Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TBS OLD CHIMNEY-PLACE. A alack at ?tw*v ? 4lacy wall, O'er which the brambles cling and creep, A path on which no shadow* fail, A d<ft>r step where long dock-leaves sleeu, A broken rafter in th? grass. A sunken health st>ne, stained an?i coW, Naught left hot these, Ihlr home, alas: And the dear memories of old. Aronad this hearth, this sicred place, All humble household virtues grew,? The graadalra'a lore, the maiden's grace, The Matron's last!acts deep aad true Here lrst sweet words were lisped; here brohe ..?Jfc11 morning dream, and yet more dear, The love that life's best Impulse woke, Grew warmer, gentler, year by year. How cheerful, while the storm without Matfted the earth aad teed the night, The ruddy flow gushed laughing out ' On merry groups and face* bright; How chimed the crackling. fresklsb flime With rosy mirth or thoughtful ease. Or, may be, syllabled the name Of one rooked o'er the shivering seas. What fairy scenes. what golden laads. What pageants of romantic pride, In the wslrd deep of glowing brands. Saw their fair boy, the dreamy eyed, Till musing here, his spirit drew Strong inspiration*, and his years. By Beauty's subtle nature knew The paths of Nature's Inner spheres. Here, as the swooning embers ?ent A faint tiush through the quiet gloom, in the warm hush have love's blent The fragrance of their heart's fresh bloom, Aad veil'.ug in soft-drooping eye* Her tremulous joy, here blushed the bride; Here, o'er pa'.e forms In funeral guise, Farewells from broken hearts were sl?L?*d. This spotthe pilgrim 'neath strange skies, Saw in his wayside dream, here stood Old friead* with gladness In their ejej: Mere grew the beautiful and good Sweet friendships faith sereae aad sure Manhood's strong purpose, warm and bold? Courage to labor and endue. And household feelings never coid. Here leaning in the twilight dim, All round me seems n haunted air ; 1 hear the old familiar hymn, My heart roes upward in the prayer That made the night so full of peace ; Kind lips are on my brow?my ear Hums with sweet sounds?they faint?tl.e/ceaie, And night o'er all broods calm and clear. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. TTitlards' Hotel?J. C- 4 0 A. WILLAJ19. H D Hardiner, NY M E<<t >n, Mass J B Com ens, do R Drane, do "W P Blake, Ct II C McGuinn, NY J 8 Howell, N Y Mrs Stockton, eeiv't, T Aallibon, Pa W Meckilng, Tex Miss Allibone, do W D Lanahan, Ala Miss Fotherail, do H C Mai bury, La J 8 Souckall, do W B Nichols, Va A 8 Drexel, do AH Doty, Ma?s J J Wajd, do J A Perkins, NY T K Wymaa, 8a F Stanley, do W D Cooke, Mass F McKinn, iy, Md F Webster, Mas* H Kane, Va 8N Bradley, NY L fcvacs, do J Coles, da Mas Evans, do 8 Williamson, NC K Thompson, Md J McKeane, DC 8 Bndv, ly, Va J R Sbarpeteln. Wis G E Haney, O J B Guthrie, Fa J R Harlcy, do F B Sanborn, NH Msj Hunt, USA MaJReynolds, USA G L.evin,NY P Beajamln. Va HA Russett, do Dr Morrill, Ten s Price, Va H J Land?, Vt TLevin, NY R Harbor, d) Hirltwsad Usat? w h A n imvooc. C W Copuland, NY C G Lounds, do JC Ewing, Pa PJ Lavladen, do W B Wltherson. do J LMurye, Va M B Langar, Ttx J A Mtlbura, do R Bdi*. P* W A Cornwall, Cal Mrs Kdle, do Dr Forces, Va T Gallagher, Md ABOOKOF DN1TERSAL KNOWLRD8E. JUST PUBLISHED, THE MOST USEFUL and extraordinary volume ever yet issued from the press, as It comprises all the information con talned la a doxen of anv other boohs of informa tion that have hitherto been printed The title of this wonderful Book is as follows: ??Ynqalre Within for Anything you want to Know: or, over 3,700 Facts for the People " A large volume ot Sie pages?cloth, gilt?price *1 For sale by A A DAMSON, Bookseller, Tth street, opposite the Post 0?ce, Washington City. mar !9-tf nA,LT I?1NE FOR EM WARD'S FERRY, aad Leesberg. Va., via .a. iiniA CSees peaks aad ~ his Canal. The Packet Boats /k .o ard M C. Muss will commence making daily trips te th? above points on Monday, Marcn i?M, leaving the wha f of W. Sitter, Georgetown ev ry morning at 7 oVloek, Sundays excepted. Tickets to Edward's Ferry, f 1.1*2; through tickets, 9l 73. Meals served on the boats at moderate prices For further information, inquire at the store of '7-M. A H. G Ritter, Georgetown. mar 2d (le? MI Fa ave., opposite Natisaal Hstsi. JONAS P. LEVT, , . . - laMtTSI AMD DKALER i.v n*n WIHl*. BKAJDI1CS, GROCERIES, A*D HC I 0 A SB. AS IN STOKE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne in quarts and pints, i*1* and Tseaan de Bau?ey, and other desirable Una4V ia cask and bottles, Vintage Ri"?* kinds j W hlakeys lslo to Utf?; Holland Gin of n'l hinds: Claret Wines of nil brands tturgondys do do 8ati:rne do do Sherry do do Maderia do do Fort do d. i>ermaa do do Heck do do Itnliaa do do Haairarlan do do ?agWah Ale and Porter of *11 brands '? ? ? S? 2; r^r,Z'?t>Z'?U.L'''d?a ***** ?URar, Teas, 4c , ac ?*' avenue, opposite National Hotel. J"?-ly JONAH P. LfcVY. ALEXANDRIA A^ID WAIUuTuTON BOAT ^T?HE STEAMER GfcOKGE WASHINGTON 4g^*i " lowing - Leave Alexandria :*, ?j, n, j *, H*Ir* Washington - u?, 12, ^ u < -?WN JOB cokson, Captala. JTtf THE FL'BLIC. OHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE a^ell hnown Coach Factory, on Oih between Louisiana avenue and S^1'. ^"f?cted bv Mr. Jo n ^Y^T manjfacture and repair all f?,fv(JUAOHfc:^' ?u^?ies;wag V/iVhj*! .m<lst erms. in tee r!^^LZtr ,ul flU*,r, #nd at tbe shortest notice. He respectfjlly Invites his fellow citizens to glvp him mar 6-1m nubsu 1 ooodsT X^lte tbelr n^rl^ ^ESPECTF U LL Y in <*>:okeign spk ISs 6001S SS?titoJ,S5S.?SSftSv.""4 <"'? 