Newspaper of Evening Star, April 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR n p( bushed every apternoon, (EXCEPT SUXDAY.) at the star building*. . Comet ?/ Pe*H'ilva*M anmn, amd \Uk ttrtt, Br w d. . w a l l a c h ; nnd i? terrh to aabecriber* by carrier* at six and A gcarter cents, payaMe weekly to the ageote; pa^?ri ear ved in packtxaa at 37.s oaot? par ranoto. To rraui aubaerihers fhembecriptton prioeu thrkr dollars and fifty cents a j?r ii advamre, two dollars for au rnonu. and one dollar for three noatht; for let* th*ui three months at the rate of ijs oenti a fp?single copies one cent. WASHINGTON, HE). C.. FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1857 THE WILD KNIGHT; Or. The Ink now ii Crusader. .4 TmU ?/ dtrmarti/ in Day t of the Empire. [coiTi*rr.i> **o* oca last ] A* the knight thu? spoke he raised the small white band to his lips, and, as ha imprinted his tlrst kiss tbereou, Agnes of I.nxemberg smiled. Those were days when true men and maidens spent uot loug hours in senseless flirtation. nor tried to conceil the generous emotions of the Iteart. If the thought was right it was spoken. So from that hour tne Knight of the Eagle knew that he was welcomed by the only maiden who had ever won his heart. The emotion was a strange one. aod under its influence his heart grew light and joyous and bis arm stronger. As so?>n as possible the two Crusaders put on their armor, and then went out into the court. w:h?*reihey found Robert and Bernard with the honwn all caparisoned ; and from the porter they learned that Von Metzinger was waitiug an an swer from him. But jusf ?s the porter spoke the voice of the robber knight was heard in loud an gry tow*; ?' Hallo, within there, thou creoping porter. What is the answer of thy mistress? Will she give up the golden calves, or must we take all of them ?" ?? Ok. rmbie sirs," spoke the old porter, tremb ling from bead to foot, "only last wsek Sir Otto and his erew robbed the Couveut of at. Mary, of Harbronn, carried off all the gold and silver, and killed four armed peasants, who had come up to help defend the place !" '? *av ye so ? rhen i' faith, we'll send them off howling now. Where is therea loop-hole through which I can count the villains ?" The porter led the way to the small wicket in which (here was a small piece of chain netting. Through this the Black Knight could count the robbers. There were two knights and fourteen men-at-arms?the latter on foot, and armed with cnns-bows and swords, and wearing the usual armor of the fi?ot soldiers of the period?round shell caps of iroa. with deep capes oehind ; cuir asses of bra*, with a joint at the neck, thus sup plying the place of a gorget; but no liressarts or cuiskes. They were stout looking fellows, and 1 om what our hero could see of their faces he would have judged them to be just fit for some such work Sir Otto was a stoyt. powerful man, and as he now wore hi* visor up the crusader could see that he had a bold, had look. The oth er kutght, the portersaid. was Sir John von Main hardt; and that knight our crusaders kuew had t*-en placed under the ban of the empire for his evil need, but particularly for having robbed the Archbishop of Mayence. ' ?? Call out our men," said the unknown, "and have them arranged in the court here to be ready for any who may chance to dodge in. Now, Sir Kngelbert, we will out upon them, white Robert and Bernard follow to scatter the hirelings." Thus speaking the Black Knight closed his V Hor. and having loosened his axe. and couched his ianre. he railed upon the porter to throw bark (tie gate A? the way was thus opened, six ? if the men at arms were bringing up a heavy log with which thev meant to tcatter down the wick et. The movement of s*?r Otto and his compan ion. when they beheld the unexpected presence, was one of astonishment; bat ere they could be tray mach. enaction our hero spoke : ? Hour aow, Sir Knights?what would ye li-re *.'y ?? Who are you that dare question Otto of Metz inger V the robber retorted. J ust stand where you are and I'll ride thee down as 1 would a pray ing nun.*' As Sir Otto spoke he gatheered up his rein, and put spurs to his horse : and with,his impious bat He rry of?spoils to tkt tnig kty?bedash ed on. ?? fiwi ami St. Fulc??.'*' shouted the Unknown, as he Uraeed himself for the shock. He did not move troia the place where he stood. He only bent a keen eye upon the robber, and set his lance for the irna'd. He felt the power of a giaat In nis good right arm, and full well he knew that the om omiug knight only rushed upon defeat. He bad received too mauy charges to miss hia mark n<?w; even bis horse had been #o thorough ly traim-d that a single word was sufficient for its guidance. With a firm hand the Black Eagle held his lance, and as the robljer rame dashing upon him I a quickly-spoken word caused his horse to leap upon on siae, and at the saan<3 moment his lance, with a movement almost imperceptible, turned I the poiat of-the robber's weapon over the right shoulder. while the steel heaa of bi? own spear | caught Sir Otto's helm jnst below the visor and roll-d him from his horse upon the ground. Al most at the same moment Sir Johu von Maiu hirdt fell lieneath the stroke of Engelbert. The Unknown leaped from his saddle, and placed his sword at the throat of the fallen knight !" '?Now yield thee. rerre-Bt knight!" " But to whom'" asked Otto, in struggling tones. ?? To the Slack Eaglt of PaJe*ti*tsbonted our hero. ?*.>/irrygasped the vanquished man " Why didn't you tell me so Bat do you yield "Yes!"' " And if I spare thee, wilt thou give me thine oath that thou wilt not trouble thisplace again ?" ?? The terms are hard." ?? But is not life valuable ? Remember?I would kill thee as quickly as 1 would any other robber!" ?? Snare me ! 