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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 9, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ' WASHIIGTOKI CITY: THI'RKDAV April 9, 1MT. SPIRIT OF THE MORXIXQ PRESS. The 1 null iff net r says : ?' The brief summary which we subjoin from a ?fry considerate contemporary of a number of foreign matter* in which onr country is more or lees concerned, Is admonitory, if not formidable. It shows that the experienced and venerable statesman at the head of our foreign bureau hat enough before him to occupy his thoughts, if uot hands The sky is yet clear and the weather ealm ; but there is no knowing in what quarter a cloud may suddenly appear, and the wary helms man keeps his eves open : 11 Prom tke Alentnelrin Gazette. " ' Our foreign relations now claim no inconsid erable share of attention, and the movements of other Powers In matters touching our interests re quire the constant vigilance of our Government. We have on hand the Dallas-Clarendon treaty with Great Britain and unadjusted matters of dit ferenc?* with New Granada. Then the Chinese war. in which part of our naval force has been engaged. calls for action and discretion. The threatened l>etween Spain and Mexico, the revolution in Peru, which may attect us material ly, a* connected with theguauo Islands ; the state of affairs in Nicaragua, kc.,?ll demand the exer cise of statefnuuukip to preserve our rights, our interests, and emphatically our pear*. AN e want no entangling alliances, no premature efforts to acquire new territory, no unnecessary and bellig erent positions, no departure from the policy of Washington in the conduct of our negotiations with either powerful or weak nations. The United Mtates Government ought to be as generous and honorable and magnanimous as it is great and strong'" The Union ? peak J in glowing term* of the appointments of the Administration generally, and more especially that of the Hon. R. J. Walker. The editor explains that Mr. W.'s purpose in the matter of Kansas local difficul ties, is rigidly to abstain from directly or indi rectly mixing himself with them. Beeka. Taylor A Maury have sent us. with the pub lishers compliments. "Arctic Adventure by Sea and Land," from the earliest date to the last expeditions in search of Sir John Frank lin, edited by Epes Sargeant. with map* and illustration*. Boston; published by Phillip*, lampoon Co.. 1857. This compilation is of course the result of the late Dr. Kane s gen eration of so great public interest in the Arctic regions. The editor has made a brief synopsis of the interesting and note-worthy features of all voyages in that quarter of the globe, from that of the Cabot* to Dr Kane's, that having heen recorded in print, have fixed themselves in the memory of the learned. Mr. Sar geant has performed his task with ability; for his style, as displayed in this work, is sueciut, clear, and didsetfc, and his skill in the selection of the points in each voyage to be described, has been admirable lie has evidently compiled to hit the taste of the million?to make the book sell. That it will -.ell very extensively ia cer tain, because there iacompre3sed in its 480 pages, an amount of entertaining, useful and substan tial information that must make it a welcome visitor at every well ordered fire-side, and a permanent resident on the shelf of many thou sand libraries. Also, Leonard Scott A Co 's reprint of the March number of Blackwood, as replete as usual with able and interesting essays from co teraporaneous English literary pens. We would almost as soon dream of trying to exist without food, as without the mental provender which we drarr fr^m Scott A Co.'s now so celebrated re prints of the standard English periodicals. _ Also, P. J). Or vis 3 (Sun Building?. New York.1 reprint of the March, 1857, number of Chambers'* Edinburgh Journal?the publica tion which Dickens's Household Words was ?tarted to rival. They are alike in many fea tures, the former being usually the most solid, if the latter is the racier, of the two The number before us, though a* '? light*' in the character of its pieces as any number of its rival so far published, will prove an agreeable companion, indeed, to the desultory reader?to the man whose soul yearns for books while his nerree, and the momentary condition of his temj^rament from the preoccupation of his mind with cares, unfit him to read as all should read, but as few (in this country of universal strife over the ? almighty dollar") do read leisurely. thoughtfully, and systematically. We return thanks to the publisher, who sends us (through Frank Taylor)?? Hansford : A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion By St. George Tucker Richmond; published by George M West, 1857?for a great treat in more ways than one. We dream of the advancement of Southern literature, as an important means of the disen thralment of our section of the Confederacy from the incubus of disabilities resting on it in part through its own apathy up to this time We know well that there is more powerful thought in the South combined with the nerve not to make it subservient to the miserable end of earning claF-trap popularity by pandering to low tastes and brutal inobocratic passions than in the >orth We know. ton. that in pro portion to population?of citiienship?there exisu in the South vastly more careful and thorough scholastic training among men of snffi. c.ent leisure to play the author than at the ? rtlr The historv.'of the world's literature, aswntten and appreciated by the really well read everywhere, is a delusion, if the South (in Europe has not developed most literary taste geniu^ and inspiration-that is, among writers! We no credit for her in such connection. for this superiority in attributes 1. the result of her institutions, her climate, and the race from wh*h her present population sprang. Of its existence, however, w. entertain no doubt and "e, therefore dodream that in due timecircum il*nces will iead to its development, to'the sat isfaction even of the jealous literati of the rforthern I nited States. d *!* "Wtfl workin? presses of an hun offhu^ ,erarPuUb,i'h,DKho?^ ar* thro?K fatid imL? tb?usands of trashy love stories. andJ^ * debaucheries of popular taste, ! 