Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1857 Page 1
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WEEKLY STAR. Thia exr-Uest Fwnilr and N?w? Jouiml?eoa tatniac a f rwtiw variety of interest irn rMdtng |tea can I* found in an? other?ia published on ^turds* morning. TKBM?. ? Single oopy, psr annum . .fl V> to cxcaa. Fire copies f/T 3 ?? Twenty copies . IS ?? U7^C*?h. invaehblt m ibriart. Bv subacribmg in clubs raiaed amc without the intervention of ~ perceived, twent* per cent. . will be Mitred. It invariably ?? (?UN III" f infton Newa" tbnt Km nuuie the lUiLi HtUi late *<? ReuenUly throughout the country. fC^Single oopiea (in wrappers) can he procured at the eouster. immediately after the taaueul the Paper. Pnoe?Thbb* Cksts. I'obtm vai KRa who act aa acuta will be allowed a (vinitniKion M\i tm-anti aai>i I* ADVAJiri. be raised among neighbor 9 i of a mail ajrwii. aa will he ent. of the Wkkklt Hra* lably contains the ?? Warn. PUBLISHED EVERY AFTEJ < EXCEPT SUNDAY,> AT THE STAR BT'ILDLNOS, f sraar Pfnnsylvamia eeteiM, and Ut4 Br w. D WALLA CH. sol ia aerred to ?uUsorihera by aarriara at SIX A QUARTER CENTS, payaUe weekly aerred in paekages at Jt% cents per month. Tu mail aubscribers the aubaoriptioa prioe is T1IRKR DOLLARS AND FIFTY CBVT# n jmi ia o^ras'i, TWC DOLLARS for nix mont*.and ONE DOLLAR tnr three months; for !*?? ttma three months at the rate of 12* oeata a v9ek. ^ t 9 ^ ^ SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1857. NO. 1,306. - A TRICK OF A LOTRR, f>ne fine winter evening. mfIt Inthe present eentury. Col. Smith, and hi* maiden sister Pat ty. were sitting on either aide of a delightful hickory fire enjoying their ? ?tium eum aif^ui' *nf, without any interruption, for at le:u.t an ??ur; *nd that, considering the wi of Miss Pat ty. was certainly rcry remarkable The Colon ?I was s.tti.g crnas legged in a great arm chair, with his spectacles on. and his pipe in one hand and a newspnjrer in the other?fast asleep Miss Patty was moving herself gently forward and backward In a low rockingchalr. Cleae bv ^ cat" whi,e C?rl? ? stretched out in full length on a rug in front of the fire and like hut master, faet asleep. At length the Colonal roused from bis nap took off his spectacles, and rubbed his eyes hen glancing at a Tory large pile of pa^rs that lay on the tab!* near him, said: 44 I wish IUnry was here, to help m? about my i sot. '? Wall. I really wish he was," answered his lister. '*1 r*n'? him this month yet," yawn ed the Colonel. '? Had nt you better ?end for him?" said his sister. L'pon this the dog got up and walked towards J the door. Where are you going. Carlo*" said the old ' gentleman. The dog looked into his master s face wag ging his tail, but never said a word, and pur mied his way toward the door; and as he could not well open it himself. Miss Patty got up and oj?ened it for him. Tbo Colonel seemed perfect ly satisfied, and wm composing himself for another nap, when the loud and cheerful bark ing of the dog announced the approach of some 1 one. and roused him from his lethargy. Pres- ' ently the door opened, and a yoang man <raily entered the room. ? Why. William Henry. Is that you7" said Aunt Patty. ??6DrI'.v7^b0.y' r,am ^rtily to see Ton the Colonel, getting entirely out of his chair, and giving his nephew a hearty shake of the hand^ ?? Pray, what has brought you h^me so suddenly?" J i '10wh- 1 don't know. It Is rather dull in town so I thought I would step up and see how you 1 all come on. ' j W * am 8la<1 tn see you?sit down," | said the Colonel. " So do." said his sister. ? " There. Aunt, is a bottle of first rate snuff for you. aud here. Uncle, is one of capital Mar- ' a?whma r ^ Th?8k you my boy, said the Colonel ? Positively it does my heart good to see you i? j such fine spirit#. " ' And mine too. said his sister " Henry either unxloua to help his uncle or'l himself, broke the seal from the top of the bot- ' t.e of cordial, aud drew the cork, while Patty : got 8<>me glase<s>. J j -Well, my boy," .aid the Colonel, whose g^od humor lncroaeed every moment, " what's the n^, m- .? Anything happened"' i , S4,,J Henry; '? I>e got one of ? in*your ltfe!"** * 7?U ^ J?U "9r h#ard * glH^0mC let Ua haT0 U'" SaiJ he- his 1 JL"*' yo.u ratm kThow<" ??>d Henrv. that 7* 1 mot aB old P-rticular months^TnK r nQJ m7 ?WD *** tlro months ago. he fell desperately in love with a V,k WanU mxrTJ her' bat d4re9 ' not withoot the consent of his uncle; a very fine old gentleman. as rich as Croasue-do take j a little more eordial " ' ? Why. don't his uncle wish him to marry7" inquired the Colonel. the ?b7e-il-1#"UU1?d ^fnry <tBnt tnerub He ?s very anxious that Bill should ge* a wife but he s terribly afraid that he'd be ^kea in for it is generally understood that he is to be the gentleman's heir. And for his un cle. though very liberal in every thing else, he ?aspect, ever lady who pays his nephew the least attention, of being a fortune hunter." '"J?* T* """P'" ,aid the Colonel, "why can t he let the boy have his own way'" I I' Jrt,hink " much," said Patty." ~ "wi h7\rd Henr7; w w" in aoonfounded p.ckle. H. was afraid to a*k his uncle's con sent right out. he could not manage to let him ( see th? girl, lor ihe lives at some distance J Bu. he knew that his uncle enjoyed a good joke and was an enthusiastic admirer of beauty, bo wh? does he do, but go and get her minia i faken. for she was extremely beautiful, be sidesi being intelligent and aocompli?hed ' i Beautifnl intelligent ! accomplished!" ex ^.c;iTJ~pr,J ,Ut objecu"? "?''"jE * Ch*P' PllW? Huw dia b" (>' ! " I Mjd, he had the picture taken as it was about the time of collecting rente he inHft1 " W?tLd mak" th? ?,d m*n r?od natur . ed if he went home and offered to assist him. an i so, an?werinz all inquiries, ho took the i miniature out of his pocket, handed kto his uncle, snd aaked him how he like<l it?telling ThU J}1 * lent it to him I :n! ?' WM ,n an ?*t?ey of delight, i and declared he would give the world to ace a woman as handsome a# that, and Uxat Bill might have her. w^w'ii Bh00ltd Colonel. '? the eld ehap was well up with The best ioke I ever heurif u ^nntiful' ,, ?o?t angelie ereaturo I ever saw," He gave m? the picture and knowing your taste"Kht >t for you to look at." Her? his JLuft t\Lnm Pocket- nnd handed it to . his uncle ai the same time refilling his kImi Aunt Patty gi>t out of her chair to look at the ? Vou may well say that, sister." shoot me lLui? ukeTtUh WKW. ^a in Bil1- PlMM- ! i?euo< take it Y> hv did you not get the eirl yourself. Harry ? Tte most beautiful creature I ever did lwy my eves on ? I would ?ive a th.juaaod dollars for such a niece." ^ " \ ould you r- enquired Henry, patting the .. th*^ 1 would," replied the Colonel ! that m?ke V10ard mor? on the toP of lt *n<i ' that mtik^ ton ; ahoot me if I would not " j Mid Henry ,Btroduc* hor to Jua to-morrow," I wo'iii^M * wedding at the house of the 1 worthy old Colonel the ensuing week, and as h.,,ch,-? with the j*aauful and acc,>mplished bride, it is reaaona presaLe *** tb*t Uenr^ did not forget his tmFf'Sl'SJ?.'