Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE S05G OF SPRING. BY KLIZA LOOAX. In th9 gr,,v?* "here Iho orange and citron are bloom A?l scenting with perlume the balm-breathing nr. ardfut relation, lhine Summer's assuming tasks which, unfinished, I left to her care. Ml ar The A* my licht step la liounding o'er valley and mead, The harebell and daisy peep up from the aod; For they fael that I Iwir delicate bosoms are freed From the earth, which 1 loose with my magical rod. I breathe in the forest?it's life I renew? The Wood of the oak rushes up thro' its veins ; And the rose it puts on bears the very same hue As that which 1 lavishly spread o'er the plains. It" voice to the tee-fettered brook 1 restore. And send its freed waters rejoicing alone ; The crave, late so silent, is tuneless no more. For I've taught every feather-dad warbler a song. Tho' hnef be inj life, yet, unlike fragile mortals, Decay to my heart no destruction ?n bring. Ere a Koweret rnn bud. 1 throw open death's portals, Ami start from the tomb?a new glorious Spriuq. Pork Fattbxkp Hlma* Bodies.?Let any person, says a writer >r? a late Ceylon paper, at day ilreak start front the gate of the Government House. Calcutta, and whether his walk be on the bank of the river, or on the t**nks of the canals, which on three sides tafmnd the city, he will *ee pigs feeding on the d?s4 hwlicsof the natives that have been thrown there dinner the night.du xini( the day the river police clear away and sink all that remains of the bodies. Part as is the me tropolis of India, it is nothing compared to Patna. Hundreds upon hundreds of human etMjj-^es are there strewed along the strand: and rattening Ghoule-like. upon these, are droves upeat droves of swine The swine are slaughtered, cirt unand salted Into ham*, bacon and pickle pork.anathen dispatched to Calcutta The great market for this poisonous swine produce is the Mauritius aad Bourbon, where it is foisted on the inhabitants as the produce of Europe. Moreover, as the swine are sold in Calcutta at three or four shillings each carcass, it is stated that the inferior class of home Ward bound vessels are provisioned with them, and thus the human fed pork is Intrudutd into Europe and America. [iJ" The Senate of Massachusetts has rejected thellouse bill to allow atheists to testify in the courts of that State. !ET The North Carolina Fisheries .like those on the Potomac, have been doing a very poor busi ness this season, and herring are selling on the beach at s*7.5?> per thousand. The supply is said to be not half equal to the home demand" OcTliOBw.?Eveline Elmore, a tteautiful dan seuse in a New Orleans Theatre, was returning to her residence late Thursday evening of last week, when she was seized by three rutlians. who car ried her into a dark alley way, gagged and pin ioned her. and there violated her person. The un fortunate girl is not expected to live. |T7""rhe Norfolk (Ya ) Argus says that at Cur rituck Sound. N. C.. the intention is to form a *-sportingcompany, "and shoot wild fowl for the New ^ orlt market. I.arge quantities were killed there last winter, brought to Norfolk in wagons and caits ami shipped hence to New York, some of them selling in that city as high as 3100 per barrel. At the Gloucester (Eng.) Assizes a Frcncli priest named Boux, lately holding a cure at Chel sea. has obtained a verdict of i.500 against Car dinal \\ iseman for obtaining possession of and withholding a document signed by the Princess Letitia Bonaparte (neice of the French Kmperor) acknowledging a ?? *acred debt" of -ia.ttitif.. and requesting her family to pay it. n~7" An ancient Finn, who sat for his portrait to Bayard Taylor in Lapland, had a curious no ting pf the d's4 overy of America, and mingled t adition and history together in a queer way He claimed to know all about America: but was not present when it wj> discovered, ??but Jenis Lam pi. who lives in Kittila. was one of the crew of the "hip, and he told me how it happened. Jenis Lauipi said they were going to throw the captain overboard, but he persuaded them to give him three days, and on the thud day they found it." Lsdiks1 Names Before and After Mar BIagk.?Ladies should have but one given name, and. when they are married, should retain their maiden name as a middle name. This is a prac tice among the Society of Friends, and, were it generally adopted, it would have many advanta ges. \\ e should know at once, on seeing a lady's i.amr. whether she was married or single; and if the former, what the name of her family was And it is further to be considered that the'adop tion of this rule of but a single first name would quite put au end to the numerous brood of Emma Mevali.idas and Euphemia Helen Lauras?a style of nomenclature not in pure taste. SELr-Ae-Tito Railrotdwitch ?Dick'sself acting switch is designed to be operated in all re spects like the ordinary one*, with the additional property of springing ' instantaneously into line, ?when, in consequence of any misunderstanding ?<r csrdeMness. a wheel approaches in the wrong direction on the main track The fore wheel of the engine bits a pin and iele?:-tx? a powerful spring, which brings the track in place. This property has Ijeen tested by running a train at the highest possible speed across, not onlvone. but all the switches in nearly a hundred miles of * track, all designedly placed Wrong Fifteen miles of the route, over three of the gaping switches, was performed in seventeen minutes. ILT A respectable but poor widow was recom mended to the attention of a fashionable, would be charitable lady, and at a benevolent meeting. I ol which the l<idy was president, the widow was ' introduced. The lady threw a hurried glance at ; *-J? and asked: ??How many children have you?" i -Three, inadante." The President turned to talk , to some of fellow members, and forgot the wait- ' lug applicant. About a quarter of an hour after- I wards she turned suddenly and a?ked: "Have you many children ?" The woman looked at her j a moment and replied: -Madame, some time ago ] 1 had the honor to inform you that 1 had three, and since that time no more have been born, to my knowledge And with a polite but indig nant bow, the woman quitted the room, leaving the lady patroness horror-stricken at her boldness. ; ARRIVALS AT THE HOTEL<S. W1LLARD5' HOTEL ?J C Mather, NY? J Babson, Me; L Du Port. Del; L F Clark. Va; H McKay. Pa; M Cottrell, Vt; S Durgin. NY; L Frim, Conn; A P Barnes, Mass; H S Magraw.Pa; P Iie Aliella: MadameDe Angri;LS"hrieber.N Y; T Thomas, do; G R Atkins, do; II B r^meitzer, O: S Llvington, La; Miss Williamson: \Y Falls. Mil: E S Townsend, Pa; Dr Crane, lv; Col E Whalev. Ijr, SC: H SMott.Pa: W Band. 0; J Tal letf. NY; W B Lee, ly. Ga; .1 Briggs, Ya; S PufT, NY: T Crowley, son, do; \Y Vibba'd. La: Miss Yibbard. do: Ii Brown. Md; W E Tallett. Pa; R P ha I on. ly. NY; W Wooster. Nil; M J Baker, Kv: T Raw-on. do; E Grant. Ya; H Campbll.N Y: W Hollis, ly, son. Pa; A D Staples, NY; VV P, do; Miss Lenky. do; G VV Crowley. Pa: II l>vii?. Md; Dr Scott." do; \V Wake. NJ; 8 T Carpente-. do, J W Webb. Pa; G G Wedcott, do, Hon C Brown, do; Mr Ila/still, do; H Sher man. N Y; J C Ely, ly, do; G W Brush, lv. do; A Ca*sin, do; A Orville, do; R M Calmont, ly, G A Stevens. Mass; N Mills, NY:S F. Ward.Mo: 0 M Avenr. Fla; Mr Bissell, NY; Miss Blssell, W H Mr.Minn; S F Badon; E Barrett. Ill; L D Watkins, Ga; J B Grlfllwg. Tenn; W Porterfleld, Miss; S D Miller. Mich; A S Hough, Ga; T Sells. It, NY; Miss Cromin, do; W Bates. Tenn; J H Topping, do; S Newbery, Ma?s; W DJones. NY. BROWNS' HOTEL ?7. Berry, of W, Md; J Berry, do; W Srhwartzwealder," N Y; H Mont gomery. do; J T Pratt, Ct; Hon J W White, do; W H Wilson. O: E W Gray, do; F T Metin, do: T D Pinkham. Me; B F Ficklin. Ala; D C List, Ya. A Gardner, Md; W II Starbuck. NY; A Star bm k, Mrs Starbuck; Miss S Gardner. Mil: Miss M E Gardner, do: J H Cooper, Ya; E Cobb, Pa; M .