Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1857 Page 2
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*4.t* it iNGTON CITY: TL*BtOAY .v Warefc ?i, 1?t. or* ABTtituiiaum nog** m i-mrt at *aa omv ev mnww rutiitw WW VWT1L T*? B?t. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS Our respected neighbors of the Inttiligenctr ir? gutting in a bad way. We thought, on the f rat manifestation of their ailing it could be eared by the venerable Colonel Benton's reaaedy?" Cattiag for the aimplee." It is now evident, however, that thej are martyrs to a eevere attack of ** fantad? " They are fretting themselves into a nervous fever over the New York joke of a meeting here to rege late the distribution of the New York patron age of the Federal Government The whole affair was a piece of fad, and nothing more?as we long sinee explained?most of thoee named aspromlneat in its proceedings not being pres ent, while the balanoe participated in it only4 for the sake of ridienliag current eforts to eoatrol the Government in such n.atters. Under saeh eircamstances?whieh we made known in dae Usee? our respected n< ighWrs of the Inullxfftnetr are Piekwiokian aponthe subject,?to the extent of requiring copious doses of esafaetida to bring their neives baok to their usual equanimity. The Union protests against the misrepre eantations of the Republican party jre*s con cerning the late addrees of Govern- Geary, and denies the cerrectness of their reports rf his private conversations whieh ecnt'ict with the tenor of hie address. We translate tho Unton't article to mean that Goverror Geary (who is now here) is unwilling to be ola^sed m the ultra Free-State party man he has lately appeared to be through the publications of Republican papers that have recently s'< in dustriously petted him. lie oertainly set on to have compromised his former political posi tion None will rejoice more than the Souti on finding that all the stories showing that he turned abolition politician in the discharge of the duties of the UorUrno.ship of Ksrsas ware the creation of the brains of these who wished # Mm to occupy juch a position WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSiP. **Rotation "?The announcement thVi the administration design "rotating' leading cfScd holders out of place in sections of tho Union where that practice is common and approved, has certainly raised np a best of applicants for thousands of federal < ffices of all degree'. If our informat'.ca be eorreet, there is hardly a tide-waiter's plaoe, cr a teat at the oar of a boarding cfleer's tiney craft, occupied by a Democrat North of Mason and Dixon's line, in search of which there are not half a doxen patriots clamoring already; protesting their right to share the patronage of the Federal Government. As for the post offices1 fcu hels ef applications for them are daily reaching Washington. The understanding was that, except for good eause. no removals would be made except on the expiration of postmasters' commissions. The promulgation of that understanding turns out to have been enough to have started the patriots after not only the post effioea paying enough to make them Presidential appoitt ments?to require their nomination to the Senate every four year<?but even after such places, the emoluments of which are in some eases not more than 950 per annum. At the rate at which such applications sre said to be pouring Into W aehiogton just now, it strikes u? that in some quarters of the country there are not a few democrats who write down all as political enemies who happen to be in ofioe. The Nev Tork Contest ?it seems to be understood this morning that at a late hour last evening the Administration informally determined upon some of the principal New Tork oity appointments We huve no infor mation (ourself) in the premises, and have only to say that the hoet now here interested in the matter have come to the conclusion that the administration have definitely settled upon some of these appointments, as follows: Au gustus Sohell, Collector of the Port; E B. Hart, Surveyor of the Port; Isaac V. Fowler, Postmaster. It Is further understood that the resigna tion of Collector Red field has been received, which afforded an opportunity of appointing a successor to him at this time without vio lating the principle of awaiting the termina tion of his commission. P. S. The above appointments have been made, and also that of Isiah Ryaders to be Marshal, and George Saunders Navy Agent at Now York. Thinning Out .?The crowd of office-seeking Strangers is by no means as dense in Washing ton now, as a fortnight ago. Perhaps half have disappeared-quite half. The termina tion cf the contents over the Maeiaehudctte, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Wiscon sin , Arkansas, California and Missouri offices has enabled the throngs attending here to in fluence their fete, to leave Washington. Most of them have done so; leaving behind only the moat inveterate dabblers in spoils, who always continue to hang arouad until the last ? moment, pretty much aa cleaned out ehron'o gatr biers invariably eontinue to linger around tbe tiger long after it has devoured their last "red " Presidential Appoimtmeuto ?The Union this morning announces the following Preei dontial appointments: John S Dougherty, of Miasouri, t0 be Re-1 ceiver of Public Moneys t<? the disvict o' lands subject to "le at St Lools, Muaouri, ? the place of Richard B Dallam, whose term of office baa expired. Jacob Beeaon, of Michigan, to be Raceiver of Public M-reys at Detroit, Michigan, in the piece of Eluha Taylor, whose term of uffice will expire on the 3d of April next. Charles F Hejerman, of Michigan, to be Register of the Land Office at Detroit, Michi gan, in the piece of Daniel J Csmpau, whose term of office will expire on the 3d of April next. Moees B Hess, of Michigan, Ur be Register of the Land Office at East Saginaw, Michigan, in the place of William M Fen ton, whose term of ofi:e has expired Wm L P. Little, of Michigen, to be Re ceiver of Public Muneys at East Saginaw, Michigan. in placo of Russell Bishop, whofa office will expire on the 30th instant. Robert E. Mcliauon, Postmaster of New Orieane, Louisiana, in place of Arthur S. N* ?itt, removed. Court cf CUima.