Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY April 6, 1S37. SPIRIT OF THE MORJV.IXQ PRESS. Mr. John Appleton, having bceu appointed Assistant Secretary of State, takes his leave of j the readers of the Union in a gracefully writ ten valedictory, in which he says : t> Th? physical reasons which first Induced our Idea of withdrawal. led naturally to arrangement* which have outlived (wi- are glad to say) their ?rignal cause, but we are none the less gratified witn a change which gives us a better prospect of confirmed recovery to our health than we could have expertrd to e'njoy amidst the peculiar anxie ties ant! labors of a daily ftewspaper. We had intended to increase somewhat the size ol" the Vnion. to clothe it in a new dress, and to enlarge the spht re of its correspondence and its contribu tions. The idea, however, which we have seen mentioned, of making it compete with the double sheets of the London Times, never occurred tons. There is no place in Kngland where the Times rouid snstain itself except London, and there is n?> place in America where a similar journal could pnss,bly succeed exept New York." The Union, in this connection, announces the resignation by Gen. Thomas of the '? office of Assistant Secretary of State, which he has held fur the la.?t eighteen month.", and whose du ties he has discharged with intelligence, indus try. and fidelity. This testimony is fairly due to him ou the score of public duty, but we are the more inclined to render it becauBe our per sonal and friendly relations with him have ena bled u* to appreciate, as they deserve, his many estimable qualities. It is unnecessary to add that his withdrawal has not been induced by any want of interest, on his part, for the suc cess of the Administration, or a want of confi dence by the Executive in his ability or effi. ciency. which qualities he has shown heretofore in various positions in the public service, and will continue to manifest, we doubt not. in any sphere which he may choose to fill." The ltadligrnctr, in an article upon onr re lations with China, expresses the opinion that ?tar "co-opcrati?>n with(ircat Britain and France, i. undertaken at all. should be strictly confined to object? within the range of a peaceful diplo macy. and should be prosecuted without in any way or to any degree compromising the strict neutrality of the I'uited States in the late dis pute between England and China." % The Democratic Almanac axd Political Register, for published by C. W. Cot tPin, Indlanopolis, Indiana, has been received. It bids fair to prove a formidable rival to the '?Whig Almanac." Greeley must look to bis laurel*. PEKSOyAL. Miss Maggie Mitchell is performing in Richmond. Hobbc* once said to a notorious bookworm '?If 1 had read as many volumes as you have done J should have been as ignorant as vou are." .... Charles S Spence, Esq.. of Baltimore, goes out in the next steamer with the Persia treaty, to ni<>ke urrangcmtiits for the exchange of ratifica tions. A grocer having shown to him an'-extra family" article of poor quality. Brown remarked that as his faniilv was not at all an "extra" one the description didn't suit. Anions the recent arrivals from Europe is Mr. Dempster, the well known vocalist. Mr. D. has t>een for several months running over the Highlands of Gotland, visiting Tennyson the poet, Ac. .... In Chicago. Johanna Schiebel committed sriride became one of her (laughters remonstrated against her washing a shirt in a pail used for washing the dishes, and because the father appa rently took the daughter a side of the argument. It is rumored that Mayor Wood of New York, in conseq nenee of the passage of the City Charter and Police bills by the Legislature, will " resign immediately his position as Mayor, aban don politics, and travel in Europe and the East for the next year or two." Among the ''things that surprise" her, "Fanny Fern"'mentions -'that two women can ever by anypossibility be persuaded to sleep to gether." 'The idenlooksferny enough to Fanny, but really -two women" may 'make a much less prudent arrangement The Boston Transcript recalls the fact that the vear l-s?T. half century ago. was remarkable for the number ol extraordinary people who were born in it It gave birth to Longfellow, Willis, Theo S. Fav, Ephraim Peabody. Edward Sand ford, and other Ame'ican literary men. ....Two ex-Presidents of the I'nited States were at the Philadelphia Opera House on Thurs day night, viz : Martin Van Buren and Franklin Pierce. The distinguished visiters occupied seats in the box of Charles Henry Fisher, hsq. Mr. Van Buren looked as bland and cheerful as ever, lie was accompanied by Henry D. Gilpin. Esq. The Wilmington. N. C.. Journal acknowl edges that its story of the defeat of Walker, pur porting to tie derived from three of his men who . had escaped and arrived at the mouth of the Cape Fear river, was a first of April hoax. The Balti more American reads the Journal a lecture for such naughtinesses. ... The well known "Yankee Card Writer" w*s subjected to a horse-whipping, at the St. Cha:le> llotel. New Orleans, recently-, for having sent a couple of ladies a boquet. with a card at tached. stating that he wished to make their ac quaintance An uncle of the young ladles took umbrage at the supposed insult, attd castigated the amorous g? ntlenian accordingly. .... Professor Pierce, of Cambridge, who lec tured at the Smithsonian last winter on ?? Poten tial Physic*,'" writes a Utter denying that there i:, anv reason to supple there will be any -'colli sion ' between the expected comet of June and our planet, the English astronomer llind having mistaken the true reading of the comet's time ta ble. Pierce knows: Mrs. Harriet Beet her Stowe, at last ac counts was in Home, and would remain a few we? k- previous to visiting .Naples. On her voy age to K"ine. the ve**el was run into, and so crip pied at to be hardly able to reach port, and travel ing from the ?ea-port in a dilligence, the vehicle | was twKe overset to the fright and injury of some of the p't.-sen:rers. .... The remains of the laUj Hugh S. Legare, rf South Carolina, now rej*>?*? at Mount Auburn Cemetery, near Boston, without a tablet to mark the spof The editor of the Cbarlestown Courier, ufter interesting himself to discover their resting place. (about which there seems to have been some doubt.) his opened a list at his office for subscript!"