Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAK. B K ILLIANTI. The North British Review hti: " Ths condensa tion of thought mid concentration of expression in the following lines by l)r. Samuel Brown, are not surpassed in of the kind we know in the English language:" THE PERSIAN. Drank with the wine or life, end blind with leavas He pluckt in Eden to adorn his head. The shepherd a?x?n forgot his Lord, and aaid, ?? I cannot see my God ; the aoul deceives." He staggered on aimd the twanj sheaves; <?rape-clusters ruddy, and sleek oat tie bred Anions the corn and wine, hia senses fed I nto intoxication, not his soul. Bat night still came, and oaine with oooling breath. And sighed. Look up, O red-eyed life-in-death !" i rostrate and fond, h- worshipt Her, and stole A slave s quick giaaces at the glories spread In sphere sublime above his spheral head. Man fcrst forgets, then doubts, then misbelieves. A FRAGMENT. Far on the dim horizon As in a land of drewrns, Riseaawhite-towsr'd city, r adiug mid sunset gleams. I he evening breeze is wreathing The water where I goat: And in solemn measure, the sailor t *?*ps time as he rows my boat. Once more the sunlight Hashes, In wondrous glorj round, And lights up the forming water. here she 1 loved was <lrown'd. {Httmrtek Heine. Mrs. Jamisna quotes the following prophetic Das fromTennyson's " Princes." with referenco to Atiss .Nightingale and ner associates. who have done ?o ranch to prove that the useful and the beautiful are not antagonistic: A kindlier influence reigned, and everywhere J*?w voices with the ministering hand Hung round the sick. The maidens cauie.they talked I hey sung, they rend, till she, not lair, bugan .. K*ther light, and she that was, became tier former l*>auty treble ; to and fro, a f creatures native unto graoisus art. And in their own clear element, thuy luwved. TK K1 r BEAUTY. The bloom of opening flowers, unsullied beanty. ar"i *^wftest ">npoei?ee she wears. And looks like Nature in the world's first Spring. T. . FRIENDSHIPS. 1Roiee' 'r,etK,>hlP8 of tl? world are oft Loofed raeies in vice, or leagues in pleasnre. | [Addison. CT The wheat crop throughout Ii.diana, it is "aid, looks very promising. # ^!ur*e,, are collected in New Orleans for \\ alker s army. C7* Eighty-live workmen on the Tehuantepec route have returned to New Orleans. J&12S efl- ?f 44^arrotinS" hM extended ID" A cotton factory has been erected at De Soto, in Louisiana. d.KrT?m!?riih of p? . o,?^T La*? w**k< the steamer Latrobe. l>onnd to Pittsburg f.-om Louisville, ran on a stump and was sunk. U^-A beet root sugar manufacturing company at 830 Jo**> California, with a capital of 850.IJII0. Cover hung himself until dead, at .n^r, .1' I }*** we,k> because he couldn't inarrv the lady he wanted. largr establishment for the manufacture no^TiiSr^"7 K?ap i,,to ,,lcCM8ful ?P^'a T^r wt,Ifr in,be channel of the Ohio river JL; f* ? ???ured yesterday ten feet lour inches and was falling. .?P?T A duebess in Paris recently is s.icd invitations for an evening party, with the \?o.ds sans trmolmt written on her cards. ar" now U''"? luade to hold rnn,n!lji VVk' ?" IM",r' a convention to be composed of the impoiters and wholesale dealers in ccot kery ware. i" Norwralk' Conn , owned bv . 4 ^nutead, were consumed by Are last week, together with several horse*, wagons and other valuable property. CT The village of Monroe, in Walton county. w^'kWT?Ji:nOM ^nJ,rp,5r Greyed by Are last t y court-house and two small buildings only were saved. ^Aliqimr dealer in Millbrldge, Me., last week, sold soine brandy to a young lad. whose sister hearing of it. armed herself with an axe and stove in several barrels of liquor. PaR^i1?^? ShuiL fro,m Newport, Perrvcounty, ? ho* I! ro"'e,tor ,JW;? was accidentally Pocket ne?tW" m ' Wh1ch ^"t Off in his poeMet. He lies at Johnstown seriously wounded .ir.Vr^T^.T^'v roTinterfeit of the ten dollar bills of the Traders' Bank, Newport, is in The flj*tTnatures are not good, but the fo de^e:vePPPanirK'e ?f ,be b'U l* Wel1 calculated Star??A.T.\?* Ff?* Ja,LA!?t> ?Tbe Ballinasloe h tarsals, the spirit of emigration is again aboad ind'?an?1. 7 tl' \ Noto^>'to thfi t'uitedStat .1 ar.d Canada, but to Australia a lartfe poi tion of the emigrants engage their passages." , >u't for damages brought against Judge Kane by PassmoreTvilllam^n, fo?fS lZuZUfT z?,*0!0* tl,ne *in'? argued on ^ec^aration claiming damages pUt ln Mvr ?P^ial V1?- ?cttlngfbrth his office, the proceedings which had occurred arid ju.sti/ying t:s entire conduct. ' A New H okd ?Successful attempts are lieine received a telegram from lioston," 4c Unless acme one can suggest a better word, we hor>e to b* e this adopted, as it stems to have appropriate H'rVt/y convenience to recommend it.?J/arpirj' TaM Dun<i<^ Advertiser relates that Mr P^ge has discovered in the brick-clay of Stathe den the skeleton of a pre-Adamite seal, wbirh ^ embedded there when the Howe .1-^ ,^1. estuary, and tbe sea stoo?i one hun dred and twenty or one hundred and fifty feet H^lnterPrr*'"t Th'* ??'? ^hich interesting remains were found is tbe Cu -?!? -V"pii*' a sp<>t about eight miles in nd, and upwards of one hundred feet above the present high water level. A# f*?TRCCT!n."?A irood tbinir ^the^in^r^M'V0?* dUr,n,! the or the dinner to Mr. Lake ?? The anny and our euUeu so.diery ' had just been toasted, and a r? af?nse made by a distinguished officer present r^xzs't* at ^ *?uth e"d of ttS- table; lo^e and said he saw no reason for neglecting an ^ r* profeision represented therefand ? "uppljrla^ the omission, he gave rhe medical profession?about at dttlructtve at tKf army or tkt nary >*??" ucuie a* i-iTrq ^ arrivals at the hotels BROWNS' HOTEL _L Lansing Va J Fre Mohr do n Md: J ? Meday. do; J D S B all i !?n17Mit- do; J T Calto'n. ly. do: I ^ Belrllug. do; W 1! HiUSs do; Judge JO Davis. Ind; Gov Jos AWri' do; 6 Tanner do; W S Pisrce and sou do AW S^h2r?;\*f mB Pls"ki; d?j M M Phillips and aTscUnn d?i J M 4mith. s?i> t ;iM. n- v' Tiii r? ^ ^??lOion, NY. II Bt^isadd lady; Mrs f lat ^ "mJJi bY; k! iss Davenport, do ' ' Brent, do; WILLARDS' HOTEL?O Rrnis -r. , Keach, Va: J Cathers, ,^d; p Millai i^i 1 liings. Va. I Ruskell, kid, P illlrt^^ ^n' Mls* MntI,JT do Col Hu'cXrir }} k- Fa; w B Kij>p. ?Io; 6 W Star7 \v Cromwell, do; E Swift, Mass; J H Inirlehrrt < Hon J R. Cbadeler, Pa; Hon O J<M?e?? do A gett NV; A \V MrClu/e, do; W MelntMt* Mrs Chadwirk. child. NJ; Miss*Ctia.iwirk NJ \ d do? w Meekltug, I SA: ESpri^w C Rockwell, do; G Mauls, do; H S St ell wagon' ^ Bifd, ly. Mass; ?)r Pewsh?<erry, lv' *v0 iT'ii: ),d; J J Messroom, Mass; S A Walsh! Mi? Daniel. Miss; II Robinson, Iv. Mass: r' 1?' d?i 6 U Haven. N V; Miss Gray, do, Miss Mu/dock. do; W C Clark, NY; J Proctor Kh ?? Nyi W do; S R Peter, ii v ^ Klipuel, O; EG Cheever, Pa; T Cho . Nc ChobUr. do; H L Anders. Vt; A F I r. Iv. Md; S J Mason. N Y; F Eldrid. do: E Grower, Pa; Miss Grover, do; T Stanton,^ W Ho>? r ly. Pa, J v Mvej, Fla; H A Herman, NY; d!! SVi7V'au Sa,"N; v?; H Evans, son. \fi M j vi i il J W' Nicholson. i d""n' do: U* ? Warden, Va; Mr | Douglas, ly. nurse. 3 childien, NY. Kr^art?JJ<j<nr>1,w,itJ*K ~A H Sloati Saru W rF\\^ ?M2 Tfnfi ,!on J Vansant, J Winston. VV naD..n?J^!in,^ Vc vant. do; V B Bushd-ll. \" Misi hnflsxl Mr NesmHfe. do; Mrs P^ krrV A I>au Mill C dT' vis. Miss L Dsvis, d?; Mi^s < a Crli, 7 a MissCCriittenden.ds: h L Gslb^ter Vml W1 II Merris. NY; J H Bani^rn^oWsUvmo^r *&* W P*. * D-?