-Veaterday, Mr. Arerill argued for claimant la the case of Maria K>1 bourn and others. The Deputy Bo'icitor re 8w~?* ??i I. A. MM of n-llW.', kia!Bi,t,.tor., Mr Kioaer opened the argumtat for th* claimant, aad the Solicitor replied Mr nr.n? eluded for the claimant; and tha eaee wm Appoint; d ? It will be perceived, from the following list of appointments issaed to-day, that we were correct in naming, a daj or two since, the California appointments made re cently : Aagastine Olivera, of California, to be Re ceiver ef Public Money* at Los Angeles, Oali fomiar in the place of Andmi Pica, whose commitha expires on the 29*in*. John R- Henry, of Alabama, to be Register of the Land Office at Greenville, Alabama, in the place of JEldridge Gardner, whose commit ?ion expires oo the 4th proximo. Wm. W. Gift, e? California, reappointed to be Register of tho Land Office at Benioia, Cal ifornia, hia prerionatorm of office having ex pired \ A Reception ?Ther? wsa a morning re ception at the Executiva maniion at noon to day. The attendance of ladies and gentlemen is said to have been large, and wa hear the occasion passed eff most agreeably. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, tM of March, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the hooka of the Department? j for the redemption of Stocks..?? $16,700 35 For the Treasury Department.?? 1,074 29 Portbe Inrerior repartment ? eeee 5,275 25 For Customs.................... 4,659 14 War warrants received and en tered...*** 1 560 40 War repay warrants received and entered 369 21 From miscellaneous souroes ....? 307 31 From Customs 694 00 PIRSOHAL. .... Vice President Breckinridge and lady arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday evening. They are bath in excellent health and spirits. .... Col. Line, of Kansas notor'ety, is mar ried again, his f >rmer wife, from vhom he had bcea divorced, being his bride. .... M. Wallace has been holden to bail in Cincinnati lor assaulting Charlotte Crampton, the aotrlM, for whom he was acting agent. ....Sidney Smith objected to reading a book before be reviewed it, on the ground that " it prejudices a man eo !" f .... Charles Irving, Esq., late editor of the Lynchburg Republican, Las assumed the same fo*t in the ofihe of the Danville (Va ) Repub lican .... The Urge and extensive drug estab lish n.ent of Norris i. Agnew. of Independ ence, Mo., was burnt on tho 8th with all its coaieLU Mr Agnew recently wont to Inde perdeoce from Philadelphia. i... lion N. T. Backs worked in the mill at .Nashua when 14 years of age, two years, boarding with his uncle. Cspt T. G Banks ilj hen w?nt back to Waltham and leaincd the machinist trade He waa fpoken of as aa intenre rea ier of history, sitting up till after midnight, and wasting no hours in dissipation. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gioboitowh, March 24, 1857. The arrangements fur unloading coal at the dock, owned by Jas. Ray, are undergoing con siderable alterations and improvements for the unloadug and loading of coal during the aj-proaobiug ><aion A double railway is being constructed the ertire length of the aqueduct, with cranes at different points for hoisting the coal out of the boats, and shoots constructed for <he purpose of conveying it from the railway on bcara of the vessels. We learn that this depot ia hereafter to be occu pied by the American Coal Company. Business in our city at the present time is steady, but cot very brisk Our river and canal wharves continue present quite a lively appearance. Letters have been 'eceived by s<>me of our merchants, stating that loaded b >ata would leave Mercersville for oar city on Wednesday. We would advise th so young men, if we may be permitted to eah them man, who are in the habit of going to the Dunbarton street Methodist churcb every Sabbath night for the purpose of disturbing the congregation and preacher, by defacing the house with tobacco juice, talkiiig, As , to desist from their ob noxious e n iuct in the future. They are well known, and if their ungentlemanly conduct ia again repeated, they may And themselves in the hanis of the officers of the law, and their came* in the columns of u newspaper. Mayor Crawford has nearly recovered from his recent severe indisposition, and is again attending to the duties of his office The following vessels arrived yesterday and this morning : Packet schr Sylvanus Allen, Sears, New York, cement, to M C. Meigs; packet schr Moonlight, Knapp, New York, to F A A. Dodge; schr Arctic, llooper, Sails bury, to Jos. Libbey A Son ; steamer Colum bia, iiarper, Baltimore, to liyde A Davidson There is but little doing in flour?held at S6 for standard brands. Whe*t?white and red SI 35a$l 40 Corn 58^60j. for white and yeUow. Oats 46a48a. from wagons. S. White Txkth, Perklmxd Luxath aS? BxauTircL Complexion can be acquired by using the " Bo/in of a Thousand Flowtrs 1 What lady or gentleman would remain under the enrse of a disagreeable breath, when, by using the 11 Balm of a Thousand Flowers" aa a dentifrice, would not only render it sweet, but leave the teeth white as alabaster ? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Beware of counterfeits. Be sure each bottle is aigned " Fetridge A Co , N. Y." For sale by all Druggists, and J. Shillington. ,MAt50NlC.?THE MEMBERS OF Hiram l.?vige, No. 10 are hereby noti fied thita cal od-r If meeting will b? held at tbelr Hall oo I!>tn street, between H and I Mtcrct*, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, March24 b, at7# o'clock. Ma ter Mason* In j{ od standing are moat fraternally !nrl ed My order of the W. M.: WILLIAM H DIETZ, It Secretary. ?-^^LECTU?E NOTICE ?A LECTURE will be 4e lvered In Carml's Saloon, on TRUk^DAY EVENING, March 29th, at hall-past 7 o'clock, for tho benefit of the Young Catholic's Fr'end Boel?ty of this city, by tbe Right Rev. llr. Spacldiso, Bishop of Louis ville, Kentucky Subject?Civil Liberty, Ita rise and progress as aa e;tmett ot modern civilisation. Tickets cf admission ?5 cents; to be had at the doo.- on the nluht of the Lecture in't 24 3t ^4?NOTlCE-THE standing com iKA ralttee of the Franklin Fire Company are notified to meet at ray house, on 13.h itr<>et, near E, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock, In with the constitution ROBERT E DOYLE, mar 24-2t Chairman of Committee. JOINT COMMITTEE UPON ?CSk the Wasfcington Asylum of the two Boards of tbe City Councils, Is requested to meet at tbe Mayor's Office, City Hall, TO-MORROW APTER4NOON at 4 o'clock. JOHN L. SMITH, mar 24-ti Chairman. ,*?TlLLON PARTY ? bf re of the Active Association of the Northern Liberties' Fire Conpany take pleasure In aanounclog to ihelr friends that tbey will give taelr nix h Cotillon Party at tkeli Hall, on THURSDAY, March 26, 1&37. By the COM. OF ARRANG'TB. mar 24-3f ? "i III n MEETING OP THE CATHOLIC iu Total Abstlneace Society of Washington cliy, wl.l he held at the Pastor's 1 residence, ?t Patrick's Church, on W EDN EB DAY next, the 2St& instant at 7o'clock p m. ? constitution will be submitted for adoption, and an election of oifieers will take plaee. All who wish to become members are lavite4 to attead. aar>l-3t* MARION RIPLEB, ATTENTION ? A meeting of the company for the tu action of very Important business, wl 1 be held at TURBOSY EVENING,*4tb la the Armory on teat JAS L- FOXWELL, O.. B. mi' 23 stent F M. BHEIKLL. Ci^ , PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT I'HILA delpkls prk>a, at the^ Fkllsdelphla ice ?vS delptla pih>s, at the Fhliaa Cream Depot, earner 12th and F streeu IOC CftRAM at ?1 M per gallon, ft ?i ,>r^TO THB TEACHERS OP WASH W8TON ?The Private Schools of WaaktBfftoa we Invited to visit the Fair of the ?tropolltan Mechanic*' Institute, on the same ma wlih the Public Schools. By order of the BOARD OP MANAGEMENT. TICE -DR. MASSEY, OP BAL ? ?lore, has removed hi* Rooms te No. ?t rent, avenue,about mbdway between 6thand street*, where he can be conanlted dally, a few weekefonfer. Uflee hours from 9 to 3, and4 to ? p. m. mar 21-31* s ,OR AND ASSEMBLY ?THE GOOD WILL CLUB will gl? t elr Fourth Assembly at BaaMoiiT Ball, on THURSDAY EVENING, April 3d. COM-OF ARBANOEMBNT*. msr 31 34,38 S8^l,Api3 ^ ^MACHINE SKWINS-ftSOMS OH D STREET, two doors from corner ot 9th street Sewing Son* la ? superior manner at the following rates: Shirts, plain, (must be cut and basted,) 32Xe; Wristbands 3 per psir ; Collars 3c each ; Bosoms 3c per plait; Plain Sewing 3c per yard Constantly on hand and for sale, Shirts from SI to S4; Bosoms from 37 jfc to Si; Wristbands from 8cto*Sc per pair; Collars from 12% to 37 #o each, and other Goods in proportion. Persons wishing sewing done will de best to omtt washing the material. T?rms invariably cash. _ mar 17-eolm? EG18TER'S OFFICE, MARCH 18, )v_9k 18 ?7 ?ftotict Is ail Whom it Map Con am?Notice is hereby given |hat licenses for Carts, Wagons, a*d Drays will expire on the first MONDAY of A mil next, and that said 11 tnscs must be renewed at thla oBce within Ten Da>s from that time. SAM'L E. DOUGLAS, mar 18-dtAprlllft Register H BAD QUARTERS FOB TOTS ARB Fancy Goods Is at LAMMOND'S, mar 24-3t Seventh street. L~~A DIBS' CABAS* RETICULES, Be., very cheap at mar 24 3t LAMMOND'S. BENNBT'S ROOT AND PR A FIT PILLS for he cure of all diseases, for sale at mar *4-eo3t DYSON'S, 308 Penn avenue. HIO HUKIU FOR SALE?A DROVE _ of fine young Horses, Just In from Ohio, at Mr A. COWLING'S Stable, G, and 13th streets mar ?4 -ettffl O MISSES O'BRYAS, 252 Chaennt Street, Philadelphia, *111 open PAR IS MILLINERY.for the Spring, on Thur.-^ri day, March mar 24 3t?y#y HOOS ? ALOTOF BOGS WILL BE SOLD at the Washington Asylum, on WEDNESDAY, March25 h,at 4 o'clk,? p. m J. B. QUEEN,! mar24-2t lntendant W a. CA BAGS RIO COFFEE OU 10 do Toasted do 30 Box"* fresh Ground do Ju5t received and for *als by mar*t-eo3t BARBOUR A fKMME8. Fresh oy ?tkr?.-simpson, s w. corner luth street and P^nnsylvs-. ? nla avenue, has the FINEST OY?-' I'lRS of the season* just received from Norfolk. mar 21 j D ?v . PIl'KlED OYSTERS.?WE ARK NOW putting up a superior article of/ Pickled Oysters, to which we would call especial attention. SCHWARZE A DRURY, mar 21 3t 489 11th st ,2d door above E. Fine oysters.?we are now open ing some of the LARGEST and/ FINEST OYSTERS of the season. SCHWARZE A DRURY, 469 Eleventh street, 2d nrnr 24-St door above E. THE BORDER ROVER, by Emerson Ben nett, I vol ; VIvia, or the becret of Power, by Mil Scuthworth, I v?l; Major Jones' Scenes in Georgia, 1 vol, illustrated; Citpuln finvn Suggs' Adventures and Travels. 