4,*? ke*P constantly on hand th#? ??<?*? qualities of Army and Navy 6ood*_EpauiettS bwords, Sashes, Gold Laces, Ac. ' Tbey also Invite attention to tfceir Foreign and H. F. LOUDON A CO., Army an 1 Navy Tailors, feb TT-dtf under Browns' Hotel. MULES! aiULES:: 30 VF s^'cK*OR MULES JUST j/ .yrived from Kentucky, and wli]^, wteLt" T?.Ii'o,,,c,rT,!A?M??''. ?-Hort?*o?s, tlon to a very i.V.T^* to call your atten alc, which for a good old standard Mo ??a.-,., u4 x? mar26 f?J?MN !? ELLIS , ?i u>?and Music Store. / 1UME AT LAIT yr Lam p .-The ?ubs7rt!i?tr"?" ssss; ma/?-F*Tlm *e,wAh??*, ?>it 7in street F?R SALS.?A PAIR OP UnV iTTTL imu years old, and v*,y kind inly 4,8' harness Apply to In* ARNY A SHINN, No. 5. Green staaei,< ^ ^?Hg AN AMERICAN PLAY, BY AN AM^rT ?>, c" Author, Cortex, the Conqueror, In 5 acta* This Poem has great merit. ' "ca maris rER?U80N,45?7thst. ptolkction AND INDEMNITY FROM u4. wm IT FIRE! tim, MARINE, alf D INLAND ih8urahce. authueized CAPITAL. $1,3*9,000 fakksrs AMD MECHANICS' insur ance CO., 07 PHILADELPHIA. Ofict norUvcst corner Pemntylvania avenve and 171A ktreet, JTratAingt*n City, x>. c. directors. ?on. Thos. b. Florence, Charles Dingee, George H. armsvonf, Thomas Manderfield. Charles A. Rubicam, Edward R. Helmbotd oeorge Helmboid, p. Carroll rrcwater. Join k. neall, Isaac Leech. Jr. THOMAS r. FLORENCE, President. ?DWARD R. hklmbold. becreiarf. LOCAL. 8urvey0r3. Char lea Walter, No. 397 D luwt, opposite City Ball. * Jno. M. Thornton,corner Firstatreetaud vlrclaia avenue, Island. Jamea Williams, No. S3 Four-and-a-halfata John Rifles, No. Ml Thirteenth street, SPTow Pennsylvania avenue. ' n- . . ? ^aline 8ujiv1tor. iu Ty' No< 357 Pennsylvania avtnns. ?pposite National Hotel. ' general superintendent. John ttiomason. Autkor.xei Capital and A% e *...Sl,4T3,0.?r 07. asskts . $?1*3,057 07. luvetttd in homis, mortgage*, andGood secuiitie:*. The business of this Company will compare fh vorabty with the most successful of similar instim* uons In the United States. From the is: day of Augint, 1854, in tive mouths, up to 1st January, 1s50, ths premium* received amounted to tiie iaree sum of oue hundred and ciiht thousand, oue nuudred and hfiy-uue dollars, with omy lorty-sit hundred ai.d auiy-iii dollars losses .?ported. vvith these evidences ?uccess auj good man tbe directors joel justified m toliciiiiijr a share ox public patronage, believing that the secu nty offrrsd is ample, and mat all fair claim, will be adjusted mure according to equity than legal techni caiitiei* The company it* prepared to issue policies against .038 or damage by Ere on DWELLINGS. furni TURK MILLS, manufactories vvarb housks, all descriptions or buildings, and theircontents, or all kinds of mkrcuandisb. iranaporied by vksskls. STEAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, RAILROADS, and the usual con anypo?ioii of EUROPE and aaikktca, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the western waters. The raus of premium will be as low as other companies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office northwest o-rner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D. C. Insurance may al.o be effected at the Hornt Offlct Northwest corner IValnut and Second Streets. Phila ielp\ia. and in othex principal cities of tbe United 'mar 1^taut*,0"se<* ?^ctrs of the company. Home Insurance Company of New York, OFFICE NO? 4 WALL STRUT. Cash Capital <500,000 00 Amount of Assett in Jan., 1557..872 823 31 Amount of Liabilities 42,460 w3 This company continues to in , buildings, Merchandise, Ships in Port" hou*bol<i Furniture and Per against Loss or Dam *>y * ?n fivorabfe termi. Losses equitably adjusted and prompily paid. , . .. directors? i . Martin; A F wiiimarth; William G Lambert, firm of A & A Lawrence ft Co ; Geo C Collins, firm of Sherman ft Collin*; Danford N Barney, firm of Wells, Fargo ft Co ; Lucius them?^ nt ,mportff8 * Traders' Bank; Thomas Messenger, firm of t ah flrmj>f Claflll>. Mcllen ft 8e.j Charles B Hatch, firm of C B Hatch ft cn ? h a?^knbu?11' fl.rm ot HMkcll? Merrick ft Bull; L , )?u/y? Jr ? ?rtn ?f l Aterbury, jr ft Co ? /,?. flen D lnman, firm of Coman, loihrop ft'co ? ???trfn; lp'! p 9,onc' ?rm of Stone', -ta.r ft Co , James Humphrey, firm of Barnev ??orge Pearce, firm of Geo wnlk^???' ,svar<1^ vvork. firm of Ward A Co l k w' flim of jamm ? ow ft j"? ? 's*?c h Frothlncham, firm of i h Frotbla? ham ft Co : Charles a Bnlkley, firm of buiklev i n?' h nortnn> fl'?n of Norton, Jewe? ft cli 1s0,ebi1' fl"*? of e o Morgan ft Co , Theodore mcnamee, firm of Bowen mr Nainee ft Co.: Klchard Blgelcw. firm^f 6oIn" w!?d* & s ivtkwssa tsftco alf^v n fcbo' flrm of enoj ko^ " co barn?8? ?f as Barnes h i.. ? p d Bliss, of the firm of 0w>rge bilss ft Co ; Roe Lock wood, of tbe firm Vfk Lockwood 4_Son; Joba G Nelson, firm of Nelson ?,??ke' flrm cf Cooke, Dowd ft n k. i00' tfrm of Morton ft grin B hhsv.l? 5^' irm.?f Cond,t *? Noble; John 0 Hutchinson, firm of J C hnw<> *? Co . u.-lv Paul, flrm of stepbfn ptul & co chwp 32d? 7-m ^ Haidw1n' l'!*rr *r Co ;' H 6libert kly" ?f. bo.t!!b 4 mcconnell; Amos i* Dw.^ht, firm of Trowbridge, Dwlght ft Co* fSw?nt'l"l,n ?f Hiribut ft \fo s ? J oyji firm of Jesse Hoyt ft Co ? Win mtnr i"nof?turgls, SLaw ft co , johnr r ord. firm of Ford Rubber Co ; Sldnev Mason firm of Maion ft thommion- h.???.tu.2 ' firm of Stedman, maynffi^ ^ f stedm?a? chaklksj MARTIN, Pres t. j MILTON smith.^eVry ' ViCe l'"*' ?>"> ?nn >ib >11. banking h otsl ~ ,?tHUBB BROTHERS. fikpu^l fs?DEPOSITS RKCEI vkf> amii Checks paid without charge. Drafu on the northern seaboard cities received on depoait m i '?