Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1857 Page 1
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TAB. ? irwtar WM7 of be fbaat la uf othar?la pubUabM _ _ TIUI. Sl*#le *opf, P? uinn. ..*???.?! ? TO CLCM. ???? eoplee si M Im ??*<? Sua "Wtyccpte If #0 j|-^ Cabh, mvakiablt ih adtahcb. ?t n^!!2KJ*C0.Trt'"(i* <*? beproeere* coTDr^' l??Mto?oly after the 1mm at the raper rrtce^Taaaa Came P?(TlliltIliKU..i ? tHE KVSHIVQ STAB II PUBLISHED ITBRT AFTBRIVOOFI, (S1CXPT SUNDAY,) AT THE 8T4K BUILDINVS, ftrtr ?/ Pmnsyfivania av???? and llfh By W. D W 11L4CH, w i it aorrM to aabaerlbeia bp earner* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the AgenU ; paper* served la packages at J7U crau per month. To coal] aabaortbera the eeb jcrlptlon prtae la THREE DOLLARS AN? FIF TY CK.VMa year uiJtuciJWO DOLLARS for aJx moatha, and ONE DOLLAR for three moat ha; for leas than three mouth* at the rate of 12* eeotaa week. t^91N?LB COPIES ONE CENT. lvn i soft ...... ??LD MEDAL FRERlDfll PlANU lOlTII wltLIt* uiass. (Senior partner la the late flrm of Oaiili A Co \ CTSiKS?* M?SwfaWb.b and k uad6r th* of WllllaiqW # ff1 Knab* A Co , at the old itanl Nos lis *?</1 S31Siuw ^wC! at%^?r ??, f?? Ja*L?pe"ed a new s*l?? Room I iwfct ? m?Te between Charles and Mr H??? C # premises partly o- copied by th? wTfV Z *oC**?"T M ? mu*lc|-toro, where they will keep constantly on hand a large aaaort ?*L*Lhighly flilshed grand and ?22** PUno Fortes; also. Mel^eons, from the oest makers from 4 to ?-octave, aome with doable tey-boards, double reeda, and stops totorit amall churche? Being extensively engaged In the manufacture of Pianos we will seU wholesale sad retail, ?a the most liberal terns*. Our Plaaoe were awarded the highest premium (gold modal) at the Fairs of the frlaiyUid u,T ? tuts t-o successive years-October IKS ism-Is opposition to fourteen and eighteen pi anos f-om some of the best makers f?o<nN?Jr York Boston, aad BUtlm^ We were also awarded thatrat premlam at the Industrial v? hlbltion held in Richmond, Virginia, 1855 and on ***** we are In possession of tes timonials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs In the country, which cau be seen cth?M VEZTi ,Prakla* for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our In struments are every were heid All Instruments are guaranteed for live years * privaiege of exchange la granted within the Irst six months from tLedar o? rale If the ln wrX?^ eattre wHWacUon. WMaaale dealers will flnd It to their advantage M,r?ns*call before purchasing Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. ^ WM knabk A CO. ? Three of these auperlor Pianos, two square v0n' gr,nd 7-?etaTes, are now on exhibition at the" Metropolitan Me hanlos' ln la thi? Clt/' Th? pabllc is re .pcct fully invited to call and judge for tnemselves mir 10 TIME DR. I T E f 11 K It BilLY, Olllea Ss. 191 Psnaayl vanln Avanua, Tkrt* doors from. 111*.i>w<. to Inform the public , ***** h? ?*o be seen at all hours, at his office, located as abuse He feels assured that an exp? rlooce of flfteen years' practice, with tbe large aiiaber of patients, and great variety of difficult esses that h? has traated soccsssruiy, will enable him to surmount jay difficulty, ? siantlflc or oth. erwite, relating te the Teeth His own experi- I rnce the eplnlon ef m tny men emi nent ia the profession, and e^p?;nily Drs Harris and J and K P<trmly, has led iim, loag since, to discard all mercurial preparations for flll'.n* neth, alia^aa Koaaa s, Sattn Perch*, India Raooer, aad Cements for theconstrustlcnof Con tinuous Sun Teeth, and that Porcelain, mouniei oa Gold Plate, is the onlv reliable substance that cm be worn in th9 mouth, as waa most conclu sively shown by the last American Dental Con vention. Although he flitters himself that from his long residence and prwttfc* la Washington, be Is t* vorsbiy known to hit numerous friends a id pa trons, ae begs leave to rei-rr them to the following TESTIMONIALS. from tba lata Bact-.r of tha Cbarek of Bptpiaay of tfcls city. Pr. Srsrsaa Iult . DMr Sir?I iJ^tlra to axprtai my #a ?*a (or yaa paraoaally, and mj oenMajca la yon as a so ?or or daaitrt rba op?r*U?aa irnnH tor nao bava b-?n h.?a y ?aU? arw?ry. 1 a*s? U?a*. yoo may raeslra lk? pairoo K' fr?m my frtan j* %?-1 u* [>uOiic u.?( yoar ahili aa vail da*arvaa. Tarn T?ry ttaly, iitut m, tut j. w. raises. From esa of Iks elJaat 9rma Is Baltisora. Maaars. Bocn UMsas A Oo. Bartsi amployad Dr. S;<T?hoa Bai;y, SarSe*n Daat!?t, of Woo&iajtaa CBy. U> aaacaM <?? ma, aa lap'irtaot and dlffl aa;? ptaca af wora, whtrb ha 4H to my aatlra aatUfaeiloa, an 1 la rla-v af tHa f??< Uat osa of th? maat diatla?ala>ia4 retmbar* aftka Daalal C->??*? of Baltimore, fal.?u, ?fiar co p*ota-l trtaia, ta parfurm *ho aama work aa4ia?*e<orll7, It ?' T*a ? * fra?i p iwira to oxpraoi my aatlra cocfldaaca and hi*k aat:mattao tfkla praSMalanal aklll. B?.i;n?ura, Ja=aary 1J, 1U7. Mt^NlNN B0QQ8. Bx'.raet (rom a a?U raaaivad from Uta late Boa. J ohm M. CSaytoa. . C. S. 4bxtb, Angjut IS. ISML ~a taatk yoa nala fbrma work odu'rofciy-, nofilng caald bo batter. Vary CTatefa'lf, JUMN a. CLAYTON. To lbo*a that oa?k raitaf from tba maladlaa af tba taath, I caa aUaarfatly raeoonrad Dr. S Billy aa a aap^rlor L><ra t at. ha sola* a*to'p->roalala leatb Nronaof myfemily. aad ( J?aJ aaaaral tooth far myaalt aad :ha work ha? all ilood waU tor mora tkaa toa yoora. KOSKKT W. XIXOS. of tfca Va. Cooforaaaa oftha M. B. Ctarcu Svu'.a. ap'fl IS, UM. Wo. (fcaaadaralfaad, bavla< had nceaaioa to avail onraolraa ?f tao prajmloaal aklll of Dr. 8. Batly, Sarjaon Daallst, of teUCtyrVVhartog boon eognli.a; of nta oparatioaa on oar tomi'tea or Niaod*. taka plaaaara lo axpraaalaa oar admtra t4oa of i>la artiaCc aklll. aa wall aa of tka aaltormly aaUtfao V>ry aaaaar la wblea bo porfornt* tno moat dollcate aad d f Bcift aparaiioa* la Daatal t*arf?ry; tad wa roa.'"ctfuLy ra n>aa?td blot to tba aoaSdaace an 1 patrctaga of taa pabUe; ef wbleb w? carnaldar him em'noatly worthy. IBOMaS B. WaLTBB, JOS. B. BSaDLBT. ArtrUtact C B Capital. at .V.?