Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1857 Page 1
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fl BLIIUIO IVIRT AFTERNOON, (EXCMPT WiWIT,) AT TBE STAR BUILDINRS, fvM' ?/ Ptnmi&mma ?*??*? and 11(4 strut, By W. D WALLACE, and l? *er??d to fobscrlber* by curler* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Amenta; paper* served In packages at 37^ ceau per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND P1F. TT CENTS a year ?% ?*??????,TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for 1cm than three months it the rate of 11 # eanwaweek. (^SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. MARCH 30, 1857 NO. 1.300 THI WEEKLY (TAB. ThU carellent Family sad talahiR a greater variety of lntsresUa* than can be frond la any other?1? Saturday morning. Taavs Single copy, per annum. M P, to eLvas. "* Ten coolw * ???** JJ Tw#nfr?w?iU ??????mm so ? |0 C"AIB, ItVlllAllT m AbVitCI. L/" Slagle oopies (la wrapper*) oss bsaroewdB at the coanter. la:mediately trier the tam * tba Paper Prlco-1 unaa Ca*Ta Poatma? yxrs who act aa agents will be i a commission of tweniv m B. L* r4NT, Jr., * CO., Lud Amu aad Dealers It Bichtoge, ItKOMPTON, KANSAS. Land warrants located and sold on co?1?Ion. Land Wirranli sold to pre emptors mIUm. Locations nude on 'Molat account " The activs partner of the firm was engsgrd in the United States Surrey* in Rinses, sue will be able to make choice locations. Business rent threutb Sweeny, Rlttenbouse, Fast A Cx, will be (or warded to ai. tiFmRcii: Sweeny,. Rlttenbouse. Kant A C) , Rankers, Washington, D C Xi. E. W Clark, Dodge A Co .Bankers,Nor York. Drexel A Co , Bankers, Ptall >d*lphla Jostab Lee A Co., Bankets, Baltimore Fowle, Snowdcn A Co , Bankers, Alexatdrla, Va R II Manry A Co , Bankers, Richmond. Va. H B Merreil A Co , Ban km, New Orleans John J. Anderron A Co , Banker*, Saint Louis, Mo mar 17 wlAdeolm NEW DRl'fl ITORE-Wlllarda' Motel. JP M1LBURN A CO , 220 PENN3YLVA ? nla avenue, respectfully call the atten- n tlon of their friend* and the public to thelrC3fa new Drug Store, which they have filled up 1R In the most complete manner, with a fuilCft a ipply of pure Coemlcals, Drug*, Fancy Articles, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and Patent Medi cines. A select assortment of Wlneaand Liquors for medicinal purposes. A very large stock of Havanx Cigars, whl^h are of fine q nil ty and received from first hands. TozetWr with all of the articles usually found In a first class drag store Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound ed at all hours (as the store Is not closed at night) by a competent dispenser. A call at their establishment Is respectfully so licited. m?T 5-!m? mar 5-lm? McSRHtiOR A CO.'l Extensive house-furnishing WA RE ROOMS, Nos 530, 5iS, and 521 Sev enth street. rcLL SSTtS OF PARLOR. DINING ROOM, HALL, an* CHAMBER FURNITURE. In MAHOSANY, WALNUT, ROSEWOOD, and OAK. Anda genertl assortment of all HOU3EW fcfcl* 1NO QUODS always oa hand, at lowest prices. Every attention given ourcus'omers ?#? Houses fnrmsned entire, at short notice, mar 17-eolm DIIilSTIY. DR. STKPHKN B AIL Y, Office Ne. I0S Paaq.*rIvania Avaaue, Tk'it 4oars frim 11 ik DR BAILY b:^s 'te?v8 ti Inform the public that h* can be ?ee.i at all hours, at his office, i<??a'ed as abive He feels assured that an expe rience of fitter t years' practice, wit a the large number of patient*, and great variety of difficult r a*e* til at he has treated successfully, will enable him to surmount any difficulty, s^le.itltlo or oth erwise, relating to the Teeth His own experi ence confirming the opinion of miny men emi nent in the profession, and especially Drs Harris and J. and E Parmly, has led blm, long since, to discard all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth. alv? all Enamsis, Sutta Perch*, India Rubber, and Cements for tbeconsrru3tlonof Con tinuous Gum Ter.h, and that Porcelain, mounted oa Sold Plate, Is the onlv reliable subitance that can be worn la tin mou'h, uwu most conclu sively showa_by the last American Dental Con vention Although he flutvs himself that from hla long residence and practice In Washington, he Is fa voraoly knows to his numerous friends and pa trons, ne begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS. F.-?? 0?s tsts *s?rt?r of tbs CSnrrh af Spiphaay *( tsla city. Or. Srsrasa Iciv: p*r Sir? I daa;-a to nffr*syH l??a fir |Mf?r<)W7,U'l Bf cnilliir, U you mill' rirtor Saaiisi TUa aparailois exacatxi At mo h?*s b*?a (t?'<r sstufo. -->ry. I b-pa tnat *>n may racsWa IUa patraa fro* ?y Irian to aa?l tha pnoiie tliat jrosr saill ?o wall V'Jira ?*r; till;, W?atalo4*M., iijSM J*. llM. J. W FBBNCS. f -oa m, of US oMt*t 4rm? Id BalMasors, U???r? Bogf*. Cvtmau a C?. Marine %aptoy?4 Or. S;cpl>*a Ba'.;y, Snr;*m DeotUt. of City, M axacaia k>r m?, ?q lop .rust an;l es'tp'-caaf won, ?b!c4 badH to my e-jtira aatNfaottoa, til la ?1?* ?( ntfrt tlitl ??), of :'i? most ilisilD(atili?4 a??rao?rs art*.a |)muI C?iU*<a uf H.ltnora, f?llad, arte* ra trial*, to perform ta? ?.iu. wark aail.f.corKy, it ma (rati ptaaaara to etpr?4 o> r aatira cou3 lao .a ml t aa.;M?tiaa of hi* prafaa?.aaal akill. t>?.:iBora, Jaasary li, 1867. HASMANS B06M. tr * a?ta racal fr w Ui* lata Bon. Joha U. UajV>n. I". S. IS, 1S5S. TM taatk y >n a.4a ma work a<4s>ira9!jr. notbtos rnaia k* matter. Vary (ralafally, JOdNM.CLA.YlUN. T j Hi ?>a tlitl mm raiiaf frva lUa ts?'?.Me< of tha tw'li, I M > c^aaifalty raL'oaiuau4 Or. S B.l)y, aa a aupartor Uan t ?'; ha m^la a <M?ff?re4t*S 'aatb far at.# ..f hit fain My, ao 1 |> .aa.aral laatli far au4 to# work baa all alood Sal for B.-ra Ibaa :?u yaai*. KuHKKT T. NIXON, a* tea Va. Cwaiarattca ?f laa M. a. CUorcu s^alh. ayitt m, i*^. Wa. s?<f*-?<rBaa. harlaf b*d (vraaloa to a rail asrsalras a' pr Ta-.maal .