Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1857 Page 1
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8T A K. he found la aay . rim. Blagle copy, per smnam .....fl k TO CIVM. Flee copies ?5 u Ten copies g er ? ???????etott***** ? 00 CAS?, ?T4KU*it 111 ADVAKCS. ??fST^*.1*e<7,4<* U* wrappers) caa be psecuied at the ctmnier, tmmHlialelykfw ihe lrauc of the rsper Pric^-Taiucurs. POITMAITIII W^O SCt SS Imtialll k*?!* ? i ? THS EVE IB v PI BLISHKD BTBRT iFTIKNOOR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) AT THE STAR BU1L1HN83, firwr ?/ MIKSI asi lltb ttrtit, By W. 0 WALLACE, sad Is ierW to subecribers by carriers at SIX A.1D a quarter cents, payable weekly to the Agents ; papers served In packagea at 37U cents per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year iaadcaae^TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lees than three months at the rate of 11# cents a week. |{7 SINGLE COPIES ONK CENT. , D. Ch SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1857. NO. 1.309. PREMIUM PI?5u"o?*b? WILLI IM * * * "* (Sealor partner la the late flrm of Ku"tc'o?IuU'''' 5S5T ??uV ??? i-Ut Baltimore Kre?1, f r P0" tte the Kutaw House, ?"<r^JS!ww?S5*tiA5r !>j~ ?r! piTtnlM* Partly ??capSdby SresSS5* ?3fe?sc ?LP11'11 tnd klRbly flalshed mad and equate Piano Forte*; alio. Vleiodeon^Troin tbt k?? to>^ct*Te?"??? with doable XwJjS*"' double reeds, mad stops to salt .mall Bjtof ?M*Mf engaged In the manufacture ?Sr ?2uH tuce t?o successive years ? October iftta fi\a IMS-la opposition to fourteen Md^eighteen pi WWELT"* ot the ** 5Wn& ***?? We were also fa . J?r?n,om ?*th? Isdustrtal Ki blbj ion a^.d la Richmond, Virginia, 1855 and In addition to thla we are In poasesston cf (m tlaonlals fro, t?s meat distinguished professor. *|h^y ??!?'"???? ?pe*hlng for themselves and ?t. fT ?f high appreciation In which our in stilments are every were held ani ? *n *Mr|n,tfd for Are years, the fiiJt^iY?J??rK^?ihtnge 1* granted within , ?*?* "* month* from thedav of sale if the In wh?? *? not jfWe entire satlsri-tion. W holesale dealers will find it to theli advantage Jf * c*^ *?ffr?re pur-.haslr.g Pianos exchanged, hired, and tWd. WM KNABE 4 CO. - ST 1?reV'theBesnperlor Pitaos, two square "* oa* &r4IMl 7-oct?vr?, ,re noqw on exhlbltlen at the ?? Metropolitan Me-hanics' In atltuey?r? la this city . The pubflc 1, rs'piu fully IbtI -4 to call and judge far themselves BUT IS 11ITHT1T. DR? ?tkpmkh U4ILF, Office We. 19# Psnasylvanla Ariane, Tkrtt d+ors from 11(4 ttrtoi. be8> 1#1T* to inform the pnblle *\ 411 h"ur8 *t Ws oifice, V l!L,T* e 'e#l* Msar?l that an eip? Tlance of fifteen years' practice, with the 'aree ?.^pi.tlgnta' *nd ifeat variety of dlfflcu ,t "e '*?' treated successfully, will enable to ??5??ant *ay diMculty, scientific or oth ?rwise, reiatlag to the Teeth Hia own expert s' cont"n!y the opinion of miny men eral 22 jVSPJ>e^0?,*^d Hairls to dir.M nu ?~lyi *?" led h,m> l0DK "lice, TWh i? mercurial preparations for flil'ng 1^*! *1?.?-U tname a, ?mta Percha, India Rnboer, and Cements for theconstruetl >n of Uon mtm, Tfath' aad thMt Porce^n, mountel wold Pla^, is the onl? reliable aabstanee that *aa be worn 1 ? the mouth* as was most conclu sively ahown by the last American Ocntal Con vention. Although h? flitters himself that from his long w^Hnce and practice la Waahlngton. be is f. TO,INy anown to hl> numerona friends and na trons, ae oegs leave to refer them to the fouowiug testimonials. Fr?>? >h? UU a?rtor of ih? Chnrch of Bplpbasy ?f thla city. ll?**r. *?*? ?o a*praa? ay m ? m - - - . ?.vu I J J ) a MLM S in. prior Uatlit Tkt ?p?r?Uon? exocaM fjr m? h?r? b-?a h*l?_y Mtu^rtfry. I tiop* lr.?i y?n m.y r*cmt, th* Mi oB. ??? from rnj ?o<l the pat,iir U>?t yo?r afclli ao well ?a*r??a. ^ Toan ?*ry (ialj. wmu^gm. i^ui ?a, ui?. ar. rtutsca. : r?? ??? *r Uia oMm! tra. in a?;u*?r- HtNTi Boc?. Ostiaaa * On. ' ^ ??r^ ??P?orM Dr. SMpk?a B*lly, gnrtwa Daatlat, of -TTV**^ a"> to ?*?*-? tor m?, u la^orttal and dlfll " J. ?' T?r*' 7b,ca h* J'4 w aallra ??tlafeeUou, " ^*T ***? fact Uial on* of tbt bmi dlaU-i(alah?<j , ? ?** Coilasaof lUlllmora. ?n?r r? ^ 1 F*rfor? Uia aama work aat!af?c kr1lj H akfr"" M4 S?iUB?r?, Juur; ?, Uai. HAlllAKa BOttOS. aa'.raat lr?a a not* rac?lT?d rram iba lata Boa Joha M Claytoa. ... . . C- *? Saaara AoKoat IS, 1S6S. *a3a ?a*aaa *?rk aa^ira&.y, aoU?l^* cunld ?*w. Tory cratafallr, JOBS a CLiVtON. ^ tha maladlaa of tba taath, I rf?"r r*???ao4 Or. S. B.lly, aa a auparlor Oaa , ? aa aaarte a attof p-.r>waiu fit, hromof ay iaaatly, an 4 ^ aararal t??tb for myaall^ au4 the arork baa all atow4 wafl far aor. U?an tea yaar*. BUBBKT T. NIXON april Is"um T* Oaafcraaaa of tta a. a. CUurch itoata. *fcaa?Saral??ad. harta? bad orcaalon to arall an r?alr?s ,ki" ot Dr? '? ?*"r. Sarcaon Daottot, at barlaj tnw cnfolitot of h?a op?ratfoBa ofl oar *' fr1#*<4"- ^aaaara la axprMalnc oar aim'.ra Uoa of bta artlaUe aklU. aa wa'.l a< o' tba aalhralf aaUaf?? ?*rr a*aa?r la wklck ba parforaa tb?r moat daiicataaad il %? Saalt aparatloaa to Dootal .aarjary; an I we reapectrallr eo*iaan<l ute to tba coafiiaara ao<l p?trou*fe of tie pablle : ?f waleb wacoaaliler bla atalaaailr worthy TDOIH4 0. W Al.TIB. JOS. H BRaDLXT. C 8 Caeilot. Of W?a.'rtnctoa, D. 0. lauaaa millib, a. d.. eioaua Walton. _ _ Waeiilnjtoa, ?. C. tj. Oorarnor jf norlJa. ?. B. BAHRRa. M D . WaI.TRB LBNOX w . . .?* D-0. K* Maywr of Waablcctos. M. 8. L1NOOLN, M D., HBNWY BALDWIN, WaabiafV.o, b C. C. B. Patent Oflks. ^ ^ J- Wieai. f?'