Newspaper of Evening Star, March 31, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 31, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: TIISUAV March 31, INT. V AHUTWHTl raovu> II UIT AT Tfl Orvica If T?B.n ?a?Wi " . crmwiM tin bat mot ?mi TM ?BXT I??*. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Intelligencer demurs to what it allege* to bo the habit of the Democratic journals ?a denouncing the land distribution policy (which it favors) as a Whig measure. Admit ting the death of the Whig party it expresses due respect and regard for its memory. The Union Fees in the appointment of the lion. R. J. Walker to the Governorship of Kansas, a ppeedy solution of all the trouble* in that Territory. It publishes the following interesting letter from that gentleman to the President, foreshadowing the policy he hopes to be able to carry out: WAjHf58T05, March 26, 1857. Mr Diar Sir : 1 have, at your request, re. considered my determination, as announced to you, declining your tender of the office of Wot ernor of the Territory of Kansas. In view of the opinion now presented to you, that the safety of the Vnion may depend upon the se lection of the individual to whom shall be as signed the task of settling the difficulties the Kansas question, I have concluded that a solemn sense of duty to my country requires me to accept this position. I am brought to thil conclusion with an unaffected diffidence in my own ability, but with a fervent hope that the same overruling Providenoe which has carried my beloyed country through so many perils will now attend and direct my effort* for her welfare, and that my humble effort* for her welfare, and that my course will not be prejudged by any portion of my fellow citizens, in or out of Kansas. I understand that you. and all your Cabi net, cordially concur in the opinion expressed by me, that the actual, bona J"ie resident* of the Territory of Kansas, by a fair and regular vote, unaffected by fraud or violence, must be permitted, in adopting their State constitu tion, to decide for themselves what shall be their social institutions. This is the great fundamental principle of the act of CongTess organising that Territory, affirmed by the Su preme Court of the United States, and is in accordance with the views uniformly expressed by me throughout my public career. I con template a peaceful settlement of this ques tion by an appeal to the intelligence and pa triotism of the whole people of Kansas, who should all participate, freely and fully, in this decision, and by a majority of who*e vote* the determination must be made, as the only proper and constitutional mode of adjustment I contemplate no appeal to military power in the hope that my countrymen of Kansas, from every section, will submit to a decision of this matter by a full and fair vote of a ma jority of the people of that Territory. If this decision cannot thus be made, 1 see nothing in the future for Kansas but civil war, ex tending its baleful influence throughout the country, and subjecting the Union to immi nent hazard. I will go, then, and endeavor thus to ad just these difficulties, in the full confidence so strongly expressed by you. that I will be sus tained by all your own high authority, with the cordial co operation of all your cabinet. As it will be impossible for me to leave for Kansas before the second Monday of May next, I would desire my appointment to take effeet from that date Very respectfully, your friend, _ _ R. J. Walker. Ja*e? Bcchakait, President of U. States. WASHING TON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Xx-Seeretary of State In Kan*a* ?It appears to be understood among the men of Kansas in Washington, and they are neither few or far between, that Mr. David Wood*on. ex-Secretary of State for Kan*as Territory, is to be called on to fill the post of Register cf the Land Office at the Delaware (Kansas) land agency. We trust that their impression in this connection is founded on something sub stantial. In the discharge of his late duties Mr. H Godson has evinced a degree of mind> nerve and character far beyond what bis friends expected of him. He has essentially shown himself to be a man?a true man? among men of intellect and capacity ; while no sensible person can object to the propriety of the policy which Governor Walker has evi dently marked out for himself, in the matter of determining to enter on the discharge of his delicate and responsible trust untram melled with any of the difficulties in which all who have so far been in office in Kansas nave been more or !e?s involved The Demo cratic party of the country, firmly fixed asjit iS*again?t the machinations of the bogus Gov ernor Robinr.-n, ei-Gov. Reeder, et at , ap j>reciat%the bearing of Mr. H'codson through ?nt all his trials there, lie has thus won Imperishable fame, and, we know well any thing that the Administiation may do for him Will be duly appreciated by all who stand by Ue principle of the Kansas Nebraska act ?pon which the great contest of November L?