(III uf |?r. S. BaUy. Sarfaoa, of, or ?a*i?g baan c<i(aU tat al liii oparatloa* oa aar Uauilaa ar tf m 11' ut> p!aa?ira la espm?lnic oar a*lin'ra t oa of hf* artistic ?k"I. ?? wa'l ai of lha uul ' .rTaly V>ry mannar la whlrfc ha yr'ormm tfea SMI Jalicata aad 4 f 8#a:t aparacJons In Driul Satsary. anS va raasartfally ra r btaa to ti?a c tafl^eaca au l p?trna?(a of t .a pablis ; or va o>aal't?r klsa eta.iiastly worthy. 1BOMASC. W 4 t.TK B, JOS. H BKADI ET. Arckltert C 8 Capitol. af WxWncloB, D. 0. raoaas sii.lbb. m. o . sbobub waltos. of Vat.t:>|Via, D. C. kt Oovarnor af f". aril a. a B. BOHKfc*. M. O.. WaLTKB LBNOZ. ?*/ (JairjHo>t, D. 0. a< Kayor of W?,hlaftoa. K AtlSCOLV. M D , HKNBT BALDWIN, Vaaklip**. O C. I', t. Patau! OXca. O. C. Wr. rnma. al B:tUaahoo?a icaian;. u* m-u THE IXrROTKO ACTS OF TSETH. DR. LOOM IS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of " Loomis' Mineral Plate Teeta," basingau^*e??ful!y introducrfMhH| bla Improvement la various cities, hu^uuw Bow p"Tmaneai:y established himself In Wash iaiftoo rala Improvement lar 8e's ef Teeth consists rhledy la making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that Indestructible mineral No metal is ased la their construction, and they are there* f >re free fr ntcftlvjale a-.tloi and metallc taste. T u-re are ao iolaU to beco?r>e tiled with moisture *r particles of food, heace they are ;<?*? an i thin. There are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, ana natural In their app?r?nce. I will glss a naatf of One Tbousicd Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine la purity, beauty, durability, artl*llc excellence ar any oth- r requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted >27* Peon a??nue, between 11th and 12th sts. 19 OR. VlLLAfiO, Uesiist, La.ti or Chicago, WOULD RfcSPfcCTPCLL/ INFORM the citizens of the DUtrlct and vicinity, that having located himself In Wasb:-gi on, ha la now prepared to perform all operations, In hla profession, in the most approved atyle OAce.No AjU Peon, avenue, adjoining bat tler's. Jin ?My DR. MUNSOiN. AT SF? PENN'A AVENUE^ la still maklag those beautiful aoailaneus 8UM TEETH, called Auen'a Patent, far the exeelieacy of (<UlQ7 wnieh over all ether atylea of teeth, many now wiring them la this city, will cbeerfullv vouch. There Is one Denttatln thla city who aas been lafrtnglaz the P*teat, and made a bad Imitation ?f It, against whom I hereby eautloa the publle N. rf. Whenever a Dentist a peaks against AUea's Patent Continuous 6una Teeth, when P'opariy tt%w mend, It la because he Is Ignorant ef tAasrecess, lneompeteat to make tha work, or a nawflllag to pay for the patent. )e Ift-tf OA. C. S. G HO 1>1?AN, Dsatist. aad Maaafaeiarar ef Artificial Teeth. THO<E WHO ARE 90 UNFORTUNATE aa to require Ardlclal Teeth will Ini (without aaynooaeaae or hum-^ >>iAgi{ery,) feeth set upon a meUllle^ **?e or plate Maerlala pure and properly coa ? i/ucted. aa being superior to all other modes The various operations of Dentistry faithfully ?id properly rxecafed. Tender Teeth rendered u*efui fof life, 0/ aew niriBs. Teeth extracted carefully, eaaDy, aad skillfully. \rr o*ce corner of 8tA street and Pa. avenoe. fob 7<ioa (Corporation stoces far aaia hf - ^ febU-d cuvisa URu/ttERd, ViRNILL'l PAINTINR EnpORIlHI, No 51 Louisiana at enui, north tide, btlw 6(4 and 7Ik itretls. RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS ORDERS for all kind* of HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNA MENTAL PAINTING. Jobbing promptly attended to at the shortest notice The establishment will be open from ## a ni. to 6^ p m , and all calls will te readily attended to. Sign Work ten per cent, cheaper than the old standard price mar 17-2w Slga of the Large Eagle^ NO WASHINGTON Manufactured silver ware on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute Fair, bat every description of Bne 811 ver Ware can be ssen In process of raanufuctur lug, st H. 0~HOOD'S, mar 13 339 Pan a. are, near 9th ?t fTO HOUSEKEEPERS.?TO THOSE GO A lng to Housekeeping this Spring we wonlcl offer the best and la est Improved COOHING STOVES to be found In this market. The as sortment Is very large at?l complete, consisting of all tbe d fl'ercnt sizes, styles, aud patterns Also received from the North,'the latest Improved Portable Summer Cooking Ranges, varying In price from SS 5) to Together with an as sortmen of ehawe's Boston SaiSummer Cooktng Stoves, Ac. Please give us a call before buying, for we are confident that we can and will sell cheaper than any other hou?e In this city. You will also find In store a g'&nt many u*efui articles In the Housekeeping line. All goods delivered to a~y part of the District, and our Cooking Stove* put up In the very best manner free of charge. Sinn of Stoves Grates, and Hoasefurnlshlng Goods, Brown-Stone Frobt, No 31S. Terms cash on delivery C. WOODWARD, marl9-tAprl l'a ave ., b*t 10th and lUh sts. FYNN'S BRITISH CONSUL'S HAND Dssk^l vol. London On Consular Service, by John Green, British Consul In Greece, l'vol, London Mensch?Manuel Practlque du Consulat. 1 vol, Leipslc De Cussy?Reg'errenfs Consulates des Etats Maritime#, 1 vol, Lelpjis De Ctercq, et De V&llat; Gu'.de Practlque des Consulats, 1 vol, Pa?l* Moreoll?Manuel des Aeoats .Consulalres, 1 vol. Paris Moreull?Dlctlonnalre <les|Chance!lerles Dlplo matlques Const aires. 