** from all who desire to contribute to the erect ion of a suitable monument over the grave of ?h?. de< e*<ed ... Mackenzie's Mes-age says, that a short tirm b? lore >lr Zimmerman lost his life beseems to have hail a presentiment of danger, for he went to the Hank of Cpper Canada, where his will was deposited, asked for it. and had it on hi? pr sort when he was found dead. It also ??ays that Mr Zimmerman had an insurance on hi? lif?? for ?50.MW, and that be was contractor for tlie verv swing bridge the fall of which caus *d his violent death. .... Mrs. M'Mahou. after having lieen abused in Buffalo, ridiculed in New York, laughed at in Boston, and pitied everywhere, has turned up again at Wheeling. Virginia, where they pay for theatricals in counterfeit money! She was to rlay Part lien ia on Thursday evening. The lady lias' certainly fortitude, to say nothing about '-pluck."' and has now probably learned to begin at the right end of the ladder. 'Had she begun at Wheeling in the first place, she might in time have ended at New York ; but. beginning at New York, it is to be feared she will end at Bladens *?urg Mk am? Mk*. John Dea.n.? We understand that Mr John Dean, who recently married Miss Boker, daughter of John G. Boker of this city, has not lieeii in Philadelphia at all, as reported! Only this morning he was despatched to a coun try school, with a view tocompletehiseducation His accomplished wife, meantime remaining with Ler father's family, whither she returns to-day. It was a part of the stipulation entered into by all the parties, in the presence of the court, that for the year to come, as since the marriage. Mr. ?"-d Mrs. Dean should have no intercourse with each other. except in presence of fri? nils ?Sew I?rk Eventm* P?j|, of Saturday. The V^P00' Times of the 21st of March i ? ^t will be found in another col Buchanan's inaugural address at we^.V. .f i'" , tw"?' uf this address, as far as an.l .,Ji*7***" "f * patriotic and elevating kind, on Ikiti 1 i* ?|ar"'v fail to command respect blsdl rctocuu Atlantic. The exprt.tion . f ship wifh everv'|Vaf! twmnwfr?e and friend ? thoTe helligereltSJSJiSSS">'n,Pt0n,# ?f on this side of the J?U? President The don^?^^.ilt?,^> announced his intention to pursue read's lTke^S compromise between the South and the North perhaps the only practicable course in tL*Dr^^ position of parties in the United Pr^nt C-_r Mr. Jacob Trinnler. aged eighty years the old* st fireman in Philadelphia, died Tetter' dav. He was an active member of the Called States engine rompanv for over sixty-flye year* and during tiiat time was ever present on the fire ground. He was much esteemed, and enjoyed Um confidence of ail who knew kin. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP The Maike Appointments.?A work of great labor has been accomplished, and a delicate duty discharged in the matter of the Maine ap pointments. Having been officially announced, gracefully bowing to the behests of the Presi dent, Maine's 44 mighty delegation " has taken wing for the North. Most of the pmes were sharply contested with varying hopes for aeveral days, but with the perfect consolousnew on the part of the ri vals that all could not win ! The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; therefore, success does not always imply supe rior merit, nor defeat carry with it disgrace. The victor may not always be brave, and heroc3 are often found amongst the fallen. The 44 rotary " wheel once put in motion to grind out these appointments, revolved wisely upou its axle, rolling the ins gracefully out, and the outs as gracefully in. Among the former, are many old and tried friends who have adorn ed their respective offices for many years, but who will now cheerfully resign them to other hands, equally faithful, equally true. Appoint ments are necessarily attended with disappoint ments, and hence, it is not only good Scripture, but good philosophy, to 4,rejoice with those that rejoice, and weep with those that weep." There is one pleasing feature, (the more pleas ing because rare.) attending the distribution of these favors. Not a word of complaint has been uttered by any of the applicants against the President, llis desire to harmonize all interests and award ample justice to all parties, was so obvious, that he seems to have extorted the ex clamation from every lip : 4* Though he sley me. still will I trust in him." The new cast, in point of administrative abil ity, may not be, perhaps, quite up to the mark of the old one; but that the appointees have all the nccessary qualifications for the positions assigned them?that they aro honest, capable and faithful to the Constitution?no one will pretend to deny. There are. doubtless, many Democrats in each locality who possess equal ability and equal merit with those who have won the honors ; but at the same time, it is not easy to see how a wiser choice, on the whole, could have been made. The President inay well congratulate himself upon the wisdom of his selections in Maine. An important duty is now devolved upon the Maino Democracy. Their attention should be turned to the task of redeeming that State from the thraldom of Re publican partyisiu In the beneficent policy which Mr Buchanan has inaugurated lies the interests and honor of her people. That they will early discover this truth, and promptly avail themselves of its benefits, is a hopo to be cherished by every patriotic heart. The News bv the Texas ?We published on Friday last the flaming advices of Walker's alleged successes, received by the steamship Texas, without comment, though satisfied that very little oonfidence could rationally be placed ui*>n them. Subsequently we have carefully examined the more sober publications of the news this steamer brought?the second day's bulletins of the New York journals, made up from investigation among those of her passen gers whose statements are more reliable than those invariably first put forth by parties in the interest of the filibustering cause on each suc ceeding arrival. The reader will remember that from the first hour that victims for Walk er's schemes have been sought in the Atlantic aud Gulf States down to this moment, all the earliest bulletins of his battles have heralded them as immense filibustering victories with inconsiderable loss, and great slaughter of the enemy. And, further, that in every instance their truth has been disproved to the satisfaction of all. \\ ith these facts fresh in memory, we could not reasonably avoid receiving the news of these last wonderful military achievements on the part of Walker and the diseased and starving filibusters still kept in his custody by fear of his invariable remedy for all their efforts at self-pre?ervation (hia order te shoot them) cum grano salis, and with tongue in cheek As sifted by such of the New York papers as seek promptly to publish true accounts of affairs in Nicaragua, we cannot perceive that there is any ground for placing the leant confidence in the wonderful details by