1 vol, illustrated, mar 94 FRANCK TAYLOR. SHIRTING COTTON. NEW YORK HILLS BEST ENGLISH LONG CLOTH, and other PRIME MILLS. For *ale at IM4 Penn. aveaue, between li'.h and 13th street. mar21-eolm FRANK A. McBEE. DURNO'S CATARRH SPIFF Ayer's Pectoral J&ynes' Kjp ctorant Gardner'* balsam Liverwort Helmbo'.d's Buchu Sellifr Aperient German Bitrers, Ac , Ac. For sale at DYSON'S, m?r24-eo3t 253 Penn avenue. A CARD.?THE ATTENTION OF PER tons famishing is rcpertfuliy called to the extensive sale at the Murray House, on Penn ave nue betwe?n 31 and streets, commencing on Wr d lesday rr.oralng, March 26th. and continuing until the whnln l-> disposed of. The Pumltuie is sll of excellent quality and in first-rate order. The Manoliavtry superior one andlnperfe.t order J AS C. McGUIRE, mar24-3t Auctioneer NEW SPRING GOODS. PJ. STEER, MERCHANT TAILOR, FAS ? received stojk of new SPRINu GOODS, ??.ec t?*d by himself from the^HB best importing hou -es Ha solicits an ea flA amination of them by his customers ar d " the public Ail work warranted to give satisfaction, and no disappointments in time permitted mar 24 3taw2w No. 488 Seventh st. PROF. L. W. SHATTUCK'S SPARRING ACiOKUV. PROF 8 RKSPECTFULLY GIVES No tice that he has commenced, and will contin ue for a few mouths, to give private Instructions In the art of Self Defence, st his cpac'.ous rooms, No 341 Pa avenue, over Z. D Oilman's Drug It tore, third floor. Gentlemtn taught privately at all hours of the day or tvening. No spectators allowed duiing the hou-softu lflon mar 24-lw* CHEAP WOOD. NOW LANDING, ABOUT FIFTY CORDS best OAK WOOD, which we will deliver from the Wharf at 95 50 a cord. PINE WOOD SI 50 a card. COAL of all kinds always on hand. All orders left at P J STsan's Store, Seventh street, betwren D and E, or at our cfflce, will be promptly filled. |fr Terms rash. JOHNV MYERS A CO., Oi e and k ard corner <J and i'tid streets, First Ward m&r 34-41 PROF. SCHEEL IS STILL GIVING 1N strac ions la Music to private pu Wl' }11? at their residences, or at Miss M yy g rn Har rover's Seminary for young ladles, IMF street. He alro continues teaching classes of three tr four In the first principles of music with unabated tucceta He would the attention of his patrons and the public lu genr rr.l to the mode of instruction pursued in hi.* class o ; he deems it of the greatest importance that tie young learner be thoroughly drilled In the rudi ments of the sclonce For terms Ac , apply at the above-named pi ce. mar 21-3t* _ p|ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WaSHIROT'*!! Couhtt. to wit: I hereby certify that H Rltter, of said county, brought btf jre ire. as astray* tresspassing on his enclosures, a BAY MARK, about 14X hands high, and sbout five years old> blind in one eye, and shed all around Given under hard of me, rne of the Justices of the Peace in and for s id county, tills 33d day of March, 1857. ROBERT WHITE. The cwner of the above drscrlted mare la re quested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. mar?4 3P H 8. R1TTER. THE SIGN OF PLATES, Sevtnth theet, we?t tide, Ifo 181, under Dor s<y'? Hotel. The proprietor of the estab lls'arr.ent i< thankful for tlegrnerous patron, sge he hes enjoyed, and respectfully informs the {tublic that he has jutt received and .opened, a arge assortment of French Chios? White Granite Ware, blue printed Ware, Com mon white Ware, Rockingham and Earth ea Ware Cut, Pressed, Plain G ars Ware, Cutlery Knives, Fori.a, Spoons, Walters, Wooden Ware, etc. The Goods will bs sold cheap for cash, cheaper than ever bought in this city. Remember the Bign?"PLATES." mar 24 -eo2w? DOCTOR BANE RBFRIGEBATOMS. 'V* HE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED 1 direct from the factory a large lot of the above superior REFR16ERATORS. Theyrome very Llghly recommended by the best Judges In the Eastern cities, and aie offered at the very loweet pi lees We have also in st re* fce-varieties of Rtf rators, whlch| will be warranted to give satis faction in every particular, tokether with? Patent ICE PITCHERS Patent BUTTER COOLERS Patent WATER COOLERS k"?cffrrfd wholesale or retail at e lowr?st figures for cash or toprotrp cu8'on.ere. JOS. L SAVA6E ?a-*1*" of tha Gilt Saw, P?nn. ave , .u,<v ?mtib 1 JU8T RECEIVED TWENTY BOXES New Spring Ribbon*, <H colon and deecriptloas, and Terr low. Milliner* supplied at a small advanoe from New York price*, at G H. CA88IDY ft CO??, mar S4t* 914 Pa. av., bet. loth ud 1Kb t*. r CieiM-CKURI. Another lot op those superior cigars that have glrai soak general satisfec tlaa. last receivrd, consisting of the foUow ag tian, just reortved, consisting of the foUow ag bT*Flor De Babana La Plel L* Rosa Sen'lsgo Amhosla Carolina* La Rosa Esc u fa pi o Principe. r GEO W COCHRAN, 5147th at. oppo. National IntelligencerOflce. BirHj "" WliNOrAt'lURIO TOBACCO Pr STORE AND FOR SALE AT MAF9V factum's prices. 90 Keg* T. R. Tretter?* Rough and Ready 59 Boxes J as Thomas, Jr.'s Virginias 10 Boxes it* Thomas, ir >* El Dorado. Together with a good assortment ef medium 1- p.?p.u.4 514 7that, eppe. National lntelllgeneef OAce. nasi 83-3t PIANO FORT* INSTRUCTION. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL METHOD IN the world? MR. W HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSES. Apply st the Cias* Ro >in?, over Farnbam'a