1 promise." ?' Then upon thy knees and take the oath. That Is the ordeal." Sir Otto hesitated a while, but at length he got upon his knees, aud with the cross of the crusa der's sword Iwfore him. he took the prescribed oat h ?? Well douc ! Hir Otto von Metzinger. Now call thy robber crew off. and go in search of some uiore legitimate game." In the meantime the two esquires had been do ing a heavy work among the men-a-ariu*. Rob ert of SwihgenhoflVn was like a wild bull among them. while Bernard stalked about like a stork among f/ogs. Their long experience against the SaracenesLad given tb<*m notions of combat of which thetr huddling adversaries knew nothing. | Tnree of the robl?er retainers were slain outright, j while most of the others were either senseless | np?>n the ground or crawling away with cracked J ami aching beads. Sir John von Mainha-dt. as soon as he knew who his captor was. readily took the same oath Cut his companion had taken, and then they were .allowed to depart; though ere they did so tne lat- i t.-r poured oat his enmity and threats profusely. ? By the holy host. Sir Crusaders, you have ventured intoa'ne*t of hornets, as you shall find to your cost. If yon get out of these mountains with a whole skin you'll be fortunate !*r With this threat upon his lip?, the robber knight turned to where his men-at-arms were ^earch:ng for their wnses. and ere long the whole t arty r<?d~ off?all save the three dead one*, their bodies being left for the monks to dispose of. Blessings, deep and sincere, were shower* d upon the two crusaders when they returned to the ??jBvent: and when they beard of the oath they bad made the marauders take, the abbess could uot ?i>eak her gratitude. A hearty breakfast was eaten, and afier this the u ? knights signified their intention iff departing The storm of the previous evening liad passed a way. and the air of the spring morning was fre>h aud flagrant. ? ? l>> y<>u go near S'uttg.irt f" tlui abbess asked ?? Ibrectly thithv-r," the Blark Knight answered. ' Th d you will easily reach it before dark if y >ur horses are strong.*' '? Certainly." ?? I have a favor to ask of thee," the abbess re sumed. addressing him of tlie Eagle. " The l.ady Agues has in*? for several days watching for some 1 .ends who had promis?d to come and condnrt her to Stuttgart, w ue.e she wonld go to see her "???u-,in'?, C instance of Baden, aud Blanche of Wurbmburg. They may not come for a long and ii' you will accept the charge I shall give her into tfiy keeping, for safe delivery at the ?astie of Kverba d von Wurtamberg.' '? Er fkard rom Wurtonburgrepeated the Black Eaglr. ' The Wild Knight of #wabia*" " v? ? >?r Crusader. He i* surely the wildest knight m all Christendom; and the ruont jealous 'estraint Kven the Emperor he sets at deli u,,l claims all mankind for his foes. He is '* *?' ?{"?'' '*""lg. and a cousin of mine to boJt. He ??tands at the head of the robber knights of the empire, bat he -| i>ravt. man, and would worn a mean a< tion He would He down and die of starvation ere he would rob a woman i and bis i> east he would Ixite to the sword ere he would strike a foul blow Be aure Im- will give thee a hearty welcome, if jou cross nut his purpose. ' But will thou accept the charge ?? Does the fair lady wish it*" ?? She does." ?? fbr? ' f .W sn* y?? '"ay feel that you hold my life in pledge for l*,r ? "I understand." retu ?ed the ebheei with a smile ; aud thus speaking *he turned away Ere long Agnes voa Lnxembury mtr'ed tbe, all prepared for her joumev and Ijoth tne knights started as they beheld her Strang*- beauty wtien thus arrayed. Her riding, robe of purpie velvet was bordered with wold and the jaunty velvet cap, with its drooping o% trich plTme^ cist a warm glow upon her face that was like a Uaio She wore a small dagger in her ginlle. and in her hand she carried a light whip. Her home, a noble barb, with a mixture of the Arabian in its veins, manifested the utmost delight when he saw his mistress approach ; and when she had been assisted to her saddle, the pleased animal capered about with unmistakable manifestations of joy." 44 Now. mind you,'' said the abbess, once more addressing the black Knight. " until yon reach the castle of Everhard the Lady Agnes Is my charge to von." '? Then the Wild Knight has some control over her," the Black Eagle said, in a tone so low that the imiden could not hear it. A dark shade rested upon the face of the ab l?ess. and a slight shudder passed through her frame as she replied? ?? Ye*, he is her guardian, made so by my brother in hit last will. But 1 have authority nntv " Once more our hero promised to watch well his charge, and then the abbes* turned to her niece. There were a few sincere blessings?a kiss?a cheerful farewell?and then the party rode away. r ' After the laps of several hours, as a shoft si lence ensued, the Crusader gazed upou his fair companion with an earnest, plavful look. She looked up and met his gaze, and a warm glow suffused her face. She knew not that he was looking upon her, or she would not have gazed up then, for her eyes were beaming with the tale of love, and she knew it. And a less interested person than herself, and one with less percep tion, could not have failed to see that the knight's g?e was one of pure, devoted affection. It was a moment of strange emotions. Each had detected the other in the act of pouring out the silent language of love. The kntght was the first to speak. '? Gentle lady," he said in a tone made rich and musical by the deep feeling that sustained 't, "why should two honorable people, whom fate has thrown together, hide the deepest, holi est emotions of their souls? I will not hide mine. ^ on shall not say I could look what 1 dared not speak. Agnes of Luxemburg, I love thee with the whole strength of my heart, and with the undivided power of my heart's first love. Thou art the first maiden who ever awuke the sweet whisper in my soul, and to