Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PI BUSHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAYS ... AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C?ru*r of Ptmnsplramt* avenue, a*d lUk Mfiil, Br w d. wallach, ?ml i* aerved to aubsonbera by earners at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; paper* eerred ia packagea at 37H oanta per month. To mail aubeeriber* the aubaaription pnea is THRKB DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a yeat Ma advanet, TWO DOLLARS for iu rnonte, and ONE DOLLAR for three moalha; (or Ipm than three months at the me of 12X oenta a week. C7" SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1857 NO. 1,307. and N?tw? <cva><?rn r a graatker ranety of interesting teadiag thaa ? can be found is anj other?u published <? Sattlrdtp morning. - .... * " ?_ * inw tkngleaopy, per annum ?41 M TO CLtr?a. >t*eoopiee t m Z J*?"> oupiee u^CAaH. i* variably m advajk*. ?ub*crilm?n m club* raised among neightx withontike intervention of a nail aflpat. aa ?|U I peroeitred. Till be incto* J ?ei,,-rm^> throughout the oouutri 1 < >n wraapar* nan prooct ^ at J55SSu5o5S* "*? ?-ea*oflae Papar. IVaTMAaTRfts who art aa agents will be alio wad a oommiui m of twenty per sent. mierrriKion of a m*< Mtent. M wiU a* :?? ?nt- of the WnUTfttO, ' aaved ft invariably contains the - Wean Near." that haa made tue Daitt 8tu cuou INDIAN GIRL MAYING THE LIFE OF HOWARD. Thew In probably no single incident in the i whole rang* of American history which has been ??> often repeated, or whieh is so familiar every one, as the story of Captain Suiith and Pocahontas. Thorooghly iinbued with the ro mance of which the Elixabethan period was so replete, it had furnished a subject for the easel of the artist, the pen of the poet, and the page of history, until it hv becomo almost common , plaof. l"h? life of Smith, from its opening to its close, was a continuous romance, and it J# probable tliat had Pocahontas magnanimity been exhibited in behalf of one of Smith s men | in place of him3elf, her name would never have j filled the niche it now occupies. This deduc- ; tion is drawn from the fact that a similar inci dent. of more recent date, in which, however, the hero was but a private soldier, had only a 1 local reputation, and will probably be new to most of our readers. It furnishes the material for a lengthy romance, equal in point of inter- I est to any of Cooper's or Irving's, and it is pomcwhat surprising that it ha* not been used But to the story. It seems that at the famous defeat and rout of St. Clair's army, there were two young men. belonging to the militia regiment whieh sustain ed the first shock of battle, named Howard and Fit* Gibbon. They were both wounded on the retreat of the regiment to the main bodv. How ard had received a ball on the instep. wfiich had disabled him from running, and ritx Gibbon had been struck by a tomahawk, which, al though it did not seriously injure him, yet had | the effect to stun him. and when he recovered his senses, he found himself bound and a pris oner with manv others, among whom was How ard. In this situation, they were compelled to bo eye-witnesses of the orgies of the savages on their return from the pursuit of the retreating armv. and they could readily imagine the hor rid late to which they had been reserved. They had been captured by the warriors of the Mis sauga tribe, and whe'n the battle was over and the Indians returned to their horses, they were taken to their village, where they were obliged to pass the ordeal ot running the gauntlet, and received the brutal treatment usual upon such occasions They were then conducted to a cab in adjoining theoouncil bouse, where they were left to darkness and their own sad forebodings ITie council met on the eve of their return to deliberate upon the fate of their captives, and the decision was unanimous that they must die at the stake The tribe had lost many braves, whoso spirits could not enter the happy hunting grounds unless accompanied by the ghosts of white men. slain to avenge them, and when Sish-te-yong-tah. their chief. asked?" What say the Missauga braves; shall the white man die?*' There was an universal ugh! and their fate was sealed. On the following morning preparations were made to carry out the decision of the Couneil, and. at an early hour, the entire population of the w>wn might be seen coming froin all direc tions, and centering about the toot of a gigantic pin-oak. which had been cleared of its lower branches, and otherwise prepared for the part : it was to perform in the coming ceremony. I There were old men and maidens, young men and matronly squaws, incipient warriors in | their gaudy paint, and old men with whitened locks and tottering limbs, all gathering about the fatal tree to take part in the sacrifice to the manes of their friends. At length the prison- i ers were brought forth?two sturdy, brave and fearless youth, whose span of life had not { reached tweuty summers. They were pre pared for death by being stripped of all their clothing except a cloth about their loins, and were conducted by-iwo warriors, while others formed a circle about them, with arms in their j hands, ready to strike them down in case of an ! attempt to escape 1 As they entered the circlc which surrounded the tree the human wall closed in and shut off every chance and hope of flight or rescue, and the victims looked around upon that assemb lage in vain to discover the least spark of feel ing or sympathy for their fate. Howard was the first selected for the ordeal. Feeling that no effort of his own could save his life, and that the only way to shorten his own suffering was to submit in silence to his fate, be allowed no sign to escape him, no useless pleading in vain repining to add to his enemies' triumph; but with a stoicism which would have done credit V? an older and more experienced warrior, he rermitted the savages to bind him with his ack to the fatal tree. His arms were drawn behind him. a thong passed around them at the ?lbow, and tied eecurely. while his foot were fattened in such a manner to the roots as to pre vent all power of motion except to his head; this was left free. When thus prepared, the ??porta commenced bv the young men. who, i fuiu imz at a little distance, made a mark of j his head, at which they threw their tomahawks, | endeavoring to see how near it they could strike ? without hitting it, with the object of intimidat ing their victim, and wringing from his tortured spirit some evidence of fear or cowardice. Not a muscle quivered, however, under this severe test of his courage, and then came the old Mjuaws, who stuck his flesh full of splinters, gwu-bed him with knives, and adopted every diabdical devioe which their ingenuity could invent to torture without killing him; and finally, to close the scene, several Indians ap proached with flaming brands to light the fune ral pile. Already had the greedy flames caught the i dry taggots which surrounded the victim, and were curling upward in serpentine wreaths, j when n light aua graceful form was seen to dart from the circle ol" dusky figures, throw itself, upon the burning heap, and encircle within its , arm* the neck ot the young man. Iwae Oo-na j letah. the darling swter of the chief. Struck with ?yuipathy for the suffering- she had wit- J nr-v?