****'** om Deposits ?Interest will ai 00 u^.u. at ...d. Syta'a^ dai-osits im vlrsi !?IA A n ti U NCt'RRI vt mo se?'^fSie""weck"k''i "-eo-! SifSRS?'?!-SSWHtS 1 kavcl!n6 bills or fxtmavo t wiube furnished with drt/u t? t ttrave,ers sxi'rr* letters of Credit ou England, Irelandt? luTu^Tos'Sl^ at tbe W4rket rdle 101 Change", i cu?ltib"pa8ytnvfromc SnT^aiwir, for sale, or bought In the diltereit ciill' J - ? for mission of a\ v cent wLVi upon orders, we reserve the ri?ht m 5 csi'i'^rst wr -?? hands for negotiation either ib n,i ?u' guaranteed in every respect ''y arc |LinJ S4mni* l0C4tM 00 comml-sion. | if guested qu#lml0m regularly furnished Warrants will be forwarded to Western p?.. sasr.'^.""?? is k""e i c^rcoV.": -? State* before the coarttf cu?mZ*Jun,te< 1 Intrusted to us, will he nmVI . . ^ Con?rtss. prompt attorneys. prosecuted by able and Jan *7 ciiobb BROTHERS, opposite the Tseasury i s n. P. ??,muilc ' _u*1' ww* ? u?0? feb ll-3rn "523.SSES3S7 ^awSSSaSs???& ?> Medal awarded^ t^ i,?."!rk,,l*t*rr,te tmm" tr*""*: i?i?;..*aibmot " *?"> j*a.?l-ty ^calonftfatai.) C h.1 ? * k 1? ' b pour.wbeei . jggr-dp J, ySBKS S h. j. Mclaughlin * co. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Ornca or nit WAfHtMoio* Aquinccr, > tVAsmnoTow, Mar-h 5,1? 7. J PROPOSALS ARB INVITED FOR MATEfil ?la and work for the Washington Aqueduct. troposils received up to Tth May will b* epencd at Boon of that day. * Maps, profile*, and spec'flexions of materials and work to be let wi 1 be re%cy for examination at this otlic^on and after the I0ih Apr?l next. The work to be frt will t mbraee masonry of some of U?c bridge*, graduation, excavaticn, and em bankaent ot reaervsir*, Iron pipes connected with the reeervoirs, 12-inch iron niam^atehouawjbrieks, *aad, rabble, and cut stone, Sic. For the particular work* and aad materials refer enoe Is mvle to the specific lions and plans. As upon a portion ot the line the titles arc not yet acquired by the United States, there may be some delay In commencing the work therein; but for su h uravoidable de ays due allowance will bs made in the time of completion. Fo: lions only of Mim? of the works can be com pleted under the pretuot appropriation; hut all con tracts lor unfinished work will b" subject to future appropriation by Congress. The enirinser reserves the right to prescribe the amount of wi>rk to be done and rate of progress under each conuaot for cacti appropriation; and mca-eof the approprianon not holding out sufficiently, to decide when and what works sliaU be stopped until land* become atail aU'e. in ease of the entire utoppase of any particular work for want of fund.-, the reserved ten percent, will be paid, if, in :li? judgment of the engineer, the work has been properly executed so far as it has gone. Payments will be made In specie checks upon tte United SStites treasury upon the ntonrhiy estimates of the engineer, receiving ten per cent.; and it will b* a condition of all contracts that the workmen shall te pa^d their full wages m uwhly, and in spe cie. All bids ?b? uld b?s sea'ed and endorse I "Propo tali lor wcrk or materials oa tbe Washing o? A jue duft " Th" Uni ed States reserve* the ri^lit to reject any oral the biJs ;lir>uld they rot be deemed alvatita gt ous. aad to make ^ucti aria ^M^enis as may be considered nn'st comiitclva to the progress of the work. Every of* r nmrt bs accoinianiel Ly a written giiaiautre, signed by one or 111 ;re responsible jier soua, to the t tlect mat he or they umVoake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accept ed! enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good aad securities, for tlie cempletlon of tue work undertaken; said ??ua:aitec to be acc nmamed by the certificate of the United States district ju 'ee. U "ited States district attorn;y. navy agent, or some officer of the general government or individual known to the Engineer or D'cartm nt of War, th it the guarantors are aide to make g>od their guaran tee. Bids wilt be opened in pre?enee of bidders, if any of them choose 10 be present. M. C ME168. Capt. of Engineers, in charge. FORM OF Til; ARAN TEE, To Capt. M. C. Meigs, U.S. Engineers. We, the undersigned, residents of , in the State of , hereky, jointly and severally, cove asnt with the United S ates. and guaranty, in case the foregoing bid of be a*ceptel, it at he or they will, within ten daya after the aocept^nce of the raid, bid execute the cont act for the same, with good and sufficient sureties to perform or furnish th* articles proposed In conformity to the terms of the ?dvertisrment nnder which it was made. And ia ra<e the ta J sha'l fail to en?er into rout ran a? aforesa'd, we guaranty to m*ke good the diff-r ence batween the offer by the (aid and the nextlowe-t bidder. (S gued) A" B. C. D. I hereby certify that, to the l>e*t of my knowledge and belisi,ihe alovc-iiamcd guarantors are good aad sufficient. (Signed) E. F. 7-eodt7uiMayfclaw;ff Proposals for Erecting Marine Barracks at Pensacola, Florida. NA\Y DsrARIMIMT, 1 WASHinoroK, March 3, 18.77 J tJEALF.D PROPOSALS, ENl)OBSSI) "PROPO O sals foi llnilding Marine Rairacks at Pensaeola. Florida," will be received at this department until the Tth day of April, 1857, at 3 o'clook p. m., for the eoiiFtructioii of the Marine Barracks authorized 'o ?