<toa, D. 0. THOMAS MILLBB, M. D., SBOSGK WaLTOS. of Taa^ingtin, B. C. Bx O'.varnr.r of Florida, a a BOORKB, M D.. WAI.TB* LESOI, oroenrgatewa, D. 0. Kx Mayor of Washington. S. S. LISCOLS. M D, HBSBY BALDWIN, Waoaioctns. D 0. C. S. Tata^t USot O. 0. W10MT, riladpal Blttenbaoaa A ^loaiy. fbb JS-tf THE IMPROTIO SETS OF TKKTH. " DR. LOOVIIS. THE INVENTOR AND patentee of "LoomU' Mineral Plata, i eeta," havingaoceessfally Introduced) uls Improvaaaent in various eltisa, has now permanently cbtab!isned himself in Wash lngtoa This rhls improvement t'n 8eu ef Teeth eon?lsts chiefly la ma sing a set of bat ene piece of QiBte rKl, aad that Indestructible mineral No metal Is used In their constr uction, and they are there fore free fr m galvanic action aad metallc taste Th-re are no Jolats to become fllled with moisture ?r parti ties or food, hence they areparr anieUam. There are lighter, stronger, leas elum<y, far more diQtble, and natural In tnelr appearance. I will give a reward of One Thomard Dollars to any one who win prodnce a sfmilsr work of art to rqual mlae la parity, beauty, durability, artistic ex<J?llcace or any oth-r reqnlsite quality . All work rasponslbly wamnted m Penn avenue, betweea 11th and ltth sts. mar 19 ?, DR.. V1LL&EO, Dsatist, Latb or Cafcaso, WOULD RE?PKCTFtfLLY INPOKM _ the cltlxeiu of the District and vicinity, that having located hlmaeif1 la Washlngtoa, he Is aow prepared to perform all operations, In his profession, m the most approved style - Office No. 910 Peon, ffiffine, adjoining Gaa? tier's. J in aw ly DR. MUNSON. AT JJ8 PENN 'A AVhNUK. la still ma da* those beautiful i ? tostlauous 8U.H TEETH, called ^^^3. Alien's Patent for the excellency of which over ail other styles of teeth, many now wearing them la this city, will cheerful? vouch There Is oae Dentist la this city who has beea Infringing the patent, aad made a bad Imitation of It, against whom I hereby caution the pnbile N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proptrlf eonstruttsiy It Is because he Is l^fcorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the pitsnt. Je ie-tf D&. C. S. HOOD-HAN, Dsatlst, an J Maaniactarsr ef Artificial Teeth. THOfK WHO ARB SO UNFORTUNATE as to requtre Artlflclal Teets will flr.d (Without any nonsense or bum-/ buggery.) Teeth set ujwn a metallic base or plate Ma'erlals pare and properly con stricted . as hef i)( superior to al 1 other modes The various operations of Dentistry faithfully aad pmperl/execn'ed Tender Teeth rendered useful for life, by sew means. Teeth extracted carefully, easily, and skillfully. ifP Office corner of 8th street and Pa. aveaoe. feh 7-am P~o& rajlk a pair ok fi&e mules, four yens old, aad very kind '"1^ . Apply fo ARNY A SH1NN, No. 57 Green street,' _*b 93-tf "* George town. AN AMERICAN PLAY, BY AN AMBRI ran Autnor, Cortrs, the Conqueror, la S acts. This Poem ha* great merit. uiaris Ffcity USQN, 7th ?. i ^KKPKiTMR 9TMK> ?er sale by ? ^ CBV0B BROJHBMM, r ?~ f '*?W>IALI FOR BINDING. Orrica Skcritakt Sikati or W 8 ) S March S3d, 1837. C Baled PROPOSALS WILL RP be> oelred by the Secretary of the Senate ?mii # ^ ^??n of Monday, the 30th March lnatant for bindln?the Congressional ttiobe and Appen' of tbe ^rty-foorth tSa extra session cf the Senate, ordered ^ bB TOlnrT,??re to be bound nnl rjf oiSM BJ1^P to-is wn at tbe B*"eta ? strong ami substantial manner 25blna^'lJ^i bioks tnd corner*, with No' if"?** wUh m*Jble pa r?r,?Bo the price for binding: to Include w* ?? paper aud allolher materials Inclu?? *? te allSTr4!** to h* "^ecuted to the satl<ffcc ?,^.L ***'?**] of the Senate, or aach ptraon ?M^nyemp^L yt? Inspect the work; and if cStlS?wmtJ?0tbo?B110 bI'?H*frc!lon, the i^SditfZii% rwJu,red?10 re-bind them wlth CbaJ^e'J>rtbevw111 ** r* bound ?r .'v * w ?^crrt*rT niay direct, and ^ Te-b<raEd the contractor will be Efc?r?JT,RI.f<w.tben1' The eiob? *nA AP* ,[*a i wrtll In two volumes, ore cf *bcut I. w> pages, and the other of about 500 pa^es .#Ley.?.ina*t U deIlT?{,<? within three months ayr they are received ftom the publisher The T<1fh* pal<t to? they are delivered. Ifthe lowest rates pmpotrd should be oftred ZlfZw/ZiS?* P?rsoB# th? "ork will de divided Ween tSem' tbe Proposals are In fn rMpM? approved Satisfactory security 5 ?/ tbe caatract will be required for a,'Z11C* N? Proposal will be ITv.?T **ly person who haa failed to fulfil of thT^L # 1 r?*dt by blm w,th tfco Sec etary dar on ^v?. ** from a?y P?reon who, as a bld ,l!r?\n.f /?" proposal, was entlUed to a con Ct, but failed to enter Into the same, or from *ctu#lly engaged In the business bookbinding. mar 2'. dt3oth rARNELL*S PAINTIMB EMPORI L >1 ? 51 Louisiana arenui, north side, betw 6ik *nd 7tk streets, R. n ^CLTF^I?LX S?L1CIT3 ORDERS for SI?N ANU ?RNA nitfca*108 P10*1?11* attended to at the shoitest T*he establish nr. en t will be open from (Vim ?*XP m , and all calls wlLl te readily .Sa'dM 7lZP" ChMp" ,ta? jmy!7-2w SIgnof the Large Kagle. MHO WASHINRTt^l ^\U?actt7rj;d silver ware on pItloa atthe Metropolitan Mechanics' *?st**?te * alr* but every de??r ptloa of tine 811 ?*re Caa h* *?n ia Process of mannfactur **??? H. O. HOOD'S, ""f 13 339 Penn. ave, near ?th st. rT? HOmiMEPERI,?TO THOSE GO A ing to Housekeeping thl* Spring we wouid omer the beat and uMt improved COOKIrtB STOVES to be found la thU market. The as sortment Is very large and complete, consisting of all tbe different six*, styles, and patterns Also received from the North, thelateet Improved Portable Summer Cooking Ranges, varvlnr In PI Ice from SS M to t? Together with an as sertmen of Shawe's Bosion 6as Summer Cooking 3lovea? Ae. Pleise give us a call before buylnp, f?r we are confident that we can and will sell cheaper than any other house in this city. You Will also find In store a great many useful articles lfi the Housekeeping line. All goods delivered t# ?"y part of the District, and our Cooking Stoves jmt up in the very best manner free of charge. Sign of Stoves, tirates, and Homefurnish'.n^ Goods, brown Stone Front, No 319. Terms cash on delivery. C. WOODWARD, mar l?