Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1857 Page 3
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j,OfAL INTELLIGENCE ?r, * t AT Fishtow*"TW? are no Hab baths m Revolutionary times ' nor in the fl* ? in fart, with the?t? *??? this sweet-scented locality (FLhtow.) may >e H,d tn present its liveliest appearmceoo. unday. Yesterday betag, perhape, the i,**t d,J ?f backward Spring. was made much of by the ex i>rr ise ami pleasure-seeking rrt'?" "f*Jg PJPJ- I Mi ion of \\ ashington. and the river boat* *nt ,|Awn loaded from morning till night. The day was noted a* the first for eight weeks in whicf? ,he south wind prevailed for six hours in succes sion. ret the supply of fish ww not greatly n rreased In the language of an old fisherman. It needs a week of such weather to make fish plen ty?thev are not In the river." ' At soiiie of the landings the fishermen, disgust ed with their luck, are cutting out already, and di icharginjf their bands. The Stony Point land ing. worked by Dearborn Johnson and John Gib son" of this citv. ha?, it is believed, been the most jtoceesaful station on the river. The arrivals yesierday were however sufficient to keep things moving, and at one wharf some shad were cleaned and wheeled to the sail ing shed in a couplo of hours, in the morni"f\, The house-wife accustomed to look upon II ( leaning a- a tedious and troublesome aflair, f.nd something to eicite her admiration in t - hand rapidity with which the profess.on^leener nicks the gills, opens the llsh down the'back and displace. Tts bowels, with a single^e ofthj knife a* it were. For this ih* fls .1 ^fnd at the rate of 30 cents per ' 071/ rfnr< per thousand for nfrrinj*. ?... . iirrh. apHeof newlv landed herring glittering like fre'hly m.nte<i silver; mannish looking fe males *q iiatted upon low stools are opening the fish Tad fliniin" them into tubs of freshwater; hordes I of raireed boys bower aliout the pile in unest of the repulsive looking cat-fish, who with their te- 1 liar ions hold upon life are to be seen wriggling ahopt actively long after their aealv brethren are "dead as herrings." The boys get the '-eats" 11 frw? gratis and for nothing," skin them and sell {ht 111 ^driving quite a trade thereat) at sixpence the string. Here are half-hogsheads containing eels, which have been trapped in barrels lowered froin the wharves The trap Is verv simple, consisting of a cask pierced with augur holes and baited inside with H^h offal The live eels we see here will be sold to the restaurant keepers and the dead ones will be pickled, barreled up and sent to Annapo lis to be ii?ed as bait for crab.^ and ?? snappers." The tlsh offal in the river attracts other custom r ? besides eels. White sea-gulls and black ?rows fraternize in feasting upon this floating carrion. dipping for it like so many swallows. In that group of purchasers we not ire not a few harp-looking Baltimore hucksters, distinguish able l>y their blue wool knit jackets. Washing ton hueksterdom is also adequately represented, a id there iof course, keen competition for good bargains. The hucksters, along with their shad pirn liases, take not a few " tailors" or *? hickory >had"' at low prices, and rumor says thev not un frequentlv palm them upon green purchasers as the genuine a'iicle, to wnich they liear consider able resemblance. The ?? hickorie?"can lie read ily detected by the prominence of the lower jaw Faugh! what a ?mell comes from that inunense pile of herring offal, decomposing in the warm sun! We hasten on board the boat for Washing ton. which, however, does not start until twenty live minutes after her advertised time, and for that period we are kept in range of the detestable odor. Finally, the irregularity of the river boats is something' to be complained of on other grounds; and the line which shall try the experi ment of keeping punctual time will be sure to get the monopoly of patronage. CiacciT Co? bt ?On Saturday the following case* were taken up, and judgments rendered theieon : The case of B J. Reed r.?. W. J. Smith, in which plaintiff claimed damages on the ground ?>f trespass. Stone for plaintiU The jnry gave a ve'diet for plaintiff?damages *o(lli. <Ja* of Muni/ e*. Clark. Suit for balance of unpaid bills. Veidict for plaintiff Stevens, on the part of Dionysus Sheriff, of Prince George county. Md., prayed the court to deliver np certain negroes, under the loth p ovi * ion of the Fugitive Slave Law. These negroes are in the jail of this county, where they have been since T.-?st October, and claim their freedom by will of the late Henry H. Warring, of Prince iieorge county. The executor claims them on the ground that there is not sufficient other per sonal property to pay the testator's del?ts The court granted the prayer for them to be delive-ed into the hands of Mr Sheriff The negroes, it is ?aid. Intend to sue for their liberty in the courts of Maryland. To-day. Mr. Devlin, defendant's counsel in the rase of Provost rt Anderson, tried on Friday last, and in which verdict was given for plaintiff, moved for a new trial on ground of illegal sale of the property in question, and further reason that one of the jury who sat in the case was an im po.tant witness for the plaintifl. and that although the witnesses in the case were in Court every day up to the time of said trial, they did. not appear en that day. although proper diligence was ob served by defence to have them there to testify. The Court ordered the application to lie placed on file. The Court then took up the case of Jesse Urmy rs. Henry Love, in which the plaintiff brings action for recovery of account due plaintiff on a threshing machine sold to defendant in 1650. Webb for plaintiff. Kennedy for defence. Ver dict for plaintiff?damages ?159, with interest from the 1st of August. lfc52. Mr. Giberson. counsel for defence in the case of Mary O'Neal afterward Mary Mahoney cj. Dr. C. II Van P?tten. in which a veidict was returned for plaintiff on Friday last, mad'- application for a ii?w trial on ground of prejudice on the part of the jury against the defendant. The motion was overruled by the Court, and the affidavit of the defendant was withdrawn by defendant's coun sel The case of Cripps r?. Patterson was taken up, in which plaintifl brings action to recover bal ance of an account. Swan for plaintifl'. Kennedy for defence. The counsel for plaintiff asked leave to amend his declaration, whichgwas granted on defendant's paying costs of term. Cotter Thieves ?Late on Friday night last, two of the Navy Yard watchmen. Messrs. Downs and Howard, in going their rounds discovered two persons skulking around the tower part of the yard, to whom they immediately gave chase, and one of whom they caught as he was in the act of climbing the wall. Thethieve* had succeeded in collecting together some seventy-flve pounds of copper and brass cuttings from the ordnance, or some other depaitment of the yard. The per son <-ati,;ht, whose name is Kane, proves to be an old offender, he having been caught at the same game on a former occasion mid let off by the aptein. who did not desire to prosecute him a.s he had been previously employed in the yard i..e name of his companion he'gave as Joe Wil liams. who is well known to the police of this city as a loafer and F.nglish Hill hullv. The of ficers are looking for him. and will nndoubt over haul him before they give up the chise. Kane wa he:d to hail by Justice Cull to answer at the next term of the Criminal Court. The copper and brass cuttings are worth some fifty cents pe. pound outside the yard, and hence tbe trade of Mealing it would be an immensely profitable one and well followed, were it not for the vigilance of the watchmen who guard the stores of the yard. _____ Mail Letti.vgs.?The following mail lettings (miscellaneous routes) announced at the General Post Offi? e on Saturday, are of District interest: . RouteWashington, by Georgetown and reniiallytown to RockvilU, service six times a iTt *9>> coaches : let to Thos Rouse, Route Rockville. by Forest Oak. Middle r ^ 1? r?' Hyattstown. and Irlwuato Frederick, sei vice three times a week in two vlet to Thov at JM>75 Itou e l.wtl Lpper Marlboro, by Hill's Bridge. H'istol and Dunkirk, to Friendship; let to R H 1 MK leave, for three tine s a week service Route rota, pi^atj^ay to Pomonkey; let to | R. II McClea\e, three ti^iy.