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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 13, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY April 13, lBi7. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union. in an article upon " The Higher against the Constitution," gives the Rev. George B Cheever and his Sabbath discourses a pretty rough handling, and says in conclu sion : ?? Such folly. treason, and desecration of the pulpit and sacred office carries with It Its own antidote It teaches the duty of standing stead fast to the fundamental truths of the constitution, and calls forth devout gratitude that men holding such destructive sentiments have auch small in fluence. and cannot meddle with the sources of our safety, nor Influence those who hold in their hands the destiny of our nation." The IntfJlignirer is devoted to news and correspondence WASHINGTON NE\VS AND GOSSIP. Thk Nbw District of Colcmiia Codf ? This new system of laws for the District of Co lumbia has evidently been pre pored with great care indeed, and, so far as published, reflects undeniable credit on the gentlemen entrusted by the late Executive with the duty of its prep aration. It is the re?ult of intense labor and thorough knowledge of law and of the require ments in the matter of the law of this commu nity It appears from a note of Messrs. Ould and Cross appended to Part III., that the entin Code has been divided into four parts, to wit Part I. Of the internal administration of th< Government, being the miscellaneous part, am embracing &U subjects not appropriately falling under either of the other parts. This part, pre pared by Mr. Ould, has already been submitted and acted upon by the Revisors. Part II., prepared by Mr. Cross, treats of tb< acquisition, the enjoyment, and the transmis sion of property, real and personal, the domes tic relations, and other matters connected witl private rights. This part lias already been sub mitted and acted on by the Board of Revisors Ot Parts I. and II. we have had something b say heretofore. Part III., prepared by Mr. Ould, with th< exception of the chapter on Evidence, is nov submitted by the codifiers Part IV.. which is now being prepared bj Mr. Cross, is promised soon. ^ e resume, from our last, the consideratioi * of Part III.: The distinction between law and equity pleadings being abolished, the following pro vision has been adopted with reference to th< manner in which issues shall be tried, to wit: " An issue of law shall l>e tried by the court unless it be referred by consent. An issue of fac In any action for the recovery of money or of spe eiflc personal property shall be tried' by a jury unless a jury trial be waived, or a reference b< ordered All other issue* of fact shall be tried bi the court, subject to its power to order any issu< or issues to be tried by a jury, or referred '' I'nder this provision, parties may claim th< benefit of trial by jury, in all cases where hi existing law they are entitled to it. The jurj is to consist of twelve persons, unless the par' ties consent to a les.* number: and the parties may consent to a number not less than three. The following provisions are found in tht chapter under the head " of proceedings sup plementary to execution " While taken ii connection with the exemption law ihomesteac and other) they do not operate harshly on th? debtor, they will serve to render certain th? col.ection u( many debts which under existing laws are seldom paid : 1- When an execution against the prop erty of the judgment debtor, or any one of severa debtors1 in the same judgment, fa returned lin sati-fled. in whole or in part. the judgment cred ltor. after such return is made, shall be entitled t< an order, to be issued by the court, or any l id^i thereof, requiring *uch debtor to appear and an swer concerning his property before the court, 01 any judge thereof, at a time and place speeiie<j In such order. K ?? Sec. 2 After the issuing of an execution against property, and upon proof bv the affidavit of th? judgment creditor or otherwise, to the satisfac tion of the court, or any judge thereof, that th< judgment debtor has property which he unjustlv refuses to apply to the satisfaction of tLe jud<r. meat, the courf or judge may. bv order. r?jui? the judgment debtor to appear before the court or any judge thereof, to answer concerning th? same: and such proceedings may thereupon b? had for the application of the property of th< judgment debtor towards the satisfaction of tlw judgment as are prescribed by law. " Sec. 3. Instead of the order reauiring the at tendance of the judgment debtor, as provided ii the two preceding sections. the court or judgt may. upon satisfactory proof, by affidavit of tE< party or otherwise that there is dinger of th< debtor leaving this District or concealing himsel to avoid said examination, issue a warrant re quiring the niarshai to arrest such deb'or anc bring h:m Wore the court or judge Ipon beini brought before ,he court or judge* be shaTbTe^ amined on oath, and other witneise. ma - ?* ? Sid*;- aJ?d ifonvl("h exaininatior the*J* danger of the .lebtor 1-av ing this District, and that he has property which he unjustlv refuses to apply to such judgment b< mav be ordered to enter into an undertaking ir auch sum as the court or judge mav presc-lbe to time"r?ttenrt??** ,uretie*-,l,at ? *?? Rom tin* to time, attend for examination before thecourt 01 tudge as may be directed In default of enteric Jail undertaking, he may be committed tc ... JrT,. ,t? P*"00 'ball, on examination pur suant to this chapter, be excused from answering w^iqt^ ,Tconil^ir,Unnltha; hi* <"*amination WUI lena to convict him of a fraud but hi. >n swers shall not ?* used as evidence' aga ns hini In any prosecution for such fraud ^ h 1,1 pro^rtyf an^^^M pav to thr m:ir!,hal the imouliTo! his debt, or so much thereof as may be necessarv k?i 1^T5r,he-X?fCUti0n'and tLe 'n-r.halTr^Hpl ?hall be a sufficient discharge for tbe anWnt ? paid or directed to be credited by the judgment creditor on the execution. juogineni 8 After the issuing or return of an exe. or of aiT^one*' <ProPrrt1V ?f ?he judgment delator or of any one ofseyeral debtors iu the same iudg merit and uoon proof by affidavit or ortherwise. to tbe satisfaction of the court, or any iudz? thereof, that any person or corporation has prop! h?m?ih?UC judgment debtor, or is indebted tc him, the court or judge may. by an order, require h?r tKr^r orcorP?ra,ion- or any officer or meiu ^e,h^ ?JLPP^ at 3 ^ifl-d time and place, and answer concerning the same The S?J&"m);al,0'in 'heir discretiou, re w "in ST,h Piling to be given to seemTo him proper 'W h ma,luer " "?>' .-iSV.Jj"5Sr"?,"K ,br,?31:"d, 'f tbe clerk, to appJar and t~hfv nrE *Ued J' logs under r^icha!ter in 7..^" ^ Proct*d upon the tnal of an issue" #ani* '"-"""f *? to attend before ^e coiii^irjLTKl1* r^"ire,i or before a referee an!?i^ Jthereof, Judge thereof aii PP^",e<* by the court, or iffi J on^h exce^;' answers, the answers Jhaii corporation officer thereof Uali ** 011 fhe ??h of an ertj^of he''^IdgrnenTdekHor^ ma>'?"H'r mnV P'?P ecution. in the hand? e^thVr nfV'Tnp!