!actual aillaahoaaa Acalamy. TUB 1MPROTKO SETS Uf TEETH. Dt. LOOM13, THE IMVENTOR AND patentee of "Loomis' Mineral Plate Teeth." havlatf suce*^sfaliv lntraduaMi^C^^B W , bavlag suce^aaf uliy lntrodueed j l<ls lmpvovemeai In various cities, haa aow permanently established himself la Wash ?;:fel?n I'hla Improvement to Seta of Teeth consists rttsfly In mahlng a set of but one piece of mate ilal, and ihat Indestructible mineral Mo metal H need la their eenstructlon, and they ar>* ther?? fere free fr m falvaalc action and metaUc tante Th-re are noloinu to become filled wltb moiature "r particles of food, hence they are pure an-i eitaa There are lighter, stronger, less elamsy, far mere datable, and natural in their appearance. I wl ll glva a reward ef One Thonsacd Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mloe la punty, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or aay oth?r requisite quality. All work responsibly warraated Peon avenue, between llth and lSth ?t*. ^ mar It OR. VILLARO, Dentist, La.TR og Chicago, ' OULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of the District and vicinity, that having located himself1 la Washington, h? Is now prepared to ? - , n - - perform all ooeratloas, In his profession, in the moat approved atyle OlM No. iW Pens, aveane, adjoining Gaa Jan 20-ly D*. AT pKNN'A AVENVB, u la rtlll maklag those beautiful eoatlauous SUM TEETH, called Allen's Pateat. for the excelleacy of whlcb oyer all other styles of tith. many now . ? la^Ul1* cUy? w,u cheer^uUv vouch There Is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, aad made a bad lmUatTor. ' ^f ^2rtL.W n 1 ho,eb* c??Uioa the public N. a. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Alien's Patent Contlauous Sum Teeth wh? praesr^jr eenitrwefd, It is because he Is lanoraat of theprocen, laeompatent to make the work, or B aawflllng to pay for the patent. )e l?-u DR. C. I. GOODMAN, Deatlst, aad nannfactarsr ef Artificial ?r?^tn. RE BO UNFORTUNATE X BS to require Artificla. reeta will find (without any nooaense or ham-/ buggery,) Teeth set a no a a metallic base or plate Ma'erlals pure aad properly con stricted, as b^lng superior to all other modes The various operations of Dentistry faithfully and properly exeonled. Tender Teeth rendered useful fur life, by new means. Teeth extracted carefu'iy, easily, and skillfully jiT" OMce corner of 8th s reet and Pa. aveane feb T-3m P?H SALE.?A PAIR OP PINE MULES, four years old, aad very kind ln^^ Apply to ARNY A SBINN, Ne. ?7 Breen street, febO-tf - ' 5a AN AMERICAN PLAY, IV AN AAlEKf. ?w. ^ A?t!>or, Cerua. theOoaqieror, la 5 ac?. *kia Poem has great merit. Ke.K-4U8flN,V?7tbat itATH>N STOcRs fsr sate by C WWW 11 b&ufhhite, PROPOSALS FOR BINDING. Offici Bkcrbtamt Sirati o? U 8 , > March 3J4.16S7. \ Sealed proposals will bk me. celved by the Secretary of tho Senate until 1* o'clock noon of Monday, the 30th March Instant, for binding the Congressional Globe and Appen dix for the third session of the thirty-fourth Con gress and the extra session of the Senate, ordered by tbe Senate. The volumes*? to bebonnd uni formly with ths sample to be seen at the Secreta ry's oftce, In a strong and substantial manner, with Russia leather backs and corsers, with No. 25 binders' beards, and covered with marble pa per, and the price for binding to include wate papeT and all other materials. The binding Is to be executed to thesatbffcc tlon of the Secretary of the Senate, or such person as he may employ to Inspect the work; and If any volumes are not bound to his satisfaction, the contractor will be required to re-blnd them with out additional charge, or they will be rs bound at blsexpease, a* tbe Secretary may direct, and if they cannot be re-bouad tbe contractor will be required to pay for then, The Globe and Ap pend'! will be In two volumes, oxe of ?bout I, 403 pages, and the other of ab?ut 500 pages. They must b? delivered within three menths after they are received from the publisher. The velnmes will be paid for as thev are delivered. If the lowest rates proposed should be oShred bv two or more persons the work will de divided equally between tbem, if the proposals are in otner respects approved Satisfactory security In the amount of the contract will be required for Its faithful petf irmanr*e No proposal will be received from any person who has failed to falfll a f nmer contract madi by blm with the Sec-etary of the Senate, or from any person who, as a bid der on a former proposal, was entitled to a con tract, bat failed to enter into the same, or from any perron not actually engaged In the busings of bookbinding. mar 21 dOoth VARNELL'S PAINTING EMPORIUM, No 51 Louisiana st<ssi, north sid?, beit* 6(4 and 7tk streets, REHPF.CTFULLV SOLICITS ORDERS for all hinds of HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNA MENTAL PAIN MNG. Jobbing promptly attended to at the shortest notice The establishment will be open from fljf a m. to 9% p m , and all calls will be readily attended to. Sien Work ten per cent, cheaper than the old standard price. mar 17-2w Slgnof the Large Eagle. NO WASHINGTON Manufactured silver ware on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Fair, but every description of fine Sll ver Ware can be s*n la process of manufuctur lag, st H.O.HOOD'S, mar 13 336 Pen a ave, near 9th st npO HOUSEKEEPERS.?TO THOSE GO 1 ing to Housekeeping this Spring we would offer the be?t and la est improved COOKI.NG 9 TO V ES to be found In this market. The as sortment is very large and complete, consisting ft all tae different aixss, styles, and patterns Also received from the North/ tbe latest improved Portable Summer Cooking Ranges, varying in ptloe from S5 5) to S8 Together with an as. aortmen of shawe's Boston Gas Summer Cooking S'.oveat Ac. Please give us a call before buying, for we are confident that we can and will sell cheaper than any other house in this city. You will also find in store a great many useful articles ia the Housekeepiac line. All goods delivered to a-y part of the District, and our Cooking Stoves put up In tbe very best manner free of charge. Sltrn of Stoves Orates, and Honsefurnlsb Goods, Brown-Stone Front, No 313. Terms cash on delivery C. WOODWARD, mar 19-t Aprl Pa. ave , bet 10th and ll<h sts. WINDOW GLASS?500 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia Glass, all qualities and sixes, for sale at a liberal discount, by . J. R McGHEGOR, mar 30-TuAF2m 534 7th street. NOTICE. TIME IS MONET. C BLOCKS!