>e erected at Pensacola, Florida, according to the plans and specification prepared by the dirccion ol thi Navy Department, copies of wnlcli mar be seen at the offices of th* c. n.mands of the Navy Yard* a* Boston, New Ycrk, Phil .de plva, ard P?n'?enla,and at the officeef'ho Quarter-master a' the Marine Corps at Washington. The work i?to bt divided Into five parts, f< r each of which a separasj propo sal must l?? submi'tcd : 1st. Proposal) for bulding men'* quarfrs and out buildings. 21. Propo?ali for building cffiiers' quarters anJ outbuildings. :<d. Proposal for bu lling commandants' quarters and outbuildings. 4lh. Proposa's for bui'ding enclosing wall. 5th. Propoeal for building entrance lodge. The proposals must be for furnishing all the ma terials and completing the work nnder cacti head in a manner satisfactory to the perron who may b* ap pointed by the N?vy Pepirtmsnt to aup?riniend the ?ame ; and the Department rsserves t: e right to re ject or ace;pt "h? proposal* heroi* invited, or any parttherrof, whr*n it deems the interest of the United Sta?e3 requires it. Ninety percen\of the ammnt of work done an l materials delivered, according to contract pr ce, will be paid frcm tune to ime,a* the wora pro gre??e?, upon estimate* msde and certified to by the superintendent cn tlie part of the United States and ten p?r cent, retained until tbe comple tion of the contract,and acceptance el the work, by the f>a*d superintendent and department, and be torf?it?*U in the event ol non-fUlfi.mwnt of contract: provided that no lull t-ha'l ht maie for au aaouut es? tl>an five thousand dwllars. Racti proposal must be accompanied by a written g'a-antee, signed l.y two responsible persons, (cer lifted to be si by a navy a^ent, (xistmasier, dis trict judg?*, or ?ooe oilier off.cer of the United Statfg, In the sum of fivs thousand dollars that tlin bidder will, wh?*n r?quired,if his propoxate, < r any them, be accepted, enter illto aeoiuiact and boml, with |H-<ip.;raud sudicient securities lor lis faulitul prrt <1 manoe. Bidders are intitej to examine the j Uns andspecl tieations at tbe otli ?-j her<-int??fwe n'eniioned The prop<teals must lie sf-aled and uldresssd to ibis department, and plainly endorsed " Hroj?>siiti tor Building Murine Barra k* at Ptnsacola, Fttrida *? '1 hose cwily whine off-re mav b? accepted wili b noiitied, and Uie contr ct wilt be forwarded as wnui tliereafi?r as p-a^ticabc, which th>*y will b-- fguir el to cK'ctm- within f.i daysafier all r its receipt at lh? post cflice named by tht-m J.C.DOBBIN, Secretary of the Nary, mar 5 '2awtipl7thJ CHINA, OLA** AND KIKK.IN VTAKK. BK. U. MILLER, HON ti CO.,?y) Importers direct from Liverpool Alexandria, beg leave to call the at- ' tention of dealers, hotel-keepers and others of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of QUODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eaatern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the Unlte4 States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages in the purchase of goods, equal, if notsupe- I rlor, to any house In the trade. An inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can be made of them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French China Vases, Pitcher*, Toilet Seta, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other article* of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets,and separate artick* al ways on hand Wklte 6ranlte Ware In every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edqed, White and Rockingham Ware In full aupply. Cut, PreRed, I'laln and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold bv the nack age or otherwiae. Experienced packer* employed. Sooda put np by us can be tiansportcd toy any mode witkout breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12cents each way dollars1" ?' * 8Pent may save many ITT REAL ESTATE OFFICE. -4* A FULL DESCRIPTION OF ALL PROP exty left with me for sale, will be entered on my *$fles Book, and receive iny personal atten tion, and if a sale is effected, a reasonable com mitslon will be charged on tbe amount of sale I will also personal attention to tke Rent ing of Dwellings and other Property, for reason able fees The public may be assured that all business left in my charge, will be attended to with promptness and fidelity; and that It is myiaten* tlon to make my office a place of great value to all Interested In Real festate. _ Bualneas respectfully solicited. Office at No. 512 (9d story) 7th street, opposite National Intel ligencer Offise. JanlM-eo3m POLLARD WEBB* LIME-LlME-l?|Wf? r?AN ALWAYS BK OBTAINED IN qUAN titles to suit and on tbe mo.i re?^i?ble t^rms at the Washington Lime Kilns, No 1, between U pper and Lower Bridge*, the most superior sr. llclc* yfr?,k Wood Burnt Lime plasterer's Hair ? " Calcined Plaster 1 OtdSahrtS?t'?rubh fc Lo?ano, Merchant tail, ors, No 4*3 8th steeet, Washington, will bo punetually attended to. feb24 eotf W.H.GODKY&Co. Medicines. ?TOr THAT COUGH ! rTUIE GREAT REMEDY FOR CODGHS, X Colds, Croip and Whoopins Coram DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cores Coughs of the worst kind. It also curea hoarseness. sore throat, weaknesa of the cheat, pain In tha breast and lung afltoctlons. Where ever there la pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pain Curer, and you wlilflnd Immediate relief. Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieve* and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and fortl les the system against further attacks. lO* In bottles at 50 cents and SI. TO CURE CROUP. Tbe llvea of thousand of children have been saved, by using Dr. ROSE'S Croup Syrup. It gives instant relief. 35 cents a botue. ? TO CURE VfHOOPITHi COUGH