-immes; J W RothwelL Ya; N B Smith. N H; S H MctTett. Ya: J Winchester. Pa; L J Hampton. KT; W Ii Brown. Md; J W Harris; S 11 Clark NC: J W Starr, NJ: C H Richard-, i \a: Mint, ii E Wards, do; G T Mages*. Tenn; W , A Mukiii*, Mil; S P Holt, <lo; J P Wolf^rn>>er^- | er do; Mr Andrews, Me; G F Green. NY: J G ' V. ,J Iowa: E Campbell, ly, Va; MissM Campb^il, y j Saudder, Md: J F Fostei, do; J M Ijaijj.; Mr Hatti.n. do; R T Arsh er, Miss. G G \\ hart<,n. Va: II K Nicholls, Pa; J B Grifflntf, Tenn; W Porterfleld, Miss, E H 8kinker,\a ' ?K,RKWO<>D HOISF. _F. J Armstrong. Va; Mrs F Marshall. Ky: J F Davis, do; T Alrirks Md: I. W Gosnell, do; T F Wright A lv Pa C P Montague. Md: A II IVnison, do; H Cadv Va R G McGregor, Pa; T Rutter, NY; Com Voorl he's. Md: S B Burgess, Va; J Walker, do- T Noel, do; Judge Nelson. Md; RS Peoke. do J Winston. Kan: W 11 Dodson. <?; J \\ Mtchie Va; L J Hotchkiss, Pa: N B Wells. Va; E Jahns' , Bremen: S Goulding. NY; R A Pomeroy, Mass' 1 J W Beither, Ga; CS Buder, do: B S Johnson', i Ala; W Wentworth. Va: Mrs Chisolm, Air. Miss Chisolm. do; A F Chisolm. do. UNITED STATES HOTEL ?J II Heath, DC M Cluskev. Tenn; C Reynolds, O: P Barton.Md; ] 1 V\ Bush". Pa; C M Henry, Md; S II flicks, Pa; , W A Cave. Va: II C Mason, do; R C Claiborne, Win; W II Mows. Md; J Londerwalk. Mo: F Frinch, Va: J Burwell, do; A Douylass, T C Duvall. B C Curtis. XOVEMF.XTS OF OCEAS STEAMERS. From the L'sitkd State*. Steani'Ts. Ltay-e. For. Days. Glasgow New York..Glasgow ...Api. *25 ] Arabia New Yn>k..Liverpo?d .. .Apl. *29 j City Wasbing'n.New York . Liverpool.. .Ajil. UU ! Eblnburg \ew York Glasgow . ...May 2 I Fulton New York..Havre May ii ' America ....... Ro-ton Liverpool ...May B Ericsson ...... New York..Liverpool ...May 1* ' Africa New Yo:k. .Liverpool ...Mar 13 I North ^tar NVw Y? k..Bremen May Irt | Leopold New Yo k..Antwerp....May-2b j From Ki'topi. America .Liverpool... Boston Apl. 11 I Af'Ica Liverpool ...New York.. Apl. 18 | Hrrntano *outLa'ptou New Yo.k..Apl. '22 i Indian I.lverpool .(^ushac Apl.tW The California Mall Steamers lenv? N?w York MiBtMbaaasWkofMCb axn(k. Miscellaneous, ^yASHINGTON AQUEDUCT | OrjtCB Of in* WaSHIXOTOK AQPlCTCT.i , Washijkjtoi*, Maroh\l857. ( &r? ,nv'ted for material* and Work for & "Rsbington Aqueduct. r reposals received up to 7th May will be opened at noon of that day. Maps, profiles, and specifications of materials and work to be let will be ready Tor examination at thia office on and after the 2Wh of April next. The work to be let will embrace Masonry of some of the Bridges, Graduation, Excavation, and Em bankment of Reaervoira, Iron Pipea connected with the Reaervoira, 12-inch iron main, Gate Houaea, Bricks. Hand. Rubble, and Cut Stone, Ac. For the particular workaand materials referenoe is made to the specifications and plans. As upon a portion of the line the titlea are not yet acquired by the Lnited States, there mey be aome delay in eommencing the work t-hereon; but for such unavoidable delay a due allowance will be made in the tune of completion. Portions only of aome of the worka can be comple ted undertheDresentappropriation; bnt all contracts for unfinished work wilh>e subject to future appro priations by Congross. The Engineer reserve* the right to prescribe the amount of work to be done and rate of progress under each contract for each appro priation, and in caaoof the appropriation not holding out sufficiently to decide when and what worka atofi be stopped until funds beoome available. work?fi^r wint rerntlIie ?ti?PWge of Bn* Particular S funds. the reaerved ten per oent. ZSHte&ir\?iu(,Kment of the engineer, the P1rrper,y ?ft?uted so far as it has gone. p?5ie cheok" upon the of Treasury, upon the monthly estimates he a r,<?"?nr?n? l"n P??r cent.; and it will h2 a" ??nt?cta that the workmen shall a'h i.J L ii monthly, and in apooie. All ohis should be seaieu and enoorsed Proposals r%?* ?[ on the Washington Aqueduot. I, . J* 'H States reserves tho right to rejeot any or all the bills should they not be deemed advanta geous. and to make suob arrangements as may be work 1110,4 ??nd,lclve 10 'he progreaa of the Every offer must beacoompanied by a written guar antee, signed bv one or more reaponsible persons, to the edect that he or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if hia or their bid be acoepted, enter into an obligation, within ton dnyi. with good and re aponaible securities. for the oompletioa of the work Mid guarantee to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States district judge, Cm ted JHatee ...strict attorney, navy agent, or some offioer or the General Government or individual known to the Engineer or Department of War. that the guar antors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence of bidders, if any of them choose to be present. ^ _ M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineera, in charge. T . FORM OF GUARANTEE. ToCapt. M. C. Mkigs, I . 8. Engineer. We, the undersigned, residents of , in the State of ?-?. hereby, jointly and aeverally, cove nant with tho I mted States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of be acccopted, that he or tftej will, within ten daya after tho acceptance of the said bid, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties to perform or furnish thearti cles propoeed 111 conformity to the terms of the adver tisement ander wh;ch it was made. And in case the Mid shall fail to enter into contract a? afore said, we guarantee to make good the difference be tween the offer by the said and the next lowest bidder. (Signed,) A. B. lA0r>?h? certify that, to the best of my knowlJd'ge suffifMont 18 Rbove"named guarantors are good and (Signed,) v p mar 7-eodt~MrAlawtf l^ISHING TACKLE.?LIMERICK, V1EGIN unnL?r7,.iM,wto.,l[?, *,m1 Gravitation FISH HOOKS of all sizes: Silk. Chinese Grass. Linen, and Cot.on |* |!%|| 111N KS^ Hollow, Swivel and Rinsed SINKERS; CORK FLOATS; REfel.S, and everything in the Fishing Tackle line, at greatly reduced prices, juit received and for sale bv E. K. LUNDY. aP No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown. LV,r'D PIANOS AT JOHN F. ELLIS S. ??>. between 9th and 10th streets. 