Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1857 Page 3
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(nrU. INTELLIGENCE. Mo*? Akotrr the National MonnKft ,f germs that daring the remarkable mating o lbe Board on Thursday. Mayor Magruder moved that the resolution of Gen McCldla abolishing the salary of the Superintendent be ^ffrJTf'?nSf . mamittce Instructed to inquire into the "J tbe Assoc iation generally, financial and otherwise, nd report on the next meeting of the Boa.d. Mr Bradley stating that he had already pre. "?h a rcoialToo. Myor Mwrmle. ,l:ew his. as he said he did not wish to be ap pointed on the committee. Mayor Marjnidcr then called for the reading, l.v the Secretary, of the last clause of the report made by the committee on finance al the meeting held early in February last; which clause inade it appear that the committee had examined the books and accounts of the Secretary and found them all correct, but had been unable to obtain a statement from the Treasurer of the moneys re ceived and disburse*! by him; on the contrary, ? he committee hoped to obtain such a statement bv the time of the annual meeting of the Society on the :KM of February last. Mayor Magruder then asked whether that com mittee had succeeded in obtaining the statemen . hut was informed that they had not. He next ln nuired whether the statement required by the constitution to 1* made to the Society bv the Board of Managers on the *2Al February last hart Wen made? An exceedingly politn fh<. returned that there had been no . 23d of February A third ^2h?0/n0t The by the persevering Mayor, wheith . statement alluded to had which KjStfS, no rrport'of ,h. TOSSPM?*- .b. Treasurer, who anxiously d&larcd that he was not aware of any irh constitutional provision I11 reply, the Mayor remarked that bethought it was high time, tben, that an investigation was made when so important an officer as the Trea surer'did not know the duties required at his li.tnds bv the constitution. Subsequently Mr. Bradley submitted his reso lution to appoint a committee to inquire into the pcrations "enrrallv of the society since they'd of February. 1=55, at which time the present Boa'd of managers was elected. Mr McCalla (the treasurer) objected to the adoption of the adoption of the resolution for the present lie stated. in substance, that it involved a very important question, upon which he was not not now quite ready to vote; and therefore moved that it be laid on the table until the next merlins? ; which was done. We undf^tand that Bradley, McCalla. and Crais acknowledged during the discussion Kilt they"had nothing to allege against the integ rity of tbe Secretary, and thai the only objection t.. be urged against him was his assumption of responsibility in paying out money without the authority of the Treasurer. The Secretary, in reply, showed that his course in this respect had been fully sustained by the Board .. , . We understand further that Mr Craig s wit ness, watchman Hilton, who was to prove such astonishing things against Mr. AtLee, was dis missed without even an examination, so much an affair of smoke did the whole thing turn out to be By the card of Mr AtLee. which weappend, i? will be seen that he doe* not rest on the defen sive. but ?' carries the war into Africa " To tk* Members of the Waskmgtom National Society : ladies and Gentlemen: The undersi-ned elected at a regular meeting of the Board of Man agers of the Washington National Monument So ciety. Secretary thereof, and to whom, at another regular meeting, was awarded an annual com pfnsation. ha* vcMerdiy, at a special meetinjj of 1 he Boani. been deprivfd of his entire salary ac cruing from and after the 1st day of the ensuing May On motion of the same individual, the rse? retary can no longer receive money contribu ted towards the erection of the Monument, but the Treasurer has been, on his own motion, con stituted the unchecked custodian of the finances. The purpose of these proceedings was. no doubt, intended to force me into resignation. Had I consulted, exclusively, my own feelings. 1 should long ago have withdrawn from a position which has always been a source of vexation and chagrin. But I considered invself one of the guardians of a s.*red trust. 1 did not seek the office. 1 was nominated without my knowledge, and was elected without a breath of solicitation. I entered upon the discharge of my official duties with an express disavowal of all partisan obligations, and solely with a desire to promote the consummation of the patriotic enterprise for which you have so "enerously contributed. ~ 1 found the affairs of the Secretary's offiee in the mrwt lamentable confnsion. and 1 devoted myself with assiduity to restoring them to order. For a time the Board appeared to sympathize with my views and encouraged inv endeavors, but there -soon succeeded a series "of emlarrassments bv which my efforts have lieen continually thwarted. A crisis now exists in the affairs of the Monu ment Society which ought to be met with prompt energy. The constitution authorizes the President of the l nlted States who is. tx officio, the chief officer, to call a general meeting of the Society whenever he may see fit to do so; and immediate applica tion ought to be made to Mr. Buchanan to avail himself of this authority. Without intending to*assail the personal repu tation of any memberof the Board I cannot refrain froin asserting that the carelessness with which their management of your interests has been con ducted. ought in one instance at least?not in re lation to myself?to suggest reflections involving deep self-reproach. I regret the necessity for saying this; but, if the members of the Society wilF procure me a fair opportunity for doing so. 1 will lay before them the reasous which have induced me to pro mulgate this opinion. a committee of intelligent and impartial men. outside of the Board of Management. l>e ap pointed. with instructions to receive testimony in ?u? h a manner as shall be open to the public eye, and I shall be perfectly willing toabiae the is/ue of their investigation On my part. I invite the iimmI scrutinizing review of my official conduct. 1 shall not resign, to gratify the Board. It will afford me pleasure, however, should a general meeting of tne Society at large lie called. ,tltd a thorough exposition made, to surrender inv aflairs into thetr hands; and I take the liberty of advising the B<?xd to go with ine, thus, ?? to the country.'' Very respectfully, your obedient servant. Samcel Yorke AtLee Washington City, April ;M, 1*\?7. The Tempeha.nce Cause seems to be revivin j in our city at the present time, vigorous ettorts to that end having been made recently by tbe Order of Rechabites and other temperance organiza tions Kagle Tent. I. O of R. have their anni versary celebration at Odd Fellows' Hall Navy Yard, on Monday evening, the 1th of May. for which some of the ablest advocates of the cause have been engaged to deliver addresses Invita tions 10 attend this meeting have been extended to all the Tents of that Order, as well as other associations and the friends of temperance gen cially, and every effort is being made by the com mittee having the matter in charge to make it a pleasant reunion of all the friends of the cause. Success to them AETHER SrLE*DiD Don a t to*.?It is only t wo or three wteks since we had the gratification of recording the magnificent gift of $25,001} to the American Colonization Society by David Hunt, l*s'i , of Mississippi. We have now the pleasure ?o announce an additional splendid donation from the same noble-hearted philanthropic of 920.