Lungs 50 cents a bottle. The above valuable medicines are recommend ed by Physicians who have tried them In their practice. To be had of all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-la COUGH S-C OLD B-K0AKSENE88 DK. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cure for Whooping cough. Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption. Entend mccording lo Act ofCongrtss, AtD. 1837. IN ASA1N PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of tbe public the above remedy, we feel that little apology la needed. Vast numbers la all sections of the U nion arc obliged to have recourse to other sources of relief thsn tbe Immediate pre script on of their family physician* and as each return of the winter season brings out a host of I>rofeasedLy new specifics, some good, others use es*, and maav decidedly dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of du:y as interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any other In use, to make It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such Is its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that It lias been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess ; that Its reputotlcn has continued to spread and its salt Increase, with little aid from adver tising or published lists of certificates, (which all know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation a3 far a meritorious one,) that by its own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of persons benefitted bv Its use, it has gained its present popularity; It Is not trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In pulmonary cases, ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to afford relief wh?ie most others have been tried without materlarbenelt As suoh, it is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, who know Its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of Its superior eflcary, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citizens, to most cf whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 25 cents, or three bottles In one, 50 ct*., by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT i LCI *8 KL> Georgetown, and PEEL csTfiVbiNd, Alexandria. " TYLER'S CUM ARABIC COUGH CAt*DYDROPS." the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, Ac., as they remove all husklness f:oin the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Price lit^ ar.d 85cents a box, dec 0-ly HOW TO CUKE ALL FAIN. PAIN IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?cure the Pain and check the disease. DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains in the Limbs, Sides or Back, Sprains and Bruise*, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp In the Stomach or Bowels, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps In the Breast, ChlUs, Spinal Affections, and I alns In the feet Inderd, it cures all Pain 117" W)i, 25, and 50 cent*a bottle. If you are Bilious and ha?e a bad Told, take DR ROSE'S RAILROAD OR ASTI B1L IftUS PILLS. Thcv carry off all blieandre EVirV Thw P1H? go ahaed of all other Pills In thcl? good effect*. lE^Boxea 12 K and 25 cents. Sold bv all Druggists 4n Washiagtcn, 6corgetown,' and Alexandria. decloUin KIEK& CHERRY PECTORAL, For tbe rapid Cars of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made in this generation to facilitate the business of life - increafe Its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, none can be named of more real value to mankind than this contribution of Chemistry t? ?h? Healing Art. A vast trial of its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulino nerv disease which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands and thousands every year. Indeed there is new abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which c*n be relied on, to cur? the most dungerous affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub Usu any proportion of the cures effected by Its use but we woujd present the followingand refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and Indisputable proof of the*e state meats. Orrics or Transportation, j II. I Jtau'ens.R.R .S c., Aug 4, lb53.{ Jh k,!!", 1,ear ^'.-Nylmieaon.tour years old, has Just recovered from a severe attack of magllgnant Scarlet Fever, bis throat was rot ten, and every person that vl.lted bim, pronounc ed hiin a dead child Having us?d your Chir b r t icTORAt, In California, In the winter of le50 for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, I was Induced to try it on my little boy. 1 * ty*'"P<H'n-fullev?ry three hours, com manvTrhiMff ab?ve named dlssase will save many a child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety of rn?ny a fond parent For all af S S ip T!irofl a"d Lungs, 1 belltve it the neat medjcli e extant, a feellusr of t*i#? Hwrw gratitudr, pron pts me In addressing you these lines,?but for your important discovery mviirti* bov would now have bk-n in aSSr we'r^ ?V"urs wi^ S^at respect, J. D. POWELL, SupLTrana., L. R. R. Rocxt Hili^ Somerset Co ,,N. J.,1 n? f r. A July 21, 1S5'J. I w AT*V""81nce y?ur medicine haabe ure has 3 grea,cr demand than any other ccii"h remedy we have ever sold. It Is spoken of in tertno of unmeasrred praise by those wno hare ustd It, l know of some where the best they can say of It is not too much for the good It has done. 1 take pleasure li: selling It, because I know that I am giving my customers the worth of their money, and I feclcratlgcd la seeing the brnefltlt confers. Please send mo a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C.WHITLOCK. P. 8. Almost any number of certificates can be sent if you wish It. Windsor, C. W., June2B, 1852 u ATt? Sir,?