/r0,n other nerson ~ enner of himself or any the ioSsment deh^?'2f ??* '* ?"V deU due to factionf>f tbe JuiLmtent f W totbesatis debtor far htm ' 'M,t t"** earnings of the ar any time with order Thai 1 no*1 ' P^ the time of the 'plir bv h, ^.^ *PPlied, when it is made to i'irar1 "i ur >.u uiL" * ?ppSr. <t r,^;.z" vss.'r'"" .he third title relatot to nth on? i? partin Ur raMt. The subject* treated of m it are the foreclosure of mortgages, actions for nuisance actions to recover possesion of real ppop#rt claims for improvements, ,^rUtion of real prop erty. mechanics* lien,, liens on boat*, proceed ings to enforce judgment* against joint debtors and the real estate of deceased judgment de fendants, remedies of sureties against principals actions by and against executors Bnd adminis trators, the sale of real estate of decedants, dower, mandamus and prohibition, certiorari informations and habeas corpus The following arc the provisions of the Code with respect to improvements made upon real f state by the occupant: I Wjien an occupant of land has color of title therein, and in good faith ha* made val uable improvement* thereon, and isafterward* in the proper action found not to be the rightful owner thereof, no execution shall issue to pat the plalnwff in possession of the property after the complaint hereinafter mentioned, "J*1" tue provision* of this chapter are complied witn. ? Sec a. The complaint mm* set torth the grounds on which the defendant seelw' ' statins, among other things, a* ?ecuratel???ip - ticabll the value of the Wemento ?> tbe lands, as well a* the vnloe oftholand* ?sld? from ***?. T* AlTissues Joined thereon shall be tried as Inotber cases, and the court or jury trying the rxiiM JSSPW ! _ ?U The value of all lasting Improvements made .foresaid on the lands in question previous to the commencement of the action for the recovery of the land^e dama^Mj jf any, which the premises mav have sustained, by waste or cultivation, to the time of rendering the judgment; ?'3 The fair value of the rents and profits which mav have accrued, without the improve ments. to the time of rendering the judgment; ??4. The value of the estate which the success fill claimant has lu the premises, without the im provements. " Sec. 4. The plaiutiff in the main action may thereupon pav the value of the Improvements, deducting the value of the rents and profits, and the damage* sustained as assessed on the trial, and takethe property. Should he fail to do this, after a reasonable time, to be fixed by the court, the defendant may take the property upon paying the assessed value of the land, aside from the Improvements. If this be not done within a rea sonable time, to be fixed by the court, the parties shall be held to be tenants iu common of all the lands, including the improvements, each holding an interest proportionate to the value of his prop e ty as ascertained by tb* assessment hereinbefore provided. _ '-See. 5. The purchaser In good faith at any judicial or tax sale, made by the prop? persou or ollcer, shall be deemed to have color of title, whether such person or offlcer had sufficient au thority to sell or not, unless the want of authority was known to the purchaser at the time of the sale." Want of space to-day prevents as from con tinuing this subject. We shall recur to it again. The California Senatorial Election.? We some time sine? took occasion to explode the misrepresentations with roference to the circumstances attending the late election of the Hon. Win. M. (iwin to the Senate of the United States, which followed in the newspapers imme diately on the heel of that event. We find in a late number of the Union Democrat (of Cal ifornia) the following synopsis of a debate in the California Legislature, on this subject, which bears out to the letter our views upon this subject, and therefore republish It that the pablic may understand that ere writing on it we took due care to obtain satisfactory evidence of the truth of what we felt it to be our duty to say in the premises : [From the Uniou Democrat. Jan 31.] The Election or United States Senators. The opposition press all over the State has been endeavoring to create the impression that there wai a virtual understanding between the Sena tors. who are now on their wnv to Washington, and that the election of Dr. Gwin was secured, through the etTort* of Mr. Broderick. only upon condition that he should not interfere in the mat ter of Federal appointments in California. Such a charge, with Democrats, is a matter of no mo ment, for it falls harmless; bnt, for the gratifica tion of our readers in the Atlantic States more especially, and for the more immediate benefit of the opposition quidnuncs of this locality, we give the fallowing debate on the subject, which came up in the Assembly on Saturday last, on a ques tion of prIvileire. We should think the follow ing statements of the members who cast their vot^s for Dr. Gwin in caucus, amply sufficient and satisfactory for any unprejudiced mind. Upon those who'are determined to think differently, re gafdless of the facts, this public record will ha>e no effect: Mr. Estell said?Mr. Speaker. I find, in many of the newspapers of the day, attacks on the char acters of the two U. S. Senators whom we have but recently elected and sent on their mission to Washington Ordinarily, Sir, 1 should have passed this by unnoticed, for I do not believe it would have effected either of those gentlemen at home, but there is danger of its influence on the other side of the continent, where the character of the press on the Pacific sloj>e is almost unknown \\ e are all aware that the excitement connected with the recent election ha* never ln-en equalled within our knowledge, and that no two gentlemen in the State could have l**en successful without subjecting themselves to eve;y species of charge known to vituperation My object at this time. Sir. is to a?k the mem b<-rs*who changed their votes on the last iiallot and cast them for Dr. Gwin, to give this House and the Slate the r<*asons that influenced them in niakiug that change. It ha* been charged l>v a venal press, and circulated with amazing rapidi ty, that a bargain had been mad" lietween Mr. Broderick and Mr. Gwin. by which the former hed elected the latter, for and in consideration of the federal patronage, which Mr. Gwin aban doned in the premises. The object of this pro ceeding is to arrive at the truth, and at once, in the proper place, and by a statement froin the proper parties, either establish or disprove the whole story. It is well known. Mr. Speaker, that I was a f'iend to Mr. Broderick and voted against Mr. Gwin throughout the whole of the balloting. But. Sir, I have facts and circumgtanr es within my knowledge which induce me to disbelieve the whole story, and with the permission of the House I will relate some of them In the month of May, 1^55. and the day of the final adjournmant of the Legislature of that year. Dr. Gwin stated, in my presence, to a number of trentl?