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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 22, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR rrBLISHEO EVERY AFTERHOOX, (EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THB STAR BI'ILDINOS. l'9m*r a/ P'nniylrm* ivonm, and Hi* itrft, Br W. D. W ALL ACH, itnil ia served to sobecnbers by earners at SI X AN D A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*; paper* served m packacss 37H cent* per month. To mail subscribers the subeenption price i* THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year t? a^eaare, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 12>i cents a week. d7*SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1857. NO. 1,329. THE WEEKLY STAR. This ex eel eat Family and News Jo?r**i a greater variety of lutereattac read*!* Uua oaii t>e fo?ud ia u> ot her? ia p?bli*fc?d on Batwrdny ??>??14.>. Sinicle oopy, per annum .91 & TO ncn. m ? m m ? ? ?? e e e m ??????? ????? ? ^ fL^ 'Pl^S ????? ?**??!???????????? ????? ^ ^ fT_iwenty oopiee ? ?. 14 90 * IL/ Ca*u, invakiably IX advamcb. H* subscribing in clul* raised amonc neighbor* without the intervention ot a mail aceni. as will be ? ,wew,> per oeut. of the WutLV StaX will he Mr? it invariably contains the "Waeh that lias made the DaiLt Utab eireu ?r-?? *enei*lly throujhout the oountry. t?n wrappers! can be procured at lately after the issue o| the Paper. Price?Three Cbxts. ? -?*?who net as agents will be allowed a commission ot twenty per oeut. MICHEL AND POWLESKA. A Remarkable Case op SriRiT Rkvklatio* A circumstance fully as remarkable as anj recorded, occurred at OdeflM in the year 1342 An old blind man named Michel had for man.* years been accustomed to get his living by seat ing himself every morning on a beam in one of the timber yards, with a woxlen bowl at his feet, into which the passengers cast their aims^ This long-continued practice had made i well-known to the inhabitants, and, as e believed to have been formerly a sol blindness was attributed to the nu wounds he had received in battle. ^ part, he spoke little, and never contradicted thUnePni<ht. Michel by *>me accident, fell in with a little girl ten years old, named Powles *a, who was friendless, and on the verge of perishing with cold and hunger. The old man took her home and adopted her; and, from that time, instead of sitting in the timber yard, he went about the streets in her company, ask ing alms at the doors of the houses. The child called him "father," and they were ex tremely happv together But when they had pursued this mode of life for about five years, misfortune betel them. A theft having been committed in a house which they had visited in the morning. Powleska was suspected and ar rested. and the blind man was left once more alone But instead of resuming his former habits, he now disappeared altogether; and this circumstance causing the suspicion to ex tend to him. the girl was brought before the magistrate to be interrogated in regard to his probable place of concealment. ?4 Do you know where Michel is?" said the magistrate. ?? lie is dead'." replied she, shedding a tor rent of tears. As the girl had been shut up for three days, without any means of obtaining information fn>tn without, this answer, together with her unfeigned distress, naturally excited consider able surprise. ?? Who told you he was dead'" they inquired. 44 Nobody!** *? Then how can you know it." 441 saw him killed!" 44 But you hare not been out of the prison? '? I saw it, nevertheless!" ?? But how was that possible' Explain what you mean!" ?? I cannot. All I can say is. that I saw him killed." " When was he killed and how!" *? It was the night I was arrested." "That can not be; he was alivo when you were seized!" ?' Yes. be was; he was killed an hour after that; they stabbed him with a knife." 44 Where were you then'" 44 I can't tell; but I saw it." The eonfi lence with which the girl asserted what 9?emed to her hearer* impossible and ab surd, disposed them to imagine that *he was either really insane, or pretending to be so. leaving Michel a*ide, they proceeded to in terrogate her about the robbery, asking her if she was guilty. -Oh. no!" she answered. '? Then bow came the property to be found about you?" " I don't know; I saw nothing but the mur der " ?* But there are no grounds for supposing Michel is dead; his body has not been found '' ?? It is in the aqueduct." 44 And do you know who slew him!" 44 Yes?it is a woman Michel was walking v?-ry slowly, after I wa-? taken from him. A w un in came behind with a large kitchen-knife; but he heard her and turned round; and the woman flung a piece of gray stuff over his head, and struck him repeatedly with the knife; the cray stuff was much stained with the blood. Michel tell at the eighth blow, and the woman ?tragged the body to the aqueduct and let it fall in without ever lifting the stuff which stuck to his f?ee."' 44 As it was easy to verify these latter asser tions. they despatched people to the spot; and there the body was found, with a piece of stuff ??ver his head, exactly as she had described. But when they asked her how she knew all this, she couli only answer ?' I don't know." " But you know who killed him ?" '* Not exactly ; it is the same woman that put f ut his wjm, but. perhaps, he will tell me her to-night; and if he does, I will tell it to you." During the whole of the following night, with out allowing her to suspect their intention, they waurhed her. and it was observed that she never lay down, but sat upon the bed in a sort of leth argic slumber. Her body was quite motionless, except at intervals, when this repose was inter rupted by violent nervous *h<>cks which i>er vaded her whole frame. On the ensuing ilay. the m duent she was brought before the judge, she declared that she was now able to tell them the name of the assassin. ??But. stay." said the magistrate; "did Michel never tell you when he wa? alive, how he lost his sight '" "No?but the morning before I was arrested he promise 1 me to do so; and that was the cause of his death.'' " How could that be?" " Last night Michel camc to me, and he pointed to the man hidden behind the scaffo'.d ing on which ho and 1 had been sitting He uhowed me the man listening to us, wlien he ?ai I, ? I 11 tell yon all about that to-night;' and then the man " Do you know the name of this man ?" It is Luri. 1J.. wont afterward to a broad street that leads down to the harbor, and he entered the third house on the right " U hatis the name of the street?" I don t know; but the house is one story Ttr than the adjoining ones Luck told Cath arine what he had heard and she proposed to hua to assassinate Michel; but he refused, say ing. _ It was bad enough to have burnt out his s fifteen years before, while he was asleep nt your door and to have kidnapped him into the eoontry. Then I went in to ask charity, ^?Katharine put a pie:e of plate into my j"".kc,t that I might be arrested; then she hid But, since you saw all thi., why did you keep the plate-why did ut you give informa "But I didn't sec it then Michel showed it to me last night thi-^1 *hiU eh"al11 in,1ace Catharine to do ,,w her husb*?