telegraph which the Star contained on Friday. The Texas did nut stop at San Juan del Norte on her way from Aspinwall home, and the wonderful news came to her via Panama, having been brought to that point by the Orizaba Mr. Edward Avery, one of the passengers from San Francisco, savs : I learned from Consul Priest [at San Juan "del Sur?En. J and the officers of the United Slate* sloop-of-war St. Mary*, at San Juan del Sur. that they knew nothing about Walker s condition or prospects, having had no communication what ever for three-weeks pa.?t with him. Walkers men there boasted that he had ><00 men. but there were no grounds for such a statement. There were frequent rumors of tights, in which Walker was said to have killed hundreds, while he lost but few or no men himself. But this was an old story, told only by Walker's men. which nobody credited any more. From all I could learn of Walker's inen, they had in camp been furnished a half-pint of corn, plantains, and some little fresh bt'pf a day j but provision* were getting scarce. There was hardly anybody at San Juan del Snr to form an opinion as to Walker's pros pects. The place was once very lively and thriv ing. but now it is almost deserted. Capt. Fas soyx. of the Nicaraguan navy, went with us to Panama on the Orizaba. Hp a small, smart, intelljyent-looking fellow, of very dark complex ion. There were only four or live men left on the war-schooner Nicaragua. Noneof Walker'smen. with the above exception, came with us to Pana ma from San Juan del Sur. as the steamer's folk do not favor desertion, and Walker's oftl-ers search every vessel that leaves port. A man was discovered and taken ashore as an attempted de serter, and they said he would be shot. Several of his m? n who came on board privately expressed a wish to stow themselves away; but they dared not. Col Waters came doxr* with an escort of Itxty rangers the ni^kt aft-.r our arrival*, and an hour be fore vt left, With fiiijtulchcs from Waller for Xew York. At Aspinwall there were a large number of de serters from Walker in a destitute c? ndition who wanted to get away but had no means, and did not appear to have any prospect of lettering their condition. The Texas was waiting for us at As. pinwall. and we came un to New York without touching at San Juan del Norte. On her down trip however she touched there and brought about a dozen of \\ al ker's officers from Greytown, they having abandoned the attempt to force a wav to W alkcr from this side Among these officers were Major Hall and Captain Farnsworth of New , or"\Yri|o, it appears got into some dispute with Lock ridge and threw up their commissions in fiSPV- *ro,m "V1"" ?* thp H**n who had ljeen with hockridge 1 learned that at the last time he Texas touched at Greytown, the forces under him and Anderson were at Puenta Arenas fit Him? out another expedition against San Carlos 1 could not learn with certainty that tney had taken Castillo, as the reports were very contradictory. I should think that Walker cannot hold Rivas much longer. Our impression is that the despatches from Walker^ for New York, which were contrived to be pfaced on board the Orizaba an hour be fore she left San Juan del Sur (according to custom) are at the bottom of our telegraphic news on Friday last; those on the steamer on this side interested in supplying Walker with fresh subjects for immolation, having, of course, received their share of them. Another San Francisco passenger by the Ori zaba. says: -We left San Francisco on the 5<h ult on Imard the steamship Orizaba, her regular dav of sailing was not until the 20th. but in consequence of some information received, an unexplained mystery, she sailed 15 days earlier. Some of the passengers intimated that it was in order toatford relief as soon as possible. We reached San Juan del Sur on Thursday, Iflth of March, and then beard that Walker had fought a great battle, in which he lost about .50 or 60 killed, while it was said that the enemy acknowledged having had about 3W killed, but Walker's men insisted that ltetween 6 u and 700 of the allied troops we e left dead upon the battle-field. The battle was r> - ' ported to have lasted iwo days, the 15th ard 16th ult. But from conversation which I bad h the Amertean Consul?Priest, and Dr. Flint, 1 ? ; disposed to place vsry little confidence in be statement A gentleman residing there, and witfe ] whom f have been lonjf untainted, wbe* |??***) him for the true state of affaire, remarked to me ? "You know that Walker never ban more than two or three killed and half a dozen wounded whHe the enemies are popped off by hundreds/' Consul Priest also Informed me that of the 75 men who comc down from San Francisco on the pre vious tfip of the Orizaba, 40 were cut to pieces by the Costa Rlcan troops. Dr. Flint, of i*an J nan suf, tnld me that Gen. Saunders, whileoa his waw to relieve Col. Caycee. was most handsomely whipped by the Costa Rican forces, who came "R"""? ch^*ed with teyonet equal to the best drilled European troops. A young man who had kept a public house at Virgin Bay, and with whom I berime aoqaintrd in Decemljer list at the latter place, informed me that his establish ment had own entirely broken up; that Virgin j Bay and the steamers were in possession of The ali ies; that e>ery place was completely dev:istoted. and nothing could !*? got toeat. What Walker's rangers could not get conveniently was taken by the Greasers (Costa Rican-.) Kven Walker's men. with the exception of the ranger*. fared very badly. Their food principally consisted of | mule flesh and green plantains, but that had also i beeonie exhausted. The young man was a gtx>d I reliable friend of Walker's, and for that reason I felt satisfied of the truth of his statements. ??On a former occasion I had some letters put in my possession for Col. Rogers, of Walker's ar my, but fearing I might be caught with them upon me I destroyed them; and having under stood that Col. Rogers was on board of the Orii aba I tried to see ITlm for the purpose of explain ing the matter to him, and in the course or some conversation with a friend of Col. Rogers relative to this point, 1 gathered some information as re gards Walker's present position at Rivas. The j gentleman alluded to said that Walker could I hold Rivas if he would stay there, but he would ! now and then turn out to attack the enemy and get his small force cut up, so that he had now only about 400 fighting men and 2<Kl sick and wounded. But he was in a d?d tight place and without provisions, at least so much so that he had been compelled to commence killing their milch cows, and must cave in unless he could get supplies from some source or other very soon. In