thee I give my poor heart with all its hopes, its aspirations and its joys. I trust I have not offended." For some moments the fair girl gazed down on the arching neck of her steed without speaking She trembled violently, for there was a mighty struggle iu h^r soul. "Alas:" she at length uttered, raising her moistened eyes to her companion's face, "would that my love and my duty were united." How, lady ? Speak plainly, I would beseech thee." ?? Knowest thou not that my father willed that I should wed with the Count of Baden ?" I knew he had so toi<htd. Did he lay the command upon thee. '? He never commanded me, sir. His wish was always my law When he expressed to me his desire, he knew if it were in my power to do it his desire would be accomplished." "But thy love, lady ? ' '? Thou art the first man who ever won iny young heart. Sec?1 am frank, because thou hast heen." " Bless thee ! gentle Agnes?bless thee forever. Thou dost love ine, then?"' " With all my heart!" " Then see ? \Ve still have ground for hope. If til** Lord of Bitiifn be an hononiblc innn He will not surely hold thee to a union from which love I must ever be absent. He would not have such a ! wife if he could." ;? Ah, you know him not!?' said Agnes, with a , slight shake of the head. "Nor do you know the man my father placed over me .-is my guardian. I Alas ! they have no hearts of love or sympathy." 1 he knight gazed upon his companion as she ; spoke, and when she ceased speaking he l>ow?*d his head There was a cloud upon his brow, and j his lips were compressed; yet he seemed more t worked upon by some firm purpose of his own than by any fears of the lowers of others. When j be again raised his head his bright eye beamed t with more than ordinary meaning. ;< Gentle Agnes," he said. " love me?love ine well?love me as I love thee?and leave the rest to me. In this universe of good there must he power enough to overcome all evil, if it could only be I properly applied; and so why may we not hope that right and justice shall triumph here ?" "My love 1 cannot control," the maiden an swered. ?? Were I never to see thee again, from this hour my heart eould never give up thine im I age?my soul could never forget this, its first holy i love As true as I live I apeak fiankly and truth ! fully now Were the painful clause removed; 6 'uld the barrier be broke.i down?honorably so l would place my hand within thine own, and be ; thin?* forever! The noble knight raised his hand to his cheek ! and brushed away a tear, and when he spoke his voice was low and sweet. 44 Among the blessings of God. and standing serond only to the pure faith of the tried Chris tian, is bright, sunny hope. Let us cling to It." Half the afternoon had passed away, and-the travelers had just entered uport a broad table of i level land, when Engelbert s horse, which was I ahead. suddenly stopped and placed his nose to [ the ground ; and in a moment more he raised bis ( head and gave a wild, startling snort. 4*Ah?that means that we are to meet some body," said the Black Knight, as Agnes gazed ? inquiringly towards him. t or a moment an expression of fear dwelt upon the maiden's face; but it quickly passed away. 44 We have nothing to fear, surely-," the Knight resumed. 44 If they be robbers we have nothing to lose, and if they be not robbers they must be flrlends. Yet I'll don my casque ana take my shield, for war sometimes comes when we least eiuect it." As he thus spoke he exchanged his velvet cap for the black steel helm with its triple plume, and then calling to bis esquire, betook his shield. Just as Engelbert had made the same arrange ment a party of three knights appeared upon the opposite side of the plain, whicu was nearly half a mile distant. As the distance became less an exclamation of fear dropped from Agncs's lips, and when her companion looked upon her, he found her pale and trembling. " What is it!" be asked, eagerly. *? The Count of Bade*.'" she uttered. 44 The Count * Which one."' " He that ride* upon the right hand?the short , est one." " And do you kuow who are those other two"' Agnes loosed a few moments, and then she le I plfred? I "Aye?they are two of the most villainous knights that ever broke knightly vows. There j is Mir Frederick von Bondorf, who came from Bavaria to save his head from the law; and Sir ; Marco Montani. a crafty, bloody, and unscrupu ! lous Italian. They are the Count's tools, and do j his bidding for hire. ?? They look like scout knights," said the Ea ? gle. hair to himself. " And so they are," responded Agnes. '? But you tremble, dearest." 44 Ave?the Count may be on his way to Saint Fulvla." 44 Ha I For thee ! Now I see. And why should he have come ? Think you Everbard sept him?" The maiden pondered a few moment* ere she replied, and duiing her hesitation the Knight stopped. 4> I'll tell thee all in afew words,"she at length said. " and thus save thy questions. My guardian will do much for the Count of Baden. He would not for worlds directly do a deed to harm me ; yet he looks upon my marriage with the Count as a fixed fhet, and be will help It on. Thrice have I refused to go to Baden's stout castle of Heidel berg, and Rudolf has sworn that he would take j me to his dwelling by force, if I would not go ' otherwise. The last time I saw iny guardian, he i told me,iu a laughing niood?he laughed because he thinks my coyness of the Count only the result j at whim; lie does not know that I despise him? ' 1m* told iiie to lieware of Rudolf of Baden, for that be mrant to kidnap me on the first opportunity. ' So 1 think he has come now for that purpose." The new-coiner* were now within a few rods, and as the Count of Baden recognized Agnes, he pbt spurs to his horse. Ashe did so the Unknown diopi?ed his vizor, and secrHlv loosened the trap pings of his battle-axe. He of Baden was in full armor, only he wore his vizor up. '? Ha?my little truant ?" the Count cried, as he drew up a few yards oft'. 