Bookstore, corner llih street and Penna. avenue. Tnerday and Friday afternoons, between 3 and 5 o'clock. Terms?S3 per quarter. mar 23-dtApl THE LAST CHANCE. CUR GRKAT SALE OF BOOKS W LL POSITIVELY CLOSE SATURDAY , MARCH 2*1*. in GOLD WATCHES TO BE GIVEN X & away this week Two each day. Also, splendid set* of Cameo, Florentine, and Mosaic Bieaatpln* aod Ear-Knob*. Gold Brace ltt*. Pencils, Kings, Pins, Aov, to the purchasers of Books. Come one, rome all.?and call at the GIFT BOOKSTORE, under Dexter'* Hotel Bar22-1 w J. PHILBR1CK, Agent. ICE CREAM AT WI10LBSA1E.T~ CONFECTIONER8, MARKET MEN, And small shops will be famished with the very best ICE CREAM at 81 25 per gallon, they find ing their own cans. Now in the time to bet;in in market- Those beglnlng new and managing it right will makea handscm* sum during the gum m?r Apply at the Ice Cream Depot, corner 12th and F street*. d7" I" Cream Cans and Tubs for sale. * mar 2l-2w? S3,OOO mORRlSON CO. MINNESOTA 12 Fer. Ccst. Bonds for Sale. WE ARE INFORMED THAT THE ABOVE Bond* were issued to aid in building a Court House, and constitutes the only debt of the County The County of Morrison aojolrs Ram tey, in which St. Paul is situated. The security we regard 4 first class " The Bonds arc drawing 12 per rent, interest, tbefint bonds being payable in I860, and the other* falling due annually, thereafter 3 ?V KKN Y, K1TTKN HOUSE, FANT A CO mnr21-3t (Intel) Bankers. DUZKN EO(-S. 20(0 lb* prtme Blades, Goshen and Koll But er 5.00 lbs. Sides, Shonlders and Hams VCi'O do Fork Shoulders and Side* 40 boxes Lemons and Oranges I.ove-ine's Golden Syrap New crop Porto HI o Sugar and Syrap Pecan Nut*, Almo ds and Fllbirts Nectar Wulskv 8* per gallon Also, agent for the sale of L I VIE, by the bbl or qumtlty, at msnufscterers prices, and Kettle well'* manipulated GUANO. \V. H. TENNEY, mar 21-7t 6< orgc town IIO LOVERS OF GOOD FRUITS AND . Admirer* *f Cb*tce Flower*. 30.000 eitra choice Ever-Bloomi ng Roses, Fruit Tiees of all the newest and most celebrated kinds, Climbing ard Ornamental Plants snd Shrubs, I,too large irtxe Pear Tree* on C^ulnee stoek, full rf fruit buds, and of spier did forms. Persons in want of gord Fruit Tree*, extra choice Roses, Ac . will find all the newest and most celebrated Eurc.p*?n and American varie ties at A. JARDIN'S, Florist aod Nurseryman, 18tli si ret t, corner of M, Washington. rnaritl 2>v THE STEAMBRGKOltUE f AUK FROM tc-dw, will run as ftllows: l.eavtf Aimr-il'la at i%, 7M,9, 10* 1*X,3 4*,a.d6* l,eav? Waahlngtrn at 6, 8, 9*, 11*, 1*,4, 5*, and 7 o'clock. Pe?*enper* to and from all the trains on the Washington tiranch Railroad will take ihe GEORGE PAGE. ELLIS L PRICE, mar 20-tf Captain. Daily link for eowahd'i fjkrrt, and L*e*borg, Va., im1.ii .ir~~~h The* prakr ard * liia t'nnal The Packet floats Aauo and M C Mxios will commence makingdahy trip* to th* above point* ' on Monday, Ma-ch 23d, leaving the wha f of W. H. A H. G. Ritter, Ger.getown ev ry morning at 7 o'rlock, Sunday* excepted. Tickets to Edward'* Ferry, 81.12: through tickets, 75. Meals rorvtd oi the boat* at mrderate prices For further information, Inquire at the store of W. H A H. G Ritter, Georgetown. mar SO 200! JUST RECEIVED. CHOCOLATE??Bromi, Cocoa, Cocoa Paste Cracked Cocoa, Malilard's and Baker's Chocolates of various kind* GELATIN MM Cooper's Shrtd and Sheet Isln glass. Cox's Eng ish Sparkling Ge a tlne, French Imperial Gelatine MAC CAR ONI ?Italian Maccaroai and Verml relli, a>id Italian Paste. Canton Preeersed Giager, in jar*. Hecker's Farina, Comma, Rice Flour, Charles ton Sri:*, Spilt Peas. Ac , Ac. For sale by KING A BURCHELL, mar 20 corner Vermont ave. and 15th st. THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. Dr. loomis, the inventor and patentee of' Loomis' Mineral Plate Teeth,having successfully Introduced Kafll Ills improvement in various cUles, has^iAiL**~ now permanently established himself in Wash ingtoa. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly In making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that indestructible mineral No metal is ared in their construction, and they are there fore free from galvanic action and metalic taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of food,hence they are pare and titan. There are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, for more durable, and natural In their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mice in purity, beauty, durability, artbtlc excellence or any oth-r requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted 27ft Pcnn. avenue, between 11th aud 12lh sta mar 10 PARASOLS?PAK * SOLS ! STEEL AND C RINOLTNE SKIRTS'1 J uvln's celebrated KID GLOVES. Just received at FRANK A McGEE'3* 244 Fena ave., bet. 12th and 13th streets mar 18-gw MULES! MULES!! QA HEAD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST a?rived from Kentucky, and be sold on aceommo?iatln* terms by ap-*ra|A| pllng to HENRY BIRCH, at hie Livery tTI Stable, corner of D and 14th ?ueet*,^***" Washington, D. C. mar 5-tan* EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN, THEIR Girlhood and Early Life By Wm Rus sell. author of Extraordinary Men; with Ulustia lions. Price 50 cents. Dr Llvln*ton's Oisooverles in Central Africa a ltk an accurate msp Prloe 1?X cents Ow n Tudor; a Historical Romsoce. By tie author of Whltefrlara, Cs??or Borgia, etc. Price 50 cents. A new Book of Fairy Tale*: written