alluding to the great number of men who had de serted Walker, he said it was too bad that so many of his best men had left him, but you know said he, "that $12 was enough to induce one of his officers to run away, let alone his men" (the Costa Ricans giving each deserter from Walker *1'2 in addition to paying his passage to the States.) The Orizaba brought down '21 men for Walker, but on their arrival at Ban Juan del Sur, Walker's officers were obliged to send to the steamer for food to feed them with that night, there not being enough ol>tainable on shore to give them for their suppers. The New York Tribune says : " We had a personal interview with Major Hall, who had just arrived from Nicaragua last night! He says that atlaire on the San Juan are the same as by the previous steamer. The Costa Ricans still nold Castillo, and the Americans are at Pun ta Arenas, waiting for something to turn up. It would appear that the constant arrival of recruits on this side is operating unfavorably for Walker's interests, when officers say that as nothing can lie done, it was better to come home than stay there consuming the rations. How do those who are forced to stay there fare ?" In our judgment, the truth concerning the state of affairs there at latest advices is to be drawn from the quotation* made above, rather thau from the so characteristic " first account'' sent to us on Friday last by telegraph. Nous verruns. City Sewerage ?The object now most de sired, is to remedy the difficulty existing from having for some time past used the sewers constructed for draining the cellars, Ac , as the means of emptying water closets, until they havo become thoroughly saturated with offen sive matter. To effect this object, we recom mend that the city authorities construct circu lar brick sewers, of eighteen inches diameter, commencing at F street, or where the first slope to the canal may require, and extending down each street to the canal from Fifteenth street west, and where they may be needed on the line of the Avenue, to the Capitol. These sew ers (to be used only for water closets and slops) may be commenced one foot below the surface, thus obtaining five feet more fall than the cel lar sewers can possess, insuring a rapid and clean drainage. These sewers should have no connection with the streets by openings for any purpose. If properly constructed, they will not require other cleansing than tho water used in the closets, soap suds, Ac., will accom plish. To insure this condition, all sinks con necting with the sewers should be protected by strainers and traps to prevent large objects be ' ing thrown in or the escape of offensive gases. This regulation'should be protectod bylaw j In one month the sewers may be constructed and in full operation, the expense of which, to ! each house, would bo so trifling as not to be : worth consideration when placed in comparison ; with health and comfort. No effort, either by i trupping the cellar sewers on the surface of the i ground, or the small drains at the bottom of the cellars, will avAil. They must be used for sur face water or cellar drainage only ; if used for any other purfiose they become a nuisance for want of sufficient fall. The city authorities must expect great oppo sition from those who have unlawfully connect ed their water closets with the drainage sewers. Much is expected of the City Councils as protec tors of the Metropolis, by guarding the health of the government officers, and consequently the archives of the nation. Where so much is at ; stake and so little is required to insure all that is necessary, we feel confident that every man will do his duty in this matter. To appoint a committee to examine tho sub ject and devise plans for remedying tho evil, wiil iusure success. AproIXTMEMTS BY THE president.?John A. Appltton, of Maine. Assistant Secretary of State, vice J. A. Thomas, resigned. Timothy Rives, Collector, Petersburg, Va . viec A. D. Banks, resigned, to take effect June I, 1857. Charles G. Wagner, of S. C., Kogister of the Land Office at Stillwater. Minnesota Territory, vice Thomas M. Fullcrton. who*o term of office has expired. Milton H. Abbott, of Minnesota, Receiver of Public Moneys at Stillwater, Minn., vice William llolcombe, whose torm of office has ex pired. Samuel Pluiner, of Minnesota, Register of the Land Office at Faribault, Minn., vice Henry C. Lowell. George B. Clitherall. of Minnesota. Register of the Land Officc at Ojibway, Minn., vice Sam uel Plumer- ? The United States Sloof-of-war Dale will, we learn, be placed in commission this week as one of the squadron to be maintained on the coast of Africa in accordance with treaty stipulations. The following officers have been ordered to report at Norfolk on the 10th April : William McBlair, Captain; Joel S. Kennard, (executive officer,) John T. Barraud. Robert Stuart. Hunter Davidson, and Thomas P. Pelot. Lieutenants; Washington Sherman, Passed As sistant Surgeon; Richard C. Dean. Assistant Surgeon; John S. Cunningham, Parser; Robert Speiden. Purser's Clerk; Charles II. Hasker, Boatswain; John A. Dixon, Acting Carpenter; Stephen G. King, Acting Sailmaker. Hard to Pi.ease.?The opposition presf does not seem to bo entirely satisfied with the dispo sition which the President thinks proper to make of the federal offices. But ihis cannot bo helped. Mr. Buchanan has his own way of do ing things, and is not very apt to consult the wishes of his opponents. That he has been ve y fortunate thus far is quite evident. The dem ocratic papers from all parts of the country give the most ample assurance of this fact. It will be a long day before anything like a for- I midable opposition to the President can be op* j ganiied, based upon the distribution of the Ex- ! ecutive patronage. ? I th* Cl-rrmt Operations or tbe Trea ?ilrt DarARTR.RT.-On Saturday, April 4th? there were of Treasury warranto entered on the b<?ok8 of the Department? Iw* ?tooks 87 Por the Treasury Department 48 64* 73 For Customs'0' '* "SS ? On\ entered * iJ^u! 49 #On * count at the Navy ? mw hh From nisc?iiaMoqRtff s * - : : ? " d a - VTR0IK1A. bold a convention at Richmond on the loth of May to nominate a candidate for attorney general A crowd was na the *'Green.M New Britain, Conn., on the first of April, to witness a balloon ascension. They all found themselves "sold." ID" The Mayor of Chicago always revokes the licenses of tbaae hackmen wbt overcharge pa*, sengers. A very proper punishment. [XT' The epidemic fever which has created so much ?term fn Oswego county, N. Y , ha* reach ed Elmlra, where, of *) cases, only 4 recovered. 