-* a week service Route 4.005 Upper Marlboro, by Crlam .V* ha in and llnrsehead. to Aquasco; let to Geo. N Orme. at ?service six times a week in , two-horse buggy. ' ,u Route Lang ley to Fairfax C H ; let to B Means?department reserve* the nrivile r?? ?f taking his r-'V" bid for three rime* a week service A Vote Lost.?Last night Thomas McBride was taken to the guard kou. on the complaint of hi- wife He was given a cell to himself, and so long as the grating was o|ien he was as iw..iv a bud. ami sang quite as merrily. But his JL, were only to drown the noise of his attempt,^ force th? grating from the cell door Mr st,??? the guard at the station, suspected so.,'* thmJ wroiig. and 11 jn ingoing to the cell f?,nd McBride ?*aid at work to remove the bars. The blind was shut :u?d Thomas ?>eiiig in total darkness could see to operate 110 longer, he changed bis tune, and ??ni being abl? to Handle the sprig o? shelalah ' Wl' any man on the canawl," he liecainc. to nse bis own words. >? the most misfortinit poor divil as iver dipt fut inter the watch us. lie begged earnestly for a release and when he was refused he dec fa red he woulii . '"r '^"ther Mag rut her as long as the watch us stand- ' " P.iai?u s<iiool. Ilev Dr O'Toole, parish ' ye*terday, to his congregation a a rn S t Lurch that the arrangements for congregation would be called iirvn? y . . the preliminaries for the erect^ of r W,^ which has been rontemplated for Mk G.K WILKins. it will be seen l?y the ad \eitis. uieut, fcive:. a highly attractive musical tcrtainment on Wednesday nl^Ut Tub Plo??-of-wa? Pltmocth.?The fitting oat of the Plymouth fbr the new gun practice of Lieut. Dahlgreen Is being rapidly completed at our Navy ^ard. ller equipment store# are daily expected from Norfolk, per steamer Water Witch, and by the 1st of June next she will be ready for service. One of the new improved pivot guns of Lieut. Dahlgreen is on board of her now, and is a formidable-looking instrument enough There are to be Ave of thowe guns on board on the ship, and thev so arranged a* to be used on either side, as may be required. She is to cruise along the coast, and visit the several naval ports In the S?Thf Minnesota equipments are being consum mated as rapidlv as possible ; her immense sheet anchor is already done, and goes to Norfolk this week when the Minnesota will proceed to Nor folk to receive her armament and provisions. She is expected to justify the most sanguine calcula tions as to her sailing and other capabilities, and r those who know say thatjshe has no superior in the Navv. The Fulton is nearly ready for orders, having been thoroughly overhauled and put in excellent ?ea trim; her engines have been faithfully exam ined and repaired, her old boilers taken out and supplied by new ones made in our Navy Yard for the purpose; her hull ha* been new caulked and sheathed, and part of the deck planking has been new laid. By the first of June she will be ready to receive liar armament, which is to be supplied from this Yard. The New Boiler Shop has been begun, and workmen are excavati ng for the foundation, which is being laid as fast as the work of excavation will permit. When completed this building will be capable of turning out a vast deal of heavy work, and thereby save to the Department the cost of transportation. Bkll Bcots for the Navy Yard, the hands in the boiler shop are busily em ployed in fllliugan order for bell buoys for the dangerous places along the coast of California. These buoys are constructed of sheet Iron similar to that used in the manufacture of steamer boilers, and have a large bell attached, which, by con i tinual ringing, warns the mariner who has lost his whereabouts through the density of the fog or other cause, of his dangerous proximity to the rocky shore. Resisting an Officer.?On Saturday Johan na Meader and Mary Pblllippi were held to bail for Court by Justice Goddard for an assault on Amos Hunt, a constable, in the discharge of his duty. It appeared that the officer attempted to seize upon the goods of one of them, and was re sisted. and so roughly handled by the females that he deemed it necessary to call for the assist ance of other officers. Bogus Coin.?Well executed counterfeit quar ter dollars are in circulation in Wanhington. A gentleman took one on Saturday night, in ma - ket. from a colored man, who had a quantity of silver coin (no doubt bogus) in his possession. On search being made for him the fellow was found to have sloped. [ ? | The Strig Tails.?Nightly, for a week past, I thee ducks have been leaving this section of the country for localities better adapted to the rearing of their young. The ?* old folks" call this duck the ??sou-southerly," aud say that their depar , ture indicate.* the approach of warm weather. Missionary Meeting.?Yesterday a large au dience assembled in the session room of the Rtv. Mr. Carothers' Church, at a missionary meeting, and were editied by a poem, prepared for the oc cesion, by Col. Hutchins. and a striking address upon the Christian Sabbath, by J.C. Mattison, Esq. Madams D'Angri's Concert on Saturday night, we arc happy to say, was most successful We know that we express the wish of many in hoping that it maybe in her power to repeat it ere she leaves this part of the country. We would call the attention to all those who may have books to bind to the card of Mr. Jones, in to-day's Star. The Firemen were called out Saturday night by a false alarm of fire. Watch Retort.?C. B Birch, disorderly; fine and costs?S2 41 Thos McBride, drnnlc; workhouse. 30 days. George Carr, disorderly; security and cost*. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Correspondence of The Star. Georgetown, April '17,1857. A little boy, about eight years of age, son of the Rev. Dr. Murray, of the Methodist Protestant church, was run over by an omnibus (not one of the Union line) on Saturday afternoon. It appears that he was crossing the street in company with another small boy, and while the driver was try ing to escape his companion, one of the wheels of the coach came in contact with little Murray, knocking him down and passing over his legs. Notwithstanding the flesh about the parts that came in contact with the wheel is badly brui ;ed and somewhat lacerated, we are pleased to luarn that none of his boner were broken. We are as sured, by persons who witnessed it, that it was purely the result of accident, and tliat no blame whatever can be attributed to the driver. It is now confidently predicted by persons en gaged in the management of the work, that the repairs at Dam No. 5. on our canal, will be suffi ciently far advanced by this day week. May 4th. to admit of the water being let on, and the passage of boats. Other persons, traders upon the canal, say by the 10th of May. As blind Jack said by his supper, "We had much rather see it, than hear tell oi it." Our friends, Amy and Shinn. are great fellows for doing things right. During the dull season they turned their attention to enlarging their premises, and other facilities for manufacturing and bottling their unsurpassed Summer drinks, and are now better prepared than they ever have for furnishing their numerous customers with everything in theirlineof a quality unsurpassed by that of any establishment in the Union. As a proof that Amy 4 Shinn do things up right, they have never failed to carry oft the medals, or high est awards of honor from every Fair at which they have exhibited their drinks. The supply of fish at our wharves has become rather more'plentiful, and prices have slightly declined. Shad were selling yesterday and this morning at SUal'2 per 100, and herrings at **a9 per l,0tffi. Some of the lower landings, we learn, are taking ax many as 1,300 to2,000 shad at a haul. The barque Win. Chase, Captain Dorry, from Porto Rico, with a cargo of sugar and molasses for the Messrs. Dodge, is below, and will proba bly be up to-day or to-morrow. We saw the cap tain this morning, looking as rosy and apparently as buovant in spirits as a boy. \ Small sales of flour since our last, at $6.50 for standard super. No change in giain. S. "Good Tidings of Great Joy."?A cure for Coughs, Colds and kindred corn plaints ma j be found in the Indian Balsam of Liverwort and Hnar kound, a purely vegetable compound, frte from mineral or other potions, and infallible in its operation. It is for wile by Wrexs St Potter, 151 Washing ton street. Boston. General Agents, to whom all or ders should be addressed. np /7-1 w Worth Knowing.?Prof. Wood, whose adver tisement will be found in another ooluinn. has dis covered a remedy for the gray and bald, which is st onoe practicable and cheap. It requires no dyeing, no wig, nor extraordinan; trouble. Thero aan be no doubt whatever of its efficacy. We liave seen testi inonials almost without number, and from men of great intelligence, high standing and moral worth. Those who hare been bald lor years are now wear ing their own hair,and nppear ten years younger than they did six months ago. As in most cases gray hairs and bald head* are t*>th premature and unnatur al, it is a duty to remedy them by the uatural and un doubted means which Prof. Wood has invented, and now kindly offers to the afflicted. Read his adver tisement, try his wonderful remedy, and give the Professor a new testimonial.? Memphis Whig. For sale in Washington by Charles Stott, Sam iel B. Waits. Nairn Ac. Palmer, J. P. Milbprn A. Co., J as. N. CALLAN.andall Druggists. ap2>-2w Important to thr Ladies.?Dr. Duponeo's F'male Pills.?The combination of Ingredients in thepillaare perfectly haritdess. Their eflicaey and merits are l?sed upon an extensive practice or over thirty years; awl. where the directions have been strictly |))lluwed, tksy have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult men struation. (particularly) at the change of life. They will cure the Whites, and remove all obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any causes : and may he used successfully as a Preventive. Call upon the ?gent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price 91 per box. with full directions. S>ld whole sale an?l retail by Chas. Stott, Druggist, Penn. ave nue, Samckl B. W aits. MB SeventTi stroet, Wash ington, D. C.; and R. S. T. Cissri., Georgetown : to whom all orders must be sent, and the Pills will be sent conhdentialy ,by mail,to ladies who enclose them one aollnr. N. B ?See signature on the box ; to oonnterfeit it is forgery. |o 2-tf Pills.?The Weak, the Consump tive. Rheumatic, Costive, Bilbous and Delicate, af tr some day s use will find renewed strength and rv<\ry "r,!an ?f their frames. Every dose ?255V . "od Puro'. The nerves commence in the ? Lr t,,r,n,n*to in the veins. These pills, as :KJ"*.5"fcLnct upon the arterial blood, increasing CL T'.l' wh,c}? impurities are deposited in k. '*/* i_ "If such collections into or*an> by the energy derived from Brsndreth s Pills, expels them from the system. "*n ? .,t pills nj|y occasion griping, and f-.f.?,. w?,h f ^ip nt f<M worse; this inust be ? for the good to come afterwards. No f'**4 often achieved without some trouble in its attainment, and this rule applies to the rcoov i I 'nose symptoms only oecur where the bony has long struggled under a load of impure, tenacious humors. A consecutive use tor a few days will satisfy the most uubelieviiig of the greet good tne pills are doing. The directions should lie care fully studied. I| understood and followed, health and vigor will, in a majority of cities, be secured by the ?i?e of H randreth s Pill*. Sold at 25 ceutit per box at 43 Canal street. Brand - reth Budding, New York ; by T. W. DtoTtA Sons, IS north Seoond street, Pmiatjelphi*, and by medi cine dealtrs generally, . iwv 31-t{ ,c Dm*. Hvstki & Williams, Phfsirittng/trr Dista?t$ of Tkront mnd Lu???. 58 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Huxteb or Dr. Williams will vimt Waahing ton o? the 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Wednesday, the 29th instant. Ofiioe20O Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Yost's Jewelry Store. ap ?7-2t Movnx Mi*aclks!?The cures affected by Mrs. Gardner's celebrated Indian Medicine, known as tne Baltam of Liverwort and Hoarkovwi. which stands unrivalled as a cure for Coughs, Colds,Croup, Bronchitis, and Complaints of theLungsand Chest. It may be procured at Wkhks & Pottkh's, 15* Washington street, Boston, General Agents. ap 21-lw MARRIED, In St. James' Church," Wilmington, N. Cm April 22<l,by the Rev. Dr. Dmne.WM. H. C. WHITING, U. S. Armv, to KATE D. WALKER, second daughter of John Walker. Esq. * On the 14th instant, by the Rev. S. H. Mnrks, Mr. CHRISTOPHER C. McKF.NNEY.of Washing ton city. D. C., to Miss MARION C. KERBY, of Prinee George?* county, Md. (County papers please copy.) * DIED, This morning, April27th, JULIA ELIZABETH, second daughter of George and Mary Rose Spalding, aged 3 years, 3 months, and 2 days. The funeral will take place from the residence of her parents, corner of I and 2d streets east, on To morrow (Tuesday) Afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend. * FOB RENT AlfD SALE. ROOMS FOR RF.NT.?Very delightful summer ROOMS with balconies opening on the street, at No. 48ft 12th street. Imtween E snd F. ap 27 3t* tM)R RENT.?A comfortably furnished new HKICK HOUSE, with many conveniences, de sirably located on G, l>etween 19th and 2l>th streets. No. 176. Possession given immediately. Apply to POLLARD WEBB. ap27-3t* FOR RENT.-A small BRICK HOUSE, con taining six rooms and kitchen, on K street, be tween Ittn and 12th streets. Inquire of GEO. W. STEWART. ___ i^P27"5* FOR RENT OR SALE.