-tAprl Pa. ave., bet 10th and llih sts. II/INDUW OLASS.?5D0 boxes Baltimore ** and Philadelphia Ulass, ail qualities and sizes, tor sale at a liberal discount, by ?? t. ? J- R MC6RESOR, rp*r *)-TuAF2m 534 7th street. tea BAREGE ROBES-JUST Received by the subscriber, 214 Penn. avenne, between -h aud 13th streets. . m^rta^w FRANK A. McGEE. Ifb NOTICE. 19 money. /BLOCKS !?CLOCKS CLOCKS Call y-7 at the Qreat Clock Empcilum, opposite mi frowns' Hotel, and see the greatest a?sort- E3l ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Bj] Cood Clocks warranted for #150. Also, all kinds dock Materials, Oils, Cords, Halls, Keys, Weights, Ac The trade su'pplled at wholesale J.ri.c^". Ca'h??' Vi,ock" plTen ln exchange for #ld Sliver or 6old Watches Also, good Watches f?' low. Call and see for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa av., an 27-wm opposite Browns' Hotel. R GAS PI1TL H.ES ? a ?vM[,LLKR, SON fc CO., ALEXAN dria, Vakeep constantly on hand a haad wine variety of CHAN DELI EftS, PENDANTS, BRACKETS. Ac , from the celebrated factonr of Cornelius 4 Baker, which they will guarantee to ?e>l at the same prices charged to private pur cLn<*rs at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Pall* adelphla. Also, Diop-llghts, Cot Blass and deeoraUrd Paper Shades, ln great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dec 1 JCST RECEIVED. CHOCOLATES?Bronn, Ceeoa, Cocoa Paste Oaeked Coeea, Halliard's and Baker's Chocolates of variins kinds GELATINES?Cooper's Shred and Sheet Isin glass, Cox's Eag Ish Sparkling Oe.a tlne, French Imperial Gelatine MACCAJIONI?I Lilian .Maccaroai and Vermi celli, and Italian Paste. Canton Preserved Glsger, ln Jars. Hecker's Farina, Coruma, Kica Flour, Charles ton Brits, Spilt Peas. Ac , Ae. For sale by KING ft BURCHELL, mar 20 corner Vermont ave. and 13th st. 11Hf STEAMERGEORHE PAGJE FKO.T1 . to-d*y, will run as follows: _ Leave Alexandria at I u , i w || 10*.1*^.3 4J<,aad6l(',, *' '"l?f niBrfc mnrtS"*""' ??.e.?X,ux,ix,4,5j<, Passengers to and from all the trains on the ?KUMei0pa? K"Cb Mtl}r?*Id will take tne ? L PRICE, mar 2u-tf Captain. WBDItHWV SLALLS. Ac. K HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM England, Salter's Spring Balances??o and 1JU lOf. ? Also, ?? Wilson's" Butcher Knives and Steels CAMPBELL A CO YLE, _mar?*-?W 351 Pa. avenue. pARASOLS-PAIiAMOLS! STEEL AND CRINOLINE SKIRTS!! J ' celewated KID 6LOVES. Just received at ... ? FRANK a McBER'8, mar 18 2 ,T?'' Wtb "d l3th Mn^' SOLD""'!)"lveJi"w^ T C H K I Ujbwkluv. 6UN#) nsiSif.'ii'ii ^^B"aS?B1NS0N- F"? K'okar, febC-Sm .49 Pa av.topp. Browns' Hotel. TO fUE CUSTOMERS OF THE SATE J"H.1 WALKER. MRS WALKER WOULD RESPECTFUL. If laforas the castomers of her late husband that she Is BOW doing business in own name' at her Stalls#!*. *7 and 29. la the Centre Market, where she will aaa that the beet of MEAT, aa<l most obliging Salesmen will always be found. As she lntccds as far as possible, to de a Cash business, ae person IsauthOilxed to contract debts, or rseetpt bills ?m saoaey doe her, without her rrlttenerdar. > ?, ,j mvU-9?* HANNAH M. WALKER. AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEE'S BALK.?BY AUTHORITY of a deed of tru?t from George B Armstrong and Julia St. W , his w fe, dated the I3tta day of December, 1851, and by dliectlon of the party whose debt Is secured thereby, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the 1st aay of April next, at 5 o'clock la the afternoon, on the premises, the following Lots in the city of Washington, namely: Lots No S3 and 24, In Square No 584; lot No 21 being at the Intersection of Virginia avenue and 1st street west, fronting 55 f et 4 Inches on 1st street,and 28 feot 6 inches op Virginia avenue, with a rear front or 48 fe?* on a 23-foot aliev; and lot No. 23, adjoining west, with a front of 30 fe*t 2 inches on Virginia avenue, and rear front of 32 feet cn a 20-foot alley. And, on the Vd day of April, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, commencing at the first lot, and thrn proceeding to the second, the following, namely: Part or Lot No. 10, In Square No 481, fronting 17 feet on 5th street west, and 03 feet 4# Inches deep, commenting on 5*h street. 10 feet south of N Btreet north, containing 1,567 squire feet; Lot No <5. In Squire 777, saidlot being cen trally situated oetwj-en 6 and H streets, contain ing 9,9fc0 square feet. Terms: une-thlrd cash; the residue in 8. 12 and 18 months, for which the bonds of the pur chaser will bt taken, bearing interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the pro perty. If the terms are not complied with within live days from day of sale, the property will be re sold at tbe risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after a notice of seven days CHAHLfc.S MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar M-dts Auctioneers. By JAMES C. AlcGUIRE. Auctioneer. EICKLLE.1T ROSEWOOD Piano-Fsrte, Furniture and Household Effects at Ai;ti?.-On TUESDAY MORNING, March 31st, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Capt T. J Lee, on north F street, near 19;h street, I shall Bell his Furniture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood seven-octave Piano-forte, by J. C. Fisher, New York Walnut marb e-top Hook-case and Whatnot Marble-top Centie Table.