2 vols, Paris De Otissv?Dictlonalre du Diplomat et du Con sul 1 vol,'Lelps!c Henshnw?Manuel for United States Consuls, 1 vol, New York The United States Consular System and Manual f >r C jn!U'?, I vol, Wasbirgen Tuson?t>rltl*hCoasBl'? .danual and Practical Guide 1 vol, Lot don De .Martens?Precis des droits et des functions des Agents Diplomat!q^es et Consulalres, 2 vols, Pari* Elllatt? American Diplomatic Code for Public Ministers ar d ConsuK 2 vols, Washington And many other va uable works on the rame sublect?on Mar it! in? Law; on the Laws of War and Commerce; aid on other braehes cf Diplo macy and International * aw, imported from P.u ropeby FRANCK TAYLOR. n? r ij MRS. SOUTH WORTH'S NEW bojk. Vlvla,or tbe Socret of Power, by Mrs. D. E N SouthwArth, * vols , paper cover, SI; 1 vol , eloth, Si *5. The Border Rover,bv Emerson Bennett,2 vols., pater cover, *1; 1 vol , cloth, SI 25 .Vajcr Jones's Sce*es in Heorgla.wlth numerous Engravings, 1 vol , cloth, $.1>5. Mmon Suge's Adventures and Travels, with seventeen llliMtratioos from original designs, by Darley, 1 vol., cloth, SI *5 Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S mar 28 Bookstore, near D.h street. WINDOW olams. ? 500 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia 61ass, all qualities and sizes, for sale at a liberal discount, by J R McGKEGOR, nm20-TuA.F2m 534 7th street. C NOTICE. TI.VR IS MONEY. BLOCKS !- CLOCKS !!?CLOCKS !!!?Call J at the Great Clock Emporium, opposite Browns' Hotel, and see the greatest assort ment of CLOCKS this side of New York Good Clocks warranted for S 1.50. Also, all 8 ? kinds Clock Materials. Oils, Cords, Balls, Keys, Weight*. Ac The trade supplied at wholesale prices. Ca h or Clocks given In exchange for old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches for sale low. Call and see for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S, 349 Pa av., an 27-2m opposite Browns'Hotel. OAS ?'? XTIKES, RH MILLER, SON ii CO., ALEXAN ? drla, Va., beep constantly #n hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. BRACKETS. Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cornelius A Baker, which they will guarantee to sell at tbe sam* prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia Also, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decorated Pap^r Shades, In great variety. Call and examine for yourselves dee 1 JUST RtCEIVED. CHOCOLATES?Brorai, Cocoa, Cocoa Paste Cracked Cocoa, Malilard'sand Baker's Chocolates of various kinds QELATI MES? Cooper's Shred and Sheet isln glass. Coj's Eng lsh Sparkling Ge a tlne, French Imperial Gela lne MACCARONI?Itillan Maccaroni and Vermi celli, and Italian Paste. Canton Preserted Glsger, In jars. Hecker's Farina, Corutua, Rice Flour, Charles toa Grits, Spilt Peas. Ac , Ac. For sale by KING A BURCHELL, mar seu corner Vermont ave. and 15th at. 11K STEAMBROIOIIHE PAOE FROM to-day, will run as f>llows: - JCmmm ^ l.eave AWxirdrla at 4 U, 7 V, 9, AwEflgC 19*. 4*,ard?*. kfy*. Washington ?> e, ?*, 1*,?, 5X, and 7 o'clock. Passengers to and frcm all the trains on the Washington Branch Railroad will take tue GEORGE PAGE. ELLIS L PRICE, mar !W-lf C?pMi. BUTCHER*' SCALES. Ac. " WK HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM England, Suiter's Spring Balances?6'J and 120 lbs. Also, ?' Wilson's" Butcher Kuivea and Steels. CAMPBELL A COY LE, mar23-2w? 351 Pa avenue. IJARASOLS?PAHAROLS! A STEEL AND CRINOLINE SKIRTS!! J uvln's celebraud KID GLOVES. Just received at FRANK a McGEE'S, T mar l&-^na ' Ut Wl11 13Ul 8tr?W 1U.1ET TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES JEWELRY, GUNS, PISTOLS, and ail' valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, feb 4-2tn :;49 Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. NOTICE?NOTICE. . I HAVE A PEW OF THOSE CHEAP TOI LET SETS on band, wulch 1 wish to?R* close out, and win sell at co?t. Also, GOB-Kb LETS andotheT GLASS WARE, that mustBy be so d preparktory to a change In my butlnt-es. All that want to buy cheap, please call at No. 399, between 9th and 10th stieets, Penn. avenue. feb 17-Am JOHN MeDEVITT. ^ CARD* * ISAAC HERtftffcRe, LICENSED FAWNBROKEK. WW lots tit,0M In urns to suit, oa any article# or value No. 429 Pennsylvania aveaue, bet Week 3d and 4^ streets. Jan 7-eo3m* AUCTION SALES. By A 6RKEN, Auctioneer. TTERY SUPERIOR HOIKWOOD AND " ether Faraltare at A act Ion.? On THURSDAY, the 2d day of April, 1 tliall sell at 10 a in , at No. 4)4 north G, between 7th and 8th streets, (the hoaae lately occupied by Sana ton Mascn, Hunter, acd Butler. Immediately opposite the noith wing of the Patent OAce,) a very superior assortment of Furniture, vlx: Floe rosewood plush-covered Soft* and Chairs Do Ottomans, brocatrlle-covered Cas ter Chain Fine rosewood Work table, walnut, extension, and other Tablea Walnut Bookcase, mahogany drets and other Boremta 'Fine Bilk, Damask, and Lye Window Curttlns and Ornaments Bronxed Girandoles and Cartel Lamps Very handsome marble top panted end flowered cot'aje Chamber Set Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobes and Waehstands Hat-rack, Artlque, ?nd cane-seat Chairs Fine imperial carpets and Hearth Rugs Brussels, three-ply, and Stair Carpets Passage and other Ollclo hs. Window Shades China, glass, and crockery Ware, among which are Uae white French China Dinner and Desert Set A lar*e lot of Table I.lnen and Cutlery Fine Feather Beds, Bedding lialr and other Mattresses, lot of Stoves And a large lot of Kitchen Requisites, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate Terms: All rurm'under *50, rash; over ?5>.a credit of t.0 and 90 days, for notes aatlsfactorlly endorsed, bearing Interest. The ladies and geitlemen of Washington and Georgetown wbo wish to purchase good Furni ture and respectfully invited to this sale, as they will And it worthy their attention mar27-d A. GREEN, Auct. P. 8.?The House Is for rent; inquire of Sam uel Magee, on 7th street, near the premises. ByJAS. C. McGUlRK, Auctioneer. BRICK and STONE OF THE Notional Theatre at Public Auction.?On FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April loth, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the entire lot of Brick and stone standing in tbe walls and stacked up In front of the Naiional Theatre comprising about fioo oot> brick aid large quantity of blue rock in the foundation. Offers for the above at prl?ate sale will be en tertained, the brick sold bv measurement in the wal's and taken down by the purchaser A credit of twj and lour months will be given, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest mar 17-d J AS C. McSL'lH K, Anct. ByJAS. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer. LAROE SALE BY CATALOGUE OF 1,000 hardy Perpetaal Hosts.Fruits,Trees,Or namental Plnnts and Shrubs, Ac?On MON DAY AFTERNOON, March 3o:h, at 3 o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell a catalogue com prising the newe?t and b<*t kinds of? Perpe'ual H>br!des, Bourbon, Noisettes, Moss, Perpetual Moss and Climbing Roses Climbing Plants, Chinese Wisterias Clematis, blue and white Du'chman's Pipe, BJgrorla, Ja'niine* Chinese Tree Peony, and m*ny other choice and tare Plants and Shrubs Also, Dwarf Pear, Apple, and Cherries of the most celebrated kinds Also, many oth^r rhoJce hardy Plants, never before offered In this city Welnsltethe attention of the public to this eale, as It Is the best collection ever off.-ied In Washington. All plants and trees warranted true to name, and of superior quality. A JAKDIN, Florist aud Nurseryman, Washington, D. C. mar --VJ-d J AS C. McGUiRE, Auct ByJAS. C McGUlRK, Auctioneer. FURNITURE AID HOUSEHOLD EF fectsat Public Auction.?On WEDNES DAY MOR.MNG, April 1st, at 10 o'clock, at th?-residence of E C. Fddle, Esq., No si Union Row, oa F street, near Seventh, I shall sell all the Furniture and fc flee s, comprising? Walnut carved hair spring-seat Sola Rocker and Parlor Chairs % Rosewood marble-top Centre Tiblc Gilt Frame M rror, walnut Rout Tables Damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets Mahogany Ha'- ree, ball Oil loth Stair Carpets, Stair Rods and Eyes Wslnut extension dining Table Cane-seat Chair*, Rockers, Lounges French China and Granite Tea and Dinner Ware Silver-plated Castors Spoon#and Forks Table Cutlery. Glassware. Walter Mahogany ard Walnut Wardrobes Dressing and plain Bureaus, Washstands Looking 6 lasses, Clocks. Toilet Seta Jenny Llnd and Cottage Bedsteads Curled Hair and husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Comftrts Window Shades, Rngs,Stoves Cooking Stove and Rxtures Together wiih a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : ?30 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 2, 3 and 4 months, for satisfactorily en dors* d notes, bearlrg Interest mar26-d JAS. C jMcGUIRE, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers WRUSTEE'S SALE ? BY AUTHORITY X of a deed of tru-t from George B Aimstrong and Julia St. W , his w fe, dated the 13th day of December, 1831, and by direction of the party whose debt is secured thereby, the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the 1st dav of April next, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises, the following Lots in the city of Washington, namely : Lots No 23 and 24, In Squve No 584; lot No 24 being at the Intersection of Virginia a?enue and 1st street west, fr >ntlng 55 f et 4 lnc hes on 1st street, and 26 feet 0 Inches on Virginia avenne, with a rear front of 49 feet on a 23 foot alley; and lot No. 23, adjoining west, with a front of 30 fe*-t 2 inches on Virginia avenue, and rear front of 32 feet on a 20 foot allej. And, on tha Vd day of April, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, commencing at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the follow)* g, namely : Part of Lot No. 10, In Square No 4Si, fronting 17 f^et on 5th street west, and 91 feet Inches deep, commencing on 5th street. 19 feet south of N street no. th, containing 1,587 square feet; Lot No ft. In Square 777, said lot being cen trally situated between O and H streets, contain ing 9,910 square fret Terms: one-third cash; the re>ldue in 6. 12 and 18 months, for which the bonds < f the pur chaser will be taken, bearing Interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on (he property. If the terms are not compiled wuh within five days from day of sate, the property will be re sold at tbe risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser, after a notice of seven days. CHAHLfcS MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar21-dts Auctioneers. By WALL, BARNARD A CO .Auctioneer VALUABLE LOT AT AUCTIO N?On THURSDAY. 2d April, at 5* o'clock, we will sell to the highest bidder, i.ot No. 7 In tquare 777, fronting on Third street J) ft; thence east 98 feet to a JO feet alley, thence south 30,

thence west 23 feet, thence sooth 25 feet, thence west 75 feet, thence north 55 feet to beginning, containing 4,8tG rquare feet This proper'y is in an Improving part of Wash ington, and tffer* a floe chance for speculation or for a good building lot Term*: One-third, cash; the balance In C and 12 months, bearing interest and securtd by a deed of trust. 