10 pMjodic<* '* I %"?Zz :rT*ou*,y ?d?*d ara b.! k, Jv^ r'nbli-h^ ?t the South are books which are books." No man ever read . . from the press of a southern publishing"* ' or an infidel-making. 0r a eomn. \ ' p.mpbl,t Their hietorie, ."X ofT,""* bllitj to competent criticiam. end their w,,rv. ofkt.oi>.re,uch ?. be Pl?,4 the hands of any member of any man s family H ? are wUling to trust the public judgment npon the eternal justice upon this our sec tional criticism upon this book from Mr. Tuck er s accomplished pen- While it paints in vivid and unfading colors the history of the Old Dominion s times, of which it treats, its "Tie is a model of composition that may be stadied by all to advantage, and its inculca tions of morals, are just, generous and consci. ?uttous. PERSONAL .... Mr. P?-al>odv was publicly received by the mc.\bant? of S< ]<otiis on Thursday lust ?H* A G. Hrown. M. C. from Mississippi, had a public reeption on hi* return hoine. i ???- Private letters from Herman Melville, who ha* been traveling m Kgypt for tome time past for bis health, state that he is about to return to his home In Pittsfleld with renewed health. .... Messrs. Morgan and Garrison, an well known from their conaertion with the New York aad San Francisco steamship line, via Nicaragua are at the Kirkwond house, in this city. .... The "? lO.OOOto a Mexicanoflcerof rank." among the Item* of secret sc-vice money paid out ! by Gen. t'tntt in Mexico. It appears waa paid to : no other than Preaident Santa A ana, the man j whoae patriotism began and ended la his own pocket | WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Comxismoker or Lnpian Affairs-* The Hon. Mr. Denver,- of ?alifornia. h? oef--j tainly been appointed tf> tiiiiimp ilMt position, we are glad, indeed, to be able to eay. La*d Officers.?We believe the following appointment* wese mad* to-day. Vis: Lewis I Palmer to be Hamster, and H. W. Mfrey to be Receiver at the Land Office at New Orleans, Jesse B McClenden to be Receiver at the Oreensburg. La , Land Office; and Henry B. Welsh to be Receiver at the Dcs Moines, Iowa, Land Office. Tne IxniES Sqcadron.?Orders hare gone from the Navy Department, wa apprehend, to fit out for sea, as soon as possible, the steam frigates Minnesota and Mississippi and the sloop-of-war German town. The first is at Phil adelphia, the second at New York, and the third at the Norfolk yard. The destination of all of them is understood to be to reinforce the squadron of Commodore Armstrong in the Chinese seas. We presume they will sail as soon as they can possibly be ready to put to sea. Tns Roorback Exploded.?We take from the New York Herald of the day before yes terday. the two following letters from General Persifer F. Smith, which bear out entirely our late refutation of Gov. Geary's roorback con cerning the orders of the late Secretary of War to General Smith, not to furnish him (Geary) with troops when in Kansas. It will be perceived, that, as we predicted, they were refused to him by Gen. Smith bo cause the grounds of his demands for them were not lawful?legitimate?and for that reason alone. Never was engineer more effectually hoisted by his own petard, than is Geary, by the upshot of his effort to bring General Davis into disfavor by telling '? fibs" upon him to Washington letter writers aud others. GOVERNOR IttART AND JKF PKRSON DAVIS?QE1. SMITH AND THE WITHDRAWAL OF THB UNITED STATES TROOPS FOR KANSAS. Washington, April 6, 1857. It was stated several days ago in the Herald, on the autho Ity of liov. Geary, that he lost all support in Kansas from the Pierre administration hy the withdrawal of the United States troops from that Territory by orders froin the War De partment. This statement has brought out the following letters: GEN. SMITH TO GOV. GKARY. Heibqcartcrs Department of thk West. ) Fort Leavenworth, Feb. 11, 1857. J His Excellency J. W. Ge*rt. Governor of Kansas, Lecompton. K. T. Governor?I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 9th inst., in whicn yon ?? require immediately two additional eomf a nies of Dragoons to report to yon in consequence of your confidence that theie is a conspiracy on foot to disturb the peace,''?and also acknowl edge the receipt of a previous letter requiring a battalion to tie sent to yon in view of the large immigration expected here in the soring. If vou refer to the laws vou will observe that the President is authorized to call the military and naval forces into action to: 1st, repel inva sion ; 2d, to suppress insurrection, and 3d, to re press combinations to obstruct the execution of the laws, too strong for the civil power. Insults or probable breaches of the peace do not author ize the employment of the troops. Besides, all the forces here have just been de?ig nated by the Secretary of War, and are under or ders for other service'more distant; and even the companies near you will have to be recalled. They are sufficient to repress any breach of the peace, and I caunot move them until the weather Im proves. But even they are to lie employed to aid the civil authority only in the contingencies mention ed in the laws above referred to. The garrisons to l>e left in the Territory will be available if the President directs their employment. The contingency under which the troops were acting I consider to have ceased. Without the grossest imprudence on the part of the civil au thorities in Leavenworth. 1 see not the slightest probability of any disturbance there, and on in quiry I can hear of none from various inhabitants. With the highest respect, your obedient servant, Persifer F. Smith. Brevet Major General Comm'g. OEN. SMITH TO JEFFBRSON DAVIS. Baltimore, March 25,1^57. Hon. Jefferson Davis, Senator: Dear Sir?I received a letter a few minutes since from the editor of the Kvening Star, requesting me to ?? substantiate a rontradiction you #ake to some assertion in the Herald of Governor Geary." 