Davie's room '? Whiffet, Molly," says a large, red headed one. "Misthur Dave has some more of the ile, and me hair's as dhry as powdher; let's have a reglar fix up wid de folks all away !" This was acceded to, and they all went to oiling their locks, being very lavish with the fluid, which was quite thin in consequence of the alcohol In a few momenta red head says : ** Wirra, that shmells so!" with her nose turned skyward. 44 Sure, its the parfume," interrupted a short and dampy specimen, with her hair down her back ?' Parfume, indade," says red head, " that'a not parfume that s the real bad sbmell " 'Mebbe," says dumpy, ?* it s the Patch chew Ice. I've ba ard that Patch-chew-lee shmells dreadfil at fast, ? pershon ma?t git used to the ehmell before tbey likes it Shure it's a parfume used by the quality Ttrts satisfied red head, and after a thorough l% iling" they left the room In about two hours ihe boarders catno home from church? '?Good gracious, what is it?" "Bless my soul, Mr. tt , I shall faint; oh ! my dear there must be an unclean animal in the room!" and a thousand other expressions were heard as the boarders got a sniff at the "Patch chew-lee" when tney entered the house. The master and mistress of the house were pui zled, confounded, indignant, and in vain en deavored to discover the locality of the " smell." At dinner time there were not half a doien boarders at the table, and those that wore there were rapidly thinking of backing out, as the thiee girls who were "iling" were attending on them. Finally dinner was given up, and with doors and win dows opened, the inmates alternately fixie and suffocated. Tho day was a dire one to them, but it wore away some way. At night the three girls attempted to comb their hair. The alcohol had evaporated, leaving tho balsam of fir and honey, and they might as well have attempted to comb a bundle cf shingles At the very first dath that red head made her comb caught, at d through the influence of the potasete at the roots, the whole mass of front hair cam* off the side of the red head's cranium, which she discovered with a yell that would have rend ered a cannibal envious. The same result at tended the rest if her hair, with the excep tion of enough to do up as a scalp lock to or nament with feathers The two other girls met the same fate, and at about ten o'clock t at night they might have boen seen wrap ping up their lost '? Patch chew-Iced" locks in pieces of paper. The next morning they were informed by the mistress that she did not de sire to employ bald-headed servant girls, and with thtir "chist" they departed in almost a scalped condition The discovery of Dave and Bob's connection with the transection was not known tili lately, but their toilet articles have been ag sacred from touch as the tomb at Palestine Moral?When boarding, see that the ser vant girls are attended to in the way of filet articles. Narrow Escape of a whole Class or Yodsq Docroas?Doctor Tyng in the Col l,ge of Physicians and Surgeons.?The vale dictory lecture before the graduating class of the venerable College of Physicians and Sur geons. delivered by Dr. Delafield, was re markably short, but the reason why has not yet boen published. The faculty bad invited Rev Dr Stephen H. Tyng to deliver the ad dress, with the hope, probably, of getting from the fresh mind of a new man, for such audiences, some suggestions that the old stagers would not be up to; just as painters, after they have exhausted the criticisms of connois seurs on their sketches of brute nature, ask end expect to get valuable hints from old far mers who know nature like a book, though they don't keow the philosophy of colors nor the rules of art It was understood that Dr. Tyng would deliver the address, and it wss about to be publicly announced, when the candidates for graduation called a meeting, and in much indignation began to resolve sub stantially as follows: 1 That the Kev Dr. Tyng is a homoepath, not quietly and modestly, but be goes out of iho way to tempt people to employ the little pill doctors 2 If so, he can t congratulate us as he should upon our graduation, except ironically or hypocritically. 