3 mar ai-ts WALL, BARNARD A CO., Aucs. A FARM FOR SALE BY AUCTION. On MONDAY, the *th of April proximo, at II a. m., tbe undersigned will sell, on the premi ses. to tbe highest bidder, his BLADEN FARM, of 60 acres of choice garden farming Lard, situ ated In Alexandria county, Va , a fourth of a mile froai the Leesburg Turnpike, and three fourths of a in He from tbe junction of that Turn pike with the Columbia Turnpike to Washington city. For full particulors concerning this form, see aa advertisement In another eolumn of the Star. Persons desiring to view the premises can reach them by Inquiring at Bailey's x Roads, at the junction of the Turnpikes mentioned above, erat Bali's y. Roads, on the road leading froia George town Ferry, from which Ferry the Blidea Farm la K miles distant. Terms of sa e: One-third cash, on thedelivery of the deed, and the balance In equal Instalments on 1 and t years time, with Interest. A warranted deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. mar \i W. D. WALLACM. Bookseller, stationer, pbriodj eal Dealer, Ac. - FERGUSON, i mar a 4?o Tth street. For Sale and Rent. piOR SALE? A SMALL GROCERY AND * L qw More, In a good location Will be nrlo 2,OS^?Vlt<rnW Apply toCH AS. WAL mwsS 4t?T St,eet'oppo,Ue citT H&u OOOMSFOK RENT?ROOMSSUITABLE At^fbra ttnally, cm be bad at No 3914th street, o.d !T2 V^?mad K trea Applv to ???? . ill 4W i en,\ avenue, be ween 4# and 6th streets mar *1-if PCl?.RENT~:tBE RKSIDKNCE AT PR V S *. "peopledby Hon Jis Thorington. No 481 L event atreet, between E and F The h*?.ail tbe mcd"n Improvements The ? i'JEfU furBl"to^d and c?n be had with or without the Furniture For terms app.y on the piLm ^T* given lat Apill ttarft/otf , (Intel) EMIK RENT?TbE FINE LARUE DWEL a,\. ,n^Home* th? corner of Penn. nvenueand [Kb street wtt, belrg tbe bomefoimerly occupied ViW? Win. Ka&bv. }\> ?e slon ^Iven lm mediatelyIrqnre of the subscriber through i Vlffice> or al thelr ^"mber Yard, corner 2oth and D streets. mar 18 ec2w H N.& J. w. EA9BY. f??R RENT-A LARGE AND FIR8T-Clas *.wDw?,iU?:Hou,,3? situated on the corner o ISth and K streets, containing 12 Rooms, with all the trodern Improvements. la'ely occupied by ibe H,?2i rLr-V.,nton for further particulars Jrqulre JfARY U. ALEXANDER,or JOHN ALr,X AN PER, 210 Penn. avenue mir 24-eo3w For sale.-the stock a n iT fi^I turei of a Millinery and Fancy Store on Ten atreet, between (i and H, an excellent stand frr business. For further particulars inquire on the premlBes, No. 42* 7th street. mar 25-ec3t# FH5. OR SALE ON ACCOM fdO DATING TE?M3 ?A new Urlck House, on L street north, bet Lb and 5th ft e.ts, No 610, containing7 Rooms, with Purnp of Water In the yard, bor the key inquire of Mr. FA LKS, n-xr do?r, and for ter.i,* of A. SMALL, No 201 O I street, between 9th and loth stress. mar 27?eo3,? Handsome four-story i;rick HOUSE AM) LOT AT PR IVATE SALE Thesubfcriber wl l sell, at prlvjtesale, tbe hand some four-story Hilc* Hriisp and Lot situated on north G, between 4 h ai d 6.h s ree?s n-cst; tbe lot being pait? f lot No. 2 in Square I\c. 51f>, and contains 2,2tW square fe? t of ground. The house, being No .>t4, opposite Judiciary rquare? contains nine grod end convenient roon,*arrn wjdc pasarge, and a large cistern In the yard. 11 will be soid on reasonable terms For further >t'ticulars inquire of the subscriber, on tbe premises, or ai Mr. A Lee's cthce, Fenna. ar enue, between I* and G;h street*. mar 19 eotf D C. KEEP. P^,R SALE OR RENT? A MODERN Bul!t i# ^ ?S House, cf 1,1 Rooms. vervplca-antly U-^m w ,1* hc4lt*?y and good neighborhood will be sold on reasonable terms, or rented tc a good tenant. Apply lo J. C. McGUIRE mar 17-d5'Ac &?} t * pOR SALE--THOSE FOURTEEN Ltnrs 1 of ground in square No 107, in the First ?\ ard, on which the Corporation contempla'ed, two years ago, to ere? * Market House Thev lire bounded on K, li?:h. and L strerti, numbered b, ? *? 10, 11,12,13.14,16,1ft, J7,13,19. and 29, being (except a small intervening lot) the west half of said square. The new market house stands In K street, near. and ire mediately west of said lots,wMch contain flfcy-three thousand rquare feet exclusive of Ave thousand seven hundred and forty quare f<et laid down as alleys, and is per haps the most durable unimproved 'ots in that ?ectlon of the city. A *a> of the whole together would be perferred, and if not t fleered before ?he 10th of April, will beofler d at public auction. Ihe title >? indisputable, and Uxen paid JAMES H. CAUSIE.N, No.OF street. marCG-ff ' 4 VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE~-5W\ ?t*- acre* of good Farming Land, situated In the County of 1 auquier. Virginia, on the Alexandria and Oranga Hnilrcad, a ftw y^rds from Warren ton Junction; within 9 miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and rnly two hours travel from the cities of Washington and Alexandria The Farm la in a high state of culti*atlrn. and is abundantly supplied with water and tlmter, and 1 haamuoh excellent incadow land Churches, ?jIlia and good neighbors within a?hortdistance. Fe?r further information apply to JAMESMORROW, Lsq , on the place, or to the subscMber at his Broker'* Ofllce. near Browns' Hotel, Washington City [mar 21J ROBERT MORROW. FOR SALE OR RENT?THAI' LARGE three-storv Building on the Flank Road, ad joining the Paik, and known as the " Grove " containing 16 Rooms There la a Ball-Room 60 by 16 feet: Bar-Rom 32 bvr? feet, and Cellar 6'? ?y32, and 9 feet deep It is well suited for a ?r?t class Hotel cr Boarding-house. mnr23-m JOHN A SMITH. FOR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY Brick Dwelling, with all the modern lm | .provem?nts. situated on E street, north aide. l?e tween 9th and 10tn streets To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate Inquire at No 391 E atreet. mar 7-tf Three houses and lots for sale Houses Nos. 46, 48, and SO Louisiana ave nue, Washington, are offered at private sale, low aod on ea*v terms Wlllb<* sold s^p^rate or to gether Title good One !s a four-8tt rv brick, with finished basement, nearly rew, and in com plete order, with w:ter and gas throughout Ap ply to E K. LUNDY, at No 46 Louisiana av-:? nue, Washington, or No 118 Bridge street, Georgetown. nnar 6 CCOTTAGE FOR REN T -LA>D FOR SALE. ' For rent, for a term of two lo f'.ur years, a tasteful Cottage, of three basement, five first floor, three eeccnd floor, and fuur attic Room?, with mo4e*n conveniences for heating the house and snpplylng it with water A Farm attached, of