~i, auj horrified at the inhumanity exhibit ed by tboee about her, she nobly determined j to save the prisoners or perish herself. The chief, astonished at this unexpected interposi* ' tiou. and horror stricken at the dangerous situ- j ation of his sister, was for the moment power- t less; the next, he was dashing the faggots right anl left, extinguishing the dames which had caught her robes in their greedy embrace, and endeavoring to tear her from her hold?but in vain Iu the moat pathetic tone, she begged ? the life of the pale-faced youth. She plead with her brother for his sympathy ; she expostulated i and appealed to the warriors who surrounded her to spare the victims as they would be S|*ared. .is well might she appeal to the stern rock. I or the tpark-giving steel, and it was n_tt until , she ha 1 oflered her entire wealth of furs and a I sum of money, that she induced them to forego their savage purpose and free the prisoners trotn their impending fate. They were not allowed their liberty even then, but were *d 'pted into the families of those who had lost I their relatives, and remained iu captivity uutil the treaty of Greenville freed all prisoners in the hands of the Indians. The act is not the less worthy of praise, however, and her name should be ranked with the brightest on history's pAge, and associated with Pocahoutaa aiid others, whose deeds have proved that the fines*, feeling* of woman s nature are sometimes louud *ej.>a|e the wild as well as in the heaits of cities. tm* *** ?The New York Mirror u imA i-' >'?ung. healthy, handsome widow udwho waTuV4** 40 lncume of a year, rlzr, t Bl*rr> * ""n who has not the K *1 L*. !? u" Hut her late iu;^: Tii'T Atilon 11 ??>*? not end hi* l.f., i?n a wirk-d will giving all his should Wt d a second hu*l,ai??t \Ve undermtand that the victim of this outrawe has offered ?lu.(wu a year out of her lneom- of ?!S,W*> to havt. tht. cruel condition cancelled, but the partv to whnm the property would revert is in-Wble And this is by no Bieans a solitary ease of the wrongs ?ud cruelties perpetrated and perpetuated bv tl.t diabolical wills of the dead. We know or sev eral eaves similar to the one alluded to, it is time to denounce this sort of tyranny ia the lan guage which It merits. CT* The Court of Common Plea* at Taunton, wrd? Alexander Maasie to the State Prison for life, far a rape in PfcWtucket, of which he was convicted ia iatt A Victimized Psel* The poetical correspondent at the Ronton Tran script complain* that ever since hi* connexion with the preM be has been the victim of typo graphical errors, and brings forward several con vincing and (to everybody but the sufferer) amus ing examples. This first poein, written at the age of fifteen and addressed to a lady, contained the foll<?wing floral and aerial allusions : "The flower in Its supernal bloom, The sobbing zephyr's kiss," kc., which the printer rendered : "The flour in its infernal bloom The sobbing zephyr's hiss," Ac., and in another place the line? "As thy form before me sleeping," I was given? "As thy form before me skeetlng." I This cured him of the cat. serib., as he then j thought, forever. But. a few months afterwards, i the poetical impulse got the better of reason, and rashly ventured another effusion in the form of a melody, or ranzonefte or chansonetu, addressed to the same fair object, through the same literary rhannel. The song commenced in the rnanu script touchingly, as follows : ?'TO C '?List to the mellow vesper bell, Softly floating o'er the deli. List, list to the sunset knell. As tbe silvan accents float, Catch and cherish every note?" Ac., Itc, His blood ran cold the next morning, when he went down to the otfice. and. receiving the paper from tbe press, opened it on the steps, and n t down to read his first literary step toward immor tality. It commenced thus ; "TO cz ! * 1 ! ??List to the bellow vesper bull, Softly floating oar the dell, List, jist. to the sunset hell As the sylvan accents float Cats and cherries every note." Ac., Ac. For one year thereafter be did not touch pen to paperHe continues: "Time, however, will wear away sorrows, as well as marble, and at the age of seventeen, cir cumstances, and my newly choeen profession, found me at sea 1 was cruising in the Gulf of Mexico, and the beautiful climate of the tropics, in winter, will bring two things out of a man, if he has them in him, viz: bile and poetry, it had that effect upon myself, and the result was, blue mass and another poetical attempt. "I was still, as I ever have been, constant to my j first love, and in a long rhapsodical poem, ad dressed, one moonlight night, to Charity, the fol- . lowing verse occurs: | "All sleep :?sleepsailo-,?ladie, sleep ! There's one that slumbers not : Tho' shine the stars?tho' hushed the deep? There's one who sits alone to weep? - To weep and be forgot." ??In due time I received the Herald, with my effort in a conspicuous spaoe; the above verse read in print: "All sheep?deep sellar?ladie peep? There's one that sloblters not.? Tho shins the stairs, toe huskd the peed, There sore who sips a bone to woop, Tow eeq A bo fosgod." ??That did the 10b for me. From that day to this the muses and myself have not been on speak ing terms. ? Can you Wonder, then, that I am a little sen sitive on the subject ?" ??Since that fetal day 1 have confined myself to plain prose,; but even there I have been the prin ter's victim. In an oration delivered before the alumni of a college. 1 employed the beautiful F rench quotation: "La 6c an re joss vertu est un fi'.ur sans par 1 /em." "It was reported for a New Jersey paper: ' "Laboratory sans* virtue e stone flour say it 1 . j,*ffmm" ~?-?