*t was fought and won P. S Since^ this article was put in type we ftnd in the Union confirmation of the belief wf the men of Kansas now here that Mr Woodson is to be promoted. The Ilegistership cf the De!aware Land Office is worth, pecu niarily, double his late salary. The Canal?Tide Gate*.?The plau sug gested in the Fntelligevc*, of the 23:h instant for eleansing the canal by tide gate- at either end is oertainly an alluring idea, though we d^mbt that to admit the tide at one end until high water and then permit it to pars out at the other until the tide recedes, would keep the canal free of filth, a, the motion of the water wuull bc too ?ugfi>h p ^ may be advisable to u* tide gates at each rt- rj?to c,an%i iock Kate9'to be at high tide and retain the water until low ' *h"' hj aUdes ia lh? Kates the water could be let out and produce a rapid current at pleasure, the gates to be opened at either end at alternate tides, thus insuring theeleans ieg of the entire canal to low water line. The i canal being excavated below low watermark as at present, causes the most offensive matter to be retained. Either of the gate plans ex poeo the canal bottom during low tide?a ae. rious objection. In adopting the covered sewer system the ground occupied as wharves would offer the moet convenient position for construction, leav ing the entire line of canal to be filled with ?artbi, which would add many valuable acres tj tli* or y?eld a large space for any purpose most desirable. hJtuV7 "boulJ to protect the within*1 eh* * great nation, Tt? ??>;?>' " Z/J' T'"?"{th" ?t, ud WMhinpoo .ill i? h.r iof?c, reeeir. th. b.n.?t ?f >htt ? ? ' cu,.I., thereby incuring tb. vaiicn of her naturally healthy climate Gone -The office-seekers have, for the most Mrt deserted us. Since Friday l?at there ha* been a regular exodua of them from Wash ington city, caused by the fact that the offi eiai mill has ground out moet of the appoint ment* in which they were Interested. Half a doien have bwn in attendance here for nearly every place so fir disposed of. As they con gregated in the reception hells of the leading hotels and were Pennsylrania Avenue birds in pleasant weather, their disappearance leaves a vacuum, as it,were, very perceptible to those who "keep the run" of men and things around them. The flenth en Kansas ? Commenting, on Saturday last, upon Kansas affairs, the Rich mond Enquirer so forcibly illustrates the fact that the South simplj asks for the faithful ad ministration of the principle of the Kansas Nebraska act, as that we quote it as follows: " Kansas is soon to be the soene of such an experiment as must prove or disprove the ca pacity of the people to control themselves, to enforce the principles of the government, and perpetuate the L'nion. Xbe drama is draw ing to a close. Not many months will elapse before the Territory will be arrayed in form, as well as ready in fact, for admission as a State If the sense of the people, touching the formation of the constitution, is ascer tained according to law and justice, and fairly and freely proclaimed, whether slavery be re pudiated or recognized, the Union may be considered safe. But if violence and fraud are allowed to mould the sovereignty for the new State, passion and prejudice will have triumphed over right and reason, the oause of freedom will have wounded itself; the conser vatism of the oountry will have been proved incapable of countervailing the influence cf fanaticism and repelling the attacks of trai tors. The Union will have been shaken to its centre by the approach of en eerthqueke, which will form a fissure of Are along the dividing line between the North and the South. '? The appointment of Hon Robt. J.Walker to the Governorship of Ksnsas, at the present juncture of affairs, assures us that the admin* istration is uot unmindful of the immediate necessity of prompt, energetic, and impartial action. A gentleman of lofty integrity, gene pus impulses, sterling velor and unclouded judgment; with a clear conception of the rights, and an accurate estimate of the char acter and interests of every section of the country, with administrative talents of a high order,_ experience in statesmanship, and a capacity for diplomaoy ; there is every reason to believe that he will prove himself equal to any and every emergenoy, adequate to the task of suppressing lawlessness and violence, and paving the way for popular sentiment to speak out plainly and fearlessly and fully, against slavery or for it, as a legitimate ma. jority may decide, in the organisation of a State government " We need hardly add that such language from the 1-Inquirer at this time justifies and substantiates the position with reference to the Kansas oontrovery, maintained through uut the late Presidential canvass by the ora tors on the stump, in behalf of the Democratic party, throughout the noc-slaveholding States The Military Department of the Pacific - Official advices from this department have been received in Washington up to the 4th of March, inst. Col Fauntleroy had assumed the temporary command of the department, in which he will continue until the arrival ont of Brevet Brigadier General Clarke, who leaves the Atlantic tide by the steamer of the 5th proximo. According to these dispatches, the department was in a very satisfactory state of quietude, the only complaints of Indian out* rages heard of late, being an account of some murders charged on the Indians in the vicinity of Pitt river. The effect of the cruising of the U. S. (naval) steamer Massachusetts, in Pu" gett's Sound, had been most beneficial. As she has been withdrawn from that cervice by the Secretary, efforts are being made, we hear, to induce the Navy Department toordeTanother vessel of war there, to perform like service. The Sewers ?The Washington public will be most happy to learn that last night the Council passed the Board of Aldermen's joint resolution, authorizing the Major at onoe to eause the sewers of the city to be thoroughly cleansed. They will now look to the Mayer to prosecute this work of so vitel necessity with vigor and without a moment's delay: as, upon the manner in which he shall discharge that duty