and 111ns trat?d by Alfred Crosrqulll Price 75etnU. J ust published and for sale at 'i AY LOR A MAURY'S mar 21 Hook* to re, near 9:h i treet first arrival. ANTILLES, manTilLAS, M MANTILLAS Our flr*t Invoice ef Ladles' MaatlPaa wBl be open for tbe Inspection of onr enstomers on Moc dsy, March 23d The styles are entirely new and beautiful N. B ?Mantilla Rooms In Sd atorv. MAXWELL A BRO , mar21-eo.1t 328 Penn avenue. M" NOTICE. Y WIFE, ELIZABETH DABNRY, AND myself having separated, aod now living separate and apart from each other under *ur h circumstances as exempt me from liability for any debt which she may eoatraet, 1 deem It proper to give notice to the pubile at large, as I hereby do, that she 1* aot authorized to contract aay debt ou my aeeoant,'or credit, and that I will not be responsible for, or pay any debt which ahe may coutract cither in her ewa name er naiae OB1SWELL DABNEY. LTieaavaa, Va , February 14, lbft7. fob ai dim GO AND EES TBE BEAUTIFUL GRAND Piano just received at JOHN F. BLLIS'S, 10 . . ~ ? ' ' 4 W . ?'??A?^ % (JUl i For Sill and R?it. [Bee Jlrst fmgi ft tkgt " Ft Suit mud Mmt" Idetrtistmeutt ] CTORBALE OR RBNT ?A BAKERY WITH * aaewlybailt Ow, n4 all other ftxturet MtMiif to cm? on the bwlneea, located la a faod aeighborhood For fbrther loformatloa apply It the Star Oil#. .{T marM-lit DOR RENT.-THB LARGE TBIRO Story ?T Room, with Gas Flature*, la the bonding eoiMr Peaa. avenue a*i 13th stree s. Inquire of JOS. TRAVERS,6t LTMURFHY,oathe prem. lees. mar 54 3t* P)K KENT?A LARGE AND FIRST-Claes Dwelling* Hoaae, eltaated on the corner ot Jfth and K streets, containing IS Rooms, with all the modern Improvements, lafhlf occupied by the Ron Mr. Vinton. For fnrthw pertleafsrs Inquire at MARY B. ALEXANDER,or JOHN ALhJL ANDER, >40 Penn avenue mar f4-eoSw rtlV ELLIN 6-HOUSE FOB RENT ?A " irst e'aaa DweUlag, tituated ra l*th street, between E and F streets, containing M Rooms, bath Yoom, gee throughout Che hnvae, Ac Pos sessloa given on or about April 1st If 4 eel red a portion of the Furnltore will be disposed of at low prkee. Rent msde very low to ? good tea ant Apply to C. W. BOfiBLER, Auctioneer, lroa Hall. mart* eo3t FOR RENT.?TBE LARGE THREE-?f>iy batement bilck Home In Smith's Row, oa 1st street, Geergftown, occupied f??r many years by Mrs Raphael 91mms. It contains U Rooms, bes'des large cellars ud pantries, and serrsnts' '"its, smoke house, and DMhJroom In the reir. It has h good cistera and gas Pmunlontlvn on the 1st of May Apply at 385 C street, betwee a 3d and 4# streets mar i4-',taw3w A VALUABLE FARM FOR 8ALE-fit* acres of good Faming Land, situated In he County of Fanquler. Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orango R uirrad, n few yirda from Warren ton Junction ; within 9 miles by Railroad from the Conntv Peat, and only two hours travel from thec'.tift*of Washington and Alexandria The Farm Is In a high state of cultivation. and la abundantly supplied with wa'er and timber, aad has mufh excellent meadow land Churches, Willi and good neighbors wltt in a *h?rtdistance. For further Information applylo JAMES MORROW. K*q . on the place, or to the subsc'iber at hi* Banking OAce, near Browns' Hotel, Washington e tT ROBERT MORROW, mar 24 P)R SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE Prop erty, No 277 North Capitol street, near the corner of 6 street north, Lota No 31 and 54, In square No.6V5, fronting SO feet on North Capitol street and running bach 105 feet to a 15 feet alley I mprnvements consist of a vrrv neat substantial and well built two story Pram* Dwelling Ho ue, contalnlrg5 rooms and backkitchen, with other nce?siry improveraenta There Is * goed assortment of young Fruit Trees of various Mads. If ;e d-slred , the grou-d not ballt oa will be sold in two separate Jo: s, having 16 feet front each, leaving tbe hcuae and ground on which it st-nds to be sold separa'e. The lccation la central,bang w.thln ten mtnutei walk cf ei!her tbe CaMtoP P^st or Patent Office*, nr.d In the Immediate vlclnl;y of tbe ltrje Printing E'tabllsbment, lately built by Mr. Wendell, acd In a rapid Im proving rart of the city. Also, l.ot No 10, sqasr* No. #*?. fronting 51 fiet on cast 10'h street, re-o-.d lot frcm G street no.-'h, southeast correr,end running bark 190 r. 10* I iches to a 3 > fee: alley. For further pa . tit a.ars apply on the premises, North Ospitoi street, toP.MUL LEN. mar 24-3 to MRS RE1LY, NO 555 NEW JERSEY avenre, Capitol Hill, has several pleasant Kcorns v/Ll h she would be pleased to Rent to permanent or tran?ient Boarders. Table Board ers can b? arco mm edited. mar '&-3f For RENT OR LEASE?SEVERAL Ptore C^uarrles on the Canal, near the Little Falls, Potomio. Fr m these quarries much of tbe best stone used In Ore foundations of tbe Capitol aad other public buildings, bridges, Ac . has been obnlnrd An examination of the premises or In quiry of tbe Suoertntendeats of any of the public works, will satl fy any one as to the quality of tbe and the facility with which It may be quarried and delivered Application for rent or lfase, to c ommence from aad after the 1st of a rail next, may at ? nee be madethroogh the Po?tOdkce or at my residence, No. 45 First street, George lown H L steUart. mar 23-3t* For balk or rent?that largb tbree-siorv llulld ng on the Plank Road, ad jolalog the re*k, and kanwn as the 4< Grove," containing IC Room* There is a Ball-Room 60 by W feet: Mar-Rom 32 by 30 feet, and Cellar60 **y 3^, and 8 feet deep. It is w#u suited for a Arstulftsx Hotel or