~ ?? Last Lkttrr from Sir John Franklin.? The following letter from Sir John Franklin Is j believed to be the last received from his pen. It [ Is dated Whale Fish Island. Bay of Disco, 11th July. 1845, and it is believed was never published before in America: "My dear sister: * * The appearance, dress, and manners of the Esquimaux, bespeak that care is taken of thein bv the government Several of them can read the Bible with ease, and I am told that when the families are all collected the children are obliged to attend school daily. I looked into one of the huts arranged with seats for this purpoee. When the minister Comes over from Disco he superintend* the school; at other j times tbe children are taught by a balf-ca*te Es- 1 aulmaux. How delightful it is to know that the iospel is spreading far and wide, and will do so till its blessed truths are disseminated through tbe globe. Every shin in these days ought to go forth to strange lands Waring among jts officers a missionary spirit; and may (iod grant such a 1 spirit on board this ship, it is my desire to cul- | tivate this feeling, and I am encouraged to hope i that we have among us some who will aid me in ' this duty. We have divine service twice on each ' Sunday, and 1 never witnessed a more attentive j congregation than we have. May the ->ecd sown fall upon good ground, and bring forth fruit abun dantly to God's honor and glory. ? ? ? j Ever your affectionate brother, (Signed) John Franklin." Two Lacohablk Occchrkncbs?illustrative j of the perainbulatory propensities of the univer- j sal Yankee .Nation : " A gentleman recently found amid the ruins of . Palmyra surrounded bv all tbe decaying relics of Oriental grandeur, a New England farmer from Be k?hire county, ? keeping house' with his fain- \ ily. Again, a friend from Boston, was traveling some years ago in Greece, and stopped in Atheus To while away an evening he visited the theatre. While musing upon the topics which every scene j around him suggested to bis mind, and deeply burled in classic associations, he heard a voice behind him remark. 4 Pooh! this ain't nothing. You ought to see tbe Tremont Theatre, Boston.' j Turning round in utter amazement, he exclaimed 1 to a guant Yankee on the next bench?'Where . on rank did you come from ?' Without moving i a muscle of his face, the person rejoined?'Got a i little vessel down here in thePeirirus. Just eome j from Thoraaston, Maine !' The effect can be im- j agined ? rzr Rat?. are getting so bcarce in Paris that the price of kid gloves have gone up to five francs a pair. 1?7~ Shad and herring are running In the Appo mattox quite briskly. JC7" D. J. Saunders was elected President of the Richmond City Council and Thos. Lawson City Chamberlain, on Friday. UT* Upwards of 81.>J5rt.?J0 of th? stock of the six Bank* to be started in St. Louis has been sub- | scribed for. and the books are now closed until I tbe election of the Directors, and organization of , tbe Banks, when they will be opened again. jj f~ In the Massachusetts, Senate the resolves In relation to Hayti coming up, an amendment was adopted, providing that our Senators and representatives should lie requested to urge upon j Congress the Importance of recognizing Liberia as well as Hayti, as an independent State. \]~r Letters received at Pittsburg from Iowa, i report that a settlement of twenty families near j the head waters of the Des Moines River had been broken up and nearly all the settlers mur- j dered by the Indians. The story wants confirma tion. irr Some precious poet defines " beautiful ex i tract'' to be helping a young lady out of a mud puddle. This is almost as bad as the wit of Hart- | ley Coleridge, who once being asked which of Wordsworth's productions he considered the prettiest, very prviuptly replied, "His Daughter Cora." Ebenezer W. Freeman is a Massachusetts j peddler, and his wife Is in Williamstown. Ebene zer being almost constantly traveling, and trad ing with the ladles, fell from that state of mind ) which shows the true husband, and the other day ' he tried to marry a buxom lass in Whately, when he found himself tucked under the arm of a big man with a knotty cane, and went to jail. Being unable to give ball fo behave himself, Ebenezer is living on bread and water. U7* To judge by the canvass in England on the sailing of the Asia, there can be no doubt that tus coming election will return to the House of Commons a large majority of supporters of Lord Palmerston. This triumph will probably be heightened by the defeat of some of nls principal opponents. Lord John Russell is in danger of being beaten In London ; Mr. Laya'd Is pretty sure of a similar fate at Aylesbury, and Me?rs. | Bright and Mliner 6ibaonare vigorously opposed i W Ministerial cinrtldiKs M MwheeW. FOE RENT AND SALE. Turnpike roar for lkask.?n?vgg> Plank or Turnpike Road Company, regularly chartered by the Stat? of Maryland, oilers to farm out its road leading from the end of the Seventh atreet Plank Road, five mile* north oi \\ aahington, D. C., to the village of Brookeville, in Montgomery county, a distance of nearly fifteen miles. The first < mile m laid with plank, witn a good crave! track on one side, and the balance ol" the road with hard, bro ken quartz. ..... The wnole of the road it under toll, and in auccesa ful travelling oondition. ., Proposals will bo received bar the underslgnod up to the Uth April, nt noon, for the lease of the name for one or more years. Tne oontractor will be au thorized to receivo the tolls according to the terms of the charter and amendments thereto, and requir ed, under bond, with satisfactory security, to keep the road in good order, to par all the expenses Tor collecting tolls, to pay over tne reserved rent an of ten as may be required by the Board of Directors, and to surrender the same in good order at the end of the lease. The oompaiiT reservos the right to accept or reject proposals in whole or in part. Address A. HOWIE DAVIS, President, Brookrille, Montgomery coun ty. Maryland. ap 1?3taw I^OR RKNT.? Mrs. G. AN DERSON has aevc ' ral comfortable ROOMS lor rent, which are all comfortably Furnished, either as Parlors or Chambers, situated on Penn. avenue. No. 296, 2d door from the Kirkwood House. mar 31?lm ONE LARGE PARLOR AND CHAMBER attached.'handsomely furnished, and lighted with gas. on the first floor, for rent by the week or montlfc 430 per month. Also, two large, and two good-sized single ROOMS. suitable for families or single per sons. BOARD furnished private, if desired, at 53 ,V> per week. Apply at No. 468 10th street, between D and E. i mar 31-2w I^OKSALE?A .NEWJ-'IRST-CLASS pWEL- I LINO HOUSE provided with all modern cou veniences. No. 2HB F street, one of the most desira ble locations in the city. Apply on the premises, or of JAMES C. McGUlRE, Auction and Commis sion Merchant. . __ mar 20?tl A delightful SUMMER RESIDENCE J\ on the Heights tff Georgetown for Rent.?The subscriber offers for rent his HOUSE AND MR N ITU RE for six months from the 1st of May. A valuable Cook will be hired to the tenant. mar 18?tf LOI IS MACK ALL. R(>o>rs"for~rent .?rooms suitable for a family, can be had at No. 394 4th street, between Indiana avenue and E street. Apply to JO NAS GLICK, 422 Pennsylvania aveuue, between 4S and 6th streets. mar 21?tf IVOR RENT?A LARGE AND FIRST-CLASS DWELLING HOUSE, situated on the corner of 16th and K streets, containing 12 Rooms, with all the modem improvements, lately occupied by the Hon. Mr. Vinton. For further particulars inoiiire of MARY B. ALEXANDER, or JOHN ALEX AFDER, 420 Penn. avenue. mar 24?eo3w Ff OR SAL E OR R E NT.