-Two small BRICK HOUSES on 20th, nenr M street. And a three story FRAME, corner of 22d and H streets. Also, will be for rent on 6th May. a three story BRICK, on H, n?ar 20th street. Apoly at the store of JOHN SON 4 SUTTON, or J. N. PEIRCE, Agent, No. 110 24th street. l>etween M and N. ap 27-e<>3t* FOR SALE.?Four BUILDING LOTS on 14th street west, l>etween north N street and Rhode Island avenue. Also, a LOT on the Island, fronting 25 feet on 11th street, between Maryland avenue ana south E street. JOHN F. ENNIS. Attorney, ap 27-4t No. 22 Lousiana avenue. FOR SALE OR RENT.?Being altout to remove to the country, I oiler my fine DWELLING HOUSE, onC street, between 1st and2d, No. 413, for rent or sale. The house contains every conve nience, and lias a never failing supplv of pure water in th* cellar. The larger portion of my carpeting*, which are nearly new, will l>e sold cheap. Inquire of the undersigned, on the premises, or at 12th and Canal streets. ap 27-eo2w J NO. B. WARD. l^OR SALE. AT PRIVATE SALE.?A two r story and at*ic FRAME HOUSE and LOT, located on 12th street, between M and N streets. Also, the adjoining vacant LOT. The house con tains seven rooms, with an excellent dry cellar. Terms very lilieral and possession given immediate ly. For further information apply to the subscriber upon the premises. JAS. T. FERRY. No. 331 12th street west, bet. M and N streets. ap22-eo2w* TWO VERY DESIRABLE SMALL SIZED BRICK DWELLING HOUSES, NEAR THE CITY HALL. FOR SALE.?Thes houses, Nos. 4*7 and 449. arc situated on the south side ol D street north, between 2d and 3d streets west. The Lots on which they stand extend through to Indi ana nvenno in the roar. They contain eight rooms each, kitchen and dining-room in the basement, sa loon, parlor, and five bed rooms, with pantry ard closets. The* are lighted with gas. Close by is a pmnpof excellent water. The houses are well ar ranged, in good order, neat in appearance, snd come within moderate m^ans. The location i.: central, convenient, and healthy. Inqnirh of W. C. BES TOR . same square, n few doors east. ap 22-eo2w VALUABLE P R O P E R T Y AT PRIVATE SALE.?The subscriber will sell at private sale LOT No. 13, in square 377, situated on F,l>et. 9th and loth streets, directly opposite St. Patrick's Church, 22 feet in front by 60 deep, on which there is atwo-storv Brick Slate-roofed Dwelling, containing six good rooms, with Iwisement, dining-room, ami all modern improvements, together with a good alley running the entire depth of the lot. Also. LOT No. 10. in square 3?7, on F, bet. 10th and lltn streets,on which there are a two-story .rough cast Brick Dwelhngand two small Frame Mouses. This won I ment. Titb Ml AH 1* 468. ap 17-2w* ics I?wellingaau two small 1- raine nouses. i>uldbe very desirable property for imprnve Titleindisputable. Fortermsappy to JERE MURI'HY.coraerof F and lltn streets.No. Bird cages, door mats, baskets, TOYS, C A R RIA G ES, & c.. at II. J. Mclaughlin a co.'s, ap 23 No. 2n bet. 8th and 9th sts. (^LINTOVS PATENT ALCOHOL COOK, at j ap25-3t LAMMOND'S. Lm>R BARGAINS IN NOTIONS, TOYS, AC I4 CORDEONS, CABAS, itc., call at ap 25 3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. ARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR MAY?Also HARPER'S PAPER, in monthly parts, ap 25 FERGUSON. 4*'.7th street. H VEW YORK POLICE GAZETTE, giving an 1^1 account of the fatal assassination of Stephen P. Hardenbrook. ap 25 FERGUSON. 4S6 7th street. C-Onn REW A RD- Ran away from the snbscri l>er on Thursday, April 9th, N EGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of a<e, black complexion, about five feet and a haltlngh. and has very large lips. , The above reward will be paid for his appre hension and delivery to me if taken in a free State, or $100 if taken in the State of Mary land or District of Columbia. ODKN BOW IK, Buena Vista Post Othce. ap-21-tf Prince Georges oonnty. Md. Attention '-attention!! GEO. H. VARNELL, HOUSE, SIGN AND FAyt'Y P A IXTK R, would state to the public, that he is prepared to execute all kinds of work in his line of business. Sun work done forlhetrado at a discount. Sign work ten per cent, cheaper than the old standard price. Office Signs, Fancy Signs, and Inscriptions gotten up at the shortest notice. Please call at the Emporium. No.51 Ijouisan.a ave nue, between 6th and 7th streets, north side, sign of theiarge Eagle. aP21-lw WINDOW GLASS.?'WO boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia GLASS, all qualities aud sizes, for sale at a lineral discount, by ap 3-TfcF2m J. R. MbGREGOR. 534 7th st. fc 1 fUMl RE W AR D-R AN A WAY,ON TH B tj) 1 ?UUU 18th instant, from Washington, a likely coal BLACK MAN,about21 years of age, and *" ~ about 5 feet 9 inches high, well formed, bright eyes, eoo.1 teeth, and speaks quickly. Calls himself Andrew Fairciiild. The above reward will lie paid for his lodgment in the jails of? Baltimore, Washington, or Charleston. n iin For any other information, inquire of B. B. r.D MONSTON. corner of 19th street and I'enusy Ivania avenue, Washington, D. C., or to J. S. PLftbE,61 Went worth street, Charleston, S. C. mar 28-eolm* _ A CARD.?The undersigned would respectfully announce to their friends and to the citizens of Washington generally that they have entered into a co-partnership for tne purpose of carrjing on the Paisting Bisisess in all its various branches. From our long experience in the business, we feel confident we can give entire satisfaction. All orders left with us will be promptly executed. Particular attention will l>e paid to Sign end Orna mental Painting. FINCH AO BR YON, corner of 12th and E streets. We would here tender our sincere thanks to our former friends and customers for their lil>eral pat ronage heretofore extend**! to us individually, and respectfully solicit a oontinuance of the same to the firm. J ^ *5? r I IN vli# ap 9 2aw3wAlaw3w JAMES O'BRYON. "negro woman and two child ren FOR SALE.?W^b a view of obtaining a good master within the District of Columbia, the owner will dispose of the above property lor much less tlian its real value. The Woman is 25 years of age, an excellent seamstress, a good plain eook, and has been accustomed to washing and ironing. The ages of the Children are 1 and 6 years. To any one who may desire to purchase for their own use, the terms, no doubt, will I^e "Kt'SVin'n?* For further particulars .inquire of J. 1. MOK1I MER, No. 417 Penn.avenue. ap?3-eo3t gHAWLS, SIIAyc^FSand MANTILLAS. Just reoeived a very attractive stock of rich Spring Shawls and Scarfs Plain and embroidered White Ci^pe Shawls Rich and beautiful Black Silk MAN riLLAS, di rect from the importers at very low prices 10 piece* figurod and corded Mnraeilles lor I#ndies Basques and Children's Cloaks, with I- rniges and Blaidi to match 1,5*1 yards more Spring Dress Silks from 50cents up, which are very decided terrains 10 pieces rich glossy plain Black Silks. The Ladies and Purchasers generally are invited to give us a call. COLLEY & SEARS, ap 23-rtteo 5237th it. 3d door north Pa. av. r* AN TON MATTINGS. , ? . , . just received aiid on sale, 300 rolls superior C-4, 5-4, and 4-4, CANTON MATTINGS, in colors and white, of the make of Gowqua, V ouhnig, and extra contract Manhing makes. ...... . These Mattings have been selected with great care, ami will be fouad very superior and cheap. From the appearance of the present state of things in China it is prolnble that no more Mattings will be imported for several years. Also, just received So pieces of unusually cheap arid beautiful ENGLISH BRUSSELS CARPETINGS bought at late auctions in New \ork, and will be sola in proportion. _ Also, RUGS and MATS to match. ap KH504W GLAGETT. DODSON A CO. CT\S CHANDELIERS AND BRACKETS I" We have now in store a large and vari>*d assort ment of GAS CHAN DELI E R S AN D UllACK EPS from the factory of Cornelius A Baker, Phila delphia. The selections are made with much care, ami comprise many of the new European patterns. We invite the attention of those desiring to pur chase as wo shall sell at the manufiwturers retail prr?A*?i FITTING done in the best manner and at low rates J W THOMPSON A BRO ' 269 Penn. avenue south side, ap tS-eotw between loth and llth sts. MACh,yESJ'/ft!;' Color^ KID nI.OVF.S .11 *ize*. Aluo, all kinds of VV HI TK VV HKA I ll> lor M" G. B. CAS810V tCO.;S ap241w 314 Pa. ave., bet. lothaodlith itreetg, *VCXI<nr SALES. W?y WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. SWV*.SRLL ON Tuesday morn mrrn.ii AK' *? our Auction Rooms, com Fwlk*fJ ?^5.lof5Jt' * hn* assortment of GoIh r k^*' ? and Watches Jewe?ry rin*"? Wold Stone and Mosiac Pencils I - -P0*^118'- Pwrl Portemonnaies xvTl Ke'.icnles, Ac. tII^ rVl6#/ ?' other Fanev Goods. Terms at sale. WALL & BARNARD.