-CLOCKS!!-CLOCKS !!'.? Call J at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite | Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted for SI 50 Also, all - kinds Clock Materials, Oils, Cords, Balls, Keys, Weights, Ac The trade supplied at wholee&le prices. Ca-h or Cloeks given In exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see for yeuraelves, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Fa av., an 37-Km oppoeite Browns' Hotel. OAS FIXTURES. Re. MILLER, SON * CO., ALEXAN ? dria, Va , keep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. BRACKETS, Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cornelius A Baker, which they will guarantee to sell at the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia Alto, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decorated Paper Shades, in great variety. Call and examine for yourselves dee 1 JCST RKCEIVEO. CHOCOLATES?Broma, Cocoa, Cocoa Paste Cracked Cocoa, Malllard'sand Baker's Chocolates of varicus kinds GELATINES?Cooper'sShrtd and Sheet Isla glass, Cox's Eng ish Sparkling Ge a flne, French Imperial Gela'lne MACCARONI?Italian Maccaroni and Vermi celli, and Italian Paste. Canton Preserved Glsger. in jars. Hecker's Farina, Comma, Rice Flour, Charlea ton Grits, Split Peas. Ae , Ac For sale by KING A BURCHELL, mar *0 corner Vermont ave. and Lith st. The steamergeorge paoeTkom* to-day, will run as follows: ? ^11. * a Leave Alexandria at 4X,7jf,9ll l?*.3 4*,aDd?* t.eavtf Washington at tt, 8, 9^,11^, 1*,4, 5#, and 7 o'clock. Passengers to and from all the trains on the" Washing'10* Branch Railroad will take the 6F.Ott.GE PAGE. ELLIS L PRICE, mar 30-tf Captain. BDTCHEHV SCALES Ac. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM England, Suiter's Spring Balances?00 and 1*0 fee Also, ?'Wilson's" Butcher Knives and Steels. CAMPBELLA COYLE, mar 23-2 w? 351 Pa. avenue. P&R4MOLS ?PAN aaoLS I STEEL AND CRINOLINE SKIRTS !l J uvln'a celebrattd KID GLoVEb. Ju?t received at FRANK A McGEE'S, 244 Fenn ave., bet. 14th and 13th streets, mar lb-tw ? MONET TO LOAN rhN GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. . ^ LRY? GUNS, PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, fob 4-2m . 49 Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel AF TOI if NOTICE?NOTICE. 1HAVE A FEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SETS on haad, which 1 wish te dose out, and wi l sell at cost Also, GOB LETS and other GLASS WARE, that 1 he so.d preperliery te a change la my All (hat want te hay cheap, please call at No 309. between 9th and IMS streets. Pens, avenue lite 17Am JOHN MeDRVITT SXULBS! MUHbll OA HEAD OF SUPERIOR MULES JUST oU a. rived from K?ntqcfcy aad wW Staole, comer of U and 14th streets, Waahinftoo, D* C. W AUCTION BALES. WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEK'S IALK.-BV authority * . a deed of trust from George B Armstrong and Julia St. W , his w fe. dated the 13th day of December, 1851, and by alrection of the party . debt is secured thereby, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the 1st dav of April next, at 5 o'clock in the i afternoon, on the premises, the following Lots in I the city of Washington, namely; Lots No 23 I and 24 In Squue No 581; lot No 24 being at the intersection of Virginia avenue and 1st street west, ft mtlng 55 f et 4 Inches on 1st street, and 2fi feet 9 inches on Virginia avenue, with a rear 1 front of 48 feet on a 40 foot alley; and lot No 33, adjoining west, with a front of 30 feet 2 Inches 4>n Virginia avenue, and rear front of 32 feet on a 20-foot s Hey. And, on the 2d day of April, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, commencing at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the following, namely: Part of Lot No 10, In Square No 481, fronting 17 feet on 6'.h street west, and 91 feet 4% C.u"-d!Tp' commencing on 5th street. 10 fat-t south of N street noith, containing i,5b7 square feet; Lot No 6. in Square 777. said lot being cen Jral,TJ!.,tuated oe^cen 6 and H streets, contain ing 9.9W0 square feet. Terms: one-third cash; the residue In 6. 12 and 18 msnths, for wbich the bonds of the pur chaser will be taken, bearing interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the pre perty. If tfce terms are not complied with within five days from day of sale, the property will be re sold at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after a notice of seren days. CHARLhS MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD * CO , mar 21-dts Auctioneers. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Ell'KLLKNT ROSEWOOD Fiane-Ferte furniture and Heasehald effects at Aactua.