?TA iltU,* girl we wot of. not yet the i.?t> th,rif vW' hw ^tUered 1 JTo ?na-kTi ,. P;n-Cl,?*|li?ii of W memory some re- j of;'P;opr;ety." la language | the roiiTc-.! learned front P1' that . m -?*' 1#M Jnnocent peo L^i'. ,ou/ ?f ft?hion. aud that It Is P'Jlou* n Lt T 7^"' mhe r^rw-1 w?f ??? ?uch nice dis tbr ?ih-rrf ?T " '?proved her elder the Kuickr wortbv to be recorded in talk." Thev ill 4 ?f infantine "table ?i.ttr. .^-,1 ?lx wh?m the "Vou\ho,,i^U' v\a;tie Bellie " the little three yea' ofX- ~ l* Hsped " ' ywu should thay Ammtit Mukusi.?If I were talking to rnv own daughter, I would entreat her never to allow her iwlf to dwell upon marriage as an object of life. Dignity and delicacy sink, 1 cannot say how rap idly. when on^e the idN take* ps???uiuD of the mind : and ao for happteeas there Is no more mis erable being In existence than a woman, put the excitement of youth; aiming to be married for the sake of b-ing married She bei.omes more and more dissatisfied and envious, and neglectful of ?.-?*ent dwtiee. Miy you never become what I ave seen m-my others, solelv from the influence this on* false, degrading principle Tex number of clergymen, with their families, who w*at to aer the panorama of Kaaaas on tit Jkrst ?/ AffU, did not remain (0?f enough te be eaumwas^di?Btttm fon, Tin Hindrfd Mile Race. . [From the Albany Statesman.] The excitement manifested by all classes of our citizen* as to the result of the race of one hundred ml lew, and which seemed to pervade the entire community, Increased toward night, and State street wai thronged with people until long after sundown AU kind of rumors were put in circu lation, and from their contradictory character it was Impossible to arrive at any satisfactory con clusion. The match wai made several weeks since be tween Andrew Dalton and Ssmuel H. Taylor for 92,500. Mr. Dalton to use his own horse and Tay lor to hare the privilege of selecting any horse he should see At. Mr. T., oxerrising Theprivilege thus conceded to him, selected a horse owned by Hon. Andrew Sheehan, one of the representatives from New York in the present Assembly, and in due time both horse* were put in training for the contest. . Mr. Dalton's horse is between nine and ten years of age, and Is valuable on account of his speed, hnving shown 2.42 on the track. He is from good stock, and is in every reaped a One ani mal. The Taylor horse is seven years of age and comes from blood stock, being sired by Eclipse from a Messenger mare. He was bred in West chester country, where his then owner used bini to draw a coal cart, and kept him at snch ser vice until he was purchased by Mr. Sheehan, when, for the first time, he was driven to har ness. His greatest speed is three minutes. The horses started from Oallup's hotel. Wash ington street, yesterday morning at 5 o'clock, ac cording to the'judge's time. The start was good, both horses coming up at the word nearly side by side. After leaving the pavement they increased their speed, the horses vary much animated a desire to travel. At fij* o'clock they passed through Schenectady. 15 miles from this city. Amsterdam. HO miles from the i city, was passed at 9 o'clock and 20 minutes. | Fonda. 43 inilee from this city, was passed at 10 o'clock, both horses in excellent condition, and neither appearing tired from the task they had already accomplished. Fort Plain, 60 miles from this city was reached at 10 o'clock and 45 min utes, the horses having traveled full 10 mile* per hour up to this point. Little Falls. 73 miles from this city, was passed at 12 o'clock, and Herkimer, "0 miles from this city, at 13 o'clock and 50 min utes. The horses at this time, although they showed I signs of being somawh.^t tired, were to all np- ' pearance in good condition to accomplish the re maining twenty miles, and passed Illion, miles from this city, at 1 o'clock and ten minutes. **oon after leaving this place the Dalton horse be gan to flag, and his driver noticing it, concluded to stay his progress, and on reaching Frankfort, 97 miles from this city, stopped and put his horse in the stable, where he was given every attention that could possibly be rendered. Mr. Taylor upon observing that Mr. Dalton had 1 withdrawn, checked the speed of his horse, put on his blankets and walked alonir the road a ais- j tance of eleven mile*, until reaching the outskirts j of Utica, when he received information that Mr. < Dalton's horse, being much refreshed, had been ' put upon the road, and was coining along at a | good pace. The blankets were removed from the i Taylor horse, and having been well rested he re- I ceived tho word with spirit and started off at a rapid pace, panning through Utica at 4 o'clock ! and forty-five minutes, about two miles ahead of | the Dalton house, and reached Whitesboro' at 5 ] o'clock and twenty minutes, having accomplish- i ed the entire distance of one hundred miles in J twelve hours and twenty-two minutes! After i having walked eleven miles of the distance ! The | Dalton horse before reaching Whitesboro' was ' checked and walked nearly a mile. Both horses on reaching Whitesboro' were ! properly cared for, and were in good condition, ' save being tired. They gave no indication of ' having sustained any ln]uries from the great task they had accomplished, and we are assured by their owners, are held as more valuable to-day ! than when they started upon the race. The Tay lor horse will probably reach this city to-morrow Utica, and although we have no positive in formation as to the Dalton horse, we presume he will come at the same time, when an opportunity will b? afforded our citizens to take "a sight" at them. As an evidence of the great endurance of the Taylor horse, we may state that the last half niile of the race was trotted in two minute?. and be tween Fort Plain and Herkimer, 12^ miles were trotted inside of an hour. The roadi were in very bad condition, and in some places were obstructed by heavy snow drifts. J The horses carried about 3u0 pounds each, and we i are assured by one of the judges who accompanied ! them that during the entire distance neither of the ! horses were touched with a whip. Aj>arty accompanying them had made arrange ments for relays, so as to travel the distance with ' four horse*, and although they were as good as J could be found, not one of them could keep up ' with the contestants for the 25 miles. Tne horses were watered at several points along the road, as j thf