Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1857 Page 3
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evening star; 'local intelligsnos. Cr 1*15XL CcrcnT.?Ths Trial ofDoddridg* C l** on Ckargt of Murder ?James ?. Walker tu upon the stand when our report ciosed yesterday. and was testifying utou inquiry pat by dame to Lm, what evidence be had that be pieked bia (Lm'i) pocket; Lee replied thit ha saw lhm?? right hand coming from hit pocket; Home then en tared into a vary elaborate explanation of the relative position they occupied at the levee to ?how that he could sot possibly have pieked hie (Lee's) pocket; Mr. Walker proceeded to deeeribe what transpired subsequently; hi* testimony being substantially the same as al ready given; witnesses face almoet touched Lee's when witness shook hands with Dr Mil ler; witness at the time bowed to Mr. Brown in the room; is satisfied that Hume appealed to Lee four times if ha still persisted in be lieving that he pieked his pocket, and that Lee responded in the afirmative each time; a'tar this, llama etraek Lee, using the words 41 Yoa d d rssoal, do yeu e?y I stole your pocket*book*" Lee, on receiving tee Mow, assumed a very curious position, doubling himself up, and drawing himself up, as it were, nearer to Hume; did not see Lee s hands raised as if to ward off the blow; observed bat one blow; In almost lees time than it would take Ua ta tell it he heard the report of a pistol; is very certain Hume held the stick only in ado hand when he straek Lee [The gr&nd jury here eame in, and were dismissed until Monday morning, at 11 o'clock ] Has no recollection of bearing Hume use the ex pression about meeting Lee ? if he had to meet him in bell;'' believes he must have beard everything that was said, unless when shaking hards with Dr. Miller Crwe-examined.?After the first blow Hume and Lee were so close together that if there were any subsequent blows they must have been very light ones. The court up"n the conclusion of Mr Walk er's testimony took a recers of fifteen minutes, until 2 pm. Jcaepd ?. Rawlings sworn ?Saw Lee on tbe morning of the 38th of February last at the earner of 20 -h and H streets ; witness was ac e^mpanici by a man named C>gan ; Lee asked witoe?s where he could borrow a revolver ; witness told him he had one, but it was tou largo to cirry in his packet, if that was what he wanted, but th it be eould get him one of Mr Handy. Cogan asked Lee *-if tbe dogs were getting bad again'"' Lee laughingly aniwered "yes; * this was between 7 and 8 o'clock in tbe morning. The District Attornoy announced that the evidence for government closed here. Dr Wm B. Magruder sworn for defence ? The pistol used by Lee on the 28th of Feb ruary was shown to Dr Magruder, who iden tified it as one he had seen at Lee's bouse sou-e lime last summer, during a visit there, and which Lee at that time told witness had been in his possession fur a long time. Cross-examined ?Dues not remember how the pistol came to his notice but his impres sion is that he picked it ap from a shelf where it was lying; has known Lee for four or five yearn; has been his physician; Lee is a feeble man, so mach so, that about a year and a half ?go witness thought he was going to die of eanaumption. The cane used by Hume upon Lee was shown to Dr. Magruder, who gave it as his opinion, in answer to a question, that a blow struek with tbe ferule end of the cane upon the temporal bone would kill any man Andrew Carroll was sworn, and identified the pistol as one he had seen et Col. Lee's hcuse last tummer, and which he was can tioned by Col. Lee not to handle, as it was loaded Benjamin F. Darby, of Georgetown, was sworn, and Identified a pocket-Sook shown him, as the one he found in the poeket of his drean-ooet oa returning from tbe President's levee on the night of February 27ch; on open ing it he found the name of Lee upon some of the papers, and on hearing of the affray next meraing, he tcok it to Justiee Drury's office, supposing it might be the one in question. bammel Drury, sworn ?Is a justice of the peaee of this county; witness identified the nocketbock as the one brought to him by Mr Darby, and whieh, on being shown to Lee, who was at his office, waa identified by Lee as the one he had lost; Col. Lee came to his of fice after the affray and delivered himself up; witness identified the cane in court as the one brought to hie office oa tha: morning; when it caa? to his office tbe ferule was off James G Smith, sworn ?Is a partner with Stevens, the hatter; sold a cane on tbe morn ing of tbe 2Sth of February to Mr. Hume re sembling this one; this was in the neighbor* hood of nine o'elork in tbe morning The evidence here closed for the defence. Mr Bradley, for the prosecution, asked that the Court should instruct the jury as fol lows : " If, from tbe whole evidence aforesaid, tbe Jury shall fed that on tbe evening previous to the death of Hume, tbe prisoner and Hume patted la anger, with tbe expectation that tbey wuuid meet tbe next day, and mat the pris oner, la aatielpation of said meeting, pre pared himself wltb a deadly weapon, coaceil?d tbe same about bis pcrstn, met tlume, and by reiterating tbe charge be bad made oa tbe previ ous eveLlag provnhtd Home to make ae sseauit upon him ; that Uume did rnnie the said a?aa- t; and tlieT-upjB tbe prisoner killed him wltb tbe B?iddeadik weapon, tlien If the ju>y aba>l former be.leve tbat tbe prlaoner Inter, aed la F? -curing the shid weapon to kill said Uume In caae be should make said assault, a.:d alto la ten tied to p'ovose him, atid did provoae him, to mtke tbe same, be is gulltv of murder.'' Tbe law point*, and the fact* involved in tbe instructions asked, were argued and brought out by Mr. Bradley for government, and by Messrs D*vidge and Cbilton for de feres, with a degree of leg?l acumen whieh challenged tbe undivided attention of an au dience which had been standing in a most un comfortable position from 10 o'clock a. m , to 5 o deck p za Upon the conclusion of the arguments J adge Cra?rf>rd gave his answer to the prayer of tbe prosecution, refasiug the ins:ructions asked ; sni in doing so averred that the evidence did n?