Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY April 29, 1MT. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The InifUispnetr is, to-day, devoted to news and literature. The Union contains the following interesting particulars concerning the Government ar rangements for the prosecution of the work on one of the wagon roads : ?Th* Waco:* Road feom Fori Dkfiavck to the Mojavi Rivkr ?The corps for the conatruc t an of this road ha* been organized under the direction of the Secretary of War. as follow*: Edward F. Beaje, Superintendent; (J. H Heap Assistant: Dr. James P. Ilambleton, Physician The working party will consist of fifty picked ?iien, with the necessary wagons and tools to break the road through. ??Lieut. Charles K. Thorburn has beendetached l am the Navy Department, to accompany the ex pedition for geological surveys. 'Twenty-five camels will accompany the ex jvfdition. which will afford ample opportunities test their powers of endurance and their adap tability to an American climate The camels will l* confided to the care of Mr. Heap, who, it will be recollected by many of our readers, accom Pinied the expedition that was sent from the nited States for their purchase. The whole party will rendezvous at New Orleans some time next month.* and thence proceed without delay to the extensive scene of their arduous and danger ous labors. ? 44 All the corps of the several Pacific wagon roads are now organized, and are making 'the most active preparations for the prosecution of the great work which has been intrusted to them at the earliest possible moment. They are com posed of men whose antecedents justify their selection for the important trusts that have been ronfidfd to them, and which will be discharged in the present instance, there is every reason to believe, to the entire satisfaction of the pnblic. ?"It is confidently believed that these great wagon roads to the Pacific will be completed be fore the expiration of the present year. The Sec retary of the Interior and the Secretary of War have manifest?d even a stronger interest than offi cial solicitude for their early completion, and have evinced a Zealand a promptitude in carrying out the wishes of Congress in reference to this great enterprise which cau only be equalled by the sound discrimination which they have shown in the selection of their agents Nott?The 10th proximo is the day named by Mr. Beale?Ed. Star. The t mi on. also, in noticing the re-nomina tion of the Hon. Mr Barksdale for Congress, pays that gentleman many well deserved com pliments. True as steel to his political princi ples. he is a gentleman of untiring industry, great fon&of character, and quickness of ap prehension?qualities not often found combined to so great a degree in one public man : but qualities nevertheless necessary to make the successful national legislator. As there can be no doubt of his re-election, we feel assured that Mr Barksdale. of Mississippi, is destined soon to become a legislative statesman of mark; for he has already served the necessary apprentice ship at home and in Washington. We regret to perceive that the Union's latest advices from Fayetteville represent ex-Secre tary Dobbin as being still confined to his cham ber We long impatiently for genial weather that he mey get out and about. According to the Union, in their recent State election, the Democracy of Iowa reduced the Fusion majority of 7.533 at the Presidential election to 796?an achievement worth crowing over, indeed. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Boers News ?The telegraph told the Star 's readers yesterday that Governor Geary had been nominated for Governor of Pennsylvania, by the disaffected Democrats and the straight out Americans, at Harrisburg ; and that terri ble excitement raged yesterday morning in that town among the politicians ; that Geary would probably accept the nomination. Ac. On its face, the casual reader of that dispatch would imagine that a tremendous feud had sprung up in the bosom ot the Democratic party of Pennsylvania, that threatens to overwhelm it in ruin at the approaching State election. Now. the truth is. not a single supporter of the election of James Buchanan for the Presidency aa far as we can learn after due investigation hat taken lot or part in this very la?t fusion movement; which is a fusion only of the per sonal admirers of tieary among the Republi cans and the'? Americans" who will not sup port Wilmot?the regular fusion nominee?on account of his abolitionism Of the latter, we apprehend, there are many more than refused to support the fusion electoral ticket last No vember. when enough turned their backs on it to give the Democrats a triumph. The Demo crats of Pennsylvania never had an abler or more popular candidate for Governor than their present one?Gen Win. A. Packer?and this movement of a portion of the opposition in Geary s favor will materially strengthen his prospect of success, which we regarded as a certainty, even before it (this movement) oc curred So far a^ Geary s share of it is concerned, it is but a spasmodic effort to keep himself before the dear people, for whose applause he ap pears to hanker as ravenously as did his illus trious predecessor?Reeder. He ha* not a tithe of Reeder s talents for popular speaking and iniacbief making generally. We fear, indeed, that he is without the ability to make his nomi nation by the parties who have put him up much more than a laughing-stock. We rejoice, however, that he has so soon taken such open and unmistakable ground against the Democ racy of Pennsylvania, simply because be thus disproves the allegation of various opposition presses at the South, that he was a fair repre sentative. in his course in Kansas, of the spirit of the Pennsylvania Democracy upon the slave ry question Th* Appboachixg Election.?The political (municipal) waters of the Federal Metropolis are remarkably still just now. in view of the fact that on the first Monday in June next an important election eomes off here From pres ent appearances, party spirit is to have much lees sway in it than in any of our previous elec tions for three years past Else, the efforts Already made to drum the rank and file of both contending armies to their posts in line, would fiave been more successful. At present mat ters look as though