depends, in a great measure, the solu tion of the problem whether Washington is to be decimated by an epidemic this Bummer or not. We have not heard a single Washington physician speak upon the subject without ex pressing the opinion that if this work be not speedily and thoroughly ^one, the public health must be most disastrously affected as soon as the summer's sun shall shine down upon us with its usual intensity. Substantially True.?We have every reaion to place entire confidence In the statements embraced in the following briel paragraph from the Washington corresjondence of the New York Trilun*: " Lord Napier came here with four or five J millions of claims against our government, for the destruction of alleged property of British subjects at the bombardment of Greytown Two weeks before the late administration went out, M. Sartiges preferred similar demands on behalf of Frencn subjects, requetting Mr. Marcy to leave them open for adjustment by his successor; but he prepared a reply which is regarded as oonelueive against our liability, and Lord Napier, feeling its force and bearing upon England in its application to Copenhagen and Canton, will withhold his Intended re clamations." TheBrif Armstrong Claim.?The Jnteffi gencer yesterday, speaking of this celebrated case against the Government, said. '' Bv a printed report of an argument of S. C. IteH, Jr . Esq., in support of the claim, a copy cf which lately fell into our bands, we find thet the case is still before the court; and we recur to the matter now merely to express our admiration of the learning and ability displayed bv the young counsellor in bis ar gument in advocacy of a claim founded in one of the most gallant actions which adorn the history of the war of 1812. It is well worth the perusal of any student of political or judi cial history." Our respected friends of the Inttlhgenvr in these remarks, simply express the very general opinion of the professional men of j Washington with reference to this argument. Mr. John Appleton ?We place no confi dence in the "Washington correspondence" rumors of the intention of this gentleman to '?" arn to Portland. All the epplicants for the position of Collector of that port have ex pressed a willingness to waive their claims if 0 wil1 acc?pt the position, we hear Never '.-oless, we have no idea that he will do bo. The Long BridgeZw. have so far been unable to learn how far the committee of the Councils of Washington, to see to the repairs of the Long Bridge, have carried out the in struction upon which tkey are to act in the premises P. S ?The Mayor informs us that they are seeking an interview with the Secretary of the Treasury on the subject. Beappointed.?Fleming B. Miller has been reappointed U. ? Attorney for the Western District of Virginia; his commission having expired en March 22, 1857. The Rival Court of Inquiry is still en gaged in making up Its judgement in the Meide case ?? The Tuesday Morning Bee options at the Rxecutive Mansion have been dlsoontinnod. Haval.?The U 6. steam-frigate Merriinao arrived at Boston, from Norfolk, on yesterday. Court Of Claims ? Yesterday, Tbeophilus C. Callicot, of New York oitj, was sworn an attorney of thia Court. The Court ordered testimony to be taken in the following eases on the law docket: J W. Deeble, James Thome and others, Maria Ste reason, llenry Savage, Charles D ArfwedMn, Washington L. Kiddtek, Heirs of Joshua Eddy, Benedict J. Heard, and Edward W. Tyson. The argument in the ease of J. H McCul lough's Executors was resumed by Mr. Blair on the part of the OoTernment, and further argument was postponed. Adjourned. The Current Operations of tho Treasury Department.?On yesterday, .".Oth of March, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? tor the redemptien of Stocks... ? $?> *>43 20 For the Treasury Department... 25,231 6.'> For the Interior Department 529 S83 81 For Customs..* 30,997 19 War warrants received and en tered 68,199 98 On account of the Nay 100.000 00 From miscellaneous sources 818 50 From Customs 10,481 88 FI&BOHAL .. ..Iter. Theodore Parker is ill with typhoid fever, so that he is compelled to relinquish his lecturing engagements.' .... Portraits of Miss Marianne Petronella Boker and her liege lord John Dean, are the last rage in the New York Sunday papers. .... A strange genius, in dessribing a lake in Minnesota, says it it so cl?ir, that by look ing into it you can see them making tea in China. .... James H. Santord, Esq., late of New York city, has become a part proprietor of that able and successful journal, the Buffalo Courier. .... A Mrs. Emmerson, a strong-minded woman, giving lectures in South Carolina, it has been discovered, was collecting material for a second Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Hon. Mr Phelpa, of Mo., who has for some time past been confined by siokness at his lodgings, in this city, has recovered, and is again out and about. We congratulate him. .... Senator Ivenon, of (Ja., who has been ill from an attack of rhuematiem here sinoe the late called session, has recovered, his many friends will be glad to hear, and will leave Washington, for hie home, to-morrow. Thi Proposed Division or Nicaragua ? The agreement is that Costa Rica will take both banks of the river San Juan, Lake Nica ragua, and the territory between it and the Caribbean Sea. Honduras takes Chontales and the remainder will be given to San Sal vador. The three republics will sustain a sufficient force in the divided territory to main tain peace and order, and after a specified time it will be reunited and placed once more in the position of