3 If the Faculty can't tender us their con gratulations; if they are obliged to ask stran gers to do the little politenesses for them, we would rather go off unoongratulated with our diplomas While these proceedings were on foot, luck ily Dr. Watts?who, with Dr. Oilman, was the author of the innocent outrage?oame into the meeting, shouldered the whole blame, apologiisd, gave assurance that Dr Tyng a medical heresies were unknown to the Fiacui ty, and premise! speedy reparation. By hu great popularity the Profeasor prevailed, and the storm subsided. It was made right with the olergyman, and at the eleventh hour Dr. Delafield prepared a brief and otbodox ad^ dress. It was rumored that the suppar that followed waa longer, and sound anUraly on the goose ?_Y. Y Evening Post ?-y The Five Points Association of New York jtroooloni"'11!? 'heir protegees. Monday eve nly a large party of women, most of them with * child in am*, were eant Weet over the Sri# road. felataff ? greater witty ot tatcreating reading ,v o?a W foul la bij Mkc?is pubLiabe* oa ***** ??PT, pur uidb....' gpypt- *?01 T?nhTin'." ?'???????...?, ????MM?m??? tot 'ycopm,,,, MM,n 10 ,*t**1A*LT IX ACTlRCI. at^pp**)?? to imn *? i-KrK a comm*??' o? * wiU *? ?!!???* it. ?porting InteUigwee. Writing on the subject of tne <>?..nA T?* and American Horses," the Snlnttrfi.** (Porter'a) Uk- oocuioo * bHJ.IT: ?f Mr I? Oar readeri, in oommonwith oureelTM .in now be all impatient to in for whieb eVents that are open to him Mr. TenBroeck will nom inate hia Amerioan celebrities. It will hard ly bo worth hia while to expoee hia hand for *ny of the a weeps takes or handieapa at the Newmarket spring meetings ; hence. we pre ,u"*? Asaot, with iu magnificent enp priae, will be hia firat aim The oup itself ia a mere bagatelle of f 2 500 value. Intrfnaically; though ?" Vw?fk ?f art, and a trophy of American upenontj, it would be almoat inralaable on #!*??!?* ?{ Atlantic. Bat tbia raoe alwaya fion *-?..'mmenae amount of specula in Jh,?i * m'.,ho1n of dol'ara generally chang jf Mr t???r ' I??00? ***** ? u opportunity jf Mr TenBroeck'a obtaining an ail eefflcient ?SP? h*rd CMhJ*? addition to the trophy itself Next come, the Goodwood Cup, With ii I' and allowance, the which are decidedly in favor of foreign bred horse.. We are almost dispo^d to>eIa?d till k * rn\ * a cannot well see, in ieed, how, with aucb a team?notorious for all the requisite qualities of speed and endu rance. trained after our fashion of foriin* the pare from end to end-he can fail in accom pushing the victory with one of the trio, un ess his jockeys be seduced into the Engliah ostom of making a waiting race of it. But we hope and trust Mr. TenBroeck will aet his race again.?t this method in toto; let bim but give explicit ordera " to go in and win," with out regard to the style in which the raoe mar be run by the other hojaea?nay, ts if there , ?tT*.*on? 0,he" lcth? race-and we imagine tv u tb* turlitea something tu which they have been aoac^uatomed in the shKpe of horseflesh Tbia ia no child'a play. Xhe sporting honor or our country ia concerned, and should not ^?acrifioad by a trick or racing juggle, to whichtbe English jockeys are am /"aiflleree, we would impress upon Mr. TenBroeck the necefsity of discarding all advice, and of run ning thu. or any other race, after the Ameri sap and not the English fashion. Let him do tini and with his hor-ea well and in racing condition, he must succeed ; let him neglect '}? w?r??ng we give him, and the probability ?n failure (which would eover us with mortifi cation) looms in the distance ; because that in the finesse and trickery of racing the English are accomplished adepts. If beaten fairly we ahould, of course, acknowledge defeat with * good grace ; but we decidedly object to be tng beaten by trickery. In a fair field, and with a fairly run race, we have no fear Subsequent to the Goodwood, there area variety of cupa and atakes for which Ameri can horsea can be entered with every proba bility of success ; to say nothing of the great summer and autumn handicaps, auch aaiork, Doncaster, the Caesarewitch, Cambridgeshire! <Vo , the victories of would thoroughly estab lish our racing f?me, and bring Mr. Ten Broeck home a millionaire. A Thrilliso Stort ?The New York Com mercial Advertiser tells the following thriBing Last fall, a woman residing in the vicinity of Worcester