-This may certify thatl have wed your Chkkri F?ctora? for unwsri. ???nMyi,earj Knd !! lsmy *,nccre belleAhi?? !?B aTe ere tkl? Ume if l had not It has cured me of a dangerous tlon of the lungs, and I do not oversWmv^S* vlctlona when I Ml you it i* a priceless remedy Yours very respectfully, ?-?y. D. A. McCLURK, Attorney at Law. n? ? September 2S, I?50 I. AT ,r- My dcar ?your medicine h?IS^^r,PrOTe<1 ?* "V those who have used It ^swbsht - rff^irEss l am your friend, CHAS. STRfclATER, M. D. ^ DR J-c AV*, Low. tJ?}j!2?aD- ?'lmaN. Washington, and an rgpecUble druggists. del; * <m 20 000 fE\CH TASKS, IVTIBXST ALLOW ID OV DIPOSITXS. MONEY H LOAN4m STOCK SECURITIES tra INTIilS. IIIIIIS Opposite the Treasury. THE nOUSK OF CHUBB B EOT HI B 8. Wsshtaftsn, is composed of CHA3. St J. CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW, HENRY HOLME*. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BBOTHES, BABBOW A CO , DAVI!*fOKT, lowi, !? composed of CHAS StJ CHUBB, , M . ALEX'R H. BARROW, Jan*7-tf WM. H. DOUGAL. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. ?ualwtsrU from Slate Stone, by tfei West CuiliUi Slate CtapBifi fl. These mantels are enamelled in Imitation of the richest and most f xpenstvr EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VLRD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY. PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AO ATE, SPANISH GAL WAY, and other rar< aad desirable MARBLES. The Iroltstlons are so perfect that they cbalengelhe elcrest scrutiny They are so highly polished that they retain theli beauty much longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, coal pas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others In market. Price ranging from im to S12. Architects, Builders and others are Invited te call and examine samples at No. 312 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, uf stair*. T. M HANSON, se li-ly Agent BOOK BINDING. Ctinir E'tvtmh linn surf Maryland ?????? ntar tkt Smithsonian Institution. Edwaku lycett respectfully in terms tbe subscribers to Brown's Bible and dhakspeare, now just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than can t>e done In Baltl more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to blm (per pest) will enable blm to ex hlblt to the subscribers specimens of bks style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted. seJ?-em Rectifying Establishment. The undersigned takes this method of Informing liquor dea'ers that he has fitted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLiSH M ENT In this eity, and is now prepared te sup ply all those who mav fhvor him with their cus tom. He has on hand a large stoct of Brandies, Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he can sell at as low a figure as they can be purchased for either la Baltimore or Philadelphia. N B. The subscriber has also on hand, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars. PETER FEGAN, Ne. 95 Louisiana avenue, near 10th si. Jan 11-6 m* ,n TO ALL Til AT VALUE TilEItL SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from flasces injudiciously selected, to bis superior PECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brll llant transparency, stilted precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity o: convexity of the eye. Very numerous a?e the IL effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being Tan OrfovtfUr; and precisely suited, by tbe use of nn Ortovttttr; an the practice of many years enables nim to meas ure the focal dl?esne of the eyes, and such g!ass e* that are absolately reoulred will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits tbe patronage of those that kove not yet availed themselves of hla aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many inch es they can read this print with their spectacles can be supplied with suck as will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials ts be sees; and ref erences g'ven to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at els ofilce, Ne. ? I'd SEVENTH STREET, Uni d?ors from Odd Fillers' Hall, er stains. Noxtoli, September 7,1PS4. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit rer> well, and seem to have improved my sight mort than any other I have lately tried. L1TT. W. TAZEWELk I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my alght, and corresponding with hlsdescrlptloa of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to vialtthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ' g his glasses, I was famished by nlm with i ur slightly colored blue, which have afforded 'me mure relief and gratification tben any 1 have MT " ?! t, originally ' 'ng 9 _! . to a very late boor; but with the aid ol Ing his glasses, I was furnished by nlm with s iir slightly colored blue, which Li I livjured by writing and reading at" night i fre pair slightly colored blue, which Lave afforded me mure relief and gratification tben any 1 have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, war these glasses 1 can study almost as late as ever, aad tbat too without the pain 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land OSes. Dec. 11, IMS. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles far thre sr four months, and take great pleasure In eny lng that 1 am much p!-e?