441 havw found thee most opportunely 1 was after thee, sweet one." With a powerful effort Agnes overcome the tu multuous emotion that shook her frame,and then in a respectful manner she replied? " | am on my way to Stuitgait. J am goin? to the castle of my guardian." ?*Soyou meant when you started. 1 saw the noble Count, thy guardian, this morning, and he bade ine come ana take tnee. And so you see I ! have route. Sir Knight, 1 will relieve thee of thy charge." 44 Were 1 anxious to give up theeharge I might thank thee fur thy kindness/' returned our hero, calmly and modestly. 41 But as I assumed the charge for a specified purpose, I must do my pledfe. MtU, you will allow roe to thank y6u all '^The'voung Count was at first puxzled by this. He was young for thepfcaesof power be occupied, being not yet thlrtj; but he bad much experience and was accounted one of the best and aurest lan cers In Baden. Before he could answer, however, their after* Hon was railed in another direction, where two more knights had appeared upon the field. Agnes of Luxemburg drew a long, painful breath, and her cheek once more blanched with fear, for in'J the two horsemen who had thus made their ap pearance she recognised Sir Otto of Metzinger and John of Mainhardt! She knew that their souls were full of revenge against her noble lover; and is it a wonder that she trembled with the thought of her two faithful friends meeting these five full-armed knights? Her heart sank within her as the conviction came that she must now go with the hated Count von Baden ! But will the renowned Knight of the Eagle tamely yield her up, while the fire of his young first love is so fiercely burning in his valorous heart ? "Will he fight against sue hfearfnl odds ?" asks Agnes of her trembling heart; and?*4 What if he suould be overwhelmed and slain at my feet ?** Yes?he will fight! She read* his deter mination in his Hashing eye, and imperial bear ing. Short is the angry piarley. The visors are drawn down; the lances are couched, and the op posing battle-cries ring out upon the startled air! Allies can only pray God to speed the right. The above is all of this beautiful and highly Interesting story that will he published in our columns. We give this as a sample. 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Pot further information kf pfy'to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the plac? or to the subscriber at his Broker s Oraoe, nee Brown's Hotel, Washington City, mar24 ROBERT MORROW.

AUCTION SALES. By J A?. C. MoGUTR K. Auctioneer. \TFMY EXTENSIVE SALE BV .Catalogce V o* StPBRIoR KO.'EWOOD fIVE> OCTAV1 CHICt KKtXG Piaxo Forte, elegaxt city-madf. Cabinet Utrritvre, iiaiwomk oilt-framk Mirrors, RICK BILK AKD DAMAKK CuRTAIKB, COSTLY OtL rAl^TpGS, VRI.VET AND Brc#*el? Carpets, Ac. <>ii TUESDAY MORNING. April 21*t, at 1? 0 clock, aud continuing. from dar to day untiJ the whole ih disposed of, I shall sell tne superior Furni ture and edecHs of tlie "Ebbitt Home, sitnated on r street, between 13th and Mtn streets, embracing every variety and style of Parlor and Chamber Fur niture, Bedding, Ac. This extensive establishment embraces some eighty-five parlors and chaml>ers. which have been httedup in a style unequal**] iu this city, the Furni ture all having t?e?n made at the best establishments of this city and of ver) superior atyle and finish. We name? Elegant rosewood I-ouis quatorze seven-octave Pi anoforte, by Chickeriug Elegant French-plate gilt-frame mantel, pier, and oval Mirrors, of various sizes tuid styles Handsome Oil Paintings, Pasteis, and French En gravings in rich gilt frames Superior rosewood and walnut orimaon plnsh-oover ed Frenrh ami tete-a-tete Sofas gi van, arm, l&diea' and parlor Chairs ockers, Gothic reception Chairs, Ac. Suite of rosewood Parlor Furniture, finished in blue ami gold brooatelle, comprising two tete-a-t?te ? Sofas, two arm Chairs, and four parlor Chairs Suites of handsome walnut figured namask-covered Parlor Furniture, consisting of tvu Sufw, two arm Chairs, Rocker, and four parlor Chairs Haudsome walnut Whatnots, Etageres, and Book stands. of various patterns Beautiful marble-top centre, sofa, and aide Tables. in rosewood, walnut, aud mahogany Elecant brooatelle, damask, and lace Curtains throughout the house, with mlt Cornice, Cords, Taasels, Ac. complete Rich French China Vases, Candclabras, and other mantel Ornaments Superior Velvet, English, Brussels, and three-ply Carpets throughout the houao Brussels and Vemtian hall and stair Carpets Oil Cleth, Rugs, Stairs Rods and Eyes Splendid rosewood, walnut, and mahogany marble top dressing Bureaus and Washstands, Ward rotas Jenny Lind and French Bedsteads Fine painted Cottage Sots, with and without mar bles Solid cherry Bedsteads, Wardrobes, and Wash stands of superior make Painted Wardrolios, Bedsteads, and Washstands Superior eurled hair Mattresses Fine Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows Very extensive lot of superior Blankets, Marseilles Quilts. Comforts, Bedspreads, Sheeting, Bolster and Pillow Slips French China, tnarbled, and granite Toilet Sets Rush and cane-seat Clwurs, Rockers Mahogany hairspring-seat S>fas. Rockers, annand side Chairs Hair Cloth, rep. and dainask-covered Lounges Marble-top Sideboards and Beaufets Bookcases, Writing Desks, arm Chair* Eight superior engraved heavy eilver-platcd Tea Sats Silver-plated Castors. Waiters, Tea and Cotlee Urns, Spoons and Forks Supenor TsWe Cutlery, Fire Irons Walnut and mahogany extension, breakfast, card, and side Tables Superior oak cane-gent dining Chairs French China and granite Dinner, Desert, and Tea Service Crystal cut-glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Gob lets, TntnMers, and Wine Glasses Block-tin Urns, Chafing Dishes, and Dish Covers Radiator, open