two hundred acres, which can be teduced to any quantity agreed on; eight miles from Washing ton?three from Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If rented Immediately servants and furniture can gowiih bouse to end of 'he current ye?r Also, a Farm of 300 acres, with lmpicve anents, within three miles above, for Rile or lea?e Enquire of S W E E N Y, RITTENHOUSE FANT A CO., Bankers, and Col IRWIN, Land Office, mar 6 n 17ALUABLE FARM IN VIRGINIA FOR V SALE?It contains upward* of J 700 arret W0 thereof under cultivation, about 50oused for pasture*, and about 700 acre* well timbered, and along which the contemplated straight line Railroad to Charlottaville will run Attached thereto U a Grist Saw Mill, fed from the Sonth Anna River,which la a part of the boundary line, and oa which are also 40 acres of low ground Soil good, with plenty producing good Tobac co, Wheat, Corn, Ac Building* very superior and very ample* and in good order. 160 bushel* cf Wheat have been seeded, Tobac co Plant Beds were burnt and seeded before the last frost, for Oat* and Corn due progress is made. With the estate, the slaves and improvement*, Stock, etc , may also be had, and further infor mation given by the Editor of the Evening Star, Washington city. mar 9 A CARD-FOR RENT, A FIRST-CLASS House in Franklin Row, now occupied by Hon. C. Cuahlng, Attorney Geueial. it ha* ail the modern improvements, hot and cold water bath rooms, chandeliers, and gas fixtures Tbla Is one of tbe most elegant and desirable location* In the city, commanding a beautiful view of the city and of the Potomac river It la in front of one of the most beautiful public square* In this city, with a delightful and con Atant supply of good water. It 1* entirely free from duot end mosquitoes. Inquire of WM. WALL, of Wall and Stephens, 322 Fenosylva nla avenue mar 4-lm 'OR RENT-THAT LARGK AND VERY ? desirable Store Room and Cellar, No 1J0, on Bridge street, near High, Georgetown, formerly occupied by Myers A Bro ,as a Dry Goods House, and recently occupied by Seldser A Co , a* a I Clothing Store. Possession given Immediately. To a permanent tenant tbe rent will be made low. Inquire of JAMBS F ULLALOVJfi, or to E S. WR18HT, Auctioneer febVS-dtf ?OR SALE?A NEW FIRST-CLASS Dwel ? ling House provided with ail modern con venience*, No 266 F street, one wf tue most de sirable locations ia the city. Apply on the prem ise*, or of J AS. C McG U1R E, Auction and Com tnlaalon Merchant. mar 20-tf DELIGHTFUL SUMMER RESIDENCE om the Heights of Georgetown for RsnL? The subscriber offers for rent his House and Pnralturt fMilx montha ftpro the let of Way, valuable Cook wlQbe htied te the tenanfT mar ltf-if LOUIS MA CM ALL. pV EN 1 NG si Ah U ? AGBI UL1URAL SOC ETY Prelum nary Arrangements?Col. Wilder ai Louisville- Arena for Display of Sto.i Zealous -Co op ration of Cit zens-The *jrand implement Trial, <$-c Correspondence of the Star Louisville Ky M*rch 21 18o7. The hxecuiive Board of this eocieiy ii??? been in constant session for several day* pa?t making the necessary preliminary arrange ments for the Fifth Annual Exhibition, which ia to be held on tha ground of the Southwest ern Agricultural Association of thia place. Hon Marshall P. Wilder, president of tha society, arrived here on Wednesday -. He war accompanied by Mr II S. Olcott, of the irn~ plement committee, who baa in charge the field tna 1 of machines and implements of agri culture. The Board have decided to e*n form to the arrangements of the other leading sociefes of the Union by fixing the exhibition of the United States Society a month earlier than that of last year. It will commence on I j. of September, a?d continue five days ending on Saturday with the usual grtnd banquet, at which some of our most distin guished orators will deliver add/esses (>c i some accounts this year's show will be sore nor to its predecessors. There will probably be a larger and more superior entry of stock and horse* than has rlerv , F?vicujlJ '*?en in this c uutry The herds of the great breeders of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Virgiuia, will be fully represented, and insomucn as liberal arrangements will be mcde with the varioo* railroad and steamboat lines centreing at Lou irvilie, there will be a considerable number "f animals of the improved breeds from our Eastern and Northern grower?. There seems extant a commendatde sectional pride which will causo the Kentucky gentlemen to uni'e in securing as imposing a di-playa~ that of Phil adclphia 'Ino officers ol the society hjve me\ *ith li'? heartiest c -operation on the part of the officer* and member < f the South western Association, and the citizens of LoUi3. ville generally The utmost readiness to lend personal as .stance and ii.fiuence is rh'.wn all difficulties seem to be little thought of as real impediments to success, and the confident hopo is entertained by them that the United ? Mates society may have no causo for reKrettin~ i their choicc of locality. Some little idea may be formed of what these South western gentlemen can accomplish lor objects in which they have a real interest when it is considered that ttiey have turch*?f d a level tract ol forty five acre; at * cost vl i seme forty thousand dollar?, have f=urr?ui ded this entire area with a tight board fcuce ' erected a spaciom srena for the exhibition of stock, around which aie tiers of.seats capable of accommodating 10,0C0 spectators, and put op several hundred csttle and horse stalls Is not that doing something lor a simple co?n /ytociety? This arrangement of displaying stock fcoPao the judges in an arena i?