* and she had for raken him to erne to Odessa and marry aga.n 'iiemght fifteen years ago. -he saw MU hel, who had come to seek her She slipped hastily nt.. her house, .nd Michel, who thought she 'ut l /u f'" Uy J"Wn at to watch ; tyj Jn! then burnt out his - **? and carried hun to a distance " ] And is it Michel who has told vou this?" blood* ftn'l covered with me lii ,r i wk me ,y the hanJ showed ?*e an Wlth hw fin(?er}t? ed Si h winCk an<1- Ca,tharine Were arrest ThI, ?',bV 10 ""J*" I?l?. at but Howle^ka ijrf., 1 th" confessed the criB< Wh? ,1 7 sub3*<l??*ntly the circumstance ,k communicated and people all ar -ui..! .wp " 1.vKreat ?l ioU thee, I" r?.l li-twwn tlw 'f*n r"mplo .'.(iitjuny a, MriKtwm of two n.-w ' 'or the? on * M Railway with t?^ ?*>?? U Mppi Railway? They ar^ to receive tl?. ' ,MU* machinery. cahin fixtures, furi.itur name* of the Great Western st-a.^erl'- Can ami ?-America" have been adopted. -anada M\w?otb Steamship Ka?rkk\ ?The v* . lan<! Board of Trade have received authentic t.!* r ?rm.?tu?n that the owner* of the great *Uan.*i Eggs and Poultry. The poultry value of the United States at this moment. Is not far from 8*25,(J(IO,(100. The poultry kept in the State of New York alone is probably about f3.000.0U0; the city of New York expends j no less than 92.000,000 per year for eggs. If every individual in this city alone would abstain from the use of eggs directly and indirectly for the space of one year, and t"hose eggs were at once ?nt under the hens and hatched, not far from %^,(MO,000 would lie added to the poultry value of those localities which send eggs to this vast city. Think of that ye gourmands who ask for rich pastry and cake. If you who merely visit, and you who reside in the city of New York, and order the eggs you consume to be placed in the hatching condition, this great addition to the wealth of the country would result. One egg dealer in Philadelphia sends 100 bar rels of eggs daily to the New York market. The sales in and about Quincy market, Boston, andbv the merchants throughout the city, in 1*48, were over SI,000.000. The consumption of eggs in Paris is equal to 140 j?er year to each individual; but in New York the average is about 70 to each person. At this rate of consumption it would take nearly 173,(>00,000 of eggs to supply the city of London for a single year. We have alluded to the great poulterer of Paris. M de Sord, in a late number oithis journal. His yards furnish about 40,000 dozens of eggs per week. His hens are never allowed to set; the eggs are hatched by steam, and every morning a swarm of chickens is ushered into the world of the vast feathered tribes on his premises. The Chinese are prosecuting this hatching by steam, or artificial heat, at Shanghai. The process they adopt ik very simple but efficacious, and the heat employed is rarely over 90 deg. At the principal establishment the proprietor?according to the work of an Englishman, Mr. Sirr?affirms that he frequently hatches 5.000 e*'gs per day. For some reason this artificial egg-natching has never succeeded in this country orTn England. Egg testing is an important branch of egg pro ducing. and the duty the dealer ow?*s to the pub lic should make him an adept in distinguishing a good egg from a p?>or one. There is no difficulty in discovering good or poor eggs. Take therii into a moderately dark room and hold them be tween the eye and a lighted candle. If the egg lie good, the light will shine through with a red dish glow; if otherwise, the color will be opaque or dark. Pickled eggs are excellent eating ; they are prepared by first boiling hard, then divested of their shells, placed in earthen jars, and scald ed vinegar poured upon them, seasoned with whole pepper, alsnice, ginger and cloves. When ; the pickle is cold the jars are closed, and the eggs are in capital eating order in a month after, and will keep for a year or more. The farm-house cpicyres hold this dish in high esteem. The egg comes into market in another shape also, in England at this moment. It is called ''condensed egg." It consists of the entire substance of the ! egg very delicately and finely granulated by pat ent process, after the watery property which the egg contains has been completely exhausted and withdrawn, without any change in its remaining character. All the nutrition of the egg is retained, and in this state it is very valuable to ship own ers, emigrants, and others. A single ounce of this preparation is equal to three eggs. The Chemistry of Common Life, by Professor John son. gives an analysis of the composition of the egg. Hence we learn that the carbonate of lime of the shell is one-tenth of its weight, the white J six-tenths, and the yolk three-tenths. The egg ' loses three-fourths of its weight by the evapora | tion of its watery particles. That this department of rural economy is capable of extension far be i yond Its present limits, and may be exerted to a | wide and profitable range, increasing wealth ! without any appreciable cost, is self-evident, and whether conducted on a large or small scale, the profits are considerable, and the risk and trouble comparatively small. C.esvr's Opinion or His Lttrirss in Wor sted Work.?In a review of -The Apocatasta sis," a work against spiritualism, published in 1-S5I, at Burlington, Vt., the Boston Daily Adver tiser tells the following story : i -'A most respectable, though not very cultiva ted lady, onc? invited us to a private exhibition of rapping* and scratchings. by which she be lieved that she held converse with her own de I ceased friends, as well as with many |?eople who had been illustrious in their day ami generation As we were looking about her simply furnished parlor, our eyes fell upon a screcn whereon an his torical scene?the passage of the Rubicon we will call it?was depicted in worsted work. Now. any one familiar with the specimens of this art, which are sold at our country fairs, will agree that, however interesting they may lieas monu ments of human |>atieuce and human eyesight, they do not jnwsess the additional interest of greatly resembling any terrestrial object., with which we are acquainted. The visage of Ca;sar on the screen was no exception to the rule; square patches of red were driven in to represent the flush upon his cheeks, black triangles, consisting of three stitches, did duty as his eyebrows, while his eyes were glass beads. that stared in different directions. As this screen was evidently the or nament of the house, we hazarded the observa tion that it must have taken a Ion i time to work it?or something of that sort. 4 Yes,' replied our hostess, ? but that is the least part of its interest; for Julius Ctrmr rame kere the other ectntng and told *3 it was a rnpital likeness!' " Fcll Length Painting Prevented.?The new invention of Steele frame for ladies' jupons to rest upon, is of such great weight for the bins that it is not likely to become general; yet for those who are liable to faint, it has a certain ad vantage. There is uo possibility of falling. Here is a case in point taken from a Paris paper: At one of the most elegant balls of the season in Rue St. Ilonore, there was a great alarm among the guests occassioned by the falling of a chan delier in the reception room. Fortunately no one was immediately under it at the moment, but some screaming with the surprise of the crush, a general laugh followed the discovery that no one was hurt. But. an instant after, an exclama tion drew all eyes to a corner of the apartment, and there stood the stout Baroness tie - her head fallen back and her arms hanging nerveless at her side*, but otherwise apparently on her feet. The steel petticoat sustained her as complete as the semi-pumpkin sustains the candle on the husk ing-floor. She had fainted, but only in bust. 1E7" Some fifteen or twenty custom-house em ployees, in the Boston custom-house, have le celved notice that their services would no longer be required. f?7"Speaking of eagles, says the Herald, the philosopher and patriot, Benjamin Franklin, warmly oppwed the adoption of that fieree and rapacious hird as our national emblem. Franklin stigmatized the eagle as a thief and a coward. CI7* Lord Napier and his secretary, Mr. Rus s?lf7 have accepted an invitation of the St. George's Society, of this city, and will dine with them on the *23d Inst., the anniversary of Eng land's patron saint. The day is to be celebrated on an unusually extensive scale by the society. [jy Miss Madelaine Smith, aged '21 years, daughter of a respectable architect in Glasgow, has been arrested for murdering a young Frei?ch man, Pierre Emile L'Angelier, to whom she was engaged, by giving him arsenic, which she was known to have purchased in more than one shop. Tb- motive for the crime is found in the fact that Miss Smith had another suitor in a more promis ing position of life than L'Angelier, who was a cleric. (P* An ingenious gentleman of Mobile, Mr. Leirner, has invented a register, which, when at tached to the car, indicates the speed at which the train Is going. Not oulycan the conductor, passenger or any one on the'train, see at a glance at what rate they are traveling, but the superin tendent at the end of the road, on examination, can ascertain what speed the train has made at any and every part of trip. Blue Rid.;e Tcnnei..?We regret to lenrn from the Charlottesville Jeffersonian that doubts arc constantly expressed as to the accomplishment of that most desirable event, the completion of the Blue Ridge Tunnel by the 1st of July next. The Jeffersonian is informed that one portion of the tunnel i* still to be arched with brick, ami 150. M> i are wanted for that purpose. These bricks are yet to be manufactured 117" The New York lA'gisiature adjourned sine die on Saturday. Theiired Scott resolutions, de nouncing the decision of the Supreme Court of the In i ted States, were passed. The Broadway Relief bill, which failed in the Senate, and the Trinity Church bill, which died in the House, were the only matters of importance which were defeated The bill to amend the banking laws so as to prevent the accumulation of bills of country banks was passed. \rr The newspapers In various parts of the country are publishing a story, originated by the Waterville (N. Y.) Times, detailing the discov ery of a singular sulrterranean passage in the vicinity of that village, in which were also found a quantity of ancient blunderbusses, much-bat tered swords, iron saucepans and goblets, and a ! helmet of brass and iron, the front piec-e of which bore the following letters in Roman characters: " D. L. O S." A little trouble in transposing these mysterious characters would have shown i unr cotemporaries that in publishing this story they have been "3. O. L. D." REiffi5dAsi??8i??^ T,IE army of the fii ap 10- 4 MA TRY'S, ? __ Bookstore, near 9th street. C^e'actf ^The ?2?"?UEROR, a Tragedy in Shakspeare Ali.ilJfn P1"^"0'10" of our modern work P Buy'it of the ?ntlCUe thl* -ap11" FERGUSON, 486 7th street. V ofCMu.mU^J.C-Mr"- FRANKLIN; Teacher I0, hav,n? va??nt hours for a few more of hem* Darfp^tllu u*?i i*o',e8 wfl? Rre desirous to SSf L ? un UR ta<1 S'n?lnK. or Opera Music, known Lt Kir,th ?*rly ?f Pjj<*tion. Terms made residence, ^ F, street, between 9tfi MetiteroU 0 St?rM ?f ^r* IMvi8- 1141(1 ? ! ap 6-3m J LNdmt?VI'r R'.CABJNi:T MAKER AND JT?Jii!L ? T*fKK.?Ready made Col- , __ hns constantly on hand. Funerals-? ^ '? ~~? tended to, and interments procured in the different Cemeteries. Furniture of everv de and 'varnished? W???R ^P^niture R^Ured t wi^ai?t'h'a- lati; Fo"n-^^r SEsonDatrmyDstork-a ?JT Wsea ThSlUf T' JJnPor??d FRE\CI? BC>NN KTS FLO1wTRS.*R I BBONS*I AC FS? ILLUSION cfm jtf ANTnrfrrAs?t Ar"1/17'1 thiia l^e ^test French St?lei at the shortest notice. if, wil I i\v ?mar ^~,m Market Space^bet. 7th and 8th'?ts. A pARD.?We heg to inform the Public that we have just returned from New York when. ful &of v'ff * ?p? !*r*e An'1 Hanjos, Tainbormea, Vmlonoelloa 6*hAT'Tudmn Strm?. Rosin, Pegs/Music w S andeverl^rt, cle belonging to a Music Store, in addition to T Af? the l,lte!,t *n<l "lost fashionable Ntw m r"r ?P 7 JOIIN F. ELI.IS. 3% Pa. av. near loth_at. WSffl, qu^,!;. ?F82&2ftSU3 ? ffirjaj'-ffas ?--? P ? 88 Coal kept under cover?2.240 lbs. to the ton. . ff N. W. cor. of 12th and C street^ No.'517, Hp 7 tr "ne square sooth of the Avenue! J l'*T RECEIVED-?CHOCOLATES?Broma. and Bnk^r's rhornu/o; rfraekftd CCco?- Maillard'a /.,!? t h>ocolates of various kinds. LA rL^ ES?Cooper s Shred and Sheet Ismslass. Jmp#ri5 <?etatin5T* MACCA^RONlj-Iti?lijn,\[accaroiii and V.rin.cll., Canton Preserved limner, inJars. "ontlsXTl'eSlTc^e'Ce F'?Ur' Ch?r!e?ton Foraaleby KING A BURCHELL, - r eorner of Vermont ave. and 15th st. A ''boat! DK1A A N D NV A s III NO TO N I vrTnrmer.,w,h:f,).R ? E WASH - if'.rON or THOMAS COLYERWBnHKfi will depart at the following hours, and on Mt. Ver non days additional trips will bo run ? Leave Alexandria 7. H*. 10*. 12. 2, 4*. 6. I'T, " * ? *P liKQ. T. Howard, c?gi.i,n.. These Boats, or either of them, can > be engaged for Excursions at arn aoS^Bi time. Applications to be made to either of the CaD tains on hoard, or to JOSEPH BRYAN of Ala anpU16-3^wffnt,ftt h'S ?mce' 331 Feun. avenue. TO THL PUBLIC.?JOHN P. DENNIS hav ing taken the well known Coach Fae-- jarra o tory on 6th street, between Louisiana av-W^&j^' enue ami c street, lonjf conducted by Mr.i?^3S^ John 31. \ oang, is now prepared to manufacrure and ? ^eT,ptlOD8 COACHES. BUGGIES, nW' i '? *' on he. mo8t reasonable terms, in the \ erv lie.t manner, and at the shortest notice He respectfully invites his ftellow-citize.u to" .ve him a insi- mar 6?2m ^J-ENTLEMENS DRESS SHIRTS OF FINfc. VI quality. Shirts mails to order, warrantetl to fit, n? a ?r on* WALL 4 STEPHENS. nP 3 tf 325 Pa. av.. bet. 9th and lnth sts. TH.E CHILD'S BOOK OF NATl'RE?Plants. \t i^n,"IUl *? n,r'.U at^r' Ileat.^c., by V?\ Hooker. M. D., 1 vol.. illustrated. / IsaM, the young Wife, and the Old Love, by J. C. Jeallreson. Reading without Tears. Strickland's Queens of Scotland, vol. G. np '* FRAN'CK TAYLOR._ CHILDREN S C A RRI A(j ES, cheaper than any place in the city, at ' _*P?*: MoLAPGH1JN A Cf).'S. W D. EICHLER, ?. * M No. an SEVENTH STREET, J^tweenDand L streets, west side, PR AC- Jfx k i' j ''C.MAKER, keeps constantly "?ortment of WATCHES andAl^ J *?'>v *?'l'H\ . ap lO-gm^ They never lie.?good clocksT handsome CLOCKS, cheap CLOCKS. Those* are reliablo. Every Clock is warranted. *p 15 G. FRANCIS. 490 7th street. rJ,0 McLAUGHLIN'S everybody run. s?nii? Goods at Mclaughlin a ana. yvHs_i ap 9 I A DIES ! LADIES'! LADIES!!! PLEASE TAKE NOTICE! Tho subsenbor has returned from New York, and will, be opening from tins date< April 17th) very beau tiful-and elegant (JOODS, in Ins line of business, and at most reasonable prices for cash, to which sys tem he is compelled to eonGne himself, ns such goods as lie buys must be paid for, cash. He will, by such a course, be able to sell the l>est and newest styles ol goods at iower prices than could be other wise afforded. He respectfully solicits a call from Ins friends and customers generally, before purchas ing elsewhere, that they may know what is most to their advantage. His stock oonsists, in part, of the following articles, viz: Newest and best styles black silk Mantillas Guipure Lice and silk Mantillas Rich aud elegant black Lace Points Do do do do Mantillas Elegant Shawls of all kinds, Ac., A c. FRANK A. Met;EE, ap 17-dlw 244 Pa. ave., I?et. 12th and 13th sts. NEW FOREIGN SPRING GOODS.? The subscribers respectfuliv invite their patrons and the publio generally to call and examine th?ir very large and select assortment of FOREIGN SPRING GOODS, which they have themselves, with special care, selected for their special trade. Thev also keep constantly on hand the best quali ties of Armv and Navy Goods?Epaulettes, Swords, Sashes, tiold Laces, Ac. They also invite attention to their Foreign and Do mes-tic Furnishing Goods, of the best manufeotur# aud latest style. H. F. LOUDON A CO, .. . ^ l4. Army and Navy Tailors, 3H2, leb 27?dtf under Brown's Glutei. AC A R D.? Indies' Crapo or Merino Shawls B I.E ACHE Dor DY EDA N Y COLOR. Also, an kindsi of Dress Goods. Neapolitan or Straw Bon r?U DYhD URAB. Gentlemen's Clothing RE D^ LDor CLEANSED at the shortest notice. T bo subscriber, thankful for past favors, assures all who patronise hinuhat no expense shall be spared to please them. 249 south side of Pennsylvania avenue,between 12th and 13th streets, opposite (Jautier's Confectionery. ap2Q-tm* L. J. DEN HAM. ? HI C KEKIN'G A SONS'PIANOS. Just receive*! a further supply of Parlor Grand and Louis XIV PIANOS. Tiio suhscriU>r~^>amv_. now offers a full assortment of <irand,|Sy Parlor Grand. Louis XIV, Central and' ' " ? * Seuaro PIANOS, from the celebrated factory of Crnckering A St?ns', Boston. By the concession ol the bust judges, these instruments are plaeed at the head of all American Pianos, and they can salely challenge comparison with any of European manu facture. Also, in store, Pianos of various styles, by other approved makers. Pianos sold lower than they can be t>oiii{ht at the North and brought here. Second hand Pianos taken in part payment. By the next steamer an additional supply of Louis XIV Pianos will be received. In order to meet the increasing demand for the Pi anos sold by the subscriber, ho intends in a few weeks to enlarge and refit the store he now occupies, and thereby he will be enabled in future toofler to purchasers a larger and more attractive assortment, ap2u-3t RICHARD DAVIS. Pa.avenue. I J. MIDDLETON, A!r D ICE DEALER, Office and Depot?Southwest comer of F and 12th Streets. Washington. apkl-rf Fishing tacki.e.-limerickTvirgin~ ia. Kirlgr, Chestertown, and Gravitation FISH HOOKS of all sizes: Silk. Chinese Grass, Linen, and Cotton FISH LlNES; Hollow, SwiveL an?i Ringed SINKERS; CORK FLOATS; REfel.S, ' and everything in the Fishing Tackle line, at greatly reduced prices, just received and for sal? by ., E. K. LL NDY, ap 13 No. 129 Bridge street, Georgetown. CARRIAGES, CARRIAGES,CARRIAGES.? / The wultscnbers have on hand. f'>r<vwjB|?g3 sale at low prices, a gaod asw?rtinent of^RjSgj' aew ROCKA WAYS, BUGGIES, Light WAGONS, Ac., Ac., to which they respeotfully in vite the attention of those wishing to purchase good I and durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACE, ap t-lm M3 12th street. BALLOU'S DOLLAR MAGAZINE FOR May. Ballou'a Pictorial for 25th April: The Jewelled Talisman, or The Puritan and Cavalier continued, apli FERGUSON, *ats 7th street. AUCTION SALES. E By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. \iTnt:Knsalk of gilt-frame ?t S^J L. Pa??TI5IG?, EngRAVISOS.&C., ?f^CCT,0Jf Mr. Jno. Warner, intending to change frJVStt-W .* * on "ON DAY April 3?th. at o.i P???,V r?n e "t'Xik ofgilt-frame Mirrors. Vn p-H"' .En*?vaiK8,&c.. at his establishment, n-avenue, somh B,de. f>etwcen 12th and isth streets, consisting 111 part of? One pair large Kilt-frame French plate Mantel Mir ror?. size 46 by 50 Fr,D?' M,n,el M,r 0"" C.'.T/eli'hi'24? F'enCh "?? M""?' M"' 01,8 ?zeFrench P'at? P'er Mirrors, 01,6 w'/ewXFrench P'ate P,er Mirrors, J^??ither wu".a larKe assortment of? Smaller mantel, pier, and oval Glu??a Several very tine Oil Paintings and Engravings Gilt Piano Forte,&c. Tprml'ilfi1 he sold without reserve. i ft!v i ' and undercn8h; over ?*40 i prA?1it fui Teres?.*' lor?"rov?* ??*?Sd iot? *%?!" rcrTHE ABOVE S^LE Ps^fsTPO^FDIN . aP 3K1 c. W. BOTELER, Auct?onecr. TBy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HF;3'nSC,RIBP^S' KXECFTOR8 ornrn u ? i 'i MKS ^ itoMPsojr, at the request of Mofev .tei'' Wr"\?e"' at publ,c *al?- on

m ill K ? |'? 4.,hLds* ?f May noxt' ?' 5 o'cloek P. m., all his real estate in the city of Washington, to 25!,ifKr?x;r!S!!?u!","! ?>??'? n?. & s a m *- & Ao. 2,5, and 7, iii square No. 37 No. 1. in .square No. 51 No. 13, in square No. ,V> No. 21, in square No. 77 No. 6, in square No. 8? No. 24, in square No. 88 No. 23, in square No. lno No. 16, in square No. 126 No. R, in square No. I9ti. The sale will commence at the dwelling-honsP The terms of sale will be: One-third of "he por chase money in cash; the remaining two-thinfs in three equal instalments at six, twelve, and eirhte.'n months, fur which the purchaser* will f>e required to their several notes, luring interest?rom tl.S day of sale, the same to lie secured by a deed of H,8i * j?e approved by the subscril-ers. . . he subscribers will convey all the title and es tate ol the late Gen. Thompson to the lots sold. All iTOa?Cmg nt,the,co?t ??I tbo purchasers. II the terms ol sale be not complied with within serve t hn'riih?1 'r 6 Ti ?' sa!c't,,e ""''scribers re *m? h reselling on such terms as they ma> deem proper, at the risk and cost of the pureha sers> W. H. T. TAYLOR, J. B. H. SMITH, ap 17-d Executors. IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI fi,,?W issued from the Clerk's Office of the Cir Of W^.?k . District Columbia for the County n.,Ki;? 'f1*1 rn,and l,? me directed, I shall expose to puMio sale. for rath, in front of the Court-house A?il?!?n?Z WKDNE3DAY the 29th of ?/iL ? ? c'oc'c? P- ln*t all defendants' right, n'\l?!ni v n> auJ to all of the suNlivi )lf v?! of,lot -No- 4'square No. 574 of the ?ii,t i" sald county and district, as Jnll nki d 8li0n"Jly,? l*'on 1,11(1 ollt f?rthe Baltimore r.?m r<>,ul ^?"'Pany. and a plot thereof du|T *i foerVir ,i k M '"/V ' anJ N, having a front of &?ieetl?? inches on Indiana Avenue and C street, and averaging 92 feet 3>i inches on 1st street west, eorn?rnof 81URre ?>?t, ?K>ing the northeast corner of said square: seized and levied upon as the property of James Crutchett. and will l>e sold to fw H /Hi ? an<1 21 ?to M?rch term 1H.57, in faM>r of Hamilton St Cain. J. I). HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshal for the District of Col. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Nearly new two st o r y frame House and Lot at Auction.?On WEDNES i;a\ . the 23d instant, I shall sell, at 5 o'cloek. V. m.. in front ol the premises, the following named prop erty, viz : Lots Nos. 51 and 52, in the subdivision of Square .No. 465. with the improvements, which are a handsome and nearly new two-story Frame House, with back building, containing six or eight conve nient rooms and wide passage. The house is on one pt the lots, but all are enclosed M ith a substantial fenee, and will 1??; sold together. ?This property is handsomely located onGis street. I he square is bounded by south L> and E and Sixth and Seveuth streets west. Terms: cash in hand ; balance in four, eight, and twelve months, the purchaser to give notes for the deterred pay ments, bearing interest from the day ?V7,?- 4 due^ K}veu a"J a deetl of trust taken. Title indisputable. aP A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FJSIRABLE R E S I D E N C E OPPOSITE p rasxlix Square at Auction.?Will be offer Public auction on TUESDAY AK i' i t m1")' the 2Kth day of April, 13,57, at 4.', 0 doer, that, very desirable and l>eautilullv situated orick Residence at the corner ol 13th street west and I street north, opposite the Franklin Square, being parts of Lots 24 and 25. in Square 250. having n 11out of 2u feet on 13th street west, the lot extend "'i. '*? on ' street north to an allev. The above property is in one of the most beautiful and fashionable as well as desirable and healthy part3 or the city, the side of the lot on F street north being opposite theabovo named important public square. 1 here are lew situations more eligible for a private residence, and a good opportunity is here offered to those who wish to procure a delight lul home. Terms: Ono-fourth cash; the balance iu equal payments at 6,12, and 18 months from the day of sale with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tiie prm>erty. I f the terms are not complied within ten davs from the time of sale, the right is reserved of reselling at the risk of the purchaser. ap 13-eodfcds JAS. C. McGl lRE. Auct. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUSINESS STAND OPPOSITE ?Jv?.??e Market Space at Public Auc tion.? UnTHLRSDAY AFTERNOON, April 9ith,nt5 o clock, on the premises, I shall sell parts of Lots No. 2and 12, in square No. 432, fronting 17 feet 7>? inches, more or less, on Louisiana avenue, between 7th and Rth streets west, running back <K> feet to a paved alley, with the improvements, consisting of a three-storv brick Warehouse, recently occupied by Edward Hall, Esq. as a grocery store. I his property is very desirable for business purpo ses from its central location and being immediately opposite the Centre Market. Title indisputable. Terms: One fourth cash ; the residue in 6,12, IB. and 24 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property. ap 16-td J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. D1 By A. GREEN, Auctieeron. Handsome four-story brick house and Lot on north G street at Auction.? Oii WEDNESDAY, the 22<i instant, I shall sell at 6 o'clock p. in., in front of the premises, part of Lot No. 2, in Square 518, 1'ronting on north G, between 4th and 5th streets west, containing 2,2tm square feet of ground, with the improvements, which are a fine four-story brick House, containing nine convenient ly arranged rooms and wide passage through the whole house, and a large cistern in the yard, and other improvements. This property is beautifully situated, fronting south, opposite tho Judiciary Stiuare ; a fine chance for a profitable investment. Terms: One fourth cash; lialance in 6,12,18, and 24 months, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed. Iiearing interest from day of sale. A deed given aiiu a deed of trust takeu. Title indisputable. ap 17-d A. GREEN. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Auction sale of fancy goods, per fumkky. Combs, Brushes, French Mirrors, Show Cases, Counters, Stork Furniture. Chandeliers, and other articles.?Will be sold at public auction on TUESDAY, the 28th April, 1857, by virtue of a deed of trust from Selby Parker, reoorued in the land records of Washington county, D. C., in Liber J. A. S., No. 129. folios one to ten, at the store of said Parker, under the National Hotel, in square 491, Washington city, and for the purpose of said trust, all the stock in trade of said Parker, as enumerated in the schedulo of said deed, consisting of various Fancy Goods? A large collection of Combs and Brushes Perfumery, Porte Monnaies, Playing Cards jjidies' Calias, Fans, Raisorsaml Strops Soaps, Card Cases, in silver and in pearl India-rubber Toys, Scissors, Hair Oil, Tooth Brushes Ladies'and gents' very finest Kid and Silk Gloves Bead Purses, also, three large French Mirrors 3 Counter or Show Cases, with plated frames 4 Show Cases with mahogany frames 1 largo Gilt Chandelier, with five branches 4 gilt smaller Chandeliers, 2 gilt Window Lights 2 long Panel Counters, one Clock, Oil Floor Cloth Chairs, and sundry other articles of Store Fu#li ture. The sale will commence on the above described premises, at 10 o'clock a. in., on Tuesday, the 28th April, 18S7, and will be continued there from day to day, beginning at the same hour, until the whole is disposed of. Terms of sale: For all sums of and under .*30, cash ; all sums over that amoiint, on a credit or 60 and 9n days, in equal amounts, for nates bearing in terest, with approved endorsers. By order of tl.e Trustees: JAMES M. MenAE,and WILLIAM H. PARKER, ap 16-d&da A.GREN.Auct. IN VIRTUE OF TWO WRITS OF FIERI Facias, issued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me directed, I shall expose to public sale, for rash, in front of the Court house door of said county, on WEDNESDAY the 29th of April. 1857, at 12o clock, in., all defendaut'11 right, title, claim and interest in and to lots No. 1 and 20. in square No. 641; torether will all and singular the improvements thereon, "being the property on which the Lime Kiln is located, at the corner of Vir ginia Avenue and the canal," seized and levied upon as the property of Parrott A. Prinale, Edward P. Goode,Samuel J. Seeley and Cornelius Boyle.and will be sold to satisfy judicials No. 248, to October term 1856, and judicials to March term 1857, in favor of Frederick and Augnstus Schneider, and John Purdy. J.D.HOOVER, ap 4-tds Marshal of the Dial, of Col, Pianos, &c. (2J.OLD MEDAL PREMIUM * PIANO FORTES. WILIJAM KNABE, (Senior partner in the late firm of Kxabe. Gaehlk 9c Co., Continues the manufacture and wile of grand and square PIANO FORTES, un.lerthe name, of William Knabe k Co., at the old stand.! Nos. 1, S, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op ' posite the Eutaw House, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2n7 Baltimore street. I>etween Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr. Henry McCnlTery as a music store, where they will keep constantly on liand a large assortment or plain an) hinhly-tinished grand and square Piano Fortes also, Melodeons, from the host makers, from 4 to 5 <ietave, some with double key -fmards, douUe reeds, aid stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engaged in the manufacture of Pianos. we will sell wholesale and retail,on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medallat the Fairs of the Maryland Institute two successive years?October, 1K55, and IK5?'?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from ^ome 01 the best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were alsoawarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, 1K55 and 1856. They have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1837. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo nials from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can be seen at our warerooms, speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, and a privilege of exchange is granted within the first six months from the day of sale if the instrumentsdo not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, lured, and tuned. mar 16-1 v WM. KNABE & CO. C^HEAP SECOND-H AND PIANOS.?We have J in store six PIANOS, some of which, have been useil only a lew months by mem hers of Congress'families, and are now for' sale very low. being great Iwrgains: 2 Pianos, very pretty cases, at $150 each 2 do common, at .*'25 each 2 do beautiful rosewood cases, scarcely soiled by the few months use they received, at $2on each 2 do at $175 each. These Pianos are r?*al!y great !?rgams,and all per sons in quest of a reliable Piano and a great bargain should call and see them. 1 Also, always on hand, the largest, triost complete, awl reliable stock of NEW PIANOS of any estab I ?>hinent in this citv. Also, all kinds of MUSIC and MUSICAL IN STRUMENTS. JOHN F.ELLIS, a,*> 3 era Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. \\T G? METZEROTT, (successor to George ff . Hil'.njs,) rgent of Raven A Bacon'.-, and William Miller's rrlfbratfl P1AXOS, has a!\? ays on found the largest stock of PI ANOS .V>m $17* up to $l.i?io. Gl ITAJ<S. VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS. .FLUTE*, BANJOES, ACCORDE ONS, anil SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south of New Yorv. Music published and rcoeived every day. Pianos for re "Jt. nnv 4?tr 1MIE LARGEST AND MOST SELECT As sortment of P.'ANO FORTES is always to be found at the Music Depot. Two Pianos jtor $2**'; one for $150. SpSeuo'ld Guitars, Flutes, V wiu?sfcpd Aceordeons. TUNING and REPAIRING of Piano Fortes executed by Mr. RKBSN'Entthe shortest notice, in the best manner. A lot of second-hand ACCORDEONS and GUITARS for sale cheap. ap7 V. G. METZEROTT. RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose winds of lite have nearly run out, discovered while m the East Indies, a certain curc for Consumption, hitis, Coughs, ?o!ds, and Geieral /, ? ? I Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and I Debility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given upte ? die. Wishing to do as moeli good as possible, he will sond to such of his aJhicted fellow-ixMiigs as request it, this recipe, with lull an 1 explicit direc 1 np 6-1 m CE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The nndersftTnod respeetfuU i ly inform Ins friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to furnish families asd otners) through the season) with the best quality of ICE, delivered in any part of Washington .hki George town, and guarantees to eive entire satisfaction. Orders to bo left with Kidwell A. I*aurexce, eorner 14th street and Pennsylvania art-tine; Geo. F. Kidwell A Co., 14th street: J. B. Moorf. Drug gist, Penna. avenue, Itetween 19th and 3t>Ui streets: GeorgkSietz. New Yorkavenue, lietweee loth and 11th streets; Robt. A. Payxe. Dru?:i?. corner 4th and .Mass. avenue; and with tli? subseriueir. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ice nan txs had at all tunes. ap 7-tf T. N. Kl DWELL. STOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY, VA. Subscriptions will b? received at the Banking House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of the above company. I?eing three hundred shares. The capita! stock is $l?0,noo (dollars.) of which $70,001 has been subscribed. The mines *re now prepared for active operations, and 6 per oent. in terest will lie guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale, by tho original stockholders, lor the period of two years. Particulars in regard to the stork, and its proftpects, will l>e made known npoti application to CHDBB BROTHERS. jan 27 P. P. DANDRIDGE. Agent. P. HOOVER S IRON HAM. BOOT, SHOE ANDTRUNK ESTABLISHMENT,* 320north side of Pennsylvania avenue, lie-J tween 9th and loth streets.?1 have this day received of J. W. McCurdy A Son. Ill Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa., a splendid assortment ol ladies'. Misses', and Children's GAITERS, BOOTS, SLIPPERS and BUSKIN TIES, all colors, shapes and styles, all for the spring trade. Those wishing a good and cheap article will do well to call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere, as I am determined to sell cheap for the CASH. Call early. My stock of TRUNKS and BAGS is the largest in this city. (ap3) S. P. HOOVER. ,)Oi- PENNSYLVANIA AVENUkT ?Ol J nrar rornrr o/13rh Street. B. II. STINEMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to lie fur nished with the most popular styles of MOLESKIN AND HEAVER HATS, wJl hereafter make a dis count of per cent upon the actual market price, making th?-llat sold lor $t(and not uufrequently for $5) for the low price of $&50, a slight varia tion in quality $3.and for $2-50a su- ?*-? perior quality for the money. To make this system effectual, lie will keep no books, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Delivery, which cannot fail being advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling hun to Imy for cash and sell at a small proht, meeting wilh no losses by bad debts. New St \ les FELT HATS, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persons are invited to call and examine our stock. Call at 23G Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 13th Street. ap ll-tf NEW BOOK. BY THE AUTHOR OF " MAR garet Maitiand," "The Days of My Life, an autobiography." price75 cents. Gieselers Church History, 2 volumes, price $4.50. Stories of the Island World, by Cliarles Nordhod, price 75 oents. Germany, its Universities, Theology, ami Relig ion, with Sketches of Neander, Tlioluck, Ac., and other distinguished German divines of the age. b> Philip Schafl, D. D., Professor ih the Theological Seminary, Mercersbnrg, Pennsylvania, price $1.25. Wythes's Pocket Dose Book, containing the doses and uses of all the articles of the Mnteria Medica and chief officinal preparations, hv Joseph H. Wythe*, A.M.M.D., author of the "Mierosoopist," " Curiosities of the Microscope," Ac. Price (53 cts. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S* Bookstore, ap r near 9th street. HATS! HATS!?Constantly on hand a full sup j>lyof BEEBE'S NEW VORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR S HATS, of Baltimore. The best black dress II ATS, got up m the latest style for $3.50, as good as those usually sold at $5; and a good lashionable Hat ati f3, worth $4; and a first rate Hat/ 2,50. The best materials and the liest workmanship is eniployed to produce a $5 Hat, which is sold for ?3,50. \\ e do a cash business, meet with no losses, but give each customer full value for his money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B. Agent for Drtscoll's Raltn ol a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7th street, near Pa. avenue. Ager,t for a New York Hat Company. sept 36?tf f^.l'\Yri'K,K*TR- M,u-K". SON A . ,M Alexandria, V n.. ket*p constantly on hand a handsome variety of CHANDELIERS. PEN l> ANTS, BR ACKETS, ftc., from the celebrated fac tory ol Cornelius A Baker, which they will guaran tee to sell nt the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the sale rooms on Chestnut street. Phila oelphia. Also. Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decora ted Paper Shades, in great \-ariety. . , Call and examine for yourselves. dee 1 Housekeepers, m making purchases, wiiido well to rememlter FRANCIS, No. 49ii Seventh "treet. II* has an eudlcss variety of HOl SEKEEl IN(? ARTICLES and other useAil notions, and his pri ces sr* iimformlr low. FISHINGTACKLE.-HOOKS, LINES. ROES, Reels, 3cc., a complete outfit just received at the Hoasefurmshing ?itore' q l-HOICK HAMS FOR BAKIKO.- AVe hare received to-day, a prime lot of SI GAR-C1 RED HAM*. ?"? kJ^^j^bTScHKU . ap 17 corner Vermont avenue and 15th stn et. Dentistry, &c. rj^HE IMPROVEDSETSOF TEETH. DR. the inventor kd<1 MtAntM of "Loomt*' Altmerml Flmu T.?i* ? successfully introduced hi* improvement ???m-fsva? vartons citiea, has now permanently estah lishod himself in Washington. This improvement for Set ? of Teeth eonaists chief? I* in making * set of but on# pier* of material. m?1 that ludcsfructible uunenl. .No metai is used m their construction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and nietalic taste. There are no joint* to liecome filled with moisture or parfieles of food, hence the* are pwre and elf an. They are lirliter, stronger. less clumsy. lar otore durable, aed natural in their app<4rance. I will five a rewaM of One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine iu punt>. Uwut>. durability, artistic excellence or any ether requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. vw t'enna. avenue, between 11th and 13th streets. ?p 's-'y DR. C. S. (iUOHMAN, SVKGEOy D EST I ST. and M AM F ACTTRER or ARTIFICIAL TlI1H.-/^C^ His complete arrangements enabling him liMbp present the following reasonable pr ices: ' rp Entire Upper Sett Teeth,on Gold ....Santo** Do do do on Silver......... 13 to2* One or more, on Gold 3 to 5 l)o on Silver 1 to S Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also, Re pairing at the same leasonalile rates. All operation* executed in such a manner as to give every sat istac tion. < >ffic* comer Rt h street and avenue. ap S ENTISTRY D DR. STEPHEN BA1LY. OrricE No. 198. Pennsylvania Avxxrx Three doors from 14(4 Street. Dr. BAII.Y bees leave to inform the public that he can l>e seen at all hours, at his office. located as above. He feels assured that an experienceol fifteen \ear?' practice, with the large number of patients. an<1 great variety of difficult eases that he has treated success luii). will enable him to surmount any difficult), scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. II own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession. and especially I Ha. Harris and J. and E. Family. has led him, long since, todta card all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth.also ta Percha, India RuMier. and Ce ? A ? - ^ -a??* ' ? all Enamels, Gutta < nuixwr, ami t'e ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Poreelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that cau he worn m th? mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends aud patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector ot the Church of Epiphany of this eitv. Dr. Stephen Baily : Dear Sir?I desire to express mv esteem for you personal!