*meu that he would, at that moment, have Iteen ill possesion of his certificate of election if he had never interfered with federal patronage. He also stated that if he shonld ever be re-elected he intended to insist on his colleague taking charge of the appointments of the State of Cali fornia, whilst he should have a inore quiet and leasing duty in attending to her interests iu the lalls of Legislation. Since that time. Sir. I have repeatedly heard Dr. Gwin make the same decla rations. and learn from his friends that nothing has Iteen more common than their repetition. It may be. Sir. that the friends or Mr. Brode rick selected Dr. Gwin l>ecansc he entertained those opinions, or it may have l?cen because they desired to heal the difficulties which have existed in the ilemocndic party in this State, by electing the heads of the two factions, viz : the two Sena tors who are now on their wav to Washington. ?4 Before taking niy seat. Mr. Speaker." said Mr Kstell, ?' permit me to hope, that the gentle men who made the nomination o< Dr. Gwin, on the lltb inst.. will respond to this call, In such a manner that this question will lie settled forever, and in such a way that the charges will be fast ened upon the guilty, so that none can defend ; or give such proofs of their innocence, that the tongue of vituperation and slander, will forever be hushed." Mr. Hall said?An appeal having been made to me personally. 1 confess that I arise to respond without comprehending the object of my devout friend front Marin. This whole proceeding seems to me to be most extraordinary and irregular. 1 cannot understand why the gentleman, on this occasVon, seeks to convert this Assembly into a confessional To the interrogatory propounded, I have a simple, positive, anil direct answer: Throughout the Democratic caucus 1 gave my suffrage in selecting senatorial representation in the Federal Congres*. in accordance with the dic tates of my own judgment, the approval of iny conscience, and my well known and avowed C.references. In the final ballot, I supported the Ion. W. M Gwin for the sole and sufficient rea son, that in inv humble judgment, he was well qualified?on the wore of native ability, parlia mentary experience, and familiarity with tne po litical history of California, and the legislation pro|>er to promote her prosperity, rtnituntly qual iJifl above any competitor at that time, opposing his nomination. Mr. ClaBK (American) said he was astonished at this proceeding, and wished to know if this wais intended as a whitewashing for the two Sen ators we had so recently elected to the United States Senate > He had heard of no charges of a character that would authorize such a proceeding, and hoped the House would now adjourn. Mr Brknt said he arose more to express his astonishment at the conduct of the gentleman from Sacramento (Mr. Clark) than to say any thing no the subject before the House. He could not understand what object the gentleman had in trying to prevent this explanation. vt ^''T,tI-L (f'oin his seat)?1 can. Mr. Brkxt continued?Does the gentleman's party make these cliarges, and then attempt to prevent their refutation by interposing objections and making motion, to adjourn? It certainly VwSu? "*e H,u"' a"d wl" ~ *VnkTPr ?Uh thP was lost. Mk, lit.nt?I hope now the gentleman from Sacramento (Mr Clark) will allow me to proreT W hen I was interrupted. Mr **i**aker ssi.t Mr Hunt, I was about to give the reasons which in tliienced me to vote for Dr. Gwin on the ballot which nominated him. Then, iu the first place 1 will say, It was my intention to do so when i left home, and 1 should have cast my vote for him at an early period, If I had been left alone 1 do not like to be electioneered with, sir, and 1 am bound to say this was attempted by very young men. which somewhat disgusted me. Bnt, sir, I have another reason, and I might as well confb*K n. I am the friend of Mr. Broderick, and I had ntade an agreement with the delegation from Santa Barbara, my neighbors and friends, that we would all see my Broderick safe first, then if all looked right, we had long sines determined to vote for Dr. Gwin. Yes, sir, long before the meeting of this body. In conclusion, sir, permit me to say, that neither Mr. Broderick or his friend, or bis friend's friend, ever spoke to me concerning this vote. It was all gratuitous. It was because Dr. Gwin had made a good Senator, FERSOXAL. .... Willis P Williams, for a number of years a conspicuous lawyer of St. I.ouis. died In that city on the 30th ult. .... AajorWrn. 11. Polk publishes a card in the Nashville Union declining to permit his name o be used in connection with the candidacy for governor of Tennessee. .... The F.lmira (N. V.,) Advertiser, in ipeak inj; of the fashions, says?"Strip all the men and women of our village of our fine clothes, and what a change would he apparent!" .... Rev. E. F. Cutter has retired from the ed itorial charge Wf the Christian Mirror. C. A. I.ord. Esq.. who has long l>een connected with the paper, will prolwbly take the editorial charge. ....Mr. Peal?ody was received bv the mer chants of Cincinnati on 'Change on Friday last. In his reply toacong atulatorv address he reft rr -d to his hope' of again visiting this country in four or five years. lie was to leave Cincinnati the nevt day, tm route for New York. .... There was a "boxingmatch" in the House of Assembly at Albany, the other day. in other words. Mr. Beckwith, of Washington, struck Mr. Hastings, of Alltany, a violent olow. The atfray grew out of an altercation relative to the .bill making appropriations for th? executive de partment. A committee was appointed to inves tigate the circumstance. Mrs. Polk, the esteemed widow of the ex President, has determined to reside in Washing ton during the next session of Congress. Here tofore, since her husband s death, with the exception of a visit in London at the time when Mr. Buchanan was the American minister there. Mrs. Polk has resided in Tennessee. It will be remembered that the deceased ex-President left to his widow the charge of taking care of and [mblishing his memoirs which, so far as they re ate to his administration, are said to be minute, full of interesting personal anecdote and abound ing iii reflections suggested by the state of public affairs and the canduet of his cabinet?.V. Y. rost. ID" A Western Court has decided that arrests by telegraphic dispatches are illegal. ? CI7" The freshets at the Hast have been the severest known for vears. On the Piscataquis river six bridges and a number of houses have been carried away. The damage on the Penob scot and Kennebec rivers is also extensive. Connecticut Election.?Bishop, Democrat, is elected in the fourth district of Connecticut by 17 plurality. The delegation will, therefore, stand two Democrats and two Republicans, in* stead of four Republicans, as at present. Holly, Republican, is elected Governor by only 2tkJ ma jority. XTi ROW _ 'W. L. I.?A meeting of the Washington ? Light Infantry will take place TO-MOR ?W EVENING, April Uth, at H o'clock. A full attewlance ^particularly desired. It* B. F. BEERS, Seeretary. ry-^?FIFTH WARD DEMOCRATIC ASSO ' L < CIATION.?A meeting of the Association vrnT be held at Casparis's lintel, on TUESDAY EVENING, April 14, at 8 o'clock p. in. Business of importance will he laid bafore the meeting. C. W. C. DUNNINGTON, President, F. J. Wiikati-RV, Secretary. ap 13-2t WASHINGTON, D. C., April 13th,lB37.