07 The wheat crop in northern Georgia and East Tennessee presents a very promising appaar ance. 117- The aggregate loss by Area in the L'nited States during the first quarter of the present year Is SM,?3,UUU. The newspapers of Mississippi have univc-r* sally refused to submit to a 4aw reducing the rates lor legal notices. Th* Common Council of ftmoklya have adopt, ed a resolution requiring the city inilruad compa nies to ruu their car* ou Sundays. An Albany editor thinks hi* property In that city would have been carried away by the late flood had it not Iteen for the A?ac?r mortrartt upon it. Disagreement.?'The jury at Boston in the case of Magee, for killing Mr. Walker, of the Massachusetts State prison, having failed to agree upon a verdict, have been discharged. JET* The bass fishermen at Newburyport are making extra wages, the haul of fishes being im mense. About fifty thousand have already been taken this season. JCr* Residents of Chattanooga, Tenn., are de voting considerable attention to the culture of the Catawba grape. One gentleman has planted about thirty acres. The Santa Fe Gazette of February ifith, contra dicts the report which come by telegraph from St. Couis, that Judge floppen and Mr. Jas. Lucas had been killed by Indians. Mixing Wheat.?Sowing several varieties of wheat together is highly recommended in France where it has been proved that the product is very greatly increased. IC* The Albany (Ga.) Pariot of a late date says: "We are now enjoying mild summer weather, and vegetation is putting forth rapidly. Corn planting is nearly finished, and many are planting cotton." JD" The Marlboro* Advocate states that the first '-cloth"' was manufactured in the new facto

ry at Lowell, Md., last week, and in less than a fortnight it is anticipated the half complement of machinery will be in full operation. ID* The Rev. C. C. Jones, who ran away with another man s wife from Paris. Lamar county. Mississippi, the other day, was pursued, overta ken, carried to Red River county, acquitted, and afterwards killed by the injured husband. A Steam Wagon.?A stock company has been formed of persons residing in Cincinnati and lJayton. Ohio, who have constructed a steam wagon to be run on common roads. It was tested a short time since, and traveled to the entire satis faction of those who got it up. in?" A fast man was grumbling the other day because the cars didn't run sixty miles an hour.? JStJrcHange. "Sixty miles an hour," with a small obstruc tion on the track, will be apt to stop his Krumb ling.?Baton Post. * Tub Crops SorTH ?A letter to the Savannah Republican, dated Middlebury, Fla., March saysi ' "At present, the weather here is warm and mild, and everybody is pladting. Some farmers have corn up three or four inches high." 1I7~ One little ' garden patch 'of ours has been very profitable, very, this season. The snails ate up the cucumbers, the chickens ate up snails, the neighbor's cats ate up the chickens, and we are now in search of something that will eat up the cats. Can any one of our agricultural frends aid IC7" The manufacture of hoop skirts is shortly to ne entered upon on a large scale at Sinii Sini; prison, New York, under State contract. The re ?? sj machinery for the purpose is being made in .\ew \ ork, and as soon as completed will be transferred to the prison. Hoop skirts are becom ing an much a staple as hats and shoes. ?v!"nLlR?TWf saW' >'c:,t*rday. dozen mink skins taken by two trappers, in Bear Swamp, about twelee miles northwest of thiscitv The entire lot was sold at from sinten to seventeen shillings each This is a very handsome price for coarse furs. Only a few years ago they were comparatively vahisfess.-iJ^o Advert?,<7 IT7"At L'tica. an action for seduction has been brought by Mary Abrams against Richard R Jones. The plaintiff was a young ladv of rare personal l>eauty. but poor parentage. The de fendant has wealthy connections, who opposed the prmm.ed marriage. The jury found a ver dict of *l.!?tKi damages for plaintiff. Atrocious Murder in Louisville?On Tues day afternoon a voung man named Casper Fern who was walking in the streets of Louisville! Ky.. With a lady at the time, was shot through the heart by a pilot named Sweeny. The assassin went behind his victim and placed the pistol so close to hi* person as to bum his clothes No reason is given for the act, though Sweeny is in custody, and will be examined. w"*. Dod<!*to Imvkiglr s,llt Womrn. rhe following advertisement appears in a New Y ork morning paper: ?' S1U0,(JU?.?I being old, will'give my Ron. a fine >oung man. aged SlOu.uuu. provided some respectable man will give his daughter, a sensi ble lady, to him in wedlock with *'25.(iun Mu tual a flection of course. This is a sincere propo 4 i i ProPerty.''an be made worth *700,(M? ciirsir. ? 1"n,id i'?"-,or A Rica Case.?Memphis is decidedly a ereat JIf, Ua> ' T1" """'vm*'S "a>8 since a case wa* pending in the Com mon Law Court of that city in which a Mr and blal'h of mfrr 8"''d FHilliP ** Bohien for a co",ract. 'n failing to marry werkJJ LnH^'hl " 1 Mas Miss AKnpl Han.l ?sn Jury has given the injured parties Holfun I^e '"ea of Helbing suing Bohien because he did not marry his wife is cer tainly the richest thing of this fast age. NfcGRo Sailors.?The New York Courier and Enquirer calls attention to a singular and proba of thc ?f the Su preme Court in the Dred Scott case. Unlets two thirds of a crew are American citizens, the vessel becomes subject to foreign tonnage dues It has h?^,aq^|tei"<>mi,,0nrforour "hiPP'n'-J masters to ^ f,r ?T?Kl *CreWi? r"'?roa- whoare now decid ed not to be American citizens; consequently the vessels will t>e lioble to foreign ,onnage dues. . ^iLin ??i! of t,,e wards ?f Richmoud, Va ^rn5rrrheiH":,wfrp kppf ^ >?<>? mcipal election of the present week, duriuir the second duv. The additional vote, however, was small, and did not alter the result. The vote of Mr. Mayo for Mayor was ?J.Oil. ;uid that of his highest opponent Mo. All the Whig and Ameri can candidate for the principal ottices were elected thZP'Fi ? ST aT Grai" MpJS,,rpr- The polls in day ^art* wcre to remain open thc third tnr A. meeting has been held in London to take into consideration the policy of the China and Persian wars. At this meeting,.over which Mr. Roebuck presided, the intention was to test the popularity of Lord Palmerston, and the princi E! th'n * W;trc Mrssrs- Cobden and Layard. Both these gentlemen were heard and applauded, and denunciations of Lord Palmerston s previous career were highly relished. A resolution was Uien moved to the effect that these wars we" wholly unwarranted, which was carried bv a large majority. ' ??CaV.,e of, Explosion.