-THAT LARGE ' THREE-STORY BUILDING on the Plank Road, adjoining the Park, and known as The Grove, containing 16 Rooms. There is a Ball Room 60 bv 16 feet; Bar-Room 32 bv 3i feet, and Cellar 60 by 02, and 8 feet deep. It is well suited for a first class Hotel or Boarding-house. lrkIlv . mar 23?lm JOHN A. SMITH. FOR RENT?THE LARGE FOUR-STORY BRICK. DWELLING, with all the modern im provements, situated on L street, north aide, be tween 8th and 10th streets. To a good and perma nent tenant tho rout will be moderate. Inquire at No. 394 E atreot. marT-tf CCOTTAGE FOR RENT.?LAND FOR SALE. / For rent, for a term of two to four years, a TASTEFUL COTTAGE, of three basement, five first floor, three second floor and four attic Rooms, with modern conveniences for heating the Jiouseand supplying it with water. A F ARM attached, of two hundred acres, which can be reduced to any quantity , agreed on: eight mites from \N aahington?three from Alexandria, high, healthy ami romantic, rented immediately servants and lurniture ran go i with house to the end of the current year. Also, a | FARM of 8W acres, with improvements, within ; three miles above, for sale or lease Inquire of SWEENY. BITTEN HOUSE,,FANT4 CO.. Bankers, and Col. IRWIN. Land Othoe. mart. n()R SALE. ?THOSE FOURTEEN LOTS F OF GROUND in Square No. 107. m the r irst Ward, on which tho Corporation contemplated, two years ago, to erect a Market House. Thev are bounded on K. 19th. and L Streets, numbered 6. 8, 9 , 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19. and 2J, being (except ! a small intervening lot )the west half of said Square. Th? new Market House stands in K Street, near, and immediately west of said lots, which contain i fifty-three thousand square feet exclusive of fire thousand seven hundred and forty square feet laid down as alleys, and is perhaps theinoat dMimMr' un- , improved lots in that section of the city. A sale mar 36? tf A VALUALE F ARM FOR SALE?612V acres A of good FARMING LANl), situated in the County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two hours travel from the cities of Washington and Alexandria. The I-arm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with water and timber, and has much excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, and goal aeiKl?oni within a short dmtance. F or further information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq., on the place, or to the subscriber at his Broker s Office, near B?,? "?"i' W"""*ROBE{iT MORROW,_ H ANDSOME FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE ? x ANl) LOT AT PRIVATE SALE.?The sub scriber will sell, at private sale, the handsome I- OUR-STORY BRICK HOUSE ami LOT situa ted on North G, between.4th and 5th streets west; the lot being part of lot No. 2 in Square No. 618, and contains 2,2ft) square feet of ground. The House bo ing No. 514. opposite Judiciary Square, oontains nine 2<>ud and convenient rooms and *ride passage, and a large cistern in the yard. It will b*> sold on reasonable torins. For further particulars inquire of the subscriber, on the premises, or at Mr. Leo s of fice Pennsylvania avenue, between 4S and 6th sts. mar 19?eotf L. 1 STRAND OPENING OF SPRING AND SUM * J MER GOODS, at 46 Louisiana avonuo,^^ und^r Dexter's Hotel. MRS.CAROLINE KING will open on Sat- ? urday morning nt 9 o'clock, ^ ?p[^n<?io a**ortmeut or rsal imported French BON NE/TS.1? i^r^??*t ?nU richest collection of French FLO\\ERS. RIB BONS. LACES, and EMBROID ERILS to be f?FMh"olible'MANTILLAS and PARASOLS in the greatest variety. mar 31 ^ P. HOOVER'S IRQNJlALL BOOT. SHOE o. andtrunk establisiimen r,?rra 320 north side of Pennsylvania avenue, be-, tween 9th and 10th streets.?I have this day received of J. W. McCurdy 4 Son, 111 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa., a aplendid assortment of Ladies , Misses', and Children ?G A 1 T E R 8 , BOOT., SLIPPERS and BUSKIN TIES, all oolors, shapes and styles, all for the spring trade. Those wishing a good and cheap article u ill do well to call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere, as I am determined to sell cheap for the CMy"tJkaof TRUNKS and BAGS isi the largest in tins city. tap 3) S. P. 1^0O^ ER. C~ HEAP SECOND-HAND PIANOS.?We have in store six PIANOS, some of which? have been used only a few months by ruem-?c#g^* bora of Congress' families, and are now for" ? *? * sala very low, being great bargains: 2 Pianos, very pretty cases, at 8153 enuh 2 do oommon, at 825 each X do beautiful rosewood cases, scarcely soiled by the few months use they received, at 4 i Oeach 2 do at *175 each. These Pianos are really great bargains,and all per sons in quest of a reliable Piano aud a great bargain should call and see them. , t snw F?ANbs?o'f^T^ i MUSICAL IN STRUMENTS. WG. METZEROTT, (successor to George . llilbus.) agent of Raven 6c. Baoon's^ajta. and William Miller's etltbrattd P1A has always on hand the largest stock of P1-" ? ? ? " ] AO UI^ARS*1 VI (Tl!l?N%,,"?B R ASS 1NSTRU- j MENTS. FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORDE ONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south of New York.. M usic published and reoeived every day. Pianos for rent. nov 4?tr Pianos for sale and to rent. PIANOS which receive the first premiums in Washington. Baltimore, and New York, from the factory of Steinway & Sons, New York, and from other factories, always ou hand, at moderate prices nnd convenient terms, at No. 493 11th street, above {'?inn., Aveuue. Second-hand Pianos taken in ex change for new ones. Tuning attended to. mar 10-eolm* JOHN ALEXANDER, 240 PR55BY1.VASIA AVRNUB. 1 am now receiving an unusually larqe atock of AMERICAN and FRENCH PA I'Ell HANG INGS, embracing gold and velvet Decorations for lialls, Parlors,and Libraries, with a large assort ment of Oak. Walnut, and Rosewood imitations, suitable for Halls and Dining Rooms. also? Medium-priced SATIN 4 COMMON PAPERS, the largest and finest variety in the city. Paper put on in the best manner and in all cases guarantied. ap 1?eolm ICE CREAM?ICE CREAM?ice CREAM.? ; I C. GACTIER having made arrangements, from I the present to the lsl of Ootober next, with several farmers for his supply of the best Cream of tho State of Virginia, will be able to supply his customers and the public with the best quality of ICE CREAM ia the country, at the low pnoe of #2 per gal , in moulds of aav sua, or w Creeiers, delivered max cf 0AUT1?B, 358 P* ?v?a?. AUCTION SALES. WT ? 1 M I jjA?.1 pr'Sv!?!'!'''! ADC,'n'lMr V l"? FrVK>l,TLKt'4 HOUSEHOLD PRIDAv!ApnM,nh?"r?i"> *'"""? *?~*IJ?? Elepl?rr,teOS''WOOd osrved-,<?' -octave Piano ^^ir^cfotiT* ?' ws,nut Furniture for Parlor, in M?-J^l^iuljJo"*'Tr,>od?Pentr0 T"We- marble-top | Rosewood and walnut Parlor Chairs One fine walnut What-not. fine Oil Paintings Handsome alabaster Ornaments for Parlor I nroe damask window Curtains ami Hangings r?o superior English Brussels Carpets t amiejnbras ottoman and mantel Ornaments