1 happen to have my letter book, and sepd you a copy of my letter to the Governor when he "re Suired" a squadron of dragoons to besenttohim [e had already Capt. Newby's and Capt. Flint's companies of troops under his control, and he stated no case that would justify reinforcing them in the middle of the winter. I declined sending them, evidently without vour Interference in the matter, for you were in Washington. His letter is of the 9th of February and iny answer of the 11th. I exercised the discretion left me by the President, for I saw there was no need of tnem I send the copy to you. for I do not think my self at liberty to publish part of an official corres pondence without authority froin higher authori ty Moreover. I think your simple contradictiou is sufficient; the affair'will not offer to Governor Geary any advantage in pursuing it, unless he provoke* proof of what the Herald savs, and that is on record in the Department of the West. I have copies of my letters, but his are on file in the office of the Department of the West. I repeat, that with mv knowledge of all that took place the Governor'will not purse the mat ter. With sincere respect, your obedient servant, Persifer F. Smith, Bt. Mai. General Comm'g Dep't of the West. I would have been down to dav, but am hardly strong enough. 1 will be in Washingtou on Mon day. The reader will perceive that in publishing these letters, the Herald is forced to rub its own nose in the dirt, ad it were. Hon. John A. McClernand?It has been stated that prominent Democrats of Illinois have pre.-ented the name of this gentleman to the President for the mission to Russia. Always consistent in his political course, be has com bined the characteristics of a gentleman with the experience of the statesman We well re member the distinguished position which he held as the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives, and the able and satisfactory manner in which he dis charged his honorable duties. We donbt not that he would well represent his country in a foreign land. Our object in this notice is mere ly to bear testimony to the character of a man, of whom the Springfield Register truly says : " The Democracy of Illinois will be rejoiced to learn that the valuable services and eminent talents of this gentleman (J. A. McC.) are ap preciated at Washington.'' ' Disortntled?Our aimiable aud always s-j i courteous coteinporary of the New York Her aid. is exceedingly disgruntled by what we took occasion so say a few days sinoe in exposure of the nonsense in his " papper," purporting to have been telegraphic advices from this city, de scriptive of alleged interviews between Lord Napier, the President, and other functionaries, wherein their conversations concerning Chinose affairs were reported. Our few sentences in this connection. evidently touched Bennett '* to the raw," as way be gathered from the " first rate notice" they caused him to accord to the Star on the day before yesterday, as follows: " The Washington Star (the little kitchen or gan of the late Administration, which went out of the hack door of the White House on the same Uay that poor Pierce departed by the frost door.) makes itself very officious in discrediting the iV Washlngton dispatches in the He mlcl upon CLinfie affair*. In reply, we have toiay that thonedetpaiche* were substantially trn?*that the interviews and conversations reported as occurring between I ord 1 Sapleron lh?on? .M?, ,?d i Cass and Mr. \\ alk?r, respectively, on the other f did take place ; as also the friendly internum? of Mr. Seward in behalf of Mr. Walked h? proper man to send to China. W? have also to aay that our authority In the matter of the?? afore said dispatches U unimpeachable, and nearer to the official bead sources of information than any that are ever vouchsafed to the Washington or gans of poor Pierce. The pulfer and blower of (be Star Is especially an outside loafer upon the Government since the evacuation of poor Pierce, and as such he is likely to remain. Mr. Buchan an's memory, no doubt, extends behind the Cin cinnati Convention." What better proof of the correctness of the information in the Htrald we were foroei to explode, can the world want, than Bennett's ?oImui asseveration, M abort ? Didn't b? ?wear by all that's honest, to the value of ? Parka* VX* and "Potosi>" Did he ever publish f line concerning the late Administra tion's oonsultations and acts, and concerning James Buchanan and the Democracy in the lata eamrass, that has not turned out to be the truth Aim'l the Herald, in fine, the very model of truth ? Knowing, as Bennett must know, how implicitly the world has reason to believe In the truth of every thing appearing in the Her mid ooncerning public affairs, our only wonder it that he ceased burnishing, for the instant, the somewhat rusty buttons on that diplomatic suit he oaused to be made for him ?elf in Paris when " slushing'' poor Pierce in the hope of coaxing out of him, after that fash ion, the mission to France, to treat the Star to the compliments he here bestows on it. The Stars mission is no less surely to expose the mendacity, charlatanism and impudence of such aspirations as his after that French em bassy, than the entire want of foundation of such mischievous roorbacks as those he vouches for concerning our affairs with China. He may yelp at us, as in the extract we quote above, throughout his whole paper, and he will still find that a brief contradiction in the Star of the truth of any one of the Herald s wonder ful Washington stories, will extinguish it, in ?tanter, in public estimation. By-the-by; he la throwing away labor in bur nishing up the buttons of that old diplomatic ooat of hia?for if the Herald does nought for the next year but puff, puff, puff the Adminis tration, he will be no nearer at the end of it, than when "poor Pierce" was in the White ilou3e, to the realization of the embassy to Franoe. Answers to Queries.?A subqg riber, an en listed United States soldier at a distant post, i writes us the following letter : . Editor of the Star: Sir: Would you please to f answer the following questions in your werkly, for lUe benefit of your Army readers and for the l?enefit of your enlisted readers in particular : Are officers of the Ariny allowed enlisted men to act as waiters ? 2. Can an enlisted man be compelled, ao/miro ? lens, to become an officer's servant. j 3. What amount of pay is an enlisted waiter en titled to, besides the regular pay allowed by the j I'nUed States for his services as a soldier * ? 