drivers deemed it advisable, and at no time ] between this city and Herkimer were over 30U i iards apart. Mr. Taylor never got out of his sul y between this city and Whitesboro, and on i reaching the end of the journey, remirkwl that he felt '? in condition to walk .30 miles." At all points along the route the greatest excite ment was manifest. Crowds of men, women, j and children were on the road, and seemed to partake of the interest which the contest had cre ated. At Utica, thousands of people had assom blod in the streets through which the horses were to pass, and wo are informed by a gentleman from that city he has never seen anything to equal it. So at Whitesboro'; it appeared as though the whole country around had "come to town" to see the horses, and be present at the termination of tho race. The statement that there was an objection of fered the giving up of the stakes, i* without f>undation, as Mr. Dalton conceded that he had lost the race, and the winning party was entitleu to the money. This is the greatest race on record, nothing of the kind ever having been attempted before?and the speed shown by the horse? surprises every body. Kvea in the hundred mile races over* a f course, the time has not been equalled, and had the same speed been kept up to the end of the I journey as was shown to Herkimer, the hundred miles would have been trotted In a little over nine hours. A Good 'U*.?A "Green Mountain" (so called 1 because the mountains, and not the boys, are treen) tells the following spicy anecdote,"which ! e says is authentic, ana which we do not rc- ' member to have seen in print Roswrll F , a Vermont lawyer of distinguished ability, now re siding at St. Louis, and in the first rank of the 1 bar of Missouri, had brought a suit in court which was really so plain a case for the plaintiff that, having submitted the papers and other proofs to the court, he felt that his client's Interest really required no more, and he accordingly sat down without making the customary opening address tothejury. But the defendant's counsel, more ambitious of rhetorical display, and probably conscious that the defence required the best abll itios. rose and made a long harangue cbarac- t teriznd by an immense flood of ponifious words (as was his custom) but destitute of even an at- [ t*mpt at logic or reasoning of any kind. When he had done, the plaintiff's counsel, who was ex p^-ted to make an elaborate speech in reply, rose and merely said?" May it please the court and I gentlemen of the jury?-in this case I shall follow the example of the counsel for the defence, and | submit the ca*e without argument!" Si* William Do*?This eccentric baronet f , has recently undergone an examination in bank- j ruptcy at KMinburg. His statement may be sum med up in a few words. His farther died in Itt27 when he was two years old. On coming of age I his estate was worth ?3,000 (about 819,600) per I annum He "let things slide." and In 1H46-'7 the estate was sold for Xb3,000. After this period he 5 Ives a confused statement, in which he seems to ave signed deeds for any body who wanUnl on?. and finally he found himself cleaned out. During two different periods of three years each he has supported himself as an actor in Canada and America, and was at one time in jail in New , Y ork city for nine weeks. He played two or three engagements in Buffalo. At the conclusion of the examination, Mr. Fraser, the counsel for 1 the creditors, stated that, so far as he saw, Sir Wm. Don was perfectly solvent, and indeed worth I ?30,000. 1 The Nkwsfapi* Bcsixbss.?There isa news I paper agency (for the sale of newspapers) in New l York city which. It is said, does a business of over os? millton dollars per annum. It occupies a marble-front store, the rent of which Is 93.01)0. i The extent of the newspaper and periodical busi ness of the country is truly wonderful. A Shakb within a Potato ?The Chicago Journal of Tbnrsdav says, "that Mr. Charles E. Day, of the North Side, yesterday showed us a boiled potato, which, on being opened was found to contain * small snake, over two inches long. It was an ugly looking thing. The development | took place at (be dinner table." I Am opera house, 135 by 138, Is to be erected in Cincinnati br tfcunuel N. Pike, a merchant of thai e#7 .frtmtk, of Jto* York, * U* FOB- SALE AND RENT. Tp5nkPIo?TwOAp FOR LEAf*E.-The Uni^ nh?rf..?i i ..Turnpike Road Company, regularly otSftt ? ?*?'?, of Maryland, otters to farm ?troit PhlS r.,V"? from,the ?*?d of the Seventh D C t? thf fivA,mlIp," nor,th of Washington, 00.1n'tV ? i,.?. Ke,"r BrookevilIe, in Montgomery rmUilliiHwUKi ol',earlJ h^e?n mile*. The ftrat on' ? rfiM-dny.I-^-a,nk' WJtr La *,kk1 Kr?ve[ track on ken qmru lho "Ua,)ce of ll>e road with hard, bro iJteaijlSlh'SS " ??'1",0,Und in ??co6" t^lMV"'1, . reo<,iv?d by the undersigned up for on- i, pr ,B ""on.for the lease of the aanie tho?.??? r0 y"ftr.Bu "!? contractor will be au th* J011" acoprding totheternia ^ nli.,1 i n ?i!nen,irarnl" thereto, and requir fcl -PP?1- bond, with satisfactory security, to keep L,lW^Vn?d,0"Jer' to p"rT **P??weg ft? ZnTL.^i 1 KU,< to w ,OT?r the reserved rent a* of ten as may be required by the Board of Directory of1ftl?uI? MDein 150011 order at the end 5^:7^ S^ISjand!' BrookT,lle- MonHomery?,on FSfr8!|>SR^efeV<8mftAr oa ??^bJy.Fur,?'fhed, either ?? ot Chambers, situated on f?nn. avenue, No. 296. 2a door from th? h irk wood House. mar 31?lm 0-t?: |,a^';or and CHAMBER attached, handsomely furnished, and lighted with Sm* first floor, for rant by the week or month. S^r^nnnlrfc-A ?' !T?rlnr?/' "',,d two good-sixed eingle ROOMS, suitable for families or single per sons. BOARD furnished private, if desired, at $3 r\ ^ r App.y at No. 468 10th street, between .Uantl Jv? mar 31?2w F(| 1Vr\7foA?2KW first-class * .LING HOISE provided with all modem mn venienees. No. ZVi f street, one of the most desira of0J \'\f i"?Vn ?PPiT ,h" remises, or of JAMES C. MoGHRE, Auction aud Commis sion Merchant. mar 20?tf A n??hjl?if?TJT:Vl'r ?*"MMER RESIDENCE -Tx on the Heights of Georgetown for Rent.?The ?witm-oT?? * r?nt his HOUSE AN D FUR 1,TI. ? E lor six months from the lat of Ma*. A variable Cook will be hired to the tenant. mar It?tf LOUIS MAC-KALE. DOOMS FOR RENT.-ROOMS SUITABLE itLj ![ a family, can be had at No. 3M 4th street, V t?Q6?n.I,'?!,5uaAv<Sue and E street. Applv to K) iVVLi cW . 1 Pennsylvania avenue, l^twwn *'i and 6th streets. mar 21?tf FWWite* ur&SE A N D FI RST~CLASS of lfifh ??i if i .H L9h' on the corner J6iM"d K streets, containing 12 Rooms, with all Hon m! v ?mPro?nients, lately occupied by the of M aUv R* a"i rfv a AFnFita?