Auctioneers. S J AS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. I perior rosewood and seven oc >lTr*iE?CnEU " M PlAN?.fORTE' E*CEULENT FtfK ti.T^KT P?-*fcic Arc - L ImXSZJ H.U.PSDA1 MORNING. April ?Mh. tin ?? tS?k' nt th* r*Hlden<*e of Dr. C. H. Van Pat ?t-?,n?,-t{,eiC0,i,,erM0f ath "trw,t ^ Pennsylvania avenue, I shall sell the Furniture ami Effects, viz: superior Rosewood Seven Octave Piano Forte, by Gilbert & Co, ' Handsome French Plate Mantel Mirrors Kosew-o.M! Marble-top Centre Table. Fancy Tables A*? Mahogany French SofaA, Rocker Handsome Hrocatelle Curtains and Fixtures IMinask-eovered Easy Chairs Egyptian Marble-top Centre Table Mahogany Card, Centre, and Side Tables wr i . u Secretary and Bookcase " til nut Secretary and Bookcase v i ? Whatnot, Fancy Chairs Xfi '.?ri,S??18'arMl 1 hree-ply Carpets Oil-Cloths, Matting.Stair Carpet Handsome Cottage Sets Large and Superior Mahogany Wardrobe, with ina r ny, r,nKWPr# ?n(l conveniences r me Oil Paintings and Engravings Mahogany K rencii n?d other Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes. Washstands Looking Glasses, Toilet Sets, Clock JVIahoganr Extension Table China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Cooking Stove and Fixtures Kitchen Utensils, Ac. ?. o .. . . ALSO A Superior Milch Cow }Y nee)barrows. Granite Garden Roller Lot of Iron Railing. Paling, Fencing Lot of Garden Tools, A o. ?Pr.m; : ar>d under, cash; over that sum a i? ? yiRm' ni,,oty days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. ap 27-d J AS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer. rf1 S'TREE'S 5MLE.?Br virtue of a'decree ftf A the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, i '"Vu 9.0"" ?f Equity, passed in the case ot :^in.T: Hoitamwiai?d wife f*. .Mary E. Holtzinan ana others, the undersigned as Trustee, will expose TiJiTocni ??ai Beltsviile, near the premises, on THURSDAY. 7th May. 1857, at 12o'clock. M., if ^lr *!fy, thereafter, part of a tract or Pwl ?i ^an<^ ! Edmonston's Range." late the residence of Mr. John T. Holtzinan, containing fortv acres ?ii? . ,?r?Pertr '8. J'tuate about half a mile from Beltsviile. in a healthy and elevated region; is sus ceptible of the highest state of improvement, admi rabl.v adapted to a Iruit and market farm ; and there is a young Peach and Apple Orchard thereon. ilie improvements consist of a large and commo dious F rame Dwelling, with brick liasement. recent ly built, and every necessary building, all of which are in complete repair. There is a pump of fine wa 'W *n attached to the main dwelling. I he society in the neighborhood is excellent, and tlie situation presents many inducements for a most pleasant country residence for a gentleman residing in Baltimore or W ashington City. lennsof sale,as prescribed by the Decree, are: Une-halfofthe purchase money to be paid in cash on the ilar of sale, or on the ratification thereof by the Court, and the residue in 6. 12, and 13 months tfiere nIter, in equal instalments, to be secured by the notes of the purchaser with scciirOx to be approved /! .i ' beaJ*,?K interest fffln the day of sale. i?n tlie payment of the whole purchase money with interest, the trustee is authorized by th** Decree,to convey the property to the purchaser in fee simple. N. C. STEPHEN. Trustee. JLf" The aliove sale will positively take place on the day named. ap M>-2awts By JAMES C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S salk of a rosf.wood pi AMIFORTE, FlRXlTrRK. AM) HOT'SEHOLD Ef ?7^*^?1.XY^D>'V MORNING Mar 6th, at 10 o clock, 1 sliail sell, by virtue of a deed of t rust, duly recorded. Ac. the Furniture and Effects in No. -.on the south side of F street, !>etween Uth and 12th streets,viz: Superior rosewood seven-octave Pianoforte Handsome Brocatelle and lace Curtains, Cornice. and Fixtures Elegant velvet Carpets. Rugs Mahogany hair-spring Sofas, Rockers, arm and par lor Chairs Marble-top Sofa and Centre Tables Ottomans, fancy Chairs. Footstools Walnut Extension dining Table Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Lounces Enamelled Cottage Set, Looking Glasses Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wardrobes W ashstands, Toilet Sets Hair and husk Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows \\ indow Curtains and Shades Hat Tree, Oilcloth, stair Carpets, A c. Together with a general assortment of Housekeep ing articles. Terms; .?;>> and under, cash ; over that sum, a credit of W and 90 day 8, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. ? . J THOS. J. FISHER. Trustee. ap 23-eoAds J AS. C. McGl IRK, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. COMMISSIONERS' SALE OF VALUABLE Real Estate.?By virtue of the order and de cree or the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia, for the county of Washington, in the matter of tlie heirs of r rederick Mohler, deceased, made hu the 13th dav of April, 1857, the undersigned Commis sioners will offer for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor, on the premises at ? o'elo<-k p. m. on THURSDAY, the 14th day of May next, all of Square of Ground, numl>ered two hundred and thirty-four (234) with the improvements, consisting ol a small Frame House, and all of Square of Ground, numbered two hundred and seventy-one (271) of the plan of the City of Washington; for a description of which they refer to the proceedings in the said cause. The conditions of sale are: One-fourth of the purchase money to be paid at the time of sale, or within three da* s thereafter; the residue to be paid in one, two, and three years, with interest from the day of sale to be secured to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or a majority of them. If the terms arc not complied with, the property at the expiration of three davs from the day of sale will be resold, at the risk ar.d expense of the purcha ser or purchasers. SAM'L F.. DOUGLASS,! E.C.CARRINGTON, THOMAS E. LLOYD, J-Commis CHARLES WALTER. | siouers. THKOD'RE McGLUE, J A. Lloyd, Attorney. ap 23-eots [Int.] A. GREEN. Anet. 1VTOTICE.