* , and my confidence in ?on as a superior dentist. The operations executes! for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that >ou inav receivc the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 26,1856. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs. Cottnan A Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Haily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for ine an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did t?? my entire satisfaction,ami in view of the lact that, one of the most distinguished meml*rsof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, alter repeated trials. t<? perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives iuo g?eat pleasure to express my entire confidence aad Lg^i e*:;rnation of his professional skill. Baltimoje,;cn.l2,1857. HARMANN BOGGS. Extract fromanc?iereve*. e?' from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. y. S. Scjcats, A*lf? 19.1*56. The teeth vou made for me work admiraui> , irith b.W AYTON To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a uwwr Dentist: lie made a set ol poreelia* teeth for oat? of my fainilv. and plugged several teeth lor myself, ?md the work has i*11 stoodI well for more than teu year*, ROBERT T. NIXON, of the V&. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19.1850. We, the undersjgewJ.iiaving had occasion to avail oursel\*es ot the professional skill o| Dr. S. Bail), Surgeon Dentist ot this city, or navjug been ooguiz anl of his operations on our or Inends. take pleasure ill expressing our admiration ofii.s artistic skill, as a'ell as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in winch he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectful!} re commend him to the confidence aud patronage ol the public, ol which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I*. Walter, Architect U. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller, M. D.,of Washington, P. C. B. S. Bohrkr, M. D. of Georgetown, D.C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D., of Washington, D. C. Jos. II. Bradley, of Washington. D. C. Gf.ori.e Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Maj or of Washington. Henkt Baldwin, I*. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Acadernr. feban tf DR. VILLARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI CAGO, would respect full> inform the cit izens ol the District and vicinity, that hav-| jug located himself in Washington, he is nMT prepared to perform all operations in his profes sion ,u the most approved style. Oft*e. No. 250, Penn. aveiiue, adjoining Gautier's. jan 2tl ly PRING AYD SI MMER GOODS-JOHN H. Smoot, No 119 Bridge street, Georgetown. D. C., has received tru?. New York and Philadelphia, and now offering at veri- low prices, to aash ami prompt customers, a lance general assortment of Staple and Fancy Goods?coin^risinr in part as follows, viz: New Style Silk Robes and fancr Sil*g Best make black Silks, high lustred Black Challies. Lustres aud Mous Detainee R ich printed (all wool t Mous Delaines Challies and Barege Delaines, in groat variety Rich Organdie, Barege,and Jaconet Robes Bright oolors and mode piain Bareges and Dt lames JVun French Brilliants and Percales ^ivn oolors Cravellasand Spring-style Poplim 8Uv3ls. a light seasonable fabric French printed Jaconets and Brilliants WiuM Brilliants, from 12S to Si \ cents Best uejies new styles Ginghams Delsigos. Chambntys and plain Lustre* English rVints of new styles, in great variety, at 12.S cents Rich Chintz eolors best French Organdies White Go?v**. in great variety. Plain Swiss, Nat nook and Jaconet Muslins Plaid find striped Muslins Small-figured and ricfc Brocade Swiss Muslins Plaid and striped Jaewuet, Nansook and Swiss Muslins \\ hite Tarletons. Illusions.and Wash Nets Irish Linenstof the best inafcaai very cheap ljuen Cambric, Linen and Bishop I Ami Super English Long Cloths, suitable lor Ladies' nsc Now York. Bates, At wood, and other good makes Shirtings Wfiite Cambric* (of Jonas's celebrated make) White Brilliaufs and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques and Ronuet Card Shirt Bosoms aj.i >hirt Collars. KMBlUlinERIES. French workeJ Musiiu Collars and Seta Swiss Cambric CollarsaiuJ Sets Swiss and l?aro Sleeves and Sets Honitou and Maltese I^ce Collars Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambric Hdkfs. Also, new stvles I^ce and Silk Mantillas Stella and WhiteCrapo Stma ls Plain and rich figured Bonnet and Sash Ril.hona Steel-spring, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Skirts Spring assortment of Bajou's Kid Gloves Taffeta Silk. Nack lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kiud for ladies sn 1 children Geuts l>est English Half-hose, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread ami fancy cotton do. A good assortment i f Silk Cravats and Tie* Suspenders, Silk and Linen Cnmhrtc Hdkfs Gossamer ami Lisle-thread Shirts ami Drawers New style Parasols. Also, Gentlemen ami Boys' wear of every deserip tion, with every variet) of House furnishing Dry Goods. Doinestio Goods for sen-ants wear of the heaviest makes. . Purchasers may rely upon getting desirame gooas at low prices. ,, ap 8-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. p R AN 1)77|'KMNfi or BEAI TIFLL Sprino 4JIOaow.?The sul?scri(>ers h^re jmtf retwtwj from New York, where they have selected wi hi,rmt aire a most beautiful stock ol l ine SS oTevery'st\ Ief ctassTfin,^ and fuushis Carriages. CaU. Hoops, ?.races, Battle SSL. niminnM Chess. Oames, Engravings. Foot, te!; iWOTbells, Balloons, ami a host of little n^ions for'little folks-forming in all, the largest, ?2!i?vir?ml most complete assortment rve>T <4 rin tfos cU\ . Our PK>tto "tiuick Sales, small " our S'-^re. No. 2?. Iietween 8th and 9th, op So'site Centre Market. To all we extend an invitation to call, promising tcs nfler inducements that will most assuredly oanr* them to continue the liberal patronage bestowed up . on us giiic6 our entrance in busiiiBBi. on US siuce j. McLAl GHLIN k. CO. CBLOCKS! CLOCKS'! CLOCKS!!?Just ? p j this day, a great many new styles oIhhm CLOCKS. Good Timepieoes, warranted, a* EHI IOAl"fcft>CK MATERIALS.such a* Oils.KJ Cor?ls, Balls, Keys, Weights, Glasses Hand*. Springs, Ac., at J. ROBINSON'S Great Clock Emporiurr Hioo^ ts opS-gm Browns' Hotel. NOTICE?NOTICE.?I haveafewof thoae cheap TOILET SETS on IuumI. whieS I wish/ooloaj out, and will sell at oost. Also, GOBLLlSaoA other GLASS WARE, that "iust l^ld p^fswato nr to a change in my business. ILVand HaJ cheap, please call at No. 309, between 9th and luth TSB3T ftT,DO#" JOHN McDEVlTT*