4. I? it consistent with Army regulations for i "oldiers, on coming ofT guard, to be compelled to I chop and saw wood for officers and officers' mes | ses, being at the same time reported as performing | garrison police? 5 Are men who have enlisted to act as soldiers (and who find themselves compelled to perform , theabove four duties, besides working every day in lieu of performing the duty of soldiers,) bound j to fulfill their engagement? 6 Are men prohibited, by regulation, from re porting the maltreatment they receive from offi. I cers, to their superior officers ? And if not, why do < ompany officers prevent men from doing so ? Sir. you can obtain information concerning the above six questions at the Adjutant General's office, through some of your reporters. ( By complying with the above request you will | confer an obligation on hundreds, who, for the ' prewent, must remain Naxuem. U. 8. Armt, February 26, 1957. To his question No. I wc answer, no. To No. 2. no. To No. 3, no increase of pay whatever. | To No. 4, no. I To No. 5. wo have to answer, that all who | enter the Government service are of course bound to fulfill any oaths they may take on so doing. The safe path of honor and duty, is for a soldier who has cause of complaint against a superior in the service, to obey the obnoxious order first, and then to remonstrate or to send to the authority higher than that officer (through the latter, that he may have an opportunity to reply to it) a formal complaint of his alleged grievance. To the first branch of the 6th query we have also to answer no. And, further, that any en listed man on proving the truth of such an alle gation as is embraced in the latter clause (of this 6th qttery) against an officer of hisoompany. will cause his prompt punishment. How to proceed, to that end, we have previously ex plained above. - The Art Association Exhibition.?Very recently a few gems have been added to this collection which greatly increase its interest to the amateur. One is a portrait of Mrs. John | Slidell. of Louisiana, by Healey, which strikes us as that skillful and practiced artist's chef <1 autre. Besides embracing a striking like nc3?, as a composition, it is the finest picture we have yet seen from his easel. Its finish is replete with the results of his twenty-five years' patient professional study and labor in the best European schools. It is original throughout, and if surviving for a cen tury, will rank its author among tho masters of his noble art. Artists, like saints, are never appreciated by their own generation; and yet we must be so unfashionable as to declare that as a work of art, we do not know that we ever saw anything handed down for centuries as a great picture, that struck us more forcibly than that to which we here refer. Dr. Stone's basso relievo (in marble) of Chief Justice Taney, is classical to a fault, and is no less perfect as a likeness, than in its execution As a sculptural study it may indeed be gazed on by one of taste profitably, for hours. Reappointments.?We hear of sundry re appointments by the President on which, we sincerely believe, the Democratic party is to be congratulated We refer to those of Chas. Gor don Green of the Boston Post, to be the Naval Officer for the port of Boston; Benj MeCullouch to be U. 8. Marshal for the Eastern District of Texas; and Sam'l D Hay to be U. 8. District Attorney there. Also, that of Joseph W. Gray, of the Plain dealer, to be Postmaster at Cleveland, Ohio. Thomas Miller, of whom we do not know, has also been appointed Postmaster at Columbus Ohio, vice Thomas Sparsda, whose commission expired. The Recent Connecticut Elections is an event of political significance and import ance Besides resulting in a Democratic gain of two members of Congress, that party gain an aggregate of some six thousand in the popu lar vote since last fall. It has, therefore, achieved a substantial victory of which its friends in the Government here may well be proud. Presents to the Executive.?The ship Lotus, from Hong Kong, arrived in New York very recently bringing five packages of presents from the King of Siam to the President of the I ntted States, which, we presume, will reach " ashington to-day. The Chinese Mission.?An impression pre vails among those best informed usuallv in such matters, that Wm. B. Reed, Esq., of Phil adelphia. will hardly consent to accept the Chi nese mission. - The Naval Court or Inquiry.?The sick ness of the Judge Advoeate prevented a session of this court to-day. The Current Operations or the Trea sury Department.-^On yesterday, April 8th, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? p0r !ue J^emption of stocks #71^* M ggesiSKBfcr: ?S fssssSSr?- "S; From m^u?neoas^Vy.? ChsiehisjtnwOh'?^formed Dutch edttoe laJh. .it* of the old last. street, was dedicated on Sunday Railxoad T?A!f?ro*TATio!?.?The principa articles transported from the west to Baltimore, over the Baltimore and Ohio railroad during the month of March, were a* follows: Batk,5Ptons ; coal 4J.K* do.i-fire-brick TOdo.j firewood 70 do ; lour T3,*M3i bbls.; Rrat* 1.417 tons, granite 399 do ; iron 433 do.; iron ore and MptoK t,109 do.; lard and butter 1.381 do.; leather'.98 do.; cotton 237 hales; wool 147 do., lard oil 119 tons; line 18 tons. Livestock, vlx: Hogs 10.901 head ;* hoop 3JTJ do.; hones and ma leu. *2 do.; horned cat tle 1.915 do -t meal anp shorts 157 tons ; pork aod hacon 5.953 do'.; tobocco 1,115 hhd*.: whiskey JO.tHN bbls.: miscellaneous 1,(69 tons; hay 99do.; hemp 37 bales; flour from Washington branch 2,f05 bbls. U7- The Mississippi river continues to fell, and is now seven feet d*1ow high water mark. T^-ACADEMV OF Mr SIC, comer of 11th l_5 street and Penn. avenue.? Mr. F. N. Chtotrcil's Historical and Brovrsfhicsl Sketches on the science snd progress of Music, will be continued THIS (Thursday) EVENING, April 9th, 1857. st 8 o'clock. It* 'V^=?CARUSI'S SALOON.