Baarding-houte. mara-m JOHN A SMITH. Rooms for rent.?roomssui table for a family, cau be had at No 3<M 4th street, between Indiana avenue and K street Apply to JONAS G1.1CK.42W Pena avenue, between 4 If and C;L street* mai*l-tf CM?R RENT -AVERY PLEAS A N T LOCA V tlcn on irtb atreet, east of the Capitol, be. tweea u aud C streets north, containing tw Rojm.i, with Pa'uge sad Kitchen: alao, a Gar den Apply to Mrs REED BRADLY.on the premises mar 2t-1w* FOR SA1.E-A NEW FIRST-CLASS Dwvl. ling House provided with all modern coa venlences, No F street, one of the most de sirable locations In the city Apply on the prem ises, or of J AS. C McG U IRE. Auction aad Com mission Merchant. mar 20-tf Furnished rooms for rent?a well furnished Parlor and Chamber, situated in a healthy and desirable neighborhood The rooms will be rented together or separate The parlor can be used as a bed-room If dealrei. Alao, a few nnftaralahed rooms for rent Inquire st No 381 13th street, beiween New York aveoue and 1 streets. mar 2o?tf For sale ?the restaurant form erly known as the Green Tree Hcuse, No 528 Pean avenue. The house Is la good repute, ard has a respectable run of austom Will be sold low for cash, inquire on the premlsea. mar 20-5t? K For rent-a small farm, con taining 17# acres of highly Improved Land, s'.tua'ed on New Read from Georgetown, aad ad lolntng Drovers' Rest It ha* on It a fine Dwel ling House, Barn, Stables, and other out build ings; be-Ides an Orchard of < holce Peach, Ap ple, Cherry, Apricot, and P urn Trees, snd for gard'ning purposes is unsurpassed It also has on 11 a good Slaughter House, and would suit a person carrying on the batcher business. Inquire of THOS B SHOEMAKER, Noithern Liberty or Centre Market. mar 19 ]W? A DELIGHTFUL SUMMER RESIDENCE on the Heights of Georgetown for Beat. The subscriber offers for teat his House and Furniture for six months from the 1st of Mav A valuable Cook will be hlrei to the tenant ie-tf LOUIS MACKALL. Handsome four-story brick HOUSE AMD LOT AT PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber wil sell, at private sale, the hand some four-story Bilck Hcuse and Lot situated on north G, between 4"h and 5 h a reels west; the lot belrg partcf lot No. 2. In Square No. 518, and conttlns 2.200 square feet of ground The house, being No 514, opposite Judiciary rquare, contains alne good and convenient rooms ard wide passrge, and a large cistern In tbe yard, it will be sold on reasonable terms For further pa tlculara lnqnlre of the subscriber, on the prem'sea, o? at Mr A Lee's offlcc, Peana. av enue, between 4# and 6th streets. mar 19 eotf D. C. REED. F^~OR SALE.?TBE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS for sale his Farm of J00 acres, situated oa the Waahlngton and Baltimore Railroad, half a mile fiom a switch, and 1 mile from BelUvllle Post Office, 13 ar.lle^ from Washington, and 25 from Baltimore The Improvements crnrlst of a new Frame Dwelling, (tw 1 stories,) a large new Bara, and all the necessary cut-bulldlngs, lce-Uou-e, (full of ice,) a young and thrifty Orchard of select fruit There is about 40 bushela of wheat sown with guiro. If uoteold before (of which nottee will be gtven) the above will be offered te the highest b'dder, on W kDNKSDA Y, the 2?th day of March, tf fair, If not. the next fair day. tale to take place oa the premises, at 12 oMock Terms made knowa the day of sale Po*aessloB given 1st of April. If the Farm is sold, the Stock ard all the Household srd Kitchen Furalture will alao be sold at the same time and place. EDWARD HERBERT, Be'.tsville. Md. Also?From three to four hundred Acres of Lead adjoining, mostly in wood, aad nearer the Railroad. on which Is a small two story Brick Honae. will lei ff.fd at t>e same time aad pia<-e, and sold In lot* to suit purchasers, mar 1 -it* A B->? R OF UNIVERSAL KNOWLIDOI JUST PUBLISHED, THE MOST USEFUL and extrao dloary volume ever yet iss?rd from the prats, as It comprises all the lafurmatlon coc talned U a dozen of any other books of Informa tion (hat have hitherto been printed The tit e >f tills wonderful Book la as follows: 4,lnq?l'e Within for Anything you want to Know; or, over I 700 Facts for (he People " A large volume of W0 pages-elotl, gilt?pttoe SI For sale by A ADAM8ON, Bookseller, 1th street, opposite the Poet OOee, Washington City. mar 10-tf BUTCHER!' ICAXKS, Ac WE HAVE JUBT RECEIVED FROM ^ ^England, Suiter's Sprlag Balances?60 aad Alao, " Wllsoa's" Duteher Knives sad B eels. CAMPBBLL A COYLE mar?-#w# ? Ml Pa. ave LW1? RH9&3 KI#4 ?? ? ' Tbukit Diiitritiit, Mutk fi, nr Notice Is hereby given to holders of atr?* ? the lortacf tie Catted Stale*, that ftfe* meat w?ll pmrchaae (he same natll the lit dsy ^ Jom next, ualOT the na of fi,S30,?W at all ^ prrrloaaly obtataed, and will pay, la td4m*a ts the intawet accrued fra? tbe date ef the la?t*?n?i. I Huutl dividend of latercet thereon, together mitk eee <ir>t addltlaeal latere* fat the mow, u seek (he eeader, the Mlewtec ratea of premia* a ealA stock*: Fee the otaek ef lMft, a premium ef it rant. r or the atock of 1M7 u< 1S1R, a prra ?? af m per eeat, and for the aleak of 16fQ, eoaanif Texas indemnity Stock, a premiaa of ? r?' cant. Cgrtifi atee ef steak taaaoaaRtad to the depart. jmt, na#r i thla nettoe, moat b? assigned to the Ua)ted States, by the farty duly entitled u re. Payment for the stacks eo tulfied and traaa mined will be made by drafts oa (he Asaiatau Treasurer* at Bostcn, New Tcrk, or Phlladai. ph^a. at tl e option cf (he part!