there were to be a number of volunteer candidates on both sides, running each on his own hook If this disposition con tinues. of course the race between the parties now so evenly balanced here, may, ere long become very interesting; setting at defiance the capac.ty ol the ones to calculate results in advance ot their occurrence reliable data within their reach J; " ?? e presume that the three anti-Know Nothing a*pirant? fur the Collectorsbip. so far published to the world a* such?Messrs Halliday. Callan and R^rt lett?ere ready tosubmit their respective claim? to the arbitration of a convention. We hear the names of half a dozen others mentioned as *nti Know Noting candidates for the same po aition. and take it for granted that their friend? will shortly announce them formally; least by waiting too long all chanee for their success may vanish, through the number of pledges obtained for their rivals already announced. friends are now busily engaged in elec tioneering for them The opposition, if at work at all in this mat ter. are working like moles?in the dark?hav ing pu >l'nsbed the name of no candidate for any place so f?r Those who fancy that they may have none, however, reckon without their host; for it is very certain that there is no lack of as pirants in tb*r ranks, who*, rival claims will proye a* difficult to be harmonized as thoee of the aspirants auiong the unties These are dull times, indeed Washington city just now lacks a local theme for excitement In behalf of the host around us whose countenances tell of tho entire absence of elements of muni cipal i*>lkic*l interest, we bag the parties pre paring to take part in the grand hubbaboo we should rightfully have upon us shortly, to hurry up their cakes. Nobody's abusing anybody yet; nor is any one engaged in that so patriotic labor of spending time, breath, and liquor of questionable quality in very great men out of such materials as the local politicians of this burgh affords. We are for a long fight, a hot fight, and a free fight for the nominations, decidedly, because in that way the candidates will be so thoroughly sifted M that both parties may, without liability to mistake, select their very best men, if they will. .Stirring a Hornet's Nest.?Caleb Cush ing's recent speech has fairly frensied all Abo litiondom. Ita exposure of the silliness?to use no harsher term?of that politioal creed, as illustrated by its effect on the popular mind of his State, is so powerful as to have well nigh crazed everything in the shape of a Republican party paper throughout the non-slaveholding States Believing in the soundness of the phil osophy of laughing and growing fat?anathemas on the interminable National Hotel disease that won't let one grow fat. laugh as much and as heartily as one may,?for the last twenty-four hours we have been almost splitting our sides over the ferocious onslaughts upon the Hon. Caleb, appearing in every thing falling into our hands in the shape of a newspaper with Free Soil proclivities; if but beenuse we know that he will enjoy them as heartily ns we do That man don t live who has a greater contempt and a more fixed abomination than has Caleb Cush ing for the hypocrisy, ignorance, mendacity, and self-sufficiency of political Abolitionism in ita popular?Republican party?phase Nor does any other in the range of our acquaintance so deplore that his own State has fallen a vic tim to it; thus losing her prestige and her op portunity for practical usefulness as a sovereign member of the North American Confederacy, which, were it profitably improved, might make her foremost in all things that men of well balanced minds approve ; instead of being, as she is, a prey to charlatans?religious, social, and political. No other man so despises the race of little great men who have led her astray; and whose toadies, conducting the "progress" press, are now blatant against him for pricking the bubble of their self-sufficient imposture, as he did. in the never to be forgotten Newburyport speech to which we here refer. The Minnesota Indian Massacres.?From the data concentrating in this city for some time past, concerning the Indian difficulties in the Spirit Lake country, we have arrived at the conclusion that the reports with which the Northern papers are filled relative to them are greatly exaggerated, indeed. Three-fourths of them doubtless grew out of the Spirit Lake murders, of which the readers of the Star were some time since apprised, in our exposition of the information relative to them dispatched to Washington by Agent Flandeau. There is also probably "a wheel within a wheel" involved in these reports, of which moat of the public are not aware. Not long since it was intended speedily to offer for sale at the Sioux city and Fort Dodge Land Offices (recently established) the very territory which, according to these re ports. is being devastated by the savages. The settlers and indigenous land speculators in that quarter are much opposed to the plan of per mitting the outside world to compete with them for these lands, which, of course, they desire to monopolize. Those around us best informed concerning the tricks and contrivances of land speculations, are firmly of opinion that more than half the horrors of these newspaper reports have their origin in a desire to keep off outside bidders, by making them believe that every mother's son of them will risk his scalp in at tempting to ?? prospect" there ! The California Indian Resf.rvations.? Interesting dispatches have reached Washing ton from J. Koss Browne, Esq.. agent of the Treasury Department in California, concerning tho state of the Indian reservations and the tribes in thatquartcr. He regards the Sebastian reservation, near the Tejon Pass, and also the farm (Indian) near the Tulare Pass, as being too arid for profitable cultivation. They have not been satisfactorily improved on that account. The Nomelackee reservation possesses a fine soil and location, and the Indians upon it are working well. All is prosperous there. The reservation near Cajic Mendocino is tho best location for the purpose in the State. It is easy of access from the sea. moat of the year ; of good soil; is well adapted to root culture; ami is isolated from the white settlements. It is in a very prosperous condition, indeed. The farm in Nomecult ^ alley, midway between the Nom elackee and Mendocino reservations, is in fine condition, aud flourishes satisfactorily. The Indiana of the north section of the State, though most of them were quite savages when the experiment of thus locating and working them began, are much more thriving and pros perous in their new system of life than those in the south portion of California. Thus, the In dians around Los Angelos. the most wretched in the State, are so through long contact with the whites, whose vices, through neglect. Ac., they have adopted without profiting by the adoption of any of their good traits. A Correction. ? The ItUeliifencer this morning copies into its columns the following paragraph, which, we have every reason to be lieve. is erroneous: "Dacmox av thk Navy Department ? Sec retary Toucey has decided that the retired and dropped officers coming before the Courts of In quiry mav demand a copy uf the charges preferred against them This i* in opposition to Attorney ti. neral Cushing's decision, which requires the officers to prove their fttne** in all resp^ ts?mor al. mental, professional, and physical?for t-ie service." The informant of the writer of this paragraph has clearly misled him. accidentally, we take it for granted ; for the Secretary has made no such decision. We may not inappropriately add, that no '?charges" are preferred by the Department egainst the retired officers; as to have been re tired on leave pay involved the highest com pliment to the standing ol an officer in the ser vice, honorable physical disability being alone the cause, we apprehend, why those officers so retired were placed on that list. By the by, the Hon. John Nel.ion, in his ar gument on the case of Mr Augu.-ttus McLaugh lin did not. as alleged in some t?f the newspa pers, take ground against tho opinion of the late Attorney General, referred to in the above attract He made no allnsion t'? General Cush ing ? opinion I'oSTAGE To For Ellis Col'XTBIEfc The Pos'. in?,i*r Ueneral ha* just issued n now tabloof Z i? ???* he In, ? ' ' *ln8'e letters of half an ounce or, Briuin ^ cnu ol ?? ?, by ^ j30 ' ", by the Bremen Hue direct, 15 cenu; for quarter-ounce w 0ern,t? ,ia France, 21 cent.: for quarter-ouaae letters to any part of J ranee Algeria, li cent,. Prepayment optional in all cases. The rate for letters to Canada and the other Britiah North American Provinces is 10 cents prepayment optional. The following interactions in regard to print ed matter will be aaeful to many of our read era :? '' Newspapers an 4 periodicals published in the U.iited states and sent to regular subscribers in jt*e British North American ProvLnce:;, or pul ii"?h#*d in those Provinces and ?^en< tu regular sub *cril>er* in the United State*, are chargeable with the regular prepaid quarterly rates of United fftntes pwtag<e H?Ml W?? the line; which post age must be collected at the office of mailing in the United State* on matter sent, and at the office of delivery in the United State* on matter re ceived. In'like manner, such matter, if transient, is chargeable with the rfgular domestic transient printed matter rates to and from the line, to lie collected at the office of mailing or delivery in the United States, as the case may ue. Editors, how ever, may exchange free of ex pense. '' Tib Natal Coi rts of Inqcirt.?The ab sence of material witnesses for the Government in the case of ax-Master Geo. A. Stevens, lata of the Nary, prevented his case from being taken up to-day in Court No. 1. His cose has been postponed, and that of Commander Bullus is next to be taken up. We presume that it will be proceeded with to-morrow. In Court No. 2, the case of Lieut. Chandler being still on trial, Commanders Steadman and Marc hand have been examined ainee our issue of yesterday, and as we go to press Commander Hartstein is being examined. All these wit nesses were called by the Government. In Court No. 3, after getting through with the reading of the documentary testimony pre sented by Lt. Baldwin, Lt. Win. H. Parker was examined on his behalf, and the report of the medical examining board (ordered yester day by the Court)?Surgeons Edwards and Maxwell, and Assistant Surgeon Landsdale? was received, giving their opinion upon hi* present physical condition after due investiga tion A recess ol an hour was taken in this Court at noon Land Warrants.?The financial circular of Sweeny, Rittenhouse. Fant 4 Co., of the 29th April, says : The *upj ly of I,and Warrants has largely in creased, and the demand being light, prices have suddenly fallen olf two cents per acre We quote the market dull at the following rates, viz: Buy'g per acre Sell'g per acre. 40 acre warrants *1.10 $1.14 80 " ? 1.(10 1.01 1(10 " ?? 99 1.01 120 " 44 95 97 The Land sales which were advertised to have taken place at one of the office* in Iowa, on the 4th May next, in consequence of the Indian dis turbances, have been suspended for the present, which has contributed to depress the market. Withdrawal of Lamps in Florida.?We understand that the lands within fifteen miles, of the line of railroad from Amelia island to Tampa Bay, and its branch to Cedar Keys, in in the State of Florida, have been withdrawn from pre-emption settlement, by instruction of the Commissioner of the General Land Office, under a recent opinion of the Attorney Gen eral. Post Office Department.?Post Offices Established?Frankford, Sussex county, Del., Edward C. D. Kirkpatrick, Postmaster; Tom kinsville, Charles county, Md., J. K. Tomkins. Postmaster. Name of Office Changed?Woodville Depot, Albemarle county, Ya.f changed to Cosbey's Store. Office Discontinued.?Barnes ville, Marion county, Ala. Appointed?The President has designated Robt. L. Stevens. Esq.. of Lecompton, Kansas Territory, to be u Commissioner to superintend the sale of the trust lands of the confederate bonds of ia. Peoria, Pianka^haw and Wea Indians, to commence at Paoli, (Kansas.) on the 24th June next Attornhv General Black, who left Wash ington on Saturday last on a flying trip to his home in Pennsylvania, returned to his post this morning. We learn that his residence in this city is to be the house in Franklin Row recent ly occupied by his predecessor, Gen. Cushing. A Receiver Appointed.?Samuel L. Hays, of Virginia, ha* been appointed Receiver of Public Moneys at the Sauk Rapid, Minnesota, vice Win. H Wood, whose commission has ex pired. Location Changed.?The President has di rected the location of the Land Office at Red Wing. Minnesota, to be changed to Henderson, in the same Territory. The Current Operations or the Trea svrt Department.?On yesterday, April28th, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of ntuck* ?150.302 51 For the Treasury Department 51.60.'