-C. R. L. CROWN A CO. are re ceiving daily some of the finest Fl'RNI (~~ TURE ever offerod in this market, which we' invite the attention of those in want, as wo assure them they can save at least 10 per cent. Namely Handsome enrved marble-top Bnreaus and Tables Rosewood and walnut Tete-a-Totos, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Mattreses. hair, corn-top. and husk; Comforts. Blankets. Bedsteads, high and low-post. Rocking Chairs, cane and wood-seats. Cushions for Chairs, Settees, Clocks of all kinds, Extension Tables, Sideboards, What-not. Glasses of all kinds, some extra hue Carpets. Cottage Sets. Rugs. Waiters. Glass Ware, Crockery Ware of all kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to which we invito the attention of housekeepers and others, as we are determined to sell for cash or to punctual customers. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., cor. of 6th street and Penn. ave. P. S.?We shall still continue our regular sales on Tuesday, Thursday.and Saturday,both morningand evening, in front of our store. Consignments soli cited, and mail cases advances made when required. C. R. L. C. A CO., ap25-tf (Intel) Auctioneers. pROF. MUNDER'S LAST SOIREE. By many earnest requests of tlioso who have_so frequently enjoyed the delightful entertain ments, Prof. M. has consented to give another SOIREE, on TUESDAY EVENING, April j 28th, 1H57, which will positively l?ethe last of^ the season. A large company and a gay time i? an ticipated. ap 25-St HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR MAY. Re ceived and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S. Knickerbocker Magazine for May. Harper's Story Book for May. Days of My Life, by the author of Margaret Mait land. Isabel, the Young Wife and the Old Love. Harold Tracy, br the author of "Minnie Grey" and "Gus Howard." Inquire Within for any thing you want te know. The Americans in Jspan, Scandal, by Mrs. J. T. Bickford. All the Magazines for May received, and every thing in the cheap Publication, Newspaper, and Sta tionery line, for sale at shillington'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner st, and Pa. av. ap 25-3t C'Onn REWARD.? Ran awav from his etn plover on Capitol Hill, about the9th instant,a NEGRO MAN SLAVE, named ROBERT BEALE, copper colored, aliout#') years of age, of medium height, lively and, pleasant in his manners, snd of modest address.' Ho was well clothed, ami Itelonged to one of the heirs of the late Nathan Loughborough. He was marked on the right thumb by a bone Mon. His owner will pay theabove reward forhisappre hension, wherever found, snd safe lodgment in the Washington county Jail, D. C., subject to the order of the owner. Ho has free relations in this city. The owner refer to Messrs. Clark A Smith, Attor neys,corner of 6th street and Louisiana avenue. ap 22-tf MRS. M. A. HUTCHINSON WILL OPEN her SPRING and SUMMER MILLI NERY on Wednesday, the23d of April. She hopes her frriner customers and the ladies in general will give her a call, and she will show4 them avory handsome assortment of BON-? NETS Work done with neatness and punctuality. Resi dence?Capitol Hill, B street south, near the corner of 1st street east. ap 21-lw* % is ein i1 NOTICE?NOTICE.?1 haveafewof those cheat TOILET SETS on hand, which I wishl to close out, and will sell at cost. Also.i GOBLETS and other G LASS WARE, thatj must I* sold preparatory to a change in my business. All that want to buy cheap, please No, TO, between 9th and 10th streets. l*enn. avenue, (fbn-fiin JOHN McDEVlTT. STEAMBOATS GEORGE WASHINGTON 5^ AND THOMAS COLLYER.? These Boats, *?r either of them, cani he engaged for Excursions at any^ time. Applications to be made to either of the Can tains oil board, or to JOSEPH BRYAN, of Ala baina. President, at his othoe, 330 Pens, avenue ap 16-3tawtf IVANS' FANS!! I^LNSlTTofeverv F li. J. Mclaughlin a co*s. No belweep fth ?ts. AUCTIOB BALES. Br JA8.C. McGVIRK. AuctmnMr. Hp iDi r O" in square aO^^'anEWS5ML* fe# tween Ma?d N streets ?^th. 6 inches to a 3n-feet alley, with the?in??. fK!t consisting of a handsome ard wwll-Unit Frame Dwelling-house. with l?rk ei*ht.roonis, dressing rootn?, clothe. ?re?,M ? hal , Mid other conveniences, together With ? wood shad, stall., and other ne6e?aary oui-bSuJ "foia property la delightful!* situated in a health* and rapidly -improving part of the city, and ta a very desirable property for a private residence. .i!"85 V??-*to'rd oaali; the residue in 6 and 12 the"pr<?perty Becur?^ ^y a deed of truat on Rp J AS. C. McG 1*1 RE. Auctioneer. IN VIRTUE of two writs of fieri Circ.n?C'r^,.^#,,rLfro^ the Clerk's Office of the rmfnrl ?ft! ?[ fhp District "f Columbia for the ?,WMliinirton. and to me directed. I .hall Imuse d!^r ??'C *? ' for f??*. in front of the Court ?hof%iPf,Kd WEDNESDAY the ruht title clJ.^i^i "o e,?<*. m;. all defendant's 20 in l interest in and to lota Ho. I and thV imDm????;^ to*?hfr will all am* singular which fhe Im?* ,K"ll,i"rfon- being the property on rin a \ ve,.neT?^ L"18 ???' of Vir J? A%e,iueana the canal," seized an?l levied nn<>n Ki **ei|t Lime Kifn m *ituaf<xl, ami itn l<x\*t???n with a front of ai feet 2 inches on bnal street im* mediately at the head of the contemplated Canal iC? r ?'t*desiialile in\??tuieiitsthat to capi taVists 1.m to? Cltj ' an.I the uk offers spe^ffioil opportunity for a moat profitable ,pa CHAP. S. WALLACH. Att. ?rney. .Tl?y?JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. V tf EXTENSIVE SALE OF VAI |? (Ri r J Hp."'?"?? Lou ix-Pbixtixg OrFici,,siiri?'r' ^.AON^Y AFTERNOON. Mav tth.atf"^ uallu Jr*,n,|,e?' 1 "ball aell fifty-eight val Jwilows'! S<,uare *Nw- ^.situated as beTvMMiTwirMi24 fT'north G. Between north Capitol atreet and First street west *"?*,x*to*nnf ? f??1 ? inch" lo a30-(eet alley.' wSWJi,nVIWntftoUt 3 feC' ?" Firnt north. and running t*ck 130 feet 4 inches to a 2?-feet allev. lJtwi^n1'!?J1//OIll,n* Pnrh on B?rtk H at., net ween I irst street wcjt and north Capitol street " Th7a^ft^f^i'n^to? ? feet aller. ' a<i r.5? .1 ?1"are has been recent I v subdivid M theabovedescribed valuable'lots. The a'i8hetrrh "!/rrn,"1 hnve been gmdHiUd F^auh'ftdaLLut^ ,!ee.n ?urr<'und.-d with ocautiiui shade trees, securely boxed ? ami the sole otters rare inducements to persons des.You? ,,f IS,! nng property in that rapidly improving part of the ?ri!li^jXte.nk,Ve G''vfln?oient printing office recently con?r?/.??i! ? nort beast oorner of this square affords ??.!} # J"'iploynient toalnuil hve hundrrd persons and to induce iinuiediate building, with a view of air' |fn7h,a7K;r;Khle8t,,,n8 to U,n:r wl,? *'"?' ??" ren.le five ner cetif on ?h. vwn*[? *"? make a discount of ?er who will. 11'"?oney f?ar.T purcha ,h"n I erinR . 2?> per cent, of the pfircluiso nionev in cash* he residue in annual pav menta of? pereeV. Zch until the whole is paid for; the deferred Davments i? bear mterest, sccurcl by a deed ol'tVSt^ The" pro JtPVP^.rtT w,"n,f ?t the sale, out rC^rdTo UP W'" ^ P<",,t,vely 8,,ld ?"?> ap24-d JAS.C.Mcr.l IRK, Auctioneer. pa*NKuX/or?RK nrli*dinoY.J>thto ,f,v ?? \?DLrV,A,T ^V.T"J^-()n T1 ?'sWAY, the rnh premmek hi\ r?' | ", Rf*11 at auction, m front of the me? of. . Vi . dofki P1m- tho"?, VPr> eligible build Ji, 7^tree^, between 13th and 14th struts, r . i L ^ a^'l'iie Ierrace," and liemt theonlr va r>ie eastern' n*r?8t,|f'I P?V Kra"kl"' Square, viz : ne eastern part of F^ot ISo, 19, in S<iuaro \n 2^1 teuff^T1 ;n,,hp,s "" ' ??ree?.??d runnm* V,, jn.i ??-feet alley ; also the wh >le ,,f |.,,t >0. adjoining, frontmc 41 feet 23-. inches on rahI street, ruunii* l?ek to the alley ; the wbofe\^?! e'i"ifa?l*'wHIiTiP ?' Vr<rrOM,u1 for a hl" 'nanssonf or fif ???lof ?? < >?" third cash ; in nine and triisf m"ntb?? with interest, aecured by deed <>f _"P^"d JAS. C. McGl'IR E. Auctioneer. marti i Anetio?i. WILL BE SOLD AT AUCTION. IN FRONT next :r<T"K-r?SE*' ""Till RSDAV, 7th May next, atXio clock p. min compliance with the terms of a dee,l ?f trust from Edwin F Tr , , , wife to the, date.1 Julfiah. ltei! and re cV^,'n ,V,M r A. S. No. 10n. fohos J3Mo one ?