Shades <M>vel1 *llt a,,d Panted Window One splendid net of Chamber Furniture Ilair and husk Mattresses. Beds and Bedding | Splejvhd^five-light gas Chandelier and sundry Gas Marble top walnut Sideboard, extension Table and Chairs for dining-room nrs^hr^'^ric8"*1*,nd n? h.r-i RUper.l.,ir "et of,r>nk Furniture, for hall room StovV einour Parlor Stove and ???...,.g. One superior silver-plated Tea set Mne China Dinner and Tea sets rwo elegant porcelaui Toilet Sets nr?knives and Forks, fine set of Castors Cut-glass Gobi eta, Winos, Tumblera, Ac l<ot of India Matting A Htnrye .awl requisites, and t?1 ? ! 8 ?J va''!e ?' housekeeping. X he F urnitiire, Ac. is in verv good condition hav in* been but little used and of the best make. HifVrSiV r ?"ndor. cash ; over that sum a cre dit of b(iand 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, waring interest. _ J. C. McGFIRE, Auctioneer. By J AS. C.McGriRE, Auctioneer E ?,EA^NT FrR>flTFRKUANf?eHOt-SK \iMu Vr?;f K ?/T VT Auction.?<>n THURSDA Y MORNING, April 9th, at 10 o'clock, on M st.. be tween ?fhi and loth streets, I shall soil the Fnrni ture and hffects ol a gentleman declining housekeep VIZ 2 l_.en.ii plate gilt frame Mirror, Slab, and Br i< k >t Damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac Haiwsomc Gothic Arni-cliair, finished in embroi ler Walnut spring-seat Chairs, Rockers , eard and rout Tables, fancy Chairs V elvet and three-ply Carpets, Rugs Stair ( mrpets, Oilcloth. Mattings W alnut Jenny Lwd Bedsteads fj? Hres,;,nK Bureaus, Washstands Do Wardrobe, oane-seat Chairs Enameled Cottage Set. Toilet Sets Trundle Bedsteads and Mattress, Walnut Crib Cottage Bedsteads, Washstands JUttreMefr, Bolsters, and Pillows VV alnut Extension Table, Sideboard J. luna, Glass, and Crockery ware. fable Cutlery, Fire Irons, Hat-tree Superior Cooking Stove, Refrigerator Radiator, Open-front and Air-tight Stoves Req?uisiteJ iri a K'*neraI aS8?rt"ient of Kitchen AiT^Tat XZt .um,erv?**h; ov.r that sum a cre . rf*T''* for sat'sfnctorily endoraed notes, beanug intereat. J. C. McGUIRE^Auct. TN VIRTI K OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI A Facias, issued from the Clark's Office of the Count* ! f \V??h I Strict of Columbia for the County of W ashington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale, for rash, infront of the Court housH door ..i sa,d county. on WEDNESDAY the ripht?fi*MPr I SI1 ,2oc,?ck. ni-t all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to lots No. l and ?i ? Y,_"q,",re V' k*1' toK?tber will all and singular wK,ii??K-ViWnenli? ru,orf"n- "being the proper* on a hich the Lime Kiln is located, at the comer of Vir 5inik?Xven,,e ?ml the canal," seized and levied upn? as the property of Parrott A. Prinale, Edward P Gocxlc, Samuel J. Soeleyand Cornelius Boyle, and f?r? to satisfy jud.cials No. 248. to Octolwr term 1K.?. and judicial* to March term 1?57, in favor of Frederick and Augustus Schneider, and John P-rd/,.i w J- I). HOOVER. ap 4-tda Marshal of the Dist. of Co!. TN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI M Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the C,r ?r w'w?Jrt ?/ ,h? District Columbia lor the County of Washington.and to me direct.Ml. I shall expose to public sale, for rash, in front of the Court-house l-rof-id oi.uuty.on WEDNESDAY the ^th of t,i ! ? J P clock, p. rn., all defendants' right, title, claim and interest, in and to all of the subdivi sion -M and N of lot No. 4, in square No. 574 of the ?j or.V ?.shington, in said er.untv and district, as said subdivision have l*en laid out for the Baltimore ami Ohio Railroad Company, and a plot thereof dul? rjoorded. I*?ie said lots, ,M and N, having ? front of 5f? leet IX incno* on I?oins;ana Avenue and C street, and averaging 92 feet SJ* inches on 1st street west, ami containing 4,339 square feet, being the northea?t corner of said square: seized and levied upon as the property of Jainei Crutchett, and will be sold to satisfy judicial! No. 20 and 21, to March term 1857, ia favor or Hamilton 8c Cain. J. D. HOOVER. aP4-u*? Marshal for the District of Col. PBy A. GRF1EN. Auctioneer. AWN BROKER'S SALE OF GOLD AND 8 LVER.W atchks. Pistols, Bowik Knivks, Ac. isha.l sell at auction, at ruy store, corner of 7th and Ustreet.'.noxt THt^RsdAY MORNING. April 9th, at 10 o clock, a. m., a great assortment of? Gold and Silver Watches Gold fob, vest, and guard Chains F inger Rings, Lockets, Gold Pens Bo* io-Knives, pistols, cane Mathematical In strumenta. English-plated Chains, Ac. N. B. W atehes made by Tobias. Johnaon, Roskell and other celebrated makers of Liverpool and Ge neva. Sale positiTe. Terms cash. . ^ o .J ROBINSON, Licensed Pawnbroker, H9 Pa. avenue. A.G RE EN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. For sale, a very desirable prop KRTT, No. 2T7 Norlfc Capitol street, near the corner of G street north, Lots Nos. 33 and 34, in square No. 6&5, fronting 41 feet on North Capitol st and running Iwick K>5 fe<>t to a fifteen feet alley. rhe improvement oonsist of a very nenf, substan tial,aud well built two-story Frame Dwelling House containing five rooms and back kitchen, with other necessary improvements. There is a good assortment of young fruit trees of various kinds. If so desired, the ground not built on will be sold in two separnte lots, having aixtoen feet front each, leaving the house and ground on which it stands to be aold separate. The location is central, l>eing within ten minutes' walk of either the Capitol. Post ?l J1***"1 Offices, and in the immediate vieinitv of th? large printing establishment lately built bv Mr. Wendell, and in a rapidly improving part of the' eitv. Also, Lot No. 10, square No. 960, fronting 51 feet on r.nst Tenth street, second lot from G street north, southeast corner, and running back 100 feet. 10>a inches to a 3t> feet alley. For further particulars apply on the premises. North Capital street, to P. Mullen. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April ?th. at S o cock p. m. in front of the premises, I shall sell the above described property. Terms: Two thirds, cash; the residue in 3,6 and 9 months, secured by a deed of trust on the property. with interest. Title good and no incumbrance whatever against this property. F'urniture also for sale. _ ap A. OR KEN. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. |>RICK AND STONE OF THE NATIONAL I'lbiic Auction.-On FRIDAY AI-TERNOON, April 10th. at 4 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell the entire lot of Brick and Stone standing in the walls and stacked up in front of the National Theatre, comprising about G00,000 brick ati<1i.arKe,1uailtlt> "lue r?ck in the foundation. Offers for the above at private sale will be enter tained. the brick aold by measurement in the walls, and taken down by the purchaser. A credit of two and four months will l>e given, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. """ 17 d JAS. C. McGl lRE, Auct. By JAMES C. McGI'IRF', Auctioneer. F^frniti re a household efff:cts at PyBLic Auction.?On THURSDAY .9' April 2d, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Dr. \V aJlace, on Indiana avenue, between 1st and ? i ' 8^,a" "?'