! 31 For the Interior Department 61,731 84 For Customs 10,259 30 War warrants received and entered.. 1*25,353 US War repay warrant* received and en tered 5,131 92 From miscellaneous sources 15,309 50 From Customs 3.237 05 Oil account of the Navy 31,901 (JO New Publication*.?From Shillington we have Putnam's Monthly, and Household Words for May. Futnam, we see, is making bold strides tff rival Harper in wood-cut illustrations. The ladies should really mob Putnam for its illustrated ar t ice upon '-Frippery." Both article and illus trations are calculated to make a sensation. This Magazine would be incomplete without an Uncle Tom chapter or two, and the present numl>er is not wanting in this particular. "Household Words" for May presents a won derfully enticing table of contents, but we have not yet had the time to penetrate farther. New Music.?John F. Elli?, Piano and Music Dealer, has sent us a new Persian. La Vesta, dedi cated to Midshipmen of the Naval Academy, by Prof. J. R. Codet. From Mexico?1The Threatened War with Spain.?The New Orlisans Picayune, says: "After the revolutionary plots of the clergy and adherents of Santa Anna, the great subject of ex citement in Mexico was the threatened collision with Spain. The minister of War, General Soto, had been ten day* at Vera Cruz, inspecting, per sonally, the fortress of San J nan de Ulloa, ana the naval and military establishment* of the city, lien. Corona, and other restless chieftains, now exile* from the republic, have otfered their servi ces to the President, which were formally accept ed Gen. Ghilardi has also declared himself ready for service. The papers are naturally filled with the exciting topic, anil comments are volum inous and various. The Trait d'Union, referring to the rumored support of France and Knglan<T expresses the opinion that the real object of their expedition is the surveillance of the United States and their movements in the Gulf. The military foice. detailed for the protection of the Vera Cruz road, had arrived on the spot. The whole distance between the city of Mexico and Orizaba is now patrolled by cavalry. The traveling public, however, have to pay the ex penses of tueir protection. A tax of naif a dollar is levied on each passenger. In case of an actual conflict between the two countries, the Trait d'Tnion counts upon material aid from tb** braves, who will cross the Kio tirandeor make their landing good at Acapulco, and other ports of the Pacific Destructive swarms of locusts have made their appearance in various parts of the republic and done jj?eat injury to the growing crops. In all probability the Mexican ifovenrment will at the end of the nine day. accede also to the de mands of the British legation in the matter of the indemnity of Mr. Barron, and there the difficulty will end. Col. Butterfleld, bearer of the res|>onse of our government to the Forsyth treaties, had not reached thecitv on the 4th. having liecn detained by sickness at Pueblo. His dispatches, however, had been forwarded. * The D2EP April Snow ?The Coo|wrstown (Otsego county) papers have the following: *? A gentleman from Burlington Flats informs i us that he counted, on the road leading from thence, via Schuyler's Lake to this place, a dis tance of eighteen miles.eighteen buildings which had caved ill, under the pressure of the recent snows. The fall of snow in this county, on Mon day and Tuesday, will average from four to six feet." The Hartford Times says : "The post riders who came in to-day from towns twenty and thirty miles west and north of this city, report the late *uow storin to have been much harder in that direction than it was in Hart lord county. Mr. Shepard, who came in from West Granville, just over the Massachusetts line, y* ?)* snow is two feet deep there, and the weighing is good. He came in a part of the way ? ,^'he drifts between Wed Granville llartland are from five to six feet deep .... Lieut. Wluard**: PERSONAL II. J. Hartsteiu, U. 8. Navy, U At ....J. B. Rolierts, the American tragedian, has arrived in Eondon. George N. Saunders. U. S. Naval Officer at New York, and Col. P. Delia Torre of California, are at the Kirkwood House. .... Joshua A. Spencer, Esq , the eminent law yer of western New York, who died a few day* ago, was formerly a journeyman ear pester. ....Frederick Emerson, Esq., well known as the author of a valuable arithmetic, died in Bos ton on Sunday. .... Senator Owin. of California, Is shortly ex pected at Vlcksburg. Miss . on a visit. Mr. Gwia formerly resided at Vicksburg. ....A letter from the wife of Crawford, Ae sculptor, announces his symptoms as more favor able, but not sufficiently so to Inspire hopes of his recovery. .... Dr. L. F. W. Andrews, editor of the Georgia Citizen, has been sued for libel to the tuae of ftSO.(KK). for publishing the name of a subscriber who had moved off without paying his subscrip tion dues. ....The New Hampshire Statesman under stands that ex-President Pierce is negotiating for a tract of several acres of land, about a mile from the State House, upon which, probably, to erect a handsome mansion. .... The Rev. Thomas Dix Hincks, formerly the most eminent schoolmaster of his day in Ire land. and author of many standard school books, I Is dead. He was Professor of Hebrew for many jears in Belfast Institution. The Louisville (Ky ) Journal says: In the Catholic Church at I.afayette, Ind.. on Easter Sunday. ten couples were married, and <a-h of the brides was named "Hannah.'' A cockney would rail this a Hannahmated scene .... The Rev. Hiram Matteson, a well-known minister of the Methodist Church, and one of the editors of The Northern Independent. Auburn. N. i ., is about to leave his present position in or der to start a Methodist paper in Kansas. The Andover Professors Park and Phelps in connection with Dr. Lowell Mason, have tor some time been engaged in the preparation of a new collection of psalms and hymns, which