-ALEXANDER, or JOHN ALEX A r DhKt 420 Penn. avenne. mar 24^f\Sw F Tj%^VVTnR^-Ruj MTr;rvX^T f'ARGE | n -I*IKLK-STORN BUILDING on the Plank Road, adjoining the Park, and known as The Grove lTrioJH'n* lhr"nJ; 1'Acre i* n Ba!l Room m by j inH ? k B?r Room 32 h>- 3? fret, and Cellar 60 by W. ^ * ?w c'm? ; mar 23?lm JOHgf A. SMITH. J F BRICK VvvP7\f;4i>R(U: FOUR STORY | Brnrnmint DWELLING^ with all the ino<lern lm- I Fw??n ?h .' i iiiVu? ?on ^ street, north side, be tween 8th and 10th streets. To a rnod and perina rent wlU l>6 moderate. Inquire at rl_,Irw,r- _ mar 7-tf C KorT^ntE f?R RKNT.-LAND FOR SALE. TASTKkTiV roTTu'V0 rw,? to/our years, a .k cott-AGE, of three basement, hve farst flot?r, three second floor nnd four attic Room*. r,n ''f'nvo"^"cesfor heating the house and h?,nfir2?K ' iT^er- A FARM attached, of two i axr in acrp8-' *hieh can be reduced to any (juantity f fr^y.n iT"' ?!Kht miles from Washington?three I "O'n Alexandria, high, healthy and romantic. If ,m,n.ed,.Btely servants ami lurnitiire can go P a r \rU8f 2v! e of.the current year. Also, a i r , acr,nR. with improvements, within or Inamre of SVV EEN ^ , RITTENHOUSE, FA.NT4 CO Bankers, and Col. 1R\V1 l^aud Ortice. niar*^ F^p rRm-viT"?^K FOURTEEN LOTS \v.-h ? ,l* ,?V\D No. 1H7, in the First >> ara, on winch the Corporation contemplated, two years a?o, to erect a Market House. They are ?r l^th, and 1. Streets, numbered tf, 8. 9, 10, 11,12,13, 1*, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 2n, tieiug (exeept a small intervening lot)the west half of said Square. The n?w Market House stands in K Street, near, and immediately west of said lots, which contain nfty-three thousand square feet exclusive of five thousand seven hundred and forty square feet laid aown a" f','0/?' Rnd is perhaps the most desirable un improved lots in that section of the city. A sale of the whole tegother would be preferred, and if not ef- ! feoted before tho 10th of Aprils will bo offered at pub- I lie auotion. , Ttie title is indisputable, and taxes pnid. JAMES Hs CAUSTEN, No. *# F stroet. f ?iwir ?>?ti AVALUALE FARM FOR SALE?512Vacres of good FARMING LANt), situated in the | county of Fauquior, \irginia. on the Alexandria i and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Wnrrenton ' Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Soat, and only two hours travel from the cities of \\ ashington and Alexandria. The Farm u in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup piled with water and timber, and ha* rmieh excellent ni?vulow land. Churches, Mills, and good neighbors within "."hort distance. For further information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the place ?: the subscnber al his Broker^ Office, neaV Bro* n s Hotel, \\ ashmgton City. mnrj* ROBERT MORROW. Handsome four story brick iYoiVf AND LOT AT PRIVATE SALE.?The siib FOUR Jtibv 'IT, h*n<lsome *Ja 0^ \ ^R'' ^ HOI SL and LOTsitua ?'?.rth ^-between Uh and 5th streets west: the lot being part of lot No. 2 in Suuare No. 5lH. an. oontoins 2,2<w square feet of ground. The House be ing >o. 514, opposite Judiciary Square, contains nine good and convenient rooms and wide passage and a Urge cistern in the vard. It will lw sold oil reasonable terms. I-or further particulnfsinquiroof ?ho subscriber, on the premises, or at Mr. Lee's of lice I eimsylvaiua avenue, between 4), and 6th sts jgaM^-cotf p. C. REED. fwR?i\>?D <>PF,NINO OF SPRING AND SUM undeVDeRxt?r's?lffieiat " ^enue.^ MRS. CAROLINE KING will open on Sst-5i0r urdaj monungat 9 o'clock, a splendid sssortm^ntTif ! BUS ?????<>">sE. j Fashionable MANTILLAS and PARASOLS in the greatest variety. mar 31 P. HOOVER'S IRON HALL BOOT *HOF Jo* A,N,DTRTVNnK F^TABLIsilSlKNT,^!^' SJO north side of Pennsylvania avenue, be-RtiS^ tween 3th and 10th streots.-I have this day^HTD ?JJ ? ? McCurdy & Son. Ill Chestnut st 1 hiladolphia, Pa., a splendid assortment of Ladies'' Misses' and Children's GAIT E R S Riu TV SLIPPERS and BUSKIN T1ES, all colors, b ha dp s awj} styles, all for the spring trade. p -3r?8'L?T,"'hl.V* R *ood "nd che,lP article will do Z2~u 0811 ex,l"""e "t?ck before purchasing elsewhere, as I auMletermined to sell cheap for tho My stock of TRUNKS and BAGS is the largest mthiscitr. (ap 3) S. P. HOOVER pIIEAP SECOND-H AND PIANOS.-We have V "!?toro six PIANOS, some of wluch^-w^ i nave been used only a fow months by mein ?l, ?ir? families, and are now forHI IT I sale \ery low, being great Inrgains: 2 1 lanos, very pretty cases, at Sfl5o each 2 do common, at ?25 each 2 do f>?a?tifut rosewood enses, sonroely Boiled ,no"tha use they received, at 2'rid? "t 8175 each. I liese i i&nos are roally grent lerttains ami all n<>r shoul'd ^irandfseeethem ? 0nd a *reat Urtfai" ?JteilHBft ?<J"^aWftTSEiW" -L ^ ' I bet. 9th and 10th sts. W. ILibus^j'n'r'f'' '*u<*Cfl?*or to George jJ W.V&',xmxz MKNTS KpI irn'sINi!-. JV'iss 1 Ns ? - - ONS, and ShI;ETXvAc J?h^-AH,CO?lDK* house south of New York. cheaP?r than in any plsnosPfo!,r"it0d a"d rec^'ved ev?ry day. :? . nov 4?tr P1 'PL*NOS?wh^1'K AND Tu RENT. Washington.' Bait mor^^nd New'v P[eni,um" ,ln factor* of Stein??. jT t v,ew *?rk, froin the other factories alwav^ ? k"* ^0w 8n<1 fr?in JOHN AXEXaNDErT" I ?m 240 Athci. AMKRI<-ANT^r0J^u"M!;rt'Ap'Kfi""lAN<if u?^M?5T^?iS?JS8!PA '***? cuarantiect! ?n 10 l^8'>?,t manner *nd >n all cases * ' ?- ap I?eol in I^'g^FTIPB1^K CREAM?ICE CREAM.? inhie m the^ ^Vk^l!R'lty "f UlE CREAM lo^ .? f y* 1 'ow Pnce of $u p?r gal r ???? "ft 0AUT1BR, n I c . i By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE Piano Forth, Excellent Furniture and HocsEBBKriNo Effects at Auction.?On WED NESDAY MORNING. April 8th. at 10 o'clock. at the residence of a lady declining housekeeping, on the went ?<ide of 9th street, between E and F sts. north, I shall sell all the Furmture and Effects, oom Srising? uporior Rosewood seven octave Piano Forte, by Lorenzo Mott Mahogany hair spring seat Sofa Arm and Parlor Chairs Marble top Centre and Sola Table* \\ alnut and mahogany Card and Rout Tablea Handsome Damask Lace Curtains VV h.itnots. Rockers, Fancy Chairs Cornice and Fixtures Volvet, Brussels, and Three-ply Carpets, Rugs, Oil cloths Extension Dining Table, Mahogany Sideboard Cane-seat Chairs, Lounges Granite and French China Tea, Coffee and Dinner Service Tea and Coffee Urns, Chafing Dishes Tnhle Cutlery, Glass Ware Walnut and mahogany Jenny Lind Bods tends Marble top and Plain Bnreaus Walnut and mahogany marble-top Washstanda ff(\n<lnoiilO a pen.taJ 6nf Superior Fe?th?r Bolster* anu Pillows Hair and Husk Mattresses, Toilet Sets Excellent Blankets, Comforts, Spreads Granite anil painted Toilet S'fts Two excellent Cooking Stoves and Fixtures Together with a general assortment of Household and Kitchen Requisites. The above Furniture is all nearly new and of ex cellent quality.