*, Rout Tables Damask covered spring-seat Lounges Plush-covered arm, parlor, and fancy Chairs Rush and cane-seat reception Chairs Damask and chintz Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Mehogaay extension dining Table Do marb'e-top Sideboard, Bookcase Walnut refreshment Table, dining Chairs China, Glass, snd Crockery Ware Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth /.. .Mahogany liat-uee, stair Carpet Gas Chandeliers and Fixtures Handsome suite of walnut Cbamier Furniture, comprising Jenny Llad Bedstead, marble top Bureau, with large swing Mirror, mar ble top Washstand Suite of solid cherrv Chamber Furniture, con sisting of dressing Bureau, Bureau, Ward robe, Washstand, Ac Curled hair and hash Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows. Toilet Sets, Looking Glas?es Beds'.e?ds, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstand* Cooking Stovp and Fixtures, Kitchen Utensils. Terms: S23 and under, cash ; over that sum a rredlt of 80 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed not?s, bearing Interest. mar24-e J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOT AT A U C T I O ??? On THURSDAY, 2d April, at 5)f o'clock, we will sell to the highest Mdder, ?.ot No 7 In square 777, fronting on Third street 5? ft ; thence ea-t 96 feet to a 30 feet alley, thence south 30, thence west 23 feet, thence south 25 feet, thence west 75 feet, thence north 55 feet to beginning, containing 4,8'i5 square feet This property Is In an improving partof Wash ington, and cff*rs a line chance for speculation or for a good building lot Term*: One-third, cash; the balance In 6 and 12 months, bearing Interest and secured by a deed of trust mar 24-ts WALL, BARNARD A CO , Aucs. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of very superi ?r Furniture, Plans Kerte, Billiard Ta ble, Oil Paintings, Wines and Brandy, Horses, Carriages, and Harness at Auction. On MONDAY, the 30th Instant, 1 shall sell, commencing at 10 o'clock a m , at the re* ldence cf Ellsha Rlggs, E?q , cn North G, No 223, be tween 17th and 18to streets west, a very superior assortment of Faraltnre, Ac , vis: Fine Rosewood case Grand i'lano Forte, made by Erard, of France, a superior Instrument Two full suites of Rosewood and Walnut Parlor Furniture, covered with fig'trod and enm , son damask Handsome Rosewood Sofa Centre, card and side Tables Two gilt gothlc-fiame French plate side Mirrors, 81 by 28 Inches, wlthmarole pier Brackets, complete Two gilt gothlc-frame Mantel Mirrors, 68 by 48 Inches ? One line Convex Minor, one large Psyche G lass Very superior damask brocatelle and lace Win dow Curtains, with Cornice and Ornaments Gothic, fancy and arm Ca*tor Chairs Superior bro&xed Mantel Clocks, with Candela bras to match Buiscult and bronzed Statuary and Mantel Orna ments A large assortment of Oil Paintings Fine gilt and bronzed Gas and Candle Chande Hers Marble-top walnut Sideboard, with Deck and Mirrors Rosewood marble top Commode Walnut Extension Table A large assortment < f Cut Glass a^d China A complete set of heavily plated Sheffield SllveT \vare?vegetable and meat Dishes, with covers, ><oup Tnreen Walnut Morocco-covered Dining Chairs Walnut carving Table Handsome flowered Table Etegere, Es retolre, or Lady's Cabinet Fine Rosewood velvst covered recumbent, and hiorocco covered Castor Chairs Very superior rosewood and Inlaid Billiard Ta ble, with Cues and Fixtures complete, a premium article Fine marble top mahogany and walnut dressing Bureaus, Wash Closet* and Stands Walnutand mahogany Wardrobes and Beds'e:ds Feather B?ds, Bedding, Hair and other Mattresses Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels and ether Carpets and Rugs Painted cottage Chamber Bets, Kitchen Requi sites, Ac. Also, a fine lot of oldWlnes and Brandy. And an Wednesday, the 1st oi April, we shall sell, at 12 o'clock m.? Two exc^lent Family Carriage Horses Two very superior riding H orses, which work well in double or single harness One good Milch Cow, now giving milk One Family Carriage, with shifting top One Coupee, made by Watson, of Pnlladelphla One two seat light Family Carriage, for four per sons One open Phaton and one Boggy, and a lirge lot of excellent Harness Terms: All sums under ?50, cssh; over *50, a credit of 60 and V0 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. A. GREEN, mar 19-eolwAd Auctioneer, p. S.?The sale will commence In the dining room, with the Cut Glass, China, and Silver Plate. The ladles and gentlemen of Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, and the public in general are respectfully invited to this sale, ns ihef will find It to be worthy their attention A GREEN. FARM FOR SALE BY AUCTION.? On MONDAY, tha 8th of April proximo, at

11 a. m., the undersigned will sell, on the premi ses, to th? highest bidder, htsBLAUEN FARM, of 80 acres of choice garden farming Land, situ ated in Alexandria county, Va . a fourth of a mile from the Laesburg i'urnpiae, and three flhurths of a mile from tfce junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington city. ' For full partieulors concerning this farm, sea an advertisement ia another column of the Star. Persons desiring to view the premises can reach them by Inquiring at Bailey's X Reads, at the junction of tha Turnpikes mentioned above, or at Ball's X Roads, on the road leading from George town Ferry, iiom which Ferry the Bladen Farm is 4 miles distant. Terms of sa a: One-third cash, on the delivery of tbe deed, and the balance in equal instilments on 1 and* years time, with Interest. A warranted deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the Bdpayments. w D WALLACH. pOHKAT LAST.?The German Student's Lamp ?The subscriber has just received, dl oct from Germany,one ease of those excellent Reading Lamps; for writing, readlsg.and sewin i at night they are e*racially Intended For bymtrM.p*TidS| Ui WUMMRI ? ma especially Intended For SEW c