is now in such a forward state that its publication may be looked for in the course of a few months. ....Rev. William Jav was once preaching at \\ otton, when he noticed some of his congrega tion asleep. Pausing, he said : I have heard that the miner can sleep M'hile the mill is going, but if it stops it awakens him. I'll t.y this method : and so sat down. He soon had an aroused audi ence. Mr. George Pea body and several Bo*tonians were at Oswego on Saturday, and the telegraph mentions a rumor that their visit is connected with the completion of the New York and Bing hampton Railroad to that city, in which project Mr. P. is said to be largely interested. .... Mr. and Mrs. Beck and their two children, who were believed to l>e among the dead bodies found in the cars, after the Desjardins Canal Rail way accident, are actually living now at their house on Gerrard street, in Toronto, not having been on the cars that day at all, although their bodies were supposed to have been recognized. .... The Baltimore Sun says that on Sunday evening a Mrs. Sapp, of that city, lost her life by

a heroic attempt to extricate a female who was sitting upon the railroad track as the cars were approaching. She succeeded in extricating the woman from her perilous position, but was her self, l)v an overbalance, unfortunately thrown forward and being struck by the locomotive on the forehead, was killed almost instantly. .... A Washington letter says : "Mr. Chubb a prominent banker here, with' other gentlemen will start in a few days to meet Gen. Cushing at the Falls of the St. Croix, in Minnesota, where they have large landed interests. An immense amount of money has been sent from this Dis trict to be invested in Minnesota, and at least a score of paper cities are owned here and in Georgetown." .... It is quHe a singular fact that Hancock was not originally elected as a delegate to the Conti nental Congress at Philadelphia. The illness of James Bowdoin s wife compelled Bowdoin to re main at home and Hancock was selected as his substitute To this trifling circumstance Han cock is indebted for the proud distinction he has gained of having his name enrolled?where all the world may read it?foremost on the roll of In dependence ! GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Correspondence of The Star. OtoicKTows, April 29.1857. The new boat James L. Cathcart, bnilt by the Messrs. Espey for the purpose of testing the prac tical applicability of Capt. Cathcart's newly in vented method of propelling vessels to canal nav igation. was brought up yesterday, and is now lying at the foundry wharf of Mr W. T. Duvall awaiting her machinery. She is by far the most perfect and beautiful model of a boat we have ever seen afloat upon our canal. The Captain ex pects to have everything in readiness for a trial trip about the Kith of May. Who can explain to us how it is done* We are credibly informed that beautful marble for flagging, steps. &r.. has been purchased of per sons in the employ of the Managers of the Wash ington Monument Association by individuals re siding in our city at prices as 'low if not lower ttian the most ordinary stone used for such pur poses could lie had. We are well pleased to see our citizens get good bargains, but really think that, unless the marble to which we refer had been condemned a* unlit to be used about any part of the monument or grounds, {which, from its appearance, we hardly think likely.) it ought to have ?>een reserved until another effort shall l>e ture toWards the co'npletiou of that noble struc The fine barque Sylph. Capt. Jones, from Bos ton, with a cargo of plaster lor Hartley & Bro . reached our city yesterday, and is now'discharg ing. We understand that she is to take in at our city a cargo for Halifax, N. S n,Jke M'Pply of fish at our wharves continues quite limited and price, high. Shad are selling this morning at $lua811 per hundred, and her rings at S*a#9 per thousand. rA7*h! of w,owJ arriving is unusually small for the season and prices have considerably ad vanced^ Good seasoned oak would readily com mand 5H, and pine (seasoned) S3 to S3.25. s. Missouri Politics ? Jas. S. Rollins recentlv recommended for Governor by the American "on? .Yl JJ' a."llounce* himself as a candidate for that office in opposition to the candidate of the Democra s. Gov. Jackson has fixed ILe3d of Au gust for the election to fill the vacancy caused by il.e resignation of Gov. Polk. The election for nSt? m l,re?faild ?,her Court? infixed lor the tirst Monday in August. T *taI'v ^ MLLTING, SECOND WARD h# Secoad Ward opposed to tie held T>n FR Ifclfy V, V E \Y\ u DeteSteVtSthM?!" U\Lt- "?n D corn w/ll U ^eUcLd? " to uo,ni?at? City Off. ap 2M-3t (I'nionA Intel) TGT*lander"ASiH1^gton high teiid at your Armory on T H U RS D A Y ?FV VI* 1 in-t"1'Rt " ^ookflbr the*purpose of drill. As several new members will have to hi re orJer. '""i J NO. MeKAY. O. S. ? f?CO,TT GCARDS AGAIN.?THF T""bes'"? Miiibii'SPi ~ COMMITTEE. fTT*^?.T'k Joint committee meet nf?thi /tf? as{>m*ton Asylum are requented'to n othco of the undersigned, on 8th atraet near Penn. avenue, on THURSDA\ Pvf'vivr' at 4 o'clock next, tor the purpose"Vexa.n.n.VJ t?e for [?lPSa,n?,im!!d,n8 ^ ^ purp?8e Huh""Ued ?' JOHN L. SMITH.CI airmw. rri=?A MEETING OF THE FOURTH ward unt'"^"o* Nothings will be held at the Hall DAY FVF "C?t 7i,re-THURS _.' "Vr,.>iiMi,nt 7*t <? clock. ap28-3t S-3 &OCIA IION.-Anadjourned meeting of the A^o^ation will he held on \vKDNESDA v EVE* N1NG, April 29 inst.,at o' Potomac Hall corner of Maryland avenue and llth street, for the purpose of electing officers. ap2B-2t* SAMUEL p2B-?t* SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, Pres. HGT THE NATIONAL MUSICAL CONVEN TION will meet hi the Smithsonian Insti tution on MONDAY, May 4,at Hi o'clock a. in. Invitations to various Musical bodies in the United States have l>eon extended, and a largo representa tion is anticipated. The Kxercises will bo under the direction of Prof. Gkokqe F. Root, of New York. Alternoon and Evening Sessions will also be held, for the cultivation of the voice, improvement in style, Ac., fee. I'he Convention will close on Thursday evening. May 7th, with a Grand Concert by all the members. Ladies ami gentlemen of this city, Alexandria, and Georgetown, are invited to be present. All interested in the science of music will be ac commodated with seats. By order. ap 28-5t F. GLENROY, Secretary. |Y"3r? MACHINE SEWING.?HAVING TO l|<_5 day secured the services of an old and expe rienced operator, (recently engaged in the Fair) the proprietor is now prepared to give greater neatness and expedition to all work left at his rooms. 8n band, and constantly making up, SHIRTS, AWERS, BOSOMS, COLLARS, Ac., which will be sold at reasonable prices. Indies and others are invited to oall and examine the work. , ? Rooms on D street, two doors from oorner of tth ?treet. ?P*"1"1. rr^T* PHILADELPHIA CAKE A T PHILA [kj delphia jpnoes, at the PHILADELPHIA ICE CR EAM DEPOT, comer of 12th and F sts. ICE CREAM at fl.50per gallon, ap6-lm* Please Eead and Remember! .Wfl T>RV ROrtpH, "*TS HATS. AM) CITY. mhI wlp l" nuik# iip Candidate* fir City OfficM. T1 CITY COLLECTOR.?The friends of john H. BARTLETT respectfully present hi* name to the fovwabU consideration of the voters ol this city for the above position. An experience of four years as the principal assistant in the Collector's oftoe during the Collectorship of R, J. Roche, the intimate knowledge of the busmen acquired daring that period, has ability as a clerk and accountant, his exemplar? character as a citizen, all point liiui out j to oar felfow-eitizens as eminentlp qualified to fill with honor to himself and usefulness to the commu nity at largo the important and responsible office of City Collector. ap COLLECTOR OP TAXES. JAMES F. HALIDAY, ap 25-tf is a Candidate for this Otfcoe For sale.-<the owner contempi.a ting absence from tl?e city >a hand- 4^ some bRKV HORSE, of fine mettle. kind for all work ; especially br<?ke and IBl gated for the side-saddle. Apply at No. VI Tl7 lrt Louisiana avenue, up stairs. 111 ap ?-3t* 1 A DIES' SEWING BIRDS. TICK COMBS. .i HAIR BRUSHES. TOOTH BRUSHES. HAIR PINS, CABAS, MOHAIR BRACELETS, Ac., very cheap, at wp >9 3t LAMMON D'S, 7th street. Refrigerators, ice pitchers, hi t TER COOLERS. rin! WATER COOLERS, an I a large fresh supply of Housekeeping! and other useful articles, at 490 Seventh i>t.| A call will pay. ' _ ap29 G. FRANCIS. QREATE8T BARGAINS OF THE SEASON. NOAH WALKER A~CO., Browns' Hotel Build ing, are now offering the greatest tsirgams of the season in all kinds of SPRING and SUMMER C LOTHlNG. Those hi want of any le of Dress or Frock Coats, Raglans, Business Suits, Cassi mere Pnnts, rich Silk and Marseilles Vests, will find goods and prices to please, at MARBLE HALL CLOTHING EMPORIUM. ap ti-lw PRIZE BEEF-SMOKED BEEF.?Th?under signed calls the attention of his customers and the public to a splendid article of sSlOKED BEEF, cure I by himself. He is prepared to furnish it eitht r at wholesale or retail. Call and see. Stall No. Si Centre, and 3 Northern market. ap2S-eo3t CHARLES THOM ? . HE 1 N DI G EN O US RACES OF THE EARTH, new chap'ers of E:hiologioal In quiry, by Messrs. Nntt and Gliddon, with eontribt - tionsby Professors Leidy, Alfred Maury, Pulszk*, Meigs, and Arassiz. One larre volume, numerous engravings. Price $5. This dav published, ap 29 FRANCK TAYLOR. Hubs, hubs and locks. Just received 2rtl sets MORTISED HUBS, from 4 by 6 incites to IS by 16 inches, of superior quality. Also on hand, large lot ef MORTISED LOCKS, which we will sell at per dozen, or f 3Jt) com plete, to close out lot. ELVANS A THOMPSON. Sign of the Red Wheel, ap 29-3t 326 Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th sts. IMPORTANT TO PRINTERS.?Having <?**n appointed the sole agent for the sale of Printer's Ink in the District for that old and lonjt-tried estab lishment of G. and H. Lightl?odjr,of New York, for merly Collins 4 Lightbodv, I am now rcceivint and shall keep constantly on hand a supply of the differ ent grades of Inks, which I shall sell at factory pri ces. All Inks sold by me can l?e returned if not as recommended. EDW'D TOWERS, ap 29-eolm D street, between 6th and 7th sts. OPENING OF SPRING AND SIMMER MILLINERY.?MRS. I. CLARK will commence on Thursday to open, at her Mil linery and Fancy St ore,No. <3 Bridge street,, one of the larrest and best select ad stocks r?f< SPRING and SUMMER MILLINERY," Ac., she has ever had the pleasure of offering to the ladies of the District. Sn? solicits a mil from h? r former numerous customers and the ladies general!*, as she will show them one of the most hanasooie as sortments of BONNETS, Ac., now offered for sale in this city. ap 29-3t THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED from the importers, a large and complete of the following articles, viz : Best English and French Lisle Thread HOSE. Do do do Open-worked do do. Do do do Cotton do do. Alexander's Silk GLOVES. Do Thread do. Jouvin'sand Benudin's KID GLOVES. Also, a large stock of PARASOLS, of all quali ties ami onces, with a great variety of articles of taste and fashion, all of which he will ?HI eh.-ap for cash. FRANK A. McGEE. ap 29-colm 244 Pa. ave., bet. 12th and 13th sts. C'^RAND OPENING OF SPRING AND St M I MER MILLINERY?We shall open on Till RsDAY. April 3n. at our new and extensive Show Rooms, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (overC? the Washington lias Light office,) the niost'SL complete and elegant assortment of SPRING AND SUMMER MILLINERV ever offered to the La dies of Washington, consisting of every description ot Silk Crape and Illusion French Hats for Ladies and Children, together with all descriptions of Straw Bonnets, triinmed or untrnumed : also, a la>-*e and Ijeautiful assortment of Ladies Mouminr Flats, to which we cordially invite the Ijtdie* to call and ex amine. GEO. II. CASSIDY & CO. 314 Pennsylvania avenue and corner np 29-3t of Penn. avenue and llth st. H ARDWARE AND CUTLERY.?The under signed would respectfully inform the public that he is receiving (daily) fresh supplies in his line. This da* arrived? SO AN VILS. assorted weights, warranted equal to any in the market ion Cotter, Key, and Parallel VICES. loo cases ol Bristol BRICK-Dl'ST, per l?rque Sylph. 2*i more Dr. Kane's celebrated REFRIGERA TORS daily expected. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sign of Gilt Saw. Penn. avenue, ap 29-T.t ' 1 door west of 10th street. The press and the public service, by a Distinguished Writer. London, 1857. 9125. Hugh Miller's new work. " The Testimony of the Rocks," profusely illustrated, S1.25. W lliiatn Shakspeare Not an Imposter, by an Eug l i*h Critic. 