Terms: 531 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 6 ? nnd 91 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, benring interest. mar3i-d JAS. C. McGUIR F. Awrt. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 7th day of April instant. I shall sell, in front of the promises, com mencing at 4)s o'clock p. m.,nll the Lots not sold of Square No. 441, subdivided into handsome building lots, fronting on 7th and 6th streets west, and S and T streets north. Pints can be seen at mv Auction Room*. Title direct from the Government, and indisputa ble. These lots are handsomely located, on the proper grade, well drained by alleys, and in an improving part of the city. ... Terms : One-fourth cash; Imlance in 6.12,1R and 24 months; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ap 1-dAds A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Brick and stone of the national Theatre at Public Auction.?On FRIDAY A FT K R NOON, April 10th. at 4 o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell tho entire lot of Brick and Stone standing in the walls and stacked up in front of the National Theatre, comprising aln>ut 600,(*m brick and large quantity of blue rock in the foundation. Offers for the above at private Rale will be enter tained. the brick sold by measurement in the walls, and taken down by the Purchaser. A credit of t w?> and four months will be given, for approved endorsed note*, b^arine interest. insr 17 d JAS. C. McGL IRh, Auot. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture a household effects at Pi Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, April 2d. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Dr. Wallace, on Indiana avenue, between 1st and 2d streets, I shall k?il all his Furniture and House hold Effects, viz: , , ? Rosow<mhI Piano Forte, by KiiaheA Gaehle Piano Cover and Stool. " hatnot Walnut Plnsh:eovered Sofa Marble-top carved walnut Centre Table Walnut carved Sofa, arm and parlor Chairs Mahogany hair spring-seat Rockers and parlor Chairs Velvet. Brussels, and 3-ply Carpets Hall Oilcloth. Brussels Stair Carpet Elegant gilt ti-light Parlor Chandeliers Mnhoganv Dining and Card Tables Do Sidelxiard, cane-seat Chairs, Lounge China, Glass, aud Crockery Ware Silver-plated Tea Sot, Castors. Table Cutlery Mahogany and walnut Bedsteads Bnrenus^Wardrobes, Washstands Feather Beds. Bolsters, and Pillows Waslis'ands, T<nlet Set, Stove* Mantel Clock, Vases, Lamps Crockery, Stoves, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: S30 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of fin and and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. The Houso is for rent. Inquire on thepremises. mar 27-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. irrTHF. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY MORNING. April 9th. same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE. ap 3-d Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE LOTS. The subscriber, by virtuo of a deed of trust re corded in Liber J. A. S.. No. 118^folios 339,39?, and 39' one of the land reoords of \\ ashington county, will offer for salo on the premises, on WEDNES DAY, the 22d day of April next, at 4 o'clock p. rn., at public auction, for cash, to tho highest bidder, all those pioces or parcels of ground known as Lots numbered Ifiand 17,of Webb A Bradley'srubdivision of Square 528, in the city of Washington, as the same is recorded in the office of the Surveyor ol said city. This propertf is eligibly situated on I street, be tween 3d and 4th streets. Terms of sale?cash. CHARLES IIIBBS. Trustee, ap 1 -2a wAda C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. II HXT**! HATS!?Constantly on hand a full sup ply of BEEBE'S NEW\()RK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of Baltimore. The best black dress HATS, got up in the latest style for .?3^0, as good ?s those usually sold at Si; and a good fashionable Hat ati 83, worth $4; and a first rate Hat/ ?%2,y>. The best materials and tho best workmanship is employed to produce a }5 Hat, which is sold for #3rW. We do a cash business, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B. Agent for "Driscoll's Balm oi a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa. avenue. Agent for a Now York Hat Company. septJS?tf AVI NG COMPLETED OUR SPRING AND Summer arrangements, we are now prepared to supply our numerous customers in Washington and Georgetown with almost every description of whole some SUMMER DRINKS, such as premium Min eral Water*. pure Crab Cider. Champagne Cider, Burton, Philadelphia,and XXX Pale Ai.e?. all of very superior nuality, unsurpasso<Pin flavor and richness by any in trie Union : XX Portur, a prime article. l or several of the alsjve mentioned drinks we received at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute the highest awards of merit. We are also agents for the sale of Turner Brothers Gi>oKR Wink, Blackberry Br andt, Sirits, & c., and Dr. Wheeler's Chkrry Wink Bittkrs.rII <>f which will l?e sold on the most accommodating terms. We have also for sale ono superior CLOTHES MANGLE, ???oodo,d.,.ARNY np 3-1 m Cornej^Green and Olive sts.. Georget'n. aT nnn rkward-ranaway.oxthe I 1 &111 instant, from Washington, a likely coal BLACK MAN, about 21 years of age, and JhA about 5 feet 9 inches high, well formed, bright OW eyes, good teeth, and speaks quickly. Calls Jf> himself Andrew Fairchild. The above reward will l>e paid for his lodgment in the jail a ol ? ? Baltimore, Washington, or Charleston. For any other information, inquire of B. B. El> MONSTON, corner of 19th street and Pennsylvania avenue. Washington, D. C., or to J. S. PURSE, 6! Weutworth street, Charleston, S. C. inar 28-eolin* MONARCHS RETIRED FROM BUSINESS, by Dr. Doran, author of Knights and their Days, &c.,2 vols, i?2 , ? tl, ,, Vasconselos; a Romance of the New World, by W. Gilmore Siuiins, $1 25 Tho Shallow Worshipper and other Poems, by Frank Lee Benedict, 75c. The FraBorian Papers of the late m. Maginn, LL.D., annotated, with a life of the author, by R. Shelton Mackenzie. D.C.L., SL J ust published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S ap 3 Bookstore, near 9th street. r|MJ THE PUBLIC.?JOHN P. DENNIS hav i ing taken the well known Coach Fsc-> tory oil 6th street, lietwoen Lwuisisna av-| onue and C street, long conducted by Mr. John M. Young, is now prepared to manufacture and repair all descriptions of COACHF.S, Bl GGIES, WAGONS, Ac., on the most reasonable terms, in tho very !