-On TUESDAY MORNING, March J 1st, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Capt T. J Lee, on north F street, near 19.h street, I shall Bfeil bis Furniture and KflTecta, comprising Rosewood seven-octave Piano-forte, by J. C Fisher, New York Walnut maib e-top Book ease and Whatnot Marble-top Centre Tables, Rout Tables Damask covered spring-seat Lounges Plush-covered arm, parlor, and fancy Chain Rush and cane-seat reception Chairs Damask and chintz Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Mahogany extension dining Table Do marb'e-top Mdeboard, Bookcase Walnut refreshment Table, dining Chairs China, Glass, ?nd Crockery Ware Ttree-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth Mahogany Hat-tree, stair Carpet Gas Chandeliers aad Fixture* Handsome suite of walnut Chamber Furniture comprising Jenny Lind Bedstead, marble top Bureau, with large swing Mirror, mar ble top Wasbsund Suite of solid cberrv Chamber Furniture, con sisting of dressing Bureau, Bureau, Ward robe, Washstand, Ac. Curled hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pliiows. Toilet Sets, Looking Glasses Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Cooking Stove and Fixtures, Kitchen Uienslls. Terms: ?25 and under, cash ; overtbatsuma credit of (10 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. *> e J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By wall, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOT AT A Li C TIO PI ?On THURSDAY. 2d April, at 5* o'clock, we will sell to the highest ?Idder, i.ot No 7 In square 777, fronting on Third street 5i ft: thence east 96 feet to a 30 feet alley, thence south 30 ihente west 23 feet, thence south 25 feet, thence west 75 feet, thence north 55 feet to beginning, containing 4,8!5 square feet This property is In an improving part of Wash ington, and efflers a fine chance tor speculation or for a good building lot Term?: One-third, cash; the balance In 0 and la months, bearing Interest and secured by a deed of trust mar <4-ts WALL, BARNARD A CO , Aucs By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PXTEKSIVE SALE OF VERY STPKRI ?* *?al?are, Piano Forte, Billiard Ta ble. oil Paintings, Wines aad Brandy, and Maraeeaat Aactiea On MONDAY, the 30*.h instant, 1 shall sell, commencing at lu o'cl'ck a m , at the re idence of Elisha Rlggs, Esq , on North G, No 223, be tween 17th and 18tn streets west, a very superior assortment of Furniture, Ac , viz: Fine Rosewood case Grand Piano Forte, made by Erard, of France, a superior instrument Two full suites of Rosewood and Walnut Parlor Furniture, covered with figured and crim son damask Handsome Rosewood Sofa Centre, card and side Tables Two gilt gothlc-frame French plate side Mirrors, 81 by 28 inches, with marble pier Brackets, complete Two gilt gothlc-frame Mantel Mirrors, 68 by 43 Inches One fine Convex Mirror, one large Psyche Glass Very superior damask brocatelie and lace Win dow Curtains, with Cornice and Ornaments Gothic, fancy and arm Cantor Chairs Superlsr bronzed Mantel Clocks, with Candeia bras to match Balscult and bronzed Statuary and Mantel Orna ments A large assortment of Oil Paintings Fine gilt and bronzed Gas and Candle Chande liers Marble-top walnut Sideboard, with Deck and Mirrors Rosewood marble top Commode Walnut Extension Table A large assortment (f Cut Glass aid China A complete set of heavily platfd Sheffield 811ver Ware-vegetable and meat Dlshts, with covers, i*oup Tureen Walnut Morocco-covered Dining Chairs Walnut carving Table Handsome flowered Table Etegere, Ks-retolre, or Lady's Cabinet Fine Rosewood velvet covered recumbent, and morocco covered Castor Chairs Very *nperior rosewood and inlaid Billiard Ta ble, with Cues and Fixtures complete, a premium article Fine marble top mahogany and walnut dressing Bureaus, Wash Closet* and Stands Walnut and mahogany Wardrobes and Bedste-.ds Feather Beds, Bedding. Hair and other Mattresses Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels and other Carpets and Rogs Painted cottage Chamber Sets, Kitchen Requi sites, *e. n Also, a fine lot of old Wines and Brandy. uA,?4 ,T" Wednesday, the 1st of April, we shall sell, at 12 o'clock m.? Two excellent FamUv Carriage Horses Two very superior riding Horses, which work well in double or single harness One good Milch Cow, now giving milk One Family Carriage, with shifting top One Coupee, made by Watson, of Philadelphia One two seat light Family Carriage, for four per sons One open Photon and one Buggy, an4 a l?rge lot of eioe'lent Harness Terms : All sums under f50, cash; over ?50, a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. A. GREEN, mar 19-eolwAd Auctioneer P? 8.?'The sale will commence in the dining room, with the Cut Glass, China, and Silver Plate. 1 he ladles and gentlemen of Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, and the public In Kneral are respectfully Invited to this sale, as f.y will fiod it to be worthy their attention A GREEN. A'ARM FOK SALE BY AUCTION On MONDAY, the Ath of April proximo, at 11 *? " j u?derslgned will sell, on the preml

?es. to the highest bidder, his B LA DEN FARM, .ao*?.? cbo,?* garden farming Land, situ ated in Alexandria county, Va . a fourth of a JwU!ITT . lj?e*burK Twnpli*. mi three .V X *fro? tlle JUQf tlon of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington c??cernlng this farm. see an advertisement in another column of the *tar Persona deolrlng to view the oremlsee can reach them by Inquiring at Bailey's * Roads, at the Junction of the Turnpikes meutloned above or at Ball's * Reads, on the road leading from Georire icwn Ferry, from which Ferry the Bladen Farm is * miles distant. Terms of aa e: One-third cash, on the delivery of tbe deed, and the balance In equal Instalments on 1 and t years time, with Interest, A warranted deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the 17 W. D. WALLAOB. fW?E AT LAST.?The Gernsaa Student's ^ ? J.R. MCGREGOR, au K-F471m Mi 7th atmt, For Bale and Rent. For sale?those fourteen lot9 of ground in square No 107, In the Pint Ward, on which the Corporation contemplated, two years ago, to erect a Market House. They are bounded on K. 19th, and L street*, numbered 6, 8, 9,10, 11. M, 13.14,16,16, 17,18, 1?, and *), being (except a small intervening lot) the west half of said square. The new market house stands In K street, near, and Immediately west of said lota,wMch contain flftv-tbree thousand eouare feet exclusive