Newspaper of Evening Star, April 15, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 15, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING" STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY APril ia' lMT* SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Don. Wo. A. Harris this morning makes his bow to t8c public, as editor and proprietor of the Washington Union, in the following feeling and graceful salutatory : " To thk Reads** or the L'sio!* ?The Hon. John Appleton has already announced to thepub lie the circumstances which have induced him to discontinue his connexion with the Union as Its editor and proprietor. I am glad to know, how. ever, that his ncalth Is so ftir recovered as that his talent* and experience njav be usefully ex erted in that important sphere of duty to which he has been called. " Having purchased the entire property of the Washington Union newspaper. 1 shall, to-mor row, commence my dutie.s as Its sole editor and jproprietor. The paper will appear in an entirely new set of type: and it Is my intention to enlarge its sixe as the demands or the necessities of the future may require. It is my fixed purpose to spare neither expense nor effort to make it the great central organ of the Democratic party, every wav worthv of their confidence and support, and a reliable and faithful medium of communication between the capital and the country. Haying for many years exerted my best efforts to brinj* Mr. Buchanan into the Presidential chair, I shall ren der to him and to his Administration all the sup port which party ties and personal friendship can inspire. A great crisis in the affairs of the coun try?a crisis fraught with peril and danger to the rights of the States and the permanency of the Union?demonstrated to th?* national Democracy and the patriotic people of the country that his acknowledged talents, matured wisdom, ap proved statesmanship and long experience were necessary to their peace and safety; and they placed him, with ac clamations, at'the head o'f the Government and the nation. He realized at once their hope* and expectations, by calling to Ins assistance a Cabinet of men combining the rarest qualifications of talents, experience and statesmanship?men endeared to the Democratic pairy by all tneir antecedents ; by the zeal which they had displayed and the services which they had rendered in some of the most honorable office* of the countrv, in supporting and sustain ing the principles, the measures and the policy of our party A single month has sufficed to'fill every patriotic heart in the land with confidence and hope. Evwn his political enemies seem to respect him. Fanaticism itself appears willing for a moment to moderate its tone; and the ene mies of our peace, uf the Constitution and the Union, will not be able much longer to disturb the public mind by their fanatical shrieks and treasonable agitation. ?41 bring to the duties of my position consider able experience in editorial service, no small share of zeal, and a faith and devotion to the great principles of the democratic party as strong and abiding an I have in the principles of the Christian religion Itself; for the principles which are the 1<mis of the measures and the policy of that party are but the principles of eternal truth and justice applied to the operations of govern ment. and intended to regulate the conduct of man in his social and political state. These prin ciples are fully imbodied in that impregnable platform piomclgated by the National Democratic Convention in Jnne last at Cincinnati. Our po litical chief, in his acceptance of our nomination, most cordially approved that platform, and placed himself upon it. Upon if, with all its issues, doctrines, and policy, he was elected He reaf firmed it all in hi* matchless Inaugural Address, which carried confidence and hope into all parts of the country. It caused the anxious ana the t:mid to take couiage; the doubting looked for ward with resolute faith; and all the good citi zen* now see in the future the inspiring omens of re-ee, prosperity, and safety. Upon that plat form I also stand. 1 placed myself there bv my vote and mv action al the moment of it* adoption, and there 1 shall continue to stand, and oy its principles 1 shall conduct the Union as long as I have an interest in its property or continue to di rect its course. '?I am fully aware of the high responsibilities of my position. Its labors, anxieties, and difficul ties I fully understand a;?d appreciate; but, with unflagging ^eal and unyielding purpose. I shall foforwaid in the line of my duty, adhering to he principles of the partv. doing battle in its ser vice, and willing to stand with 11 or fall with it, if it must be, but ever battling for the right. "W. A. Harris." The Intellisrtnrrr doe? its best to-day to strengthen the cause of the distributionists in the current canvas* in Virginia We propose to discus* this subject hereafter, as soon as pos sible, and lay aside the Inttllifencer of to-day as a capital Last- for the remarks we may feel called on to make. The ^ame paper Bays : "N aval Go*est.?Thefinesloop-of-war Ply mouth. now at the Navy Yard. Washington, isto be fitted out for gunnery practice, and for this pur pose an app op tation of fortv thousand dollars wis made at the late session. The experiments in ordnance a.e made under the direction of Lieut. Dahlgreen, an officer of great skill in naval gun nery." ? PERSONAL .... Hon Linn Bovd. ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives, fiat Wilfards' Hotel. Hon. P G. Washington, the late Assistant **ecretary of the U. S. T ea-ury, is now a guest of the Astor House, New York. . -.. A portrait of Senator Douglas has been pro cured for the gallery of portraits in Canandaigua Court-house. Judge Douglas read law in Canan daigua. Washington Irving has pat in the hands of his publisher the fourth volume of his life of W ashington, which will soon be given to the world. Henry Bircks. one of the members of the I nited f^tates Cornet Bind, died in Philadelphia on Friday, of disease contracted, it is said, at the National Hotel, while on a visit to AVashington on the 4th of March. He accompanied the band with the Twelfth Ward Democratic Association On his return to that city he became wriously sick. and lingered until Friday Col Baker, the newly-apDoii?ted Collector of "that port, who has been ill of the same disease, is slowly recovering ... Henry C Jarrctt has