>est manner, and at the shortest notice. He respectfully invites his fellow-citizens to give him a trial. ^m?r6_"2lE SECONDGRAND OPENING OF THE SEA SON AT MY STORE.?A spUmdid assort ment of real imported FRENCH The largest and richest aeleetiou of r RhNCIl FLOWERS, RIBBONS. LACES and EM BROIDERIES to be found in the city. DR ESS-TRIMMINGS in the greatest variety, [ ILLUSION CAPES. MANTILLAS, MA R SEILLES, and NET BASOVES,and CH1L DRENS' GARMENTS ready made. ' DRESS-MAKING in the latest French Styles, at the shortest notice. M. W ILLIAN. mar 27 Market Space, bet., 7th and 8th sts. REAL ESTATE OFFICE. , ^ A full description of all property left with mefor sale, will be entered on my pales Book, and receive my personal attention, and if a sale is effected, a rea sonable commission will be charged on the amount ol 1 will also give personal attention tothe Renting ol Dwellings and other property, for reasonable f*** The publie may be assure*! that all business left in my oharge will be attended to with promptness ai.a fidelity; and that it is my intention to make nyr office a place of great value to all interested in Rp*' Estate. Business respectfully solicited. Omce at No. 5 2 i (second story )7th street, opposite National Intelh ; POLLARD WF.BB. 1 6BLIS k ?3t By JA5*. C. McGI" IR E. Auctioneer. ABLK FURNITURE A HOUSEHOLD Epfects or a Gkntlbman Declining Holsk kkkping at Auction.?At No. tfO Pennsylvania Rvonuo. south wide, near 15th street, will be sold on F RI DAY, April loth? Elegant rosewood carved-leg, seven-octave Fiano Forte Handsome set of walnut Furniture for Parlor, in hair-doth One splendid rosewood Centre Table, marble-top Rosewood and walnut Parlor Chairs One fine walnut What-not, tine Oil Paintin cs il.tiidsome alatiaster Ornaments lor Parlor Three damask window Curtains ami Hangings Two superior English Brussels Carpets Candolahras. ottoman and mantel Ornaments Throe Clock*, seven gflt and painted Window Shade* One splendid set of Chamber Furnitnre Two Cottas* Chamber Sets, walnut and mahopuiy Rockers and Chairs Hair and husk Mattress"*, Beds and Bedding Splendid fire-light gas Chandelier and sundry lias Fixtures Marble toy walnut Sidclmard, extension Table and Chairs for dining-room Cnrpotil Fine Oilcloths, Stair Rods/Ace. Chamber and stair Carpeting, ( Brussels and ingrain) f )RS MsVitf.rnVmou^ pnrloV'TSiove'anT Aimac room Stove One superior silver-plated Tea set Fine Cnina Dinner and Tea sets Two elegant porcelain Toilet Sets Ivory-handle Knives and Forks, fine set of Castors Cut-glass Goblets, Wines, Tumblers, Ac Lot of India Matting A good cooking Stove and Kitchen requisites, and other articles of value in housekeeping.. The Furnitnre, Ac. is in very good condition, hav ing been but little used and of the l>esf make. Terms: J*30 and under, caah ; over that sum a cre dit of 60and 9;)days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. apfi-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. I EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND IIOUSF.; j iiolp Effects at Auction.?On THI RSDA^ MORNING, April 9th, at 10 o'clock, on M st., Iw? tween 9th and l??th streets. I shall sell the Furni ture and Effects of a gentleman declining housekeep Vfeneh plate gilt frame Mirror, Slab, and Brarkot Damask and Lace Curtains. Cornice, Ac Handsome Gothic Ann-chair, finished in embroider ed work _ . Walnut spring-seat Chairs. Rockers Do card and rout Tables, fancy Chairs Velvet anil three-ply Carpets, Rugs Stair Carpets, Oilcloth. Mattings Wainnt Jenny Lmd Bedsteads Do Dressing Bureaus. Washstands l)o Wardrobe, cane-seat Chairs Enameled Cottaee Set. Toilet Sets Trundle Bedsteads and Mattress, Walnut Crib Cottage Bedsteads. Washstamls Mattresses, Bolsters, and Pillows Walnut Extension Table. Sidelward China. Glass, im<l Crockery ware. Table Cutler*. Fire Irons, Hat-tree Superior Cooking Stove. Refrigerator Radiator, Open-lront and Air-tight Stoves Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : ?25 and under, cash: over that sum a cre dit of ?>o and 9' days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes,bearing interest. _ J- C. MeGUIRE. Auct. IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I shad expose to public sale, for cash, in front of the Court house door of said county, on WEDNESDAY the 29th of April. 1&57, at 1 o clock, in., all defendant'* right, title, claim and interest inand to lot* No. 1 ami 2', in square No. Ml; together will all and singular the improvements thereon. "l?eing the property on which the Lime Kiln is h.eated, at the corner of Vir ginia Avenue and the canal," seized and levied upon as the property of Parrott A. Prinale. Edward P. Goode, Samuel J. Seeley and Corneiius Bovle. and *.!1 l>e sold to satisfy judicials No. 24.1. to Octolier term 1856. and judicials to Mareh term 1957, in favor of Frederick and Augustus Schneider, ami John Furdv. J. D. HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshai of the Dist. of CoI._ IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI Facias, issued from the Clerk'sOlhce of the Cir cuit Court of the District Columbia for the County of Waohmgton, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for rash, in front of the Court-house door of said eountv.on WEDNESDAY the 29th of April, 1R57, at 1 o'clock, p. in., all defendants' right, title, claim and interest, in and to all of the subdivi sion M and N of lot No. 4, in square No. 574 of the Cify of Washington, in said eouiitv and district, as sail! subdivision have been laid out forth" Baltimore Hud Ohio Railroad Company. and a plot thereof duly recorded. The said lots, M and N, having a front of feet \\ inches on Louisiana Avenue and C street, and averaging 92 feet 3.'* inches on 1st street west, and containing 4.359 square feet. l>eing the northeast corner of said square; seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett, and will be sold to satisfy Judicials No. 20 and 21, to March term 1H57. ih favor "of Hamilton A Cain. J. D. HOOVER, ap4-td? Marshal for the District of Col. Bv A. GR KEN. Auctioneer. AWNHROKER'S SALE OF GOLD AND ? SlLVKR.W ATt HKS, PlSTOLS. BOWIE KNIVKS, Ac. I shall sell at auction, at my store, corner of 7th and D streets, next THURSDAY MORNING. April 'Jth, at 10 o'clock, a. m.. a great assortment of? Gold and Silver Watches (?old lob. vest, and guard Chains Finger R'ngs. Lockets, Gold Pens Bowie-Knives, pistols, case Mathematical In struments. English-plated Chains, & c. N. B. Watches made by Tobias, Johnson. Roskell ami other celebrated makers of Liverpool and Ge neva. Sale positive. Terms cish. J.ROBINSON. P F Licensed Pawnbroker. 