** entitled to reratv* the money, which should be expressed In the tats ae%ompaaylng the certificate*. HOWELL COBB, nu 13-d:UUuae Secxetary of (he Tieaeuy. Amuemonu LAST CHANCE! OARUSI'3 SALOOH ! TWO DAYS MORE ONLY' MONDAY AND TUESDAY AFTERNOO* AND EVENIN6 at 3* aodHpo, CHINA AND JAPAN Will bob bcciklblifd Admiw'.on 25 ceata?Children, and parent* ac companying them In the aftrraooa, 10 tent* mar Jl-tt ODD FELLOWS' HALL. S ECOND WEEK . WAUGH'S ITALIA AND THE Lilliputian Family Exhibiting every ?lgbt? at y befo:e8,aad oa WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AP ThR NOONS, at 3^ o'clock Admteslon ....t5 centi Children ?? Deocrlptlve t'amphleta for ta'e In the Hall. ITT' ITALIA haa never before been exhibit ia VVashlngtr.?. uur Li-lmd clairvoyance. MADAM K SWP:tT, THE CELEBRATED clairvoyant. b*sarrivedlathi*City taken ro m* at No COs ?'& at., (f-pposlte Odd Feilow*' Hall ) where ?be 1* re*d\ ie I receive MMM tm pec ' ting tbe PASTf PRESENT" FUTURE !!! ami DISEASES BT Purln? a jearH tar in tt e Pcntfc a< i Weit, Madame SWETT haa bern cocanlUd by upwards of ttn tkommmd P?r?e?n, aad la put no-jaeed a ?a pert or Clairvoyant and the W ondsr of the Age r*r?s of Cotuultmityn?Ladles, SI; Gea'ie aren.Sl MM GREAT A SHIRES DANSANTE. PROF H W. MUNOES TASKS GREAT pleasure In announcing to his friends acd the public generally that bis 14tb Soiree will take place at his Hall, coixer of 9th and D streeU, on WEDNESDAY i EV EN IN 6, March lbth, 1&?7 There will be a 8olree every Wednesday even ing (the weather permlttlr.g) ttocghoot the tea son Oa Wednesday evening, March *5th, there will be a Fancy Drew Soiree given by Prof M. it will be entirely private, and strictly seUct. All those who deolre to *ub*< rlbe ran do so !>? applying at the Hall on Tuesday and Thur?day evening* from 6 till 10o'clock. mar 7-.24 h Lost and Found. LOST-IN seoegetown. on Meadar. a GOLD chatelaine. The lader mil be suitably rewarded bv >eav ng It at :he Jevrlnr Store cf Mr. BLACKFORD, Bridge strfi, tytffiww. lto do REWARD.?STRAY ED I-ROM THE vO subterlbers residence, on the ttd In- C\? stant, a small BAY MARK, from It to 13/QV hands hlgb; blind In the left eye; left hlnefort white Anyone finding said mare will receiv* the above reward by bringing her t?3?9 9th street, between New York aveaue and I.* Jt* JAMES 6 OR DON Lost?on Pennsylvania avf.nue, between 14th and 18th streets, or la tbe vlclr lty, a small sum of m nry. enclosed In pafS', the amount being endorsed thereon, and two or der* for money Tbe flnder will receive tbt thanks of the owner and a liberal reward oa leav ing it at the rfflce of the Star. It* Lost?at thkIprksident'B levkk, a Blue TALMA CLOAK, cut wlthont r-? seam on tbe shoulder, and having loops lnabs* of fcuttcn hole* ; lined ?1th plaid Tn the body ant with ?Uk lu the sleeve* and facings. A Black Ta ms van worn tome Instead, whift can be seen at Loudon's. if the above e oak Is returned tbe Talma will be given In exchange, or If the rlahtful owoe: comes forward he shall have his talma mar >4-3t? Lost?on Sunday, in going fro* rr Pyne's Church to the we?t side of Lafe' ? ette f quaie, srd Penn avenue to SO h street a Hold Chain bracelet, with a Mlotd Hone Lodhet, oval form, attached. A reward will ?e g lven to the finder bv return 1 -g It to Pens avenue, Lafayette Square. mar '.3 *:? Wants. w WANTED ?BY the ADVERTISFR. A rltuatlon to do Chamberwork snd Sewing. Apply at No. lit K street, between t ?th and -11. It rA*ted -A WASHER and iro>bK. immedlilety. None but one coasperst need apply to J. WAGNER, 255 Pean avenue mar? it* WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT WHITt Ckaraberrciaid to do geaeral andacoo.d W afber-wcmrn acd Ironer Apr * to ths Star Okce for dltectlca. Gocd refers res .required. mer%3-i ? WANTED ?A WOMAN WHO 13 A good Washer and Ironer. fore family of tlr* rions. td rer month villi be al?e? Apply >? A. UPPER MAN, corner of High and |>u:'ar ton streets, Georgetown, D C. nmtttt* WANTED?A COOK, WASHER, AND ironer To a ccmpetent woman gcod wa*'* will bo paid, and every facility iff>td<d b?r for her work 1 be family Is ?nuil, ai d alit?'? venleners at hand. Apply for themxt three dav? at No. 451 H street, tear 10th a>ar tl 3t A COOK OR kitchen GIRL WANTED ?t No 37 4* street, south ef Penn aveiue mar ?0-tf WANTED TO RENT ?A GOOD TSR EK storr Briek H ouse. as a residence for a p ? vate family, sltaaMoa between Penn aver.i e si 4 north P street, llth and ?ih su Apply st :i1 street. Rent payable as de?lred. ?tcrlti-lw^ WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST PR1 paid In cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'. ?>l ver Ware Manufactorr, 33d Penn aveaoe. ?eai Mh it Boarding. large PARLOR AND CflAMEKC V attached, band**mely furUshed, aid lhud with ga, on the ant floor, f? or month ?* per month Board awi.i h a P lvate, if dealrcd, st R1 go per w^T <T?Jj h d. No 468 lOtti street, between Daad |f." - tr JJ-lw' MRS. BATES. AT HER boarding House, oa the acuthweet corner of Peeff ivenue and 9:h street, haa made arrangements te iccommodate a 'arge number of strangers vrtik Meals at any time. Uiroufchoot the day, and Lodg ings mar 3 ITRAW BONNETS?STRAW tURNKTI. 5 OASES STRAW BONNETS RECEIVED thla mora lag, eeaslstlagof Legbon?. -*7 ruacaa, Neepoutaa Chip, aad ali da jui erlpUoas ef eeaamoa St aw, a-d very Sw Aeap. u. B.CASS1DYACO , ?arn-?te S14 Pa.av., hat. 10th aad lUh st*. WHITE BAR*?WHITE BARS I fUST RECEIVED. LOAD WRIT* RaNT, at the OLD GAS BOUSE, IMS street aid ea ttL 'Pa*i'OiK'iu/ it ?\ iia ??u u xc, .r