! B" Furuiture and House hold Effects, viz: Rosewood Piano Forte, by Knabe A (iaelile Piano Cover and Stool, Whatnot Walnut Plush:oovered Sofa Marble-top carved walnut Centre Table NN alnut carved Sofa, arm and pnrlor Chairs Mtihogany^hair spring-seat Rockers and parlor Velvet, Brussels, and 3 ply Carpets Hall Oilcloth, Brussels stair Carpet Elegant gilt 6-light Parlor Chandeliers Mahogany Dining and Card Tables Do Sideboard, cane-seat Chairs, Lounge China, G1am8, an?l Crockery Ware Silver-plated Tea Set, Castors, Tahle Cutlery Mahogany and wnlnut Betlsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands F gather B?<da. Bolsters, and Pillows W ashatands, Tattet Set, Stoves Mantel Clock, Vases, I.amp* Crockery, Stoves, kitchou Utensils, Ac. Terms: $30 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 00 and and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. The House is for rent. Fnquir* on the premises. mar27-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ITT THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY MORNING. April 9th, same hour and place. JAS. C. McOUIRK, ap 3-d Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. nPRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE LOTS. A The subscriber, by virtue of a deed of trust re corded in Liber J. A. S., No. 118, folios 3H9,380, and ?i, one of the land records of Washington county will offor for sale on the premises, on WEDNES DAY, the 22d day of April nex t, at 4 o'clock p. in., at public auction, for cash, to the highest bidder, all those pieces or parcels of ground known as Loti numbers*! 16and 17, of Webb A Bradley's subdivision ofSquarsSa.ia thecity of Washington, as the same is reeordod in the office of the Surveyor of eit* KOR S^y>LER USE jPO-41. FURXACK^ Hard coal fur\ vcris. ?<4i r\i4*, ? E R *Vf? 8C%A*fER BAKERS, ?ndj^JTTW.ofm r o^SEaSiiSS: ?* ^ *ilW of direct Um"> -?? >? -a ... JAMES SKIRVING, No -S7 < Stnv* M*"UU,-tary. apf&td '? Bv*nue ood lltl< street a. COIR EE DANSANTE. ? takes Krejt ploaMire m ^noinJing* uMiVs* %R SMifV't" ff p,,lhlir ^""flly.thnt hn \rth as Q.V . T,U V*ke P^?*' !?" Hall.oornerof >*1 v??? U,tr?et"?.on u EDNESDAY F.VI> t ft W Kfk\ Vn A V I>,R57 Thor W,U ,lhe weather >~gg> A good chance.-wy>od a v /> roji FOR SaLe.?Tb? ?uJ*crii>er being milv?Dn CLt,r Wl" *cI1 ouf hl" W OOD and inil ..Oi, . ?n ,h* ?nost "*?oiMihl? terms. I will w/ll v'i ,"Vf'3 till"V *" ?t ?*, ?r 'he go.>d Jk-L . ^ ?rd' 0?ET.' wn*rf, Ac., just as the pur chaser may desire. There is no better stand in the r Tnwi|BSJ'iV und''r y*ff Cheap rent. Apply to I ' WILSON, next to Foundry Church on fltfc street, bet ween O aud New York avenue. mar lfi-tf I^EE FOR GENTLEMEN .. ^ REDUCED TO ONE DOLLAR. MADAME SYVETT. THE CELE ? fL A /I*1^ YA vr- *" ?f i" at No. 505, Seventh street, where she will remain a few da> h louder. Mad'e >. receives consnltiitions resnecfit>r the PAJW, frHESE*T'-' F^TUki ? and DISEASES!! ! 1J3~, Daring a year's totir in the Soul.. and W eet, Madame S\\ ETT has been consulted by upwards of Tftt Tknmsamd Person*, and in pr.." the Age * 6U*,or,orClllirvo>?nt and the Wonder of Tkkms of Coxsultatjon.?Ladies 91 ; G-nfle men 51. ^ G^)K^' RKS vR\H* MILLKR- *?N * -K .1 Ale*ai)dria, \a keep constantly oU hand a handsonie v?net* of c H A\ 1>E LI E R S. PEN D , r'n Af kfaTN &?j.. from the celebrated fac J?P? 9,orP?L"18 Baker, which they will guaran tee to sell at the same prices chanted to private pur chasers at the sale rooms on Chestuut street. Phila delphia. Also. Drop-lights, Cut Glass and deoora ^ 11^ Shades, m (treat variety. t^wll ami ox amine for yourselves. dec 1 /\LD RYE AND HOt'RHON' WHISKLvTI ? do" ?L HOUR BON *KKY'Warr&llt^1 P?re Just received,and for sale hv ? , . JOHN II. WATERS. *" 2',w T7 Water street. Georgetown. MRANDOPEMNl, OF KEAITIKIL Sm > . i ? L?oods.?The subscril>ers have just returne<1 from ,\ew Y ork, where they have nalected with ere?t aire a most Iwautiful^tock of Fine O.Htds, to which they invite your attention. Their selections have t>een ol every style, class, finish and variety of Fmnt, Bronze and China Ornaments; pearl, silver, and hnck Porte-monnaies and Card Cases; Combs, finishes. Carriages, Cabs, Iloops. Graces, Hattie u/t*' Hojmnoes chess, t.aines. F.nKrnvings, Ff>ot, Parlor and Solid Kails, Halloous, and a host of little notions for little folks?forming in all, the largest, mosr varied, and most complete assortment everof ferwl in this city. Our motto ?'Quick Sales, mial! profits, our Store, No. 20, between 8th ami Mil. op p<;site Centre Market. v 'r? all we extend an invitation to call, promising to ofler liMlucernents that will most assnre<lly caiise them to continue the literal patronage bestowed up on us since our entrance in busmens. H.J. M cLAl'G H LI N & CO. ]^OTI< L OK REMOVAL.'?The undersigned ,, *ould respectfully inform their customers and the public that they have removed from their late place of business, under Odd Fellows' Hall, to the store, A\o. 67 Louisiana an*ue, a few doors east of Seventh street nearly opposite the Rink of Wash ington, where, in addition to their st??ck on hand, thev are now opeumg a fresh supplv ?<f <;R'Jri'' RIES. WINKA. LIQrORS. CIGARS. Ac., just received from New ^ ork, comprising every assort ment and of the lw?st quality, to which we desire to call their attention. While w? beg to return onr thanks to those friends who have heretofore so kindly favored us with their custom, we promise to merit their continuance aud a share of public patronage at our now stand by the ofler of the best articles at fair pnoes. a prompt de livery in any part of Lhe city, and strict attention to business. KENNEDY k PI OH. ?P_ "?*" No. (i7 Louisiana are. DENTON'S LAND DRAINAGE A.ND Drawl age Systems. I*ondon. Stephens's Manual of Practical Draining. London. Agricultural Drair^go .with illustrations. lA>ndon. Miinn * Prncticai Ij?nd Drainer, illustrated. Thornas s I- arni Implements, with 20U illustration*. Hiust s Family kitchen Gardener. (. obi>ett g Gardener. Randolph's Culinary Gardener. Johnston'* Dictionary of Gardening. The Flower Garden. London. Lindley's Horticulture; by Downing. *P6 FR ANCK TAYLOR. W/roCKIN THR OLD DOMINION CO\L ? COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY, VA. subscriptions will be received at the Banking House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of the above company, being three hundred shares. v!i?ck k 4 W 'pilars.) of which 970.00(1^ been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per cent, in terest will be guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale, by the ongin;U stockholders, for the period of two years. r Particulars in regard to the stock.and its prospects. BROTHFKS Wn "P0n "PPu<*,l0n ^ CHUBB Jan 27 P. p. DANDRIDGE, Agent. fLOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!?Jim opened CLOtKS. Good Timepieccs, warranted, asf?jl low asfl 50. Eja] AUo, CLOCK MATFRlALS.such a* 0:.s.F5sJ CoriiSf Balls, Keys, Weight*, (*!