grate, and air-tight Stoves Together with a general assortment of every article in the housekeeping line. Term# : S3> and under, cash ; over that sum a cre dit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endor sed notes, bearing interest. Also, at For# o'cLoeg on Tuesday the 21st, in front of the premises, one handsome one-horse fam ily Carriage, nearly new and built to order by one of the best city manufacturers. P. S. The House, which is probably one of the best adapted for a fashionable boarding house or ho tel in the city, is for rent. Inquire on the premises or of the auctioneer. ap8 d J. C. McGUIRE, A net. IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI 1 Facias, issned from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the. County of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for r**k, in front of the Court house door of said courifv, on WEDNESDAY the 2$th of April. 1867, at 12o> clock, m., all defendant's right, title, claim and interest in and to lots No. 1 and 20. in square No. G4I; together will all and singular the improvements thereon, "l>eing the property on which the Lime Kiln is located, at the corner of Vir ginia Avenue and the eaual," seized and levied upoo as the property of Parrott A. Prinale, Edward P. Goode, Samuel J. Seeiey and Cornulius I""1 will be sold to satisfy judicial* No. 24Jf, to October term 18SC, and judicial* to March term 1837, ill favor of Frederick and Augustus Schneider, ano John Purdy. J. D. HOOY ER, , ap 4-tds Marshal of the Dist. of Col. IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI 1. Facias, issued Iromthe Clerk sOlfice of tho Cir cuit Court of the District Columbia for the County of Washington.and tome directed, I shall expose to public sale, for ca.tA, in front of the Court-house door of sauf county, on WF.DN ESDA^ tho 29th of April, 1&77, at 1 o'clock, p. m., all defendants right, title, claim ami interest, in and to ail of the sulslivi sion M and N of lot No. 4, in square No. 574 of the City of Washington, in ?ud county and district, as saia snbdivisioiitiave been laid out for the Baltimore ami Ohio Railroad Company, and a plot thereol duly recorded. The said lots, M ami N, having a front of SO feet \\ inches nn Louisiana Avenue aud C street, and averaging 92 feet 3>? inches on 1st street west, and containing 4^0 square feet, beim; the northeast corner of said square: seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett, ami will be sold to satisfy mdicials No. 20 and 21, to March.termi l?i7, iu favor of Hamilton A Cain. J. D. HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshal for the District of Col. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VERY EXTENSIVE SALE ^SUPERIOR ? New Fcrnitcrk at Acctios.?On MONDAY, the 6th day of April, at 10 o'cUk*, I shall ooniinonoe the sale, ami continue from day today until all is sold, of the very large stock of superior new T urtiture in the ware-rcoms on7th street, next to Odd-Felloes Hall Tho assortment is large and varied, comprising almost every description of Ilouso-furnishing Goods. We name in part? . Mahogany and Walnut Sofas, Arm-t liairs and Rock erg Bed Solas, Reclining Cliairs, Ottomans, and Loun Marbfe-'top Parlor Tables, Library Tables ami cases Mirrors, square and oval, gilt frame and comniou, m Bureaus! Sideboards, Wardrobes, Washstands, aud Secretaries* Book cases, Office Desks and Chair* Very handsome sets of Enamelled CliamlKsr I umi Bed'steads m Mahogany, Waluut.antl ?;nMri* Hair and Ilusk Mattresses. Bolsters aud Piljows Extension Din.,., Table. Mahogany aid WjjtagJ A lot of superior Laoeand Muslin Window* urtains Ami au assortment of China, Glaes ami ware, with a great variety of other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. The stock fills three large ware-rooms, ami the whole will be sold to the highest bidders. The sale will atford a fine opportunity to all persons in tliecity and vicinity who iiesire to purchase furniture, and is also worthv the attention of the trade. Terms of sale: All sums under f Si cajh, o\er ?>?> a credit of 2 and 4 months, for notes satisfactorily en to exRtx'nc llie *,oek nl any t'mwl>aVlOU* lU tUe Sal?" A- GREEN. Auct. SPECIAL ADDITION. Will be added to the al?pve stock of goods ??'i<l) on the same terms, the elegant set of P^,,rfu"" ture. in green and garnet brooatelle, exhibited and "auSJ.1 set'if the 'same pattern, in crimson and garnet brooatelle.. . 1 set of the same, in cambric , , n, 1 do in green and gold satin delaine do in blue aud gold <lainask <to in crimson and gold damask With an assortment of beautiful !? rench pattern Lounges and Tete a-tates, hi great vanetjr.. ^ ? By J AS. C.McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Brick and stone of THK^Ay{,9>,HJ Thkatkk at Flblic Auction.?On a fTt'H \(l()N April 10th, fvt 4 o clock, on th? IUS* sefl the entire lot of Bnck and ittone standin the walls and nUck^ the National Theatre, compn?mg aboutjttrick tafne.1, the brick sold by measurement in the *alls, 1f Auot. i T,? Sl^isrLOTS AT p. ft, 1 will b? in the immediate neignbi^rnrKjd. ,upii, H*ll IIIO Iiniiiui'i iiiiuu. ." A rti. ...jeanonce of lieing neBT the City Hall, amTwitliiii_ a short walltof Pennsylvania avenue strabie m const ?mhi w 11 iiiu ?? , m .. and some of the public buildings, And at lialf-past 5 o'clock, or immediately after the sale of the above, I will sell, in front of the premises, Lof No. II. in square No. 7HR, lieautiftillr situated on Capitol Hill, haviug a front on north A street of feet 2>s inches, between 3d aud 4th streets east, run iiinx with a sida alley to a 3n feet alley in the rear. Saiu lot contains 6,<U6 square feet, uiorc or less, and is located in the immediate vicinity of the New Me thodist Episcopaj Church. Terms: One fourth, cash ; balanoe iu 6, 12, and 18 mouths, the purchaser to riee notes for the deferred payneuts,bearing mlerest from the day of M|e. A dead given and a deed of trust taken. All couvevau cing at the cost of the purchaser. J* H ? .. Auct. TlOYS AND FANCY NOTIONS. A MAM moth Stock at LAMSiOND'S. __ Pianos, 4ke. P'fNii!8PjS?EiE^r REPAIRING, 4c o^uhed hm.self ,n thi* ci^U.?TJ^hoHb HM^fTrW brwnchesT w f h * ?j?h^l i? " ?? it* ymrt. ^ exPeri*?uoe ol lourteeu SMPBRE Will reoeivo prompt attentio.T" th aiKi #^!OLD MEDAL PREMIUM " ~"~ . PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KM BR, (Senior partner in the late firm of r>??. K * a??, Gaehlk A Co.. v '"'*'?