(11*); ?? check for which amount was recei v??d from him by the Treasurer of the Society day before yester day This sum makes a grand total of more than *o4UMi which has been contributed by Mr. Hunt to the philanthropic cause of colonization. How grent are the blemiag* of wealth when pos*e*iied by one so humane and generous '?InttlligtHctr. Scsnrtocs Ci?cv*sTA*c*s.?Last night, Of ficer Cooper arrested a man who calls himself John Alexander, and a female named Mary Ann Dunawav, for lurking about the premises'in the rear of the Congregational (late Trinity) church John Alexander was a lodger at the guard house "" tbe <*'?* instant, and gave bis name as John ^mith. The woman produced a certificate of marriage, purporting to be signed bv the Rev. -Mr. Boyle on the lwtb. The Captain was not sat i-fled that the man was the John Alexander men tioned in tbe certificate, he having previously ven his name as John Smith, and h?ld him to answer before Justice Goddard this morning, who gave thtiu a severe lecture and dismissed them. 1"a*get Fia'so?Our fine cavalry company, the President's Mounted Guards, will have a tar get firing on Monday next A number of beauti ful priws are to lie awarded on the occasion; a ?p eud.d silver goblet presented by Lieut. Owens. ^ P*lB'inK presented by Francis l.ansb, a ad other pri*s yet to be selected. A fine to *b^ L'llf, / I,et*n l>y the company Gua'ds wilfw T lhe fJ"nor*ry members. The 11 l?y invitation. dine with Dr. Haws ?^?lh Th*" "!!?* U* "aidanr- on f.m moU?.^1.a,Tdh,7,??tow *r ? *. ,?An? C",?I'Mteniaj, oflkera Fanning ^ "~k * "?"> I .??. In the S~o?d Ward the d hou-r She was found lying upon the Dav??w.nt k? v j WIS "pon.J^ -III. was a little bov al*.nt two Teai* n* ' j neatly d?d Mr Fai,Dln? took the^i'l^fo^ n sideuce. lielieving the woiwmto be a nurs^whn had strayed off and got drunk with the child hi her charge. After she recovered her speech .he gave her name as Mary Cary, and said U* child was her son. She was left in the cell* to lie d?* |h>? d uf this morning by the police justice. Rr?l KstatkSali.?Mc'iuiro sold yesterday at auction, Hogan's place, near lhe toll i#*le to j. U. Ward, Esq , for W Secret Doctst*xT?.?1The following extract from a secret circular issued by the usurping management of the Monument Society, and ob- | tained by as no matter bow or at what expense, sives a T,'ch an<* instructive development as to '?culvert movements about that time. The allu sion to the Pope's stone is suggestive. It is but fair to add that the italics are ours. The cirrular is accompanied by another from 4i Charles C. Tucker. Secretary W. N. M. S." in which he says: *' By the action of yonr brethren in the District of Columbia, our Order stands pledged to the country and the world to complete tne Monu ment, and the glory of success, or the disgrace of failure, will be ours alone." Brethren of the American Party: For twenty years past a voluntary association has existed in this city, formed for the puipose of raising funds to erect a monument to W ashusgtos. It was founded on the scheme of voluntary contribution^ among the people of the United States, in such sums as would enable every citizen to contribute towards it. After years of patient waiting, a suf ficient amount was accumulated to justify them in adopting a plan and beginning the work* A plan was adopted of .1 single shaft of white mar ble of four equal sides, having a base 55 feet ITS*,t0 Jh?,,hei?ht of ",x hundred f* ?* ^?1n'"h,nR gradually from base to top, and to be fflI feet square at the (op The base is to be a, ^ i f??\ "nrrourMl?l by columns and orna m> nted by statues. The interior of the Monu chaml*[i the walls, fifteen feet Ik! I. f""* "1 Of the-solid blue stone of the I otomac in large masses; faced on theont ?rmiW?'h white marble eighteen Inches thick, firmly bonded at every course into the blue stone I be corner stone was laid on the 4th of July I84g' The structure has reached the height of one hun ,-1 j "er9mtT ?t ? cost of upward of 230,. dollars And it appears to be firm as the ma terials of which it is composed. Last year the contributions were wholly insuf ficient to keep up the ordinary progress of the work, and the managers were constrained to ap ply to Congress for aid. In the course of its con struction they had thought it expedient and pro per to receive not only contributions in money from every quarter of the globe, but they invited contributions in ornamented stones, to be placed, under the direction of the architect, in the face of the wall of the chamber. Among others, a stone was sent from the Pope of Rome, and teas receiv ed by the managers, to be plactd, as the others, in some conspicuous place. It was an American monument, and its con struction and management was said to be mainly in the hand? of Catholics and Foreigners Coin plaints were also made of the administration of the association, aud of the expenditures and losses in the collections of funds. For these and divers other causes, the Americans of this District re solved in their respective Councils, that this work ought to be. typical of their government, com pleted by the free act of the People, under the di rection and by the handsof the natives. Accord I inglv, at the election held on the 22d of Febru ary fa^t, they nominated and elected a ticket of their own Order, who now have the control of the work. It will require at least one million of dollars to complete it as it was originally designed, and that sum must be raised by the Councils of our Order, or we must suffer indellible disgrace, and b-come a by-word. There are enrolled in the Order, at this time, not less than two millions of fieemen A contribution of fifty cents from eacb, a sum within the reach of every member, will ef fect it There may be some too poor?there can not be any too mean or too insensible to the obli gation upon them?to give this sum. If this shall be so. we have adopted a plan by which that difficulty may be met. For every contribu tion of one dollar, a certificate of membership is to be issued to the person in whose name the sub scription is made. It is therefore proposed that collections shall be made in each Council through - out the nation, in such manner as each may deem most expedient, and the money remitted to John M. McCalla, Esq., Treasurer of the National ( .Monument, accompanied by a letter addressed to I Chas. C. Tucker. Secretary of the National Mon ument, stating the amount thus forwaided. and j transmitting a list of the names to whom a certif ! icate for each dollar, thus paid in, is to be sent. For each single subscription of five dollars a handsome engraved plate of the monument, of large size, will be sent. But, brethren, while the sum of fifty cents from each member of the Order may be barely suffi I cient to complete the structure, it will take as much more to finish the work and the grounds, and leave a surplus to be invested, and yield an , interest to keep it in repair and defray the inci dental annual expenses. We have pledged the American party to this work. .We have taken the great step of over , throwing, on this ?pledge, the administration which has preceded us, and which not only failed, but went as l*-ggars to Congress to ask j legislative aid for that which loses all merit un i less it be the free-will offering of grateful hearts. I Have we done right? [The response seems to have been " No."J Thk Circuit Cocet.?The ejectment case of Weightman & Webb vs. Frederick Ringgold, that was taken up in this court day before yester day. was yesterday continued until the October term. The ejectment case of William H. Winter rs. Mary A Anderson was then tried, and decided in favor of the plnintiff?damages merely nominal. Carlisle and Maury for plaintiff; Devlin for de fence. The next case was that of John and Mary Ma honey r*. Charles H Van Patten, for wages of said Mary before marriage. Verdict for plaintiff* #113. and interest from June 1, 1S51. Stone for plaintiff; Giberson for defence. The points of demur made in the case of Jones r?. Dermott. are held under advisement by the Court until next Monday week, when they will deliver their opinion on those points. This morning, Caustin Browne, Esq., of Massa chusetts.^ was introduced to the Court by A. Smith. Esq.. and admitted to the bar to practice at the regular Courts of the District of Columbia. Judgments were obtained in several inquisi tions against Messrs. Hayward & Wilson. The Court then took up the case of B I Reed vs. Win. I. Smith, (491) on docket.) in which the plaintiff brings action for damages on grounds of trespass. Stone for plaintiff. Correction.?We were in error, yesterday, in stating that the plaintiff relied on a tax sale of the Cornoration, ana under a deed to Allison Nailor by the Corporation. Whereas it should have read that the defendant claimed under the taxsaleand deed by the Corporation in favor of Allison Nailor. Whereupon her counsel asked leave to amend his declaration, which was granted on payment of the costs of the term, and the jury was discharged. At Cestee Market, this morning, the prices were pretty much as usual. Viz : Beef, per lb 1 Oh 15c Apples 6*J Pork *a!2 Dried do., 62 Mutton Mal5;Com. pr bush.... 70 - - ' ? ? - ? ?n Lamb, prqr., SI 25al 50j Corn, ear. pr bush. 40 Sausage, pr lb.... 12)$ Rye, pr bush 75 l<ard ....... 14a 10 Oats..*. 00 Veal. 10alb Meal 75 Calf heads, each.. 25,Shorts 25 Bacon 12a 15 Shipstutts 35a">0 Shoulders 12)$ Onions, pr string, 15 Breast pieces ... UaI6 Salmon, pr lb .... 15 D'ied beef 15a 16 " " - r? Chickens, pr pair SI Red terrapin. each.25a75 Turkey Sl.50a2.00 Herring,per doz.. 25 Rhubarb,"bunch.. Shuffler clucks 50a<W" ' *" Dippers.per pair.. 37)$ Red heaas, do.... 75 Terrapins, each...25aSl Snipe, per doz.... S3 Iristi potatoes, pk. 50 Sweet do 87 Roll butter 25a31 Pbil'a print 4" Eggs, per doz.... IS lettuce, pr head.. 6 Rhubarb, bunch.. ? Spinnage,pr peck 37 Kale, pr pt '25 Rock fish.bunch.. 25 Rock fish, each.... 50a# I had. per pair 25a37 Herring, pr doz.... _ 15 Perch, pr bunch... 25 Sales of hay small; from country teams sellin at #1 25a#1.50 per hundred. Farmers are using al the old hay during the ploughing season. Bible Societt.?The regular monthly meet ings of the Board of Manager* of the Bible Soci ety was held on Wednesday in the Central Acad emy, comer of E and 10th street. Among other proceedings, reports were pre sented from the exploring and distributing agent of the society for the 4th, 5th, and 7th wards of the city, which he had completed. Froiu these reports i' appears that he has visit ed in the wards named 4,020 families, found 218 destitute of the Bible, supplied 55 by sale, !M by donations, and that 69 destitute refused to receive; entire number of Bibles and Testaments fold 277, number distributed gratuitously 94. Seventy children, of suitable age, were found not attending any Habbath School, of whom forty were induced to commence attendance. The agent reports a cordial reception every where. and in a number of ca*es much gratitude and thankfulness expressed on the part of recipU ents, and considerable liiierality on the part of citizens in contributing funds to carry forward this work throughout the entire city and district. A committee, consisting of Rev. J. G. Butler, Rev G D. Cummins, and Rev. P. D. Gurley, D. D., was appointed, to make arrangements for the anniversary of the Society on the last Monday of May. lii the interim, it is understood that the citi zens, especially former contributors, will be called upon by the agent, Mr. Win. J. Redstrake, who carries with him evidence of his commis sion, or by officer* of the Society, who are knofem as such, for aid in this important work. In view of the foregoing facts, the Society re spectfully asks that the usual or even extended liberality be manifested by citizens in their con tributions. ??? The Cosceet To-Niobt.?Madame D'Angri left a most favorable impression In this city on each of her visits, and every lover of music will be glad to renew the acquaintance. She has fair claims to rank with Alboni as a contralto, and not a few judicious critics give D'Angri the prefer ence. She is to be supported to.nigbt by other peiforiue.s of excellence. At tie Meeti*o of the Tear hen*1 Association at the Smithsonian Institution this morning, an iuteresting discussion on Arithmetic was in pro gress, participated in by Messrs. 1/ootuis, Rich ards, Thompson and other*. P?L,TA* M*CHA*.Cs' lN.TITfTt.-The COn,i,t,nK of ?*? officers t " ' In*titut#' meet* weekly at Heretofore^ T^bSt^*?$*"** ni*hU " effort* to *ernr? tiH . !f ,nakinE **ry strenuous nernowof^.Mhi.r 'rect,on of a Gilding for the ?Sd'STthefr S,0n5' Urtin?8 of th? I?titute. Sac ha rooni' ?<* cabinet fo the eitJ ? ?f? il^ inot ?nly ornament pabllc m hSS^Sm t ?f Kreat w>rv,ce to ,he purno-c- Thl ** provided for public wiinra,,ccc?fnfinl?n ?f the Board ls t^t they Health RKcrLATioss?The Chief of Police and the officer* under hi* direction are making effort* to enforce the regulations of the Board of lealth relative to the cleanliness of the city. bf>i nK Bomet' me* made of the fai 1 ure of toJv',U Portion, ef the , V, '* to ^ h?ped that the contractors by at tending promptly to this basioeM will prevent *t"nSailt Cr61^ whlrh mi8ht be excited among neighlwrs by those failures. Watch Rktitrns?Samuel Cook, vagrant; workhouse 30 days. Bridget, alias Mary Cary, K flne and John Alexander and Mary y' *L,m Alexander, suspicious cir cumstance*; reprimanded and dismissed. Nort heraV*,luufP.-*!?* [OT May jU8t received at the ?Wethe niJSit? .iBoTk,lore' Seventh street, inonNin?nt f! also, hack numbers from the oom ?111?*??1atz for, "alf. Rt reduoed prices. Persons B? ffiw dSSKf0'* 'heir "*? oW?'"1"" nom S.?" r;S?7,',r,"p"? as ???* ?seesstst cs, ^ r*n-? -1 <""?2 2;-.on r T ion? w; 482imiw<,n 8Uee1, B?eton' Gerieral Agent*. ' * tisemenVLnsowiKG.-Prof. Wood, whose adver oneX^^ "53^^ ?f! Si"Mi p?? ' y hls wonderful remedy, and zive the I rofeesor a new testimonial.-Afrmjik/V Whit rKL H \v!?Tv ashin?ton bv Cha f.les Stott, Sam 4 Co jIh \ cir.Vv HAViMnB* J P< M'LBrRN l-0-'JA* :N CALLAX,sndsll Druggists, ap 20 2w Femal^V.V, TT.IHE Dr. Vupomeo', ? "'<<???The combination of Ingredients in n?r,^!L8 ar,e P?lfectl> termless. Teff nil i J2 i T * have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult men'' vhe chnn^ win curetne \\ hites, and remov* all obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any causes- and . .?v te used successfully as a Pre vent ?P iFw ?,'Wlt'1 fn" directions. Sold whole nu^e ny\v"AS" SIiTJ' IJn.ggiSt,Po,m ,vve mgton D C ? aiiH R 'r k; 528 Seveuth street. Wash w{,?Vr?'.it * J' K.S. r. tissuL, (ieorgetou-n : to whom all orders must l?? sent, and tho Pills will l>e oi?? ttoNar!6"1' mail,to ladies who encloso them is'forgery^66 B'Knature on tl>? '>?ix ; to counterfeit^ DIED, othv (,,ft'.A')ril 24f!l-,lt mi ?'c,nc,t "? m.,at Tim oth> Cashmaii s residence, near l^nngley. Fnirfax DAMKL WKhCH.a native of aVeslflent f.f th2 r '???a(?j3r?1'0 r*1""1 'reland, an<i years Lnitefl States lor the last thirty of1?!>*/&',l^LRnd acfUiaintances and brother meml>er8 f..n??iCi ?fenJnce ?ociet>' are invited to attend his sn^i m' ^ l 'a^rning, between the hours of 9 and 10 o clock, without further notice. * The funeral of DENNIS HARDY, will take place from the vau t of St. Patrick's Church, on Tn-f.ior %' Afternoon,at 3^o'clock. The friends ami acquaintances are respcctlully invited to attend. PV a vT.r."'nf - A')ril1Ath; at 9\o'clock, Mrs. ANN t.^r ?' ,e. teloved wife ol Samuel ?van?, a na Io?p Vr bnun Devonshire, England, in the 41st } t ar oi n?r flee. t i,i ^?hUnef ,W1'| iaKe, P'?co, on Monday afternoon. i? ? "iatant, at 3 o clock, from her lato residence on K street, between 9th and 10th sts. * rsoJ18 w.hw w,sh lo have thore BOOKS BOI NI) m fine durable style will do well to call at No. 3T6 P'iiJSUA ? ennsylvania avenue, south side, b? [ween and ?th streets, wher? all***- w *jt/ kinds of PLAIN. FANCY and OR- MullW MENTAL BOOK BINDING is executed at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms. 1,5 feUWIN JONES, Bonk Hinder, ap2S-St No. Pa. aye.. l>et. and fith sts. jVlADAME DEI.ARCE HAS J 1ST OPENED \Nrvt^?^Srtment of SPK1 X(i an,i ^ SLMMhR GOODS, consisting principally in Dress Bonnets, (among these a new style ^!Ie?l Zephyrs, (aver) gr.^t vari <tv of Strnw Konnets lor lmliesan>! children. Uipsy, neila, and other styles, EmiH-oidenes, Sets, Collars, Sleeves, Skirts. Caps, Handkerchiefs, Ac.: I.a V alenciennes, Points,Chantilly,and others. RiMhmis or the latest styles and choicest colors. Fine Flow ers, Ruches, Straw and Silk Trimmings, fresh Per tumery, Soaps, Toilet Waters,Cumin, Brushes, &c., All of the alwve articles l?eiug very new and very choice, the attention of the ladies is particularly and respectfully solicited. ri.>Pn?- avc,iUe> between 12th and 13th streets. ap 23-3t SHAWLS, SHAWLS, ^ , SCARFSand MANTILLAS. Just received a very attractive stock of rich Spring Shawls and Scarfs Plain and embroidered White Crape Shawls Rich and beautiful Black Silk MANTILLAS, di rect from the importers at verv low prices in pieces figured ami corded Marseilles for Indies Basuites and Children's Cloaks, with Fringes and Blaids to match I yards more Spring Dress Silks from 50 cents up, which are very decided bargains 10pieces rich glossy plain Black Siiks. The Ladies and purchasers generally are invited to give us a call. COLLKY & SEARS, a t> 23-rtt eo S23 7th st. 3d doornorth Pa. av. C"1 AN TON MATTINGS. * Just received and on sale, 300 rolls superior S-i. 5-4, and 4-4, CANTON MATTINGS, in colors and j-j, iiiiu yi. iO;\ .ha i l in colors and white, of the make of Gowqua, Youhing, and extra contract Manhing makes. These Mattings have been selected with great oare, and will be found very superior ami clieap. From the appearance of the present state of things in China it is probable that no more Mattiuga will be imported for several Tears. Also, just reoeivediO pieces of unusual I v cheap and beautiful ENGLISH BRUSSELS CARPETINGS bought at iate auctions in New York, and will be sold in proportion. Also, Rl GSaud MATS to match. sp 13-eo4w GLAGETT. DODSON A CO. IUST RECEIVED A FLLL Sl'PPLY OF O all kinds of Spring and Summer DRY GOODS aud MILLINERY. I name in part, new style Barege Delaines, dotted and plain Swiss, Stella Shawls, etc. K Also, Domestics of all kinds; all of winch'1 will be sold, with a verv small profit, by S. FlSIIMAN, 2B5 Seventh st. ap Ifi-eolm* next door to cor, of M at. t?AS CHANDELIERS AND BRACKETS.? ? We hare now in store a largo and varied assort ment of GAS CHANDELIERSAND BRACK ETS from the factory of Cornelius A Baker, Phila delphia. The selections are made with much care, and comprise many of the new European patterns. We invite the attention of those desiring to pur chase as we shall sell at the manufacturers retail prices. GAS FITTING done in the liest manner and at low rates. J. W. THOMPSON A BRO.. 2H9 Penn. avenue south side, ap 13-eoSw between 10th and 11th sts. B UTTER! BUTTER!! BUTTER!!! I have this day received direct from the Da r e? 9 packages of New Goshen and 1200 lbs. of PENN SYLVANIA ROLL BUTTER, selected for my o*r"r?*le?- at No. 58} and 59 Centre Market, and No. 12 Western Market in this city. u/vi'feAi0 k0 distinctly understood that / gir? SI Art EN ounces to the pound, and do not deceive the purchaser in the taste. ap 23-eo3t* J. C. FEARSON. <?OR MOUNT VERNON. On MojiDAT, WbDXKSDAY AMD FlIDAT. The STEAMER THOMASCOL ER will make three trips each F week to MOUNT VERNON, leav- nBrtflBn ,n|L_?i Mhinsrton at 9 a. m., and Alexandria at 9K. . M r Boat's fare, round trip, from Washington ?T; from Alexandria, 75 cents. Coaches leave the Capitol at 8>i, and pass up the the avenue to l?th street. Fare in cents. Persons wishing the Coaches will leave their resi dence at George A Thomas Parker k Co.'s store, feb 24-TThStf Bayard Taylor s travels' 5 volumes. uniform edition, comprising Europe, California, awl Mexico. Africa, Lands of the Saracen, India, China, and Japan^price ?6.51. The American Poulterer's Companion, a new edi IKW, enlarged and improved, by C. N. Bemet: fl^S. Just published, ami for sale at Moi TAYLOR A MAURY'S ap 23 3t Booksore. near 9th st, l '<0 Jiv *> l^ptweeo 8U? aau 9th s|a. . AUCTION SALES. ? APnr e.TS * COOMBS, Anotio?en. Ln"!' T)pin ?/rH?lTS E HOLD EFFECTS ?thinaUnt .tDo?r Tfc?T-Oo MONDAY, the front u'o" Auct!on wSlS? *? m~Vwe "hail se^l. in teMaSKp Marsrtsar kS ^ of """? ?nd ^!rtr.'S.LOT""" 'IN^Ief^/^ Oilcloth, and .Matting to mint,on. ^ ,nany ?ther "r,icle8 to? nnrneron. a <r??? i Will tw added ry \fl?e CLOTS'"1 of ChJ"k G??" Crocks <=?. ? BONTZ A COOMBS. Auctioneers. D ?,?,.?* JA8> C' MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. LSJRaBLE DWELLING HOUSE ONWnt tween*M iXd ?'feet on l? Wwt. '? ?T.fJ5!L . ;treet? north, running back 156 feet *Uey< w'th the7mpn,vement?. Fwll iv! ?n* handsome and well-built three-story U.S ^lmK-ho^' wUh *?<* buildings, eSn a h?H*.tS'brooms, dressing rooms, clothes presses, vomi 'Jh?i^"eonven'encef, together with a goo<i

she(J? stablo, and other necessary out-build nr'. hXJW*' 18 delightfully situated in a healthy deii?f ?'y-"npr?ving part of the city, and is a very desirable property for a private residence. cash; the residue in 6 and 12 tlio pmporti lnterest' 8eo?r??l "y a deed of trust on __ap 25 d JAS. C. McOI'lR E, Auctioneer. SBy C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. ALE OF VERY SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD .J E? XT?K?,ATfc. Auction. ?On M O N 1) A Y , street I'JVJ? ? *Y B*' 1 8'"1" Se"' At *n- 482 12th of f li U L "V001"' * large collection part of? Household I- urmture, consisting in One superior rosewood Pianoforte rors 'ra,ne *"rench plate mantel and pier Mir RTnT;rSrr arm Cha,rs'covered *-"h Mahogany Pier Tables, with marble top isr-"> c"'<? \lI?.o-*nJIpK?i lac? Curtains ami Ornaments lor Clock mahogany tete-a-tete Sofa, Par &"/r"r?8J JJ'Penojr nmhogany Bookcase \hh?l l: u,fH Centre Table. with marble top Mahogany Sideboard, with marble top. Girandoles Fyussels stair Carpeting, Ven.tian Bfinds " \v*ter??cntre Xr'^os. With marine tops >m* ??"? - Hnii <?l)i^".rh00ln c.hR,r*- mahogany hat rack Vr21i0Bj51Sj5r' ???< ??! d"h*,r Mattreasesand feather Beds JP,r?8slu?i Kurpaus, mahogany Wash ti ! '"? with marble tops Handsome doable mahogany Wardrol?e L locks. handsome set ofoottage chamber Fnriiitnre coi,sisting of Wardrobe, Dre^mr^.ireaVi '' marble to?>, French Bedstead, Table, Wash RiSM'Sr11'*'1''w,ih ,nvwe u'r Together with a large collection of useful articles worthy the attention of persons furnishing. Terms: All sums of ana under $40, cash: over * a' cj ? .Kix,y and ninety days, h>r approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. C.W. BOTKI.ER.Aoot. [D~THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPON ED IN \-|nS^nAV??4 the inclement weather, to WED ? !?' April 29th. at same hour. op 20 -dtf C. W. BOTELER. A net ione*r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 65CHOONER CALLED TBOMAS K. CAR , r aruL, at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the ath day si? Terms. One-fourth cash ; Iwilance in 2, 4. and o teres I"' satisfactorily endorsed, bearing in nP^ d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FOR RENT AIH? SALE. pOR S.^LK -A m^IRAHLI-rr^ R M, in the a. District of Columbia, one-and-a-half miles from the city limits, containing J20 acres of Land, with first-rate improvements, including a Grist-Mill. It adjoins the well known farm of '? Gisl.oro," Iwlonc ing to G. \\ ashington \ oung, Esq. For further par ticulars inquire of HUGH It. SWEENY, Washing ton, or GEO. D. LIVINGSTON, on the premS ap 24 l^OR SALE.?The BRH^K HOUSE, corner of n i" a"". G streets. Island, containing 7 rooms wen finished. The corner is now occupied lora store and is a good stand. This is the best opportunity for * Ii.'iVSIi,neiLt* 'L,s for .?I6 a month. 1 ask ??l,6"0cash. or .?!.?*> cash an?l serured. credit onevear. Apply to THOS. B. THURSToS . No. 37 3<l floor Treasury Building. np2S-dtMayl DRUG ST()RE FOR SALE.-It is an old and well established stand, doin^ an excellent busi ness, and is as eligibly b>cate<l as any in Washington. Address " Henry Otho," over reai name, through the City Post Office. ap 23-lm For SALE.?Two BRICK HOUSES, contain ing eight rooms each, situated on C street. Ite tween 4X and 6th streets. Also, three FRAME HOI SKS and tine BUILDING f.OTS, on accom datmg terms. Apply to GEO. W. GARRETT, corner of 7th and C streets south. No. 5<>S. ap .SMm V three" TfIRKK-STOR Y ?1. BRICK IIOl SLS situate<l on south side of L street, hetweec! 4tfi and 5th, will be offered nt privnte sale. If not sold before thefith of May, they will l>e onerotl at public auction 011 that day. For terms,ic., apply to JAM F.S H. BOSS.6J8 H and 4th streets. ap 21-dtMaytf* I^OR RENT.?Thnt commodious an<l w^ll fin ished HOUSE on the corner of Massachusetts avenue and 9th street, is now for rent at .?4<i0a year, ? tno^thty. Apply, by letter or in person, to WM. STICK PTE Y. (Intel) ap 15 FOR RENT.?Mrs. G. ANDERSON lias seve ral COM FORT ABLE ROOMS for rent, which nre all comfortably Furnished, either as Parlors or Chambers, situated on Penn. avenue. No. ?*?, 2d door from the Kirkwood House. mar 31?lm Rooms for rent.?rooms suitable for a family, can bo had at No. 3fM 4th street, l?etween Indiana avenue and E street. Appi\ to JO NAS GLICK, 422 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4J? and 6th streets. mar 21?tf fi^OR SALE-A VERY DESIRABLE RESI denoe. being a three-story ami laseineiit BRICK D\y EL LING, containing seven Rooms, with brick Back Building attached for the kitcbenand servants, and situated on the south side of F street north, l>e t ween <?th and 7th. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 5J2 (2d story ) 7th street between I) and E. POLLARD WEBB, ap 7-1 m Real Estate Agent. FOR RENT.-THOSE TWO LARGPTrtiree story Brick buildings situate?l on 17th street, opposite the War Department. To a good and per manent tenant the rent will l?e moderate, pnsses [ sion given April 9, 1857. Apply to JOflN ALEX ANDER. No. 2t" P?'nn. avenue. ap7-eolm A NEGRO WOMAN AND TWO CHIiTlT REN FOR SALE.?With a view of obtaining a good master within the District of Columbia, the owner will dispose of the als?ve property for much less than its real value. The Woman is 25 v?ars of age, an excellent seamstress, a good plain cook, and has been accustomed to washing and ironing. The ages of the Children are 1 and 6 > ears. To any one who may desire to purchase for their own use, the terms, ho doubt, will b? satisfactory. For further particulars inquire of J. T? MORTI MER, No. 417 Penn.avenue. ap 23-eo3t FI^OrT RENT?A valiitfljle GROCERY STORE, situated on the corner of 12th and B streets, near the Canal, formerly occupied by Messrs. Sengstsok A Clarke, and is one of the best stands in the city for a resident, country,or river trade. It is fitted up with Shelving, Bins, Counter, & c. Fortermsapply to the subscriberat No.355 K street west, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. ap 18-eotf FRANCIS 1IANNA. SEVERAL FURNISHED Cll AM BERS FOR RENT?With BREAKFAST and TEA, if re quired. in the large brick house corner of Land6th streets. Inquire on the premises, or at the Store 498 !)th stroet, near Penn. avenue. ap 21-e<>3t \TALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE.?The subscril?er will sell at private snJe LOT No. 13, in square 377, situated on 9th and loth streets, directly opposite St. Patrick's Church, 22 feet in front by HO deep, on which there is a two-story Brick Slate-roofed Dwelling, containing six good rooms, with basement, dining-room, and all modern improvements, together with a good ailey running the entire depth of the lot. Also. LOT No. in, in square 347, on F, !>et. 10th and 11 tn streets,on wliisti there are a two-story,rough cast Bnek Dwelling and two small Frame Houses. This would lie very desirable property for improve ment. Title indisputable. For termsappy to JERE MIAH MURPHV.ooraerof F and Utii streets,No. 458. ap 17-2w* For rent.?the large four story BRICK DWELLING, with all the modern lm frovements, situated on b street, north side, be ween 8th and 10th atreets. To a good and perma Sent tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at jo. 394 E street. mar 7-tf I7?OR SALE OR RENT.?THK DESIRABLE RESIDENCE en the corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. The stable will Iw sold or cented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 50 by 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Ai,so, for Sale?The LOT OF GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on t9th,near F stroet. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf AVALUALE FARM FOR SALE-5I2V acres of good FARMING LAND, situated in the County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a few yards from }\arrenU>Q Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two hours travel from tne cities of Washington and Alexandria. The r arm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with water ami timber, and has much excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, and good neighbors within a short distanoe. For further information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the place, or to the subscriber at his Brokers Office, near BSSK? "'"'""ROBEfeT MORROW. ??????mm IJBBITT HOUSE.? . j This popular and fashionable Hotel, (situated on F street, near I4th.? recently occupied by Mrs.^^ Smith, has changed proprietors, and will bo re-ffl opened Tor permanent anil transient BOARD-*? EKS on the first day of May next. The house will lie furnished with new Beds ami Bedding, and other furnitureof the most superior quality. The patro nage of Its iortnar gueste and the public gener.llj u Bci^l?d., .... ap 34-61 AV&tlOlr SALES. IN VIRTUE OF^l'lVO WRIT* #?r c-.c-o. I Facias. issued from the ClerV?niL. Circuit Court of the District of Cnhfmh!?r ft* County of Washington. and to mediwSSd T^SlI expose to puMic sale. for cask, m front of th* r<?!? house door of said county, on WEDNK?miv?Ll s?hof ap"1, I?, m u.w.T?r2f?Siiis right, title, claim and interest in and to lou \oiT,,.i 9\ in square No. 641; together will all and ainguutr the improvements thereon, "being tba peopertv on which the Lime Kiln ts located, at the corner of Vir ginia Avenue and the canal," seized and levied upon w the property of Parrott A. Prinale, Edward p. Goode, Samuel J. Seelej ?n^ Cornelius Boyle,and will l>e sold to satisfy judicial* No. 248, to October tTin ?R56, and judicials to March term 1HS7. in favor of I- rederick and Augustus Schneider, and John Purdy. , J. D. HOOVKR. ap4-tda ?Marshal of the DisL of Col. i Property is that upon which See * l latent Lime Kiln is situated, and its location, wuh a front of 21* feet 2 inches on Canal street. im mediately at the head of the contemplated Canal, renders it one of the most dewrible investments that can l>e found m \\ ashington Cify. and the sale offers ep^i'lati!'*'* *n op(>ort,,nltJ 'i,r * moet profitable ?pg> CHAS._?. WALLACH. Attorney. B,..,GREEN. Auctioneer. thI X,, ?L V StiUARK OF GROUND AT WITH 0>i OF 7? asd Bouhda*t sts., miA V th. A!lhV |INT,,tAT Aictiox.?On SAT n ? the 25th inst.. at 5 o'clock, p. m.. I shall sell, at inv auction room. No. 526 7th street, all of Square No. 440,.con tain ing between sixteen and sev enteen thousand square feet, with the improvements, which are a handsome cottage and a brick dwelling and storehouse, take-oven,and other necessary out buildings. I lie remainder of the square is improved with a feiioe, which encloses the whole, and a varie ty of fruit trees, vines. Ac. The above-descrilied property is handsomely situ ated on the east side of 7th street west and Bounda ry street, and presents a fine opportunity for invest m?nt'M ,he w*-!" will be peremptory. Ternia: One fourth, cash; taliince in 6 and 12 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, l?earing interest from the day of sale. A deed given ami a deed of trust taken. AH eonveyan cmg at the ooatof the purchaser. ap22-d a. GREEN, Auctioneer. | By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VjjRY EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE .* Hfi'^J.'-01? L?T1 *{? Or F i ce '' S^tare. MONDAY Ah TERNOON, Mat 4th. at four o clock, on the premises. I shall sell fifty-eight val uable Building Lots in Square No. 624, situated as follows: * Twenty-six Lots fronting 24 feet each on north G, between north Capitol street and First street west, and running Uck I7A feet 3 inches to a?Meet alley. Sixteen Lots fronting aliotit 23 feet on First street '*f',reei1 G and ?' streets north,and running buck 130 feet 4 inches to a 2P feet alley. Sixteen Lots fronting 24 feet each on north H St.. tietween F irst street west and north Capitol street, and running Uck 175 feet 3 inches to a 30 feet alter. 1 his valuable Square has been recently sultdivid ed, forming the described valuable lots. The II and r irst streets fronts have been graded and pave<t aud the whole has been surrounded with beautiful shade trees, securely boxed : mid the sale otters rare inducements to persons desirous of sccu c't'v ProPer^ that rapidly improving part of the f lie extensive Government printing office recently erected on t he yorthcast corner of this square affords constant employment to about five hundred persons; and to induce immediate building, with a view of af fording accommodations to those who wish to resid" in that locality, the owners will make a discount of nve per cent, on the purchase money to anv piircha serwho will erect a dwelling to c(?st not less than within one year from the da* of sale. I erms : ?i per cent, of the purchase money in cash; the residue in annual pavnfents of an per cant. each, until the whole is paid for: the deferrfd payments to ot-ar interest, secured by a deed of trust on the pro perty. Plats of the property will be exhibited at the sale. ?L/ Every lot put up will be positively sold with out regard to-pric<\ ap24-d .1 AS. C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. fj^RANKLIN SQUARE Bi ll.DING LOTS TO be sold at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 28th day of April, I shall sell at auction, in front of the premises, at 5 w'clock p. in., those very eligible IhiiIcL ing Lots on 1 street, between 13th and Uth streets, next to "Caroline Terrace," and l?eirig the only va cant lots on the south part of Frnnklin Square,"viz : eastern part of Lot No. 19, m Square No. ?>. fronting 27 feet If), inches on I street, and running back 144 feet toaS?-fe.?t alley ; also the whole of I<of No. 20 adjoining, fronting 4i feet 25ft inches on said street, running l?ack to the allev ; the whole compri sing a suitable plot of ground for a fine mansion, or equally well adapted for either two or throe spacious dwellings and outbuildings. Terms of sale: One third cash ; balance inninenud fifteen months, with interest, secured hy de?<? of trust. ap*3-d JAS. C. McOUIRB. Anntionnnr. Bv C. \V. BOTELBK. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FI'R SITuke.?By virtue ef three deeds of trust, dul* ex ecu te?l and recorded. I shall sell, on MON DaV, April 27th, at 10}^ o'clock, at No. .56 Missouri ave nue, betwe?n3d and \V% streets, a large collection of Household Furniture, embracing, 111 part, viz : Mahogany Sofa, mahogany Chairs Do Ro<'kers, maluntany centre and card Tables Mantel Ornameuts, fine Engravings Parlor, chamber, and step Carpeting, Hall Oilcloth Sidelioard, walnut extension Dining Table Iron-stone China dinner, tea, and toilet Ware l'lat??d Spoons and Forks Table Cutlery, Plated Castors, Giasswnr* Handsome sets of Cottage Chaiulier F urniture Superior Curled hair and ?ther Mattressos Mahogany, French, and other Bedsteads Walnut and mahogany Dressing Bureaus Window Shades, Wardrobes, Washstands Cane and Wood-sent Chairs Cooking and other Stoves, Cooking requisites Kitchen Furniture,&c. The Furniture is in excellent condition, having been in use but a few months. Terms : $25 nud under cash: over $25a credit of no and 9 >da> s, for approved endorsed notes, l>eariug interest. C. W. BOTELER, ap 2l-dt? _ __ Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY VALUABLE Bt iLDixo Lots ox north I strekt, betwf.e.% 2??tii and 21st, west.?On TUESDAY AF TERNOON, Mav 5th. at So'clock, on the premises, by virtue ol a d?e?t of trust, dated August 14th, lC.i5, and duly recorded in Lil>er J. A. S.. Ao. K3, folios 315, 3!fi, 317, and 318, one of the land records for Washington county, the snbscriliers will sell all of Lot No. 20 and the eastern twenty-three fe?t of Lot No. 19. in square No. 101, fronting together 53 feet on north I. between 3fith and 21st streets west, and running back ii9 feet three niche# to a twenty-foot alley. Those lots are situated in a fashionable and very desirable 4part of tlie city tor private residences, and the sale is worth the attention of person# desir ing hue building sites. Terms: One-thiol cash; the residue in six and twelve mouths, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. J NO. F. ENNIS, { Trustees THOS. J. FISHER.I n,,,ee' ap Ifi-eod&da JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRl'STEE'S SALE uF A ROSEWOOD PI anoforte, Firsitcre. and Houseuold Ef fects.-Ou WEDNESDAY MORNING May 6th. at in o'clock. I shall sell, by virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded, Ac. the Furniture and Effects iu No. ?, on the south side of F street, between lltli and 12th streets, viz: Superior rosewood seven octave Pianoforte Handsome Biocatelle and lace Curtains, Cornice, and Fixtures Elegant velvet Carpets. Rugs Mahogany hair-sprint; Solas, Rockers, arm and par lor Chairs Marble-top Sofa and Contre Tables Ottomans, fane* Chairs, Footstools Walnut Extension dining Table Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Lounges Enamelled Cottage Set, Looking Glasses Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wardiobes Washstands. Toilet Sets Hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters and 1'illows Window Curtains and Shades Hat Tree. Oilcloth, stair Carpets, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Housekeep ing articles. Terms: $3n and under, cash ; over tliat sum, a credit of60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee. ap 23-eoAd* J AS. C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. COMMISSIONERS' SALE OF VALUABLE ' Real Estate.?By virtue of the order and d? erce of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia, for the county of Washington, in the matter of the heirs of Frederick Mohler, deceased, made wn the 13th day of April, 1S57. the undersigned Commis sioners will offer for sale at puldie auction, to the Inchest bidder therefor, on the premises at 6 o'clock p. in. on THURSDAY, the 14th day of May next, all of Square of Ground, numl>ered two hundred and thirty-four(234) with the improvements, consisting of a small Frame House, and all of Square of liround, numbered two hundred and seventy-one (271)of the plan of the City of Washington; for a description of which they refer to the proeeedin^s in the said cause. The conditions of sale are: One-fourth or the purchase money to be paid at the time of sale, or within three days thereafter; the residue to be paid in one, two, and three years, with interest from the day of sale to he secured to the satisfaction of the C??mnii8sioners, or a majority of theru. If the terms are not complied with, the property at the expiration of three days from the day of sale will be resold, at the risk and expense of the purcha ser or Purchasers I)0r(;LASS^ E. C. CARRINGTON, I THOMAS E. LLOYD. Conimis CHARLES WALTER, | sionera. THEOD'RE McGLUE, ) np fcwta' Att?r"fnt'.l A. GREEN. Auct. O HOUSEKEEPERS. Constantly on iiand and receiving weekly new additions to my unsurpassed stock o f COOK- ^ ING STOVES. RANGES. GAS OVENS,, (a very superior Bake Oven for Summer use,)^ Charcoal and Hard Coal FURNACES. SUMMER BAKERS, PORTABLE SUMMER RANGES. Ac.. Ac. REFRIGERATORS,all sizes. WATER COOLERS, in great variety. BATH TUBS, all sizes and patterns. CO-All of which wiil b? sold at the lowest market rates. <1 I** A call is solicited before purchasing elsewhere li /"The past year's acoounts must positively o* settled up before attempting to open a uew one. JET-All goods delivered free of charge to an* P?" ofthe District. JAMES SkTRVING, S. E. oor. Pa. av?. and Uth sts.. No. *'? ap 10-eo6t - QENTLEMEN'S READY MADElothixg Spring and immediate out to citizens and strangers ? i?uhjb ? AU^fHR-fs^ UNDER GARMENTS in *r?V riVif I^G made to order in tuperior manner, at ce'" 322 Peon, avenue, bet. 9th and IMh sts. ipU (IljUl*Nowa> : TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FKOH TUB ASSOCIATED PK.E9S The F?r?||i >?w?. Iltliru, April #4. ?The Cunard ?4rani?r America. with Liverpool date* to April 1Kb, ar rived here last night. Ks?;L*!*D._The election* in England were ?early over. The ministerial net rain so far is Mxtv-flve. ? ^'dfjey Herbert is spoken of u Minister of War. Speaker" nison ministerial candidate for covernment furnishes three ateam - ratEL Jhl ? >? laying the Atlantic telegraphic, laid In July* WiU * "^rl'ted in J.uAnd 1* niirpurpw^tr hM ***" ^Tor*^'e f?r ?R'icultu .-F f*-X.CK:~~V*^*y unfounded rumor* of at " ' ,h* Emperor are in circula tion. ami severalI arrests hare hem inade In Paris and mi he department, of ^rnonn connected with a sec et jn*ciety. Spai* -Madrid letter. sav th* .ctive commu nications are taking nlace l.etween Spain Eng land aiid France on tV subject of ?fa? Spanish Mexican difficulty. The Spanish Govc-mnent hopes to obtain the naval support of thoae pow. era : and in case the question K?e? beyond a war between Mexico and Spain, their material sup. port also. Denmark.?Tlie Cabinet tendered their reslj; nations on account of certain local political que tiOns. A Re:lin pnjier denies that a delay has 1>*en planted Denmark by Austria and Prussia lor tl?e settlement of the Holstein question through F renr h influences. It also confirms the statement that Russia has disagreed to the claims of Denmark U-ing referred to the arbitration of Kuro|*eau power* The Danish Diet unaiilmonsly approve of the almlitioa of the Sound dues and tne treatv con cluded with the foreign powers Acstbia.?An Austrian circular state*. respect ing the Anstro-Sardiaian ruptures. that should the mediation of Fngland and France prove un successful, Austria will seek measures for her own protection. The authenticity of the circular Is douoted It alt.?The Austrian ambassador at Naples repeats the statement that Naples in more and more disposed to make advances toward a re-es tablishment of diplomatic relations with the west. | ern powers Russia ?A letter from St Peterah'irgh says that operations for raising the sunken vessel* at Sebastopo! had been commenced; sixteen had al ready l>een recovered, including the Chersonese steamer. Four of the raised vessels are afloat and 1 in active employment. The Chersonese was tin dery oing repairs at NicolielT Peksi a ? The Ottoman iiinl?a?