an independent republic. Didm't Car* Mpch About the Wira but Felt vbrv Anxious About thr Feather? ? A oountryman, whose wife had left his board and taken the bed sdong, was in town yester day in search of the errant wife and bed. He told a city friend that he didn't feel so anxious about the wife, as she was worthless, but he was very anxious to recover the feathers, as they were worth lorty-eigbt cents a pound. If anybody sees a loose wife or feather oed lying about, be will please leave word with the Chief of Police ?Louisville Democrat. America* Marbles ?In West Rutland, Vermont, marble is obtained which haa no superior for sculpture in the world, and some of it has been exported to Rome, ordered by Italian sculptors; it has a fine grain, and works beautifully under the chisel. In Great Barrington Mass., there is a flexible marble, which bends like a bow when wet. Black mar ble equal to that of lrelSbd, is found in New York, and rerd antique is found in many dis tricts, and in ever State, in almost every va riety. '?Murder Will Out.''?Mr. Waddell, a chemist of Brooklyn, has found some pieces of charred bones, button?, and fragments of burnt clothing, supposed to be the remains of his son. who disappeared in January, and it is believed was murdered and burnt by Edward Quick, who was discharged from Mr. Wad dell's employ by the son, and had sworn to have revenge. fejT" AH the billiard rooms at Louisville, Ky., have been closed in pursuance of a State law. py The Philadelphia chess players have beaten the New Yorkers in a game that haa been going on (or a year. tdT The decreased receipts of cotton at all Southern ports, as compared with the same period last season, is now 100,000 bales Ey An unusnnlly large number of Irish are now leaving Newburyport and other large places of Massachusetts and New England tor the West. CjT Young ladies who faint wn being " pro posed to," caa be restored to consciousness by just whispering in their ears, you are only jikicg. fy An aged Quakeress, the other after noon, was seen intently gazing upon a piece of brocade ailk displayed in a shop. A passer by observed that it was Satin tempting Eve. py The most reliable accounts from ev ery section of the country give very encouraging hopes for a bountiful harvest. The growing crops from one end of the country to the other are represented as looking remarkably fine. py On Friday, William Uillisbie, while carrying a piece of timber at the old Damon Mills in Bedford Centre, N. H , stumbled and fell on a oircular saw, and his right forearm was almost completely sawed off Amputation was performed. QT The Game Law of Indiana forbids the shooting or killing of deer and prairie bens from the first of January to the first of August; quails from first of January uutil first of Octo ber; turkeys from first of March until first of September. Possession of game is made prima facie evidence of guilt. \JT The Philadelphia Www* comes out in a new dress, and with a handsome bruihiLg up in all its departments. Thr South.?Wo have received the second number of Mr. Pryor's new Richmond daily The Sotith?Wit first having failed to come to hand. Its typographical department is cap ital, while the vigor and boldness of thought throughout its editorial columns ere unsur passed in this country. We have before stated that Mr Pryor has few equals in the United States as a writer on questions of pub* lie interest, and feol assured that The South, in his hands, is destined to make its mark on tho history of its times. eilaaa'e I aataa taaeeaaLiquid Hair Dye haa |>ro?en itielftoall who hare been f.rtunate enough to ait it, to be the rt-Ci t'Uti of all the H AIR I>VK9-o-ly on* ktn<l required fur either black or brown. Prepared l.y L. D. OILMAN, Washington, U. C , and told In Baltimore by SfclH ?. HaNCE. mar 3? 1 w IC^The beay fiager of death bae aet Its aeal opon man? a fair forehead In pnnlebtneut for ue.-lw t. Why will th>? joung Dealert the rold and the cough, they art a* unrely the pioneer* of OBiumptlon >? day la tl>* forerun mar of night. Do Bat neglect ih* allgbtaet cough. It <-4>mea Id the uprlBgl ma of life, the bmj io??r of dleeaia. Meet It with Mr* Oartin*r?* Balaam of LWarwort and Hotrhonnd, aa<l all la wall. It will depart lnatan<?r. Give It no rordlal greeting?It will bang around and dually alai m v on of u? dauger when forever too late. Meaar*. WaMi A rotur, No. 114 WaahlagUa ttreei. Hut ton, General Agent*. For aal* by W. H. eiliuan, CLiarla* Btott, Nairn A Palmer, Z. D. Oilman, and by Droggiat* gen rally. mar ;???Iw. Elaspertaat te tbe Ladies'.?Dr. Da 'B FEMALE riLLS.?Th* combination of lngra.ll ?ala 1b the FtUa are perfectly harm lee*. Their etteacy and ate rite ar* baaad apoa aa extensive practice of over thirty Kr.; and, wbere the direction* have oeen atrlctly fol ?d, they have never failed to correct all Irragnlmrltlea, rail*** palafal and difficult menstruation. (particularly,) at ?.* c.?' They will cart th* W hi toe, and reicov* an obstruction aiialng fraat cold, exposure or any cea*M; J"4 naayfca ???e aaccaaaffclly aa a PreveaUve. Call a dob "? JW* a Circular for parllcalara fre*. f oT11 K.r fall direction*. Bold wholesale and ?Vtlraf mmA,^J?TTL ?Tm"ut' Fe?n?ylvaala areas a, ... J' 'f'T.1- Baveath *tr*at Waablugtoa, D. O t T- raSBKL, George tew a; to wUb all .rder,.uaj W ??!, aad Ua Pllla will a* aaat eoaSdantlally, by man to lad to* who enrloaa tbe*a one dallar. 