-Cirum's Easter I Soiree will take place on TUESDAY. April Mtn. Tickets to bo had only of Mr. J. R. Crock well, Stationers'Hall, Pa. aveniie. between 11th and 12th streets, adjoining the Kirkwood House. Persons will please procure their tickets before the evening of the Soiree. N. B. At the earnest request of many of the sub scribers. he has secured the services of Professor Withers's fine Asftmbly Band for the occasion. a? 7-3t * MACHINE SEWING.?HAVING TO dsv secured the services of an old and sxpe rieneed operator, (reoentlv engaged in the Fair) th? proprietor is uow prepared to givo greater neatnesi and expedition to all work left at his rooms. On hand, and constantly making up, SHIRTS, DRAWEES, BOSOMS, COLLARS. Ac., whicfc will be sold at reasonable prices. Ladies and others are invited to oall and exanuni the work. Rooms on D street, two doors from corner of 9tt street. __ m rr^^EGISTER^sToFFICE, March 18.1837. ' Notice to all whom it may concern.?No tice is hereby given that Lioensea for Carts, Wag ons, and Drays, will expire on the first MONDAY of April next, and that said Licenses must be renew ed at this office within Ten Days from that time. SAM'L E. DOUGLAS, mar 18?dt ApIO Register. rT53* PHILADELPHIA CAKE A TPHIJLA ' L ? Helphia prices, at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM DEPOT, corner of 12th and F sts. ICE CREAM at %l-50 per gallon. sp 6-lm* ry^5=? I. O. O. F.-HARMON Y LODGE, NO. 9 IL? respectfully inform the Fraternity and thi public in geueral, that they will five a GRAN I LEVEE, at Odd-Fellows' llall. Navy Yard, oi

MONDAY, April 2i)th. Particulars in futureadver tiseinen'. ap 4-6t Tj=?.NO'C1CE.-THK BOARD OF ASSES8 :ors. having completed the assessment for th< Tear IBM. will have the books at their room in th< City Hall for examination from the 1st of April t< the 10th. inclusive, (Sundays excepted.) from 10 a m. till 3d. m.. after which they will sit as a Board o Appeal from the 11th to the 26th, inclusive, for the purpose of bearing and determining upon complainti that may l?e brought to their notioe. Therefore al person* who may not be proporly or correctly upoi the books will have an opportunity of oorreoting th< same. [apl| /. M. DOWNING, Sec'v. JOHN F. ELLIS has just issued Spring Flowei Scottisch, by C. H. Kerr. _ ap 9 K ALLOC!]' T rTa LN ATI ON A L POLlCh Gaxette for April 11th. Full report and correct Portrait. Buy the Gazette of ap 9 FERGTSON. 4867th street. NEW YORK LEDGER FOR 18th APRIL Cobb's new story. The Wild Knight, or Un known Crusader, full of thrilling interest and liters ry beauty. FERGUSON, apO 486 Seventh street. Ladies a n~d children's f r en c h HATS.?Just rt it of ladies ami cli verr low nrice.?. _ G. H. CASS1DY A .CO.'S, 1 v n ? HATS.?Just received, an elegant assort ment of ladies and cluldrens FRENCH HATS at a very low price, at ap9-lw* 314 Ps. ave.. liet. loth snd llth ?ty Millinery, millinery, millinery We are now opening an elegant assorts * r avtt 1 ? \* 1* n t* /'/Wkl\C .? ft ment of TV1^}CASS for <Vc ock.the calst n^.s, HP 9-St Kk??ER*' FRENCH FLOW ."ortn,?, ?f FrMn^ii' ;idnla,g.yy''aa.. the District, call at G. H CASSIDYA CO.'S.'_ ap 9-1 w* 314 Ps. ave.. |>et. l'?th and llth sts. TVOTICE.?'The Committee for the Plank Shai 1* Dinner at the White House Pa vilion, on SATURDAY. April llth.l request gentlemen not to detain the* boat over her tune of leaving at a. m. ap9-??* HPO MCLAUGHLIN'S everybody run. Opening Spring Goo<ls at McLAUGHLIN CO.'S. sp 9 N TEW MUSIC, at ELLIS' this day. Four new Pisnoa received this week at ELLIS1 Two Pianos at $25 esch. One do 75, st ELLIS'. Guitars, Violins. Ac. at ELLIS'. sp 9 _ Brig ANDOVER?Cbowkll. Master? has arrived, and willihsvequick dispic'b for | a ta a ?? t m 4. w _ .. respectfully! announces to the ladies of r'asliuigton arwl v f-!rT\m j^OR BOSTON'.?THE REGULAR PACKET has the above port. For freight or passage apply* to HARTLEY A BRO., 101 Water street, George town. _ ?p^9-41 First grand opening.-mYss h. king respectfullyt announces to the ladie* Washington an<l vicinity, that she will open Saturdsy morning, April llth. nt 9 o'clock splendid assortment of SPRING MILLIN t No. 363 Peon, avenue, south side, opposite National Hotel, consisting of fine Bonnets, Gvpsies, Tuscan Bonnets, Straw Goods, Hats, Caps, Capes, Mantil las. fine French Flowers. Ribbons. Ac. ap9-ft Third grand opening.-mrs. Caro line KING respectfully announces to the ladies of Washington, that she will open ouQ^ Saturday morning, April llth, st No. 46 Lotnsi-^^T ana avenue, under Dexter's jlotel. a hne assort ment of SPRING MIL LI N ER Y, consisting of 1111 orted Paris Bonnets, Gypsies, Tuscan Bonnet". >traw Goods, Hats. Caps, and a large assortment of Capes, Mantillas, Ribbons, French Flowers, Dresa Trimmings, Ac. ap9-2t rpHE.FIR_ST.GRAND BAI. |7oF THE KM I ^t a MET CI.UB to l?e given at TiMrKR an<"E Hall, E street. I>eiweeii 9th and l"th, on MONDAY EVENING. April 13th. 1R57. < The Emmet Club pledge themselves neither^ . _ to spare cost or trouble to make this Bali oue of the plcasaute6t of the season. Committf of Arrangements. W Murphy, J Sullivan, D Quill, T Mtirphv, J White, I) .McCorty, M Connef, F Callahan, P Hearlv. DJ<uney. ap9-ThAS* A CARD.?The undersigned would respectfully announce to their friends and to the citizens of Washington generally that they have entered into a co-partnership for tne purpose of carrying on the Pmnting Business in all its various branches. From our long experience in the business, we feel oonfident we can give entire satisfaction. Ail orders left with uh will be promptly executed. Particular attention will be paid to Sign and Orna mental Painting. FINCH A O'BRIEN. We would here tender our sincere thanks to our former friends and easterners fo t their liberal pat ronage heretofore extended to us individually, snd respectfully soheit a continuance of the same to the firm. JNO. S. FINCH, _ap 9-2aw3w A law3w JAMES O'BRIEN. ELLIOTT'S AMERICAN FRUIT GROW er's Guide. Barry's Fruit Garden. Floy^s Guide to the Orchard, Kenricks's New American Orcb&rdist. Smith's Landscape Gardening, Parks and Pleasure Grounds. Greenwood's Method of Transplanting Forest Trees; London. Brown's Forester; London. Fessenden's Complete Farmer. Outlines of Flemish Husbandry. Professor Low on Landed Property and the Eco nomy of Estates. 1 vol. Loodou. British Husbandry. 