For Bald tnd Rent. For sale or rent?that large three-story Building on the Plank Road, ad joining the Park, and known ai the "Grove," containing 15 Roomi There la a Rail-Room 60 by It feet; Bar-Rom 32 by 20 feet, and Cellar 80 by 32, and 8 feet deep, it la well suited for a first class Hotel cr Boarding-house. mnr'23-ra JOHN A 8MITH. FOR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY Brick Dwelling, with all the modern im provement*, situated on E street, north aide, be tween 9th and 10th streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate Inquire at No. 301 E street mar 7-tf For bale?a farm lying in mont goraerv county, Md , 9 miles from Washing ton, near the Bethe?da Church, on the Roekvlffe Turnpike The Farm contain* 90 acres of first rate land. The Improvements are a new Frame Dwelling House, containing # rooms, and a stable for four horses. A Do for sale?A first-rate Hone Power Jfnd Scroll Saw. For toms apply to CHARLES F WOOD, 448 9th street, between E and F , or toC. T WOOD, adjoining farm. mar 7-3w Three houses and lots for sale Houses Nos. 46, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are off' red at private sale, low and on easy terms Will be sold separate or to gether Title good. One is a four-story Brick, | with finished basement, nearly new, and in com plete order, with WJter and gas throughout. Ap ply to B K. LUNDY, at No 46 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, or No. 1S8 Bridge street, Georgetown. / mar 6 COTTAGE FOR RENT -LAND FOR SALE. J For rent, for a term of two to four yeais, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three secend floor, and four attic Room*, wRh moJe-n conveniences for heating the house and supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity agreed on; eight miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rentrd immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end of the current ye-1 Also, a Farm of 1^0 acres with improve meats, within three miles above, for sale or lease Enquire of SWEfcN V, KITTEN HOUSE FANT a, CO., Bankers, and Col. IRWIN, Land Office. mar 6 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of'700 acres f?00 thereof under cultivation, about 500 ufed for pastures, and about "CO acres well timbered, ai d along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to Charlottsvllle will run Attached thereto is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna River,which is a part of the boundary line, and on which are also 40 acres of low grrurd Soil good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Com, ac Buildings very superior and very ample, and in good order. 160 bushels ef Whe^thave been seeded. Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before tbe List frost, for Oats and Corn due progress is made. With the eatate. the sl&vee and improvements, ?tock, etc , may also be h^.d, and further Infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. mar 5 For rent?that very commodi ous and convenient (brown stonefront) House, situated on the north side of E, between 9th and 10th Ftreets It is new, and has been kept In the best order by the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he b*ing the only occupant s-lnce its completion. Possesion will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For terms apply to the subscriber, at 529 H. be'ween 6th and 7tb streets, or at the works at the Patent Office. [ftb2G-tf ] THOMAS BERRY. A CARD?FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS House in Franklin Row, now occupied by Hon. C. Cashing, Attorney Geneial. It has all the modern improvements, hpt and cc!d water bath roouis, chandeliers, ar.d gas flxfuTN This Is one ?f the mo*t elegant and desirable locations In the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It 1? in front of one of the most beautiful rubllc squares In this city, with a delightful and con stant supply of good water. It Is entirely free from dust and mosquitoes. Inquire of WB WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 3t? Pennsylva nla avenue. mar 4-lm nOR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY r desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130. on Bridge afreet, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by .SlyrTS A Bro ,as a Dry 6oodsHonse, and recently occupied by Seldner A Co , a* a Clothing Store Possession glvan immediately To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low. inquire of JAMES FULLALO VE, or to E S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer. feb -9-dtf FAKM for SALE.?1 OFFER FOR SALE my fjrm and country seat, situated on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the residences of Mrs Barber. Mrs Barnard, Mrs Morton, Mrs. Boice, Messrs Linthlcum. Adler and Eliason, containing about 40 acres of land, improved with a frame dwelling, gardener's house, cow and horse stables, etc The very short distance frem Georgetown and Washington make* it very w^lt adapttdfor a dairy farm and market earden. The high elevation" commands a beautiful and picturesque view of tlie Me'ropolls ar.d surround ing country, and is in this, as well as :n regard to health, unsurpassed- It will be sold en Ire or In lots to suit purchasers febae-eolm* HENRY GILDEMEISTER. 17K)R SALE OR RENT.?THAT DESIRA * ble resides on F street, between 20th and Jlst, fofThe la::t eight years occupied by th? late J M Chubb, Esq Possession given Immedi ately'. Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 12-eotf 1>OR SALE-A NEW FIRST-CLASS Dwel ling House provided with all modern con veniences, No *260 F street, one of the most de sirable location* in tke city. Apply on the prem ises, or of J AS. C McG U1R E, Auction and Com mission Merchant. mar DELIGHTFUL SUMMFR RESIDENCE on the Hciiht* of Georgetrwn for Rent ? The subscriber off-rs for rent his House and Furniture for six months ficm tbe 1st of Miy. a valuable Cook will be hire* 1U> the J?""1:, , mar 18-tf LOUIS MALKALIj f7ARMS FOR SALE-INTENDING TO cultivate a larger farm, the sell the farm in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the past seven years- It contains 51 acre*, and la situated near Balls * Roads, 3# miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 miles from both Washington and Alexan rla There are upon It a comfortable andwetl arranged dwelling house, containing all: with^ront and back covered porticos, the former 38 by 19 feet; a kitchen; a comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient barn, with stabling for six horses and as xmrny Itroots for market or stock feeding; icehouse; spring house: smokehouse; corn house; a atone market root Louse, and a store house. AUo. a i/ood dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water Is obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. *i,ere la also on the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantings, con sisting of the choicest varieties cf peaches, ap ples, pear*, (dwarf and atandard,) cherries and quinces. At present fourteen acres are seeded down to wheat and rye; air in timothy, an average of at least two tons per acre,) four In a market garden; four In clover; twelve ready to be put In corn and oats in the spring, and eleven in wood, of which there is an ample sopply for all the purposes of the place, ihts farm has been cultivated with cure and la very productive, no p?*n? having been spared to reader it remuner atlveTand to make It complete in all mfnts For a dairy man and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the oonrtry resi dence of a person doing business in el-he'^DCn?^" hnrino- cftv who prerers a place already In all if" ??>?><" w *ny ,1iuM?ru"BLiU)BN FARM, of Bailey s >< Roaa t both cities named and is about six 0f-bout350choice above. lth??l^?"^^0/J^?iradwel peach treee. mt^t of m.A* comfortable for a mbllw.od te0ie# aniit springs In ail this region of one of the finwt "prm^^i g eomgy.Tb,^f wt.u. Washington Hum that of this ttla S2Tli?!*Mf uy that can be ren rtaauneratlve at H" coat by proper attra ? theland being In fine heart at Oils time. ?<? terms, tot either or both these farms, which I mp 10 EVENING STAR. THE bottle.I* p~ [COXTIHUKD.] p^?r Rjch*rd * the thought that ho had now rebought the bottle-imp, and ?t a very small price. Still, there was .atis faction mingled with the feeling; for as he wm determined soon again to be rid of the thing, he felt bo scruple in resolving, by itt means, to revenge himself on the cruel Lucre tin First he filled hii pocket* with ducats whose weight almost pulled him down to ground, and deposited the whole turn with the nearest lawyer, receiving a legal acknowl edgement, only keeping back a certain sum ber of pieoes of gold, with whioh be hastened to Lueretias house. Here he made the bot tle imp perform all kinds of juggler s tricks, and convinced her that it was the very thine ?he bad thrown into the stream. She Instant ly wished to possess such a plaything; and as he, apparently in sport, insisted on reoeivine money for it, she gave him a ducat. Thora upon he took bis leave as quickly as ho could, in order to draw from the advocate part of the rnonoy deposited. The lawyer opened bis eyes wide at the demand ; ho did not know the young gentleman he said. Richard pull ed the acknovlodgment out of bis pocket, aid found it merely a blank sheet of paper 1 he advocate had written the receipt with a kind of ink which grew pale, and was totally ef faced in a few houri. So the young man had now only about thirty ducats in the world. Seoh being the cnae, Kichard felt that be must starve or do something to gain bis bread, and he determined to become a pedler With his thirty ducsta he bought and fitted up n box, and carried it through those streets where a few weeks before he had rioted in wp*lth However, his wares wero in favor, and he sold tfcfca off so quickly, that he hoped if this went on, to become ere long a rich man again, and to return to Germany happy, espe cially in his escape from the accursed bottle imp. With such thoughts, he repaired in the evening to a tavern to rest himself, and put down his box. A curioos guest said to him : ' What strange creature have vou got there fellow, in that pfcial, that tumbles about *. queerly ?" Alas! he perceived that amorjr his other purchases be had unawares retakei. .ho bottle imp. He offered it eagerly to each of the company for three-pence?be himself had paid for it but four?but nono would take so ugly and useless a thing; and as he Persist ed in pressing his worthless wares on' them ihey pushed him, box, bottle, and all, out at th<9 door. Kichard in despair fled out of tho city, and did i^ot rest till he had quitted the Venetian 1 e? ritory, tno scene where all his woes begun A horror eeii.U him of all great cities; be knew not what to do, or where to get rid c f inseparable companion. At length he deter mined to bocome a soldier, hoping easily to part with his wretched bargain in the camp llo heard that two italian States were at war with each other, and prepared to attach him solf to ei;ber side So, having drawn again on Lis inexhaustible bank, he arrayed himself in a rich gold-wrought cuirass, a splendid plum ed bat, two-first rate light guns, a bright pol. ished sword, and two dagj^ers, and mounted on a Spanish steed rode forth with three well armed followers on goed horses Such a oombatant, and one, too, who desired no pay, was Euro to be welcome in any army j and Kichard soon found himself in a camp, where he lived ^wry comfortably, and in wine and play seemed to have lorgouon his anie ties. Sharpened by former ill success, he took care not to effor his bct'.le imn too formally for sale, but saying nothing about it, waited to make the bargain unexpectedly in jest. Oae morning the o<*li to arms waiheard; the whole forces were collected, and in a little while the plain was seen full of the infantry of both parties, engaged in hot action, while the cavalry were drawn up apart The horse of the enemy, being inferior in number, re treated before the superior force, and for a while Richard enjoyed himself wondorfully. caracoling on his splendid horse, his wenpor s rattling, and himself in safety. But present ly intantry and cavalry began to mingle in general affray ; musket-balls hissed around; horsemen fell, and as strengthened by largo rcinf rcLinonts, the enemy's horse came down upon them, Kichard thought, '? What a fool 1 was to come here !" 