-Professor Gladstone recently read an able and eloquent scientific pa per before the Roval Soclelj? of London, on Fhe Anl^reaf^,^ ?i(1ejtPloslonf? and their causes. Any great and sudden increase of volume, says ? ' W Rive rise to the phenomena desig /Xp I.' but 8uch KrPat an^ sudden in crease never takes place by the mere dilation of a solid or a liauid fcdy-it is always necessary that gas should Informed. The simplest form of explosion is when a liquid is suddenly con verted into a gas. either by the removal of pres sure or else produced by the bursting of a vessel In which it is contained. ?-,0,- t'-THK members op the arr requested to meet at their Hall. THIS (Monday) EVENING, at ? o clock, to makn armiiKeruents to attend the fu neral of their deceased Brother, P. G. John T\s wwl"- ? J- T. ilANGS, G Sec. ,T^1 MEMBERS OF ORL ?lof ental Lodze, No. 19, of the District of Colmn It WILLIAM H. DIETZ. Noble Grand. rrT^it ^hn'iS"^ SPi:c'AL MEETING OF 1-eheldTHlS (Monday ft' V?'NV^r,lJ?7A,? ? ? w. M. SMITH. W. M. rrXZ1 VF''rA^ A W^'.'HN'EB MKETING OmwMtnl. JiiTffu1'H'uld,n* A"" cintion of TUESDAY T' v at|th? Connc 1 Chamber, on P in ii'tiilntii KM N<?, April 7th, at 7 o'^.^k. ?I! c a"oe niBinbers is desired. -"ptwt HENRY KING, See. fTj13' .MACHINE SEWING.?HAVING TO ^ secured the services of an old and expe rienced operator, (recently engaged m the Fair) the SSSKSSS-V Pr?P?rtHl I?,glVe greater neatness and exaeditKHi to all work left at his room", nol "JS? awl co istantly making up, SHIRTS. DRAWER, mo*OMS, COLLA11Ac, whiniT i * ill l>e sold at reasonable prices. thewofk *m' ot',er* are "wt?41 to cajl and eRaiume Room* on D street, two doors from corneTOfiNh j street. "i p fe REGISTER'S oVfTcE, March^|? irw~ L? X?"c< to all %*kom it /rs ~ tiee is lieraby given that Licenses for Carts. WsSl .4.0. within roar I?~dtA?l# cWphi* prices. *t 'he . r, CREAM DEPOT, corner of 12th and F ate. ICF. CREAM at tlJtpargalUm. sp6-lm* I. O. O.F.?HARMON Y LODGE, NO. ? I ? rA?DM<fuIH inform the Fraternity and the Me to M~rtTlte? U*T will give a GRAND LEVEE. V OdiUPaliow.' Hall, Navy ^ ard. oa MONDAY. April Mk. Particulars in futureadver 4-Cl ?\<>T1CE.?Tfce anflMl meeting of the Nor thern Liberty fuildmf Association. poetp?.n i.utn last moith.will tajmplsc- atn.T^p'.?n-jW _1I on Tuesday e*?nm#? the ?th inatant. at 7)* Mo^P. M JOS. EADCLIFF. S?eretarf. Y^the choir of the fi^kenth L? street Church have kindly con^ntedtOBn e njRANI) CONCERT for the benefit of Jo** wmiit ( Rt ii H.tstuated on Connecticut between L aad M etreate.) on MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS. 6th ?n^ matanta. at which tune they will present a bill of equal to any of their former alert*. The enara^ ter ol the Choir being knowti to tty* aoiuWMfnity. ? a sufficient guarantee that the music will.equal tiia publie expectation. Prof. Fleet. Conductor. A permit has been secured by the Trustees. N. B.?The public is invited. apS-St* _ <Y~s^ FRANKLIN BUILDING ASSOCIA ?J<_? TIO.V?'The third meeting ot the Stockhold ers of this Association will be held at Temperance Hall on Monday evening the6th instant, at ? o'clock, when an election of offioera for the ensuing year will be held. ap 3-3t T. M. HANSON. Secretary rv^5=?CASH PAID FOR FI'RNITURK.?The [l_5 undersigned is prepared at all times to pay la# highest rash priets for good aaooud hand furni ture, in laree and small quantities. Persons leaving the city or declining housekeeping will find it to their advantage to give ?e a rail before disposing of their household effects. Apply to E. LEASE. Agent, No. 5(H Ninth at., 3 doors from Pa. ar. mar 19?eolm rr^MACHINE SEWING. - ROOMS on D 'J 1 STREET, two doora from the corner of 9th street. Sewing done in a aupenor manner at the following rates: Shirts, plnin, (must bo cut and hasted.>62!* cents ; Wristbands 3 c. per pair; Collars 3c. each; Bosoms 2c. per plait; Plain Sewing 3c. per yard. Constantly on hand and for sale. Shirts from %1 to Si; Bosoms from 37!(e. to $1; Wrist hands from ?c. to 25c. per pair ; Collars from 12S to 37>?c. each, and other Goons in proportion. , . Persons wishing sewing done will do beat to omit washing the material. , , Terms invariably cash. mar 17?eolm np~3p? NOTICE.?THE BOARD OF ASSESS i 15 ?rs. having completed the assessment for the Tear MM. will have the booka at their room in the City Hall for examination from the 1st of April to the 10th, inclusive. (Sundata excepted,) from in a. m. till 3 p. m., after which they will sit as a Board of Appeal from the 11th to the 26th, inclusive, for the purpose of hearing and determining npnn complaints that may be brought to their notice. Therefore all persons who may not be properly or correctly upon the books will have an opportunitr of wrrecting, the same. lap 1] J. M. DOW NING, Sec y. NATURAL CURIOSITY at Williams's Arcade Hotel, D street, between 8th and 9th streets, a pair of MONKEY BIRDS, just arrived from Aus tralia. ap6-It* VOCAL MUSIC.?Mrs. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music, having vacant hours for a few more Scholars, requests those ladies who are desirous of being perfected in Ballad Sincing. or Opera Music, to favor lier with an early application. Terms made known at her residence. 405 E street. between 9th ami 10th. and at the Music Stores of Mr. Davis, and Metxerott. apt>-3m Mantillas, mantillas.?the sub acriber has received, and will open on this (April fithldsr. another assortment of rich and Iwantifiil MANTILLAS of the latest Pans aad New York styles. Call and see them, at 244 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 12th and 13th streets. ap6-eolw FRANK A. McGEF.. MRS. a. C. REDMOND A DAUGHTER, wishes to sav to the public that they are now at their New Rooms, l>etween 8th and 9th streets, I'enn. avenue, where they are making PICTl RES 111 evenr style of the art. ami on reasonable terms. A.MHROTYPES from $1 up to any price re quired. Mrs. R. and Daughter respectfully solicits the pat ronage <?f the ladies particularly. ap&-3t* TWO CKNTS RKWARD for the apprehension of the person or person* who maliciously destroy i ed the Bills or Placard* of the Promenade Concert, bv Withers' Band, at the Mechanics' Institute Hall, those posted af the Navy Yard. The CONCERT will positively take place TO the building must be taken down to morrow. ap 8-lt WM. WITHERS, Sr. DENTON'S LAND DRAINAGE AND Drain age Systems. I?ondon. Stephens's Manual of Practical Draining. Loarion. Agricultural Dran.age. with illustrations. Londor. Munn's Practical Land Drainer, illustrated. Thomas's Farm Implements, withIftxn1 lustrations. Blast's Family Kitchen Gardener. C'obbett's Gardener. Randolph's Culinary Gardener. Johnston's Dictionary of Gardening. The Flower Garden. London. Lindley'a Horticulture ; by Downing, apt, _ FRANCE TAYLOR. FM)R SUMMER USE? 1 CHARCOAL FVRKACES. HARD COAL