>. V?; tOV?dn| UNITED STATES HOTEL -H C Tliomp^ Pa. L Brown. Md; F Lyman, do; T H MckT ?ev, Va; H B Kulz. do; T j John.toa d? a Orludrat, Md; J M ilutt, NCj C Hanson. NY- P K L'Ller. Md Miscellaneous. ALIj STORKS, CANDLES, 4c.?1857-'38. n , I*AVT ) Bureau of Pronaiona and Clothinc S i> . . .? April IS. 1897. \ PropoaaJa ??!ed and endoraed " Offer for Small Store., Jor ''Offer for Candle.." or " Offer for Salt water Soap," or Ofler for Mustard Seed, Black Pepper, &c., a. the ca.e may be, will be received at thia Bureau until 9 o'clock a. m., on the 18th day of .May next, for funuahing and delivering, (on reoeir Ifef twenty da) a' the United State# Navy v^"va'vCharJe^toWB'. Maaaaehuaetta; Broyklyn, , York; and Goaport, Virginia, such quantitiea ok/* of the following artjclea (excepting the Salt* water Soap and the Candlea, for each of which aep arate proposals and contraota will be jnade) aa inar be required or^ordered from the contractor by the chief of thia Bureau, or by the reapective Com mjuiding Otfto ra or the fai 1 Narv Yards, during the hacnl year ending the 30th J une, 1158, ru: Boxes, sharing, India Blacking, boxes of Brushes, sharing, ^''ber'or'guttape^'cha^ I:s52: :KbbiM' Bruahea, clothea Graaa for hata Buttons, navy veat Jack-knires Buttona. nary medium Razors, in aingle cases fss jshs Beeswaz, m Vlb. oakea, Spoona pure Cotton, apoola of Noa. 12 and 16, 900 yarda ?neh " cords, equal parte ' yaraa each, j Hat.dkerchiefn, cotton, fast colors 32 hr vi in<<k?. weight not less than 2 oz.^%?,^'^ NePtwwnrWing' N?8' ,l2' 3'Md4? drill-eyed, be R'bI^dihh!iltkbTnJhFrenCh l'Iack, 12 ,nrd"tolh# P,eoe o^h*vinf' ln oak#B: ?*ch cake not leaa than 9'1* o"th?^und * Lla?k 5 wrapp8r 001 to **o*ed 2 oz. an(1 ThiteJ M?r?hall'a beat quality Jjili? ',De.r?< 4, >art? >u length, inch wide wide billed cotton, 6 yarda in length, \ inch Thimbles, 8-10 and JMO diameter. W hit* Salt-wateb Soat?separate bids for 150, _ 0UI> pound*. I he Soap must be manufactured from cocoa-nut oil and be of the beat quality denominated "White rvut-water Soap, and bo delivered on sixty daya no tioe, in good strong boxes of aliout 75 pounds each, and, after inspection, the boxes must tie hooped at each end, at the expense of the contractor. The price to be uniform at all the yards. Caxdle*?separata bid for 70,000 pounds. The Candlea must be Americen manufactured, of prime loaf lard ateamie, six candles to the pound 8 1-10inches in length, exclusive of tip, six candles :>o. l, to weigh not less than 14 ounces 87-100; inelt tin* point not to be leaa than 14<? decrees Fahrenheit. 1 he wick nin?t be braided, and composed of 78 oot ton threads of the beat quality of No. 27 yam. The Candles to bo delivered on sixty days' notice, in good boxes, containing about 30 poundsench, and the he marked Vth the contractor's name nnd the weight ol the candlea. Mistard Shed, Black Pbppeb.&c. Separate bids for all that maybe required for tho use of the Navy, to be delivered at New York only. Mustard Seed, American, brown Pepper, biack. Malaliar IJoitles-octagon, for mustard and pepper Corks, for bottles. All the foregoing articles must be of thet?eet qual ity. and conformable in all respects to the samples de **???? !? Navy \ *rdn ami in this Hureau.and Miibject to such inspection at the Navy Yard where deu\ered a> the chief of the bureau ma v direct, the inspecting orticer to bo appointed by the Nary De partment. All the articles to be delivered free of any mcident tft. expense to the Government, improper veaneli or packages, and the price of eaeh article must be the same at the rospectiro places of delivery. Packages in winch the aliove articles are delirered must be marked with their contents and the name of the contractor and be sulhcisnt to insure their tempora ry ?ale-keeping. 1 he contractor must establish agencies at such stations other than his residence, that no delay mav arise in furnishing what may be required ; and when t*? contractor or agents fills promptly to comply with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau of Pro visions and Clothing shall l>e authorized to direct purchases to be made to supply the deficiency, under thn pena4ty to be express mi in the contract; the rec ord of a requisition, or a duplicate copy thereof, at thei Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, or at either of the Navy \ ards aforesaid, shall be eridence that aiich requisition has been made nnd received. Two or more approved sureties in a sum equal to the estimated amount of the contracts will |?e required, and twenty p<?r centum in addition will be withheld from the amount of all payments on ac count thereot as collateral security, to secure its performance, and not in any event to be paid until it is in all respects complied with ; eightv per centum of the amount of all deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent within thirty days alter t > hi'i authenticated, shall have been presented Hiank forms of proposals may be obtained onappli cation to tho navy agents at Portsmouth,NewIIainp ahire, Boston, New \o-rk. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Pensacola. and at this bureau. A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a matter of the acceptance of his proposal, will be I ,U 1,1. ''ihcatiun thereof within the meaning of the act of lfM6, and hi* bid will be made and accepted | in conformity with this understanding. r.rery ofler^rnade must be accompanied (aa directed inthoactot Congress making appropriations for the nava service for l?46-'47. approved 10th August, I 1W6,) by a aritton guarantee, signed by one or more responsible peranm. to the effect that he or thev un dertake that th? bidder or bidders will, if his or their ! bid Ih* accepted, enter into an obligation within ten days with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the supplied proposes. The bureau will not bo obligated I to consider any proposal unless accompanied bv the guarantee reauired bv law; the competency of the guarantee to be certified by the Xarv Agent,district Attorney, or th-'Collector of the port. The attention of bidden is called to the samples and description of articles,in them ipection bef jre reception,a just but riii J tcmnari *r mad* between the articles ofrred nnd samples and contract, receiving none that fall be lov them ; and thttr attention is alto particu \i,rrk uil i ? lLe J0,Ht resolution of ?1tk March,. i?S*' and to the act q/" lota August, 1346. ? p 14-1 aw4w -pd-Ai'. THA^VALVE TI'E.K sight. Buffer With defective sight, caused by age, sicic !? .""'ed'sssi or?:aliy nearer, accorilmg to the J'tT the numerous ua ? . caused to tha precious orican of might from the <y>inrnencemeiit or umuu: Klasseu in Tr t?,,nArrec,"e,y nKc<]< the otlome ' an^ practice of many yearn enahien iiim to nieosure the focal disease of the eyes, anil such glasses that are abeolutely required will befurniah e?l with precis">n arid satisfaction. !bjiSi^rSff,ili!d?8e who ****uot yot ava'ud Persons that cannot conveniently aemling the K>?9sea in use. and state how many inches tllov can read thia print with their spectacles, ?n bS iu? pued with euch as will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be ?oen ; and referen oes given to manv who have derived the greatest ease and oomfort from his glasses. ?r*??esi PnyrTnt'l1^.1.? 1? at hlS office, \o. 512 Seventh street, three doors Horn Odd Fellows' liail up stairs. " Spec,fcl6? SdWttaifJU ra'"""""" I?TT. TV. TAZEWELL. Tl2lV*tnrt of 5P?otacIe? obtaiaod from Sir. Tohtaa, and find them of arcat assistance to my sight, and oorrespondins with Lis description of the focus! 1 ruootutneud him a? a skilful optioian. HENRY A. WISE. i. ^avinf h?e.n,l,,(tH0f^ ^ ^ friend to visit the estab lishuient of Mr. Tobias for the purpose oftryiux his glasses. 1 was furnished t.ylnrn with a pa* ^ , uf? wh'f'' have afforde,l mo more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried. .My sight, originally very good, was injured by writ ing and reading at nigfit, frequently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasses 1 oau study almost aa late as erei\ and that too without the pain I have previously auflered. v . JOHN WILSON, Dec n iVv Com,n,9",0,J?'' U?n'l LfiudOffioe". Htave used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four mouths.and take great pleasure in saying that lam much pleased with them. I have l*?en much fi itiS!"1, *'?- p' y<JAKBLRUli. f waa recommended to Mr. John Tobiaa aa a skil I'^Hi *"d.V l,h?Ve7e9 remarkable pecu !!????,'ir11? llt^tUt Mr- Tobiaa Heem eu to comprehend them by inspection and aome alight d^at'ru',^ r adnu"^bl'y/ \i *i r b Wiw'iOTO\N*Jan-17' ,a54 thu Spectacfes^rhiehVoblaine<f fromTyou*"ast'woek are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the risual range of my eyes, I liave heretofore found great ditfiaulty in eettuig glaswes of tho proper focal UiMlaiice. It ufl?>rds mo pleasure to state that, by the ttl." Jl?lculty has l?een happi dLid?l?i.M'" ?'a*?ea you furnished me are et?r yet oald to "?T eyes of any I have Very re?p?ctfully, youra, R. B. DRANE, Rector of 4*t. James's Pariah. From nitJI^iV r E?T or J*tbbiob, May 9,1855. ey?<?. 1 have l2Ln*I. *i'i ithe "?equr.l range of injr ral jurn. | {^" to 'OT *eve obtainmg gia-?es inerant opticiana without months si nee Mr l? lny eJ,0?? FoVr f'-r me, which I l*ve louiid ll? ? pair" e*Kcla 'T B) the use of ins <inr.V.? . , serve inn perfectly, glasses most miuutefy lo tl 1,4 ."-'""hledto adant recommend Mr. TouU^ ati?^, 1 cheerfully glasses, and Uar ,?}ZM J. l? U"# optician. IIE\i/ y? i* a ** 11X1 K- HALDWIN, ^ 0 t to aigii 1 AuU Warranta. P.8. OPERA OI.ASSKSof ESCOPES and MICIIOSCOf Ps^vV'iv^iTi: KEIt GLASSES, and many other^Irtirth11"* ?A" line at rery low pnoea oonatantly on hand I jy 1??1* R^irESTATE OFFICE^ ? A full description of ail property left with m? f... aalo, will bo entered on my Sales Ifook' and^r5SS,vI my personal attention, and if a aale is effected a rea soiiaUe commission will be charged on the amount of MM 1 will also rire persona! attention to tho Rentinc of Dwellings and other propertv, for reasonable foea. The publio may be assured that all buainesa let) in my charge will be attended to with promptneaa and fidelity ; and that it la my intention to make my office a place of great value to all intereated in Real Estate. Business reapectftiliy solicited. Office at No. 512 (second story)7tii street, opposite National Intaili genoer Office. >an22 e?xlm POLLARD WEBB. Miscellaneous. SVanpas y! 8r lands 1n PROCLAMATION Bt the President of thb Uxitkd States. PriSid52"TO UnitiWitaVe.FdS'7e^bw^""a ?ikI make known that a puhlie ealew"^ b5dlit * ?lnt' Doniphan countjr, in the Territory of Kansas, commencing on Tuesday the 5th <l?V .?rAf? I nited States for the benefit of the Iowa tribe of In to w us hi'iis^f lUiii"110*1 T'r "n the undermentioned K3;. ' . land '? "Aid remtorr and ceded by said Indian, in trust as aforesaid, to wit: South of the battling and eatt of the. principal rp . . .. meridian. aJfwn>hlP! No-<MI'' fifteen,sixteen,sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. p",? . |MI0?In rnn*e8 ?everiteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, excepting therelroin a few t?e E?V?nfttie<' i"11,16 tre'l1,T.,iinountin(c in the whole to eight hundred acres.and situate in town ship two, of ranges nineteenand twenty. Also,at Paoli, in L> kins country, in said Territory, OoiniMnoinf on Tuesday, the twenty-sixth day of may next, for the disposal of such of the lands held in trust by the L nited Stntes, for the benefit of the confederated bands of Kaskaskia, Peoria. Pianke shaw. and Won Indians, as are situated in the under mentioned townships of said Territory, and ceded by said confederated bands iw aforesaid, to wit: South of the base line and east of the sixth prin cipal meridian. Townships fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, of range twenty. Townships fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, of range twenty-one. Townships fifteen, sixteen And seventeen, of range twenty-two. Townships fifteen, sixteen, sevonteen, and eight een. of range twenty-throo. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range twenty-four. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range twenty-five. Provision haying buen made by tho second and third articles of the treaty of cession that each indi vidual member of said confederated hands should be entitled to one hundred and sixty acres of laitd : and in addition, that teu sections should be suleoted and set a part as a national reservation ; and by the fifth artio e one section of six hundred and forty acras should also bo selector and set apart for the benefit of the American Indian Mission Association ; and said lands, amounting to about forty-eight thousand acres, having been seleeted in tho following town ships sbove nainod, to wit: t^P?w"8hips sixtoen and sevonteen, rango twenty Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventoon, and oixht een, ranee twenty-throe. Townships sixteen and seventoon, range twontv four. Townships sixteen and seventeen, rnng^twenty five, are horeby set a part and reserved from sale. Also, at Lecompton, in said Territory, commono ingon luesday, the twenty-thin! day of June next, for the disposal of such of the lands held m trust by the I nited States for tho benefit of tho Delaware triboof Indians as are situated within the under mentioned townships, comprising the western por tion ol the lands ceded by the said Delaware Indians, in trust as aforesaid, to wit: South of the base line and east of the sixth prin cipal meridian. Townships five, six, seven, eight, nmo, ton, and eleven, of range fifteen. Townships soven, eight, nine, ten, and obvon, of ramie sixteen. Townships six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, of range seventeen. ' eighteen h'PS 8,X' scvan' ,lill?.*nd ten of range .The terms of said sales will ??e cash, and no bid will t?e received below tho valuation placed upon the sev eral tracts by the commissioners duly appointed for the purpose ol classifying and valuing the same* and upon payment being made, receipts in duplicate will be executed therefor, one of which will be de livered to the purchaser. Patents will subsequently Ikj issued for the lands so purchased in accordance with the laws in force regu lating the issue thereof. 6 The offering of the al>ove lands will be commenced on the days respectively appointed, and will proceed in tho order in which they are advertised, with all Srn^,.enJ '??"P^ch. jmtil the whole shall have l^on offered and the sales thus closed. All purchases not paid lor on the day of sale will f>e reojlered on the following day at Mo risk of the de faulting purchor. .h'.t'JwV U."der ?ly ,,ian'V ft* f1,e Clf>' of Washington, and fifty-seven ? e,jruar> .e'l?btoen hundred Hy ^ku* mbsce. GEO. \V. MaNTPKNNV, Commissioner of Indian AUairs. N. B.?No newspaper is authorized to publish the f?rriK?J?,'%'W7rrtlse7Lt,BV!*r,thout special instructions to that effect from the Commissioner of Indian Af m'r8* mar 6-lawtl Jo CHANGE UK PLACE OK *?A I !?' op tut DELAWARE TKUSTLANDS IN KANSAS* Department op the Interior,/ Office oy Indian Affairs, April G. 1'-57. \ herebvgiven that the place of sale of the Delaware Trust I.ands in Kansas Territory, ad vertised to take place at Lecompton on the 23d day or June next, has been changed to. and will com mence at, said Territory, on the same day aisl date. By ordorof the Secretary of the? Interior. CHARLES E. MIX, ?P7 Commissioner ud interim. CHANGES IN TIIE DAYS OF SALE OF THE ABOVE DESCRIBED INDIAN TRUST LANDS IN KANSAS. ,wr u.F,,**bt*?:xt ofthk Interior,/ Office of Indian Affairs. April 11, IW. t ? ,1"^!''? " hereby given that the days designated in the foreKoi?K proclanmtioii forttie coiniuoai-eniout or the sale of certain Indian trust lands are changed and postponed to the following periods : Iowa .and*, at Iowa Point, to Wednesday, 3d day of June next. 1 ..fhe lands of tho Weas, Ac.,at Paoli, to Wednes aa\,24t!i day ol June next. day*!?j'u?rext-' tt' Osawl?co' to Wednesday, 15th By ort/er of the Secretary of the Interior i? , t ~ CHARLES E. MIX, _ aP J3-lawtl Je Commissioner ad interim. yyASI1INOTON AQUEDUCT. 7 Office of the Washington Aqueduct,( p-?^.?i ? W ashington, March 5, !Hi7. J I rpposals are invited for materuiis and Work for the \\ ashington Aqueduct. nfv.3Ttmtrday.,VOd Up l?7th May W,!11>e at 8P(*CIfictions of materials and let will Ik? ready for examination at this ot!}f!0 011 after the ieth of April next. i enibrnoo Masonry of some ?I the Hridges, Graduation, Excavation, and Em bankment or Itoservoirs, Iron Pipes connected with the Reservoirs, 12-inch iron main. Gate Houses, Bricks, Sand, Rubblo, and Cut Stone. Ac. J" .or t?e particular works aisl materials reference 13 made to tho specifications and plans. As upon a portion of the liuo the titles are not yet acquired by the I uited States, there may bo some delay m commencing the work thereon: but for such unavoidable delays duo allowance will be made lu the time ol completion. Portions only of some of tho works canbeoomple ted under the present appropriation; but all contracts for unfinished work will bo subject to future appro priations by Congress. Th? Engineer reserves the rignt to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under each contract for each appro a,1<;,ln tli? appropriation not holding put sufficiently, to decide when and what works shall be stopped until funds l>eooine available. wnrif?r'4f J*' tho entire stoppage of any particular work for want of funds, the reserved teu per oent. will bo paid, if, in trie judgment of the engineer, the work has been properly executed so far as it has gone, i* 7*2? ? w4i"'"de in specie cheeks upon the f ii. reasurjr, upon the monthly estimates Ol the r.ngiiieer. reserving ten per oent.; and it will he a condition of all oontiacts that the workmen shall i if .i ^'n*?s1,,1?athly, and in specie. All bids should f?e soale<t and endorsed Proposals for work or materials on the Washington Aqueduct." I be Lnited States reserves the right to reject any or all tho bills should they not l>e doemed a-iviuita geous, and to make such arrangements as may l<e work ,"?"t o'X'ducive to the progress of the Every offer must be accompanied hy a written rtiar antee, signed by one or more responsible persons, to t^tlieor thoy undertake that tho l?ddor or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation, within ton days, with good and re sponsible securities, for tho completion of the work undertaken: said guarantee to I>eaccompanied by the certificate of the I nited Statesdistnct judge, United . iff ?,*tnct,<J{torna1r. navy agent, or some officer of 'he General Government or individual known to th? Engineer or Department of War, that theguar antors are able to make go?jd their guarantee. t ^ . M opened in proMcncoot bidders, if any of them choose 10 t>e present. ' M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Euginoers, in charge. t n? , OF GUARANTEE. T" Capt. M. C. Mkigs, U. S. Engineer. Wo, the undersigned, residents of , in the i hereby, jointly and severally, covo i I States, and guarantee, in ciso tha foregoing hid ol lie aecceptod, that ho or thev will, within ton day s aftor the acceptance of tho said bid, exeeutethocoiitract for the same, with good and sufficient suretios, to perform or furnish thoarti eles proposed mconforunty to tho terms of thoa<f ver tisemeiit under which it was made. And in case tho said shall fail to enter into contract as aforo said, woguaranteo to make good the difference bo buider * ttlul tiiv "ext lowest (Signed,) A ? rrrti(y t,iat'to ****? ?<? kno^iilie l,,e atiove-namcd guarantors are good and sufficient (Sig..,,.,, mar 7-eodt7MvAlawtf .. E. F. L. FAN'T, Jr., A CO., LAM) Alt E NTS E. AND DEALERs'lN EXCHANGE, i i Lkuisiftos, Kansas. Jvind \\ arrants located and sold ou commission. 1 .aad \V arrauts sold to pre-emptors on time. Locations made on "joint account." l- f^rtn,'ro? tho firm was engaged in the tinted Mates Surveys lu Kansas, and wilfbeabloto make choice locations. Business sent through Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Kant A Co. will be lorwarded to us. krfkrrxcks: Swoflny, Rittonhouse, Kant A Co., Bankers, Wash ington, D. C. E. W. Clark, D<?dge A Co., Bankers, New York. Drexel A Co., Ban\ors, Philadelphia. Joni.iij Loo Sl Co. liankern, llallimora. Kowle, Snowdon A Co., Bankers, Alexandria, Va. It' H- ^ Bankers, Richmond, Va, i ? i^'*rr7l 4 Co., Bankers, New Orleans. .;AlK!ir!Dn.A Cu> Wlu'ker?, St. Louia, Mo. mar 17? wlAdeolm JOHN ALEXANDER, I h?v Nti- 2f P*W*?TtVAXIA AVENCK and B"?ortm?nt of GILT rich U INDOW SHADES, of new Cl^l?T'Aiv?FV.#.J^t,on of LACE and MUSLIM ?ru^v^LANCY NoT,e^^ Insurance, &c. W ?WMNSHW&MU3k: Capital $300,000!!! CHAN DISK, &?.. at the usual City ratea, without any charge for Policy, at their Offioe, corner of Tenth Street and Pennaytvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. Diucmi. Wm. F. Bayly, Samuel Baton, Robert Farnhain, James F. Halulay, Wm. Orme, H udson Tay lor, Francis Mohan, M. W. Gait. Beitj. Beall. JAMES C. McGlTIRE. Prescient. G. P. Hanson, Secretary. ap 11-ly ]\JORTHWESTERN INSURANCE COM PA II NY. Homi Office, Osweoo City, N.Y. J.T.STEVENS. Agent, No. 517 Seventh street, (over Suter, Lea k to.'i Bank,) Washington, D. C. The Northwestern has a place among the very best insurance companies in the United States. In corporated in the year 1832, it has smoe then contin ued to do a constantly increasing business, until it stands, in the Comptroller's Report of Insurance Companies in the State of New York for the current year, second only in amount of business, solvency, and capital in that StMe. Its reliability during the financial revulsions of the past twenty-live years has been fully tested and sustained. Within ths limits of the State of New York no other reoommeudation would be neoessary than the Report of the State Comptroller lor 1857, which oan

bo seen at the office of the Agent. The prompt payment of all its losses, and the con tinued accumulation of its capital and surplus fund is a sufficient guarantee of its solvency tor ?he fu turn. ap l?-d2w PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE, THE PERILS OFTHE SEA. AND INLAND TRANSPuRTA TJ O A'. FARMERS AND MECHANIC'S* INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PHILADELPHIA. Fi&>, Marine, amd Inland Insurance. Authorized Capital $1,230,000!!! Office, Nobthwe?t corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th Strket, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Floreuoe, Charles Dingoe, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield. Charles A. Rubicani, EdwaSd R. Helmbold, tioorge Holmliold, P. Carroll Browator, James E. Neall, Innac Leeeh, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELJfl BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. I Charles Walter, No. 3&J D streot, opposite City 1 Hall. ' John M. Thornton, oomer 1st atreot and Virginia avenue. Inland. James Williams, No. 22 4J* street. John Rigglea, No. 501 13th street, below Pennsyl vauia aveuue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levy, No. 3b7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. Authorized Capital and Assets $1,473,037 07 Assets $523,057 07 Invested in Bouds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. Tho following statement exhibits the business and condition ol the Compnuy to November 1,1056: Premium rceeived on marine and luland risks to No vemltcr 1,18.56 &2I4.GK4 GO Fire premiuiii 176,796 61 Interest ou loan 8,704 47 Total roceiptB $400,185 6a Paid maiino losses $04,427 04 Paid lire losses ?,737 3&) Espouses, salaries,and commis sions 45,439 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges 27,474 63 $177,12B 61 Balance remaining with the Company ,$83j0S? <S7 Th* Assets of the Company are as follow* : PhfindeipInn city and county bonds $16,848 18 Railroad l*tnds 11,000 00 First mortgages, real estate 14S>? 00 Stocks, collaterals, on call 32,400 00 Girard and consolidation bank stock 5,125 U? Deposited with Duncan, Sherman k. Co., New York... 30/00 OB Delerred pay incut on stock not yet due ir7,7t? (? Notes for marine premiums 108,080 50 Due from agents, secured by bond* 35,376 18 Premiums on polioiea recently isaued, and debts duo the company 26,470 38 Balance in bank 16,456 74 $ 53,137 07 The business of this Company will comparo favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United Statea. , From the 1st day of August. Iai5. is fifteen months, up to the 1st day of Novemlter, 1856, the premiums and interest received amounted to the large sum of four hundred thousand one hundred and wchty-hve dollars and sixty-eight couts. with the payment of losses and expenses of uue hundred and seventy - seven thousand one hundied and twenty-eight dol lars and cixty-onr cents. With these evidences of sucoesa and good inan nji'iiu ut, th?* Directors fuel justified in aolicitu,g a snore of public |4itrona<e, believing that the aeounty offered us ample, anil that all fair claims will be ad justed more to equity than legal technical ities. The Coinpanv is prepared to isaue polieios againat loss or damage by fire on D WELLINUS, FURNITURE, MILLS. MAN L FA C TO R I ES. \VA RF.HO USES, Al! description ?>1 B I'll. DINGS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vessels,Steamboats, Canal Boats. Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portiou of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on tho hulls of STEAM li< )ATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low as other com panies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into oon naeratioa. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. < >ffiect northwest comer Pennsylvania avenue and 17th stroet, Washington City, D. C. Insurant* may nl%o b?? *Jf< rtt'l at she Home Ojficet northwest roraer Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, < And in other principal cities of the United Statea bv Authorized officers of the Company. ap 3 Banking house of" CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposit*.? Doposita received and Checks paid without charge. Dratta on tho northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par. and Exchange oh aaid Cities furuiahod to depoaitora without charge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at suoh rates as may be agrood upon. Deposits iji Virginia and I ncurrent Monet. Deposits in \ lrguuaand other Uncurrent Monoy re ceived to be checked for, payable in name funds, or iu specie, we charring the roKular Exchange. Discount*.?Notes. Drafts, and Bills of Exchange Will Ikj discounted, and Loans made on Stocks, Bond* and Securities, at the market rate. Letters of Cp.kdit.?Letters of Credit will be furiushed, negotiable in tho different Cities of the Uiuted Statoe, on Depot-it of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on audi terms as inay be agreed upon. Traveling Bills of Exchange.?Travelera will bo furniahed with drafts in auch sums as may l*e de aired negotiable hi the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letter* of Ceudit on England, Ire land and Europe.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Enrope,furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in auius to auit. Bonm, Stocks. Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paying from 6 to 12 pr. sent., al way a for sale, or Ismght in the different Cities at a commission of a pr. coot. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reservo the right to call (i>r a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, City, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation, either iu this country or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for cash or with Bond?. Land Wauraxts.? I .and Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrauta sold by us are guaran teed in every respect. I,and Warrants located on commission. Land Warraut quotations regularly furnishod if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to W*cstern Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible partiec. Real Estate and Insurances. ? Roal Estate bought and Bold,, and Insurances effected. Claims on united States, Court Claims, Congress.?Claims on the United States, beforethe Court of Claims or Cougross, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, j?n 27 Opposito the Troasury. CUI1NA, GLASS AND QUEENSWARE. > R. H. Ml LLER. SON A CO., Importers direct from Liverpool to Alexan dria, beg leave to call the attention of dealers., hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of (iOODS, _ which, for ox tent and variwtY, will compare favor with any establishment m the Eastern cities.. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers ol Europe and the I ruted States for upwards of thirty years, has given hun ad vantages iu the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house iu the trade. An inspection of goodsand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can be made of them upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sots, gilt and deooratod French China Dinner Sets, gold Imrtdand plain white French Churn Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac. French China Tea Sots, Cupa and Saucers,and other articles of Tenware And Dinner Ware, separate from aota India China Dinner Sets,and separate article# always on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in aetB.and separate Ironi sets, na may lie desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, tho bnme Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in lull suppU. Cut, Proa soil. Plan, and Moulded Glass Ware from the Itoat establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will be aold by the package or other wise. Exporienced packers employed. Gooda put up by ua onu bo transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the sioamlioata from Washington to Alex andria, a,most hourly, 123$ oenta each way. A quar ter of a dollar thua spent may save many dollar* dec 1 _ AR N Y'S CON FECTIONER Y, No. 84, Beidge Steeet, Georgetown, D. C., where all kiuds of Entertainments are furniahed with the beat Ioe Creams. Cake*. Water Icea. Confeotionery, ?e., at the shortest notioe, and on the meat moderate terma. todal awarded at the last exhibition of Metropolitan echaraca' Inatitute. Jao?-tf NEW YORK LEDGER FOR ?Sth APRIL expected to oonUuntbonew storj by Mrs. Sooth worth ; also. The Wild Kmsht, or Unknown Crusa der, by St 1 vanua Cobb, the beat of all writers, op 15 FERGUSON, 486 7th .ireet. ivorably PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE FHISIOLOQICALTlixf OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albany, N Y. 300 pages and 190 fin* Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plate*. |?7*PRICK ONLY tSCENTS..Q1 [CrStni/T,, if pottage to ail part* nf u? Union. Or. M. B. La Croix'a Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and rented edition of 3fr> paces and 180 plates. Prioe 25 conta a oopv. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of single and married life?happy and fruitful alliaa eea, mode of eecuruig them?infelicitous and infer tile onea?their obviation and removal?narroua de bility, ita eauaea and cure, by a proceaa at onoe ao simple, safe, and etTectuai. that failure la impossible ?rules for daily management?an essay on Sperma torrhea, with practical observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hinta on the evil results from empirical practice; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to oid age?each caae graplnoal ly illustrated by benutiful plates. It'poiuta out the remedies tor those self-inflicted miseiie* ami disap pointed hopes ao unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the warned, and thoae contemplating marriage. Ita porusai is partic ularly recommended to persona entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are con scious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileKes to which every human being is entitled to. Price 25 conta per copy, or five copies for ?l. mail ed free of postago to an* part of the United States, bjr addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Allsiny, New \ ork, enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those who prefer may oonault [Victor SLA CROIX.upon any of the disuases upon which hia book treats, either personally or by mail, liis modi cincs often cure in the ahort space of six "lays, and oompletely and ontirely eradicate all traoes of tho?e disorders which oopaiva and eubebs have ao long been thought au antidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " Freuoh Secret" is the great con tineutal remedy for that class of disorders which uu fortunately, Physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievableoestructioii to the pa!tout's constitu tion, and wluoh all the sarsaparilla in the world can not cure. IT7" Office No. SI Maiden lane, Allnny, N. Y. BlHy PILES?PILES?PILES.?Wo will attention te all who aru afflicted with this dr.idful compliuut to the following sworn certificate fiotu one of our moat reapeotable cititens, the fatiier-in-law of the proprietor of the "Courier des KtaU I'mi,'1 and formerly gunmakcr in Philadelphia: Nr.w Yohi, Aug. 2Cth, IMA Db. Dctrih?Dear Sir: I huieby coitify that I have been afflicted with the Pilea for iif-ariy sixty roars, that I have used eighteen Utttlea of Barnes's Pile Lotion, ami everything else I oould hear ?f, but all to no effect, foi tney did me little or no good.? Aliout two months since, I commenced using your remedies for the Piles, ami have the happiuess to say that they have had the desired effect, leaving cured me. I consider this almost a miracle, for I aui eighty Senra of age. I sincerely recommend them to all af icted with the above ooinplaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin street. State of New York. t New York Citv and County. { I, Joseph C. Ijiwrcnco, do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof, la-fore me personally came P. Vallee, tw me woll known, who, being by me duly aworn, did depose and say that the content* of the foregoing certificate signed by him nre true. In witness whereof 1 have Fubscribod my name,as Commissioner of Deeds and aa a Notary Public of the State of New York, and have affixed my Nota rial Seal, at my office in New York, this 2Ath day of August, 1856. JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds' and Notary Public of the Stale of New York, 67 Wall street, New York. We challenge the Medical Faculty of the United States to produce a eertiLoate equal to the above. Dr. Duprio's Remedies arc the only effectual cure for External and Internal Piles. Only 5? ccnts per box. Office?76 Nassau street. New York. Will be sent by mail to any part of the United States. For sale by FORD A BRO., corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington. 1). C. oc 23 LEVY'S BITTERS.?These Hitters are an infalli ble cure for Dysentery and CLromc Diarrhea, want of Appetite, Ao. They have proved an effec tual cure to all thoso who have Ix'tm effected With the endemic of the National Hotel. Iu\aluable for summer complaints. No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, apposite the Nation al Hotel. Wine. liquors, Cigars, and fine Goeeries. apa-tf JONAS P. LEVY. ??OL'OH?COLDS-HOARSENESS. DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUN Ah R ABIC : The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cure for Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma. Dis eased Luugs and Consumption. Entered aeeordmg to Art of Contrets, A. D. 1837. In asain presenting to the uotice of the public the atiove remedy, we feel tliat little apology is needed. Vast numbeis mail sections of tho I niou ure obliged to have recourse to other sourocs of relief than the immediate prescription of their family physician, aud as each return of the winter seasou brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use less, and many decidedly dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of duty as interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest advantages, with the least objections of any other in use. to make it as extensively known as practicable. That such is its character, is abundantly proved by the fact, that it lias been extensively used the last twenty year* with unparalleled success ; that its reputation lias continued to spread and its rale increase, with little aid from advertising or published lists of cer tificates, (which all know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as lor a meritorious one.) that by its own intrinsic merit, with the reoommeudat-i<>u of persons Iteiiefited by its use, it has gained its pre sent popularity ; it is not trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all. but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to atiord relief where most others have I teen tried without material t?en< fit. As such, it is recognised by numlters of our leading physicians, who know its composition, aud have been eye witnesses of its superior elftcacy. as weil as by thousands of our most respectable cilircns, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 25 cents, <>r three Itotlles iu ouo.50 cocts, bv NAIRN A PALMER, and CHASl.ES S1< ?TT, Washington; CISSEL, Georgetown, and PELL A STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, "TYLER'S fiUM ARABIC COl-GH CANDY DROPS," tho same composition in a portable form, mueh patronised by publio speakers, singers, frequenters of public asscmbbes, Ac., as they removo all huskinnss from the throat and vwioe, and act like a charm ou a troublesome cough. Price 12>j and 25 oeuts a Imx. dec 2-ly DR. DUPRIES'S REMEDIES are the o?l? ef fectual cure for External or Internal Piles, Salt* Rheum, Ring Worm, Ao. Thoy are unrivalled for purifying the blood. ceu^s per box. Office, 7t> Nassau street. New York. Will l>e nent by mail. For sale by FORD A BRO., oorner of 11th at., aad Pen*, avenue. no 23 THE PERUVIAN SYRUP having successfully passed the ordeal to which many discoveries in the Materia Medica are subjected, must now be re ceived as nil established modicum. ITS EFFICACY IN CURING DYSPEPSIA. Aff'etions of the Liver, Dropsy, S'e uralgia, Bron ehitts and Con>vmptive Tendencies, Disorder ed state of the Blood, Boils, (irtteral Debility. and all Diseas<s trhirh require a Tonic and Alterative medicine tt beyond vk?*(ium. The proofs of its ethoacy a. e so numerous, so well authenticated, and of siicii pccuhar character, that suirerers cannot reasonably hesitate to receive the proff ered aid. The Peruvian Syrtip does not profess to be a r*re all, but its range is extensive, l-ecause many disea ses, apparently uulike, are intimateiy related, and, proceeding from one cnuse, may be cured by one remedy. The clase of diseases for which the SyniP promi ses a cure, is precisely that wluoh lias so often tri fled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the wituesse? accessible, arvl the saMy ami efficacy of tho Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wis?h lor an opiuiou fr??m disinter ested persons respecting the character of tho Syrup, cannot fail to bo satisfied with the followiqg among numerous r&stunomals, iii the hands of tho Agents. The aignatures are those of goutleiuen well known in the oouimumty, and of the highest respectability. CARD. The undersigned having ex perienced the benefieial effects of the Peruvian Syrup,"' do not hesitate to recommend it to the attention of the puMic. From our own experience, as well as from the tes timony of others, whose intelligence aud integrity^ are altogetHor unquestionable, we have no doubt of itd ethoary in cases of incipient Diseases of the l.ungs and Bronchial I'assagss, Dyspepsia. I.iver Complaint, Dropsy, Neuralgia. Ac. Indeed its ef fects would be inorodible. but from tho character of those who have witnessed them, ami have volunteer ed their testimony, as we d^yurs, to its restorative newer. JOHN I IEKPO.N I", P THOMAS A. DEXTER, S. H. KENDALL. M. D. SAMUEL MAY. THOMAS C. AMORY. For sale bv Z. D. GILMAN. Special Agent. 550 Pennsylvania avenue, and at the General Agency, oorner of I^and ath streets. Navy Yard. fob 36 mvfNG COMPLETED OUR SPRING AND u innier arrangements, wo are m*w prepared la supply our numerous customers in Washington aiul Georgetown with almost every description of whole some SUMMER DRINKS, such as premium Min eral VVatkrs, pure Chab Ch>eb. Cuufricsi Cidkr, Burton, Philadelphia,and XXX Pai.e Alks. all of vorv superior uuality, uiisn/passed in flavor and richness by any in the Union : X X PwRTKK, a prune article. I* or several of tho above mentioned drinks wo received at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute the highest awards of merit. We are also agents for the sale of Turner Brothora GlNdKR Wisit, hlackbbrkt Hraxdt, Sircps, Ac., rind Dr. Wheeler's Chkkry Whh BiTrr.Rs.all of which will be sold on the most accommodating terms. We have -dso f*?r sale one superior CLOTHES HI ANGLE, iu good order. ARNYASHINN, apS-lm Corner Green and Otiye sts.. Georget'n. M ANTEI.S. NKW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE, niannfactured from Slate Stone, by the West Caslle toii Slate Company, Vt. These Mantels art- enamel ed iu imitation of the richest and most expensive E0YPT1AN. LISBON, VERD A N T I O U E, PORPflERY. PYRENEES, HROCATELLA, At; ATE, SPANISH ft A L WAY* and other rare and desirable M A R BLES. The imitations are so perfect that tip? challenge the elosost scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer tlian marble ; are not miured f?r smoke, o?*l ga?, or acids, and can be sold much ch.*aper than any others iu market. Prioe ranging from SI25 to ?12. Architects, Builders, and others are invited to call iuwI examine samples at No. 512 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. sept 12-ly T. M. H ANSON. Agent. WASHINGTON IN DOMESTIC LIFE, from Original Lotters and Manuaoripts, by Kichard Rush. Prioe 91. Just published.and for tale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, uear ?th ftreet. ap U rzr' Travelers' Directory. N JEW ROUTE TO TUB SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS t CHARLESTON RAILROAD coart.KTSi*?cosxkctiko Chattanooga. 7>an., Chari?*t*m. s. C.; Sarmm nah. (?'?., amd ail tk* Nortktaium itiK*, with Mr mph it, 1'tmm. The last ormne oCmg link of Railroad twitM N RW YOR K A N D THE Vl ISS1SS1 PPI KIVKR. I til* road it now completed aud opened tor the rtt ular transportaiion of Putcaim Mid FreigU. and will afford more Expedition so*l less Expense th*n any other route between the Northeast and Sooth west. Passengers ami Shippers will take due notjoe thereof, and govern themselves aaonrdiagiy. IWenur Tr* in taave ?fveuw? daily at '4* oolock.a. m., <alter the arnvai of the tiuu from Chattanooga and NaahviUa,land arrive at Memphis saiuedav at 7 p. m.. connecting With First (^mi >t earn Packets to New Oneans. and all other impor tant points upon the Western Rivera." Goods tm> ? 1 - - ? * ? ? . I a. a-? signed to Kailrtiad Agent* at Charleston or J?nvan nah, will be forward**! to Memphis and other points, by Express Freight Trains. Freight in charge ?d the Adama F.xprewi Com pany m carried over thia route daily by the Passeu Her trains. f7 C. ARMS General Superintendent. Hir?T?, (Ala.) April in, ism. * Through Tickets to Memphis. Ac., sold at Wd mington, Si. Cm Chaileston, >. t ; Aeanata,8?? nab. .Macon, Atlanta, aud Columbus. (?a: Mont?*>m en. Ala.; Chattauooga. and Naahville, Tenn. To connect With the Western Trains on this road, passengers wil! tske the *?**? trams from Wilmius ton. N.C.; Angusta, Ga.;Cb?ttaaoogaa?d Nash\ ilu*_ T*ub?; and the day trams from C'Jiarlest. n and K.aisviUe, S. C.: and Atlanta, Ga. ap7-tf Daily link fur edwarw ferry AND LI ESBURU, Va.. via Chesapeake w,d Ohio Caual.?The Packet Boats AR-dL,^?a GO and M.C. MEIGS, will eommei ,. g- JMii fc?>J making ?buly tups to the above pouita.*?*^?-?1?-" en Monday, Match *3, leaving the a l.arl vf W. H. ai?J 11. U. Kit tor, Georgetown, D. C. ever* mornmg at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted; through in eigM hours; leaving Georgetown at|aeven o'clock in U.s morniug, the B<<ats will arrive at the Great halls,or Washington Aqueduct, at 10 a. m.. Sem-ea at 11m., Edwards' Kerry at 3 p. m.. where a stage will he in rsadusoas to onnvey passengers to l<eosburf, Va. Returning, leave Edwards' p erry every day at nine o clock m the morning, and arming m Georgetown at sunset. Through Tickets, J1.7S. Intermediate points as follows: Great Fails or Washington Aqueduct. W cents; Seaera. 