1 am much nearer death than I was on my sick bed, and if one of those hissiug balls catches me, then I am the prey of the bottle-imp and his master forever " Just as be was thinking, his Spanish horse wasseised with a panic, and went rearing and plunging backwards till they reached a wood not far off He spurred him about under the lofty trees till ho became exhausted, and stood still Then he dismounted, took off cuir^Es and shoulder belt, uusaddled the horse, and feebly stretching himself in the grass, said : " Well, I am scarcely fit for a soldier, at least with a boitie-imp in my pocket.He tried to think of what next to do, but fell fart asleep. After some hours of quiet slumber, a sound of men's voices and footsteps struck his ear ; but nestling in his cool, comfortable cauch, and resolutely indifferent to the noise, ho was sinking still deeper into delicious sleep, when a thundering voice shouted to him: 11 Are I ycu dead, you scoundrel ? only speak if you I are, that one may not waste a charge of pow- I der." Thus unpleasantly awakened he looked up, and saw a musket o>cked at bis breast, I held by a grim looking foot soldier, while others wore rifling his property. He begged for mercy, crying in the utmost anguish, " if they would shoot him dead, that at least they should first buy tha little phial in his right hand doublet pocket." "Stupid fellow," laughed one of them "I won't buy it from you, but take it from you certainly ;" and so he drew out the imp, and I put it in his breast. "And welcome!" cried Rioh&rd, "if you I can only keep it; but unpaid for it won'tstop by you." The soldiers laughed, and went on I with the plunder, not troubling themselves I further about the man, whom they took to be I half craiy. Richard felt in his pocket and I found the phial there He shouted, and held I it up aftat-thein. The man who had taken it, I in astonishment clutched his dress, found it I not, and ran back for it I " I told you," said Richard, " you couldn't I keep it so. Only give me a few pence for it " I Tno soldier now took a fancy to the frolic- I soma thing, which now, too, as was his custom I when handled, showed itselt very lively in I the expectation of the approaching close of its I service. But the thxeeperoe charged for it I seemed to the soldier too much ; so Richard I said impatiently, "Well, skinflint, as you will; give me a penny, and take your prop- I erty." Thus was the bargain concluded the money paid, and the little Satan handed over I Richard now bethought himself what to do. I He stood there with a light heart, but with a I light poeket too, and no means of filling it, I for he dared not return to the corps of caval ry from which he bad shamefully fled ; so he I proposed to these foot soldiers to join their oompany. He soon discovered that they be-1 longed to the opposite aide, where he would not be known : and now, that he is rid of the I bottle-imp and all his cash, he felt not indis posed to risk his life for the chance of bcoty I He went then with his new comrades to the I camp ; and the captain willingly received into I his company an active and strongly made I young fellow like him. | His life, however, was not very cheerful I There was at present a suspension of proceed- I i?#i in the field, and nothing to do but tolive I quietly in the camp, without danger and with- I out plumfef. '<? Richard bad, therefore, nothing | but his scanty pay; sad one day it ooeurrea I to hi?, as he weighed the petty sum in hu hands, to try his fortune with the dice. I The game took its usual checkered oourse, J and he wen* ? gambling and drinking far! into the night. At length the halI48t<n4^| a ftomml?loa erf ** o tei Richard had played away bU whole month'a pay, and no one would lend him a farthing. Rumaging in all bia pocket* ho found nothing there hat hit cartridge-box - bat this he drew oat and offend itui stake' Whilst the dice were being shaken, it sudden ly struck Richard that the soldier who held the stake was the same who had bought the bottle-imp, and would, of ocurse, through it? presence, be sure to win He cried " Stop!** but too late ; the dice was thrown, and Rich ard lost, lie rushed back to hi* tent in des pair. A comrade, who wa? aomerfbat Doro sober than he, took him by the arm, acd asked him on the way if he had more car tridges in his tent. "No," said Richard, "or I weald hero played on " " So you can when you're bought new ones," said the soldier; " for the commissioner oomee to review us next month, and if he finds a ?oldier without cartridges he has him shot " "Next month!" cried Riohard; "well, before that time I shall have my pay, and bay new cartridges." So they parted, and Riohsrd proceeded to sleep off his intoxication. But in a little while he was awoke by the voice of the corporal before the tent; * Ho! to-morrow is the review; the commissioner will be in the camp by break of day " Rich nrd was startled from his sleep. He thought of his cartrides. He called to his comrades in the tent to know if any one would lend to him; but they abused him