-A ?|i < meeting of the ' Uw Association of Wash ington City" Will he held in Temperance Hall at 8 o'clock on TUESDAY EVENING,tke 14th instant. All persons who feel interested are earnestly re guested to attend,as there will beau election (it per manent officers. 13 J NO. S. PENNY BACK ER.Sec'y. rv75^NOTICE.?THERE WILL BKAMEET l f lug of the stockholders m Rappahannock Farms and Lots in the Gold Region of Virginia, THISt Monday I EVENING, April 13th. at 4 oVk, m the upper room at Mrs. Voss's. No. 2GH Penn. ave nue, between 12th and 13th streets. It* E. BAl'DER. 9, respectfully informs the fraternity ftnd public in feneral, that they will. rive a GRAND CONCERT AND BALL at Onn Fil.t.nwV Hali.. Navy . Yard,on MONDAY EVENING. April20th. Ad dresses will lie delivered by several distinguished members of the order. and the fine orchestral part i?l the celebrated Marine Band is engaged, under the direction of Prof. F. Wa*ner. Also, the services of * U,n?,Quartett Club hasbeou secured. snd'fladieP DOLLAR?admitting a Gentleman the Concert the floor will he cleared a rll^L ,ho* wish to danoe. werL^ff.Hr ?f*de with Mr. Vander i'eon(*rt ve l*?ve the Navy Yard after a faithful ofltcer,sjr. These arc the reasons that governed tue, and none other. As for bargain, sale. ofHcas aad ofl\cer?>. I heard nothing of it, and an led to believe it is |11 purely imaginary. - Mr. Stkelk said heranie to represent his con stituents faithfully, and as far as possible carry out their wiahee. He had voted for Mr. McCorkle doting the many ballot in gs.because he knew him to be the choice of his people, and l>ecau?e the North was entitled to some consideration from the Legislature. He had. however, told Mr. Mc Corkle that evening, that if his vote could, at ?ny time, roafrr a nomination, he intended to give it. Not to please Mr. Broderlck. for he scarcly knew him. He was no Broderick man. and he could safely say that Mr. Broderick never had attempted, eiiher directly or indirectly, to influence him or any vote he ever gave. In'con clusion, he felt it bis duty to say, he never heard or saw anything that would justify the charge spoken of. yet he frankly admitted ne, in all pro bability, would have heard nothing of them if they had been true. Mr. Swf.kzy?I was one of the number connection with my whole delegation, cast our last vote for Dr. Gwin. There was neither bar Kln, sale or corruption in that vote. We cast it cause it suited us and pleased our constituents. We had no understanding with Messrs. B-oderick or Gwin. nor could neither of them know that we intended so to vote. It is the privilege Mr. Speaker, that defeated parties always claim to complain when beateu. Certainly the successful can afford to indulge them. Then why should we be astonished at the feeling displayed * [The Reporter was compelled to a'bsent him self during the remainder of the time occupied by Mr. Sweezy.] 'Mr. Wood?1 was one of those who voted the two last ballots for Dr. Gwin, and I did it to please myself. It is true, the delegation from my county received a number of telegraphic dis patches requesting us to vote for Dr. Gwin for the short term, which perhaps had its weight with us. I voted for Mr. Latham several votes, but was always anxious to se# a nomination, and was ready at ail times to contribute to so desirable an end. In conclusion, 1 feel bound to say that I never heard of any trade or improper conduct on the part of either of the parties elected, and feel well aware there was none. Yet I was not dis appointed at this or any other charge that would have been made, for the excitement was so intense that the steam had to escape in some way. And as this is the most natural, perhaps It is the least ] injurious. Mr. Davidson disclaimed all knowledge of any i improper transaction between the parties spoken l of, and did not believe it existed. He voted for . Mr. Gwin on the last ballot uecause it pleased him. He had never spoken either to Mr. Gwin, Mr. Broderick, or anv one else, concerning the ; cliang in his vote, lie doubted if any but his j colleague knew of his determination. During the whole of the discussion, the mem i hers of the American and Black Republican par ties seemed very uneasy, which was made known by motions to adjourn. Ac.. Ac. ? Appointments by the President ?George W. Porter. Postmaster at Hurrlshurg, Pa., in place of John II. Brant, resigned, to take effect j from and after the 30th April, 1857. Wm. N. Friend, Postmaster at Petersburg, V^.; reappointed, Cornelius Courtney, Postmaster at Coloma., in place of Robert F. Davis, removed. Jesse Elder. Postmaster at Sacramento City, Cal . in place of Ferris Forman. whose commis sion has expired. George L. Patrick. Postmaster at Sonora, California, In place of William O. Heslep, re. i moved. I Natal Coi rt ok Inquiry.?This Court con ' tinued on Saturday the case of Commander ! Ogden, and Commander C. C. Turner. Captain Wm. Jamesson, Lieut. Wm E. Le Roy, and Surgeon Robert Woodworth, were examined. This morning they met at the unsual hour, and ; commenced the examination of Capt. Francis j B. Ellison. The Current Operations of the Trra , surv Department.?On Saturday. April 11th. j there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? I For the redemption of stocks ?3.350 72 For the Treasury Department lS.HfiO (Ml ! For the Interior "Department 5.277 16 I For Customs 33..??<** 79 On accouut of the Navy *<15 SO ; From miscellaneous sources 2.25<l 00 i From Lands 25 71 Gopey's Laiiy's Book, for May. just received from the publisher, ha? an immense amount of matter of interest, nt least so say the ladies who have passed judgment upon it. and they oagbt to know We notice in this number a fine piece of music called Norah. the Pride of Kildare." by F N. Crouch, of this city, who is the musical editor of Godey. Born men ee'qu art e r be for* 8?oVeloclf ! Conc*rt to S. G. Win Siid/ PnVnfMtk V. G. Jos. H O'Brien p <,* j? , , P. D. G. M'r Fergus A, Br "jn^cTrml? Rnd' Bro, Fred. Prospen. pn ap I3 7t r\^"5=? METROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN ! L? STITUTE.-An annuirf m<H>tiuK ofthe Metro politan Mechanica' Institute will he held in the Al dermen's room, City Hall, pa WEDNESDAY EVENING neat, at 7i, o clo?k, for tlw purpose of eleeting a President, four Vim Presutaau, Cerres ponding, Recording* and I-inancial Secretaries, a Treasurer, a Librarian. and eight Direct ora. lae ap l>4t Recording Sea?tary. rra?NENV BUILDINU AS SO CI ATI ON IL5 About to he orgamxedL A few ?harea yet re main to be aoM. Peraona wishing stock wiH please leave their names with D. H. CLARK, Drug store, oorner of Maryland avenue and llth street, or CHARLES WILSON, otfioe Mutual Insurance Co. adjoining the Bank of Washington. ap ?