effected a lease of the London Lyceum Theatre, and will open it on the 18th of May with Mrs. Lizzie Weston Davenport and her husband of the Broadway; Harry Perry of the Arch, in Philadelphia; Billy Wheatlev, of the fatn?? establishment, and a number of lesser lights of the histrionic proWioo Lizzie Weston Pavenport is said by those who oil*ht to know to be superior toan actress now on the London boards as the delineator of juvenile tragedy and hieh comedy heroines. ^ ' <> K8"??says the Boston Traveller L? I .?u***inedbv the officers and peo ple of his church, resumed Lis pulpit duties on ^unday.and ' drew Immense houses *? all dav He proposes to continue ia the even tenor of his way, without regard to the indictment ban*, ing ever bim, or the popular opinion of his guilt. His pluck is commendable, us a personal quality perhaDs, but it can hardly be doubted that it is exercised here at the expense of the best in terests of the church itself. Philosophy sustains Kripture in declaring that it is better one member ohould perish than that the whole body should ?uffitr corruption. .... Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams have met with tiaprec*dentrd *uccmmm in Europe. They have piav-d over two hundred night? to large and constantly increasing audiences at the Theatre Royal A del phi in London. The Queen. Prince A.uert, 2nd the Royal family have bot-n freouent ? v Present and professed themselves highly de lighted with tfcslr representations of Irlahand ?nr ?rZ ,narnev i"* native of the city ' n b'8 *arrw<fI1 benefit in that cltv ? hinfuftthappeared on the stage and presented hem vt lth a magmficrnt service of plate. The uttomrv ifn\* ih vB1fTWy 4 1 ^*t remittance to his dollanr wa* ***>"' ten thousand ? ? ?' Mrs. Cora V. L Hatch, who is said to be a pretty, sweet-voiced woman, whose hunhnnH u exhibiting her spiritual power* for money eave an entertainment at the T^be nacle in Now city, on Friday evninir Cant iI.i.k dT j * John MrKeon, Charles Westcott and ProfJSS Mapes were appointed a "committee on quS * _ At" ""king one of the prettiest p Tvers ever t^tewd to a New Yo.fc audien?e \le USL'TTW f? ?,nfold th* mysteries of life When she had got through. Capt Rvnders row and confessed a* follows : V ?>nuer* rose 4Thelanguage is Iwnufiful and expressive ? it far exceeas anv preachcr. I expected to I* hum bugged, and I'm very agreeably disappointed I *?LC07?k Wh;rvfr 1.can to that lady i, I ,Lou?,ht *rhen I e?Rie that I'd just drop W? f ^7 * h,tJe fu"* The theory of that is PiT that 'Dr?er h^d.11" >***' ofiti,, the pul Ll V?'!1! ^ything | ever hea d ti p , em for a long time.*' a*rta"> evulently - a let tie teched.'' *<rkat Firr bI toar. -At w o'clock laat evening :t fire broke out Charle. ^ doors above I^onil^d t>, u i. ' crested great destruction of promts and"' ^h'Ch tended, it is fenred. with .Tllfe at* The Amrrirun estiniates thelov^eme t> Messrs Parke. & Co as follows : Elisba Lewi*, three warebnu^l' f 100,000 R Edwa.-ds Jr. A Co., stock UO.OWJ Norn* it H.other.stork 30.UOO Joseph S. Kobin>on. slot k 50.600 Mess; s. Oelrlchs A Lurtnaii 20.U? L Harrison A Co ' ^/U) Hodges, lbiuack A Grant 10.000* Baasemer 25,0U> ' Qllpto. Baily A Canby ... 8o.U? ^ Johns Hopk'in. ' W'.O^i mm ' The Clifptr puts the loss at near a million of dollar*. WASHING TON NEWS AN3 GOSSIP. The Connecticut Election.?The victory ia with the Democrats, most decidedly, in the *> recent Connecticut election. We mentioned, some days since that their gain on the popular vote, when compared with the result of the laic Presidential election, was some six thonsan . In saying so we were in error, insomuc as a Is rery nearly ten thousand. In a po ,81*^ two thousand votes and more, they are ea n not more than two hundred and twenty-flvu the contest having been a fair one between the two parties; the American-Republ.ean on the one side and the Democrat* upon the other. Though Bishop (Dem.,) is elected to Congress over Perry, as the contest between them wa9 exceedingly close, of course the latter will con test hare for the seat, that being the universal fashion in such cases, since Congress has adopted an invariable rule of paying all contestant* full pay and mileage. It is worthy of note, that throughout this Connecticut contest the Democrats, with one accord, stood manfully by the principle of the Kansas-Nebraska act. as interpreted by Presi dent Buchanan, and the Constitution, as inter preted by the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case. Not a man of them dodged or squirmed for an in3tant from that manly attitude, from the beginning to the end of the canvass?not a man of them all. We took occasion, a day or two since, to ex press the hope and belief that ere long the policy of the late National Administration would be found uppermost at the North, under the in fluence of the firmness and vigor with which it is being carried out by their successors. Does not this result in Connecticut show that that hope and belief are well founded, indeed? Who. except those who study politics closely, would have imagined that so soon the lion of Abolition Free Soilism could be thu? success fully bearded in what, by universal consent ap parently, was a week ago commonly regarded as being his very den ? The Fecit or the Tree.?The career of the present Republican Legislature of New York is capitally illustrating the true character of that party. Its majority in that body have evidently but two ends in view : First, to "progress" in Abolitionism as fast as possible. Second, to make as much money as poeeible for thcxsclves and their friends by special legis lation. To accomplish the first end, they are still tinkering the Dred Scott question. A commit tee on the subject have just rnado a report re plete with doctrines setting at defiance the laws of the land, the Constitution, and the authori ties of the General Government. The remedy they propose is nullification; and they advocate that remedy upon grounds involving open and flagrant declarations that thoir purpose is rev olution and nothing less. They seek to compass the second end we men tion above, by the enactment of special-privi lege bills for the benefit of squads of specu lators?among them being one granting to half a doten persons named, und their unnamed co partners. the right to lay down a railroad in Broadway, New York city, with the privileges of a monopoly. The scheme was matured in the dark, and when the triggers were set