2 Pianos at ?25 each. 2 Pianos at ?75 each. ' <Jo at 32no, 2 do at Si25 each, ? do atslSOeach, 2 do at $2nr> each. Theaeare but little used, are great bargains, and will be sola low for cash or approved noies ELLIS'S PIANO STORE, a P 22" 3"?> Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th. Books on fishing. ~ Brown's American Angler's Guide, I vol. 11 luat rated. Frank Forester's Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen. Pulnnn'a Fit -fishing for Trout. 1 vol. London. I he River Dove, with some quaint thoughts on ? he happy practice of angling. 1 vol. London. The and hia Friend : by John Davy. 1 vol. London. Handbook ol' Angling; by Ephemera. 1 volume. London. Jesse's Gleanings in Natural History, with hints for an angler. Carpenter s Angler. 1 vol. London. Y i> -fishing in Salt and Fresh Water. I volume. London. Supplement to Forester's Fish and Fishing. Angler's Almanac for IR5.T. London. Davy's SaJrnonia. or Days of Fly fishing. |,on don. Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler. London. Stonehenge a British Rural Sports. London. Edinburgh <jUn 5 by Wilson a^Oakleigh Masses. Manuel de Pecheur. 1 vol. pans. "P1?- FRANCK TAYLOR. ! (TGENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE ~ CLOTHING, . OF F 1!*K OfALlTY. D I'? variety of RKADi-MADK GAR.MEN i'S. of all grades, for Spring and Summer wear, offers great inducements to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate out nt at moderate prices. Also. SHIRTS and UNDER GARMENTS in great varieties. 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IV THE PRE?[OentMf THE VK1TED In pursuance of law, I, Franelin Pikrce Presi dent of the I mted States of America, do hereby de clareand make known that publio safes will be held at the undermentioned land offices in the Territory the period hereinafter designated, to At the land office at Oregon City, ooinmcncinjr on '"?<*,'** QfJugmst next, for thesis posal oi the public l&iuls within4he following-named townships, viz: North of the base line and east af the Willamette meridian. 1 ownahi pone and fractional township two, of range 0 ? South of the bast line and east of the Willamette _ meridian. Townships one, two and three, of range one. Townships one, two ami three, of range two. North of the base line and west of the Willamette meridian. Township one, of ranges one, tiro and three. South of the base line and west of the Willamette meridian. Township one, of ranges one, two and three. Township three, of ranges one and two.. Township four, of ranges one, two and three. township seven, of ranges two, three, four nnd five. Township eleven, of ranges three, four and/er. I Townships seventeen and eighteen, of range' three. I Townships seventeen nnd eighteen, of range/our. At the laiKi office at Winchester, commencing on Monday, the tenth day of August next, for the dis posal of the public lands situated within the follow ing named townships, viz: South of the base line and west of the Willamette * meridian. Sections one to fifteen, inclusive, the northeast quarter of section seventeen, the northeast quarter of section twenty-two, sections twenty-three, twen ty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six and thirty-five, of township twenty-two, of range six. The southwest quarter of section seven, the south west quarter of section fifteen, the northwest quar ter and the south half of section seventeon, sections eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty-one, the northwest quarter of section twenty-two, the north west quarter of section twentv -eight, sections twen tv-nme, thirty, thirty-one ana thirty-two, of town ship twenty-two, of range seven. Lots one to six, inclusive, of section four; lots one to four, inclusive, of section five; lots one to five, inclusive, and the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section seven; lots one to seven, inclu sive, nnd tho southwaat quarter of the northeast of section eight, the east half or section, the east hall of the northwest qnnrter, the northwest quar ter of the northwest quarter, and tho east half of the southwest quarter of nine ; the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section ten : the southwest auarter of the southwest quarter of section eleven ; the southeast quarter of section twelve, sections thirteen, fourteen and fifteen;the northwest quarter of the northeast, and the northwest quarter of sec tion eighteen ; lots one to nine, inclusive, and the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section twenty, sections twenty-one to twenty-seven, in clusive; the east half and the northwest quarter of section twenty-eight: lots one and two, and tho southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section twenty-nine; the northeast quarter of section thir ty-three, and sections thirty-four and thirty-five, of township twontv-two. of range eight. Lots one and two, of section seven; lots one to five, inclusive, and the east half of the southeast quarter of section eight, the west halfof the south west quarter of section nine, the north halfof the northeast quarter, the north half of the northwest quarter, and lots one to four, inclusive, of st-ction thirteen; the north half, and lots one to four, inclu sive, of section fourteen; the south halfoft he north east quarte, the south halfof the northwest quarter, and lots one to four, inclusive, of section fifteen: the northeast quarter of the northeast, and lots one and twoo|Mction seventeen, and lots one tosix.inclu sive, oW^ction eighteen of township twenty-twoof rnn^e nin>?. Townships twenty six and twenty-seven, of range fiv. Townships twenty-six and twenty seven, of range six. Townships thirty-six, Uurty-seven and thirty eight, of range one. That part of township thirty-six, south and east of tho Indian reservation, township thirty-seven, sec tions one to six inclusive, sections eight to fifteen inclusive, and section twenty-four of township thir ty-eight, of range two. That part of township thirtv-six south of the In dian reservation, of range three. 'That part of township thirty -six south and wcstoi the Indian reservation, of range four. Sections four to nine inclusive, sections fifteen and seventeen to twenty-four inclusive* and sections twenty-eight to thirty-three inclusive, of township thirty-six. of rangejtrr. Township tInrt> six. of range six. Sections one. two nod ten, to fifteen, inclusive,and sections twenty-two to twenty-six, inclusive, of township thirty-six: sections one to eleven, inclu sive, seventeen, eighteer., nineteen anil thirtv to thirty-four, inclusive, of townships thirtv-seveu; sections two to nineteen, iuclusive, and t wenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-seven, the southwest quar ter of section twenty-nine, sections thirty and thirty - one, the wost halt of section thirtv-two and section thirty-lour of township thirty-eight; sections nine teen to twenty -two, inclusive, and section twenty seven t<> thirtv-four inclusive, of township thirty nine; sections lour to eight inclusive, and eighteen of township forty, of range seven. South of the base I in*, ond east of the Willamette meridian. ^ Township tlurt*-eight aii<l sections one to six In clusive. rune to fifteen inclusive, and twenty-three, twenty-four, and twenty-hve of township thirty - nine, of range one. '?ends appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, will be excluded from the sales. The offering of the above lands will lie commenced on the days appointed,and will proceed in the order in which thev are advertised, until the whole sliall have been offered, and the sales thus closed ; but no sale shall ?