>t prove tbat Lee designed to provoke Hume t m-ike an atsault upon bim The court theu adjourned. ronnTB oar. Major Lilly's name was accidentally mis printed Nally in yeeterday's evidence. Tne Court met at ten o'elock this morning, the room be<ng crowded again. Tne District Attorney asked that tbe follow ing instructions sboald be given by the Court to tbe jury : " If the jury believe from tbe evidence that the prlaouer at Ue oar premeditated taking tbe life of toe de eased, and *rmed hUueeif wita a deadly weapon, and (having retson to believe tbe de eeased would call upon bim for explanations of tbe rtu>|? made against him by tbe prisoner on the evening previous,) premedl ated and Intended te reiterate said charge, and also designed and ln'e. dfed to u?e tbe said deadly weapon upon the peraoa of 10* deceased, in caae the deceased ?hoaid be provoked to assault the uleoner.and if they further believe from tbe evidence that tbe aid assault tbe prlaoner, whereupon tbe prisoner used tae deadly weapon aud took the ilfe of tbe deceased, being at the same time under no reaioaabie apprehensive of the losa of life or limb, or at enormous bodily harm he is guilty of sisrtUr." Mr. Ksy briefly recapitulated the evidence, aed, with bis usual ability, went on to show why tbe instructions should be granted. Tbe Court complimented tbe counsel for the Government oa the adroitness with whieh the propositions had been drawn up to evade tbe decision of yesterday, but declined to grant the instructions. Mr Davidge, for defence, then asked that the Court should give the usual instrnotions to the jury. Mr. Bradley asked tbat the instruction* should be reduced to writing, whieh was done by the eoanael for defence, and presented as follows : " 1. If from the whole evidence la this ease, the jury believe that at tbe time the accused fired the pistol he bad proper rtasoe to believe from tie circumstances mat surrounded him tbat hi* life was la danger, or that his pe. son was in das jjrf of serloes bar*", ihBi then tne homicide wltb which he ? lands charged eras eicusable upon the grout d of ae-f defence, and It makes no diffrr eaee whetaer the danger existed in point of fact It the circumstances, ia the opinion of the jury, Ju?;flad such belief oakl? part 411. if the jury eataitala reaeonable d wbt aa te any material facts nece??ary to make out the ea&e for the preeeeutloa, they mast give the bene It to the defendant " To tbe first prayer the Court gave the fol lowing answer: ^ " 1/the jury bailfvafte* the avidenee thai ths . v. lV. izz?; 7? "? wy siowt lmfliot ?? ln 'he *?* iMtaaca, without aav previous attempt at personal violence en the put rf the prtsoeer, yreas w*xA a* tosid Mt tber believe teat the prisoner could not retreat 'h*T "hall baMave from the evidence ha d'd (11 they believe be retreated at ell) by m ?on of the fierce*.en of.the attach cr by surround Ing obstacles or Impediments, then on the state of facts supposed la the prayer the initructloa Is in ated." The second inetrnetion was granted. Mr Davidge for defencs offered to submit the ease to the jury without argument. The counsel for prosecution declined to ac cept the proposition Mr. Kej eommenoed addressing the jury at twenty minutes past 11 a m., reviewing the evidsnce with great clearness and power, and is speaking as we go to press. Music.?We accord space to the following commnnieation because satisfied that the ? e oution of the Marine Baad of this city de serves eraa the high encomiums it therein receives Thera is do better band or eompany of instrumentalists in this country, than this same Msrine corps band : Mr. Editor: Our city of Washington is blest with musicians of a very high order of talent, who may really be oonsidered among the very beet in the oountry To satisfy oneself of this it is only necessary to attend one of the many concerts, balls or levees which occur almost nightly; or visit the Fair of the Mechanics' Institute,?or, bet ter *1111, to have the luck to And oneself in the vicinity of a serenading party at whioh they officiate Those who had the pleasure of listening to the admirable performance of the Marine Band last night while serenadiag Mrs. Pen dleton, a well merited oompliment tendered to her by the Democracy of the Sixth Ward, will readily acknowledge the truth of these remarks It was ohoioe musio; beautiful, appropriate?and was no doubt duly appre ciated by the estimable lady for whom the compliment was intended. The band, under the direction of their leader, Mr Scale, opened with the anvil chorus from 14II Trovetore " snd the solo, by Esputa, was renderod in a masterly manner Xhen fol lowed, what perhaps it is not too much to say, was one of the fitiest flute solos ever heard in Washington. the music from "Hernani," per formed by Mr Fred. Prosperi. * Then came in succession those brilliant gems?the "Bird Welti," by Mr Scale, which, to be understood and appreciated, must be heard, for its effect is difficult to describe, and the "Bridal Schottisobe." composed also by Mr- Scale, and dedicated to Mrs. Senator Douglas; and, finally, in all its glory, the '? Sleigh Polka," with its bells and whip, not imitation of the great master, but the gen uine, real Julien. Every one around was most highly gratified for there certainly has not been heard in this city of ours more splendid music. That which is beard nightly at the Fair is fine, beautiful ?but this was still finer, more beautifal, and, indeed, it could not be otherwise; for the best talent was engaged in performing pieces writ tin by acknowledged masters,?the personnel of the band on this occasion comprising the flower of the celebrated U S Marine Band. March 25. ??