it was sprung before the people interested?the citi iena of New York?were aware of its existence. If it triumphs, it places a million of dollars in the pockets of the schemers, in a day ; the company's privileges being worth at least that sum in Wall street. The New York Express, , on the birth of " freedom shrieking," charac terized it as " shrieking for plunder" in reality. The history of the legislation of the Republi can party from the dawn of its existence to this hour, wherever it has existed, has demonstrated the eternal justice of that pithy criticism. The present Republican Legislature of New York is doing even more than its legitimate share by way of convincing skeptics, if any such exist, that iu its so brief expression the Express pub lished a powerful, comprehensive, conclusive and just analysis of the true character of the Republican party organisation. New England Evangelism.?While New Englaud is engaged in preaching so lustily, as of late, against the sins of others, all the out side world is musing thoughtfully over the state of practical Christianity in her own midst, as evinced with great force in the disgusting evidence adduced in the trial of tho Rev. Mr. Kalloch. and with such palpable effect, first in the action of the jury failing to find him guilty, and then in that of the dear flock of this pre cious pastor, in insisting that he shall continue in the discharge of ministerial duties among them! Such has really been the action of one of the largest congregations of New England's capital, Boston?that of the Temple. Its members, were their intellectual and moral superiority over the benighted congregations of Southern christians to be denied in their hear ing. would conceive themselves insulted, de graded. and maltreated indeed. Yet had the man, Kalloch. been a pastor of a congregation at the South, he would have got the full benefit of the law's severest penalty; and at the end Of his term of punishment, would as soon think of committing suicide, as daring ever again to look iu the face a member of his immediate church, or of the branch of christians to which he pro fesses to belong. The East Indies Squadron.?We appre hend that thero is a strong contest for the com mand of the American squadron now in the Chinese seas, in progress here; quite a number of distinguished naval Captains being ambitious for the position. By tho time the relief des tined for that service can get out there the term of Commander Armstrong, on that station, will have expired, and under the regulations of the service he will, in all probability, be recalled. Some of the Northern papers speak of the al leged determinations of the Department to send Commodore Perry out to relieve him. We doubt tLe fact; insomuch as he was so lately in command of thai station?it not being usual to return an officer so won to a station from which he so recently returned. It is understood that Commodore P. has been busily engaged for some time in affording the Department informa tion concerning its affairs in that quarter of the world, the result of his experienco there. In that matter his presence here at this t me ha?, doubtless, been of great value to the public in terest, for he is a very competent gentleman in | deed, in all branches of his profession. By the by, wo hear that the Boston mer chant*, greatly interested in trade with China, have petitioned that Captuin Goldsborough be sent out to relieve Commodore Armstrong. The Phoi'oseo Revenue (Steam) Cutter. Fifteen models for the construction of this ves sel, ordered by Congress at its last session to be built, have been reoeived by the Secretary of the Navy. As a collection, they are equal to any things of the kind ever offered to a Govern ment on either side of the Atlantic?coming as they do from the houses of Steers, Westervelt, Webb, of New York; Page 4 Allen, of Ports mouth ; Fardey, of Baltimore, nnd a host of others in New York nnd other oities famous for turning out fine steamships. A board of competent officers are to decide which model is the best under the circumstances. It consists of Naval Constructor Pook. Naval Eagjnetr Hunt. Engineer Copelaud, U. H. In ?I>ectors of boilers and hulls, ard some other gentlemen who have not been designated. The plane and apeeifioatiooa offered, as well as tbe models, will of courae b? duly considered bj them. The Navxl Covkts or Ikqcwt. ?Court No. 1 are, to-day, considering the case Of Lt. Jame! M. GHlia, (furloughed.) who act* u his owi ooanael. Commodores McCauley and Aulick and Lt Hoyle were examined on his behalf thii morning, as well as Mr. Hogg, a clerk in thi Department, on the Department's bohalf. The Court N?. 2 are, to-day, engaged in the case of Lt. Wm. Chandler. Walter Davidge Esq., of this oity, is his counsel. Commandei W. W. Hunter and Surgeon Edwards were ex' amined to-day in his behalf. Ao/#.?It is due to Lieut. Chandler that w< should correot a mistake into which we were led yesterday in attributing to the absence of hu witnesses the fact that his trial did not ther commence. They were all ready at the tim? designated for the commencement of his case. Thk Ixiojt Newspaper.?Some time sinc< we took occasion to remark that the newspapei paragraph saying that Mr. Edmund Burke, ol New Hampshire, had been tendered a position in the editorial corps of the Union, wm a mis take. As it is repeated in despatches from this citj that went over the wires yesterday, w? hare U repeat the correction. The reader will per ceive from the salutatory of the Hon. Wm. A Harris, (which we re-publish to-day from tb< Union,) that he is to be the sole editor of th< paper. We are satisfied that no offer, such at represented, has been made to Mr. Burke, oi to auy one else. Slisgino Slush.?There is food for reflectior in the intensity with which the Herald is now abusing the Secretary of the Navy. Gov Toucey may fairly consider himself a furtunat< man, on being thus honored by being first selected out byth* Herald from among all his colleagues to be so vehemently and so early slandered bj Bennett and his people. Whoever the Herala abuse*, if in public life, is sure to enjoy the re spect and regard of tho public; as is manifest ir the fact that they always prosper more signally in connection with public affairs, than any others W hatevcr and whoever the Herald essays witl might and main to pull down, public opinior surely builds up and strengthens. Such ha< been the history of the last