1 vol. London. Gaskin's Farmers Guide. Farmers School Book. ap 9 FRANCK TAYLOR. New foreign and domestic paper hangings AND UPHOLSTERY GOODS. The subscriber respectfully invitex his patrons and the public generally to rail and examine his very large and select assortment of WALL PAPER, consisting of the finest French Cloth snd Gilt Satin Parlor Papr:r; Oak and other woods and marble imi tated to perfection for halls. Unglaxed papers at the low prioe of ten cents per f?VIEWS, PANEL PAPERS. PIREBOARD PRINTS, and ORNAMENTS of the latest mai,u facture. The public may be assured that all orders leftst the store will be attended to with promptness and dis P?tch. , ,, . A moderate allowauce to friends in the trade. Terms cash. GEORGE VVILNER, Paper-hanger and Upholsterer. ap 9-eoAt 464 9th st.. below E street. fTNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, VL . Washington. April 8,1&57. On the petition of Harriet V. Terry, administra* trix of Win. D. Torry, decoased, of Boston, Massa chusetts, praying for the extension of a patent gninted to the said Wm. D. Terry, on the 12th day or J uly, 1843, for an improvement in " cast iron pave ments," for seven years from the expiration or said patsut, which takos place on the 12th day of July, 1857: It is ordered, that the said petition he heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 29th of June next, at 12 o clook m.; and all persons are notified to appear snd show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file m the Patent Ofnoe their otyeetions. specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day af hearing ; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said bearing must be taken and transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the Oftce, whieh rill be furnished on application. The testimony in the case wiirbe closed on the 19th ^f Jane; depositions and other papers relied upon is testimony must !>e filed in tho Office on or before the morning of that dsy; the arguments, if any, nthin ten days thereafter. ..... Ordered, also, that this notioe be published in tho Vational Intelligencer, Union, and Star, Washing ton, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Md.: Pennsjfl raman, PhiladJphja, Pa.; Daily News, Sew Yoik, V. Y.; and Port, Button, Mass.; once a weak for hree successive weeks, previous to the 29th of Juno icxt, the d?y CHARLES MASON. Commissioner of Patents. muiaias Uuf ootifo. iJwwRr ONE HUNDRED CASKS NEW SPRING AND SITMMEI* GOODS, DMECTJFROM THE MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS, AND I AUCTIONS. \LL ma i?fct reftw?ed from the NORTHERN MARKETS; hatselected * targe -fork of ? DSTrnm U?a ImTMT IJOoaTATios*. embracing every variety of FRF.NCH. LKRMAN I, and AMERICA!* GOODS, adapted to the ?rM?nt and aparoachmg ?"??on. .... .. _,n for CA?H oNL\ , which bu given to u* the advantage of i hwgi t thai We aell good* (or C A5I CHEAPER tbaa any other house in the citr. \ OI R DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT Embrace* the moat beautiful textures of FOREIGN and AMERICAN taete aod elegance. 30 piece* rich B!??k Mka. very cheap. ? do real Spanish Dol<eige 1* cent*. worth 85 100 do French Uingham 12 oenta, uaual pnoe II WHITE Plain and Dotted Swiss Mnalina from IS to 20 centa Embroidered Curtain Muahn. 12 centa. Fine Shirt Roaonu, 25 oant*. Fine Towel* only 6 centa. ? ? Swiaa and Cambric Collara, very eheap. ? beautiful Lawn Robe* 100 piece* fae I Jiwn. Nat color*. 12r. worth II 1? do Barege IMuoh. 1*. worth jn. GOODS. Plain and Piaid Cambric, from 18 to 37 ce?U. ine lJi*h l.iit?n 25 cent*, worth V Very heavy *1 oent*. Linen Handkerchief*, ft pent*. A large lot of Cambria H?u*U from auction. MANTILLAS?MANTILLAS?^MANTILLAS. 1? black Bilk Maotillaa of every atyla and prica. MITTS, GLOVES. AND HOSIERY. A complete aaaortment for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, from ft oenta to 4 I ,iv SKIRTS-SRIRTS?SKIRTS. 2no of those beautiful and now famon* PARIS WHALEBONE SKIRTS, en artiHe thai even tfSb^TdtTOSft' ?f ?om''ort *r*1 f00<1 ,M,e* "? havealao WHALEBONE and METALLIC GENTLEMEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR. In thia line we have everything new and deairable, from 10 oenta to 95,00 par ja*d. BONNETS, FLATS, AND HATS. 960 of the newest atylaa at NEW YORK RETAIL PRICES. PARASOLS AND UMBRELLAS. 1,000 embracing every atjia, color, and aiie, from 30 oenta to #5. CARPETS-CARPETS-CARPETS. k',,r Mkw iw*m - 80 tba <u SHOES?SHOES?SHOES. AN ENTIRELY NEW STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES, of ,u*l,ty. from the best manufacturers in Philadelphia and Maaaachn*ett*. Many of them have bacn made to our order, and we have aimed to secure auch gooda aa will carry their own recommendation with them. Notwithstandinc the great advanoo in the pnoe of Shoaa, we intend to out such price* upon tbein. a* will eonvinoe purahn aera that they can save ten per eent. by buying of ua for cash. LADIES Fine blaek Gaitera, #1.00. Morocco Slippera, 50 oenta. Fine Buskina. 75 cent*. Velvet Slippers. 75 cents. Miaaea. Buys, and Children'* Shoe*, of every aty GENTLEMEN'S flaavy Shoes. $1.12. listing Shoea, *1.W. Goat Gait?r*. #5.00. Oxford T*s. f 1.75. e and price from%* aant* to ?3?e ?ui anv *? ? a-#' ' J ?nu v iuhii rii o *?i u? CI y aij r oii'i pi irv iiimii arr^PTi la 11? ij .3."' We wonld cull the attention of purchaser* to the Net that a ftrm relisnc enn be made on the pwrchat* of fooda at our establishment, without being autyqeted to deceptKxveither in price ?r onslit,. R. B. HALL. No. J73 Seventh street. . , . Fourth house above I street. fO^Romembar the name and number?II ALL, 373. *p ??e,<& SPRING TRIMMINGS.?NEW STYLE Ol spring Fnnges.hsndsornw Nark Mantilla Fringe all widtr a and sty e; Button Fringes, nil color* Fancj Taasel and Drup buttons, white linen Ball and Work Trimmings. white ootton Fringes, Cord and Tassels on hand and made to order at t ne Fnni and Trimming Manufactory, 297 Pennsylvania ave nue, south aide. *?8-a* MRH. LOWF. kjPRING MILLINERY-MRS. A. WOI, S? LARD, successor to Mr*. J. I.ane, will open on Thursday, the 9th insf.. a splendid assortment of French PATTERN H ATSt iwid FLOWERS; also,a large selection ofj STRAW GOODS, consisting of Leghorns. Neapolitan, English Straws. Florence Braids. Mil aea' Hats, and Gipsies. Indies Ridingl[lata. Ac. No. 