- J. D. B Sasitart Actio* ?If we have to yield our common sense convictions to the garbled no tions of pseudo scientific men, we thill find that while they are arranging matters in the oolumns of the publio press, in accordance with their views, we shall have permitted the last and only opportunity to pass which will enable us to restore the city to its usual at mosphere and health. Are we to be told that the sewers are not the cause of the trouble at the National Ho tel, and that the cause is yet to be discovered ? What is this intended to insinuate ? And are we to believe it, end trust our lives and health to such false reasoning, that a few may figure in the peculiar language of science, while the vitality of the city is consuming ? No. We would rather abide by the knowledge which is the free gift to every man, enabling him by his sense of smelling, to avoid offensive cdors as icjurious to animal life. We know that to pass the sewer openings on the avenue is to insure neusea to some individuals, and in cer tain states of the system, to others ; that an atmosphere thus affected is to be avoided if the means can be obtained, no simple person can doubt. When we have the evil remedied, let science pursue her true and sure course, and she will reaoh the results we have attain ed. ' As Isquirt.? A fair eorreepondent requests us to asoertain why the usually gallant Com missioner of Public Buildings, proverbially a favorite with the sex, designs excluding the ladies from Lafayette Sq^e?as will posi tively be accomplished if too iron posts jast pat up before the gateways of the square are suffered to remain; for it will be impossible for a damsel habited in hoops to pass through them, without lifting her skirts at least waist high?an act of immodesty not to be dreamed of iq these refined time*. The Ibstitutb Iaau - The closing address will be delivered ou Monday night by S. A. Dodglass The Fair will, however, be kept opea on Tuesday for the benefit of the em ployees and of the orchestra, who have labor ed so succesrfully for the erjoyment of visitors. We imagine the Fair will be crowded from this time to its close Last night tome S300 was taken at the door. The Fair has in fact been a triumph for the managers and for the oity as well. - <? The Circuit Court this morning had be fore them the cases of Thomas J. Jones and and Thos. H Langly, an appeal from the de cision of a magistrate in fining them for fore stalling the market by purchasing poultry (they being hucksters) during market boars. The Court sustained the decision of the mag. utrate. On Monday the jury will be called and the regular docket taken up. Thb Fair, during jeeterday.-was more Urg* ly attended than on any previous day. The following schools visited it: Georgetown Male and Female Publio School; Uallowell's Female Academy, of Alexandria; the Private School of Mrs. Brown, elso that of Mrs. Latimer; Catholic Mission, and Ebenezer (Methodist) Sabbath Schools. Cbira abb Japas.?Two magnificent series of views of countries that christian civilised nations are not very familiar with, were ex hibited in Georgetown yesterday afternoon and evening to good houses, and all expressed themselves delighted, both with the views and the brief and clear explanatory leoture. Accidbst ? A son of Mr. Lewis Wright, while engaged yesterday at the Fair building in handling the hose conducting from the water plug, had tba middle finger of hts left hand badly crashed. He was taken to the Drug store of Dr. Stott whera ha was promptly attended to. ??? Waigh's Italia.?An exhibition of "Italia" and the "Lilliputian Family" this afternoon at Si o'clock, on which occasion an academy of young ladies will attend. Let all the young folks go and see Italia. Rbiicsatiob?Joseph S Norwood, of the Amxiliary Guard, has resigned?to take effect the let of April Boxascb or MABRiAas.?Police Gazette 00ctains fall particulars of the marriag* be tween Miss Bokar and John Dean, only six oents. Bold by the agent, A. Adamson, oppo site the Post Office ? It Lbslib'b Nbwspafbr, containing illustra tioLS of the terrible rail^y accident, near Toronto, Canada, has been laid on our table this morning, by Sbillington, bookseller and news agent. We have alio received from Sbil lington s establishment, Herpers' Magasine, Godey's Lady's Book, Putnam's Magasine, Knickerbocker Magasine and hoateholi works for April. It SBCttND WHANO OrENlNtt oV TUK ?easesat Day New aiere.?Aapl*n-^^_ did assortment of reel Imported KRbiiCH^H BONNKT0. 1 he large-tarn rlcheet col-WKT ,aetl9B of FBKNOM, BON*, LAC**, and KMBROlUfcftlKS to be found lis the city D RESS-TRIMMINGS la thegrestast vsrle y. ILLUSION CAP MS. MANTILLAS, M?R SKILL US, md NET B AbQUMb, end CHIL DRESS' O * MMN TS teaajr made. i>fc fctW-M A K IK ? la tea latest Preoch Styles, M. WILLIAM, tttt Of LKTTtRI Remaining in tk* Post OfAct. W*sk*ugt0n,D.C.t It j*1"th* Kvw*i*e Stab: i?h^ fr circu it ] Y P*PW PubU^ed mVuhiOf pi mi ?ITtb.y^Tr r *5 t bbtimb1 !* tk*foUow!M???. "?n isle, Ostharlne Allen. Mill g t Aran, IrWIl BoyA, Mary Ana toil, Mary C Blake, Mr* J A Brooks, Hit* J B Brown, MlasM LAMBS' LIST. Preook, mM s M Ftatherelraaagh, Mr* J Pea wick Ana Parrle, Kin Abb Getaaa, In Gen Gray, Mrs J W OoaHI, Mary B Bartsa, Mr* Mate* Goald Mlu B Birch, Cordelia Brown, Martha Brooka, Erelly Baan, Mra Ana Balllaa, Mra B Oale, B'lta O, J Graham. Mra O W Oldley, Mra B K Geylord, Mra M J Millar, Mra 8 0 Marpkey, Mra B S Miner, Mtaa M Metr, Behecra M Mackabaa, Mra B McCarron, MlaaAoa I*Ilea, Mlaa B Hornsea. Mra P O'HeM, Mlaa B O'Conaer.Cath'rlae rack, Mlaa Anaa Poole. Mra B 8 Pyna, Mtaa P liodman.Mie* fAR Packer. Mra Bnrrongbs, Mtaa 0 Greenwood MrsW K Quia, Mr* B J Bnw.n, Mlaa B Benjamin, K Bridget, Jnlla Barrlar, Mlaa V BaMen, Mary Blrtrel, Barbara Braaaaa. Mary Cala, Margt 1 Clark, Mra J A Comb*, Annla M On*. Mre Her Clark, Sarah Jane Crates. Mlaa Jana Cos, Mra Capt Ons, Mr* P L Colllna, Mra Kate Chrlatn, Mra Robt Cofflo, Mra G?o M Call lor, Cordelia Carter, Lattella Chans bars, Mary Hetss, Mra C B HI la, Mra 0 W Hyde, Mtaa B Harper, Mlaa M A Hepktne, Mary L Hlgctna, Bllaa Baft Mra C Bnooata, Mlaa ? Howe, Mra 8 Ross. Mlaa Jeaale Kay, Jn'la ?obey. Mra J Hamphraya, Mra 8 Bnaacll. Mary Betgard, Mra Joha BIchardaon.Mary A Holdan, Mra J M Hlgglns, Bllen Banter, Mlaa Geo Jonea, Mra AH J a co be, Banna Jarvli, Mary P J ark eon, Barbel Jahnsoa, Mil V King, Mlaa J W Kerrn. Agr.ea Kmaedy, Annla I.n, Mra Judge Lae, Mrs C Calrart.Mra Chaa B Lyarh, Mra Kllan Dawaa, Mra 0 M Dlgga, Mlaa 8 Davidson. Mary B Dnacan, Mra ? bunsloo, Mra B Prapar, Bebacca Daahlat, Mra M Donnslly, Mra B Dongleee, Mra R Dlbb a, Mra C B Longhster, Mlaa 8 Leaning,Mra P Bog?r?, Miss M J Blugold, Mlaa B Bloiiardaoa.Mralf 0 Buart. Rachel 81m res, Mra. F Snith, Mra F M Buna. IrtRO Htreen, Mra R F ehea, Mr* John Skinner, Mra f H Smith, Mra B t?