decade, most signally Ordered.?The Cumberland, (sloop-of-war,] now at the Charlestown Navy Yard, is being prepared for sea, to go out a? the flag-ship ol the African Coast Squadron. The officers sc far ordered to her are understood to be Captait Thomas A. Conover, (the new commodore of th? squadron;) Lieutenants Thomas M. Crossan. Somerville Nicholson, W. D. Austin, Alberl Allmand, and Charles H. Greene ; Acting Mas ter Richard W. Meade, jr.; Fleet Surgeon Geo Blackwell; Passed Assistant Surgeon Frederick Horner, jr.; Assistant Surgeon James Laws; Purser William G. Marcy. The Third Court of Ixqiirt.?The Secre tary of tho Navy has directed a third Court ol Inquiry to assemble here on Monday next. It is to consist of Captains Lawrenoe Kearny, (President,) John T. Newton, and George T. Storer, neither of whom have been promoted by action of the iate Retiring Board. So the list of this particular Court published in North ern papers is erroneous. We take it for grant ed that to this Court will be assigned the oases of the captains affected by the action of the Re tiring Board. Aitoi.vted.?Calvin L. Sayre of Alahama. W. J. Parrington of Maine, and A. E. Saun ders of Virginia, named in the Star yesterday as having been designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for examination for first class ($1,300 per annum) clerkships in the office of the .^ixth Auditor of the Treasury, have been duly appointed to such place*. Those gentlemen who were named at the same time as having been designated for pro motion in tho same bureau, have also been duly promoted. The Verdict op the Press ?We have read comments on the Herald's impudeut request for berths in Government vessels for its report ers, and its mendacious assaults on Secretary Toucey because he did not feel at liberty to grant it, in the columns of perhaps a hundred newspapers of all parties. Without a single ex ception they rebuke the insolent folly of "ma papper," as pointedly as they applaud the Sec retary's refusal. The Panama Isthmus Question.?We have every reason to believe that advices of the for mal withdrawal of Messrs Morse and Bowlin from the scene of their diplomatic labors reached Washington yesterday. This step on theii part has been anticipated for a month past; sc the information of the fact takes no one by sur prise. List op Patents.?The following is the list of patents issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending April 14,1857?each bearing that date: Jonas Boiwnbury, of Cherryvtlie, N. J ?Foi improved boring machine. John F. Burgin. of Northumberland, Pa ?For lITIIarreU C??ler for wine? brer' aiui liquids Samuel R. Burrel, of New York, N. Y? Foi lmprovtment In school slates. Thomas B. Butler, of Norwalk, Conn Foi improvement in machinery for crossing the fibre* of wool In making felt cloth. Merano Butterfleld, of Indianapolis, Ind.?Foi Improved preparation of sugar, called tablt manna. John II. CahiU, of Philadelphia, Pa For im Fr,2,vempnt 'n hot-air furnaces. Thomas A Chandler, of Rockford, 111 ?Foi improvement in levels or inclinometers. John S. Chesnut, of Philadelphia, Pa.?Foi improvement in lifting jack. Isaac II. Conklin, of Rockford, 111 For im provement in raking attachments for harvesters. Jonathan Creamer, of Cincinnati, O ?For Im proved machine (or shaving shingles. ?*r* Daniel Davis, of Yellow Springs, O.?For Improvement fn lifting jack Bcnjamine Nadaulfde Buffon, of Paris*? ranee Thos. B. De Forest, of Birmingham, Conn ? rnrt'SunX' """*cM,u,r)"or ">?n<A?urln8 | Thos. A. Dugdale, of Richmond, Ind. For improvement in washing machines. James Emerson, of Worcester. Mass.?For im I provement in reefingships sailf. ??!*?]:?.* Vtolmi*h? Pa?For improve ment in revolving fire arms. Wm. A. Fenn, of New Milford, Conn?For fe?fhatsment >n m*cb,neforformi'*g the brims of Geo. Focbt, of Reading, Pa ?For imoroveri hoisting buckets for coal, ?e. improved E. P. Gleason, of Providence, R. I.?For im provement in gas burners. . G'itzner, of Washington, D., assignor Bobt. Haering, of New York, N. Y For im provement in treating gulta pcrcha .,p?of N~ f"k< * Y-F? James Hemington, of Richmond, Ind ?For improvement in apparatus for feeding fuel to fur. naces. ? I^evi L. Dill, of Hudson, N. Y.?For improve ment In coating metals with silver. J. R. Howell, of Alexandria. Va?For im proved method of attachingadjustable buckets to the shafts of water wheels. Nelson Johnson, of Jasper, N. Y.?For im provement in steam boilers. David H. Kennedy, of New Alexandria, Pa.? For composition for tanning hides. James Kerr, of I-ondon, Eng.?For improved rammer for many chambered breech fire arms. Daniel \V. Lafetra and Henry A. Lafetra, of Eatontown, N. J.?For improvea raking attach ment for harvesters. Robert McCafferty, of I<ancaster, Pa?For Im provement to prevent incrustations in steam boil crs 0 James 8. McCurdy. of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in watdrobe or bureau bedsteads. nr??v?n \V?' ot Boston, Mass.?For im P ,n cups. of liruL r Nc,ti?ton a,ul Chas. Raymond, machines Conn??For Improvement In tewing J2 ?J*"*""'. Conn.?Forma Stephen Oliver fr provement ia ^ .?Fox in Zachariah Onm, of Camden, N J.?For im provement In Ice-breaking boats Geo. W. rennUton, of North Vernon. Ind? For improvement in self-releasing door* of cotton presses. Jno Pfaff, of Philadelphia, Pa?For Improve, men tin flute*. # 1 George P. Reed, of Walt ham. Mass ?For Im. provement in watches. Wm. Robiuaon. of Baltimore, Md. For im provemeht in lime kilns 01 Daniel C. Smith, of Tecnmseh, Mich?For lock and clasp for port-monnales. Richard L. Smith, of Philadelphia, Pa?For improvement In railroad car brake. C.H. Wheeler, of Boston, Mass.?For improve ment In eurtain fixtures. Dutee Wilcox, of Providence. R. I ?For im provement in shirt studs. Wm. L. Williams, of New York, N. Y ror improved machine for splitting wood. J. C. Wilson and T. 6. Wilaon, of Cedar Hill Tex?For improvement in machines for thresh ing grain in the field. Lorenzo Winslow, of Rochester, N. Y.?For improved mode of attaching hubs to axles Jesse N. Bolles, of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor toM. W. Bolles, of same place ?For improve ment in apparatus for boring artesian wells Edmund M. lvens, of Tainaqua. Pa., assignor to himself and Lucien H. Allen, or same place ? For Improvement in winding machinery for mines. * John H. Morrow, of Baltimore. Md., assignor to himself and Edwin Bennett, or same place For improvement in baths for photographic pur poses. Wm. W. Willmott, of Boston, Mass., assignor to himself and Henry F. Gardner, of same place. For improvement in boot trees. Reissues.?Joel Bryant, of Brooklyn, N. Y.? For improved carpenters' gauges. Patented Aug. 19. 1854. Obed Hussev, of Baltimore, Md ?For improve ment In reaping machines. Patented August 7, Joseph P. Martin, of Philadelphia, Pa., as signee of John A. Bradshaw. of Lowell, Mass ? For improvement in sewing machines. Patented I\ov. 28, 1843. Designs.?A. C. Barstow, of Providence, R I For designs for the plates of stoves. Ellas fngraham, of Bristol, Conn? Por design for clock cases Chauncey Jerome, of New Haven, Coan ?For design for clock case fronts. ? Vedder, of Troy, N. Y , assignor to Smith 4 Sheldon, of same place ?For design for plates of a cooking stove. r Additional IinrroremeHts.?Vuvid N. B Coffin. ?^e*"l5 Centre, Mass.?For improved fil ter. Patented September 2, 185ft.

W?. H Thompson and Eustis P. Morgan, of Biddeford, Me.?For improvement in safety hat ches for warehouses. Patented June 24, 1856. Land Warrants.?The financal circular of Sweeny, Rittehhouse, Fant A Co., of the 15th, says: The demand for Land Warrants Is active -H"?? ?.r{i<:r? being filled for the Iowa sales of land which take place next month. >V e quote the market at the following rates, be ing an advance of one cent per acre : An ?u>*'g. per acre. Sell'g per acre 40 acre warrants 91.11 *iTj 80 " ,02 9l-H 160 " " inl J-?J| iao u w;::;::;;;;;. 1 $ The Ctrrent Operations or the Trea ?prt Department.?On yeeterday, April 14th, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock? ?n w Qn For the Treasury Department .. 37 ? ,2 For the Interior Department 4,0 For Customs is'mo 3? ar warrants received and entered.. 42 132 15 War repay warrants received aud en tcr cd t a < iCfO a a From miscellaneous sources 'i?i f1 From Cuatoins 4,139,301 go From the African Squadron. Corrtspondtnte of The Star. n _ U. S. Ship St. Louts. ) Porto Prata, (Isle St. Jago,) Feb. 5, 1857 j e arrived here last month after a five months' cruise down the coast, during which we rendered good service to American interests and interfered wTiifprfh'y with the slave trade on the coast. We were us far south as Little Fish Bav. ?> e have been on the go ever since we have been on the station. This ship is so old and get ""^?r,Ck:t,Ltbft s^e '* all the time requiring J^ be done to her. such as caulking8 Ac It is thought by some that it would be <:o<Sd policy on the part of the Government to lay her \V> ?Ti i3.Si K0"te other? ,,ow in service, e a. I, both officers and n>en, get along finely a?'ifv'nrt. f t'0*" ?" as Wel1 on ***"* as any otuer in the navy. ' nhTn t/p^St?Wn 'hif> 1S ,iere> and the Dol phin at Po.toGrande. Olilcersand crew ail well We leave here to-morrow for another cruise down the coast to settle some difficulty with the African^T^PuE 11 aP^>e"r? fJiat 'be native Africans have been committing some deprtda tions upon the colonists, burning their property or something of the kind; ?o?we arePoHi wT*!' ,e, a Cremt hurry to settle the matter whatever it may be. Adieu. T. F j From New Granada-Naval News, tec. Correspondence of The Star. U. S. Snip Ctank, i Aspixwall, N. G., April 3, 1857 C > e are still here, and there is no knowing when we shall get away. The difficulty now existing between the United States and this country will be likely to keep us here some time vet. There con*iUer*ble excitement in this place and Panama among the natives; they thinx the rtohfoff im iS K?-"g t0 invade Isthmus Die tallf he!l to hear some of tLr P?o pie talk here about the great streneth of their n-ov fKCn i, t,he-V ">at with ??To hundrJd of their soldados they can take the ?? Cyane " and lau? jks fets1 n^} 'ie brought down a new crew of offl TheS men f?r the "? D^tur" on the others?? h. the steamer""0 C?m,n* ?Vef ,0*da>'to tE! ^ea^r continues to remain very warm Xo-th I'l ^7" 1,0 rain for some time- ^Vater is wo-th about ten cents a gallon. I he " Saratoga was in here a short time asro uain3iy(0"et?"avaua- 1 ?*P?ct she will relieve are Mexjco.?Our dates from the city of Mexico e to the 2d, and from Ve<a Cruz to the Ith Inst. The clergy had openly declared against and de nounced tue new constitution in all the churches The government had taken notice of this, nnd were about to call the Archbishop and other prom inent ecclesiastics to account. It was feared that during Holy Week disturbances so fomented might occur. The army had sworn to the new cinstitution. It was received with favor through oat the States generally. Isolated cases had oc curred where government officials, including three magistrates of the Supreme Court, had rp f j?ed to swear to it. They were to be. or had been, removed. A contiact for the steam navigation of the Pacific coast of Mexico bad been awazded to Captain Isham, an American. The government hau issued a manifesto to the nation reviewing its acts. Nicaraoca Nkws. ? The Isfhmus papers brought by the George Law make no mention of the brilliant victories reported by the last steam er. Such victories had not been heard of, it up psars, either at San Juan, or Panama, or Aspin* wall. The dates from Greytown, are to April 2. Col. Lockridge went up the river on the 24th of March with all his force, to attack San Carlos. When last heard from he was at the Mancbuca Rapids, intending to attack Castillo on Ihe next morning, the 27th. He has removed everything . from San Carlos and Serapiqui previous to leav j ing. There wan a rumor, which requires con firmation, that Col. Lockridge had taken Fort Castillo. Whether true or no?, his prospects are not encouraging, for many of his men are sick; others were deserting whenever a chance offered; and, altogether, the force under his command Is considered by our correspondent as on the eve of disbanding. There is little probability of Walk it receiving further reinforcements, as the steac.;? ers from New York to San Juan have been with drawn. and the Sierra Nevada, which does not sail from San Francisco till 20th, will be the last on the Pacific side. California Nrws.?The news from Califor nia is interesting. The steamers of the Nicaragua line had been laid up for the present, leavinglhe mail line in the enjoyment of the monopoly or the tr.tfflc between the Atlantic and Pacific States. Nothing had been done in the Ltgi>lature in regard to the State debt, but it was thought that some action would be taken on The subject prevloua to the adjournment. A stamp act?a financial matter for relieving the State frwiii her present embarrassments?had passed iiv the lower house. 11 places a tax on all foreign bills of exchange, drafts or orders, and also upon pas senger*' tickets in vessels leaving the State. The"' tax on a two thousand dollar draft is fixed at four dollars, and on first class passenger tickets six dollars. It was thought that the act wonld be come a law. The present season was represented a< l>eing b/ far the most favorable for mining or e ations that California has yet experienced. Tne receipts of gold iu San Francisco bad been large during the two weeks previous to the sailing of the steamer, and It was anticipated that there would be no falling off for a long time to come. Activity in the m-irkets still continued, and an extraordinary stimulus had been given to opera* lion* In various descriptions of goods. Signs ?At N'"w Orleans on the 2fith nil., the edito's of tl* Picayune J?rtook of strawberriea grown in W >'s of tl* Picayune partook of strawberriea rn in ?P** ?ir ? Muaketoes have appeared IVtfington, N. C., In good condition. rr-F?REV. HAI.SEY DUNNING, OF BALTI L '? more, Moderator of the Presbytery, will preach in the Assembly'si Church,cornerof Mas*, aronne and 5Hj strael, THIH EVENING, it IK o'clock. The j>blic af Invited. It MONTGOMERY GOARpS. ATTEN '-Pi'.1!? ^"m ?g\?^kS'VK?.'; 'NOTICE.?THOMAS MALOY WHOSE nam- appeared in the watch return. ofApn i, is not Thomas J. Malloy, Bookbinder. Patent ce Building. apU-3. <y~s=*ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD. X? You are requested to atte^d ? minc 01f th? Corp* on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the l?l inst. It it expected that every member will be pre* aut, aa there 1a business of importanoe to transact, ap 74?it * R. H. G R A HAM y-jF?ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S mount kj ED GUARDS.?An adjourned meeting wU tonehl atthe ArmoryonTHl RSDA^ k>\ BMN'll, 16th instant. A full attendance is Iu; arrangements wUt be made for the Targe< Exowrsioa. By order of Capt. Peck : . ? ap 14-3t F. A. LUTZ.Soo^ -r5=*MKTROPOLITAN MECHANICS' IN KJ STITUTE.-An annua! meeting of the Metro politan Mechaniea' Institute will be held in the Al; dermen's room. City Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, at 7ft o'clock, for the purpose ol electing a President, lour Vioe Presidents. Corres ponding, Recording, and Financial Secretaries, a Treasurer, a Librarian, and eight Directors. The member* are particularly requested to attend. TflOS. C. MAORI*DER, ap lS-St Reoordmg Secretary. rv-3=?CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE.?The Lk3 undersigned ia prepared at ali times to pay the highest cash prices for rood second hand furni ture, in large and small quantities. Persons leaving the city or declining housekeeping will find it to their advantage to give m? a call beiorc disposing of their houiehold effects. Apply to ' E. LEASE. Agent, No. 504 Ninth it., 3 doors from Pn. av. mar 19?eolm rr"?=?MACHlNE SEWING.-ROOMS on E !13 STREET, two doora from the oomor of 9tli afreet. Sewing done in a alienor manner at the following rates: Shirts, plain, (must be cnt and basted.)62H eonfs Wristband* 3 e. per pair; Collars 3c. eaon; Boaomi 2c. per plait; Plain Sewing 3c. per yard. Constant I v on hand and fir sale, Shirts from 91 tc 94 : Bosom's from SJftc. to #1 : Wnsfhands from ?c to por pair; Collars from lz>t to Xhic. each, an*, other Goods in proportion. Persons wishing sowing dona will do beat to omit washing the material. Terma invariably cash' mar 17 eelm rV-p- MACHINE SEWING.?HAVING TO I L_* da> secured tho services of an o!d and expe rienced operator, (recent'y engaged in tho Fsirlthc proprietor is now propared to give greater neetnesi and expedition to all work left at his rowns. On hand, and constantly makinrup. SHIRTS, DRAWERS. BOSOMS. COLLARS. 4o., whioi; will be sold at reaeoiaibie prioes. Indies and others are invited to call and examine the work. . . Rooms on D street, two doors from corner of 9th street. ap<-lm rr^=? PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHH.A; If dHphia prices, at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM DEPOT, corner of 12th and F sts. ICE CREAM at 91-*> per gallon. ap6-lm* r'OMBS.-TUCK, DRESSING. PUFF, SIDE Vy Pocket, and Childrens' ronnd Combe, at ap l5-3t LAMMOND'S. 7th afreet. BRKSHES.-HAIR. TOOTH, NAIL, AND Shaving Bruahes at ap 15-3t I,AM VON !x"*. POCKET MAPS AT TAYLOR A MAURVS. Township and Sectional Maps of all tho Statin and Territories, just reoeived at TAYLOR A MAL RY"S Bookstore, near 9th street. aplj HTA81INGTON IN DOMESTIC LIFE, from Original Letters and Manuscripts. by Richard Rush. Price .*1. Just published, aud for aale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, near 9th t>tr?et. ?PJ5 EMSHING TACKLE.?HOOKS, LINES, ROLS, r Reels. Ac., a complete outfit Just received at the Housefurnuhiug Store, 49u7th "treet. *p 15 O. FRANCIS. 1M1EY NEVER LIE.-GOOD CLOCKS, handsome CLOCKS, cheap CLOCKS. Iheee are reliable. Every Clock is warranted, ap 15 G. FRANCIS. 4?>7th street. B ALLOCS DOLLAR MAGAZINE FOR Vf nv Ballou's Pie'onal for 25th April; Tha Jewelled Talisman, or The Puritan and Cavalier continued, apJ5 FERGUSON. 4367th atreet. IVEW YORK LEDGER FOR 25th APRIL 11 expected to contain the new story by Mrs. S- utl - worth: also, Tho Wild Knight, or Unknown Crusa der, by Sylvanus Cobb, the best of ?11 writers. ap 15 FF.RQI SON. 4-% 7th street. WEDDING PRESENTS.?IN ADDITION 1 O our very largo stock of Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, we offer a beautiful wort; ment of choice goods, suitable for EDDING PRESENTS. M. W. GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, ap lo-St 324 Penn. ave? bet. 9th and 10th sts. WATCH REPAIRING AND ENGRAVING. ?V WATCHES. CHRONOMETERS, and POCKE T TIME-KEEPERS of every description skillfully repaired by competent! workmen. . Also. ENGRAVING of every description, includ in* arms, crests, mottoes, and initials ou stone. Particular attention paid to CARD ENGRAV ING aud PRINTING. M. W.GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, ap 15-6t 324 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. OR SALEw?A beautiful ROAN PONY, be tween C arid 8 years old, which cannot be fyv F (WWII u unu a jmi, w wvii ixuwn wv surpassed u-'d?r the saddle, will b* ?" '?l r rea^onul le ternis.the owner having nofur:h"r*^^^ use for it. Also, a FURNITURE CAR, nearly . ew, with four large springs, will Ik> sold ciieap. Ap ply toCHAS. HI ME. Room No.54 Winders' build Cf. o,? t HALL'S ^ |R M^ BEMENT'8 AMERICAN POULTERER'S Companion, Illu^lrated. Dickinson and Monbray on Poultry, by Mn. Loudon. I .ondon. The Poulty Maid. London. Profitable Po?ltr*. London. Cattle, their Breeds, Management, and Diseases, l vol. Johnson's Modem Dairy and Cowkeeper. I vol. London. Gu^non on Miloh Cows. Blacklock's Tr"aties on Sheep. I vol. Glasgow. Pigs, their Ongiu and Varieties. Dublin. The Hog, its Origin and Varieties. Youatt on the Horse. Morgan Horses, by D. C. Linsley. Liwrence on the Horse. S 'ooner's Veterinarj Art. I<ondon. M >rton's Veterinary Pliarmac*. I#ondon. '' FRANCK TAYLOR. r|>o not SEKEEPERS. I Constantly on liniid a?!