- ne?r to Eastern people, but Mr. Wilder seems to re gard it as a very desirable feature. Th*re are large gates at cither side of the aini.hi iucatre tor the entrance of the animals in chargo tf their keepers At the ricgitg of the large bell all ? f a certain breed or F* class aro led in; tho judges make their exam inations, arrive at a uecision, and without de lay the viotouous animals are adorned with ribbons, led around the arena to be s?en by the spectators, and then removed to give niace to another class. Thus the public are speedi ly made acquainted with the superior animals, and those wishing to make purchases hare safe guides to follow after On the grounds is a large brick house, neatly painted and surrounded by shade trees in whlcn are commodious apartments for the' use of .adies and children who may wish to retire awhile from the dust and confusion of the rair grounds Ample ctipplies of water are at hand lor the stock and a sufficient po order0108 " m 7 altccclaDC9 t0 preserve . " ?*pectttl that the grand banquet will be held ia a beautiful grove at one side of the grounds This is carpeted with the thick, green turf of blue grass, which grows so lux uriantly in Kentucky ; the trees are very large and tall beech, ash and hickory, without underbrush or any decaying vegetable refuse if canopug of flags are made and the trunks of the trees alongside the tables are draped with banners, the sight of some one or two thousand people teaming in this bcauiiful temple of nature will be surpassingly grand Ihe grand trial of implements, of which so general notice has been made by the press, will be held simuitanoously with the fair, upon a suitable field in the vicinity of the grounds. This will certainly be one of the uiost important features of the exhibition, and of great interest to both the spectators and the entire farmirg community. You remember what it is proposed to acccm f'li.^h The committee on implements at the hiladelphia exhibition decided th.?* no award for implements could be made with any jus tice to either farmers or manufacturers with out an actual woiking trial, and practical ex emplification of their qualities before compe tent judges They recommended the United States Society to inaugural a much needed reform, and make this field trial. Their view* were warmiy stconded by the enlightened President and the members generally, and the present oomm<ttee on implements were ap pointed with full powers to elaborate and exe cute the iutentions of the Philadelphia com mittee. The result of their action ia that their Secretary, Mr. Olcott. of New York, is here with Col W ilder, to make selection of grounds and settle the necessary preliminaries. A competent superintendent will be secured to arrange the details of the trial, set the ma chines in motion, and carry out the entire harmonious working of this ''arm of the ser vico " I really think that when we consider tho great 6tock of the country by which Louisville is surrounded, tho indomitablo energy and State pride of the citii?ns, the novel imple ment trial, the increasing prestige attached to the United States Society's shows, and last, by no means least, the cloar beaded energy dis played by its presiding officer, we may look for a repetition in Kentucky of that victory, which on the peaoeful fields of Boston, Spriog field, Ohio, and Philadelphia, has perched upon the banners of an Agricultural Associa tion, in which American citizens can leel a commendable pride. Throwing Colp Watsi: Urjn Sentimc*t. Port Gibson ia a beatiful little town on the Mississippi River, writes a western correspon dent of the drawer, where I attended a wed ding a few days since. W ishing to say some thing besoming the occasion, 1 approached ! the lair young bride in the course of the even ing, and after congratulating her on her de parture from the siate of single blessednes*, I wished her a pleasant voyage down the river of life. She said " she hoped so, but sba heard there was a great deal of fever on the river now?she hoped they wouldn't ketoh it on the way down.'* < i Riora arfrAPH*. Mere Ilej the body of W. w., Who netei again will ti*uWw jroa trouble you on a loan Here lies vv tUlam Cu f?mou? L*rd .Mavor, He haa left this here world and has gooe to that there. |y A faotory for manufacturing paraffine candles haa been comas need at Los Angeloe, Cat. The material from which they are made is obtained from the natural springs a that place. ? GEORGETOWN COIIRESPONDE5C1. Gbobabtowb, March JR, 1857. la the Loari of Common Counci', last night, Mr Thomas presented tho annual iUUMtt of the Trust*?# of the Poor and Workhoute fot 1856, and asked that an appropriation of 49 be made to meet deficiency in appro friftti<in for same period. The retort o* th? Trustees show- that the expenses n? h? in*t| 'uti<>u for the year wait $2 026 38 rrrm\r>i* f'om garden 5475 68 annual approprta'ioTj 51 800, and deficiency as before stated, wa king the above mentioned gam. 93 931 3$; re ferred Mr T a'so presented the account of 0. 2 Munraster for loeks, revolvers, le.t wtwt by the lata Mayor; referred A resolution was reported from the commit tee od poor and workhouse by Mr Oyster, ap propriiting $2 200 to defray the expanaec ?amc f ?r tho current year; whieh parsed ba4h Boards. A resolution parsed both Boards. appropfV atirg {127 62 for the benefit of the judgae of election;: another appropriating $12 for tha benefit of B. Forrest; another appropriating SIS S7 for the benefit of Eresin* Star, for ad vertising; one appropriating S2>'?for tha banc* fit of Peter Vanesaon; another rotating to oar* t^in matters of business between Mr. Vander werken and the Corporation, and authorising Keoordcr Ould nnd Mayor Crawford to adjast the same; and a reeolu'iun in rotation to in paid taxes, and appointing Kecorder Ould and Messrs. Pickrell and Foarson, of tha Council, a committee to inquire Into the