75 cents; Kdwants' Ferry.; Lees burg, Virginia, including c->ach. 51.7V Meals serve*I o? the Boats at moderate pi ices. mar aft W. 11. A 11- G. RITTF.R QRANGK AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LIKE. Twie* Daily, fSundav nights excepted,) between WASHINGTON and theSOl TII.> m ALFjt A V BRIA. OORDONSVILLK AND RICHMOND. AN VILI.F. and GREENHUOKOUGH. Leaves Wat>hii:gtt>u at r. o'clock a. in. " Alexandria at 7Si o'clock a. in. " Wa?hniKton at 7 o'clock p. m. " Alexandria at o'clock p. in. Fare from Washington and Alexandria to Rich mond. ?5 5ft. |I7"Otiinibi?sesand Ilagga'e Wagons will l?eat the Depot ol the Washington Railroad, to oonver mo seu^crs and Istgga^e to the Steamer <?EO. l'AGK, for Alexandria, a of six miles, allowing ample tune for meals. mar?7-lf JAMES A. EVANS. Ag?it. yyASHlNGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains Irare WASHINtiTON for BALTIMORE at A and aw a. m.. and J and Ot p. m. On Sunday, at 4H p. m. Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at and 9S a. n.. nnd 3 and p. nu On Suuday at a. m. Passengers for Plnlnd^lphia and New York witl take trains at 6, b)?, ami For Annapolis will take trains at and 44*. For Norfolk will take trains at aK <umJ 3. For the West will take trams at biuiJ ^, (m.nnect in? at the Washu.gtou Jimciion. jan 16-tf T. H. PAR SON*. A^a?t._ f^OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEhT. BALTIMORE A \U OHIO RAILROAD. New and IxrxorEb Aki?si;ui.\ti. Three Trains daily fiom Baltimore for Cumber land, WheoUnx. ainl all parts of the West. 1st. The ACCOM MODATION TRAIN wiU leave (except Sunday) at 6.4A a. m., coiineeting with traiua from Philadelphia, fcrst tnuu from Washington <al JunetionV?wi'i stop at Way Stations, and arrive at Cumbfrlaml at ? o'cloek p. rr.. 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN leaves Oamd??n Sta'ion daily (except Sumlay ) at k.?i a. in., and reaches Wheeling by 4 a. ui., onnuectmK at lienwood with trains lor C<Numl>us, Ciiieinuati. l)avtoii, Indianapo lis, LouiKriiie, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chtaa,<>, ht. Loots. Cr.iro, ruid interme'tiate poiuts. 3d. The FAPKKSS TRAIN leeves daily at 7 p. in., connecting with expre?c trains for Cincinnati, St. Louis, Cairo, Cbicago,ioi<| n.t'-nue?liat? piae?<s. Tiie distance to Cmciunai i and other central and southern places ui the West, is nearly 1ik< miles shorter than by any other route. Th<; tune to these plaoes is a unequalled. \Ij-~ Bay ta^e checked throagh b> Columbus, Cin cinnati, Itufuinapohs. and St. Louis. (TT" Passengers and Baggage transferrol at all pouits free. TH ROl'GIl TICK F.TS will be aold toail the ju^o towns in the West, at the lowest possiLie rates, at the Ticket Office, Cuiidun Statiuu, and at Washing tOL city. fT~r" A seo?>nU-clas* oar is attached to tiia MAIL TRAIN. I'ajiscngcrs fiom Baltimore or Waahington may rirtr tiit %ntire luud by Jaui ig h t. by taking Aoaoti. inodation or Mail Trniu, and l> ine over at Cumbur lan?l or Oakland. They rostimi! tlie next riiorti.n? by tha Express Tram, which leaves Cumberland at tAi a. m.. aixl rea<-hes Wheeling at 2 p. m. Passengers from Washington have ample Uma f- <r inealaat Waslnngtou Junction. This is the only route by which Through Ticxeta nnd Baggage Checks can l>e obtained in Waehingtou. tX) R VTA V PASSENGERS. The Accommodation Train at 6.45 will stop at afl p tat ion * east of Cnmberlami. and the Fx press at sta tions but ween Piedmont, going West. V.a?t% antiy the Mail Trim Irwtves Wn?elmg at 7.1& Ar tv>tiinioda'.ioii leaves Cumlmrtand ul ?-#>, r.?r,.u.^ Bnltimore at r?.4.'? p. m. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 p. in. (ex cept Sunday) stopping at Way Stations. Leaves Frederick at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.?? noon. The F.LLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN laavat Cam den Station at6 a. m.und S.Jup. m. Lcavos Ellioott'g Mills at ".$> a. ui. a. J 7^t* p. in., cxcert Sutulays. V. S. WOODSIDE, jan IC-tf Master of Transportation. T IIE NEW YORK AM) LIVER|MM>L UNITED STATES MAIL STL AM E US. The Skips comprise; this ft.?Ft.^ art : The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver Eidnds'e ?he BA LTIC Capt. Joseph Comstcck. he ADRIATIC Capt. Jamas Wast. These ships havingheeulmlit by oontraet expressly for Government service, every cere has t?een taken in their construction, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their aco?>inLnodatt??ua for possengera arc une^uailed lor eiegai.oe and Ooiu fort. Price of rnssage from New York to Liverpool, m hrot cbIhc. 5 !3': in seoond do., #75; exolysive use of ejttra sue state MMk SJ75. From Liverpool to New York, 2n and 3> guineas. An expeneneed Sur geon attached to each ship. No lierths cau l?e secured until paid for. Tlie rhips of this line tiave iinpri \sd waler-ttght Imlk-heads. and to avoid danger ftoit us will not cross tno i'.ai.ks north of 42 decrees its alter the 1st o| August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. FROM NEW YOKE. ! FROM LIVERPOOL. Saturday, Jan. a. 1S57 Wadaeeday. Jan. 7 1?S7 Saturday. Jan. 17 1*57 Wednesday, J an. 2!.U? Satutdnv, Jan. 31.... 1H57 \\ wlnesday, Feb. 4 .1437 SatutJaV. Feb. 14 1&>7 j Wednesday, Feb. 18 1HS7 Saturdav. March 14 1R57 Wednesday , Mar. 4 lii'tf Saturday. April 11 1?.'7 Wednesday, April I l;i"77 Saturday, May 9 1K57 Wednesday, Ai ril 2H.1857 Saturdsy, May ^3 1H57 WednctMU) , %fny 5T7 U67 Saturday, Jutie ?>. 1H57 Wedn??da%, J uii? 10 1H.V7 Saturday, June 3P. ...1SS7 We Juesday . J une Z4 lrti7 Saturday . J uiy 4 Ik57 Wednesday, J uly t? lni7 Saturday, July 18 1^57 Wednesday, July ?3.Ia07 v. ,. .? , 56, Wall street. New ^ ork. Aim r nars, London. B.G. WAIN WRIGHT* CO., Pans. 1 he owners of these hhips wdl uot Ih? aceour.taL.a for Kolu, fiilver, l?ui.ion, ?pocif, jewelr>, prerioun stones or metals, unless billa ol Idling'are signed fob S* * thereof expressed therein. JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. MONEY to LOAN onliTOCK SECURITIES CIli'SH BROTHERS, BANKERS. Oppotile the Trtaswr^. THE HOFSE OF Clll BB BROTHERS. Washington, ts composed of CHAS.St. i-CIH BB. JOHN 1?. BARROW, HENRY HOLMES. T/rcVJS?SBBR??fHER. BARROW it CO., U ?WMd^nmSIiTXM?S^J.CHI BB, p alevr H- barrovV, jan 27?tf \\ M. H. DOL GAL. (BIBB'S H.\Tr~NIANI FACTORY. PENN'A I AVKXlt. BETWECX S>T H AND lUTH STS.?WlgS, hall Wi<s. Braids, Curls. Bnnduaus, Fnxxed Roll ers, Ac., aiaays on hand, and made to order at a l?-w hours notice, lollies' Hair Dyed. Shampooed. Ac., in the most ooinplete uiaiinur. All sorts ol Toilet Article* from the l?*?t Fronch and Englisk houses. No. Pa. avenue, up stairs, over IJavis' Musio Store. N. H.?Hair work repaired or taken m exchange, fob II-am (2REAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF ? BOOTS AND GAITERS. I h<?ve<4>ii c^wimisaion, for a Philn-^^BV delphia nianufacturur^ a first rate ucipmit nianuiacturur, a first rate wjrflL or Pegged CALF SKIN IT al I'll I as go<id as those V'U,.51.^5 or ??>: ai?d a Frenah Ca'f PA T ENT LEATHER GAITER at Co.*, as g?2*?"* any at f5; a hrst rate CALF GAltFR ?t f-J^j these are the best poods that is (or ever was > eoltt in tha District for the prion; f?r the prt*>f, e?.?me aisl see for vaurse'f. Terms positively oast'. ^"?AV* Pjofct cnayted to effeot badd?Us. Call at the ^lEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh slreel and Ponn ?ylvania avenue. Beat RUBBERS for gentlemen II. mar!H-U ANTflON\ . Agent.