of Ave thousand seven hundred and forty tqoare fret laid down as alleys, and Is per haps the most desirable unimproved lots In that section of tfce city. A sale of the whole together would be perferred, and if not effected before the 10th of April, will be otffcr d at public auction. The title is indisputable, and tales paid. JAMES H. CAUSTEN, No. ?OfiF street, mar 28-tf A VALUABLE FARM FOR 8ALE_S1*X acres of good Farming Land, situated in the County of Fauquier. Virginia, on 'he Alexandria and Orange Rnilroad, a few yards from Warren ton Junction; within 9 miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two houra travel from thecltiexof Washington and Alexandria. The Farm la In a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly supplied with water and timber, and has much excellent meadow land Churches, dills and good neighbors wltbia a hortdlstance. Fer further Information apply to JAMK8MOKROW, Esq , on the place, or to the subset ber at hi* Broker's OMce. near Browns' Hotel. Washington city [mar 84] ROBERT MORROW P>R HALE OR RENT?THAT LARGh three-storv Building on the Plank Rosd. ad joining the Park, and known as the " Grove." containing 16 Rooms Their is a Pall-lloom 60 by 18 feet; Bar-Rom 32 by 50 feet, and Cellar 50 by 32, and 8 feet deep. It is well sulU'd for a first class Hotel or Boarding-house. mnr23-m JOHN A SMITH. F IOR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY _ Brick Dwelling, with nil the modern lm provemects, situated on E street, north aide, be tween 9th aud 10th streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate I nquire at No 394 E street. marT-tf Three bouses and lots for sale Houses Nos. 46, 48, and 50 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low and on easy telfes VV ill be sold separate or to gether Title good One !s a four-stcrv Brick, with finished basement, nearly new. and Jr. com plete order, with w*ter and gas throughout Ap ply to E K. LUND V, at No 46 Louisiana ave nue, Washington, or No. 1S8 Bridge street, Georgetown. mnr 8 CIOTTAGE FOR RENT-LAND FOR SALE. J For rent, for a term of two to four yeaia. a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three *eccnd floor, and four attic Rooms, with modern conveniences for heating the house and supplying it with water. A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity agreed or-; e'ght miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented immediately servants and furniture can go with house to end^f the current ye-r Also, a Farm of 31)0 acres^ith improve ments, within three miles above, for sile or lease EnquireofSWEENY, R1TTENHOUSE FANT A CO , Bankers, and Col. IRWIN, Land Office. mat 6 VALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR SALE?It contains upwards of ?70O acres 500 thereof under cultivation, about 500u)-ed for pastures, and about 7L0 acres well Umbered, at d along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to CharJottsviUe will run Attached ttereto Is a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the South Anna RiveT,which is a part of the boundary line, and on which are also 40 acres of low ground Soil good, with plenty producing gcod Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, Ac Buildings very superior and very ample, and in good order 16ii bushels of Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before the last frost for Oats and Corn due progress Is made. With the estate, the slaves and Improvements, Stock, etc , may also be h id, and further infor mation given by the Editor oi the Evening Star, Washington city. mar 5 For rent?that very commodi ous and convenient (brown stonefront)House, situated on the north side of K, between 9th and loth streets It is new, and has been kept in the best order bv the Hon Robert McClelland, Sec retary of the Interior, he being the only occupant since its completion Possession will be given within a few days after the 10th of March. For terms apply to the subscriber, a< 529 H, between 6th and 7th streets, or at the works at the Patent Offlce. ffeb 26-tf ] THOMAS BERRY. A CARD?FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS House in FranklLi Row, now occupied bv Hon C. Cnshing, Attorney General. It has all the modern improvements, hot and cold water bath rooms, chandeliers, and gas fixtures This is one of the most elegant and desirable locations in the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and'of the Potomac river It is in front of one of the most beautiful public squares in this city, with a delightful and con ?tant supply of good water. It is entirely free from du*t and mosquitoes. Inquire of WM WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 3*1 l'enosylva nla avenue mar 4- lm noR RENT?THAT LARGE AND VERY F desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 130 on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers A Bro , as a Dry Goods House, and recently occupied by Seldner A Co , as a Clothing Store Possession glveu Immediately To a permanent tenant the rent will be made low. Inquire of JAMES FULLALOVE, or to B B. WHIG HT, Auctioneer feb *8-dtf For sale-a new first-class dwci ling House provided with all modem con veniences, No 2bC F street, one of the most de sirable locations in the city Apply on the prem ises, or of J AS.C McGU IRE .Auction and Com mission Merchant. _ Delightful summvr residence on the Heights of Georgetown for Rent ? The subscriber offers for rent bis House and Furniture for six months from the 1st of May. A valuable Cook will be birei to the tenant mar 18-tf LOUIS MACKALL. Farms for sale-intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm in Alexandria couDty, Virginia, cn which be has resided for the past seven years. It contains 51 acres, and Is situated near