> atton, Jnlla A Smiley, Mra B O Stewart, Mra Jaa Sawyar, Mlaa Mlrla Staait, Mra B H Lewla.Mlaa Kmma F Sherman, Mra B LamherL Mrs F Bbeehan, J alia Lewis, Bias B A Baaraan, Bmlly LI?lng?f>npMr? AC Bandera, Mra B D Mllla, Mis* f. Mttchall, Mlaa N Mahony, Mra A B Maltlaud, Mary A Dlckarson. Mlaa 8 F Martin, Mra M H Dawson, Sarah A Mlllerlck, Mary I Daley, Mlas Boee D'aly, Mrs Brans. Mary J French, Margaret Auatln. It W D Allln, Thoa ABdaraoa, Thoa L Aodcraon, Gen 9 J Andervon, Gen 8 R Allen, Byleaoar Armstrong. Silas A-he. Dr B P Amery, B G Allan, M Ayraa, Jonathan Andrews, H B Arth, C Ackman, Chaa Allen A Bn Burke, W H Bel tea, Wm Bowen, Kev T P Byrua, Th >a Bnroe, Th^a 0 Ball, Th"mpaon B.lley, Ham I Bucliley, K Ba r?, Dr B F Bozell, K W K.yll??, Bobsrt Bull. P M Blair, P M Bennett. N Smith Burna, N Brady, M B J Bemte. M P novae, M H Bowen, M B'eck^nr'dge, Ma g< Ota or Bankla Brenner, Jno G Bags. Juo H Brealla, J G Rowan, Jas 0 Borden, Jaa W Barna, Jno F Brown, J M Berrien, Com J M Banka, J B Brewatar, H P Batter, Col Geo Blakfly, Oeo A Blockley, Geo Berarna. G C Bel ay, Fr^aels B Brad'er, P P Banka, Dr B N Baal, DBS Bradley, C H B.j has so, Chaa Rannoa Chaa Brewstar, Alex B Brener, A 8 3 Boldlaf, A Burbauk, Abosr Cooke, W H 1 Chamber*, Wm Caaibell, Hon W H Canuinghain, Thoa Clown*?, Tim CVckrcUs, 8 D Cliarcn, S I Co!ton, B M CouUn, Pctsr Cru?by, Lt Plarca C???a ly, P M Childa, pelag C C.trill. Goo 3 Callan, M Cooke, Lytletoa S Calhoun, Com Jaa Cra?t?' a, Juo P B r utbbark, Jbo A Camsalnfa, MjJ J t Cochran, J S Corneilae, Jno C'ine, Isaac Cary, J C I r<x ea, J M Coy'.a, Jno ibzss Mitchell, Mra B. F Mitchell, Mlaa M J Malvllle, Mrs B Tata, MUs C Thomas, Mrs P W 1 Ihoa^soa, Mlaa M Webb, Miss C W-deman, Lucy Wall. Mies 8 Warren, Mary Wllian, Hannah Wliita. Mary B GKNTI.BMBN'S LIST. Gallaghw. Richard Mossa, Kiward Glally, B B Griffith, R L 1 Gong, B M Oroghegan, Pbllllp anff, Panl Gaben. Patrick Gra'va, I.udwig Gram, Ju<> P GofT, J O Gatewrvod, Col J H Goonaktll. Jno Gardner, J V P Gallatin, Jno 8 Gilbert, H'nry B Gibaon, Geo H Gardiner. Ell P Giehaa, Daniel Gorman, A P G<lbralth, Col A Haaklue, J B 1 Howl, Walter Hilia y, W H Hanna, W H Harris W H Halliburton, W Harrison W H Harry, Maj W H Hampton, Wade W Htyer, Re* W G Bnnter, Cai t W H Haggarty, Thoa Hoyna, Tbos t Hale, Saoil Hays Col 8 M Harrington, Cap S Hunter, B 8 Howell, Mr Holioran, Mathaw Hilton, L Harming. Jno 0 Helleman, J 0 1 Henry, M J Hnntlagtoo, J B Morris Harrle. Jam** Hymer, J -e Harris, Jos D Henry, Jno M Hatch, J M Hai vey, Jno H Hallock, J I Bask sr. Jno B, Jaied Hoaah, J H Hawkins, Jh>lga Himaon. Jos Hillary, Jamta Hearte, Jaroea Hamilton, L H F Haaaabrecht, G Harvey, Oeo Hayn*s A Griffin I Bawkin*. Geo 8 t Hi ker, Bruast Hlllyer, Bdw:n Basklns, Bdward Hardy, B Harria, KlisUa Hybbard, Dr Howard, D D Hnston, Lt Dauial Hay, 0 Li Harvey. Chaa T Hitchcock, C M Hall. Alex S Hum^fereya, A M Mowland, A H Hoover, A M Hardy, Anson Murry, Dennis t Millar, David Merrill, C H Milt*. C E Morrall, B B McLaughlin, B McOoimlck, C H McCloskey, Falls McQannrgla, G K Mcl^ane. G W McClenehan, Jno t McKenny, J McCarthy, J M McClernan J A McAfTee, Col M MclntyT*, W N MrCua, Jo* N?lsoa, B R Nortoa, M P Norrls, L D Neemlih, J V kiwton Cam J T Na?h, H R Noyss, Bdwlo Natl. B J Kortnn, B P U'Brten, C O'Bryon, B F Parson, W D 1 Penlloa. W M PrlcB, Gen T I. Plaat, Tin s W Paarca, Taea Powar, Thr? Parks. Robt > Pnsay. Petir D P.andar, Mr Patten, J T Pennington, J B Polk, Jatnea Parkar, J A 3 Fendleten, 8 H t Partln. G Poor, Frederick W Porter. Maj F J Po tar, B B Purhtug, Cyrus L Pratt, Abner P*nn, A G Plainer. Arnold Bo*y. W H Boblaon, Thoa D Bedford, Sam'l Roberta B Biddla Beed, Mr R dlar, L?uls Raakard, Luclas B'?we, Jno 5 Kjland, Rev J H 3 Roblasnn, Jno L Reynolds, Col D C Richardson,Col J M Rice, Harvev s Read, Rev H W Blder, G W Benwlck, V Botlnson, B F Banklo, Dr B 8 Suvart, Wm M Stewart. Wm t Boilers, Wm Steele, Mr Shields, P H Stavens, Oliver 3 8bek?L Mathaw Sc tt Maaasaat Simma A Little B:*ph*?a, L ?* Smith, Jes Hammond, EdW'd I Savage, J 9 Johnaoo, W F Jackana, W H JannlBga, Wm Johnaon, T M Johnaon, 8 M ? rk, Jno M, A Co ? Jamison, Ma) 8 8 i if ma?, Haory ' J anaa, NalaoB Chorpaaslng, Gao JoUaa. J )r* Ciaaoa, G W Cummtiiga, 0 B Chappa, iHaaappt OA.IT-S Sullen. K W Crandall, E A Clark. DT> Colclaa r, D T ( hew, A 8 CluakAJVfl Ksys Wm OaeBaa/Prof A L 1 Keacan, Tkoa J JvhBaon, Joel Johnson, J L Joaes, Joha A' Jordaa.J N JeBulngs, J..iuas Jackaon. Gao B Joliasou, D O A A J SeVtoU.Vj Jouea, DBF Shaw, J Jackaon, A loose Jackaoa, A St Oeo -Batbrrlaad, Jcslah ?leash, Jaa P Smith, Jot Blagietoa, Gea Jas Stawart, Jtia A Slmmona, J A Smith, Jno P Steveaaa. Jamea khtriat. Jaa H ?hipUy, Gaa F Story, Joslah Spancar, J C Spalding, Jaa A Btaptiaua, Ira H t Shnnk, J?s P Call am A M Digga. rkllip Dulln, Wm Y Douglas, W Draper A Truman Daulap, Thoa De Haven, sami Day, Saiul E Dillaya, 9 D D aaey. Bobart Donnelly, P Danciy N.thaa Donaviu. M K

Dannie Lerey C t avis, Jno G 3 Dorr, J B ! Del aty, Tjtnaa fickle, Maj Jaa 0 D c.tur, Lt J P Dlematarl, J D De Young, Jno Uavle, J O Dil'er, J R Daws, H L Dnvall, H C Dubai, O B Doreey, Dr O Y Dodge, Edwin Dlcksou. Daul Davla, Ch?s M Davie, C M Dava.l, Chaa H K l'ott, Robert Kvertts, Dr O Ely. Ion Bceklel, Israel Kberhart, Juo 4 B1g?rion, J D Elliott Dr G L B-lla. Gao Ecklofl, Mr F Ealln, C J Emprey, A Jr Edgarton, A P Forrest, Lt Z FiUgeraid. WPS Kra.k lu, The W Ki*b. R A Faruham, K C Flaalkaa, BPS Feiwick. B W Kenton, B B P arris, H T 3 Farrla, Jaa J Polay, James B Finks, Jao W ? f laiaa, H KUllgan, Tlmo'hy Kimball. Th?j U 3 Keuyon, L L Kiiugler, P Keada I, Phillip Ketlary, J J Kauatdy, J Kai,? J J Bally, J King, Joshua H King. Dr Jao y Kiugh, H E Kane, Heary Kellogg, Hiram Ka.ay, Bdward King, B A l^wrauce. Z 3 Lawrence, Hon W Ludlow, W U 3 Laban, W 4 Lamb, Mill Lovell, Lt W 8 Lehman, W E Lincoln, TV?e B Leapar, M C Lalloaette, Mona Sherwood, J Schnyde , Jacob Stawart, Job B 6 Saunders, ITt Slisber, H Stoaa HO* Beaman, H J Bcrlveus, Col UB1 Smith, Geo B Sweet. Geo H Smith, Ales Sut'ou, A G Tnoupson. M saa Taylor. Bav Wm J B Thrrnton, W? W Tiiompson, W is, of Iowa Told TH Th rue ton, Th??s W Thoi?a?, Stiaa A Townshend, Smith Tliden, Rev s J Turubaik. Francis Talc, garni Taylor, Nalson Trout, M C Tacksr, Mr Thompson, W J A Ihtea: ar, James 3 Thompson, A H Loonard, Col J A B I pbam. N O 3 Laudy, James 3 Lavs, Capt Jao Laakey, Jno T Laach, Jamea B Leah, Henry Leonard, H G Lawton, Geo H La ?ere, K 3 Lob, Albert Moore, Juo Maao?, Jno W Messervey, W Mitchell, w J 8 3 Van Dyke, Rev H T Vsrdy, Capt Jas Vanderpool, Jacob Veal, Michael Wstroas, Jna C Woolstou. Gao F Wstters, Ttios Watson, Dr W A 2 Wllhtt, W Waid. W Walla a Wallace, Dr W H Watsoa, W C Wlllett, W C W 3 Mathews, Bev J M, Wllkms,JU'lgaRcia2 DD Montgomery, Wm Major, Wm B Millar, Thoa Marble, 8 S Morgan, Capt R Mehan. P Mitchell, Patrick Mitchell, Madison Munta, Ml hael Mere iitn, Marlaa Merryman, Lt J H Morrta, J Jf 4 Malion, Irwin Montgomery, J G Mood . Jrs Pltxg?raid. Edward Mallor, Jno Fields, David Ftsbsr, (J B Frauch, A J > ? reader A Farguaoa, Ool A T Farueworth. J P Foster, Humphrey Gorman, W A Gould, W 0 Gadabv, Wm Goodter, W H Manson, Ira Moore, James Martla. Joha Mitchell, Jamea Whltty, Robert Wlll?oD, 1* Watkins. Nelaon Walker, I^wls Wright, J J Wt llams, Jao Watkia*, J WeeUy Wett, Jno We*t, J 0 Wa Ii, Joe 8 3 White, J G W tadsor, Bav J A Wtnslow, Jno T Wilieos, Dr H P 3 Wright. H B Whitman, Geo White, GH Williams, G D Whtttaker, P WUaon, Kdward Worthiugian, B Morris, Capt ?W3 Wood, Col K A Mitchell. Geo V Morse, Geo W 3 Metsgsr, Geo T Munock, 0 G 2 Marsh, Geo W Monroe, Frank A INITIALS. ?Philo; Mt. Plaasani. Chief Pat'cb Ne 6; Sect'y Waah'n Typographical I'nlon. March 3?. 1?47. JA8. G. BKBBKTT, Warner, Cbas Wetieil A Ball Waahlngton, B P J Wood, Augustus Wood. A II 3 Wood worth, H Mt. Xebo, P. M. COAL AT REDUCED PRICK. ^pHE SUBSCRIBER HAS J U8T RECEIVED X on con Ignment, Rod without order, a load of about 200 ions superior W U1TE ASH COAL* egg slz?, which he effort for ssle, to make room on bis whnif, at a much lowtrctte than It can be purchased elsewhere 1b this city. GEO. L. SHERIFF, mar 2fl-3t west side \% st , at Canal bridge. COAL-COAL?COAL, NOW ON THE WAV-WILL JJE READY lor delivery la a fe ar days, one cargo superior COOKING COAL. Coal of all kind* constantly on band. Also. Pine, Oak, and Hickory Wood Coal kept under cover. 2 MO lbs to the tea. M Mf T. J AW. M GALT, N W corner 12th and C street. No 517,1 _m" ? _ SQu?re south of Penn avenue. JOMCPH OAWLKK, CABINET MAKKR AliD UNDERTAKER. Ready mauk coffins constantly ob hand Funerals attended tt, and inter meats procured In the d tferent Cemeterlrs. Fur niture of avery description made to order. Old Furniture Repaired and Varnished Ware Rooms 102 Penn. aveaue, between 17th and 18th streets. mar 23-3m TN. HOWELL, a DEALER IN ICE, No 3 Plrst street, Georgetown, Is now prepared ta execute orders for Ice either laltat his resi dence or with Kldwell A Laurtace, 15th street, mar 38-tf P?R BOSTON ?THE 8UPERIOR FA8T s&illag Clipper Schooner S Y LV AN US 'Uh ALLEN?Sears, master?Is bow loUlig^b far the above port. Far f? to mai Ml W on boerd, o> to H ,W, AUUTIOJ BALB8. ? ? i ? By JAB. C. McGUIRE, Aoctlonecr. UKRT DB9IR1BLI BRICK DWIL ? llti Hm? frntttf n Pmhlla Bfnrt. Oft FRIDAv APTKKMOUN, April 34. at 5 o'clock, In front of tbe pmnim, i ?h>ll Lot N? 1. In square No ?18, fronting 89 feet T inches on 14th stieet we*t nod 60 feet on north I. improved by a new two-story and attic doable Brick Dwel ling, having a front of 37 feet S inches and con taining seven roomv with a brick kitchen back. This property is beautifully located, fronting Franklin fquare, in a healthy and r<pidly im proving part Of the eity, and io eery desirable sa a retidence or as an investment, as pmperty must advance in value with the improvements In the square Terms: One-fourth-casb; the residue in 1, B, snd 3 years, secured by a deed of trust on the propertv, with late est 1 itle indisputable. mar B8d J O. McGUIRE. Auei. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VBKY IXTINSIVI SALE OF SCrB v rter New Fnraitaro nt Ancttsn.?On MONDAY, the 6th day of April, at 10 o'clock, I shall eemmence the rale, and continue from day to diy until all is sold, of the very large stock ?f superior new Furniture in the ware-rooms on 7th street, next to Odd Fellows' Bsll. The assortment is large and varied, comprising almont e?ery de crlptlon of House-furnishing Goods We name in pa t? Mahogany and Walnut Sofks, Arm Chrlrs, and Rockers Bed Sofas, Recllnirg Chairs, Ottomans, and Lounges Marble-top parlor Table*, Library Tablea and casei Mirrors, square and oval, gilt frame and com mon, In variety Bureaus, sideboards, Wardrobes, Washstands, and Worksttnds Secretaries, Bookcases, Office Desks and Chalra Very handsome seta of Knamelled Chamber fnr niture Bedateads In mahogany, walnnt, and common Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Extension Dining Tables, mahogany and walnut A lot of superior Lace and Muslin Window Cur tains And an a-sortment of China, Glass, and Crocke ry ware, with a greit variety cf other arti cles which we deem unnecessary to enu merate The stock fl'ls three large ware-rooms, and tbe wbole will l>e sold to the tighest bidders The sale will effordafine oppntanity to all persons in tbe city and vicinity who de*ire to purcbare furniture! and Is also worthy the attention of the t ade. Tcms of sale : All sums urder 950, casb ; orer ?50 a credit of 2 ard 4 months, for notes satisfac tory endorsed, beailng Inte est Tbe public are invited to ? xaroine the stock at any time pn vlous to tbe aale. mar 98 A GREEN, Auet. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome furniture. Paintings, Ac , nt Anctlen ?On THURSDAY, me ttd day rf April, I shall sell, at tbe ioonr.8 over Mr Burns's shoe stCre, No 410 Pennsylvania av enue, between 4# and 8th streets, at 10 o'clock a m , an excellent iot of Fun.Iture, viz: Mah gany Sofas, Sideboard and Dining Tablea Oak round back Cane Office Chairs vvblnut and other Tables Two tine large gilt (iothlc frame French Plate Mltrors 100 yards Tapeitry Carpet, an excellent lot of Oil cloth Oeeanters, Tumblers. Ac Four flue Uroca telle Window Curtains and Orna ments Also, tome line Oil Paintings, one cf which la very large, suitable fcr a restaurant or billiard room, a very niperlcr palntlnr. Terms: AH sum* under S50, cash ; over S50 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, baarlng lnteiest. A. GREEN, mar 27-d Auctioneer. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household Ef fects nt Fnblic Auction.?On THURS DAY MORNING, April 2d, at 10 o'clock, at tbe residence of Dr Wallace, on Indiana avenue, be tween 1st and 2d streets. I shall sell all his Fur niture and Household Effects, viz: Rosewood Piano Forte, by Knabe A Gaehle Piano Cover and Stool, Whatnot Walnut plush covered Sofa Marble-top carved Walnut Centre Table Walnut carved Scfa, arm and parlor Chain Mahogany hair spring-sait Rockers and parlor Chairs Velvet, Brutsela and 3 ply Carpets Hall Oilcloth, Brussels Stair Carp?t Elegant gilt 6-iight Parlor Cbandelitrs Mahogany Dining and Card Tables Do Sideboard, cnr.e seat Chair*, Lounge China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Silver-plated Tea Set Castors, Table Cutlery Mahogany and walnut Bedsteads Bureaus. Wardrobes, Washstand* Feather Beds, Holsters and Pillows Washstands, Toilet Set, Stoves Mantel Clock, Vases, Lamps Crockery, Stoves, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: S30 and under, rash ; over that sum n credit of ?0 and SO days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. Th* House is for rent: Inquire on the premises, mar 27-d J. C- McGUIRE, Auct. FA R M~AT AUCTION.?ON THE 30TH day of March, (MONDAY,) on the premises, I will sell at public accMon, my t* arm, in Fairfax county, cn the Little River Turnpike, 3# miles from Alexandria, and near Mr Cloud's mill. It contains about one bundled and fifty-three ecres, from 55 to 60 acres In cultlvatlo i, the ba'ance lu wood, principally Oak and Hickory; 50 or 60 acres heavily wooded-from 25 to 30 acres are well set in timothy and clover; and if the weath er is favorable, I calculate to baveieeded the corn land of last >ear In Oats, and a good portion of lard broken up for this year's corn crop hy the time of the sale. There is a nest and substantial Frame Dwelling, containing four good slxed rooms, passage, and two porthes, all necessary out holdings, good fencing Ac., onthefarm, all of whlcn ba*e been put up since 1P51 CbU'Ches, Schools, snd Mills convenient, g^nd society, *c. The land Is really rich, lies prettily for cuttlva ion, ha* water in each Held, and a nev er falling spring a few steps from tbe door It Is he best small farm off-ring in the vicinity of Alexandria, and w-mld make a good market farm Considering its proximity to the Alexan dria and Washington markets, easy terms, Ac , it presents a chance rarely met with, a^d those wishing to purchase, would do well to call and view it,as 1 lntendc hanging my business,and the salewlll be positive. My Post Office is Mt Pierce, Fairfax couoty. 'lerms of Sale?Five hundred dollars f?be paid on the day of sale, and tbe residue in two equal annual Instalment* of ore and two years? the deferred payments to bear Interest from date, and be secured by a deed of trust upon the prem "R?Km 1- p ???c TERRETT. Gl?h Mart, Fairfax co. feb 26-eoUi NOTICE. O R L CROWN A CO HAVE THIS DAY asi received and still receiving dally some of t' e finest FURNITURE pPVerer offa.ed in this market, which. ' 1 ? we invite the attention of those inl wa it, as we assure them they can save at least 10 per cent. Handsome carved marble-top Bureaus and Tables Rosewood and walnut Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas Wardrobes Chairs of all kinds Chorry and poplar Tables, Mattr ses, hilr, corn-top, and husk. Comforts Blankets, Bedsteads, high snd low-post Recking Chairs, cane and wocd-set ts Cushions for chairs, Settees Clocks of all kinds Extension Tables, Sldebcards, What-not Glasses of all kind, some extra fine Carpets Cottage Sets, Rug*, Walters Mints Ware, Crockery Ware of all klnda Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. And o her Goods t o numerous to mention,which we invite the attention of housekeeper* and oth ers as we aie determined to cell for ca*h or to punetuml coitomCT* ^ ^ CROWN CQ > cor of 6th street and Penn. ave P. S We shall still continue our regular sale* Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, both morning and evening, in front of our store Consignments solicited, and In all cases advances made when required. C. R. L. C. A_CO.? mar 27-4t (Iote!) Auctioneers. Goshen butter.?55 kegs goshen BUTTER, suitable for family use. For "ma/ai-eodt MURRAY A SEMMES. THE StON OF PLATES, SitvnM tlreet, west *dr, 1*0. 381, ssiir Dor Key*i Hotel. M_.0 THE PROPRIETOR OF THE E8TAB llshment U thankful for tbe generous patron age be has enjoyed, and respectfully Informs the public that he has just received and opened, a Urge assortment of French China? Com Wblte Granite Ware, blue printed Ware, Com mon white Ware, Rockingham and Earth en Ware _ .. __ Cut, Pre**cd, Plain G!as* Ware, Cu^?^ ware Knives, Fork*, Spoena, Walters, Wooden Wat , The'Gooda will be sold cheep tot caah, cheeper than ever bought In tw**?J'ATF3 it Remember the Sign?"PLATES. mar 24-eoSw* , .. ICE CREAM AT WHOLES ALB. lJ? tkeir owo""*' tout. In 25 AppTr a? the Ice Cream Depot, comer 12th Crenm Owe a* Tmb. for atle. . li'I [Fkr 0tk4r Attum SmU, m nrtt ^ By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer PrJ*?,Tl,"K.A?D HOUSEHOLD EF " *??*? MAictUt?Oa MON UAY MOIn ING, March 30th, at 10 o'clock, at tto mLummL rfv# m rrantli w* * M JaaIImI.. a_ *. '' ^ of a gentleman declining housekeeping Pena, between l?t and M stmbi wll the Purnlti* and Effects, vii J""*"' ??" Two Mahogany* alr-spriag Sofas Mahogany R> cker* and Parlor Chain Do Card apd Dining Tablet Marble top Sideboard, Route Tablea Cane and Wood-seat Chairs Damask ard CMlntx Cnrtalna, Shades Three ply tad Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloth K5F1? *5? doable Bedsteads, Washstasds Cottage Chamber Pets, Looking Glasses eiiif e*ihM BedM' BoUte ? Md I'lUowa 2!2 Hnsk M?t???es China sod 61 as* Ware T^thfr ?i^k,.Kf 8t0?* ?od " UteariU U,U*1 "wrtmentof Kitchen T>rm,?sh. JAS. c Mc0lJIREt ? Auctioneer. B, c. w BOTBLKB, Auctioneer. ?? Mli?our1 ??fnue, b*?A. ?Am ? il2?* large collection of Household FurnltuiVT^ bracing In part, rlt: re' em Mahogany ttofa. Mahogany Chairs v? Rockers, Mahogany Centre and Card Taoiei Mantel Ornaments, fine Engravings Parlor. Chamber, and Step Carpeting, Hall Oil Cloto Sideboard, Wa'not Extension Dining Tsble ?/?? cbto? Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Ware Piat^d Spoons and Forks Table Cutlery, Hated Ca tors, Glass ware Handsome Sits of Ccttaee Chamber F urniture Superior Curled Hair acd other Mattrews Mahogany French and o her Bedsteads Walnut and Mahogany Dressing Bureaus W indow Shades, Wardrobes, Washstanda Cane and Wood seat Chairs Cooking and other Stoves Cooking Requisites Kitchen Furniture, Ac.. 4c H The Furniture la in excellent condition, having been In use bot a few mon'hs. B i? r^tW?n: *"d "nd*r> cash ; over S2S a cred ln?? w? *ndf0 d"v,? tOT approved endorsed notes, bearing lnteiest. mar*7-at C W. BOTKLKR, Auct By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers, f AFOE STUCK OV DRY UUOD1 AT WEDNESDAY AFTER ? * t.u ?