**rior at Teheran had required an execution of the treaty of decli nation and restitution of seven towns to Tnrkev The Porte is inclined to consent to the union of the Principalities on condition th?t its sovereignty be lespeetrd. and that the united provinces con tinue to pav annual tribute General Out ram had planned an expedition for the r apture of Mehammeral with Karnm The embarkation of the troops had been commenced, a>td the attack was expected to be made on the 2 ?h of March The Persian army was collecting a' Bus^joor. ? Thr America at Boston. Bo>toj, April 25 ?The America has arrived from Liverpool, via Haldol, and her mails go couth in theafternoon t.ain. The oulv additional item of importance wr no tice in the papers is that Austria has granted a very geneial amnesty to the Hungarians, exclud ing only Kossuth The Steam Frigate Niagara. New Yore. April 25 ?The steam frigate Ni ?gaia. touched at Sandy Hook last night, land d her passengers, who went on her trial trip, and proceeded to Europe Failure. New Y?>a?. April 'M ?' : V . * =?rwt ltonk nnWisnimr nouae on Broadway, In this <itv failed to-day. The liabilities are not known present. ??? t nstom House Removals. Bo?TOX, April 21.?There have been twenty, eight removals in the custom-house here thus far under the new administration. Cold at the South. MoaiLK. April 23 ?The weather is very ?old here; another frost occurred in this section yes terday. Baltimore Market*. Bai ti more. April 25 ?Flour Is steady at ?*? 25 for super of all descriptions. Wheat is steady at l1.Wifl.t5 for ?o?d to prime reds. ?1 5<ta*l 55 for fair to good white*. ?SI .SNifl 11 for prime, and *1 65a1M ?? for choice Corn is firm: white 61a66c : yellow 66c. Whisky 27a2Sc. New York Markets. New Yoee. April 2??Flour is buoyant and higher: sales of 13.1KKI bbla.; State tS TIMi 4, Ohio s?6 SteSt) . ?5; Southern <6 TtiaSG 95. Wheat is buoyant; sales of 9.5tf> bushels; white advanced 3c ; sales at 81.t>fa. Corn isbetter; sales of 39,000 bushels; white (perhaps mixed or com mon white) TP, yellow 77c. Pork is quiet; meaa ?22. Beef is dull; Chicago repacked *16.25. Lard is quiet at 14 ^c. Whisky is unchanged; Ohio 25?,^c. Financial. Nfw Yore. April i?S.?Stocks are fl rater. Chi cago and Rock Island 101 fc; Cuinlterland Coal Company 17\; Illinois Central shares 131.^; do. l>onds lift1,; Michigan Southern 62; New York Central tJ6\; Pennsylvania Coal Company 92; Reading *l_fc: Canton Company 21','; Virginia 6's 91 fc, : M issouri ti'a ? Sterling exchange is fli'm. e?n f " v ? 4 w '??Sfc ^.)li(i REWARD.?Ran away from his O?VrW plo^ er on Capitol Hill, about the9th instant, a NEGRO MAN SLA YE, named ROBERT BEAI.E. copper ool<wed. about S1' xears of ace. of mediiun height. lively ami _ pleasant in his manners. un<l of modest n<l<lres?.?" He was well clothed. and iielonged to one of the heirs of the late Nathan Loughborough. lie was ? narked on the ri?cht thumb by a hone-felon. His owner a ill pav theabove reward forhisappre hension, wherever fours!, sail safe lodciuent in th<? Washington county Jail, D. C.f subject to the order of the owner. lie has free relations in this eity. Tlis owner reler to Messrs. Clark k. Smith, Attor neys,corner of 6th street and Louisiana avenue, ap 22-tr >TOT ICE. ?THE AI'CTION B LSI .NESS I heretofore carried on b> Wall. Barnard 4 Co,, will from and after this <late,<20th April) be conducted I* W.L. WALL t R/W. H\R\AR1), under thi style and hrm of WALL A BARNARD, np^i iw PLAINTS AND OILS. ? Linseed Oil, White I^ad. Boiled Oil, French Xinc, Pateut Dryer, Jerser Zinc, Turpentine, Ochrea, Chromes. Yamishes, Litharge. Bristol, ladcer, camel's hair, and sable Brashes. Lil>eral discount on current prices made for cask or good paper. J. R. MoGREGOR mar 24 W AS"kn 5!U 7?h street. \IFS. M. A. HCrcHINSON WILL OPEN M her SPRING ami SI MMFR MILLI NERY t>n We?lnesday, the2ri ?>f April. She 1 topes her former customers and the ladies in general will sive her a oaJI. and she will show< rliera a very haudromeaasortment of BON NETS Work done with neatness and punctuality. Rest d?nee?Capitol Hill, B street south, near the corner of 1st street east. _ apVl-lw* C>)/WI REWARD.?Ran away from the aubaeri *'l'M r tter on Thursday , Apri^9th, \ EG RO MAN ISA At' WOOD. He is thirty y ears of E7T are. Nack complexion. als>ut live feet and a halt liiEh. and has very large lies. jjk Theabove rea-ard will be paid for huappre-' J ? hension ami deliver* to me if taken in a tree State, or SI'*' if taken in the State of Mary land or Dtatrict of Columbia. _ t?pEN JOWIf,, ap-21-tf ^TTENTION .'-ATTENTION!! GEO. H. VARNELL. HOUSE, SJGX A\D FAXCY PAISTEH. would state to the public, that he is prepared to execute all kiuds of work in his line of Imsiuess. Sucn work done for the trade at a discount. Sign work ten per cent, cheaper than the old standard price. Offioe Sisns, Fanot Signs, and Inscriptions gotten up at tha shortest notice. Please call at the Emporium. No. 51 lx>uiaana ave nue. between 6th and 7th streets, north side, sign of the large Eagle. ap21-lw CE?ICE?ICE.?For sale 2JW to S.000 ions of PI'RE ICE at the Hockley Mill, near the Relay House, on the Washington Railroad; It caa be sent in oars either to Baltimore or Vk aslunaton. Appor to ROBT. C. WRIGHT, Patterson at. ap a-im Baltimore. 1VORTH CAROLINA GIRDERS FOR SALE, is Just lauding fnmi schr A. H??oper,asuperior lot i?y P2l:Il.ff5r.-,WS:7? nad'aiaes^of'f'r^ ' 'WHKATI.EY. Paper hangings. 1 _ . . . The uislersigne.1 lias just received his soring stork of PA PER-H ANGI Nt.S of Foteign and Do iitestic manufacture, indudms a iiandaome assort. uent of French Gs?W Pa^ra.borders. Static. A e. Acknowledging past fav<?rs, I trust by strict at tentiwn to liusinAss. furnishing every article at the lnwest remunerative pnse. and good workiuanship, to reta il the oonhdeimr aud a continuation of the liberal patrouage heret?ifore reoeived. ^ JOHN MARKRITER, No. snnTth ?t^ next to Odd Fellowa' Hail. sp ?l-1 w Buena vieta fWt oKm, Prinee Georges count*, Md. I H ^Washington in Domertic Life,by Richard Rush. The AmeribvM la Japan, hr Robert Ttsnes. ft?. Macaulay's Biographical end Historical Skerches. 75 cts. The Days of My Life, bj the author of Margaret M nit land. 75 eta. I sahtd; the Yonng Wife and the OM Ix?re. 73 eta. Thingi not generally 1>. A.WeJja. ii*. ? p 23 fAANCK TAVM>R. Fine portk momnaifs, cabas, err VERY. PERFUMERY, kc* at H. J. Mo LAUGH LIN 4 CO'S. ???