was picking blackberries in a field ne&r the houee, having with her her only child, a bright-eyed little fellow of lesa than a year o'd. The babe sat upon the ground amusing itself with grasping at clumpaof yel low weed that grew within reach, and eating berries brought him from time to time by hia mother The latter at length, intent upon gathering the fine fruit, paseed around a rock which hia her child from view. She was about to return to htm, when, hearing him laughing and crow ing in great glee, and thinking he must be aafe as long as he was so happy, she remained a little longer where she was. Suddenly the little voi-se eeaaed, and after a moment's delay the young mother stepped upon the rock and looked over, expecting to see her babe asleep; instead of which, he wts sitting perfectly motionlesa, hia lipa parted, and his wide open eyes fired with a singular expression upon some object which at firat she was unable to discern But who can judge of her horror when, on closer scrutiny, she perceived, eome four or five feet from her infant, a rattlesnake, with her glittering eyes fastened upon his, and nearing him by an almoat imperceptible mo tion Ihe eight of her darling's peril ao nearly p&ralized her, that for an instant she half be lieved the dreadful fascination had extended to herself; but the certainty that, unlee* she was the instrument of salvation to her child, he was inevitably lost, in somo decree restored her power She glanced wildly round for something that might be used as a weapon, but nothing appeared, and already the venomous reptile had passed over half the space which divided him and his victim Another moment and all would be lost. What could be done ? in her hand she held a broad tin pan, and, springing from the rock, quick as thought she covered the pnake with it, and stook upon it to prevent its escape. The charm was broken?the child moved, swayed to one side, and begsn to acb At the same time the mother recovered her voice and streamed for aid, retained h.*r position until it Arrived, when the cause ef her terrible fright was deapatched. tsr a Bible distributor in Kentucky re ports that of 30 000 families he vUited, one* fourth had no Bible, and many had never heard of such a book at all! There were throe regu larly ordained ministers also who had no eopiea cf the Scriptures. Thr Railway Catastrophe ?The London (Canada) Free Press says that many who were well acquainted with the fragile character of the bridge protested in the mos'. decided man ner against allowing traina to run over so dangerous a part of the line at apeed. Ep-The pork operatora in L?u!aville, Ky , have realised heavy profits the past season One bona* haa cleared not leaa than S300.000, another $200,000; while the profita of another was S150,000, and aeveral others from $80 000 to flOO 000. Morbid PaopsxsiTT ?The editor of a New Orleans paper states that in some portions of Louiaiana and Miesiaaippi, and otner States probably also, aome of the children of both sexes are in the habit of eating rosin, pme bark, clay, aalt and ether aubetanoes, to such an extent as not only to undermine their health, but in some instances to produce death. A Bot kot ? or ' but "1R" A Race.?The ? other day a boy in Rocbeater lell into a mill race, and waa sucked under an arch a hun dred feet long and some feet under the aur face of.tbe water. He boiled up to the eur f^ce at tbe other and, oaught a poat and waa rescued all right. l^yThe New York Philosophical Society have appointed a committee, who are now trying to solve the problem. "Can the phe nomena styled Spiritual Manifestations be ac counted for by phyaical lawa?" The com mittee have already had before them a num ber of mediums, among them tbe eelebrated Mrs. Hatch, who, it will be remembered, re cently lectured on tbe subject in this part of the country. ISTPerforated letter-stamps have been pre pared by the Postmaster-General They have a series of small perforation around tba edge, which render them separable from each other without the aid of a cutting instrument; while the ragged edge left after the separation, serve* to faetm the stamp more securely Th? fm?oth edged stamps now in use, often peel off and are lost. Tbe naw pattern it for aalt at all the Poet-oAoee.