< Knofce <V Ci>.Lit the old itinil kzt^=3 IlinU \f^r-.y,e Pr,"?",,<,? P*rtly occupied It Mr f "r^ McCaffery as a music store, where they will tSMSffT&a,** .? ! ocu?,wn? wuli dou Ue keT bXd7douw^ r^Y? anJ itop, to ?u,t small chnrchc? r<*,U* P.wJTwfwlT^JEM ,nLh" trianufactare of L.K teTn,ri 1 1 whota"???* r?t**UonthenH??t remmm ?StltlltC kSSS i Vj "i?*. Fair f.?r 1H77 h" Metro ".'itefrT, n ' "*'* All instrument* are guaranteed for fiv? --? SS?a^s ?x^r-i?rs^:,hm "v*nt*" r ,T WM. KNABE A CO. (1?KAP SKCONfl-H ANI) PIA\OS^\Ve h .vr V' m,tore mx PIANOS, some of ~H-h -i im\e 'jf^n Used only a few mouths by mem u' -? ~i !>?i7t-1 ^nrreff family, and are now for^H 4Yl ."?to - I*"* great hnrgaui* ; 2 I ianoti, very pretty rases, at .51a) each 2 do common, at each do beautiful rnscwixji cases, scaroely aoiled SwLST moilths use ?!>?> received, at SJW) each A> at U173 each. hi ""Oiuraui. ?2r, litr ?s z?jxi: ksi 'svr?? ste should call and see thorn. onxain and&&ft N t'\V p7a\OS^ ?P'*V>. Iishment in this eity **IAXOfc of any estab STR^ME^ '" ?MU8'Cj,^,W'Wf!v,N' "Pil _ ** IV nv.. Ift Wh iM 1 Vh Vt #. Wv!ijibiS: and A\ iihatn Miller s ret rb'rated PIA Y Ci S !IC \ -X* ANUS i^AraJp1 to'BSK1'00* "f PI'"^ mk\tmRpI brass i\str r ONS, nn!l SIIFKT J2.ES' ACCOR DK house south of New York cheaPe?" than in any PianosPforbrenhted ^ re0e'Ved *Very d?> - T" ? r<ov 4?tr O ARCHITECTS.?BY A RKSOI I Tiriv %i4SHsS?3?5 P^rtn|^S?tHUnTh^ hSiw'*htJ ,n ,h?twod?. ?"e r?r lhe p,M,r-a,ld ??? '-<? rtoTwrrpcnsiirltni'f-.u uv ?.i\*u oxeepi 10 ?nearum wot whose plan shall bf? adopted. Plans may be lelt at theofhea of the Chairman, on 5th street, near Pennsylvania avenue, or with either member of the Joint Committee. ao '~tf JOHN L. SMITH. Chairman. VTKITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. V, . >VASHI>GTO\, March 21,1&9T. On the petition of K. A. Stillrpan. administrator of Allred Stillman, deceased, of New York, N. Y.. pra) in?f for the extension of a patent grant.-d to said Stillman, lor an improvement in evaporating saccha rine juioes, f.r seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place r.u the 17th da* of Ati gust, 1S67? It is ordered, that the said petition l>e heard at the Pateut Otfico on Monday, the 10th day of An rust next, at 12 o'clock m.: aud all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ou;;ht not to de granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Otfice their oljjections, specially set forth in writing, at least twent) davs before the day of litarHit; all testimony filed I* either party to be used at the said hearing hiust be taken ami transmit ted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will he furnished on application. The testimony 111 the case will l>e closed on the 30th of July n??xt; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be hied in the Office on or l>elore the morning of that day, the arguments, if any, within ten da\s thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice l?c published in the National Intelligencer, t'mon, ami Evening Star, \> iishington, D. C.; Republican. Baltimore, Mary land; Pennsvlvaiuan, Philadelphia, Pa.: Lhuly News, New \ ork, N. \ .; and Post. Boston. Mass.: once a week for three successive weeks previous to the 3d day ol August next, the <Iht of hearing. CHARLES MASON. * . . Com'r of Patents. P. S. Kditors of the atn>\*e papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. mar23-law3w A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose wvndsot l\. lile have nearly run out. discovered while in , the I jiat Asthtna t Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, , Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and (ieiieral / f Ai f Debility. The reme?ly was <liscovercd by him I w hen his only child, a daughter, was gtren up to ? die. Wishing to do as much goid as possible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow beings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit direc tions for inakineg it up and successfully usinp it. He requires each applicant to enclose ' shilling?three cents to be returned a? pt the Jecipe, and the remainder to be appln n???ient of this advertisement. Addn IKS, No. 19 lirand st., Jersey City plH ress ap 6-lm it. | ne I i>n V he# 7 1 CE ! ICE!! ICE!?!?The nnder-igne<l respectful l> inform his friends and the pulflie Keiierally. that he is now prepared t<? furnish .'amilies and otherh) tlinmsh tfi? season) with the best quality of ICE, delivered 111 any part of Washington and (ieorRe town. and guarantees to give entire satikfacll<Mi. Orders to be left vith Kidwki.i. A I.\ruE\CK, 11th streets; Robt. A. Patnb. Druggist, corner 4th and Mass. avenue; and with the subscriber. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ice can be had at all times. ap 7-tf T. X. K1 DWELL. Real estate office. A full description of all property left with me for sale, will be entered 011 my Sales Book, and receive my porsonal attention, and if a sale isetiected.a rea sonable commission will be charged on theaiuountof sale. I will also give personal attention to the Renting of Dwellings and other property, for reasonable fees. The public may be assured that all business left in rav charge will be attended to with promptness aud fidelity; and that it is my intentum to make my office a place of great value to all interested 111 Real F.state. Business respectfully solicited. Office at No. 512 (second story)7th street,opposite National Intelli gencer Office. jan 22-ooaiu POLLARD WF.BB. W. W. HAC'KXKY. W. B. DATTOH. HACKNEY A DAYTON, Real Estate axd General Land Agkxct. feb M-TuK4m _ Ommkn City, N. T. HATS! HATS!?Constantly on hand afnll sup ply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYI.ES. together with TAYLOR'S HATS, ol Baltimore. The best bi^ek dress HATS, got up in the latest stvle for as good aa those usually sohl at 95; and a good fasluouahle Hat atg JS, worth t4; and a first rate Hat/ 2^o. I he liest materials and the best ?? workmanship is eniPlot ed to produce a A5 which is sold for /fSJrK We do a cash basiuess. meet with uo losses, but give each oustomer full value for his money. Felt Ilats unusually low. N. B. Agent for Drisood's Balm of a Thousand * '^XSrL^LV'?? 25 per bottle. , AKTHON^ ,7th street, near Pa. avenue, Acent for a N ew \ ork Hat Company. sept 36?M f^AS t lXTl RFS.-R. H. MIM.KR. SON A CO., Alexandria, Va.,kecp constantly on haed ahamlsome variety of CliANDELIERS, PEND ANTS, BRACKETS, *0.. fr?mi ths eafehrtaed fac tory of Cornelius A Baker, which they will guaran tee te sail at the same prioss charged to private pur chasers at the sale rooms ou Cheainat street, Phila delphia. Also, Drop-lights. Cut Glass and decora tod Paper Stales, in great variety. Calland examine for yourselves. ' TVJO WASHINGTON MANUKACTl KLLtWI^ j^| VKR WARF-c exhibition at the Metropoli tan Mechanios' Institute Fair,but every description of fine Silver Ware can be seen in Processofmsnu IncturinXi at H. CJ? niKiU mar 13 338 Penn. avenue, near 9th st. THE WEEKLY STAR. Tlu? excellent Family Md News J oar?I abs taining ? grealsr tuiH) ?[ interesting rsadiag iMa can he fonnd in any other?is published on Saturday t?*?- s. x Single copy. per annum . . -. TO rt-T*' > jj, Five copies ,4 *> Twenty copies ,a ^ DTCi??,l*r?H*?lT ? im*C*. By Utacnt*#* in elate miesd ?w*l ""??|j? without the intervention of a mail agent,* *? per wived. twenty per esnt. of the T\ *?UT?vJA. will be aaved. It savanably ^ . * ington News" that ha* mails U? Daili Star ciroa ? late m generally ttimnghent tn eonntfy. ? fT^Smale oi^im < in vritftrt) can be smeared *l the counter. iiiintedisteiy after the issaewl the Pap*r? Prioe?There Cui?. Postmaster* who act aa agents will ba allowed * dMMaae ol tw*n?j rr <*m DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SL K ir EOS DK VTTVT ?? i MAStFACTCRKR OF ARTIFICIAL T n T'' ^ His complete arrangement* enabin^ him'tr'1 frifseut the win* pi ir*? Entire I'pper Sett Teeth, oa Cold ?*iir>s? Do do do on Silver ... tttofc* One or tuore, on Gold j to ^ IVi on Silver. i t? a Filling. Extracting. Removing Tartar; also. Re pairing at the name reasonable rates. All operations executed in such a manner a* to give every satislac tion. Office comer nth street and svetme. ap r D ENT1STRY. DR. STEPHEN HAll.V, Office .No. lift*. pRXNSTLr aria Avimi, Tkrtt doors from 14;* blrttt. Dr. BAIL\ l>egs leave to informthc pnbucttiat h? can be seeu at all hours,st hia office, located aaabove He feela assured that an experience of fifteen years' practioe, with the targe number of patients, and great r n' ?i. J'rooult oasosthst he has treated success fully, will enable htm to aurmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise. relating to the Teeth. Hie owp experience confirming the opinion of many men ?fTT? m the profession, and especially Dra. Hurr a and J. and b. Iwirnj, haa led him. Ion* ainee. todis ?rrUi? ii .k*. 5?",tJ"uct,on of Continuous Gum f>ath, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable sulwtsnce that can be worn in the month, aa was moat eenelnairely shown by tire last American i>ental ( on vent ion. Although he flatters himself from his Ion* reai denoe and practice in Washington. he is IhroraNr known to hi* numerous friends and patrons he |M> leave to refer them to the following t , TEST IM ON IAI .S: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphan) of tliie eity. Dr. Stephkn Bailt: Dear Sir?I desire to ex press my esteem for you personally, and m> confidence in jou as a superior dentist. The operations executed forme have l>een highly satisfactory. I hope that yon may receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. .... . Yours very truly, Waxliiii^ton, Aug. ?. 1?*. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. ,, . Boggs.Cotman ft Co. Having employed IwPtephen Bailv. Surgeon Den tist, of \\ asiimxton city, to execute tor me an im portant and dilhcalt piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and 111 view of the fact that one of the most distinguished memltersof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated tnala, to pcrtorm the same work satisfactorily, it give* ma great pleasure to express my entire couhdenee and liikh estimation of hre professional okill. Baltimore Jan. !t, 1857. I! ARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from t he late Hon. John M. I'laj ton. _. . A. . I". b-Srsatr. An*. 19,18S6. The teeth jou made for me work admiraM) ; noth ing could be better. Verr gratefully. JOHN M CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the mal*iiee of lh?? teeth, I can cheeriully recommend Dr. S. Baiiy aa a superior Dentist: he made a set of porcelian teeth for one of my lamilv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well for more than tenyenm. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Ya. Conf. of the .M. E. Church South. April 19.18?. We. the undersigned, having had occaaion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Bail). SureiMiii Dentist ??f thia city, or liaving t*een otgmz ant of hia operations on oar families or fnends, take pieaaure in expreaaing our admiraTuxi of his artistic skill, as wall as of the uniformly aatisfact<?rv manner in which he perforins the moat deuaate and difficult operations in Dental Surger),and we respectful!) re commend him to the confidence and patronage ol the public, of winch we consider him eminentl) worth*. Thomas U. Walter. Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller, M. D-,of Washington. D. C. B. S. Bohrer, M. D. of Gaorgeto?~n, D. C. N. 8. Li5colx, M. D., of Washington, D. C. Jo*, ff. Br adley, of Washington, D. C. f?ROR?a Waltow, Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Mavorof Washington. Henry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. Wight, Principal Ritteuhouse Aoadeni. febao tf Dr. VII.i.ard. dentist, late of chn Cago, u'ould respectlu.l) u.torin the ctt lxens of the District and vicinit\, that har-j ing located himself in Washington, he is now prepared to periorin all operations in his profes sion. in the moat approved at) le. Office. No. 23o, Penn. avenue, adjoining (iautier's. is n ai lv l. t iuavu ivii ci? vim?-?? C., lias received from New \ ork and Philadelphia, and now otferius at very low prices, to cash and prompt customers, a large and general assortment ot Stafi.e and Fancy Goons?comprising in part aa follows, via: _ . ^ New style Silk Robes and fancy Mk? Best make black Silks, high luatred Black Cliaihes. Lustres and Moua Delataes Rich printed (all w?h?I) Mous Delaines Challies ami Barege Delaines, in gi eat variety Rich Organdie, Barege.aml Jacou?t Robes Brifht colors and mode plain Bareges and De lainaa Plsiin French Bnllanti ind Peraales Plain colors Cravellas and Snring-style Poplins DuciU. n light t-easonal?le fa one Be?t French p;inted Jaconets and Brilliants White Brilliants, from 12S to 31 cents gest makes new styles Gnigbams ehaces, Cliambravs and plain Lustres English Prints of new btjlea, in great variety, at Rich Chintz colors best French Organdies White Goods, in great variety. Plain Swiss. Nans<iok and Jaoonet Muslim Plaid and striped Muslins .... Smsll-hgured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins Pisid and striped Jaconet, Nansook and Sa-iss Mualiaa White Tarletons. Illusions, and Waah Nets Irish Linens (of the best makes I very cheap Linen Cambric., Linen and Bishop Lawna Super English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladies* use New York, Batea.Atwood.and other good makes Shirtings White Cambrics (of Jonas's celebrated make) White Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collars. Embroideries. French worked Muslin Collars aad Seta Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and-Laoe Sleeves and Seta Houiton and Maltese l^ice Collars Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Hdkfs. A'so. new stvles Lace and Silk Mantillas Stella and White Crape Sliawia Plain and rich tijnired Bonnet and Saah Ribbons Steel -spring. Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Sk i rt ? Spring assortmont of Bajoti's Kid Gloves Tali eta Siik. black lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies anl children Gents I test English Half-hose, ribbed and plain do Liele thread and fknev cotton do. A good assortment? r Silk Cravats and Ties Suspenders. Silk and Linen i'*mlnc Hdkfs liossamer and Lisle-thread Shirts and Drawers New style Paraa.Js. Also. Gentlemen and Boys' wear of every descrip tion, with every variety of llouse-furniehing Dry Domestic Goods for servants wear of the heaviest '"purchasers mav rely upon getting desirable goods 'apt-tr*'* JOHN H. >MOOT. G~ RAND OPENING OF BEAl'TIFl'L Spring Goods.?The subscribers have just returned from New York, where they have selected with great, oare a most beautiful stock of Fine Goods, to which they invite your attention. Their selections have tieen of everv sty le, class, finish and variety of Fha Bronze and China Ornamenta; pearl, silver, and buck Poite-monuaies and Card Cases ; Comlia. i'u vaa a v? ?v ? .?w.M. ?. _ Brushes, Carriages. C*U, H.h^s. Grace's, Battie dores, Dominoes .Chess, (lamea. En* ravings. Foot. Parlor and Solid Balls, Balloons. aisJ a host of littls notions for little folks?forming in all, the largeat, moat varied, and most complete aasortmcnt ever o< ferH la this city. Oar motto "Quick Sales, small profcts,' our Store, No. M, between Vth and !*h. op posite Centre Market. To all we extend an invitation to call, promising to offer inducement* that will most assured!) cans# them to oontinue the liberal patronage bestowed up on us sinoe our entrance in tiusiness. _&P7 H.J Moi.AI GHLIN k CO. ]\TOTICE OF REMOVAL.?The undersigned would respectfully inform their customers and the public that they have removed from their late place of business, under Odd Fellows' Hall, to the store. No. 67 Louisiana armu*. a few doors east of Seventh street nearly opposite the Bank of W aas ington. w here, in addition to their atock on hand, ?a freah slipplv of (iK(M F e., juet , asaort deaire to afiltheirattention. While we beg to return our thanks to those friends wtiu have heretofore so kindly favored us with their cusfoin. we proMuae to merit their continuance and ? our stand by the offer of the best articles M fair pnoes. a prompt de livery in any part of the at), and - klj kenSedI M???T* I .. strict aitention to i>uauiess.\ A PUGH, ap 1 3taw?w _ No. 67 Louisiana ars. Clocks*! clocks:: clocks:!-Just. ??ned this dav. a great many new styles oims CLOCKS. Good Timepieces, warranted, low ?sSl 5!?- W1 Also. CLOCK MATERIALS,suchRs Oils.^^J Cords, Balls, Keys, Weighta. Glasses, Hands," 1 m Springs, &c.^at _ J. ROBI NSON S spi Jm f. at j. nuDi.^pwiv s? Great Clock Emporium. W9 opaowite Browne Hete . JOHN ALEXANDER. No. 340 Pxwnsylva*!a ArRNt r. I Jw* rsseiyj.1 alarse assortment of GILT ?"d vELV ET WINDOW SHADES, of new and rich designs. FIRS, awl PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS. mar Sl-snlm JOHN F. ELLIS has just issue ! Spring Flowac Scottisch, by C. H. Kerr. ?P ?