for a drunkard,and would not answer Then he searobed his clothes, and found at last five farthings. W ith these he flew from tent to tent in the dark, trying to buy cartridges, hut in vain, till he reached a tent where the voioe that answered him with an imprecation was that of the soldier who hsd won his cartridges. "Comrade, said Richard, pleadingly, "you or some one must help me. Yon plun dered me once before, and ye6terdayyoa took my all from me. If the commissioner finds to-morrow that I have no cartridges be will have me shot. You mast give, or lend, or sell me some." " Giving and lending I have forsworn," said the soldier; bat to quiet you, I will send yoa cartridges How much money have yoa ? "Five farthings," answered Richard, " Well," said the other, "to show you that I,am a good comrade, there are five cartridges for your five farthings." The exchange was made, and Richard re turned, to sleep till the morning The review took place, and all went well. But when the soldiers were again in csmp, the sen burned intolerably thirugh the tent canvas Richard's comrades went to the can teen, and he remained alone with empty pock ets and a piece of ration-bread, faint ana sick with yesterday's eorou?e and to day's exer tions " Ah,'' be thought, "if 1 had now but one of all the ducats I once lavished like a fool!" Scarcely had he formed the wish, nbeij a bright new ducat lay in his left hand. Ihe thought of the bottle imp shot through his mind, and imbittered his momentary joy at tho tight ot the piece of gold. Just then entered the comrade who bad sold him the cartridges " friend," said be, with a troubled air, "the phial with the little imp in it?you knew 1 bought it in the wood from you?is missing. Have I, perchance, given it you unawares, for a cartridge ? I had wrapped it up in paper like them and laid it with my cartridges " Richard sought anxiously in his cartridge box, and in the first paper he unfolded, be foucd the goblin creatare. '* That s well," said the soldier, " I should have been sorry to have lost the thing, ngiy as it looks; it always seems to me as if it brought me unusual luck at play. There, comrade, take your farthing again, and give me the creature." Most eagerly did Richard consent to the transaction, and they parted. Bat all his peace was gone s'tce he bad again seen and handled the object of bis terror. He threw from biin the ducat he had just before sighed for, and at last the dread that the bottle-imp might still be lurking somewhere near, drove him out of the camp, and through the deepening evening, into the thickest forest shades, where, exhausted by terror and weariness, he sax.k upon the ground. " Oh." said he pinting. " that I had but a water flask to qaench my thirst!" and there stood a water-flask at his side He thought of the bottle imp?searched in his pocket?and felt it there. [TO BE CONTI*TED IS OL'B NEXT.] A Tight Savings Base.?Harriet Wallace, ? frugal factory girl, who had nearly a hun dred dollars deposited in the Lowell S?riugs Bank, has just Leen permitted to draw her money, after a long and painful course of tit ration. She commenced her deposits with ?41, in 1845, and being about to le*ve tho city temporarily, she employed a friend to take the money to the institution, and sign with her name the by lawa; other deposits followed, but when the young lady c*me to get her money out, in 1863, the treasurer re fused to deliver it up without proof that the first depositor (the friend) was not tho real owner of the money. That young woman be ing dead, and MUs Wallace being unable to give a bond of indemnity, the matter went to taw, first in the Common Pleas, and then in the Supreme Court, and the claim was sus tained by both I he bank now nays the de posit with interest, and the cost of prosecution. An Extensive Familt.?It is often said in the Southern States that every Virginian who travels that way claims relationship with all the leading families of the Old Dominion. One who knows bow extended the relations and kin are amongst the old families of Vir-* ginia is not surprised at the claim thus setup. As an instance, we are most credibly inform ed that a gentleman of Charlotte, a member of an old and highly respectable family of the South side of the James, and whose age doee not exceed 60, numbers no less than fitt hum' drtd nieces and nephews of his own blood, in cluding those in every degree Who can claim a larger number in his family bounds7? Charlottesville Advocate. Interesting Relics ?The San Frarciseo Balletic gives the names of a large namber of old vossels which have been broken up at that port and remarks: The histories connected with these old ves sels would behighty interesting, some of them romantic, some sublime. One of them, for in stance, the Cadmus, was the veaael in which tho patriot Lafayette came to America on his fam .us visit. Another, the Plover, waa fam iliar to the world as the ship which entered the Northern seas through Behrings straits In the great search after Sir John I-ranklin, and remained among those ioy rag.on# for four or five yean. Elbe shoe manufacturers of Lyns'ara moasures to establish a "Board of Trade." |y The New London Chronicle gives no tice that the " mad term" has commenced In that city. The " circle" is a pretty wide one |y Wm J. Kerr has been arrested at Philadelphia for throwing cayenne pepper upon the floor of a ball room, and held in *1000 for trial. gy The bill for the Corn Exchange Bank in rhil wlelnhia, and the Allegheny Bank bill, have passed the Pennsylvania Legislature?t and the whole additional banking capital, asked for is about twenty millions of dollars... |y The New York Tribune, la an articlo on the crossing of the Atlantic, says that it be lieves the osean'ean he crossed with greater Wfety than Broadway by day, er nay street? ? y* -r ?: