Newspaper of Evening Star, April 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 16, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ra PrBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, <EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BI'ILDINOS. Corner of Pennsylvania arentu, and 11 (A Mreei, Br W D. WALLACH, and m s**nl to aubeoribera by aimers at SI X AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ti>e A i?nta; papers served m packages at 31% oenta per month. To mUl snbacriberatheaubecnption pnoeie TIIRKK DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS n year m advance. TWO DOLLARS for iut moots. am! ONK DOLLAR lor three months; for l<?ea than three rmmtha at the rate of 12K oenta a week. CTSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1857. NO. 1,324. THE WEEKLY STAR. ? i Tkts exoellent Family and !*?*? Journal-coa tatuiHK a fT^ter variety of interesting readtng than oan be found in airy other?is puWiaked <?? Saturday morning. Ttin> Single ooyy, per annum .fl ? 5 no ? * <*? ...."14 0" TO CLCW. Fire mfim ........ Tm Copiea Twenty copies OTCA?H,iiViiuBit ix anvanc*. By subscribing in elul? raieed among neighbor* witnont the intervention of a mail aa will ?? perceived, twenty per oent. of the V\ ***$?* \*T** will bp saved. It in\-ariably contains the " ash i net on Newa " that haa made the Daily Sta* oscu late so general 1) throughout the country. IO*Stn?Ie oopiea (in ? mrp?r()can be procured at the oonnt<>r:imme<tiately alter the lMiueuf the I'apar. Price?Thkkk Crxt*. . Postmaster* who net aa agents will be allowed a eommisaion of twenty percent. THE TEST; Or. L??f in a Hog^hftd. '? They put everything on runner# while the snow last*. for it does not tarry long. Buggy s>*t#. carriage top*. crockery crates?all are in qawtion. And I even saw one of the finest hordes in the city drawing a hogshead on wooden runners. in which were seated a gentleman and lady. They were a fine looking couple, and bore off the palm of fast driving, a* well as the most ludicrous sleigh conveyance ' ?Let ter f rom CMeago. lia. reador' and thereby hang* a tale, It waa a New Year's day in that far famed city of the West?even tho New Yoars s day of 1^7. Sinee Christmas, winter had set in in good Old fashioned earnestness. Snow had fallen to the depth of several inchoa. and being firm and bard. m id*-* excellent sleighing?a rare thing in the aity. Indent our winters Jwm sadly degenerated of late, being mach more mild and froe from snow. than in the days of our fathors: perhaps to accommodate them to our failing health and strength; for this latter fact is but too apparent. Yet this New Year's day seemed more a type <?f tho old thne. It wnecold. yet not too cold, and the sleighing was excellent. Evcryl>ody that had a suitable conveyance, or could cot one. even at any price, was out cnioying the rare sport; only the more keenly to no enjoyed for its rarity It was indeed a gala day; bright and beautitul over head, brighter and more beautiful still in the human hearts beating 00 joyously beneath" Ernest Hamm>nd?at in his counting room, busily engage*! in attending to the reception of a largo quantity of goods, just arrived. He w?* young yet, but fast rising in wealth and j'osition. Born in the Ewt. had brought with nira all the habits ofstrict attention to business which there generated. While there was aught of that to claim his attention, pleasure must be wnived. Therefore, when he did give himself up to its enjoyment, it was with a double ?cal. Naturally warm-hearted and impulsive, and social withal, as such persons must* be. he keenly enjoyed society. And when he entered it. he was ever a welcome companion, both with his own and the opposite sex. And now closing his books with a look of satisfaction and relief; he determined to give himself up to tho pleas ures of this annual gala day. While business was pending he had closed f his ears and eyes to ail else, but now he could ! not fail to heir the unnsual stir in the street*, and feel that while he had been engaged within il<>?rs. all had been life and commotion without. When he came forth the streets presented a . in sit novel scene. A more motley, incongruous i lot of vehicles it were not ea^y to imagine, i Such life and hilarity are always infectious, and ; Ernest a?>on caught the spirit. Ho, too, would 1 join the sledgers; but how? ne inquired at several stables for a sleigh, i Not one to be had. Yet he wa4 not eamly j daunted, and. moreover, had an unusual share i of perseverance. He owned one of the finest j horave in the city; of that he was sure. He re membered. too, that in a remote part of the sta- ! ble, where ho had usually kept him. ho had i one <lay noticed a pair of wooden runners He would see if in some way a conveyance could not be planned. His Yankee ing-nuity must be brought to the service. He ?oon reached the stable. The runners w.-re fousd. and in good order. But now for the ? other part. A hogshead that had for some rca- i s??n or other been sawed apart and nicely clean- \ ed. stoid before him Instantly a part of it wa* upon the runners. In a few minutes a com- j fort able scat was added, and he wai ready for i a drive. 1 But now arose another difficulty, unthought 1 of before He must have a companion?a lady ! of course; else half the enjoyme nt would be ' lost. Bat who would it be? Who w?uld be I seen, even with him. in such a conveyance as that. Excuse his vanity, reader. He knew he was a favorite. Indeed, he could not help j knowing it. But this was a special occasion. I " All the world"' was out. Who could he find brave enough to dare i ? He must see. ? There were two or three young l.idies who | b>ng claimed his special regard, add he felt j *urc he was not entirely indifferent to them. He had even been observing them of late, stri- j vmg to learn the true character of each. This | he iound. as gentleman and ladies usually meet I in city life, a difficnlt matter. How he yearned i to see through the fa'so surroundings into the J true and inner life beneath! Ho was rather old- 1 fashioned in his notions, it must be confessed; but he did care more for the real than for the arti- ! ftcial?more for the mind and heart than for outer adorning But how would it end? Would he be wi^r than his sex' It was indeed a difficult question, but he did not quite despair. Ella Campbell had long been one of the first in his esteem. But recently he had thought her vain and superficial, caring more for the outer than the inner man. and had been cau- i tions in his attentions to her. He would test' her now. driving briskly to the door and throwing the reins over bis horse, he quickly rang the bell. } A servant at once ushered him into tho parlor, ! where sat the lady of his thoughts. She greet- 1 ed him warai^v; but on hearing tho object of | his visit and the uniqueconv.*yance he brought, she plead a prerion* engage uuiU, and at once excused herself. Ernest Hamiaond was gifted with a good share of penetration, and wnen not previously 1 blinded, read character well. Now, instinc- i tively feeling how it was. ho politely withdrew. And while he rode gaily awny. Ella Cambell sat pouting in her room, unthought of and un eared for by the moving mass without. Ernest's next visit was to the home of Squire Reed- Here he had long been a frequent and welcome visitor, and wa* quite "like one of; fimily" a* the'."squire often said, looking know ingly at his two girls Charlotte and Bella. Charlotte was the older and handsomer ef the two; and beauty is always attractive, cs- j (tecially with the men. She was the favorite, too, in society. But at times Ernest had turn- j e l from her to the gentle, graceful Bella, with her pure hc.irt, piquant, and innocent ways, almoat with a feeling of love for the latter. Her'* waa indeed a character tostudy. Timid and retiring when in the presence of stran ger*. she was yet singularity artless and confi- j ding to thoee she best knew. There was a dash of independence, too, and n vein of romance in her heart, pleasant and refreshing to meet. She was graceful and I pliant, it was true, but there was a character i and strength there also. Though her sister might best please in a crowd, she would be bet ter lovad at home. All that Ernest felt; still, beauty fascinated him. Not that Bella wa* ugly Oh, no!? , But she was not beautiful, either; at least, save in the loving eye* and heart* of those who best knew her. Ernest liked them both. It was diftcult indeed to determine which was tho fa vorite. As he neared the door he said within him- . self. as one <?ften will, in case of doubt?" A look or word shall decide between them. If one or both refuse to ride with me, it shall be a sign that all is over. But if one accepts? why then who knows what may come of it! I am twenty-eight now; "old enough." as my oartaer told iae yesterday, to be married and nave a home of my own." and so I am. We shall see?we shall see"* Two faces were at the window as he drove np. One brightened visibly, and the other a* \isfbly pale.]; while a mingled expression of scorn and disappointment passed over her fea ture*. " Good morning, ladies!1' he exclaimed a# he entered their presence. 44 I find myself ia rsther an awkward position just now, and need *>ine one to help me out. I must have a drive this morning, yet I have been unable to obtain any conveyance save the one you saw as I drove up. What shall I do?'' and he looked to Char lotte for an answer _ ,l An awkward position, Indeed!" answered aiie. ?? j?u had better drive alone." _ ' Bat must I?" he asked aomewhat torrow fally. Bella looked op qotokly; but she did not lyiik* " Snrlcy vou do not think a lady would be wen in such a conveyance'" continued Char lotte, with a slight tow of her beautiful head. Again Bella looked up, while a painful flush suffused hor cheek. She was sorry her sister had thus spoken?sorry for her. grieved for Er nest. She felt sure she could not hare denied him?that whatever he should aak would not be improper or wrong. How then oould her sister speak thus? ( harlotte noticed the expression, and half read it* meaning. She did not like the reproof that it conveyed; and turning to her she said somewhat scornfully: WU&lXlS'' woul'1 80 with J00 i 1 ^ Jon Bella ' ' the young man repeated earnestly, ad he bent her aglanoo which thrilled through every part of her being. i or a moment the blood rushed over her brow and neck, the next it rcceded, and ?he an swered gaily: '? And why not, indeed ?" " But will you go. Bella?" again asked Er nest, in that straight-forward manner which every way characterised him. I should like it of all things!" answered the enthusiastic girl forgetting the emotion of the moment before. "Bat remember how wo aro to go," csn tinucd Ernest quickly. wi" be tho observed of all observers," added Charlotte. '?And what of that?" ealled back the de lighted girl, as -he was half way up the stairs. In a moment she was ready; and gaily bid ding her sister good bye, she was soon seated beside Ernest, and they drove rapidly awav. Charlotte half repented her momentary pride when she saw tho tender glance of Ernest as he plnced her carefully upon the scat, and drew closer the folds of her large, warm shawl, in winch she had shown the good sense to wrap herself. But it was too late now ; so taking a book she prepared to spend the morning alone In the meintime Ernest and Bella had joined the motley throng now moving so rapidly through the city. Now they drove down close to the water's edge, where, far as the eye oould reach, one saw nothing but the clear blue Waters of the lake, with its masts and sails, making one think he were upon the Atlantic coast, instead of so many miles in the interior. Anon they looked unon the wide spreading prairie now pure and white with the new fallen snow, and stretching far away till it wan lost where earth and sky seemed to meet. Then again they were pass ing through the wide and level street* of the city. Oh ! there is life and exhilaration in giving up one's self U> the enjoyment of the hour : : Mature is a good mother to us all; and when 1 we give ourselves into her keeping, she will I ever fill tho heart wi Mi joy and gladness. Would that more such exorcises?more such out-of- ' door exercise* prore freely enjoyed by all! This shutting oneV self up so completely within doors, as some do in wintor, is enough to drive all the roses from the cheek, all jjoy and glad ness from the eye. and all freshness from tho heart, making one old before his time. The spell ot the hour was then upon them ; and as they sped merrily along Ernest felt his heart warm more and more toward the pure and artless girl by his side. lie had known her 'on??he had known her well; and she had ever seemed the same?ingenious, truthful and good. He wondered how. even for a moment, he had ever thought of another ; for she scorned to him, then, all that his heart could ever wish or de sire.^ But could she ever be his ? or was she destined for another ' The thought made him aesperate He oould not endure it for a mo ment. The question must be decided at once, and with him to resolve was to act. They had been talking gaily of the scene around them?or Bella had been talking, he listening, for amid the multitude of vehicles in tho street each had to attend pretty carefully to his own; when turning to her with another 1 of those glances which thrilled through every j fibre of her being, he said, and his voice was low and earnest as he spoke : ?? Bella, I am a business man, and shall do up thiags in a business fashion. I lore you. Will you be my wife ?" The young girl looked up astonished. She had long liked him?liked him better than any other on earth; but sho never dreamed of being hit wife. He was so much older, do much wiser than she?for she was scarce eighteon. and in heart a very child?why did he not take her sister? She could not comprehend it all, and almost doubted if she heard aright. For many moments dhe did not reply. Ernest observed her closely, and read in her face the unuttered thought. She wa^ about to speak, when, struck with the whole ludicrousness, she laughed outright. It ku his turn now to look astonished. "Why Bella, what's the matter ?" he soon asked, somewhat hurt. ?* Only think !^ m iking Iovo in a hogshead !" laughed the mischievoas girl, more merrily than before: "whoever heard of such a th'ng And this time Ernest joined her, aycu at?his own ex]>euse. ?? Well, well, no matter where," continued he. taking the little hand that lay for a mo ment outside her shawl. "Do you love me, Bella ? and will you be iny wife ? Answer mo trulv?will you be mi lit ? ' ?? lea, Eruost, yes; but I must laugh, never theless. The scone is so entirely ludicrous? quite a new order of romance!" And again her laugh rang out, loud and clear as tho song of a bird. Aud this time Ernest joined in it as heartily as she. lie could well laugh now ; for had she not promised to be his' >o matter whtre tho promise had beon made no matter how; she was his?all hi* ! And as he pressed her hand at parting, he said : " Lautth, now, as much as you like ; but to night 1 shall coino to appoint the wedding day and arrange for it* ccrcinoniu. So good morn ing. dearest." a And in a moment he was gone. That night all was urranged?'Squlro Rcod and his wife giving a full and free consent? and in just six weeks from that time Bella Reed became Mrs. Ernest Hammond. In the city of Manchester, N. H., the 1 11 <hum of Correction is now without a criminal | Inmate. I The police of Boston are busily employed in breaking up the gambling houses which infest that city. 117" Fifteen thousand and ninety-three barrels of Hour were inspected at Petersburg, Va., for the quarter ending March. f?7" Au old maid speaking of martlage. says it i like any other disease; while there islife there ! is hope. f?7"It has )**en suggested that the long-skirted I ladies, who *weep tne streets with their trains, be called "broomcrs." little girl In Watervllle, Ga., more thau I a year ago, swallowed a needle, aad ou New I Year's day it came oat of her knee. iVr The sum of diat.Wm hxs been suWribed ! f?r the permanent endowment of Bacou College, at ilarrodsburg, K)\ ' f A Western editor perpetrates the follow ing : " A flock of sheep composed of all 'Wethers' ; may be said to resemble our climate." j Y,l- Signor Jacoysi (Charles Jacobs of N Y.,) i teni?r. has b?*en engaged for the season at the Royal i Italian Opera, Her Majesty's Theal e, Lonpon. IIjT A man having published another a liar, a .scoundrel, and a poltroon, the latter complains . thnt he does not spell "jioltroon'' correctly. I C-7" The English Cdmiralty have taken &0flrst 1 class sailing ships for the conveyance of stores to ! China, evidently preparing for a war of some du j ration. \^J" The Columbia, 8. C., papers announce the d**ath of Dr. Smith, an eminent physician of that plve. He died of abscess in the brain, caused by i a severe attack of measles. ITT"The New York Times wars that a revlral Is progressing In Rev. Henry' Ward flewcher's I Church, and several persons have been hopefully ) converted. H7" The Sacramento, California, Times says, l i:i t tie course <?* a report updii the proceedings' at 1 a public dinner. " The May or of the city and the i fodiee, , w*r? appropriately aad eiegaatty 1 drank, and it* party separated cfeMT." FOR BENT AND SALE. FOR RKNT.-Mrn. G. ANDERSON hu seve ral COMFORTABLE ROOMS for rent, which are all comfortably Furnished. either as Parlora ot Shaml>era, situated on Penn. avenue, No. 296, 2d '?<>r from the Kirkwood House. mar 31?1m Rooms for ken t.-rooms su it a b le for a family, can bo had at No. 3M 4th street, between Indiana avnnuo and li street. Apply to JO NAS GLICK, 422 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4H ami 6th streets. mar 21?tf fi1 OR SALE ORRKNT.?THAT LARGE THREE-STORY BUILDING on the Plank Road. adjoining the Park, and known at The Grove, containing 16 Rooms. There im a Bull Room 60 by 16 feat; Bar-Room 32 by 30 feet, and Cellar 60 by 32, and fl foot d?ep. It is well suited for a first class Ilotol or Boarding-house. mar 23-1 in JOHN Ji. SMITH. Ji^OR SALE.?A VERY DESIRABLE RESl denoe. being a three-story and Insemont BRICK SWELLING, containing seven Rooms, with brick ack Building Attached lor the kitchen sod son ants, and situated on the south side of F street north, be tween 6th and 7th. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512 (2d story) 7th street, between D and E. POLLARD WEBB, ap 7-lm Real Estate Agent. I/OR RENT.?THE LARGE FOUR STORY BRICK nWRI.l.lMn ?? prnv ...... i ? iiiu i?n i\ w r* BRICK DWELLING, with all the modern im vements, wtunted on K Mro?t, north *i<l0? i>6 Q?k ? ?1 rri .vv. ?-.? ij omotji, ncrin HidOt DO tween Rth anil 10th streets. To a good and perma nent teruint the rent will be moderate. Inquire at No. 3M E street. mar7-tf A GOOD CHANCE.? WOOD A N I) COAL 1a. YARD FOR SALE.?Tho subscnlwr being al>out to leave the city will sell out his WOOD and COAL YARD on the most reasonable terms. I will sell stock and everything, just as it is, or the good will of the Yard, office, wharf, Ac., just as the pur chascr may desire. There is no better stand in the Second Ward, and nnder very cheap rent. Apply to F. T. WILSON, next to foundry Church on 14th street, between G and Now York avenue. mar 16-tf _ I'URNPIKE ROAD FOR LEASE.-TheUnion I'lank or Turnpike Road Company, regularly chartered by the State of Maryland, ort'ers to farm out its road leading from the end of thft Seventh street Plank Road, five miles north of Washington, D. C., to the village of Brookeville, in Montgomery county, a distance of nearly fifteen miles. The first mile is laid with plank, with a good gravel track on on? side, and the balance of the road with hard, bro ken quartz. ? The whole of the road is under toll, and in success ful travelling condition. Proposals will be received by the undersigned up to the litis April, at noon, for the lease of the same for one or more years. Tne contractor will be au thorized to receive the tolls according to the terms of the charter and amendments thereto, and requir ed, under l?ond, with satisfactory security, to keep the road in good order, to pay all the expenses for collecting toils, to pay over the reserved rent as of ten hs may be required by the Board of Directors, and to surrender the same in good order at the end of the lease. The company reserves the right to acceptor reject proposals in whole or in part. Address A. BOWIE DAVIS, President, Brookville, Montgomery coun ty. Maryland. apl?'itaw IjM)R SALE OR RENT.?THE DESIRABLE R ESlDENCE en tho corner of F and ?lststs., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. Tho stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. Tho lot the house stands on is 30 by 136 foot, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUND on the comer of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on l!)th,uear F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap3-tf j \T PRIVATE SALE.?WILL BE SOLD AT private sale, the new nnd convenient two-story FRAME HOUSE, No. IT6 Market street, George town, D. C., containing fivo rooms and a l?th room, and a kitchen and cellar in the Imsement. It has a fine cistern of water in the yard, with pump and ?water fixtures in the kitchen. and is lighted by gns. For a small family a more desirable home o.innol be obtained. Apply to BARNARD A BUCKEY, Anc tioneers. ap 6-?w Handsome four story brick house AND LOT AT PRIVATE SALE.?The sub scriber will sell, at private sale, the handsome FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE and LOT situa ted on North G, Iwtween 4tli and 5?h streets west: the lot being part of lot No. 2 in Stiuare No. 5IK, and contains 2^?** square feet of ground. The House be ing No. 514. opposite Judiciary Sutiare, contains nin? good and convenient rooms and wide passage, nnd a largo cistern in the yard. It will be sold on reasonable terms. For further particulars inquire of the subscril>er, on the premise*, or at Mr. Lee's of fice Pennsylvania avenue, between and 6th s|*. mar 19?ootf D. C. REED. A VALUALE FARM FOR SALE?5I2X acres /x of good FARMING LAND, situated in tho County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a fow yards from Warrcnton Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two hours travel from the cities of Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with wator and timber, and has much excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, ami good neighliors witfun a short distance. For further information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the place, or to the subscriber at his Broker's Office, near Brown's Hotel, Washington Citv. mar24 ROBERT MORROW. Regulations for the army of the ? United States. 1UJ7, just published, price ?1 : mailed, free of postage, on the receipt of For sale at TAYLOR A M AIR Y'S, ap in- Bookstore, nearMh street. ? M'lT.VRS AND VIOLINS, at " T ap 14- ELLIS' Music Store. CiORTEZ THE CONQUEROR, a Tragedy in 'fivcacts. The liest production of our Modem Shakspeire. All should read, and criticize this great work. Buy it of the publisher, ap 11- FERGUSON, 486 7th street. VrOCAL MI'SIC.?Mrs. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music, having vacant hours for a few more Scholars, requests those. l,ad>ex who are desirous of Icing perfecte I hi Ballad Singing,or <ipera Music, to favor her with an enily application. 'I erins made known at her residence, 4<V> E street, between l?th and !'>th, and at the .Music Stores of Mr. Davis, and Metawrott. ap 6-3m f?ENTLEMENS DRESS SHIRTS OF FINE U quality. Shirts made to order, warranted t?? fit, WALL A STEPHENS, ap ff-tf 322 Pa. av.. bet. 9tii and Mhsts. SECOND GRAND OPENING OF THE SEA SON AT MY STORE.?A splendid assort ment of real imported FRENCH BONNETS. The largest and richest selection of FRENCH FLOWERS. R I B BON S, LAC ES and EM BROI DERIKS to b? found in the citv. DRESS-TRIM MINUS in the greatest variety, ILLUSION CAPES, MANTILLAS, MAR SE ILL ES, nnd NET B A SO V K S, and CHIL DREN!*? GARMENTS ready made. DRESS-MAKING in the latest French Stylea, at the shortest notice. M. WILLIAN. mar 77-lm Market Spaoe. bet. 7th and Rth sts. A CAR D.-We l>eg to inform tho Public tliat we have just returned from New York, where, with care, we have selected a very large nnu beauti ful stock of Guitars, Vio.ius. Flutes, Accord sons. Banjos, Tamborines, Violoncellos, Bows. Italian Strings, Rosin, Pegs, Music Folios, and every arti cle lielonging to a Music Store, hi addition to A large lot of tho latest and most fashionable N?to Mmiie. Now and second-liand Pianos always in atoro, for aale on reasonable terms. _ ap 7 JOHN F. ELI.IS, 306 Pa. av. near 10th at. OOf; PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. """ s??r corner o/liitU Street. B. II. STINEMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to be fur mshed with the most popular styles of MOLESKIN ANl) BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis count of ? per ccnt upon the actual market price, making thellat sold for 84 (and not unfrcqiietitly for .*>)for( the low prico of :j!3.5<>. a slight varia tion in quality ?3. and for a su perior quality lor the money. To make this system effectual, he will keep no books, but seA exclusive ly fur Cash os Dklivkry, which cannot fail being advantageous to tho purcliaser, thereby enabling him to tmy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by liad debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infanta' wear. Persons are invited to call ami examine our stock. Call at 236 PenusyIvania Avenue, near comer of 13th Street. ap 11 -tf WOOD AND COAL DEPOT. ?Always on hand the beat qualities of Wood and Ciml that can !?e obtained in the market. Fair weight and mea sure uwY be relied ou in all cases, and tho prioe as low as the best article will admit. Coal kept under cover?2,24? lbs. to the ton. w T. J. A W. M. GALT, N. W. oor. of 12th and C street, No. 547, aj> 7-tf one square southof the Avenue. CARRIAGES. CARRI AGES, CARRIAGES. The aubseribera have on hand, for- MFUkS sale at low prices, a gvod assortment ofwTR new ROCK A WAYS, BUGGIES, Light WAGONS, Ao., Ac., to whioh they respeetfully in vite the attention of those wishing to purchase good and durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairmr. # GARDNER k. PLACE, ap >-lm MB 12th street. T1>:XANDRIA AND WASHINGTON ^The steamer GEORGE INGTON or THOMA? COLYER*?**?Mi will depart at the following houra, and on Mt. Ver non day a a<lditional trips will be run: ^ve A lexandna 7. 8\. I0)a< '2, 2, 4 V. fi vo Washington 7\, 9,'j, I1. 3V. Wf, 6X. JOB CtlRSON, ami sp3-d GEO. T. HOWARD. Captaina. HOUSEKEEPERS, in making purcliaacs, will do well to remsuibar FRANCIS, No. 490 Sorenth street. ja wi endless variety of HOUSEKEEPING ?LES, miiri otiter uaefttl noUooa, auu Ma ??? " *? 'nr. AUCTION SALES. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. EXTENSIVE SALE BY Catalogue grpERI<lR ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE CHirg riAJ5? roRTB, EI.KG ASTCITl'-MADK CaBISKT ?,VRE' OILT-FRAMK MlRRoRS,

&A,v,.i * VND DaMa,k Cchtains, costlt Oil o*'\Tl*S$fn/vri" ASD Brcmels Carpets, 4c. i . ' ? R ING, April 21st. at 10 ?- oon.t,ll,,'lt* fmm to dav until tho disposed of. 1 shall sell the superior Furni ture and effects of the "Ebbitt House," situated on iivBr.0^!' ^,wcei" 13i"1 ?n.'! 'f1*1 streets, embracing ?/"iVv and.8t> le l arlor and Chamber Fur niture, Bedding. Ac. ?;Tk, ,e* tensive establishment embraces some ~?Ya parlor# and chambers, which have l?een ?>Vn a ''J1? u,I?qualed in this city, the Fwrni nir* all having been made at the heat establishments oi this city and of very superior style and finish. Wo R0ITI6? Elegant rosewood Louis quatorze seven-octave Pi ... aiiofojte, by Chic.kermg tl?f?it French-plate (tilt-frame mantel, pier, and ii ?j ?>,lrr<{rS.' 9f various sizes and styles Handsome Oil Paintings, Pasteis, and French En gravings m rich gilt frames Superior rosewood and walnut crimson plush-cover g ed F rench and tete-a-tete Stfas Ivan, arm, ladies' ami parlor Chairs ockers. (,othic recption Chairs. A c. suite ffi rosewood Parlor Furniture, finished in blue ana gold brocatelje,. comprising two tete-a-tete Sofas, two arm Chairs, and four parlor Chairs suites el handsome walnut figured damask-covered i arlor Furniture, consisting of two Sofas, two armchairs. Rocker, and fonr parlor Chairs Handsome walnut W hatnots, Etageres, and Book stands, of various patterns IJeautiful marble-top centre, sofa, and side Tables, in rosewood, walnut, and mahogany rdegant brocatello, damask. and lace Curtains throughout the house, with gilt Cornice, Cords. laaaeLs, Ac. oompleto Rich French China Vases, Candelabra*, and other mantel Ornaments Superior Velvet, English, Brussels., and three-ply Carpets throughout the house Brussels ?nd Venitian liall and stair Carpets * Oil Cloth, Rugs. Stairs Rods and Eyes splendid rosewood, walnut, and mahogany marble top dressing Bureaus and Washstands, Ward robes Jenny Lindand French Bedsteads r ine painted Cottage Sets, with and without mar bb's Solid cherry Bedsteads, Wardrobes, and Wash stands of superior make tainted Wardrobes, Bedsteads, and Washstands Superior curled hair Mattresses Fine Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows ^extensive '?t of superior Blankets. Marseilles Quilts Comforts, Bedspreads, Sheeting, Bolster and Pillow* Slips French China, marbled, and granite Toilet Sets Rush and cane-seat Chairs. Rockers Mahozany hair spring-seat Sofas. Rockers, arm and side Chairs Hair Cloth, rep. and damask-covered Lounges Marblo-top Sideboards and Beaufets Bookcases, Writing Desks, arm Chairs Eight superior eugraved heavy silver-plated Tea Silver-plated Castors. Waiters, Tea and Coffee I rns. Spoons and Forks Superior Tnble Cutlery, Fire Irons Walnut and mahogany extension, breflkfhst, card, an<l side Tables Superior oak cane-neat dining Chairs r rench China and granite Dinner, Desert, and Tea Service Crystal cut-glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Gob lets, tumblers, ami Wine Glasses Block-tin Urns, Chafing Dishes, and Dish Covers Kadiator, open grate, and air-tight Stoves together with a general assortment of every article in the housekeeping line. Terms : $31 and under, cash : over that sum acre <wt of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endor sed notes, tearing interest. Also, at four, o'clock on Tuesday the 21st, in tront of the premises, one handsome one-horse fam ily Carriage, nearly new and built to order by one of the nest city manufacturers. P. S. The House, which is probably one of the nest adapted for a fashionable boarding house or ho tel in the city, is for rent. Inquire on the premises or of the auctioneer. *-d J. C. McGUIRE. Anet. Bv BARN ARD A BUCK EV. Auct ioneers. COMMISSIONERS' SA LE.?BY VIRTI'E OF ' ?n order of the Cirouit Court of the District of j Columbia, passed on the 1st day of April, IW7, in the I matter of the petition of the heirs of William Pnil .ips. late of the county of Washington, deceased, we will, on the 1st day of May next, on the several premises, sell the real estate of which the said Wil liam Phillips died seized and posses*od in the said 'f. county, as Mtows; One Lot, with three Dwelling Houses upon it, in renallytown. containing two acres ..f ground. Oneother I.ot in the same town, containing one acre of ground, with a Stone Building on it. A parcel of I .and situated on the River road, aliout halt a mile above Tenally-towu, containing nineteen and three-quarter aeres of ground, highly improved, and fronting on a paved road. Also, one undivided seventh part of the Real Es fat*? ??t tho late Thoopilus Rot^jr, consisting of about a quarter of an acre of ground in Tenally-towu. And sixty acres, parts of two tracts of Land known as "Dry Meadow" and "tho Vale," situated about a inile northeast of Tonally-town, and upon a mam public road, unimproved, and principally in wood. The sale Will begin at the late dwelling of the de ceased, in rennlly-town. about 10 o'clock. I Terms of sale: One-fifth, cash; the residue in four equal payments of 6,12,1?. and 24 months, bear ing interest, and to be secured by the bonds of the purchasers, with such additional security as may be satisfactory to the commissioners. JOSH FA PEIRCE. NOTLEY MORE LA N D, JOHN E. CHAPPELL. DAVID SHOEM AKF.rf, PEIRCE SHOEMAKER, ? , , , Commissioners. N. B.?Anv further information will be given by calling on JAMES PHILLIPS, Tenallv-town, D. I C. BARNARD A Bl CKEY, ap fl-2nw3w Auctioneers. IN VIRTI'E OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI I Facias, issued from the Clerk's Oifice of the Circuit Cviirt of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale, for cash, in front of the Court house door of sjiid oountv, 4>n WEDNESDAY the 29th of April. M37, at 12o clock, m., all defendant's right, title, claim an I interest 111 and to lots No. 1 anil 2<?. in square No. Mi; together will all and singular the improvements thereon, "liemg the property on which the Lime Kiln is located, at the corner of Vir ginia Avenue and the canal," seized and levied upon as the property of Parrott A. Pnnale, Edward P. Goode,Samuel J. Seeley ami Cornolius Botle.and will be sold to satisfy judicial^ No. 218, to October term 1W, and judicials to March term 1857, in favor of Frederick and Augustus Schneider, and John Purdy. J. D. HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshal of the Dist. of Col. IN VIRTI'E OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI Facias, issued fromthe Clerk'sOflice of the Cir cuit Court of the District Columbia for the County of W ashington,and tome directed. I shall exp?se to public sale, for rash, in front of the Court-house door of saia county, on W'EDN'ESDAY the 29th of April, 1857, at 1 o'clock, p. m., all defendants' right, title, claim and interest, in and to all of the subdivi sion M and N of lot No. 4. in square No. 574 of the City of Washington, in said county and district, as said sulidivisionliave l?eon laid out for the Baltimoro and Ohio Railroad Company, and a plot thereof duly recorded. The said lots. M and N, having a front of 5> feet inches on Louisiana Avenue and C street, and averaging 92 feet 3)* inches on 1st street west, and 9ontnmiug 4,a3B square feet, being the uortheast corner of said squaro: seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett, ancf will be sold to satisfy iudicisis No. 20 and 21, to March term lit.57, in favor of Hamilton A Cain. J. D. HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshal for the District of Col. JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITED. MONEY to LOAX on~STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS. BANKERS, Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CIIUBB BROTHERS, Washingfon, is composed of CIIAS.St. J. CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CIIUBB BROTHER, BARROW Sc. CO., Davenport. Iowa, is oomposed of CHAS. St. J. CIIUBB, ALEX'R 11. BARROW, jan 27?tf WM. II. DOUGAL. TVEW FOREIGN SPRING GOODS.-The i 1 ?ubscril?ers respectfully invite their patrons and the public generally to calf anil examine their very large and select assortment of FCW EIGN SPRING tiOODS, which they liave themselves, with special care, selected lor their special trade. They also keep constantly on hand the l>est quali ties of Army and Navy Gouds?Epaulettes, Swords, Sashes. Gold Laces, Ac. They also invite attention to their Foreign and Do mes-tic Furnishing Goods, of the l>est manufacture and latest style, II. F. LOUDON A CO., Army and Navy Tiulors.362. feb 87?dtf under Brown's Hotel. RECTIFYING ESTABLISHMENT.?The un dersigned takes tlbs method of informing Liquor Dealers twit be has fitted up a RECTI F Y1NG ES TABLISHMENT in this city, and is uow prepared to supply all those who mav favor lum with their ouatom. He has on hand a large stock of Brandies. Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he can sell at as low a figure as they can lie purchased for ei ther in Baltimore or Philadelphia. N. B. The subscriber has also on hand a large lot of Foreign and Domestio Cigsrs. PETER FAGAN, jan l4-?m* No. 95 Louisiana nv.e. near llith at. LEVY'S BITT E R S.?These Bitters are an mfalli ble cure for Dysentery and Chronic Diarrhea, want of Appetite. Ac. They have proved an effec tual cure to all thoae who havo been effected with the endemic of the National Hotel. Invaluable foi summer complaints. No. an Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Nation al Hotel. Wine. Liqnors, Cigars, and fine Goeeries. JONAS P. LEVY. T?i^&SiAN0V Pianos, &c. f^OLD MEDAL PREMIUM PI A SO FORTES. WIM.IAM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late hrm of Kmake, Gaehle A Co.. Continn*? the manufacture and wile of rranl and square PIANO FORTES, under the name of William Knalte * Co., at the old stand. Nop. 1, 3. 5 and 7 North Eu'aw stret't op positc the Eutnw House, Baltimore. They have also just op^nH a ww Sales Room at No 2?f7 Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr. Henry McCaffery as a music store, w here they will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and highly-finished grand and square Piano Fortes ? also, Melodeons, from the best makers. from 4 to 5 ocfave. some with double key-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture of Pmnos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most litwral terms. Onr Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at tho Fairs of the Maryland Institute two snecossivo years?<?ctol>er. 1RW. and 1856?in op position to fourteen am! eighteen pianos from some of the l?est makers frotn New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were si so awarded I he first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. 1855 and 1856. They have also f^een awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1357. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and ainnteurs in the country, winch onn I* ??en St our wnreronms, speaking for themselves and Others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five Tears, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instrumenrsdo not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it fo their advantage to cive us a call liefore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, ai d tuned. mar 16-1 v WM. KNARR ft CO. / 1IIKA P SECOND-HAND PIANOS.?We have V ' in store six PIANOS, some of which, have been used onl\ a few months by mem bers of Congress' families, and are how for' sale very low, being great tmrgams: 2 Pianos, very pretty cases, at ?150 each 2 do coniinon. at each 2 do beautiful rosewood cases, scarcely soiled bv the few months use they received, at $2"0 each 2 do at$175each. These Pianos are really great lianrains.nnd all per sons in quest of a reliable Piano and a great bargain should call and see them. Also, always on hand, the largest. most complete, and reliable stock of NEW PIANOS of any estab lishment in this citv. Also, all kinds of MUSIC and MUSICAL IN STRUMENTS. JOHN F. El.I.IS. np 3 306 Pa. av., bet. !Wh and loth sts. WO. METZEROTT, (successor to George ? Hilhus.) agent of Raven A Bacon's and William Miller's Cflebrnttd PI A A'OS.J^jfea has always on haod the largest stock of PI-M I \ " I AN OS from *175 np to $1,000. GUITARS. VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU M1-1 NTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORDE ONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south of New York. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent. nov 4?tr 1MIE LARGEST AND MOST SELECT As sortment of PIANO FORTES is always to !>e founil at the Music Depot. Two Pianos for *2"0: ono for $131. Splendid Guitars, Flutes, Violins and Accordeons. TUNING and REPAIRING of Piano Fortes executed l?> Mr. Rebins at the shortest notice, in the best minner. A lot of second-hand ACCORDEONS and GU1TARS for sale cheap. ap7 AV. G. METZEROTT. T^O ARCHITECTS.?BV A RESOLUTION of tho two Boards of the City Council the "Joint Committee on the Washington Asjluin" are author ial to offer a premium for a plan and specifications for a building suitable for almshouse and workhouse purposes. In pursuance to said resolution the Joint Committee hereby propose to receive, from all the architects of the city of Washinzton who are dis posed to compete for the same, plans and specifica tions for a building for tho above purposes, and to award to the architect whoso plan shall l?e accepted the sum of two hundred dollars. The building to be fire-proof throughout, and to accommodate not less than one hundred and eighty inmates in the two de partments. The building to lie divided into three apartments, one for the Iuteiidnnt and his family, of fices. dispensary. A e., one for tho poor, and one for vagrants nnd paupers. No compensation will !>e given except to the archi tect whose plan shall lie adopted. Plans may l>e left at the office of the Chairman, on Rth street, near Pennsylvania avenue, or with either member of the Joint Committee. no 1?tf JOHN L. SMITH. Chairman. / A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of / life have nearly run out, discovered while in /the East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, f Asthma, Bronchitis. Coughs, Culds. and (ieiural I Debility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given up to I die. Wishing to do as much good a* possible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow-beings as request it, this recipe, with lull and explicit direc ap 6 1m ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respect I ul ly inform his friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to furnish amities and others) through tao season'witii the best quality of ICE, delivered in anv part of Washington and George town, and Koarnnfee.s to give entire satisfaction. Orders to bo left with Kidweli. A Laurence, corner Uth street and Pennsylvania avenue: Geo. F. Kidwell Co., 14th street; J. B. Moore. Drug gist. Penna. avenue. Itctween 19th and 2>>th streets ; GeoRG kSietz. Now York avenue, l>etween 10th and llth streets; Robt. A. Payne, Druggist, corner 4th ami Mass. avenue: and with the subscriber. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ice can be had at all times. ap7-tf T.N.KI DWELL. s TOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY. KANAWA COUNTY, VA. Subscriptions will 1k> received at the Banking House ol Chubb Brothers, lor the remaining stock of the aliovo company, ls?ing three hundred shares. Tho capital stock is $loo.?(*i (dollars.) of which S'70,fli>' has been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per cent, in terest will l>o guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale, by tho original stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars hi regard to the stock, and its prospects, will b" made known npon application to CHUBB BROTHERS. 27 P. P. DANDR1DGF.. AgenK_ S P. HOOVER S IRON HALL BOOT, SHOE . ANDTRUNK ESTABL1SHMKNT.mxTTC 3Jn north side of Pennsylvania avenue, l?e gjrWM twecr. 9th and loth streets.?I hare tins day**"-*" received of J. W. MeCurdy ti Son. Ill Chestnut St., Philadelphia, l'a., a splendid assortment of Ladies', Misses'/ond Children's GAITERS, BOOTS. SLIPPERS and BUSKIN TI F.S, ail colors, shapes and styles, all for the spring trade. Those wishing a good and cheap article will do well to oail and examine my stock liefore purchasing elsewhcro, as 1 am determined to sell cheap for the CASH. Call earlv. My stock of TRUNKS and BAGS is the largest in this city. <np3) S. 1*. HOOVER. NEW BOOK. BY THE AUTHOR OF " MAR garet Maitland," " The Dti> s of My Life, an autobiography." price 75 cents. Gieseler s Church History. 2 volumes, price $4.50. Stories of the Island World, by Charles Nordhoff, price 75 cents. Germany, its Universities, Theology, and Relig ion, W'lth Sketches of Nennder, Thofuck, Ac., nnd other distinguished German divines of the age, by Phibp Schaff, D. D.. Professor ia the Theological Seminary. Mercers burg, Pennsylvania, price ?1.25. Wythes's Pocket Dose Book, oontaiuing the doses and uses of all the articles of the Materia Medi<^ and chief officinal preparations, bv Joseph II. Wythes. A.M.M.D., author of the "Mierosoopist," " Curiosities of the Microscope," Ac. Price 63 ctB. Just published, and for sale at TaVloR 3c MAURY'S Bookstore, ap a near 9th street. HATS! HA TS!?Constantly on hand a full sup ply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, torether with TAYLOR'S vflV HATS, of Baltimore. The tost Mack dress HATS, got up iu the latest style for a3A't, as good as those usually sold at .$j; andn good fashionable Hat at< .?3, worth ."*4; and a first rate Hat,' The best materials and thtr twst workmanship is euiployed to produce a #.5 Hat, which is sold for #S,?i. We do a cash business, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B. Agent for Driscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per liottle. ANTHONY.7th street, near Pa. avenue. Agent for a New \ ork Hat Company. sept 36?tf i,JAS KIXTUKKHL-R. H. MILLER. HON A CO., Alexandria, \ a., keep oonctantlv on hand a handsome variety of CHANDELIERS. PEND A NTS. BR ACKETS. Ac., fn?!i, the *leb?t?Vf?c tory of Cornelius 4 Baker, which they will guaran tee to sell at the same prices charged to private pur j ^ 'he sale rooms on Chestnut street, Phila delphia. Also. Drop lights. Cut Glass and decora ted P.aP?r Shades, in great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. o**6 * Ql flOO HE WAR d-ranaway,on the V * lcth instant, from w ashington, a likelr coal BLACK M AN, about* TMWsofage.aiid Jkf aliout 5 feet9 inches high, well formed, bright eyes, rood teethj and speakquickly- Calls Jf\ himself Ajldrew Fairchild. rheahove reward 4W will lie paid for his lodgment in the jajls of?* Baltimore. Washington, or Charleston. For an* other infi>rmatiou, inquire of u. u. t.u MONST^ON, corner of ljjh ?trfet2w],P?jy!nT^?n^ avenue. Washington. D. C.. or to J. 8. PUK^fc.,61 WautwsM-th street, Charleston, S. C. innr W-notm 0 *pr*3g Dentistry, Ac. ?pHE IMPROVEDSKT*OF TEETH. DR. LOOM IS. lb* inventor and patentee ?>(?> "Looini*" Mt*rrol Piatt TertM. havir auroeeefnlly intrndnced his improvement various cities. has i?ow permanent.) estab>?I?J\ IikIimI himself in u a*hin* ton. This improvement lor S?Uol Tctlh winiiiliohiff U mi ilikinS* ?*t ?f '"it one r-^ <* mater ?1. a?? tK/; z food. hence they ??/?"'' ?fj. i^'dunU.le ? :l lighter, stronger, !???? clumsy. lar moc'' durai11 . natural in their appearance. I wjb ? '?? [?, One Thousand Dollars to any *',u %P i^ut, similar work of art to equal n"n*P . r'euuiaite durability, artistic excellence or an) other requisite quality. . ap 13-1 y D" C- "? OOOD5SS*EON DENTIFT.?l M ANtTFACTT RKR OF ARTIFICIAL TlttTB.-^p^J His complete arrangement* ensnin* him wmn.? present the follow iris reasonable prices: Entire Upper Sett teeth, on Gold I)o do do on Silver lf.lw>c One or more, on Gold ? I>o on Silver ? ?g s F illing. Extracting, Removing Tarter ;aUo, lie aairmc at the same reasonable rates. All operations executed in such a manner as to five every satisiac ti?n. Office corner Hth street and avenue. aP'> D ENTisrin .^ HFS BAII T Office No. I9R, Pf>xsyltania Avenc*. Three doors /rem Ht\ Street. PR. BAILYbegs leave to informthe publictiuit he can Ik* seen a! all hours,at his office, i.^t.^i as ab^ve. He feels assured that an ex peri one? of lirteen J?er* practice, with the large number of pat I ante t and great variety of difficult coses that he ha* treat edsueeess lullv. Will enable him to surmount any difficult}, scientific or otherwise, relating to the leetli. ins own experience confirming the opinion of inanv m n eminent in the profession. and especially Drs. llama and J. nnd E. ParinU, has led him. Ion* card all mercurial p reparations for hlltng Tw'yr all Enamels. Gulta Percha, India hubU-r. a.jd Ce nients for the construction ofTontmeooe Gam Teeth, and that Porcelian. mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable sulutance that can to wornjn Gv* mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the lasv American Dental Convention. Although h<> flatters himself fromhislon?re?i dence and practice in \? ashington. he '? f**' known to his numerous friends and patron*, ne i-ecs k*V? to ref"' TT.ISTIMOMaEI: , r t , From the late Rector of the Church of tpiph*ny oi this city. ... Dr. STKrTTE* Bailv: DearSir-l my esteem for you personally , and my conndence uinacK superior dentist, f he operations execu for me have been highly sat isfaetory. I hone tliat v u mar receive the patronage from my friends ana in * public that your skill so well deserves. ^ ours very tnilv, Washington, Aug. 36,183R. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Boggs. Cotnian A C". _ Having employed Dr. Stephen Bail*.. tirgcon Don tist.of Washington city, to execute ?? *>??" portant and difficult piece of work, which heJiJ t'? mv entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact tMC one of the most distinguished members of t he l>e?u. i Collage of Baltimore, failed, a?er repeated trials, to perforin the same work satisfactorily. ?t gi*?? m? great pleasure to express my entire oonhdence ax.a high estimation of his pro^^si(?nal skill. ^ Baltimore,Jan. 12,1B57. IIARMANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. r. S. Sesat*. Aug. 19, l&w. The teeth rou made for me work adinirabl? ; uoth '? ?>?" V,"/0UN"!if:cl.AYT0N. To thosa that seek relief from ?he maladies of tho teeth. 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Hail> as a superior Dentist: he made a set of porcelisn teeth lor one of mv fhmiW.and plugged several teethlor ihe """ toBOBBRVf.'&lTos!^ of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. A^Ve.11tlielfndersigned.having had occasion^, avail ourselves of the pn?fessH?ual skill of Dr. >. oaily. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having beefl wgnix ant of his operations on our families or friends, tako pleasure in expressing our admiralion of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisflict??ry in winch he performs the most delicate and difficult operations ,nP Dental Surgery, and we^reapecLf" f c.mmeiid him to the onfidence and patronage ol ^the public, of Which we consider hun '*? Thomas I". W aiter. .Architect I . S. Capitol. Thoji as Mii lxr. M. D.,of Washiugton, D. C. B. S. Boukek, M. D. of Get-rgetown. IJ. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D . of \\ asluncton, D. C. jos. II. BRAW.EY.of W ashwgton. II. C. liKosr.E Walton, Ex-Governor of l londa. V^ "ter I.KNOX, fe* Mv<;r QfW?riu?K?o? IIvxhv K \i nwiN, l . S. Patent Otnce, < I C. Wigiit, Principal Rittenhouse Academy. feh2n tf DU. VIIXARD. DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CAGO, would respect tull> inloriii thecit- ^ nens of the District and vicinity. t hat hav '[hfj inc himself in ^ Mhinftim, lie i* now prepared to perlorm ah .operations in hu profes sion. in the most approved st>le. ? . . < iffice. No. I'enn. avenue, ndjoining GanUer a, ian It SPRING AND 5VMMER GOODS-JOHN H S S joot. No. 119 Bndze street. C.. has received fr. m N-w York sod Philadelphia and now offennr at very low prices, to cash ami, prompt customers, a lar^e and geneisl sssortw' Staple and Fa set Goow-compnsing in part as follows^w?i^ Robes and fnprr Si ka Best m:<ke black Silks, high ^{s,r^'L . lack Challics. Lustres and Mous Delaines Rich printe<l (all wool) Mous l>elaine? Collies and Barege Delaines in great variety Kich Orga'idic. Barege.and Jaconet Robes Bright colors and mode plain Bareges and D? Plain French Brilliants and Percalea Plain colors Cravellas nnd >prmg-style Poplina Ducals. a light seasonable fat*ic Best French priuted Jacoaetaand Brillianta White Brilliants, from l2^>?to31S cents Best makes new s?vles Ginchania Deluges. Ciianibrays and plain Lustres English Prints of new st> Ies, in great variety, M Ridi Chmtx colors best French Organdies White Goons, m greet variety. Plain Swiss, Nansook and Jaconet Muslina plaid and striped Muslins Smnll-hf uretl and rich Br-^ad" Swiss Muslina Piaid and striped Jaoonet, Nansook and Swii. AN hiTeTarlatona, Illusions, and Wash Nets Iruh Linens *tf the best Linen Cambne. Linen and Super English Long Clotha, suitable for Ladies York, Bates, Atwt?od.and other good makes White Cambrics (of Jonah's celebrstadmake) White Brilliants and str,P7n UnJtV'sJd Marseilles for Bas^ii -s and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and >lurt Collars. F.mbroidrrie*. French worked Muslin Co lars ana SeW Swiss Cambric Collars nnd Sets *iwiss and I jice Sleeves aud S?ts Honiton and Maltese I jice Collys Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Camboc Hdkfr. Also new stvles Lace and Silk Mantillaa Stella nnd White Crape Shawls Plain and rich hgured Bonnet and Sash Ribbona Steel-spring, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton ?^ring assortment of Bajon'a Kid Glovea Tatfeta Sdk, black lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladiea and Genu bost Engliah Half-hoae, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread and fancy cottoa do. A goo<l assortment rf Silk Cniv ats and Tiee Suspenders, Silk and Linen Cambric Hdkfs Gossamer awl Lisle-thread Shirts and Drawera New style Paraaola. _ , . ._ Also. Gentlemen and Boys' wear of every descry tion. with every variety of Houso-funushing Dty Duncst 10 Goods for servants wear of the heaviest " purchasers may rely upon getting desirable good* JOHN H. 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