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 8-3t * LEVY'S BITTERS.?These Bit tars are an infalli l>le cure for Dyseotery and Chronic Diarrhei want of Appetite, Ac. They have proved an effec tual cure to all those who have been effected wit the endemic of the National Hotel. Invaluable fo summer complaints. No. 3K7 Pennsylvania avenue, oppoaile the Nation a Hotel. Wine. Liquors, Cigars, and fine G<?eeri?e. ap 8-tf JONAS P. LEVY. HANSFORD; a Tale of Bacon** Rebellion, b St. George Tucker. Stories of the Island World, by Charles Nordhod Gieseler's Church History, 2 vols. Svo.; new edi tion. Story of a Pocket Bible, with illustrations. Scampnvias, by Lient. Wiae, V. S. N. Illinois as it is. with maps, by Fred. Gerhard. The Dnyaof My Life, by the author of Marcarc M nit land. (ap8) FRANCKTAYLOfr. CARRIAGES, CARRIAGES.CARRIAGES. The subscribers have on hand. forAjns aale at low prices, a good assortment of, now ROCKA WAYS. BIGGIES, Light? WAGONS, Ac., Ac., to which they respectfully in vite the attention of those wishing to purchase go? and durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PI.ACE. ap R-1m W 12th street. P RIVATE FANCY DRESS SOIREF. PROF. H. W. MI NDER, takes occasion t< announce to his friends and former patrons <ML onlv, that his FANCY DRESS SOIREE j? (strictly private) writ take place at hi a Hall, corner of ?th and D afreets, on WKI)NE8-uJI DAY EVENING, April 15th, 18S7,at 8 o'clock. Mr. Marshall, the Costumer from Baltimore will be at Prof. M.'s Saloon on Tuesday, April Mtb at 12o'elock,and on Wednesday during theday .when he may be found with a beautifnl collection of Dress es. both for ladies and gentlemen, at a very reasons ble price. I.*dies are invited to attend. If the weather should prove unfavorable the Soire< wiM take place on Thursday, 16th. ap 8-td INFORMATION FOR THE LADIES. - would respectfully inform the Ladies of Wash ingtonand vicinity that I luive just received a com plete assortment of MI I.I.INLR Y GOODS, EM BROIDERIES, TRIMMINGS, Ac. which fmvi been selected with care from the beat Northern mar kets. comprising in part? Millinery Goods of every description, such a bugle, lace blond, Neapolitan, English, am plain straw Bonnets and Gipsies of every styli and price Misses' straw Bonnets, Flats. Shakers, aw Gipsies of every grade French Flowers of every variety Illusions. Tarletons, Crapes. Maroclines. Ruchet Blond Laccs, Whisker Blonds, Ac. EmSSOIDK&IKS. Handsome Frcnch Collars and Sleeves ever} style and price Cambric and Swiss Ruffiings Do do Edgings, wide and narrow Sets Sleeves and Collars Embroidered Hdkfs. Infants' Bodice A splendid line of j^aee Collars, from 50 ets. up Also, Mourning Goods m all styles. Lan Goons. Honiton Lace Sets and Collara * Enghsh thread and Valencia Laces Freneh Lace Veils. Veil Nets. Ac. Trimmings ami Fringes of all kinds A large lot of Linen and Ivory Fans, in black tun white Also, Rnjou Kid Gloves, black Mits Alexander's Silk Gloves, Buckskin and Lisl< Gauntlets And indeed evenr artiel* usually found ins well selected sti?ck of Fancy tioods. and any article ii our line which we have not in store caii bcordore* immediately. A liberal deduction made to Milliners. Ladies are requested to call and examine for them selves at Mrs. R. G. ETCHISON'S. ap 8-St No. 12 Market Space. I?et. 8th A 9th sts. ^PRING AND 5FMMER GOODS.-JOHN H ^ Smoot, No. 119 Bridec street, Georgetown. I) C., has received from New York and Philadelphia awl now offering at very low prices, to cash am prompt enstomers, a large and general assortment o Staflk and Fasct Goods?oomprismg ia part a follows, via: New atyle Silk Robes and fancy Silks Best make black Silks, high lustred Black Challies, Lustres and Mous Delaines Rich printed (alt wool) Mous Delaines Challies and Barege Delaines, in great variet j Rich Organdie. Barege.and Jaconet Robes Bright colors and mode plain Barsges and Da laioes Plain French Brjlliantsand Porcalss Plain colors Cravellas and Spring-style Poplins Duoals. a light seasonable fabric Best French printed Jaconets and Brilliants White Brilliants, from 12fc to cents Best make* new styles Ginghams pehages,Cham bray sand plain Lustres English Prints of new styles, in great variety, al 12){ cents L Rich Chintz colort best French Organdies White Goods, in great variety. Plain Swiss. Nansook and Jaconet Muslins Plaid and stripad Muslins Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins Plsid and striped Jaconet, Nansook and Swisi Muslins White Tarletons, Illusions, and Wash Nets Irish Linens (of the bent makes) very cheap .incn Cambric, Linen and Bishop I .awns Super English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladies' use New York. Bates, At wood, and other good makes Shirtings White Csmhrics<of Jonas's celebrated make) White Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collars. Embboidk&ibs. Frenoh worked Muslin Collars and Seta Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and I .see Sleeves and Sets [oniton and Maltese Lace Collars Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Hdkfs. Also, new styles Lace and Silk Mantillas Stella and White Crape Snawls Elain and riok figured Bonnet and Sash Ribbons leel-spnng. Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Skirts ? Spring assortment of Bajoa's Kid Gloves i Taffeta Silk, Mack lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies saJ children GenU bast English Half hose, rifcbed and plain do Lisle thread and fluicy cotton do A good assortment vt Silk Cravats and Ties Susp-nders, Sift and Linen Cambric Hdkfs Hews^pM*Mfe8hirt*Md Drawers Also, Gentlemen and Boys' wear of every desenp Goolls* *V0ry Varl#ty ?f Dry Domestic Goods for servants wear of the heaviest fn&kM. Purchasers may rely upon gettmg desirable goods at low prices. M?-tr ^HN H- SMOOT. 