<l receiving weekly new addif iona to nn unsurpassed stock of COOK ING STOVES. RANGES, G \S OVENS., (a verv superior BakiOven for Su ? m?r use.u Chsrcoal anil Hard Coal FURNACES. SI MMER BAKERS. PORTABLE SUMMER Ranges, ae., Ac. REFRIGERATORS,all sizes. WATER COOLERS, in great variety. BATH TUBS, all sizes and patterns. fL/" All of whioh will b? sold at tne lowest market rnte?. FT" A call is solicited before purchasing elsewhere II/ The past year's accounts must positively be seft ied up b<!fore attempting to open a new one. ID-All goods delivered free of charge to snv part of the District. JAMES SKIRVING. S. E. oor. Pa. ave. and 11th sts., No. 267. ? p 16-eo6t_ Dissolution. The Co-partnership heretofore existing between th* und>?rsi2n??d. trading under the name of BKN TER A DUB A NT. w?# this day dissolved In mu tual consent. P. M. DUBANT, who will eontinue the business at the old stand, corner of ?th street and Pennsylvania avenue, is authonied to settle up the business of th" late firm, and to whom ail per sons indebted are notified to call and settle. W. F. BENTER. P. M. DUBANT. To mv Fbikntm asn Pat*ons.?Having sold out rnv entire interest in th^ establishment known as the Washington hall restaurant, to m> late partner, Mr. P. M. DUBANT, I would cheer fully recommend him to mv old friends and patrons, fueling assured he will conduct the business, as here tofore, to their entire satisfaction. aP14 3t W. F. BMTER. For sale-a good work horsE7/^ eight years old, sonnd and centle. Iu- j -T^ quire at the corner of 12th and M streets. apS-tf CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, cheaper than any plaoc in the city, at ap 14- Mclaughlin a co.'s. Dissolution of co-partnerhhip. The co-partnership heretofore existing between WM. R. SIMMONS and WM..K. DANT wu dissolved by mutual oonsent on 1st Januarv. 1R57. ap 14-3t* SIMMONS A DANT. tween C and Pennsylvania avenue. ap l4-8t NEW AND SUPERIOR FURNITURE by PRIVATE SALE AT AUCTION PRICES. A considerable smounf of the stock in the Warerooms on 7th street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall, remains un sold. and for a very few davs will be subject to private saleat auction prices. Many superior articles are on hand, id any persons desirous to purchase will be sure of great bargains, as the whole will h? out. ap 13-3t A. ROTHWELL. gPRING DRY GOODS. The subscriber takes pleasure in informing his friends and the public iu general, that he hasjust re oeived a lar/ce and handsome assortment of SPRI\G ?RY GOODS, selected with great c^ M th. North. Not deeming it necessary to enumerate the articles, he would most respectfully aak an exami nation of his s??ck, and feels assured he oan give satisfaction, both in prices aud qualitt, aarticuiarlv the former,aa his motto ia "Cimck salesand small C. F. PERRIE, - H'6- 3757th street, near I. 'J^O McLAUGHLlN'S everybody run. ?E<5!*y. 8pni* GowU Mclaughlin a '?? Millinery, millinery, millinerv, V\ e are now opening an elegant assort ment of MILLINERY GOODL. ??,? J&?SSS>2&Ji5i OFFICII U v/ TttAsrar PrrMsrrfc tt. IWr. Notice i? hereby given to holder* of stock of the loans of the United States. that thi. department will purchase the lame until the l?t day of Jane next, unieas the ?um of #l>to.fleo shall tie previously ob tained. and will pay, in addition to tha internet ac crued from the date of the last Mmi -annual dividend of interest thereon. together With one day's addi tional interest for the money to rt-ach tha vandar, the following rata* of premium on aH stocka: For tha atock of 1842. a premium of 10 per oent. For the atock of 1847 and 1M8, a premium of t? per cent.; and lor tha atoek of 18fln, commonly sailed Texan Indemnity Stock, a premium of6 per eent. Certificates of atock transmitted to tha depart ments, under thia notice, must ba assigned to tha United State*, by the party duly entitled to receive the proceed*. Payment for the stocks an aaairned and tntnemit ted will be made by drafts on the Assistant Treas urers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at ?t?e option of the pertiea entitled to receive the money, whioh should be expressed in the letters accompa nying the oectificates. ROWEI.I. COHB, mar 13-dt 1st June Secretary of the Treasury. AMTJSEMEHTS. First grand promenade concert AT CAR I SIS SALOON will tnk? place on Till RSD.O next, April 16th. WITHERS' BA NT* in their favorite piece*. Solo on tha ALEXANDRE OH(?AN, which in itruiiiDui tia* been l>? Thaloerg With <roat success in New Vork aid Bo*ton Tick-ts TW ENTY-FI VE C E NT*. Th<* Ice Cream and Rcfraahmcnt Saloon will ba o*>en during the eveninr. ap ^ hlVTH AMD LAST WMEK. ff AIGH^S"ITALIA, AMD TUB 1,11,1/IPUTlA N FAMT I,Y, rExhibiting every night thia waak at 8 o'clock, and oa WEDNESDAY AND S\Tl RDA\ AFTER NOONS, at aK o'd?ak . AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. Descriptive Pamphlet* for aale in the Hall. I!T ITALIA has never before been exhibited mi \N ashinrton. mar li-lnxl , f o.oTf. I. The member* of HARMONY LODGE. No. ' 9. re* pert fully informs the fraternltr and public in general, that the* will .jWik'. fiva a GRAND CONVERT AND : BALLst Out> Fki.lh??' H?t u. Saw t Yard.on MONDAY EVENING. Apnl?>th. Ad dresses will l?e delivered In *e\eral distinguish--*! ) member* of the order. and tlie fine orche*tral pa-t of the celebrated Marine Band i* enra*ed. under the direotionof Prof. F. Wa*ner. Also, the ser\ ioe? of | a fine Quartett Club baa pe?n secured. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a Gentleman : and I*adie*. N. B.?After the Concert the floor will be cleared for all of thoae who mat wi^h to dance. Arrangement* have I?oen made *ith Mr. Vander werken to hava Coaches leave the N?vy Yard after the concert. Door a open quarter before 7 o'clock ; Cuaoert to oouimence quarter before 8 o'clock. Commiltet of ArrnHtrmmtt. N. G. Wm. A r ra * t ear!, p. G. J no. M MeParland, V. G. Jos. II. O'Brien, Bro. Joseph Carroll, P. D. G. M'r Ferguson, Bro. Fred. Prosperi. P. G. Jno. Bohlater, ap IS Tt HALL'S BENEFIT. HALL'S SERENADERS will give their Fifth Grand Ethiopian Entertainment it Fo?it?r Hall. Georgetown, on THCRSDaS' NIGHT, the 16th in*tant. H AM. DUVALL, the Great Jie I?ar,eor, and sev eral other*, m ill appear?to conclude with "A Glanoe at Georgetown/' apl?-9t* PR IV ATE F ANCV 1?H FSSSC>IR EE~ PROF. II. \V. MUNDER. takes ocmsion to announce to hia frienda and former only, that hia FANCY DRLSf (strictly private) will take plaoe corner of 9th and D street*, on \ DAY EVENING, April I*li. 13*7,at 8o'e|ock. Mr. ,M* a* hall, the Costumer from Baltimore, will be at Prof. M. s Saloon on Tuesday, April Uth. at 12 o'clock .and on Wednesday during thedny,where he may be found with a beautiful oolleetion of Drewa es, both for ladies and gentlemen, at a vary reasona ble pnee. {.adics are invited to attend. f the weather should prove unfavorable the Soiree will take place on Thursday, Ifith. ap b id VJM1IL THURSDAY, the 16th inataetT" MADAME SWETT. The RmavHtd Cliirrotamt, will receive consultations respecting the PAST, PRESENT. FUTURE, and DISEASES, until Thursday, the l?th ic*tant. Rooms y>3 Seventh Street. apll-4t* K. takes occasion to former nn'rona KSS SOIREE J* icc at hit Ha>\/"> ?n Wr.DNF.s LJk LOST AND FOUND. A OA REWARD.?Lost or stolen from thesub scriber, on the evening of the Uth instant. a mil*1 1 double-criaed Iodic* GOLD HUNTING WATCH and CHAIN. Any person finding the an me, by leaving it at 461 lt-th *tr??t, will receive tfce tb vo reward and no u Mentions aakod. It* FIN LEY JOHNSON. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S STABLE, on Bridge atreet. t?eorytown. on Wed neaday, 8th day of April.'a DI N M A R E. Js?y alx^ut 15 or 16 year* >ud. a(>ont 14 liands high.**^? The owner will pleaac oome forward, prove property and pat cliarges.nnd take her away. ap 13 9t* R. II. DARNES k'tOTHORON. WAHT8. WANTED?A WHITE WOMAN tolxa CUm ' bennaid and d?? work a? \\ aiter in the Dining room. Apply at the Star Office to learn direction. ap IS-it* \%7ANTED.?A WHITE WOMAN as Cook, it Wa*her. and Ir?ner. She mu*t furnish the beat testimonials a* to her onpabiiity. hon a y, eob i ety. and industry, to aerve in a small tamuy. None need apply who cannot oome well recommended. North-a*t corner of hand Franklin Square. ap l&^at * WANTED to hire.-a colored wo v* M AN as Cook. Waaher, and lroner in a small family. Liberal wstcsitiven. References required. 4"*4 I street, second d-x>r frcm 12th street, sp I-V-3t* Servants wanted.-a dining room SERVANT (female) and CHAMBERMAID, who can come with proper recommendations, will recoive fair wage*. Noie but colored persons wanted. Also, a BOY about 12 or 13 yeara old, will b* re I eeived. Apply at tht? office. ap 15-tf \\'ANTED. -A first-rate COOK.?Toon-oompe *? tent a?d satisfactorily recommended, a pertn* nont place and liberal w-kos areodered. Apply at the nortliw at corner of F and 18th streets. ap 1 "-eoSt * SITUATION WANTED ?By a r^p^ctahl young Woman, who will aome highly recom mended, to do Chambenroiif and Plain S"win*. Please aiilres* Box No. J9. this office. aplV-?t* TVTURSE WANTED.-A fimi?T almnt to rem^re 11 West, wish to employ a ouni|?e,<,i t white por*< n as a N ur*e. To a competent person d ?irin? a oons fortab'.e fcooM, the M'.uation would be desirable. None need apply rat tho*e who can brmc antisfs - tory references as to character an 1 disposition. Ap plv to FRED. Navy Aaency, con<er IMhand F streets, or at No. SJ8 north ?tk atreet. near G. ap \y3t IVANTED.-A good C<KJK? German or Irish f? woman. Good references required. Good wages will be paid by applying at J. DE SAULES'S Restaurant. No. 225 Penn. avenue, opposite Wil lards' Hotel. ap 14-St*^ \y ANTED.-A hrst-rar- WASHER and 1R? >N " ER. Also,a BO^ to aksiat in a Dimng-rooni. APPb LLOYD'S Union 1 Intel. ap i;-8t WANTED.-A WET NURSE, without a child. A colored wonwn preferred. The be*t refer ences required. Apply to Dr. THOS. MILLFR. F. lieta een 13th ar?J i4tb streets. sp 15-tt WANT E D.-Three DRESS-MAKERS and three SHIRT-MAKERS. Applv toM. WIL LI AN, 32. Market Space, between 7th end 8th st*. ap 11 WANTED TO R E N tT-A FURNISHED "? HOUSE, containing a parlorand dimnz room, two bedrooms, and two servant's rooma, and a nur sery. To be genteel in its appearance location, and outfit, and a ithin convenient distance of the l>epart menta. Address a note to Box No. 20. Star t?ffic?, atating location (street and number I aud terms. ap 10-tf WANTED BOARD FOR A FA MIiTv-l^dv, Servant, Little Boy, and Infant, in a healthy lo cation where a large garden, held*, or rural walkaran be had ,on the suburlian part of the city. Apply bv letter, prepaid, stating term* and direction, to F. NICHOLAS CROUCH, Washington. D. C. jtf li-eo3t* A SMALL FARM. IN A HEALTHYLOCA aA tK?n. four miles from Washington, huhly ini proved.and very pro?1uctive. having good buildings and every necessary owvenience upon it. will beex clianKeo for city -property \ iclding rent. Persona wishing to make" such an exchange, may apply at the couaterof the Star Office. niar 3ft-tf WANTED?THE HIGHEST PRICES PAID m caali for old Silver at HOOD'S SILVER WARE MAN U FACTOR Y, 3W Penn. avenue, new Ninth street. dec 38 boakdihoT BOARDING.-Three or few gentlemen ean accommodated with BOARD in an agreeable and eligible looation. upon application at 582 Penn. avenue, between 1st and 5d streets. AI.S^), FOR RENT-One front PARLOR and CI1AMHER, together or separate, handsoinelr fur nished. on reasonable terms, with or without Board, np 14-1 w * Mrs. bates, at her boarding house, on the southeast corner of Penn.. Avenue and 9th street, baa made arranremente to acoommodaten larcennmberof strangers with Meele at any time throughout the day, and Lodging a. mar 3 do O^ATO INVEST IN N <? T E S SE t54,6.Wci RED ON REAL ESTATE to pay lo or 12 per cent. Adureaa J. P.,at this olfioe. ap U-en3tv Mrs. d. jones'"school is now open for the reccptiooof pupils, llaving had narr yeara of in?cocssrul experience, Kith at the North and South, ahe merely ask* a due share of peUot age to give Batialketion. A department for little ?or ttrma, apply lo Uta Principal, l|th atreet. ??l?-iw