>e kept <>pen longer than two weeks, and no private entrv of anv of the lands will I** admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the citv of Washington, this thirteenth day of February, Anno Domini one tnousaud eight hundred and fifty seven. n n , . FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: T??s. A. Hendricks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. bvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to&ny of the lands within the townships and pa^ta of townships above enumerated is required to estab lish the same to the sat'sfaction of the register and receiver of the proper land office, nnd make pay mrnt th'rrfor as soon a t prartirable afttr seeing this nut ire and h?fore the dar appointed for t he com mencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed ; otherwise such claim will be for feited. . Til OS. A, HENDRICKS. ^ L .Commissioner of the General Land Office, feb !??? lawlftw [No. .V7H.1 OTICEOF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THREE A DDITIONA L LAND OFF CES IJN THE TERRITORY OF KANSAS. In pursuance of tho act of Congress approved March 3. 18.77. entitled "An act to establish three ad ditional Land Districts in the Territory of Kansas " tube called respectively the "Delaware Land Dis trict. the "O.Jiise tamf District," and the "West ern Land District." it is hereby declared and made known that the offices for said districts have been established as follows, viz : For the "Delaware District" at Doniphan. tor the Ojaiik District" at Fort Scott. r or the "Western District" at Ogden, in said Territory Given under my hand, at the citv of Washington. this eleventh ilay of April, A. D. 1&57. By order of the President: JOS. S. WILSON, AetlnK Commissioner of the General ap 13-lawhw Und Office. TVotice of tj/e "establishment of IV additional land offices IN THE TERRITORT OF NEBRASKA. In pursunnce of the net of Congress. approved III 3d. 1R97, entitled "An act to estaMisV three additional land districts in the Territory of Nebraa lf.?~ ?^Ejvwstiwjly, the "Nem?ha Land District, ' the "South Platte Rivkr Land Dis trict. and the " Dakota Land District," it is hereby declared and made known that the offices for saj?l districts have been established ns follows viz ? j-or the "Nemaha Land District" at Browns U ^ For tho " South Plattk DisTRicT"at Nebraska said?'Territory*"?TA D,8TR,CT" nt Clt>. Given under my hand, at thA city of Washington this thirteenth day of A nril. 1857. wn, By order of ihe President: A ^ JOS. S. WILSON. .... ,? Acting Commissioner of the General apU-lawfiw I .and Office. NITED STATES MAIL.- V? R MONT. Post Office Department, I I) . r ?* ashinoton. April 18,1857.1 Proposals for carrying the Mails of the United on fCf Mm J,,lv to uJnn,? *'i ,HS inclusive, A ?' the STATE OF VER .1..'' W1" b" received at the Contract Office of ,Vnl.wi "ntl1 9ft-n'*of May 30,1HJ7, to be decided the Rame day : < In lieu of routes under same nuinlier* in the adver ... ,, tisementof 1st January. 1857.) 4j1?F rom \\ oodstock to Windsor, 15 miles and Iwck six times a week : and from Woodstock, by Barnard, to Bethel, 18 unles and l?ck, six tunes a week. Leave Woodstock daily, except Sunday, at 5 a m; ' Arrive at Windsor by 7)4 a mj J.oave \V indsor daily, except Sunday, at 6 pm, or on arrival of cars; Arrive at Woodstock by 8V? p m: Arrive at BotheTby^l ifm*?Bpl 'af ^ m Am,'.^ 4 P m 1 'field NortfiG'P"v,lle' ^tookbridge. Pitts Sher.,,"r?e. and Mendon, to Rut mi'e" "?d back, six times a week, and irr v?i.P.r???"e "ched"l<"? of departures terLVt th? ?, H r.nippr0ved by the po.-tmas ^FTm^abnr?^^Hancock. Band"arr'vafs to ?^,edides1 S*"departures p asatesarsa.?""<"?? service in the New England^ Sfa,^sP^S "mA ry, 1857, to l?e found at the principal'post offices. "U -TF w HIE TO M Alien ETTK, in Mli'llUiAN MA In aooordancei with the provisions of the act of Congress, entitled An act authorizing changes in ft f. he^ehJ'rl aiul Offices,' approved March 3, IH.V1, for^mm\m drr u (l snd inads known that the office tlie ^1/"L laf'd"11'lf1 ?aclt Stk. Marie, in l',0l Michigan, will l? removed to the town praetitmhU**'Htata' at a' earI? ? Period as wf|Ul2te,!iii?i* th?.P,>M!??e time of removal tins }!'* cit* Washington, Commisaio^i1r?f;KA-.iHEXP.R,CK8. wt *-l?w?w Laad Offioe. Insurance, Ac. yr^vs&mmt?cc#mszi. CiKTit This Company i? now prepared to reoeive applica tions lor INSURANCE ONBUILDING8, MER CH A N DISK. Ac., at the nsual City rate*, without any charge for Poller, at their Offioe, corner of Tenth Street and Penneyiranta Avenue, over the Washington City Barings Bank. Dibbctoks.

Wm. F. Bayly, Samel Bacon. Robert Farnham, James F. Halidav, Wm. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohun, M. W. Gait. Benj. BmII, JaMBS C. MoQUIRE, President. G. D. Hanson, Seeretary. apll-ly PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS AN^D DAMAGE BY FIRE, THE PERILS OF THE SEA. AND INLAND TRANSPORTATION. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PHILADELPHIA. Fibk. Mabikb, and Inland Insurancb. Authorized Capital $1,25^,000!!! Orvici, Northwest cornbb or Pennsylvania Atbnbe and 17th Stbebt, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thoa. B. Florence, Charles Dlpgee, Guorge II. Armstrong, Thomas Mandsrfield. Charies A. Kubicam, Edwafid R. Helmbold, George Helmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neail, Isaac Leech, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, Preaident. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAly SURVEYORS. Charlea Walter, No. 3ffl D street, oppoaita City Hall. , John M. Thornton, corner 1st street and Virginia avenue, Island. Jamea Williams, No. 22iK atraet. John Riggles, No. 501 13th atraet, below Pennsyl vaiaa avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levjr, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotol. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomaaon. Authorized Capital and Asset* SI,473,097 07 Assets *?,0ff7 07 Invested in Bonds, Mortgagee, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibita the buaineasand condition of the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium rccoived on marine and inland risks to No vember I, 1856 $214/184 60 I?ire premium 176.796 61 ntereston loan 8,704 47 Total receipts $400,135 68 Paid marine losses $64,427 04 Paid tire losses 39,737 99 . Expenses, salaries, and commis sions 4-5,489 00 1 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges 77,474 68 $177,128 61 Balance remaining with the Company. ?2:3,?fl7 07 The Assets of the Company are as follows : Philadelphia city and county bonds $16,K4A 18 Railroad l?