*?**?<, Hsmli,1 Springs, icc.. at J. ROBINSON'S Great Clock Emporium. St9 opposite sp 3 Browns' Hotel. HATS! HATS!?Constantly on hand afnllsup p>vof beebe s new York ST'i LES. together with TAYLOR'S IrM HATS, of lialtiinore. The best black dress HATS, got up in the latest style for $3,y>, as good as those usually sold at .?5; and a good fashionable Hat at| f3, worth ?4; and a first rato Hat. 2^1. The best materials and the best workmanship is employed to produce a $5 Hat, which is sold for <SJ0. We do a cash business, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his monev. Felt Hats unusiiallv low. N. B. Agent for Driscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price ZS cents per bottle. , ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa. avenue. Agent for a New ^ ork Hat Company. sept 36?tf HAVING COMPLETED OUR S>KI V^ND Summer arrangements, we are now prepared to supply our numerous customers in Washington ami Georgetown withalmost every description of whole some SI MMER DKINKS, such as premium Min eral Watkbs, pure Crab Cider. Champagne Cidrr, Barton. Philadelphia,and XXX Pale Ales. all of very superior ciuality, unsii'-PHsse'Tin flavor and richness bv any in tne I'nion : X A Porter, n prime article, h or several of the al*ove meutioned drinks we received at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute the highest awards of merit. We are also agonts for the sale of Turner Brothers GlNOr.R WiNE.BLACERERRT BR ANbY.SlRI ES. Ac.. aitd Dr. \V heeler s Cherry Wine BiTTiRs.all of which wi.l be so.d on the most Accommodating terms. .,W? have also for Kile one superior CLOTHES MANbLL, iu good order. , _ ARNY A SHI NX. ap 3-lm Corner Green awl Olive sts.. tieorget'n. ?1 |\nn REWARD?RANAWAY,ON THE -a 18th instant, from Washington, a likely coal BLACK MAN, about 21 years of age, and IS atsiut 5 feet 9 inches high, well formed, bright CJ? eyes, good teeth, and speaks quickly. Calls himself Andrew Fairchild. The above reward will be paid for his liHlginent in the jails of J ? Baltimore, Washington, or Charleston. For any other information, inquire of B. B. ED MONSTON, corner of 19th street and Pennsy lvania avenue, Washington. D. C., or to J. S. PURSE, 61 Want worth street, Charleston, S. C. mar2?-eolm* MONARCHS RETIRED FROM BUSINESS, by Dr. D?>ian, author of Knights aad their Days, Ac., 2 vols, 92 Vasoonselos: a Romance of the New World bv W. Gihnorw Simms, $1 25 The Shadow Worshipper and other Poema. by Frank Lee Benedict, 75c. The Fraserian Papers of the late Wm Mairinn LL.D.. annotated, with a life of the author by R* Sheltou Mackenaie. D.C.L.. ?l. Just published and for sale at ?B, TAYLOR t MAURY'S 5-P-3 Bookatora, near i?th street. " n?FC'c'i-'uVw in the city. T1/^AGS in the greatest variety, LWi \CAPES, MA \TILLAS. M i R n it l'bS /? VS SET BASQUES, amd CHIL 1u?v>? (il?H.EyTS r??<(v iinule. . a. , DRESS-MAKING in the lafest F rench Styles, at the shortest notice. M. WILLI AN. "wr ?7 Market Space, bet.. 7th and 8th sts. RK.Ai'J^TATE OF F1CE. ~~~~~ ~ A fti!! description of all property left with me for sale, wili be entered on my Sales, Book, and receive my personal attention, and if a sale isenecteo.a rea sonable commission will be charged on the amount or 1 will also give personal attention totheRenting of Dwellings and other property, for reasonable fees. The public may be assured that all business left in my charge will be attended to with promptness and fidelity; aad that it is my intention to make my office a place of great value toallintereated in Real Estate. Dusiness respectfully solicited. OJBee at No. 5?t (seooad storm) fife pUaat, opposite NaUo#ai inta^U-, fS??CaU? POLLARD WEBB, W. W. HACEKgT. W. ft. BATTl*. HACKNEY 4. DAYTON. B?u F.?t*i? ak? Gexebal '.and A?mrT, feb 14 TuF4m __ __ Ommkm 040*7S. t. Gold medal premium f l A NO Fours*. WILLIAM KNABE, <Pernor partner id the 1st* fern of Knabe. Guile A Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of grand and aquare PIANO FOKTBS, underthe nani*?^^ of William Knabe A Co., at the old stai.d Mm Nop. 1, S. 5 and 7 North EtUaw street op 111 %T 1 posite th? Kutaw House. I^ltirnore. They liave aiao just opened a new Sale# Routs at No Baltimore street. between Chit'If# and streets. on the premier* partly occupied by Mr. Henry McCaffery an a munc store, where they wiil keep constant It on hand a lsrge assortment of plain and highly finished g ran.l and aquare Piano Poriea also, Melodeous. from the bent makers, from 4 to * octave. some with double k?*? boards. douUe reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Being extensively euga?ed in the mai.ufaoture of Pianos, wo will sell wholesale and retail, on the fnoet liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest erem'iim ((told medal > at the Fairs of the Mar* and inaruoto two auorossive rears? October. IhSS, and 1MM??:n op position to tonrteec and eighteen pianos from sonni ol the best makers trom New York, Boston and Bel tmiore. We were also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Kxhibitiou held m Richmond. V-t giuia. IKSS and ImAB. They have also been awerd-vJ the highest prenuuin (silver medal) at the Me'ro polttan Mechanics' Fair for ltS7. In additiou to this w e are in possession of testimc mals from the most distinguished prrfessors ar*l ainateura in the oountrr, which can he seen at ou warercoma, spesking for themaelves and otb?ra of the high appreciation in which our mat ru meet* ar? every where held. All iiatrum??nts are guaranteed for five rear*. a^d a privilege of exchange is granted within the frr-t six nx >n t ha from t he day of sals if the loat ruwent idon-' five entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to l heir ad ran tat* to give us a call bplore purchasing. Pianos exchanged. hired, and tuned. ?arlMy _ WM. UN ABE t CO. ?R. C. S. GOODMAN, Si ROEOy DENTIST. am! MavrFACTTREB or ABTtrtriAL TnrB.-^p^, His complete arrangements enabling him present the follow in* reasonable prices: ' ' 1 ** Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold. |3i tor.51 Do do do on Silver.. 