--d wltn them. 1 hav been much benefitted by them. May 5th,lfftt. ?EOR. P.SCARBf RSS I was recommended to Mr. J oh a Tobias as i skillful optician; and as I have eves of remark able peculiarity, i was gratified to find tkat Mi Tobias keemed to comprehend tuem t?y l us pec _? * ? ? A. ? ? * * Hon nnd some slight measurement, and he'ha* made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad flUrably. ?. P. BVTLEK. July 11,1821. Wilkimitok, ft. C., Jan *7,18M Mr. J Tanias: Dear Sir?1 am bsppy to sn> that the Spectacles wi.lch 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, 1 have heieto found great difficulty In getting glas?-es of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure t* state that, by the aid of your optometer, this disfi oulty has been happily obviated so that the glcs?e?? you furnished me are decidedly the b? st adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet u?ed. Very respectfully, yours, R. B. DRANF., Rector of St James' Parish Dir&XTMnNT or lNTnaiok. May 7,1859 From natural defects and the unequal range ol my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different optician* without obtaining glasses perfectly fittea to my eyes. Four month* since Mr. Tobias made twe pairs especially for me, which 1 have found te s<*rve me perfectly. By the use of bis optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasse* minutely to tbeey* 1 most cheerfully recommend Air. Tobias to all having occasion to u*e glasses snd bear my testi mony as to his skill a* an optician. HENRY E. BAI.l)WIN, Assist. Seo'y to sign Land Warrants P. S.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety, TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles is this line at very low prlccs constantly on hand. It ib-it UKEAT REDUCTION IV THIFBICK OF BOOTI AHO 0 AITBBt 1HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOE A PHIL 'adflphli manu facturer, a first rite S?wed or Pegged Calf-Shin boot at S3.75, full as good as those usually sold at S5 or SS: nad a French Calf Patent Leather 8 A ITER at ?1.90, aa good as a ay at *5; a first rate Calf ? al te r at V? .so, these are the best goods that ls(o;everweie) sold la the District for the price; for tbe _ f>roof, come and see * ** r or yourself. Terwe positively cash. Ne extrs profit charged to rflbet bad debts. Call at thr NEW YORE HAT STORE, SeveaU street, near Pennsvlvasls avenue. ^ Best RUBBERS for gentlemen fl. M ANTHONY. A rest CtftAYSl HATKl ONSTANILY ON HAND * FVLL supply of beebk'9 new VORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dre^s HATS got up In the latest style for t3 good as those usually sold at S3: and a good fashion* able Hat at S3, worth St; and a first-rate Hat, S2 50 ??V - V - - t# - >S If'. ' 'Hi \^\ 1 ,?? " -. r - Ths best materials and the best workmanship employed to produce a ?5 Hat, which is ?eld foi S3.?&. We do a cash buslneta, meet wltn no las ?es, bat give each eustomor full valne fee his money. Fe* Mam mmeueHflew. _ ssr.0' *, ANTHONY,7tkatreet,near Pa.ayenie,Agetl I tor a New \||rk Mat Compaay. se M~tf I lafomatton for IXW EOVfB TO Til tOVTXWKT. MBMFM1I4 CHiftLBSTO CMSICtlRe rkatiai??|t wild Mfaplli.Ttu. The last connecting link op RAILROAD Mven the Northeast ud fouthwrst, forming an rati re Railroad eonnse Hon between NEW YORR AMU THK MIBS1?. SIPPI river. Via AUGUSTA, ?? Tbh road wlU be completed and (pad for the regular transportation oI Passengers and Freight by the 1st of April, and will afford more Expedition, and lees Expense, Chan any other rcute between the Northeast and Southwest Pas eengers ard Shlpperswill take doe n and govern themselves accordingly. The Frelghfa In charge of the Ad Comnif Is carried over this road dally by tha Passenger trains. F. c. arms. m?r 18-tf Cenrral Superintendent. UHAKIUlhALBIARIiaiA ft., a. MAfi QrMt Booth #rn Mail Line * rpWO DAILY TRAINS fSUNDAY NIGHTS x ex-epted) leave Alexandria fbr Richmond? At 7jf a m.aadlyp m Fare WW. JAMAS A. EVANS, febll Afeat. washington fTIRAINS LEAVE WASHINGTON 1 BALTI.MOH E at ? and 8 X ? and 3 and 4){ p. m. On Sunaay at 4W p.m. Leave JALT1MOKE for WASHINGTON at 4H and 8jtf a m .and 3 and ijf p. m. On Sunday at 4 if a m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York will take'f rains at 6, 8.X? an<1 4 X ? For Annapolis will take Trains at*# aad4g. For Norfolk will take Trains at 8# and 3 For the West will take Trains at Sand 4Jf; con necting at the Waahlngton Junction Un 10-tX T. 11. PARSONS, Afeat. "for all parts of the west. BiLTI.noHE 1KU UIIIU KilLMiP. /Vttff and Improved Arrangements. Three trains daily from balti more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, and all parts of the West. lot. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave, (except Sunday) atllia a, connecting with trains from Philadelphia. flrat train ITmb Washington (at Junction)?will stop at way eta tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o'clock p. m. 2d The MAIL TRAIN leaves Camden Sta tion daily (except Sunday) at 8 30* a. m , and reaches Wheeling by 4 a. m , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus. Cincinnati, Day* ton Indianapolis, Louisville, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and Intense* dlate points. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leavea dallv at 7 p. m.,connecting with expreas trains for Cin cinnati. bt. Louis. Cairo, Chicago, and interme diate places. The distance to Cincinnati and otheToentral and southern piaeis In the Weal, Is nearly 100 miles shorter thaa by aav ether route. The time to theoe places Is alao unequalled. U71 Baggace cnecked through io Co.umkus, Cincinnati, Indlenapolla, aid at. Lou la |[T Passenger* and Baggage transferred at ail points free THROUGH TICKETS will be eoldtoallthe large towns In the West, at the lowest possible rates, at the Ticket OBee, Camden Station, and at Washington city. a>- A second-class car Is attached to the Mail Train. Passengers from}Balt:more or Washington may etew the eutirt rcn/i hy rfnyhgkt, by taking Ac commodatlon or Msll train, and lying over nt Cumberland or Oakland. They resume next morning by the Express Train, which leaves Cumberland at li Ma. m.