FURNACES, PORTABLE RA\G KS, SIMMER BAKERS, BATH TUBS, ol all sige? and pattern*, of my own manufacture. Block Tin. Planished Tin, and Japanned Tinware of direct importation. Ml account* rendered 1st January niuat be settled before opening i.ew oue?. JAMES SKIRVING. Washington Stove Manufactory, No. 207 S. E. cor Penn. aveuue and lltli streets. ap6-gtd nds of lite have nearly ruu out, discovered while :u for Consumption, oids, and General A discovered l?y him :er. given up to 'lie. Wishing to do as much good as possible, he v ill s *r:d to such of his :itfiie?ed fellow-beings as request it, this recipe, with tull and explicit direc ap CLINTON'S PATENT ALCOHOL COOK. LAMMOND, 434 Seventh street, is the onlt r-rson in this citv authorized to sell my ALCOHOL OOK. They are stamped, as required by law, " Clinton's Patent, Nov. 25th, 1856. ap *-3t T. G. CLINTON. ISoR BOSTON.?THE SCHOONER MAR THA. Captain Baxter, has arrived an i is receiving freight for the above port. For freight or passage apply to HARTLEY*** A BROTHER, 101 Water street, Georgetown. ap 3-4t PORTE MONNAIES, CARD CASES, BAS KETS, TOYS. COMBS. BRUSHES. PER FUMERY, Ac., at Mclaughlin a co.'s Great Fancy Store. sp 3 N. KIDWELL, DEALER IS ICE, No. 3. First atreet. Georgetown, is now prepared tn execute orders fur ICE. either left at his reaidenot or with Kidwell A Lawrence, loth street. mar 26-tf ITNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. Washington, March 21, IRS7. On the petition of E. A. Stillman.administratoro; Alfre?l Stillman. deceased, of New York. N. Y. Sraving f'??r the extension of a patent granted to said tiflman, for an improvement in e\-aporatinp saccha rine juices, for seven years fr??n tiie expiration o; said patent, which takes place on the 17th day ol An gust. 1857? It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at th? Patent Office on Mondat. the l?th day of Angus next, at 12 o'clock in.: and all persons are notified t< appear and show cause, if any they have, why sait petition ought not to de giant ed. Persons opposing the extension are required to fii< in the Patent Office their objections, specially sei forth in writing, at least twenty days l?efore the day of hearing ; all testimony hied by either party to U used at the said hearing inust be taken and transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the office, whici will be furnished on application. . The testimony in the case will be Ciosod on the 3W!i of July next; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must l>e filed in the Office on or before the morning of that day, the arguments, il auv. within ten daya thereafter. ...... Ordered, also, that this notice !? published ,? the National Intelligencer, Union, and Kvemug Star, Washington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Man land; Penusylvaman. Philadelphia. Pa.; Daily News, New York,N. Y.; and Post. Boston, Mass.: once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 3d day of August next, the day of hearine. CHARLES MASON. Com'r of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing thi* notice. mar 23-1 aw3w C^R AND EASTER BALL.?THE COLUMBIA * Fike Company No. 1, will give their AN NUAL BALL, ON EASTER MONDAY EVENING, April 13th. at Carusi's Saloon.i In presenting this entertainment to the pub-| _ lie, the members will endeavor to make it one of the most agreeable Halls of the season. Professor Withers' celebrated Band will be in at tendaooe. _ Tickets, ONE DOLLAR. XXKCCT1VE COMMITTEE. A.McDermott, P. J. Ennn, Wm.E. Tucker^ ^ ^ Geo. A.Barr, mar 2a-a p 1,4,",13* C*. JL BEERS. Treasurer. PAINTS AND OILS. Lineeed Oil, White I.ead, Boiled Oil, French Zinc, Patent Dryer, Jerser Zinc, Turpentine, Ochres. Chromes, varnishes, Lithane Bristol, ladder, camel's hair, and sable Brushes. 1.literal discount on current prices made for cash 0r,L'rt^Kr^, J' R- McGREGOR tnar 24-WA S3m 534 7th A cTthe The sign of the plates, seventh Street. \\ est side. No. 383, ikder Dor?ey> *?OT5Jr*,~ The proprietor of the establishment is tUanKful for the generous patronage he has enjoyed, and respectfully informs trie public that he has just r^e-ivad arxl opened a large assortment of French China? The G o? ?d s w il I m soid cheap for cash.cheaper than ?ver bought in this city. Rememl.-er the sign?"' PLATES. mar 34-eo2w* OH HMDS. BROWN SUGAR.tpart prime) ?U 20 bbis. refined Sugar. 20 bate prime White Catfae. 1 .,^ui*,"M,TfA*ASbSlVWw. i ;*Asr*r ^*r**T**?rT. MarH I?, law. Notice it herah? given to tiotricra of at?ck of th* loans of the United States. that this department ? j purehaae the aame until the 1st day of June next, oniMi tic wM of |l J#."* iS?B k? id,, tamed, and will par. in addition to the interest ae crued from the date rf the ls?t aemi-eiuiua, divided of internet thereon, together with on* ?U>-B addi tional mtereet for the money to reach the vender, the following rate* ol premium on said Mark,* : For the stock of IStt, a premium ol la per ret*. For the atock of 1*4" aod im. a premium >,( if, p?r cent.; and lor the atock of 185". commonly called Taxas Indemnity Stock. a premium of ti per ??tit. Certificates of atock transmitted to the depart ments. under this notiea. must he aa?irned to the United States, by tba party duiy entitled to rec*i\ ? the prooeed*. Payment for the atock* ao assigned and transmit ted wfll be made by drafts on the Assistant Trwe urera at Boaton. New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to reeeive the more*, whieh ahould he expraaaed in the letters aeeompa nying the certificates. HOWELL COBB. mar 13-dtlst J una Secretary ol't he Treasure. AMISEMEKTS. GRAND PROMENADE CONTERT.-Ar Tiir Hall or I Ml N'lVI QJ&UIA ft Mm han.V |\ STiTL'TKt on MO.N DA\ L\ ENING, April C'.li. At the urgent raoneat of many oitiaer*. the mem ber* of VN*JHtRM' 0ANU We_dat?-rnin,.^ KNwDt CONCERT at iVKNIN'i n?-xt. gireaGRASD PI^VKN^D thf?bovp Hiillon MONUA\ E1 The following ia the Programme, in part: part first. 1. Crockwell's Grand Mareh,?b) requeat.) composed by W. Wither#. 2. Duetto from opera of Lucia de Lanunennoor, ar ranged Iw W. Withera. 3. Violin Solo, the People's IVvorite. br \\ ithera. 4. Canary Bird Wait*?composed ami arranged i-y W. Withers. 5. Flute S>!o, from Opera El Trovatope, I? Profea sor Minim. 6. Chicken Polka, by request. PART CU9COND. 7. Spiritual Rapping*. <bj request.(composed iir.rf ar ranged by W. \V itnerr. 8. Drum Polka. I.eaiier of Drummers. Withers. >>-. 0. Midsummer Walla, with mutate-os of birds, m sects, 4c. 10. Sleighride Polka, <lw request,)coinpoeed *:*! ar ranged br W. witfceva. 11. Virginia Scholtiah ; composed and arrayed >r W. Withers. 12. Grand Semato piece. Napolt. 