**U ^ APr"' at 10 ?'dock at store No 8 6 7th street, b- tween M and N, we will sell tie stock of Drvand Fancy Goods therein contained, conslstlrg in pai t of ' Spring and Summer Prints. Delaines Cashmeres piaids, Muslins, ard other light Dress Goods b Brown and Bleached Cott n, Twills, Denlns acd Osnaburg* ,rI*b ^la,d Moslina, Tarltons and Lln Domestic and other Goods, for servant's wear ^<Td"' Oe'^mcrea, Satinets, Jears. Ac , Ac i e Aicds of Dry and Fancy ticcds usual, ly found In a l>ry Good ^tore. -..i?rn?: A11 ""nisof and under 810, cash : over Sin and under *v?,6)and VOdsvs: cv-r a "nf 50 dav*? for note> attlrfactorilt endorsed, bearing iuterest WALL, BARNARD A CO.. mar 8. -is Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IfER Y SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD AND ? other Faraitore at A ?ctita?On THURSDAY,^the 2d day of April, 1 sfeall sell at 10 a m , at .No. 4J4 north G, between 7th and , (the house lately occupied by Sana tors Mason, Hunter, acd Butler, immediately f ppoaltr the north wing of the Patent Office ) a very superior assortment of Furniture, vlx : ' * lue rosewood plush-covered Sofa* and Chairs Do Ottomans, brocatelle-covered Cas ter Chairs Fine rosewood Work table, waltut, extension. and other Tablea ' ' Walnut Bocktase, mahogany dress and other Bureaus Fine Silk, Damask, and Lace Window Curtains and Ornaments Bronzed Girandoles and Carcel Lamps \ eiy handsome marble top palntedand flowered cot aje Chamber Set Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobes and Waahstands Hat-rack, Antique, snd cane-seat Chairs Fine imperial Carpets and Hearth Rugs Brussels, tbree-ply, snd Stair Carpets Passage and ether Oilcloths. Window Shades China, glass, and crockery Ware, among which are liae white French China Dinner and Desfrt Set A lar* e lo: of T ible Linen and Cutlery Flse Fsather Buds, Bedding Hair and other Mattresses, lot of Stoves And a large lot of Kitchen Requisites, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to esnmerate Terms - All sums'under *50, cash; overf5').? credit of cO and 00 days, for notes ssilsfhotoiily endorsed, bearing Interest. Tne ladles an<f gentlemen of Washington and Georgetown wno wish to purchase good Furni ture and respectfully Invited to this sale, as they will find it worthy their attention mar 27 d A bRKEN, Auet P- 8 ?The House is fcr rent; icqniie of Sam* uel Magee, on 7th street, near the premises. By BARNARD A BUCKEY, Georgetown~ TVEW FRAME HOCeE at Private Sale. li We will sell, on accommodating terms, a new Frame House, rooms convenient and com fnrtabte Attached is a larae jrtrd, with a pomp of water convenient The Bouse has a good bsck building, Is In the upper western part of the town. For further lcformation ar p:y lo mar'26-lw BaKIN AKD i BUCKEY, Aucts. By J.\S. C. McGUIRE, Auc'loceer LA ROE SALE BY CATA? OWLK OE l.AOO hatdy Perpetual Roses Fruits,TreesfOr> namental t'lautsand" hrnks, Ac.?On MON DAY AFTERNOON. March 30th. at 3 o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell a catalogue cow - prlelng the newe*t and best kinds of? Perpetual H\brldes, Bonrbon, Noisettes, Mobs, Perpetual Mots, and Climbing Roses Climbing Plants, Chinese Wisterias Clematis, blue and white Dutchman's Pipe, Blgroria, Ja*mlnes Chinese Tree Peony, and many other choice and rare Plants and Shrubs Also, Dwarf Pear. Apple, and Cherries of the most celebrated kinds Also, many other choice hardy Plants, never before offered In this city We Invite the attention of the public to this sale, as It Is the best collection ever offered In Washington Ail plants and trees warranted tru? to name, and of superior quality. A JARDIN, Florist and Nurseryman, Washington, D. C. mar 26-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct ByJAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household Ef fects at Public Amlita.?On WEDNES DAY MORNING, April 1st, at 10 o'clock, at thr, residence of E C. Eddie, Esq., No 2 Union Row, on F street, near Seventh, 1 shall sell all the Furniture and feffecs, com pricing Walnut carved hair sprlns-seat Sofa Rock'r and Parlor Chairs Rosewood marble-top Centre Table Gilt Frame M rror, walnut Rout Tables Damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets Mahogany Mat- ree, hail Oil loth Stilr Carpets, Stair Rods and Eyea Walnut extension dining Table Cane-seat Chairs, Rockers, Lounges French China and Graulte Tea and Dinner Ware Silver-plated Castors Spoons and Forks Table Cutlery, Glassware. Walter Mahogany acd Walnut Wardrobes Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wasbstands Looking Glisses, Clocks. Toilet Sets Jenny Lind and Cottage Bedsteads Curbed Hair and husk Mattresses Bo'slers and Pillows, Blankets and Comforts Window Shades, Rugs, Stoves Cooking Stove and Fixtures Togetherui ha general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : S3u and under, cash; over that sum a credit cf 2, 3 and 4 months, for s itlsfactorlly en dors d notes, bearing Interest mar *i-d JAS C |McQUlftE, Auct. By A GREEN, Auctineer. BUILD1NO LOT AT AUCTION.?On TUESDAY, the 31st instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m a hand some Building Lot situated at the corner of 1st street west and sou'h Q at eets, being Lot No i In rquare No. f58; having a front oa 1st street of 65 feet 3 Inches, tcnnlng back with CJ street 173 feet 7 inches, conta ning near 10 000 square feet cf ground. Terms cash mar? A. GREEN, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctloceer. Brick and stone or the i*sii?mi Theatre at Pablic Aaciioa.?Oa FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th. at4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the entire lot of Brick and stone standing In tt-e walls and stacked up in front of the National Theatre comprising aboot 600,0-v brick aad large quantity of blue rock la the foundation. . Offers tor tbe above at private sale will be m tert?lne#tbe brick sold by measurement la the Tirs-JsSkTS* TELEGRAPH NEWS, PROM THE ASSOCIATED PRBS8. L*te#t from Califcraia. Central Amsrica Wtw Oruidi Witfr Ty**** ? The*teatssr Illinois hill ilI*?* a%ua ? th* ** ??2l> m 5mmL~ 6* ?*w th? iim? i lB th. uu"^" with the Golden ag?. <* C.p. cT. steamer Psnair. <? ^nor*, bound up The arrived kt pan,'!^ 31 Jm?? del Sor, had lw*ty-sve 4?eertera fcLi ?**, bundl*<i ??d destitute coVdTt"* t? ^ajk#r '? *? ^ united States wai n.i7 w,lr pmsege to the Government One hnna la Costa Rican tb. ur.s.d. fc, n?n'? '' "?? i. m.itjer cm. i> tb. IlliDoil ?