4i CARD.?We beg to inform the Public that we L have just returned from New York, where, th care, we have selected a very large and beauti ful stock of Guitars, Violins, Flntes, Aeoordeons, Banjos, Tamborines, Violoncellos, Bows. Italian S'rings, Rosin, Pegs, Music Folios, and every arti cls belonging to a Music Store, in addition to A large lot of LhelatesX and most fashionable New Music. New and second-hand Pianos always in store, for ?Ue on reasonable terms. apt JOHN F. ELUS.BBS Pa. sr.asarHtkat. water Ti rtFFICIAI.. V7 Treasury DEPAtmrxT. March 12, lay:. Notice m hereby given to holders or stock of tin loan* of the United States, that this department will purchase the Mime until tlte 1st dsy of June next, unless the sum of $uno.oon shall be previously oh tamed. and will pay, in addition to the interest *< orued from the date of the last semi-annual dividend of interest thereon, Jogether with one day's addi tional interest for the money to reach the vender, the following rate* of premium on said stocks: For the stork of 1842. a premium of 10 par cent. For the stock of 18*7 and 18415, a premium of 16 per cent.; and for the stock of lifirt, commonly called Texas Indemnity Stock, a premium of a per cent. Certificates of stock transmitted to the depart ments. under this notice, must be assigned to the United States, by the party duly entitled to receive h | the proceeds. Payment (or the stocks so assigned and transmit ted will l>e made bv drafts on the Assistant Trri? nrers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the mow*, which should be expressed in the letters accompa y I nying the oertifiaates. HOWELL COBB, mar 18-dtlstJune Seoretary <?f the Treasury. r. AMUSEMENTS FOUR T H WEE E. WAUGHTS~ITALIA, AND TIIX 1,1 LI/I PITTIAN FAMILY. '/ ( Exhibiting everv r.uht thi* week a? 8 o'clock. sr*l ? * 1 WEDNESDAY A N D SATURDAY AFTER NOONS, at SS o'clock. AT ODD FALLOWS' HALL. Descriptive Pamphlets for sale in the Hail. ITALIA lias never before l?een exhibited iu Washington. mar 12-lmd LOST AST) F0U5D. LOST?On April 8th,>>etween 9th and nth street, s Lady's Gold Watch with chain, gold ker.sid slide attached, Chronometer balance, and Pvtss e make. A liberal reward will he given to the finde , ? if left at Bank of Washington, with Mr. William F . - Howard. It is a family relic, and is partic u?s'I \ prixed on that account. sp 9-31 * - f OST.-ON YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. Li the 6th instant, on Penn. avenue, between the National Hotel and l?nh atrect. ??r loth to E street, a I Indies'Coral and Gold BREASTPIN. The finder will l?e suitably frewarded by leaving it at 472 lih street, between D snd E. a p 8-3t * IfQLND. FLOATING ON THE POTOMAC River, on the first day of March, an old SKI I- t , 12 feet long, with two holes in the middle seat for a , gtin. The owner nan hsve the same by proving pru 4 party, and pay in* for this advertisement. ? apT-?f JOSEPH JOY. 13th street. Island. Found.-qn the ist of april in tiif. gallery of the House of Representative*, a DIAMOND RING. The owner can hare it If proving the same, and paving charges. upon celling on JAMES W. WATSON, No. 6*4 H street. I# tween 4th and 5th. ap 7-3t* imTASSTOLEN FROM MY YARD ON MON *? da* nizht. April 6th, nine large Hem*? all *' low, exoepr one. which waa speckled. A suiisHe reward will be paid for th?ir return; or an* tidinis of them. Also, for sele fourteen large Chickens and seven Musotfw Ducks?all of the lieat quality. Applyto MRS. BURNS, Mass, aveiitte. (south side>Tecond h?>nse we?t of 12th st. ap 7-3t* WAHTS. WANTED-A FIRST RATE JOURNEV ** man HARNESS MAKER . Inquire at Tol* HAM A NORFLET'S. 7th street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. to WANTED.?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG Man 19 years of age, in a Store or Office -j 1 Knows all about Groceries and Dry <io?id?. r n 1 I1"' a Rood knowledge of l>ookkecping. Ha* an cxcslleat I recommendation from his lant employer. Addre?>. for two days, to J. 8.. Star Office. It* NURSE WANTED-BY A LADY WITH \ voting child. Apply at No. 400 D afreet, a t"w doors east of 7th. north side. ap8-2t* '? VVANTED~IMMEDIATELY.-A Fir>t ra 1 ** FARM HAND. One without family; tl?e I highest wages given. Appl* at 447 D street. ap 7-ftt* " WANTED.-A MAN AND WIFE ?The fir?t 1 *" to onderstand something abnnt Gardening. 1 The wife for Kitrb*n and general Houaework Good reference required. Applv at No. 387 Penn. svenue. JONAS P. LEVY'S Wine, Liqnor, and Grocer* Store. ap I?tf A SMALL FARM, IN A HEALTHY LOCA tion, four mile* from Washington, higbl* lm j proved, and very productive, having good buildings | sad every naen*sar* convenience upon it. will be ex changed for city property yielding rent. Perv s wishing to make such sn exchange, may spply nt the oounter of the Star Office. mar ?*-tf WANTED?THE HIGHEST PRICES PAID in eash for old Silver at HOOD'S SILVKR WARE MANUFACTORY,338 Peau. avenue, near Ninth st real. dec J? ?j BOABDIHQ. BOAR D-FOR TWO GENTLEMEN. To gether or in separate roams, in a private fsnnU. I where there are no other liosrders, or children in r ne ^uss. Apply at No. 424 Sixth street, second l*>u>e >tn F. ap 3-*t ONE LARGE PARLOR AND~CHAMBER attached, handsomely fnrnisbailand lighted ? I'h gas, on the firat floor, for rent, by the week or month, SFSi) per mouth. Also, two large and two good-si*e<l Rooms, suitable for families or single persons. BOAR D furnished private, if de*irea. at ?3J? per week. Apply at 468 lwth street, between D and E. ap 7-1 w M~ RS. BATES. AT HER BOAR DING - HOUSE, on the southeast comer of Penn.. Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangement* to accommodates lante number of atiansera with Mea.s at any tiros throughout the dsy. and Lodging*. max a i wy rot BOY'S SPRI N? AN D SI MMERC LOTH ING of ever* *<e;eription for dresa and school wear^t g very low prices. WALL 4 STEPHENS. 1 ap8-tf 322 Pa. a v., hat. 9th and Mil sts. j i^ENTLEMENSDRESS SHIRTS OF FINE aJt quality. Shirts made to order, wsrrsnted to fir. " WALL * STEPHENS. ap 8-tf 32* Pa. nr.. bet.Mhand luhsts. For sale.-a handwxe Bixxii) bay MARE, that works well in double and single harn?ss, and also trader the sa<idle. Can be sc-n st the Wood and Coal \ ard.^^ZX New York avaoua, between 13tb and 14th streets. ap ?-?* SPRING MILLINERY.-MISS THOMPSON is now opening at our Fancy Stf>re. a V em >a kr:e and elegant aaaortment of SPRING and SI MMER BONNETS, of the nod must dasimble styles,to wnioh thxattea-^j^, + tion of ladies wishing to purcha^ is reaaert ftilly invited. hTtCiIINSON 4 Ml ^RO, ap 8-St 310 Ps. ave.. bet. 9th and 10th sts. I VOCAL MUSIC.?Mrs. FRANKLIN. Tear! er I af Music, having vacant hours for a few more fFrhnlsr? rsauMU those Ladies who are desirous of beinr psr?eoted mBaUadSinginf.orOfaraMasic, |