1 " ?. See sicaatare on the boaj Uaeaattrftliitia far) erf. Je t-u U7*Bru4r?tk'i Fill*.?Til* Wnk, tki OoumiBftlT*. tt?KK Oooti r% BUton* aad Delicate, after mm 4tj'i im will And renewed ttrength u4 KM f?mdl ?rtr; orju of tbelr ItuM. It* 1-7 doee make* ihe blood parer. TO nerree etmiMBC* In tha arterle* end terminate la the valM. Thaaa pllle, aa a drat affect, act *pon the ar Mrlal blood, lacraMlnc tha drralatlon, bj which Imparities ara depoelted In tha relna, and they throw of enrh collec tion* Into fh* bowel*, which organ, by tha o?erf j dart red from Brandrath'e nil*, eipol* than from tha aye em. Whea ?ret need, the pills oiajr occaaion irtpln*, and area make tha petieat feel woree ; thle ninet bo borne with for the good to coma afterward* Ko great rood U often achieved without eome troable In Ita attalnmoat, and this rale appllea to the recovery of health. Theee aymptoma only occur where tUe body haa lonf etrnggled ander a load or Impure, tenaciona hamore. A ooMOcatlTe aee for a few dare will **tl*f> tha moat anballertag of the great good the pllla are doing. The direction* ghoald bo carefally etadlod. If anderetood and followed, health and rigor will. In a majority of caooa, bo to cared by the aao of BRANDRKTH'S Fllle. Bold at M cent* per box at 41 Canal (treat, Braadreth Bnlldioc, New York; by T. W. Dyott * Bon*, 1*2 north Second (treat, Philadelphia, and by mediclae dealer* gouer ally. nor U?tf ICTT? liathera Dealer* In Perfamery. D?ie< -oil's Balm or 1.000 Flo?-kk*,for the complexion, teetli, breatli, Be. Price a cent'. llaiM Oi.i'i limorir KoerviRT 4x0 C*KToa Oil, for tUe growth ami preservation of ihe lialr. Trice iO cent*. Daiec-oLL'e Cu tuav Htta Ura. ? iniuulaueoar. Price $1 I)|l?<OLL'* Hits Colorivm Pl.ria, for ch*nglng grey hair to it* original color without etaliilng theekiu. t*rice&0i euu Daiet'Oi.L'K Pomw ?i>a l'niLO< o*k. Price To (enu. Can be hud at all Jobbing bon*e* and druggUt* In Baltl ir 1 to, and of the Proprietor, C. DH1SCOLI,, and Baltimore (treet, Baltimore, Mi]. mar 16-eola .NOTICE ?TUE RERULAR Monthly _ meeting of tbe Fifth Ward Democratic Association will be he'd at Caspar!*'* Hotel. TM18 (Tuesday) KVhMNS, March 31st, 1637, ato'clock. C W C. DUNNINGTpN, Pres. F. M. WHKATLEY, Sect. it*

ATTENTION, MONTGOMERY ^sJ5k GUARDS ?You are hereby notified to attend a regular meeting of tbe Company, on WEDNESDAY hVENiNG next, tbe 1st of April. By order of Capt. Kry: mar30-jt THQ8 .McENlRV, Sec METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' Ps25r^lN8TlTUTK ?Tbe Fair will b? kept open on TUESDAY and TUESDAY NIGHT, bv order of tbe Board, for tbe bent-tit of tbe very efficient Orchestra, and for tbe employees of tbe building. They will not Interfere with the right of Depositor* to remove their goods during the day, but the Free List will be stopped at night. CHAS F. STAN8BUKY, Super't. mar 23-3C (IntelAUnion,'it) V?A P R ESI DEN T'S MOC NTED G U ARD, fEL. ATTENTION ?You are h*reby notl /jflKu tied to attend tbe regular monthly raert "? Ing of the Company, on THURSDAY EVENING, April 2d, 1957". Each and every member Is particularly requested to be present, as arrangements will be inaae for the Firth Annual Target Excursion. By order of tbe Capialn : mar 3<Mt JOS C PECK ?-^^RKGISTER'S OFFICE, MARCH IV, 13V7 ?Notice to *11 Whom it MayCtn c?t*.?Notice Is hereby given that licenses for Carts, Wagons, a*d Drays will expire on the first MONDAY of ADrll next, and that said licensee must be renewed at this office within Ten Days from that time. SA.M'L E. DOUGLAS, mar 18-dtAprlllO Register. A LADIES' SKIRT KB EDS?HI ere Desira ble and cheaper than whalebone, at mar 31-3t LAMMOND'S ^HAIY'S GAS HEATER AND MCUSK o Lamp ?Ju^t received, a lot of the above Gas Lamp*, cf all alzes, suitable for u*e in chamber*. A ver\ convenient cheap fixture. J W. THOMPSON A RRO , mar 31 -lw '260 Pa ave , bet 9th *rd ltth sts. A CARD.?FOR SALE. A VERY KLE gant family COACH, of the latest^ stile and make. A great bargain. A1 so, a double set of HARN ESS. Inqu WM WALL, No mar 31-6t Penn ave., bet. 9th and 10th sts. DOR SALE ?A SECOND HAND STEAM JT ENGINE, high pressure, 12 horse power, in perfect running order. Inquire o( EVANS A THOMPSON, 525 Penn. avenue, between 9:h aad 10th streets, or at this ofise. marJl-eolw (In'.eiAUnlon) ^ C A RD ?THE ATTENTION OF THE ladles and gentlemen of Georgetown and Washington and the public generally Is respect fuily Invited to the sale of verv superior Furni ture which will take place on Thursday. the 2d day of April, at 10 o'clock a m.,at No 334 north 9, between 7th and 8th streets. The Furolture Is fine and the sale will be worthy their attention, mar 31-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. JOHN ALEXANDER, JVo. -Ill Prmisylvanta Avtone. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of GIt?T and VELVET WINDOW SHADES of r.ew and rich designs. a lao ? A lar^e selection of LACE and MUSLIN CURTAINS, GILT CORNICES, BED CANO PIES. and PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS, mar 3 -eolm COAL AND WOOD. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE NOW ON A the way. and will be ready for delivery In a few days, a superior cargo of Cooking CO A I. Also, all klrds of WOOD and COAL of the bett quality constantly on band, which they will be happy to auppiy the public with on the meat reasonable terms BARROW A STOVER, Corner cf 1 aid 21ststreets, Washington, ar.d 6 reen atreet, opposite 6aa House, mar3l-lw* Georgetown. ICE CREAM?ICE CREAM-ICE CREAM (V GAUTIER HAVING MADE ARRANGF - e uiQ&ts, from 'he present to the 1st of Oc-Mk tobjr next, with seve>al farinrs for bis sup-TT ply of the best Cream of the State of Vir- Y ginla, will be abl? to supply his customers and the pub Ic with the test quality of ICE CR RAM made in tbe country, at ihe lowest price of Si per gallon. In mcu'ds of anv size, or in freezers, delivered In any pirt of thecliv C GAUTIER, marftl-eotiw 232 Penn avenne. INSTANTANEOUS AND EFFECTUAL CURE OF CORNS, BUNIONS, NAILS PENETRATING THE FLESH, cured without tbe slightest pain, by DR. N R. PAINTER, Surgeon,CbiropodUt, and Practical Operator on the feet. by a new and peculiar method, wlthow cutting, l>y means of an elixir of hi* own compo sition, in fl^e to ten minutes, and the relief is '0 lnsuntanecus, the persons thus treated can Im mediately put on tbelr shoes aed walk without tbe least! convenience. I eive orders at Browns' Hotel, or the Klrkwood House, ornt No 31U north side Penn. avenue. Refers to G. W. Humphrevs, Washington, Jnnas P. Lety, do., Hon L M. Keltt, do.. Ex-Gov. Thomas, do , and others. Ita GRAND OPEN1NU ?F SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, *C1AT 4r, LOUISIANA ANKNUE.aA, Sounder Dexte*'s Hotel -MR 8 WW TpPCAROLINE KING will open this diy. * spletdld fs*oiimen? of real Imported FRENCH BONNETS: the largest acd richest collection of FRENCH FLOWERS, RIH BON8,|LACES, and EMBROIDERIES to be fotiTitl in this city. Fashionable MANTILLAS and PARASOLS 1 n the greatest variety. mar 31 MADAME PRIBRAM A DAUUUTER, M ILL IN E11 S, Pa ave.. bet 10th and ltth *t* , 8. side No 277, C^lVE THANKS TO THE LADIES IN Wash ^ initon and vicinity for their patronage, and informs them they will open on Sat-^Q cruit. the tth Instant, tbe greatest s ock of/t^F MILLINERY 60OD8 evereffered In Weshlng ton. consisting of all kind of Straw, Neopollton, Silk, Lace, Crape, and other Bom.ets, suitable foi all ege* and Mmplexlon Also, The newest Freneh and Parisian FLOW ERS, French and Italian RIBBON, Ae. It would be too tiresome for the wr.tter to give a specification of tha articles We have, without any question, tbe largeat Mllllne y business In Waan ngton, and many ltd e*,who wcreob.igcd before we opened^urestabllabm*nt,to older their Bonnets from New York or Bostun, now get them from us. We request all lr dies before they buv any where else, to examine our atork. mar 31-lw* CHEAP WOOD. NOW LANDING, ABOUT FIFTY CORDS best OAK WOOD, which we will deliver from the Wharf at 95 50 a cord. PINE WOOD 91 50 a card. COAL of all kind* alarays on hand. All order* left at P J Stkrr's Store, Seventh street, between D and E, or at our office, will be pronptly filled. 1?7" Terms cash. JOHN W. MYERS A CO., Office and \ Rid corner u and 'ttd streets, First Ward. mar '.H-fit ICE CREAM AT WHOLESALE. {CONFECTIONERS, MARKET MEN, And small shops will be furnished with the very best ICE CREAM at tl 25 per gallon, they find* log their own cans. N ow Is the time to be?la in market Those beglning now and managing it right will make a handsome sum during the Sum mer Apply at the Ice Cream Depot, corner 12th and F streets. ID" Ice Cream Cans and Tubs for sale. mar 21-2w? COAL?COAL?COAL, NOW ON THE WAY?WILL BE READY for delivery In a few days, one cargo superior COOKING COAL. Coal of all kinds constantly on haad. Also. Pine, Oak, and Hlcaoiy Wood Coal kept under cover. 2240 lb*, to the ton. T. J A W. M. GALT, N. W corner 1'Jtb and C atreet. No. 547, l our *5 Square south of Penn. avenue. For Bait and Rant. [See first ftr ttktr "FVr Salt and Krtii" F?J JR RENT.?MRS 6. ANDERSON HAS _ Kveril comfortable Rooms lor rent, which ire all comfortably Furnlahed, either as rariors of chambe-s, situated on Penn avenus, No 27?, id door from theltlrkwocd House mir 31-Im ONE LARSK PARLOR AND CHAMBER attached, handsomely furclshed, ard lighted with ga*, on the flrst floor, for rent, by the work or month. *W? per month Alio, two large, and t?ro good si/ d single Rocim, suitable far families or single persons Board furnUbrd pri vate, If desired, at *1 So per weea. ApplyatNo. 46^ lOtli street, between D ?nd E. mar 3l iw A SMALL FARM, IN A HEALTHY LOCA tlon, four miles from Washington, highly Improved, and very productive, having good buildings and evety necessary cos Ten ie ace upon i?, will be exchanged for city property yielding rent. Persona wishing to make such an exchange may apply at the Counter of the Stir OSce. mar :>uff tj^OR KENT?TWENTY ACRES OF Good Corn i and for rent cheap, within mi;ea from Wlllards, and half a mile from Columbia College. Inquire cf B. W. REED, corner of Hth and P street. mar 30-3t* FOR RENT -TWO THREE-STORY Brick Houses, with six Rooms la each, on 8Kb street, near M stnet. To good tyrants the rent win below. Inquire of Capt JAMES WAT. TERS, on llKh, near M street. Also, two House* on M street, between 19th and i?Hh streets. Inquire as above. mar 30-3t* Homes for men with small means For Sale?Two small Frame two-story Houses, with deep Lots, situated on O ft eet, south tide, between tth and Ttb streets. The? * HI be offered very cheap. Apply to PAH R Y A BROTHER, ''Central Store " marSB .It House and lot,of one andauuar TER ACRES FOR SALE-On the Plank Road, l mile from the Neither nLlberty Market, near Mr. Coc ran and John A. Smith. The loca tion 1-bealthy, and one of the finest sites In the neighborhood. marS8-3f D. MAJOFT_ FOR RENT ?THE LARGE THREE-S?tory basement brick House In Smith's Row, on 1st street Georgetown, occupied far many years by Mrs Raphael Slmms. It contains 14 Rooms, besides large cellars and pantries, and aerrants' rooms, smoke houee, and bathjroom In the reir. It has a good cistern and gas Possession given on the 1st of May Apply at 3M C stn?et, between 3d and 4X streets. mar :W-ttaw3w Boarding. MRS. BELL, NO. 451 NEW YORK AVE nue, the second house from I7th street, can ac< ommodate a few Boarders. mar 30-3t* DOARD-FOR TWO GENTLEME%, TO y