25 cents. The British Expedition to the Crimea, by W. H. Russell, the Times Correspondent, Nos. I and 2j 25 cents each. To be completed in twelve numbers. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, ap 2-93t near 9th street. Iy PILLING BEGS TO INFORM HIS PAT ? ronsand the public generally, that he has now in store a full assortment of all sizes and grades *f childrens, ladies, vouths. and gents Cotton, Thread. Marino.and Silk HOSIERY; childrens. misses. a> a ladies Merino Vests; Cotton, Lisle Thread, and S^k ?? LOVES; childrena and ladies Thread and Silk Mitts,(bent qua!it*;) also, gents Cotton and Merino I'NDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS. Line* an* Silk Pocket HANDKF.RCIIIEFS.SUSPENDET 3 together with an excellent assortment of Silk aim line Gingham UMBRELLAS, (French styles,) childrens and ladies PARASOLS; fine palm. Imeu. and other FANS, full assortment; COMBS. BRUSHES, and a full assortment of other small Wares. Ac.. Ac. I^ast. though not the least. Patent SILK WINDER for the ladies. This little article is gotten up expressly for the ladtea, and obviates entirely the old and tedious method of winding the silk by the hand. No ladies work box ought tote without thia indispensable little article: price 25 eta. F. PILLING, ap 29-eo3t" 1 door weat llth at. and Pa. ave. REAL ESTATE.-THE UNDERSIGNED purchases and sells REAL ESTATE, and REAL ESTATE SECURITIES. Wanted lor cash, two medium aized HOUSES. JOS. C. G. KENNEDY, ap ?B-eo2w Pa. av.. 2 doors north of I nion Office. LM)K SALE.?Four BUILDING LOTS on74th r street west, between north N street and Rhode Island avenue. Also, a LOT on the Island, fronting 25 feet on llth street, between Maryland avenue and south E street. JOHN F. ENNIS, Attorney, ap27-4t No. 22 Lousiana avenue. FOR BOSTON.-THE SUPERIOR BARQUE SYLPH?Ridkr. Master?has arrived, and will have auick dispatch for the ahove<4 port. For freight or passage apply to HART-^? LEY A HRO., 101 Water street, Georgetown, ap 28-lw For sale.-a pair of morgan bay HORSES, six years old. sonnd and well /rv broken. Also, a close-bodied CAR RIAGE.jiTJfc made by I.awrenee A Co.. of New York city. with HARNESS, ROUES, Ac., complete. Anyone in want of a fine establishment, is invited to call and judge for themselves. Apply to E. COWLING ap 23 3t* No. 299 G St., bet.' lSth and 14th sts. Something NICE. We would call special attention to our superior PICKLED OYSTESS, knowing them to be un equaled for size and delicacy of flavor; not drowned in vinegar as is too often the case, but retaining a'l the natural flavor of the Oyater, and warranted to keep any length of time. SCHWARZE A DRURY, a p 26 3t 294 Pa. ave..%1 door east 14th street. SILVER MEDAL PREMIUM !?M-omrA# mJ. tropoli'an Mechanics' Institute. For ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and CAKES. C. C. ATZS, No. ha Bridge street, between Con gress ami High streets, Georgetown, begs leave# to inform the citizens of Georgetown aud vicimtO that he is ready to furnish any order that it would please the public to give him. and assures them that it would be completely satisfactory. Prices Ice Creiun #2 per gallon, plain or in moulds. Will P^C,P;AM-CAKES, ami ?I ICES, for those that favor me aith a can. ap28-* pOTATOES-POTA TOES-POTATOES. IJM bushels MERCER POTATOES arrived at T. W. Riley's wharf, and for sale by M?7 at* W. ADAMS. OF LATE IMPORTATION.-WE HAVE A lresh supply of? SWISS CHEESE, in Cakes. Fn A M CHEESE, in Rolls. DUTCH HER RINGS, in Kegs. PK UN ELI.A, in Boxes. And for sale by KING A BURCHELL, ap 27 Corner Vermont avenue and 15ih street, AMUSEMENTS. rr?HF. M.U'liRKOdK* GATHERING! WIDOW MACHRK1?' Sll AKSPEAR K'S SEVEN Atifcs: THK SHIP ON FIRF! THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER ' THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC, corner of Pennsy Ivima >thw and Hth *trtet, THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, the ?th of April. Concert to wiuiih-hw ai a o'clock. apjjft-|{ * (ifiUKliKTOWN THEATRE. I C. S. M *c*K>rtE A Co. performance every evening. Mr. F. Ban** and Katie F.*tiui. w.tli a Uu and efficient corp? dran atique. Stage* will p??*itivciy liar* th?-'?heatre after the performance, for the accommodation ol visiters fr<xn W>?hinitoii. If May festival.?carusts saloon, L.CARUSI ha* the honor to inform hi* *a trends nnt patron*, that In* GRAND AN M Al. MAY FESTIVAL will take place THURSDAY. Majr 7th. 1M7. Iad<e* who'. JS?. have nor received their invitations wi.l pipa>e lear j their iiaine and addre** at Mr. J. Richard Crock well'*. next to Kirtwuod Houae or at the Sa.ooi. ap 27-31* (latel) . Crouch and \V. H. Palmer. Admission 50 cents. Concert to cnmmcnce at a o'clock. It* jy|AY BALL, I. O. O. F. The member* of UNION LODGE. N?. ??,!. O. O. F., would respectfully inform the puMie. a* that the* will give a HA LL at Odt> Fellowi m Ball. Navr ^ ard. on THURSDAY. the ?th^m> inatant. The committee of arrangementaCj|Pt pledge them*el\e* that no pain* shall be apared to make thia the Bali of ?lie season. Wither*' Celebrated Cotillon Muaic haa been en gaged, and will introduce aoiue of his most popular aim. Memliera of sister Lodges attending will pl?*ae appear in regalia. Refreshments will he furni*hed to the ladie*. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladiea. to tie had of ant of the members or at the door on the night of the Bali. Invitation and Reception Committer. P. G. M. J. Hepburn, Edward Ex-ana. P. G. J. T. Brndlv. Samuel R. Tomer, . G. Geo. Brown, Philip Harhui. ap 27-4t* G RAND EXHIBITION AND MAY FESTIVAL BALL. Prof. H. W. MUNDER moat reaeectfully an noumies to hia friends, patron*, and public ftX generally of Washington. Georgetown, Alex ja andria.atid Baltimore.thiat hia EX HI BiTlONje'? and MAY FESTIVAL BALL will take place Ljfca on FRIDAY EVENING, May 1st. IW7. at the Washington Aobfmblt Rooms,on Loulaiana ave nue, lietween 4>? and 0th streeta irea He has spared wither time, labor, nor patience to render this Exhibition one of the moat superb enter tainmenta that has ever been offered to a \% ashing ton puliiic. One of the moat beautiful feature* of the Rrogramme for the evening, ia the diminutive sice of ie children that will upon thia occoaiou participate in itime of the inoat complicated dance*, executed in auch a style as ia seldom, if ever, witneaaed on or off of the atage. Prof. M. having established the flattering reputa. tion of being the best teacher that ha* ever located iu this city, he hope* to confirm th?t opinion in the mind* of the puUic by offering the following PklMK AMMtl. 