Balls X Roads, 3X miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 miles from both Washington and Alexan dria There are upon it a comfortable and weli arranged dwelling house, containing six rooirs, with front and back covered porticos, the fanner 3b by 12 feet; a kitchen j a comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient barn, with stablUng for six horses and as roan v of roots for market or stock feeding; ice house ; spring house; smokehouse; corn house; a stone market root nouac, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the Sever falling spring of which water is obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. Ti.ere is also on the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantlrgs, con sisting of the choicest varieties cf P^ch^, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and quinces At present fourteen acres are seeded down to wheat and rye; six in timothy, (yielding an average of at least two tons per acre,) four in a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and oats in the spring, and eleven in wood, of which there is an ample supply for all the purposes of the place. This farm has been cultivated with care and la very productive, no Dalns having been spared to render it remuner ative, and to make it complete in all its appoint ments. For a dairy man and market gifdeo farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person doing business in either aelgh boring city who prefers a place already In all respects highly improved It Is superior to any ^UoTtHE BLADEN FARM ,(60acres> ,ll? ated within less than a quarter of a mile of^ the Columbia and Leesburg e^0A*i leading to Washington, and the latter to A .11 bum from both cities named mult of tbein lately set out, a dwel ff^Km^f'that oaa be made comfortable for a i thirty miles of Washington than that of this B a dm Lace; nor aay such place thatean be ren will ho maifl to suit the times, apply to tiott. W. 0. WALliACB, mar Ogee. EVENING STAR. THE BOTTLE.IMP. (C03CLCDBD ] Half mad, be Hang the phial against a rook hard by, bat felt it again in his pocket. Then he began to run through the dark thieket, striking himself against t<e?? and stone in the J;loom, and hearing at every step the flasks iogling in his pocket. Day break found him in an open plain, and he ocntinued his wan darings. lie would not raturn to tho camp; his one object now was to find a coin under a farthing's worth; but the search was vain. He would demand nothing nsore of the goblin and 10 he begged his way through the- land of Italy. But looking so wild and troubled, he was everywhere regared as crnsy, and was soon known, far and wide, by the name of the mad Half-farthirger. Many months had passed thus, when one day he found himself in the midst of wild mountains, and sat, still and sorrowful, be side a little rill, which, trickling down through a wild growth of bushes, appeared compas s'.onately offering itself for his refreshment. Then there rang?loud and strong?orer the rocky ground, the sound of horsed hoofs, and on a large, blaok wild-looking horse there came a very tall man of hideous visage, in a Sorgeous b'o id- ed dress, up to the spot where Richard sat.44 Why so gloomy, fellow'" said he to the youth, whose breast sank with a strange foreboding " i should gae^s you to be a merchant Have you bougat anything too dear?" " Ah, no?rather too cheap," answered Hicham in a low, trembling voice. " So it appears to me, my good merchant oried the horseman, with a frightful laugh And have you, perchance, such u thing to sell as a bottle imp ? Or am I mistaken in taking you for the mad Half farthiuger ? Scarcely could the pale lips of the poor youth utter a low -"Yes?I am he," under the mo mentary expectation that tho horseman's mantle would turn to blood drippirg wings that black spectral pinions, blazing with hell-fire, would spout forth on his horse, and carry him away to the abodes of eternal tor ture ; but the tall stranger addressed him in a rather milder voice, and with less frightful gestures. " I see for whom you take me," said he , " but be comforted ; i am not he. Perhaps I may even deliver you from him, for I have been many days seeking you to buy this bot tle-imp To be sure, you gave terribly little for it, and I myself don't know how to get at a smaller coin. But listen Oa the other side of the mountain dwells a prince, a wild young fellow To morrow, I will ojntrive to allure bim away irom his hunting train, and set a hideous wild be*st upon him Do you staj here till midnight, and then go, just when the moon stands over that jagged rock, shining through the dark cleft to the left. Go at a moderate pace ; linger not, hurry not, and you will come to the 6pot just when the mon ster will have the prince under his claws ? Seiso it fearlessly, and it must yield to you, and to make it escape, plunge down the steep bank into the sea Then beg of the grateful prince that ho will have a couple of half-farth mgs struck for you; I will give you change for them, and then for one the bottle-imp will be mine " So spoke the horseman, and without waiting for an answer, rode slowly back into the wood ?' But where shall I find you when i have the half-farthings?" cried Richard after him " At tho Black Fountain," answered the horseman : any old woman here can tell you where it lies and with slow but long strides the hideous horse bore away his hideous rider. Richard, who had nothing more to lose, resolv ed to put his advice into execution The night fell; the moon rose and hung with a lurid red light over the indicated point of rock. Then the pale wanderer ar^se trem bling, and stepped into the dark ravine Joy less enough, and gloomy it looked, with only a rare moonbeam here and there, looking in over its lofty walls; there was, too, in that closed in place, a damp earthly exhalation, as of a charnel vault; but nothing else unpleas ant was to be discerned. As it was, Richard did not feel himself tempted to linger, but was rather inclined to hurry on This too, however he refrained from, faithful to the horseman's directions; and after some hours the faint red light of morning glimmered on his dark path, and a fresh cheering breeze played on his face. But just as he stepped out of the deep ravine, and sought to enjoy the fresh forest scenery and the bine glitter of the sea whioh lay spread not far from him, be was disturbed by a wild cry ; he looked round and saw a frightful beast, under whose claws on the ground lay a young man in rich hunting attire Bichard's first impulse was to ruu and help; but whea he looked full at the bea>t and saw that it resembled a mon .strous ape, with a formidable pair of stag's horns, all courage left him, and, in spite of the prostrate man 's miserable cry for help, he was about to oreep back into his chasm ; but the next instant ho suddenly recalled what the horseman had told him, and urged by his own especial dangor, he ran up with his club stick to the monster, which, rolling the hunts man in its claws, seemed about to toss him up, and then catch him on its horns But as Richard advanced, it let its prey drop, and with hideous bowlings ran away. Richard, grown bold, pursued it till it plunged from the ' lofty cliffs, still grinning at him with its abom inable visage, and vanished under the w^ves. And now the ycung man went back trium phantly to the reecued huntsman, who, ac cording to bis expectation, announced himself j as tho reigning prince of the country, and, I pronouncing a eulogium upon his delivery as a true hero, prayed him to demand some re compense, the highest he could pay him. \ " Aye," said Richard, hopefully, " aro you in earnest? Then, all I request ia, in God's n?mo, that you will have a couple of half farthings struck in good coin for me. I ask for only a couple " The prince gaied on him with astonishment, till some of his retinue came up, and on hear ing from him what had happened, one of them recognised in Richard the crazy Half farth inger whom he had once seen The prince began to laugh, and poor Richard embraced hi3 knees in anguish, vowing that without the half-farthings ne should be undone The prince, still laughing, answered : I " Stand up then, follow ; you have my Erincely word ; and if ycu insist on it, I will avo as many half-farthings struck as you wish for. But if the third of a farthing will do as well, no new coins will be wanted, for my border neighbors maintain my farthings to be so light that three of them go into one of theirs " ,, , , . "If that be so" said Richard doubt | ^"^Faith," "aid the prince, "you will be the ' first to whom they seem too good. But if that makes any difficulty, herewith I give yoa my most lolemn word to have still worse one struck for you?provided that be possible " Thereupon be bade a whole bag of farthings to be given te Richard, who immediate'y ran, as if he were pursued, to the frontier, and was a happier man than he had been for a long time, when in the first tavern of the neighboring country, he was grudgingly p??d a common farthing for threeof those ho bought, which he thus exchanged by way of trial Then he inquired for the Black Fou?fi*ln, and some children who were pitying fM?*taTe"? straight ran screaming away The host told him, not without a shudder, that this was aa ill-famed spot, from whi:b many evil spin* came out Into the country, ?pd which few people had actually seen. however, that the approach te it j?s not far from here, being a cavern with two bleated cvnre'ses betore Hi and ?? on* oould mUs the CTUnuh; but (Kd preset*. K* o n.i all true Christiana from that. These word! United JUoUrd; but &*??*-! tare must be bUi, and he wt forth oo hia way. Already frota afar he u? the black and horrible carers; the two cyprcsses teamed to have been blasted w If by Urror of the ghastly abyss. which he taw, u he eame nearer, held in ite hollow a strange heap ef rock.5 They looked like distorted, long-heard ed, goblin faces, some ot which resembled that monstrous ape on the sec-sh*re; bat when steadily regarded, they bee a me only jagged and rifced fragments of the rock. lie entered tremblingly among these stone phantoms. The bottle imp in bis pocket grew so heavy, it seemed trying to poll him haok; bat that ryaed hit courage, "for," thought he, " what it does not like, is just what / mart like." Deeper in the cavern the darkness became $o intense, that he eonld mo longer eee those frightful shapes, and had to feel carefully be fore him with a stick; bat he foand nothing save a fmooth flvor of fine moss, and, but for x strange whistling ?nd croakir.g which passed at times through the eavern, he would ha*e dismissed all fear. At last he had passed through, and found himself iu a desolate hollow, enclosed On all sidrs by the mountains. On one tide be saw the great terrible black horse, standing like an iron statu*, unbound, with head held bigh, without grasing or stirring a limb Oppos.te him gushed out of the rocks a spring, in which the horseman was washing his face acd hand*; but the water was black as ink; and when the gigantic being turned roand to Kieherd, his hideous face was of a negro blackness, frightfully contrasting with his gorges us red attire " Don't tremble, young fellow," said be; " this is one of the ceremonies I am compelled to perform 80, too. whenever I need a new dress, i have to mix its purple with a good oumber of drops from my own blood, whereby it gets that splendid color. In short, I am bound body and soul, beyond all chanee of redemption. And what do you think I got for (hat? Only a hundred thousand pieces of gold a year. Bat I can't make that do, so I want to oay your bottle imp, and thus play the old miser a trick " And be began to laugh, so that the rocks resounded, and even the hith erto motionless black horse started " Well," be asked, turninz again to Rich ard, "do you bring half farthings, comrade " " I am net your oomrade," answered Rich ard, half confused, half testy as he opened his bag "Oh, we are prood. are we??but have a care, my fine gentleman ? Who set the mon ster on the pnncc, that you might conquer it?" l< There wss no need of all that jugglery," said Richard ; and he related how the prince already struck not only half farthings, bat the third part of farthings The red man aprear ed oat of humor at hiving given himself the trouble for nothing However, he changed one good farthing against three bad ones, gave Riobard one of these, and received in return the bottle-imp, which felt very heavy coming out of his pocket, lying carled up. sallen and sad, at the bottom of the phial The rider again laughed violently " That wont help thee, Satan," cried he ; " give me gold here, as much as my horbe caa carry," and forthwith the huge beast groan ed under the burden of gold ; yet he took bis master up again, and like a fly erawling up the wall, stepped right op the perpendicular rock, bat with such hideous movements and contortions that Richard fled back into the oavern, that he might see no more ef them. When he had come out on the other side ef the mountain and run a good way beyond the abyss then, for the first time, did the whole consciousness of hia deliverenoe strike on bis mind Now at length he felt the evil spirit's hold over him gone and the pressure of anspeaks.ble misery removed, and a true penitence for his former wild and sinful life touched his heart iiis joy at his release was tempered by that penitence, and sanctioned by a firm determination to lead a new life, and in this determination, and the carrying on of it, his former cheerful heart returned. With all his renovated strength and spirit, be bent himself to run a good, sober, honorable course ; and in this he succeeded so well, that, after some years of honest labor, be was able to return as a well to-do merchant te the dear German land, where he married ; and where in his old age he frequently told his grand children, as a useful warning the story of the Bottle-imp. ' A Frahtic His baud oji Woma* ? Rights. A day or two since we met a friend coming out of one of oar first class dry goods stores, with the most lamentable expression<.f coun tenance, atd a most vindictive firmness j#d determination visible about the uouV " What's up?" said we. w Up!" he replied, "everything's up Lx>k here," said he dragging us into a store, "look here," and he produced several long strips of paper in geniously tied together at their ends, covared with cabalistic characters, the solution of which was represented by $218 41 **' There," said he, " is my wife's account at one dry goods store for three months. My salary is jusiS900 and there's one quarter of it gone for furbelows and dimity. Ljok her*," and bis eys showed a vindi:tiveness, and his at titude summed itself up as dangerous; "l'io friends in the Legislature; they shall pass a law to the effect that no woman shall be al lowed iu the streets without a written pass from her husband If caught out without it. she shall be placed in a pound and kept till called for. There," and ha went off like a waale in his flurry We agreed With hia. however, in every particular. Yawkic Outers Ridim add LivbIxdiaks gonk to Europb ?The great eircas establish ment of Messrs Howes A Cushing sailed from New York for Liverpool, in the paeket ship Southampton, which had been expressly char tered for the expedition It consists of one hundred persons, including a tribe of Rooky Mountain Indians; a musical instrument on wheels, called an Apolonioon, to be drawn by forty cream colored horses; and twenty-five other vehiolee, containing the wardrobas and appurtenances of the exhibition. There are eighty horses oa board the ship. The proprietors inte nd to visit England, Germany and Switserland, and will be absent for three years The estimated oost of this undertaking is one hundred thousand dollars. It is organised on a grand scale, and far ex ceeds anything of the kind which has been projected by the universal Yankee nation. A Novel Scit -A Mr. Hunt sued Miss Lanra Keene in one of the Justice's Coarts to recover $1, which he paid for two tiekete on the evening of February 2Sih, bavin* been assured that he would be provided with seats in the dress circle. On reaching that part of the hoase, however, it was found to be quite full, acd he declined taking seats in the par quette, and insisted upon the return of his money, which was refused The J ustioe deci ded that the defendant was bouod to refund the money. The case being a somewhat novel and important one, Miss Keene has appealed to a higher coart. |y A laboring man in Chicago, seeking the po*t-<>fiice, the oiber day, by mistake catered the offiee of the Town Talk, and asked to have a letter registered, which he wished to eend to a rti&tant city. Obliging clerk, named Chester, said the fee for rag is te hag was 6 cent*; man paid it; took receipt, signed" Isaac W. Cooke, P. M by the elerk; end left C ? k found he was $10 44 in." when he broke open the letter; but the p roc pee'a now are that he will be several dollars " out" before the 1 iw is done with him, for he hes been arrested and required to flud $1 000 bail. _ , ltTT (7 The Bell farm of S000 aores at S2S M ?andihe fann of II M Bowen, deoeaaed, of 400 at $35, both in Clarke v??ty, Virginia, were told last week.