>-4t [Y~s^ NOTICE.?'The Stockholder of the Wash inotom IIkkmaxs Building Association are invited to attend the laat regular meeting on MONDAY EVENING, the 13th April, at? o'clock, in the German Hall (in the School-room) on llth st. between F and G, for the hnai settlement and dos ing up business. All dues in arrears must be paid forthwith, other wise the law will be strictly enforoed against such Stockholders, not oomply ing with the rules and reg ulations, as laid down in the Constitution, ap !0-3t CHARLES WA I.TER, Secretary. fr"5=? MACHINE SEWINGw?HAVING TO I L 5 secured the services ot an old and expe rienced operator, (reoentlv engaged in the Fair) the proprietor is now prepared to give greater neatness and ttxpedition to all work left nt his rooms. On hand, and constant^ making up, SHIRTS* DRAWERS. BOSOMS, COLLARS, Ac., which will l>e sold at reasonable prices. Itidies and others are invited to call and examine the work. . ? Rooms on D street, two doors from oorner of 9th street. ap <-ll (Y^=?MACHINE SEWING.?ROOMS on D Lk_3 STREET, two doors from the corner of 9th street. Sewing dene in a superior manner at the following rates: Shirts, plain, (must be cut and basted.) 62>. oenta; Wristbands 3 c. per pair; Collars 3c. each ; Bosoms 2c. per plait; Plain Sewing 8c. per yard. Constantly on hand and for sale. Shirts from 91 to $4 ; Bosoms frnm 37Sc. to $1; Wristbands from 8c. to 25c. per pair ; Collars from 12Ji to S7j%c. each, and other Goods in proportion. Persons wishing sewing done will do beat to-omit washing the arterial. Terms invariably cash. mar 17?eolm* iy"-5=? NOTICE.?THE MEMBERS OF UNION I 5 LODGE. No. 11, I. O. O. F., will give a BALL, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. 011 THURSDAY, the S^th inst. For particulars see future advertisement. ap lo-i*y?f

-y-J?CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE.?The LJf undersigned is prepared at all times to paj the highest cash prirts for good second hand furni ture, in large and small quantities. Persons leaving the city ordecliniug housekeeping will find it to thoir iuI vantage to give me a call before disposing of their household effects. Apply to E. LEASE. Agent, ALo. 5*4 N inth st., 3 doors from Pa. av. mar 19?eoltn Y"~3=* PHIL A DE LP1IIA CAKE .YT PHILA delpfiia prices, at tlio PHILADELPHIA It^E CREAM DEPOT, oorner or 12th and F sts. ICE CREAM at $1.50 per gallon. ap6-lm* FjVlR SALE.-Foi RTEENLARGE SllANCJ 1 IIAI CHICKENS, and 7 MUSCOVY DI CKS, all of the best quality. Apply to Mrs. BURNS, Massachusetts avenue, south sido, second house west of 12th street. it* ]\|HS, D. JONES' SCHOOL IS NOW OPEN ifl fbr the roceptionof pupils. Having had many year a of successful experience, both at the North and South, she merely asks a due shnre of patron nee to give satisfaction. A department for little boys also. For terms, apply to the Principal, No. 451 12th street. ap 13-lw* fjMSHING TACKLE.?LIMERICK, VIRGIN 1a. Kirbv, Chestertown, and Gravitation FISH HOOKS of all fixes: Silk. Chinese Grass, Linen, and Cotton FISH LINES; Hollow, Swivel, and Ringed SINKERS; CORK FLOATS; REELS, and everything in the Fishing Tackle line, at greatly reduced prices, just received and for sale by E. K. LUNDY, ap 13 No. I2BJJridge street, Georgetown. TVEW AND SUPERIOR FURNITURE BY PRIVATE SALE AT AUCTION PRICE**. A cmisideraltleamouiit of the stock in the Wareroon.s 0117th street, next to Odd Fellows' llnll,remains un sold. and fora very lew days will be subject to private sale at auction prices. Many superior article* arcon hand, and any persons desirous to purchase will be sure of great Iwrgains, as the whole will l>? sold out. "P 13-3t A. ROTHWELL. AN TON MATTINGS. > J ust receiveil and 011 sale, 3*1 rolls superior 6-4, 5-4, anil 4-4, CANTON MATTINGS, in colors and white, of the make of Gowqua, Youiung, and extra contract Manhmg makes. These Mattings have been selected with great fare, and will !>e found very superior and cheap. From the appearance of the presput state of things in China it is prolAlile that no more Mattings will be imported for several years. Also, just received 5? pieces of uniisunllv cheap and beautiful ENGLISH BRUSSELS CARPETINGS bought at late auctions 111 New York, and will be sold in proportion. Also, Rl GSand MATS to match. apl3-eo4w GLAGETT, PODgON * CO. (^OAL?t'OA I.?COA L.?On the way and will be v ready lor delivery 111 a few dnvs? 1 cargo of very superior COOKING COAL I do do do RANGE do A deduction made if taken from the vessel. Please send 111 your orders immediately, as our motto is "cjuick sales and small prohts." Wood of the best quality on hand at low prices. ID" 2,240 lbs. given to the ton. JOHN W. MYERS A CO. Office and \ ard cor. G and22d sts. First Ward. ap 13-fit /'AS CHANDELIERS AND BRACKETS.? " a \\ e have now in store a large and varied assort ment of GAS CHANDELIERS AND BRACK ETS from the factory ofConiolius A Baker. Phila delphia. The selections are made with much care, and comprise many of the new European patterns. We invite the attention of those desiring to pur chase as we shall sell at the manufacturers retail prices. GAS FITTING done in the best manner and at low rates. J. W. THOMPSON A BRO.. 2C9 Penn. avenue south side, ap 13-eo3w between inth and llth sts. ASHINGTO.N INSURANCE COMPANY. C1TARTERED FY CONGRESS. W Capital ? !!? This Company is now prepared to receive applica tions for INSURANCE ON BUILDINGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without anv charge for Policy, at their Othce, comer of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue,over the Washington City Savings Bank. IIid vr TO R K Wm. F. Baylv, Samuel Bacon. Robert Fariihain, James F. Haliday, Win. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohun, M. W. Gait. Benj. Beall. JAMES C. McGUIRE, President. G. D. Haxsqx, Secretifty. ap 11-ly rpiIE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loom 1Mineral Plati Teeth" having, successfully introduced hia improvement 11J various cities, has now permanently eatab hshed himself in Washington. This improvement for Seta of Teeth consista chief ly in making a set of but one piece of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal ia uaed in their construction, ai.d they are therefore free from galvanic action and metalic taste. There are no jointa to become filled with moiaturo or partieles of food, hence they are pure and They are lighter, atronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand Dollars to any on* who will produce a similar work of art to equal mino in purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or auy other requiaite qualitv. All work responsibly warranted. V76 Penna. aveuue, between llth and 12th atreets. ap 13-ly - TVJORTIIWESTERN INSURANCE COMPA 1^1 NY. Home Office, Osweoo Citt, N.V. J.T.STEVENS. Agent, No. 517 Seventh street, (over Suter, Lea A Co.'a Bank,) Waahington, D. C. The Northwestern has a place among the very tiest insurance companies in the United States. In corporated in the year 1832. it haa since then contin ued to do a constantly increasing buainesa, until it stands, in tho Comptroller's Report of Insurance Companies in the State of New York for the current year, second only in amount of business, solvency, and capital 111 that State. Ita reliability during the financial revulsions of the past twenty-five years has been fully tested and sustained. Within ths limits of the State of New York no other recommendation would be necessary than the Report of the State Comptroller lor 1857, which ean be seen at the oihco of the Agent. The prompt payment of all its losses, and the con tinued accumulation of its capital and surplus fund, is a sufficient guarantee of its solvency for the fu ture. _ _ ap 13-d2w INo.578.