12 to 2% One or more, on Gold Sto S Do on Silver 1 to S Filling, F.x tract int. Removinj Tarter; also. Re pairing n* the wme rrasombla rates. All open t. 01 executed in anch a manner as to give every satis fa tion. Office corner ?th street and avenue. ap rfeENTlSTRY. LF OR. STEPHEN BAILY. OrricK No. 1W. Pennstlvasla Aitltl, Thrtr doors from 14tk Street. D*. BAILY bee* leave to inform the pubhefhat *-. can l>e seen at all his office. oca ted as abnv lie feels assured that an experience of fifteen rears* practice, with the large number of patients, and gree variety of difficult on?eeihat he has treated success fully, will enable bun to surmount arn dilficu'tv, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many m?i eminent in theproiession. and especially Drs. Hat-fa and J. and E. Family, haa led him. long since, tod;? card all mercurial prepitrations for filling Teeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Pereha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcelian. mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that oen be w orn .n tfcs mouth, as waa most conclusively shown by tiis laal American Dental Convention. Although he tiattera himself from hia lone res. dence and practice in Washington, he 1a favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he bat* leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stephen Baily: DearSir?I desiretotexpreas rnr esteem for you p? rs<>nal!r, and my oonfidei.oe in >ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have lieer. hirhly sati?f?rtorr. I hop? that vou may reneive the patronage from iny frienda and tha public that your skill so well deserves. % ours very truly, Washington, Aug. 2>, laib. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest farma in Baltimore, Mesar Boggs. Cot man A Co. Having employed I)r. Stephen Baity. Surgeon Der. tist.of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant ami difficult piece of work, which he did tv mr entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact :ha? one of the moat distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repewted tnais. to perform the same work satisfactorily, it givea ni? great pleasure to express mr entire confidence and high estimation of hia professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARM ANN BOGG6. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. C!a> ton. V. S. Senate. Aug. X?, 1MB The teeth tou made for me work adimraUj ; noth ing could be better. Yery gratefully, John m.clayton. To thoae that eeck relief from the roaladiea of the teeth. 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Bady as a superior Dentist; he made a act of porcelian teeth for one of mv fnmilv. and plugged aeyeral teeth r myself, and the work Uae all sto<Kt well for moie ti^u, ten years. ROBERT T NIXON, of the Ya. Conf. of the M. E. Church Soatli. Apal 19,18a6. We. the undersigned, having had occasion toavii! ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. ?. Bai.r, Surgeon Dentist of this eity, or having b?-en cofct.r ant of hia operationa on our familie* or friends, take pleasure 111 expressing our admiration of hia art.stic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfketorv manner in which he performs the moet delioate and di#,e-; ,t citations in Dental Surgery, and we respectfull; re commend him to the oonfideuce and patronage of the public, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I*. WALTtR.Arohiteot I, . S. Capito*. Thomas Mili.ek.M. D..of Washington. D. C. B. S. Bohkkk. M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Wasnington. D. C. Joa. H. Beadlet. of Waahington. D. C. Georgk Walton. Kx-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox, t*-Mayor of Waahinrtoa. Hkxbt Baldwin, I.*. S. Patent Offioe, O. C. Wioht. Principal Rittenhouae Aoadear. feb 20 t.' DK. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHW CACo.wonld respectfully inform thecit- mm L izcus of the Distnct and vicinity, that hav-*Sf^_Jy lug located himself in Washington, he is f cow prepared to perform aH operations ai hia profea aion. in the most awroved strle. Office, No. 2au, Penn. aveuue, sdjouung Gaatter'a. ?an ?n Iv 'PO 1 th _ ARCHITECTS.?BY A RESOLI TION of _ the two Boards of the City Cornell the "Joint. Committee on the WashingU?n Aay lutn" are author ized te <>fl?r a premium for r plan and specifications for a bmhling suitable for almshouse a no workhocsa purposes. In pursuance to said resolution the Joint Committee herein propose to receive, from all tna architects of the city of Waahincton wl?o are d.s foeeil to compete for the same, plans and speciJlTa 1011s for a buildirg for the above purpoeea, and to award to the architect whoae shall be acoepteo tho sum of two hundred dollars. The building to be fire-proof throughout, and to aceommodate not leea than one hundred and eighty ininatea in the two de partmenta. The building to be divided into three apartments, one for the Intendant and hia family, of fices, dispensary. & c., oue for the poor, and one for variant* and paupers. No compensation will I e given exoept to the archi tect whose plan shall be ad<<pted. Plana may be left at theomceof the Chan-map. vin 8tli street, near Pennsylvania aveuue, or with either member of the Joint? ommittee. ap 1?tf JtHIN 1>. SMITH, Chairman. ('H1NA, GLASS AND WL"EENSWARE. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO.. Iinportera direct from Liverpool to Alexao drm. beg ioavetocalltbeattentiouofdealer*, hotel-keepers, and others of Waahington and tieorgetown. to their atucka of GOODS, cf wmen, for extent and variety, will oompare favvraL.) with any eatabliahment m the Eastern citiea. The etiunexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I nited States tor upwarda of thirty yeara, feaa given hunadvantage* .u the purcliaae of gooda equal, if not auperior, to anv house in the trade. An inspect ion of goods and pric' will aatiafy all parties that purchases can be made - them upon the most favorable terma. French China Dinner Seta, gilt and deoorated French Cluna pinner Seta, gold baiidand plain wh?a French China Vases, Pitciier*. Toilet Seta, ?e French China Tea Sets, Cups and Sauwra. and c>... r articles of Teaware Aud Dinner Ware, separate from 4l_r. India China Dinner Seta, and separateartic** alwaya White ?Gnwute Ware in ? veT xa""^ '^***. ^ separate tr?.m aet*. a? maj ba> dMWaC Ki&s=rw?. u, slite^ whltfwdT^ld by the package or other WKxDenenced paekera employed. Goods Mt up by ... be^transported bv any mode without braaka?e. U FweS t?e-reamlK-t. from Washinglua to Alex andria a most hourly. 1*S cents each way A quar ter of a dolUr thua apent may aave many dollar* dec 1 . JlOHN ALEXANDER, No. 240 PENNtTLVAJtlA ATBNtTE. I hare jnat received a large assortment of GILT nod VELVET WINDOW SHADES, of naw and rich designs. Also, a large selection of LACE and MI'SLIN CLRTAINS, <ilLT CORNICES. BED CANO FIF.S.and PICTt RE CORDS and TASSELS. niarSI-oolm 11WKW FOREIGN SPRING GOOD0. ? The A^subeoribera respectfull* invite their patrona a:id the public general)? to ealf arid examine their verj aelect assortment of FOR EI GN SPft IN (3 tiOODS. which they have themselves, with apacial selected for tbeir apemai trade The* also keep oonstautiy 00 ftand .the bea^ quali tiea of Army and Navv Goods?Epaulette*, Swc: Saahes, ttold Iacm. Ae. _ . _ Tney also in vite attention to theu Foreign aad Do me*-tie Fanuskiiw Gooda. of the best naaalMtura Ikb ?7?dtf andsr Bfowa's BateJ.