349 Pa. avenue, ap 4-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. .MJR SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE PROP . FRTY. No. 277 North Capitol street, near the corner of G street north. Lots Nos. 33 ami 34, in square No.t&b. frontiug feet on North Capitol St.. and running Iwek 105 feet to a fi Heen feet alley. The improvement consist of a very neat, substan tial.and well built two-story Frame Dwelling House, containing five rooms and back kitchen, with other neoessar\ improvements. There is a good assortment of young fruit trees vf various kinds. It so desired, the ground not built on will t>e sold in two separate lots. Iiavmg sixteen feet front each, leaving the house and ground on which it stands to l.e sold separate. The location is oeutral. being within ten minutes' walk of either the Capitol. Post or Patent Offices, ami in the immediate vicinity or fho lnrce printing establishment Intel* built bv Mr. WemMl. and in a rnpidly imwovmi part of the rit>. Also, Lot No. 10, square No. 960, fronting 51 feet on East Tenth street, second lot from G street north, southeast corner, and running l*ck 100 feet, KJ, inches to a 30 feet alley. For further particular" apply on the premises, North Cspital street, to P. Mullen. On THURSDAY AFTER NOO*. April 9th. at 5'a o'cock p. m. iu front of the premises. I shall sell the ats>ve described property. Terms: Two thirds, cash; the residue in 3.6 and 9 months, secured by a deed ol trust on the property, with interest. . . . . Title good and no incumbrance whatever against this property. Furniture also for sale. ao2-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By WALL, BARNARD A CO~ Auctioneers. Trustee's sale.?by authority of a deed of trust froin George B. Armstrong and Julia St. W.. hi* wife, dated the 13th day of Deoetn ber, 1HM, and by direction of the party >? hose debt is secured therebv. the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the 1st day of April next, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises, in the city of Washington, namely : Lots No. 23 ami -4. 1 in Square No. 581; Lot No. 24being ?t the inteisec tion of Virginia avenue and 1st street west, fronting 55 feet 4 inches on 1st street, and 26 feet fi inches on Virginia avenue, with a rear front ol 4M leet on a A) feet alley : and Lot No. 23. odjoining west, with a front of iw feet 2 inches on \ irginia avenue, and rear front of32 feet on a 3i foot alley. frr The above Su.e is Postponed on account ol the weather until TUESDAY, April 7th, s&ino time and BARNARD A CO.. Aucts? IVTOTICE OF R EM OVA L.?The undersigned i^l would respectfully iuform their customers and the public that they have, removed from their late place of business, under Odd Fellows Hall, to the store. No.67 Louisiana armito. a few doors east of Seventh street nearly opposite the Bank ot >% asu a _ . 1.1 . ? .tliair atiiPk" On rinDM receivea irom ac* i on.coinprising meat, and of the best quality, to which we desire to call their attention. . ,, While we beg to return our thanks ^ P'/Jl ! who have !ieretoi??re ho kiiu1l3F fltvored u? ^ ?tn tbeir custom, we promise to merit their continuance and a share of public patronage at our new standby the offer of the liest articles at fair rnoes. a prompt de ^ns"T Paft ?f thkE^^EDY^PUGH1,00 l? ap"-3^w2w j No- ?7 ^uis.ana ave. STOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY. KANAWA COUNTY, VA. Subscriptions will l>e roceived at the Banking House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of the ahove company, being three hundred shares. The capital stock is $lon,ftno (dollars,! of which 970,000 has been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and ? per cent, in terest will l>e guaranteed upon the stock now ollere?i for sale, by the original stockholders, for the periou of two years. ... Particulars in regard to the stock, and its will l?e made known npon application to L Hi dd BROTHERS, .t A??t Jsn 27 P. P. DANPRiPG^ CL')CKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!-Jn?t opened this day, a great many new style CLOCKS. C?c?rMt Timepieces, warranted. asKAjH AUo^ClToCK MATF.RI ALB^such m Oijs.KJ a"?"' Clock f W. W. HACXNKT. W. R. DATT-'W. HACKNEY A DAYTON. Real Estate A.ND l.iMi \niNfT, febl4-TuF4m Omak? City. T i *OLD MEDAL 1'RKMII M P1ASO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late firm of Kxabe, OaRUft Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand end square PIANO FORTES. nnderthe nani'' -> of \\ 111 ia.rn K nabe A Co., at the old stand. rPq Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Eutaw strevt op ?11 U T I posit e the Eutaw Houa<>, Baltimore. They have a]so just opened a new Sales Room ai No "Jiff Baltimore street, between Charles and l.uht streets, on the premises partly occupied l>y Mr. Henry MeCafferyas a inu'io stor?. where thejr will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and hirhly-finished (rand and square Piano Fortea also. Mel.ideoiis, from the beat maker*, from 4 to S octave, some with double If* -Nardo, double ioc<N, nnd stops to suit small rhurcliea. Being extensively encaged in the manufacture of Pianon, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the ue? literal terma. Our Pianos were awarded the higheet eremmo (gold medal )at the Faira ol the Mar) land I nslit u* two successive yeare?October, 1??. and iWfr-^a op poaition to totrtwii a ltd eighteen p.anon from aoutn fyrtwiMLffol. tho Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir ginia. 1?35 nnd IK*. They have also been award**! the highest premium taiiver medait at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1R57. In addition to thia we are in possession of taaf imo mala from the moat distinguished profeaaora end amateurs in the oonntry, which can be seen at our ware room a, speaking for themselves and othera oi the high appreciation in which our inatrumcnta ar>? ever* where held. All instrument* are guaranteed for five Tears. and a privilege ofexchange ia granted w.tliin the first a x months from the day of sale if the instrument a do ooi. give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. marIft-ly \VM. KNABF. & CO. DR. C. J*. GOODMAN, SURGEON DEXTIST.*n>l Mavi fattirki orABTirtrtaL Tleth.?t Hia complete arrangements enabling him trj present imo following reasonable prices: Entire I'pper Sett Teeth, on (told JJttoS' Do do do on Silver ltto?. One or more, on Gold 2 to .s Do on Silver I to 3 Filling. Extracting. Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operat ion* executed in such a mnnner as to give every satisfac tion. Othee corner 8th and avenue. ap 3 Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 19?,, Pen nstlva ni a Avemk. Tkret doors from 14th Street. Da. BAILY begs leave to informthepublicthat h? can be seen at all hisothce. located asabovr He feels as*ured that an expertenceof fifteen vears" practice, with the large number of patient?.and great variety ol difficult eases that he has treated success fully. will enable hnn to surmount anv difficult*. scientific or otherw ise, relatiug to the Teeth. 