>nd* ll.ono oo First mortgages, real estate 143.500 on Stocks, collaterals, on cell 32,400 00 Ciirnrd and consolidation hank stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., . New S'ork 30,000 00 ' Deterred pay mont on stock not yat due 97,700 oo ] Notes for marine premiums lfR.iwn 50 , Due from agents, secured by bonds 35,776 18 Promiunis on policies recently issued, and debts due the company 26.470 38 ! Balance iu bank ? 16,456 74 $523,057 07 I The business of thia Company will compare favor - i ably with the most succcssful similar inatitutiona in ' the United States. , i From the 1st day of August, 18M, in fifteen months, I up to the 1st day of November. I8S?, the premiums 1 and interest received amounted to the large su in ol four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-live dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment or losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one huudred and twenty-eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these eridenoes of aucoesa and good man ; aaeinent, the Directors feel justified in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the security ottered is ample, and tfiat all fair claims will be ad justed more according to equity than legal technical ities. . ... . The Companv is prepared to issue policiea againat loss or damage by fire on L) WELLINUS, FU RX ITU RE. MILLS, MAN UFACTORIES. WAREHUISES, j All desonptiona i>f Bill. DINGS and their contents; , or ail kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported l-y ' Vxsmkls.Steamboats, Canal Boats, Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portion ol I EI ROPF. AM> AMERICA, and on the hulla of S TEAM BOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be ns low as other com panies. and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement wih be taken into con sideration. .... , ... j All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, nortnwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance mav also be effected at the Home O&ce, northwest corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, . . , , And m other principal cities of the United States by authorized offioers of the Company. ap 3 gl^KING HOUSE OPHl.BB brotherb. Deposits.?Deposits received and Checks paid without charge. Drafts on the aorthern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and Lncurrent Monet. Deposits in V lrginia and other I ncurrent Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes. Drafts,and Bills of Exchange will l>ediscounted.snd Ijoans madeon Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters or Credit-?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United Statea, oa Deposit of Money or Collaterals, aad interoat allowed if Money la deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on suoh terms as may l?e agreed 'traveling Bills or Exchange.?Travelerswill be furnished with drafts in such sums as may l>e de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the I Dion. Bills and Lettersoe Crf.biton Exgland.Ire land and Europe.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe.furnished at the market rate for Exchange. in sums to suit. , Bonds. Stoc**. Ac.? Bonds. Stocks, and Securi ties paying from fi to 12 pr. c?nt.. always for sale, or Itought in thu different Cities at a commission of a pr. cent. Where Stocks are liought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit uf 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele SrRPAU.ROAW, City, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for caah or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?I.and Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by us are guaran teed in every respect. l,and Warranta located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly fumiahed if re quested. Warranta will be forwarded to Weatern Houses on orders, or sent for sale oil ooinmisaion to responsible parties. _ , _ Real Estate and Insurances.? Real Estate bought and aold, and Insurances effected. Claims on United States, Court or Claims, Congress.?Claims on the I nited States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be proecutwl b, prompt ^{&VBJR?HRRS. jun 27 Opposite the Treesury. Importers direct from Liverpi>ol to Alexan- ' dria, beg leave to call the attention of dealers. ( hotel-keepers, and others of Washingtanand Georgetown, to their stocks of GOOD S. , which, for extent and variety, will compare fav< with any establishment in the Enst*rn cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I nited States for upwnrds of thirty years, hat given hunadvsntages in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house iu the trade. An inspection of goodsand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can be inade of them upou the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Seta, gilt and decorated French China pinnor Sets, gold band and plain whit* French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ao. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from aets India China Dinner Sets, and separate artioles always on hand . . White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham W are, in Cut, Pres^efl!'Plain, and Moulded Glasa Ware from the beat establishments in the Eastern and W estern Statea, which will be aold by the package or other W*Experienccd peckera employed. Gooda put up by ua can be transported by any mode wit hoot breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alex andria, almost hourly. 12>$ cents each way. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollars dec 1 G1AS FIXTURES.?R. H. MILLER, SON A I CO.. Alexandria, Va.,keep constantly on hand a handsome variety of CH ANDEI.l ERS, PEND ANTS, BRACKETS. Ac., from the celebrated fao tory of Cornelius & Baker, which they will guaran tee to sell at the aame prices charged to private pur chasers at the sale rooms on Chestnut street, Phila delphia. Also. Drop-lighta, Cut Glass and deoora ted Paper Shades, in great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dec l HOUSEKEEPERS, in making purchases, will do well to remember FRANCIS, Ne. 490 Seventh street. He has an endless variety of HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES and other useful notions, and ms pn oes are uniformly low. ap 1 _ 17USHING TACKLE.?HOOKS, LINES. RODS, F Reels, Ac., a complete outfit Just reoeived at the Housefurmslung Store, 490 7th atreet. ap 15 u. FRAAtlN. ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY. No. 84, Bridge Street, Georgetown, D.C., where all kinds of Entertainments are furnished with the beet Ice Creams. Cakes, Water loee. Confectionery, Ac., at the shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. Medal awarded at the laat exhibiteoaof Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. ian SI-tf THE CHILD'S BOOK OF NATURE?Plants, Animals, Air, Water, Heat,Ac., by W. Hooker, M D . 1 vol.. illustrated. Isabel, the young Wife, and the Old Love, by J. C. Jeaffreson. Soot land .vol ,6. FRANtK tAViOB, cine#. pRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE 300 pagea and 130 fine P^^and Colored Lithograpba ITT"PRICK ONLY ?'0ENT8.^fl JXT Sent fret 9/postage to all parti oftkeUnitm. Dr. M. B. La Croix*? Phyaidogioal View of Mar rtace. A new and reTiead edition of 2S0 puM and 180 plated Prioa 25 oenta a oopr. A popular and oomprehenaive treatiae on the duUea and casualties of aingleand married life-happy and fruitful alliaa ? ' - thero? ion oes. mode of eeeiinng them? infelicitous and infer tile ones?their obviation and removal?oervoua de bility, ita oauaea and eure, by a prorata at onoe ao aimple, safe. and effectual, that failure la impossible ?rules for daily management?aa essay on Sperma torrhcea, with practical observations on a safer and more auocessful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil reaulta from empirical practice\ to which w added commentaries on the dieeaaea of fe males?from infancy to old a?e?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'pointa out tha remedies for those self-inflicted miaenee and diaap pointed hopea ao unfortunately prevalent in tha young. It la a truthful adviser to the married, and thoae contemplating imrrmie. Ita perusal la partic ularly recommended to persons entertaining aecret doubts of their ph> steal condition, and who are oon acioua of having hazarded the health, happiness and priv ileges to which every human being is entitled to. Pnoe 25 cents per oopy.or five ooptea for #1, mail ed free of postage to any part of the United Statea, by addreaaing Dr. LA CROIX, (poet paid,) Albany, New York, enclosing 25 oenta. N. K. Thoae who prefer may eonault Doctor |LA CROIX .upon any of the diaeaeea upon whioh hia book treata, either peraonall) or by mail. Ilia medi cinea often cure in the ahort apace of aix daya, and completely and entirelj eradicate ail traoea of thoae diaordera which oopaiva and oubebs have ao long been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health o( the patient. Ilia " French Secret" la the great oon tinentnl reined? for that class of disorders which un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient'a oonatitu tion. and which all the saraaparilla in the world can not cure. Office No. SI Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. PILES?PILES?PILES.-Wo call attention to all who are afflicted with thia dreadful complaint to the following aworn certificate from one of our most respectable citizens, the father-in-law of tha proprietor of tha "Courier dea Etata L'aia," and formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia: New Yon. Aug. 28tk. 1MB. Dr. DwrRtR?Dear Sir: I hereby oertifr that 1 have been afflicted with the Pilea for nearly eixty years, that I have ue?d eighteen bottl?a? "?*? Pile Lotion, and ever; thing else I couldhoar oTbut all to no effect, for they did me little or ao good. * L ? * " ' About two months since, I oommenced uaing your remedies for the Piles, and have the happiness to any that they have had tha desired effect, having cured me. I consider this almost a miracle, for I am eight* veers of age. I sincerely recommend them to all af flicted with the above complaint. P. VAL1.EE, 73 Franklin atreet. State of New York. I New York City and County.f 1, Joseph C. I*awrence, do hercliy certify that on the dav of the date hereof. l?ofore nin personally came P. Vallee. te me well known, who. being bj me duly aworn, did depose and say that tlie oontcn'ta of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In witness whereof 1 have subscrilted my name,as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and have affixed my Nota rial Seal, at my office 111 New York, this 26tn day of August, 1856. JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds'and Notary Punlic of the State of New York, 67 Wall atreet, New York. We ohallenge the Medical Faculty of the United States to produce a certificate equal to the above. Dr. Duprie's Remedies are the only effectual cure for External and Internal Piles. Only 50 cents per box. Office?76 Nassau street. New York. Will be seat by mail to any part of the United States. For sale by FORD A BRO., corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue. Washington. D. C. oc 23 LEVY'S BITTERS.?These Bitteraarean infalli ble eure for Dysontery and Chronic Diarrhea, want of Appetite. Ac. They have preved an effec tual cure to all those who have been effected with the endemic of the National Hotel. Invaluable for summer complaints. No. &n Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Nation al Hotel. Wine, Liquors, Cigars, and fine Goeeries. apR tf _ JONAS P. LEVY., ^OUGH?COLDS?HOARSENESS. DR. TYLER'S CoJ[p()U\D SYRUP OP OUX ARRABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cure for Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Dia eased Lungs and Conauinption. Entered according to Act of Congrets, A. D. 1CT7. In again preaenting to thenotioeof the public the alwve remedy, we feel that little apology i? needed. \ ast numbers ina:l scctionaof the Union are obliged to have recourse to other sources of relief than the immediate prescription of their family physieran. and as each return of the winter season brings out a hoat of'professedl> now specifics, some good, others use less, and many decidedly dangerous, it become* aa much a matter of duty as interest, believing thia to l>e a remedy, combining the greatest advantages, with the least objections of an> other in use. to make it as extensively known as practicable. That such is its character, is abundantly proved by the fact, that it lias been extensively used the last twenty rears with unparalleled success; that its reputation has continued to spread and its sale increase, with little aid from advertising or published lists of cer tificates, (which all know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) thst bv its own intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of persons l>enefited by its use, it has gained ita pre sent popularity ; it la not trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific suxiliary in pulmonary cases, ready at hand, and one that has been generally found to aflord relief where most others have been tried without material benefit. As such, it is recognised by numbers ef our leading physicians, who know its composition, and have been eve witnesses of its superior efficacy, aa well as by thousands of our most respectable citizens, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 25 cents, or three Iwttles in one, V* cents, by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHASLES STOtT, Washington; CIT-SEL, Georgetown,and PEF.L A STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, "TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS," the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by putiiic speakers, singers, frequenters of public asseml>ljee. Ac., as they remove all huskines* from the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome oough. Pnoe 12>i and 25 cents a box. dec 2-1 y DR. DUPRIES'S REMEDIES are the only ef fectual cure for External or Internal Piles, Salt Rheum, Ring Worm, Ac. They are unrivalled for purifying the blood. 5" cents per box. Office, 76 Nassau atreat. New York. Will be sent by mail. For sale by FORD A BRO., oorner of 11th st., a?<1 Penn. avenue. on 23 1"*HE PERUVIAN SYRUP having suecessfully passed the ordeal to which many uisoovenes in the Materia Medina are subjected, must now be re ceived as an established medicine. ITS EFFICACY IN CURING ^ . DYSPEPSIA. Affections of ike Liver, Dropsy, Seuralgia, Bron chitis and Consumptive Tendencies, IHtorJrr ed state of the Blood, Boils, (ieneral Debility, and all Diseatet which require a Tonic and Alterative medicine is beyond question. The proofs of its efficacy are so numeroas. so well authenticated, and of sucn peculiar character, that | sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to receive the protfered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a rmre all, but its range is extensive, l*eeause many disea ses, apparently unlike, are intimately related, and, 1 proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy. The elass of diseases for which the Syrup promi ses a cure, is precisely that which has so often baf fled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible,and theaafety and efficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wish for an opinion from disinter ested persons respecting the character of the Syrup, cannot fail to be satisfied with the followirw among numorous testimonials, in the hands of the Agents. The signatures are those of gentlemen well known in the oommumty, and of the highest respectability. CARD. The undersigned having experienced the beneficial effects of the " Peruvian Syrup,*' do not hesitate to recommend it to the attention of the publio. From our own experience, as well as from tne tes timony of others, whose intelligence and integrity are altogether unquestionable, we have no doubt of its efficacy in oases of incipient Diseases of the Lungs and Bronchial Passages, Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint, Drops), Neuralgia, Ac. Indeed it? ef fects would be incredible, but from the character of those who have witnessed them, and have volunteer ed their testimony, as we do ours, to its restorative power. JOHN PIER PONT, THOMAS A. DEXfF.R, S. H. KENDALL, M. D. * \MI EL MAY. IOMAS C. AMORY. For sale by Z. D. GILM AN. Special Agent, 360 Pennsylvania avenue, and at the General Agency, corner of L and 8th streets. Navy Yard. feb 26 Having completed our sprint, and Summer arrangements, we are now prepared to supply our numerous customers in Washington and Georgetown with almost every description of whole some SUMMER DRINKS, such as premium Mm ieal \\ aters, pure Crab Cipr*. Champagne Cidkr, Burton, Philadelphia,and XXX Pali Alps. all of very superior quality, unsurpaaaed*in flavor and richness b> any in the Union j \X PeeTXa. a prime article. For several of the alatve mentioned dr^nka we received at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanica' Institute the higheat awards of merit. We are also agenta for the sale of Turner Brothers Gingek Wine.Blackbebrt Brandt,Sixers, Ae., ami Dr. Wheeler's Chxrrv Wine Bitters, all of which will be sold ou the most accommodating terms. We have also fur sale one superior CLOTHES MANGLE, in good order. ARNY A SHINN, apS-lm Corner Green and Olive sts.^.eorset'n. Ma ^ ^ ' XEfr ASD BEAUTIFUL STYLE, manufactured from Slate Stone, by the West Castle ton Slate Company. Vt. These Mantela are enamel ed in imitation of the richeat and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON. VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHERY, PYRENEES. BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH GAL WAY, and other rare aed desirable MARBLES. The imitations are ao perfect that tl?ey ohallenge the closeat scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not injured by amoke, coal" gas. or acids, and can be sold much oheaper tha#any othera in market. Price ranging from S'25 to f~ Architects, and examine i?, ... ? doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, ns stairs. aept 12?ly f. M. II AN SON. A cent. W~~ A8"HI NOT JN IN*DOMESTIC LIFE, from Original Lettera and Manuacnpta. by Richard Rush. Pnc? ?at_yn^hlwUd. ?md for aale at TAYLOR A MAI RY'S Bookatore, search atreet. w. w. "ack5baTcKNEy t daYTOn!' ** kATTo" , Buildera, and otheraare invited to call samples at No. 312 Seventh atreet. 3 I Timyeltra' directory. St5a.mkr geOrge page, g 1 1J* ? -- ?.F UEP a* -E Leave Alexandria at ?'%. ?V *. 1 lfS,S.4*.??. Leave \\ ashing ton at S. i. Wi. 113*. Ik< 4^VS. 7. a? ?-d Kl'I'lr V rkjCK,Jr*fimim. ALEX ANURIA AN D WA8HI N G To N BOAT. _ .JT?n I The itMmn GEORGE U AHH-fcr^a. > , INOTON or THOMA4 COLYKR**"?* will depart at the follow inn hour*, and oo Mt. \er non day* addiUonal trip* will be run : Leave Alexandria 7. ?V 1<>V 1*. *. *%.?. I L-r. agS-d GEO. T HOWARD. Ca?t??na. ROUTE TO THE BOlTHWtST. MEMPHIS 4- f HA KL KSTOJf ~RA 1LROAB COMPLrriD?COXJCBTT1MO ckmttmn?0gm, Trnn.; Ch*rl*n??, S. C.; Smram. ??*, ii?.. and all the Nortkeusttrn citut, vuk Mtmpktt, TVaa. * !,nk Badroad between N F/ty VyHKANDrHKMISSISSITl RIVER. This ruad is mow ooinj?l?te.l and opened for the rag. ular transportation of Passengers and Freight. surf will afford more Expedition and less Expense tu*a an) other route between the Northeast ai?l Soutfc. west. Passengers and Shippers will take due Ootioa thereof, and govern themselves accordingly. Passenger Traina leave Stevenson daily at o'clock, a. m., (after the arrival of the traina from Chattanooga and Naahvdle.iand arrive at Memphis Kinif iIm at 7 p. in., eonnecting with First ('1mi Steam I'ackcts to New Oilean*, and all other imp.*, tant points upon the Western Rivers.* timxla r..B. signed lo Railroad A rent ? at Charleston <?r N*r?|. nah, will lie forwarded to Memphis and other potnia, by Express Freight Traina. Freight in charge of the Adama Express Coo* pan* ta named over ttua route dail) by the I'aaaaa gertraini. P. C. ARMS General Superintendent. Hcxtbvill*, (Ala.> Arrtl la, iwt. 'Through Tickets to Memphia, Ac., sold Mt Wil mington. N. C,; t'harteaton, S. C.; Auguata. Savar nah, Macon. Atiauta. and Columbus, Ga: Montgom ery, Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville. Tenn. To connect with the Weatarn Traina on this road, passengers will take the night traina from Wilming ton. N. C.; Augusta. Ga.;Chvttanooga and Naahville. Tean.; ami the dor traina from Charleston ard Rmgsville. S. C.: and Atlanta. Ga. ap 7-tf AILY LINK FOR EDWARDS* FERRY AND LEESBl'RG, Va.. via Chesapeake v>d Ohio Canal.?The Packet Boats AR flOand M.C. M EIGS. will commence making dai I * trip* to the ahove point ?.? on Monday, March S, leaving the wharf of \V. ||. and II. G. Ritter, Georgetown, l>. C. evert morning at 7 o'oluek, Sunday a excepted; through in ei*ht hours; Ira viae Georgetown at laeven o clock in tfc* morning, the Boats w ill arrive at the f,re*t Ka Washington Aqneduot. at I* a. m.. Senecs *t 12m, Edwards' Ferrt at S p. m., whrr* a ataee will h- n r?adineas to oonve> piv?sen|;era to l^eshurg. \?. Returning, leave Edwards' Ferry every day ?? r. ? o'clock ui the morning, and arriving ui (jcori:nr..?n at sunset. _ Tlirou-h Ti^k^ta. 51.7V Intermediats p. <nf *s follows: Crest Falls or Washington A?|iiedur'. Vi centa; Scneon. 7S oenta; F.dward*' Ferr*. ai.U; l.eestmrg. Virginia, including coach. ?1.75. Mea.i serve<l on the Boats at m^'-nite prices. mar 2S W. H. A 1LG. RITTF.R. Q RANGE AND ALEX AN DRIA R AILROA D. ?i 0 RE AT SO VT HER \ MAIL LIS E. Twice Pailr. (Sundav niehta excepted,> between WASHINGTON and th-? SOI TII.via A LFXAN DRIA. gordonsvll.I.E AND RICHMOND, Danville and greensborough. Leaves Washington at 6o'clock a. in. " Alexandria at "S o'clock a. m. " Washington at 7 o'clock p. m. " Alexandria at BS o'clock p. m. Fare from Washington aud Alexandria to Rich mond. *5 an. fl_/~Omnibuses aik! Hnrcage Wagons will he?t' + Depot of the \N'ashiii8ton Rmlroaii. to convoi sengera and Imggage to the Staamer PACiR, for Alexandria, a distance of eix nulos, allawir? ample tune for imali. niar27-tf JAMES A, EVANS. Agent. yyr ASHING TON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains leave WASHINGTON for BALTIMORE at 6 and a. m.. and 3 and 4>? p. m. On Suu'Iav. at 4^ p. in. _ _ Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 8k arid 9.S a. m.. and 3 and oVt p. m. n Sunday at iiu a. m. Passencers for Phila<l?lpliia and New Y??rk wiil tale trams st 6, 8.*,. ami 4 V For Ann*P"li* W'H taks trains at RHi and t>*. For Norfolk will take trains at 8H and 3. For the Wast will take traina at fcaad 4>?. oocnad log at the Washington Junction. jau 16-tf T.H. PARSONS. Aj|eat. IT'OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. ?? I BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Nrw am> Improved Arraxoxmems. a Three Trains daily from Baltimore for Cumber land. WIimIijk, and all parts of tiie Weat. I st. The ACC< >M M (?D ATI ON T R AIN will .?<*'? < except Sunday > at 6.43 a. rn., conneeting with trk.i? from Ptiiladelpliia. first train frmn Washington at * Junction*?will stop at Way Stations, and arrive at Cuinl>erland at 4 o'clock p. m. 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN leaves Camden StaHua daily (except Sunday ) at a. rn.. and resct^as \Vheeling by 4 a. in., connectiug at Benwood w:tl trains lor Columbus. Cincinnati. Day ton. Indisnapo lis, Louisville. Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, Cc.cago, St. Louis, Cairo, and intermediate points. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 7 p. m.. connccting with express traina for Cincinnati. St. Louis, Cairo. Chicago.aud intermediate pseen. Tne distance to Cincmnat i and other central and southern plaoes in the West, is nearly 100 miles shorter tae^ !>y anv other route. The time to these pieces is a.?u ^ unequalled. Baggage checked through to Columbus, Cio dunati, Indiaiiapolls, and St. I<ouis. Pasaeagers and Baggage transferreJ at a>. points free. THROIGH TICKETS will be sold toall the targa tewng la the Weat, at tha lowest |K>s.<liMe rates, at the Ticket Office, Caindeu Station, and st Waihit ton city. C r A aeoond-c'aaa car is attached to the MAIL ' RAIN. Pasaengera from Baltimore or Washington ro?y ri>?c ike tnltrf rend 6* takins A modation or Mail Train, and lying over at Cumber? land or Oakland. The* resume the next mornnm J the Express Train, which learea Cumberland at ,.w a. m.. and reaches WheHmg at 2 p. in. Passengers from Washington have ample time for mealaat Washington Junction. This is the only route by which Through 1 lexKi and Baggage Checks can be obtained in \\ aal..ngt<Hi. ? FOR WAY I'A SS E AG E R S. The Accommodation Train at 6.4A si ill stop at sa stations east of Cumberland.and the Express at ?ts- ? tions between I'ie?liuont. going \\ e?t. V'.astwsrdjy the Mail Train ienves Wheeling at 7.lfia.<i Ae commodation leaves Cumberland at re??toin< Baltimore xf S.4.S p. m. The FRI'.DrRK'K TRAIN starts at M L eept Sunday) stopping at Way Siation*-. Leaves m Frederick at 9 a. m.. arriving at Baltimore at noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves Tani den Station at? S.S" p. m. Leaves Elliott a ' Mills at 7 JO a. m. and 7.5* p. m., a* eept Sundays. AV. S. WOODSIPK, ? Jan 16-tf Master of Transportati'-a. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL _ VSITED STATES MAIL STEA MER!>. * T The ATLANTIC The BALTIC The ADRIATIC. TK? Skip* tMnprittng this Linr are: Capt. Olirer Eldridge Capt. Joseph Comstock. Capt. James West. These ships having heen built by contract expr??i* for Government service, every care lias been ijeii in their construction, as also in their enefties. 'o in sure strength and speed, and their accommodations for passengers are uuaquaUed lor elegance and com fort. Price of passage from N?w York to Liverpool. ia first cabin. 9 i9i; in seooml do.. %7S ; eio!ui?fx'e u*eof extra size state rooms, $375. From l.irerpo??l to New York, 2> and S' guineas. An experienced Sur gaou attached to each ship. N o Iter! h scan t-e secured until paid for. The ahips of this line have nap; water-tight bulk-heads, and to avoid danger fr--tr i** will not cross the Banks north of 4? decrees il>? after tha 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. _ no* *IW TOII. I riOM l-IVKKPOOL. 9aturda\, Jan. 3. 1357 Wedne??lay. Jan. 7. I*' Satuiday , Jan. 17 IW7 Wednesday, Jan. lfw Saturday , Jan. 31 1?7 Wclne-lay, !?/??.4 Saturday, Feb. 14....1RS7 \Yednesday. I eb. 18 JiT' Saturday, March 14.. 1XV7 Wednesday, Msr^ Saturday. April II....1KS7 Wednesday. Apni 1 1*^7 Saturday, May 9 IRST Wednesday. Apri. S- J Saturday, May a \Vf1 \N'*nlnesday. >f:<* 27 Saturday, Jane 6 18S7 Wednesday, JuneUVI*^ Saturday, June 3> 1R57 \Vednea?lf?y. June24.1*^ Satunlay. July 4 laT Wednesday, July 8 ^ SaturdaT, July 18 18.57 Wednesday. July 2S Emv51iD0KpcattKJSN?. *. ??-! New York. . . BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO..I^*"erpool. STEPHES KENNARD a CO., No. 27, Aua F2a": WvUN W RIGHT A CO.. Paris. The owners of these ships will not be accountsL* for gold, ailver. bullion, specie jewelry. preci..?s stones or metals, unless or ,a?jing are suneflj theref??rand the value thereof expressed therein. feb 3 INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES. AfOA'*V*e LOAS on~STOCK SECVRITIES CHIVBB BROTHERS. BANKERS. Opposit? the Trtatmrf. the IIOVSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Washington, ia oompos?d of CHAS. St. J.CHI BP, JOHN D. HARROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHLBB BROTHER, BARROW A CO.. Davkxport. Iowa, is oompoaed of CHAS. St. J. CHI BB. ALEX'R II BARRoU. Jan 77?tf WM. H. DOFGAU . CMBBS HAIR manm FACTORY. PF.N>'i f Avrsvi, iiTwriv ?th and II>th Sn-'H1 half Wifa, Braids, Curie, Bantleaus, FniieH era, Ae., always on hand, and made to order a* a fr* hours notice. Ijidiea' Hair Dyed. SlianipooedjAr. in the moat complete manner. All *'? Articles from the best French and F#ngji*h No. 9M, Pa. nvanua, np ataara, over Davis Mus* ^ j^torr &B.-B*u vork rep<ured or tUen u> r*<****?>