-, and reaches Wheel lair at 8 p. m i'arsefager* from Washington have ample time for meals at Washington Junction. This is the,only route by which Through Tick et* and Baggage Checks can be obtained in Waahlngton. # FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at 6 41, will stof at all stations east of Cumberland, and the Express at sta ions between Piedmont, going west East werdly the Mail Trala leaves Wheel lag at 7 19 a m , and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 8.80, reaching Baltimore at 5 15 p m. The FREDERICK TRAIN staits at 4 p m , (except Sunday) stopping at way s'atloas Leaven Frederick at ? a m , arriving at Baltimore at 18. 30 noon. ? The KLLICOTTS MILLS TRAIN leavea Camden 8tation at 4 a m. and 3 30 p m. Leaven Elilcott'a Mliis at 7 30 a m, and 7.30 p m , ex cent Sundays. W g WOODSIDK, Jan 10-tf Master of Transportation. THE ftEW YORK A*D LlYBKF00L~ UNITED STATES 211ML MAIL hTEAHKHB. Tkt Skips temftraing tktt Lint aes ; The ATLANTIC Capt Oliver Eldrldge. The BALTIC Capt Joseph Comstock. The ADRIATIC Capt Jamea West. These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service. every care has been taken in their construction, as also la their engines, to Insure strength and speed: and thetr accommodations for pasaengera are uaeqaailed for elegance and comfort. Price o* ravage trom New Yorh to Liverpool, In first cabin. B13J; In second do , 175; exclusive use of extra sire sttte rooms. S375. From L.ver pool to New Yotk, 3<) and SO gulneaa An expe rienced Surgeon attached toearb *Mp. No berth* can be secured until paid for The sblf s of this line have improved water-tight bulk b*ads,and to avoid danger from Ice will not cross the Banks north of 48 degrees, until after the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. FKim NKW YokK. , f KUM 1.1 VLarOOU SatHrdty. January 3. 1KT1 ? Sa'tir?J*y, January IT, 1?!,T batarUay, Jana?ry 11, IM W*iln*?day, January t, t?:f *?r.t?a??tay. Jatmary ft, I?T _ - . , . WHiMdtr, frtr?4rl 4. Sarin Jay, February 14, IsiT WVtuegday Fei.rr.ary U, l-?7 Saturday, Mar.-!. 14. ls.%7 ' n.rrl, ?, U.7 ?J?'?rJay. April 11, l?i" 1 WwloeArtay. April I,' 1??7 J**1 Wa?lu?a.tay. April Is, I?j7 .lainrdajr, Ma; 5?, - ? Hs' srday, J do* s, l>i; natarday, Jnu? 38, "16S7 SatBi '!?>, July 4, Ins? ttatcrday, Jn'y is, la?7 Vtitmiiri nay r\ ? i?i Wt Jseariay. Jikf IS, lasl Wfilothli), JimH, 1847 Wsaassasy, July ?, ts<7 Wattesadsy, Jsly it. Ml For freight or passa e npply to F.DW'DK COLLINS, No M Wall-St , N. Y. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO . Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No 87 Aua tln FrIa'a. London B. G. WAIN WR1GUT A CO , Paris. The owners of the?e ships will not be accoun table for geld, ! liver, bulllen, f|*cle, leweiry, precious stones or metal a, unless bills of lading are signed therefor and the value thereof express ed therein fckS aeASOKABLK SrRINO OOVOI. JOHN H SMOOT, No tit RRIDGK ST Ueo?getown, O C , has received and Is now rawing to customers, an astortmentof SPRING GOODS, to which large tddltlcna will ?ooa be made fiom the New York auctions, and of the late.t Importations He has now received and Is offering the following Goods, vix: BlkGrode RhineSiTks Chalile Robes aud Goatshalr Plaids Mouslln, Challleand Uerage Delaines Plain Moulin Delains (aodes tnd bright colore) Plain tlnh, Blue. Bnff and Green k'reaah Bril liants and Cambrics White and Buff Chi nixes and BriUlaata, (aeat Iguesi Englisn and American Prints, new styles and teat colors, l'J^e Striped Calicos *nd Sattlens, for chlUren India Dlmltry and White Brilliants, cheap Plaid and strip*d Mu-lln*. from l'JKe to 2ic. 6-4 White Cambrics (of Joa*^' celebrated make) Best En2llah Lo.ig cuths, (Tor ladles ) ume irake Jaconets, Nainsook snd Swiss Mosllas 3 and 0 4 Blk Mouslin Delaines (Lupla'a) Bombsxl^es, ALpacas and Engil*h Crapes Blk Love snd Crape Vel's and Crapa Collars Embroideries and Linen Cambric Handk'ft Dun'uar, Dlcksor, and Richardson Irish LlneM Linen and Cotton Mieetlngs (ben makes) Shirting Cottons (of all the most approved n^kes) Table Damas?s, Table Cloths ana Napklas Biid Eye, B urkaback a'd Scotch Diapers Colored bordered Towellings, Russia and Amer ican Cra*h White Marseille* Quilts Cents' and Boys' La-slmerc* Cottenades, Denims aad Nankeens Velvet and Bonnet Ribbons Ladle*' snd eants' Kid Gloves (all rlzes and naanbers) Brown Engllah )i Hom, best tAakes Ladles anA Misses' Cotton Hose With mauy other seasonable Goads, to which he Invite* the attention of rromrt pmytmr and cttk customers. 4. H. SMOOT. mara-tf BTOCR IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY, KANAWHA CUCNTY, VIRGINIA. SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE RECEIVkD ? at the Banking House of Chabb Brochem.fbr the remaining stock of the above company, be ing three hundred sharm The capital stock Is 1100,000 (dollars,) of which *:o W* has bean subscribed. The mines are now prepared for """" f active operations, aad ? per eest InterW whi be i^^?i2L5?rs.'Sri53ti ParUcuiara In regard to the stock, and 1U pecto, will be made known-opon ippMattot to CHUBB BROTHERS jan 87 pTDANDRIDRE.Ageat.