/ U*0 l?*ndlrac<irda of W aalungton county, l.ot No. 14, Square No. contaiunu; 3i feet front on K w^ i"01.!'rl" S ^ 4 ln?hea de?p on su street t^.t-itorv' ? i m"? ""provement#, which are a a store ^r7u,,e building used aa two dwellings aud Termaof salo: Cash; and if not complied with in three days after sale, the property will lie resold at ikreedays-'noU^. ?f th? dc'?uU'n? Purchaser on a?i-? t. ? a M- THOMPSON. Trustee. _ap!7 2i?w4ds A. GREEN. Auctlooeer. _,,??,.'!j?A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ttCHOONER CALLED THOMAS K. CAR ^7 ROL AT ArrTloN.? On TI'ESDAY. the Mh ri*v ?>j l'1, in?laul, I sliall sell, at Kiter's wharf, at 12 0 Clock in., a fine Schooner, seventy "tons burden in good sailing order. T.tle indisputable. Sheca.i liS seen at said wharf on Monday next. I e.rms : One-fourth cash ; Iniance in 2. 4, and 6 terest *' 110 satisfactorily endorsed, bearing in aP^ ! A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TfP^^?^oNi4g8E^o?o. feir i T^- \,:v^ andI ,:',fe- recorded m 1 " .. V ? 'u'1"8 '21 f t f<q. one of th" land records for W aalungton countv in the District of Co tfrtir -In '*> Virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of said District, sitting in Chancery. wherX th. undersigned was appointed trustee, in the stend th? the trustee iunine.1 in said deed of trust the undersigned wdl on FRIDAY, the Wh daV ol May. at o clock, p. in., in front of the premises proceed to sell at politic auction, to the huhest Ind aer, lot of ground numl>ered eij{ht I?1 in square num bered nine hundred and Bf>yone [4t l w, h the "ml provements thereon, which consists of three tin story frame dwelling houses nearly new and w^ll i in*i above lot fn>nts on south I l?etween 9th Tp?,h.,tret," ,n Lh:rcity ''f Wash.nrton ,Tc.rn'" of sale One half cash, the Iwlanee in six f?r?i^H?r mn7 ' ,P Purcbaser to give his notes for the deferred payments, secured by a deed of trust upon the pre.nuses. ?toi?iuusi II the terms of sale are not complied with within five days from the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell, at the risk and costs of the <|e multing purchaser.upon giving twenty davs' previous notice. In advertisement, in some one or more news papers, published in the citv of Washington. All convey ancinx at the cost of the purchaser. ? c t* ? R. H.LASKKY, Trustee, ena-ttswts A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Hy C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. WALE OF VERY SCPERIOR HOUSEHOLD ? l-^RM-rrRK AT Auctiox. ? On MO N DAY. April 2r?, at 10o clock a.m., I shall sell,at No. 4)? 12th rrt?i' K an,', F, greets, a large collection ol Excellent Household Furniture, c<?nsistiug in pare oi? t)ne superior rosewood Pianoforte Large gilt frame French plate inantel and pier Mir rors Rosewood parlor arm Chairs, oovered with plush and hrocatel Mahogany Pier Tables, with marble top Tapestry Brussels, Brussels,and three ply Carpets Rosewood I edestal, with marble top Heavy damask and lace Curtains and Ornaments Mahogany Chairs, mahogany tete^-tete Sofa, Par ^ lor Clock VV alnut Etegeres, superior mahogany Bookcase Carved Rosewood Centre Table, with marble top Mahogany SideN>ard. with marble top, (iirandoies Brussels stair Carpeting. Venitian Blinds Mahogany centra Tables, with marble tops H alnut extension dining Table, Straw Matting Walnut Lounge, oovered with plush re"c,> China Glass and Crocker), plated castor and l able F urniture generally Oak dining-rooin Chairs, mahogany hatrack Hall Oilcloth, handsome mahogany, high post and r rench Bedsteads Superior curled-hair Mattresses and feather Beds Mahogany Dressing Bureaus, mahogany Wash stands. with marble tops Handsome double mahogany Wardrolie Clocks, handsome set ofcottage chamber Furniture, consisting of \V ardrobe/Dressing Bureau, with marble ton, French Bedstead, Table, Wash "^nd. With marble top, and four Chairs aJnnt \\ardrobe, walnut dressing Burean, with R^.,o,;'.,VdM.'i,i&^tau,,d'' ""h r,,"bi??? Together with a largo collection of useful articles worthy the attention of persons furnishing. Terms; AH sums of and under .f40. cash: over aer?dit of sixty and ninety day s, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. apl6-dJcds C. W. BOTELER. Auct. CT7*THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN of the inclement weather, to WED N ESDA ^ , April 29th, at same hour. ap 2n-dtf c. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. Bv BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auctioneers f|OM Ml SSI () N E R S* S A LE.-B Y VIR Tl E OF V/ an order of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, passed on the 1st day of April, 1S57 in tb? matter of the petition of the heirs of U illiam Phil lips, late of the county of Washington dee???!!i we will, on the 1st dav of May next^on the ^-e?| premises, sell the real estate of which the said Wil 'rS'KsS; aa." ^A^arceToffa*,?'' ^'"^d" ng^a'"' ?D* ^&4"n^W"i'"r.?rU0d' tate of'th,ri.Vn<^'dH,*''v''nfh Part of the Real Es a nn?rtl.r^r Thcopilns Rob^r, consisting of about a auarter of an acre of grouud in Tenali> -town. of two tracts of I?and known as 'Dry Meadow" and "the Vale." situated about a mile northeast of Tenally-town, and upon a wJtod pu C roa<1, uuimproved, and principally in The sale will begin at the late dwelling of the de o^aaed, in Tenally-town, about M?o*olock. . Terms of tutle: One fifth, cash; the residne in four equal payments of ?, 11, 18. and 24 months, bear ing interest, and to l>e secured l?> the U.nds of the purchasers, with such additional secnrity as may be aatulhctory to the -----^CE, NOTLEY MORELAND, JOHN E. CHAPPKLU DAVID SHOEMAKER. PEIRCE SHOEMAKER, CominiHsionerB. N. B.?Any farther information will be given by @? HWtii ZWt&V:1 ap 8-2nw3w ? ^uctjonccra. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FKOM THB A&SOCfA TET> PKBSS Later fr?m Headaara*. New Yoi*. April *7 ?The Herald ha* idtm from Honduras lo the 1st of April. Mr. SeftTKnir, the new British Superintendent *1 Belize, wm sworn In on the 30th of Mateh. and on the neit day wan nwnrn as her Majesty'* Lieutenant Gov erhor of the Bav Islands It was rumored lit Honduras that the Gualemaliaa army in Nica ragua had t*en defeated, and that Pan Salvador had declared in favor of Walker. Mnrlne IMaasters. _Va.. April 45 ?The hark Eliza, from Cuba Itound to New York, with a cargo of sugar and molaMes. pat In here to-dav. lending badly. T,fbr,)J Volant, from New York bound here, has been wrecked on Ka*tern Sbnre, Md. The loss to merrhantsof Norfolk and North Carolina will amount to between S*?um and S4U.UUI Tke Kris air Niagara. Nrw York. April a ?The United State* steam filiate Niagara, having accomplished her trial trip after the recent repairs to her ma< hinerv, toxiched at Sandy Hook last night, landed bf-r ex cursionist*. ana immediately proceeded on her voyage to England to aid in laying down tiie sub marine telegraph cable. Edward Everett at St. Lsaii. St. Louis. April 25.?'The Hon Edward Ever ett is here, and has been received with great en thusiasiu. He repeats his oration on General Washington to-night. Yesterday a pleasure trio on the Pacific Rail road was given in honor or Mr. Everett. New York and Biii(hant?a Railrenrf. Oswego. April 25 ?Mr. George Peabodv. of London, and several prominent Boston gentle men, are In this city to-day. It is rumored their visit is connected with the completion of the New York and Hingh&niton Railroad to Oswego, in which the former gentleman is said to be large ly interested. Death nf Hon. J. A. Spencer. I'tica. April 25.?'The Hon Joshua A Spen cer. a very eminent lawyer of this city, died, this morning, after a brief illness Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, April 2?.?Flam is tamyaat; sale* of super this morning at t* 25. but it is now held ats?rrv. Wheat is firm. and tending upward; red?l |f?* ?l .45, white fl VlaSl ?7 Corn is 2 a .1c better; white Mafi^c ; yellow ORaTOc. Whisky 27a&c. New Yerk Markets. New York. April 27?Flour Is excited. sal,.* of ll.uonbbls ; State is'JUr higher. t!? S-"? '?"a fT?; Southern 25cent highe*. vu 75aS7, itliio U?r higher, vir: 4'taS*-5 Wheat is quiet, and holders demand an ad vance; sales unimportant. Corn is verv dull; sales unimportant I'ork ha* declined . mess SVI 75 ; p'im^ *1 Beef is lirm ; Chicago repacked S16 25 l.a;d i. steady at He. Whisky is um hangnd at 2* l^e. Financial. New York. April 27 ?Stocks are dull and low er. Chicago and Rock Inland 101 k; Cnmbeiland Coal Company 18; Illinois Central shares I32\. do bond* 9P','; Michigan Southern W|, New York Central 87)f; Pennsylvania Coal Company Reading ?1 V; Canton Company 2I\, vii yiuia6's 92, Missouri rt'a 83\ Sterling exchange is easiej , sales at MP\ rCT Some people turn un their noses at this Woi ld as if they were in the habit of keeping company with a better. Whom that ?ap fl's let hiin put it on. Soir.Bi-ji?NoTaSros* Ca?ck?I* it Tsrr* It is stated that Prof Bacon. ??f Boston, said ih a lertureat the Medical College, that the saceharum of the Sorghum, or Chinene Sugar Cane, is not cane sugar, but what is well known as grape sugar or glucose?the same kind of sweet Mih stance that isobtain<-d by boiling starch in diluted sulphuric acid ; and that its sweetening nro|ier ties are not half equal to cane sugar. He said that glucose had often iieen manufactured from potatoes in Europe, and used to adulterate cane sugar. The sugars from beets, maple trees, corn-stalks and sugar cane appear to be alike, and naturally Inclined to granulate in solid hard < while grape sugar is more inclined to remain in a soft mass, without granulating, and is much weaker in saccliaruin. though rich as a food. We should like to know whether Professor Bacon is correct alx>ut the statement that this new sugar plant will not produce cane sugar It is an iiupmtant questiou. Chemical.?Professor Guyot, of Cambridge, intends to publish an exposition of the creation of the universe upon the basiaof nebular hypothecs, embracing the eternal fire theory as on* that can be sustained. It is not contended that the evi dence in favor of the centre of the earth heing a mass of lire is of a positive nature, as in that ca^c the reasoning would cease to be hypothetical. But the evidence for the affirmative iaregarded aa accumulative, and to such a degree that it has Ix-eu considered by a vast majority of the scien tific world xs almost conclusive. Even admitting what is alleged as the cause of the high tempera ture of springs and mines, it i '? argued that it by no means follows that to the same origin may be t'aced the source of the fire poured from the Iww els of the earth. Prof l>oremus is of the opinion that the crnst of the earth must have l?een formed by the cooling process, and that the metals, being exceedingly dense, must abound more largely deep down than near the surface. The whole eartn is four or fire times as dense as water, while the crust is only two and a half times ; therefore the interior must consist of metals which aro eight, ten. twenty, or even more times as dense as water. Hardware AND HOI'SEKEEPERSGOODS. The subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and strangers nlxxit commencing house-keeping that hia stock comprises the very largest in tins city, and no humbugging. His goods being cither imported or purchased direct from the factory, he is enabled to offer them at least 10 per cent, cheaper than thoso who purchase of second hands. The following are rirtofjus recent importations? <mn dozen But aud Strap HINGES 2,onn gross SCR EWS. iron and brass 5 <0 kegs of A volon \ AILS soodozen Run and Mortice LOCKS '* Spear and Jackson's SAWS l,?s? " Caat-Steel FII.ES 1W reams lw?*t Sand and Emory PAPER inodozen STAIR RODS 1,000 " TaHeand Desert KM VESand FORKS, from 25 cts. to JW " Pocket and Pen KNIVES Vi " House. Hand,and Alarm BELLS lo M Patent ICE PITCHERS awl BUTTER COOLERS lodoien Derooust's Magic GAS STOVES 10 " Masser's Five Minute ICE CREAM FRKKZKRS ion ?* Enameled and Tinned SAUCEPANS and PRESERVING KETTLES Together with an endless variety of good*, wh'ch are guarantied to he aold as low as any house in t lie p ace. A eall is respectfully solicited. N. B.-A freeh lot of Dr. K ANE'S REFR1GE RATORS this day received. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sigh of the Gilt Saw. Penn. avenue. ap25-6t 2d door east of loth street. gl/TTER?BUTTER?BITTKR. 1 am now dailv in receipt of PRIME FRESH GOSHEN BI TTER ol the most delicious tlavo< and quality. So tubs just received by express. 3W pounds PRIME SPRING ROLL BUTTER from Cumlierland Vallev. Pa. 2,onodozen FRESH EGGS. I am constantly receiving the best quality of BI T TER that the State* of New Yo k and Pennsv van a produces, and will supply hotels.dealers, and families at the lowest rates, aud deliver it in all parts ol the citv free of charge. Give me a call if you want GOOD SPRING BLTTER, and at low rates, as hundred of persons can testify. I can be found on Tuesdays, Thnredava. ami Sat - unlays at Centre Market, at Stand No. SSeast end new Market, on Rth street. Also, on Mondays. Wednesday a. and Fridaya at Stand No. 96 Northern Liberties' Market. ap21-2w GEO. A. LANE. JUST RECEIVED A FI LL SUPPLY OF all kinds of Spring and Summer DR^ GOODSand MILLINER V. ^ I name in part, new style Barege Delaines, dotted and plain Swiss Stella Shawls, etc. 4 Also, Domestics of all kinds: all of which* Will be sold, Witknat. ap 16-eolm* n*zt door to eor. of M at. W'W.lMb ANDTASSKI.S to. Window Shades ot every description on hand and made to order. Paper-hangings, Borders, Stat ues Fuels>ard I'riuts.Sliade Trimming,Picture Conl and Tassels Ac. Colored Engravings and l.ithographs Jut on canvass an?l varnished in a ^l^rior manner. f i von' them the appearance of Oil Paiutincs. giv ing inem me pp~ joffN MARKRITER, No. 7th at., next door to Odd Fellows' Ilall. _ap2ll w ? OHN ALEXANDER. J No. 240 PcittVLVAKIA AVKICK I have just receive?l a large assortqirnt of GILT and VELVET WINDOW SHADES.of new ai d rich designs. \!so. a large selection of LACE and MUSLIM CURTAINS. GILT CORNICES. BED ?\NO PIES, and PICTURE CORDS and TASSEl.S. mar 31-eolm " ^ k>7yk W 11 K E lAt ARROWS OF EY ER Y ?t\T\J size andarioe, for children's uae, at h. J. Mclaughlin a co.'s. ap 2g- ___ _ ??, bet. 8th an<l !*h sts. C2ENTLE.MENS DRESS SHIRTS OF FINE I quality. Shirtamatls to order, n i ?-? yU. wall A STF.l'IIFN^. ap 8-tf 322 Iht. av.. bet. ?th and i"th st?. /^A R RI AGES?C A R RI AGES?C A R RI AtU-IS.. The undersigued has no*t?? ut ow-l^s ?/ very g?Kxl assortment of SI M M R CARK 1 AGES. BUGG1KS.Ac .towft,ch-?C^rTS^ he very respectfully wv't*' ?he jnlilie ?? n...y *5SS!Sr~- ...