*" Bates. the late State Tr*u.. . indicted for felony. His trial bid ? **?" and his accounts showed a deficit of*^*212' k.-telle, keeper of the State prison *-^v ' Teported by a committee of the legist unworthy of holding the office ?ot%Ih0? grow misdemeanors. snous Advice* from Oregon and the 8aodwieh Islands are unimportant .rTi!,e,l!vnoitie,t^ppinwtT! oa the erenine th.t rv ?k coiu Ricen pnpers ittu !h!l'*^?naand Iroope are te be added to ? ?v Vil!l ro*i ^?n Canas would march qpfd ri? tdd i0#0 wou,d m?re*> ?j? ? Juan del Sur The intention u l^r7nt-?. *r wi,h 6 000 **>f *0 w.lker . '1^00* h" r^eit^ frotn j of iterate ^?* on hi- esse wa. consider^ uer seoret consideration. There seemad ta j.arpor:?d to b. Mr Mor,*'. jr., ,p?,uoj. h " cieated great excitement on t?e l*thtuui th* n?,?? ?dlioa, ,b., th, relufe the propositions, although they expect the result will be the nili'ary oocuca i >n rf the Isthmus by tbe Inited StatM P f bome deserters from Walker state thct his troops had unanimously refused to leave r' l"iwon*"' "" '? tb!S m j!?? California news is unimportant. The ??? wlr# ?encr:,,y d?" *t former price, Flour was bringing Slti, with some speculative inan^-t^ brlC *"*** Were duU *Dd n"? inally at jo. The miring news is measrre nS ilia TJ fl?odsltrh^ughout the State. #*^i k i D J igtlance Committee <xile had returned to Sacramento, aod de niai.ded a trul A resolution to fix hU place of trial at Sacramento was under debate. 1 be special election of Senator for San Kran ci?co resulted in tho clecUon rf the Vigilance Committee candidate. ^b.! supredi? Court of California bat deci ed that the Legislature ha? no cnthority to appropriate aouey to p.y the intereat on the , ^ d?bk; "?<i th?* court will enjoin acainat levying a tax for that purpose Ihe Senate had passed a resolution that the Honor et the State required tbe rayme it of sbe ^tate debt. A resolution submitting tje proposition to tho people was lost. Arrival of the Arago. ^ yobs, March 28 ?The steamer Ara*o fhttrnu ff im} di?ht u?^e dateaTif tbe lflth. Her advices hare been anticipated ph.?. ?q L' 1 ' RBd Si*rH,r Alvarado. Charge from Honduras to the United Sta'es were pasasnger?. Fatal and DeitructiTe Exploei-r. f^t' locis, March 27. ?a terrible explosion or powder took piaoe this evening a', tbe irun i'ore of T. J. A.Jrich, blowing it and the ad< joining store of Kraft a Co. to atoms. Four pertona were killed as far af> is known, ani several others were injured. Eal^imore Markets baltimgkb, March 18 ? Flour is dull, JieT > ard street is held 74, sales limit<d . *n*c *te *td no?nin?l; ret is quoted at si 35af 1 37, atd white at $1 w f?.50 V> 91 ?2, the latter figure being for choice lots f?-r tamijy flour. Corn is unchanged; white is quoted at 60o., and yellow at ft0n63 ? Whisky is firm at 2o?*26c. for City and Pennsylvania, and 2#ia27c for Ohio. ? _ York Markets York, March 28 ?Floor ic hem * sales of 10 000 bbla ; State and Ohio brands h^ve declined ; Sute s? ioaf 4 74, Ohio 14 94 a$? 40; Southern is unchanged Wheat is depressed: sales of 13 000 bushel*; Southern white $1 49<i?l 60. Corn is firm : sales of 25.000 bushels; mixed and white have advanced 1c. Pork ia drooping; Bt $22 95 Beef Is steady at 510 24. Lard has declined; sales in b?rrels at 14|c Whisky is lower; Ohio 27to. Financial. New york, Mtrch 28?stock* are dall; Chicago and Rrek island 107; Cumberland Coal Company 19; Illinois Central shares i*2j; do bonds 102; Michigan S -uthern 72}: N*w York Central 883; Penrfylvania C al Co 95i; Reading 79|; Canton Ctmjany 23; Virginia 6 s 91a: Missouri 6's s-*. Sterling exchange is dull. For Sale and Rant. [sef ^nl page for other " Fjr Sa.t and Rem" AdvertitrmrHtt.] Homk8 FOR mkn WITH 9mallmfan9 For Sale?Two *malt Frame twr--torv Houses, with <ierp i ota. *l(u?:ea oa o ?t eet, c*u?h *lde, betweer Ith and ?.b *trer?tc. tbrr v ill be off-red very cheap Apply to pt,b r V * bkothkk.??tfntf.l h'tore ?' msrV&j: For rent?two small frame Uourta, altuated near the Nary \ ard mrld^e They contain four Rooms e'eh and win b?ret tt-d low to a good t rant Apply at JOH N o? mea R A's Variety Store. No 5-36 pean av?m? ??????. r o! let atreet mar SB 2t? House and lot/?f on* and a quaf tkk aokes. t jr 8AI.k On the Piark Road 1 m'le f om the n> titer nLlb?wty Mark* t. ne r Mr. Coc ran and John A. bii itb. fheloc' tloa 1? healtt v, and oae of tbe floeai sites In the celgtitorbood. nurs.8 3t? d MAJOR For SALE?a small groclrv and Llqaor *tnre, In a good location Will fee soM at modwat* terms Apply toCHAS. WAL TER , No. 397 D street, oppoaite City Hall. mar s6 4te For sale-lots nos 6 and 7 in Square No 914 Location good for perwesa employed at the Nary Vaid or Cupltol Price 6% cents per tquate foot. Tern a-Oae-thlrd, ca?h; baian. e In 8 and 12 months. A few bricks taken In part pay. Apply to T N a1)AM?, No. 54ft north M street mar'ifl-s'* Furnished rooms for rent?a Weil furnished Parlor and Chamber, mtnet-d in a healthy and desirable neighborhood The r oms will be tented together or ?epara e. The parlor can be us>ed sa a bed-room If desired. Also, a few urfurnLhed rooms fur rent. laqulre at No. 3si 13th street, between New Vork aveaue and 1 streets. n>anj?3t Dwelflns-HOUSE FOR RENT ? A ftrat-e'aaa dwelling, iltuat?d<"n l*th street, 1 between E and F streets, con tain lag 10 rooms, bsth room, gas tbreiwhrut tbe boaae, ?c r. i session gwen on or about ap-111st ? poricn of tbe Furniture will be fdl'p?^l0' ' low prices Rent mad- ^ry low to j 10 c' W 8 c wn %&' F OR RENT.?THE LAROK THREK-^tory a" b a? em en t hiick Houre In Smith's Row, on 1st street. Georgetown, occupied far many years by Mrs Raphael frlmms. It contains 14 Roosr.a, bes dea large c-llara ard pacfriea, acdaerr?nuv ro-nrs, tinake home, ar d oathjroom In tbe lear. It has a good cistern and gas Possession given on the l?t of May Apply at 535 C street, betw?t a 34 and 4* streets mar s4 -ikw3w Rooms FOR rent -roomssuitailb for a fkmlly, can be bad at No 3914th street, between lndlara averu* and E street Apply to jon as SLICK, 4tt Penn arenue, betweea 4* and ?h streets martl-tf Fir BALK OR EENT.?f'hat dksira ble residence en F street, w<ww SOtk and fist, for the last eight years occupied by the late j m. Cbabb, Esq Possession gives Immedi ately. Inquire of r1668 a CO m tS-eoCf pbntlksikiii' tutkc pu ?HAAT v* Collars, Watch Guards, Porte M??*?