gether or In separate Rooms, In a private where there are no other boarders or children in the house. Apply at No. 494 #th street, ad house from P. mar J3?t MRS. BATES. AT HER BOARDING House, on the southwest corner of Penn. avenue and ffh street, has made arrangements to accommodate a large number of stranger* with Meals at any time throughout the day, and Lodir lnS" " marJ PHILDKK!4r ROLLING UOOPS, BAY. vy tied ores, Graces, Games, Ac , at mar 30-3t l.AMMOND'8. SPRING MILLINERY -MRS M A HILI.8 will open SPRING MIL-^^^_ LIN ER Y on Wednesday, April lat. 1 he^^B Lad les are respectfully la* lted. No. Penn. avenue, between 9th and in:h streets. mar x 3t notice ?all persons are hereby r?I ?r!Tarne!1 ?gklMt trespassing upon either tie Birth or Landing of the Fishery near the Long Bridge, leas-d by me from R. P. Dodge. The law will be rigidly enforced agalst all per sons who may be caught thus offending roar 30-3t THOMAS HUNTER. JVBW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN._J^Tt 11 opened, a very elegant stock of seasonable (^* IT8ea^*nien, to make up to order Also, Purni?hlng Gcodi in variety, of the beat quamv? Ready-made Clothing-my stock will be found superior to any thing In the market. Orders thankfully received and promptly flll?d- A. H YOUNG, Merchant Tailor, mar ?Mw Browns' Hotel, Fean. avenue. CANAL TRANSPORTATION NOTICE Ha ving purchased at the sale of Israel Russell's Trustfe. tb>%flaw?? ^ two Canal Boats, J F E9SE.xl@SB and J. 1' WHKATLY, I am nowpwp^R transport from this place and Intermediate points on the Canal, all FLOUR, PRODUCE, Ac , destined for Georjretowj or Alexandria, and to bring any Freight that may be rrt>red, from Georgetown or Alexandria, for this place or points went of this, or the B. A O Railroad, or W. A P. Railroad App y to DAVID PERRY Harper's Ferry, marsJjr LbY * Bk? ' Geor?et^? SECOND GRAND OPENING OF THE "7 Stera.-Asplen BONNLTS The largewt and richest caI.HF lection of FRENCH FLOWERS, RIB-^^OL SSISV-Vk0?,!!? *nd ^BROIDERIES to be round in the city Il?i R[J%In S ,n ,he Kf?*?e*t vsrie y. i J'.yViJ* C*P?S. MASTILLAS, M * H. liR FNS' r*7fM??J-rBASQUSS' "*?' CHIL . TS reaay trade. andKthrihS**VAK, N(i ,n u,e l*,Mt French Style*, and at the shortest notice mar *-'7 Market Space, bet 7^1 ardlthws NOTICE. ALL TAXES FOR THE YEAR 1M? RE ?LDg u"P*,d< ">'*?* settled by the 1st <4 ,After lhat dat? I will proceed to distrain 1!ti0V,tre"pecll0 ^r8<Mls Dellnquenu would do well to attend to this, to save trouble and ex pense. C. F. SHKKELL. Tax Collector ?BO*tftITow^?D. C, March 3d, 1957. mar 4-im? FiANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL METHOD IN ice world? MR. W HENRY PALM F.R'S fl ANOFORTE CLA8SES. Apply at the Class Ro>m<, over Farnham's Bookstore, corner lith street and Penna. avenue ^cloci?y *nd ^ r,dftv ?*l?n?ooBs, between 3 andS Terma?S5 per quarter. mar 23-dtApl pREKlUMS AWARDED SY THE MAN the th*. T,fent>^*?*?th Annual Fair'of E?'at the Cry?t?l Palace, Chemical and Perfuaery Depar l?nn.Vv T* J?hn Meaklm, Eu? V.lf V' Ju?,rjrtnl L. Feutchwanter. Judges. Bellevue White Lead Company lt? ^nvUf^N?rYo'k-'or h*"1 WHHE LEAD and /INC, Sliver Medal. HOWELL A MOR ?- KLL, Agents, W ashlngton tnar 2?-lw 0P.*ll,!,tt Dl-SPRING MILLINERY - M?rc*?3l,Mls.THOMI SON will onen at our store a handsome^P assortment o/Spring Millinery, comprta-HT lng Leghorn, Neapolfun, Chip, English Wltt' flne^Silent Rata adaSK'te^of: UP' Rlband??>?ker nats, adapt d to the present and approaching ,t ?i"T:.H,1NSON AMlffiROb!DB mar iB-Jt JIO Pa av.; bet. 9th and 10th sta F?V?. VLK ~.A SPLENdFd SET OF Bow for the f^ont^V I "d entire flctures ? so'd fol l, Ti Cost aboot ?"d ne so.d for 950 Also, a splendid Rockawav SSU'rZ' Schl??1 D^m4s ??d Benches; long hwd ? lnK?x>ro?,atd new and second hand Furniture of a.1 descriptions, for sale cheap al ? M LULLAY'S, P' m.r * T " tTenu?i ?oalb >ide, between mar >-3t> 9:h and 10th streets. FRENCH U1LLINERY " ^.MRS M. L.DAVISON RESPECT- ~ ^IfullV announces to the ladles and her^fl ^^enstomers, that she will open a UrueSO 'P-endld assortment of FRENCH mVts mar a8-3f M L D? sisf lbSv r, r old Mk- ? I? roulatto child about a months Inw i ^er * 1,tr?e quantity of cloUi i ln R0l*? ? aoiall double ctsed gold ?..i, 'vfaV ywiety of other articles ^h- Is re marsably Ukeiy and lotelHrent. :eids a/ d writes wen, and perhaps has furnished t-erself with a pa>a, and Is making her way to a free State. 1 ?}" gl*e the auova reward of s '0 if taken la the District of Columbia or Maryland and Vlrgl ??* and two if taken In a free State/ad delivered w me, realdlng near Piacauway P. o , Pricce *?dorga's county, Md mar ae-3t? P. T. CHANDLER. IVJ?s..VriC,,~A SECOND-HAND IRON * SAFE for sale at "wr-AJ WALL, BARNARD A CO'i. OFFICIAL. Tiuitu DifAlTmm, March It, 1617 Notice to hereby glvea u holdera ef stock of ike loan? rf th? United 0totes, that this depart ment w 11 purr base the nm uatil tkt let day ef June next, unless the sum of 11,300,000 ahaU he previously obtained, u4 will pay, la addition to the Interest mm-rued from the date of the last semi annual dividend of internet tberron, together with one day'* additional interest for the money to reaoh the vender, the following rates ef peemUn on said stocks: For the stock cf I81i, a premium ef It per cent. r or the Mock of 1M7 and ISIS, n p?rm em ef it percent; and for the stock of 19S0, wnaly called Texas Indemnity Stock, a premium of t per cent. Certifi a tea of stock transmitted to the depart* meni, under thto notloe, must be assigned to the United States, by the party duly entitled to re* celve the proceeds. Payment for the stocks so assigned tad traaa in 1 fed will be made by drafts on the Assistant Treasurers at Boston, New York, or rtkltodet. phla, at tbe option of the partlee eat 1 tied to meetv? the money, which should he expressed la the let. ters te:ompanvlng the oertilcatos. HUWCLL COBB, mar l3-dtl?tJune Secretory of the Tmaea'y. Amusements. IH1RD W ? ? K . COWWK.IflHfl MO51 PAT, ttarch Itth. WAUOH'S I T ALIA AND TH E Lilliputian Family Exhibiting eveiy night, at a before P, and on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS. at o'clock. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Descriptive Pamphlets for rale la the Ball. U7 ITALIA haa never before been exhibited la Washington. mar It*lad SUIRKB DANBARTI PROF. B. W. MUNDEB TAESB GREAT pleasure In announcing to hto friends and the public generally that hto 14th Soiree will take place at hto Ball, corner of ?th and D streets, on WEDNESDAY! EVENING, March 1Mb, 1M7. There] will boa Soiree ever? Wednesday even ing (the weather permitting) thonghoat the sea 'or. rrar GBF.AT & FEE FOR GENTLEMEN EBOl'CEO TO ONE DOLLAR. MADAM E SWFTT, THE CELEBRATED CLAIR TOYAXT, to still at No SOS 7th atreet, where she will remslna ftw dsvs longer Mad'e B. re ceives consultation respec ting the PAST' J'KESENT" FUTURE!'! an<i DISEASES!'!' |?T During a year's tour la the South and West, Madame SWETT haa been consulted ky upwards of Tr* Tkomtmd Ptrtont, and to pro nounced a superior Clairvoyant and the Weader of the Age nen Ttrmt"*f Csa? a httiou-Ladles, 91; O en tie en, ?1 fbhM Lost and Found. WAS LEFT IN MY POSSESSION ON Sunday |alght, about 9 o'clock, by fiV? some unknown man, a MARE and BOO BY. The owner will pleaee come forward. prove property, pay charges, aad take tbeaa ewey. JARED McRENNY, mar Jl-tt* Near the Navy Yard Bridge Wants. WANTED?A COOR, WASHER, AND Ironer. Alsr. a good Nome. Apply at lit Q street if WANTED?A VERY GOOD WASHER white woman, good Ironer.a- d gecd refer ence* required Address Star OAce to learn dl lection. It* WANTED -A BOY ABOUT IS YEARS of age, to assist in a Drv flood* Store. Apolr to A MORRISON, No 3*7 7th street _ ? n? a mar 31 1 WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY. A comfortable genteel Houae, situated be tween Penn nvttue and I street north, and ?ui find lath street* west Rent to be about SJuO Address Bex 5T2, Poet ORce. mar 3l-*e WANTED TO RENT?A SMALL HOUSE, oontat nlng four or fee rooms Situation? between 13th and 5th street*. F street and New York avenue. Rent to be moderate Apply Im mediately at this rthce rear 31-St ANTED ?A GOOD PLAIN COOR. FOR a small family. Apply at the Navy Yard Bate. Those who call, their expeases will he paid down. Gocd references required. mar 31-tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A WOMAN to take charge of an Intent . ne month c ?t. Apply at <44 D, between 3d aid id streets. mar 31-3.a SITUATION WANTEB?BY A RESPEO table Woman to do Chambarwork or Sewleg *-"as no objections u? travelling. Apply at No 142 K street, between *tb a. d list streets mar 3*-4t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A HOOD Cook. She muat understand her business thorrougblv. and be well recommended Applv at No 4?0 l.lth street, between E acd F. mar 3 >-1t House wanted ?wanted by a gentleman with a small family, a Boni-e within 10 minutes walk of the National Uosel As he is going to reside permanently he will r*at either monthly, quarterly or rearly. Address 1b mediately JOB N M11CH ELL, at ihto oRce mar30-3ta WANTED? BY A HEALTHY WOMAN, with a child three niontha old, a situation aa Wet Nurre Apply at Mrs. FITZOERAI PS, neat to International Hotel mar **-3to A GOOD WAITER WANTED ?E1TBE1 white or colored. Also, a colored B?v to work In the kltrb'n. Apply at D'lVERNOlS S Kestaurat. No. 139 Pern avenue, between l*h and ltih streets mar'.S3: A COOR OR RITCHKN GIRL WANTEB st No 37 4>f street, south of Pena avenne inar SO-tf WANTED ?THE HIGHEST PRICKS paid in cash for Old Stiver, at HOOD'S Stl ver Ware Manufactory . 33b Penn avenue, star 9th afreet dec)* SPRING RAGLAN OVER SACHS ? WE have on hand and are mahlng up a large as of new style Raglan Over-Seens f? spring wear ef l?ght dark and drab cele*a. WALL Ac STEPHENS. :st Pa are. bet Stb and 10th street* mar im (Intel) FOR MOUNT VERNON. OX MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AKD FA J* DAY. THE STEAMER THOMAS COLLYERwU make three trips each week to - ?? M O U N T V E R N O N, leavingSSmBEEL Washington at 9 a m , and Alexandria at t* irr Boat'a tere. roond trip, from Waahlngtoa ? 1?from Alexandria 75 cents Coaches leave the Capitol at 8*. aad pass ap the Avenue to lith street Fare l? cento Persons wishing the Coaches will leave (heir residence at ?eo. A Thoe. Parker 4 Co ?e Store feb S4-TThA8tf I OKA.1HE Alll ALBEANBRIA R R CHEAT SOUTHERN MAIL LLSti |1 WICE DAILY, (SUNDAY NIBHTS t* I ccpted.) leiween WASHINGTON and th? SOU 1 H, VIA ALEXANDRIA, GORDONS V1LLE. and RICHMOND. DANVILLE aH URKENSBOROUGM. Leaves Washington at t o'clock a. ta 44 Alexandria at 7 k o'clock a m 41 Wasaington at 7 o'clock p. m " Alexandria at 0 \ o'clock p m Fare from Washington aad Atoxaadila ? Richmond, So 90 |[T Omnibuses and Baggage Wageas will * at the Depot of the Washington Railroad, " convey rasaengers and baggage to tbe ?toaBf' GEORGE PAoE, for AVexaodrta, a distance" aix miles, allowing ample time far meals mar i:~tf JAMES A EVANS, Ageat P>K BALB.?403,000 BRICR ?ALSO TS? Yard aad Fixtures for a large baa I nam. t>* moat convenient far supplying the Bevornav Water-Works, of any yard la the District Appn to WM H . EDES.or ESAU PICRRELL, [ mar M tt Water atreen, Georgetown, D C.