13. Geatle tiood Night?llome. Sweet Home. lL/~To render this concert more pleasing. the ??r vices of Mr. WEAVER tthc confectioner at the late Fair) has been secured, and will furnish r i:e h ments at his usual low price*. apfi It __ JOHN H. K1NG_. Agent. FOURTH WEEK. WAIGH'S ITALIA, AND Tltr. L1XL.I PUTIA N FA M11 .V. Exhibiting every night t|n?- week at a o''! 1 WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS. ntUJs o'clock. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. ADMISSION ? iSeents, Childke.n 1% " Descriptive Pamphlets for sale 111 the Hal!. fT7" ITALIA ha* never before been exhibited c Washington. mar i.-ltud LOST AND FOUND, I OR ftJO 1.EN.-A LITTLE BLACK an *^ tan TERRIER D^Hi, with a collar^, ^ of chain on. Whoever will return h;in to 219 Penn. avenue, will lie well rewarded. ap I?tf WANTS. \|7ANTED?BY A STEADY YOI M, \\ 1? ? ? man a situation as Plain Cook in a small 1 1 !j or boarding house. Ad lress Box No. 7 at tin* fTce. If A SERVANT WOMAN THAT <\\\ BE It I commended, < white preferred? mn? find en pj ment for general housework- l?y applying it \? Pennsylvania avenue, over the store of Meaars. Ha: vey A Adams, near corner of Seventh streot. ?f 6-3t* \\* ANTED-m A \ Ol*S? GIRL \ >111 ' ?v tion as Chaml^ermsid or Seamstress.a?M li no objections to trav?l, mid ?-a?i oome IiiieIiU r?*co>.: nieivled. Apply at the Star Oihce for " U. k " apfi-2t* ANTED.?A WHITE WOMAN AS 1 m K. One that can ooine well reo-raineiideil wiil In.: w * * ?? v?., wmv wvn ici^'iuiiiriittrti nil. 1. a good situation at No. *32 H street. Appl< .i j ir dia'ely. ap 4 *' \\JANTED.?A YOUNC, MAN To LKAKN " the Watch, CI?K'k, an<! Jewelry laisiress. 11. quire of J.A.WATSON. ap3-3f* 50 Bridje street. li?H?rE?>tu?i-ii. |l \l * A N TED-?A SITUATION TO CNWtK. ?? Wash and Iron. ??r to do genera! housework f a small fr. mil*. No objection to in into the c -it*. AppIv at No. 73 Bridge st.. Georgetown. ap 5-3f * \V'ANTED.?A MAN AM) WIFE.-T e tir ' v? to understsnd something al?>nt iiar?|enin". The wife for Kitchen and genera! Housework. ?? i reference required. Appi) at No. 3K7 Penn. xv.-i o . JONAS P. LEV\"'S Wine, Liquor, and ??roo'* Store. ap I?;t A SMALL FARM7iN A HEAI.T1H I.(>< \ tion. four miles from ashincton. I :tlii> i" proved, and very productive, having *??od f.uiidii r* and every necesaary convenience upon it. wnl ti.?ex changed for city pioperty yielding rent. Pers< ? wishing to make such an exchange, may r.ppN n' ? counter of the Star Office. mar *M! WAXTEDc-THE hFJuest PRH ES PA 11' Tt 111 caali for old Silver at HOOD'S SI I.VI H WARE MANUFACTORY,^ Penu.av hum, r Ninth street. dec 9' BOARDING. Mrs. moffett can accommodate permanent and transient BOARDER*' at ->. j 7th afreet. Alan,Table Bwdcrt. The - , airr : aotne ? ith hre-placer, suitable for m.irr, ~ people; and all well ventilated. H>* A CO<?K wanted. ?* r f' Boa rd->or two oknti.eme>. i?? gether or in separate rooms, in a private lam. where there are no other ls>arders. or chiidre:; 111 ? house. Applj at No. (N SiXllatrMt, Koond I from F. ap 3-' Boarding.-a gbnteeman and win eon be comfonab!> accommodate.! w>tl BO \ I' II at 414 Dstreet, betweenbthand7th. Aiso,t?< feuUemea. ap3-eo3t* RS. BATES. AT HER BOARDING HOUSE, on the aoutheas: corner of Pei.- , Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangements ' > aecommodatea larrenumlierof strangers with Me: ? at any tune throughout thu* dny.ati''. Lodgings, mar 3 M THE OLD U. S. HOTEL. TO THE PTEL1C The Proprietor of the Internet ional Hotel j deems it pmdent toeiihnge the name of thu' Hotel,owing to the |a< ? sickness at JL Natuuuil Hotel,arid the two namea i?vilr; so ri'..i therein-conflict with eaeli other. Thi? Hot?-l. t the future, will l?e e ,nducte<l under the name of; . UNITED STATES HOTEL, the original 1 ? ^ this Hotel. t >1 ?? (^OAL AND WOOD.?THE SUBSt RlHI j have now on the way. and w,ll be rend* i >r <; ? Iiverv in a few da> s, a superior cargo ? f <:0t lK! N U COAL. Also, all kinds of \N < *OD ami COA I. "f the -* quality constant!* on hand, in irh the* w l?e un| p to supply the public with on the most r ?< terms. BARRON A STOVER. Corner of I and 21st stre-ts, \V ashington.a <i <?r> ? at., opposite Gaa House, Georgetown, mar o -?? ffls?i.NEipr Also, a hand some aaaortmeijt^^ of Children's I1ATS. to which she invites the at *-' tion of the ladies. No. 3*5 PeiinsTlvania avenue. 1 e tween 9th and IMh streets, south side. L. ALI.FN*. ]\I O WASH IN G TO NMANUFACTI REDS1I. I" \ ER \\ ARE on exhibition at tne Metr. p tan Meehsnics' Institute Fair,but every d'-scrip:. u of line Silver Ware can be teen m pro.>-?. ,,f ntitiu facturing, at H. O. Htt??I>'S. mar 13 XSf Penn. avenue, ii?i?r9Th st. |\R. C. S. GOODMAN. */ svri; toy n f\tist. -n.i Mismcn tiBE or Artiviciai Tfkth.?. His complete arrangements enabling lnm t' ? present the folloa-ing reasonable prices: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold m >> Do do do on Silver 12 tf.' One or more, on Goid 2 to > Do on Silver 1 to Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter: also. Im pairing at the same reesorwMe rates. AIIoperat:< ?* executed in aucb a manner as to gn-e e* er> sat if is. tion. Office corner 8th street aud avenue. ap 1 FEE FOR GENTLEMEN REDUCED TO ONE POLL \R. MADAME SWETT. THE CEL K brated clairyo i ast.issuii at No. SHft, Seventh street, where she Will remain a few days longer. Made S. receives consultation*respecting-the PAST' PRESENT'FlTLRh' ! amd DISEASES'.' . m. m . I ID" During a > ear'a tour in the Sj.?uth and\Ve*t. Madame s^ ETT ha> been t upwards of r?-a Thousand Person?, ai d is p. pounced a superior Clairvoyant and the Wonder <4 the Age. . . Terms of CoXsvltatio*.?lilies 91 ; Gentle men #1. HkM A CARD.-THE ATTENTION OF THE PUU Lir is respectfully invite<l to the ver* exte?!M\? aaleol'New Funutureainl Houae-Furnislunr in the Warerootna ?m Seventh street, ncx' to O-U Fellows' Hall, to take place next week.coniiueoeiiig on MON DA\ . the 6th inst. It deaerxes th?' part;<Mi lar attention or all lerauw desiring to purchase Fur niture. The asaortment fa vert large, and all new and in fine condition. The trade is particular!* re quested to attend the sale. ap 4-tt A.GREEN, Anet. NEW PAPER HANGINGS.-I am IIOW ^CCIV ing my spring atock of PAPER-HANGING? . onmprisuic a very extensive and varied aaeoitmt tit of every ileacriptioii. among which may t>e aeen aonie of the richeat aod moat lieautiful aatlerne.ol Y tewii and American papers ever Itrougnt to thia market, ?nd at pneea from 15 to 25 per cent, lower than ever ?old for before. I am alao pr' p^red^witli a corps ol aup-*nor workmen, to paper houses in the l?e?t man Q0f L. r ? tliAKK, ? Paper Hanger and Upholaterer, a p _4_3t No. Ms. Pa. ave.. bet. 12th a nd 13th at s._ T???Ai?&J?ANCY 1 C >i>su!te<t If