same. Tho TTHprity and minority reports of tka committee on public schools, was than called up. Mr. Eagltsh offered a substitute for tka whole matter, which wa* discussed at soma lergth, and the subject finally laid over. In tha Council, Mr. White reported fro* the couimiteo on market house, a resolution I declaring stalls No 1 acd 2 in same, free for the use of the country people; passed by Council, but laid over by Aldermen. A nie-sige was received from tha Mayor in relation to tho general complaint about tha : b* 1 cobdition of toe public pumpi, and cov ering tun lry claips against the corporation, which was appropriately referred. A cv>uiiuuuicatiou was received from B. ! Sewa'l in relation to the engine house; re ferred. Majr -r Crawford is again too seriously indit P"-ed to attend to the duties of his offioe. Kecorper Ould is, however, at the office ovary morning to dispatch such business matter! as require immediate attention. Business upon the canal, since our last re por', has beeu quite brisk. About thirty tto.its in all have arrived, six of them laden with ilr.ur. fix with grain, and the remainder with wood, har, limestone. *c. Two of those l?4*n with flour ('he <Jen Worth snd Baltic) <*ac:c from Mercersville. It is now supposed that dam No. 5 will be sufficiently repaired to a lmit of tho passage of boats before tho 15th of April. The ?fTerings of betf cattle at Drovers' Uofct yesterday axuunted to 13t head, 100 of whieh was purchased by District butchers at * I j0 ? >6 ud the hoof, equal to 59 a $12 nat, the remainiug thirty was left over, Sheep very scarce. and selling at ^3 a 56 per lbs. Armal???chr A. K Wallace, Patridge, Baltimore, Ij P> Darby ; schr. Cassandria S. Vanderwoop, Wicks, ^ew York, to F. 1 A H. Dodge ; schr. Isis Chase, New York, to Peter Berry ; steamer Diamond State. Kerwan, Bal timore, to Hyde A Davidson. No change of momeat has occurred in the Floor market since our last report, priooe re main substantially the same, viz : 5 ? 67 to fft>, as in quality. There has been considerable sales of Wheat during the last day or two at SI C-, a SI. 10 for red and white, and of Com at j* a *0 cents for white and yellow. S. The Bachelor acd Baby. " What shall I do?" and the old bachelor stamped about the sitting room in a perfect rage of doubt, looking first at the napping babe in the little willow cradle, and then at the busy French clock on the mantlo^helf. "Assure as my name i3 Joseph Phelps, that little, two-fisted, large lunged nephew of mine, is about waking, acd it wants ono whole hour of the time whieh its mother appointed for her return Whew! I actually sweat, thinking about it What can I do with it? how can I treat it to sugar what d'ye call 'ems, or hold it, or trot it, or do anything with it?" At this juncture a faint wail from the baby receptacle brought bachelor Joseph to hli tabs. With an energy and alacrity that would not illy become a husband and baby tender he commenced rocking the cradle; sen d'ng tne indignant baby into a perfect tre mor of kirks and squalls. Backwards and forwards, from one side of the pillow to tho other, the round, red face rolled; tho infant fiats were clenched with a force that purpled them; while from the white, plump throat, cm> cry that set the baohelor wild with fear. Again Joe looked at the clock "What in the deuce curt I do?" he ex claitnod, viewing woefully the little inflamed face before him lie sat dowu in a big chair before baby? spread a double cradle-quilt over his kneec, and with a look of terror upon his face, pro ceeded to take baby from its resting plaoe lie drew the young h jpefal into his lap, just as a very neat old lady wouldpickjup a pocket handkerchief with bis thumbs and Angara A fresh yell from the rosy mouth of baby waa the only expression of thanks as ha oomman ccd the*never out-of fashion baby-trot " It must be that something is pricking him. Shoo! shoo!" said Joe, coma."n?ing a search for the aggravating pin, that was driving tha child into such a rage. Bnt no pin waat? bo found, and he made sn attempt to turn baby over, but oh, the clumsiness of his fingara? tho little eel-like form fell out of his lap to tha floor, sending forth a cry that wa? "louder, clearer, deadlier than before " ?' Lord save me' 1 ve broken its neck!'* was the exclamation as ha picked baby up, and in the agony of despair tried to quiet him. A thought struck Joe lie caw a *>a<que hang ing against the wall of the adjoining bed room. and with a smila of delight upon his countenance, ha went for it. Sura enough, there it was, stuffing, boddice,and all a real monument of feminine ingenuity ile waa wild with joy lie pioned it over hiscoat, and fastened the sleeves behind him. Be took baby and laid its head against the Uiso br^kof St u'hern plantations factories!?' exclaimedJoa,aSk^y rootad l^ nose into it about a mile, then cuddled lor % snooze. Then the bachelor commenced sib* 8lD|V. Womin are all a Booting show For ">*a'sdeluV0,,<5l,r!ln,,?i?^ ?.wv im. When fl led wl'h bran and stuffed w ith tow, T jcy loo* 1'1 ? waU~" \ tip upon the door stopped Joe ia tha midst of his suggestive aong: and before ha had time to disarray himself, (ha door was opened, and a roguish, laughing pair of ayes peered in apou him . << Your sister u njt at home, is she: chir rupped the visit ?r "No, ma'am," stammered Joe, growing vary red in the faoe; " and I have tarnad Bursa Mies Hays laughed, offered to relievo him ' of his charge, which he willingly conieatel to; sitting near by, the while, intently watching her. She managed baby to a tha ftasuue, and Joe was captivated. Joseph l'helpe married Fanny Hayes?upon my word ha did. GT A grindstone split at a manafaotorj in Brooklyn last week, whUe revoltiai jwLfaj. Oivb Bk*B ?M Birtwk ^