11 ? own experience confirming the opinion of man* men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Rarria ami J. and L. Family. has led hnn. long since, todi card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,at*?? all Enamels, Gutta I'ercha, India Rubber, nnd O uienta for the construction of Continuous <>uin Teeth, and that Poreelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable sulwtance that can t?o worn id th? mouth, as was most conclusively ahown by the last American I>ental Convention. Although he Matters himself from his long resi dence and practice in aslungton. he ts favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he l?ec* leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIAL*: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany vf this citv. Dr. Stephen Bailt: DearSir? I desiret?> express my esteem for ^ on personalis , and my confidence in yon as a superior dentist. The operations executed forme have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you mav receive the patronage from my frieuds end the p lblie that tout skill so well deserves. s Yours vcq trulv, Washington, Aug. 36, lfSb. J. \V. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Boggs. Cotman & Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Waamngtou city, to execute for me an im portant and d.tlienlt piece of work, which he did to iny eutire satisfaction, ami in view of the fact tha* one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, foiled, after repeated tnais. to perform the same work satisfactorily, it fives me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and huh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore. Jan. 12,1857. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. I'. S. Senate. Aug. 19. I8A6. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing could be better. Vcrr gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. 1 can cheerfully reoommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of porcehan teeth for one of my familv, and p ugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood wel I for more t hiui ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Couf. of the M. E. Churcu South. April 1<4,18'i6. \Ve, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Bsily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or ha\ irg beer, cognir ant of his operations on our families or fiends, take pleasure in expressing our admiratioa of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in wluch he perforins the inost delicate and dilheult. operations in Dental Surgery,and we respect fullj re commend him to the confidence and patronage oi the public, of which we consider him eiiiiuentU worthy. Thomas I". Walter. Architect l". S. Capitol. Thomas Millkb. M. D-.of Washington. l>. C. B. S. Bohkkr. M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. N. S. Lin< ol\. M. I)., of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. BRAPi.ET.of Washington. D. C. liEoRiiX WaIToS. Kx-liovernor of Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Hk>bt Baldwin, I". S. Patent Office, O.C.Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Academy. feh20 tf DH. YILLARD, DENTIST. LATE OF CHI caco, would respect tnil* inform the cit izens of the District and vicinity, that bav ing located himself in Washington, he is' now prepared to perform all operations in his profes sion. in the most approved style. Office. No. 290, Peiui. avenue, adjoining GautierV iwn Is fPO ARCHITECTS.?BY A RESOLI TlO\ <1 1 the two B'>ard* of the City Council the "Joint Committee on the Washington Asylum*' are author ized ta offer a premium for a plan and specifications lor a building suitable for almshouse and workhouse purposes. In pursuance to Mid resolution the Join*. Committee hereby propose to receive, from all the architects of the citv of Washington who are di? posed to compete for the same, plans and specifics tiotts for a building for the above purposes, and t<? award to the architect whose plan shall be accepted the sum of two hundred dollars. The building to b? fire-proof throughout, and to accommodate not ,e*s than one hundred and eighty inmates in the two de partments. The building to be divided into tlire? apartments, one for the lntcndant and his family, ol hoes, dispensary. Ac., one for the poor, and one M vagrants and paupers. No compensation w ill te given exocpt to the arch; teet whose plan shall !?? adosted. Plans may be left at the office of the Chairman, on 8th street, hear Pennsylvania avenue, or with either member of the Joint Committee ap 1?tf JOHN L. SMITH. Chairman. A CO.. a? Lvofatiiy r"iHNA, GLASS AND Of EKNSWARE. 1/ R. II. MILLER. SON A CO;. Importers direct fiotn l.iveipool to Alexan-' dria, l>eg leave to call theatteution of dealers., hotel-keepers, andotbersof Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of G OODS, wluch. lor extent and variety .will compare favor with any establishment ia the pattern cities. The ctumexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I ntted States for Upwards of thirtv years, hasgiven himsdvantages in the purchase of (roods equal, if not superior, to any hou-ein thetnwle. An inspection of goods and prices will satisfy ail parties that purchases oa.u be made of thein upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Diiiuer Sets, gold tsindand plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets. Ac. French ChinaTea Sets, Cups and Sauoers.amt other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets Indiaf hma Dinner Sets, and separate articles alwattf on band White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate lrom sots, as ma* b? desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged. White and Rockingham Ware, m full supplv. Cut, Pressed. Plain,and .Moulded Glass Warefroni the beat establishments in the Kastern and Western States, which will be sold by the package or other Wise. ? . Experienced packers employed. Goods lit up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steaml>oats from Washington to Alex andria, almost hourly. 13^ oents each way. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save inauy dollar*. dec I JOHN ALEXANDER. No. 3?n Pennsylvania Avktt r. I have juot received a large assortment of GlLT and VELVET WINDOW SHADES, of new and rich designs. A'so. a large selection of LACE ami Ml SUN CI RTAINS. GII.T CORNICES. BED CAN'O PIES, and PICTURE CORDSMd TASSELS. mar Si-eolm NEW FOREIGN SPRING GOODS -Th subecrihers respectful I v invite their patrons and the public generally to ealf and examine their verv large ami select assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special oare, selected for their special trade. . They also keep constantly on band the best qua i ties of Army ana Navy Goods? Epaulette*, Swords, Sashes, Gold Laces, ce. They alao invite attention to their Foreign and IV? ni?e-tie Furnishing Uood". of the best amnufhctuie ralir^oWi