1. College Hornpipe by S Master*. 2. Cachuca by 16 Mi**e* 3. l?a Sinolen?ki by 4 Mil 4. El Bolero - by 4 Mn 5. Cracovienne by 4 Mi*hi. 6. El Jeleo de J ere* by 4Mia*es. 7. Scotch Dance by 6 Mi**e?. 8. Iji Manilla ia* danced by ttie celebrated French danaeuae Soto) bj a Mis*6 years old. 9. Styrian Waltz by 2 Maater* and 4 Miaae* 10. Pa* to Troia. by a Maater and 2 M taeea from 6 to 8 year* old. 11. Pa* Styrian, by 3 Master* and 3 Miaaea, from 6 to m years old. 12. The American Flag Dance, by 16 Maateraand '.6 Misses, composed by Prof. Munder ex press for this occasion, which i* acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful dances ever witnes* ed, introducing our eoul-stirring national air*. 13. Grand Shawl Dance, by 26 Misses, in which i* in troduced the Coronation of the Queen of May, the erand march and ascension oponthe throno, and tinal tableau. 14. Fireman's Hornpipe, which intr<?duoes every thing executed by a hreman while attending fire, and ia one of the most oompiicated dance* 111 c, (tiiu im "iic vi 111v Iii"ai ?A'iupii\.<Miiniivv* in the profension. Tni* dance wn* introduced by Prof. M. lour year* ago at hi* hr*t May Ba . and he ouly repeats it npou thia occasion b> many urgent requests. After the exhibition the floor will he cleared for tho accommodation of the whole company. Mr. Geobuf. Ak'h'i Brass and String Band ia en gaged for the oct' - ion, and will introduce a v*i > choice collection of new inuaic. To the Ladie*.?A* Prot. Munder liaa long sinca altandoned the luibit of sending w ritten in\ it&tions. (owing to the want of tune at 'hia season ol tli? vear) he cordially invites all hi* former patron* an.l their friend*, assuring thein tliat it will be kept strictly select by placing a responsible peraou at the door. P. S.?Should it happen to min on the 1st. the Bail Will l?e postponed until Monday, the 4th. ap23 td LOST AND FOUND. L (1ST.?On the i7th instant, a gc__ WATCH KE\ . The filler will l-? ^ultal.:y re warded by leaving it at (iALT A BltO.'S, \n. VI Penn. avenue. np2: ?* ASTRAY.?Taken up in tieorgetowrn. April ?. 1857,a SORKKL IIORSE. whiHi th. owner can have by proving property and pay - j?^ w lug charges. Inquire at No. ?I7 Ili^h street. 1 ap 27-St* ^TR AY ED OR STOLEN?F rasa the t.ulM<_ reaiding in <i?*?t Alley, lietween f!th and 7th atreeta, a Dark Bay HOKSK blind in one eye, with a small' gall on hi l*ck and breast. A* the advertiser is i poor inan, any one giving information' about the horae will confer a favor or receive a suit able reward if desired. ap27-3t* HRRIGIN. STOLEN FROM THE PREMISES OF THE Bulit.crilier.on '.he I9tti luNtant a BLACK HORSE, the property of Dennis llardv. de ceased; 16 hands high; 9 ?r iu vean nw.with^*2-1 a mark on his back from the effects of the saddle. I hereby offer a reward of ?10 to any person kivuu in formation so as he can be found, at tin* once. aP2S-4t* DENNIS BERN'S. mh iJtt WANTS. w w 7ANTED.?A COLORED BOV to Will . " Saloon. Also, a MAN to bnvra Wagon. A German preferred. Apply at the Ice Cream IVP- '? corner of 12th and F atreeta. It" INFORMATION IS WANTED Of Ml^ SARAH DON NELLY, who left St. I.o?i? ever a week ago, ami is supposed to be in Washington. Any information concerning her will be thankluilf received by MICHAEL O'BRIEN, at Edward Murphy'*, %1 street, between Penn. avenue and C ?t. Situations wanted by two re?pecta!? young Women. One as Cook: the other as Chambermaid and Seainstree,, or would do Hou*e work. Haa no objection to attend to children. In quire at No. 414 13th Btroat, Iwtween G and II sts. ap 2?-lt* SERVANT WANTED?A re*?ctal.le C??l. ORED WOMAN to Wash. Co? k and wait it a ainzle gentleman. Apply at No. 10 4.', street, n x' :?? Dr Sunderland'* Chureh. ap2i? 3t \VrANTED?T?i hire for the summer, with o' " without the privilege ol purehaamg. a go? t. GENTLE HORSE and NEAT C.\RkIA<.K. Address Box 869. City Po*t Olfice. ap 2* 2t * 17ANTED.?An ACTIVE YOUTH, ol g >od ? addrea*. to attend in an Ice Cream Saloon. On* who can read and write preferred. None need app ? but auch as can coine well recommended. Inquire at the Ice Cream Saloon of R. H. DAILY. No. 74 Bridge atreet. tieorgetown._ ap V* f U7ANTED.-A WHITE GIRL to Nurae. acd " one who will be willing to go into the countn. A pply at 447 D atreet. fL5? Ml WJANTED?Bjr a reapectacle Girl, a SIT1 V ? ? TION a* Nurse aud Chambermaid. Would be willing to make herself useful. Inquire at N?. S? K atreet. between 4th and 5th. ap 29-2t * ^SITUATION W A TED?By a jtmmc Girl to 4* Chamberwork ami Sewing. Best of references given. Apply at 448 Sth street, for two day*. ap2B2t* WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN g?**? addr,.* aa Salesman in a Store om lhe Avenue. ???? accustomed to the Dry G?mkU trade preferr?si. au dres*, with name, B?>x 3136 City P"?l Omce. ap 28 1K7ANTBD.-A couvmient HOI SE. Rent about vv t?*i. Not liar from Pean. avenue. Note ad dreiMHi Box 31^, Post with iDctwou andreiit, will ineef attention. f!*l L UTANTED.-Aii American WOMAN to CAt. ff Wash, and Iron f.?ra ?inall family. <?ood wage and a good home gn en to oue that can coine wetl recommended and a*ill suit. Addres* Box Star Otfice. af?-ai' I1REWER\ MEN WANTED?Three go??l IS HfeEWER^ HANDS, to whom regular wi?h and kimhI wages will be given, aan hud employment liy applying to C,EO. STOREY. Manager lor Mi. Joa. haviaon. at the Washington Brewery. Washing ton. D.C. _ ae?* ANTED TO REN T ? A FtRNISllED ?oom, . nar ^ i, outbt. and }#fthin oonvenient'diatance of the l>ef Wanted to rent.-a fi rmshew HOl'SE, containing a parlor and dining room, two bedrooma, and two aervaut'a ruimB, aud a nur-i ?ry. To begenteel in its appearance location, ana utbt, and wUhin convenient distance of tlhe Depart menta. Addreas a note to Box No.ii, Star Oliee. stating location (street aud uutnben aud term*. aa 10-tf BOARD] Mr.?^.9ates. at her boarding HOUSE, on the aoutheast corner of Pen?-. Avenue and ?Kh atreet. haa made arran?ement*to accommodate a larfe number of strangers with Mealt 1?a> tin* tirongaoat the day, and I.odgmr*. ^ 5