| TVTOTICE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF il THREE ADDITIONAL LAND OFFICES IN THE TERRITORY OF KANSAS. In pursuance of the act of Congress approved March 3,1&77. entitled "An act to eatablish three ad ditional l.and Districts in the Territory of Kansas," to he called respectively the "Delaware I*nd Dis trict," the "Osage I<ana District," and the "West ern I And District," it ia herety declared and made known that the offices for said diatricta have been established as follows, viz t For the " Dklawabb Distiict" at Doxiphan. For the "Osagb Distuict" at Fokt Scott. For the "W*st**?i Di*t*tct" at Oonr*, in said Territory Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this eleventh day of April, A. D. 1857. By order of the President: JOS. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the General J?P 13-law?y I and Office. [No. 5W.I1 ' Notice of the establishment of AN ADDITIONAL LAND DISTRICT IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. In pursuance of the act of Congress approved March 3,1897, entitled "An act to establish an addi tional Laud District in the State of W'lsoonaiu," to lie called the "Chippewa Distbict." which district Biubraces that portion of the old I<a Crosse and Hud ?on Districts, situated "north 0/ the hue dividing townships twenty-four and twenlv-**t north, invth of the line dividing to%cn*htp* /ort* mnd forty-on* northwest of tke lime dividing ranges >ne and two east, and east of the line dividing ranges eleven and twelve west, it ia herehg decla edand made kuown that the office for said district uui been eatabhahed at the town of Eac C la tax, nsaidSUte. . L t . . Given umier my hand, at thee citrof W ashington, this eleventh <lay of April, A. D. Ito. B, g WH.80,, Acting Commissioner of the General ap 13-law6w Land Ofloe. BOY'S SPRING ANDSUMMER CLOTHING of every description for dress and school wear,at 'ery low priucs. W ALL A STEPHENS, apU-tf 322 Pa. a v., bet. 9th and loth ata. Books from i.qkdon.?Took#?Div??w ? of PurleK 1 vo1?sns,?vo. ?w odition Jophnc's leemetriAT 1'erepefltive Walsh s Domestic b?>?4?s . siXSeaSg^lSBeKm^ ^GnelhtndSI Sor*s of Koftawd, ?Mieand words, A*S&ng'B Worth of Practical Eeoeipts, 37 ets A nnstrong ud Bourse's Mode??Practioe of Boil ilar^wkS^?Shilling Peerafe, V oents i Shilling Darling's Cyclopedia ap IS Imported by SiWK^fhiea, 1 ?oi "^ FRANCK TA^LOR. New and extensive supply of fur niture dry goods. . Just received and on sale an immense variety oi SI PERB (iOODS, in great variety, in new styles and novelties, adapted to the comfort and conveni enee of housekeepers. We name the following arti cles, which will Ik? found the cheapest and best ol hur kutd ever offered in this market. In TABLE LINENS, we have? 12-4 by 12-4 to 12 4 by 16-4 Belgian double Satin Dam ask Table Cloths. This make of Linen is vary uncommon in this country. The designs are quite novel. 8-4by 8-4 to 8-4 by 10-16 Breakfast Cloths 10 4 by 10-4 to 10-4 by 10-16 double Damask Dinner, Irish manufacture 3-4 double r^tin Damask, for overlaps, to match the above. This is a uew article of Furniture, and a freat improvement in the saving of time and rouble at the dinner table 4-4 by 4-4 to ,V-i by 5-? Table Napkins to match.some as low as ? 1.25 per dozen TOILET GOODS. Russia, Barnsley, Sootch, and Irish 13-4, 12-4, 11-4, 10-4, and 9-4 Linen Sheetinga, some as low aa OS cents All widths and qualities Pillow and Bolster-ease Linens An immense variety of Toilet Toweling, for all pur poses Elegant Marseilles, Turkish, Dimity, Lancaster, and Allendale Toilet Quilts, in 14 4 down to 9-4 sixes Crib and Toilet Covers to matoh French Canopies, for suspending nets or draperiei of any kind over beds Three-yard wide pink and white Bolsnets, for Bed fly-nets English and French furniture Chintses Do do twilled Eugene Stnpee, foi summer Coverings for Chaira, Divans, Sofas, 4c. All colors Cotton Damasks for ditto. PARLOR FURNITURE. Elegant Piano and Table Covera, in Burgundy Crimson. Green and Blue Cloths, in rich Satu and Embroidered Borders. These goods are en tirely new and superb Tn pes try and Embossed ditto, in all colors And many other goods, the styles of whieh hsvi never l>efore been seen in this city before the preeem time. The attention of the houaekeepera of Washington Georgetown, Alexandria, and environs is particular ly invited to our stock. ap !3-eo4w CLAGETT, DODSON * CO. C<ALE OF INDIAN TRUST LANDS I> S3 KANSAS TERRITORY PROCLAMATION Br the President of the United States. In pursuance of law, 1, Fximix Pikscs President of the United States, do heretor declari and make known that a public sale will fie held at Iowa Point, Domphan county, in the Territory o| Kansas, commencing on Tuesda), the .St h day of May next, for the disposal ofthe lands held in trust by th? United States for the benefit of the Iowa tribe of In dians as are situated within the undermentioned townships of laud in *aid Territory and ceded l>y said Indians in trust as aforesaid, to wit: South of the base line and east of the principal meridian. Townships No. on*, in ranges fifteen, sixteen, sev enteen. eighteen, nineteea, and twenty. Townships No. lire, in rangen seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, excepting therefrom a few special grants designated in the treaty,amounting ir the whole to eight hundred acres.and situate in town ship two, of ranges nineteen and twenty. Also, at Paoli, in Ly kins oountry, in said Territory, commencing on Tuesday, the twenty-sixth day o| may next, for the disposal of such of the lands neld in trust by the United States, for the benefit of the confederated hands of Kaakaskia, Peoria, Pianke shaw. and \V<* Indians, as are situated in the under mentioned townships of said Territory, and ceded bj said confederated Innds as aforesaid, to wit: South of the base line and east of the sixth prin tipal meridian. Townships fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, of rang* twenty. Townships fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, of rang* twenty-one. Townships fifteen, sixtcen,and seventeen, of rang* twenty-two. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight ee?, of range twenty -three. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight ceii, of range twenty-four. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range twenty-five. Provision having l?een made by the second and third articles of the treaty of cession that each indi vtdiial member of said confederated hands should Im entitled to one hundred and sixty acres of land : anc in addition, that ten sections should l>e selected anc set a part as a national reservation ; and l?y the fiftl article one section ol six hundred and forty acres should also be selected ami set apart for the beuetii ofthe American Indian Mission Association; and said lands, amounting to about forty eight thousand acres, having been selected m the following town ships al*ove named, to wit: Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty two. Townships fifteen, sixteen, soventeen, and eight een. range twenty -three. Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty four. Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty five, are hereby set a part and reserved from sate. Also, at Lecompton, in said Territory, commenc ing on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of June next, lor the disposal of such of the lands held in trust by the United States for the benefit of the Delaware tribe of Indians as are situated within the under mentioned townships, comprising the wrjKns por tion of the lands ceded by the said Delaware Indians, in trust as aforesaid, to wit: South of the bast line and east of the sixth prin cipal mertdtan. Townships five, six. seven, ei^ht, nine, ten,and eleven, of range fifteen. Townships seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, o'l range sixteen. Townships six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, of range seventeen. Townships six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of range eighteen. The terms of said sales will be cash, and so fad will he received below the valuation placed upon the sev eral tracts by the commissioners duly appointed foi the purpose of classifying and valuing the same; and upon payment being made, receipts in duplicate will be executed therefor, oue of winch will be de livered to the purchaser. Patents will subsequently be issued for the lands sc Purchased in accordance with the laws in force regu iting the issue thereof. The offering of the above lands will be commence! on thedavs respectively appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, with al convenient despatch, until the whole shall have beet offered and the vales thus closed. All purchases not paid for on the day of sale will b? reodered on the followmg day at the risk of the de faulting purcher. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington this twenty-sixth day of February, eighteen hundrei and fifty-seven. ? , FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: Geo. W. Mant?enny. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. N. B.?No newspaper is authorised to publish thi foregoing advertisement without speeial instruction, to that efleot from the Commissioner of Indian Af fairs. mar 6-lswtlJe CHANGE OF PLACE OF SALE OF THI DELAWARE TRUST LANDS IN KANSA9. D*PARTMKNT or Til IWTESIOB.t Orrics of Indian Affairs. April 6,1*57. { Notice in hereby oiven that the plaee of sals o the i>elaware Trust Lands in Kansas Territory, ad vertiaed to take plaee at Lecompton on the 33d da; of Juno next, has been changed te, and will com menoe at, OSAWKEE, in said Territory, on th< same day and date. By order ofthe Seoretarv of the Interior. Charles e. mix. ap 7 Commissioner ad interim. CHANGES IN THE DAYS OF SALE OF THF ABOVE DESCRIBED INDIAN TRUST LANDS IN KANSAS. DtrAiTXiNTorrns Intfriob,/ Otfice of Indian Affairs. April It, 18S7. S Notice is hereby given that the days designate? in the foregoing proclamation for the commencement of the sale of certain Indian trust lands are changed nl postponed to the following periods : owa lauds,at Iowa Point, to Wednesday, 3d day ol Juue next. The lands of the Wees, Ac., at Paoli, to Wednes day, 24th day of June next. Delaware lands, at Osawkee, to Wednesday, IMk day of July next. By order ofthe Secretary ofthe Interior: CHARLES E. MIX, ap 13-lawtlJe Commissioner ad interim. OQfi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE^ ?n*ar corner ofVMh Street. B. H. STINKMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the most popular styles of MOLESKIN AND BEAVT.R HATS, will hereafter make a dedue tion oi- UH per cent on every Hat sold, making the Hat sold for S4 (and not unfreuuently for ?5) for the lowf price of ?3JU. a slizht variation in quality $3, aud for a superior quality for the money. To make this sy stem effec tual, he will keep no books, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Delivery, which cannot Mil being advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling lum tn laiy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by had debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, fur Men, Boys, Misses and lafcnts' wear. Persons are invited to eall and examine our stoek Call at M6 Pennsylvania Avenue, near oorner of 13th Street.. apll-tf f HINA ORNAMENTS IN GREAT VAR1E ^ ** ?* <a??-?> LAMMOND'S. VIOLIN STRINGS, PLAYING CARDS, Domisoss, Checker Boards. Chess Men, Ac., at LAMM6ND S, 7th street. Tragedy m _ ... our modem criticise this great rora Buy it or the publisher. ap,!" ? . FERGUSON, m 7th street. LJ. MIDDLETON, ? . _ TCK DEALER. , Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F and 18th SUeets^Waahingtou^ apll-tf {^STANDARD, SCHOOL, AND MISCELLA p neous Books; Letter, Note. Gold-edge. Fina tmted, and other Stationery ; Magaxiaes, Periodi cals, Papers, Ice. To buy cheap, cSTat M " FERGUSON'S. 7th attest. IVEW YORK LEDGER FOR l?h APRIL In Cobb's new story, Ttan Wild Knight, or Un known Crusader, full of thrilling internet and litera ry beauty. FERGUSON, aP9 486 Sjveuth stree'. () IfeiMilf DiniTHsr.Mmh n, 1H?. Notice it hereliy given to holders of atocfc of the Iomi of the United States. Ifetl thi? d?ywini??l will purchase the Mine until the let day of June uett, un til tbe lum of ?l?h<V*IP ?hell he prevM*ialy ob tained, and wHI per, in addition to the interest ac crued from the date of the last semi annua, dir idee4 of internal thereon, together with one dty'i addi tion*! interest for the money to reach the veadcr, the following rates of premium on said stocks : For the stock of 1*42, a premium of!* per cent. For the ato^of 1M7 and IMS. a premium of 14 per cent.; and t?>r the stock ol IMt. commonly called Texas Indemnity Stock, a premiam of 6 per oent. Certificates of stock transmitted to the depart - meats, under this notice, must be assigned to the United States, by the party duly entitled to receive the proeeeds. Payment for the stocks so assigned and transmit ted will he made by drafts on the Assistant Trees urersat Boston. New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the moaet, which should he expressed ;n the letters aecompa nying the certificates. HOWELL COBB, mar 13-dtlstJune Secretary of th<> Treasnry. __ AMUSEMENTS FIFTH ASP LAST WEEK. WAIGH^ITALIA, asdrag LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, Exhibiting every night this week at 8 o'clock, and oa WUtNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER W NOONS, at 3*? o'oiock. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. AuctaatOH Kosati. CaiLMga u>? ** Deecriptive Pamphlets for sals id the Hall. 11 r ITALIA has never before been exhibited in Washington. roar It-1md PROMENADE CONCERTS AT CARUSIH SALOON.-The FRST PROMEN ADECON Ui-.RT of the season will take siaon on Tifl'RS DA^ next. April 15th. Withers' Band, tog?ther with a company of Solo Performers, will appear. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CEN For particulars sec small bills. THE MANAGEMENT^ GRAN D EASTER BALL.?THE COLL M BIA Ft?t COMPANY No. 1, Will givetheir A N si M AL BALL. ON EASTER MONDAY 3| EVENING, April 13th, at Cmrmti't Snloom. fltk iDER. takes occasion to ind former patron* DRESS SOIREE e place at his Hall.A^ t?. on WEDNES Ujf\ S . m-M m ?m ail v I <? f ? ?? ?w?n | S?? ' ?'?*' ?* ',,,t ? I In presenting this I'litertainmont to the pub ' . ? lie, the member* will endeavor to make it one of the most agreeable Balls of the season. Professor Withers' celebrated Band will be in at tendance. Tickets, ONE DOLLAR. KXKCTTIVE COMVtTTKK. A. MeDermott, P. J. Emus, \\ in. t. Tucker. Oeo. A. Ban, fr. II. Sa?e. mar 2B ap 1,4,*,13* C. JTBEERS. Treasursr. PRIVATE FANCY DRESS SOIREE. PROF. H. \V. MI NDER, takes occasion to announce to his friends and only, that his FANCY DRI (strictly private) will lake oorner of 9th and D streets, on WKHM.1* i*. DAY EVENING. April 15th. 1*57,at go'clock. Mr. MabshaLL, the Costum*r from Baltimore, will be at Prof. H. a Saloon on Tuesday. April 14th. at l2o'clock,and on Wednesday during the day .where he ma> be found with a beant iful collection ol Dress es, l?oth for ladies and gentlemen, at a very reasona ble price. I-adies are invited to attend. If the weather should prove u n fa vorable the Soiree will take place on Thursday, 16th. apg-td VTNTIL THURSDAY, the 16th inatanl. MADAME SWETT, Tltf Ktmowmt't f/otr revest, will receive compilations respecting the PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE and i DISEASES, until Thub?dat, the Ifcth ' instant. . Rooms406Seventh Street. apll-4t* LOST AHD FOUHD. FOUND.?A pair ol SPECTACLES, which tlw owner can have bv calling on CHARLES.\l. KOONES, at the Washington Savings Bank. up<>n proving the same and p-iving for this advertisem?-iit. ap 13-It* CAME TO THE *IBSTR1BER'S STABLE, on Bridge street, lieorgetown. on Wed- rv nesdny. 8th day of April, a DI N MARK, altout 15 or 16 > ears old, altout 14 hands high.^^^-^ The owner m ill please come forward, prove property and pay charges, and take her away. apis sr R. H HARNES A SOTHOROV BONNET BOX LOST.-Taken from the stwn er Mount Vernon, on Saturday last, the 4th in stant. (through mistake oo the part of a Imckinan) a BON NET BOX, marked S. 11. W.. and onve.e<1 with blue and white lied-tickmg, The person tiav iug it in possession will confer a great favor In in lorming the Captain of the steamer Baltimore a heie it may lie found. A reward will be paid it required, ap 11-St WANTS. WA N TF. D.-A firat-TU. W ASH K* ?i?t 1K < > \ ER. Also, a BO> to assist in a Dining -room. App4y at LLOYD'S Union Hotel. ap 13-31 UfAirtKD^-A WET M RSE, without arh. vv A colored woman preferred. The beat refer ences required. Arply to Dr. THOS. Ml LI IK. F. between 13th ai d Uth streets. ap 13-tt WANTE D.-Three DR ESS M A K E RS and three SHIRT-MAKERS. Applj to M. WIL LI AN, 32, Market Space, between 7th and 8th sts. ap 11 WBANTED TO HIRE.?A COLORED BOY aged about 12 years, to run enauds. wait on ta ble. attend the door. Ac. Good reoommerMlatiou* required. Inquire at 404 I street, between 11th and 12th1 streets. _ ap ll-it* WANTED TO R E N T .? A Fl RMSIIKD HOUSE, contaitnng a parlor and dininc rcn.. two bedrooms, and two servant's rooms. an<l a nur sery. To be genteel in its np see ranee location, and outfit, and within oonveaiont distance of the Depart ments. Address a note to Box No.*'. Star Ofhce. stating location (street and number)and terms. apH-tf WANTED.?In a small family, TWO SER VANT WOMEN, one to understand well Cooking, Washing and Ironing ; the other to act as House and Dining-ro>>m Servant. They must Ik? well recommended. To such liberal a-aees will b? given. Apply at No.24l F street, near Uth. I>etween the hours of 3 and 6 p. in. ap 10-3i * SHIRT CUTTER" WANTE 1)7?Constant em ployment and lilteral wages a ill he given to one skilful and expenencetl. Tbree or four good SHIRT MAKERS will find employment. Also, a first-class LAl'N DRESS. Apply inimetfiatelv at the WASH - INGTON SEWING ROOMS, on D street, two doors from oorner of 9thsfreet. ap 10-31* A SMALL FARM, IN A HEALTHY LOCA tion, four miles from Washington. I.ighlx im proved, and very productive, having good buildings and every necessary oonvenienoe upon it. wi I l>eex changed for city property yielding rent. Persona wishing to make such an exchange, may apply at the counter of the Star Office. mar SQ-tf WANTED?THE HIGHEST PRICES PAID ia cash for old Sliver at HOOD'S SILVER WARE MAM FACTORY,338 Pern, avenue, near Ninth street. dec 30 BOARDING. BOARDING.?Several large and oommodioue ROOMS for rent with BOARD, pleasantlv sit uated for the summer. Inquired Mrs. STELLE. No. 50 Missouri avenua, between 4H aad 3d streets. ay HMt* ONE LARGE PARLOR AND CHAMBER attached, handsomely furnished and lighted with gas, oa the first floor, for rent, by the week or month. 930 per month. Also, two large and two good-sixed Rooms, suitable for families or single persons. BOAR D furnished private, if desired, at $3J0 per week. Apply at 4ti8 10th street, between D and E. ap 7-1 w Mrs. bates, at hf.r boardiv. HOISE, 00 the southeast corner of Penn., Avenue and Hth street, has made at range meats to accommodate a large number of stiancers Willi Meals at any time throughout the day, andl.odgings. mar 3 OIM) MANTILLAS F R OM AUCTION.-IN addition to our usual large supply ?d Paris *tKl New ^ ork MANTILLAS at price* ranging l^'n .llO to ^35 engk. we have just received 3?i MANTILLAS amlWlANTI LETS from auction, to sell at all prices, from $1.^ to f7.M each. They are wrorth douNe the mone*. MAXWELL k BRO^ ap lft-eo8t Penn. avenue. TO TH~E LADIES? Tbe uqdersigne<l bags leave to cail fhealtenfioe ol the Ijsliel to the follow ing (mmmU ww opening : M?1 yards Flouncings, eml?raciiig all gnMles embroidered Sa iss Collars, in everv ? ariety? **? etnliroulercd Linen t'ambnc Hdkfs, very rich A beautiful assortment of Dress GjhmIs, emltra cnag a complete stock of black and fancy Silks* at very low prices , , SU pieoex Camel Hair, a U-autiful article ol dreaa goods, entirely new. .... We caa show the cheapest Irish Liueos evar brought to W.ishiagton, as inaay here can fes 3ttV>hawls and Scarfs, very cheap Barege Robes, slirhtly injured, which wdi !*? sold at a great sacrifice. JJiw pairs 1French wove*, Coreets. white aisl colored, which we will sell at #1,12*. aer pan. until further notice The above goods have beca purahaeed f,* cwsb, aad great Istrgains may be expected. No an rwr 1- w CARTER. No. ?>, oor. I a. avenue and 7th afreet. . SSI Sere??th street _ap 8 eo2w jlnteH U'^.Li'<^'ir ^RlAL-?NATIONAL"K>1 Tl:H f\ (?axette for Apnl 11th. Full report and correct Portrait. Buy the Gazette of FERGUSON. 4gCTTh street. ^PtelNO DftY ?0oDS. ?' r . t*^*a pleasure ia nifonning hw fneads anil tbe public in general, that he ha? just re handsome aasortment of SPRI NO KR*. GOODS, selected with great care at the 11 naoeaeary to enuroerale tbe would moat respectfully ask an exam, nation of hM stoea, aad feels assured he oan give satisfaction, both in prices and quality, psrtusirti '.JMSr*-* ?? ll-6t m7th street, near 1. MaLAUOHUN?S even body run "" Opaaiag Spnag Good* at McLAUGHLIN h VVi C, I P ^